Sunday 3 March 2019

Exilon Region

A quick return to my Exilon setting as I'm going to do some mini dungeons for it. So while I'm here will do some encounter tables for the regions around each city with common for the surrounding regions and uncommon for the borderlands away from. Roughly the setting is a bronze age fantasy world recovering from a age of darkness when monsters empire ruled.

As for the above map there is a settlement in every hex at least.

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Great City of the Maiden, Land of the Amazons

d12 Common
 Amazon patrol

2 Sythron merchant caravan
3 Witches on way to a ritual
4 Farmers on the way to market
5 Marsh nomad traders
6 Sythron mercenary patrol for the citadel
7 Wild dog pack
8 Bandits tolling travellers
9 Treasure looters digging up ancient rubble
10 Women hunting herd animals
11 Holy procession of priestesses with statue on waggon or boat
12 Villagers on way to beer brewing festival

d12 Uncommon 

1 Nomad raiders
2 Wolf pack hunting
3 Lions hunting
4 Hyena pack
5 Jackal men with leader by priest of Nergal 
6 Hyena men hungry for humanoid hands
7 Kelpie in pony or maiden form looking for victims
8 Fish men looking for victims to kidnap
9 Hag looking for victims to torment with spells
10 Werewolf serial killer
11 Wild centaurs looking for women to kidnap or victims to rob
12 Dragon rider flies over head

Shining City in the Sea,  Land of the Fish Cult

d12 Common
 Fishermen at work or on way to market

2 Marsh folk weaving boats or a floating house from reeds
3 Fisher folk smoking of drying fish
4 Reed cutters cutting bundles of reeds
5 Bandits looking to murder travellers
6 Fish folk hybrids looking for cult sacrifices
7 Priests with procession carrying fish banners to bless a shrine
8 Hunters with throwing sticks after marsh birds
9 Wild pigs running through reeds
10 Rabid dog aggressive to humans
11 Villagers looking for lost child
12 Preacher talking of fish miracles

d12 Uncommon 

1 River pirates murdering travellers
2 Crocodile waiting in ambush
3 Aggressive hippos blocking path
4 Giant crayfish will snatch prey from near shore
5 Hybrid dragging body into water, vanishes from sight quickly
6 Tentacled horror from the deep awaiting victims to ambush 
7 Fish folk wizard charms victims with spells for cultists to kidnap
8 Giant intelligent catfish calling for help mimicking voice of a child 
9 Giant toad hiding in ambush for prey
10 Giant turtle eating a pig
11 Fish folk carrying away captives 
12 Fish folk hybrid cult ritual, they cant let witnesses live

Celestial city of the Sun God, The Lands of the Fire Cult
d12 Common

Magistrate and guards holding trial with local villagers

2 Temple procession of deity statue on palanquin for ritual
3 Villagers holding a song contest
4 Ox waggon pulling load of goods to market
5 Pilgrims on the way to city to pray at ziggurat
6 Priest burning incense on sacred fire altar
7 Chariot corps ride by on patrol of region
8 Soldiers marching under solar banner of the city
9 Witch hunters with mob burning or drowning a witch
10 Student scribes carrying tablets to temple
11 Bandits being executed my army
12  Dragon templars raiding area for pillage

d12 Uncommon 

1 Bandits raiding for loot
2 Witch cursing travellers
3 Inquisitor or witch hunter questioning travellers
4 Extremist fire cultist looking to kill impure travellers
5 Zealous mob led by fanatic seeking cultists to burn
6 Giant scorpion hunting
7 Demon worshipers murdering travellers
8 Fire wizard blowing up travellers for practice
9 Dragon empire foot templars raiding area
10 Demon killing travellers
11 Sphinx asking travellers riddles, eat those who answer false
12 Wyvern with rider from dragon army attacks

City of the Snake Cult, The Lands of the Serpent 

d12 Common
1 Huge snake surprised springs to attack

2 Merchant with waggon load of fruit
3 Healer tending to the sick
4 Blind old prophet tells destiny of select travelers
5 Snake dancers performing for crowd
6 Ritual duel between fertility initiates 
7 Snake charmer entertaining locals
8 Drunken locals enjoying vintage wine
9 Army marching under snake banners
10 Pilgrims coming to city to visit seers and prophets
11 Locals erecting monument to the snake gods
12 Local priests blessing a fruit tree

d12 Uncommon 

1 Dragon knight in chariot seeks warriors to challenge
2 Scarecrows made of farm produce guarding crops
3 Giant serpent prowling for food
4 Medusa in robes stoning travellers
5 Hybrid serpent cultists seek sacrifices
6 Wizard seeking adventurers to recover item
Lizard men travellers poor communicators
8 Serpent folk wizard seeks to meet humans to negotiate
Serpent folk wizard in disguise seeks to join travellers
10 Dryad seeking lovers and servants
11 Satyrs attempt to seduce women or steal wine
12 Dragon rider flies overhead

City of the Beast, Land of the Storm Cult

d12 Common
1 Nomads with herds of cattle

2 Nomads with waggons and caravans trading and shaman
3 Nomads with riding beast raiding
4 Barbarian tribal warriors on a adventure
5 Barbarian Chariot drive by attack
6 Wild herd beasts 1=cattle 2=deer 3=goats 4=ass
7 Wolf pack
8 Leopard hunting by ambush
9 Whooly Rhino
10 Lone zombie d4 1=normal 2=fast 3=sleeping fast 4=diseased 
11 Wasteland barbarians hunting wizards and priests
12 Monks visiting ancient monuments

d12 Uncommon 

1 Tribal centaurs looking for trouble
2 Wyvern or griffon or imdugug bird fly overhead
3 Band of berserk on murder spree
4 Sand worm or dinosaur
5 Wild roaming zombies in sand storm
6 Wight Knight of the Black Ziggarut with a d4-1 Ghouls and 2d4 zombies
7 Priest of Nergal with 3d6 skeletons looking for corpses to steal
8 Stymphalion birds
9 Lesser nature spirit often in animal form
10 Manticore or a troll
11 Minotaur or d6 beastmen
12 Great Anzu bird or Roc flies overhead

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