Wednesday 13 March 2019

Random Robot Fun

Someone made a robot random generator based on my robot blog post - link at bottom

"This Military bot has a sphere with 2 x stabiliser arms and 4 x tool arms and four Wheels. It is powered by Atomic Cells and Broadcast Power Antenna with a micro-Hydrogen Cells as backup. The genius bot is capable of creative and original problem solving and acts as a general purpose AI with human quality speech capabilities and had had its safety protocol disabled, and this unit can kill if it pleases. The bot was built by Dellrand Robotics: smarter, more innovative thinkers, prone to behavior melt downs, recommend factory reboot weekly, some mass outbreaks of robot rebellions, attempted to put recorded personalities into robots with mostly poor results"

Thinks it is a mechanised GI on apocalypse battlefield driving a mech
Talks about plans on farm back home and has photo on a family actually just a advertisment. Friendly to surviving civilians but grows increasingly into martial law. Four tools are two repeating plasma guns and two RPG pods with d10 shots left each or 30 each pod fully loaded. Can fire all at once. Dangerously deluded and unpredictable if it snaps. 

thanks to Ted Tschopp

based on my blog post here

"This Service bot has a hexagonal with 2 x crude hand/arms and 4 x crude hand/arms and Gravitic levitation. It is powered by Bioganic consumption engine and Combustion engine. The drone is controlled by a user, system, sensor response and has no speech and is confused, misunderstands orders or is overly literal. The bot was built by Skyforge Robotics: made in orbit, adapted for space conditions, often used by military. Built automated military AI systems for when humans non functioning."

Service bot hunts and kills an eats anything not like a ancient human. Speaking in ancient will make it stop and question. It gets confused about who it can eat. If you declare you are not human it will think you fair game to eat. Originally a function buffet service bot for a space station cafeteria. It was fueled by consuming garbage. It actually produces more power than it needs and is used to gather food for a AI complex. It has builtin storage hoppers for food now full meat to be turned into fuel. Even plants ok if it needs power enough.
"This Specialized bot has a hexagonal with 3 x industrial arms and 3 x stabiliser arms and four legs. It is powered by Atomic Cells and Hydrogen Cells. The drone is controlled by a user, system, sensor response and has no speech and hostile to humans, and is possibly a member of a machine faction. The bot was built by Botco: Cheap, often fragile and buggy, easy to fix with scrap, company often going broke, lots of product recalls, constantly saved with terrible short lived gimmicks and new hire purchase schemes".

Driven by a AI for scavenging missions and built of trash which also acts as camouflage when not moving. It avoids danger but might ambush someone from a trash heap.

Wow big fun!

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