Sunday 25 October 2015

BRP Sunday Sessions

So as I'm running my murder highway and rome games on sunday I will try to touch on what happens briefly. Not as long as my old ones but it is handy to have some records.

Roadwar 2000
(Thanx to The Six Million Dollar Man)

The Sheriff
The Mutie

The boys got to start the third of their tv pilot death race show. The show brought back all the racers and the start zone was pretty quiet with tents set up on a ashen polluted desert wasteland. Sheriff spotted managers discuss the days ahead and he sent his bioengineered dino pet in a stealth suit to spy on them. Overheard talk of surprise stars, sponsors and unwanted unauthorised cops. 

The race started with all teams wary of race rather than rivals so mostly a bit of bumping. After a while in worst terrain and warning signs to avoid area everyone saw something disturbing dust racing at them. Bionic sheriff saw something with lots of wheels and robot arms and armour. Eventually they realized it was a russian venus probe that had landed by accident weeks ago and had upgraded self with destroyed vehicles. Team fired machine guns and mutant used his laser. It rammed the mini Citrus Fresh damaging it badly and moved through the team. It breaked and came after the racers and the Sheriff and the Mutie kept firing. The sheriff saw sign of a bonus cash prize in a farm building ruin and fired a grenaide to get through the fence, White Knight a lady rival racer followed him. The rear most car got grabbed by the venus probe which began to dismember it. Driver screamed while Mutie decelerated emptying his laser battery. The probe destroyed a car and the racer escaped with a helicopter extraction team. The probe grabbed the ailing Citrus Fresh and the teen celeb clone racer jumped onto the roof of the Mutie's car. As Citrus Fresh was shredded and the probe hurled wreckage at a race helicopter. The sherrif outwitted a mine field in front of case with his fishing rod while White knight returned to the race and machine gunned the probe. The probe slowed and lost power as the Mutie rammed it from behind destroying it.

Worst foe they ever faced. At pit stop they were glad for a rest. Sheriff opened the bonus cash case with his bomb disposal armour and sensors to find he had won a banana. That meant a bomb and a cash case left on circuit. After rest of racers did repairs and had a bombshell girls bikini carwash. Cars reloaded and fixed a bit. Citrus Fresh's driver was back with new car after others pep talked him into returning after near death. The Mutie had picked up a race team girl who was religious and impressionable. The radio DJ team played the greatest hits from the 50s 60s 70s 80s and 90s. So they started the race early.

Next race section was off road roo tracks and farm ruins. Sheriff instigated race for the second possible cash case but mutie beat him again. A corrupt cop enemy of team with a .50cal sniper riflle damaged several cars and sheriff lost time killing him while White Knights driver inspected body. When almost at pit stop two drone cars with 20mm cannon turrets came after them. Those hit were a mess and Citrus Fresh was destroyed again. Another race stalwart was destroyed and only four cars made it into safety zone. Even that was due to sheriff damaging a cannon turret.


The Eutruscan Seer of Minerva
Her sister a horse trainer 

The Alexandrian androgynous sorcerer
The Nubian slave gladiator who fights like a Thracian
The Spartan-Cretan gladiator teacher who wears a bull helm
The ex slave turned loyal family scribe

The adventurers had a gladiator brawl and had gone to see with their saving to try and recover their master held hostage by Sicilian Pirates. Managed to get pirate locations with bribery and met pirates to see if the could get price down as they only had half cash. Pirates unimpressed but offer to take cash to not sell him to his enemies. The bull horned gladiator gave a teary speech about the master being really poor. So the pirate asked them to kill a wizard to make up the cash, So our heroes went to last remaining ruin of bronze age towers from when wizards ruled the island. 

The wizard admitted them and they saw his swine headed slaves he boasted of creating. The seeress was disturbed but dreamed of creating owl men she could copulate with. The wizard offered to help kill the pirates for just 20 000 coins and wanted three of the party to transcribe their spells for him. All party agreed so after dinner the wizard helped them make a illusion on a pirates head making it seem like the wizard had been killed by the party. He also made bags of river stones seem like gems and poisoned some fine wine with hemlock. 

Heroes visited pirates with fake head and loot and paid of the pirates, gave them poison wine and left. Back in wizards tower they examined their patron with blotchy discoloured flesh, twitches and tilted head as if he had had a stroke. Returned to pirates who's leaders were either poisoned or shitting phlegm from hemlock. Began to ambush and kill the boat guards and drove them into their cave. Heroes with skillful missile fire and gladiators killed 21 pirates before the remaining ones called for a deal. Forty pirates left and party found coins and fabric and maps and a carved gem and a strange potion. Collected many petty weapons and a few of adventurers picked up shields to keep. Got back to wizard to transcribe spells for wizard while gladiators got rubbed up in oil to practice their wrestling skills.

Some consider studying under the wizard as getting into sects of sorcery in big city involves lots of toadying. So master was starting to talk and fit for voyage to Rome. 

Saturday 24 October 2015

Upcoming con blurbs for beserka con

My next month is looking busy with this con and a big art show in november.

Bezerka Con Sessions

Introduction to Fantasy Role Playing Games (all ages)
This introductory session includes making a basic character and taking it out on a first adventure. Everything will be provided and the rule system is a clone of older simpler Dungeons and Dragons rules as a basic Starting point. The Blueholme prentice rules are available free with many supplements and adventures for free as PDF documents on:
These is enough material here to play for free for years or wet your appetite for more modern and complex role playing game on today's ever growing market.

Cardboard Creatures Workshop (Primary Aged kids)
This is a art making session for kids which involves drawing, colouring and making your own cardboard monsters. Artist Chris Tamm has been working with kids as an artist is for years and will help children's make their monster designs into free standing figurines. All materials provided.

Murder Highway - A apocalyptic car combat game
Using the BRP basic Roleplaying System players take the rolls of road warriors and death racers who take on missions in their heavily armed and armoured cars. The game uses a mixture of Matchbox and Hotwheels cars, toy scenery and 1/72 scale toy soldiers. Inspired by genre films like Mad Max and Deathrace 2000; tabletop games like Dark Future and Carwars; computer games like Roadwar 2000 and the Dark future novels of Jack Yeovil (AKA Kin Newman). Players are free to select from various scenarios in this sandbox setting. Missions include travel though gang occupied wastelands, cross country races and assaults on cult compounds.

Friday 23 October 2015

d100 rent-a-murder-hobo

Post 750....
then blogger did one of it's order changes.

When the murder hobo shanty town forms near a dungeon these are the kind of mercenaries who turn up. If you don't hire them some one else will.

In the shanty town sly grog shops have a d3 of these merc gangs each. They hang around for a d6 days before moving on but 1in6 team up with a rival expedition and move in on dungeon. You might meet them.

Also see
Possibly will do a d100 Shanty Town Encounters.

d10 Quick dungeon town mercenaries

1 Murder hobos - thieving wandering killers and cheap violent drunks
2 Humanoids - dungeon dwelling races willing to fight own kind
3 Savage warriors - fighting men from the frontier
4 Civilized soldiers - fighting men from the empire
5 Dungeon engineers - workers who can aid camp or attack dungeon structure
6 Dungeon siege mercenaries - workers who use siege combat against dungeon
7 Demi Humanoids - exotic allied races who work with humans
8 Magical mercenaries - spell casters of various types
9 Monster mercenaries - creatures and handlers
10 Strange hirelings - odd hirelings with own interests

d100 Dungeon town mercenaries
01 A rude gang of 3d6 bandits led by a ex adventurer, competent wilderness scouts
02 A gang of 3d4 thieves with experience in tomb and dungeon infiltration
03 A gang of 3d6 thrill killers on the run from law keen to charge into a dungeon screaming
04 A bunch of former 2d6 soldiers experienced in raiding humanoid lairs
05 A band of young boys offering service as lamp, pole and baggage bearers
06 A gang of 3d4 tavern cut throats who like to infiltrate and hunt dungeon bosses
07 A gang of 2d6 ex militia guards with spear and crossbow men
08 A local slingers club of 3d6 who like to drink and shoot targets together 
09 A bunch of filthy 2d6 trashed out old hobos with rambling stories and broken weapons
10 A bunch of 3d6 cannibal hobo wanderers who happily murder in a dungeon for a change

11 A strange man has d100 gremlins in sacks and cages he swears will ruin dungeon life
12 A Man in a wagon selling 4d6 kobolds in caged wagon as skilled tunnel fighters & miners

13 A bunch of 3d6 desperate squirming goblins will fight or bear loads or guard or labour
14 A half squad of six disciplined hobgoblin soldiers with a corporal 
15 A group of 3d6 orc marauders keen to hunt and kill with bow or sword or spear
16 A pack of d6 goblin archers riding wolves
17 A orc sergeant scout riding a warg 
18 A group of 1d6 giant bat riding goblins 
19 A group of d4 bugbears keen to assassinate and terrify enemies
20 A savage beast folk scout party of a d6 with 1in6 groups being mixed breed
21 A group of 2d6 viking warriors keen for battle and very vindictive if betrayed
22 A gang of 2d6 crazed berserker barbarians who quickly turn into a liability
23 A group of 2d4 huge wasteland barbarians who really like chopping beings up
24 A huge barbarian with his exotic species mount that fights along side them
25 A half ogre barbarian with huge muscle mass and pole axe, easily conned
26 A band of 3d4 nomad savages able scouts and skirmishers with bows and javelins
27 A band of d6 Noble nomads with scale armour, spears and hatchets, proud and fearless
28 A barbarian priestly or druidic hero with a pet seeks relics of tribe lost in local dungeon
29 A band of 3d6 young barbarians with javelins and hatchets, more courage than sense
30 A berserker with incredible muscles, mutates from chaos power when berserk
31 A half squad of 12 men at arms in quality armour with bill hooks, maces and crossbows
32 A band of professional archers skilled in skirmishing and scouting terrain
33 A squad of 12 shield and spear troops who fight in a wall formation like the old empire
34 A group of 6 land knights with rich clothes, two handed swords and pistols
35 A band of 2d4 ex gladiators, specialists in brutal monster and beast fighting 
36 A half squad of halberdiers with crossbows and quality armour
37 A band of 2d6 marine veterans with mixed weapons including swords and pistols
38 A poor knight and 2d4 of his entourage, very brave band who support knight
39 A band of templar warriors with shield and mace, fanatic to their cult
40 A band of martial artists dedicated to perfection raising funds for monastery or school
41 A band of 4d4 sappers who dig own dungeon entries, trenches and huge open cut pits 
42 A band of 3d4 sappers who dig shaft into dungeon then pump in smoke with bellows
43 A band of 3d4 engineers who build a gatehouse over dungeon entrance
44 A band of 4d4 engineers build a wooden palisade wall and watch tower  
45 A band of 3d4 sappers who dig close to dungeon then set off a huge explosive mine
46 A band of 3d4 workers who dig trenches and set sharp wooden stakes and traps 
47 A band of 2d4 builders who will make bridges or structures like prison or barracks 
48 A band of 3d4 wood workers who fell trees and build wooden structures and walls
49 A band of 2d3 quarry men who build defencive stone walls, bunkers and tunnels
50 A band of 2d4 mine engineers who build wooden rail line and carts to move goods
51 A crew of siege missile apparatus on wheels casts a dozen javelins
52 A siege shield team in 1d4 groups of three, one man holds huge shield others use slings
53 A band of 2d4 who manufacture black powder explosive mines that damage walls
54 A band of 3d4 incendiary makers who render flammable oil from monster bodies
55 A ballista crew of 1d3 apparatus each with four operators who can even build weapons
56 A catapult crew of six  who can build from scratch and hurl pots full of stone shrapnel
57 A cannon crew of six operate a small siege cannon they drag on a sled
58 A crew of six gunners with a wagon with six large guns that can be fired singly or all
59 A mangonel stone launcher on wagon with crew of six, can hurl head size rocks
60 A shielded battering ram with a dozen crew, can enter dungeon with smaller rams
61 A band of 2d6 drunken homicidal dwarfs who kill keely but belch lots
62 A band of 2d4 hobbit rock chuckers able to provide suppressive fire, constantly eating 
63 A  band of 1d6 snooty elf warrior mages, calm cool killers who hate most dungeon life
64 A changeling spy who can adopt a animal form able to enter dungeon without notice
65 A band of 2d4 gnome sapper and tunnel fighters, wise in ways of dungeons
66 A dwarf priest and 1d6 followers seeking lost relics, dour and boastful of dwarf history
67 A halfling master burglar will enter dungeon and locate entrances and food stores 
68 A elf infiltrator will enter invisibly to map parts of dungeon and leave trap spells behind
69 Halfling assassins will scout ahead and kill guards silently but cowardly in fair fight
70 A band of elf soldiers inexperienced but disciplined and rely mostly on bows
71 A sly old witch and her daughters will curse enemies and offer advice and divination
72 A rascally self indulgent sorcerer down on luck needs cash for spells
73 A haughty wizard will support dungeon expedition but really searching for arcane lore
74 A holy healer with d4 followers will establish a field hospital
75 A druidic priest will aid but really they seek to destroy unnatural monsters
76 A priest with a d6 followers who will serve to hunt evil and undead
77 A elderly battle priest will cast spells to enhance other troops before a fight 
78 A creepy wizard will perform spell casting dutifully actually a necromancer seeking relics
79 A sleazy drug addicted sorcerer will serve poorly and get camp members hooked 
80 A grumpy priest and his d6 devout helpers will fight but lecture everyone about alignment
81 A disgusting were beast offers services as a killing machine, as human is arrogant 
82 A gypsy with a young trained owlbear on a chain good for tracking and fighting
83 A ex circus carny with a trained hook horror, one day he will beat it too much
84 A boy with his pet terror bird he can ride it to flee but is a fierce fighter and guard
85 A lady with her man eating ape that dotes on her, savagely dismembers enemies
86 A necromancer with a charmed ghoul and several skeletons and zombies
87 A lizard man with a bonesnapper pet he raised since a egg
88 A orc mercenary with a giant boar he can ride and sort of direct in a fight
89 A old lady with 3d4 shrieking trained stirges in a sack, dangerous but possibly helpful
90 A evil apprentice with his imp familiar that is capable of espionage and offers advice
91 A loner who only fights by night alone, sneaks into dungeon and terrorizes inhabitants
92 A grim knight who has trouble speaking actually undead seeks something in dungeon
93 A darkstalker who seeks relic in dungeon will act as a thief or assassin
94 A gang of 2d6 ugly sailors actually fish men hybrids who want something in dungeon
95 A shape shifting serpent man wizard with d6 cultists up to no good
96 A gang of ugly gutter thugs actually chaos mutants who are looking for trouble
97 A criminal gang of 3d6 thugs join adventurers to betray and rob them
98 A gang of 2d6 wannabe adventurers actually working for rival dungeon expedition
99 A gang of 2d6 ex military swordsmen actually agents of state informing tax and military
100 A gang of 2d6 cheap spearmen one is reincarnated or possessed by a former dungeon inhabitant from ancient times who seeks to know what happened to their former loved ones. The being is helpful but will react to finds and will have knowledge of layout. Such knowledge might be inaccurate as building may have changed. They may share their story and develop a relationship with party to emphasize their tragedy and feed clues to party. Eventually they will break down when finds remains of loved ones and will try and commit suicide. 

Wednesday 21 October 2015

d100 Wasteland Heroes

In the wasteland you don't often find friends and you never expect to be bailed out by a stranger. But the no1 rule of wasteland survival is you cant even depend on anything even a world where you expect the worse will let you down sometimes.

d20 Wasteland Heroes Beef - for extra motivation
01 Family killed by evil d4 1=gang 2=unknown 3=bad relative 4=cult 
02 Enemy killed lover and special pet
03 Only feels normal thrill risking life
04 Evil destroyed hometown
05 Best friend murdered during d4 1=wedding 2=holiday 3=date 4=quiet night at home
06 Parents killed leaving hero a orphan
07 In personal war with secret society or cult
08 In personal war with rogue government agency 
09 In personal war with criminal cartel or gang
10 Dying and out to right wrongs before death

11 Dying and out to die in battle against impossible odds
12 Out to redeem self for wicked life and past sins

13 Just following orders from a patron
14 On a one person crusade against evil
15 Tired of past employers now on own out to protect the weak
16 Trained by master to battle forces of wasteland
17 Trained as agent of secret society now free and working against them
18 Given mission by mysterious advisor outside normal channels
19 Beloved family member was hero and disappeared
20 Having given up on the cities now brings justice to the wasteland

d100 Quick wasteland good guys
01 Vigilante road warriors
02 Agents of organisation
03 Rogue Op former agent
04 Mutant hero
05 Cyborg Veteran
06 Special Investigator
07 Occultists and mystery men
08 Secret Society
09 Psykers and sorcerers
10 Weird phenomena

d100  Wasteland Heroes
01 A wasteland Jackaroo who seems good at everything and is just honest and decent
02 A drunk old guy in 70s car, family killed now hunts gangs suicidally
03 A war veteran back from the zone to find home crawling with gangs and cults
04 A school teacher who out of hours hunts and kills students who join gangs
05 A postman in armoured van helps anyone he can to serve the people
06 A city lawyer gone fight crazy from being hunted by mob has moved to wasteland
07 A wealthy old vigilante who uses high tech vehicles and body armour
08 A pick up truck of good county folk who like to help ignorant and stupid folk
09 A couple of juves in scrap built car out to right the worlds wrong
10 A drunken sot who killed own family in accident now roams highways killing gangs

11 Secret agent investigating security risk in wasteland with hi tech interceptor
12 Nun or monk agent of vatican performing duties for the popes special forces

13 Utopian secret society spy on mission, willing to help ordinary people on road
14 Agent investigating strange phenomena happy to destroy normal crooks for a break
15 Mutant control officer armed and willing to smash degenerate bad guys
16 Plainclothes cops investigating crime on special jurisdiction
17 Agent looking for foreign enemies in outback area on a mystery mission
18 Woomera Space Agency agents trying to hunt for signs of UFOs 
19 Agent of private anti crime org that hunts a single evil cabal
20 APIO agents looking for paranormal events, psionics phenomena and superhumans
21 A lone ex highway cop in the last of the v8 interceptors
22 Lone wolf ranger wants revenge against cartel that killed his loved ones
23 A war vet who hunts worst criminals but stops to kill any criminals on the way
24 Ex corporate assassin turned eco terrorist vigilante always helps any one in unfair fight
25 Agent on run from corrupt department hiding national scandal about Prime Minister
26 A former spymaster on the run from former agency but cant help protect the weak
27 Ex sanctioned op sick of agency gone vigilante with company interceptor
28 ASUS torture expert from the zone after cartel who killed family, likes to kill bad folk 
29 Former foreign spy in hiding but hates bullies and has many concealed weapons
30 Ex cop or fed now turned bounty hunter and willing to collect petty bounties
31 Mutant lives in scrap built car dedicated to being hero and promote human-mutant peace
32 Mutant students from expensive school on road trip, willing to use odd powers
33 Filthy mutant hobos in scrap built mobile home always leap to defend normal folk
34 Bandaged covered degenerate scabby muties swarm out to destroy the wicked
35 Horrible fleshy thing once a human, steals cars and goes on kill sprees of the wicked
36 Mutant brain in a vat cyberlinked to franken car roams wastes destroying evil
37 Mutant fused together from different bodies in similar scratch built car
38 Self appointed sheriff of mutants roams the highways for baddies to snuff
39 Masked mutant defends highways from lawless yet is hunted by government and mob
40 Thee headed mutant ogre eats the wiked and renders them into biofuel
41 Cyborg assassin escaped controllers and out to kill anyone who harms innocents
42 AWOL cyborg vets in a van who help anyone in trouble despite being hunted by military
43 Cyborg ex test pilot agent stuntman, now roams about in pickup truck helping folks
44 Venus Probe, a russian explorer drone gone beserk when crashed in wasteland
45 Rogue replicants escaped and awaiting death clocks, will aid others for thrill of killing
46 Android replicant of someone known to an adventurer but acting out of character
47 Cyborg agent with brain in heavily armoured humanoid body hunts rogue cyborgs
48 AI justice org smart car gone wild hunts and terminates criminals
49 Android on run has been living as a road warrior longing for a pyrrhic victory
50 Cyborg cop on rampage after most of humanity removed, now hunts crime in the waste
51 Special tax agent out to assess hidden wealth in bunkers kills tax evading scum
52 Detective on a case cant stand seeing criminals bother people
53 Private eye investigating missing goods happy to enter fire fights for some real action
54 Murder motorsport league recruiter looking for talent and willing to help possible recruits
55 Corporate suit looking for discreet men for mission accidentally bumbles into firefight
56 Corporate suit offering rewards to find someone or something, hates wasteland scum
57 Park ranger looking for who is releasing monsters into park always helps folk in need
58 Journalists trying to piece together a conspiracy all ways helps others
59 Freelance conspiracy buffs in volkswagen hippie van seeking secret black bag jobs
60 Underground protester group looking for stuff to expose and protest 
61 Conspiracy agent hunting dark forces and willing to kill first and dissect later
62 Master magician with exotic servant travel the land hunting the dark powers
63 A famous celebrity psychic drawn to area investigating strange sensation
64 Eccentric professor with military clearance and assistants out to pursue strange cases
65 Older professor with relics and his coffin like time clock in back of station wagon
66 Long haired androgynous hipster actually plane shifting and body hopping assassin
67 A mystery investigator in a trench coat, has unusual powers and artifacts and exits
68 A masked vigilante with various artifacts and exotic cult training
69 Immortal warrior and sword master hunting immortal enemies and any other jerks in way
70 One of the last templars hunting the anti christ or his antecedents or any wickedness 
71 All terrain lab with utopian crew and exotic pet from a bunker solving peoples problems
72 Squad of secret society mercenaries in APC disguised as a van out to kill mutual enemy
73 Doomsday cult agent with high tech car, spreading cause of war and will join any battle 
74 Secret society super assassin trained since birth but now fights former killer clan 
75 Black science outfit seeking to test a weapon and minimize collateral damage
76 Secret society collecting artifacts man was not meant to know for storage
77 Brotherhood of demonic underground empire trying to cull the unworthy in the outback
78 Secret brotherhood dedicated to killing immortals and non human threats
79 Secret ancient civilization with hybrid advanced and bronze age tech, spying on surface
80 Martial arts brotherhood seeking traitor who killed master, but helping stranger on way
81 Hyperborean hero awakened by cursed relic hunting serpent men or any forces of evil
82 Psionic agent from future hunting time criminals help those with important destinies
83 Psychic investigator hunting dangerous cults a defeats with own strange powers
84 Old lady witch and several senior coven mates hunt and destroy ancient evils
85 Swearing old punk rock wizard hunting demons he drunkenly freed decades ago
86 Metatemporal psionic investigator examining irregularities in multiverse 
87 Immortal kindly old wizard searching for heroes to give questionable relics too
88 Psionic agent of ancient sect uses powers to wage war on crime via network of helpers
89 Psionic teens seek own kind, the coming race of telepaths, unable to kill or see any hurt
90 Goverment psi agents hunting rogue telepaths who might get used by overspace entities 
91 Vampire and undead hunter teens in van decent enough to help any in trouble
92 Saucer men in disguise in modified vehicle, visit earth for hunts, thrills and kills
93 Troubled shape shifting monster on the run keeps getting mixed up in people problems
94 Gelatinous elder horror with human form protects secret assets of his inhuman masters
95 Zombie driver fused to car with fragment of humanity left undoing his many wrongs
96 A lone superhuman avoiding the military and trying to right wrongs of wasteland
97 A alien grey in human form likes humans and cant help meddle in human problems
98 Hideous insectoid fungal alien hiding in human skin seeks interesting human brains
99 Body possessed by overspace entity, saves people but then demands worship 
100 Alien in battlesuit destroys certain people and spares others for inexplicable purpose  

Tuesday 20 October 2015

Murder Highway BRP Update

Have had a few new on off players of late. Have yet to have player bring in his RQ Duck character. As a howard the duck fan I'm totally OK with this. Have picked up lots of new models as there is a gentrified street on way to club i went down due to wrong bus. Found lots of antique shots one with a dollar toy box with mostly rubbish but some gold including a demon car and a weird jet fighter tank car which a certain mutant is admiring for the mark IV of his current line of cars (now just mark II). A second trip i got lots for one dollar including two cars worth $30 from 1972. I also got into a fight in one shop with owner who managed to sell me nothing then abuse me for being cheap. Still he has some pre 1920 vans for $5....

My minis have been inspiring me with ideas for race teams. A TRON style race in cyberspace. Battle a uplifted Ape gang. Im collecting boats and sea monsters for a wet death race. From a few chrome spacey cars will hold race against greys as champions of Earth soon. Hot rod events, vintage car classic death rates events. Hotrod mutants. My salt flat rocket race was inspired like this. Boring sedans i mostly put into the club collection the seem best suited for crowding streets in a super hero fight. Will use my ape figures for something strange too.

A few gundam mecha and dinosaurian kaiju for a future game. Lots of other weirdness. Keen to try some 1920 gangster battles now i have lotsa minis for era and cthulhu wars pieces. My new BRP books have given me some ideas on car battles (Laundry agents book) and martial arts (alephtar games chinese BRP books i snapped up. Got my pendragon collection and GURPS collection doing well. Might need some roman/ancient civilian minis soon. Getting snap lock Gundam kits on cheap and lotsa dinosaurs too. Cars getting harder to find. Im craving a older out of sale matchbox army container truck and AA gun on  tracks. Will wanna get some bundles of heroclix super heroes too.

Am getting some more enemies of rome mini sets and night get lots of natives of Americas, cowboys, mongols, more horsemen, lotsa greeks, and nabbing a few mystery loose mixed bags from sales. Ive also seen snap lock and paint tank kits in kmart which is amazing.

Recent deathrace game antics
So i started a deathrace scenario for newbs and they missed most of it. Had some looting in increased zombie zone  and discovered new strains of the plague and zombies. Now the living could be infected and become a faster zombie, while the old kind re-animated a infected corpse. Paid to rescue a collection of 80s VCR tapes which the cult Ohm Supreme Truth had taken into their compound. As Asumi was japanese and a ninja she had party cut cult coms and pretend to be cult emissaries from the leader in Japan. Spent time in cult orgies and drugs before sabotaging the joint, blowing up their automated assault rifle factory and stole the tapes. During their hanging with cult leader they discovered cult leaders besides selling their bath water as potions and abusing cultists did in fact have psionic powers.

Party since the moon mission had all had improved cars and left old ones in storage. Met their farm neighbours investigating animal and human disappearances. Turned out to be the mutant's old car whose biotech engine parts had been infected by the zombie virus and had become a un-living undead automobile. So the sad owner released it into the zombie zone to feed on the dead. It had always been powered by it's meat slurry fuel plant anyhow.

Increased presence on televised race has helped them get recognition. The sheriff spoke to Bathurst law department and had his title granted to the area around the teams farm. Many people they had helped lived on the farm now and they had a regular village. A mutant shanty town formed on one property edge and is disliked by locals. Most neighbours were rednecks including a puritan clan, feuding forest hillbillies, a gentech automated orchard fruit farm and various aggressive good old boy clans.

Vet characters now have lots of enemies including a hood wearing vigilante police gang, a japanese cult, a post op dinosaur cult, a christian cthulhu cult and a few other wasteland gangs.

Covering my apocalypse/dark sci fi horror vibe nicely in a over the top setting. Am missing DnD and space opera settings. Failed to start the last weekend cars game but we used time to work on roman stuff and i got a flafl and more toy cars instead. .


Still working on slumburb and inner-city, uptown and no go encounter tables to complement .outback wasteland sets. Personal weapons tables too.  A table of wandering goodguys of the wastes?

Sunday 18 October 2015

BRP ROME First session

Finally got first session off ground and had six spanking new heroes to face Nero's Rome 60AD. Got minis ready, sheet only had two typos so far and i will add a skill tick box next to MP. Also remove a axe slot and add a shield slot  Flail slot really only suit things like rare chain or whip or rope.

Players had to roll 3d6 for all stats except SIZ and INT which get 2d6+6
NPC Romans get 2d6+3 SIZ
Minimum of 9 for player stats (can reduce EDU and add to other stats up to 18 Max)
Can add ten to age and add 1 EDU at loss of another physical stat
Age=EDU+6+2d6 years experience

INTx10 in hobby or private interests to flesh out your character
EDUx20 in 8 professional training skills obtained by state or private training
EDUx30 in 8 skills obtained during your career to date

75% of everyone is a initiate of a Roman cult. the rest are sorcerers.
Divine worshipers get a bit of read latin, rhetoric and ceremony, plus a point of rune and spirit magic
Sorcerers get a few spells and a small amount of skill barley enough to use

Everyone gets read latin = EDU
and speak latin = EDUx5
If you don't increase your Status to at least 25 you will be a slave
That's not so bad because you all have a patron and your dad can kill you for disobedience

Cash is as per GURPS rome income per month x INT in savings so most have a flat or country house or live with masters. Educated ones richest. So party richer than any i have started in ages. One has a horse, others can drive a chariot. Some considered getting a slave.

Will be using stun damage system as described last post and these sheild rules
Medium or bigger shields can parry any amount of missiles
Or you can just cover several locations (depending on shield size) with full AP even if unskilled
If you parry you still get 1/2 AP on certain locations as above
If you crouch behind shield can defend additionally locations

Will have equipment/ENC/Fatigue sheet and possibly a family/estate/history sheet

If you have not worked out yet i am doing a version of Ringworld Skill/Bonus system which I could explain if anyone interested.

So adventure begins....
Greek Gladiator (possibly Spartan) Worshiper of Mars, bought freedom through pimping self (Perform/Carnal 50%). Wears a minotaur mask and carries a axe and spiked cestus. Has a panache for cursing and very interested in underworld and gore..

Nubian Gladiator (possibly part Dacian) Worshiper of Mars, fights with a Dacian Falx (has two spare). Very agile and acrobatic. Is still a slave and iss being aided by slightly older freed gladiator.

Eutruscan Lady Seer and healer come to city of Rome as a soothsayer and reader of the Eutruscan mysteries. Worships their version of Minerva. Eutruscan women can Drink and have more rights than Roman women and their customs are respected, especially by pro italian and anti greek factions.

Her sister is a horse breeder who can speak to horses. She has earned respect at home like her sister so called here by Roman patron. She is quite acrobatic and athletic and good with animals and a bow. She has a horse. She worships forest god or hermes, still undecided (oh I cant remember).

A former pretty house boy slave who has grown into a scribe and business manager, He is a bit of a snoop and listens about the household at night. Now free he serves as an employee and foreman of other slaves and is entrusted to important house records. Is ok with a sling and knows a bit of sorcery.

Final hero is a Alexandrian sorcerer of ambiguous gender, a follower of hermes-trimajesteros. She has power over quite a few mysteries including secrets of air and taste. She is a colourful character with robes and wands and medallions. Donated all her cash to temple(?) in form of books to pre pay future tithes.

Party non gladiators called to Patrons house by his slave mistress of 17 years. he gives them her jewellery and tells them to sell it for as much as possible and raise more cash to pay a pirate ransom. If we cant pay they will sell him to enemies. Discretion required as she shouldnt really be doing this. Party withdraw personal loot and head to collect gladiators from bout at colosseum (from family fighting school). While allowed in to chamber with nubian gladiator and his greek trainer when all locked in and gate to arena opened. Six men dressed in leather versions of army uniforms with a cavalryman. The veteran gladiators charged and scored wounds. Slings and sorcery reduced foe effectiveness and the horse trainer tried to convince horse to help her. Quickly mopped up with lots of classic RuneQuest gore and fumbles. Horse was unharmed as sensible gladiators all know. Lady seer slit a foes throat and started cutting out his guts to read his liver for opmens. She got called in to visit members of Emperors family and delivered some spiffy poetry. Gladiators strutted about while clouds of dust rippled around them, giving them a heroic presence. Sorcerer was pleased.

Sold jewellery and short of 90 000 needed by master's captors but keen on their way.

Am mixing several published scenarios together

Worked well. Will be big fun.

Saturday 17 October 2015

My BRP Rome character sheet

It is a bit ugly but ok for now

Bigger version at

Location hp boxes allow me to use stun damage system
One stroke = stun damage
Two strokes or a X = standard damage
Blunt weapons or blunt hafts and pommels or punch can inflict stun damage
So spear could be used as staff, a sword pommel as a cestus or axe flat as a club
1/4 of stun damage gets crossed as standard damage
A standard damage point replaces a point of stun damage turning single stroke to a X in box
Stun damage heals one hour per point
First aid requires ice, stimulants, ten minute massage or other means to treat
Stunned locations are temporary versions of more lethal standard damage
Head stuff or unconsciousness
Limbs become clumsier or useless
Chest or abdomen winded or incapacitated locations downwards

Stun damage lets people have non lethal fist fights and capture people easier
You can do a called shot half chance to hit and inflict stun on someones head
Stunning by use of resistance roll dam vs location hits or CON was not very worth it
Also as slavery is better than treasure in RQ3 players want more options to get prisoners
Worked very nice in past to cut down murdering sherrifs in my old Cthulhu game
Gangbusters and Top Secret/SI used well - now d100 is going to be bigger than BRP some of rules in old TSR d100 games might be worth a look - star frontiers had nice poison rules

I put in stat derivative rolls even though I'm not a fan of using them but some players will benefit

Big blank box for extra skills and magic abilities

Ive tried putting all combat stuff on one sheet

Will do two more pages:
One for goods, wealth, ENC and fatigue track
One for clan, property, commitments, history etc

May need a revision and im sure i spelled something wrong...

Thursday 15 October 2015

d100 Air Encounters for great weird war! Part1

So will be revising tables to separate gonzo and horror a bit more. These tables are a stopgap for aircraft and aerial phenomena. Obviously sea missions would be different.

d10 Air Encounter over no mans land
01 Weather - difficult weather
02 Targets behind lines - tempting targets behind enemy lines
03 Enemy troops - Enemy troops moving
04 Anti Aircraft fire - AA ground defences
05 Battle in progress - combat on ground
06 Own side aircraft - allied aircraft on maneuvers
07 Observation aircraft - photographing enemy positions
08 Fighter aircraft - knights of the sky
09 Bombers - large vulnerable aircraft
10 Airships - generally use altitude to avoid fighters

d10 Weird Air Encounter over no mans land

01 Aerial phenomena
02 Ground phenomena
03 Black Tech Infantry
04 Black tech land or sea ironclads
05 Black Tech Aircraft
06 Black Tech Airships
07 Flying monster menace
08 Supernatural menace
09 Alien menace
10 Planar menace

This will be expanded to d100 later

d100 Air Encounter over no mans land
01 Heavy rain reduces visibility increases stalling engines
02 Strong wind makes manoeuvring harder
03 Sudden electrical storm rolls across sky
04 Black clouds darken the sky
05 Fog clouds reduce visibility
06 Lightning strikes plane as storm breaks
07 Strong winds in one direction with possible changes hourly
08 Thick cloud cover from horizon to horizon at a set altitude
09 Strong updraft aids climbing
10 Sunny with clouds allowing surprise attacks

11 See distant enemy train on line
12 See enemy ammo dump exposed

13 See artillery unit being moved closed to line
14 See trucks carrying troops and supplies on muddy road
15 See artillery being pulled by horses to new position down line
16 See super heavy cannons moved on train line
17 See aircraft being moved on train line
18 See observer balloons crews setting up 
19 See distant field hospital
20 See enemy aircraft on ground
21 See build up of troops ready for offencive
22 Men fresh from homes marching to front lines 
23 See group of men looking for wounded on battlefield
24 See cavalry corp moving along lines 
25 See tanks following infantry into position
26 See new line of defencive trenches being dug
27 See a new bunker or dugout 
28 See men sneaking across lines
29 See a machine gun nest crew pinning down their enemies
30 See troops putting up mines or barbed wire
31 Hidden air batteries surprise you with fire
32 Ground troops open fire at you
33 Heavy ground fire fills air with smoke clouds
34 Illumination flares light up sky
35 AA weapons across battlefield  
36 Observer balloon with expert rifleman
37 Local fighters phoned in by observers
38 Visibility low from airbursting shells
39 Huge volume of AA fire rattles some pilots sanity
40 Flock of birds (or bats at night) strike aircraft
41 Men assaulting trench line
42 Men fighting in hand to hand in no man land
43 Men fighting moving from cover of ruins and tree trunks of former forest
44 Tanks followed by infantry
45 Men pinned down by machine gun nest
46 Men drowning in gas attack
47 Men hiding in trenches from artillery barrage 
48 Men revolting against officers and MPs
49 Force of men surrendering                                                                     
50 Men fleeing fight discarding equipment
51 Light scout plane observer will flee hostilities
52 Two seater like SE5, observer with camera and pigeons   
53 Observation balloons under attack
54 Fighters guarding Se5 with camera
55 Scout plane under attack by enemy fighter
56 Allied fighters tilt wings to salute you
57 Bombers and escorts on way to mission
58 Damaged bombers without escorts flying home and under attack
59 Inexperienced pilots being pursued by enemy
60 See allied plane going down
61 See a enemy scout plane
62 Enemy fighter with pilot distracted with taking photograph
63 An older model enemy scout aircraft alone
64 Scout with two escort fighters
65 Observation balloons guarded by AA positions
66 Two seater plane with observer
67 Three fighters but two are first time pilots ordered to flee
68 Single pilot wary who will flee 
69 Two planes wary and reluctant to fight
70 Observation balloon guarded by fighters
71 Lone lost fighter plane with amatuer pilot
72 Damaged plane limping back to lines
73 Two fighters on patrol
74 Three fighters on patrol
75 Four fighter wing on patrol
76 Six fighter planes on patrol
77 Twelve plane squadron of fighters 
78 A aerial dog fight with a d6 planes each side
79 A large aerial battle vs two squadrons 
80 Red barrons flying circus
81 Fighter plane with pilot throwing grenades and bombs
82 Fighter wing of four planes with pilot throwing grenades and bombs 
83 Squadron of 12 fighters with pilots throwing grenades and bombs
84 Flight of four bombers which have lost escort fighters
85 Flight of four bombers with four fighter escorts
86 Flight of four bombers with eight fighter escort
87  Damaged bomber limping home alone
88 Lone bomber returning home
89 Damaged flight of 1d4 bombers with battle weary d4 fighters fleeing
90 Squadron of twelve bombers and squadron of twelve fighters
91 Distant airship high above plane altitude
92 Airship dropping bombs with d4 fighter escorts
93 High altitude airships on way for long range bombing run
94 Airship dropping propaganda
95 Damaged airship desperately limping home
96 Crippled airship crashing to ground
97 Crashed airship on ground 1in6 still burning
98 AIrship guarded by wing of four fighters
99 Airship with squadron of escort fighters
100 Airship and d4 escorts in battle with 2d4 fighters

Wednesday 14 October 2015

Your familiar is boring

Familiars are kinda boring just sitting about boosting your magicians powers and waiting to get smushed. These could be used for a consistent quirk for a familiar or could be re-rolled regularly.  Possibly druidic and priest pets more polite than traditional arcane ones.

d10 Quick familiar problems and subplots

01 Naughty habbits - petty mischief
02 Inter familiar problems - problems with others
03 History and bad blood - type has a reputation 
04 Strange antics - strange behaviour
05 Disgusting problems - gross stuff
06 Mischievous nuisance - obnoxious mischief 
07 Celestial convergence - odd behaviour when stars are right
08 Familiar evolution and mutation - additional strang abilities
09 Magical problems - odd magical shenanigans 
 Planar patrons - dimensional weirdness

d100 Familiar problems and subplots

01 Likes to shit everywhere
02 Like to rub against people and things to scratch self
03 Dribbles phlegm or saliva constantly 
04 Makes irritating noises in polite company
05 Flatulent, especially if eats certain food it loves
06 Nips people who get to close to master from jealousy
07 Likes to eat or chew things left un attended  
08 Likes to lick strangers
09 Drags buttocks on ground and makes disgusting noises
10 Tries to steal favorite treats 

11 Snaps and snarls at other familiars or small critters
12 Tries to mate with 
other familiars or small critters
13 Always has a rivalry with at least one familiar
14 Sneaks off to cavort with other familiars when in town
15 If meets other familiars they giggle and mimic each other
16 Dislikes seeing familiars hurt and tries to save them
17 Likes to play with other familiars, cries when separated
18 Learns tricks and behaviour from other familiars or small critters
19 Longs to cuddle and kiss other familiars or small critters
20 Wants to eat familiar or small critters
21 Familiar hates certain other species and provokes them due to old grudge
22 Familiar type just like it used by unpopular regional cult 
23 Familiar type deemed old fashioned by other magicians
24 Familiar type associated with mad clan of magicians
25 Familiar reincarnation of past familiar of ancient legendary magician
26 Keeps unearthing ancient rubble and scraps of ancient civilizations
27 Keeps finding scraps from old books
28 Seems attracted to regalia and objects of past magician dynasty
29 Seems to hate regalia and objects of past magician, urinates on them
30 Familiar is uppity, likes to sit on treasure and wear jewellery
31 Keeps being caught whispering and being overly friendly to rats
32 Spies on people bathing, on toilet and lovemaking
33 Likes to lick faces of freshly deceased
34 Collects stolen trinkets and shiny things, possibly hides in masters stash
35 Likes to steal treasure maps in taverns
36 Digs holes to bury treasure
37 Mutters strange things into ears of the dead
38 Draws strange sigils with spilled blood
39 Performs strange ritual dances to the moon when camping
40 Howls at full moon and responds to other howling beasts by night
41 Likes to get drunk till vomits everywhere
42 Certain foods it likes or cause violent diarrhea 
43 Likes to bite of noses and fingers off the dead
44 Likes to hump legs of people it likes
45 Coughs up hairballs or castings or cud making a disgusting sound
46 Likes to lick feet and steal socks and undergarments
47 Likes to chew on old bones and roll in dried old corpses
48 Marks scent on doorways and trees constantly
49 Snacks on animal and monster droppings
50 Likes to gnaw on old bones especially skulls
51 Likes to chew ropes
52 Likes to collect pretty pebbles and keep in masters pack
53 Likes to sing in bestial voice when bored
54 Likes to taunt enemies as master casts spells
55 Utters obscenities at odd awkward moments
56 Writes blackmailing letters
57 Reports people to the secret police or other lawmen
58 Reports activities to a cult, temple or owners master or teacher
59 Hates children, snarls or bites or sprays on them
60 Tends to spit, spray or defecate on those it dislikes or their belongings
61 Under certain constellations familiar changes alignment temporarily
62 When stars are right opens a gate allowing something to visit our worlds
63 On rare evenings turns into a human but might keep a secret
64 Glows or sparkles when certain star or constellation ascending
65 Makes strange noises when it senses weaknesses between worlds near
66 Develops a glowing corona of power under moonlight  
68 Under certain stars air pressure increases locally causing master nosebleeds `
69 Becomes musical and dances about when star sign ascending
70 Coughs up brilliant semi precious stones every solstice  
71 Grows strange lumps and tumours as master grows in power 
72 Grows creepy tentacles as master grows in power 
73 Has a alternate animal form it can shape shift into and back once a day
74 Can breath coloured smoke rings
75 Can drink a potion storing it ready for use later
76 Has one or more horns +1 damage
77 Has wings for short flights (enhanced flight if already a flyer)
78 Can project light from eyes 30" in a 60 degree cone
79 Teleport self (1/per masters lv a day) in puff of smoke (alignment=odour)
80 Can spit fire (1/per masters lv a day) d6+1/masters lv, 3" range
81 Likes to eat semi precious gems and pearls
82 Likes to bask in magical fields and auroras 
83 Likes to lick and suck magic items
84 Becomes flatulent near unidentified magic items
85 Can shapeshift into a small child and back once a day
86 Can interbreed with normal similar size animals making odd hybrids
87 Keeps obtaining adorable little outfits from somewhere
88 Can track blood scent like a typical dog (or better if already a tracker)
89 Makes noises if opposite alignment comes within 3" of master
90 Grows long beards or long silky hair quickly which can be woven into fine fabric
91 Goes into trances and mutters, actually spirit is conversing on other planes
92 Monitored by other planar beings according to alignment
93 Disappears from time to time off duty to other plane
94 Occasionally used as mouthpiece for other planar beings
95 Can recall spirit of freshly dead to ask them a question once a day
96 Delivers notes from other plane to master occasionally  
97 Can suck masters blood for nutrient or to heal 1hp per injury
98 Can plane shift to avoid danger and return once a day
99 Brings master a  coin from plane of planar alignment patron each day
100 Will converse with planar beings of same alignment even ones in disguise