Thursday 31 August 2017

Sewers and Cesspits 4 - mission to sewertopia

So have been thinking and brainstorming more and had some nice responses from this series ive meant to do for about 5 years. Some tangents happening now. Welcome to sewertopia. Also got my new PC and getting software/net/printer/scanner set up and will try to make a artwork a day for a while as a challenge. Playing old games including torchlight which is pretty inspirational for a few future projects. Civilization colonial version good and possible to treat natives fairly well.

So looking at this awesome book

Was reminded of when I had adventuring party paid to babysit dandy gourmets on travel across island and adventurers kept leaving followers with them while the cleaned out local dungeons. Dandies got wind of this and became dungeon curious. So this set up would  work ok with a sewer and city setting. Ive ordered 3 vols of the Delicious in the Dungeon Manga too I have discussed a while back. So if tasty exotic monsters live in drains would rich dilettante gourmets be interested? Well it is the sort of fad that might work. Image I used for part 3 was from article on how the rich would go on man pulled trolley rides in sewers comfortably seated. This would fit in my setting well. They would probably have a jolly feast after on exotic monsters while being entertained by dancing shit golems and comedic goblins. When the fad almost dies the rich take up racing in the sewers with novelty theme teams in slave palanquins. Scholar types might want guides to go into the depths too to see ancient ruins in the deep.

I've also considered the poor faerie folk of a city thousands of years old, filthy kin of the river and sea gods. Don't forget your best friends beyond the s-bend. I guess the upper levels would be more humans, then gobinoids and sewer faerie folk and sewer nymphs, then remains of old monster races then connections to the sewers of hell. Kinda suits my setting as city is lawful evil, is often compared to hell and many consider the immortal baron ruler to possibly be a noble of hell.

So I'm putting off sewers of hell till next install and today focusing on d100 Sewer Missions and Sewer Wonders....  Will PDF all this in the future with sewer geomorphs.

So many people need adventurers to go below. Murder hobos are often desperate and filthy and insane so many say they belong there. So more shit tables are needed so as your no2 blog spot I shal provide.

Many of these missions pay poorly and might seem more like charity.

d100 Sewer Missions
01 Rat catchers guild say something bigger than normal is eating members and need it killed
02 Merchant has giant rats getting in his cellar and normal ratcatcher disapeared
03 Someones favorite ratting dog has gone missing and they are ever so worried
04 Sewer workers guild need guards as section they are working too dangerous 
05 Gongfarmers finding certain area infested with criminals and need them driven out
06 Gang trying to charge gongfarmers tithe to work the best drains in city
07 Gang has had lots of losses and need someone to scout out a new safe sewer base
08 Gang ever so grateful if you could find out who has been murdering members in drains
09 Someones child joined a sewer gang and they want you to find them and bring them back
10 A wizard wants ten giant rats, preferably black not grey or brown for experiments

11 A were rat murdered the thieves guild chief's son and he wants the buggers dead
12 Someone swallowed their gold tooth and need someone to get it back

13 A tavern keeper says customers keep disappearing in lavatory could you please take a look
14 An atractive gongfarmers daughter says she will marry whoever returns her father from the sewers
15 A man came back from prison and has heard his family have been living in the drains, he needs help
16 A wizard has heard of strange carvings in the deepest levels of the sewers and would like a escort
17 Some rich dandies would ever so like to see wonders below and will pay handsomely, especially if they don't have to get messy
18 A circus man wants someone to catch a sewer troll he has heard of for his show
19 A rich wizards pet monster escaped from his menagerie and got into the drains 
20 A man has heard you can catch magic fish in the sewer and needs a escort
21 A chef has heard there are giant sewer lobsters and he thinks they will make a dish to bring in his gourmet customers
22 A wizard found his son using a book of arcane lore as toilet paper and needs the pages recovered
23 Some well off lads want to hold a sewer boat race and need adventurers to clear out a fun route
24 A kobold dealer had a shipment of prescious skilled slve kobolds escape into a drain and needs them back
25 Someone stole a clay golem manual from a temple and priests want it back, the theif broke in through the cistern
26 Secret police lost a tax inspector in drain looking for illegal traders and offer a reward to recover him
27 Rat beast men cultists have been spreading disease in sewers and city wants them dead
28 A crazed old hobo claims to have found a magic fountain that will make rich who can recover it, possibly it is under a sorcerers or alchemists bathroom
29 Soldiers keep breaking into wine cellars through sewers and merchants want this to stop
30 Something from sewer stole a child from a merchant through the toilet pit
31 A wealthy young fop tried to comit suicide by jumping into sewer and his father wants him back
32 A fluffy pet of a spoiled rich girl was flushed down the drain and family want the pet back
33 A priest is worried by the sewers as secret highway for demon cults and would like some adventurers to assess the risk
34 A local street has been terrorised by a witch and she lives in the sewer with her goat and cat
35 A prize piglet was stolen by a giant frog that escaped into the sewer and the farmer wants it dead
36 City offering bounty on fish men or fish cultists up to no good in the sewer
37 A merchant wants to set up a sweatshop in the drains and needs a location and someone to deal with the gangs
38 A man has fallen in love with a sewer nymph he met when he drunkenly fell down a drain and wants help to finding her
39 A wizard needs someone to catch gremlins, lots of them
40 A sewer gang has been getting licked by a gang of orcs and need help
41 A kelpie faerie has been luring drunks to their deaths in sewers and barkeepers want it dead
42 A savage sewer nixie tribe have been drowning homeless who live in rivers edge drains and they have scraped together some possibly valuable weird trash for who ever stops them
43 A filthy clan of sewer halflings have been dricven from their lair by giant spiders
44 Sewer goblins stole a dozen beer barrels and brewer needs them back or will go broke and it's the best beer youve ever tasted
45 A sewer bugbear has been scaring local children and stealing pets and parents want the bugger stopped because children wont sleep or use bathrooms 
46 A homeless man found some carvings a scholar paid lots for and he hopes to find more but the area crawling with monsters
47 A cult has taken a merchants child as a sacrifice because he couldn't pay ransom, he needs adventurers to get her back
48 A cobbler says magic wee folk came out of drain and helped make shoes in his workshop and he wants you to catch some in a cage because they did such a good job
49 A barge load of goods in a below street canal boat was robbed and merchant wants goods back
50 A slaver had his whole stock escape into a drain and he needs them back for a VIP client
51 Some rich kids were graffiting a drain and several were washed away when a sudden downpour surprised them, their families want them back
52 A drunk old man says he has seen a secret sewer witch covens and knows where you can spy on their lewd and depraved rituals for a small fee
53 Gang members all paying top coin for new type of sewer fungus
54 A rich lady lost a necklace in the sewers and will reward  finders handsomly
55 A devil in disguise offers a treasure map actually a enterance to hell
56 A cow fell down a well and is running around damaging the drain and sewer workers guild will reward you for getting it out, maybe it was actually a bull, you'll be fine 
57 A murder hobo prospector wants help examining abandoned mine connected to sewers
58 A scholar has heard there is a tribe of sewer elves and would like you to catch one
59 A gang has stolen a nobles valuables and he wants them hunted and killed in their sewer hideout
60 A wizard is sure giant invisible telepathic spiders cortol the city from the sewers in secret and needs someone to find him evidence to present to the wizard council
61 A sewer worker found a illuminated book page in the depths and a temple wants explorers to see if rumours of a secret sewer monastery is real 
62 A cult of demon sewer snake worshipers have been infesting city toilets with snakes and the sewer workers guild need someone to locate their temple
63 A wizard wants guards to take his apprentices on a sewer field trip looking for ancient carvings
64 Some dandies want pet giant snails for jousting but need someone to fetch eggs from the sewers
65 A necromancer has been teaching evil spells to the unworthy in a secret sewer school and the university want him captured for trial
66 A homeless man has found a section of long forgotten crypts in drain catacombs and will show greedy adventurers for a cut
67 Black lotus smugglers are using city drains and the secret police offer a reward to stop these unsanctioned drug dealers
68 The Barons dungeon games require fresh monsters and the sewers have plenty also conveniently close by
69 A cultist giving out sewer treasure maps where cult await to trap victims for sacrifice
70 A cult converted a nobles son and he wants all but his son killed
71 A witch hunter requires mercenaries to enter the drains with him on a hunt for demon worshippers
72 A potion dealer has directions to find several types of magic frogs he requires but he cant go himself into the drains  because they are too horrible for him
73 A enormous bear size rat snatched a baby from it's crib and outraged peasants want it back
74 A tavern keeper thought he was helping a press gang turns out they were a demon cult with a temple in the drains, he wants someone to kill them all 
75 A dandy has heard there are secret races in the drains where goblins ride frogs, he wants a escort so he can plce bets
76 Cultists  from the sewer stole a precious star stone from a collectors house and he wants it back
77 Brain eating squid men in the sewers have been increasingly braving the streets and the militia want them taught a lesson about where they should dwell
78 A dandy has heard about a spot where magic fish can be caught in drain needs a escort
79 A drunk saw moon men come  from the sky on moonbeams and enter the sewer, a wizard wants this investigated
80 A drunk saw giant talking bats cast a spell and the wizards guild want this investigated
81 A giant sewer centipede stole a mans favorite duck and he will pay you in eggs for a year to get her back or kill centipede
82 A sewer barge of goods was sunk and guild needs a enterprising group of adventurers to recover the goods
83 A youth with a waterbreathing potion discovered a lost fishman complex under sewers and tells all about the trreasures and terrors he saw
84 A group of adventurers in the deep drains were drowned during heave rain, only 3 of 6 bodies recovered, reward offered to who finds any others by kin
85 A sewerage golem has been killing sewer workers and gongfarmers and both guilds will pay handsomely to who can stop the horror
86 A priest has heard of a awful thief raising urchins to be criminals and abusing them, wants someone to kill thief and bring kids to church orphanage
87 Taxman has reports of a hidden sewer tax haven and will give anyone who destroys it a year of tax relief
88 A man claiming to be a concerned parent wants a hidden sewer drug lab destroyed really it is his gangs rival operation
89 Nightwatch and the dockyard guards guilds have offered a bounty on ratmen heads this week
90 A bridge warden has offered a reward for clearing out the sewers that connect to the deeper tunnels under the bridge as monsters and gangs disturbing sweat shop slaves in underground work houses
91 A factory owner has had a disturbing number of urchins escape his sweatshop and believes they have formed a gang in the sewers that he wants stopped or returned
92 A new breed of giant kangaroo rats has been reported in sewers and the menageriest guild would like a breeding pair
93 Frogmen have been kidnapping local halflings and taking them to a newly built sewer temple for some reason
94 A section of the sewers is eternally frozen and sewer guild has sponsered a wizard study group to investigate and they need guards, posibly ice toads to blame
95 Giant dung beetles have been released into sewers to damage the gongfarmers guild, sewer workers keep getting rolled over in giant balls of dung - both guilds want beetles under control and find who released the pests 
96 A cult of the old one Abhoth released his spores somewhere in sewer and now all manner of freakish useless things crawling out of sewers, a reward offered to stopping the spawn or sealing them away before problem spreads
97 A chaos billy goat loose in the sewers is causing all kinds of trouble and keeps on igniting sewer gas with his flaming breath
98 A lesser devil and his hellhounds have been been hunting sewer workers and the guild will reward any who stop it
99 A scholar wants rubbings made of certain elder carvings deep under the city for spell research and will pay
100 A shoggoth has been released by a gang in the deeps and now it wanders the sewers eating everyone and crying gibberish, since it started exploring surface at night city offered a reward to kill it 

Wednesday 30 August 2017

Races of the Monster Empire

In my last few posts i mentioned various prehuman monster civilizations that left ruins in my city sewers. Well here is revised more detailed description

Factions of the Monster Empire
These were the races who seized the world for chaos and darkness after the dawn age ended. Their ruins make up many of the deep dungeons and fragments of them survive in hidden places. When man led the revolt against them so began the age of man.

1 Arachnid Led by spider folk who enjoyed being carried by two legs, larger ones require palanquins. Escaped to dark and hidden places and other planes. Served by scorpion men, centipede men, solifuge men, tick men and various segmented worms. Aquatic versions were once more common. 

2 Amphibian Many types have been wiped out especially by the great flood covering most of the world with salk water and rivalry with reptilians. Newt men are the most sophisticated and magical other surviving servitor races include axolotl men, salamander men, toad men and frog men. Most require fresh water to breed and thrive. Toad men are the most wide ranging in climate territory dwelling in the underland and deserts. Many undergo metamorphosis during phases of their life and may hibernate for aeons.

3 Icthyian Ruled by catfishmen sorcerers in the past most of the survivors are hibernating. Common fish men are the dominant type now with servitors including eel men, shark men, lamprey men, ray men. many hide under the sea and wage war on undersea kingdoms rather than humankind.

4 Reptilians Ruled by serpent men with many lizard men and dinosaur men kingdoms as minions. Serpent men are mostly spent but some still hidden or asleep. Lizard men are most common with many variations like iguana men, komodo men, gila men and many more. Domestic dinosaurs were one of their strengths used as farm beasts, war machines and transport. Aquatic and flying types existed also and many reptilians claimed kinship to dragons instead

5 Cephalapod Ruled by squid men who serve great demon squid and elder kraken gods. Nautilus men,octopi men and ammonite men once being more common. They have used crustaceans such as crab and lobster men for aeons united by rivalry with fish men. While the compte with fish folk they unite against surface and worship same demons.

6 Carrion Came much later uniting carrion eating races under sorcerous vulture men various minions including hyena men, jackal men, crow men, condor men and stork men. Many ride terror birds and hyenadon. many of their secrets fell into the hands of humans creating the first necromancer kings after the monster empire fell. They replaced the ailing Insect faction who's remnants mostly became under the thrall of the arachnids.

7 Chiroptera Are lords of the night, bat men who are found in winged and flightless varieties. They serve a great vampire bat goddess and created vampirism extending the powers of necromancers. They and the Carrion were the new blood monster factions replacing former great factions. Chiroptera replaced the minions of the worm god faction who had become idiots. Carrion and Chiroptera engaged in such savage feasting and blood lust that the slave races rebelled and the old dawn age gods returned as demon worship was shunned by the slave races who had come to outnumber their masters.

Lost Factions
Insect men were broken into feuding tribes long ago and now often subjects and food of arachnids. Ant men, mantis men and various beetle men are among more independent tribes once ruled by Dragonfly men. Worm faction also was broken and subsumed by other houses as food or slaves to many other houses during in fighting. Worms were in fact the first faction but were too delicious. Snakes and limbless amphibians and even insects stole much of their prestige.

Older RacesMany of these either worked with the monster empire, or were enslaved or hibernated or hid. Many blame humans for the end of the golden age and the invention of time and death. Which is not completely true. Many grumpily call man deathbringers and the necromancer age did not help this prejudice either.

Titans or Jotun who spawned giants, trolls and ogres
Trolls begat elves, dwarves and gnomes
Elves begat goblinoids and orcs
Changelings who were related to the gods and served them by managing forests, mountains and animals who begat many hybrid races such as fauns, sphynxes, chimera, centaurs, abhumans, beastmen and other hybrids

Humans and halflings were the last races who ended the dawn age of creation
Dawn age of rule by the gods was ended as humans outbred the older races
various mammalian and bird folk aided human revolt but never recovered

The monster age was a aberration when the dawn age ended and a age of mortality and darkness struck and the good gods were besieged by demons. After 10 000 years humans, demihumans, humanoids and mammal an bird folk escaped slavery and broke the empire. The good gods (and their bad kin) were free to operate natural processes and the current age began. Of course after the liberation necromancers ruled for a few thousand years using their former masters black magic but at least they were human....

Leftover crap from these ages are found in deeper parts of many dungeons. Many isolated places still have ruins or tribal remnants of the past like monster island. Humans are increasingly raiding them for gold and the reptilians are calling upon tiamat and worshiping dragons more and more rather than their failed ancestors like serpent men or dinosaurs.

Monday 28 August 2017

Sewers and Cesspits 3

So here are some tables for generating sewers on the fly
Part 4 will be encounters and wonders for sewers of hell
Not sure if sewers require own treasure types....or do they?

Vornhiem trick of slapping down letterforms for maps might work well too with this stuff

d4 Standard Tunnel Size
1 Cramped yard wide requires crawling on fours most humans - no channel
2 Tight five foot wide require most humans to stoop awkwardly - 1in6 2 foot wide channel
3 Ten foot wide with 2d4 foot wide channel for waste water
4 Twenty foot wide 12 foot wide channel

Channels are deliberate or carved by water most are as deep as they are wide
With no channel explorers are walking where liquid waste flows

d6 How deep is water?
1 Dry
2 Trickle of liquid a inch deep
3 Foot deep
4 Two foot deep
5 Yard deep or half deep
6 Channel is full or pipe mostly full

 d4 Water Quality
1 Mostly clean and drinkable water but tastes nasty
2 Contaminated by human waste, garbage, disease and industrial waste
3 Slimy horrible waste dangerous to touch
4 Thick sludgy slow moving tar like waste

d6 How Long is Section of Passage
1 10xd6 yards
2 10x2d6 yards
3 10x3d6 yards
4 100xd6 yards
5 100x2d6 yards
6 100x3d6 yards

d6 How Straight
1-3 Straight
4 A 45 degree bend
5 A 90 degree bend
6 Winding passage

Each section may have
1in6 chance of side passage keep rolling d6 till roll 2-6
In between each section is 1in6 chance of a junction

Each section or junction may have
1in6 chance if ladder going up or stairs in wider tunnels
1in12 chance of  ladder going down or stairs in wider tunnels
1in12 chance of a door
1in6 chance of a hazard
1in6 chance of something strange

d6 Junction Type
1 Square with d3 other tunnels
2 Circle with d4 other tunnels
3 Hexagon with d6 other tunnels
4 Octagon with d8 other tunnels

d6 Door Types - most are locked
1 Equipment storage with shovels, barrows, buckets, bricks and ceramic pipes
2 Access to pipes and air vents
3 Worker acomodation with bunks, kitchen and stores
4 Room has been repurposed by gangs or homeless
5 Room has door missing and is now a creature lair
6 Door is secret with some strange repurposed function

d20 Weird Secret Rooms
1 Lab used for illegal drugs or poison operated by guild
2 Lab used for alchemy for illegal potions or monster making
3 Lab for wizard research with books, charts and comfy chair
4 Sleazy den where sorcery cult lay about enjoying drugs and vice
5 Cell with torture equipment 1in4 chance of d4 prisoners
6 Cult shrine with idol, manacles, robes, altar with 1in6 chance of prisoner
7 Crypt with treasure and 1in4 chance of no angry undead
8 Safehouse for people smugglers often full of undesirables, mutants or escaped slaves
9 Secret police house where agents rest and hide in between missions and raids
10 Humanoids or demihumans have made secret home here
11 Secret stash of treasure 1in4 chance forgotten without vindictive owners
12 Secret bar where sewer dwellers enjoy grog and forbidden cheap nasty vices
13 Witch hideout with cauldron, herbal supplies, fetishes and familiars
14 Secret shop where sewer dwellers buy and sell strange goods
15 Adventurers have set up secret house and cant afford anybody know and live
16 Secret hideout now occupied by shadows or doppelgangers or poltergeist
17 Hellmouth gate to hell with guards where agents of hell come and go
18 Prehuman monster race spies come to observe city and seek lost relics
19 Hibernating prehuman monster race awaiting time to return in crypt or living pod
20 Gate chamber of ancient ones but most don't work without secret chant

d12 Other Structure to occasionally alternate with Junctions 1in20
1 Sluice gate where rubbish and solids are filtered by bars or nets that get cleaned every few months
2 Cistern where water is collected for emergencies, huge area with hundreds of columns
3 Water wheel with mechanical motion used in some industry on upper level behind locked door
4 Underground canal boat station where larger water filled tunnels move goods across city
5 Huge chamber choked with garbage often with a encounter and possibly interesting junk
6 Large junction chamber with many levels of scaffolding and ramshackle scrap shacks
7 Underground prison complex well guarded and guests not welcome, might be abandoned
8 Complex of underground vaults and storage, sealed behind gates that weigh thousands of pounds
9 Complex of abandoned mining tunnels with remains of mining equipment
10 Catacombs used for burial with coffins and urns in niches mostly avoided
11 Remains of streets built over or buried in some disaster and sealed, empty houses and shops
12 Plaza remaining from prehuman occupation with strange carvings, idols and decor

Sewers and Cesspits 2

So this is second post on this and i thought id go into bit more detail. This is intended to be underneath my campaign city Shadelport. It is a pirate city today but is also built of the ruins of the pre human monster empire's maritime capitol. it was where the great revolt broke out and a succession of human barbarians ruled then a dynasty of necromancer kings then the world was flooded separating the main continents. So Shadelport still has large sections of ruins and structures built by pre humans and necromancers. The upper levels of the sewer systems are the most modern built from red brick mostly in circular tube tunnels with liquid waste flowing through the middle. many are a trickle in dry season, others are larger with canals used for waste and goods transport. The older and deeper areas  tend to be trapezoidal or hexagonal with lower halves filled with waste or muck or water with walk ways on the sides. There are many deep levels unexplored by humans. The bridges also have many hidden internal spaces and levels going under the harbour and river. Some of these areas have higher air pressure, especially areas accessible through water locks.

This post includes a table for strange things to find especially on the deeper levels. Also a table of hazards including architectural and environmental risks. I might try and make some sewer geomorphs to print and rearrange. A later post will be for the sewers of hell which might connect Shadel Port to the drains between the layers of hell. Sewer rangers and druids might see warning signs of some hazards by observing roaches and rats.

Part 3+ will be sewer physical features and a tables for sewers in hell

d100 Strange Sewer Secrets and Surprises
01 Rats stacking d2000 copper coins into neat piles until they have 2000
02 Trail of loathsome slime disappears down hole or into water
03 Disc of carved stone with ancient calendar if rings rotated correctly opens ancient door
04 Something has opened burial niches scattering ancient prehuman grave items
05 A ancient long sealed iron bar gate crumbles to the touch
06 Glistening metallic  item just visible in bottom of the water 
07 Tentacle slides back into a pipe in a wall up ahead 
08 Huge graffitti of vampire bat goddess painted in blood
09 Ancient cut stone lined brick well drops into black salt water depths
10 Crude relief of tentacle faced god made from river clay covered in dried fish skin

11 Corpse of rat catcher impaled with harpoon trap and partially eaten
12 Man sized cocoon like skin, slimy on inside but dry and camouflaged with filth on outside

13 Zombie nailed to the wall with iron spikes twitches and moans when anyone comes close
14 Corpses of a mutant family murdered and partialy burnt
15 Stone archway with serpent man symbols sealed with diferent more recent brickwork
16 Footprints in mud slowly change from bare human into huge rat feet
17 Strange coloured liquid pool dripping from alchemists lab on surface
18 Something large swiming in water by raised dry pathway
19 Severed hand holding sewer local map with several x marks
20 Several stitched together mismatched corpses with magical symbols on them
21 Sea trunk full of shrunken heads with sould trapped in them
22 Area frozen and what looks like normal muck is incredibly slippery
23 An ogre body floating in water with eels swimming into its gaping wounds to feast
24 A black billy goat steps from shadows twitching its tail an staring at you
25 Hear distant chanting then screams then silence
26 A crude basalt altar wet with blood and worn from millennia of use
27 Glowing naked corpse floating down stream 
28 Remains of a crude shack with chest of rations, rat jerky and bottle of rum
29 Crazed old naked man muttering about the city of monsters down here
30 Mummified remains of witch and her cat with bag of fetishes and knitting supplies 
31 Giant empty nest made of bones and cobwebs
32 Mummified giant bat wrapped with own wing membranes covered in arcane tattoos
33 Vampire hunters bag with steaks, garlic, holy water and holy symbols
34 Strange mist and noises like a busy marketplace chattering in non human voices
35 Remains of student necromancer with beginners book of d4 evil spells
36 Crumbling cult robes with beast mask and key on a chain
37 Bronze lion head with keyhole in mouth unlocks long sealed secret door
38 Chained skeletons half submerged in dank water
39 Hole dug through wall leads to ancient carved inscription in fishman script
40 Rows of slavers manacles on a iron bar bolted to walls 
41 Relief statue set in wall of vulture headed robed man standing on piles of human skulls
42 Tunnel filled with shacks of former gang home everything built from scrap and garbage
43 Collapsed ceiling with remains of long forgotten sealed basement storage
44 Trail of gore leads to pile of headless and limbless corpses arranges in circle
45 Strange golden fishman statuette arranged on a altar with human hearts
46 Flaming pit possibly of burning gas or magical connection to elemental fire
47 Huge mound of human teeth or fingernails
48 Ancient stone block used in wall shows pre flood world map with cities of monster kings
49 Pushcart loaded withs rags, bones, paper, scrap and several old maps
50 Fishman with missing legs crawling across the ground trying to get to open water 
51 Squat toad idol with pile of d100 silver coin offerings before it 
52 Remains of a black market with rotting stalls, skeletons and some unlooted goods
53 Stacks of coffins, some spilled open with half eaten bodies
54 Painting of underworld gods and devils tormenting sinners 
55 Graffitti from persecuted healer cult who once hid here from the law
56 Large scorched area with charred bodies scattered about
57 Shadows cast by explorers seem sinister at a glance making everyone uneasy
58 Moaning phantasm tries to communicate something then gives up in dispair
59 A scrying pool detects as magic and offers visions of the past when monsters ruled
60 Idol with incense burner, the incense causes nightmare visions of despicable cult rites
61 Bronze idol of a fly demon vomiting maggots into its cupped hands
62 Cascading waterfall of filth mostly covering chained human skeletons
63 Drain pipe in wall with blood from the surface pouring into waters
64 Fountain with gargoyle statues spitting filthy water into basin
65 Enormous serpentine mineralized skeleton decorating tunnel walls
66 Trilobite, sea scorpion and ammonite fossils in walls some huge 
67 Ancient wall with relief carvings of newt men with chained human slaves
68 Huge matted lumps of hair blocking drain pipes and clogged with filth
69 Sacks of sand some burst semi blocking ancient passage to cult sanctuary
70 Gallery of ancient humanoid statues with features and writing mostly worn away
71 Piles of broken statues seemingly of skeletal wizard kings
72 Stone plaque with names of forgotten kings and dynasties in ancient toungue
73 Piles of old boots with mummified feet still in them
74 A dozen rotting corpses hanging from ceiling by meat hooks on chains
75 Water is bubbling and producing strange mist that makes travellers feel woozy
76 Huge whale like bones and a enormous bronze oil rending cauldron
77 Piles of wrecked and worn out dungeon torture equiptment in broken heaps
78 Iron bar grill choked with rotten human and animal corpses causing a water level rise
79 Poetry written on walls with chalk either blasphemy or treasonous
80 Gigantic moulted exoskeleton of arachnid, bug or crustacean covered in years of grot 
81 Headless statue in serene meditative pose, stone head fallen behind is a rat man 
82 Tattered remains of book pages detailing leach points and lamprey therapy
83 Hundreds of broken clay figurines of a squid headed demon god
84 Fake sewer monster head costume and tail used by smugglers to scare away meddlers
85 A magic mouth appears on the wall  muttering abuse in long dead language
86 Carved symbols on stone wall actually a puzzle allowing a secret door to open
87 Riddle carved in wall if answered opens a magic doorway to lost relic
88 Demon fire altar with burned bones and ashes scattered around it and inside
89 Carved reliefs of non human races who ruled in prehistoric times before man
90 Huge sticky webs left by a giant spider with mumified remains of human thieves
91 Broken remains of awful tentacled petrified thing in stone wall
92 Piles of shed skins and clothing recognisable as belonging to popular missing bards
93 Box of scrimshawed sea monster teeth depicting awful scenes of depricity and cruelty
94 Crude shack built into hole in wall with elaborate conspiracy theory notes on walls
95 Hole in wall home of long dead serial killer with weapons, torture pit and victims faces
96 Corpse of mask wearing hunchback wanted by secret police for inspiring peasants
97 Glowing lights hovering ahead or behind casting eerie lights
98 Spirits from ancients swarm everywhere ignoring the living as if they still lived
99 Ancient crumbling fresco has spirit inside desperatly seeks help in a long lost cause
100 Lost citizen in night shirt wandered here in sleep dreaming of past life

d100 Sewer Hazards
01 Flammable oil on ground and surface of water with rainbow hued swirling patters
02 Pocket of flammable gas easily ignited will explode
03 Pocket of bad air may asphyxiate all air breathers in area
04 Plague ridden piles of filth highly contaminated
05 Dozens of gremlins having a horrible party with a tied up terrified human
06 Ancient runes if browsed makes looker save vs a curse 
07 Witch child will pretend to be lost abused orphan will try to charm and abuse rescuers
08 Roof cave in if any loud noises or walls struck
09 Flash flood of sewerage from burst blockage
10 Huge rat swarm floods area in panic
11 Walkway collapses dumping people into filthy river of liquid turds
12 Slippery walkway dumps the clumsy into water
13 Swarm of flies chokes and blinds travellers briefly
14 A strange occult symbol that seems to move if viewed causes otherworldly nightmares
15 Area of magical darkness
16 Area filled with coloured mist obscures vision and light
17 Water levels slowly rising from showers on surface
18 Water levels rapidly rise from rain on surface
19 Wind blows out candles, torches or uncovered lamps
20 Huge swarm of bats flies through area panicking and confusing everyone
21 Swarm of slippery crawling worms or maggots or leeches covers floor
22 Loose bricks fall from ceiling
23 Sewerage pours through drain pipe above explorers
24 Bridge over flowing excrement collapses
25 Cave in blocks behind or ahead
26 Cave in blocks behind then in front
27 Cave in opens passage sealed for aeons
28 Confined passage very craped
29 Steps worn smooth by flowing water and covered in slime
30 Path passes through flowing sewerage
31 Diseased leeches crawling everywhere
32 Mouldy surfaces produced chocking spores if disturbed
33 Dusty surfaces cause choking if disturbed
34 Poisonous gas slowly causes damage
35 Corrosive fluids or vapours
36 Slimy pipes from walls force you to climb over them
37 Rickety rotten wooden bridges over fluids
38 Stooping for long periods of time painful, crippling over years
39 Irritating mineral oils and tar cause rashes and burning skin
40 Toxic gas causes tearing and might harm eyes
41 Slimy pipe is used as a bridge over flows of fluids
42 Floor collapses into lower level
43 Tangled mats of roots block passage or cramp space
44 Forced to climb up or down to continue
45 Passage submerged for a section
46 Passage submerged and has a middle section with bad air
47 Water is thick with eels that will tear holes in anyone, swim inside and start eating
48 Water and air are chilling and there is a risk of hypothermia with long exposure
49 Junction or chamber has been taken over as a monster lair
50 Junction or chamber has been taken over as a gang lair
51 Junction or chamber has been taken over as a cultist lair
52 Large pipes have broken blocking walkways 
53 Cascading water blocks walkway making crossing dificult
54 Flow of water is fast and can sweep away people with current easily
55 Flow has become so slow sludged up with sticky tar like mass that can swollow you up
56 Flow is rapid and filled with dangerous debris that can injure anyone in water
57 A whirlpool in water can suck swimmer down to hidden depths
58 Pressure in depths causes illness particularly deep below waterline
59 Polluted with toxic but colourful chemicals from surface
60 Hot fluids poured down drain from surface
61 Sewerage rains from drains above backflowed from somewhere else
62 Damaged rotting wooden scaffolding walkway ready to collapse shortly
63 Walkway bricks collapsed forcing explorers to climb over loose rubble
64 Gigantic mass of froth from water covers walkways possibly hiding hazard
65 Traps left to catch giant rats
66 Walkway bricks collapsed and flimsy scaffolding made from scrap crosses hazard
67 Crude tripline setting of noisy alarm using old pots or breaking glass or a bell
68 Bricks of walkway have been crumbling inside and ready to collapse
69 Water flow has eroded brick walkway through leaving a jumpable gap
70 Deadfall trap drops pile of rubble left by gang
71 Trap drops iron portcullis blocking passage
72 Spawning grounds of giant frogs who remain to protect eggs and tadpoles
73 Thousands of cockroaches covering every surface, start moving if exposed to light 
74 Hundreds of plague black plague rats crawling about will bite if stepped on
75 Colony of giant spiders possibly of aquatic variety with underwater nest
76 Roof of tunnel has colony of cave fishers delighted by large prey in area
77 Piercer colony on ceiling among natural calcium formations on tunnel ceiling
78 Stalactites of ceiling fragile and sensitive to sound, prone to fall of noisy travellers
79 Sewernami flash flood of excrement usualy preceded by swarm of rats running away
80 Wererats shanty town built of scrap crawling in common rats, will hide in human form
81 Monster grown to big to escape trapped in section and very hungry
82 Area where monsters dumped from surface menageries, circuses and dungeons
83 Area has many phantom spirits wandering around ethereally unaware of mortals
84 Operating black market run by several gangs who don't want witnesses
85 Stone crypt sealed with magic holds a ancient undead necromancer or monster
86 A stone vault with arcane puzzle lock contains a enraged shoggoth trapped for aeons
87 Area covered in corpses crawling with dangerous grubs like rot grubs or kyuss grubs
88 Area infested by major gremlin colony who may attack, prank or stowaway in packs
89 Area contested by gangs and regular fights break out and strangers are attacked
90 Area connected to dungeon complex of secret police who use it to move about unseen
91 Magic wild zone makes spells and items behave chaotically
92 Magic null zone ruins active spells and prevents spellcasting or magic effects
93 Elder prehuman gods were once worshipped here and the place reeks of their taint
94 A cultist demon worshiping site here and evil essence attracts chaos horrors 
95 A tainted burial area here attracts undead and necromancers
96 A water elemental node attracts planar beings who delight in playing in liquid 
97 A earth elemental node attracts planar beings who delight in playing in sludge 
98 A air elemental node attracts planar beings who delight in playing in open space 
99 A fire elemental node attracts planar beings who delight in playing in burning gas 
100 A gate to hell is sealed but can be accidentally opened or have guards

Thursday 24 August 2017

Sewers and Cesspits 1

Ive long considered a dungeon zone just of sewers for fantasy and for post apocalypse. I used to enjoy exploring drains till a bunch of ppl died not following cave clan safety code. So this topic got my imagination going pretty well. Here are lists of things found in drains and basic encounters.Will later do hell's sewers which is sort of a cheat to get around hell's levels if your too gutless to pay tolls at gates. Sorta like the boiler room areas and probably connected.

d100 Stuff Found In Drains
01 Dead animal d4 1=giant rat 2=dog 3=cat 4=half eaten small pony
02 Sack of puppies 1in6 chance still alive
03 Human corpse d4 1=peasant 2=thief 3=mutant 4=gongfarmer
04 Old boot
05 Severed head
06 Dead goblin or kobold
07 Broken bucket
08 Giant pile of feces
09 Congealed lump of fat acumulated over years
10 Broken cart

11 Broken barrel
12 Pile of old beer bottles

13 Pile of fish skeletons
14 Stalactites and stalagmites 
15 Sawn through iron bar grill plate
16 Pair of old stockings
17 Fishing rod
18 Half eaten fish with bite marks
19 Package of illegal drugs stuffed in hole
20 Gang graffitti
21 Dead baby or child
22 Dead half eaten crocodile
23 Patch of thriving fungus
24 Chunk of stone in wall with prehistoric carvings
25 Tiny shack built of scrap
26 Sign from a shop or tavern
27 Torn old map
28 Page from spellbook covered in feces
29 Lost hat
30 Fancy shoe
31 Pile of old rags
32 Skeleton
33 Rotten vegetable heap
34 Pile of rotten leaves
35 Pile of corpses with slit throats
36 Glowing mushrooms
37 Huge bones
38 Sheets of shed reptile skin
39 Tree roots
40 Stone statue head
41 Drowned woman clutching suicide note
42 Strange carvings in wall
43 Cult idol set into wall
44 Sack of copper coins stuffed in hole in wall 
45 Pile of loose bricks and soil
46 Shovel, buckets and sacks of feces
47 Artificial limb
48 Rusty old broken dagger
49 Sodden pile of posters removed from street walls
50 Childs cloth doll stuffed with straw
51 Broken erotic clay figurine
52 Bundle of torches
53 Rotten goat crawling with maggots
54 Wheel of cheese being eaten by rats
55 Gnawed human limbs
56 Wooden crate with cultist robes 
57 Crate with rusted old chains, tools and scrap
58 Gnawed leather pants
59 Walking stick
60 Huge broken teeth
61 Puddle of blood
62 Lost puppy
63 Stray cat
64 Gelatinous harmless blob grazing on filth
65 Dog collar and lead
66 Old blanket
67 Mound of scrap and garbage
68 Dead giant bug
69 Giant maggot crawling about eating scraps
70 Patch of mould
71 Thousands of cocroaches covering walls
72 Thick cobwebs block area
73 Coffins with rotten corpses fallen through collapsed wall
74 Sealed burial niches for burials 
75 Cultist graffiti
76 Mound of human hair
77 Mound of dirty bubbling froth
78 Wooden planks
79 Scaffolding supporting sagging ceiling
80 Several boxes arranged as furniture with cups and empty bottles
81 Bedroll and backpack with old clothes and d6 copper coins
82 Purse with d6 copper coins
83 Silver coin
84 Huge toad sitting in a hole
85 Half a broken boat
86 Tree branch tangled with string and hair and mud
87 Sloppy wet mud with footprints
88 Rusty old lantern
89 Candle stubs stuck on walls
90 Campfire
91 Pile of stale rat eaten bread
92 Nest of mice under pile of garbage
93 Eels gnawing on chunk of rotten mystery meat
94 Broken musical instrument d4 1=bone flute 2=drum 3=bagpipes 4=horn
95 Chart of local tunnels pasted to wall
96 Someone smashed holes in walls looking for something
97 Collapsed tunnel with several shovels and buckets in rubble
98 Colony of bats easily startled
99 Walls have skulls placed in holes in brick work with mortar
100 Cluster of large eggs

d100 Sewers of Shadelport Encounters
01 Giant ratsout hunting
02 Swarm of rats guarding nest
03 A colossal rat size of a black or brown bear
04 Gang of escaped kobold slaves
05 Goblin sewer gang
06 Goblin sewer workers just here to clean up
07 Thief gang on way somewhere don't want witnesses
08 Thief gang dont want any trouble will scatter
09 Sewer gang defending turf
10 Homeless old people drinking rotgut

11 Homeless street urchins flee on sight
12 Homeless youg child crying

13 Sewer workers with tools and cart full of dung
14 Fisherman with bucket of sewer fish and eels
15 Sewer workers with digging tools and cart of bricks
16 Militia on patrol exterminating unauthorized persons
17 Militia chasing escaped criminal
18 Pick pocket on the run from law
19 Old thief with gang of urchins in training as thieves
20 Family of mutants looking for food
21 Dwarf surveyors looking for damage and faults
22 Halfling family hunting rats
23 City rat catchers with sacks of rats and noisy terriers
24 Carrion crawler wid d4 egg filled corpses
25 Insane gibbering tentacled mutant
26 Orc sewer gang unemployed and looking for trouble
27 Secret police moving unseen for a surface mission
28 Zombies patroling sewers for gangs and monsters but they are not very discriminating
29 Skeletons collecting bodies for necromancer master
30 Skeletons with necromancer master on way to secret lair
31 Gelatinous cube cleaning up filth
32 Ochre Jelly eating anyone in path
33 Grey ooze hungrily devouring everything
34 Shrieking fungus patch
35 Giant crickets devouring mould
36 Green slime patch on ceiling
37 Yellow mould patch
38 Mushroom men collecting dung to take home
39 Giant dung beetle rolling huge ball of turd over everything in path
40 Giant flies laying eggs, caring for maggots and looking for food
41 Giant maggots hungrily sniffing out food
42 Cult with sacrifice dont want any witnesses
43 Cult on way to secret meeting
44 Cult summoning demon
45 Sewer wight wanders from crypt to kill occasionally
46 Sewer mummy wandering about spreading disease
47 Chaos rat men hunting for victims often with priest or wizard
48 Lamprey men looking for blood
49 Giant eels willing to flop about in air for food
50 Mole men looking for slaves
51 Evil dwarfs looking for new lair
52 Dark elves spreading exotic fungi spoor
53 Goblin children having a turd throwing fight
54 Giant slug munching on filth
55 Bloodthirsty weasel men hunting for anyone they can eat or at least some rats
56 Albino sewer apes crazed with rage carrying bone clubs
57 Squid men caarying cursed relics to cultists
58 Fishmen with  captive trying to get to sea shore
59 Sons of kyuss dripping with glowing green maggots looking for victims
60 Eel men pirates drunkenly looking for victims to serve as slaves or food
61 Chaos Troll eating feces but prefers fresh meat especially hands 
62 Otyugh or neo otyugh wallowing in pile of filth demands worship
63 Roper lays in wait in water expects sacrifices
64 Cave fisher lurking in hole in ceiling awaiting victims 
65 Giant cave lobster lurking in pool hungrilly
66 Giant crabs come from sea looking for food
67 Giant cockroaches will try to eat anything 
68 Giant centipede nest or single gigantic specimen hunting
69 Giant beetles hunting in a pack
70 Giant toad covered in hilth hidden awaits tast prey
71 Pack of savage toothed frogs hunting for game
72 Earth or water elemental formed from sewerage on murder spree
73 Feces golem furious with being created from shoddy materials on killing rampage
74 Ghoul pack travelling between graveyards
75 Skelton wizard with skeleton guards seeking long lost relic
76 Zombies uncontrolled hungry for flesh
77 Smugglers moving goods under the city
78 Pirates moving press ganged captives to ship
79 Witches moving in secret to hidden ritual coven chamber in basement
80 Gang dumping dead bodies
81 People smugglers helping customers cross city district walls
82 Doppelgangers will sense minds of adventurers and adopt a plausible form to close in
83 Ogre wandering the sewers tired of eating feces and rats
84 Starvin peasants looking for rats to eat
85 Giant cod will try to snatch people close to water
86 Giant snakes hiding in broken pipes nip passers by
87 Giant gecko lives on ceiling camouflaged tries to snatch and run with humanoid
88 Rust monster flushed as a baby wanders hungrily
89 Floating eyeball used by wizard to find interesting things follows party
90 Goblins bathing in sewage and splashing playfully
91 Drunken goblins singing and eating feces
92 A gang of orcs skirmishing with a human gang over wide area
93 Militia mounting large area manhunt for a unlicenced assassin on the run
94 Adventurers on some grubby dodgy quest for hidden treasure
95 Down on luck murder hobos looking for monsters to kill for city bounties
96 Assassins guild on training mission for initiates sworn to kill witnesses
97 Cultists on run from a demon or beastmen after deal gone bad
98 Smugglers boat delivering goods to evade tax
99 Tako octopus faerie folk exploring human civilization from their sea castle home
100 Giant sewer octopus living in cesspool