Friday 27 October 2017

Chained Phantom

3d Printable manacles legit for totes

Sorry for not blogging much. The Shadelport PDF has had 2000 hits now so I guess I should go pro. Im gonna revise and expand it for Xmas. Anyone wanna pay me to publish it let me know.

So am flying soon from Sydney to Adelaide after a weeks work. Busy socialising with old friends and working and training but possibly getting into debt. So possibly loan money as I have been recently reminded why I dont want money from family or want anything from them ever. Kids at work were playing zombie apocalypse and one little girl accumulated all the dolls in her imaginary tree fort to protect them from all the zombies. Awwww. What a great encounter this would make. Behind on my blogging and drawing challenge and my drawing has not been up to scratch. Couldn't get game going but my doodle art game group held a special round for me. I will post some pix of the electronic doodle master machine and rules for drawing games we play. We get pretty rude. This group Ive been playing with for ten  years or so and are pretty resilient. Im going to try and get us a airline grant for a national/international (well Japan) doodle league but more on this later. Next month I will be doing a digital art piece every day so a poster, faux ad or sticker design each day which hopefully will kickstart my public vandalism hobby again. Might do a collage challenge after that or do my tax or something. Got to spend night in city train station all night recently which sucked and was cold but I had a book. When pro hobos feel sorry for you you know your a fuck up. Still a good reminder of why I must not become homeless. Definitely worse than the hostels and cupboards in warehouses I lived in most of this blogs history in Sydney. Adelaide has no work but my house is nice. Thinking of doing teaching degree next year but will see if I can cope first.

Anyhow staying where I am there is some cool skeletons hanging up in front of a house with black shrouds and manacles connected to neck rings with chains. Quite disturbing so this:

Chained Phantom**
AC 16 HD 6+6 Att Touch2d6 HP drain, MOV 12"fly Special: Moan, life drain, +2 magic to hit
These undead are created by affixing specially enchanted slaver manacles used in age when monsters ruled over man. If a slave dies or is murdered while wearing the chains their soul is trapped in the corpse. Once the body is rotten or desiccated the phantom spirit arises and the body and chains shift to the ethereal plane. The spirit can move up to 12" from the point of its death. The Phantom if the place of death is approached in non sunlight appears and moans. All within 12" must save vs fear. It then flies after intruders reaching inside them and drains HP, half which are added to the phantoms own but these HP gained cannot exceed the maximum roll able HP of the phantom. If the intruders flee the phantom is limited how far it can chase them. Any person killed by the phantom arises as a zombie 24 hours later.  If killed the phantom corpse re enters the material plan be in a heap and the chains can be taken and used and are worth thousands but considered evil or as a cruel punishment. The phantom is enraged by living and seeks to kill any sentient being. Some may include dogs or other animals and may have zombie guards. Many have 2d4-2 zombie servants that lie in wait until the phantom appears.

The chains may be found as treasure alone without a phantom and possibly with remains of a corpse. Some use them as guards for treasure or graveyards as sunlight keeps them in the ethereal plane. Necromancers might have the formula to making the vile chains in their black libraries.

Saturday 21 October 2017

d100 Paladin Smack Talk

It would be sad if this made me think paladins are worth keeping in DnD. But I think It might. Well Planet Psychon Paladin working for a AI god might look like this with clips of alternating silver, holy iron and +5 adamantium rounds.

Reading 5th edition made me re think classes. In turn i'm thinking of writing my own simpler rule set but with a proficiency/ability system that handle mass customised characters. I'm partly troubled by me the dm having to keep track of everyone abilities and enemy abilities to, manage a human vs human party battle. Most people tell me they bullshit it and make them not act their best or ignore fancy abilities. My house rules more like BX with late 1st ed adnd extras like oriental adventures and dungeoneers survival guide and some abilities stranger. I might make some sample skills for monster heroes, leaders and royal guards.

A line of smack talk every combat round goes a long way.

Why Would You Use This Table?
Your friend is charmed by good guys
Fanatic maniacs cultists who think they are better
Holy warriors fighting undead, demons or devils
Religious persons fighting enemy cults
Knights or lawmen claim righteous superiority
Military when fighting rival hostile culture
Faction vs faction of a single larger group
Beings of Law or Good or Both
Saints or angels judge anybody
A paladin travels with you and pulls these lines on every threat he sees implying you are all together and most of the beings he abuses assume he speaks for the group - classic mission complication challenge unlocked!

 Paladin Smack Talk
01 Destroy this vile defiling evil filth
02 I send ye to eternal torment you fiend
03 By the holy wrath of my god I strike you down!
04 I am here to end you wicked one, prepare to be smited
05 I prey my weapon strikes you dead ye foul and putrid one
06 Be ye witch or be ye warlock you magic is wicked and must be crushed
07 I shall smite the and dismember thee so no devil or demon can put you back
08 May my god strengthen our arms as we slay these sinners
09 Might the saints preserve us and help us cleave these heathen heretics!
10 God has brought me here to kill you all, no mercy, no surrender 

11 Our god loves you and they are here to end your suffering
12 By the blessed sky virgin! Come taste her sweet tears of mercy!

13 Wicked ones your eternal punishment has arrived too soon!
14 How dear you soil my gaze with your vile form deviant one!
15 Your blood shall usher in a new age of love and kindness!
16 Peace will come after a age of blood and fire!
17 The gods hate you and have sent me to kill  you
18 Your crime of hubris has brought your executioners to your door
19 Now shall you die and every drop of the evil one will die
20 You have mortal form but you are a minion of the beast, prepare to die! 
21 Time to return to the pit vile one!
22 With beings like this we face there can never be mercy or peace just death
23 I was born for this moment, to drive you vile spirit back to the void!
24 This moment was seen in a vision my glory lies in your destruction
25 This will be a victory for god, for glory and all mortal kind!
26 Your sin Is life! I Bring you death!
27 Vile ones, prepare to meet thy dooooom!
28 For victory, for freedom, for all the blessed peoples!
29 You are abominations before the true gods, prepare for death!
30 For the kingdom, for the church, for humanity forever!
31 The river of life ends for you, the ferryman death has come for you!
32 The wages of wickedness are death, death to all non believers!
33 This spawn of vile chaos must be cut from this world to save it
34 Let us bring the wages of sin to these disgusting savages
35 Death to the unclean, death to murderers, death to traitors! 
36 My holy rod will smite you and dash your brains!
37 It is ordained this day that the enemies must die, protect us of lord!
38 Let loose the hounds of war, crush the enemy!
39 The evil ones are here, our only hope is to kill every one of them for our god!
40 And so the lord sent a angel to slay the minion of evil and it did!
41 Bring your legions, your army, all your kind I care not, you will all die each and every one
42 You fiends may choose to make a short prayer of repentance before we kill you
43 Surrender evil ones and receive the punishment you so richly deserve!
44 I am the weapon of my god, I am their steel, I am your destruction!
45 This vile spawn of a she demon, this vile thing of filth, shall meet it's end
46 You knew when you took up your blasphemous ways it would end like this
47 The end of the world is here, for your kind anyhow!
48 Your kind have been ordained to be slain one and all!
49 Like the saints of old I slay evil not talk to it!
50 A snicker-snak and your heads will be gone beneath my weapon
51 Obliteration is too kind for your vile kind
52 Cease your evil ways or prepare to die!
53 Your filth must be eradicated for a kinder and purer world!
54 Your foul blood with be released into the earth, a libation to the gods
55 All your line will be destroyed by fire and the sword!
56 A doom upon your cursed kind, all your seed will be purged from his world! 
57 Good cannot rest until all your kind are slain, die in the name of peace!
58 Your sins must be cleansed your blood must be spilled
59 The gods hate you and I am the instrument of your destruction
60 Say your prayers dog, your last moments of life are upon you!
61 All fanatics must be killed for the common good!
62 In the name of freedom, all your kind must be slaughtered!
63 Vile putrescent filth! You abominations have soiled this world enough!
64 Those who do not love life are not worthy of it and now you die!
65 By all that is holy! Your repugnant evil shall meet it's end 
66 You foul demonic turds who walk upon the fair earth, you must be cleansed!
67 Heathen! Unbeliever! Heretic! Anarchist! You must die by all that is holy!
68 Your kind were a mistake and It is time your existence was rectified
69 Your crimes can never be forgiven and I am your executioner
70 Blast you foul demon! May my god crush your soul as I rend your foul body!
71 All the world moans at your every diseased footstep and I am the cure!
72 My god has given me the right and the will to slay your kind for the good of all
73 I have judged ye foul demon of the pit, now you die!
74 All your vile creed have forfeited the right to live. I am hear to rectify this
75 What vile demon shat you into this world? I shall end your foul stain forever
76 Your very existence is corruption, to spare your future victims I slay you now!
77 It is time you were sent to eternal punishment for your false beliefs
78 Tell them in hell that I sent you and more of your kind will join you in the pit soon
79 You are a cosmic cancer and I am the cure! Prepare to be cut out!
80 You are a gnawing maggot eating all that is good, now it is your turn to die! 
81 I cannot bear to look at your awful countenance, you offend me and I will cut you out
82 I wish I could slay your every ancestor but your will have to do villain
83 Justice demands satisfaction and you sir will die by my hand
84 I call a holy crusade to slay your kind, each and every one of you must be destroyed
85 If only killing you would undo all your evil, ending you now will just have to do
86 In the name of all the saints and your victims, I call on your extermination now!
87 You are a mistake I am here to correct, your life is forfeit 
88 No pain I can inflict will undo your vile deeds, I must be satisfied with your death
89 The prophets have called for your death and I am here to enact your destiny
90 It is too late for your redemption, only death can cure the wounds you have caused
91 Your very existence offends the gods, I am their terrible swift retribution!
92 Beg and grovel all you like, no mercy for your vile kind!
93 I am not like the innocents you have molested, I will annihilate your kind
94 Gods will flows through my hand, and my weapon hungers for your life
95 I am here to execute you in the name of the law and all that is just
96 Righteousness and rage fill my heart villain, now you shall meet death!
97 A terrible swift death is the only kindness I can spare for you evil one!
98 My blessed weapon hungers for your vile flesh, your wickedness ends now!
99 Angels in heave will rejoice when your life ends, I am here to make that happen
100 It will be a kindness to slaughter you, the world will sigh with relief when I end you

here is the shakespeare translator version
sometimes it works sometimes it is just silly

d100 paladin smack talk
01 destroy this vile defiling evil filth
02 i sendeth ye to eternal torment thee fiend
03 by the holy wrath of mine own god i strike thee down!
04 i am hither to end thee naughty one, prepare to beest smit'd
05 i prey mine own weapon strikes thee dead ye foul and putrid one
06 beest ye beldams 'r beest ye warlock thee charm is naughty and wilt beest did crush
07 i shalt smite the and dismember thee so nay Flibbertigibbet 'r goodyear can putteth thee back
08 may mine own god strengthen our arms as we slay these sinners
09 might the saints preserve us and holp us cleave these heathen heretics!
10 god hast hath brought me hither to killeth thee all, nay mercy, nay surrender 
11 our god loves thee and they art hither to end thy suffering
12 by the did bless sky virgin! cometh gust that lady sweet drops of sorrow of mercy!
13 naughty ones thy eternal punishment hast arriv'd too lief!
14 how lief thee soil mine own gaze with thy vile form deviant one!
15 thy blood shalt usher in a new age of love and kindness!
16 peace shall cometh after a age of blood and fire!
17 the gods misprise thee and has't hath sent me to killeth  thee
18 thy crime of hubris hast hath brought thy executioners to thy do'r
19 anon shalt thee kicketh the bucket and every drop of the evil one shall kicketh the bucket
20 thee has't mortal form but thou art a minion of the beast, prepare to kicketh the bucket! 
21 time to returneth to the pit vile one!
22 with beings like this we visage thither can nev'r beest mercy 'r peace just death
23 i wast born f'r this moment, to drive thee vile spirit back to the void!
24 this moment wast seen in a vision mine own glory lies in thy destruction
25 this shall beest a victory f'r god, f'r glory and all mortal kind!
26 thy sin is life! i bringeth thee death!
27 vile ones, prepare to meeteth thy dooooom!
28 f'r victory, f'r freedom, f'r all the did bless peoples!
29 thou art abominations ere the true gods, prepare f'r death!
30 f'r the kingdom, f'r the church, f'r humanity still!
31 the riv'r of life ends f'r thee, the ferryman death hast cometh f'r thee!
32 the wages of wickedness art death, death to all non believers!
33 this spawn of vile chaos wilt beest cutteth from this ordinary to save t
34 alloweth us bringeth the wages of sin to these disgusting savages
35 death to the unclean, death to murderers, death to traitors! 
36 mine own holy rod shall smite thee and dash thy brains!
37 t is ordain'd this day yond the enemies wilt kicketh the bucket, protect us of lord!
38 alloweth loose the hounds of war, crush the foe!
39 the evil ones art hither, our only desire is to killeth every one of those folk f'r our god!
40 and so the lord hath sent a angel to slay the minion of evil and t didst!
41 bringeth thy legions, thy army, all thy kind i care not, thee shall all kicketh the bucket each and every one
42 thee fiends may chooseth to maketh a short prayer of repentance ere we killeth thee
43 surrender evil ones and taketh the punishment thee so richly deserve!
44 i am the weapon of mine own god, i am their steel, i am thy destruction!
45 this vile spawn of a the lady goodyear, this vile thing of filth, shalt meeteth t's end
46 thee kneweth at which hour thee tooketh up thy blasphemous ways t would end like this
47 the end of the ordinary is hither, f'r thy kind anyhow!
48 thy kind has't been ordain'd to beest slain one and all!
49 like the saints of fusty i slay evil not talk to t!
50 a snicker-snak and thy heads shall beest gone beneath mine own weapon
51 obliteration is too kind f'r thy vile kind
52 cease thy evil ways 'r prepare to kicketh the bucket!
53 thy filth wilt beest eradicat'd f'r a kinder and purer ordinary!
54 thy foul blood with beest releas'd into the earth, a libation to the gods
55 all thy line shall beest did destroy by fire and the bodkin!
56 a doom upon thy curs'd kind, all thy se'd shall beest purg'd from his ordinary! 
57 valorous cannot rest until all thy kind art slain, kicketh the bucket in the name of peace!
58 thy sins wilt beest cleans'd thy blood wilt beest spill'd
59 the gods misprise thee and i am the instrument of thy destruction
60 sayeth thy prayers dog, thy last moments of life art upon thee!
61 all fanatics wilt beest hath killed f'r the ingraft valorous!
62 in the name of freedom, all thy kind wilt beest slaughtered!
63 vile putrescent filth! thee abominations has't soil'd this ordinary enow!
64 those who is't doth not love life art not worthy of t and anon thee kicketh the bucket!
65 by all yond is holy! thy repugnant evil shalt meeteth t's end 
66 thee foul demonic turds who is't walketh upon the fair earth, thee wilt beest cleansed!
67 heathen! unbeliever! heretic! anarchist! thee wilt kicketh the bucket by all yond is holy!
68 thy kind wast a misprision and t is time thy existence wast rectifi'd
69 thy crimes can nev'r beest forgiven and i am thy executioner
70 fie thee foul goodyear! may mine own god crush thy soul as i rend thy foul corse!
71 all the ordinary moans at thy every diseas'd footstep and i am the cure!
72 mine own god hast given me the right and the shall to slay thy kind f'r the valorous of all
73 i has't judg'd ye foul goodyear of the pit, anon thee kicketh the bucket!
74 all thy vile cre'd has't forfeit'd the right to liveth. I am heareth to rectify this
75 what vile goodyear shat thee into this ordinary? i shalt end thy foul stain still
76 thy very existence is corruption, to spare thy future victims i slay thee anon!
77 t is time thee wast hath sent to eternal punishment f'r thy false beliefs
78 bid those folk in hell yond i hath sent thee and moo of thy kind shall join thee in the pit lief
79 thou art a cosmic canker and i am the cure! prepare to beest cutteth out!
80 thou art a gnawing maggot eating all yond is valorous, anon t is thy turn to kicketh the bucket! 
81 i cannot bear to behold at thy awful countenance, thee offend me and i shall cutteth thee out
82 i wish i couldst slay thy every ancest'r but thy shall has't to doth villain
83 justice demands satisfaction and thee sir shall kicketh the bucket by mine own handeth
84 i calleth a holy crusade to slay thy kind, each and every one of thee might not but beest did destroy
85 if 't be true only killing thee would undo all thy evil, ending thee anon shall just has't to doth
86 in the name of all the saints and thy victims, i calleth on thy extermination anon!
87 thou art a misprision i am hither to correct, thy life is forfeit 
88 nay teen i can inflict shall undo thy vile deeds, i might not but beest did satisfy with thy death
89 the prophets has't hath called f'r thy death and i am hither to enact thy destiny
90 t is too late f'r thy redemption, only death can cure the wounds thee has't did cause
91 thy very existence offends the gods, i am their lacking valor swift retribution!
92 beg and grovel all thee like, nay mercy f'r thy vile kind!
93 i am not like the innocents thee has't molested, i shall annihilate thy kind
94 gods shall flows through mine own handeth, and mine own weapon hungers f'r thy life
95 i am hither to execute thee in the name of the law and all yond is just
96 righteousness and rage fill mine own heart villain, anon thee shalt meeteth death!
97 a lacking valor swift death is the only kindness i can spare f'r thee evil one!
98 mine own did bless weapon hungers f'r thy vile flesh, thy wickedness ends anon!
99 angels in heave shall rejoice at which hour thy life ends, i am hither to maketh yond befall
100 'twill beest a kindness to slaughter thee, the ordinary shall sigh with relief at which hour i end thee

Friday 20 October 2017

d100 Strange Headed Magicians

These are strange magician villains. Most of them are mid weight dungeon bosses. They are mostly incapable of fitting in with humans. Strange sad freaks only belong in a dungeon. Im working on getting less incomplete projects in my draft bin. Must get back to ossimancy and fliechcraft magic. Today caught up with some backlog blogs and argued with cosplay kids  about appropriating tribal culture.

d10 How Did They End Up Like This?
01 Obscure race from another plane
02 Cursed by gods, elves or spirit
03 Mutant freak tainted by chaos or mutagens
04 Abhuman who became magician
05 Changeling can go from human to inhuman form to intermediate form possibly stuck
06 Wearing a mask which is cursed and falls off on death
07 Made by mad magician
08 Cursed relic they cannot give up because the power is worth it
09 Alchemical or magic accident
10 Self inflicted with magic due to madness

d12 What Type of Magician?
1 Wizard
2 Sorcerer
3 Priest
4 Druid
5 Psionic
6 Alchemist
7 Witch
8 Bard
9 Necromancer
10 Elementalist
11 Demonologist
12 Shaman

d12 Other Strangeness
1 Creepy familiar
2 Exotic item
3 Alien weapon
4 Strange bodyguard
5 Pet monster
6 Unique Undead
7 Mutation taint
8 Sinister plot
9 Otherworldly Lair
10 Serial Immortality (d10 lives left)
11 Unusual magic power
 Second character class

 Strange Headed Magicians
01 Goren Daar, potato like face with three gold eyes, covers skin with hood with 3 eye holes
02 Zorlak Tan, Ibis headed, emaciated, has magic gold jewelry, knife and staff 
03 Bartrok the Bold, disgusting squirming maggot face under his veil causes fear
04 Zero Petran, no face features, speaks in raspy voice from face in unclear manner  
05 Gornax Verolaster, face in chest, no head, body muscular and unnaturally tough 
06 Kreegax Jarlen, single horned cyclops, can summon a dancing energy blade for defence
07 Meerax Boran, golden skinned and eats gold, wears expensive clothes
08 Isson Derran, invisible skinned horror hates anyone beautiful 
09 Mortan Ingerson, is headless with face on chest, experiments with monsters in vats
10 Dolor Geselle, is emaciated with four spindly arms and always has a wand in one hand 

11 Kraden Tule, orange skinned with sideways mouth and no nose, violent and cruel
12 Gamen Nordan, wolf headed wizards, craves blood but resists losing his cool

13 Kemadan Tanja, vegetal flesh with flowers for hair, wants plants to rule over animals 
14 Methan Barq, nasal cavity has collapsed and eyelids rotted away from lotus abuse 
15 Princess Sparkles, fox headed has become obsessed with theft and petty cruelty
16 Nordjar Belais, Turtle headed, wise but schemes against the state with minions
17 Barridmar Fordj, head floating gold pyramid with eye on each face, seeks global stasis
18 Daden Karr, hydra head with a mass of snakes that can reach 3", snake cultist
19 Goryad Gudor, black horse head with white eyes, eerily silent clairvoyant
20 Pandrad Vagran, panther headed killer sadist with black fur and red eyes, drinks blood
21 Wurrum Tar, frog headed cult leader planning to flood region with beaver zombies
22 Gomol Parivat, worm headed who eats filth and vomits maggots on foes
23 Zindra Killanis, iguana headed who eats drugs and commands his wizard lizards
24 Bule Stan, head is a black void torn in reality which he can emit violet rays from
25 Karakous Buran, bronze head with glowing unblinking eyes and puppet like mouth
26 Brundrad Knarr, has a glowing light with a floating eye for a head, has true sight
27 Lozar Drell, has a mass of worms for face which he hides under a cult robe hood
28 Morad Bandar, has a scintillating geometric green light for a head and he hates everyone
29 Suzer Vorgt, has a snake beard which writhes and whispers enemies secret to him
30 Prelan Ftarg, has a long stirge beak nose and he only feeds on blood but is embarrassed
31 Vandar Trill, has a horned demon face of a demon he killed which drove him mad
32 Loriar Zerga, burning cauldron head which objects and creatures can be pulled from
33 Zirian Flaarg, sphere of fire and adds level in damage to any fire spells cast
34 Korak Mandledrul, has six arms and three heads and each can cast a spell at same time 
35 Sidrak Gnarl, has two snake heads one always lies and the other always tells the truth
36 Godrak Glarb, has a huge hand with a eye in it's palm and has a disembodied voice
37 Shedral Margal, has a crystal sphere for a head and has clairvoyant powers
38 Dorzan Radigor, rotating polygon of light, shoot magic missile each round as free action
39 Penzel Vordrass, bloody mouthed bat head and wings, snacks on hearts and livers
40 Zordak Gruul, no head but has eyes in palms and sideways tooth filled mouth in chest
41 Carinal Keswarg, has a burning brazier for a head that smells of incense 
42 Minrad Haran, golden sphere with three eyes, likes to wear fancy or magic capes
43 Harzebag Endrun, burning skull, when killed a demon pours from his body
44 Kostorak Binjel, has a huge eyeball and all hes spells emanate from the pupil
45 Pyrus Dranbull, keeps his real head in a box and uses a magic bronze one in public
46 Hodrak Snardran, has a mechanical iron head that spits d4+1 lead or silver bullets
47 Kellowix Dranzad, glistening cube that he can reach inside for magic scrolls
48 Kornard Banquill, has a roast turkey for a head and kills anyone who comments on it
49 Shran Marl, gaping black void, occasionally he devours someone to keep men obedient 
50 Platorus Bran, black iron shpere which violently explodes as a fireball on death
51 Borak Jule, has a mushroom head if killed he regrows from spores and plots revenge
52 Corolias Bojan, spinning jewel that surrounds area in sparkling lights and illusions
53 Zord Manhar, horrible blob of rancid meat with a single eyeball can see into the past
54 Vorhar Mgan, wears a yellow hood with seven swarming lights in a void underneath
55 Pelothar Beggaran, a cage full of squirming rats, voice formed of squeaking squeals
56 Hannibus Gnorlax, has a huge beer stein with a lid he got from a drunk wish 
57 Corala Mordan, has a floating amphora for a head, hands out potions to minions
58 Sirela Loom, has a gold wheel of light for a head that that shoots magic missiles
59 Carmana Droxill, has a snapping bear trap for a head and disembodied floating eyes
60 Sora Mran, can pull her head inside her torso like a turtle to resist harm and still see
61 Crello Zoralla, has a fish bowl with a goldfish for each spell she knows 
62 Koran Teran, has a mass of tentacles for a head and she is always after new lovers
63 Vella Tanbo, has a floating golden theater mask with no head or face behind it
64 Pandra Sellaris, has a d4+2 small dragon heads, have various one use breathe attacks 
65 Cormara Zord, china doll head with articulated mouth, swiveling eyes and real hair
66 Celaria Mnar, has a floating giant pearl for a head that emanates her magical powers
67 Zeera Gdorab, has a crystal ball for a head which can show visions or a ghostly face
68 Bendra Farthan, floating hand mirror, show visions or draw victims into pocket universe
69 Kadara Bellara, scintilating rainbow energy field, shoots prismatic rays
70 Isora Venran, beautiful peacock head and tail, gets angry if mention her gender wrong
71 Vora Sentan, cat head plus tail, likes jewelry and panther or tiger pets, purrs when happy
72 Elran Horrard, has a burning fleshy volcano for a had and can shoot fire from it
73 Kybor Ming, has three goat heads that talk in in unison, each wears a tiny crown
74 Zephella Torana, a golden egg that occasionally hatches releasing baby monsters
75 Calarnis Bejor, matryoshka doll, that opens up releasing increasingly smaller golems
76 Gemar Krystan, hand mill she turns to produce various substances or creatures
77 Sharran Borstra, a luminous polygon with ever changing number of faces from 4-20
78 Doranil Vorasta, golden rune engraved divine apple of immortality from divine curse
79 Xonlar Tristarion, floating cow skull and a panache for undead minions
80 Vrandaris Korrelan, bubbling mass of lard with a human mouth, can spit hot fat
81 Zndara Trill, tree head populated by tiny birds and squirrels and snakes with gold fruit
82 Bora Warundell, Cloud head that shoots tiny lightning bolt magic missiles
83 Maria Trandiron, Bubbling bubble of blood, leaves puddles when cast spells
84 Micora Voradsar, sphere with exoskeleton and  single eye shoots magic missile bolts
85 Piryana Radaghast, tiny house head, when dis tiny people flee and it bursts into flames
86 Zamarra Pokkannis, beating huge bloody heart, can squirt or spray arterial blood
87 Vora Kansartin, cake head, become different type every spell cast (no d100 cakes sorry)
88 Lyros Vantorum, mirrored sphere has 360 degree vision and reflects gaze attacks
89 Kermora Vandergore, blazing flame which gives off smell of incense pleasing to gods
90 Vedora Kallingmar, lantern head, can change colours or projects a searing beam
91 Denralis Knorra, crackling ball of electrical plasma, magnetically animate ferrous metal
92 Pezor Candiras, molecular molecule or rotating orbiting spheres
93 Astra Starrion,has a astrolabe head and constantly refers to astrology
94 Kerrola Faran, large half melted candle, flame snuffs when she dies, can flick hot wax
95 Amarrinas Tordril, kettle head, whistles and can spray hot steam or create fog cloud
96 Terrilas Krenard, has a bird cage with seven tiny canaries who sin every word spoken
97 Zyron Zenrad, head is a burning rock of narcotic resin, followers are addicted and high 
98 Mortran Mendril, white floating rotating cube possibly sugar or compressed drugs
99 Irabi Kantori, gigantic gold coin, flips coin to decide actions, devout luck god cultist 
100 Manrad Gortenzorn, huge head, followers help support sagging head with sticks

Another old Campain

This is from my early 90s RQ3 campaign. Each nation was menaced by a different evil god. The evil gods of four pantheons had united into a new pantheon and promoted a daemon to lead them as a new greater god. Each god had a favorite monster it used to weaken a nation. Heroes spent years traveling around circles of continent trying to warn everybody and even get the non evil gods to wake up and enter time again instead of living outside it in ignorance. It was pretty grim and at time I only used rune magic requiring POW sacrifices.

Sunday 15 October 2017

Takarsis - Map with rough guide + Dungeon

This is a recap of my city I posted a while back - forgot to include the rough guide to locations that went with it. As a bonus I have included a small dungeon specialized in breeding and training monsters. I'm half way through several tables at the moment and prepping for my first Cthulhu game in years. Got myself a Games Workshop 80s edition of Stormbringer too. Had to glue some pages in but I'm glad to have a version without chaos points to buy demon powers. A terrible idea.

Friday 13 October 2017

Terrible Campaign Ideas: Quatermass vs Mars

 Quatermass would be a great RPG setting. Besides the original radio show, several movies and TV adaptions a RPG would work well. Has elements o HPL and Dr Who.

I would use CALL OF CTHULHU rules as I know them well and most of the concepts similar. Overlap well with DR Who too. The Daemons story in the Pertee era was pretty much a Dr Quatermass+70s satanism story. Doomwatch tv show would be good for ideas too as non intelligent science disaster threats are good for this setting too. Battling SF phenomena is a underused RPG genre. Action characters might have to find and chase witnesses or madmen or ppl who think they can profit or steal information from phenomena or rescue scientists. Lliogorr and other Cthulhu mythos things might work occasionally. Laundry files would be pretty compatible and might work for a setting. They might be related to Selinites.

I would like to see more ways of using Call of Cthulhu without Cthulhu. Plenty of genre settings have same basic investigation of myth, science, murder and uncovering cosmic truth.

I would use the 1967 film as start of my modern setting with HQ in a closed tube train line in Hobbs
end with the martian ship and and alien remains in storage. In history given I927 there was a tunnel in area that had problems due to phenomena in area and and there was trouble when a well dug and charcoalers cut big trees here in 1763. There were troubles in 1341 with witches. Roman era problems are mentioned too and time travel could be possible even if only mental time travel aided by drugs and psionics and technology. I would add 1666 with plague and great fire being manifestations and any witch crazes. Reports of ghosts, strange things, ogres, witchcraft, goblins and ghosts and gargoyles are mentioned in historic records and even ancient rock art.

The Martian Colonisation of Earth1967 Earth was colonised by mars. When martians modified humans 5 000 000 years ago they gave them increased capacity for intelligence and martian psychic ability and DNA. Also the possibility to be linked into a hive mind for various purposes including to be mass taken over by martian minds. This link and the sum of human mentality and life force is what empowers most psionics and strange phenomena.

The martian seeds of mentality have been activating martian agents all across the world but especially in the UK or where other martian relics have been active.

d6 Martian Agent

1 Martian - possessed by an ancient martian, cold, inhuman and hostile with psychic powers
2-2 Agent - loyal martian slave agent fanatics still carrying latent seeds of the slaver gene, may have some superhuman powers
3-6 Peon - sensitives vulnerable to martian dreams, phenomena and suggestion. Confused and unreliable but may form mobs and hive minds and colony purges where they turn on those unaffected by martian DNA. Peons may exhibit poltergeist activity. visions, fear and hostility. In a large massmind event martians may appear and mob victims are telekineticly torn to shreds.

Martian Agents Seek
-Strange phenomena that may indicate martian lost secrets
-Seek martian relics or to operate them
-Seek to create psionic events that will awaken mass mind phenomena in humans
-Amplify Martian influence and colonisation plans or trigger relics
-Enthrall humans en masse to create various types of agents
-Travel to mars and find greater relics or revive mars or recover martian bodies

Five million years ago dying mars sent ships to earth. Living metal psionic ships where launched by power created from crating massmind swarm events where martians turned on deviants, mutants and free thinkers. The martians on earth too and modified humanoids and used colonies of hybrids. Returning to mars took generations of humanoids to sacrifice for a return to mars where humanoids could be modified further. The trip to earth was easier but martian hivemind powers could communicate the vast gulfs of space. As mars died their plan was to mass invade earth and take human bodies well adapted to earth. Things went wrong and Mars died. But their are remains of martial colonists and DNA on earth and possibly strange martian machines still functional after millions of years. The invasion failed but the mental virus in the collective consciousness of humanity or the human hive mind is tainted by martians.

Martians have many psychic powers and technology of living metal that can use mental power or amplify it. They have a collective consciousness known as the hivemind which is similar to the human massmind which interfaces with it.  The Martians used their hivemind for social control and as the planet died the used it to turn their population on each other to eliminate mutations and individuality, things that might have saved them. They turned the wild and unconscious forces fueled by fear and anger to purge their people of deviation. The energy for this was great enough to propel their colony and science ships to earth.

Some of the martians on earth now disagree and even fight or confound each others. Some just want to return to mars, some want to activate machines on mars, some want to destroy man, some want man to host the martian consciousness becoming. Mentally martians.

Martian visions are often of the hives especially during the violent rituals of purging when the hive mind would run wild. Other visions like location of martian agents or bases, historic martian phenomena with sensations of time travel, or of martians arriving on earth millions of years ago. Visions of martian spirits may become more real, advanced enough to manifest telekinesis, ectoplasmic manifestations, touch and own will and thoughts. Some might exist only in a victims mind or occupy a host. Some merely repetitive loops, psionic shadows of ancient doomed race.
Martians could be added to all kinds of horror or SF settings as a race. 

Quatermass FoundationHumans have not taken this lying down. Governments all maintain secret services which investigate strange phenomena even if it is just in case martians are involved. These organisations often employ genius polymath eccentrics who may offer assistance in other events involving outstanding science speculation.

In 1967 The UK Experimental Rocket Group led by Quatermass was absorbed into Defence against the wishes of Quatermass. Shortly after there was a investigation into a found martian ship which led to recovery of six martian bodies and modified fossilised human skeletons. Shortly after a massive martian induced psionic attack occurred sending a mob into a destructive frenzy and various humans being made into agents or even possessed by martian minds.

Quatermass was put in charge of Experimental Operation Command. Similar organisations were established across the commonwealth nations and other countries established their own. The EU org is now the newest and biggest having amalgamated dozens of smaller agencies. Further attempts were made to silence or reign him in but the men involved tended to die ignoring the Doctors advice.

Some agents have heard Quatermass if in a cryonics pod in the basement and Research has made some means of communicating with him through a computer.

There are also:

Quatermass Files:
Documents of various encounters of Dr Quatermass until his death in 1997. They are used often in cases still today. The works of Charles Fort, Richard Sharp, Shaver, Charles Berlitz inspired a previous generation.

Qutermass Protocols:
Regulations and proceedures made when contacting phenomena including provisions for silencing the press. Everyone in a town thinking fearfully about martians is dangerous.

The Quatermass Foundation:

The public face of the secretive group who often control media affairs, public opperations and calm disturbances withy propeganda. It is well documented martian impulses drive humans to proliferate stories and news of the martians which activates and empowers the massmind of the collective human conciousness and awakens martian will. So agents are careful to reduce public information.

Things to Investigate:

Supernatural, unexplained or strange Phenomena

or specifically
Extraterrestrial Events - any alien life signs
Cryptofauna Investigation - bughunts or monster hunting
Psionic Phenomena - awakening powers and ghostly phenomena most common
Martian Colony Events - one of the greatest threats to life on earth
Disaster Events - crisis where speculative science or technology expertise might be able to assist
Cults - require monitoring for potential psionic or martian or fortean activities


Research & Design Unit
Focus on academic speculation think tanks and technological developments and data management. Sub departmental bureaus including Librarians, IT, Applied Technology, Theoretical Research

Experimental Unit
Risk taking version of R&D, applied theory, working with sensitives and field research. Sub departmental bureaus including Applied Psionics, Technology Test Group, Artifact Study Group, Paranormal Test Groups and many more

Investigation Group

Sub departmental bureaus including Reconnaissance (investigate paranormal activity sites), Observation (long term monitoring targets), Infiltration (join cults and relevant organisations) , Assassination (loner killers of targets), Search & Destroy (destroy targets), Confiscation (recovering goods)

Psionics, Sanity and the Massmind of Mankind
Psionics functions through the collective minds of mankind or martian kind and where these forces overlap. The forces can be vulnerable to disruption especially from ferrous metallic conductive metal like iron or copper. Salt, pentagrams and other superstitious precautions may work. Some have created electric pentacles to resist the influence of psionics and other devices. The technology for this has improved but is mostly secretive.

Typical Trigger Events for Sanity Checks or Martian Phenomena
Anger and violence especially in a mob setting
Fear can amplify martian phenomena
Contact with a mob in a massmind event
Witnessing psionic phenomena
Contact with martian artifacts
Being psionicly attacked

When first martian event related sanity loss of 5 or more is failed roll on this table. When temporary sanity hits the victim again, the same type of phenomena activates again.

Types of temporary triggered phenomena (Replaces temporary SAN loss)
1 Poltergiest activity usually scares victim causing it more
2 Hysteria induces urge to go on a violent rampage joining with other in the mass mind
3 Empathy becomes sensetive to moods of others and the mob feeling intense emotions
4 Retrocognition receives visions of past or mars or from the hive mind
5 Sensitive prone to sensing martian phenomena or being under influence of the hivemind
6 Psychic blindness is immune to psionics even communications, healing, anything. May have insights in resisting or foiling martian schemes on a special idea roll, 

When a permanent Insanity hits the victim rolls on this table after losing 20% of their sanity

Types of permanent phenomena (Replaces permanent SAN loss)

1 Dreams of martians, has nightmares and visions of the martian hivemind
2 Will tap into any massmind phenomena and amplify it's area of effects over groups
3 Sense martian phenomena but must resist urge to flee with SAN roll
4 Martians can spy on your dreams and unconscious thoughts and sense through you
5 Martian can occupy your mind temporarily in moments of stress or if they make a supreme effort
6 Whenever angry or afraid roll SAN or PK poltergeist effects triggered 

Psychically Blind characters and permanent insanity. When struck by permanent insanity such a character cannot accept anything about martians and will deny anything about
 them and could not see one in front of them. But they are resistant to any martian mental attack (but poltergiest attacks still hurt)
At zero sanity the victim is fanatic to the martian cause and will do everything it can to aid the martian colonisation even sacrifice themselves.

Other Psionic abilities are useful and those exposed to martian phenomena may develop many other abilities. After developing any recurring temporary or permanent insanity effects may once per adventure sacrifice a POW point for a % chance = to POW of gaining an ability. Most of the first powers are minor and require only a magic point. Potential power use increases as better powers are gained. Each power requires a skill% with a base of (00%). Some abilities require SAN or might attract or trigger martian phenomena or machines.

Friday Maps: Barrier Lands

Maps from my barrier lands setting which predated this one. Actually it was a RQ then DnD setting for the late 90s. Style of the Current Kingdoms on link below set out like Glorantha box set which taught me encounter tables imply setting and factions and risks in a area to paint a portrait of setting.

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Current Kingdoms

I might go back to these gods
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Takarsis Map

Better resolution possibly here
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