Thursday 25 October 2018

Improved Timeline and Mythic Genesis

Time line of my campaign settings:
The "current" Exile Island & Shadelport Setting
The Eldritch Aeon the prehistoric version of the setting
like alignment this helps you start fights

Primordial age was the gods asserting themselves and adventuring in a world ruled my monsters of darkness

Faerie made many races conquering the earth. As gods departed the world faerie took their place administering rivers, winds, forests and other natural features. Elves and spirit folk performed chores for the gods. Many races were made for various tasks. Towards the end more were made to fight each other. Finally a dark dynasty artose mad with power and dragon fire.
 They became a dynasty of evil wizard priest kings serving demons who ended that age.

The Monster kings were mostly beastmen who enslaved humans and made older races hide. Barbarian humans, ex slaves destroyed the monster empire and protected the world from civilization.

Then necromancers arose using remnants of dread magic to conquer what became the wastes, vast areas they created by holding back the seas. Barbarians arose to kill them too.

But new civilizations arose in the Eldritch Aeon on the plains of Exilon seven city states held barbarians at bay and even corrupted tribes with idolatry and baubles. Elder races began to return to claim land. Eventually the plains were flooded when necromancer magic was broken and the city peoples spread across the world.

Then ten thousand years of ice kept humanity struggling and scant.

The first post melt empire of bronze unified city states and was the first empire since the necromancers and monster kings. Civilized arts were rediscovered. Dynasties came and went every few generations. Finally the great empire angered the gods and vast tracts of land and kingdoms were flooded.

The second empire was ruled by a turmoil filled city state with an efficient military machine and amazing siege machines and monsters.

The current empire is having a civil war instigated by the mad emperor versus six rival states. Other powers to the east and west and even exile island are increasing their technology and ignoring the empire's core continent.

Race Tree
In reality stuff like this is mostly bullshit but in my fantasy setting it is a good way to start conflict in game. Faerie and spirit folk serving the gods made most of the other races by hybridisation. Making orcs in emergencies from willing pacifist elves was the intention but all turned out badly. Later they made orcs from dead elves too and other enemies desired dead elves to make more orcs to serve them. Variations in orcs changed over millenia with later ones made from humans instead then finally mud was good enough to make an orc. Nowadays most orcs breed naturally.

d12 Orc Ancestry 

1 One is Immortal first generation elf turned into a orc,
as high level elf with wizardry
2 Descended from orcs made from elf corpses,
small and hate the light HDd6 -2 hit in sunlight, cowardly irregular skirmishers
3 Descended from orcs made from humans,
larger and more bestial but standard orcs
4 Descended from orcs made form dead humans and served necromancers
these do not fear the undead, some learn wizardry
5 Spawned from a mud pit by a wizard of priest using dread alchemical secrets
born ready to fight as soon as given a weapon and someone grunted orders at 
6 Descended from orcs who gained females for serving the earth goddess
use druidic priesthoods and live in forests
Descended from orcs who ravished captive humans and elves and since breed normally
most common bandits in wilderness areas withing human lands
8 Descended from orcs who bred with female demons and since breed normally
these often serve evil high priests and witch cults
9 Descended from orc amazons who kidnap breeding slaves
ride raptor lizards or terrorbirds, use missiles
10 Descended from orcs who breed with pigs in large litters 
ride giant war pigs and are savage berserkers
11 Descended from orcs who bred with a race of cyclops ogres now one eyed orcs
Capable craftsmen and farmers often serve gods or giants
12 Chaos orcs with mutations that breed with anything they possibly can
Usually insane irregular skirmishers in frenzied hordes or mobs

1st gen were made from elves and sexless
2nd gen were made from humans then mud these were all male
3rd gen breed by naturally and biologically with males and females

Questions....Feel free to ask questions
Will update a bit more probably on my flickr

Surprised about where giants are 

Old ones more like titans or jotun who suppress younger gods

Also the distance of "spirits" from "spirit folk"
Proletariat petty godlings made to work for greater powers who retreat from world or never were part of it. Being embodied physically in world is unpleasant and makes you partly mortal. Later races more worldly. Elf food addiction plays on this.

Yes Humans are beastial war halflings

Am amending to make colours of eras more obvious with family tree.
Will add details of monster kings as is handy.

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