Thursday 26 July 2018

d100 Alternate Research for Bad Wizards

Following from my components for bad wizards here are some alternate means of spell research for my current setting project. Inspired by reading Clark Ashton Smith and others on Hyperborean wizards. Playing with names. The Eldritch Wastes. Elder Aeons, Lands of the Brazen Tentacle Gods. The Orb of Telluria second from the sun Eob.

Also thinking I need
-d100 supernatural encounters across the Eldritch Wastes
-d100 clockwork mutations d100 overspace mutations
-d100 lesser demon d100 greater demons d100 demonic nobility
-set of wasteland terrain encounters and generic dungeons
-strange ruins of the eldritch wastes

This turned out better than I would have believed and helps set the wizard tone. Maybe a barbarian (warrior or or priest) life table or war and ordeals and intrigues
A townsman (thief) troubles table or duties of a priest of a city god. If not to similar to old stuff but something to get some ideas along.

A tower and a lab and a library are the basics as everyone knows.
Swapping spells happens but masters and sects guard their special spells.
Alien wizards, adventurers and people far from wizard guilds will swap more.
They are for the common safe methods of research.

When To Roll
Use one of these for how you got the spells last level up (once per spell)
The current research project of a wizard you murder and/or rob

d20 Alternate Spell Research

1 Travel to a far off land or other world to trade spells
2 Travel to another dimension physically or mentally to observe occult princaples
3 Obtain exotic materials from far away land
4 Obtain exotic material from fabulous monster bodies
5 Meet and trade with wizards, further from your guilds or schools the better
6 Visit black markets of outlaw wizards
7 Join the black library school where devils teach you in return for your soul
8 Solve an ancient occult puzzle or mystery with a magical journey or ordeal
9 Find and translate prehuman writings from a cave or ruin or monolith
10 Steal from the sealed libraries of rival wizards, guilds or schools

11 Find, recover and repair ancient texts
12 Find sealed away spell books hidden in ancient vaults
13 Speak to dead wizards by contacting dead spirits
14 Use magic to spy on rival wizards
15 Infiltrate households of rival wizards as an "apprentice"
16 Use magic to spy on prehuman wizards of the past
17 Use magic to spy on ultratellurian alien wizards

18 Use magic to trade with ultratellurian alien wizards
19 Use magic to make contact with planar beings in exchange for a pact
20 Use magic to spy on other planes and observe entities interacting
21 Use narcotics that provide visions of other times or places
22 Use narcotics that make your spirit travel to the dream dimension
23 Operate a gateways or portal to visit
 other long ago or future times
24 Operate a gateways or portal to visit other strange far off places or planes

25 Using a magical relic or item to spy on
 other times or places26 Raising a dead wizard from long ago to learn from them
27 Snatch a wizards spellbook in a heist while it is being moved from storage
28 Allow a wizard spirit from the past inhabit your body for a while in return for a spell
29 Force a supernatural being to teach you by force
30 Make a pact to a supernatural being to further it's interests
31 Sell your soul to many being so they fight over your soul
32 Join the cult of a supernatural being to learn their secret grimoire spells
33 Help a entity find a suitable host body to enter this world for a spell
34 Pass a test from a supernatural being on borders of another plane
35 Make offerings and sacrifices for a bleak spirit from the dark times
36 Find a magic item and disassemble it to gain a spell used in it's creation
38 Observe a magical creature or natural sorcerers using powers for months
39 Find magic to steal spells from the minds of wizards
40 Seek long lost texts from previous ages in ancient tombs of the wizard ruled age
41 Find the first cave and cliff carvings of prehistoric wizards and study them
42 Ancient dungeons built by wizards from long ago often have ancient texts,
43 Find one of the dread black books of old in a library or book merchant
44 Fight a terrible guardian of a spell in a secret ruined place
45 Eat a divine herb of the gods that grants spell knowledge then write it down
46 Study ancient place ruined by black magic or a magical disaster
47 Immerse yourself in study of element or natural phenomena for a year
48 Visiting other wizards and getting them drunk or drugged
49 Spend months in a black lotus drug haze then come back sane
50 Break into one of the sealed vaults elder horrors are imprisoned in for lore
51 Possess the body with your spirit or a rival wizards apprentices or servants to spy
52 Use of a magical scrying device, the more powerful the better
53 Make donation to a school or guild in return for access to a spell in a library
54 Join the school of a different order to lear student and apprentice cantrips and spells
55 Allow a alien spirit from beyond to use your body for a while for magical knowledge
56 Seduce a more powerful wizard as their lover to learn new spells
57 Find the wizard with the spells you want and kill them in a duel then claim their book
58 Graft part of an alien beings brain or psyche into your own
59 Serve a ultratellurian alien wizard on their world for months
60 Find leftovers from creation and recover primal secrets
61 Find and study the fragment of a dead god
62 Study the occult principles of a artifact by operating it for months
63 Mate with a planar entity in for magical lore in return for hybrid offspring
64 Appease a new master, receive a spell in their service then flee
65 Learnt by living with faeries and elves in the otherworld
66 Travelled to fabled undersea kingdom and lived and learnt magic from them
67 Sacrificed victim in ancient
 cave altar then hurled into evil pit to gain occult knowledge 
68 Slaughtered over a hundred goats or pigs or sheep for soothsaying cosmic lore
69 Studied the stars and constellations for months at a observatory or elder monument
70 Ate a alien symbiotic worm to learn the spell and acted as the worms host
71 Made contact with mysterious spirits in a subterranean cave, remnants of the long night
72 Spoke to the strange chattering voices on a frozen mountain top
73 Read hieroglyphs of a sunken city of the krakenfolk cult from the dark age of sorcery
74 Frolicked with ghouls in dark crypts and caverns, learning their magic and lives

75 Accidentally released spirit of a dead wizard, awoke after months with new spellbook
76 Infected by alien spores from a meteorite investigated now know a new spell
77 Contacted by alien spit while in black lotus coma and gained knowledge
78 Find former wizard familiars and interrogate them for months
79 Kidnapped a wizard familiar and blackmailed them for a spell
80 Joined a angry mob burning a wizard house and snatched a few scrolls
81 Served a temple as a sanctified wizard of a city ziggurrat district to get spells
82 Robbed a great temple hidden collection of hidden blasphemous books
83 Seduced loved one of a wizard so you could get close enough to steal a secret
84 Visited a subterranean city of the ancient survivors of the lords of the long night
85 Explored a cursed ruin and had to battle a mighty spirit to lean the secret
86 Ran through a gauntlet of 
magical traps and puzzles as a test for arcane secrets
87 Narcotic made you remember past life as a wizard and recovered memory of a spell
88 Stole the spell from a lovers book and now they hate you for your betrayal
89 Experimented with one of the great ruined murder machines from the godwars
90 Practiced sexual rites to have out of body spirit voyage to the dreamlands for lore
91 Contacted the spirit of a elder wizard of old through a relic they made for wisdom

92 Sought out the secret sunken library in the sand which lets none take a book
93 Inside the body of a entity in overspace gleaning spells from its brain spore clusters
94 Bathed in a pool if primordial chaos and reborn with new spells and zeal
95 Infected by spores in eldritch tomb after weeks of horrible fever dreams knew secrets
96 Ate flesh of a divine being and learned cosmic secrets
97 Served a dragon and learned some of its magic eventually
98 Studied under liches in a undead necromancy school until you escaped
99 Joined a secret society working on a ancient scheme to get magical secrets
100 Joined minds with a elder god through contact in your dreams revealing mysteries

Monday 23 July 2018

Dread Arts for Bad Wizards

So I've been thinking what can I do to make my wizards more horrible in my new setting.
Basically I want magic to be more Hyperborean and like Clark Ashton Smith. This is a speculative experiment and mostly to ad colour to evil wizards and a reason to hate them more. Some of the alternate material components here might just be for back up rather than the sole methodology.

Traditional wizards use four types of props in magic.
Somatic = gestural
Verbal = spoken
Visual = magical side effects
Material = a substance or thing

A wizard with NWP slots in abjure somatic, abjure material and abjure verbal skill makes one INT roll for multiple skill and can cast spells with a simple stare

Somatic Components 
These are hand gestures, dance steps and movements that other wizards can tell exactly what your doing if they know the same spell or might have some inkling. An Abjure Somatic Components NWP might allow one to cast without gestures but require a stat roll. Such a skill would be handy if a wizard lost a limb until they repaired it.

Verbal Components 
These are spoken elements of a spell which are often the biggest giveaway a wizard is up to something. Other wizards especially might figure out exactly what you are casting. An Abjure Verbal Components NWP might allow one to cast without a sound but require a stat roll. Such a skill would be handy if a wizard needed to be silent or was rendered a mute or effected by a silence spell.

Visual Components

These are visual effects as the wizard casts the spell including smoke, glowing eyes, eldritch flaming hands, floating glowing letters in pre human languages. Most manifestations like this include strange sounds also. They make it hard for a wizard to be subtle. An Abjure Visual Components NWP might allow one to cast without any visible effects from the wizard but a fireball or spell itself will be unaffected, just the wizard will not stand out. Very effective for charming people in public.

Material Components
Ingredients you just buy preferably from a wizard shop or gather yourself.
Generally i like the following formula if you cant find the stuff yourself
The modern approach of buying a level appropriate bag of ingredients is easy
Dragon 83? i think did a thing pricing ad&d components
Most organic components are preserved usually dried
Greater spells use several weird components (one per spell Lv hence the cost)
Bad wizards have developed cost saving horrible alternatives to fussy materials

Found spells might require research to modify the components if not to a wizards taste or no longer to be found in the current age
If the wizard had own workshops, mines, or spent own time might reduce cost of a particular spell but this gets pretty picky in game, a set cost is quick and easy and doesn't have you breeding a certain type of snail or running a sweatshop of miniature makers. Possibly other NWP might make cheaper like an Alchemy NWP to pre brew potions bulk for a lower price. Guilds tend to set these prices or a master might have factories and gardens and stockpiles they sell in packets to their students.

Spell Component Level & Cost

0 lv = 1cp
1Lv = 1sp
2Lv = 1gp
3Lv = 10gp
4Lv = 100gp
5Lv = 500gp
6 Lv = 1000gp
7 Lv = 5000gp
8 Lv = 10000gp
9 Lv = 100000gp

d12 Sample Material Components 
1 Plant or herb
2 Fungus
3 Rare mineral
4 Artwork*
5 Precious and semiprecious gems
6 Animal body part
7 Monster body part
8 Planar being body part
9 Human body parts
10 Incense
11 Narcotics
12 Symbolic object**

*idol, picture, calligraphic scroll, jewelry, embroidery, miniture
**possibly something with a similar name or symbolic assiciation almost like a verbal pun or like the kind of substitutions you get in primitive magic like a voodoo doll

Improvised Alternate Material Components

A NWP in Improvising Components in a pinch might help and would let them pre prepare before casting and could help in a prison break or if stranded but would take time. At least when it finally works you could repeat the replacement.

An Abjure Material Components NWP might allow one to cast without materials but require a stat roll. Such a skill would be handy if a wizard lost everything.

Of course some wizards just use drugs as a universal componant.
Black Lotus, Leng Dust, Space Mead, Ygthar Elixir among others.Often distilled at higher level with manticore spittle, baslisk blood, mummy dust and others brews.

Sure they are addictive but what wizard doesn't cast spells every day? Easier to carry when you can score them. Many places ban these drugs.

Sacrifice Health

A sacrifice Health NWP lets you instead spend HP 1/Lv, causing user pain and temporarily disfiguring them or rendering them unconscious. But at least you don't need to roll. It hurts and is desperation mostly but has uses and is cheaper. Cantrips just cause petty short lived effects like blood noses. Boils, hair loss, open sores, withered skin last until healed.

Sacrifice Vitality

A Sacrifice Vitality NWP lets you temporarily sacrifice Attribute points 1/Lv which take an hour to recover a point. This also hurts and is hard work but you don't need to roll.

Sacrifice Blood

Then there are those who use the blood of others with a Blood Sacrifice NWP but this requires a roll. A zero level cantrip needs 1hp possibly a mouse or a bug. Other spells require a HD per Lv (a d4 or d6 HD is ok for first Lv). It gets messy and is suspicious but works. Having a herd of sacrificial animals or people can be a problem. Possibly sentient beings act as +1HD and Virgins as +1HD making it possible to throw a fireball with just one virgin instead of three pigs or a ox.

Sacrifice Life

Some rather than draw blood just suck life force through crackling ebon bolts and can draw from plants and other life. It is indiscriminate and will draw life from your companions if close and victims with at least a d4 HD get to save vs HP Loss (1HP/HD). Vegetation blighted leaves dead patches for a year per level usually a yard patch of grass or a potted plant for a cantrip, and a 3 yard per level with greater spells. Trees and gardens work best but get a collective save from the Earth itself. Grass or grain crops or healthy soil draw an even larger area, possibly triple. Desert or Ice or stone might not work at all. With a absence of life the HP come from the caster who's body saves to resist. At least this method needs no NP roll but the saving throws, possible self harm and hatred it creates are a cost.

Some Notes On This

NWP is Non Weapon Proficiency a late 1st ed term
A d20 stat roll in most cases INT based covers most of these
A wizard with high stats wouldn't care about rolling any more obviously.
I use all kinds of weird wizard NWP for stuff like 3rd ed feats in my game

Im not sold on all this yet.

I have considered such wizards might get additional benefits like 2nd ed specialists
-1 to Save vs their spells or +1 spell of each level when you gain a new spell level
eg +1 1st spell at Lv 1 then +2nd Lv spell at 3rd +3rd Lv spell at 5th etc
Or just a single extra spell of whatever you can already cast
Possibly an extra NWP slot or something or perhaps use two types of material components like blood and standard components to qualify for such a bonus.

This table for my current setting for NPC wizards you meet.
Most of the wizards in this setting are hated jerks possibly using black magic from evil wizard ruled empires of old or serve a surviving arch mage with a territory.

Most players will be the standard sort from cities rather than dread cults or remnants of evil prehuman arts

Non human wizards like serpentmen will be the more horrible sort.

Sorcerers especially hate traditional 
material components 

d20 What Type of Wizard is This One?

1-2 Standard Components
3-5 Narcotics
6-7 Sacrifice Health
8-9 Sacrifice Vitality
10-11 Sacrifice Blood
12 Sacrifice Life

Some magic items might make all this easier too.
Pouch that provides for one spell or find a dozen components for a fireball casting in packets or pouches with that spell book. A spell to cast lower spells without components or higher level more subtle spells like a 2nd lv charm that takes a wink.

Your suggestions on this appreciated.

Friday 20 July 2018

d100 Castaways

Slow going this month with posts but I've been busy with adult stuff.
Here is a link to Tenkar's Landing aka the Black Isle, I apparently wrote almost a quarter of. Doh of course I tend to cringe at my own mistakes and why i stopped working with OSR collab stuff but this is pretty amazing and was a few years in the making before my banhammer. Self loathing aside Im enjoying it.

I chose a empty sea hex added some mountains and a huge underdark with citadel generators, orc tribe generators, ogre mutations, crystal caves which might be handy for a veinscrawl also.

Links on Tenkars page and he deserves the hits for presenting this - several years in the making

Coincedently I have been doing this:

People to find on islands at sea
I make most alone but 1in6 will have 3d6 persons
d20 years a good amount time stranded (longer if crazy)
Most names here are Spanish, Dutch, french and a few Chinease
This could be used in a historic setting

d10 Island life adaptions
01 Gone native and joined a tribe
02 Gone cannibal
03 Crazy with isolation
04 Has a native companion
05 Has taken a slave prisoner
06 Barley able to communicate after isolation
07 Hermit devoted to religion
08 Adopted horrible cult
09 Always scheming escape but years of failure
10 Comfortable and happy

d100 Castaway Assets
01 Pet such as a dog, ape or parrot
02 Plentiful goats for milk, food and hide
03 Wild pigs or deer
04 Treasure chest  
05 Excellent fishing
06 Bird nesting site
07 Friendly tribal folk trade
08 Lots of equipment from wreck
09 Previous settler left shack, livestock and goods
10 Kindly non humans take pity on plight

d100 Castaway Problems
01 Dangerous cannibal tribe in area
02 Hostile tribe holy island
03 Surrounded by treacherous reef
04 Island inhabited by monster
05 Pirates hid treasure on island and visit often
06 Foreign enemy nation raids often looking for castaways
07 Dangerous aggressive animals (tigers, huge pigs)
08 Island is haunted by the dead or spirits or demon
09 Food and water are scarce and difficult to obtain
10 Island has addictive drugs growing wild

d100 Castaways
01 Santiago Gomez, leads 2d6 stranded mutineers who will try to take the ship of any rescue parties to resume the pirate life
02 Bonifiace Ruiz, writes poetry for mermaids he loves but he knows they are man eaters
03 Bram DeVries, ate his fellow castaways and craves more, even local natives fear him, he tells tales of a treasure cave to lure victims 
04 Kersten Jansen escaped a pirate ship to keep her virtue and is wary of any male crews, her father a weathy, spice merchant will reward anyone who saves her
05 Hans Visser was cast ashore for his evil cult ways after attempting to convert other shipmates, he has had demons bring him evil spellbooks
06 Espen Wilems, marooned after failed mutiny against his brother keen for revenge but is also a wanted man
07 Dirk Smit, has a foul temper and was marooned for stabbing ship mates
08 Sebastian Buskirk, survived a wreck and has been exploring prehuman fish man ruins in volcanic caves under the island
09 Lars Bruin, is sole survivor of island of meat eating apes that ate fellow castaways. He believes they guard a golden ape god idol in a cave
10 Felix Bakker, has befriended natives and wants to stay but he will speak to visitors and see if they are trustworthy or not. He might tempt them with stories of a wreck on another island to get rid of them
11 Mateo Tellez, lives with his native bride and children and is happier than his old life. He will trade boar tusks and pearls for gunpowder and shot
12 Hendrick Goosens led his coven of 2d6 cultists here at direction of a demon patron. They need to replace some lost coven members for a summoning and will sacrifice the rest of any strangers they meet  
13 Karel Peeters, a lady pirate who's crew dumped her out of fear. She will happily join any ship crew and is keen for mudrerous rampages and plunder, men fear her romantic interests
14 Nicholas Dijkstra, lives in a treehouse but worries about the volcano on the island. Near the peak are some kind of ruins he is too afraid to explore
15 Luca Martinez, herds goats he captured and lives in peace. He would like a wife or company but happy with his goats and will trade cheese and milk and hide
16 Daniel Esteves abandoned on shore convinced there was treasure on the island. There are mysterious basalt colums in the reef and he is sure there is a hidden cave full of gold and pearls 
17 Mathew Bruin, lives happily here and his fish folk brides under the sea who visit him nightly. He uses gold bullets in his musket and has made his own gunpowder from volcanic resources on the island. He does not want to share
18 Diego Alverez, made a devils pact to become king and was promptly stranded on the island by his crewmates and found a strange gold crown. He will do anything to get off and devote his life to killing the devils minions
19 Jack VanHoebeek, was lured ashore by a selkie maiden and was promptly abandoned. Now he hunts sealions wanting revenge and doesn't want to leave till he finds his former love
20 Phillipe Gimenez, was lured ashore by a siren but managed to escape while his shipmates were eaten because he is deaf. He is keen to escape but vengence against the treasure hording creatures
21 Samuel Munoz, survived a ship attack by lycanthropic seawolves and hides in his lair in fear of the beasts who live near in the sea 
22 Dick Bos, came here for treasure but shipmates were killed by undead pirates and only he survived. The ghosts even took the ship and wrecked it on a reef where Dick cant get at it for goods that might aid him 
23 Caspar VanDijk, was stranded here by crewmates of pirate ship and he is keen to escape the thunder lizards in the jungle guarding strange serpentine ruins
24 Sophia DeJons, pretended to be a man but decided the sailors life was terrible and fled here in a jollyboat. She will join any decent travellers but will maintain her male disguise until she feels safe
25 Conrad Wooter, exhibited plague symptoms and was abandoned. He is still a carrier but syptoms are mostly gone. He will enthusiastically join a crew
26 Akbar Yildiz, far from home he may not speak any common adventurer language. He has a small cannon and is prepared to fight any strangers who come assuming they want to kill him 
27 Camila Suarez, is a witch who sunk the ship she travelled on when sailors harassed her. She lives well enough but wants to return to civilisation. She will use her charms and magic to help and is happy to have a disposable husband 
28 Cornelius Jaagen, notorious cannibal was stranded here when he was identified by crewmates. Even the local cannibals hate him. He is keen to join a crew and tries to get rescuers to wipe out the tribe who would not accept him so he can eat them out of spite
29 Daniela Ximeno, pirates escaped lover who jumped overboard lives with a d6 native women. Will join a crew but her ex will kill any man she is seen with 
30 Joost VanBerg, a wizard thrown overboard and has had to transcribe his spells onto a cave wall from memory. Keen to escape but wants time or means to copy out a new book. He was cast overboard for his demonic rites
31 Jacobus Hendrick, ship plundered by pirates ladened with treasure from a far away kingdom. He wants to return to plunder the natives heathen gold idols of strange gods
32 Jef Meer, ship was sunk by a sea serpent sent by god to punish captain, will join a crew but wary of sacreligious crewmen and very supersticious
33 Klaus Lange, is a werewolf and thrown overboard after eating fellow crewman. Has been fine living on island alone and will offer to join a crew
34 Henrik Timmernman, shot an albatross and the gods of the sea hate him, any ship he sails on will face terrible ordeals while he is aboard
35 Sara Lambert, lived here with her castaway family who all died leaving her alone. She is naive but a fiesty combatant and knife expert and quick to learn
36 Coby Gries, killed three crewmen who dared lay hands on her and they threw her overboard. She dreams of starting a all female pirate crew
37 Eva Groot, survived a shipwreck. Crew and most of the cargo of horses eaten by sharks. She lives with a sole surviving black stallion and the two are inseperable
38 Clarrissa Muelenbelt, daughter of a missionary who's family were eaten by natives to prove a religious argument. She lives in fear but has adapted to island life and has written several amazing novels while here
39 Martin Buskirk, joined a native volcano cult and if a ship is seen will lure visitors to a native ambush to sacrifice for their horrible god under the mountain
40 Elizebeth Boer, wife of a elderly spice merchant who died on a voyage and jumped ship to escape the lecherous crew. She offers a reward to help her get home and claim his wealth and revenge
41 Johanna VanDen, a witch who has been visiting islands to learn exotic new spells and to avoid witch persecutions in the old country. Amused by visitors in wooden ships she can raise a storm if she becomes unhappy
42 Klara Mulder, a occultist who was stranded by a mishap on his demon powered boat while plundering pre human ruins across the world. She has constructed servitors and summoned creatures to guard him. She wants to lure strangers to his lair to enslave and already has 3d6 sailors and natives charmed
43 Gretta Sittart, stole a pirate treasure chest as an act of revenge and hope to get a ship to take her home but concerned her loot might be a temptation
44 Alita Graaf,  a infamous swordswoman stranded here as a plot by a noble she defeated in a duel. If she can get back to civilisation she will go on a rampage of murder across the continent 
45 Wilhelmina VanDerberg, has poisoned a long list of husbands and been a spy had to flee the continant and after misadventures she was shipwrecked here alone. She offers her charms for a return trip
46 Marja Braam, pirate and witch who faked her death to escape her crew and knows where a great treasure is hidden. She needs help to get it and past the undead pirate guards
47 Johan Vos, drunk who fell overboard and is desperate for grog. Will join anyone and try and beg, borrow or steal grog
48 Lucia Diaz, was stranded with other but after she murdered all the women she saw as rivals she had ti kill the men as well for siding with them. Will be happy to join any passing crew
49 Pauline Roy, a colonial governors wicked daughter who has ha scores of pirate lovers die fighting over her. She was wrecked here with a dozen men who all died fighting over her
50 Xandra Vroom, former gang leader and daughter of a criminal matriarch, went to sea to scam treasure and instead was wrecked here, Keen to escape and to return home with something of value to appease her mother
51 Philip Benitez, former highwayman went to sea because of a treasure map and a girl but she stole the map and had his me strand him

52 Saskia Baas, a stranded showgirl who saw other castaways die trying to get a treasure from a trapped cave in a seaside cave, covered by sea in high tide. She wants to escape and to know what is in the cave that robbed her comrades lives
53 Santiago Antunez, revolutionary leader driven to sea by nobility but it was a trick resulting in him being stranded at direction of his enemies
54 John DeWees, a stranded treasure hunter has enslaved natives to dive for pearls for him and had to kill other castaways who he thought coveted his loot
55 Juan Fernandez 
56 Liling Guandong, her junk was sunk on way to a distant kingdom to be married. She doesn't mind so much but a local spirit doesn't want her to leave the island and causes trouble with weather and strange hauntings
57 Benjamin Gimenez, loves to strangle women and stranded after killing the captains girlfriend. Keen to join anyone but cant resist the odd strangling
58 Rebbecca Lange, come to rule the settlement of 3d6  castaways with her clear headedness and practical nature. On good terms with natives who visit island cave shrine 
59 Herman Molen, an explorer with d6 men was on island when a great seabeast swallowed his ship
60 Gabriel Ruiz, notorious demon worshipper on the run, carried here by foul spirits at his command. Wary of civilization and the lengths the inquisition has made hunting him
61 Lauren Tremblay, stranded here since a child, worships the strange monoliths she found, wants to bring a strange idol and cult to her birth land
62 Sophie Perez, was maried to a wicked wizard and she has fled here to evade him. He still spies on her with magic and will meddle in her affairs or her companions
63 Felipe Ibanez, belonged to obscure sect and shipmates threw overboard when they found out. Welcomes strangers but wary of more persecution now
64 Barnend Nunez, found a chest with a spell book and notes and has been teaching himself magic, decided to try summoning demons to aid him if in difficulty but welcomes a chance to get a ship away from island
65 Arabella Boor, travelled here with wizard master who died exploring reef caves looking for prehuman treasures. She has kept up her study to fend off aggressive tribes and will try to get visitors to recover her masters corpse with several magic items
66 Juliana Hernandez, worships the great beast who pretends to be her island, she welcomes travellers and lures them to the treasure caves, the monster maw filled with wrecked ancient ships and trapped sailors and natives
67 Marcus Haan, pirate and explorer once renowned but his crew dumped him on island when he cheated them out of booty. He is keen to renew his career and get revenge
68 Anki Prins, has become queen of a cannibal clan of islanders, who worship her. She has no interest in going home but her father offered a substantial reward for her return years ago
69 Pablo Rodrigez, merchant stranded by pirates who return seasonally to make him confess where his treasure is hidden
70 Anne Rynsberger, a wealth merchant stranded with 3d6 crew members have built a log fort and have enslaved natives to toil in their fields. She wants more settlers to move in and the location given to traders
71 Vincent Nunez, lost at sea in a life boat murdered rest of passengers and then killed natives on the island, keen to join a crew but stab happy and argumentative

72 Gustaaf Graaf, priest who once stranded offended the natives with preaching and now they hunt him. If rescued will implore rescuers to help him convert islanders by force and will try to organise religious services on ship
73 Aurore Hamon, charming maiden but mother cursed her so any man lusting after her meets disaster which resulted in her ship being wrecked and all hands except her lost. She knows some magic herself and would like the curse lifted as her mother died and only a man who satisfies mother will ever be able to love her
74 Adrian Jaager, escaped murderer jumped ship taking him to be hanged, keen to get off island but cant resist strangling and stabbing others and blaming supernatural beings
75 Mei Xingyang, sorceress stranded by her lover over her cheating, curious about exotic lands characters from
76 Abelle Wit, an adventurer who spent years underground before coming up on this island thousands of miles far away from home. Local albino savages from the caves try and capture her every full moon
77 Gertrude Brouwer, was stranded here with others from a wreck but have built a thriving stocade where she brews grog which she trades with the natives and passing ships and now she wants to stay. Some natives want the white devils and their evil brew driven off or killed
78 Ana Visser, while ashore exploring caves and ancient ruins was stranded when her ship was captured by pirates. With her 2d6 companions she has continued to explore and has found gold and treasure and is sure there is more
79 Xandar Molen, stranded for not joining a pirate crew who kidnapped him. He has become religious and has converted the natives and is sure this is his true purpose. Some tribesfolk still practice cannibalism and want him dead
80 Reinier Meulenbelt, descended from Islander slaves has gone exploring to find his roots but the ship struck a reef. With surviving crew and natives they have built a thriving trading post for Island folk and passing ships
81 Rutger Teuling, cast ashore for his foul worship of the rat demon cult, he has brought rats to the island and decimated the placid dodo birds. Local natives have fled and regard island cursed now
82 Julian Moller, stranded when his ship chased away by an enemy nation. All the trees on the island are gone and only goats live among the ruins and statues of a long lost Islander civilization. He has spent years looking for treasure and hoping to escape
83 Helena Konig, remained to help islanders from a plague her crew brought here but all died leaving her alone with her part islander son, still a youth. They dwell in a ruined village and fend off plague zombies each night
84 Victor Stegenga, stranded by crew for his black magic use, has built himself a wizard tower and signals victims he can use as slaves via charms or creating undead. He could have escaped by demon years ago
85 Steffan Antunez, ship was captured by a foreign power and he was stranded for not giving away state military secrets. Wary of visitors from other lands but keen to get home
86 Martin VanDer, a naturalist whose ship stranded him to avoid a storm with a d4 servants and a dog. Keen to get away but familiar with strange marine cliff caves and strange island animals
87 Bruno Meyer, pirate stranded with d6 crew while burying his treasure chest that turned out to be rocks when his ship left. Wants revenge but also has previous treasure chests buried on island also guarded by spirits of men he slew using a terrible pirate spell
88 Juliana Vinke, lives here with her d6 pirate sons who stuck with her when the crew could stand no more of her black magic. She uses spells to enslave natives and they have uncovered treasures in strange reef caves they only partly explored. They will try and seize any ship with subterfuge and magic
89 Chen Sanchi, explorer for the emperor back home but ship lost in storm, has valuable maps of his exotic homelands but would rather die than let evil foreigners get them. His advanced engineering knowledge has improved the native village and they love him
90 Longwei Henan, a black lotus trader from the hidden lotus kingdom who only has a few pounds of resin left. Keen to escape to any civilized place knowing lotus trade routes will get him home
91 Andrea Haas, broke a pirate code over a murder over gold and stranded here, keen to join any crew and find a attractive men, she is a fearsome beserker in battle which is a problem for her side when enemy all dead
92 Gina Valez, a spy stranded here by her former lover a religious advisor and spymaster of a king. If she gets home her knowledge will bring down a dynasty and a religion
93 Antionette Laurent, a young decadant noble lady who survived a shipwreck with her puppy Monsuir 
Moelleux. As she is a wizard the natives worship her which she thinks proper but she expects this from everyone lesser thus several passing ships left her. She will consider taking a ship but her natives have no expertise at advanced sailing ships94 Alexander Ruysch, while trading with natives was kidnapped and his ship fled. Over time they released him and he has settled with a native bride. He runs a merchant trading company and will reward any who bring him home
95 Avery Bouchard, a common sailor who jumped overboard to escape a keelhauling, friendly but a compulsive thief 

96 Bastien Martin, stranded adventurer having returned from elemental planes but now here far from civilization with magic treasure and pet monsters he hatched from eggs
97 Ivana Cortez, burned her ship to force her crew to plunder the ruins and caves of the island where reptile folk dwell. Most have died and she assumed she would be rescued years ago
98 Avaline Gagnon, flew here by broom with her cat years ago to escape persecution. She offers visitors potions, fortune telling and information of caves in the islands dormant volcano and the serpent folk temple ruins within. Each night her Tako lovers come from the sea to pleasure her
99 Andre Moreau, stranded with his beastman comrade keen to join any crew to get off, feels honour bound to save the lives of his rescuers, as long as his beastman friend is included
100 Bernard Dupont, was teleported by a wizard here years ago. Will offer to join any crew but knows location and secret entry to a evil wizards lair far away

Sunday 15 July 2018

d100 Feral kids for Murder Highway

These are stray children to find in the wasteland of my roadwar game. Aparently i did too many urchins for my dnd game so here is my apocalyptic roadwar cult game take.
Did see an anime where half crew of a sub were feral kids recruited by captain.

d10 Greatest Problem
1 Getting day to day food or water

2 Slavers or gangs
3 Cannibals or undead
4 Missionaries or state welfare do gooder scum
5 Dangerous mutant animals
6 Trying to find family or lost friends
7 Suffering from trauma from past abuse
8 Ignorant, problems with basic communication
9 Wants revenge on someone who wronged them
10 Seeks a safe home or shelter

d10 Favorite Thing
1 Gun or knife in good condition

2 Scrap built or rusty pipegun or shotgun
3 Hand grenade or pipebomb
4 Bags of meds
5 Doll or other common toy
6 Hat or clothing item
7 Electronic game or watch
8 Lucky charm
9 Tourist attraction merchandise or sport memorabilia
10 Photo of loved one or other loved ones item

Bonus Blood Type Table
01-38 O-positive 
39-45 O-negative 
46-79 A-positive 
80-85 A-negative 
86-94 B-positive 
95-96 B-negative 
97-99 AB-positive 
00 AB-negative

Handy for organ legging (see 49) or japanese romance

 Feral kids for Murder Highway
01 Emil Twisty, feral kid with dingo and razor boomerang, unable to speak except in growls
02 Lorna Dune, sole survivor of sprawling abandoned bunker complex, desperate for food 
03 Tweedle Cruize, lives in buried cargo pod of military drone parts he controls toll choke point on local roads
04 Lyrol Sin, roams wastes with grenade launcher looking for gangs to purge for Jesus
05 Elly Comal, lives with mutant dingoes in wrecked burred schoolbus
06 Barney Googler sells data he hacks, lives in ruined mobile phone tower
07 Zora Katar, ex gang brat runaway pretends to be needy to infiltrate others for her crew
08 Minga Zin, mutant prodigy with weird powers but no visible afflictions, hunted by corps
09 Carter Halo, vigilante kid gang leader, kills ppl who hurt kids or comunities
10 Zero Thule, collects scrap from gang battles and building own motorbike, wannabe street samurai 
11 Gogal Sokolov, runs a communist youth gang in a sewer system, dreams of world wide revolutionary utopia
12 Mindy Keller, sickly girl needs meds, infected with necrovirus will zombify on death
13 Billy Zan, Scrap dealer lives in trash heap, sells parts and grilled rats to travellers
14 Sunny Klaw, trying to grow crops in the waste to survive, needs corp seed stock
15 Vinny Shanker, wants to be a trashside pimp and fixer, offers to hook travellers up with dealers and traders
16 John Prester, leads a youth gang in a ruined underground carpark, claims is the promised land foretold  
17 Eggbert Dodger, fat kid sells fried dough to travellers with various sauces and jams
18 Patty Melon. bitter sour faced kid with knack for finding food in wastes
19 Gilbert Drake, good at fixing things and helps local mechanics for food scraps
20 Karen Gleaner, has a knack for finding lost sheep and collects wool scraps from wire fences and vegetables from abandoned fields
21 Arnold Scrap-King, ride a bike, wears cool glasses, smokes cigars, sells guns and ammo found after gang battles
22 Kim Mindaburra, collects fuel left from wrecks or abandoned cars or anything parked too long she sells for food
23 Katie Flax, rides a sail powered trike across the waste she built herself looking for her family
24 Bindi Gundaburra, lives with mutant crocs she lures travellers into their billabong to feed them
25 Steve Gnasher, young cannibal collects dead from battles, barley talk and hates adults
26 Fanny Hill, wants to lead kids revolt against everyone over 12 who broke the world
27 Corky Screama, lives with mutant emus in wastes and raids farmers grain and crops 
28 Fatty Chumbucket, cooks best rat stew and other waste delights, a gifted cook, dreams of owning a roadhouse
29 Elise Fourfiveone, escaped corporate clone suspicious of anyone clean or with a job 
30 Pricilla Davenport, lost socialite brate with huge reward for finding when parents VIP airship crashed
31 Manny Flange, lives with feral goats and sells milk to travellers
32 Petey Liar, likes to tell big lies to get attention but sometimes he is right ut nobody believes him. Will tell at least two huge lies before a lucrative truth
33 Troy The Invincible, a unnaturally lucky mutant lots of people want to keep around but they cant catch him
34 Glory Jones, devoutly religious cult survivor likes to preach but is a good medic
35 Porky Cutler, expert at fishing knows best spots and how to avoid mutants and ghouls
36 Arkala Gibbara, lives with her mutant bull terrier Ripper, big enough for her to ride
37 Soma Tailor, sells chems and has her own drug lab after her gang was killed by cops
38 Villi Scar, ex gang tough, needs a new gang as old ones are gutless losers
39 Simon Granita, will do anything for sweets and get into all kinds of terrible adventures
40 Frankie Ray, wants to be a cyborg but is too young, wants to hang around with any borgs and has some scrap limbs they found already
41 Harriet Placebo, escaped from lab carrying a valuable antibody in blood, all she knows is corps out to cannibalise her
42 Violet Creasy, 
43 Bingo McGuffin, carries a chip stole off a suit and wants someone to help sell to the corp who will kill to get it back
44 Elfin Squeeze, cave clan kid from sewers, leads rag tag gang into the deep to avoid adults
45 Bunny Nguyen, lives in ruined van with various animatronic plush toys some she has programmed to kill
46 Vance Cleaver, sells bushmeat and expert hunter, skinner and haggler
47 Prettyboy Cutler, expert with knife throwing and climbing gets into all kinds of trouble and follows interesting troublemakers
48 Flash Pyro, loves arson and likes to burn parked cars and houses, nobody wants him around
49 Johnny Heart, has become a organlegger and has a secret fridge hidden in a ruin. Likes to DNA test travellers and check market value for organs
50 Plucky Johnson, rich brat ran away from home to catch and train mutant pets, robs travellers with pets for food
51 Albert Juicepig, makes goon, grog and hooch for gangs from rotten garbage

52 Chip Raffle, runs gambling den and has hired several huge morons to be body guards
53 Albert Tanner, has evidence of cult leaders crimes and on the run, wants someone to help him destroy the cult
54 Finn the Tunnel Rat, knows secret entrance to local settlement but charges
55 Lloyd Green, knows a secret fertile area were he communes with mutant plants 
56 Percy Chickenlegs, catches wild birds and sells cooked as bush chicken in various forms
57 Plucky Boner, collects roadkill and scraps for a hidden biofuel converter and sells food, carries a hatchet, cleaver and butchers tools and filthy sacks
58 Clag Pasteface, mutant child with hideous face wants cosmetic surgery and dreams of schemes like heists to afford or to blackmail or hack a automed station
59 Sally Crumb, hears alien voices that guide her uncannily and when near people see all kinds of strange lights since she disappeared and returned
60 Alfie Stabber, lil gang punk threatens everybody and harasses women even though only  years old
61 Yoruba Abdalla, escaped African war by boat thinks the Oz wasteland is easy living, wears necklace of severed hands and carries machete, assumes cops would kill or recruit him
62 Squealer McGreggor, sells info to the cops and hated by gangs but secretly they all use him for info on rivals and nobody touches him
63 Pauli Scrag, loves explosives and has been miking own gelignite and molitovs and pipe bombs he can use to blow up cars
64 Miranda Fontaine, used by a corp hitman for years before he was killed, she has money, high tech guns and some cyborg implants and is looking for a new father figure as the last few she had too kill
65 Keeble Biafra, raised by underground freedom fighters and now revolutionary propaganda 
graffiti but dreams of hijacking a radio station to get word out
66 Oscar MacKosh, likes to club loners and rob them and has it down to a fine art, always has escape route and huge bag of weed
67 Gloria Fang, carries a machete and has a pet feral cat as big as a pitbull, her humpy is decorated with rotting severed heads
68 Corinda Haffenfatner, carries a shotgun and wears a tophat and loves magic tricks
69 Zanr Gregor, a gothic mutant people shoot at thinking he is a zombie, he is a talented all round artist and poet and his lair has amazing decor
70 Ludvig Crane, a child with rare vampire strain of necrovirus but only in early stages. Phobic of sunlight and starting to drink blood, strong for age
71 Abe Skull Kicker, has invented a new wasteland sport all the kids in area playing and network tv interested in buying him

72 Ola Pavlova, makes amazing clothes from trash and the mutants in the local dump are extraordinarily stylish
73 Pan Fiddler, plays lots of instruments and even charms wild animals so he can shoot and eat them
74 Corey Mirrorshades, is the coolest kid ever on his bike with leather jacket and snappy one liners. He expects to rule the wastes one day but for now he will follow any cool adults to learn
75 Smeghead, hideous kid eats garbage, rats and stray dogs. Barley speaks but knows location of a underground airforce base but nobody listens
76 Laura Gumby, good natured kindly child saved several people from burning wrecks so locals feed her and look out for her
77 Binny Matabunga 
78 Donny Turtlestien, wants to be a mutant ninja tortoise and lives in sewer with home made weapons and armour but he might follow a new hero if meets one
79 Billy Blag, plays the guitar and sings revolutionary folk songs urging commoners to rise up and burn civilization down
80 Wolfy Jones, expert tracker, hunter and hooligan for hire, terrified of school and baths, wears dog furs
81 Stinky Pukefinger, brews foul concoctions that keep mutants and gangs away from his treasure trash heap
82 Sarah Manly, actually has memories of elderly billionaire in a failed immortality scheme but family dumped in the desert and scammed all the money. Needs dupes to help get money back and pretends to be nice and helpless
83 Cara Klanley, bosses around a hopless mutant clan who would starve without her guidance but she is getting sick of them, good planner and problem solver
84 Barron Gordon, rich brat dumped in wastes in failed kidnapping and awaiting rescue that will never come because family killed in corporate wars
85 Silky Catspaw, expert thief trained by a gang but has run away to wastes to start her own gang or find own opportunities
86 Bullfrog Barnes, a mutant warty kid who ex cells at swimming and diving and has found a airforce bomber in a salt lake bed he hopes to loot one day with help
87 Patsy Blaze, pyrokinetic escaped from corp psionics lab and on the run
88 Pandora Corman, has an entity from ovrspace inhabiting her and on occasion it leaves her body to massacre dozens of people. She seems nice and harmless and clean and doesn't remember her protector
89 Ripper McGaw, has a high tech hand chainsaw and like to chop stuff up for fun including anyone who crosses him
90 Clarrissa Peeble, a witches daughter who has been developing her own powers and has been been contacting her matriarchal spirits for training. She wants a protector and is subtle with her powers to avoid her mothers fate at the hands of an angry mob
91 Earnie Kurana, had his tribe killed but has started working as a guide and tracker and can look after himself. He is suspicious of white folk but likes to charge them money
92 Rex Cars, as a feral kid explored closed dinosaur parks and has several hand raised dinosaurs hidden in a secret wilderness location
93 Adolf Gruber, was raised by Nazis in a vault and was sole survivor from a mould outbreak. Ignorant of normal social codes but has many useful skills and is willing to adapt to reality outside and change for better or worse depending on influences

94 Jenny Keneally, wants to be a deathracer and is eager to join up with any she meets to learn the trade. She has made her own racing jumpsuit. 
95 Clive VanDorf, escapee from Rhodesia before the Zone Wars, and has been relaxing in the wastelands. Having been looked after by hippy commune he has become kinder to others and over his racist and violent past. Tries to help the weak and is huge for age
96 Percy Grimly. a hacker and child serial killer from the city fleeing an investigation. Having faked his death he pretends badly to be a wasteland survivor but wants some adults to protect him and provide access to high tech. He has an advanced military grade combat cyberdeck
97 Melanie Plover, a gifted athlete who escaped her mobster parents. Stranded in the outback she wants a new identity and revenge. She stands out with her language and speech and outback scum are circling her like predictors
98 Anton Tucker, raised by satanists tries to find victims he can lure to occult sites and haunted houses. Utterly evil and despicable but can be charming. Tries to summon demons and collect evil books
99 Sophia Marks, psionic healer who was attracted all kinds of unwanted attention from gangs and black ops from corp psi labs. She has been on the run and needs a break
100 Devlin Morris, half demon and plans to hasten the apocalypse which is going much too slow. Suspiciously cool and talented but will assume demon form when sick of adults and craves murder

Saturday 14 July 2018

Return of the Reptilians

This is a guide to lizard folk around the world. Some have exotic abilities.
My generic lizard men not as amphibious as standard dnd ones.
Might do a reptilian warzone post. Done reptilian mutations.
As my new setting im working on has reptilian remnants everywhere I thought this would be handy but it does overlap with my beastmen project.



Marine Iguana Folk
Green-blue warty hide with dorsal spines, some with red colour or with algae on skinHold breath for up to an hour, swim at normal movementThis ancient tribe live in basalt islands covered in ancient ruins they may have once built as slaves long ago. They are naive about affairs and people off shore but slavers have been kidnapping them to use as pearl divers.  Some islands are more wary. Some dwell in underwater caves often with pre human ruins in them. They do eat meat and shellfish but mostly subsist on marine algae, seaweed and cactai. Many think them hideous and monsterous but they are one of the friendlier breeds who can be convinced to help with underwater exploration or investigating ruins. They prefer tridents, nets and obsidian bladed daggers and war clubs but these are mostly stored in secret caves or used for fishing.

Thorny Devil Folk
Tan, some black and yellow or umber
Covered in thorny warty spikes, survive with 10% water of similar size creatures

This desert race look devilish but are mostly peaceful desert dwellers who make sand art and desert topographic art which they use as maps to locate tasty giant ants and water. Well concealed in desert areas especially rocky outcrops. Will eat other giant insects and people if given a chance as they waste very little and carry few tools. Most use throwing sticks, clubs, small wooden shields, boomerangs, javelins, darts and atlatl (woomeras, also a club, digging tool and bowl). They weep tears of blood if sad or wounded.

Gila Folk

Red and black or yellow and black mottled patterns
Large +1-2HD, with a venomous bite save or 2d4 necrotic damage over an hourLarge feared monsters dreaded by neighboring peoples but actually they are peaceful and exploited. Slavers enjoy their reputation and size as harem guards, pit fighters and gladiators. Some people recognise them as peaceful and respect their preference to be left alone. They often use spears, shields, huge war clubs and mauls. Some lick their weapon edges before combat.

Frill neck Folk
Tan, yellow or grey, some turn red or pink when angry
When enraged a large skin frill becomes erect making them look huge

Live in forests and deserts and mountain, they are quick runners on all fours 15" or two legs 12" and skilled at hiding. When defensive their frills erect, some change colour and they hold their mouths open and hiss. Mostly live in small families and use simple technology. 

Chameleon Folk
Often green but can change colour to hide, communicate or depending on mood
Independant moving eyes (being surprise 1in6) Stealth (Surprise on 1-4in6)

Sneaky forest and jungle hunting tribes some are quite civilized and also use magic with illusions being favorite spells. All types enjoy bows and blowpipes and prefer skirmish tactics to harrass enemies. Up close they use carved wooden war clubs for melee or throwing. Some use bolos also or javelins with atlatl.

Various colour schemes depending of environment, soft skin, some partly transperant
Large padded toes  to cling to any service (Surprise 1-3in6), large eyes (surprised on 1in6)

Peaceful insect hunters often live in caves, cliffs and forests. AC one point worse than most lizard folk. Very nocturnal and hunt by night. Some more civilized ones enjoy wizardry also but thieves are quite common among them. Javelins, nets, clubs and atlatl most common weapons but some use blowpipes also. 

Often coloured for camoflage in forest or desert,Expert trackers using large tounges, Diseased bites save or half STR and Mov for a d3 days
Often quite large +1HD. Mostly injure victims with bite then follow them by tracking when victim grows weaker then tear prey apart. Clubs, javelins and throwing sticks main weapons but also blowpipes poisoned with their spittle for smaller ones.

Blue green scales some with algae for hair or shellfish growing on plastron
Plastron shell AC15, Swim at foot speed, hold breath 40 minutes 

Turtle folk can often be hundreds of years old, are very wise and patient. They can be a bit crabby and crotchety and absent minded when old. Some breeds are more maine oriented but tortoise folk are less aquatic often living in deserts and anywhere far from humans. Both types often live on islands building stone citadels where they keep their ancient knowledge. They enjoy singing but most other races don't appreciate it. Often use maces and spiked clubs.

Mostly brown often with yellow or green diamond markings
Venomous bite, some breeds can spit blinding venom instead

Cobra men are a tropical serpent man race notorious for cults and their ancient jungle ruins. They are despicable vile evil creatures who unlike other breeds crave human slaves, cultists and hybrids. Like to use swords, daggers, bows and javelins.


Varied colours from region to region some bright and colourful others are chamoflaged
Non venomous, large +1 HD, very strong 17, surprise on 1-3 

Python men are muscled silent killers who served as the muscle of the serpent empire of old. Less malicious than their kin. Feared as wrestlers who will eat humanoids their own size and sleep it off for a week. Use maces, flails and spiked clubs and javelins and bolos.

Viper (Horned Snakemen)
Various colours blending in with local climate with horn like thermal receptors
Venomous bite, thermal heat sensing vision Surprised only on a 1

Horned viper men were great wizards an priests and less sadistic than their kin. While they had human cults and subjects they preferred to be loved than feared and kept their subjects dependent on them. They acted as healers and prophets and providers of underworld wisdom and fertility. Like to use swords, daggers, bows and javelins.

Green or black some are more blue tinged 
2d4 bite, 17 STR, +1HD and AC13 Swim foot speed and hold breath 40 minutes in water
Huge lumbering creatures were greatly feared and used as elite guards and shock troops by ther reptilian empires of old. They would gobble up their enemies after battle and sleep for a week. They are not very bright or malicious just hungry and they serve other reptiles as troops because it always leads to a meal. Some worshiped them partly out of fear but also for fertility and their aquatic links. Prefer two handed weapons like mauls or long spears or axes.

Various colour schemes depending on environment, some feathered
d6 bite and d4 claws, AC13, good trackers 

Aggressive pack hunters who enjoyed serving other reptiles, acting as scouts and elite troops. Very agile and ignore terrain while in pursuit of enemies. Like to us javelins, spears and darts.

Various colour schemes depending on environment
2d4 horns, +1HD, AC14 

Placid and slow to anger but when guarding families are very aggressive. They also act as guards. Stoic and peaceful grazers if left to own devices. As soldiers they are elite phalanx troops with shield and halberds. 

Various colour schemes depending on environment
2d4 tail attack +1HD AC7, Beserk +2 hit and damage
Mostly peaceful but easily angered by violence or threats to their children. Often act as individual elite troops and guards and gladiators. Like to use axes, flails, mails, bolos and spiked clubs.

d12 Common Mutations

1 Albino with infravision
2 Dwarf x1/2 HD
3 Huge +1-2HD
4 Two Headed, one always awake, could cast two spells at once
5 Metallic Scales +2AC
6 Shapeshifter from humanoid to beast form 1in10 human looking form
7 Magical with spell casting class abilities
8 Degenerate idiotic savages
9 Prehensile tail, useful for grappling or climbing
10 Hybridise with humans
11 Giant +2HD
12 Regeneration 1HP/round but not fire or acid damage