Wednesday 30 November 2016

Builders of Xor

On Xor materials for building are limited. This is a post about basic building ,materials of technology and some notes on structures that probably belongs wit this post of Xorian settlements.

Replacing materials of the outer world
Wood and plants can grow on Xor in places and is imported. Bird might drop seeds into areas where a seed can grow and some plants cope better than others. Some natives have made soil from detritis and have gardens or small feilds. Rooftop gardens and high places prevent theives and birds and vermin need to be kept away.

Metal is rare but can be imported and occasionally a star stone of pure iron falls and if burried in Xor and coated in tissue to keep it from Xor. Metallic nodules can be found in some organs too. Many natives see metal as a symbol of the alien world outside and assume metal bearers are suspicious. Some tribes hate meta bearers.

Bone and sinew is a common materiel for weapons and buildings and armour. Often it is formed by attaching it with wet sinew that dries hard and inflexible. Some bones can be carved into blades or edges far stronger than mortal bones. Composite bows are one example of Xor technology, made from nothing but bone and sinew. Some long thin bones can be used like wicker. Some grind bone into meal and use like cement or daubing

Teeth and ivory can be used for edges on weapon or be carved into extraordinary art objects and functional devices.

Hair grows like savanna grass lands in places and is common for grazing animals to eat it. It grows fast and without grazers the hair might get quite long and tangled. The fire risk is doubled by Xor quakes spasming in pain from fires and Xor might react with flooding area in tears or syliva or roll the flesh up to smother the fire which mostly crushes and animals trapped. Some hairs are thicker six inch or thicker and make good building materials. Hair can be woven into rope, clothes, basket, sheilds, blankets and more.

Skin can found in loose dry flakes and eaten or used to create soil. Sheets of dry skin slough off in places like a reptile and can be made into clothing. Some Xorians dislike hurting Xor other happily cut off sheets of skin and cure them into hard leather useful for containers, clothes, armour, roofing.

Some Xorians have mastered the arts of living materials and can make armour and weapons that live and require food and water. Living houses and buildings are warm and some people even hollow out extensions by eating new rooms. Some do this in a way that causes Xor pain through ignorance or malice. Others work with Xor, coaxing it to provide for them. Others are pragmatic and do it from necesity but still respect Xor. Some flesh sculptors make living machines, vehicles and other wonders. These are more like golems and might look like animals but mostly cannot breed or show self interest. Other peoples can make useful customized animals and even make living fire arms, or mobile communities in gigantic kaiju bodies. To those who use living biological tech can tell on sight what form of living tech is. Many disapprove of other types of tech. Those who live in harmony with items dislike the more torturous schools.

This table is good for a village style. Bigger communities might be larger version or several styles

d12 Common building styles
1 Dry bone structure often in towers or keeps
2 Living bone coated in skin riddled with chambers
3 Bone structures with sheets of skin tarpaulins attached
4 Bone or tusk frame with cured skin dome huts or tepees
5 Skin tents huddled together around communal fire pit
6 Large bone perimeter wall with shingle or thatch roof covering smaller shacks
7 Cottages of carved bone blocks or bonemeal mud bricks with thatched hair roof
8 Carved into bone structure (like Petra or Cappadocia)
9 Bone cement buildings with bone bricks covered in bone meal plaster (pueblos)
10 Bonemeal mudbrick pueblo with ladders to gain entry and public courtyards
11 Houses grown from flesh, often resemble organs or with food growing inside
12 Flesh tower or citadel with living gate house with many chambers inside

d12 Bridges of Xor
1 huge spine structure spanning gulf
2 Sinew cables d3
3 Sinew with bone slats bridge
4 Sinew and bone slats with hand rails
5 Long femur like bone crossing span
6 Stretchy bouncy skin sheet
7 Wet stretchy fleshy tissue
8 Dried cartilage carved into bridge
9 Tube of woven hair fibers
10 A tusk growing across obstacle
11 Flesh drawbridge
12 Living bridge with face each end and mouths for gatehouse

Saturday 26 November 2016

Children of Xor

When I used standard DnD monsters In Xor some ppl were a bit miffy. Rust monsters especially. Now I'm thinking rust monsters are part of Xor's immune system response to metal equipped invaders. They grow where needed and are born fully formed from tumors hungry and pregnant. They starve to death and are reabsorbed when no longer needed.

Here are some Xorian critters for every day life.

You can improve them with these tables...

Xor to do list

Harvesting organs, hormones, peptides, hormonal Secretions of Xor
Grafting godflesh and bio augs
Whore Lore of Xor i dont know what i was thinking here
The Great Flesh Cube - dungeon location plus a tower and a cave
Meat Ziggarutt of Xor
Other valuable items
Spells for bone wizards

Notes on the Ecology of Xorian Life
Many creatures on Xor eat meat or dried skin or hair instead of normal diets
Many hairless animals rely on the body of Xor to keep warm or eat 10% more
Many creatures born spontaneously from the flesh of Xor as needed
Many eat meat but will eat strangers from boredom or curiosity

d20 Tiny and Swarm Animals
1 Xor Locusts - six inch red meat eating locusts, some get dog size in swarms

2 Scab rats - scab covered rats, often tails are fused into a ball, often diseased
3 Muscle Snake - red or tan or black venomous sake, equally at home in liquid
4 Bone Spiders - palm size bone eating spiders with acid venom bites

5 Vampire Finches - horrid little birds that pick at scabs and wounds
6 Blood Gulls - squawking birds love to steal food, like wetlands and shore lines
7 Fang Fairies - tiny bug wing faerie folk with set of fangs, drink blood of sleeping 
8 Gore Flea - fist size fleas often swarm and sneak up trouser legs
9 Clot Frogs - shiny dark inedible red frogs lurk around water and croak all night
10 Scarlet Scorpion - red scorpions some swarm and eat bigger animals
11 Crimson Crabs - cover landscape in tidal areas and occasionally mass migrate in millions
12 Scab Roach - horrible up to hand sized critters eat detritus and feces

13 Pigeons - colurful pink birds, eat dried skin and scabs, a popular food item
14 Blood Worms - foot to yard long inch thick edible scarlet worls that burrow into Xor
15 Xor Flies - Huge stinging flies often swarm, maggots also aggressive and both swarm
16 Scarabs - harmless beetles gather dung to feed babies, important cleaners
17 Cavies - hairless guinea pigs that eat hair and skin
18 Flesh Squirrels - hairless climbing gliding rodents that collect things in hollow cavities
19 Quakkas - hairless hopping jolly faced marsupials, love tabbacco and friendly
20 Possums - hairless marsupials come in ring tail, gliding and standard varieties

d20 Small Animals - common domestic and wild
1 Meat Rats - giant hairless mole rats that burrow into flesh and live in colonies
2 Armadillos - adorable armoured and can move by rolling, carry leprosy
3 Flamingoes - pink tall birds that dwell in wetlands, pelican and spoonbills possible too
4 Blood Weasel - brilliant red furred weasels that tear flesh and drink blood
5 Capybara - huge hairless guinea pigs live in flesh tunnels eat mucous and hair
6 Hell Possum - dog size often rapid possums hurl children that grow from tails at enemies
7 Scarlet Turkey - brilliant coloured large turkeys, a blue variety also
8 Bone Snake - ten-thirty foot 
constrictor snake, colourful pink and purple or chocolate

9 Sphynx Cat - hairless cats that eat vermin on Xor, sacred to many peoples
10 Goanna - 2-3 yard large lizard, if startled climb person, bite carries disease
11 Protojelly - foot wide fleshy blob feeds off dead skin and hair and finger nails
12 Bloodbat - hairless flesh toned huge vampire bats
13 Wombat - large hairless burrowing marsupials live in burrows, eat giant hair roots 

14 Gore Devil - naked Tasmanian devils, horrible aggressive little brutes
15 Frill Neck Lizard - camouflaged large lizard, turn red and open frill if startled
16 Scarlet Ibis - long beaked birds, like wetlands, a blue and a vampire variety also
17 Crimson Toad - huge poison toad, often blend into environment, grab feet 
18 Stirge Owls - a featherless bat winged variety of owl that sucks blood through it's beak
19 Violet Geese - live in xor wetlands, graze on hair and bugs, aggressive in groups
20 Xor Hound - packs of hairless dingo like dogs, quite aggressive in large packs

d20 Medeum Animals - common domestic and wild

1 Xor Goat - adorable goats graze on hair, make good pack animals or pull waggons
2 Giant Leech - horrible blood sucking giant worms
3 Baboons - similar to huge baboons but hairless and more highly sexualized
4 Terror Bird - man sized carnivorous flightless birds
5 Blood Wolf - hairless wolves that cry tears of blood when howling

6 Flesh Bear - hairless black bears can be territorial but mostly harmless
7 Rust Monster - anti intruder creatures to drive off metal using outsiders
8 Gore Boar - huge skinless pigs that scavenge and eat anything, very adaptable
9 Giant Weasels - huge evil blood sucking mammals that latch onto prey and drain dry
10 Kangaroos - large hopping marsupials, some breed aggressive to humans an deadly
11 Giant Tarantula - huge spider bite causes magical dancing sickness
12 Flesh Horse - hairless pink ponies roam in packs and graze on hair
13 Ochre Jellies - red gelatinous masses that attack foreign bodies
14 Carrion Crawler - parasitic giant worms that paralyses prey to lay eggs in
15 Gelatinous cube - glistening paralyzing cubes that cleans up mess on Xor
16 Hellhounds - roam freely seeking victims to drag to hell
17 Blood Apes - hairless gorillas, very aggressive flesh eating variety
18 Emus - huge flightless birds travel in large flocks and panic if threatened
19 Blood Eagles - huge eagles snatch prey and dismember them in high places
20 Giant Ants - mostly busy but can be agressive defending their bone covered mounds

d20 Huge Animals - common domestic and wild
1 Turtle Bear - huge cave bear with turtle plastron and bony plate hide
2 Pteradactyl - flying leathery winged flesh toned reptiles
3 Pink Dragon - blows a cloud of charm gas that turns victims to enthralled slaves
4 Red Rhino - saggy skinned huge horned aggressive herd animal
 Hairless Mammoth - saggy baggy flesh toned pachyderm
 Sabretooth Sphynx Cat - huge hairless fanged cats, a dangerous predator
7 Shoggoth - amorphous fleshy tentacled eyeball horror bio machines of ancient aliens
8 Griffon - half lion and half eagle, dangerous flying predators, some intelligent

9 hydra - multi headed giant snake monsters, some breathe fire and/or regenerate
10 Dinosaur - many varieties, mostly flesh hue colour schemes
11 Giant Crabs - mostly near wetlands, may explore inland for food or migration
12 Giant cave lobsters and occasional cave fishers dwell on underground and wetlands
13 Giant Snapping Turtle - wagon size horror often in wetlands or caves

14 Giant Slug - eat all kinds of scraps and materials on Xor
15 Giant Vulture - travel in flocks, often follow beings they hope are soon to die
16 Diprotodon - giant hairless wombats some have a elongated trunk like snouts 
17 Giant Sloth - huge very difficult to hurt sloths, slowly amble about peacefully
18 Giant Snail - used as very slow transport and possible to live inside shells
19 Glyptadon - huge armoured animal with spiked mace tail mostly harmless
20 Giant Ape - these huge hairless apes are mostly harmless but battle other creatures

d20 Humanoids
1 Kobold
 - savage small goblinoids famouf for traps and ambushing, many sub breeds2 Hemogoblin - scarlet blood drinking goblins who live in flesh tunnels beneath Xor
3 Hobgoblin - larger more brutal surface dwelling goblinoids
4 Bugbear - as typical ones but hairless with huge human like ears and noses
5 Orcs - former humans or elves transformed into savage humanoids by mutation
6 Ogre - huge bloated bitter humanoids who graze on flesh feilds but crave novelty food
7 Troll - magenta blubbery cancerous insane trolls
8 Flesh Giants - huge primative humanoids similar to hill hill giants
9 Beastmen - many varieties with local variations in types
10 Ghouls - Xorian ghouls are skinless, some wear skin as capes other eat it off

11 Zombies - animated human corpses reanimated by Xorian bioplasm
12 Cavy Folk - Guinea pig humanoids actually hybrin halflings
13 Halflings - hairless halflings live as common homely humans, mostly naked
14 Redcaps - evil blood thirsty gnomes that can change to ogre size at will
15 Adhearer - mummy like humanoid covered in sticky resin that traps weapons
16 Doppelganger - hideous shape shifting psionic humanoids that impersonate humans
17 Feral Baby - savage babies use cuteness to lure victims actually mutant kobolds
18 Dark Dwarves - come to Xor seeking to mine exotic nuerochemicals and materials
19 Bone Elves - silent white skinned elves who live off mone meal and use bone tools
20 Blood Elves - savage cruel blood crazed elves

d10 Marine Creatures
1 Dolphin - small pink saliva river ones to larger ones that swim in seas of tears
2 Squid - from tiny cuttleshish to huge specimen that snatch men off ships with long arms
3 Octopus - from very tiny to ship sized horrors, some species like tako are intelligent
4 Giant Sea Urchin - many coloured varieties, walk on land to hunt with poisonous spines
5 Jellyfish - many varieties some huge, harmless or stinging varieties, edible
6 Dinosaurs - including Megaladon or Plesiosaur or various other marine breeds
7 Marine Turtles - from dog to elephant size turtles eat mostly jellyfish
8 Narwhal - the unicorn of the sea, use horns to stab prey, very wise creatures
9 Killer Whale - carnivorous whales live in packs hunting smaller life forms
10 Sealion - many breeds of these blubbery mammals from dog to elephant sized
11 Walrus - a huge blubbery fanged sea beast who love to wallow in shallows
12 Mermaid - half human half fish race who dwell in coral castle kingdoms
13 Sea Scorpion - agressive underwater giant scorpions some crawl on shore for prey
14 Giant Trilobite - many breeds of these ancient arthrapods, many crawl on beach to breed
15 Sea Serpant - huge serpents adapted to the syliva seas of Xor
16 Giant Hermit Crab - breed of giant crab that live in shells discarded by shellfish
17 Marine Crocodile - huge pink reptiles some breeds have flippers instead of legs
18 Giant Otter - delight in swimming on their backs and cracking open skulls on their bellies
19 Giant Clams - huge clams grab limbs of any who step on them and chomp off
20 Sharks - live in tear seas range from small to gigantic, also include manta rays

Thursday 24 November 2016

Oldschool DnD Poetry Pit

Blogger I read other day was writing poetry for his setting (citation needed? Doh sorry i forgot who now, why im not a academic). Being a fan of Clark Ashton Smiths purple pulsating prose I was Inspired as I realise my campaign is based on literary and history more than post Dragonlance fantasy fiction trilogies.

So here are some terrible poems for my DnD setting

Exile Island
Men of the frozen North dread it's shattered shores
Where stony coastal battlement towers reach the sky
Men of the mystic East loathe it's filthy grubbing maggot men
Who's swarming cut throats scrounge for long lost treasures
Men of the ancient West fear it's forgotten underland horrors
Which once ruled the world as blood soaked tyrant monster kings
Men of the South craved golden plunder and ancient wizardry
When the treasure fleets of the Empire came to dig and kill and die

Shadel Port The Pirate City

Shadelport grim Shadelport
Hidden in the dread misty seas of the the north
A shambling sprawling oozing heap of a city
Corroded spires and domes from ruins prehuman
Chocked by shit stained cottages of the festering poor
Where orcs walk the streets as men
Where the ever living Barron watches all
Where glistening eyes of thieves drown out the stars
Where pirate scum come to drink and chunder
Shadelport grim Shadelport
Nobody cries tears for you

Whaling Town of Bloodsand Beach

Bloodsand beach where black souls meet
Barnacled walls and moaning slaves
Screaming sealions and whale blood spray
Slit strangers throats and iron rendering vats
Winnow the week and squeeze out their fat
Not a bone left spare, not a scrap or rag
Not a selkie or sailor or slave ever did roam
Nothing and nobody ever came home

After I trying to read Dragonlance a second time in 1985 and couldn't I realized I was enjoying reading history for Call of Cthulhu more. I found Louse Brooks Autobiographical essays and blew my mind. I read the power of Myth by Joe Campbell which led to me reading classics and history and archaeology and got me going to uni. Also If I talked about history people thought I was well educated. If I talked about some obscure game thing people thought something very different. Anyway I used to envy the use of poetic literary tricks and while I don't understand what I'm doing or what caesura or enjambment is. But after reading lots of old classics and modernism and epics and sagas, something must have stuck and leaks out occasionally. Ive written fake Arthurian and Sumerian stuff and people where very angry with me when I explained it was intended as comedy to parody conspiracy culture.

I have lots of work for next 2 months and a mural to paint so Im hoping to get my own residence next year after 4-7 years of not having proper residence I can do as I please in and have my stuff on shelves and cook what I want and hopefully less rats and roaches. Maybe I should have studied and read more about accounting.

Monday 21 November 2016

d100 Ancient Dungeon Machine Rooms

Ancient Dungeon Machine Rooms
The ancients leaving tech is pretty common in the OSR and I wish MM2 included the robots and androids in it because DnD would be very different without it. Basic D&D modules featured tech and the mention of Gamma World in the DMG, Blackmarsh and Greyhawk mention tech occasionally. It fits in with other weird and fantasy fiction quite well.

The Russel Crow Noah film is interesting because it shows a gnostc cosmos - a resource depleted world. There was a advanced world and it abused a glowing magical material Zohar which it depleted. But I always thought Middle Earth and The Bible were post apocalypse worlds.

I remember reading about a kabbalist idea of a lost age with golems everywhere providing mechanical energy. Doors, water wheels, mills, gates, torture machines, lifting bridges, boats, pumps, gates, spit roasts, potters wheel, wagon, seige engine, etc. Golem crossbow that selfs cocks might be nice. I like the idea that some ancient artifact might just be a nice oven or steam bath machine or a theatrical prop for a king.

Lots of the newschool take on oldschool dnd books have dungeons with mighty machines. Even whole dungeons of them. Here is a collection of machine rooms with remains of elder tech. Much might be semi functional or sealed for aeons. Much might require some fuel source. These could be used with various races also with own custom tech

See my past blog on magic murder machines which i often stick in a dungeon

Operating a working machine usually is more dificult the stranger the function and more primative the medlers. Divination, researching elder tomes and time consuming manuals might help. Some might require some fuel or power source.

d12 Machine Operation
1 Crystal Grid of stone depressions which crystals are inserted and concentrated on to operate
2 Mechanical with cogs and levers and pulleys in secret combinations
3 Alchemical apparatus with glass tubes and vials of fluid with a furnace and pressurized liquids
4 Pneumatic brass tubes with vacuum cylinder transport system for small packages
5 Crystal Panels which if waved over light up in colours and links system to users mind
6 Living fleshy biological systems with tentacles, suckers, fleshy curtains manipulated by hand
7 Necrotic highly complex biological structures of bone covered in chitin, skin contact panels
8 Focal object like pool of liquid or mirror or crystal orb if concentrated on controls machine
9 Clay tablets in ancient text are inserted into slots in complex magical formulas
10 Steam Boiler powers mechanisms by elaborate gauges, pipes and furnace
11 Golem like beings incorporated into machines operated with magic signs
12 Bound entities like elementals or demons power the machinery and obey commands

d12 Condition
1 Rotting heaps of scrap barley disconcernable to experts
2 Shattered mess or rubble and broken equitment

3 Broken machine with essential and valuable parts missing
4 Badly burned and melted
5 Shattered from explosion
6 Smashed by vandalism spree from some past upheaval
7 Flooded and coroded with mounds of silt and slime
8 Shambling heap with missing parts but possibly repairable

9 Broken but repairable
10 Battered but functional
11 Good condition some wear
12 Shining new

d100 Ancient Dungeon Machine Rooms
01 Automated toilet
02 Water pump control room
03 Bakery with oven and huge mixer
04 Washing machines
05 Water heater and pump
06 Steam room boiler
07 Brewing or wine vat
08 Blacksmith forge and machine hammer
09 Weaving machine easily fowled
10 Lighting control room

11 Alarm control room
12 Servant bell control hub

13 Electrical generator
14 Message cylinder pressure plant
15 Message cylinder mail room
16 Telegraph room
17 Automated bell machine
18 Steam engine
19 Metal press for cutting patterns in sheet metal
20 Furnace for heating or burning
21 Kitchen with ovens 
22 Steam press
23 Refrigerator
24 Smoke house
25 Spinning machine
26 Mulching machine for organic waste
27 Slaughter room with hooks and guilliotine
28 Butchers room with saws and fridge
29 Steam bath and massage machine
30 Torture chamber
31 Rending plant for extracting fat and oil from organic matter
32 Music machine like a steam calliope or organ
33 Automated prison cells with possibly functional food and water and toilet
34 Ice machine makes foot cubes of ice
35 Milling machine for grains to make flour
36 Dying vat for making batches of coloured cloth, uses lots of water 
37 Hair cutting machine
38 Dentistry machine
39 Portrait painting machine
40 Printing press
41 Saw mill and machine to mix glue and sawdust into particle board
42 Kinetiscope or crude recreational image making machine
43 Music machine plays from collection of discs like huge jukebox
44 Canning or food preservation machine
45 Smelting furnace
46 Huge clock
47 Manufacturing assembly line with convener belt
48 Spray booth
49 Water filtration plant
50 Glass furnace
51 Huge alchemical apparatus for growing monsters
52 Dream recording chamber
53 Machine to turn corpses into zombies
54 Machine turns corpses into iron rations
55 Huge electronic drum kit
56 Security monitoring room
57 Automed med bay surgery machine
58 Beautification spa machine
59 Plastic surgerey machine
60 Face transplant machine
61 Brain transplant machine
62 Polymorphing machine
63 Controls for dungeon burrowing machine
64 Controls of subtereanean hydro dam (stops flood)
65 Machine that pumps blood from deep underground sleeping kaiju 
66 Machine that controls undead sleeping army
67 Machine that pacifies or enrages orcs
68 Orc making machine converts corpses to monsters
69 Machine drains life force to generate power
70 Orgone energy acumulator drains sexual energyfor miles around
71 Soul storage device 
72 Dimensional prison containing evil wizards of yore
73 Growth Accelerator turns children into ogres
74 Blood draining machines with storage vats
75 Long range comunicator
76 Time machine sends subjects to when monsters ruled one way
77 Machine fuses humans and animals to create beast men
78 Machine regulates dungeon lighting
79 Machine regulates dungeon temperature
80 Machine contains trapped tortured elementals
81 Gremlin containment machine
82 Machine allows operator to comunicate with other planes
83 Control room for one shot weapon to harm a god
84 Control room for slumbering cyborg kaiju
85 Time scoop can summon prehistoric monsters
86 Weather machine
87 Microscopic and bacterial lab
88 Reactor controls 
89 Video confrence room
90 Holographic film library
91 Long range god or artifact scanner
92 Image data library screen
93 Potion lab aparatus or distilery
94 Golem animation aparatus
95 Suspended animation pods
96 Cloning vats
97 Clairvoyant aparatus or scrying device
98 Astronomical observation device
99 Teleporter pad and array
100 Machine that opens dimensional gate

Saturday 19 November 2016

Murder Highway Awesomeness

Working on a few of my setting compilations and have seen ideas start as one thing inspired by others work and mutate into my own. Reinforces my desire to avoid all licence based settings and work to make my own settings more. Looking at lots of my own work as I compile dozens of blogs into word docs to prep for indesign. Making art and graphics too.

Possibly skip this bit about my Woes and go to gaming stuff below 
I keep getting stuck in Sydney with work offers but commute is killing me and I don't really profit. Canberra I find restful and pretty but I go for days without any conversation and I struggle to approach new employers or use any positive adjectives about me or my work unless I read it in a newspaper first. Anyway I'm prepping docs in Syd and hope to start design/art in Canberra. Getting to Adelaide for Xmas is mostly to help my dad prep for his death - I would be better off just working and living cheap as I don't think I will get into my industry rosters in Canberra now. Dad says he has 2 years tops left and I am executor of estate and will have to do all the legal and liquidation stuff so I might at any time have to go to Adelaide to do that which could take months. I have a proposal to paint a toilet block with my art for a few grand which might be ok and handy for Christmas. Person who got permanent job at work I wanted is awesome and she in a Finn and I am half Estonian and we get on incredibly well. Im going to try getting a qualification so I can bet a better industry job in any state, get higher pay rate and hours.

In Sydney I get to game with friends easily and as much as I want If I was a player not a GM. Canberra is bigger in Board games and classic wargames. Despite large game clubs, gamer restaurant and a bar, my Canberra address has shit public transport and the clubs seem less communicative online than Sydney clubs. So I get games and work more in Sydney but It's social infrastructure is going down the toilet and it feels unsustainable. They are about to scrap bus time tables and inner city rent is pushing people hours away. Homelessness has increased especially women and gov shut down most shelters. So general lack of security and tough choices ahead.

Murder Highway Fuck Yeah!
So I got to run a extra session of this game today which went very well. Players had a lot of fun. The crunchiness of system adds to feelings of risk in a way I don't get from story games.

My tables made some very good pitstops and encounters on the way. I can get players to make some d100 rolls then turn into daily encounters, road hazards and opponents for a road trip. Players all working smoothly as team and helping each other tally huge amounts of bullets vs armour. Next step get lots of sets of 2d6 in different colours so I can roll up to 20 x 2d6+2 bullets at a time. Occasional I calculate victim will be gone on average roll so I don't bother. Sadly part of the grit of the game is stressing over bursts getting through armour and worrying about every stray bullet. Sadly I might make a form to aid two groups of vehicles driving at each other at 130 km to calculate ranges as they approach with one second combat rounds hosing bullets at each other. Lots of the game is pure role and roll playing. A few other game aids might help and will revise character sheet and vehicle sheets. Interesting seeing players adopt lethal tactics that reduce viable loot then reconsider. I probably do most of system heavy lifting and maths. Im kinda shit at maths but being 15 years older seems to make up for this. Also I noticed running simpler systems like marvel made my mental arithmetic skill decline.

A transvestite vigilante biker who blogs his Adventures and competes for fame and glory
Kit includes vibro katana, recoiless .22 machine pistol, a stealth suit and speed booster chips
A high status communications and stealth specialist

A veteran cyborg cop with sanity too close to the edge in his police issue interceptor
Kit includes bionic eyes, legs and jacked into a smart magnum revolver and impact truncheon
A grisly federal highway solo patrolman sent to kill gang cults roaming the wastes
A Jap-American corporate replicant on the run with no idea how he got to Australia
Police cruiser and a mix of tech and vehicle skills, now wears poly carbonate full combat plate
A enigmatic mysteryman who doesn't know why he exists

The GigSo after a month apart the team meet in the roadhouse town they visited last game. The cop bought a load of lumber and sheet scrap and converted the ruined bunker into a shack and hid the military insignia and atomic fuel dump. Last time they found the old bunker with zombies and faster ghouls but they left radioactive fuel tunnels. Now with rad suits to fight a radioactive undead that apparently predated first reported sightings of undead by years. Shot it to bits piece by piece then hacked up melee weapons.

Day 1
So next day they set off to rescue a girl from a cult, commissioned by local respected rich aunt. The cop was troubled that the gang were the Diggers, war vets who had returned to become prospectors and performed odd jobs for mining companies including beating hippie protesters. The cop had heard they were ok from his old sarge.

Found and harvested road kill and found a burned cop car and cop. Met four renegade buggies and head on charged. Replicant lost his windscreen and his over the top armour served him well. A renegade planned to thow a pit bull through the windscreen but it never happened. Team members targeted the personnel and gunners using swivel mounts and exposed. This worked well and two buggies were destroyed and two others tried to flee, one with a burning flame thrower. Team caught them and questioned the dingo gang before the cop executed them. Replicant shot all the dingos the gang loved and put them in his car boot. He plans to get a biofuel plant for the car soon.

At night they got a bit lost and found a campsite with cinderbock brick toilet block surrounded by wrecked cars and caravans. The vigilante donned stealth suit and investigated. Found mystery stew pot and 4 sleeping bags and bones in a tent. In the toilet block heard creepy grunting and wanted to flee. Put phone on selfie stick and held over the wall to see what was happening. Four tattooed albino cannibals were abusing a swagman (a traditional Aussie hobo labourer). He lept in and hosed down the thugs with his gun and finished them off with his katana.

Party camped and the swagman gave the vigilante some gold dust. He has not realized the vigilante is a dude yet. Replicant cooked some dingo and they slept well

Day 2
After a late start with the replicant working on his car they set off and after a while found a intact 1970 Datsun wagon blocking the road. Replicant got out and really liked car. Seemed full of water, fuel and army rations and apparently a body. Of course he checked door and found a freshly drilled hole and wire connected to handle.  So he tried to diffuse it and BOOOOM! He was thrown back and battered but his suit held up. Everyone was impressed.

Afternoon saw the road was cut throgh a hill ahead and they slowed down to 60kph. Three bikes jumped over the road dropping molitovs. One landed through the missing windscreen onto the lap of the Replicant. Shit. He braked and dived out door as it exploded. He rolled on the ground and the fire destroyed some of the rubber between armoured plates burning his flesh. The cop jumped out and used his extinguisher to stop the car fire. Vigilante on the bike turned up the cliff and hunted down the Dingo gang bikers. The first target bike broke in two killing the driver and passenger. One of the other bikes stopped in horror at friends gory death. The vigilante chased other bike and the passenger fired her sawn off shotgun to no effect before that bike was a blazing blood spattered wreck. Finally the vigilante destroyed the solo biker leader shrugging off a .22 rifle. Meanwhile the replicant got the fire out and was amazed to be alive. His car interior was a mess though.  

Found a nice town where they got good accommodation but locals were anti mutant. Good food and charming 30s hotel with good satelite. Vigillante got to upload his combat footage. Was troubled by stories his celeb rival Nikki Webster. Nikki was a child pop sensation who hat taken anti aging drugs and was now appearing on "Celebrity Deathrace". The vigilante fumed. He had to get on that show. Next day worked on fixing cars, a days delay seemed ok.

Was big fun and mostly generated from tables. Lots of good fun and came up with some good streamlining and problem solving on game procedures.

Seth who plays the Replicant brought in a box of larger 9cm long cars with 40k guns on them that look pretty nice. He also made a spreadsheet which I will add to my uploads section soon to use my car building rules. Our club finally getting incorporated which is nice too.

Friday 18 November 2016

D100 Dungeon Boss True Love

Dungeon Boss Hierarchy of Needs
It's a lonely life being a dungeon boss, but it doesn't have to be. Your dungeon boss or faction chief has plenty of things to worry about. When the most basic needs of life forfilled looking for mating opportunities becomes important.

Food source - regular reliable and storage of food source
Water source - regular clean water supply and storage
Lair - safe secure stronghold, hidden, fortified and guarded

Territory - control a safe zone around lair
Outposts - secondary sites with permanent garrison
Romance - opportunities to find mates

Waste - remove waste and effluent safely from community
Hygiene - personnel personal grooming and food preparation
Breeding - breeding and raising children and colonising territory

But bosses get served first and get to do everything even if they restrict their minions. The boss getting a lover can seriously change their priorities and goals of a faction. Monsters might complain the boss is overly satisfied and not fighting for territory since they built the new master bedroom.The gang doesn't count concubines and abusing prisoners. It's only when a specific lover influences the boss over a period of time they cant. After several editions of torrid popular dungeon love novels in the last few years lots of foolish rich romantics have surrender themselves to dungeons. The more recent novels have taken a more realistic tone. "Life among the wild kobolds" was a big seller.

If party are captured and imprisoned they might be able to use the bosses lover to escape. Pretending to have same interest or helping their desire could earn a better position and more freedom in the dungeon.

d12 How did they meet
1 Lover was taken from local rival faction
2 Lover was taken from distant raid
3 Lover was introduced by clan for complex deal
4 Lover was formerly from adventuring party
5 Lover was met from dealing with a cult
6 Lover was a wanted criminal
7 Lover found with memory loss in dungeon (the dungeon born)
8 Lover is agent of a sinister force from far away
9 Lover rescued from enemy factions or a agent of another faction
10 Lover fled to dungeon from enemies in civilization
11 Lover was snatched from a trade route
12 Lover was bought as a slave from slavers or trading humanoids

d12 How Serious Is This
1 Started recently d4 weeks
2 Going Steady d4 months
3 Lovers d12 months
4 Favorite slave of boss d12 months
5  Concubine 2d12 months
6 Consort 4d12 Months
7 Engaged d12 months
8 Married d12 Months
9 Parents with new child or pregnant
10 Parents with at least d4 children
11 Parents with at least 3d4 children
12 Long Term Married no legitimate surviving children

d12 How Influential?
1 Partner influences lover subtly
2 Partner is bit of a nag and desires more status
3 Partner a terrible gossip
4 Partner has lover wrapped around finger
5 Partner has control of concubines
6 Partner has control of house hold
7 Partner acts as leader while boss away
8 Partner Important religious role or leads a sect
9 Partner has noble blood and kin of own
10 Partner has secret supporters and agents
11 Partner has everyone afraid
12 Partner uses charisma and is popular with the clan

D12 Special Abilities
01 Wizardry or Sorcery
02 Cleric or Druid
03 Bard or assassin
04 Professional competent warrior
05 Espionage Connections
06 Criminal Connections - underworld and guild links
07 Cultist Connections - knows many sects and cult agents
08 Able manager - runs household and defences well
09 Shape Shifter - actually a spirit, undead or were beast
10 Healer - expert with herbalism and medicine

11 Knows Magicians
12 Knows Monsters 

D100 Dungeon Boss True Love
01 Unwholesome relation to sibling which is ok in monster or elf culture
02 Grumpy elderly parent who interferes in everything and love life
03 Arranged strategic marriage from a lesser but well off bloodline
04 Arranged strategic marriage with equal clan for strategic reasons
05 Arranged strategic marriage with more powerful clan to gain status and allies
06 Child bride from arranged marriage, several years away from adulthood
07 Hideously ill and elderly partner kept around for political reasons
08 Partner is dangerously insane and needs supervision or runs away on murder spree
09 Partner is feeble and ill under treatment from a d3 expensive but fraudulent healers
10 Partner is older and belonged to previous boss and is vary wise in boss methodology

11 Partner constantly hunting and desires exploration of territory
12 Craves feasts, parties and celebrations beyond means

13 Desires fancy jewelry and not too fussy where it comes from
14 Enjoys torture and executions and pushes for harsher punishment
15 Enjoys rolling in treasure and loot
16 Enjoys killing and mistreating slaves, prisoners and servants
17 Enjoys training slaves and trading them like tokens
18 Insists is the most attractive of gender and has rivals tortured
19 So boastful invites disaster from the gods for hubris, claims to be god like
20 Is amorous and enjoys sex as often as possible with as many partners
21 Jealous of imagined rivals and torments any who might steal attention
22 Likes to spy on people through servants around the court and informs partner
23 Likes to mix it up with commoners and very popular with peons, maybe too popular
24 Has been bringing in new foreign cult and conflicting with the old holy teachers
25 Has a disgusting familiar everybody hates
26 Runs a breeding program of a dungeon monster type and lets loose rejects
27 Interested in divination attracts soothsayers and wise ones to court
28 Interested in magic and attracts visiting spell casters to demonstrate craft29 Keen to expand territory through digging and construction of grandiose plans
30 Enjoys fancy candy and bon bons and cries when supplies low
31 Collects terrible art works but likes to show them to interested prisoners
32 Collects exotic incense and scents, makes minions bathe and practice hygiene 
33 Enjoys lavish baths like the ancients with servants, heating and steam
34 Enjoys killing small animals or humanoids for fun
35 Enjoys rambles through nature with servants and guards
36 Likes underland fungus gardens with dramatic decor and slave gardeners
37 Likes to brew potions and fine grog, likes to keep herbalist or alchemist on staff
38 Hypochondriac always feeling ill keeps a healer at hand always 
39 Secretly practicing infanticide and kills children around court
40 Likes fancy clothes and fur, demands best tailors and furriers help
41 Invites witches or warlocks into community which upsets older gang cults
42 Terrible drunk and encourages servants and courtiers to join in, demands more booze
43 Terrible drug addict wants everything especially lotus resin and tea
44 Enjoys watching animal fights and gambling over outcome
45 Enjoys gladiator battles as a spectator sport
46 Enjoys cross dressing and fancy theatrical costumes, puts on parties or dramas
47 Enjoys latest poems and tries to have best kidnapped as slaves
48 Wants to renovate and redecorate dungeon and improve sewerage
49 Enjoys music and has musician or band on hand constantly
50 Interested in crack pot inventions and charletan therapies, wants dwarf or gnome slave
51 Enjoys bathing in local mud pool or body of water naked
52 Spends time grooming with servants and wants latest hair and make up
53 Spends time on toilet with privy keeper with large tool kit
54 Likes riding and uses slaves or monster or goat if they cant find better
55 Thinks adventurers should marry their servants and join the faction
56 Likes exiting tales and easily distracted by new stories
57 Likes to read and collects whatever possible in dungeon
58 Interested in new weapons and will deal with skilled tradesmen to get latest (guns?)
59 Fascinated by supernatural stories, demonstrations and the dark arts superficially
60 Obsessed by secrets of alchemy and collects occult and lab paraphernalia 
61 Likes to poison and drug others for fun and power
62 Enjoys fires and watching victims be burned for fun
63 Likes watching others fall to death
64 Likes to bathe in in youth blood, a old family recipe, but tricky to get
65 Still has not consummated relationship with sex and torments frustrated partner
66 Loves elderly relatives visiting constantly
67 Collects teeth and interested in amateur dentistry
68 Likes tatoos and tries to keep a artist on hand, craze spreading around dungeon
69 Interested in Astrology keeps scrolls and always consulting crack pots
70 Enjoys fabric craft including weaving, clothes making, tapestries and knitting
71 Keeps small fluffy pets and treats them like little royals at expense of people
72 Is unable to breed with partner and trying to find any experts for treatment
73 Partner is infertile and blames previous lovers, so looking for eligible surrogates
74 Likes to play cruel games with slaves like kobold crochet, dwarf throwing, etc
75 Likes to explore and make maps of territory and beyond
76 Enjoys trading and a cunning business person
77 Enjoys keeping a jester slave and always looking for a new one to torment 
78 Incredibly lazy, carried everywhere and goes to toilet with at least 2 servants
79 Keeps a sex golem in a trunk
80 Actually always wears a gender changing magic girdle 
81 Enjoys fine crafted furniture and keeps several carpenters busy
82 Keeps a menagerie of dungeon creatures as pets
83 Enjoys disease and wallowing in filth of dungeon
84 Necro fetishist keeps a priest or necromancer on payroll and zombie sex slaves
85 Collects magic items and has several cantrip wands and domestic magic items
86 Desperately wants to visit big city and longs to live these as a somebody
87 Wants a more competent partner so has eyes out
88 Caries a virulent disease sterilizing the whole tribe
89 Desperately wants a pet halfling or gnome or elf
90 Likes playing pinata with hung corpses and a rod, laughs when they burst
91 Is actually a doppelganger
92 Is actually a lycanthrope of some kind
93 Is actually polymorphed from true form by a wizard
94 Is actually a succubi
95 Is related to a hag or witch
96 Has several magic scrolls for summoning
97 Is favored by a malignant deity
98 Spent several years in a dragon or other monsters lair as hostage
99 Receives messages from a dark power by magical meals like a dream or bird
100 Comes from a lucky divine bloodline who the gods love

Thursday 17 November 2016

d100 Chaos Goats

Chaos goats are roaming the country side, ruining fences, turning milk sour, bleating at night and leading demonic rites. Killing a chaos goat earns you fame and fortune. Why are you not already after them?

Typically a goat menaces one village or rural region often being named after it. Talmford Tentacled Chaos Goat or the Morris Scorpion Goat. Chaos goats in every village might be a good campagn hhook, the goats can get stronger and characters can boast about being the Slayers of the Owl-Goat of Samly Green.

Typical Goat AC17 HD1 Att 1 Butt d6
Large Billygoat AC6 HD2 Att 1 Butt 2d4
Giant Goat AC15 HD 4 Att butt 2D6 and 2x d6 hooves
Behemoth Goat AC14 HD 8 Att butt 3D6 and 2x d8 hooves
Titan Goat AC 20 HD 18 Att butt 4d6 and 2x 2d6 hooves

Magic goats generally can cast 1 zero level cantrip per level
Chaos goats like nasty ones for tricks

Really about making chaos goats a relative challenge for your party of any level

Named goats are on their way to becoming demons

You could mix goats to create improved chaos goats or roll extra powers on bigger ones

Chaos Billy Goats tend to be more into hunting victims and being terrotorial

A Chaos Doe or Nanny are more interested in reproducing from a lair

Chaos goats are usually part of a concentrated chaos insurgence and are the most obvious sign of something being wrong in area. If you leave it too long there will be bubbling chaos gates releasing demons and undead.

d12 What dastardly deed has the Goat most recently performed?
1 Eaten villager d4 1=elderly 2=child 3=farmer 4=militia man
2 Spawning evil, has several dangerous young
3 Marking horrible scents on territory
4 Chewing laundry and fences
5 Contaminating livestock with chaos
6 Dancing on rooftops of village houses by night
7 Drive away tinkers and traders
8 Raiding with d4 1=cultists 2=monsters 3=humanoids 4=evil offspring
9 Eating best vegetables and garden herbs
10 Kill dogs and cats and farm animals
11 Contaminating water supply
12 Shitting horrible magical dung everywhere

d12 Chaos Goat Missions
1 Contaminate area with chaos
2 Break down law and trade over a area
3 Torment common folk
3 Drive out religion and order
4 Rally a chaos mob to form
5 Make area a wasteland
6 Show the majesty of chaos
7 Damage food production of area
8 Aid a chaos cult
9 Assist in the erection of a chaos monolith
10 Find a worthy mount to serve chaos
11 Annoy and pester local folk but don't kill them
12 Locate a lair to breed chaos monsters

d12 Magical Dung
1 Heals a d4 per day per application
2 Slows poison if used as poultice or eaten
3 Burn like charcoal for 24 hours if used as fuel
4 Can be moulded, dries as hard as stone like modeling clay for stone tools
5 If eaten acts as a detect magic cantrip, magic stuff bathed in rainbows, tastes bad
6 Glows weirdly for a d6 hours, if put on a stick can use as a light source
7 Burns with 1pt acid damage anything touched for 24 hours
8 Dung smolders, burns and spits for 24 hours giving off burning sulfur burns
9 Dung produces nausea to anything failing save in 10' feet, smells foul within 3"
10 Dung leaves bubbling black ash that 1% of time calls a lesser demon after 1 hour
11 Shimmers like gold coins but if touched explodes for 2d6 damage 1" radius
12 If eaten inflicts eater with minor mutation, tastes horrible

d12 Common Extra Chaos Goat Powers
1 Serial Immortality - will be reborn if killed and soul not destroyed
2 Explodes on death 3d6 fireball damage to those in 2" radius 
3 Spider climb - can walk on walls and ceilings
4 Hybridise with anything even rocks
Extremely fertile has a litter of 2d4 each month
6 Can jump one mile once per HD per day
7 Can eat anything from poison to metal or fire
8 Can plane shift to chaos plane or back once per week at will
9 Constantly mutating roll every round a different mutation
10 Regenerate one HP per round unless fire or acid
11 Immune to non magic weapons, iron inflicts half damage
12 Rises in a new undead form next full moon

d12 Chaos Goat Followers
optional per goat but typically one roll per 2 HD
1 Bandit turned to chaos, loots for the goat's interests
2 Farmer turned cultist often with a pitchfork, acts as servant
3 Hunter turned into a chaos cultist, acts as a scout
4 Chaos priest following the goat as a saint
5 Chaos Templar come to aid the goat from a demonic castle
6 Chaos Sorcerer interested in goats magic power and effluent 
7 A d4 kobolds with little goat heads and horns
8 Goat man warrior and chaos goat bodyguards (possible mate)
9 Two goblins who worship the goat and forage for tasty treats
10 A Hobgoblin warrior in plate with halberd and crossbow bodyguard
11 A lesser chaos goat or a mutant possibly offspring or mate of goat
12 A lesser demon possibly a quasit with a miniature goat form

d100 Chaos Goats
01 The Sea Goat is fish from the waist down and likes to foul lines and nets
02 The Owl Goat has a goat horned owl head on a huge goat body, preys on night travellers
03 Two Headed Tentacled Goat can breath fire bolts and likes to burn haystacks and shacks
04 The Goat Bat has huge bat wings and flies by night breaking roofs and scaring people
05 The Displacer goat is black with 2 tentacles d6 attacks and displacement feild 
06 The Golden Chaos goat is beautiful beyond compare casts Charm Person 3/day
07 Siri the Dark Mother Goat births mutant goblin spawn who worship and defend her
08 The Acid Goat is a viscous she goat who shoots 2 acid arrows per round from her udder
09 The Burning Goat, a horrible fire goat, all in 10' radius takes d4, +d4 on all melee attacks
10 The Green Goat can birth vege pygmies and cannot be harmed by plants or wood 

11 The Iron Goat magnetically snatches metal weapons from hands and is immune to metal
12 The Smoking goat emits choking fumes, leaves sooty trails, immune to ranged weapons

13 The Stone Goat has AC20 and takes 2 off every dice of damage recieved
14 The Troll Goat is made from rubbery chaos troll flesh regenerating 3 HP/round
15 Spider Goat can shoot 2 web strands from her udders that entangle like web spell
16 Vapour Goat can assume gaseous form at will and can summon a bat swarm per day
17 Slime Goat has a green slime colony growing on it without harm
18 The Ice Goat radiates d6 cold damage per round within 1", freezes over ponds 
19 Ghost Goat is AC 20 and requires magic to hit, each butt attack drains d4 INT points
20 Lord of the Abyss Goat radiates fear within 1" from repulsive oozing raw flesh
21 The Swamp Goat breathes and moves in water as surface, and has a lamprey tail
22 The Night Goat is invisible in darkness and sees like a bat, she likes to scare people
23 The Ghoul Goat is a rotting flesh monster that paralyzes as a ghoul on touch
24 The Harpy Goat has crow wings and can shoot disease causing feces from above
25 The Brain Goat has paralyzing tentacles and can suck brains from helpless victims
26 The Worm Goat is a mass of goat shaped worms who can spit out a rot grub each round 
27 The Scorpion Goat has two pincers growing from sides and a stinger tail
28 The Kraken Goat has eight small d3 tentacles and two oar like d6 tentacles, also breathes water 
29 The Goat Turtle can breathe water and has a AC20 Plastron shell
30 Krono Goat can increase or decrease the age of any target butted a d6 years at a time
31 Screaming Goat causes d4 damage to life in 1" and once a day can wail like a banshee
32 The Invisible Goat likes to surprise butt victims especially ones using tools
33 The Flensed Goat has shredded skin that acts as six d4 tentacles and drips blood
34 The Wounded Goat inflicts wounds that cannot be healed unless remove curse cast
35 The Star Goat is a levitating pulsating mass of loose flesh with four extra d4 claw attaks
36 The Fishing Goat can extend tongue 40 feet and strangles victims through chimneys
37 The Dream Goat can attack a victim from their dreams killing them as they sleep
38 The Honeyed Goat is dripping with honey, attackers must save each round to hit goat, it can also summon a bee swarm
39 The Shaggy Goat, covered in green spines, can fire 6x d6 shots and breathe 2d6 fire 3" 
40 The Unkillable Goat is restored to life 1 round after death, 1HD less version until zero
41 The Blade Goat has mail hide and sword blades sticking from body +d6 melee damage
42 The Sky goat is a legless sack of gas with a goat head, its smoke trail is sleep gas
43 The Mind Goat can levitate at will and create 4 glowing d8 melee weapons to aid it
44 Astro Goat is a metallic chrome goat that soars through space AC0, immune to heat or cold, can fly and survive in space
45 The Ooze goat is made from grey ooze slime but more mobile 
46 The Chain goat is raw meat wrapped in chains, has a d4 extra d4 attacks each round 
47 The Plague Goat shoots two bolts of infected puss from her udders
48 The Steam Goat is semi vapour floating form +4AC and can breath 2d6 steam 3"
49 The Stirge Goat Can give birth to a Stirge per round in battle, has 2d6 with her at start
50 The Rotgut Goat, if wounded attacker takes d6 acid damage, can spit a acid arrow/round
51 Ooron the Foul is a slimy goat who can shoot stinking musk from his buttocks
52 Xoran the Magnificent has confusing gaze from flashing eyes and many sharp horns
53 Rarikah the Spur of Chaos has a additional d12 huge horn and can spit a arrow/round
54 Minmah the Glittering Goat has purple metalic skin AC20 and is immune to spells
55 Horiokorn the Wizard Goat can cast spell from a devoured wizard once, hold 1spell/HD
56 Belshabaroth the Horror, can swollow a human whole once in a fight 1HP/round
57 Kionastrom the Demon Goat, can blink in battle and fire burning hands spell every round 
58 Zorrannong the Scarlet Steed, mount of a demon lord who will restore it to life
59 Khaneroth the Deep Dark One can summon a demon 5% per round, immune to spells
60 Boralg Dunlips nanny to quasits always has a few around her, all quasits hate her slayer
61 Urulf Klegstran can call a lesser demon to ride him on his raids each night
62 Zorruz Zar can summon a fly swarm once a battle and can call a fly demon once a week
63 Shumwaarg a huge blubbering idiot goat regenerates 1HP/round and always hungry
64 Aliew Three Leg has a mechanical leg and can spit a crossbow bolt each round
65 Marizah the Witch Goat can cast Spells as a Druid, Level=HD 
66 Gorgar the Magic Eater absorbs spells which heal it d6 per Spell Level
67 Nanny Bloodgorger has a bite attack, if hits sucks a d6 blood per round
68 Nanyarg Druul, the goat of the Monolith drags sacrificial victims off to call his dark god
69 Siadadran the Foul Goat leaves trails of diseased phlegm from his bum
70 Goleg Grimgoat is a huge stone hide goat who praises chaos while attacking
71 Trumnarg the Terrible has huge tusks and keeps growing till mammoth size
72 Tsarmamgaron the Destroyer can shoot a 3d6 fireball per round and resistant to fire
73 Kornang the Defiler has crystal horns that shoot two magic missiles a round
74 Manungardgi the Eater, if it dines on a human heals all damage
75 Huranamanra the oozer is half goat and half giant slug, can spit a acid arrow every round
76 Annak the Barren sterilizes foes who fail CON save if butted, urine kills plants
77 Denran the Appalling has a d4 Quasit aids and can dimension door at will 
78 Farnenra the Jet Goat has shiny black skin AC20 and horns drip +d4 acid
79 Eelaran the Long Necked can extend neck up to 30' and can bend around corners
80 Hurnag the Silent is a AC 20 stone bat winged flying goat who pretends to be a statue
81 Oraznirjan the Obliterator is a cyclops goat who can fire a 2d6 ray from eye with 8" range
82 Zanthroz the Belligerent is a hairy goat with a shifting hue and a d6 illusionary duplicates
83 Canthorin a orange muscular beseker chaos goat with a huge bristling beard
84 Alaxiar the Putrescent a glowing blue phlegm coloured goat spits diseased mucous
85 Illgaxx the Glass Goat is a transparent goat that can fire a rainbow sleep ray per round
86 Orinthran the Night Beast has a squid face 4x d4 tentacles, slimy skin and batwings
87 Stallaran the Silent Feeder can turn invisible 3 times a day and can drink blood from sleeping or unconscious victims  
88 Barranbaribor the Appalling, scream causes fear with 3", gaseous form at will 
89 Voritac the Centipede Goat has 30 1HD segments, shrinks as segment killed  
90 Xoriad the Deplorable can curse once a round to change victims alignment
91 Zordanix the Iron Eater has a touch like a rust monster and eats remains
92 Caleoban the Elemental Goat can summon a 8HD elemental once a day
93 Norodar the Eternal is reborn every full moon with different mutations and colour
94 Voorandar the Snake Goat has scaly skin, a snake for a tail and a poison bite
95 Aleozax the Incomparable constantly changes colour and form and powers 
96 Zorga the Incomprehensible is a huge cloud of poison goat shaped neon gas 
97 Jerezan the Corpulent is a legless bloated oozing goat with an extra 10HD
98 Cherulon the Mad radiates fear 1" and can curse a victim with madness
99 Srilon the Gormless radiates confusion 3" and is a drooling idiot
100 Zedira the Great Chaos Goat breathes fire as a dragon of similar HD