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Wizard Towers and Tainted Settlements

So In my village and city generators there are evil cities and villages and towns. These are tainted by remnants of the various pre human empires when monsters ruled the world and the first human civilization the age of necromancer kings. So there are many settlements tainted by the past ages of evil. Barbarians especially hate them and destroy many, following from how they ended those former empires of black magic. Those that survive are well defended often by magic or natural features.

So firstly a repeat the cult table handy for random settlements from evil.
Then a table of evil features for such settlements,
Then A bunch of stuff for wizard towers.

d4 Main Evil Building Type
1 Wizards Tower - home to a wizard and his students
2 Evil Ziggurat - great ancient temple of a evil god with priests
3-4 Warlords Keep - ruined fortress of the monster empire or necromancer kings

d20 Settlement Cults
1 Arachnid Cult of the nefarious Spider folk
2 Amphibian Cult of the croaking Frog folk
3 Ichthyoid Cult of the underwater Fish folk
4 Reptilian Cult of the cosmic Serpent
5 Cephalapod Cult of the vile Squid folk
6 Carrion Cult of the fiendish Vulture folk
7 Chiroptera Cult of the horrible Bat folk8 Cult of the Worm, the fallen underworld god
9 Cult of the Insect, the million god, the great swarm
10-11 Elemental Cults
12 Giant Cults the enemies of the gods
13-14 Dragon Cults, the Dragon Templars
15 Demons Cults
16 Devil Cults
17 Cult of famous monster lord or necromancer King
18 Wizard cult often feigning religion or a secret society
19 Wizards school occupies the temple
20 Warlord personality cult or prophet fanatic

d20 Features of Evil Settlements
1 Gladiator fighting pits
2 Monster breeding pits
3 Cages of prisoners exposed to the elements
4 Sacrificial altar covered in gore
5 Flailed human skins nailed to walls
6 Ash covered podium for burning victims alive
7 Prisoners chained to walls or stock 
8 Huge symbol on plaza for public summoning
9 Gibbets or nooses with rotting corpses
10 Huge piles of skulls and bones 
11 Vultures, jackals or hyenas on the street
12 Walls painted in blood
13 Dungeon complex with entrances in street
14 Chained slave and auction post
15 Public torture park with stocks and torture machines
16 Harem of rulers lovers and courtesans 
17 Evil relic kept by ruler safe from enemies that grants them powers 
18 Sadistic prison holding captives of the ruler
19 Crumbling ancient monument
20 Ancients ruined citadel from a wicked age of magic

d10 Evil building materials1 Used evil clay tablets from black magic library as bricks
2 Using sections or walls from older structure with engraved art and text
3 Stones recycled from ancient monuments
4 Bricks dug up in a brick mine from ancient city
5 Black basalt blocks
6 Limestone blocks covered in calcium secretions
7 Black and gre or red or green marble
8 Plastered and painted with art over rough stone wall
9 Crudely built from irregular cyclopean stones
10 Volcanic back stones some cast in mould

d20 Evil Natural Features

1 Bubbling sulfurous pools and chemical deposits
2 Bubbling hot spring with mineral formations and steam vents
3 Vent of gas from the underworld d4 1=stinking cloud 2=death 3=visions 4=sleep
4 Lava pool good for sacrifice, execution, smelting and waste disposal
5 Dark well with Whirlpool to some underland or world
6 Dark well lair of some horible aquatic cave thing
7 Access to a underground river and cave network for travel
8 Access to underland realm with lost peoples and strange creatures
9 Mushroom cavern with albino giants and monsters and goblinoids and faeries
11 Mutant garden with bubbling portal to the realms of chaos
16 Sinkhole into gardens and ruined ancient shrine
17 Sinkhole into prehistoric cave temple
18 Tar pit with remains of ancient monsters and bitumin and oil deposits
19 Burning natural gas deposit
20 Salt lake seasonally dries in summer a stinking marsh in winter

d10 Extra Evil Defences

1 Cursed by undead, any killed near by arise as undead
2 Eldritch barrier of magic can be activated by boss
3 Surrounded by terrible weather
4 Enemies cross border all cursed with -4 to d4 1=hit 2=morale 3=HP 4=AC
5 Great unatural Aurora
6 Great Spirit or Demon lives underneath
Great monster lair d4 1=Sphynx 2=dragon 3=elemental 4=undead tomb
Great guardian golem or colossus or juggernaut
9 Ruined statues awaken as golems in times of peril
10 A phantom army of spectral minions can be called to aid by the boss

Inside a Wizard Tower
d3 Cellars
d3 Ground Floor Features
2d4+1 Middle Rooms
1 Crown Feature

d10 Wizard Cellar 

1 Cellar with junk and equipment and posibly some magic junk and valuables
2 Cellar with emergency stores for seigh including ammo and food and water
3 Monster murder maze guarding secret hiding place
4 Monster breeding pits
5 Horrific torture lab used to make d4 1=beastmen 2=chimera 3=shoggoths 4=orcs
6 Summoning pit attuned to another world or single entity
7 Prison & torture chamber
8 Black powder and alchemist supplies vault
Secret passage of hidden realm of the ancient ones
10 Undead crypt where the wizards true master dwells, a necromancer king
11 Boiler room with mutant servants lair
12 Alchemical glss apparatus making a new life form
13 Cells of failed experimental monsters used for new experiments or toys
14 Shrine to a great underworld power of darkness or one of the old monster kings
15 Bound demon entrapped in circle feeding the wizard more power
16 Crystal grotto with magical beings imprisoned inside
17 Bubbling springs cave grotto
18 Pool of protoplasm forming creatures and biomechanical structures
19 Pit of living darkness
20 Magical viewing pool

d10 Ground Floor Features 
1 Stables with pets and livestock, 1in4 with a chariot
2 Kitchen and servant dining area
3 Store room
3 Armoury
4 Smithy
5 Fighting pit
6 Prisoners hanging from cages
7 Guard area
8 Guardian monster on chain
9 Magical trap
10 Magical demon or spirit guardian

d20 Middle Floors

1 Alchemy research and potions lab
2 Apprentice dormitory
3 Wizards bedroom
4 Ornate dining room
5 Library
6 Summoning chamber
7 Vivisection lab with cells
8 Consort's boudoir 
9 Teleportation chamber
10 Magical laboratory
11 Shrine chamber with idold of gods, spirits, wizards and demons
12 Museum with mummy case, stuffed crocodile and other oddities
13 Dimensional gate chamber
14 Scriptorium with copy clerk stands
15 Art gallery and studio with paintings and sculpture, 1in4 with magic painting
16 Music room with many instruments
17 Games room with board games, cards, darts, chess, miniatures 
18 Magic mirror chamber
19 Familiars play room and classroom
20 Lounge with big fire, chair, pipe rack and hyperborean brandy

d10 Top Floor Crowning Feature

1 Observatory
2 Balcony with telescope
3 Ornithopter or balloon bay
4 Terrible burning ray sun crystal
5 Magical rainbow bridge carry you far away one way
6 Sacrificial shrine
7 Nest of horrific flying monster d4
8 Colony of animals d4 1=flying apes 2=bird men 3= 4=
9 Precision archer station
10 Bathing pool and luxury garden

d10 Evil master of Wizard Tower or Ziggurat

1 Master replaced with magical shapeshifter
2 Master enthralled by planar creature
3 Master is vassal of greater wizard
4 Master of a particular school 
5 Master is a lich or other undead
6 Master is mad with power
7 Master lusts after carnal love
8 Master wants power and to be feared
9 Master ihas another character class
10 Master is immortal or long lives

d10 Evil Ziggurat Features
1 Great ever burning fire elemental portal
2 Great fountain water elemental portal
3 Ornate archway air elemental portal
4 Garden and tree elemental earth portal
5 Demonic portal chamber
6 Shrine with sacred bed chamber
7 Sacrificial altar with waterfall of blood
8 Covered in fungus and giant missiles
9 Sunken with bricks turning to mud, flowing water and reeds on steps
10 Nest of flying monsters

d10 Master of the Warlords Fortress
1 Actually boss is shape shiftier
2 Sphynx, lamia, medusa or demon really in command
3 Bandits scum who occupied the ruined fort
4 Evil templar priest or knight serving a cult
5 Has a wizard adviser sent as agent by archmage
6 Has champion that rides some great beast
7 Master is undead servant of ancient necromancer
8 Master has extra character class
9 Has a evil priest adviser from a evil cult
10 Has supernatural pet, mount or guardian

d10 Warlord Fortress Features
1 Sprawling dungeon complex barley explored by occupants
2 Siege artillery weapons such as boiling tar, catapaults and bolt throwers
3 Sprawling cruel prison full of moaning inmates
4 Ancient necropolis haunted by undead
5 Crumbling galleries of ancient tablets of dark lore
6 Dangerous monsters in ruins d4 1=carrion worm 2=striges 3=giant lizard 4=giant rats
7 Evil monolith advises and aid leader with telepathy
8 Colony of beastmen from ancient prehuman empire
9 Ancient statues and monoliths of forgotten evil gods and demons
10 Crack in the earth leading to lost subterranean kingdom


  1. Love your wizard tower feature table, so straightforward but it makes so much sense.


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