Monday 30 June 2014

d100 Dungon Stuff

So revising my redbrick book draft about 75 pages. Since I finished original draft 18 months ago I have trained myself to spit out bigger better tables. I was just working towards mostly doing d100 so I am expanding a few tables full to d100. I have a few big tables and some section intros to write too.

Expanding use into more dangerous depths for mid and higher level play so some extra bosses, elites, monster tables and treasure tables. But I hope to get readers proof for most out within fortnight.

Am amalgamating old and new tables for 3rd version in some cases. Contemplating changing one set of tables to make actual rolling process more fun (is that a good thing?)

This is one table to be revised as i forgot i had done it and want to amalgamate with mystery dungeon fluid tables.

One thing a dungeon cannot have too many of is a barrels! In dungeon theme pc games they are a standard thing to smash open. So here they are!

D10 is for common barrels and d100 for more unusual ones or more specific ones

1d10 Quick Dungeon Barrel
1 Corpse d4 1=unrecognizable rancid stinky mess 2=monster 3=humanoid 4=adventurer
2 Building materials like nails, lime, gravel, tar, sand
3 Old weapons and armour
4 Garbage, rotten food,
5 Trap like gas, explosive, darts
6 Critters (bats, rats, stirges, flumph, bees)
7 Wine or beer 1in10 still drinkable
8 Sewerage, used as toilet or just collection for dung
9 Foodstuff d4 1=hard biscuits or jerky 2=flour 3=beans 4=dried mushrooms
10 Water for drinking

1d100 Weird Dungeon Barrels
1 Prisoner 1d4 1=child 2=adventurer 3=villager 4=thief
2 Adventurer corpse 1in6 a zombie
3 Humanoid or demi human corpse 1in6 a zombie
4 Monster corpse
5 Skeleton ready to attack
6 Kobolds with poison darts
7 Goblin with a crossbow
8 Mummified human corpse with journal or map
9 Humanoid very grateful offers to serve kind masters
10 Scared flumph ready to attack after months of ill treatment
11 Preserved chunks of troll flesh in brine, if removed start to grow
12 1d6 sad monkeys, very hungry
13 3d20 bats will aggressively swarm, carry disease
14 Wasp swarm will attack any who open for 1d6 rounds
15 Giant leech in water
16 Dead body in leather, infected with dungeon threadworms
17 Flea covered corpse will swarm over party if opened
18 Aggressive snake ready to strike and a corpse
19 3d6 Gremlins loose, some scuttle. some decoys, some climb into backpacks
20 Drunken hobgoblin or orc in bad mood
21 A shadow rises from corpse inside
22 Doppelganger will adopt a pleasing form to join party
23 Barrel is a mimic
24 Carrion crawler stuffed inside
25 Ghoul inside
26 Bundles of leather armour
26 Theif corpse with tools, weapons and loot
27 Bundle of various short swords, maces, hand axes
28 Bundle of rusty old swords, a few in good condition
29 Boots of various sized
30 Helmets of various sizes
31 Horseshoes
32 Onions or garlic
33 Beans
34 Grain
35 Flour
36 Stale bread
37 Wax coated old cheeses
38 Empty wine bottles
39 Cleric with chain, mace, holy symbol and holy water
40 Iron rations a bit mouldy
41 Lanterns and 1d4 bottles of oil
42 Candles
43 Tin and wooden plates, bowls, cups, spoons
44 Bundles of coarse cloth
45 Old sacks
46 Lard
47 Honey and beeswax
48 Straw
49 Turnips
50 Apples
51 Salted fish
52 Iron spikes
53 Rope bundles
54 Fire wood
55 Monster dung
56 Rancid sewerage
57 Salt
58 Nails
59 Wizard body with robes, hat, hands cut off, exotic spell ingredients and a potion
60 Clay tokens
61 Monster teeth
62 Ears, various species
63 Old gunpowder
64 Wood working tools
65 Iron working tools
66 Rusty old tools
67 Paint
68 Giant jumping rat
69 Giant fly or mosquito
70 Swarm of angry rats
71 2d6 stirges
72 Explosive trap
73 Poison gas trap
74 Alarm that attracts monsters
75 Flaming oil explosion
76 Spoke bomb, burns with chocking black sooty smoke for minutes
77 Irritant gas, burns eyes and throat
78 Stink musk trap, resist or vomit and carry odour for days
79 An adorable puppy, piglet or kitten
80 Commoner or peasant clothing 
81 Fancy noble or fancy dress clothing
82 Feathers
83 Bundles of wool
84 Animal bones
85 Hundreds of mice scurry out leaving some spoiled grain
86 Cloud of spores, full of mould and fungus
87 Cheap trinkets from a cult
88 Brushes from a dead salesman
89 Mouldy old books in terrible condition
90 Broken glass and ceramic chunks
91 Rags and scraps of cloth
92 Scraps of broken old metal goods and wire
93 Tar
94 Malt for brewing
95 Fermenting grog not ready yet
96 Goblin or kobold child
97 Ritual robes and face paint
98 Broken chunks of ancient statues to be smashed for lime
99 House paint
100 Chalk

As I have two tables final will have typical strange and possible extra category

Things I have learned from friends Fighting Fantasy games as player:
Dungeon inhabitants are like a form of crime syndicate or secret society with ranks, apprentices, gang signs, drinking sessions, business and more. Some onsters start menial trap scrapers or trap setters or patrols or guards. Work way up to getting own level or dungeon for profit and gang status. His is quite detailed but i like idea.

Also considered:
Writing some mythology for monsters living in dungeon with symbol and gods of dungeony things. Extra handy for sentient or ancient dawn age dungeons. Dungeon cult secrets. How the barrel goddess made the things to build the universe. A lamp god. A trap god. A chest god. A gate god. God of bars and chains. Or at least children of the dungeon goddess.

Buying some art for book illustration:

Friday 27 June 2014

d100 Pubs on Planet Psychon

Pubs in every citadel trade quarter at least. In wilds many are trading posts and whore houses and general stores. Pubs on the highways, ports, and trade routes connecting every drunk to the world wide web of vice and cheap thrills. Well that's the dream anyway. Many village size community has one.

Several approaches here:

Take a band from 70s or 80s look and album covers and that's your bar. Plus more freaks.

or start your dice...

roll 1d4 stars for quality for venue over all or for very service separately

village pub 1d3-1 roll on each
town pub 1d3 rolls on each
city bar 1d4 rolls of each

d12 Special Entertainment
1 Incredibly attractive staff
2 Exotic dancers of many flavours, special review show of stripper circus freaks and beast men
3 Stage with open mike, free drinks to player if they keep a crowd, possibly a karaoke-borg
4 Philosophical debate where local philosophers discuss some amazing issue
5 Games night d4 1=3D Chess 2=Cards 3=Russian roulette 4=video game
6 Video feed or drive in d6 1=ancients 2=cult 3=a citadel 4=space 5=underground 6=dimension x
7 Animal night byo pet d4 1=fighting 2=racing 3=cooking 4= 5=dogs 6=mutant homunculus
8 Fighting d4 1=nightly patron brawls 2=press gang 3=men's 4=women's 5=dueling 6=wrestling
9 skill Contests d6 1=target 2=muscle 3=eat 4=drink 5=picking random numbers 6=music
10 Magician d4 1=illusions 2=gothic 3=flashy 4=mentalist
11 Sing along and dancing with house band a party of adventurers, possibly cool jerks
12 Celebrity d6 1=ex courtier 2=artist 3=adventurer 4=sage or scholar 5=criminal 6=harlot/rake

12 dining experiences
1 Fabulous ration pack of the ancients UN food aid
2 Delightful gruel been cooking away fer three generations
3 Bunker burger and rabble rat-dogs with rubble runner dinner deals for kids
4 Soylent green bread or pasta or noodles from our own kitchen, come see for yourself
5 Sausage and mash and gravy d4 1=recycled human waste 2=animal 3=only a bit human 4=soyadog
6 Pizza from 3d food printer to best from mutant town with sausage, many kinds
7 Preserved treats from ancients d4 1=medical museum 2=canned 3=grandmas pickles 4=salted
8 Insect protein biscuit or algae-bar or mushroom burger
9 Specialty of the house pie
10 Mystery kill of the day
11 Bizarre local specialty
12 Variety menu try to please all

drinking experiences
1 Local beer
2 Juice bar
3 Cafe
4 Cocktail bar
5 Milk bar
6 Soup bar
7 Ambrosia from d4 1=insects milk 2=rare fruits 3=gods 4=from a creature plumbed into bar
8 Teahouse
9 Fermented milk or yogurt
10 Wine bar
11 Distilled fuel grade grog
12 Drink replicator or vending machine

Other services

1 Travel agent
2 Job service
3 Black Market
4 Weapons and armour
5 Supplies
6 Stables and livestock
7 School for fighting or other lore
8 Slaves
9 Prostitutes
10 Healing
11 Fortune teller
12 Inn

dodgy experiences
1 Thieves try and rob you in person or rooms
2 Appealing prostitute d6 1=crazy person 2=robber 3=date n drug 4=cultist 5=spy 6=plague
3 Parasitic infection of some horrible sort
4 Mind controlled or duplicated or mistaken identity
5 Offered dodgy deal for the common man
6  Offered secret plans or maps
7 Stalked by pervert
8 Surrounded by cultists
9 Pressgang kidnap you
10 Brawl breaks out
11 Someone following you d4 1=Bounty hunter 2=assassin 3=lover 4=
12 Someone killed with d4 1=strange powers 2=ancient tech 3=monster 4=shape shifter

1 Live pornographic theater restaurant with a olden days theme
2 Automated takeaway franchise served by androids improvising with ingredients
3 A bar crawling with dungeon miscreants having a break from eating adventurers
4 A bar with cyborg and mutant bounty hunters waiting for next job
5 A bar with silent patrons who stare at strangers, actually are all pod plant people
6 A pub frequented by shapshifters who prey on newcomers for fun
7 Barman reputed to have amazing kitchen actually a starship food printer
8 A goblinoids pub with mostly smaller kobolds and goblins, dark and cramped
9 Odd replicant family 9 operate and are replaced every 4 years by distant AI with vat
10 Octopoids run bar with exotic dancing eldren, descendants of a crashed starship crew
11 Pub has creepy arms and drug dealers and mercenaries openly showing merchandise
12 Bar full of amphibian beastmen abhumans offering strange but popular fermented invertebrates
13 Fruity drinks served by friendly beastmen with house band playing 80s electro pop
14 Bar with many robots and androids heavily into death metal and down on humans
15 Punk rock wastelandrs with everything salvaged from vehicle wrecks, robot cook
16 Bedazzled with LED gems gang of cowboys run bar as cover for brutal crimes
17 Goth necromancr bar low low prices due to staff being undead
18 Anti gravity bar served by gaseous life form with food replicator and octopus band
19 Intelligent animals gather here to discuss if humanity must be destroyed or worked with
20 Grey aliens serving unpleasant dishes from home, grey and white paste, maggots, odd fluids, etc
21 Hopeless and pathetic mutants try best to please customers, clumsy and bits of them drop off
22 Cult of the blood god operate this place to murder everyone they get the chance too
23 Inside a giant snail shell, a caterpillar bartender with racks of strange herbs and hookas
24 Pleasure androids in a semi buried cargo transport hold operate bar bed breakfast and brothel
25 Organic alien spoor grew and was enslaved by locals to produce food and grog, bar inside it
26 Inside a huge tree with furry critters, little hairy folk and eldren with unicorn beastman barkeep
27 A pink and blue sweet and cake theme bar with everything sweet run by madman and munchkins
28 Barkeep is psionic and predicts your drink orders, offers to buy and sell dreams as drinks
29 Vampires run clean but dark bar and tolerate others if obey, can pay fees in gold or blood
30 This bar has genetically modified cow beast women with amphetamine milk shakes
31 Mean children run this bar and sneer at the feeble adults addicted to local potions
32 A mutant has dreamed all his life of opening a bar, luckily his family are competent and help him
33 Old Dame runs this according to complex codes of ancient manners but high quality posh joint
34 Androids from ancient theme park run and perform while guests eat, terribly kitch
35 Great stone cave with reptile man barkeep amid skeletal remains of giant dinosaurs
36 Caveman bar drinking out of hollow log with fermented berries and honey and shrooms
37 Former bloodthirsty temple to alien god, now operating as a local tavern, great theme decor
38 Crystal cave with psionic sentient crystal pillars, will beverages and comforts into being
39 Ice cave bar with intelligent penguins, wendigo, mammoth beast men and cavemen
40 Traveling freak show broke down and set up this bar of fraks from far flung places
41 Fleshy glowing cavern with golden barkeeps who serve the great eye of the biological starship
42 Baroque palace with effete dandies sneering at riff raff aloud in here, all killer duelists
43 Built over crater with bar part of crashed alien cylinder, owner is a octopoid retired soldier
44 Ruined hole operated by crazy old monk, tries to seduce women with psionics
45 Bunker foyer littered with artifacts of ancients on display turned into a theme tavern
46 Ancient bar where cultists serve you while reciting deeds of mighty celebrities of the ancients
47 Psychedelic bar with weird light shows, lava lamps, drugs and mostly mellow crowd
48 Wild west saloon theme bar with android gunfighter who kills anyone with a big ego
49 Former corporate bunker, manager keeps secret hidden tribe of corporate goon clones in vault
50 Fake beach resort with meat on grill, friendly slaves and breadfruit, no canibalism here for years
51 Run by family of giant crabs, limpid rock pools with sea creatures scattered around grotto
52 Bugbear gangsters run this bootleg moonshine bar and organise crimes dressed in pin strip suits
53 Strange silent glitter skinned men in bowler hats run, occasionally giant fly buzzes around bar
54 Cat men and human-cat wannabees serve, all floors and surfaces carpeted, customers sit in boxes
55 Jolly Pig men wallow in pits of rotten food, garbage and mud, get young piglet followers here
56 Vegetarian alcohol free health bar run by naked cultists, shrooms and bongs are free
57 Appears as humble inn with good restaurant, actually all staff are assassins in training
58 Morlocks run bar and have some fresh and frozen eloi for the right price, tempted by eldren guests
59 Eldren tavern where all service painfully slow and ritualized but high quality
60 A dark cellar where beastmen bands play around the clock rock for "cavern creeps"
61 Haunted house theme managed by freaks, monsters and golem house servants
62 Creepy overly sexualized bar with gimps, glory holes and tired sex workers of every persuation
63 A boiler room of ancients clad in riveted metal, live butchery of any ordered meals or non payers
64 A angelic eldren maiden sleeps in crystal sarcophagi, now used as novelty saloon bar counter
65 Local bar for local people - will dream up 1d4+1 prejudices on the spot to exclude your party
66 Bubbling geothermal heated grotto with healing spring, prostitutes and strange exotic drinks
67 Tavern run by witches with potions and other services, curse or transform any rude guests
68 Orc bar with stone furniture, touchy beserk chef, serve prunes, dates, grubs, roots, meat and nuts
69 Friendly commoner bar with monsters in cages who's eggs are served as house dishes
70 Gambling mad bar with complementary mini sausages, spring rolls and cheap watery beer
71 Coffee bar where beatniks and mutants and punks perform poetry of varying standards
72 Comfy cheap quality inn but all night clog dancing gets a bit annoying
73 Run down bar full of drug addicts, plague carriers, broken needles and trash and corpses on floor
74 Rat men tavern surprisingly cleaner than you would expect, treading on patron tails starts fights
75 Gear head bar with morlocks and techies half finished machines and cogs everywhere
76 Sport bar, guests must compete in local games to be able to stay
77 Mushroom men bar, gloomy dark earthy pit with glowing fungi, mushroom burgers are fabulous
78 State run clean restaurant and rooms, serve recycled corpses and effluent for guests from locals
79 Gold chain wearing gang serve traditional ghetto meals, outraged will attack any disrespect
80 Bar where colourful costumed vigilante gang and comic book cult operate
81 Sombre grisly cold gulag themed inn with guards, razor wire, herring-barley gruel and vodka
82 Ancient confused patriot cult worship a pre apocalypse faction, with theme drinks, food and music
83 Bar overcrowded with homeless and refugees, serves soup and floorspace to sleep, full of thieves
84 Vintage hotel staffed by winged monkeys in bellhop outfits, very posh and baroque
85 Shabby dirty stone hut with beer served in horns and a spit roast every night no women
86 Hall with weapons and paintings of war on walls, staffed by amazons, men sleep in barn only
87 Strange bar with sultry costumed freaks, serve gender changing drinks and aphrodisiacs
88 Bar in cave with patrons dining and drinking amid coils of crystal dragon, lizard men serve
89 Organic bar with macroscopic entities serving food and drink from their orifices, locals dont mind
90 Bee men hive makes extra cash, serve honey and royal jelly and mead, waxy sleeping cells
91 Bar with crystalline furnishings, strange auroras and served by sentient shades of colour
92 Metal chimes and tetrahedrons furnished bar, eerie otherworldly sounds and free drugs
93 Ancient machine serves food and drink if you solve logic puzzles and answer personality tests
94 Gelatinous repulsive tentacled aliens try best to make things humans might like and make friends
95 Bar in huge cage full of millions of butterflies and flowers tended by eldren serving tea
96 Ancient inn served by ghosts who act like nothing is wrong and locals fine with that
97 Fleshy chamber with writhing mass of tentacles dribbling nutritious narcotic slime, all for free
98 Goblinoid run as bar and job centre for dungeon monsters with training centre
99 Huge fleshy mammalian creature with millions of breasts allows guests to feed and sleep
100 roll twice and combine results

Thursday 26 June 2014

Viking Interlude: Hrafns Own Funeral Plan

Steve who plays the Odinite werewolf beserker, put this on our group FB page:

After a weeks prayer in the temple of Odin, the grim warrior rises and gathers to his side, his family , a scribe and a legal official from the court of Norway. The dour man proceeds to proclaim ...

His death song and warchant :
Who dare face the StoneDale clan ?
Who ?!
We'll split their skulls and rend their hand !
Who ?!
Their bloody hearts our gods demand !
Who ?!
They'll breath their last in this here land !
HA !!

His dividing of earthly wealth and Will:
Wife : Superior Shield 14 armor - 10,000 pennys - 1,000 pennys worth gold chain - Arcane Device (FlareGun with 4 shells)- Magic Hyperborean Dagger - Two handed Sword - Superior Shield 12 armor (ornate) and of course her own dwelling, goods and lands. Furthermore the Chieftainship of the Norway branch of the Stonedale clan until the time where one of the bloodline is proven more worthy.
Eldest Son : 10,000 pennys.
Twin Brothers : Two trading ships.
Daughter : Warship.
Youngest Son : 6,000 pennys - Broadsword (ornate 1000 pennies worth) - Selfbow.
3 Adopted Sons : Under the leadership of the eldest - lands , house, thralls and all other goods of their mothers household split evenly between them.

and lastly his burial goods :
The Anklebiter Bastard Sword - Broadsword - Armor - wolfpelt helm and any gifts of worth his family , friends or others may wish him to have in the afterlife.
For it is not for a man to measure his own worth in death, but rather for the gods and those who have known him to decide.

Let it be known that the Wolfhelm beserker, brother of Alrec the Unruly is now legally dead. Though he still might draw breath and have the blush of life in his flesh, he now stays by the kindness and grace of his family and relatives, he is nothing more than a dead man walking. The living echo of a warrior that died the day he became Odin's champion and now bides his time till his earthly doom approach.

Wednesday 25 June 2014

Vikinglog: Cheating and killing Cthulhu's Cult

So the vikings had travelled back in time and gone to backwoods to Rus and Novgarod to prepare themselves better than the three months left in their native time stream.

Thorhadr the skald had spoken to his god Tsathogua who warned him not to abuse time portal or the hounds of Tindolas would hunt them and destroy them body as soul as if the never were. But Tsathogua said friends wouldn't notice if he went through gate an extra time for two more years. So he spent time with reading blasphemous books and eat human flesh to retain his youth, The friends would never notice. And the hound thing risk minimised a fat bit. With Extra time he stole the book of Eibon from monks in France and was given the means to travel beyond the earth. He learnt more magic songs and his ability with them could teach and lead others who joined him. The marching song of endurance was most popular with others.

Most learnt magic of some kind. Thora taught her cousins all he spells there thick skulls could keep. Hrafn had been teaching each others to activate beast totem forms. He was always in his wolf helm, looking grim, Ready for doom ahead. He had taught his wolf sons to become humans and was teaching them to fight. Lots of werewolves in Rus. Enters battle a man then becomes something horrible in battle. An Odinite werewolf beserker.

His brother Alrec the Unruly was now convinced Al Aziv the Arabic Necronomican is the one and only book for all time and given him power over gods instead of letting gods pick at your fortune like flies. He was sure would ever be a champion of Thor in time so it was sorcery for him easily the choice, It was kind of strange he became so adept at Arabic since meeting Arab merchant when young.

Briedr having the pleasure of rebuilding a fortune, becoming more tattooed and learning to work with his battle goat companion sent by Thor to aid him. Remained in Rus for the moment.

Thora was pleased to have a daughter first child in years and first with this husband who had been good for so many years. Now she could spend time with him on his business trips to Rus that she had missed him by remaining in Iceland with her cousins and adventures. Cheating on herself with herself. Has been magically preparing herself for final fight.

Throa finally has a son why seemed odd and sickly at first but since thrived and fat and jolly. Her husband would be surprised when she returned home with a two year old son. Could make up some story about making him give girls good dowries. Working with metals and runes. Loon creepily suggested his new gifts from Loki to shape shift meant he was real father of child while he was in disguise. She knew if anything it was during her brief visit o land of the dark elves.

Yvette was hoping to gain some status with the Cult of Njordr the sea. Was striving to replicate her heroic husband that made her part of the Stonedales. Has a colony of friendly sealions in Rus.

So party returned changed and two years wiser (none knew Thorhadr now has a Cthulhu mythos beyond %50 now and was in fact 4 years wiser and a cannibal).

So assembled many ships with two warship of 50 men sworn to them. King of Norway sent one of his ships for years of work they had done for his wars. Other families who had prospered near them or been saved by them over the last 11 years came too. Eleven years adventuring that's 13 for most of party or 15 years for Thorhadr. It was all coming to an end soon. With six ships gathered and ready to sale heard how ally had died. Sailed to Iceland. Different stories heard of death but real one told by widow to party. Hero was dismembered in battle by mad cannibal men of Vinland, Party enraged set sail. Arrived though a storm and a ship missing lost all hands.

Five viking warships followed the shore. Saw three small ship trying to stay out or reach. Heroes ship went forward with one other, other three went back and around. Sure enough say three trying to lure into groug of three war ships and three smaller longships like the greatly missed Wavebiter they hap too leave in space. Heroes charged to wipe out small ships to find fish men attacked with three small ships. Bigger rebel fleet of cultists closed in, a mix of fish cultists and demon of darkness cultists and viking wendigo beserker cultists. So fishmen surprised they had attacked boldest of the fleet who all sung as they quickly shattered the surprise attack and the three boats. When the big group came with 300 men their formaion was broken between both groups of the heroes surviving force a total of 250. One viking ship sunk but most saved by kin. As apparent to all 0that party winning, cult on shore summoned a waterspout to strike the fleet. Breidr saw this with his far sight spirit spell then he called on his god Thor. A bolt of lightning struck the high priest exploding his charred body and driving off the cultists.

Vikings came ashore and saw mound with steaks around the multi cultist village. Led best towards fish cult on shore while other group attacked wall. Th fish men and viking with them proved weak. The heroes had superior weapons, armour, skill and magic. Fish men butchered on beach before summoning complete then led horde onto wall. Alrec jumped wall while rest hacked down with pole axes.

Inside saw other tribe and outlaw vikings fighting the second group of the heroes force that had gotten through the wall. Alrec saw something amid the breach, a whirling whilwind of destruction, a avatar of a dark god. Alrec lept over a wave of troops after his friends still behind him. Then he lept with the mighty sword into the battle.

Others following Alrec hacked their way on. Hrafn was now a were wolf, with his runes to Odin awakened. He swam into the battle like a salmon, killing everything and fearing nothing. He had gone beyond the berserks he cheered on as a boy. He was a monster of Odins fury, a beat fit for the end of the world. Alrec managed to strike the avatar of the demon of darkness down. He knew what it was and it was a reliability weak form. It did bite him but not by much. Superior armour won the day and the cult was destroyed. All cult were killed and burned with their diseased unwholesome livestock and crude hybrid style culture of Indian, Eskimo and Norse. Found a boy possesed by local spirits who told them where cult was based up river. Next morning visitors from outside tribes came and helped vikings destroy several more homesteads. These locals explained they all hated these tribes.

Went up into hills and found forest of flayed human skins in trees and piles of corpses. Slew them all including beserkers of Iquatha they had let escape years ago. Another Avatar of Nyarlathotep came but heroes had no fear with magic weapons slaughtered the cult queen in demon god form. Found body parts of their old friend and freed sacrifices. Burned everything.

The heroes declared that none would settle Vinland again for a hundred years. Or the Stonedales would come back to kill them.

Went past Greenland and exterminated the cultists there too. It was revenge on every enemy viking since their first battle.

Arrive in Iceland to prepare to sack the city of Cthulhu!

Vikinglog: Giantland and cheating the Apocalypse

So party crossed to the viking dreamlands into the nine worlds to Jotunheim. After several hours all made it through with Loon which was a surprise as he said he would stay on Ithaqua's frozen planet.

Marched into blizard and used sun stone and navigation kit to head south. If Jounhiem was north of home then south was a pretty good start. Some heard insane distant gibbering laughter and then all felt the ground shake. A 23m tall frost giant in mammoth pelt clothes, a club and a sack of cows came. Thlorhadr was hit by a thrown cow and blocked it as it flew past him. Thanks to shield and armour he survived but shield arm wounded. Byzantine style arm armour saved a few of the guys. So the vikings charged while some held back with thrown spears and axes and shooting arrows. As were closer supernatural cold sucked the life from them. The giant failed to hit mortals who gorily chewed into his legs with axes. Alrec took one of his famous leaps and struck it's head. Giant fell, then his club arm was hacked till he dropped the club. All other vikings hacked up the giant. In has sack were many damaged cows. Vikings turned corpse into a tent then slit him open to released blood. Cooked cows with fire and storm eventually over using giant corps as tent.

Giant yapping dogs awoke party who crawled out of giant to see 8 more giants but several in fine kingly clothes and attractive like the richest courts of Sweden and Norway.  Other four in thrall dress. Spoke to the giants who offered hospitality. Carried party in sacks. Alrec got carried by young noble girl like a doll and he cooed sweetly like a baby for her. Yvette got to sit on a giants shoulder as the giants all thought the huge beauty very attractive (STR and SIZ 19).

Taken to kitchen and introduced to giants servants and pets. Loon sneaked into rat hole and found huge rat dung. Taken to court for feast where party and their adorable weapons were to be guests for dinner. Thorhadr used his holy song that obligated all who hear to not harm each other for 24 hours. So the vikings came to live among giants for a bit with the scald singing the hospitality song each night.

Alrec spent time in dolls house eating cake and drinking mead as giant girls waited in him and a stuffed polar bear and some dolls. Others spent time with scholars reading about magic (to be fair Alrec has now learn enough magic to ruin the world with his Necronomicon). Studied Ragnorak, the final war and how giants hope to invade Midgard shortly and expected  vikings would help and serve them.

Yvette put on dancing shows and collected pounds of huge silver coins. Loon with Thorhadr robbed the giants treasury of gold and silver. Thorhadr backed down as was too risky. Loon stole their relics evoking Loki to aid his theft. Alrec out in garden with the giant girls found graves of other tiny people. Alrec came by at night and opened grave of great hero taking a nice sword.

Days past and the song of hospitality every night renewed the bond between them until one night a letch old giant. Alrec starting to claim his Necronomicon dread magic was superior to native Norse magic. One night Throa and Breidr were looking in garden after seeing Alrec wave about the mighty nameless sword he stole. Meanwhile Alrec was in his "manor" when older boys took of roof and tried to drown him in boiling porridge. He ran off with his booty bag and heard Yvette with her husband and bear and bag of giant coins fleeing the seedy old giant. Other vikings heard noise too and Loon started using his rat maze to skulk about house. As giant got to bottom of stairs to grab Yvette, she with her bear and husband struck the giant. Meanwhile Alrec and Hrafn appeared from behind striking the old giant mans hamstrings. Viking heard noise outside and found a undead Draugr had wounded Briedr and Thora badly. They here both laying on ground. Vikings slaughtered dead while he was moaning about his stolen sword.

They fled south and eventually passed mammoth troll beasts they heard of years ago. Past ice to wasteland beach with a few meters of seaweed mounds around shore, then tonnes of logs and driftwood. Set to work studying giant relics and lore by night and building a raft by day. Killed many sea birds. Found giant cauldron (cup) filled with beer every day so there was good cheer. Tried giant horn and saw coast patrolled by huge angry scarred toothed whale. Thora had brought a giant puppy. It tried to escape but Yvette tied it to her polar bear.

Eventualy went to sea and throa used dream skill and spells to take them home beyond the veil of sleep. Also to bring their bodies through the freamlands from the distant moon of Hyperborea. Found shore of Greenland and went to stay with scraelings rather than oathbreakers trying to build a new home in Vinland. After days with native friends one of their own trade vessels saved them and took them to Iceland. Back home as the anguished only three months left and how their lucky ship was stranded in another world.

Thorhadr came up with a plan. The golden scepter of Irem they took from dread Arabian ruins could open time gates. So in cave behind farm in Norway they went back two years. Hiked to other port and went to Rus to hide out training and preparing for the assault on the city of Cthulhu. Throa was keen to have some more children before end of the word and finaly a son. Thora was healed by Freya cult and became pregnant too. Thora thought she could find her husband in Novgorod and have fair with him while he was in on trade missions in Rus years ago (she was infertile for over six years and she was now cured). More time travel next session.....

which will be soon as I'm running late....

Monday 23 June 2014

Roadwar2000 Journal: Death race mercenaries

Three new players which is nice

We are collecting train scale cars and people online on sale.

The Team:
A thief from midtown out for thieving opportunities with a minimal cyber suite self funded
A military vet turned trucker with a armoured rig and a panache for explosives.
A sniper vet who loves guns more than humans and really wants a 20mm anti tank gun more than anything

plus old crew

Vindictive sheriff out to kill gang that trashed his town
Partially reconstructed army pilot with drones and a van with rocket launchers and drones, lots of mental health problems including cyber psychosis, alternate personality and sex maniac
His therapist who stays in cab and tries to keep pilot stable
Corporate ninja telepath biker girl
Mutant wastelander
Sister Urial a savage nun and vatican agent sent to cleanse the wasteland

At Bathurst truckstop getting drunk and a glitzy suit guy offered a job. A death race team in two days needed a support vehicle team as the planned one were all killed by a gang on way here. Good pay and chance to steal pro car parts. Invited to after party and media day. Ninja girl tried to pretend to be sheriffs girl and he got grumpy. Team did some research, nun and sniper went on patrol for shooting locations.

Rebel Jesse John notorious racist death racer from Georgia USA in a two year old v12 Gentech Intercepter
Margaret Preston ex op with 5 year old Gentech V12 Intecepter Chrome Beauty
Scarlet Celia in her car Green Sting a 4 year old Gentech V12 Intecepter
Crispy Billy a pyro from QL with turret in back of utility vehicle with flamer and grenade launcher named Pyro Party Monster
Crocadile Don in a amphibious truck called Steve

Ninja girl managed to sleep with Crispy billy and couldn't be sure if he was the original one, but thought him too cheap for clone corps insurance policy. Mutant tried talking to girls. Pilot cracked onto lots of women and both got kicked out of party in vip area by hotel.

Bomb mad trucker set charges under road over night. Early morning was scouting got to run over some bikes that tried to board him. Theif had to get out and stab a guy in leg. Bombed road sectio damaged Crocadiles car and damaged support vehichles. Party went to get ahead and set off early. Scared off one biker gang from numbers. After halfway everyone had pitstop. Sniper and Sherrif saw Crocadile cross river with his amphibious car and getting a refuel from a boat. Sniper hit tank with AP Incendiary. Car and boat up in fireball but Croc jumped in river.

Truck and bike were set on by 4 utility utes and some bikes. Bikes wasted by machine gun fire and truck turned through wooden fence into private forest. Did a good job and utes came after. Bike got one to follow then blasted with a grenade. Truck in middle of forest found hillbilly shack and still. Ran two men with shotguns down. Did awesome bootleg 180 degree turn and came after utes following him, driving several off road. Other team  mates in area arrived and wasted all bad guys. Apparently fans of Billy our for revenge. Trucker very happy at his driving evasion style.

The first 1/3 of trip was most hilly and prone for ambushes. Sniper fired a Barret AP .50 cal round into Billy's Engine and it stopped. Billy got out to check and got dropped by bullet. Then fired AP incendiary round though turret leaving a burning wreck. No sign of Crispy Billy. Sniper  climbed into the Sisters alpha romeo and escaped. He declared he had worked for church as sniper in past to impress sister. She nodded. Yeah. Ah huh, right. Only time she wasn't cold was when she was killing the wicked.

Ahead was noted as some of last forest this far inland left in state. As went towards mortars ignited forest and a huge burning wall of smoke and death confused everyone. Everyone went off road through smoke cloud and went rough road around burning forest. Mortars began blasting area. Nun and sniper drove up to mortar crew and wasted them. Most oters didnt really even know what was happening. Pilot in his van rammed silver gentech car and both damaged. Pilot went into rage from fire and war flashbacks and fired rocket at chrome car singing it. Therapist got him to chill out when rest of party came in shooting range. So stopped him shooting like crazy. Mutant in his ram only renegade car went through fire and rammed green sting but she got away. Interceptors very fast. One fired burst of twin vulcans at truck damaging it's front wheels and armour but drivable. A few gang bikes and armed men all got creamed. Possibly they were mob hit squad.

Rebel ended up winning with only million dollar interceptors finishing. Crispy billy found and off to cvborg chop shop thanks to a new mystery sponsor. Croc was abusing people looking for whoever shot his car while refueling. Celia abused Mutant for ramming her. Ninja girl got 6k from billy for night but he put sex tape online next morning after promising not to. Most had fun at party, gambling, drinking, hot tubbing. Theif robbed hotel wing and made more money than whole team from mission including bonuses. Sheriff brooding made ome cash gambling, unhappy he hadnt fired a shot all day.

Party getting extra suspension, performance altering engine kits. machine guns and more. Ninja bike now with a grenade launcher, anti tank rocket and machine gun and a bit more amour. Extra armour and machine guns all round. All keen to upgrade and join local league death race regional at Rooty Hill. Will need to do car character sheet, price lists and a table to convert mph to kph to meters/second chart. Given them a hint of what real cars do.

Have hinted at sand bat cult. More weirdness coming up.

Sunday 22 June 2014

d100 Rival Parties

Ive been busy working on my book - as went through draft i was happy with a year ago am writing some extra stuff. Am about 44% though to copy i can send out to readers, then can start laying out with some art and get a cover done. But is on go which is good. I also have several licenses to re apply for, teaching programs to write and 3 job apps to apply for before school holidays where I will be a wreck. So I will be quietish this week sorry.

Have Roadwar game log (3 new players) and two viking logs to catch up. Dnd game on hold till I get one or two more regulars.

Welcome to the world of monster murder magic mazes!

This is what i most had near finished at the moment....

d10 Quick Version of Rival Parties
1 Holy men with paladins, priests and templars of empire seeking evil to purge
2 Arcane magician with assistant and mercenaries seeking magic and lore
3 Cultists looking for cult relics or magic
4 Religion on quest to recover relics
5 Villagers looking for easy money, lost sheep or kinfolk
6 Criminals looking for a lair or easy loot
7 Non human band of heroes like demi humans, beastmen, goblinoids
8 Official dungeoneers from local state
9 Barbarians looking for loot and killing
10 Adventurers looking for monster murdering and looting opportunities

d100 Rival Parties

1 Holy men with paladins, priests and Templar's of empire seeking evil to purge
2 Inquisitors looking for witches and heretic cults or rogue wizards
3 Warrior monks from monastery dedicated to finding lost holy secret sutras
4 Warrior battle nun sisterhood dedicated to killing evil in any form possibly including you sorry
5 A group of Templar's or other holy order seeking relics and more cash to loot and evil to kill
6 Imperial dungeoneer corp scout team looking for plunder working with military camp near surface
7 A band of noble knights and followers come on a quest to reclaim a lost treasure or maiden
8 A nobleman and his hired specialists are sacking dungeons methodically for cash
9 A group of soldiers are scouting but really on a stupid hunt for treasure against orders cos they are bored
10 Heavy infantry with shield wall and team tactics with a support magician led by a hero
11 Arcane magician with assistant and mercenaries seeking magic and lore
12 A sorcerer desires some trinket so has sent some of his cultists and students to fetch it
13 A bard has assembled a band of heroes to provide him with source material and ancient loot
14 A group of wizard chums graduated from school with hired veteran mercenary bodyguards
15 Sibling noble magicians competing with different types of magic, with exotic guardians
16 A evil wizard with his band of monsters looking for loot, mayhem and new turf
17 A sorceress with her monster lovers is looking for new monsters to charm
18 A wizard and his succubi and monster followers is looking for evil forbidden lore
19 A elder sorcerer with a mask dedicated to strange alien gods followed by cultists and a shoggoth
20 An elemental magician and following cultists with elemental monster pets
21 Cultists looking for cult relics or magic required to restore their sect
22 Cultists looking for a chosen sacrifice to free their cthonic horror god
23 Cultists being tested by master to who can bring greatest dungeon treasure to him
24 Cultists on a murder spree where nobody cares, in training for the final reckoning back in city
25 Cultists seeking adventurers who wronged cult or member in past
26 Cultists kidnapping humanoid slaves to staff new temple, adventurers will do
27 Cultists looking for monsters to be shrine guardians, just most monsters don't want job
28 Cultists resemble normal adventurer band offer to join up and betray later
29 Cultists of chaos come at bequest of visions to kill adventurers interfering in gods plans
30 Cultists hunting person d4 1=escaped sacrifice 2=secrets squealer 3=recover cultist 4=stolen from cult
31 Religion on quest to recover relics d4 1=weapon 2=saints remains 3=holy relic 4=missing holy man
32 A girl has divine visions and assembled a mob d4 1=delusion 2=possessed 3=reincarnation 4=paladin
33 A zealous local preacher has led an incompetent bad of most self righteous privileged jerks
34 A paladin with band or select followers out to slay the enemies of god for goodness
35 Warrior priests of barbarian beserker tribes come to let blood for the gods as a sacrifice
36 A temple has recruited a band of adventurers from congregation for important mission to dungeon
37 The theocrat has assembled a crack team to assault a faction in the dungeon against the church
38 An order seeking to avert an apocalypse gathering clues to fight doom and destruction
39 A band of wild holy folk from hills of the old faith, come to remove the blight of other worlds
40 A cult of evil hedonists agents to find exotic thrills, carry magic eyes masters can see all action
41 Villagers looking for easy money have gotten together to see how hard monster robbing is
42 A holy leader with a gang of superior locals is hunting the source of local evil
43 A convict work gang have escaped and are murdering monsters for cash and weapons
44 Village teens or kids exploring hole for first adventure, tease party for being old fools
45 Village lynch mob with pitchforks, fire and oil out to kill monsters once and for all
46 Some local youths looking for lost animal or friend or younger sibling
47 Some homeless old men have crept into dungeon and are killing, robbing, eating and abusing locals
48 A gang of youths from city to move in to this groovy dungeon where nobody has any rules man
49 A gang from city come for quick loot and some legal murder practice before inter gang rumble
50 A mob of villagers hunters with dogs are looking to pick off some monsters for bounties
51 Criminals looking for easy loot from dungeon chumps
52 Mobsters come to re-collect loans made to dungeon boss from a city gang
53 Assassins hunting someone hiding from them in dungeon
54 Bounty hunters collecting monster scalps for gold and any others they find with reward posters
55 A gang of bandits looking for a lair where they will never be found
56 Robber knights greedy for gold and murder willing to try truce for a while
57 Gang of killer bards having a drunken rampage with fans, out for cheap fame
58 Young hellrakes on drunken murder spree, trying to be most sadistic and depraved to victims
59 A gang of robbers sneaking in for look and a quick kill snatch and grab
60 Outlaws on the run from the law hiding in dungeon till things chill out and they can run away to sea
61 Non human band of mixed monster heroes with demi humans, beastmen, goblinoids and a token human
62 A party of shape shifting outer planar beings investigating mortal world to for souls and souvenirs
63 A party of goat men sworn to evil and blaspheme against humans, seeking new ritual ground for coven
64 A party of goblinoids specialist heroes who hunt adventurers as the deadliest prey with pet monsters
65 A band of intelligent undead in human form on quest for d4 1=souls 2=murder 3=recruiting 4=knowledge
66 A band of elves or dwarves or others on a quest for d4 1=kinsman 2=lost lore 3=lost relic 4=boredom
67 A band of mutants from the alchemy district sewers trying to make a new life robbing dungeon monsters
68 A band of monster races of the old times including: fish, spider, lamprey, rat, bat, goat, eel beast men
69 Band of reptile men with serpent priest and lizard wizard, a triceratops leader and draconic adviser lead
70 Band of doppelgangers seem like awesome guys similar looking to party composition
71 Official dungeons from local city, local favorites with big egos and offensive smack talk
72 A band of mercenaries and gangsters out for monsters bounties and legit state sanctioned murder
73 A bunch of pirates from the port have come looking for booty and killing monsters for a holiday
74 A gang from the city come for a dungeon gang rumble with dungeon factions, common gang ritual
75 Secret police looking for d4 1=escaped prisoner 2=plot vs nobility 3=bandit heroes 4=foreign agents
76 Guild agents seeking evidence of crime, banditry and dungeons linked, plus size of monsters stockpiles
78 Merchants mercenaries trying to recover goods stolen by dungeon faction and get revenge
79 City militia troops out to search and destroy anything but tell adventurers to bugger off
80 Country sheriff and beadles and bailiffs and deputies in a mob trying to capture dungeon folk to question
81 Barbarians looking for loot and killing, and a dungeon is like a department store for mayhem
82 Barbarian lovers have been captured by tribe and are looking about for some looting while they are here
83 Barbarians come here to compete with beast man tribe to killing monsters contest, all cooperate
84 Barbarian chasing his runaway wives into dungeon where women think is better than him
85 Amazons come to kill monsters for hassling local women, women warriors brutalize goblinoids
86 Amazons collecting monster heads to collect bounties on, offer to buy any from strangers
87 Amazons enslaving monsters as pets and servants and riding beasts, disprove of just killing them
88 Amazons seeking monsters to kill as trophies for the emperor or amazon queen
89 Amazons looking for wizards to kill because they are creeps and jerks
90 Amazons out to loot for he sisterhood, to build city of women
91 Adventurers looking for murder murdering and looting opportunities after getting a bit drunk
92 Adventurers are professional monster robbers who treat dungeon life as vermin
93 Adventurers grew from a gang to professional dungeon robbers from just dungeon punks
94 Adventurers were local village hicks now older and wiser, cleaning every scrap from dungeon by wagon
95 Retired gladiators need cash badly so putting monsters to the sword  for their gold and slaves
96 Old adventurers returning to raise cash for a new temple looking for quick loot
97 A bunch of alcoholics who like to kill, have done ok as adventurers and people like them more
98 A bunch of town bullies began killing kobolds and now think they are kings of the dungeon
99 Men's strangling association is a gentleman's club for monster choking and bodily development
100 Assassins looking for training exercise to practice killing and return with booty

Tuesday 17 June 2014

The Islands of Purple-Haunted Putrescence by enigmatic Venger Satanis!

When i first saw this i thought was going to be like Liberation of the Demon Slayer. I was thinking I could fit in my planet Psychon game or with Anomalous Subsurface environment. The libation book would in with those two products fine. This new one goes somewhere quite different and altogether stranger.
I saw the map of The Islands of Purple-Haunted Putrescence first and was surprised and charmed. Crashed space craft everywhere. Mysterious things. It satisfied my Clark Ashton Smith sense of weird and suggested science fantasy and mythos and more. Even a bit of star trek. In fact it would be a nice holiday for adventurers from Carcosa.

It had some things in common with previous work. A section of local rule mods. Some which are quite good and a bit more deadly. Others lend to the 70s occult fantasy genre. One rule a bit macho for me but has its place in lots of 70s fantasy and amused me even if not all of those literary antecedents did. Are interesting and a few inspire some stuff for my game.

The background tables are truly awesome and awful. A few will outrage some players. I like that the island has own rule mods from local chaos. I like idea of localised rule mods. Dr Strange would be more at home here than Merlin. Some possibilities on tables are world breaking and a challenge to DM. The setting is weird enough your cop out world fixes will seem plausible here. Characters with magic face awful risk to themselves and the world.

Gods, elder religion and more details of setting are really interesting. Some might gasp at some elements of this content so you should probably look away. Some nice art too. Some professional. Others have weird naive intensity of 70s zines and retro weird fiction. It is all lurid and enthusiastic. Nice maps by Dyson.  An all round good product. Refreshingly adult and occasionally a bit nasty. Good to see campaign detail like this and rule mods to suggest local genre flavour. Everyone could learn from this.

The Adventures are taking longer to digest and I will keep reading in detail. The hexcrawl is marvelous. First book Ive got in a while I really wanted to run. Very satisfying product and glad to see success of kickstarter. It would be exiting to see a adventurer party from a nice DnD setting wind up stranded on the purple Islands.

One of my favorite things the last two years (need your adult setting on log-in).

May Enki murder those in they're sleep who defile this wonderful book

Who are the Dungeon Lords?

So I will end up doing dungeon zone specific genre versions of these tables. Can be for factions or the dungeons true ruler or rolled per level. Roll a few times and use most powerful sounding as true leader, then descending in order for power and influence.
This is another approach to dungeon building. Have some forms in production too.
Have stuff to do ASAP:

Get pack out to readers for redbrick book - im having a reread and updating a bit first.
Kobold centric redbrick version of this table
Rival parties version

Review Awesome Venger Satanis The Islands of Purple-Haunted Putrescence
Im getting some painting done, and billing clients again and working every day which is good too.

d10 Quick Version of Who Rules Dungeon

1 Anarchy, overrun by feuding factions and disorder, possibly temporary or transition
2 Human like bandits, spies, foreign power, gang, sect or cult
3 Arcane magician controls possibly with students
4 Evil High Priest controls on behalf of a cult or god
5 Humanoid leader like goblinoid or demihuman
6 Undead control such as lich, vampire or mummy
7 Monster leader type like a dragon, sphynx, were rat or other intelligent creature
8 Construct like a artifact, monster generator or weapon controls
9 Planar and alien beings direct the dungeon
10 Complex is self aware

1d12 Faction Feud
1 Traditional enemies - always been ancestral enemies
2 Turf or territory - a battle for control of area
3 Migration - a faction is moving through or into area
4 Alignment - feud over differences or definitions
5 Religion - competing cults
6 Racism - or some other prejudice
7 Resources - food, water or something else
8 Genocide - hope to supplant other group taking everything
9 Slavery - hope to enthral other race as servants
10 Food - seek to eat other group
11 Orders - instructed to and nothing personal, sorry to kill you
12 Bored - don't have a personal reason, just something to do with time

1d12 Why monster wandering?
5 out of 6 times monsters are guards but otherwise

1 Gathering food - fishers, ratters, mushroom pickers
2 Dumping waste or garbage or sewerage
3 Hunting, often with a trained beast
4 Setting traps for food and enemies
5 Doing gang graffiti, usually younger gang
6 Scrounging for scraps or loot
7 Trading with other creatures, possibly with goods
8 Scouts seeking out rival factions or adventurers
9 Drinking, high, singing, complaining, vomiting
10 Walking around bored and mischievous
11 Carrying water, food or firewood
12 Elite squad hunting adventurers

d100 Who are the Dungeon lords?
01 Area is a war zone between 1d4+1 factions over turf 
02 Area highly tense cold war between two factions over resources or tactical objectives
03 Area is in power vacuum, every holed up in rooms and defencive, factions unformed
04 Tribes actually factions of mega tribe (even different species) that unite in crisis
05 Civil war between two factions of previous single group, may unify vs external threat
06 Helter skelter dungeon rumble, 1d4+1 gang factions fight to death
07 A single faction rule 1d4+1 slave factions who might revolt or accept fate together
08 A single faction manipulate other 1d+1 factions into chaos, possibly in secret
09 All act as peasants peacefully with no unified leaders but unite under hero in crisis
10 Locals part of mostly peaceful interrelated ecosystem that might fall or unite under pressure
11 A local syndicate has assumed power in secret from local community
12 A bandit gang moved in and assumed control, using monsters as gang auxiliaries
13 A group of spies from another land use as a base and manipulate dungeon to menace locals
14 A military force private or foreign operate dungeon as base, using monsters to seed army
15 A gang of urchins from city grew up here and took over, young punks think they own place
16 A mysterious order dwell here to keep out intruders from secret rites and cult conspiracy
17 A cult of madmen seeking power and serving evil rule dungeon as epicentre of local wickedness
18 A band of degenerate inbred outlaws kidnap, eat and enslave locals who banished them long ago
19 A faction from a city or cult was driven here long ago, now they seek power again and vengeance
20 A band of merchant & mercenaries have bankrolled this operation to manipulate regional trade
21 A magician moved in and took over, has found locals to be exotic apprentices
22 A magician was driven here or abandoned and rose to the top of the dungeon, often bitter
23 A magician and apprentices set up a school with plans to manipulate local region
24 A magician and apprentices set up here to position against a rival school
25 A magician came here long ago seeking solace for his experiments, his minions protect his peace
26 An insane magician came here and tainted it with chaos to study mutations
27 A magician studying forbidden black magic seeks a place to work without judgement
28 A magician has found something which promises great power so has remained here
29 A magician with a decadent cult have taken residence to keep out unwanted guests
30 A magician uses to call and enslave other worldly beings and plans to rule over locals
31 Evil High Priest controls on behalf of a cult or god, dedicated to secret rites and plots
32 EHP come here to commune with underworld forces has released undead everywhere
33 EHP serving a elder god plots to return god to prominence and power
34 EHP has found remnants of unholy relics which they guards from enemies
35 EHP come here to hide awful rites of sacrificial murder, cannibalism and torture
36 EHP come here to hide kidnap victims and ransomed prisoners
37 EHP come here to initiate and brainwash new members safe from outside world
38 EHP uses as base for temple to destabilise local area by inciting monsters and madmen
39 EHP leads ancient hidden cult of degenerates in hiding from local knowledge
40 EHP is producing evil relics and unholy items for war against good and innocent
41 Ruler humanoid and his elite guards rules by fear and brute force
42 Ruler humanoid in ancestral royal clan, descended from gods and parent of people
43 Humanoid magician with powers beyond most of race dwells at heart of dungeon
44 Humanoid high priest spreads cult of tribe and devotes people labour to monuments and tithing
45 Humanoid revivalist wants race to return to glory days attracts new warriors daily
46 Humanoid leader serving a underland kingdom seeks a base near the surface world
47 Humanoid leaders exposes dungeon to otherworldly nature of faerie land
48 Humanoid type has had enough, leader declaring holy war and curse on humanity 
49 Humanoids unite under alignment unity of charismatic leader
50 Humanoids united by defense treaty vs humans, local despot whips up anti human hysteria
51 Undead serve necromancer or EHP seeking immortality and favour of underworld
52 Undead serve a mighty undead leader who is determined to hold onto gold and immortality
53 Undead serve agent from the underworld who has stocked dungeon with monsters
54 Undead fight each other, dungeon full of graves of war dead, ever fighting and re-spawning
55 Undead guard holy relic hidden inside, a great undead priest creates the dead and maintains
56 Undead guard ancient ruler or holy person, awaiting their return so protect leaders corpse
57 Undead not really aware they are dead, serve equally deluded leader, unaware they are killing
58 Undead running on complex routine and re spawning regime, very predictable and rigid
59 Undead all in hibernation till food detected, then hungry horde and king arise
60 Undead all asleep until defiled by intruder, then arise in force with queen
61 Creature is a divine being and creatures of dungeon it's creations and descendants or cultists
62 Creature is worshiped by dungeon cult who preen it and give it treasure
63 Monster is ancestor of other beings in dungeon who dare not challenge their elder
64 Creature intimidates and bullies lesser beings so all dungeon pays it homage
65 Shape changer uses identities to rule lesser factions living illusion of separate factions
66 Creature of great size and appetite has other beings in fear who sacrifice food to it
67 Creature is divine servitor and uses it's authority to master dungeon like a sphynx or chimera
68 Creature is living contagion which infects others to increase ranks like a were beast
69 Creature uses cash as basis for it's power and sits on a huge hoard of tax it spends on payroll
70 Creature using powers of lust and charms o dominate dungeon hierarchy like a succubi or lamia
71 Monster generator makes creatures to defend dungeon and itself
72 A golem attends to dungeon possibly with servitors like animated brooms and tools
73 A machine grows monsters from alchemical apparatus controlled by operator
74 A weapon fallen from the hand of a god rules dungeon controlling the leader in secret
75 Clockwork automatons serving a cognitive engine repairs traps, breeds monsters and other stuff
76 Dungeon is remains of an alien or god machine which has been re purposed by a villain
77 Shoggoth caretaker dwells in vault repairs dungeon and grows monsters from own flesh
78 A master mutant sits on a stash of mutagen transforming occupants into strange mutants
79 Dungeon is huge biological mimic pretending to be complex to lure creatures inside
80 Dungeon seems diverse actually all same type, all statues or plants or fungi or tumors or clones
81 Dungeon leader is agent of one of primal elements like fire, earth, air or water
82 Dungeon cult is directed by council or take turns to rule from other planar agents
83 Dungeon leader is agent of outer planes of alignment such as the hells
84 Dungeon serves obscure demi plane such as shadow or dreams or cold or lighting or darkness
85 Dungeon serves other planar elder gods and deepest levels are inside a outer gods organs
86 Dungeon ruled by other dimensional alien being unable to return from whence it came
87 Dungeon ruled by godling to test mortals for worthiness to divine gifts
88 Dungeon ruled by godling for entertainment of other divine beings
89 Dungeon ruled by being awoken from previous age attempting to bring back it's golden age
90 Dungeon controlled by weird alien wizard come to plunder world of magic sciences and relics
91 Self aware dungeon taps power of chaos to populate mad dungeon with encounters and traps
92 Dungeon guides inhabitants in dreams, many serve in dungeon cult for mercy
93 Dungeon is a sadist drawing power from the dream dimensions and the terror it causes
94 Dungeon tests mortals for amusement wasting lives of inhabitants for it's pleasure
95 Dungeon spirit has grown into monstrous being spreading haunted phantoms over dungeon
96 Dungeon servers the underworld gods and is a barrier to the underworld powers
97 Dungeon protects a evil relic which attracts creatures to dungeon
98 Dungeon has consciousness of being who died long like the builder or high priest or mad victim
99 Dungeon is a agent of otherworldly powers, it lives and extends to other plane
100 Dungeon is a collective consciousness and all creatures the internal ecology extends it's will

Monday 16 June 2014

Roadwar Journal: Posse Power Road Rage

The roadwarriors were gettling paid to protect tiny town from sand devil gang cult. 50 km from fortified remains of Bathurst the team arrived at towns and met no opposition.

Four hectares of land with razorwire and mine surrounding it. Inside was a biofuel slurry plant. A barn of specially bred wonder organic sheep. A 4 story greenhouse and solar plant. A walled complex with town workers, sheriff office and bar. Town run from bar.

Team included:
3/4 cyborg sex crazed, schizoid maniac ex army pilot and drone operator with 15 SAN and a truck
1/4 cyborg vet with 4x4 with a MG and he carries a GL, has imaginary friends, psychotic over 50 SAN
Freelance therapist nice guy following discharged vets to help them
Corporate ninja biker girl psycher with high tech sword
Cyber nun Vatican agent in alpha romeo with MG
Bitter ex sheriff, gang killed family and destroyed his town, now he hunts gangs solo
A wasteland mutant giant, fundamentalist with car built for ramming only

Found a gang agent in town and spent some time with locals. Found local feral kids were scouts of gang and gave them some food and clean water. Befriended the younger ones. Became evident that mr shiny the near full borg vet was sex crazed. Spent ages with spys porn collection and wore out town prostitutes with his fancy huge implant.

Others in team found mine entries and capture spy messenger and car. Filled car with bomb and drone parts to turn into suicide bomb. Scouted entries and interrogated prisoner to get rough interior map with fuel plant and garage. Also captured car had transponder to deactivate mine field.

Party decided to break blockade first taking on ten bikes and a renegade interceptor. Bikes were rammed
and machine-gunned easily. Nun had her windscreen damaged and was left with slugs in her suit. Looted remains and got enough transponders for party.

Plan was set and after hours of useless squabbling party chose Mutant to drive n disguised as ganger with ninja and bike on back of his renegade rammer. He passed as gang member and got in. While he dropped some backpacks of explosives around ninja girl set charge in bio fuel plant and piggery. As rest of party began sealing entries and moving to position the remote bomb car sealed an entry after the ninja girl escaped on her bike. It was silent which proved handy. The mutant ram raider in the mountain after bombs and fire started broke up groups trying to escape only exit as caves filled with smoke. Outside team fired burst after burst at escapees, killing dozens of pedestrians and bikers. Bigger cars got damaged and crashed, or burst into flames. one came at team and had wheels shot off. Team airship drone fired several rockets destroying all in the kill zone twice. One cyborg with grenade launcher went crazy and charged even punching a radiator and got run over for trouble. Other crazy cyborg dragging off female prisoners while his sobbing therapist followed  begging him to behave.

Nun and muto in gas masks explored inside and found sand bat altar. Came out and she made satellite phone report to Vatican demonologists. Rest of team led townsfolk in looting the dead and taking prisoners. Lots of hangings later the mutant swore to follow the nun. Party celebrated, got loot and ammo and fuel then drove off into wasteland looking for trouble. Town sure without bandits they will be able to pay to be on airship trade route.

Fun and violent fun. Suitably crazy characters. Now a fortnightly game for a bit. Will escalate in fire power and antics.

What alignment is this dungeon?

So for those anti alignment fans this wont bring you joy. This is quick way of exploring the otherworldly taint of every dungeon. It provides a quick way to differentiate dungeons or parts of them. Some dungeons are sentient or influenced by plains or at least have a leader with an alignment.

A dungeon might be built for one purpose and be repurposed by another. This could have happened in past or be in middle of happening.

I have detect alignment abilities pretty common. A good room in a monster hellhole is possible or remains of good, defiled by evil possible.

Alignment on the law-chaos axis is a measure of how a dungeon is organised.

A lawful dungeon has:
A sensible ecology
Toilets and food supply
Map makes sense
Things have a function
Follows principles of design and engineering
Internally consistent and logical
Things placed deliberately by reason
Grows on principles of cause and effect
Monsters restock over time from processes and cycles
Intelligent deliberate design
Well maintained and clean
Inhabitants behave in logical manner
Exploits and controls
Homoeostatic systems, patterns or cycles
Population tends to stabilise

A fortified gatehouse at front of area
A store room full of food
Monster barracks
A faction calls other clan to repopulate area
Traps built to defend area or goods
Magical defence to defend treasure
A chest full of potions in a lab
A vault full of tax records
Sacred shrine of elaborate marriage rites

A chaotic dungeon has:
A random nonsense ecology
Basic needs of inhabitants ignored
Map might make no sense
Strange bewildering or pointless contents
Might break common laws of physics, geometry or engineering
Random and inconsistent
Things just appear and disappear at random
Spontaneous random growth
Restocks by magic
Mad or insane design
Run down with dug and graffiti
Inhabitants are insane and irrational
Confuses and mutates
Chaotic, unstable and fluid 
Population tends to boom and bust randomly

A room randomly has a force of monsters with no idea why they are here
Random goods scattered around dungeon
A room full of orcs at end of corridor full of yellow mould
Monsters just appear at random to repopulate
Traps built randomly to be annoying more like pranks
Magical maze built by crazy wizard just because he could
A magical pool with random effects
A casino or gambling den with magic games
A room full of eggs covering every surface

A balanced dungeon might have:

Both lawful and chaotic features in harmony using best of both
Law and chaos in a struggle between factions in a war zone
Lawful beings trying to utilise a chaotic feature like guarding that magic pool
Chaotic beings ruining orderly structures like destroying doors or water supply
A ecology that includes chaotic features like monster jelly eating dung and corpses
May unite using best of both to fight intruders then return to conflict

Alignment on the good-evil axis is a measure of a dungeon ethical intention

A evil dungeon has:

Is equipped for sadism and cruelty
Have innocent prisoners in cells or torture chambers
Creating monsters from unwilling victims
Evidence of victims like blood, skulls, blood
Macabre trophies like pile of severed heads, bloody altars
Traps with delayed effects or that imperil trapped victims
Monsters bully each other in brutal manner
Evidence of defiled goodness
Screams, moans, evil cackles of bosses
Inhabitants are scarred, maimed and hungry
Inhabitants are angry, violent and mean spirited even to own
Dominates and abuses
Expansive, selfish and warlike
Population tends to aggressive

A torture chamber with victims chained to a wall
A altar where undead created with pile of stolen defiled bodies
Monsters just torturing each other for fun
Monsters or villagers in chains hanging on walls
Trap that impales then drops scorpions onto face
Curse that turns victim into a beserker
Poisoned food or drink left out
Graffiti chamber full of faction tags and threats and sadistic murals
Training chamber with fighting pits and pits of corpses

A good dungeon has:
Is equipped for healing and self defence
Have evil creatures imprisoned and well cared for
Evidence of reformed evil doers confessions and atonement
Evidence of healing, good altars and noble self sacrifice for others
Artworks depicting good deeds and heroes bringing benefits to people
Traps which trap victim for later questioning
Guardians act in self defence, warn enemies and use fair play
Evidence of purged evil
Singing, chanting and prayers
Inhabitants are well cared for to best of leaders ability
Inhabitants are kindly, helpful and care for own kind and sometimes others
Helps and Protects
Defencive, harmonious and compassionate
Population tends to be peaceful

A dispensary with quality food and drink
A altar where locals prey and perform healing
Locals discussing how to help each other with loving kindness
Well fed monsters or criminals in cells well cared for
Trap that drops cage over victim and rings alarm
Curse that turns victim into good
Healing potion left out trustfully for emergencies

A healers clinic helps anyone hurt no questions
A pleasant grotto or grove for contemplation and rest with food and drink

A middle dungeon might have:
Both good and evil features based on necessity
Good and evil in a struggle between factions in a war zone
Good beings trying to convert evil ones with kindness and love
Evil beings trying to taunt and enrage good beings into anger
A prison for possible reformed evil and a execution block for those deemed lost forever
May unite using best of both to fight intruders then return to conflict

Also consider...
So by now your thinking a good dungeon sounds totally lame and deserves to have monsters over run it. Which is a credible point. A good dungeon might be a base for good defending itself from evil. Perhaps wicked adventurers have come to steal poorly guarded healing potions. Perhaps they hire other alignments to do what they wont like kill prisoners they cant afford to keep and will do evil if released. Much like many religions hire other faiths to be butchers to avoid bad karma. Of course when war over, mercenaries might need to be paid to leave.

Lawful dungeons can be hacked by upsetting the systems or patterns or internal communications. A Chaotic one is more likely to depend on a relic or individual or magic to break it.

Sample Alignments Dungeon Types
Here are some tables to generate alignment features. Note the good ones are kind of struggling. A post on dungeon bosses and possible sentient dungeons will follow.

Obviously the dungeon ones below are to create stories where adventurers invaders mostly.

1d12 Random Elfmaids and Octopi Alignment
For when all things kinda equal
name - language - what happens if i die? -  what i think

1 Lawful Evil - Diabolic - Hell to be tormented - seek true power and harm others for profit
2 Chaotic Evil - Demonic - Abyss - seek freedom to be selfish and cruel and use brute force
3 Evil - Stygian - Underworld - seek immortality, mastery over others, gain dark knowledge
4 Good - Devaic - Paradise - help the prevent suffering of others and reduce all harm
5 Lawful Good - Angelic - Heavens - seek to help others, protect the weak and bring order
6 Chaotic Good - Arcadian - Arcadia - freedom and life for all, spontaneous altruism
7 Lawful - Modronic - Nirvana - order for it's own sake, bring peace, quiet and certainty to world
8 Chaotic - Slaadic - Limbo - randomness and inconsistency for the moment is true freedom
9 True Neutral (Neutral) - Druidic - Reincarnated - everything part of natural world
10 Middle (G vs E) (Neutral) - Sylvan - Reincarnated - moderation between pleasure and pain
11 Balanced (L vs C) (Neutral) - Archonic - Reincarnated - moderation between control and freedom
12 Non Aligned (Neutral) - none - Purgatory - uncommitted, selfish or just disinterested in politics

1d10 Good Dungeons
1 The dungeon was good long ago, spirits or hidden objects or secrets might still aid good
2 Provides healing and growth to factions despite alignment difference
3 Remnants of good are hidden within and can rescue any who could aid them
4 Dungeon is a dummy and helps the forces of evil because it is deluded by lies or magic
5 The dungeon is mad, none are pure enough or good enough for it so it kills all
6 This place is cursed and crawling in horrors but actually they guard something for good
7 This was a place of healing and peace from long ago now fouled by wicked occupants
8 The dungeon has been tainted by curse or magic and can be cured
9 This was a holy place for  religion like a temple or mausoleum
10 This was a place of shelter from apocalypses, wars and monster swarms of olden yore

1d10 Evil Dungeons
1 Filled with works or torture and murder by sadists
2 A cult is here to resurrect or free a ancient evil
3 This complex is to torment and enslave locals
4 Cursed to be filled with monsters and haunted by mean spirits
5 Forces of death and the underworld boiled into here spreading undeath
6 Evil high priests travel to this sacred evil place
7 Elemental sects serve evil and compete
8 A cult meet here to perform wicked rights and blasphemy away from locals
9 A local criminal conspiracy is secretly run from within dungeon
10 A leader or faction uses as a base to terrorise locals

1d10 Chaos Dungeons

1 Tainted with filth and disease, covered in sewerage and garbage
2 A place of madness and despair where insanity influences all inhabitants
3 Shambling and decaying structures full of rotting old goods
4 Flooded and dripping, hazard makes some places isolated and damaged
5 Covered in fungus, slime mould and vermin
6 A monster generator artifact is creating creatures that fight over lair space
7 A gateway brings in additional support from other planes
8 Caves connect this to creatures of the depths who constantly pour in
9 Monsters are trying to create a boom with breeding program
10 Mutanagenic fields of chaos warp and change inhabitants

1d10 Law Dungeons
1 This was a prison where many were locked up and punished
2 This is a base camp of a disciplined military faction from foreign power
3 A fanatic cult of assassins live here in a life of obedience
4 A balanced ecology of creatures is sustained here
5 Inhabitants highly disciplined cult, order or faction with uniforms
6 Built as storage and factory with remains of tools and workshops
7 Cosmic law built as bastion against disorder and chaos
8 Complex had practitioners of exotic technology
9 Complex was a machine or automaton in past or some kind of vehicle
10 Originally a mine where workers dug in the hundreds before abandoning

1d10 Neutral Dungeons
1 A nature cult or druids made as a place to hide rites and breed creatures
2 Selfish band of greedy adventurers built this to keep their treasure safe
3 Cosmic balance agents worked from here to maintain the cosmic order
4 Here elfland had a bastion into our world leaving many faerie relics and beings
5 Elemental cult here kept harmony between the inner planes
6 Spirits from the others side haunt here, once a great shaman place in megalithic era
7 Was a buried settlement covered by disaster or age with different occupants
8 A mass of drains and sewers from some lost city with no surface remains
9 Ancient tunnels dug long ago or extended from caves
10 Was once a market place and storehouse until over run or neglected