Sunday 30 August 2015

Murder Highway - Schools out for summer

 Started a new season with new drivers and best of all Ray wants to bring in his Gloranthan Duck Fisherman in as a Deathrace Driver. As will be fitting in on hyper complex schedule of LARPers and BoffleLARPers which most of my players do. I did it and loved it but kept wanting to punch strangers and this didn't feel very me. The party Sheriff is becoming a Shaman, The Mutant ram raider christian and the clone corp Ninja are elsewhere.

Sherrif met Lunar mechanic whos family all killed in outback zombie blitz so met him and Clawhanded cyborg vet in his car Green Lightning. So sheriff took Clawhand and the Mechanic to Bathurst to hang out on the team farm and help them find work. On way came across burning red armoured hummer like vehicle with crying kids nearby. As the approached the sheriff muttered a spell and saw the souls of feral kids hiding under animal skins and dirt. Fired smoke grenaide one trench fled. Warned the others and Claw went over a crude mine so fired twin MGs at kids exploding one and cutting down rest of group. Sheriff sighed knowing the feral kids were well known cannibals but still felt sorry for the brats. Crying kids in nice clothes picked up by sheriff. The rest he had rounded up and handed to a nun militia group and local lawmen. Decided to hunt kids base and found a wrecked school bus. Sheriff had seen scraps of uniform on kids he traced to a wiped out town two years ago. So team charged and fired with mechanic acting as gunner for sheriff as his smart dna dinosaur per was still in training. Kids surrended quickly and survivors handed over to authorities. Little Billy Shakespeare threatened to kill whole team.

Wiped out another foot bandit ambush and reached Bathurst for steak and beer. The moon mechanic had a 100k cash payout and wanted a car. Got a Range rover and hotted up engine to high octane and gave it light ablative armour. Put a single MG on hood and planned to do more later. Tried to recruit a crew as each vehicle could have two and Dorathy the dinosaur was deemed not counted as crew. Interviews old drunks, keen kids, gamblers and saboteurs looking for cheapest or free crew. Got a kid and a drunk. Mechanic had his lunar gyrojet pistol and found a dealer selling specialist ammo and he got heaps including a clip which had 6 shots but could fire in any order. Got a wicker basket of frag greasiness.

After a week about the Farm and wrecking yards of Bathurst the motorsport mecca, team were looking for work. Agent in Sydney offered team to be on pilot for Deathrace Oz  Style (a licence version of Deathrace USA show that sought to bring Deathracing to the Family audience 6-8pm time slot. Met other racers. A horrible Sydney radio DJ team in a volkswagen hotrod. A wanabee try hard sex symbol been in a few racing scandals. A ex motor murdersport league driver kicked out for attacking race workers. A cheese heiress who was blowing her money to becoming a death racer. A youthful  cool brat marketed to youth, possibly a clone.

The race started with no guns rule so started with shoving and positioning themselves with the smaller cars being sent spinning through Claw's trail of caltrops. Several cars got in out of control spins and bumps. Volskwagen flipped three times in air and landed on wheels. Later smaller cars got aheadof mechanics rover but ahead was a new hazzard. A jacknifed semi truck was on road ahead. Smoke grenaides from Sherrif followed by claw targeting trucks fuel drums. Even though mostly vapor  was enough to expose hidden gang the Goanna Spanners, feral car strippers with some crustry rock hiphop hippie vibe. They had deemed the new TV show pilot doomed to fail to fight big media.

First night as they hung out in garage eating burgers at pitstop Dorathy was growling and wouldn't let anyone leave. Sherrif melded minds with her and sensed with her a reptilian predator was about. Stayed inside and heard another racer savaged b y a giant 4m gekko lizard. They helped shoot it and injured racer was the kid brat who's pretty looks were slashed by lizard bites.

So one day of three in first track done with third being a live fire race.
Second course is cross country and drivers welcome to change vehicles
Third is a mystery track

Each track has three segments each ending with a pitstops

$10 000 each for each track course
+$1000 per racer eliminated from contest this track
$4000 if first to reach pitstop
$2000 if second to reach pitstop
$1000 if third to reach pitstop
$50 000 if win final race
Silver med benefit and ammo an repairs included but not upgrades
Bonus prizes announced in game

Need to get weapons stats done soon
xtra vehicles - aircraft, boats, gev, ultralights, harrier fighter, apache copter, and some setting stuff, like renegade and the gentech interceptor v8, v10, v12 and v16 versions

Saturday 29 August 2015

Space Opera

SF game will have one of these possibilities or string them all together with future time jumps every "season" really time asleep in hypersleep or lost in the void. Will do lots of blogs as I dig through old vaults of my SF settings. 


Interplanetary Age
Mining stations, labs, mostly robots in the Jupiter-Saturn belt. Like High Colonies RPG or Films like Outland or Alien (but land on comets or icy moonlets). Earth is a Mess, mars has thousands of colonists and Luna a hundred thousand. Players investigators recruited from security agencies, government, scientists and police or even criminals. They perform rescue missions, fight pirates, battle robots, outwit clone troops and expose cults. Those rescue missions more like find out why archeologists on Europa have gone quiet. Will end with Space Gods fighting leaving Anomoly and alien Sargasso of wrecked ships. In system journeys take months. High G mod crew operate faster vessels but drones are better.

Colonial Age
Colonial Era when earth develops faster hyperdrive and faster than light travel. Players in colonial gunships visit colonies isolated for up to 300 years to give them the great news Terra welcomes them back into the fold. Terra offers software and tech updates for compliant colonies. Gunships diplomats will meet leaders and investigate the colonies. Of course you don't want to alarm colonists but possibly one or two hostile species with FTL armed vessels have been encountered. The colonies are batshit mad mostly and many adapted selves to fit local ecologists and conditions. Many operate cultic caste systems with despot priest kings riving the colony cult. Most not welcoming to colonial plans.  Colonies equipped with T1 (Tech template one) auto megafactories. Tech provided like 2300AD RPG (second ed box set best, Old versions had great art and great aliens like Pentapods and Kafer. Adventurers will be discovering first hyper spacial routes. Gate points well outside solar system and take weeks or months to reach. Old colony ships were one way and catapulted by by a sort of limited proto gate tech station near Jupiter. They took a few years to reach destinations and had some radio contact with earth that took decades. Commonwealth gunboats travel a parsec a week + time to leave system to gate point taking weeks. Season ends with freezer error.

The High Commonwealth Age
Terran commonwealth and the clone corp are now in golden age of prosperity with anti gravity, energy weapons, force fields, improved FTL via gates which also keep out unwanted guests. Are other genuine races and divergent human intelligence (AI, uplifted animen, increasingly weird colonists who find it cheaper to change selves than planet. You can be in a bar of space freaks and all will actually descend from Terra. Worry If you meat a real alien. Hivers and Pentapods are greatest allies of humanity but both prefer to be given human bodies for diplomacy. Players are Agents of Terra with superior tech and enhancements seeking threats to the commonwealth. Agents full of soft enhancements and wetware and psionic. Agents come from many colonies and Luna and Mars even other planets are strong states with unique colony traits. Sometimes act as agents incognito.  A great web of gate routes connect the core worlds and Terra then beyond them slower but well navigated routes using the older style of hyper drive connect isolated colonies. Season ends with battle in a hyperspace accident at climax of a mega space war! Save the commonwealth Hurrah!.

The commonwealth is now administered by the ring of twelve, The first great twelve colonies of the first wave of 100 ships to leave old Earth as it was assailed by an alien ecology. Sol has retreated behind It's parsec wide interdiction zone preventing physical contact with those outside the great sphere Core ships create bubbles of hyperspace around them and are capable of  maneuvering at FTL and finesse and in system capability rendering older ships obsolete. Most of the commonwealth, the fringe and wildspace use older systems. This season ends when a their ailing drive misfires going beyond into overspace, avoiding being eaten by an old one and fusing with a sprawling space raft of wrecked starships and stations. Get rescued and returned to home universe thousands of years later.

The Search for Sol
Sol? that's just a legend my friend. The all powerful Solarians who hid from the universe and left everyone to rot and fall apart after a great spacewar? Who lost their moon over a disagreement in social policy? Just a story for kids. Even the core worlds of the old Commonwealth are just legends made by humano-cultists. Heroes are a bunch of freaks travelling the stars supporting a science mission looking for old signs of Solarian or Selenite or Terran culture. The Heroes trade, defend, scout and assist the scientists looking for lost secrets. Heroes as traders get to live with roughness and profit motive as cover to support the advanced Darwin lab ship that hides in hyperspace. Occasionally they discover horrible things best left from when the universe was still young. The science ship has the most advanced hyperspacial array in this sector of the spiral arm which might bother beings not of this reality. And are those Solarians really gone? Distances are vaster after tens of thousands of years with even more colonies of humanoids over the spirals of the galaxy. Mostly the older type drives that take a few months between systems, with well mapped local data and rest on traded often dated hyperspace charts. The end would be finding Sol and the truth of what happened thousands of years ago.

The Solarians: Agents of Terra
The agents are immortals who secretly meddle in the outside affairs of humans. You don't need to eat or breathe, you will live forever because you have been backed up. You travel light perhaps just one ultra tech gadget like a sub-space escape pod, a universal smartsuit, a polymorphic combat body, a universal weapon, a genesis bomb or a just a aerospace mecha in a pocket dimension. Only problem is there are things out there that notice Solarian tech (most adds to the mass of the universe by drawing energy from overspace). A few planets and suns have been destroyed in the last few thousand year as such encounters increase and unplanned conflicts escalate. Specialist properly armed agents and AIs combat the old ones in secret, they are to be avoided by regulars. If you more than survive such a encounter recruitment will notice you. Sol Prime observes many worlds and will just teleport you to crisis points being able to open one way gates and some times return ones. The end would be going upstairs to the next level of control - time central where they are then sent into different times and parallel worlds

Monday 24 August 2015

New Projects and Toys and Plans

Have added some stuff under skin shop and will do so again

Will do more Road war stuff like d100 road condition table including types of fences or barriers or dead trees or mud or dead grass or ash. Trying to finish d100 crystal wonders at the moment so turned into a crystal dungeon zone table set! Anyhow here is me rambling on about miniture fun and it's increasing influence over my play style which is kind of sandbox simulationist.

So got some more small animals for 1/72 scale gaming including apes, lions,bears and things that could be any 4 legged viscous mammalian beast. So can simulate ape attacks and wolf packs well now. Bugs and reptiles and frogs and snakes have been easy to find. I got some crabs and lobsters and other sea beasts but no octopi i can equip with swords and axes. Based up lots of new minis including saxons, more vikings, rus, 1900 armed civilians, ww1 field horse artillery.

Got lots of new toy cars to celebrate my return to road war gaming.

Finding of course having minis inspires adventures. Now I have apes a Planet of the Apes mission might occur in my road war game. While hotwheels are cool the Matchbox line of cars are techie and imply dinosaur hunting offroad thrills and adventure. Got enough boats and marine dinosaurs to do something now. Mosasaur guest appearing oin my vikings game was good. I have a bunch of 80s looking concept jet fighters (firefox hypersonic fighters) which will be handy one day or will be SF fighters.

Im thinking some cowboys (some with cows), indians, some pith helmeted colonials and tribal sets, so my WeirdWarOne game can evolve into a pulp game like hollow earth meets agent13.

Lack of electricity (or electrickery as Catweasel calls it) has helped my WW1 trenches and tunnels horror fantasy setting the Great Weird War.  Most of this is good enough for SYDCON Convention running. Lots of vintage cars or star trek or marvel cars in Hotwheels line on sale which are hotrod versions of 20s and 30s cars so will be using in future gangsters wars games with my minis. Good for Cthulhu too. WW2 partisans good for cthulhu too. Got 6 biplanes plus a german, a brit and two french ww1 tanks plus 4 armies. Im thinking Players as investigators sent into weird phenomena in no mans land and will choose to approach site with air recon or with infantry or with sappers. Good luck chaps!

So Gaming wise I am running BRP Vikings sunday nights and many non LARP sundays Im running BRP Motor Murdersports game with a few new players. Club will be moving closer to me in more public location again which will be good for membership and new blood.

So will be running BRP ROME (AKA I Cthulhu) followed by WW1 a bit late this year. Space Opera will be on table after that possibly or SPACE Cthulhu.

SF game will have one of these possibilities or string them all together with future time jumps every "season" really time asleep in hypersleep or lost in the void. Will do lots of blogs as I dig through old vaults of my SF settings.

Vikings2 BRP/Cthulhu

Been running Vikings last few months based on my previous BRP Cthulhu Vikings game. Sixteen years later the children of the Stonedale Clan are in hiding instead. Instead of being International viking trading tycoons the have been hidden in Russia as rulers over Slav thralls in a hidden swamp village. The Bloodstar clan thought killed in Vineland by parents had returned and was now hunting and killing stonedale youths. The mostly female party began a noble, a hunter, a shamans assistant a fishermans son who is handy with a sling, One is a child of dark elves who is becoming a shaman of land spirits and another is a hybrid wizard from Saturn, The lady wizard Zothaquasdottr had a extra face on her chest as her dad the bard was a servant of Tsothogua and a mighty sorcerer who lived on Saturn. Dad had had gated away to Saturn from Ralyeh when Cthlhu chased Stonedales when part of the corpse city arose near Greenland. On Saturn he had spawned with the freakish Dreamland folk and Tsathogua spawn there and she grew up with a mad dad and Wizard Eibon and Tsathogua's uncle Hziulquoigmnzha. She is now getting closer to thinking everyone back home was right.

So they visited Novgarod then Kiev and have battled witches (including one of Baba Yaga's "adopted" daughters. Lots of werewolves and have discriminated at least three types. One player joined Odins men and learned skill of turning into a wolf and later he met a evil were wolf who promised him power and baptised him into the old gods and taught him how to eat the souls of a dead person as a gift to the old ones. So he tried the ritual as a werewolf a few times and failed. Party has met ghouls cult in Byzantium, Marceles. Carthage and Rome by hanging out in graveyards. Another Stonedale studies witchcraft and sorcery and is the son of a Stonedale and a Sea Hag. Another Stonedale maid with a great axe comes from one of the magical island of the gods where a Sonedale retired to. She worships the sea god Njiordr and any local sea god you meet. Her and the party leader both have learned the skill of turning into sea lions which is handy for viking adventures. The werewolf has proven handy for threats and tracking. He keeps biting people in battle as a human and since biting a fish man has nickname of Fishbiter. Leader is a scholarly maid warrior with knowledge of Arabic, Greek, Latin and Hebrew. She knows of sorcery quite well but shuns it to serve Freya.

Zothaqua throws lots of cash and favours of knowledge to cities wizards. Party learn she has a extra face on her chest. Of course Zothaquasdottr had met Eibon and could read Hyperborean and had impressed Frankish occultists. Fishbiter spent three weeks in monstary to chill out over all the crap he had seen and now has allegiance to the dark powers and the christian god. He can read Latin now as Runic seems not so useful down south. Second generation mythos hunting vikings sure are a bunch of freakish fuck ups.

Most recently in 919 Frankland Mediterranean city to learn the local language and learn of the monastery they seek to sack from their parents list. Chased a witch to 1490 France through a gate she made to steal the book of Eibon from Zothaquasdottr's current magic teaching master. Kidnapped witch and her books and the big girl with axe kidnapped one of the witch's pretty young lovers as booty back to 919. Tormented witch for a month learned the secret of time gate and soul draining staff (RQ3 sorcery + mythos magic MP drain and storage device - woo!). Vikings now ready to visit the monastery by horse and pretend to be visitors as the river route now had a fortifications on river. Possibly might need to open bridge at some point to bring in troops by boat.

Was meant to be a quicky campagn os 6 sessions but I enjoyed reading all the history of Slavs, Estonians, Norwegians, Finns, Swedes, Danes, Kazakhs, etc. Im hoping they will get to Ireland to the next monastery, wipe out the Vinland cultist colony again, then visit Iceland then reclaim wealth in Norway and then visit Saturn and go mad.

So i betta get a Roman Sheet up and running
will include what kinda magic?
might include punch, kick and grapple and gladius and javelin and a few weapons
tempting to work out weight for roman armour and kit is and do some standard packs with weights. Sigh its dungeons and quatermastery creeping in...

Tuesday 11 August 2015

d100 Village Idiots

Idiots are loved by locals and it is bad luck for community not to have one. In big comunities Idiots might meet in a idiot guild with galleries for public to watch. Idiots often compete to be the over idiot or whatever the local title is. Idiots will competitively battle to see who will be the official local idiot. When many idiots meet in a village for a regional idiot bout the locals have a holiday to celebrate and all gather to watch. Imagine a murder mystery in a idiot competition. Of course there are stories about a whole village of just idiots. Some larger towns keep idiots locked up and charge admission. Circuses often steal idiots for freak shows and clowns.

I have tried to make these gender neutral - idiots don't discriminate neither should you.

Sometimes a idiot claiming to have been something great once are true. Possibly they are just cursed.

d10 Quick Idiot Ability
Most idiots can talk a but many who can are mad, the rest roll here

1 Clueless makes strange noises
2 Mute and stupid
3 Mute but quite smart
4 Makes sign language and noises
5 Can say name mostly
6 Only talks in secret actually smart
7 Smart but cant talk or gesture very well
8 Speech is slow and possibly other impediments
9 Speaks own made up language
10 Frustrated by inability to communicate so avoids

d20 Quick idiot Gimmick
1 Idiot has a pet, possibly on a leas or in pocket
2 Idiot carries a doll and often takes it's advice
3 Idiot is secretly a clueless accidental murderer
4 Idiot has a spectacular colorful hut
5 Idiot is deeply religious with a holy symbol
6 Idiot has witnessed a terrible thing and nobody believes them
7 Idiot wears strange intricate costume made from discarded crap
8 Idiot wary of many rival idiots, wary might enter village in disguise
9 Idiot is used to getting coins and food scraps from strangers
10 Idiot has sudden desire to become a murder hobo or tomb robber
11 Idiot has saved every coin ever given in his treasure heap
12 Idiot has a curable illness and will follow any who aid them
13 Idiot feeling romantic towards next attractive adventurer met
14 Idiot battle about to start, locals exited, contenders show off
15 Idiot can cast a single spell or several cantrips
16 Idiot has a character class and is quite competent
17 Idiot loved by the gods and incredibly lucky making all save throws
18 Idiot has a magic trinket which might use or just show to a new friend
19 Idiot is a spy d4 1=foreign agent 2=nonhuman 3=local lords agent 4=church
20 Idiot so loved locals form a mob if idiot hurt or threatened

 D100 Village Idiots
1 Gumbo Shanks like to sit on fences and walls and fall off when waving to passers by
2 Rollo Bungnail likes to roll in mud and sleep with hogs and runs around squealing
3 Habbo Lumpfinger likes to rescue baby birds and return them to trees, often asks for help
4 Miklav Trondhal likes to crawl under tables and hears many plots and gossip
5 Zanitlar Bumpclod talks to horses and dogs and welcomes them entering the village
6 Tuplit Gumblebroth likes to sample weeds and bugs and cook surprises for new friends
7 Callic Plumbrand likes fire but is not allowed to make his own so follows strangers about
8 Kabie Rumpledump collects string and rags and makes ugly but functional clothes
9 Strottie Lumphead has a bloated forehead and ugly teeth. Scared of bees and wasps
10 Arkan Stoatwrangler has pet weasels and hunts rabbits, weasels live in pants
11 Mublik Rumblebottom a flatulent idiot who lives off beans and boiled eggs
12 Fimbal Jizzwhistle likes to play his tin whistle and likes to ineptly repair rooves
13 Cambul Clubfoot like to dance and entertains locals for feed
14 Dobie Scrubpox has hideous running sores and giggles constantly
15 Flirty Droppants likes to strip in middle of village if attractive strangers pass through
16 Holy Dumpsack likes to talk gibberish thinking can speak in tongues
17 Morty Badhat likes to dig up skeletons and talks to skull collection
18 Zippidy Bogflax is a pinheaded freak looking for another pinhead to marry
19 Syban Trotterfriend is huge fleshy person with a piggy snout who likes tablescraps
20 Zodan Beetlevomit lives off bugs but occasionally something makes them sick everywhere
21 Tripebun Grottlesnatch will do anything for a tripe bun even go in a dungeon first
22 Snortrip Calzoon constantly has a running nose and sneezes, gets snot on everything
23 Fuzwrangle Headglitch has huge beard and small animals live in it
24 Turgid Waxhand sells candles made from his own earwax with nose hair wicks
25 Zotty Trudfungler runs around announcing imminent attack which locals ignore
26 Burnie Toadlick likes to lick poor amphibians and is often found a drooling heap or blind
27 Nanni Piglips likes to kiss visitors which locals say gives good luck
28 Barogi Titvomit eats tiny birds but vomits up feathers if strangers nearby
29 Moxi Catstrangler chases local cats who are wary but moxi asks visitors if they have any cats
30 Blibbloop Crabpants claims they commune with lobster goddess and rants about her constantly
31 Toxi Smellpie steals pies they detect by smell alone, likes to trap animals to put in pies
32 Jinny Crowfoot hobbles about giving weird gazes and unsettling looks, mob thinks it is evil eye
33 Aleph Tonsiltrip staggers about drooling and falling over, likes to kiss sheep
34 Ezrod Clapdung likes to throw cow poop at strangers and build sculptures from excrement
35 Plugnut Lumpface has a hideously deformed face with with a huge grin
36 Johnny&Jenny Applesauce Siamese twins separated by doctor, creepily offer applesauce
37 Hazzle Pithole found albino child talks about impossible life in the underland with the wee folk
38 Chicken chasing charlie who pilfers poultry and takes them to his cave where he treats like family
39 Hazma Scratchdingle follows people about and touches self  inappropriately if mums not around
40 Manky Sumpdoll wears filthy swamp stench clothes, even has moss growing on clothes
41 Stinky Cogwizzle bathes in dirt and vinegar, does things opposite, claims fell through a mirror
42 Grongo Punteat likes to carry stuff and locals exploit and fight over Grongo who is simple
43 Finna Cankudder stares into the distance concerned that the end of the world is coming soon
44 Grunty Bingefodder joins in local activities grunting and lolloping like a beast with a hairy face
45 Big Ducky a rogue duckman woke up here and is now living the easy life as a village idiot
46 Rubblkin Ull is a short bearded man who gruffly mends things and lives in a hole (a dwarf?)
47 Pix the sprite is a willowy androgynous idiot with sylvan good looks and likes glitter bodysuits
48 Orcface Glubthuck a hideous possibly part orc who wants to fit in but locals bully and drive mad
49 Smimax Passlehop a pinhead skipping singing lover of flowers falls in love with strangers
50 Flabbib Ponzlefunt a cheeky laughing fatty who likes food and follows strangers for snacks
51 Glibny Toadthrax a fat pimply looking bloated youth who likes to wallow in ponds and eat rats
52 Elru Bonestrum a idiot who thinks he is ancient necromancer who lost their powers
53 Barran Tondilflos a hearty laugher with a huge bushy beard hangs around carousers and pub
54 Dareenie Hamfang thinks they have a vampires curse but locals all laugh, night seals self in tomb 55 Polderglot Glossolia believes knows arcane magical lore and will share secrets with anyone
56 Cumberfax Phlemstien dresses in discarded cloths of rich, covered in snot and food, thinks is rich
57 Broobill Panwaggler runs around excitedly banging pots and making a noise at certain times of day
58 Pandertrout Mawson believes is aristocratic leader of a expedition in a far off land
59 Hrool Jinn is a self proclaimed wizard who asks passers to imagine he has awesome powers
60 Guba Hellstradler used to work for a monster hunting scientist and has retired as a idiot in country
61 Pinril Doxbeddler has delusion they are a pimp and try to rent invisible prostitutes to passers by
62 Fanrag Plagdobbler loves gossip and new and pesters everyone with questions
63 Pungwhip Stuntwobbler thinks they are a fantastic rogue acrobat who injures self performing feats
64 Yagthomp Scootieboogler has many funny walks, is accident prone and talks nonsense babble
65 Mackwump Startreddler thinks they are sheriff and adorably try to manacle strangers
66 Fragshnouz Pondstruggler likes to push people in water or even a puddle so they can laugh at them
67 Feckthang Bongdrizzle likes to sit around stoned and drunk in public, says some funny things
68 Rhadno Ebora claims strange materialist philosophy and tries to explain, most find very funny
69 Zilba Knucklewad wears a pointy hat and claims to be a master of magic, is pretty good herbalist
70 Nonhog Beetlebone dresses as a bug and thinks everyone else is part of the insect court
71 Squidface Squishington has hideous tentacle beard and lives in a well, will sing for grog
72 Hognuggle Slushface a big stupid fatty who likes to steal food and sit on people smothering them
73 Klibtillion Tubthule is a gentleman scholar who finds old junk and declares are elder age relics
74 Panthacker Glibtub sits at fire making soup or pancakes and offering miserable personal advice
75 Krillbag Dogbeak dresses as a shaggy monster with stilts and a costume, surprises adventurers
76 Zorgan the great believes he is the reborn elder demon god who ruled part of the underworld
77 Thargron Puntag believes is a subterranean humanoid and tells amazing stories of the hollow land
78 Toffee Bimblesnax dresses as rabbit and runs about giving sweet snacks to children
79 Loitar Menge thinks is a famous bounty hunter and makes own posters from interesting travellers
80 Korax Yarpnoodle a mighty hunter seeking for a creature that nobody else has ever seen
81 Zurbydee Yibzibida reports flying objects & warns church and state infiltrated by serpent men
82 Kerba Thronzip likes to balance on roofs and fences but falls often and has broken many bones
82 Tibuld Hairsniffer likes to sniff peoples belongings like saddles and collects peoples scents in jars
83 Trimesta Gorgangump advocates mixed marriages with humanoids, has posse of goblin lovers
84 Korky Fugtuggler likes to nurse wounded wild animals and uses hut as a animal hospital
85 Shanky Earspoon dresses in armour made from old pots and claims to be a paladin
86 River Quiverthigh likes to fornicate with anything they can catch, locals chain by village gate often
87 Zodra Klard believes is innovative bard, artist and tailor always pushing culture on strangers
88 Clum Chubblet is corpulently obese and needs a wheel to keep stomach off ground and move
89 Thistler Phlam believes they are a amazing hero who is battling various imaginary plots and foes
90 Blint Farcycle preaches cosmic unity and peace, lives in filthy hut drinking tea and getting stoned
91 Shindle Buttflank is afraid of fire and comes running with a bucket at slightest breach of his code
91 Binbustle Thwank believes they can talk to animals and will talk to pets and mounts of strangers
92 Sunbudle Binwax is convinced they sky will fall and spends time planting trees to hold it up
94 Womblepox Bluetit collects scraps and rubbish and has built a shack from festering crap
95 Yobyar Pussweasel collects scabs and sores and used dressings, loves adventurers
96 Mardthunk Bundlebeard invents useless heaps of crap that are mostly dangerous
97 Popopoola Brandybun likes to dress hair and make cakes, most are too flamboyant
98 Vizzy Squamula tries to sell home remedies they makes from mud and random berries
99 Pozzdike Marmud keeps bees and likes to show of their bee beard, always alert for bears
100 Camdizzle Runtfart is fascinated by wheels and balls and likes to borrow carts for daredevil feats

Sunday 9 August 2015

1d100 Angry Mobs

Mobs are common in cities and happening daily in big cities like Rome. They are easy to set off and many towns are full of tension that can easily boil over to violence. The first tables are to create a randomish mob, the full d100 is example mobs that could lead to adventures or subplots

d.10 Quick mob find a victim
1 Witch
2 Local Monster
3 Gods offended by pride
4 Local loner d4 1=homeless 2=scholar 3=old person 4=
5 Local sinner angered heaven
6 Local spell caster gone wrong
7 Evil from the bowels of underworld
8 Non humans
9 Corrupted church
10 Angry dead

1d10 Quick mob leader
1 Local respected family leader and concerned parent
2 Local hellfire calling priest
3 Professional witch hunter or inquisitor
4 Local commoner speaks for fears of the mob
5 A sadist uses accusations of evil to avenge themself on others
6 A mad youth having fits and visions is interpreted by mob hysteria as targets
7 A mentally ill person who imagines they are a victim of crime or witchcraft
8 A demagogue from among the mob emerges driving them on
9 A cultist trying to turn commoners of mob evil
10 Local power mad leader using imaginary fears and mob to gain more power

1d10 Quick proof for mob?
1 Convinced by visions that gods want them gone
2 Had a strange dream they were in league with evil
3 Is really really certain they are up to no good
4 Gets a funny feeling when see them
5 Victim has assets that community members want to steal
6 Troublemaker d4 1=defies authority 2=disrespect church 3=foreign 4=questions local wisdom
7 Victim branded a criminal and already tried guilty
8 Strange omens interpreted by folk divination
9 Stranger seen doing funny things!
10 Victim d4 1=lower class 2=not local 3=no family 4=disabled

1d10 Quick mob intent
1 Beat victim to inch of life and leave on edge of local area
2 Humiliate with stocks for d6 days then dump on border or region
3 Drag to local noble to judge or imprison
4 Drag to church for religious approval for mob
5 Mutilate the victim and drive from area d4 1=face tatoo 2=missing body part 3=scars 4=branding
6 Imprison victim 1d6 months d4 1=pit 2=cave 3=cellar 4=grain silo
7 Humilate till get bored d4 1=tar&feather 2=throw in pig shit 3=stoning 4=public flogging
8 Common execution d4 1=hanging 2=beating 3=strangling 4=drowning
9 Brutal execution d4 1=beheading 2=disemboweling 3=impaling 4=saw or tear to bits
10 Burn in a bonfire

1d10 Quick mob requests if they meet adventurers
1 Party must be for us and join us or against us and with them
2 Party must join us and actively take a lead in violence
3 Are you strangers in league with the evil ones?
4 If party have reputations or superior arms asked to lead the mob
5 Request join us or give us your weapons, rope, fuel, torches
6 Offer party torches and rocks to join them
7 Ask party to be witnesses in case of legal consequences of lynching
8 Does party have any spare magic power or items they could lend to mob?
9 Command trouble makers surrender to their authority till trouble blows over
10 Surrender to the mob justice or face their wrath!

1d10 Quick mob overenthusiasm
1 Beat up a few people on the way who might kinda look like intended victim
2 Smash and damage businesses and homes on way to
3 Start a fire and burn property on the way to get victim
4 Open churches and run about with holy symbols and treasures
5 Beat up some other undesirables for a warm up
6 All gotten really drunk
7 All wear hoods and masks and have become a secret society
8 Have brought along lots of viscous dogs
9 Burning and smashing effigies of target
10 Have made signature prop for members d4 1=facepaint 2=hat 3=badge 4=weapon

1d10 Mob Arms 
Basic mob carry sticks and clubs

1 Sticks and rocks
2 Shepherds weapons including staves and slings
3 Farmers weapons like pole arms, flails, scythes, sickles, clubs, maul
4 Hunting weapons with a few bows and spears and knives
5 A few beadles, bailiffs and the sheriff help a stick wielding mob
6 Militiamen among mob with leather armour, spears, shields, daggers
7 A few old veterans with professional soldier kit and possibly a few horses
8 A few of lords men have got caught up with chain, crossbows, spears, swords
9 Religious pilgrims have got involved with staves, flails, maces, crossbows and daggers
10 A local magician is helping the mob

1d100 Angry Mobs
1 Mob of commoners have decided to get rid of the old woman living alone on edge of town
2 Mob of farmers convinced magic has attacked crops are hunting for witches
3 Shepherds think that someone is a werewolf and are looking for hairy people
4 Fishermen think locals secretly helping evil fishmen and providing them with children
5 Dairy farmers outraged by cows drying up seek a hidden sorcerer from area
6 Disappearing things bother everyone but not affecting one house which must be to blame
7 Local wizards experiment got loose, monsters and wizards all must die
8 Witch hunter leads mob as a scam to blackmail and rob victims
9 Witch hunter serving true church seeks enemies of religion or heretics
10 Exorcist priest convinced trouble caused by possessed agents of local lord
11 Templars back from crusade lead mob to destroy forces of evil
12 Lumberjacks sick of elf tricks are gonna find all elf sympathisers
13 Miners are sick of dwarves and gnomes stealing the best mineral veins
14 Local cooks and housewives sick of hobbits eating the best food
15 Militia men lead mob seeking a foreigner, probably a enemy spy
16 Sheriff and men leading locals to dispatch a bandit gang
17 Commoners outraged by new tax going to march on lord with petition
18 Lords men with mob seeking deserters from military recruiters
19 Lords men with warrant and mob looking for escaped fugitives, enemies of the crown/
20 Mob is charmed by a faerie being of one gender and driving mob to attack local polluters
21 Druid of the old faith stirred up mob against church who destroyed druid monolith
22 Drunken mob from a local festival looking for who stole their grog
23 Flagellants lead peasants in mob with ecstatic self abuse
24 Plague doctors come with miracle cure looking for plague carriers who must be burned by experts
25 Local gang have convinced mob that the local sheriff is the real crook
26 Bard lead teens and children on rampage stealing food, dancing and swearing
27 Goblins have drugged villagers with mushrooms and lead them to smashing up town for fun
28 Necromancer has raised zombie ancestors of villagers who now follow and obey the wizard
29 A visiting wizard sets a local mob against a nearby wizard so he can nab all the books and flee
30 A sorcerer has locals hooked on drugs and amazed by illusions and now follow him in a mob
31 Local witches pretend to be witch hunters and get mob to kill anti witch forces in area
32 Imp in form of animal miraculously point mob to evil doers who are then hung and robbed
33 Two local mobs circle each other ready to kill each other in bloody battle over differences
34 Two local mobs meet for annual brawl over a trophy bag of dried peas, takes several days
35 Drunken carnival revelling out of control acts attack those who don't join in madness
36 Plaguebearers fornicating, fighting, eating all attack those who don't join in madness
37 Puritanical old ladies lead mob to destroy local tavern and other places of indecency
38 Adventurers lead mob tearing up houses and digging holes looking for gremlins
39 Old ladies now after music, lead a mob searching for bards, written music and instruments to burn
40 Peasant mob out to destroy civic records in name of freedom, young demagogues from city lead
41 Peasants outraged over land division system changes, out to smash new border stones
42 Family of hicks thought to be part fish folk need to be burned, mob is busy gathering torches
43 Old lady in area thought to be witch and new priest is leading masked congregation members
44 Strange teenager wears too much black or something, must be a witch, local mob ready for action
45 Pa and Pa have no family left and locals want their land, greedy leader provokes mob with lies
46 Drunk and high sorcerer using illusions to lead a violent mob across countryside for fun
47 Local snobs are sick of shanty town of immigrants so have formed a secret society to lead a mob
48 Local trader hates freeloading homeless drunks, has accused them of committing terrible crime
49 Local mad Dr loved by locals who willingly hunt and kill anything he tells them
50 Local guys out to beat every non local man they can find fer lookin at their womens!
51 Local fishermen sick of badluck found scapegoat to punish and accuse of being part fish
52 Zealous new priest wants to lead local people into the beast men holy ground in blood season
53 Local priest tried to convert a ogre which instead ate some kids, now mob destroying church
54 Locals have heard of a funny hermit nearby and all keen to see him off
55 Two local gangs feud over a games rules and incite a riot over which is one true rule set
56 Local hermit has got several women pregnant time to throw him down a well
57 Horse riding hooded swordsmen burn and execute locals they deem impure
58 Local bandits have convinced villagers to join them and destroy town and kill sheriff
59 Religious zealots discover kids plan on having fun so lead mob to round all kids up and beat them
60 Cult psychopomp has taken over area with drugs and elder horrors, now insane mob just destroy
61 Puritanical sect plan to burn all books that mob can seize from anywhere
62 Heretic youth preaching church is hoarding secret luxuries, incites mob to seize goods
63 Village out killing any animal that could be a familiar or intelligent led by unstable zealot
64 Mad witch hunter convinced everyone fornicating in forest plans on busting a witch coven
65 Mad church elder convinced a village child is a imp and wants to test all local kids with dunking
66 Village elder believes locals keep sinful pamplets from city and wants mob to collect them all
67 Militia and sheriff making house by house search for unstamped goods, locals ready to riot
68 Armed commoners fearing disarmament marching on lords estate
69 Local scholar convinced has found new true heir of region rouses locals to revolt
70 Mob believe locals are feeding vampires and need to be staked and burned
71 A youthful bard from city convinces villagers in world wide revolution against the rich
72 Villagers have been tricked to burning a sylvan grove by dark elf changelings with plans
73 Madman convinced a third of locals secretly a cabal of changelings
74 A changeling in human guise convinced a mob of hunters to kill it's arch enemy
75 Ugly locals accused of being part orc being rounded up to be put in stocks to humiliate and beat
76 Furious elders lead church congregation to drive out adventurers and mercenaries
77 Puritans out to enforce ban on smoking and dancing and bear bating search town
78 Hypnotist convinces mob they are his loyal zombies and he marches them on local leaders
79 Druid has had enough and has followers destroy the new church and priests
80 Village sects quarreling in streets about to explode into brutal riot
81 Inquisitor of Law comes to hunt for chaos, uses mob to find signs of the unclean among them
82 Merchants lead mob by fear of price speculation to destroy new local industry
83 Local parents ready to beat those poets camping in the willow grove
84 Some one has been getting all the fish and mob of local fishermen forms to get them
85 Upstream damned or irrigated water and locals howling for blood follow a angry jerk
86 Crusading old people form mob to find who is spreading vice into area
87 Mob of youths listening to bards and drinking get mad when sheriff tries to send them home
88 Adults killed witch who gave treats to local kids, now the kids run riot and burning buildings
89 Fans of famous bard, show cancelled has turned mob angry enough to destroy inn
90 Locals want to lynch taxman a act of treason, several leaders try to sway mob to them
91 Moralist mob want to beat people who swear, smoke, snort snuff or read lurid pamphlets
92 Religious students learn some people not preying enough so seek mob to forcibly re-baptise them
93 Drunken mob looking for fight will start hurling empty jugs and jars and bottles if not given grog
94 Old moralist woman leads mob who wish to castrate sleazy men who disrespect local ladies
95 Furious prostitutes complain village tab too high and are ready to burn it to ground
96 Hungry mob search for secret food hoarders but start thinking cannibalism of strangers tempting
97 Riot between those tainted by fish folk bloodline versus those resisting conversion
98 While anti witch mob meet and yell, witches drop spells on them with a broomstick flyover
99 A demon in the village has stirred up mob into tearing up streets and brawling
100 Deranged man convinced reptile folk hidden among people and his mob are ready to strike

Saturday 8 August 2015

Human Mods

Human Mods for my roadwar game, i can always add more

Nueralware: Cyberlink or interface jack
plugs d4 SAN $6000
contact pads d3 SAN $30000 cleaner

Nueralware:App Chip Hub
brain implant with variable chip apps 1SAN per slot, new chip apps cost more SAN
1 slot jack $4000 mostly second hand dated models
2 slot jack $9000 mostly second hand dated models
4 slot jack $16 000 current standard, max of 3 apps stackable
6 slot jack $30 000 deluxe model, max of 4 apps stackable
8 slot jack $62 000 top model, max of 5 apps stackable
10 slot jack $150 000 R&D research unit, max of 6 apps stackable
12 slot jack $1000 000 officially doesnt exist, max of 8 apps stackable
Standard install requires brain surgery to change app chips $1000 fee most keep same apps on all the time
External jacks install slightly less safe but can self instal app chips +100%
Variable jacks install double empty chip slots, but select normal amount actually running +200%
Universal jacks as variable jack but can switch at will instead of manually +500%

App Chip
Older chips apps may stack 1/2 the modern versions and may contain malware but are cheaper
Reflex booster app chips +1 DEX each $2000 may cause paranoia and over reactions
Adrenal booster app chips +1 STR each $2000 may cause rage and paranoia
Immune booster app chips +1 CON each $2000 may cause fevers and halucinations
RNA booster app chips +1 EDU each $2000 may cause introspection and indecision
Language app chips $1000 +25% on a language each - one chip tourist phrazes, two plus is fluent
Common skill app chips $1000 +20% First Aid, Drive, Repair, accademic skills, fire arms, martial arts
Uncommon skills app chips $2000 +10% specialty tech, athletics, melee weapons, medecine, dodge
Rare skill app chips $5000 +5% psionics, cthulhu mythos, any interpersonal communications
Slave app chip makes a willing compliant slave to chip set defined master $4000 illigal
Parole app chip makes commiting crimes painful and reports to authorities $4000 used by law
Bootcamp chip makes user familiar with protocols of a organisation like police or army $4000
Ganger chip makes user a loyal gang member familiar with protocols $2000 illegal
Zombie chip makes user a zombie, slave or combat or cannibal beserker versions $4000 illegal
Comm chip acts as a radio $2000 or a phone $1000 or both $4000


Basic Eye d3 SAN $10 000
One function eye d4 SAN $12 000
Quick change mount eye d6 SAN $20 000
Two funcion eye d4 SAN $16 000
Three function eye d6 SAN $24 000
-low light vision $3000
-thermographic vision $4000
-HUD display $1000
-dartgun three shot $2000 illegal
-laser three shot d6+1 -d3SAN $10 000 illegal
-laser targeter/range finder +5% to hit $5000
-telescopic vision $2000
-micro grenaide eye $3000 traceless explosive illegal
-disguise eye displays false retinas or cosmetic fun $5000
-digital camera 10 min high res film or 2hr lo res or 100 hi res stills or 10 000 lo res stills
-xray eye $10 000 takes up to 12 images

Basic Hearing Implant 1SAN $2000
-Enhanced Hearing Implant 1d2SAN $4000 +20% listen
-Anti shock hearing implant 1SAN $3000 protects ears, reduces sonic attacks
-Long range hearing 1d3SAN $6000 for spying, hear through window 40m away
-Parabolic hearing 1d3SAN $6000 detects sounds and location thy came from
-Sonar Implant 1d6 SAN $16 000bat like sensory ability

Basic Nose 1SAN $4000
-Enhanced tracking nose +20% track 1d3SAN $8000
-Chem analyser taste and smell poison 1SAN $6000

Hands d4SAN $4000 5 up to 5 digit and 1 palm apps
Hand realistic d3SAN $10000
-pistol palm d6 san $2000 plus a compact pistol 1/2 ammo sost
-palm radio/phone/mp3 player $100
-Strength booster palm STR21 -d3 SAN $3000
-Shock touch palm acts as shock gloves -d4SAN $2000
-Detachable grenade hand (palm) -d4SAN $1000
-basic finger $100
-realistic finger $250 can add to cost of modular fingers to disguise
-explosive finger -1SAN $400
-dartgun finger -1SAN $600 3 shot gas powered
-bug launcher finger with 6 bugs - audio bugs $50 each or video bugs $400 each tracker bug $100
-tool finger (various) cutters, soldering iron, lockpick, etc $600
-claw finger 1SAN each $500 ifinger d3 2fingers d4 3+d6 dam
-one shot pistol finger 1SAN $1500 typically a low cal round +$500 if silent
-giger counter finger $400
many other fingers about market

Arms 1d6SAN $6000 two app spaces 21STR
-storage space 2 litres good for first aid kit, batteries, small gun, a few clips, drugs
-ammo hopper fits 100 rounds or 30 shotgun shells $1000 can feed into gun illegal
-hand gun plus ammo d3SAN $1000 a standard pistol or a lighter silenced one illegal
-rifle or shotgun no ammo d6SAN $3000 requires ammo hopper of put clip in arm socket illegal
-blade 1d6 blade d6SAN $1000 or a mono blade +3 dam $6000 and/or +1d6 vibro blade $4000 illegal
-Hammer punch d4SAN $3000 +1d6 damage and +4AP illegal

Legs 1d6SAN $8000 each most with two app spaces 21STR +1move each
-Rocket boots require two dedicated legs for boosters and fuel $36000
-Sprinter legs x2 speed requires two dedicated legs $24000
-Claws lower leg space d6SAN d6 damage
-storage space good for first aid kit, batteries, small gun, a few clips, drugs 2k lower leg 3kg upper
-ammo hopper fits 100 rounds or 30 shotgun shells lower leg double upper $1000 can feed into gun illegal
-rifle or shotgun no ammo d6SAN $4000 requires ammo hopper of put clip in arm socket illegal
-RPG one shot or extra 3 if upper leg space included d6SAN $6000

Dermal plating (can buy per location 10-20% cost)
2AP 1d4 SAN $6000
4AP 1d6 SAN $12 000
6AP 1d8 SAN $18 000
8AP 1d10 SAN $24 000
10AP 2d6 SAN $30 000
12AP 2d6+2SAN $40 000

Partial reconstruction
1AP +3HP $25 000
allows strength of bionic arms not to tear body apart

Total reconstruction
2AP +6HP $100 000
allows strength of all bionic limbs not to tear body apart


Plastic Surgery
Fingerprint change or removal $4000 illegal one hour
+1 APP $1000 one hour
+2 APP $4000 four hours
+3 APP $12 000 one day
+4 APP $20 000 one week
+5 APP $150 000 one month
+6 APP $1000 000 three months

Skin coverings for cyberwear and more!
Plastiflesh conceal cyberware $1000 per location except $3000 for face +1SAN back
Bioflesh conceal cyberware $10 000 per location except $20 000 for face +1SAN per location
Ablative plastiflesh one per 4SIZ each $1000 +1HP per location
Disguise plastiflesh mask $120 Novelty $400 $800 Custom $2000 Artisan
Bio mask $4000 pirate vat job, $9000 FACE Clinic  $2200 Cloned from targets own face!
Digital tattoo $800 spot graphic $2000 half a limb $10000 chest or back %70000 bodyjob
Chameleon skin $16000 +40 Hide if naked
Thermal Mask $4000 reduces heat signature for CON minutes per day
Morphic cyberderm mask $35000 actually looks and touches like target
Morphic cyberderm bodyjob $250000 full body can appear to add mass by inflating, simulates hair, defiantly not for weapons like claws 1 min per SIZ to morph

Exiting New Organs!
Anti toxin organ +10 CON to resist poison $10 000
Immune booster +6 CON to resist diseases $10 000
Adrenal booster +2 DEX for reactions +1 STR $10 000
Dermal weaving +1AP $10 000
Bone weave +3HP $1000 per SIZ
Arterial weave +2HP $10 000
Healing booster recover d4 per day d4-2 if not resting $24000
Low Light eyes $24000
Pheromone Caster +2APP $10 000 +4 $20 000

Con Games

Call of Cthulhu 1st Edition
Oh What a lovely War
6-players Mature Audiences

It is France1916, the great war rages and the sacrifice of millions is underway on the battlefields of Europe and at sea. It is a battle of the minds of men pitted in a struggle for the dreams of mankind. Strange things are happening in no man’s land. Between the lines among the muck and ruins and remnants of death there are tunnels. Figures have been seen and the Germans have had similar sightings. Is it deserters or something incomprehensibly stranger? Members of the party have been recruited by the commonwealth experimental exploratory forces from a variety of fields. Find out what is happening in no mans land and report back?

Captain Don Southern an American pilot who has joined the Canadian air corp, he is a able flyer, mechanic and boxer. Has performed roles gathering intelligence and piloting spies across lines and a expert camera man. Command already concerned he knows too much and is a liability. He carries a lewis gun with 32 round drums, a browning 9mm and a camera. Wants to get home to Canadian bride.

Lt Horton Saxonby an officer has worked with military intelligence and has been training insurgents in German-African colonies and the middle east. Expert in demolitions and a mining engineer before the war. A bit pompous but he follows orders and destroys his objectives by any means. Carries two .44 service revolvers, dynamite, tools and a Arab sword.

Sargent Matty Harper Australian farmboy turned soldier. Tough larrikin experienced in raiding enemy positions. He gets through mine fields and barbed wire like a snake and is reputed to be a thieving lazy bastard. Uses his rifle with a short cut barrel and uses as a club up close. Also uses a huge knife and a garotte. Has a gruesome home made trench club with barged wire and nails. His brawling experience made him a deadly trench fighter and people put up with him. Has been busted down to private and imprisoned.

Corporal Jerry Black a former English miner who has been serving with sappers and tunnel fighters in various fronts. Veteran of many gas attacks. Experienced with respirators and a browning automatic rifle, a browning 9mm and a custom trench knife with spiked handguard.

Infantryman Danny Thompson was a truck driver and has got to drive lots of military vehicles. Has seen a few tank battles and bailed a few burning wrecks on the line only to keep fighting with infantry an rescuing other men. He now wears a rigid chest plate and a brace of captured german stick grenades and is deadly with his trenching tool or pump action shotgun

Infantryman Eric Fastbottom a fishmonger from up north. Has been serving in trenches and excelled at stealthily killing and intruding into enemy trenches. Since being involved in war has become connected to organised crime and hopes to go gangster full time when he returns.  Uses a Tommy Gun with 50 round drums, and lots of grenades.

Signalman Steven Peters a rail engineer who now has extensive forward observations skills, trench communications and command tank radio operator. He is pretty good at sneaking and hiding but very good at running and dodging. While not a sniper he uses hidden positions and maximum rifle range. Ok with a bayonet up close. Carries flares, flare pistol, smoke grenades, several rifle grenades field telephone and hundreds of yards of cable and has used a captured German anti tank rifle.


TSR's Marvel Superheroes Expert Set
The Avengers Vs The masters of evil: Avengers Under Siege
Up to 12 players
In the late 80s the largest assembly of villains ever attacked the Avengers mansion destroying most of the above ground levels and crippling the likes of Hercules and the Avengers butler Jarvis. While the good guys win was costly, it was one of the 80s greatest comic book superhero battles. Come and play a battle-royale of good vs evil. Choose your favourite hero or villain to play and replace them when they fall.

Avengers and Friend's Include:
Wasp, Ant Man, Hercules, Thor, Black Knight, Dr Druid, Captain Marvel, Captain America, Namor the Sub-Mariner, Jarvis, Paladin and she Hulk

Villains Include: 
Baron Helmut Zemo, Absorbing Man, Blackout, Black Mamba, Fixer, Goliath,Grey Gargoyle, Mister Hyde, Moonstone, Screaming Mimi, Tiger Shark, Titania, Whirlwind, the Wrecking Crew (Bulldozer, Piledriver, Thunderball and Wrecker) and Yellowjacket, 

D100 Things found on monsters tabletops or in lairs

Have not done any dungeon trappings tables in a while. Hope to play DnD again soon possibly a new area of my setting or develop a new one or dig out a old one. Am getting some good ideas.

d10 Quick things found on monsters tabletops or in lairs
1 Light source or related materials
2 Documents
5 Rations

 Work tools
 Home tools
10 Something nasty

D100 Things found on monsters tabletops or in lairs
01 Candles d4 1=stubs 2=single large 3=2d6 candles 4=d12 candle candelabra
02 Simple clay oil lamp and 1d6 hours of oil (not very flammable)
03 Brass household lamp
04 Tin lantern d4 1=camp lamp 2=mining helmet 3=coach lamp 4=
05 Wooden torches in bundle of 1d6, smokey if poorly ventilated
06 Elaborate smallish ornamental lamp
07 Skull used as candle holder covered in melted wax with 1d6 candles intact
08 Glowing flower of faerie realm pining for the sun 
09 Luminescent mushroom in a pot
10 Jar of glowing liquid 
11 Letter from kin d4 1=ma&pa love you 2=dishonour1 3=tragedy 4=death
12 A personal journal from some literate person could be any age
13 Map d4 1=treasure 2=local area 3=kingdom 4=indoor area 5=dungeon location
14 Trashy printed booklet from famed debauched city 
15 Scrolls in jars or tubes d4 1=legal 2=receipts 3=religious 4= propaganda
16 Soiled prints of scenes illustrating a scandalous book in envelope, possibly illegal
17 Orders from bosses d4 1=monster roster 2=secret info 3=mission 4=warning
18 Crumbling old tablets in forgotten languages
19 A popular holy book with woodblock prints and family tree written inside
20 Mystical document 1=soothsayer warning 2=prayer 3=fragment of a spell 4=cantrip
21 Knife d4 1=rusty 2=bronze 3=iron 4=steel 1in6 are ornamental
22 Dagger d4 1=rusty 2=bronze 3=iron 4=steel 1in6 are ornamental
23 Rod a 30cm-1m fighting stick d4 1=ash 2=pine 3=oak 4=yew as used by sub-bosses
24 Whip 1=horse whip 2=bullwhip 3=cat-o-nine tails 4=fail
25 Hatchet suitable for melee or throwing possibly stuck in table
26 Ammo d4 1=knives 2=shuriken 2=bolts 3-arrows 4=darts 5=sling stones 6=rocks
27 Mace d4 1=stone  2=copper 3=bronze 4=iron 5=flanged 6=morningstar
28 Improvised melee weapon d4 1=club 2=chain 3=lasso 4=big rock
29 Other melee weapon d4 1=flail, 2 battleaxe 3=spear 4=bow (various types)
30 Sword d4 1=short 2=long 3=sabre 4=executioner two handed sword
31 Shiny metal buckler as used by city duellists
32 Crude wooden tribal buckler with carved face
33 Small round wooden shield with metal boss, art and metal rim and leather
34 Crude square wooden shield with some leather  
35 A knightly target shield with family crest
36 A large kite shield good to cover horse while retreating and foe walls
37 A round shield like a hoppilite of viking style
38 Helmet d6 1=leather cap 2=iron&felt hat 3=horned cap 4=steel cap 5=knight 6=jousting
39 Curiass chest plate d4 1=leather 2=riveted linen 3=bronze 4=steel 
40 Gauntlets d4 1=leather 2=studded 3=chain 4=plate all with leather palms for grip
41 Water supply d4 1=bucket & ladel 2=small barrel & cup 3=water skin 4=jug and cup 
42 Box with seven days of dried camp biscuit made from dried hide with grains 
43 Haunch of roast meat with some bite or cut marks, not sure the species
44 A coil of sausages, smoked and preserved, just not sure what kind
45 A huge grub or bug in a jar or roasted on a stick
46 Jar of pickles d4 1=dill cucumbers 2=eggs 3=onions 4=mustard pickles of mixed veg
47 Meat on a stick d6 1=rat 2=lizard 3=rabbit 4=frog 5=human fingers 6=dog paws
48 Big bowl of groats made from grains just add water, milk or salt or berries to taste
49 Piles of unclean dishes and cups in a heap
50 Big pot of beans, reduces your sneaking chances if eaten
51 Common gardening tools like spade, shears, bucket, hoe, seeds, bulbs, pots 
52 Builders tools like measuring string, plans, charcoal, trowel, chalk, hammer, nails
53 Miners tools like helmet, lamp, pick, spade, mineral samples, acid, dustmask
54 Lumberers tools including saws, axes, ropes, steaks, hatchets, hat, bottle of syrup
55 Masons tools like hammers, chisels, ropes, cords, samples of stone, drawings
56 Hunters tools including d6 traps, butchery knives, scraper, net, line, bait, hides, horns
57 Slavers tools like chains, manacles, yoke, keys, brands, ropes, blindfolds
58 Seamen or fishermen tools like knife, ropes, line, fish, hooks, marlinspike, baling hook
59 Animal handlers tools like saddles, harnesses, hides, meat, brands, bloodline chart
60 Merchants tools like scales, weights, bags, string, bags, stamp, stencil, sign, goods 
61 Medical tools like bandages, saws, belts, thread, rags, alcohol, hammer, knives
62 Cooking tools like pots, pans, knives. kettles, herbs, spices, recipe book, leftovers
63 Torture tools like chains, thumbscrews, brands, hammers, saws, sack of rats, brazier 
64 Musical tools like drums, flutes, bagpipes, horns, lutes, pan pipes, whistle, sheet music  
65 Carpenters tools including plane, lathe, hatchet, saw, files, hand drill and wood items
66 Artist tools like easel, paint, brushes, eggs, oils, canvas, wood, stone, chisel,drawings
67 Accounting tools like a abacus, ledger, stationary, nice quill, ink, wax, I.O.U.s
68 Clothiers tools including thread, needles, loom, spinning wheel, fabric, leather, frames
69 Scribe equipment like paper, wax, quills, pen knife, stylus, clay, notebooks, books
70 Scholar tools including stacks of old books and scrolls, many in strange languages
71 A hat full of numbered balls or coloured stones used for votes, duties or bingo
72 Board game with carved figures similar to chess variant or backgammon or checkers
73 Jacks or knuckle bones or marbles or bone dice for gambling
74 Deck of cards d4 1=crude bone chits 2=tattered & old 3=hand painted 4=block printed
75 Wooden toy d4 1=spinning top 2=doll 3=moving erotic figurine 4=tow weapons for kids
76 Puppets mostly articulated wood or cloth, often include monsters and adventurers
77 Carved tiny soldier figures with fort carry case, tiny trees, paints, brushes, dice
78 Fire crackers saved for special occasion or possibly smoke or stink bombs
79 Pipes for smoking from wood, horn, clay, glass or metal with stash tin, tinderbox, stoker
80 Lab d6 1=herbalist 2=poison 3=medicine 4=drugs 5=brewery 6=distillery
81 Hunting trophy d4 1=head 2=stuffed beast 3=stuffed badly 4=ears 5=fingers 6=scalps
82 Ancestral idols including clay or wood figures or teeth used for ancestral cult
83 Small religious idol for household shrine or personal use
84 Small statuette of monster used as charm to keep monster away or just a collectible
85 Tiny pornographic figurines with lewd faces, banned but easy to sell 
86 Small strange pet restrained with leash or cage or box with some food nearby
87 Holy symbol d4 1=local cult 2=foreign cult 3=taken from good victim 4=collection of 2d6
88 Coins mostly copper of many ages and nationalities
89 Interesting hand warn stones from different areas including a fossil or fools gold
90 Odd collection d4 1=pinned insects 2=monster toenails 3=teeth 4=skulls
91 Magical lab d4 1=head shrinking 2=makes one potion 3=alchemy 4=dissections
92 Black magic ritual materials including pentacles, candles, goat skulls, mushrooms
93 Divination stuff like notebooks, charts, knives, bowls, dice, pendulums, coins, cards
94 Horrid collection d4 1=mutant babies 2=genitals 3=brains 4=baby monsters
95 Antiquarian collection of ancient tablets, idols documents and scholarly pamphlets
96 Personal shrine to a leader or someone the owner is stalking with creepy fan journal
97 Something shrunk or trapped in bottle d4 1=real ship 2=faerie 3=sorcerer 4=spirit
98 Study place of magic student with cantrip or prayer book and ritual paraphernalia
99 Strange elder idol causes nightmare and evil dreams that teach cult mysteries
100 Skeletons and fossils some incorrectly assembled with drawings and anatomy book

Saturday 1 August 2015

Sanity, Sorcery and Super Science

Sanity, Sorcery and Super Science will be common themes in the Great Weird War campaign. Secret observer teams will enter the fortean zone in the heart of no mans land to document phenomena and see if their is any cause or intelligence behind it. While the normal war home sleeps in ignorant bliss the nightmares of those in the trenches is birthing real life horrors and weird phenomena.

Many troops experience phenomena including witnessing phantoms, feeling premonitions, seeing strange animals, religious visions. Range from personal to mass hysteria in trenches or battlefield with hundreds who experience events. Soldiers to comfort each other would tell weird stories of ghosts such as phantom Canadians, unholy dogs, angels, spectral hands, seeing the grim reaper, anachronistic troop types or strange soldiers. Will explore later.

Every power has begun to take this seriously and even exchanges with enemy have taken place. Governments hide information of anomalies and colonial clients are kept in the dark. Colonials often good recruits however. Except when those Tcho Tcho's got themselves recruited as colonial troops.

Germany leads it's allies but Austria and Turkey hold them back with religious interpretations of phenomena.

France and Briton are allies who disagree on some matters but share many case files and even cooperate frequently. Both have long established agencies. The Cabal is a semi military think tank with agents drawn from the allied powers and their colonies. The commonwealth have their own specialist Experimental Operations Command observers being sent in but they often support the more secretive Cabal.

Russia is held back by the occult loving Romanov dynasty, still in the shadow of Rasputin and Tunguska anomaly. Generally makes them a liability.  The revolutionaries prefer central European modern approach to phenomena. Some Russian factions willing to search phenomena for any weapon that can help cause. Their flawed occult theory and willingness to engage phenomena makes them dangerous. Sadly sometimes the wild Russian theories of a faction are right.

All sides have suspicions something is seriously wrong in the zone. Fortean phenomena and stranger activity has been increasing with , mostly with very little briefing. The dreams of Europe and millions of dead has created a psychic rift into a parallel universes. A dreamland of horror born from the nightmares of millions.

Possible ideas for tables
d100 Cabal recruits for the Zone
1 Sydney O’Reagan a 7 foot tall Australian galoot who is a master with his machete and drinking beer, always jolly, very willing to torture if ordered and might suggest use

d100 Paranormal apparitions
eg ghost hands, falling fish, strange sounds

d100 Great Weird War tech table

D100 Terrible letter from home

Sanity Ideas
SAN loss will obviously be important encounter possibility but vet soldiers will be used to horror. Also between sorties soldiers may get some leave home to recover sanity. Maarraige and children might result in a SAN gain but severely mad will probably moiss out on family life. Tragic or inspiring letters from home might add or subtract a d3 SAN shift. Besides those gains can be lost again if evil target your personal lives.

(inspired by awesome CoC Green & Pleasant land book)
-1d4 SAN per year service
suffer minimum possible SAN loss from witnessing human gore or injuries
+20% extra in military skills as a bonus suitable for your service

New SAN Gains and losses:
Marry your one true love +1d6
Birth of your first child +1d4, +1 second
Adored by community +1d3
Promotion or commendation or medal+1
A month of prayer +1
Severe shelling 0/-1
Badly Tortured for at least a week -1/–d6
Discover you have been in hospital dreaming all along-1d3
Discover you were really in coma hideously burned all over -1d6
Die but resurrected somehow -1d20
Tragedy letter from home -1d3 Mom or dad died, fiance leaving you
Comforting letter from home -1d3 Your family proud of your sacrifice and prey for you

I am working on a new BRP sheet - my version has ideas for skills and bases from Ringworld and RQ3. Im going to get some sort of fatigue record and equipment page set up. One the HP/Weapons and Combat skills section will have boxes for HP with locations.

I will be running rules i have used lifted from top secret/gang busters. One slash [/] in a box is only temporary stun damage that recovers one per location per hour. A [X] is normal hurt real good like normal brp. This lets you have more fist fights and car accidents with less problems. The mook system with Morale instead of HP will be handy too.

Will use my card system booster deck

Players will have heavy military weapons so they will be deadly. Death should be quite likely for characters so a quick guide for new characters might be handy and allow players to adopt mooks on death of their PC.

Will look at Men's Sweat adventure mags also for ideas and mix with old popular mechanics tech.

My Cthulhu Metropolis setting would would be a feature linchpin dimension

Read some good fragments on war like underground military complexes - subterranean communities with own bakeries and newspapers and other services.

Of course JD has done it all before me....

Weird WW1 supernatural beliefs