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Exilon Regions and Hex Content

Shaded areas are stronger controlled and have multiple villages per hex and civilized and uses common encounters mostly. Outside areas are more lawless and only a village per hex. The areas outside of Exilon are detailed here. As they don't support any cities and not many towns are mostly regarded as wild country with more uncommon encounters.

This is post 1500.

Why d12? I like d12 encounter tables and turning and morale vs 2d6. Possibly i just aesthetically like the probability curve.

How often do you roll an encounter check?
1 in d12 Common Outdoor encounters every 4 hours in the common wilderness
1 in d12 Every ten minute turn in a lively dungeon
As often as the place and situation seems to the GM

Alertness Rating As locals react i use lower dice, d12 for green alert d6 or yellow alert d4 for red alert. I place encounter dice where players can see them and know danger level. Alertness measures how intently the monsters are looking for intruders or enemies.

Table Danger Rating Measure of how dangerous the encounter table is. Mostly from easiest to hardest is 
Common>Uncommon>Rare Common>Uncommon>Rare. Some places might only have one table. 

Exploding d12 can on any encounter table roll a natural 12 you can choose from any of these effects and keep rolling.
  • Increase danger table type and roll again on a increasingly difficult level encounter table or type. Common>Uncommon>Rare 
  • encountered creatures are part of a group which gains a superior named leader or champion with HD like characters and extra abilities. Such a leader may provide additional role playing options
  • roll two common encounters (or the lowest type) and both rolled types are interacting together at once

Common Encounters are for the well controlled part of kingdoms surrounding a city state, often following water and best resources and trade points. They are places of order where Law has a foothold on this plane.

Uncommon Encounters are for extreme places. Like wild frontiers where merchant traders cross to reach new places with monsters and savage tribes roam beyond civilization. Tribes of hunting tribes people and animal riding nomads and beast folk live. Many areas have types of monsters. they are famous for and locals have learned to live with them somehow. Night brings more dangerous creatures by night than by day and increases by one step.

Rare Encounters are often supernatural and haunted with other worldly beings like demons, angels, elementals, spirits, dragons, ghosts, shadows. High level multi classed heroes of non human races or local petty gods.

Day is the default encounter table result in most cases

Night increases the table type just like exploding dice by one step in severity

Encounters per 24 hours in wilderness Players or GM might prefer instead of facing one common encounter every four hours can roll a uncommon each day at noon and evening at midnight suitable for longer range travels in a week range. or one rare encounter per day for longer trips. You could also swap making a encounter check roll every four hours 1in12 check have one automatic roll per day. A DM might make roll Common encounters by day and one uncommon by night or any other formula.

Generic Rare Encounters

1 Local Spirit of nature or darkness
2 Giant
3 Dragon
4 Famous monster
5 Powerful magician with followers
6 Undead d4 1=ghost 2=vampire 3=mummies 4=wights
7 Angel, Deva or Archon
8 Demon, devil or elder Daemon
9 Elemental d4 1=fire 2=air 3=water 4=earth
10 Non coporeal Undead d4 1=spectral minion 2=shadow 3=wraith 4=spectre
 Faerie or nature being d4 1=faerie folk 2=nymph 3= Dryad 3=Satyr 4=Demihuman 
12 Petty God

Hex Contents within Exilon

d12 Common Hex Content d4+2 per Hex

1 Crossroads small village population 12-25
2 Medeum village population 26-50
3 Large village population 51-150
4 Town 151-1000
5 Modern stone monument
6 Shrine with attendant
7 Military outpost like tower or stockade 
8 Nobles estate population 100
9 Temple estate population 100-1000 (d10x100)
10 Ancient ruins exposed

11 Ancient stone monuments
12 Ancient mound once a city

d12 Uncommon Hex Content d3 per Hex

1 Crossroads small village population 12-25
2 Medeum village population 26-50
Large village population 51-150
Shrine 1in4 with attendant
Military outpost like tower or stockade 1in4 abandoned
6 Nobles estate population 100 1in4 abandoned
7 Temple estate population 100 1in4 abandoned
8 Ancient ruins exposed
9 Ancient stone monuments
Ancient necropolis

11 Famous monster lair
12 Tribal seasonal camp site 1in6 occupied currently

Templars of the Black Ziggarut, Land of the Death Cult

This is a divergent cult from the necromancy age. A cult of templars built the black Ziggarut as a temply dedicated to death and the underworld. The Lich-Priest-King rules the undead order, comprised of once all brave warrior priests. Undead and evil necromancers flood here and monsters wander forth.

1 Zombies wandering in dust storm 

Skeletons burst from ancient rubble
3 Wight knight wit 2d4 zombie soldiers
4 Fast zombies
5 Diseased zombies
6 Spectral Minions from ancient battle
7 Undead templar warriors
8 Templar warrior cultists led by priest
9 Mounted undead templars on zombie horses

10 Skeleton Wizard with 2d6 skeleton soldiers
11 Bone Golem
12 Jackal men mercenaries

Hex Content d3 per hex

1 Ancient stone monument
2 Ruined city
3 Ruined temple
4 Ruined keep
5 Ruined manour house
6 Ancient grave yard
7 Shrine of death gods
8 Zombie workers digging up ruins
9 Ancient barrow mound tomb

10 Village of undead 
11 Undead hunters hidden lodge house
12 Necromancers house and lab

Sythron Wastes
The Sythron Khanate, The Golden Plain

Great rolling grass lands for herdsmen and beasts. Sythron are mighty horse riders with bows. Women drive waggons which carry their homes. All female tribes exist and founded the Amazon kingdom long ago. 

Nomad warriors on patrol
2 Nomad animal herders
3 Nomad hunters
4 Nomad contest d4 1=archery 2=wrestling 3=race 4=polo
5 Wolf pack
6 Tiger
7 Herd animals d4 1=deer 2=goat 3=cattle 4=bison
8 Perytons d3
9 Giant Eagle

10 Orc scouts riding dire wolves
11 Ogres d4+1
12 Leucrotta d3

Hex Content one per hex

1 Tribal seasonal camp site currently empty
2 Tribal seasonal camp site currently empty
3 Tribal seasonal camp site currently occupied
4 Shaman holy site
5 Great mound tomb of ancients
6 Holy ancient mound of ancients
7 Crossroads small village population 12-25
8 Ancient ruins
Shrine 1in4 with attendant
10 Ancient ruins exposed
11 Ancient stone monuments
12 Ancient monument

Great Wastes

The Barbarian Kingdoms, The Wasted Lands

Great harsh grassy desert wast supports many beast long vanished elsewhere including giant mammals and lizards. Most of the tribes hate civilization, shunning writing, metal and building.  They prefer flint weapons and hate wizards and priesthoods. Some have jooined civilization instead and such barbarians tool over Hadderad and became city folk.

1 Barbarians riding exotic beasts

2 Barbarians on foot
3 Berserkers looking for a heroic fight
4 Shaman leading warriors on a wizard hunt
5 Pride of lions
6 Sabretooth tiger
7 Pack of wolves 1in6 dire wolves
8 Herd animals d4 1=goats 2=gazelle 3=cattle 4=dinosaurs
9 Predatory hunting dinosaur or pack of raptors

10 Pterodactyls
11 Woolly mammoths
12 Beast folk tribe

Hex Content one per hex

1 Crossroads small village population 12-25
Medeum village population 26-50
Large village population 51-150
Town 151-500
Ancient stone monument
6 Shrine with attendant
7 Ancient ruins
8 Burial Mound
9 Hill fort 1in6 occupied

10 Shaman holy ground with d4 shamans
11 Tar pit
12 Well or spring

Tyranean League

The Tyranean Kingdoms, Doomlands

Many tiny kingdoms here unite to fight reptilians to the east. They have a strong sense of warrior culture with most of the populations being slaves. They are allied with Exilon but want war with mutual neighbors. Mostly they fight the lizard men. They are gloomy worshiping death and earth gods and enjoy bloodsports. They believe the world is doom and spend life preparing for the underworld. Each king wishes to build a city and unite them all for conquest.

1 Gladiators on way to a fight

2 Farmers with crops
3 Herdsmen and animals
4 Priest with initiates on pilgramage
5 Warriors in service to a king
6 Chariot with heavily armoured noble
7 Minotaur hunting
8 Cyclops d4 1=hunting 2=herding sheep 3=making prophecies 4=eating people
9 Giant lizard hunting

10 Bandits
11 Dangerous cultists looking for sacrifices
12 Witch up to no good

Hex Content d4 per hex

1 Crossroads small village population 12-25
Medeum village population 26-50
Large village population 51-150
Town 151-1000
Modern stone monument
6 Shrine with attendant
Military outpost like tower or stockade 
Nobles estate population 100
Temple estate population 100
10 Ancient ruins exposed

11 Ancient stone monuments
12 Monster village or lair

Dragon Lands
Templars of the Dragon Lords, The Dragon Mountains

The dragon cult worshiped dragons and watch the dragons who sleep. As the dragons slept their vassals created a theocratic empire lasting since before the monster kingdoms and necromancers age.

1 Dragon folk warriors led by dragon folk wizard

2 Lizard folk war band led by hero and shaman
3 Refugees fleeing dragon lands
4 Templars with prisoners and cattle to feed a dragon
5 Villagers carrying tribute to dragon
6 Dragon Templar riding giant lizards
7 Dragon templar in chariot
8 Dragon templars on the march
9 Giant lizards

10 Wyvern d3
11 Dragon
12 Dragon with templar rider

d12 Uncommon Hex Content d3 per Hex
1 Crossroads small village population 12-25
2 Medeum village population 26-50
Large village population 51-150
Shrine 1in4 with attendant
Dragon Templar castle
6 Dragon Lord's estate population 100
7 Dragon Temple estate population 100-500
8 Ancient ruins exposed
9 Ancient stone monuments
 Ancient necropolis

11 Wyvern nest
12 Dragon lair

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