Sunday 31 December 2023

Attack of the Living Dungeon

People said don't build on the haunted moors. In the dawn age,, a great fortress of dreams was built that was destroyed in the age of darkness. Locals noticed long ago if you build even a shack here the spirits of the old dungeon will add architectural features. Local shepherds learned this, gave up building anything, and pulled down the ones they tried. 

So when a lord built a hunting lodge here locals warned the builders who ignored scruffy commoners and went ahead. Of course, the spirits used this as a nexus to regrow the old dungeon of dreams including monsters, traps, and treasure. At first, the nobles were interested but after guests vanished and the mimics ate some guests and goblins pooped in the feast preparations the princely poltroons realised the filthy poor were right.

This is kind of a random dungeon. You can populate it from standard dungeon tables. It has many minor and major spirits that maintain and service it and new features appear often. Even resting in a room opens you to the risk of the dungeon changing all around that one room you sealed yourself in. Maps made no sense and getting out was difficult. Might be good for a solo.

Roll a d10 for an entrance and roll as you go for rest

d10 Quick Living Dungeon Features
1 Portals
2 Corridors 
3 Traps
4 Torments
5 Decor
6 Basic Rooms
7 Lair Rooms
Haunted Rooms
Strange Rooms
10 Planar Rooms

d100  Living Dungeon
01 Portcullis gate may require lifting or will slam shut behind you, 1in4 chance a nearby room has controls and a winch
02 Castle gate a double metal reinforced door which can be bolted from other side 1in4 chance of an occupied guard post inside
03 Drawbridge gate can be lowered from inside by mechanism operated by guards over d4 1=deep pit of spikes and bones 2=filthy water with a crocodile 3=pit with snakes 4=pit with zombies and skeletons 
04 Solid locked door can be bolted inside with a viewport for guards inside
05 Solid locked door with murder holes above entry where a small guardroom linked by stairs above allows those trying to enter can be attacked by d4 1=arrows 2=burning oil 2d4 3=boiling water d4 4=molten lead 4d4
06 Solid oak door d4 1=locked 2=bolted 3=trapped 4=unlocked
07 Common door d4 1=rotting 2=open 3=stiff and jammed 4=made of flimsy material like a curtain, whicker or bundles of sticks
08 Iron gate d4 1=locked 2=rusted 3=open 4=magically locked requires spell or password
09 Secret door d41=into corridor 2=into a room 3=hiding hole or stash 4=stairs or trapdoor
10 Trapdoor, if the first level goes down otherwise could go up or down 
11 Long Corridor d4x 100 foot with d4 doors and d4-1 passages
12 Winding curved 100 foot passage with d3 doors
13 Junction of d3+1 passages
14 Corridor with d4 90 degree bends d6x 10 foot between and d4 1=dead end 2=door 3=junction of d3+1 passages 4=collapsed if unblocked roll a new section
15 Sloping passage 100 foot to a lower level and then d3+1 passages
16 Narrow passage one foot wide d6x 30 foot long to d4 1=door 2=oubliette 3=dead end 4=monster lair
17 Fragile section of passage d6x 50 foot passage will if anyone noisy or causes damage, possibly some sagging beams or hasty repairs d4 1=rocks fall from above 2=collapses and is blocked 3=collapses providing passage to higher or lower level 4=makes noises alerting guards
18 Passage decorated for d4x 20 foot with d4 1=graffitti revealing faction conflicts 2=mural of ancient myths 3=mozaic tiles hides a secret door 4=semi precious stones and silver inlay in wall art tales ten minutes per d6gp to remove and a bit noisy
19 Section of passage d4x 10 foot long where walls close in if entered 1in4 with pop out spikes, must flee through or brace 
20 Maze with a monster lair with treasure
21 Pendulum or scythe trap triggered by weight or opening door or chest
22 Deadfall with tripline drops d4 1=rubble 2=swarm 3=caltrops 4=monster 
23 Pop out spikes triggered by weight
24 Pittrap with concealed cover d4 1=thin plaster 2=weakened floor 3=Illusion 4=mechanical self sealing hatch. The d4x10 foot drop pit into d64 1=sinkhole cave chamber 2=filthy water 3=spikes 4=swarm of animals 5=monster 6=lower level
25 Shooting darts activated by weight d4 1=d4 crossbow bolts 2=ballistia bolt 3=poison dart save or die 4=2d4 darts
26 Gas trap activated by opening door or chest d4 1=sleep 2=acidic d4 3=poison 4=hallucination
27 Magic trap activated by passing concealed sigil without uttering password d4 1=d4 magic missiles 2=burning hands 3=hold person 4=petrification
28 Scythe trap activated by opening door or chest
29 Imobilising trap d6 1=net traps and suspends in air 2=cage 3=snare grabs leg and suspends target in air 4=iron jaws snaps on leg 5=glue traps feet 6=webs fill 10 foot cube
30 Poison trap d4 1=poison spikes in floor 2=poison needle in door or baited 3=contact poison on valuable bait
31 Corpses possibly with treasure or common items are d4 1=undead 2=diseased 3=eaten by monster 4=parasite riddled
32 Bell d4 1=rings if approached calling guards 2=rings if approached summons monster 3=deafening save or deafened a day and d4 damage 3=dispels spells in 30 foot radius areaif rung
33 Staircase but trapped and activated by weight d4 1=slide 2=boulder dropped from top 3=portculis gate drops 4=monster released from secret door  
34 Alarm alerts local monsters d4 1=noise maker with trip wire 2=screaming fungis 3=magic mouth or alarm spell 4=spyhole with concealed guard who rings a bell
35 Rotating corridor or room misdirects those passing through and hard to detect
36 Arrow slits for guards to attack from another coridoor or room
37 Guardpost with monsters d4 1=concealed with secret door and spyhole 2=baricaded with barred gate 3=invisible 4=in ceiling hard to spot allows enemy to drop behind intruders
38 Teleporter pad d4 1=sends to surface 2=sends to lower level 3=summons monsters 4=sends to a prison cell watched by guards
39 Mimic in form of a treasure chest
40 Illusion conceals d4 1=pit 2=guardpost 3=passage 4=treasure
41 Magical idol or shrine d4 1=take its coins receive curse 2=give coins heald d4 3=shoots a magic missile per round 4=asks a riddle rewards correct reply with treasure but curses if wrong
42 Magical fountain d4 1=healing 2d4 once a day per person 2=poison 3=mutagen 4=as one type of potion once per person per day
43 Statue comes to life
44 Artwork depicting a monster or person that steps out from 2d surface
45 Animated weapons or armour on display 
46 Puzzle must be solved on wall art to d4 1=disarm trap 2=open door 3=open secret door 4=avoid releasing monster
47 Mirror releases monsters d4 1=doppelgangers 2=shadows 3=evil clones 4=elemental creature
48 Cursed magic item d4 1=weapon 2=jewelery 3=potion 4=clothing
49 Petrified victim could be restored d4 1=theif 2=cultist 3=monster 4=berserker
50 Animated furniture
51 Guard station with alert monsters
52 Barracks or mess hall with relaxing monsters
53 Laboratory with a wizard and minions
54 Torture chamber with cells for prisoners and  busy torturers
55 Temple with cultists
56 Empty but d4 1=secret door 2=hidden treasure 3=possibly useful junk 4=swarm hiding in junk
57 Toilet with 1in4 chance of a monster with d4 1=diareah 2=parasites 3=cleaning 4=writing obscenities on wall
58 Library with musty old books and d4 1=giant bugs 2=undead 3=spirit 4=cultists
59 Boss throne with bodyguards and a pet
60 Store room or larder with substandard common supplies
61 Pet monster room with piles of straw and bones
62 Full of spider webs and giant spider in the ceiling hole 
63 Monsters live in ceiling d4 1=stirges 2=piercers 3=cloaker 4=cave trapper
64 Pool with treasure in it home also of d6 1=giant lobster 2=crocodile 3=giant fish 4=tentacled horror 5=giant toad 6=swarm
65 Fungus room with d4 1=giant centipedes 2=giant crickets 3=dangerous fungus or slime 4=goblins
66 Pit with imprisoned horror d4 1=shoggoth 2=undead 3=lycanthrope in human form 4=troll
67 Pile of bones and d4 1=ogre 2=troll 2=hellhound 4=mutant or hybrid beast
68 Invisible monster asleep and piles of corpses with possible loot
69 Room decorated in style of an element with elemental creature
70 Pile of treasure and draconic creature, has own concealed and difficult-to-use exit
71 Tomb with treasure and undead in stone sarcophagi 
72 Furious undead in chains or cage 1in4 a trap trigger releases them
73 Dusty old room with craft tools and benches and a poltergeist
74 Room has old furnishings and a spirit that knows where a treasure is hidden d4 1=wants help to lay their body to rest 2=wants help to get revenge 3=wants love and assumes human form 4=wants a new body so it can finish its purpose
75 Stacked coffins some with sleeping hungry undead
76 Undead disguised as living adventurers try to get close to attack
77 Painting on wall is a portal into a scene and occupants are spirits locked in a time loop who don't know they are dead but also have treasure 
78 Shadows hiding among pillars and columns and remains of old bones and robes on floor
79 Ghouls eating dead adventurers
80 Sheet phantoms in dusty old room covering furnishings, a secret panel has a treasure
81 Workshop for making golems and an incomplete horror asleep. A dead wizard and some books and magic ingredients are here too
82 Morgue with slabs and corpses d4 1=used to make hybrid frankenstien monstrosities by a cult 2=room used to make undead 3=butchers tools and used to feed monsters 4=dining room for pack of ghouls
83 Portal room to another dimension of monsters and wonders 
84 Magic symbol on the floor imprisons a d4 1=demon 2=devil 3=elemental 4=undead
85 Room of petrified people and monsters and a machine to revive them
86 Altar and an idol that allows you to communicate with a dungeon spirit for a sacrifice or gift of treasure
87 Sewerage cistern with tentacled diseased monsters inside may trade treasure for interesting faeces or corpses to eat
88 Brains in crystal vats and a machine to communicate with them
89 Small arena where monsters watch battles between d4 1=prisoners 2=bersekers 3=monster pets 4=dangerous animals
90 Huge sleeping creature slumbering for centuries too big to leave the room
91 Pit of fire with dancing salamander and smiths tools once used to make superior weapons
92 Living room with flesh walls and pulsing organs and some dangerous slimes who keep it clean. Monsters are growing in fleshy bags hanging from the ceiling and some might awaken if bothered
93 Luxurious chamber with food items, soft pillows, silk curtains and artworks is home of a d4 1=sorcerey cult 2=demon in disguise 3=eil elves 4=undead in disguise
94 Witch cult ritual chamber where a cult is performing an evil rite with a human sacrifice, if the victim dies a demon is called
95 A magical crystal cage that lowers or rises from the ceiling with a control. The machines also will cause prisoners in the cage to become mutants
96 Machine in here makes monsters and the machine will speed production if intruders enter
97 Art gallery of cursed objects 
98 Time trap where time inside flows faster and years can go by. There is esoteric writing and graffiti on the walls
99 School room where priests or wizards are trained and a devil instructor will teach you evil magic for treasure, souls or sacrifices
100 Petty god is trapped here in apparatus to tap its power and might be grateful if released

Thursday 28 December 2023

Golden Age Post War Hero Recap

Had a fine boxing day game with new characters. Started with a ww2 flashback where heroes raided a science bunker and Hitler got horribly burned then him and bodyguards killed with tommyguns as a villain tried to flee with his maimed body. Heroes captured the german scientists who made the nazi villains and set charges blowing bunker up with various stunned villains. As it turned out several characters were pre-super identities so one was a command hurling grenades and other was a pilot with a lewis gun.

Villains Included:
Shmertz a bald brute with a flail replacing his hand who specialises in torture
White Ape a albino racist intelligent gorrila banished from secret gorilla civilisation
Valkyrie a minor asguardian deity
Ubermensch a powerhouse and peak of super human development
Dr Gotun a feeble old scientist with a mauser
Barron Alptraum balding, with a monacle and dueling scars, had an electric rapier a weapon developer

Then jumped to River city 1949.

All characters now pro heroes and some had high popularity scores except Dr Strong who has made enemies of his former peers in Germany and not really trusted by Allies.

Sir Reginald Morgenstern called the heroes (now all official super heroes) to the Office of Superhuman affairs and recruited them to hunt possible ratzi villains who seem to be working together again and up to no good.

They went to work tracking various former villains. One, Dr Gotun was in the building working on making upermen for the Australian government in collaboration with the US government. As one hero had superhuman charisma she easily got some juice on another scientist Count Doom in a mental hospital 
and Barron Altraum was killed (no body found) working on the Woomera rocket range. 

Heroes on the Case
Avalanche a former commando with invulnerable skin and can grow 30 foot tall
The Amazing Bionic Woman, a former spy with lots of gadgets. rocket legs and enhanced charisma 
Ace of Aces a former pilot now with flight, hyper senses and regeneration
The Conjurer a stage magician with illusions and telikineses
Ramases an egyptian deity with flight and fire bolts and is a mild mannered archeologist
Dr Strong ex-nazi scientist who can take his miracle formula syringe to become a 10 foot tall brute. He was one who defected to the amazing bionic woman and they led the team to the bunker in WW2.

They heard White Ape was in a zoo and Valkyrie was reformed and now a hero. They went to the mental hospital and saw the scientist Count Doom with his unremovable iron mask. Of course, he had been replaced by a stooge and several orderlies using a weak version of Dr Strong's formula attacked the heroes but were defeated.

The next stop was a circus that Barron Altraum was hiding in and more super formula goons shot up their wonder drugs. Worse before he could be stopped a lion was given a new formula and grew to two stories tall. Heroes managed to win of course and not hurt the lion too badly.

Was a good session but I think 6 players and character gen is quite slower than 5 and I probably think 3-4 players are ideal for a campaign. I have a few spare villains but unlikely to get the same players all together again but will do a few more games.

I might rewrite characters a bit as the character took an hour and was tricky with large group and shortcuts were made and ppl didn't really know what to take. One player I convinced a lightning bolt barely better than a pistol wasn't great and he took TK instead so some similar tweaks for others. Ramases for example had average agility and missed often. The Amazing Bionic Woman was fantastic at shooting but a bit substandard at hand-to-hand but could slam anyone. 

The vibe of the game and setting era worked well enough. 

My SF campaign is on hold but getting to the point where gods and cultis are after them so probably not a great entry point for noob players. There is a risk players will end up being taken out of the solar system by enemies. Im struggling to make my patreon deadlines - had a family funeral to help with and a face infection from damaged tooth touching my sinuses. 

Sunday 24 December 2023

Boxing day Game: Golden Age Heroes 1949

Trying to run some long day games for break period and running a few odd one-off games.

Have 6 players for this and using my TSR Marvel variant rules to create Golden Age heroes. I will start with a war-era flashback scene then jump to 1949 for most of the game.

this is my usual system here but Contacts and Talents can be taken from lists here and options are described here in detail

this is my character sheet

All set in a fictional River CIty between Melbourne and Adelaide built in 1930s by corrupt industry and crime - post-war super-powered people have been encouraged to move their

Character Generation

DOB date of birth of Secret Identity
born 1927 you were 11 in 1939 and 18 in 1945
born 1921 you were 18 in 1939 and 26 in 1845
born 1911 you were 28 in 1939 and 36 in 1945

if you're a doctor or professor you might need to be older
if you were too young to be drafted you were a kid sidekick in war alongside a more famous hero (did they survive the war and did you assume their identity)

aliens, ancient deities can ignore this but their alter egos might need a fake one or when did they arrive in the modern world?

Consider your occupations for your alter egos
If you have no powers in alter ego you get a bonus option

What did you do in the war?
Whose side were you on?

These are the attributes at normal human levels:
FIGHTING - Poor (4) - for martial artists and hand to hand combat
AGILITY - Typical (6) - for athletics and accuracy and dodging
STRENGTH  - Poor (4) - for lifting and hitting hard or wrestling
ENDURANCE - Typical (6) - resisting harm and moving
CHARISMA* - Typical (6) - for convincing others
REASON - Typical (6) - for using technology and problem solving
INTUITION - Typical (6) - for sporting clues and reactions
PSYCHE - Typical (6) - for will power and certain mystical skills
*I added this stat as the Popularity score didn't work in many situations like disguises

You can add up 5 points to your FASECRIP stats with a max of two per attribute
Mark each point you spend here with a star * - each point ads +1 rank/1CS
Attributes you improve as an extraordinary ability mark with a +
Veteran background option mark F & A scores with a v and start Typ(6) not Pr(4)
If you modify an attribute, or gain a talent or patron or power with it mark with an o

You get 5 Talents standard some options grant extra
-one war era career like army, navy, airforce, commando, paratrooper, intelligence
-one peace era career like: professor, performer, police, detective, criminal 
-three talent slots to represent your superior training and heroic career
-fighting specialities and medicine skills cost two slots and have a * marker
-each martial arts talent requires fighting to be raised by +1 rank 
-each meditation talent requires psyche to be raised by +1 rank

You start with personal 2 contacts like love interest, family, dependant, pet, adopted teen 
+1 contact per extra point your Charisma attribute raised above Ty(6)
+1 contact per occupation talent you take
some options add extra contacts

d12 Popular Era Contacts
1 Local child gang or adopted teenage delinquent sidekick
2 A language or ethnic group like a second nationality
3 Criminal specialising in one racket like goon, smuggler, dealer, robber or grifter
4 Journalists, writer, actors, daredevils, entertainers or other popular celebrity
5 Dependant (granny, pet or sweetheart) constantly in peril & earns you karma
6 Military or ex-military from some branch like supply, mechanic, pilot, radio operator 
7 Lawyer, politician, public servant, business, lawyer, police, other officials
8 Retired adventurer or former super hero who acts rarely now
9 Independent freelance researcher of occult, magic, aliens, kaiju & conspiracies  
10 Expert such as a scholar, professor, scientist or medical doctor 
11 From a secret espionage agency for paranormal control and research 
12 Enemy villain you know all too well but sometimes has uses

Stacking and Min Maxing 
You can add ranks derived from first 5 points for attributes and stack with ranks gained from your special abilities such as....
you can add ranks if same or within one rank difference
more than one rank like Typ + Ex do not add but Typ and Gd add to Ex

Common Origins
Pick one if you know what you want or roll one

d12 Common Sources of Power
1 Exposure to chemicals, radium or electricity
2 Use a miracle drug, pill or syringe
3 Electrical accidents or experiments possibly radium
4 Supernatural from a ghost or a wizard or deity or curse or spell
5 Superior exotic training from a secret master or a hidden place
6 Not human secretly martian, amazon, mole-person or deity
7 Synthetic really an android, robot, cyborg or brain in a synthetic body
8 Super soldier produced by a secret training program by a government
9 Came across the mysterious legacy of an ancestor or past hero
10 Equipment such as gadgets or a suit or weapon you created
11 Adventurers gained powers from various strange adventures and travels
12 Wealthy and used your money to gain powers from exotic sources

Extra Ordinary Abilities For Superhumans
Superhumans have fewer abilities but are beyond normal
Make a list of powers or superhuman attributes you would like

For super humans assign these ranks to your abilities or powers (attributes or powers)

Extra Ordinary Abilities For Mystery Men

Mystery Men are closer to human 
By cleverly adding to your human ID base attributes you can have lots of attributes at peak human ability (Typ + Good=Excellent, Good+Excellent=Remarkable)
Mystery men derive powers more from options that having strange inbuilt powers

For Mystery men assign these ranks to your abilities (attributes or powers)

Remember you can add ability ranks to your basic starting scores 
Mystery men are more likely to have lots of good stats while a superhuman is more likely to have impossible high ability scores

Common Powers:
Body Armour, Flight, Hyper Speed, Telepathy, Force Feild, Hyper senses, Hyper Leap, Clinging, Invisibility, Energy Sheathe, Energy Bolt, Energy Form, Density Increase, Phasing, shapeshift, streatching

Feel free to ask about other abilities
Heroes may develop power stunts of their powers to duplicate related abilities like a character might have fire bolts and develop fire shield as a power stunt in play

Background Options For Golden Age
Superhumans have one background option
Mystery Men have three 
background options

If you have no powers or superhuman attributes in your secret ID +1 option.
Excellent is the normal peak for human attributes

If you have a super weakness gain +1 option
- some common threat ignores your defences (fire, cold, electricity, gas)
- some material causes you harms you and makes you weak (radium, gold, cobalt)
-something prevents your powers from working (magical sign, holy water, silver)

+1 option if you roll them all randomly

Popularirty & Resources
Most characters have Typical resources and Good if professional

Popularity = Charisma
You may have a separate for your secret ID and Hero ID

+5 Pop if minor celebrity in secret ID like a journalist
+10 Pop if you fought for allies in WW2 as a hero
-10 if you fought for the AXIS in WW2 as a villain
-10 if a known killer
-5 if hideous or frightening as a hero

d12 Backgrounds Options
1 SIdekick - a younger weaker trainee 
2 Secret HQ - a secret base with equipment
3 Superior Vehichle - a mysterious advanced vehichle
4 Weapon - a powerful device (but you can be disarmed)
5 Armour - a powerful suit with abilities (but can be disarmed and is bulky)
6 Utility Belt - 20 contemporary gadgets or 10 weirder items
7 Costume - instant change, simple defence and survives heroic combat
8 Talents - gain two extra talents and one contact
9 Veteran - your base Fighting and Strength are Typical +1 professional skill
10 Contacts - 
+4 contacts and half price for new ones
11 Strange Science - know advanced, alien occult science +1 talent and contact
12 Millionaire - Rm wealth and +1 contact

Example 1 
Captain Justice - superhuman
Philbert "Smash" Gordon ace flying reporter and superhuman

FIGHTING* - Typical (6)
AGILITY Good (10) 
STRENGTH+ - Remarkable (30)
ENDURANCE*+ - Remarkable (30) 
CHARISMA* Good (10) 
REASON - Typical (6)
INTUITION* Good (10) 
PSYCHE* - Good (10) 

H 76
K 36
POP 15/20 journalist/known war hero
Resources Good (10) Profesional

Body Armour -
 Remarkable (30) 
Flight Excellent - Excellent (20)

Martial Arts B
Athlete (Professional)
Pilot (professional)
Meditation A

Scientist - Uncle Borris chemist who invented the miracle formula
Rupert Killburne Beat Cop's old friend 
Molly Caine - ww2 female spy now journalist
Boxing Coach Jack Mulray at River City Gym (from athletics)
News Editor Pat O'Shay (from journalist)
Bill Johnson Air Mechanic (from pilot) 

Costume for quick change made by an uncle and fits in a wristwatch (Gd physical/energy)
Justice Jet (VTOL)
-stealth vs radar, ladder, MG, autopilot seats 2 
Have no powers in human ID, take a miracle pill every power up
-Endurance feat each scene to maintain

Built around having classics of strength armour and flight while on his super serum formula and fought in the war and was a war correspondent. During one adventure stole AXIS experimental jet which he uses for long distances or needs heavy firepower. Wears a blue cape over yellow boilersuit with blue shield on chest.

Example 2 
Night Falcon - Mystery Man
Danny "Ginger" Cooper, Private Eye

FIGHTING*+v - Remarkable (30) 
AGILITY*+ Remarkable (30) 
STRENGTH+v Excellent (20)
ENDURANCE+ Excellent (20)
CHARISMA Typical (6)
REASON* Good (10) 
INTUITION*+ Remarkable (30) 
PSYCHE*+ Remarkable (30) 

H 100
K 76
POP 6/-9 detective/frightening known killer
Resources Remarkable (30) Millionaire

Telepathy -
 Good (10)  
Invisibility - Good (10)

Martial Arts A D
Weapon Specialist Pistol
Willemena Sorensen secretary at a detective firm and researcher 
Professor Morton - expert in rare artefacts at River City museum
Slimy Pete - underworld black marketeer and informant from detective
Sherman the Butler from wealth option

Veteran improved stats marked with v + talent
Utility Belt
-Pistols, swing line, cuffs, smoke pellets, tommygun, lock picks, knife, truncheon, flashlight, flare pistol, 4x sticks of dynamite, thermite bomb, phoneline tapping kit, teargas grenade, silencer, Typ (6) bulletproof vest, gas mask

Built around being a mysterious Avenger and min/maxed attribute ranks lots. Had mysterious training in Tibet to master men's minds and exotic martial arts. Wears a falcon mask and trench coat 

Tuesday 19 December 2023

Psychon Aquatic Discoveries & Wonders

Had nightmare sinus trouble over a week and a toot pulled  Friday and my face and eyes have been red since then and lots of pouring salt water in my nose good times. Crazy fever dreams and night sweats are okay for writing vs headaches so some progress. So more aquatic stuff cos I'm lazy.

Is a SF horror adventure on Patreon now and working on a book. I will probably get a few full days to work on it before the new year. Have a boxing day game and some one-offs so Planet Psychon will be featured.

d10 Quick 
Discoveries & Wonder Types
1 Bio Flotsam
2 Wreckage
3 Garbage
4 Battlefield debris
5 Industrial
6 Disaster
7 Geology
8 Luxury
9 Science
10 Strange

d100 Psychon Aquatic Discoveries & Wonders
01 Rotting mutant or cyber whale corpse often attracts carnivores or scavengers
02 Remains of rotting sea monster with bites from it d4 1=squid 2=serpant 3=plesiosaur 4=sharks
03 Strange floating wood and vegetation, unlike local varieties. Sometimes they form rafts with animals accidentally stranded
04 Huge shells, beautiful but some might be alive or lairs of other creatures
05 Mass of colourful worms sometimes form a raft
06 Millions of fist size gelatinous snail eggs or other spawn
07 Mounds of colourful giant seaweed often occupied by invertebrates like giant crabs or blood-sucking sea lice
08 Corpses from a marine disaster or massacre, possibly non-humans
09 Gigantic quivering masses of gelatin full of eyes, actually shoggoths
10 Huge scales or bones of giant marine species
11 Damaged rafts possibly with desperate survivors in need of help
12 Fishing boat with huge bite marks and missing crew
13 Semi-submerged sea vessels with explorers searching for loot on board and they don't want to share
14 Gang of wreckers gathering valuable cargo and wreckage floating and onshore. Some abusing unconscious survivors
15 Haunted vessel floating, covered in rust and weeds, surrounded by eerie fog. Undead likley
16 Colided vessels intertwined with battling survivors onboard
17 Ship is wrecked on rocks and oars moving as undead rowers still working pointlessly 
18 Floating aircraft wreckage abandoned by passengers 
19 Lifeboat with desperate survivors d4 1=sailors 2=refugees 3=hungry cannibals 4-mutant plague victims 
20 Floating re-entry spacecraft held up with floatation devices, possibly some cryopods on board 
21 Drums of d4 1=toxic waste 2=radioactive waste 3=fuel 4=cola syrup
22 Vast mounds of plastic waste have formed an island with giant sea lice making salvage difficult
23 Floating freight containers mostly sealed but locked
24 Wooden barrels and sea chests from a shipwreck
25 Carved figurehead of a ship
26 Thousands of plastic building blocks or coloured balls
27 Hundreds of coffins or bodybags
28 Thousands of ancient pods containing d4 1=coffee 2=washing liquid 3=ancient seeds 4=chem power cells
29 Thousands of ancient clothes some in good condition 
30 Robot scrap and a few belligerent robots who have gone mad and repaired themselves from garbage
31 Sea mines floating freely or chained to the bottom of the water 
32 Burned wrecked scrap from the ancient sea battle
33 Floating smart torpedoes awaiting enemy ships to ambush
34 Observation or weather balloons 
35 Thousands of naval ration packs
36 Millitary forms and policy manuals
37 Logbook from a sunken warship crew abandoned with maps
38 Bundle of charts or coasts and waterways for shipping
39 Floating beacon reciting a warning in a loop
40 Floating marine fortress, rusted and possibly occupied
41 Concrete tetrahedrons from failed sea barrier
42 Rusty crane on a concrete wharf or floating pontoon
43 Industrial marine rig for mining gas or oil
44 Windmills on huge pylons
45 Huge driftnets full of plastic waste from junk food
46 Marine recycler robots gathering plastic from the sea and converting into pellets
47 Plastic drums of d4 1=fertilzer 2=cattle feed 3=sewerage 4=wood chips
48 Barges of ancient waste d4 1=food waste 2=sewerage 3=scrap 5=scrap home of marine mutants that looks like garbage
49 Mounds of floating medical waste
50 Floating ruined factory complex
51 Flooded radioactive crater
52 Colony of quivering grey ooze devouring everything slowly
53 Mountain of mutant flesh with mouths, limbs and organs gibbering madly
54 Giant face in a cliff muttering and eyes closed but moving
55 Monsterous kaiju in chains sleeping
56 Whirlpool sucking water down into some unknown depths
57 Strange glowing light underwater and weird mist rising from water
58 Patch of strange weather under a kilometre from damaged weather control apparatus d4 1=storm 2=freezing 3=boiling 4=cyclonic wind barrier  
59 Prone to destructive waves and any shore has damaged buildings and trees
60 Iceberg possibly beached and something inside d4 1=ship 2=monster 3=strange machine 4=mysterious citadel
61 Giant sandcastle built by mutant crabs 
62 Fossilised ancient creatures in jagged rocks
63 Strange giant crystal formations
64 Volcanic vent spewing weird coloured lava and steam
65 Strange hexagonal stone pillars from some ancient volcanic event 
66 Concrete bunker in huge jagged rocks with a possibly sealed door
67 Floating volcanic rocks 
68 Slick of some substance d4 1=oil 2=radioactive algae 3=mutagenic slime 4=burning fuel
69 Elementals guarding a portal d6 1=water 2=rock 3=salt 4=ice 5=slime 6=lava
70 Mysterios stone pillar with tiny dwelling on top seemingly impossible to reach
71 Semi submerges yacht with robot or android crew, assume intruders are pirates trying to rob long-dead masters
72 Container of locked safes with various contents d4 1=documents 2=ancient cash 3=jewlery 4=artworks
73 Containers of deactivated pleasure androids of various types
74 Small wrecked submarine, aircraft or boat with bales of drugs onboard
75 Remains of a floating sea mansion or hotel possibly occupied by someone
76 Floating cryonics facility with forcefield around it protecting ancient useless rich inhabitants whose cash is now worthless
77 Wrecked floating casino with crime syndicate guard robots
78 Undead millionaires riding jet skis to patrol area for humans to eat, have flashy clothes, jewellery and wigs
79 Remains of marine theme park inhabited by d4 1=androids 2=robots 3=mutants 4=amphibious humanoids
80 Half buried luxury boat or visible from the surface on bottom. Monster guards wreck but inside are buried cases of d4 1=gold bars 2=finacial documents 3=drugs 4=artworks 
81 Floating broken cloning vats some with rotting monstrosities inside
82 Marine research lab with underwater levels intact and possibly occupied 
83 Hatch in the sand onshore or underwater into an undersea refinery complex operated by an AI that welcomes visitors as late penal work crew to get started on gruelling dangerous work with robot warders
84 Dome sealed with isolated colony sealed for centuries, if breached inhabitants affected by the post-apocalypse atmosphere, bacteria and nanites
85 Beacon emanating psychotronic signals that cause d4 1=hallucinations 2=implant personality of ancient faction soldier and given mission to assault a bunker complex 3=flee area in panic for several kilometres 4=urge to buy and consume an ancient snack food
86 Floating teleporter array with single passenger or cargo teleporter goes to d4 1=deep sea city ruin 2=orbital station 3=moonbase 4=mars
87 Floating rocket launchpad. Might be a ship on the pad in some condition or might be possible to bring in a ship by remote control
88 Floating marine zoo protected by a force field and an AI with robot and android staff as a sort of ark. Animals are all d4 1=ancient specimens 2=androids 3=weird mutants 4=inteligent humanoid animal people
89 Powerplant contaminating area while crawling with undead and mutants, locals hate this place
90 Pyramid structure a storage vault for d4 1=nuclear weapons 2=mutagenic chemicals 3=criminal AI 4=frozen criminals 
91 A mysterious clifftop fortress appears and vanishes here 
92 A complex behind a forcefield at night fires a beam into orbit
93 Strange wrecked boats from different historical periods are found here
94 A sleeping cephalopod kaiju sleeps here in an ancient semi-sunken crypt and cultists gather to try and awaken it
95 Water and shoreline covered in the blood of some vast creature or massacre
96 Undead sailors sleep under the water and sand here and may awaken in noises are heard
97 Sprawling ancient sunken city ruin with multi-level highrises. Some have scrap-built walkways connecting the buildings. Some are just frameworks remaining and many are overgrown in vegetation. Skulls hanf in bundles around the edges of the area
98 A titanic sleeping kaiju has a settlement built on top or inside who use the beasts bodily excretions for various crafts and trade goods and food
99 A forcefield surrounding a landing strip for flying saucers with enigmatic huge statues and strange symbols on a small island
100 Ruins of an ancient replica city, everything looks real from afar but up close is fake d4 1=used for the rich to hunt innocents for sport 2=androids and robots obeying a gangster in the belief they are a film director - all blank ammo replaced with real thing 3=part of a science experiment by mad AI computer 4=area for robot soldiers to train to round up civilians. They assume intruders are just androids who don't really feel anything or matter

Monday 11 December 2023

Planet Psychon Play 2023 + d100 Aquatic Perils

So my game prep wasn't up to spec for our last game for year so ran Planet Psychon instead and realised it didn't have great aquatic encounters in play so i did this. Was very fun vs my grim Cthulhu space game so was a pleasant change. 

One player was a hairless jet skinned theif with pistols and knives and the other a orange skinned psionic sorcerer with a cat tail and eyes. Raised in a underground prison that only years ago opened a passage into a mine complex and everyone inside was mutated. A wizard in charge had been wanting adventurers in survival suits to investigate the surface that AI claimed was uninhabitable and dead. The mines were crawling with ghouls and when they went through the huge doors and forcefield they were almost killed by ghouls and needed rescues. A second attempt after they were healed had more luck/ Managed to reach the wonderous emerald forests with orange sky on the surface and found some lady bards rehearsing on shores of a white milky river. They discarded their ABC survival suits as the air was fine with a scent of sandalwood and chlorine.

They made friends and agreed to visit the citadel nearby and helped build a raft. Entering the citadel they found a society slowly claiming the citadel. Originally forest hunters they were learning technology inside the ruined citadel. Replicators and vending machines provided all people needed and goblins made anything lower tech. So heroes explored a former casino level fighting lobsters and robots and androids and decided they would try to free their people home from the prison bunker.

Roll for colours of any life or people on Psychon
Creatures that don't normally have alignment might
Add mutations to any creature
Hybridise any creature or ad cyborg parts

d10 Quick Types
1 Simple life
2 Marine 
5 Plants
6 Weather
7 Mutants
8 Wonders
9 Technology
10 Vessels

d100 Aquatic Perils
01 Gelatinous globs a type of acidic jelly that can swim or crawl on land for food
02 Colourful giant marine scorpion or many smaller ones in a swarm
03 Swarm of stinging insects like mosquitoes possibly with aquatic larvae
04 Swarm of carnivorous huge worms, may crawl on land or float in rafts or eating a dead creature
05 Gigantic or swarm of crabs or lobsters or trilobites
06 Giant shellfish lurk hidden in and or mud or weeds will snap on victims limbs and have exotic treasures inside refined from filtering water d4 1=pearl 2=gem 3=refined metallic orb 4=toxic or radioactive pellet 
07 Swarm of micro-organisms d4 1=diseases 2=parasites 3=radioactive 4=symbiotic colony gives a new minor mutation
08 Giant starfish with huge hungry orifice can swim or walk and even use "hands" to catch food
09 Swarm of jellyfish d4 1=harmless glowing and edible 2=huge mass size of a cottage 3=small with venomous stinging tendrils trailing everywhere 4=delicious colourful flavoured jellies with interesting shapes, the tendrils are harmless and have a different flavour and they often beach themselves 
10 Gelatinous hydra with paralysing stinging flagellum 
 Swarms of flying fish (bat, bird or insect wings)
12 Swarm of carnivorous fish will frenzy for food
13 Giant armoured fish swallows medium animals whole or slices into bite size chunks with beak
14 Whale or school of dolphin adapted to modern world d4 1=crystal implants and psionics 2=mutations often tentacles 3=armoured cyborgs with weapons 4=can walk on land or fly short distances
15 Giant angler fish with a glowing lure that can shoot rays, the more males fused to her body the more ray types she has. Slimy black flesh and glasslike teeth and bones 
16 Giant octopus or squid or some tentacled cancerous polyp
17 Swordfish come to surface to duel or sawfish sawing on driftwood or wrecked boat
18 Brain fish with transparent skull and huge glowing brain with psionic powers
19 Giant megalodon shark or swarm of regular sharks, often mutated
20 Giant eels swarm in waters 
21 Swarms of angry colourful seabirds will beg for food or steal it
22 Huge killer puffins sometime in large groups if nesting with nasty sharp beaks
23 Filter feeding birds like whales in water evolved from penguins
24 Talking parrots curious and gossip wildly, want leave alone until you've given them more gossip
25 Migrating wetland birds with strange specialised beaks
26 Giant gulls fly overhead who only land to breed swoop down to catch fish
27 Giant herons or storks with beaks like spears wading in water stabbing and eating prey
28 Metallic stymphalian birds shoot metallic feathers to kill prey 
29 Prehistoric winged reptiles often nest on rocks or beaches but hunt over waters, often in flocks with smaller ones and giant ones more loners  
30 Birds overhead are really spy drones
31 Giant venomous marine serpent d4 1=psionic powers 2=cyborg 3=mutant 4=head on each end
32 Marine prehistoric reptiles d4 1=plesiosaur 2=tylosaur 3=kronosaur 4=ichthyosaur
33 Herd of wetland prehistoric beasts migrating d4 1=sauropods 2=duck billed dinosaurs 3=dimetrodons 4=Paraceratherium
34 Giant beavers have built a vast dam or raft or island fortress 
35 Giant otters lounging about on backs studying interesting artifacts they have found on the bottom of the water on their bellies
36 Amphibious folk floating town built from scrap may restrict traffic d10 1=frog folk 2=beaver folk 3=rat folk 4=newt folk 5=otter folk 6=duck folk 7=bug folk 8=lizard folk 9=fish fish 10=multispecies trade town 
37 Giant marine lizards on shore or rocks relaxing when not grazing on marine plants underwater
38 Otter or beaver folk operating a ferry service d4=a giant member of own species 2=crude raft 3=ferryboat follows an ancient cable across water and has some ancient buildings and cars 4=ride inside a giant snail or hermit crab shell with windows, operator kind of control the creatures direction 
39 Giant marine reptile is a living vehicle for a nation of dinosaur folk soldiers
40 Giant frogs or newts or salamanders possibly their aquatic young in swarms
41 Gigantic kelp fronds erupt from water holding garbage and wrecks of ancient ships an even shacks built into the forest
42 Shambling plant creatures of decaying algae and weed will attack surface travelers or anyone near water
43 Raft of vegetation floating with village of small aggressive plant folk and their killer plant pets
44 Mass of colonial algae assumes form of other creatures and lures them with psionics into its arms to be drowned
45 Vegetation with snatching tendrils that drag creatures to their deaths
46 Floating raft of vegetation with gas bags with other plants and creatures living on surface, some with living sails
47 Marine plants with snapping jaws grow near shore or underwater to snatch creatures on surface
48 Colonial algal colony can change from a raft of slime to a swimming or walking creature and has psionic attacks
49 Slime floating on the surface. The colony can move slowly and swim and seeks to absorb living beings and devour them d4 1=corrosive 2=burns but killed prey turn into zombies 3=hallucinations by touch 4=paralysis by touch
50 Plant of fungus in water infected corpses in water may arise as zombies and dragged into the lake to add to the group mind
51 Several times a day coloured fog or mist covers waters
52 Water chilled with rafts of ice on surface
53 Water contaminated by toxic materials underwater with most life avoiding area
54 Whirlpool sucks fluids into a deep underground sea 
55 Rough rocky water hazardous to vehicles 
56 Rains or snows several times a day
57 Water filled with floating materials d4 1=wood or vegetation 2=floating volcanic rock 3=gelatinous globs possibly eggs 4=plastic garbage of ancients
58 Water bubbling d4 1=boiling 2=gas 3= 4=
59 Water has foul miasmas over surface d4 1=diseased 2=vomit inducing stench 3=attracts swarms of bugs 4=smells delicious
60 Water is living and psycho reactive to minds d4 1=influenced behaviour 2=creates duplicates or people 3=creatures in areas its thralls and mind linked 4=psionic hallucinations
61 Flailing idiotic mutant creatures flopping around in water and on beach
62 Idiotic mutants on beach or wallowing in slime and screaming at each other 
63 Squalid shanty town of mutant humanoids and beast folk on floating village
64 Mutated gibbering bloated semi aquatic mutants fighting and mating in savage frenzy 
65 Horrible settlement of mutated chaos morlocks eating the last travellers who came this way with a fire pit and an earth oven
66 Humans in power armour blasting mutants trying to escape in their damaged scrap built boat
67 Huge living tentacled mass with eyes growing on the beach or in water attempts to devour anything it can grab 
68 Oozing biological flesh structures, once a complex for living beings now diseased and mutated with hideous chimeric life writhing in it's streets
69 Ancient ruins populated by fiendish mutant humanoids and creatures d4 1=underwater 2=shore or islands 3=floating megastructure 4=semi sunken
70 A hidden research lab hidden here releases hideous hybrid new creatures and humanoids
71 Giant mutant turtle has something on back d4 1=citadel 2=fortress with drone fleet and artillery 3=forest 4=ancient ruins
72 Dragon lair in water and it charges travellers to pass
73 Standing stones underwater or on islands contain a demon that cannot leave the barrier made by the stones
74 Water elementals gather here near an underwater portal to their home dimension
75 Small islands where fire or frost or lightning lizards breed and they will use breath weapons on any who come near 
76 Gargantuan kaiju dwells underwater here and is shunned by locals 
77 Crashed alien saucer here has various crew and servitors on board and need resources to survive and repair their ship
78 Giant lives underwater or in cave or ruin near beach and is hungry for small folk
79 Island with AI operated data bunker where humans are not welcome
80 Island ruin with a lich sends undead minions to capture travellers
81 Beached nuclear submarine polluting local waters with undead crew
82 Aquatic cyborgs from an underwater bunker kidnap people for making new cyborgs
83 Automated gun bunkers on beach or sea mines and nets 
84 War crab robots gathering scrap for repairs 
85 Amphibious abhumans from an underwater city with armed vehicles dislike surface folk
86 Ancient industrial rig mining gas or oil and a some faction live on the top structure. Seaweed and creatures live on lower levels
87 Ruined marine mega structure partly forming an island. Various survivor factions feud within and often seize travellers for technology
88 Wrecked ancient ship with party of looters stripping metal and goods. Suspicious of others stealing their scrap
89 Wrecked spacecraft or orbital remains locals shun due to robots
90 Ancient pontoon bridge damaged in places guarded by robot or android military
91 Ship of viking raiders in long ship d4 1=abhumans 2=cyborgs 3=eldren psychics 4=
92 AI war vessel thinks any vessel is an enemy and will attack
93 Amphibious troop transport with soldiers or raiders d4 1=humans 2=mutants 3=cyborgs abhumans
94 Cyborg whale factory ship refining materials from the water or anything in its path
95 Patrol boats of local faction or hunters canoes or fishing coracles
96 Pirate ship crewed by undead under command of a lich
97 Pleasure barge or luxury cruise ship or gambling paddlewheel boat
98 Ghost ship in state of ruin with survivors and various monsters on board sailing aimlessly
99 Small wooden boat d4 1=local children on adventure 2=lone traveller or survivor 3=old people fishing 4=creepy old lost wizard 
100 Vile biological ship populated by screaming mutant maniacs

Sunday 10 December 2023

d100 Terrible Times Growing up an Elf

Has hayfever and pet dramas so no patreon last month
Have had up to 4 gigs a day for Dec already
Frog related dramas here too

I do want to do a book for Xmas
Possibly music and sick frogs got in way also
I find if I'm on a roll writing blog stuff it can make patreon suffer or vice versa

So if you don't know elves in my game are snooty elitist jerks. They made some other races to be slaves and even just kidnapped humans as malleable pawns. Elves are mostly immortal even the earthborn ones are very long-lived and not very fertile. Many can't even breastfeed their babies so they have to find human wet nurses. Their nobles and elites are even more infertile and struggle to care for their infants. The wilder earthborn elves survive much better but do suffer some effects of time only living a thousand years. Elves like to credit themselves as one of first people who served the gods but over time their numbers have dropped and they have become isolated.

I use a BX-like elf class but they can choose any of 4 spell lists to use and can change their class. Even zero-level elves have a cantrip and people know it. Elves are most likely to cast spells and run. They don't take risks or fight fair wars, preferring to skirmish and use vassals and slaves to fight. The nicer elves are paternalistic to the lesser mortal peoples. The evil ones enjoy tormenting and pranking humans. They would rather make a person suffer for life or kidnap slaves than just kill people.

d12 Fun Facts about Faerieland
1 Faerieland has distorted flow of time and most inhabitants are virtually immortal
2 Those who die in fairyland are reincarnated in the faerie world
3 Faerie food like fruit from faerieland is highly addictive and goblins use it to entrap humans into slavery. Non faerie food can be harmful to faerie folks and weakens their bond to the other world if they spend too long in the mortal world. It can cause them to become like earthborn faerie and elves
4 In past times faerie colonised the world and elves aided the gods in spreading life over the world. Those born on the mortal world were cut off from the fey source and are the more common faerie folk we now know
5 The bright and dark faerie do not fight as people think - they are kindred and avoid conflict. Their kings and queens and gods are the same they just have different forms to appear to their bright or dark elf subjects. They are aspects of summer and winter or night and day
6 In the great world tree you can reach realms of the bright elves and dark elves and meet all kinds of faerie folk and creatures in its branches, trunks, roots and crowns

7 Faerie folk are great gardeners of plants and fungus and surround their lands in dense defensive vegetation such as poison thorns, spore bearing fungus and ambulant trees and mushrooms
8 Faerie are long lived but have poor fertility and high infant mortality and struggle to feed their babies milk. Thus they kidnap wet nurses or swap their ailing babies with humans to give them a better chance of survival. Elves raised by humans and live eventually are contacted by their true families and taken home
9 As elves are kindred to the trees and giant mushrooms, goblins are kindred to shrubs, bushes, scrub and toadstools. Many served the elves and still do but many became feral and now hate elves for slavery
10 Orcs were made from elves once but those methods are lost in time partly due to elves killing the wizards who did this and burning their schools. Orcs were also made from corpses and med or even alchemical mud but orcs themselves gained the power to reproduce as other races. They still hate elves but some serve them There are still wizards who make orcs but many more orcs hate wizards

11 The oldest elf kingdoms are hidden from humans and do not let humans leave. In some places their ancient forests are growing again with unnatural speed. They are preparing to fight ancient enemies again
12 Dwarves and trolls are also older races with long histories of conflict and allegiances with elves. Now most trolls are insane cancerous creatures and the other troll races were slaughtered by their degenerate kin. Only giants and dragons and the gods are older

d10 Quick Types of Terrible Times
1 Past Lives
2 Servitude
3 Slavery
4 Childhood
5 Rituals
6 Friendship
7 Terrible Perils
8 Wonders
9 Warfare
10 Strange Life

d100 Terrible Times Growing up an Elf
01 Recall a past life long ago as human barbarian buried in a barrow that later came to be worshipped as a faerie place
02 In a past life you were a lesser faerie d4 1=brownie 2=sprite 3=boggart 4=
03 In a past life were a spirit folk changeling who change from an elf like form to another species d4 1=animal spirit 2=plant spirit 3=water spirit 4=earth spirit
04 In a past life you were a human kidnapped by elves and who worked as a slave for an unnaturally vast time period before dying in faeriland and were reborn as a faerie
5 You were a goblinoid in a past life a slave to elves who died doing your duties
6 You were a plant or an animal in a past life living in fairyland
7 You remember a past life as a human in a settlement destroyed by a great apocalyptic disaster brought by the gods d4 1=drowned by sea or lake 2=volcanic activity 3=comet strike 4=swallowed up by earth
8 In a past life you served a cruel faerie noble and was callously killed for some error
9 In a past life lived as an elf in the golden age but were slain in wars commencing the age of darkness. Now that age is long over and you have been reborn
10 In a past life lived as an elf in the golden age but were slain by dragons and you now shudder at their mention
11 You served in the wilderness spreading trees and fungus to expand the borders
12 You served in a nobles court as servants bearing your masters implements and carrying their cloaks and dresses of the ground
13 You worked in the stables waiting on the steeds and pets of nobility and cleaning up their excrement
14 You carried messages from the mortal world to fairylands and back
15 You shaved nobles keeping them free of unsightly body hair from some past lineage with bestial hairy humans. You had to keep this secret and pose as some other personal servant
16 You were a privy attendant of a faerie noble and cannot believe how disgusting the streets and sewers of humans are by comparison to the odourless stools of fey folk
17 You served your master obtaining exotic addictive drugs used by decadent elites and helped them remain high for months at a time in drug comas. You had to feed them and care for them in this state
18 You cared for some monstrous pet of your faerie masters d6 1=unicorn 2=werewolves 3=faerie hounds 4=griffons 5=pegasai 6=drake
19 You were a bath house attendant for nobles, scrubbing them and keeping the water and bubbles and scented oils just right and occasionally being used by them as lovers
20 You served food in the house of a noble and got to eat food scraps even human kings have never seen the likes of
21 Lured humans off the forest paths into traps with seductive glances and addictive faerie food
22 Stole human babies and left sickly elf babies in return
23 Trapped feral goblins and returned them to elven domination
24 Cared for baby goblins and trained them to serve elves
25 Charmed innocent humans who were pretty enough and took them forever to faerieland
26 Directed werewolves on horrible missions into human lands
27 Trained captive humans in their chores and duties, especially those who waited on or talked to the masters
28 Had to punish goblin and human slaves for the pleasure of the masters
29 Had to track escaped slaves and return them to the masters
30 Worked at the slave markets preparing goblins and humans for sale
31 Were weak and sickly as child until saved by a human wet nurse you still remember fondly
32 Your siblings were sickly and died leaving you alone as a child
33 Goblins used to bully you as a small child and pull your hair out
34 Your teacher beat you with thorny sticks when you rebelled in school
35 Chased by orcs in the forest as a child and were lost for days crying
36 As child raised by humans who feared if harm came to you their own child held by elves would suffer. Eventually you were traded back and you wonder what happened to your human family and the changeling spy that took your place
37 Spent several years living with strange foreign elf clans which was horrible but you did learn much
38 Rival elves kidnapped you as a hostage for decades and kept you imprisoned until you escaped at great cost
39 Had a beloved pet that looked after you and eventually died saving you from peril
40 Parents were killed by orcs and you spent years lost and alone in hiding
41 Married to a nature spirit for a ritual and lived as their servant for a year
42 Selected for a great honour in a festival but when priests inspected you they found a freckle and you were declared imperfect for the gods
43 Selected be a sacred servant of a seer but you had a forbidden affair and had to flee or be sacrificed for your crime
44 Led a spring parade that ended in a feast and a orgy with nobility
45 Led a summer procession to greet the new sun and celebrate the end of the great darkness
46 Led a autumn festival and met the lord of the forest which you cant forget even if you try
47 Led a winter celebration ceremony and there was an accident on the ice. Someone you know fell into the cracked ice into a chilling lake and vanished
48 Saw festivities and coronation centenary party and any other party seems lame now
49 Saw the funeral of one of the great elders who served the gods at the dawn of time
50 Had to oversee a goblin celebration and saw all their filthy sordid antics for days and thinking about it still makes you shudder
51 A mighty elf wizard friend of your parents left you in the care of used to entertain you and you used to jump on their enormous swan down mattress and have midnight feasts of magical food
52 When lost on the world tree you were found by a peculiar sphere headed being who gave you magical sweets and cared for you a few years until your parents found you
53 You made friends with a werewolf servant of your parents and used to run in the forest with them
54 You met a dwarf hostage imprisoned in your parents cellar making metal items. You freed them and even though you were punished by being beaten with live snakes, you are sure this dwarf friend is out there somewhere
55 You met a clan of gnomes and used to dance with them at night until you family told you to stop fraternising with them
56 You met a ancient dragon friend of a elf noble and you spent time reading poetry together while they were in elf form
57 You fell of a ship and were rescued by selkies who showed you their undersea grotto then took you home
58 You had a goblin servant who cared for you like a grand parent. They would take you to the goblin markets. You set them free when they become old as they wanted to see their homeland a last time
59 You remember getting along with sprites and brownies as a child, but as an adult it became a bit odd. You still think fondly of them
60 Long ago you had a human servant you cared for deeply but one day d4 1=vampire snatched them 2=they took an arrow meant for you 3=dire wolves ate them 4=they were retired to a farm where all your mortal servants go to live out their days in peace and contentment. They never said where it was though
61 Orcs captured you and before they could do unspeakable things to you dwarves killed them all and released you
62 A mountain rope and wood bridge collapsed. You held on to the rope but saw some family fall into a chasm
63 Rebel goblins started a revolution on your clan estate and you saw it burn and had to flee
64 You were riding in the forest alone the first time and got lost. You were chased by dire wolves and the horse was eaten while you fled
65 A dark elf noble kidnapped you and tortured you for fun. You remember their laughter in your nightmares
66 Dark elves threw you into a pit of purple worms and you barley escaped
67 You were kidnapped by deluded humans who believed your blood and bones make beauty products to make people look younger. You barley got away
68 A vampire held you in their larder trapped in a coffin in darkness but adventurers drove the vampire away and released you
69 You were shot with an arrow while travelling and awoke in a ditch after days alone. It took months to find you friends
70 An undead monster infected you with a terrible disease but priests saved your life and destroyed the creatures
71 Saw a deity in the elvish court
72 Saw the majestic crystal grotto where elf nobility and divinities bathe
73 Saw a council of ancient trees at their centennial meeting
74 Saw one of the star faeries descend to earth with their crystal ornithopter and courtiers
75 Saw majestic dance of dryads and nymphs at a forest festival
76 Saw giants erect standing stone monoliths
77 Saw unicorns in their sacred grove elect their new leader
78 Shown visions of the dragon spawning pits of hell in a crystal ball
79 Saw the last migration of giants go into the mountains, shunning the realms of humans and their frontier
80 Saw vast flight of griffin riders performing aerial manoeuvres you were not meant to see
81 Saw your army exterminate rebel goblins and their villages
82 Saw your army battle dwarves over a gem mine until a peace reached
83 Sole survivor of a battle against orcs and you were sent to get help, but it was too late
84 Saw a giant attack on an outpost and managed to hide but saw giants eating your friends alive
85 Saw a mob of anti elf human zealots chasing local elves including you. When they crossed the border to elfland. They were all enslaved and the leaders turned into lycanthropes and sent home
86 Saw a goblin army chasing elves into a forest but then the tree spirits awoke and massacred the goblins. You remember the blood covered trees filled with skulls like rotting fruit
87 You remember when orc soldiers chased elf scouts into the woods and broke their ranks. The orcs were charmed and turned on their friends and then willingly followed elves to elfland to be slaves
88 You saw the sky dark with arrows and vast fields of slaughter that haunt your dreams. Sometimes people you meet remind you of a corpse on that bloody field
89 You were in a outpost that spent days fighting off constant waves of trolls and when you ran out of flammables things got worse. Luck allies came and drove the trolls away
90 You remember a terrible frontier war and lost many relatives, some who were vastly ancient. Your short lived enemies barely remembers the war d4 1=humans 2=orcs 3=goblins 4=beast folk
91 Imprisoned by a polar wizard making magical toys in his icy sweatshop
92 Visited the crystal city in the sky of a star spirit and served in their court
93 Lived in a hidden hill fort on the borderlands spying on local humans and helping plant new forests in secret
94 Missed several thousand years history asleep in a mighty oak tree
95 Saw the celestial orrery outside the world sphere and into the outer void where hungry beings older than time lurk. You and your family turned back and abandoned the great void ark
96 Served a wizard and used his crystal sphere to watch life on the elemental planes until a elemental deity whispered your name and you stopped
97 Saw the underworld prison where elder giants and old gods are chained in a vast cave of suffering by the gods
98 Live in the trunk of the world tree for a time meeting many faerie folk and travellers between worlds. There were some views from the world tree that would stagger the minds of mortal beings
99 You spent a time lost in the vast world of living flesh known as Xor. You found savages there with no metal or plants feeding from meat but afraid to take too much. Eventually you were devoured and shat out onto your home world
100 Left in an elemental plane by your teacher. You miraculously survived by your resourcefulness and luck and you barley hurt anything. you found a portal you found and left behind others who didn't make it