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d100 Unpleasant Masters & Life Events for Fighters

Fighters get to grow up with unpleasant early careers it training too.
Why not roll three times to triple your fun (or trauma)

When your DM asks for your 6 page background you can use this to develop a wrist slitting tale of woe and suffering so nobody ever asks again. The cleric one probably the nicest one so far. I assume in a magical world lawful good priests celibate would be less likely to be abusive and magic could expose them. Remember successful happy people probably don't risk lives killing monsters in holes for money. Probably don't use in Dragonlance.

d100 Unpleasant Life Events for Fighters
01 After years gleaning for loot from bloody battlefields you got to be a warriors servant
02 Family were murdered and you became a servant of the warriors who killed them
03 Was a slave in gladiator fighting pits and managed to survive to earn your freedom
04 Your elderly master would drunkenly beat you till they died from organ failure
05 Grew up dragging corpses from fighting pits and checking they were not faking death
06 Grew up slitting throats and robbing dead until a mercenary adopted you as a servant
07 Worked as a lantern bearer for militia night shift until you were old enough to join
08 Worked helping masters press gang lure victims into alley to be kidnapped
09 Kidnapped and worked as cabin boy on a fighting ship 
10 Master set warhounds on you for a laugh when drunk, still carry scars
11 Master made you finish off wounded prisoners at a young age to toughen you up
12 Master made you fight street urchins and beat you if you ran away or gave up
13 Master would throw you over walls at night to open gates for attackers
14 Master made you explore holes to see if any had danger or monsters
15 Master threatened to shoot you out of a cannon or catapault if you cried
16 Had to kill childhood friends who were on opposing mercenary force
17 Master made you drink and smoke as soon as you could stand up for a laugh
18 Master killed one of the other kids you grew up with who dared argue
19 While gleaning a battlefield in a burned village you recognised the dead as your kin
20 Master killed your mother in a drunken rage and threw her corpse in a river
21 Master made you spy on towns before attacks for several days
22 Master taught you how to poison wells and throw dead animals in enemy water supplies
23 Caught in a siege which broke when plague broke out, awoke in pit of corpses after fever
24 Master was afraid of ghosts so made you go first anywhere spooky or with the dead 
25 Trapped in a siege, ate rats and human flesh and sawdust to survive winter
26 Master was murder hobo who made you watch camp while they went on dungeon crawl
27 Master made you watch prisoners and beat troublesome ones who talked back
28 Made friend but discovered you had been on opposite sides and had to kill them
29 Your master left you to die on a battlefield but you survived somehow without friends
30 Captured by orcs who mistreated you to make you a proper orc like them
31 Master ordered you to burn a house of villagers, an old woman in flames cursed you all
32 Captured by enemies, you were spared for being young while friends were all hung
33 Your mercenary company were destroyed by a wizard and you survived by luck
34 You were horribly maimed in battle but a priest found you and nursed you to health
35 Master threw you in a well when your injuries seemed too great to care for
36 After a battle left you crippled you begged on streets till a priest healed you
37 Raised by bandits until they were hung and you managed to join mercenary guild
38 One day your real father, a mercenary took you from your mother to serve them
39 Your master ran away with company payroll abandoning you with them
40 Your master was diseased, becoming more hideous and insane and you left them
41 Your master was bitten by rabid dogs and they became more violent and you killed them
42 After years of beatings you killed your master, took their stuff and fed the body to pigs
43 Master received head wound and you cared for them for months till they died
44 Drunken master would try and abuse servants but was too drunk to catch you 
45 Master insisted you get tattoos signifying you as the company mascot 
46 Got to beat a drum right in front of marching army and lived (unlike your peers)
47 Made to serve mercenaries at cam and ate and drank all you could steal
48 Master would make you fight kobolds in a pit as a child and bet against you mostly
49 Master boasted to friends you could take more beatings than rivals servants
50 Master dangled you over pits of captive monsters for a laugh till you cried
51 Master would throw you in the latrine pit if they didn't like their dinner

52 Master insisted you steal your own food from other youths by stealth or violence
53 Drunken parent used to get drunk and fights with militia until the were killed
54 Master would urinate on you if you slept in late and laugh at you on campagns
55 Master made you hide money stolen from mercenary company loot
56 Master would beat you daily and torment youths until you killed them
57 Master had you manage animal fights (dog, cock, horse) for them for a quick coin
58 Master had you render villager corpses into fat then used to burn down a town
59 Master had you find prostitutes for them constantly until several disapeared
60 Master was maimed and cranky and you nursed them for several years until they died
61 Master tried to marry you off to a ugly bastard with family connections
62 Various masters and merc companies sold and traded you when you were young
63 You went to sleep on guard duty and all your peers were murdered and you ran away
64 As a youth you were taken to an island jungle to pillage natives gold
65 As a youth you were taken to fight in a holy war to massacre foreign cults
66 Your master served a tyrannical despot and you had to flee or become a murderer
67 Your company of mercenaries wiped out all the bandits and rebels in a region
68 Fighters guild leased you to train noble brats in self defence
69 Master found a cursed sword and killed your friends and you had to flee
70 Master died in a dungeon but came back as a undead fiend and you fled
71 Master became a lycanthrope and killed everyone you knew then fled to the wood

72 Master robbed a priest and stole church funds and abandoned you to take blame 
73 Fought a battle where an ancient race was finally exterminated forever
74 Went on a children's crusade led by a martyr, most killed or enslaved
75 Worked for slavers escorting captives to markets until they went bankrupt
76 Worked on merchant caravan to distant lands until the merchants retired
77 Served as a wizards guard until a summoning went wrong and tower destroyed
78 Served a foreign king until but had to flee special duties they had in mind for you 
79 Noble you guarded was assassinated and you had to flee or be hung by clan
80 Spent years growing up around a siege until the town was finally destroyed
81 Worked with inquisitors mopping up cultists and witched and other religions in a region
82 After serving several sides of a civil war both sides want you dead
83 Master killed a noble and escaped and you barley got away with your life
84 Master was a bounty hunter and criminals everywhere hated them till they were killed
85 Sent to colonies and rounded up natives for slaves but most died of disease
86 Master deliberately stranded your company in foreign jungle to steal gold off natives
87 Master was a terrible racist slave keeper who belonged to a extremist cult
88 Master turned out to belong to a cult and was burned, thankfully you knew nothing
89 Master turned out to be a serial killer and used you as an alibi and ignorant dupe
90 Master secret cannibal after long siege and became more inhuman then vanished
91 Master tried to trick you into selling soul to a devil cult so you ran away
92 Master and friends in degenerate club killed after they took over a city suburb

93 Master tried to recruit you into a witch coven but you fled and they were burned alive
94 Master died horribly from disease and wounds and you claimed their goods after death
95 Master was promoted and tried to sell you to a cruel master so you fled

96 Master used to make money as a duelist but was killed leaving you in poverty
97 When drunken gambling master in debt died the mob claimed you belonged to them
98 Master's skin began peeling off and smelling of fish, vanished from the docks one night
99 Master joined a strange fighting guild that was a cult and you had to flee
100 Ran away the night you awoke to drunken master groping you in bed

Thursday 28 June 2018

d100 Things that Happened Growing Up in the Thieves Guild

d100 Things that Happened Growing up in the Thieves Guild
01 Master would beat you daily, twice if you did anything wrong
02 Master had you on streets begging and picking pockets for years
03 Master would make you climb in chimneys to let thieves inside houses
04 Master would sell you as slave then you would let in thieves
05 Master would set dog on you to train it to be viscious
06 Master made you enter houses through sewer pipes then let gang in
07 Master would stick you in house windows to rob them
08 Master rented you out to old rich perverts so you could rob them
09 Helped master catch children so he could sell them
10 Helped master catch children so he could steal their clothes 
11 Master had you work in a brothel to learn the trade
12 Master had you find and lure dupes for gang to beat and rob
13 Used to be dropped in sewer to catch rats for masters dinner
14 Used to help master home from pub, help him vomit then get a beating
15 Masters sold you to various gangs and criminal guilds
16 Used as a spy and warned gang members if militia coming
17 Used to deliver drugs to addicts for master
18 Used to work on streets selling snacks and watching shops for gang
19 Used to make fake magic items and holy water to sell in markets
20 Used to copy fake treasure maps or love letters for syndicate scams in sweatshop 
21 Master rented you to work cleaning chimneys to hone your climbing skills
22 Master rented you to work in a mine to train your night sight
23 Master would lower you into pits and sinkholes looking for treasure
24 Master had you hold ten foot pole or torch exploring a dungeon
25 Stayed with gang in a dungeon and got to hang out with young humanoids
26 Lived in cave with robber gang slitting throats of wounded gang victims
27 Master used you in scamming pilgrims by dressing as priest and you as servant 
28 Master kept you in a box or closet when you were not being abused or beaten
29 Master dumped you in street till you found a new one
30 Kidnapped by pirates as a cabin boy for several years
31 Assassin used you to distract victims while they stabbed them
32 Used to help master make fake potions from awful ingrediants
33 Master made you work with gongfarmers to learn about the sewers
34 Made to clean up the gang brothel where patrons constantly tried to rent you
35 Used as inter gang messenger and runner around city
36 Used to serve old mobsters their meals and drinks at drunken functions
37 On the streets as a shoe cleaner and gang spy
38 Master would sell you to evil cult so you could escape and be sold again
39 Used to run gangs of kids to recruit best for adult gangs
40 Used to fight other kid gang and steal from the streets for years
41 Lived under a bridge after your gang killed in a gangwar
42 Ran away from bad master who hunted you for years
43 Used to drug race horses for gang and get beaten when caught by other gangs 
44 Used to deliver coded gang messages and were perused by secret police
45 Spent years in prison serving gang of inmates
46 Caught and sent to penal colony and eventually freed or escaped
47 Used to work theatre audience for gang who doubled as performers
48 Used to infiltrate rich houses for gangs dressed as a servant
49 Used by gang to entrap rich old perverts in nobility to rob and blackmail
50 Worked as messenger but you shared information with gang
51 Used to identify drunken adventurers for gangs to ambush them

52 Used to rob corpses floating in the river and sewers
53 Master would lower you into tombs to rob them and undead sometimes chased you
54 Used to steal pets of rich for blackmail or food if nobody would pay up
55 Used to help a horse thief until they were drawn and quartered
56 Used to help master manage slaves and even helped with the whipping
57 Used to find feckless country youths arriving in the city the gang could exploit
58 Used to rob plague houses under quarentine
59 Used to drug drinks in a pub of sailors so your gang could 
60 Used to steal laundry for gang of criminal washer women and clothes sellers
61 Used to terrorise a market with theft and tricks for a protection racket
62 Worked serving food for gang business and stole lots of food to live
63 Used to work in a drug lab sweatshop mixing cheap stuff with the raw product
64 Helped a grifter use you as a pretend long lost relative then you would rob the house
65 Helped a grifter sell fake religious relics to pilgrims
66 Master made you beg with fake crippling wounds on streets all day
67 Master made you fight other boys for entertainment of gang bosses
68 Master had all they boys you beat in a final skill test murdered for failing
69 Master used you to recruit victims in a fake cult to scam money from desperate losers
70 Master sent you to dump each day picking valuable scraps and food
71 Master made you hold vomit bucket in gang club

72 Master kept you in a basket with kobolds and you thought you were one for a few years
73 Used to catch street dogs and cats and rats for food for whole gang of urchins
74 Used to work with gang of coin clippers until they were all tortured and beheaded 
75 Used to deliver filthy and illegal publications for secret printing press
76 Used to distribute pamphlets spreading cults, vice and revolution banned by law
77 Used to deliver black powder and acid between criminals and illegal alchemists
78 Worked as servant in gang bath house where you slept in off hours
79 Master would lock you in chests as a training method
80 Master used to give you surprise beatings to keep your senses alert
81 Master would throw you down wells to hone your climbing skills
82 Master would use rat traps to teach you pick pocketing skills
83 Master used to beat you to teach you to be pain resistant or something your a bit hazy
84 Master dressed as a priest and sold forgiveness from sin using you as a fake servant
85 Master made you look sick so you could rob healers and priests helping the poor
86 Master would sell you to tradesmen as servant then steal you back to sell again
87 Master would test poison on you at random moments
88 Other gang urchins would abuse you while masters laughed
89 Gang would dress you as plague victim to scare people away from houses they wanted
90 Gang would make you dress as undead to scare people in fake haunting scams
91 Master made you befriend militia to spy on them
92 Master kept you in a dirty pit full of urchins

93 Master had you covered in gang tattoos so everyone knew you owned you
94 Lived on streets in a juve gang for years before got in a decent gang
95 Master locked you in chains which helped your lock picking skills

96 Master made you eavesdrop on prostitutes to hear about crime prospects
97 Used to help gang kidnap apprentices till a wizard killed them all
98 Gang would lock you in a trap filled murder maze to test you for membership
99 Used to take whippings for privileged school children to earn your keep
100 Used to write slanderous political and gang graffiti for hire

Wednesday 27 June 2018

d100 Things my Master did to me at Clerical School

d100 Things my Master did to me at Clerical School

01 Bathed and scrubbed you daily for being a filthy beast
02 Had to sing in choir and was harassed by church elders
03 Made to collect money for the poor in ghettos and slums
04 Was a servant for a horrible elderly priest who needed boils lanced daily
05 Kept in strict religious school with beatings, humiliation and other petty cruelty
06 Care for a holy animal used in rituals and kept from contamination
07 Copied holy books verbatim for years in a church sweatshop
08 Master would beat you for your own good when you made mistakes
09 Had to wash and prepare corpses of the dead for church burials
10 Had to look after the sick in a leper colony or plague hospital
11 Helped master adjudicate church court cases over heretics and witches
12 Helped manage a library of forbidden books but not allowed to ever read them
13 Examined new published works to see if the church should ban them
14 Managed and maintained artworks and relics in a church
15 Compiled lists of missing relics and saint body parts in church records
16 Taught students and new initiates to the faithful
17 Charity mission work helping the poor and needy
18 Visited prisons to convert inmates and comfort the faithful
19 Worked in a sweatshop making holy symbols and trinkets for the faithful
20 Visited the rich seeking money for charitable causes
21 Appointed to comfort and guide a noble youth in the right way to live in the city 
22 Appointed to guard the chastity of young students kept in your care
23 Sent to backwoods village where locals were witches and cultists out to kill you
24 Sent in ghetto of city looking for unclean marks and signs of chaos cults
25 Guarded a holy relic that evil constantly assaulted
26 Joined crusaders in holy war against a rival faith in far off country
27 Worked on a mission to help ex slaves assimilate to society
28 Worked on a mission catching street urchins and educating them in trades
29 Worked for senior church leaders debating which non humans had souls
30 Led a choir of students at a great temple and had to keep them safe
31 Managed a city orphanage and had to protect charges and prevent them from vice
32 Had to maintain a shrine in isolated miserable evil infested region
33 Sent to preach in worst parts of city constantly harassed by criminals and perverts
34 Helped lead mobs of zealots to beat up sinners and degenerates in streets
35 Led moral campaign against degenerate writers and artists unknowingly  
36 Worked in soup kitchen for the poor in a big squalid city
37 Helped plague refugees find treatment, families and accommodation in a big city
38 Organised charity events and performances with awful rich people
39 Worked with city officials on committee to improve sewerage treatment works
40 Helped build a huge temple complex working with architect 
41 Slaved building tiny churches in frontier areas with local workers 
42 Sent to live with silent hermits for years where nobody spoke exposed to elements
43 Sent to advise crusaders sent on mission to foreign land to preach word of faith
44 Sent to exotic foreign land to survey religious practises of heathens
45 Sent on mission to find relics beyond the frontier and were the only survivor
46 Sent on ship and spent years lost on various islands before return home
47 Sent to assist inquisitors hunting werewolves in the frontier regions
48 Examined reports for inquisitors of witches, heretics and demonic cults
49 Managed temple wine cellar for use in rituals and events
50 Aided senior bishops in the privy in hierophants palace
51 Blacked out offence text in new publications for church literary committee

52 Gatekeeper for a celebrate order 
53 Taught at a religious school for privileged brats
54 Served as assistant to exorcist until a demon killed them
55 Worked as curator of church collection of evil relics and books
56 Worked in graveyard supervising rituals and keeping undead out
57 Supervised cleaning cathedral roofing and windows and statues
58 Sent on mission to convert a island cannibal clan for several years
59 Appointed to petty knights household as teacher and adviser 
60 Served as book keeper of church tithes and investments for church treasury
61 Served as a personal scribe of senior church official
62 Sent into ancient church catacombs to copy ancient headstones
63 Sent to wasteland to deface ancient cult engravings with holy symbols
64 Sent to frontier to supervise burning captured
65 Sent to creepy coastal town full of heretics, cultists and criminals
66 Imprisoned in church dungeon due to misunderstanding with inqisition
67 Sent to evaluate hauntings to see if church authorities need to act
68 Assisted magistrate
 as court clerk for petty peasant legal conflicts
69 Looked after mad house in isolated area with limited resources and staff
70 Investigated church corruption but sabotaged constantly by criminal enemies
71 Helped cover up church scandals for investigative comitee

72 Sent to faraway penal colony to serve devoted among criminals
73 Spent years on isolated mountain temple hidden from the world
74 Spent years in a holy cave shrine meditating among the snakes and rats
75 Served in court of corrupt nobility who sent killers after you many times
76 Translated ancient church books into modern language for great temple
77 Supervised construction of a monument and rewarded for finishing early
78 Caught up in church politics, sent to frontier as punishment for choosing wrong side
79 Served on mission to secretly aid bastards of rich nobles and church hierarchy
80 Served as adviser to a royal heir until they became angered by you
81 Served in a country shrine mostly blessing farm animals and performing weddings
82 Worked in great mausoleum with others repairing stonework and maintaining blessings
83 Captured by monsters as sole survivor of mission but converted them over years
84 Served a corrupt petty noble who imprisoned you for years in secret cell
85 Served a divination temple cataloging predictions for future generations
86 Investigated missing bodies in graveyards stolen by necromancers, ghouls and cults
87 Served in isolated garrison on frontier for several dangerous years
88 Looked after shrine in a gold rush shanty town with miners and murder hobos
89 Managed a patrol gathering found dead bodies in city to be taken to burial pit
90 Sent to convert frontier tribe and spent years in constant peril of being eaten
91 Sent to aid front line troops in a horrible war against evil hordes
92 Worked for inquisition recording confessions of captured cultists and chaos priests

93 For good work uncovering church corruption you were sent to tiny island colony for years
94 Spent years working in the bureaucracy of the church chasing paperwork
95 You had job of checking religious art up to church specifications

96 Sent in disguise to various noble courts to route out cults and heretics
97 Sent to document ruins that had signs of evil cults that needed the church to act
98 Sat on interfaith committee in city to resolve disputes and share wisdom on evil sects
99 Worked on school campus as tutor for new clerical acolytes and marking papers
100 Worked in a golem lab making magical statues to defend temples under a high priest

Monday 25 June 2018

d100 Things my Master did to Me at Wizard School

d100 Things my Master did to Me at Wizard School
01 Tested a cantrip to administer beatings with a stick on you
02 Made to scrub floors and do wizard laundry
03 Wizard made you wash and dress and groom them
04 Wizard made you privy keeper to assist them in the toilet, a great homour
05 Wizard let familiar bit you and blamed you
06 Wizards Imp tormented you relentlessly
07 Tested shape shifting spells on you
08 Tested cursed items on you
09 Tested defective potions on you
10 Tested damaging spells on you for research
11 Had to procure the wizards drugs and prostitutes
12 Wizard would experiment and change your gender
13 Had you steal corpses from a graveyard at night
14 Charmed you for months to make you compliant 
15 Enforced celibacy on you with a curse 
16 Constantly recommended you sell your soul for new spells from fell powers
17 Master charmed and changed your form for their pleasure
18 Master let pet monster chase you around a maze
19 Master made you steal feces from the lair of a monster for a recipie20 Master made you deal with cultists and monster in the middle of the night
21 Made you infiltrate and steal a rival schools spell
22 Made you witness them summoning a demon
23 Made you help make a golem
24 Made you witness them make contract with devils
25 Made you aid them conjure elementals
26 Made you lead mercenaries killing and kidnapping strange creatures
27 Made you help cook monsters and taste brave new monster recipies
28 Taste the masters food to prevent enemies poisoning them
29 Wizard has spied on your dreams and knows your secrets
30 Wizard often read you with ESP to learn all your secrets
31 Wizard was actually your parent all along but they wont acknowledge it
32 Wizard made you perform transgression graveyard sex rituals to prove your loyalty
33 Wizard allowed succubi or incubi to torment you as a plaything
34 Wizard would torture you claiming it was essential part of magic
35 Earlier master was a fraud and you wasted a d4 years learning crap or in a cult
36 Wizard made you assist experiments raising the dead 
37 Wizard made you overseer of a secret zombie sweatshop
38 Wizard made you boss around monsters for them in a dungeon for months
39 Wizard rented you to their buddies as a "learning opportunity"
40 Wizard sat watching you in a copy room and beat you with a stick for mistakes
41 Wizard used you as assistant in act for nobles in a humiliating costume 
42 Wizard made you anoint them with unguents when they performed certain rites
43 Wizard made you perform in plays and operas they wrote about themselves
44 Wizard made you go speak to a monster for them in their lair
45 Wizard took you to a dungeon with them to help them trap the place with spells
46 Wizard made you fight to the death with your peers to advance in ranks
47 Older apprentices would humiliate the younger wizards with cruel initiations
48 Wizards pranks killed and injured some students
49 A friend from wizard school was turned into a owlbear and escaped to a dungeon
50 Caught the wizard making love to your parent
51 One day found masters secret collection of apprentice skulls

52 Wizard tested you in a magic murder maze that killed some friends in school
53 Wizard made you fight rival wizard aprentices
54 Wizard cast illusions on you to make you a more attractive plaything
55 Wizard was obsessed with you, considered you property and was patronising
56 Given cheap tuition and favoritism from wizard for being kin, hated by other students
57 Master was living dead and made you witness all kinds of undead horrors
58 Wizard had affair with a sibling or best friend you suspect they were charmed
59 Wizard made you work as scribe and sage for an out of the way nobleman
60 Wizard took you to horrible subterranean realm of horror
61 Wizard took you to another dimension briefly
62 Wizard took you to the outermost parts of hell
63 Wizard took you exploring d4 1=strange lands 2=underwater 3=flying into sky 4=time
64 Wizard would turn you into a monster to scare commoners, sometimes would forget
65 Wizard changed you into strange creatures for breeding experiments
66 Wizard used you as bait to catch monsters
67 Wizard would sent apprentices into battle often by wizards side
68 Wizard made you command orcs fighting rival wizards orcs and a apprentice
69 Your best friend fell in love with you and the master sent them to serve another far away
70 Master sent you to catch dinosaur babies and eggs with drunken old sailors
71 Master made you perform in pub to earn them drinks

72 Had to carry home drunken lecherous master every night for years
73 Master would get dunk and chase apprentices about the house especially in bath
74 Master wanted you to marry their ugly unpopular child for your tuition
75 Master had you resurrected added the cost to your tuition and you owe a d6 x 1000gp
76 Master wanted to send you on trip to the moon with some bizarre apparatus pulled by geese and other schemes
77 Master watched older apprentices beat you up because it was training
78 Master made you feed and clean cages of monsters in menagerie 
79 Master made you wear exotic outfits and stand around them all day
80 Master beat you as claimed was only way to absorb information
81 Master got apprentices to beat each other but then built a machine
82 Master made apprentices live disciplined austere lives for years
83 Had to attend master at seasonal wizard orgies
84 Whipped with live snakes daily
85 Had to share bed with master and aprentices
86 Master turned you into a donkey on market days
87 Master made you operate sexual apparatus for guests
88 Master would turn you into a rabbit at parties and shows
89 Wizard made you clean their open sores daily
90 Wizard would borrow your younger body for functions
91 Wizard would turn you into a horse for travels
92 Wizard made you test new batches of strange and addictive drugs

93 Wizard stole all your research and presented as own at conferences
94 Wizard kept offering back rubs and barging in the bathroom
95 Wizard made you stand naked at summonings during bargains with demons

96 Wizard killed several student peers, was paranoid about spies from rivals
97 Wizard would keep demons in your body and kept you in a cage
98 Wizard practiced experimental surgery on you over the years
99 Wizard made you pose for days for their erotic artworks sometimes with tentacles
100 Wizard use to make you look like them to handle boring conversations 

Sunday 24 June 2018

D100 Post Crash Super Structures

So Im doing a spacebook right now and fixing some gaps in old projects. Funnily enough my space hab wrecks led me into making my Xor fantasy setting. This could be for oldschool sf, metamorphosis alpha, gamma world or my Planet Psychon.

This is about the superstructure in between the urban, habitat or infrastructure models which are more or less slef contained and modular attachments to the superstructure. In a colony ship this might mean the ship is broken up on arrival. Sometimes the structural frame is left in orbit or recycled for other space structures.

Super Structure Is the framework of the ship. Infrastructure modules are the basic components of the ship technology and life support. Urban modules are mostly ultra dense housing for crew but will have common areas and open spaces to make years of living bearable. Many habs are now feral and over run or isolated and cult like. Hab or Habitat Modules are functional ecosystems where humans have copied natural habitats. Some are quite large and constitute the wilderness of the ship. Many have colonies or factions living in them.

A encounter table for this might be good as the super structure is where people travel between modules so has greatest variety of travellers and threats. Modules will have own local mostly d12 tables or several unless a very diverse eco system but even the than most creatures are not dangerous. Normally. I guess a undead Brazilian rain forest might be awful.

Urban Hab Modules
Infrastructure Modules Flesh structures for bioships and alien ecologies on ship
Inhabitants of flesh zone
Factions of post crash ship
Maps and generators
Eco Hab Module
Space Loot

I may end up juggling these with infrastructure modules in final form

d10 Styles of Space Wreck
1 Generation colony ship, lost in space
2 Generation colony ship, arrived somewhere but malfunctioned
3 Generation colony ship, built but never completed exodus
4 Asteroid colony or asteroid hull colony ship
5 Orbital colony, never intended for much travel
6 Fused mass of orbitals and ships cobbled together by survivors
7 Mass of fused ships from hyperspace lost for aeons in the void
8 Orbital colony fitted with drives lost in deep space 
9 Assemblage of space junk, orbitals, ships, asteroids and any found space junk
10 Megastructure colony like a artificial planetoid or ringworld around a mood

Factions are the main groups that live on a space wreck.
Wild animals in habs or some machines are nuetral but can still be hostile or ignore you

The Command System Language

Lawful aligned passengers hope to repair the ship and continue the mission or work on civilizing the ship and maintaining it. They speak the Command System language of the old crew which machines respond to.

The Trade Tongue Language
Nuetral is a guttural trade language developed over centuries by ships traders and wandering shaman and story tellers. The written form is mostly for simple record keeping of time, distance, weight and counting stockpiles. Other than basic number strokes most of the writen form is icons, symbols and graphics from the ancients machines and consoles.

The Sabotage Jammerz Language
Chaos is based on the criminal language of terrorists, hackers, drug dealers, cults and all kinds of black market of goods and services. It is cryptic to avoid being overheard by security or machines good for bribery and covert activity. The first virused machines came to use it and then undead and mutants were observed using it. It has become the language of sabotage, selfishness and evil. The written form is secret marks and gang signs often incorporated in graffiti mostly as warnings.

The Healer Order speak a version of Lawful and they sacrifice their lives helping the common good

The Null Order speak a version of Chaotic and they wish to destroy the ship and all failed lives on board

Other cult or tribal languages exist based on the main three or even a hybrid.

Super Structure Sections are not as big as major modules which can be removed and switched around. Some of the early FTL engines were one way one use only.

d10 Quick Super Structure Sections

01 Storage Section
02 Tech Depot Section
03 Emergency Section
04 Recycling Section
05 Feral habitat
06 Ships Boat Section
07 Crew Sections
08 Synthetic Depots Section
09 Biological Forge Section
10 Ruined Section

Superstructure locations are more likely to not have atmosphere or might have old or tainted air from lack of habitation.

Post Crash Super Structure
01 Warehouse of raw materials in huge cargo containers or drums, 50% of vacuum
02 Warehouse of prefab colony modules and ships ready for assembly  
03 Distribution centre connecting storage and manufacturing, goods sorted for delivery via robots, drones and couriers
04 Warehouse are turned into a huge black market operated by several powerful cartels representing criminal cartels
05 A freezer with mad robots murdering and storing any stray protien
06 Warehouse of robots and robot parts in huge cargo containers
07 Refrigerated storage mostly biological materials and food stuff
08 Crionic freezer with androids, replicants, abhumans and plague carriers awaiting cure
09 Crionic freezer section with livestock and frozen ancient colonists
10 Crionic DNA vault where genetic datas and specimins are stored
11 Small complex of tech labs, micro fabricators, storage, cafeterias and bunks where shifts rest. Often still staffed by clones or robots
12 Technical College with simulators, equipment and synthetic staff
13 Computer Depot staffed by robots serving a AI 
14 Computer Depot staffed by a cult of programmers who divine the computers words
15 Electrical sub station with batteries and back up power plant often sealed away
16 Technician supply depot with accommodation for techs and supplies
17 Robot depot with spare parts, recharging and repair station
18 Microfabricator depot where crew can fabricate parts for repairs
19 Life support depot where supplies for repair of life support systems are based
20 Autofactory for manufacturing large parts or even small ships 
21 Emergency bunker where crew of are can wait out disaster, some inhabited still
22 Life boat section with emergency escape or exodus shuttles
23 Emergency back up crew cryonics station, possibly viable if not eaten 
24 Emergency medical facility for treating severe wounds or contamination
25 Emergency cloning facility where clones can be grown and programmed
26 Damaged emergency bunker over run by undead or mutants or feral tribe
27 Quarantine section sealed during the crash and not entered since
28 Emergency rescue section with small ships and specialist rescue crews used
29 Damage control section where robots and crew treat fires and ship damage from
30 Escape pod banks for VIPs, AI decides who is worthy to use
31 Recycling depot where all kinds of used and damaged items stored in massive junk yard
32 Recycler plant specializing in reprocessing single product into raw materials
33 Organic waste treatment plant for sewerage often put back into life support
34 Food recycling plant processes organic material into foodstuff for distribution
35 Recycling crew station with vehicles and tunnels that collect trash with a crew hab
36 Feral recycling depot has had a ecosystem develop with animals and possible tribals
37 Water reclamation for processing and recycling water with huge tanks
38 Feral water reclamation occupied with living eco system and possible tribals
39 Medical recycling station where bodies are stripped of organs or turned into food or fuel
40 Feral medical station where ghoulish cult sacrifice victims to the machines
41 Amid flooded boilers and pipes a colony of mutants wallowing in warm waters
42 Mad colony of robots and androids avoiding recycling in hiding in structure settlement
43 A temple complex built by a cult in the structure who are mostly hostile to outsiders
44 Area overgrown with plants growing in accidental accumulation of organic waste
45 Area overgrown with mutant fungus forest inhabited by mutants and other life
46 Scrap town built by scavengers as a trading post, full of vice and crime
47 Service crew survivors have built a hidden hab to avoid ferals and mutants and worse
48 Scrap built colony with strong leader, believe they are the chosen people the ship is for
49 Cyborg colony intruded on the ship use as a base to raid and explore ship from
50 Robots have used space to build a small ecology of machines scavenging each other
51 Space shuttle bay with various models d4 1=cargo 2= passenger 3=security 4=vip

52 Drone station for probe and repair drones operated by machines
53 X-Ray Laser Drone Bay or other warhead delivered by long range guided missiles, with crew fanatic military isolationists with a few battlesuits and a warborg
54 Scout ship bay for advanced planetary exploration occupied by tribal scout crew
55 Mining drone bay to hunt and move a asteroid into favorable position for station to be harvested or as weapon system
56 Fuel harvester shuttle to collect from gas giants or rings or moon icecaps
57 Tug ship to move modules and reconfigure ship on rival and construction
58 Defense drone bay where various defensive drones are based operated by short race of technician clones or morlocks in service of a AI god
59 Planetary exodus shuttles with variable cargo or passenger modules operated by ancient flight crew cult
60 Bay with various ships in maintenance bays in dry dock, sometimes alien or cyborg intruder ship has landed here
61 Security section monitoring area with security monks who report all to the computers
62 Life support control substation processing ship life support inter habitat modules
63 Prison hab and cryonic prison cells operated by synthetics or a human cult of an AI
64 Apartment complex hastily built by construction crew to stowaway long ago
65 Long abandoned construction crew quarters haunted by some hidden peoples
66 Transport hub for intra ship tube trains and highways, now run by feral motor gangs and wild robots who seek to recycle other machines for fuel and scrap
67 Criminal habitat built in secret for the mob to operate on the ship and stow away
68 Secret society or cult hidden bunker where they live in secrecy and ignorance
69 Modular housing stowage for operation exodus settlement often occupied by loners
70 Nanobots built a hab here for some faction as a paradise for them
71 Repair robot bays where ship maintenance and engineering bots hibernate between inspection holy days

72 Nano assembly auto factory for heavy industry operated by androids 
73 Brain clone lab for psuedobiological synthetics like androids or brainborgs, they are very protective of brain spawning pools
74 AI Thinktank where AIs are backed up and convene on committees served by robots
75 Virused AI operated android factory where they wage war on ship living passengers
76 Town of wild robots with vice, individualism and free will that frown on meatbags
77 Human faction dowloaded themselves into androids long ago but pretend they are living in secret hab
78 Mad AI has hidden own colony in a bunker by diverting resources and cloned crew
79 Rebel robots built a simulacra of human town but with robots living the high life
80 Defence Sythetics Depot where secbots and warbots defended ship from hostile intrusion like a ships immune system ruled by AI
81 Biological printer assembly station where replacement crew and habitat livestock can be replaced, guarded as holy temple by druids who use it to make war monsters
82 Biomass reclamation plant where waste is converted back into food, often overgrown with jungles and pest plants infecting the system in new hostile ecology
83 Industrial scale bioforge has been abused to become the womb for a hyper intelligent mutant god already worshiped by a cult
84 Criminal enterprise has siezed a zoological clone factory and make gladiatorial monster to fight for crowds of rich visitors, now they sell new monsters
85 Area overgrown with macroscopic life forms large enough to menace humans
86 Area where plants overtaken with collective mutant mind and herd meat beasts for food
87 Triffid plantation, robot farmers stopped worrying about stings long ago but humans might
88 Oxygen farm complex staffed by d4 1=androids 2=drones and a AI 3=ecobots 4=cultists
89 A deck overrun by fa single fused biological horror crawling with minor creatures living inside it, mostly alien or mutant or experimental bio habitat
90 Alien spawning pits are growing, with time of sacrificial newborn first-feast soon
91 Irradiated airless work area crawling with undead but fairly pristine condition
92 Long abandoned colony haunted by some crearures

93 Semi abandoned citadel habitat with feral areas crawling with mutants and aliens
94 Burned out bunker complex attacked by invading space cyborgs who now have a small base inside, often with a bloated slave creature plumbed into food extractor for the cyborgg nutrient paste
95 Mass or pressured superstructure with generations of scrap built secret settlement of d4 1=cult hermits 2=fugitives 
outcasts 3=feral technical cult 4=homeless
96 Sanctuary a hiding place for rebel eloi, clones, androids or replicants, many perils to get inside through bowels of abandoned sub deck
97 Graveyard and tomb complex built in a recycling scrap yard over generations, dead sealed in metal coffins to prevent becoming undead, possibly haunted by dead or mad scientists looking for dead body parts or cannibals looking for food
98 An enlightened mutant civilization was here with statues of mutants and their hermaphrodite god but they were killed and now wild monsters live here
99 Cult built church or temple built in here by construction crew in secret, priests long ago killed, now place feels haunted
100 Aliens built themselves a habitat with different life support systems, inside their dead bodies in suits remain with possibly some kind of guardian


Wednesday 20 June 2018

Dungeon Repairs

Its bad enough modern dungeons are sentient magical spirits beings drawing power from strange universes, now they fix themselves while your kipping in the village waiting for your wizards to relearn fireball and sleep and web spells.
d10 Quick Dungeon Self Repair Types
01 Tiny humanoids
02 Demihumanoid workers
03 Hired work crews
04 Larger humanoid workers
05 Lower creatures
06 Secret sub system tunnels
07 Spirits of the dungeon
08 Living dungein
09 Planar effect
10 Magical effect

d100 Dungeon Self Repair Crews
01 Tiny gremlins live in cracks and mend doors and reset traps rapidly
02 A tiny trapdoor in dungeon houses four kobolds in a secret works depot 
03 A tiny trapdoor in dungeon houses a dozen kobolds in a secret works depot 
04 Tiny trapdoors with four dub depots of four kobolds and one central dozen kobold  
05 Horrible filthy gremlins with their pet rats repair the dungeon and torment invaders
06 Tiny shadowy ceiling gremlins creep about and repair dungeon defences
07 Tiny drain trolls creep out to mend the dungeon and clean up
08 Tiny horrid ratling witch things live inside the walls and work their evil
09 A hidden depot of 4-6 goblins with a store room live in secret maintaining the level  
10 A secret depot of grey stone faced underland gnomes repair dungeon works
11 A single gnome works on a fantastic machine that sets traps and feeds monsters
12 Several black hat wicked gnomes gate in via tiny hidden doors to repair the dungeon
13 Vicious red hat gnomes enjoy the blood and come to set traps and mend locks
14 Several short dark elves arrive frequently to repair the dungeon with spells
15 A vicious gang of halfling thugs are under contract to fix the joint when not on breaks
16 A dark dwarf from the underland maintains the level from a secret room or trapdoor 
17 Several horrible Derro come to make the dungeon more horrible and dangerous
18 Morlocks from a secret plant room with cogs and steam engines run the level
19 A gnome Illusionist visits to repair illusions, magic mouths and other magic traps
20 A changeling maintains the level from a secret room often in animal form
21 A gang of mason guilds men working under contract, dont want to get involved in beef
22 A gang of criminals escort craftsmen under contract from the dungeon boss
23 Professional dungeon crew specialist under hire by the boss 
24 Humans press ganged keep getting dragged back here for a beating if escape
25 Prisoners in chains being bossed by two junior guards with clubs
26 Foreign labour, desperate for work under contract by boss
27 Slave labour crew bought for purpose, whatever spare space to sleep or store stuff
28 Evil cult pilgrims come to help the monsters in the name of their evil god
29 Non regulated tradesmen work here where the guild cant stop them
30 Tradesmen employed by a evil merchant cartel dealing with dungeons
31 Small group of hobgoblins operate from a secret depot under a trapdoor
32 Group of  long in the tooth surly orc veterans, sloppily repair and reset the dungeon
33 Bugbear craftsman repairs the dungeon silently from a secret room
34 Group of bugbears repair the dungeon from a secret supply depot
35 Resentful gang of teenage goblins who would rather be doing something more cool
36 Work gang of hobgoblins who go mental if their work is disturbed or they are insulted
37 Bugbear with a whip leads six goblins from a secret supply room
38 Several hobgoblins guard several goblin craftsmen who visit frequently to do repairs
39 Visiting senior orc dungeon craftsman with several young apprentices learning the ropes
40 Elderly goblins with tiny carts amble about repairing things and ignoring intruders
41 Teenage goblin gang on community service led by bugbear with whip makes repairs
42 Large hive of insects like ants or termites build and repair the dungeon
43 Several giant dungeon beavers maintain and repair the dungeon
44 A gang of dungeon baboons repairs the dungeon and flings feces on intruders
45 Rats swarm around the dungeon using tools to repair the fittings
46 A crafty carnivorous ape in a tool belt wanders the dungeon making improvements
47 Giant ants work on the dungeon repairing it to exacting standards
48 Mimics come out and repair dungeon when nobody is looking
49 Giant termites replace damage with digested wood pulp and spittle
50 Crew of monkeys in vests and tiny hats make repairs from a tiny pushcart
51 Sub tunnel complex of kobolds where their repair crews hide and aid wounded monsters

52 Crawlspace throughout dungeon with secret depots for kobolds to crawl through
53 Crawlspace throughout dungeon with secret depots for goblins to crawl through
54 Crawlspace under the dungeon with machinery operated by gnomes
55 Sub tunnels where derro operate mood altering ray devices and strange machines
56 Sub tunnels where morlocks operate steaming machines and turning cogs
57 Sub tunnels where evil dwarves maintain the dungeon systems
58 Dungeon sewer system with small ratmen creatures who make repairs59 Air passages and chimneys that allow that allow gremlins all over dungeon
60 Secret sub levels with bunks, shops and a tavens for monsters only
61 Poltergiest repairs petty damage to dungeon
62 Lesser spirit uses repair spells to fix dungeon, adopts small humanoid or animal form
63 Major spirit repairs with telekinesis and magic, adopts form of a dungeon boss
64 Minor dungeon divinity repairs the dungeon as long as it has shrines and followers
65 Dungeon dimension, a self aware cosm sends minions and spirits to mend the dungeon
66 Spirit of long dead dungeon boss haunts the area and mends traps and fixtures
67 Spirits come from a work of art to mend the dungeon
68 Dungeon monster god makes repairs to aid worshipers
69 Monsters take turns repairing dungeon as tithe to a evil deity
70 Evil deity of mechanisms and traps regards area as holy and makes repairs
71 Dungeon is filled with plant matter and vines squeeze from cracks to mend things

72 Dungeon is filled with plant roots which squeeze through tracks to mend things
73 Tiny organisms like coral repair and maintain the dungeon
74 Dungeon is a titanic living thing which mimics stone and wood and heals damage 
75 Inside the walls is a matrix of imps which manage repairs and hold everything together
76 Dungeon is made of living stone which weeps silica when damaged and heals
77 Dungeon is a living earth elemental and repairs self daily
78 Dungeon is made of tiny spirits of law who cling to each other to make solid objects
79 Dungeon is a magical self aware creature made by wizards
80 Dungeon is a colony of invertebrates like shellfish interlocking with brick like surfaces
81 Imps come from hell and repair the damage with spells
82 Tiny demons from the abyss come and help with repairs
83 Things from the nightmare dimension leak through and repair the dungeon
84 The dungeon replaces damage from other parallel dimensions regularly
85 A daemon bound to the dungeon makes repairs in return for souls
86 Elemental spirits bound to dungeon make repairs one hour every 24 hours
87 Angelic being is forced to work on dungeon until binding object broken
88 Tiny wicked sprites or faeries come out at midnight to make magic repairs
89 Clockwork daemons of law come through a gate to make repairs on dungeon
90 Shapeshifting spirit folk appointed by a god make regular repair rounds from a gate
91 Tiny repair golems live in secret panels and come out to perform maintenance
92 Wood golem from a secret room performs repairs on wooden fittings

93 Brick golem can lay a tonne of bricks in an hour and make other basic repairs
94 Clockwork golems from a secret room come out to mend traps and mechanisms
95 Animated tools from a cart perform maintenance brought here by a wizard

96 Time flows backwards in areas which repairs damage 
97 Gang of apprentices from a secret room repair dungeon with petty spells
98 Magical living bricks assemble selves and are lesser spirits of law
99 Zombie or skeleton work crew with pushcart makes rounds to perform inept repairs
100 Spirits of slaves bound into tools make repairs on dungeon from a pushcart