Wednesday, 18 September 2019


Supernatural animal LE Morale 9
AC +5
HD 6
Mov 12 ground 9 climb 3 water 2 leap
Att Clawsx2 d6 Butt 2d6 & Bite 2d4

-if both claws hit can rake for extra 2d4 damage
This intelligent brutish beast kills for pleasure far more than it can eat. Capable of ferocious roars that three times a day case fear in a 9 range cone. These creatures also speak cruelly and are judgemental, able to recognise heraldry and a character origin so it can mock and insult enemies all the better. They will eat your loved ones and blame it on you for not being home. They spread terror and isolate people depending on roads in the wilderness.

They are not just random monsters they are usually agents of a curse such as a defiled grave, a great injustice resulting in deaths or some taint has polluted a sacred place. Sometimes they may aid a devil or evil hero acting as a pet or mount. They hate hellhounds and dislike demons and their dumber cousins manticores. They see themselves as obeying a higher power and exempt from morality. Some have been known to whisper lies through shack walls at night to irritate and corrupt inhabitants.

1in6 have ESP they use to pry out victims dark secrets
1in6 have dragon claws for 2d4 claw attacks
1in6 have dragon scales for AC+7
1in6 half damage from fire including magical

1in6 have detect alignment
1in6 detect invisible 3 range
1in6 resist normal missiles
1in6 break non magical weapons on impact
1in6 can be turned by a priest and avoids sacred ground
1in6 in contact with local diabolic cult or witches
1in6 is a 5th level wizard or priest or druid
1in6 require magic or silver weapon to hit
1in12 open a gate to hell or from hell to earth once a week

1in12 regenerate 1HP per round unless holy or acid
1in12 have a pet imp familiar who acts as scout and hands
1in12 can call a lesser devil once a week with a turn long blood sacrifice ritual
1in12 reports to a major demon weekly about work in mortal world

Mantygre Adventures
1 A village is plagued by a beast as the unsolved strangulation of local youths remains unsolved
2 Villages visit a whispering cave for advice but of late all the advice has been selfish, greedy and evil
3 A invisible Imp has been leaving threatening letters on doors in the village, starting at midnight they will all be killed
4 A local diabolic cult have allied with a mantyger planning on cutting off the area and corrupting all to the cult control
5 A ruined manour has been left since a mantyger ate the old lord and drove away the people. The beast is still heard roaring day and night
6 A diabolic wizard riding a mantyger has taken residence in a ruined tower on a hill
7 Pilgrims were murdered and as long as the bandits escape justice a Mantyger guards the bridge preventing passage. Several knights have been eaten by it, more fled it's roar
8 Voices from the well are scaring people. "just jump in! Your life is worthless!"
9 Villagers have been attacking each other, each say a voice told them by night what a neighbour said to provoke the violence
10 A robber knight based in a ruin has taken the mantyger as his flag and now he rides one and wears weird black armour. Locals say he sold his souls and seeks sacrifices and plunder 

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Calopus, the horned wolf-cat

Calopus horned wolf-cat
Supernatural animal CN Morale 10
AC +5
HD 5
Mov 15 ground 9 climb 6 water 2 leap 1 burrow
Att Clawsx2 2d4 & Butt 2d6
-if both claws hit can rake for extra 2d4 damage
The calopus or horned wolf cat is a savage beast able to ambush or chase. Surprised only on 1in6 and can surprise on 1-3ind6. It is a incredible tracker, especially if the prey has any wounds. They are fearless attacking creatures bigger than themselves. Will saw down trees with serrated horns to bring downs a climbing foe or other cunning trickery.

Most in the midlands are black and dark blue, white in the cold north and orange in the desert. The oldest breeds in the desert retain some  draconic blood. They are dangerous to hunt as they are cunning at escape and ambush and are vindictive. A mated pair live together a season raising a d6 pupkits. Some tribal people value them as pets but they can betray even their mates. Sometimes they are pets of powerful beings and are set guarding locations or forfilling some curse.

1in6 are young or dwarf type with 2HD and half damage attacks and Morale 7
1in6 have hooves and Mov 18 but d6 hoof instead of claws
1in6 have patches of dragonscale and are AC +7
1in6 have a extra bite attack 2d4
1in6 resist half all fire damage including magical
1in6 extra large +1 HD and +1 damage on each attack
1in6 have featherfall at will
1in6 detect invisible 6 range

1in6 beserker
1in6 are swimmers 9 water speed, hold breath 40 minutes, no penalties to hit in water

1in6 require magic or iron weapon to hit
1in6 are invisible in darkness if black or snow if white or in sand if orange
1in12 double damage vs wooden beings, often attack wood weapons
1in12 regenerate a d4 HP per hour
1in12 breathes cloud of flaming gas 2 range 1 radius, 4d6 save half three times a day
1in12 2d6+6 intelligence and most turn CE, extra cruel and savage
1in12 can dimension door 12 range once a day to escape
1in12 terrible breath, all in 3 cone of head save or -d4 STR for a turn
1in12 Anyone injured 50% HP save or infected by Lyanthropy, as a werewolf but more cat like without horns, eventually they become a beast permanently and grow horns
1in12 sever a limb on a natural 20 to hit with butt and double damage

Calopus Adventures
1 Wolves have come from hills and are cowering near human settlements afraid
2 A creature killed a guest hall with six hunters bringing a bad reputation to locals
3 Wizard wants you to ask a intelligent one where a dungeon entrance is
4 Calopus preys on the sick, old or children by night. Locals are up in arms
5 Family cursed by a Calopus who eats firstborn of a clan each generation
6 A mated pair have made themselves rulers of the woods and they raid farmsteads
7 A beast has been digging up graves and devouring the dead under the full moon
8 Several males fight for dominance of area using the village as their battleground
9 Trees fall blocking the road and a calopous panics the horses while attacking
10 A local heir died and a Calopus haunts where he vanished, a evil wizard changed and cursed the heir and spreads malicious gossip about the beast that cannot control it's murderous rampages

Monday, 16 September 2019

Invaders of Xor

Xor is a living world of meat, plunder and wonder
A ever living mystery and world eater
People live on and in Xor like parasites
Bad things come from other worlds
Things not good to eat that must die
Strangers who do not accept the will of Xor!

All kinds of otherworlds invade Xor for a meal which has the danger Xor might flood that dimension. Xor only wants to peacefully eat universes and barley is aware of intruders parasitism. But look out when Xor does notice your dimension and is hungry. Some otherworlders are stranded here and join a community or start one. Parts of otherworlds might be found inside of Xor taking thousands of years to be assimilated. Xor might even be used as a nexus between worlds but a dangerous one. Bringing goods through the gates and leaving on both sides makes the worlds interconnected. Creatures of law may not be approving of Xor and consider it close to chaos or raw material for chaos to usurp. Invaders of Law act poorly and are often disliked by xorians unless they actually fight need someone to fight chaos.

One of  these in a region will stand out and provide threats aplenty. Why not start between two of these or one at each compass point. Intruders usually have a way home but that might be be at a certain place or require a relic. Intruder gateways are for outright alien plunderers or explorers. Strange remnants are a place where unnatural to the nature of Xor creatures come from, a remnant of the past or otherworldly infection.

d12 Intruder gateways into Xor

1 Primal Law - entities such as Archons come to hunt and destroy chaos and imperfection
2 Singularity - bastion of Law where crusaders wage war against chaos and disorder
3 Deadworld - land smothered by darkness and necromancy and the hungry dead
4 Dungeonworld - a infinite self aware dungeon complex linked to the hells
5 Garbageworld - covered in garbage from other planes, locals seek to escape
6 Planet Psychon - mutants, androids, robots stumble on gateways
7 Europe 1640 - England and Spain search for new worlds while secret wizards planeshift*
8 Ancient Exilon - bronze age ancient city states send adventurers to visit Xor
9 Shadelport - city of pirates and wizards and elder ruins, many gates remain from long ago when the Monster Kings ruled and used to raid and plunder Xor
 Underland - various races of the deep raid Xor for food and some worship it
11 Demonic chaos - seeks to corrupt Xor into becoming a home for demon kind

12 Primal chaos - swarms of gelatinous tentacled alien horrors

*Other times are possible like modern special forces or monster investigators

d12 Strange remnants within Xor

1  Mile wide clod of earth with some intact ruined settlement survivors from some other world, semi buried intact ruins are their current lain and they are just exploring xor
2 Mass of ship hulks and a sargassum of weed fused into a mass inhabited by sailors from many worlds and a few feisty sea monsters surviving. Sailors are damned and don't try to escape
3 Collosal mass of fungus caverns inhabited by fungus and faerie folk, including by goblinoids, pixies, elves, gnomes, mushroom people, giant bugs and more 
4 Dead area where a necromancer lives and has learned to make undead from the dead flesh of Xor. If not stopped many such places grow. Some are quiet and hidden for aeons
5 A large section of a underland city was snatched and relocated inside Xor and inhabitants have done well and trade with the locals. Many strange races are among survivors
6 Macroscopic life has infested the area attacking and feasting on Xor and spreading it's own single celled life forms colonies, some are individually baseball or beachball sized often linked in chains. Dangerous slimes, jellies, flagellum and strange life thrives
7 Bone castle once a living place housing a population now a desolate dead hollow, full of all kinds of unwholesome creatures and cults in the skeleton of a living citadel
8 Infected sickly swamp of putrid sweat, infections and ulcers form a unique environment, disgusting but welcoming to bugs and the goblins who hunt them. Demons and undead here prevent the land being healed 
9 Crystalline life form ecology is absorbing life and fluid, growing and expanding into complex alien intelligences. Psionic beings have been attracted or empowered and come here
10 Dragonspawn Pits of Tiamat, mother of dragons has opened a gate here where thousands of baby dragons are fattening up on Xor for the next dragon apocalypse on some dimension. Tiamat only pops in occasionally 1in6. Xor does not mind dragons as they excrete his spoor on distant dimensions aiding it
11 Chaos warp point where creatures become mutated and prepare to  kidnap and devour nearby peoples. 

12 Chaos infection where a demon throne of a abyssal lord festers with it's horde. With intent to conquer the local area, warbands rair the surroundings often meeting Templars of Xor or Crusaders of Xor or many other local forces waging eternal war

Terrible new theory:

Humans came from Xor first
Then spread to other worlds

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Treasure Frogs

Treasure Frog
Small d8 HD AC as leather Bite d6 Mov 9 Swim 12 Hop 1 carries d4x100sp
Medeum 2d8 HD AC as leather Bite 2d4 Mov 12 Swim 12 Hop 2 carries d3x100gp
Large 4d8 HD AC as chain Bite 2d6 Mov 12 Swim 9 Hop 3 carries d6x100gp
Huge 8d8 HD AC as plate Bite 3d6* Mov 12 Swim 9 Hop 3 carries 2d4x100gp
hit rolls 20+ swallows victim whole and flees crushing them for d6/round
**hit rolls 17+ swallows victim whole and flees crushing them for 2d6/round

Treasure frogs are used by frog folk to carry valuables but as they live for centuries they often carry loot long forgotten. They also smell treasure and dungeons near swamps often attract them. Some semi flooded dungeons are infested with them. Frog folk often use the frogs to find more treasure who can sniff precious stones and metal. A speciality skill is required to train and handle frogs who are experts at escaping and often escape. Each frog has a command word to disgorge loot but they forget them after fifty years or so. Frogs Some frog folk tribes keep their untrained frogs locked in a room. If your not careful frogs will all pour out bouncing everywhere and flee. Frogs mostly only try to eat smaller creatures but treasure carriers makes them feisty enough to attack, especially in large numbers. Frog folk can tell individual frogs apart but humans can't.

Small carries d4x100sp 1in6 chance of a semiprecious stone worth 10gp
+ d4 1=15gp silver ring 2=20gp carved agate seal
3=cat skull  4=semi digested fish

Medeum carries d3x100gp d4x semiprecious stones worth 10gp
+ d4 1=45gp gold ring 2=100gp jade idol
3=kobold skeleton 4=bottle of beer

Large carries d6x100gp d4x semiprecious stones worth d3x10gp
+ d4 1=100gp ruby gold ring 2=2d4 healing potion
3=knights helmet 4=
rotten goat corpse

carries 2d4x100gp 2d4x semiprecious stones worth d3x10gp
+ d4 1=500gp diamond ring 2=crate of beer
+1 dagger in scabbard 4=dead semi digested adventurer

Sunday, 8 September 2019

Relics of the Meat God

More Gore to Explore!
As my last post was "too horrible to read" here is more.

Scabs of Xor

Found in a drawstring skin bag, 3d4 pieces of sacred scabs of Xor. Each can heal 1 HP if applied to a bleeding wound or provide food for a day. Stay usable as long as kept dry.

Red Honey of Xor

Made by meat bees that gather blood and skin flakes or even corpses to make delicious red honey.  A pound of honey can heal 3d4 HP or cure disease.

Harp of Zerlag the Brown

Harp is made from a skull, spine and sinew. If played by a bard three times a day all in 30 foot mast save or suffer explosive diarrhoea. Mostly this is humiliating and causes a morale check. Once a week the bard harpist may play to a heap of excrement and form a 4 foot tall homonculi like creature d8HD AC as leather Att can use club or dagger. The creature is loyal and loves it's creator like a parent and if shunned becomes vindictive. It is stupid but will happily open doors, activate traps and search ahead. It cannot talk but will gesture and has easily comprehended emotions. It leaves smelly footprints and follows the creator until it is dead or mistreated too much.

Bone Bow

A heavy composite bow of living sinew and bone grows a arrow per day. It can grow up to 12 at a time but they can be removed and kept to encourage more to grow. It has own muscles to amplify the flexing and does d10 damage with own arrows or d8 with other arrows. The bow enjoys being bathed in blood once a week or it dies. Blood elves of Xor love their bows and write poems to them and debate care routines. Some manuals teach how to double arrow growth rate with daily feedings of blood.

Vampire Spear

A +2 to hit bone spear. On a natural 20 the spear awakens and a evil face on the head bites hold of the victim struck and on following round inflicts a d4 a round until the victim or someone can remove it with a STR save. Often while the spear is stuck the user will hold on and use unarmed or shield attacks. When target is dead the spear releases the bite and returns to sleep.

Crimson Lens

A ruby monacle gives wearer infravision in one eye and can see where blood has been spilled during last week within 30 feet. Actually it is a drop of divine blood in stasis.

Spitter CritterCreatures bread to emit chemicals or projectiles for use as a weapon. Creatures become dormant if not fed blood for a week and die in a month if starved. If fed daily replenish a d3 shots. Weigh about 2lb for hand version, longer more powerful models weigh 6lb. Stats for hand/long weapon variants below. Ranges on 10s of feet indoors or yards outdoors.

Web - sticky strands of protein STR save or held d4 turns
Damage - Range 3/5 Ammo 1/4
Acid - glob of corrosive slime
Damage 2d4/2d4 Range 3/5 Ammo 1/4 +1pt extra dam d4/2d4 rounds
Flame - mixes 2 chemicals which then ignite in air
Damage 2d4/2d6 Range 1/4 Ammo 1/4 +1pt extra dam d4/2d4 rounds 30 degree cone
Sleep - shards of crystallised tranquilliser
Damage - Range 3/10 Ammo 10 CON save or sleep for at least a turn 

Venom - shards of crystallised poison
Damage - Range 3/10 Ammo 10 CON save to resist poison or +2d4/2d6
rare versions have lethal venom

Teeth - burst of tiny fragments of metallic teeth
Damage d6/2d6 Range 3/10 Ammo 6/10 
Slime - spits lethal green slime
Damage - Range 1/4 Ammo 1/4 1HD/2HD green slime
Shocker - shoots a tiny electric eel like creature
Damage d6/2d6 Range 3/10 Ammo 4/8 CON save or stun d4 rounds 
Explosive - sires a bug that explodes on impact
Damage 2d4/3d4 Range 3/10 Ammo 4/8, damages materials fail save 
Stench - stinking cloud gas in a gelatinous blob
Damage - Range 1/3 Ammo 1/4 Cloud Area 1/2 
as stinking cloud, hand version lasts round, long version cloud lasts d4 rounds
shards of crystallised narcotic
Damage - Range 3/10 Ammo 6/12 INT save to resist, confusion d4/2d4 rounds
Confusion d4 1=attack nearest person 2=stare drooling 3=laugh crazily 4=flee
Pacifier shards of crystallised narcotic
Damage - Range 3/10 Ammo 
6/12 WIS save to resist or passive and friendly
Stronger versions act as a charm spell for a d4/d12 hours

Resembles a sawfish held by body, slash with the spiked beak that vibrates when exited by battle for 2d4 damage as a sword, also good for hedge trimming, hair cuts and in the kitchen. Smaller knife like ones do d3+1. Requires feeding it blood if not used to kill weekly. Some are +1 or +2 but non magical for hitting certain creatures. This + is more from the STR of the creature making it's vibrations stronger.

Friday, 6 September 2019

Relics of Magical Meat Mages

Magic Items from Xor
Xor, where magic items might work but are too disgusting to use

Intestinal Cord
Comes in a squelchy 4lb bag of cured skin. Contains a streatchy cord of moist intestines that can be used for climbing ropes, hangings, restraints and other uses. It can also be used as a tube to siphoning liquids. The cord can stretch up to 100 yards. Can be cut which reduces the total length.

Sack of Guts

Comes in a squelchy pulsating alive 2lb cured skin bag. If you devour the horrible fresh gore inside you gain a d4 HP. Only one such bag will benefit user. If a second bag is eaten the consumer devolves into a hideous protoplasmic shoggoth.

Silent Feet

Skin removed from human feet and worn as shoes are silent but look and feel disgusting. Insides remain slimy.

Wizard Skin Suit

A tattooed skin of a wizard if worn ads +2 to ave vs magic and looks nightmarish with hair and fingernails intact.

Magic Parasite
Comes in a eggsac and creature inside is easily swallowed. Once it lives inside you for a HP a day gives +2 save vs disease and poison. When you die creature exits the deceased orifices an hour later, after a year in use 3d6 creatures exit.

Wish Bone of Xor
Two users pull on the foot long bone, each makes a STR test with the winner able to ask Xor for a simple wish. Xor is pretty dim and barley comprehends the parasites that walk on or in it or their desires. A wish for food might result in a flood or rain or gobbets of raw meat. Xor prefers solving problems with meat if possible. If used on another plane Xor will help but also use as a gate to invade that world or at least asses how tasty the world is. 

Codpiece of Xor

This dried footlong intimidating decorative tribal codpiece with a strap if worn will fuse onto the wearer as a living functional penis. When user dies it returns to its original form. Some are handed down for generations.

Flesh Mask

These are stretchable dried skins of faces created by magic. When worn you resemble the depicted species or race and can pass among members as long as you don't talk or let them smell you. Come in human, demihuman, humanoid and beastfolk types. If you wear for more than 12 hours the effect is permanent. Most creatures find a infiltrator using a skinned face disgusting and will kill you if they find out. 

Chaos Parasite

A chaos demon parasite that comes in a large egg. If anyone gets close enough to breath on it a slimy tendril shoots from the egg into their mouth or nose and into their stomach. A DEX save will prevent this. Once inside the parasite joins with the host giving them a mutation. Most are petty cosmetic ones rarer major mutations are most desired and hurt more when implanting them selves. Most common form gives the used a d4+1 tentacles own that have a mind of their but will attack enemies in a fight with a bonus grapple attack and help climb or reach in jars. Might touch people or things nearby against owners conscious desires.

Flesh Scarab

A beetle often in a cocoon form dormant. If placed on flesh it burrows inside to live forever. If you try more than one they fight inflicting a d4 damage to the hosts insides and one will win killing the others. The following varieties are the most common:
1 +1 on a specific attribute

2 +2 on a specific saving throw (disease, poison, magic most common)
3 Night vision
4 +1HP per day daily healing rate
5 Store a d4 cantrips or a 1st level spell
6 +1 Move

Shamans Nose

Dried shamans nose with a sinew trap. Sense disease within 30 feet including lycanthropes.

Mummified Baby 
Dried mummified prehistoric hairy baby. If fed blood will open it's eyes and ask for the name of a dead person you wish to contact. Once a month it can contact a dead person known to the user who died since the baby died. The contacted spirit will answer three simple questions. If activated more than once a month the baby instead summons a demon.