Thursday 9 August 2018

Non Human Villages Beyond the Frontier

d100 Non Human Tribes
01 Worm or Lamprey or Centipede or Squid pop 6d6
02 Fish or Amphibian
 or Serpent, Lizard, Turtle, Dinosaur or Draconic pop 10d6
03 Gorilla or Monkey or Possum or Baboon or Chimp or Orangutan or Lemur 
pop 6d6
04 Wolf or Dog or Fox or Jackal or Bear 
pop 6d6
05 Cat of Lynx or Lion or Panther or Tiger or Leopard 
pop 4d6
06 Elk or Goat or Horse or Zebra or Auroch or Sheep pop 10d6
07 Bat or Rat or Weasel or Badger 4d6
08 Rabbit or Hedgehog or Squirrel or Hare or Beaver pop 3d6
09 Raven or Owl or Eagle or Puffin or Vulture pop 4d6
10 Ant or Mantis or Beetle or Crab or Lobster or Scorpion or Spider or Wasp pop 5d6
11 Earth Folk of the mud, stone, rock and dirt tribes pop 4d6
12 Air folk of the cloud wind or sky tribes pop 4d6
13 Fire folk of the cinder, pyre, hearth or forge tribe pop 4d6
14 Water folk of the sea, river, lake ormarsh tribes pop 4d6
15 Magma folk come from the deep underland kingdoms pop 3d6
16 Metal folk fok come in various metals and mine their metal to eat pop 3d6
17 Crystal folk come from deep underland crystal caverns pop 3d6
18 Plant folk come in tree tribe, grass tribe, tuber tribe pop 4d6
19 Fungi folk of the mushroom or mould or toadstool pop 4d6
20 Mongrel folk made by wizards from reanimarted sewn together hybrid 
pop 4d6
21 Copper 
Dwarf red haired dwarfs often live under tree roots in forests with animals pop 4d6
Iron Dwarf are advanced stern black haired dwarfs live deep under the earth  pop 4d6
Halfling live in pleasant villages with lots of stores pop 4d6
24 Morlock 
Dwarves are cannibalistic machine tendering sadists from dee in the earth pop 4d6
25 Derro are malicious dwarvern manipulators serving chaos pop 4d6
26 Dark 
Elf are elves kin to winter, darkness and nightmares pop 4d6
27 Bright Elf are elves kin to summer, light and dreamlands pop 4d6
28 Eldren and elves who live on other planes or beyond the sky dome pop 4d6
29 Forest 
Gnome live in hills and woodlands with animal friends pop 4d6
30 Deep 
Gnome live deep in the underland and are pasty and grey and hairless pop 4d6Changeling
Diabolic Spirit folk pop 3d6
Angelic Spirit folk pop 3d6
33 Faerie Spirit folk pop 3d6
34 Tree Spirit folk pop 3d6
35 Animal Spirit folk pop 3d6
36 Land Spirit folk pop 3d6
Water Spirit folk pop 3d6
38 Demonic Spirit folk pop 3d6
40 Darkness Spirit 
folk pop 3d6
41 Gremlins pop 6d6
42 Kobolds pop 6d6
43 Goblin pop 6d6
44 Hobgoblin pop 4d6
45 Bugbear pop 4d6
46 Thoul pop 2d6
47 Norker  pop 4d6
48 Nilbog
 pop 2d6
49 Wild Orcs pop 4d6
50 Army Orcs pop 4d6
Arcane Trolls pop 2d6
62 Cave Trolls pop 2d6
63 Hedge Trolls pop 4d6 
64 Ogre pop 2d6
65 Ogre Magi pop d6

66 Cyclops pop d6
67 Hill Giant pop d6
68 Cave Giant pop d6
69 Bronze Giant pop d6
70 Iron Giant pop d6

71 Satyr pop 2d6
72 Faun pop 4d6
 Cave men pop 4d6
74 Wild Men pop 4d6
Centaurs pop 2d6
76 Lamia or Naga  pop d6
77 Medusa pop d4
78 Lycanthropes pop 2d6
79 Sphynx pop d6
80 Mermaids pop 4d6
81 Zombie
 or Skeleton pop 4d6
 Spectral minions pop 4d6
 Ghouls led by Ghast pop 2d6
 Mummy pop d685 Undead Spirits pop 2d6
 Wight pop d6
 Wraith pop d4
88 Spectre or Ghosts pop d4
89 Vampire pop 1 + 4d6 zombies
90 Lich pop 1 + 4d6 skeletons

91 Doppelgangers pop 2d6
92 Golems pop d6
93 Lilliputians pop 6d6
Mutants pop 4d6
95 Moon beast pop 3d6 

96 Mi-Go pop 2d6
97 Great Old Ones pop 2d6
98 Great Race d6
 Shoggoth pop d6
00 Tako pop 3d6

d10 Non human Village Stypes1 Reed shacks
2 Wood and hide shacks
3 Reed and plaster shacks

4 Carved out hollow in cliff or hill
5 Cave complex
6 Abandoned human mudbrick village
7 Ruined stone outpost with brick wall
8 Black basalt prehuman ruins
9 Ruined temple complex
10 Shambling ruined town

 Non human Village Features
1 Large ancient statue
2 Ancient tomb or crypt
3 Ancient graveyard
4 Wall with a gate
5 Deep well
6 Cave entrance to the underworld
7 Volcanic vent
8 Huge ancient tree
9 Forge
10 Market square
11 Monumental arch
12 Ancient pillar monument
13 Ancient mine entrace
14 Temple building
15 Ruined wizard tower
16 Granery
17 Ruined library
18 Huge earthen mound, remains of ancient city
19 Mound of bones
20 Alchemy laboratory ruins

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