Saturday 2 March 2019

d100 Things Elves Dislike

Some elfy articles of Elfin is a awesome short story collection by Sylvia Townsend Warner
Elves dislike lots of things so here is a table for things your elf hates most. Act like minor phobias for nuerotic elves to complain about. Perhaps a d6 per elf or one per level. As they age elves get more fussy and obnoxious?

Dislike means a aversion to it greater than most people. They can touch or interact with them but they wince and have limits and looked pained. Some dislikes might grow into phobias or stronger aversions with some elves. Continual exposure might make elves move or do something desperate. Some elves might just destroy what vexes them. Some of these things irritate the membranes between dimensions that elves need to feel connected to fairy land. Otherworldly elves not born in the mortal world might be more likely to react badly to these stimuli.

d100 Things Elves dislike
01 Iron filings 
02 Beer 
03 Blood
04 Feces
05 Vomit
06 Burned meat
07 Bad wine
08 Drunks 
09 Touching the dead
10 Worms or maggots
11 Scent of goblinoids
12 Scent of dwarfs
13 Scent of orcs  
14 Scent of humans
15 Body hair
16 Old people
17 Scent of dogs
18 Wormwood
19 Screaming cats
20 Foxglove
21 Yapping dogs
22 Geese screams
23 Rooster crows
24 Babies screams
25 Crying children
26 Iron Bells
27 Sounds of gunpowder
28 Unwashed hands touching them
29 Folk music
30 Swearing
31 Bad hair
32 Folk art
33 Functional only craft
34 Inside out clothes
35 Unkempt clothing
36 Bland food
37 Spicy food
38 Scars
39 Holy symbols
40 Infected wounds
41 Acne or skin blemishes
42 Crooked teeth
43 Dirty hands or fingernails
44 Gaudy jewelry
45 Tasteless fashion
46 Unrealistic paintings
47 Lard or animal fat
48 Flies 
49 Food cooked in iron pots
50 Sweat
51 Rotten fish or meat or carrion

52 Tallow candles
53 Temple or town bells
54 Gunpowder
55 Smoke
56 Dirt
57 Soot
58 Baby rattles
59 Dolls, corn dollies or clay or cloth
60 Flutes or whistles
61 Fiddles or violins
62 Accordions or harmonicas
63 Nails
64 Magnets
65 Natural flowing streams
66 Artificial magic beings like golems
67 Cruelty to animals or children
68 Sickness
69 Afterbirth
70 Knots in string or ropes for no good reason
71 Lame animals

72 Ugly people
73 Violence
74 Angry people
75 Loud noises
76 Cutting down trees 
77 Greed
78 Jealousy
79 Sloth
80 Mad people
81 Village idiots
82 Pubic hair
83 Iron horseshoes
84 Snot or nose pickers
85 Belching
86 Farting
87 Coarse clothing
88 Anyone who bathes less than once a week
89 Crude craftsmanship
90 Clocks
91 Eating noisily
92 Talking while eating

93 Eating with mouth open
94 Eating with hands
95 Any machine with cogs or gears or pulleys

96 Woodcutters
97 Not thanking animals you eat
98 Goblinoids
99 Giant spiders
100 Mortal beings decaying and aging before your eyes

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  1. Haha some great ones on here. Lard and animal fat, unwashed hands touching them, accordians, unrealistic paintings. I'd like to play a miserable elf that dislikes all of these.


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