Wednesday 29 April 2015

d100 Hitch Hikers of the Badlands

Horrible inflammatory pain for my 45th birthday as rain on roof got worse so did pain

So here is more wasteland Australia - will compile a pdf when backlog published here

Dedicated to Kolchak the Road Warrior

d10 Hitch Hikers of the Badlands

1 Teens and kids

2 Vagrants
3 Nomad travellers
4 Serial killers
5 Gang member
6 Stranded driver
7 Fugitives
8 Cultists
9 Refugees
10 Strange

d100 Hitch Hikers of the Badlands
01 Angry teen runaway heading to city or anywhere but here
02 Cheerleaders escaped sleazy ride seek lift home
03 Chirpy kid off to big city to become famous celebrity, upbeat and delusional
04 Kids who have lost family (possibly dead)
05 Teen drug addict thieving liar, will do anything for drugs or cash
06 Orphan girl on the way to grandmas house to live needs a ride
07 Monster child with terrible powers will punish those who dont comply
08 Child witness perused by d4 1=cult 2=gang 3=mob 4=black ops
09 Teen confused by new bodily changes d4 1=deep one hybrid 2=psionic 3=mutant 4=undead
10 Child actually abandoned replicant gone crazy, seems nice early on
11 Wandering homeless person looking for work and a lucky break
12 Wandering mental patient turfed out after health cuts 
13 Wandering cyber psycho war vet, killing spree easily triggered
14 Witness of sanity blasting horror from beyond hints at terrible things they have seen
15 Jolly swagman looking for odd jobs and spinning tales of travels
16 Refugee fleeing a crisis that destroyed home
17 Victim of memory loss, someone is looking for them
18 Sagely wanderer with homespun wisdom helps sooth souls then returns to travels
19 Wandering preachy musician tries to earn keep with performance
20 Wandering mutant if angered becomes monstrous berserk killer
21 Farmer looking for missing family, lost everything
22 Road nomad clan member will try to help those who show kindness with skills
23 Road nomad warrior survived destruction of his car limping on highway
24 Wandering priest actually debauched deviant out for thrills
25 Plague carrier wanders wasteland and others die around them while they remain alive
26 Homeless war vet cant stay put anywhere and in need of medication
27 Bleeding person needs medical aid for stab wound, passes out quickly if picked up
28 Feral kid hungry and in need of medical attention, poor language skills
29 Nomad with his dog trying to escape gang who killed his clan
30 Nomad woman left no good husband and his clan to make it on her own
31 Woman in nurses uniform with hard luck story, seductive serial killer
32 Rural labourer seems handy with tools, actually a cannibal
33 Hippie guru offers free drugs and enlightenment so can murder others easier
34 Mining town prostitute seeks to remove mens genitals in intimate moments
35 Highschool girl on run after killing whole school with her pyrokinetic or telekinetic powers
36 Woman in bridal gown snapped when her wedding destroyed by gang, now on killing spree
37 Crazed feral youth thinks he is a were dingo doomed to kill and eat men
38 Kindly plump bespectacled ex teacher actually a cannibal killer
39 Man with noose scars claims to be on run from lynch mob, actually a escaped serial kille
40 Tattooed war vet seems handy friendly guy but can't stop collecting human ears
41 Gang member tries to hitch ride while buddies hiding nearby try to carjack any who stop
42 Gang member flags down ride but has radio link to gang who he informs best time to attack
43 Gangbanger escaped a big fight seems ok but flips out if disrespected
44 Mutant supremest gang member likes to kill normals foolish enough to give a ride
45 Militia man stranded after battle needs to get to civilization before gang find him
46 Battered gang member grateful for lift, starting to turn undead
47 Gun wielding nun in habit who smokes and drinks, looking for her sisters
48 Thieving gang harlot looks for a ride so she can rob a vehicle
49 Failed gang initiate fleeing gang who need to silence them
50 Ganger with explosive vest tries to hold up anyone kind enough to give hm a ride
51 Suit been stranded in motoring tragedy survived somehow needs help
52 Wandering stranded motorist near death has more friends stranded nearby
53 Postmans van hit a landmine and walking to get help
54 Truck driver escaped gang ambush and needs help
55 Pilot bailed out after gang shot them down now stranded
56 Desperate woman needs help, rest of family being tormented by gang who ambushed family car
57 Drivers car battery died walking to get help
58 Stranded driver in tree surrounded by dingos
59 Stranded cop who survived a gang battle demands he be driven to nearby town
60 Aboriginal family stranded after engine exploded, need lift to reservation
61 Fugitive women outlaws use sex appeal to flag down a ride
62 Bush ranger tries to hitch ride as ruse for gang of killers nearby hiding
63 Escaped mental patient tells inconsistent and unbelievable stories, also a canibal
64 Escaped convicts handcuffed in uniform request help
65 Wanted robber on run after rest of gang killed by cops
66 AWOL zone trooper wont go back to the war on the run
67 Wanted corrupt suit needs a ride, tries to hide face and avoid eye contact
68 Last surviving gang member hunted by cops and witness to unlawful executions
69 Illegal immigrant on run from authorities, carries exotic strain of undead plague
70 Killer hobo wanted by law for executing local business men who exploit homeless
71 Attractive hippy girl offers stay at her friends commune, actually a cult brainwashing centre
72 Fishy quiet guy actually a cultist will call monsters if near body of water
73 Crazed cult doctor seeks hearts of fearless men to summon dark gods
74 Nazi cultist at right time calls god from overspace to occupy his body which explodes from pressure
75 Troubled artist reading King in Yellow pursued by weird bloated walking corpse
76 Tall young farm boy hiding mutations, can call his invisible amorphous brother from beyond
77 Handsome Egyptian man warns party of future failure, if harmed becomes maddening space demon
78 Attractive musclebound she cultist looking for mate, children rapidly grow into hideous creatures
79 Undead wannabe cultist seeking immortality wants to infiltrate group and contact intelligent undead
80 Faux Christian actually seeks return of the old ones sent to spy on enemies of the gods
81 Escaped gang slave on the run desperate to never be prisoner again
82 Farmer on run from disaster d4 1=wild weather 2=bushfire 3=gang attack 4=drought
83 Ferals ill equipped for survival, beg for foo & water but are thieving scumbags
84 Townfolk running from undead d4 1=being followed 2=infected 3=hunted by black lab 4=insane
85 Foreigners! d4 1=sweatshop slaves 2=near death 3=foreign spies 4=hybrids from plateau of Leng
86 Aboriginals driven off land by d4 1=mining companies 2=gangs 3=rednecks 4=dreamtime horrors
87 Humans modified into beastmen animal hybrids in black lab d4 1=native 2=feral 3=farm 4=prehistoric
88 Strange pale non speaking people, alien hybrids escaped a bunker, telepathic group mind
89 Accidental time travelers d4 1=pre white contact 2=colonial era 3=ww2 4=future disaster
90 Starving artists and performers driven from commune by miners
91 Ghost will keep appearing on road d4 1=sexy killer 2=murder victim 3=occultist 4=dreamtime spirit
92 Odd bald person in silver suit d4 1=lost alien 2=future traveller 3=psychic 4=cosplay SF fan
93 Attractive person is a rogue replicant targeted for termination, dangerous if confronted
94 Person infected by weird alien or mutant parasite that bursts from them
95 A zombie with feeble memories of life habits tries to hitch, harmless but stinking creepy mess
96 A intelligent malicious undead seemingly human with unearthly powers
97 A cute killer android that uses appearance to lure prey close
98 A horrible human size mantis like mutant uses a human skin as a disguise to get close to food
99 Hulking huge person with stitches all over and medical robes with no memories
100 Cruel being from overspace in human form d6 1=demonic 2=angelic 3=reptilian 4=tentacle thing 5=grey 6=fractal horror

Sunday 26 April 2015

d100 Highway Murder Menaces & Moon Mission Madness

Today started team on astronaut training and sent to moon by the Lunar corporation (many companies, governments and the Vatican). Sister Uriel, The mutie and the Sheriff with tag along therapist arrived at the Tycho crater city. Mutant got into bar fights, Uriel investigated signs of evil and sherrif looked up missing astronauts and search protocols on the missing astronauts the party were sent to find. Most importantly the team mascot Dorothy the midget raptor dino pet of the sheriff looked adorable in her space suit. The company suspected there was a extra terrestrial intelligence directing the zombis on Earth. Team were worlds foremost zombie hunters and expert death racers were selected (not the cyber psychos). Aparently the lunar comunity expected party to put on moons first death race. So they left the pristine white Tycho City and went to their next base for the alien hunt, a mining town who had flattened a square kilometre of the moon for the deathrace. Uriel refused as did sheriff - they only wanted to kill undead. Base was a shabby industrial dirty hell hole. Commander explained death race was a cover  and if they would put on a demo show vs automated rigs the public would be sated and forget about them. Also they would get the chance to arm and armour moon vehicles for their search after the moon murder motor sports.

Uriel fitted a moon truck with powered sawblades on a ram plate with cone rifles and a turret with a industrial rivet bolt gun. The therapist would act as her gunner. Mutant got a truck with ram plates. Both got rocket boosters. Sheriff got a buggy with bolt gun and three cone rifles. Military arms were supposed to be banned. They did get recoiless ingrams, gyrojet guns and cone rifles as personal arms. The deathmatch let the team destroy the three enemy construction tracked vehichles and the audience loved it. Karumi the ninja girls arived from earth to join team and while base celebrating they broke into Seabourne foundation office and discovered deepone dna, drugs and occult secrets. Party next got ready to go looking for missing astronauts and find the alien intelligences relay beacon where the attack on Earth was directed from. All look keen on building new vehicles when back on Earth with big fat paychecks.

Anyway here are more encounters for the outback. These are more direct threats not just hazards or obstacles or curiosities. These things are out to mess you up. 

d10 Murder Race Road Encounters

1 Pedestrians

2 Cycles
3 Road Gang
4 Wasteland Trash
5 Death Racer
6 The LAW
7 Death from above
8 Sanctioned Ops
9 Wasteland Horror
10 Weird

d100 Murder Race Road Encounters
01 Rural militia with sandbag machine gun and mortar emplacements
02 Armed highway gang desperate to get wheels again after mishap
03 Heavily armed uniformed vigilantes d4 1=scouts 2=nuns or priests 3=park rangers 4=postal workers
04 Rednecks with dynamite, caltrops and pit traps
05 Sniper team working with looters or militia
06 Organised crime with mined road and armed gangsters wanting car parts
07 Armed family men farmers with kin, overprotective and overwary of roadgangs
08 Teenaged gang looking to kill boredom by attacking motorists with parents guns
09 Gang of highway wreckers with trapped road, earn a living off looting
10 Medical team with ambulance trigger happy after being attacked and stranded
11 Cyclegang looking for trouble and turf to carve out by violence
12 Nomad cycle gang looking for easy victims and fuel
13 Military veteran bikers, some cyborgs looking for adventure
14 Mutant cycle gang out to rob and destroy those not tainted
15 Militia patrol cycles willing to skirmish and drive away outsiders
16 Automated cycle drones will engage any armed vehicles, who sent them?
17 Cycle gang paid to hunt and kill team by old enemies
18 Organised criminal mobsters on bikes looking to hit someone looking just like you
19 Farmers on cycles looking to avenge who killed their kin, trigger happy and enraged
20 Teen gang out for first blood and unaware of their fragility
21 Road Gang of outlaws in old vehicles looking for victims to rob
22 Major gang chapter seeks victims for fun and fame
23 Militia in armed utility vehicles  looking for trouble makers in turf to kill
24 Gang chapter paid to prevent anyone using this road for some reason
25 Gang chapter seek to eliminate your team, paid by your old enemies
26 Nomad clan often with a bus or van or truck will attack any they think is a threat
27 Motor vehicle sports club of rich youths from city looking for thrills in newly armed sportscars
28 Mob limo with escort think team look suspicious and open fire on sight
29 Rednecks happy to kill any fancy city folk or suspicious types in area
30 Convoy of paranoid refugees who have had too many surprise attack today
31 Wasteland Trash psychopaths looking to murder any outsiders who dare fight against entropy
32 Mutant road gang at war with humanity
33 Cultist gang looking for sacrifices open fire with motley collection of vehicles in cult colours
34 Offroad renegades in armed buggies, crawling with crazed gang members
35 Gang cult terrorising area in name of murderous religion
36 Mutant gang in buggies out to cleanse world of normals
37 Rogue trucker with gang goons happy to destroy anything in way
38 Cannibal horde 1in6 infected with zombie plague or other bioplague
39 Warlord of the wasteland with fleet out to purge the wasteland of the weak
40 Battered and wounded gang chapter trying to get home, anything in way assumed a threat
41 Wanabee death racer fans using cars stolen from parents
42 Road ahead with multiple death racers in kill crazy combat
43 Lone death racer, jumpy and wary shoots anyone who looks funny
44 Veteran deathracer up for a challenge to kill anything in path
45 Death race team in combat formation looking for blood
46 Anti death race action group out to destroy who they think are death racers
47 High speed high tech death race vehicle coming through from behind
48 Death race fans think you killed their hero and have armed their cars to hunt you
49 Road covered in dropped weapons like mines and caltrops, wrecked death racer in area
50 Death race team crews and media vehicles with media corp security
51 Police cycle patrol wary of hostiles, call for help and engage
52 Police patrol car squadron looking for gangs to eliminate
53 Riot vans and command truck loaded with riot armoured cops with road block
54 STAR force police in armored cars looking to destroy unlawful travellers
55 lone battered interceptor on killing spree thinks you look like lawbreakers
56 Police roadblock with car traps, caltrops and patrol cars
57 Sheriff patrol cars in formation looking for someone to blame for local murders
58 Prison transports with police escort think your crew are trying to free prisoners
59 Police sniper team and spy drone guard highway from troublemakers
60 Puritanical religious zealots out to purge deathracers, gangs, mutants, undead and other unholy scum
61 A drone is watching racers d4 1=man deployed spy 2=military recon 3=kill drone 4=laser drone
62 Ultralight, cheap scout used by farmers and gangs, can be packed and stored easily
63 Light civilian probably prop plane or even, used by gangs and farmers
64 Helicopter, mostly old bubble dome ones used by gangs and farmers, some high tech ones
65 Jet d4 1=civilian transport 2=passenger 3=corporate 4=military, most will not react to racers
66 Missile from d4 1=space 2=anti tank squad 3=automated sentry 4=sniper guides from over horison
67 Airship 1=automated spy 2=passenger 3=cargo 4=sky gang
68 Satellite 1=part time spy sat 2=spysat network 5=media satellites 4=kill sat
69 Air troopers 1=paratroopers 2=jetpack rocketmen 3=rocket powered gliders 4=drop pod from orbit
70 Monster d4 1=mutant bird or bat 2=giant bug 3=flying dinosaur 4=spore ball
71 Sanctioned Ops fleet of green agents want to test combat maneuvers on some saps
72 Famous sanctioned op has been given bounty on team members
73 Famous sanctioned op has been given kill contract on team members
74 Agency fleet instructed to wipe out party, if defeated agency seeks vengeance for years
75 Agency ops operating roadblock - none shall pass!
76 Agency armoured car and escort wipe out any suspicious threats in way
77 Semi trailer with humourless escorts assume anyone a threat to cargo
78 Sanctioned op drone opens follows and directs ops after team
79 Exotic sanctioned op vehichle d4 1=GEV 2=hover tank 3=Vector thrust van 4=APC
80 Agency AI high tech car d4 1=insane on rampage 2=test unit 3=turned evil 4=hacked by enemies
81 Wasteland horror mutant beast d6 1=lizard 2=toad 3=scorpion 4=spider 5=jelly 6=bug
82 Escaped lab monsters d4 1=triffids 2=dinosaurs 3=pleistocene megafuana 4=cyborg mutant freak
83 Bus or truck full of zombies seeking on homicidal quest for brains and blood
84 Rogue robots d4 1=military 2=security 3=modular drones form monster 4=industrial
85 Road train of plague carrying horde of refugees some becoming undead without realizing it
86 Cyborg gang of psychos on killing spree, intent of inflicting pain as they feel none
87 Insane replicant about to shut down on last killing spree to feel truly free from programming
88 Assassin android in well armed car out to kill team as a test
89 Replicants of team with copy vehicles out to replace you for unknown enemy
90 Huge Kaiju monster rampaging across area d4 1=bug 2=reptile 3=mechanical 4=giant ape
91 Vampiric fiends in racers d4 1=aliens 2=undead 3=weird cult 4=genetic engineered monster race
92 Wizards or witches attack with strange powers while road gang attack
93 Non humans with strange cars and bikes seek to kidnap you and take to hidden kingdom
94 Something falls from space d4 1=deranged Venus probe 2=alien weapon 3=thing from beyond 4=alien kill borg
95 Cultists have called on monster to kill team d4 1=fast shoggoth 2=demon 3=petty outer god 4=elemental
96 Undead driver symbiotically linked to part undead biotech car on a dreadful mission with no witnesses
97 Cult of martial artist assassins with cars and bikes, leader with paranormal powers
98 Ghost haunts road d4 1=headless cyclist 2=phantom hitchiker 3=ghost death racer 4=spectral truck
99 UFO buzzes car 1d4 times 2nd time=car loses power 3rd=radio communication 4th=memory blackouts and strange dreams of alien abduction
100 Alien operated vehicle out to kill witnesses d4 1=angelic 2=reptilian 3=goblins 4=greys

Saturday 25 April 2015

Lost Cargos of the Murder Highway

This is for helping determine loot in wrecks or discarded cargo dumped in the wasteland
Cargo from human size to international shipping container used also by trucks

d10 Goods Condition
Handy if condition needed for goods

1 Rubbish almost no value
2 Poor condition some salvage and repair needed
3 Old prone to failure without maintenance
4 Second hand but unreliable
5 Second hand but serviceable
5 Second hand customised
6 New cheap knock off or pirate
7 New at typical value
8 New but unpacked and customised
9 Experimental
10 Experimental black or weird science

d10 Goods Owners
Handy if goods found and owners unclear

1 Local folk
2 Long distance freight from individual owner
3 Local government
4 Local business
5 Local gang
6 Local cult
7 Organised crime
8 Large business
9 State government
9 Federal government
10 Global megacorp

d10 Container
1 Tool box or Backpack
2 Cardboard boxes
3 Wooden shipping crates
4 High density foam crates
5 Plastic crates
6 Plastic barrels
7 Wrapped in bundle with plastic cable on palettes
8 Wrapped in plastic sheets into bales
9 Metal shipping crate
10 Refrigerated shipping container with electronic security

d10 Container condition
1 Corroded or a bit rusty
2 Reused packaging covered in stamps and freight dockets
3 Covered in graffitti or spattered paint
4 Punctured b something
5 Slightly leaky
6 Smells of animal urine
7 Vermin infested
8 Blood splattered
9 Burned patches
10 Opened by someone else by force

d10 Common Cargo

Can roll a d12 then use either of next tables for a 11 or 12 result
d100 can be used but has better odds of weirdness, specific outcomes and adventure seeds

1 Food stuffs - water, rations, grain, fruit and veg, bread, eggs, meat
2 Livestock - poultry, cattle, pigs, horses, goats, lab rats, lab apes, rabbits, puppies, emus, kangaroos
3 Passengers - school kids or orphans, gang, farmers, convict work gang, bus service,
4 Freight - persons household  belongings or a business office or branch goods packed as freight
5 Power - flammables, radioactive, alcohol, exotic fuels, power packs, generators, solar cells, rockets
6 Vehicles - new or used or wrecked vehicles or salvaged parts
7 Construction Goods - wood, gravel, wall panels, metal frames, crane, bulldozer, sand, cement mixer
8 Industrial goods - farm machines, machines, tools, robots, coal, fabric, metal sheets, paper
9 Emergency Supplies- medicine, quarantine dept biohazard crisis team, tents, sandbags
10 Vice & Crime - drugs, stolen goods, tobacco, beer, gambling machines, sex androids

d10 Quick Exotic Cargo
1 Law - undercover sting, bait for looters, swat team ambush, documents, prisoners, fresh arrests
2 Luxury Goods - food, fur, opals, fashion, sportcar, sex androids, cryogenic pods, electronic goods   
3 Hazardous - flammable, poison, fuel, nanite reconstructors, nerve gas, hallucinogens 
4 Weapons - armaments some legal for police, militia, military or the mob or a gang or cult
5 Undead - coffins, undead gang/kids/farmers, zombie-biotech car, vampires, wights, wraiths, mummy
6 High Tech - drones, robot, space tech, androids, replicants, space age guns, drugs, space test apes
7 Exotic Biology - clones, zoo animals, dinosaurs, ice age megafauna, alien, mutant, shoggoth
8 Faction goods - government, corporate, private, secret or criminal org records and office stuff
9 Black Science, ufo wreckage, cyberdragon, evil AI vehicle, mad super android, psychotic cyborgs
10 Strange - relics, alien goods, altar, great old one statue, bigfoot clones, ghost, imprisoned god

d100 Murder Highway Lost Cargo
01 Tins of SPAM or other processed meat in a can
02 Ice cream melting in the sun - grab it quick
03 Microwavable burgers and pizza
04 Military ration packs
05 Refugee food aid with water bottles, rice, flour, milk powder and other food stuff in sacks
06 Cages of puppies and kittens being delivered to restaurants
07 Genetically modified food animals d4 1=poultry 2=sheep 3=pigs 4=cattle
08 Mobile slaughter yard and animal carcases 1=rabbits 2=kangaroo 3=horse 4=wild boar
09 Pornographic magazines and VHS cassettes
10 Highly addictive new wonder drink or snack food possibly alien organism or full or drugs
11 Containers of tobacco and marijuana cigarettes or bales of raw plant matter
12 Alcoholic beverages like wine or beer in bottles or vat, 1in6 fuel grade overproof
13 Zoo transport with rare and valuable animals
14 Biohazzard supplies with tents, suits, life support, medical hardware, samples and patients
15 School age children d4 1=juvie hoodlums 2=cult fanatics 3=slave workers 3=local school
16 Prisoners transport d4 1=state prison 2=refugees 3=convict workers 4=arrested protesters
17 Persons home or office packed up as freight d4 1=Individual 2=family 3=corporate 4=nomad property
18 Dangerous waste d4 1=radioactives 2=chem weapons 3=chem waste 4=old munitions
19 Roadkill, corpses and rotten food crawling with bugs and rats for a biofuel slurry plant or food factory
20 Emergency housing supplies for disaster, building materials and tools and sandbags
21 Fencing supplies for a huge ares d4 1=dingo proof 2=roo proof 3=refugee proof 4=prison camp grade
22 Fuel for refinery plantation d4 1=coal 2=shale 3=algae 4=feces
23 Fuel for vehicles d6 1=gasoline 2=kerosine 3=alcohol 4=bio fuel 5=liquid gas 6=diesel
24 Car parts d4 1=garage supplies 2=nomad gang supplies 3=death race team 3=corporate or mob
25 Drugs d4 1=police seized goods 2=criminal org 3=medical aid mission 4=corporate personel
26 Machinery and supplies d4 1=mining 2=agriculture 3=construction 4=manufacturing
27 Machinery and supplies d4 1=fuel refinery 2=power plant 3=printing press 4=clone vats
28 Robotics d4 1=agricultural 2=Industrial 3=personal assistants 4=security 5=military 6=applicants
29 One armed bandits and casino supplies, 1in6 have mobile one armed bandits that harass customers
30 Sex Industry supplies d4 1=prostitute transport 2=sex androids 3=sex machines 4=sex toys
31 Cash in bales possibly with other valuables including gems, furs, antiques 1in6 are fake
32 Valuable goods tagged by someone as bait with radioactives, dye bomb or locator beacon
33 Assorted stolen goods owned by mob or gang and being moved for sale or being used as bait
34 Armed combatants in ambush d4 1=gang 2=police 3=corp kill team 4=desperate refugees
35 Documents or data d6 1=police 2=corporate 3=government 4=cult 5=mob 6=academic
36 Vehicles d6 1=wrecked 2=second hand 3=new 4=recalled units 5=in fleet colours 6=damaged
37 Ammo d4 1=old 2=new 3=specialized 4=dummy d4 1=bullets 2=rockets 3=grenades 4=mixed
38 Weapons d4 1=civilian & hunting 2=militia supply 3=gang supply 4=police or sheriff
39 Packed full of rats d4 1=mutants species 2=lab rats 3=biological weapon system 4=undead
40 Collection d6 1=comics 2=action figures 3=plushie trolls 4=VHS tapes 5=CDs 6=sports memorabilia
41 Imprisoned exotic undead transported for research purposes or to be destroyed
42 Bagged corpses to be disposed of 1in6 zombie infected
43 Coffins transported to family cryovaults or burial 1in6 infected by superior undead
44 Frozen trilobites and sea scorpions sold as new style lobsters
46 Dirty portable drug lab owned by a gang
47 Steam engine and parts intended for collector or museum
48 Rocket boosters to be strapped on vehicles as used by space test centre
49 Meteorite samples gathered by scientist or collectors 1in6 has strange phenomena
50 Soft drink can dispensing machines, units call for help if violated
51 Treasures of a unknown lost civilization older than history says possible
52 Shed kits of various sizes
53 Human traffic d4 1=sacrifices for cult 2=sweatshop labour 3=slave traders 4=children
54 Top secret documents that attract kill teams d4 1=government 2=corporate 3=cult 4=mob
55 Police evidence lock up transported for court case
56 Bags of cement and tools, possibly a mixer
57 Theme park androids dressed in theme 1in6 defective killer units
58 Cyborg war vets in stasis, back up program ready to awaken these kill crazed war heroes
59 Automated vehicle d6 1=gang 2=police 3=corporate 4=commercial 5=cult 6=space exploration
60 Drones d4 1=civilian 2=police 3=corporate 4=military 1in6 operate on back up mission program45
61 Human corpses but from black science lab 1=vivisection 2=test subjects 3=hybrid horrors 4=mutants
62 Musical instruments, speakers and band tour equipment, possibly a stage
63 Satanic shrine and paraphernalia including font, blades, banners and tents
65 Refrigerated blood bags d4 1=medcorp 2=vampire gang 3=undead 4=cult
66 Frozen organs and limbs d4 1=medcorp 2=organ leggers 3=cult 4=black lab
67 Freak collection usually traded like slaves or in circuses, mutants, fakes, freak animals
68 Cyborg limbs and body parts d4 1=stolen 2=bootleg 3=black market 4=corporate medical
69 Valuable old treasure horde belonging to cult who can track it and punish unholy who take it
70 Clone pod transport 1=medical organ donors 2=Insurance policy 3=soldiers 4=sex slaves
71 Undead operated necrobion tech vehicle taken to black lab for study or destruction
72 Automated evil AI operated vehicle(s) 1=death race car 2=military 3=space center 4=corporate
73 Uplifted space test apes wary of humans and seeking to be free
74 Mutant humans in stasis pods mostly resentful being transported to a black la
75 Mutant monsters in stasis pods being transported to a black lab
76 Cryptozological specimen d6 1=bunyip 2=yowie 3=mimi 4=bigfoot 5=lake monster 6=wild people
77 Humanoid simulacra  in pods 1=sex androids 2=defective killer replicants 3=military 4=corporate
78 A bloated humanoid mostly nutritious body fat plumbed into life support system
64 Torture equipment d4 1=serial killers 2=sadistic gang 3=government agents 4=mobsters
79 Medical equipment from paramedic supplies to portable operating theater tent with generator
80 Whale blubber and body parts or other protected anomal trophies and meat
81 Brainwashed cult victims starving and helpless and left to die
82 Dirty germ warfare lab abandoned after lab crew died
83 Black documents d4 1=doomsday warning 2=conspiracy theory 3=plot evidence 4=UFO casebooks
84 Triffids bound and packed for market, some might escape in a crash and will help others
85 Unexploded shells stolen from firing range or found, very dangerous
86 Prisoners in gimp rubber suits in cages bound and gagged
87 Undead prehistoric creature d4 1=wooly mammoth 2=T-rex 3=giant tassie devil 4=giant wombat
88 Zoo transport with exotic life 1=dinosaur 2=pleistocene mega fauna 3=mutant 4=alien
89 Human prisoners plumbed into array farming them for blood, neural peptides or medicine
90 Frozen shoggoth or other liquid alien horror
91 Haunted antiques with spirits inside that curse whoever steals or collects them
92 Cult relics d4 1=ritual paraphernalia 2=caged monster 3=slumbering god in statue form 4=evil books
93 Alien in a stasis pod being transported to a black lab asks for help
94 Aliens transporting selves to secret base d4 1=greys 2=reptilians 3=goblins 4=insectoids
95 Wreckage of UFO with inexplicable materials 1in6 with biological samples or alien bodies
96 Alien transport with hostile being inside with advanced weapons, and holographic mask field
97 Alien transport with hostile being inside with hypnotic stun beacon able to paralyze minds
98 Strange alien coffin from archeological dig 1in6 alien mummy comes to life
99 Kaiju eggs long dormant on way to d4 1=cult 2=black lab 3=military base 4=radioactive waste vault
100 Experimental drugs 1=Psionic enhancers 2=mutation inducing 3=nanite healer 4=turns undead

Friday 24 April 2015

Babylon BRP: How To Burn a City

Very behind on my blog posts on this game sorry. This is about 4 games summary.

Party have moved into mode of being Nobles and directly helping the Empire. Game moving to climax of war and heroes learning arts of summoning and enchantment. Climax coming soon.

So the band of heroes granted 4 chariots and 60 medium armoured veteran auxiliaries (with spears, wicker shields, archers, javelins). They departed Babylon to bring Sumeria properly under control and prepare for war on Elam.

Party nominated to punish the city of Kartullu and the heretical Dagon cult in that degenerate town. Faced large but backward army of Kartullu but hero led force smashed them with leaders jumping in canals to escape. Began siege around city and could hear them chanting. So heroes sneaked up to a poorly manned wall by boat and entered the city by stealth. Wathched the great ceremony on crumbling ziggarut where king and priests were trying to use peoples faith to call Liogor to their cause. Kull the Champion of Marduk used hid command dragon spell to make Liogor unwilling to manifest physically. Ariana called on the power of  Adad and struck the holy leaders and king with a thunderbolt from heaven. Other fired arrows and helped finish city leaders. They fled getting a chance to damage the gate house of city. Mob panicked and heroes fled and escaped by boat through the deep one filled canals.

Army poured into the panicked town battering down the weakened gate and torching the city. Well into the night they continued killing any tainted by evil fish men and cultists. Stacked up pyramids of severed heads and Toth was busy decapitating the unclean until dawn. Some of the lesser tainted were castrated and sent to be slaves in worst jobs possible. Others were sold into slavery and distributed as war booty.

The next recalcitrant non-tax paying city was more cooperative and managed to negociate peace and payment. Spent some time in court of king working him, killing cultists in court and singling out those against empire. Toth invented a new punishment where witches were thrown from a high building into a burning pit. King was displeased by arrival of a Babylonian army expecting to be barracked but he accepted his lot. Being on border of Babylon and Elam was always bound to be trouble.

Party had time to rest and atend families. Arian had given birth to hideous centaur baby and kept it in a tower in her mansion courtyard hidden from everyone including her husband. His family were increasingly displeased by her. Most of party are priests and champions or apprentice sorrcerers now.

Got to spend more time in court and Ariana began affair with a prince who arranged to have her husband sent to front lines and killed. They were married and her ex Assyrian kin were outraged. Toth was made governor of a small city and appointed his friends in various positions. Weeded out cultists and helped raided armed force for attack on Elam. Party helped plan campaign with Princes of Babylon after squeezing as many troops as they could from city including militia, cult troops and offering Kassite barbarians and Gutians land to get lots of irregular troops.

A large Gutian force led by Kull and their king harassed the Elamite holy sanctuary city drawing away troops. From South army drew out Main Elamite army by appearing weaker than they really were. Meanwhile the heroes led their force to attack Susa the capitol. Managed to drive defenders into the city then Ariana used her prayes to Adad the weather god to destroy the gates. MAnaged to look the city quickly and take many Sumerian relics long held by Elam then fled before Elamites could rally their forces. While not able to hold the Elamite cities they had done a lot of damage. Party given talents of silver and some magic relics recovered and many cities of Sumeria grateful to have their statues of gods returned after decades in the dungeons of enemy gods.

Toth was made a king of his city as a reward and had a coronation celebration. Gutians took heavy losses and a band came to complain to Kull about this and he gave them gold to be his guard which they accepted. Their much diminished tribal king hated Kull even more.

After more rest time the Emperor asked them to travel on a diplomatic envoy to Haddadbad a city dedicated to Addad near the coast. The emperor wanted to get troops to the Mediterranean so they were to get support of Haddadbad or spy on their weaknesses. Got on well with the king and convinced him to support Babylon but he wanted no Babylonian garrisons in city and a fortune to bribe local Amorite kings to support invasion of the Mediteranean coast including territory of Tyre and Sidon. Were many cultists about also - Tiamat cult following the Leviathan form were thriving in Phonecean  lands. Killed some Asag cultists and went into mountains to harrass cult to find the mythical gaint Humbaba was guarding the forests, cutting off the supply of cedar to the civilized cults of the world.

Shamash the sun god sent the party seven magic rocks, each would diminish one of the giants defensive auras. Managed to destroy his auras from afar with sling stones and down him by cutting his legs. Once down they killed the intestine faced giant who broke down into maggots and rotten muck that began to sprout trees. Pleased the heroes went to the village of his cult to finish them off...

Otherworldy Relics pt 2 Unearthly Powers


While im not online as much as i should - have written lots of tables for my roadwar game on my notebook inspired by con sessions. Sorry not posting much - lots of work, flu and arthritis slowing me down. Have got lots of nice toys and books and comics. Cthulhu wars and red and pleasant land. Moon Knight comics. More 1/72 minis.

Also i thought about my 1918 weird war one setting idea more - too many ww2 games out there - im thinking ww1 with martian tripods, undead germans  (like in sucker punch) - between steam and deco punk - feature flying aces, secret society wars, mystery men, land ironclads, aerial dreadnaughts and of course cthulhu (the chocolate coating of game genres = bums on seats) - a dawn patrol based game for next con (3 sessions) and tsr marvel: masters of evil vs avengers, (3 sessions) - i will go to zine fair instead other days I can make $300 selling zines instead of working for free.

At con learned a lot about my organisation-interfacing skills and need work with con bit better. I am way too used to charging money and bad rockstar antics from being a artist and entertainer for 20 years. Im still shy at awards and con I feel compared to my other arenas I feel professionally authoritative with. I guess there are a whole bunch of gamer ego and argument styles i can be less patient for now. Twenty nine years of reading history, pre modern poetry, philosophy and the classics makes me less of a fanboy than i was at 16. My enthusiasm and faith for corporate pop has waned. I dont trust companies top monetise my dreams as product. I have more hope on G+ and blogger community than most brands. I did have some pleasant arguments. I am far better at rhetoric than logic and probably feel a need to be "nicer" among gamer peers and nerd culture than say politics. One player said I am a horrible human being for my cthulhu death race game which i took as a compliment. I will use big classroom white boards better next time as they enhanced game play with lists of npc, initiative order, etc.


So here is part two listing of unearthly powers for relics.

I'm considering the items have alignment restrictions with one part of alignment in common to use mundane powers and two parts of alignment in common to use unearthly powers. Possibly also need  approval of some being (monster, god, queen) might be required or Name level status.

Items are typically linked to the god or elf king or elemental ruler. They might disprove of user and punish them with minions or steal your lover or something more personal. They might also send rewards or a message or a vision.

Other world entities may be offended at abuse of item and may try to reclaim or kill user

You might be nice and declare that empathic light shedding +1 door detecting swords might actually be a otherworldly relic and declare it activated and more powers appear. Seems a bit sad to retire old magic weapons when they add to character. This class of item can be good to make tings to suit a character. Heirloom campaign where each starts with one item and it grows with the wielder would be fun.

Just to note most effects activate when item used which might require you say items name "In the power of...". Intelligent items might set off powers and effects. DM might set off just for narrative driving reasons.

Many effects suit occasional use with activation or actually succeeding at a task

d100 Unearthly Effect
01 Blazing Star Eyes
02 Molten pool of fire eyes
03 Spectacular horns of power
04 Surrounded by a rainbow
05 Blazing pyrotechnics accompany unearthly effects
06 Unearthly booming inhuman voice
07 Blazing with inner power
08 Floats gently a few inches from ground
09 Extra eye of power opens on your forehead
10 Shimmering rays of power emanate from your head
11 Rays of warm light comes from your burning coal eyes
12 Eyes burn with ebony flame that blaze when emotional
13 Skin becomes perfect and metallic, possibly colour tinted
14 Body swells and bursts horrifically without harm as powers used
15 Your presence is felt by every living and thinking thing one level per 1"
16 As power used flashes of lightning shoot across the sky
17 Brilliant glow as powers used leaving motes of light trailing behind
18 Smoke comes from mouth and nose of wielder as speaks and breathes
19 Loud music from other world accompanies power use
20 The ground shakes under your feet
21 Visage of a god or great being appears as power called on
22 For a moment all near get glimpse into a otherworld overlapping this one
23 Strange omens alert soothsayers and diviners to your arrival
24 Light dims to shadow or twilight nearby
25 Sun blazes and swells as item used increasing local heat, otherworld environment leaking through
26 Air chills and fog rises as power used, otherworld environment leaking through
27 Acrid cloud of vapour irritates everything in in area, otherworld environment leaking through
28 Gravity changes in area, in rippling waves of chaos, otherworld environment leaking through
29 Spirits recognise relic, some will be tempted to meddle
30 A humanoid race or monster species bears hatred of the weapon and wielder
31 Hero leaves a trail of echo forms and time seems to slow in area during combat or action
32 Magical glowing runes cover your body
33 Mighty horns of mystic power emanate from you showing wearers alignment
34 A halo of mystical life force produces a 1"/lv glow of power
35 Fanfare of horns from the other world sounds
36 Undead for miles around sense it
37 Reptilians for miles around sense it
38 Beings of certain alignment dislike weapon and wielder on sight
39 Higher beings monitor wielder and may be compelled to advise but not help
40 Magical sparkles and breeze cover area
41 Shadow covers all and gives living a chill
42 A haunted choir chant from beyond, fills all with dread or cheer depending on alignment
43 Ground shakes and the ground cracks
44 When used item emanates waves of light and wearer compelled to name item aloud
45 All in area hear a semi subsonic scream that hurts their teeth
46 Air pressure increases around wielder and waves of pressure emanate from them
47 Wielder floats and is supported by wind or anti gravity or magnetic fields or something
48 Unearthly boom is heard for a great distance, nearby temporarily deafened
49 Every non magical being in 3" loses one HP (only 1HP per being per day), plants and bugs die
50 Wielder wracked by terrible pain, CON save or cant run or hold anything
51 The air swarms with spirits made temporarily visible
52 Screaming phantoms form chase those nearby then vanish like mist
53 A fearsome phantom planar being (depending on alignment) forms over user and menaces enemies
54 Hovering form of patron entity of item over wielder, visible to all
55 Thousands of bugs, lizards and frogs crawl from our flesh when used
56 You vomit d4 1=vile sludge 2=bile 3=blood 4=worms in amounts equal to your mass when used
57 Your skull burns with mystic fire making you a nightmare
58 A mystical glowing crown forms over your head when used
59 Struck by lightning from sky or earth if underground
60 Struck by a ray from strongest light source (probably the sun), will make clouds part
61 You adopt a phantom form of a great otherworldly beast for a moment
62 Small planar beings (cherubs, imps, gremlins)  appear and blow horns, and move about you
63 Small planar beings use your body as a gateway type depending on your alignment conviction
64 Weeping cries of dead heard from the depths of the earth
65 Sweet sobs and tears of enlightened beings descend from the heavens
66 Booming voice you use to boast, announce self and trash talk foes
67 Throbbing low pitch noise increases as power used
68 Cold frosty blast from user coats all nearby in frost
69 Attract hundred insects type depending on alignment
70 Nearby mammals lactate
71 Hair glows, grows larger and it moves in unearthly manner
72 Float above ground surrounded by motes of light
73 Creatures boil up from earth to worship them
74 Footprints burst into flame last and next 100 feet
75 Mystic flame erupts around wielder
76 Skin glows with unearthly light
77 Flesh becomes transparent
78 Skin becomes transparent
79 Tiny birds or bats fly around user
80 Skin becomes scaly and eyes reptilian
81 Skin becomes feathered
82 Flesh becomes semi transparent crystal
83 Fingernails and teeth grow long and menacing
84 Temporarily mutated by chaos
85 Temporarily seem mechanical under influence of law
86 Take form of first wielder of relic
87 Liquid pours from skin and item d4 1=honey 2=wine 3=milk 4=rose water
88 Liquid pours from skin and item d4 1=ectoplasm 2=tears 3=blood 4=foul ichor
89 Strong odour pours from skin and item d4 1=flowers 2=food 3=incense 4=rotten meat
90Tiny elementals, fairies or imps dance about user depending on relic alignment
91 Snowflakes form in air around user as air cools
92 Steam pours from wielders skin in use forming a fog cloud
93 Flowers or fungus sprout from around wielder
94 Otherworldly glowing magic glyphs form on skin then drift away
95 Rainbow forms around wielder
96 Phantasmal but harmless explosion erupts from wielder when used
97 Ice forms on ground around wielder
98 Light sources like candles, torches or magic light up when powers used
99 Light sources like candles, torches or magic turn off  when powers used
100 Spirits become visible in area for a few moments

d100 Unearthly Powers
01 Prayer three times per day
02 Restoration once per day
03 Stone wall once per day
04 Ice wall once per day
05 Fire wall once per day
06 Bone wall once per day
07 Polymorph other once per day
08 Polymorph self once per day
09 Dimension Door once per day
10 Fireball three per day
11 Lightning bolt three per day
12 Cone of cold 3 times per day
13 Ice storm three times a day
14 Magic missile one per round
15 Shocking grasp once per round
16 Turn Undead three times per day
17 Command Undead three times per day
18 Raise or lower water three times a day
19 Contact other plane once per day
20 Commune once per day
21 Curse 3 times a day
22 Blindness three times a day
23 Magic jar once per day
24 Charm monster once per day
25 Speak with stone once per day
26 Speak with plants once per day
27 Speak with animals at will
28 Tongues  three times a day
29 Comprehend languages at will
30 Fire Shuriken once per round
31 Rock to mud three times per day
32 Mud to rock once per day
33 Flesh to stone once per day
34 Stone to flesh once per day
35 Teleport once per week
36 Dispel Magic three times per day
37 Summon once per day
38 Conjure Elemental once per day
39 Conjure Invisible Stalker once per week
40 Identify at will
41 History at will
42 Quest once per day
43 Phantom killer once per day
44 Astral Travel once per week
45 Cure Disease once per day
46 Remove Curse once per day
47 Raise dead once per week
48 Resurrection once per month
49 Banishment once per day
50 Summon once per week
51 Beings under 4 HD in 1" make a fear check if hostile to bearer
52 A fiery aurora damages attackers in melee attack 1d6 (2d6 at 10th lv) lasts one fight
53 Telepathic link to any one well known companion at will global  range but must concentrate for an hour
54 Speak to spirit of dungeon level and learn of its story, treasure and wandering inhabitants once a day
55 Tricks other items requiring specific race, class or user into working for wielder
56 Item can produce a humble meal for 100 persons a day
57 Item produces a fabulous feast for 10 with several courses but table and silver vanish after one hour
58 Shrink to bug size with 1hp at will (birds might eat you)
59 Summon or banish a comfortable double canopy bed from the otherworld at will
60 Summon or banish a mighty throne from the otherworld at will
61 +3 AC at will from d4 1=magic armour 2=mystic flame 3=glowing skin 4=auraura
62 +3d6 HP per day buffer
63 x2 Move
64 Raise a attribute to 18 if held d6 1=STR 2=CON 3=DEX 4=INT 5=WIS 6=CHA
65 Breathe water at will
66 Create darkness 100" for a hour once a day
67 Create light 100" for a hour once a day
68 Raise 100 zombies one a month
69 Rain blood 100 yard radius all 1HD creatures flee in fear once a day for one 10minute turn
70 Fire breath at will 1d8 extra attack 1" range per level 
71 Undead all think you are not a enemy if they are not attacked when power on
72 Once a month can summon a 12HD Octopus from any significant body of water to serve you
73 Once a month can make a other magic item become sentient
74 Can bless 10 bottles of holy water once per week
75 Once a month make a ordinary item +1 d4 1=weapon 2=armour 3=shields 4=missile
76 Once a week produces a specific magic potion type
77 Once a week produces a random potion possibly poison or cursed
78 Once a month opens portal to netherworld which one person per level may consult dead they know
79 Once a month releases a icy storm that lasts 1d6 hours over several miles
80 Once a week floods fog over an area a few miles across
81 Once a week 100 yard radius is covered by vines, covering walls and hiding things
82 Summon 1d6 shadows in hound form that attack closest person (including summoner) weekly
83 Can fuse 10HD of corpses into a zombie giant once a week, look horrendous
84 Summon a vampire weekly, will obey one request then devote life to killing summoner
85 Summon horde of gremlins over a city block area that make life horrible for years, once a week
86 Summon a small ice fortress once a month surrounded by fog, takes a week to melt generally
87 Summon a fissure in the earth 30 foot deep 20 wide and 100 foot long once a week
88 Create a well once a week offering years or longer of water in a 10-40 foot deep pit
89 Create a pit once a week releasing foul sulpher odours over area for years
90 Can be used to fuse animal bodies then reanimate as a monster once a month
91 Can turn all water in 100 feet into blood once a month - sea creatures dont mind as much as fresh
92 Summon a ghostly haunted manour once a month, remains a awful blight for decades
93 Ruins all farm crops within a mile once a week with blight and insects and mould
94 Makes all farm crops within a mile once a week fruit with greater fecundity
95 Make a unborn child become a monster once a day, usable on animals or people
96 Bless unborn baby daily to be born without complications and be an above average specimen
97 Can change appearance to any humanoid form and back daily, cosmetic only
98 Can turn your own blood into gold at will 1hp=1gp, on death your corpse becomes gold plated
99 Summon a faerie or sucubi/incubi lover once a week
100 Release a elder god or demon into world, will aid you once then leave, once a month

Sample Insect alignments
Bees Lawful good
Wasps Lawful evil
Crickets Chaotic Good
Dragon fly Chaotic Evil
Ant (and termites) Law
Fly Chaos
Scarab Good
Flea (mosquito) Evil
Moths & butterflies Neutral

Tuesday 14 April 2015

Kids Request I Beat All the Heroes

Ive been teaching kids to draw comics as fast as possible - quick freehand mouse doodles

Also drawing request stuff and using rorys story cubes


 This is the moment Magneto dumped 85 tons on scarlet witch and Marvel Girl. While Juggernaut shrugs off everything and trashed a building (thanks Kirstie and David) for pix of my TSR marvel battle royale game I will run at cons till ppl get sick of it.

Next con in NOV will be Masters of Evil vs Avengers from 80s comics.

Here Death vs Magneto vs Juggernaut. Juggernaut kicking trucks at Magneto and missing.

 Magma, Apocalypse and Juggernaut

Juggernaut was carried to core of Earth by Magma and both left the field

Me vs Batman (kids request)

Sunday 12 April 2015

d100 Complete Murder Highway Pit-stops

So was inspired by con to do lots of roadwar tables



1 Camp 1d6 people 1d6 tents 50% chance of a small town feature
2-3 Crossroad 1d6 people 1d6 buildings 1 small town feature
4-5 Small 5d6 people 2d6 buildings d4+1 small town feature
6-7 Small 10d6 people 2d6+6 buildings all small town feature d3 medium features
8 Medeum 1d100+50 people d100+100 buildings all small town feature d4 medium features
9 Medeum 1d100+250 people 1d10 hundred buildings all small town feature d6+2 medium features
10 Large 1d10 thousand people 1d10 thousand buildings all medeum and small features, 1d6 large features

d20 Small town special features
1 Roadhouse diner and gas station
2 Garage and gas station
3 Toilet and shower block
4 Camping site
5 Hotel with bar or Motor Inn with family restaurant
6 Pub with own brewery
7 General store
8 Sheriff
9 Doctor clinic
10 Post office
11 Shelter
12 Abandoned train station or bus stop
13 Tourist look out and rest spot
14 Prostitutes in tiny lit sheds by road or caravans
15 Water tower
16 Vehicle graveyard
17 Grain silo
18 Livestock loading yards
19 Sport field with team clubhouse and change rooms
20 Tiny old church and graveyard, usually empty or full of vagrants or cultists

d20 Medium town special features
1 School
2 Clinic
3 Police station
4 Church with graveyard
5 Car yard or boat shop if near water
6 Dump
7 Town Hall
8 Train station
9 Bank
10 Ag supply store
11 Tractor and farm machine store
12 Abattoir and butchery
13 Country fire station
14 Warehouse
15 Cold store
16 Mini mart
17 Service station with garage
18 Builders yard
19 Gun shop
20 Hall for d4 1=Masons 2=Druids 3=Scouts and girl guides 4=Cult

d20 Large town special features
1 Militia bunker and armoury
2 Factory
3 Cattle yard and meat works
4 TV or radio station
5 Grain silos and mill
6 Power plant
7 Sawmill
8 Highrise Motel
9 Apartment building
10 Courthouse and regional police command
11 Drive in or cinema
12 High school
13 Small airport
14 Hospital
15 Supermarket
16 Gang or private bunker
17 Casino
18 Fast food restaurant strip
19 Red light district of brothels and strip clubs
20 Corporate or gang lab

d20 Local Problems
1 Gang raids
2 Undead Attacks
3 Mutant vagrants
4 Death racers
5 Organised crime
6 Local Warlord
7 Corrupt lawmen
8 Cultists hidden everywhere
9 Company spies
10 Incompetent law
11 Serial killer
12 Mutant animals
13 Plague
14 Feral kids
15 Cannibalism
16 Evil Mayor
17 Corp development
18 Secret mutants
19 Trigger happy lynch mob
20 Toxic Dump

d20 Exotic Locations
1 Native reservation or camp
2 Mine or caves system
3 Tourist Attraction
4 Gang clubhouse
5 Spooky old house
6 Closed industrial ruins
7 Truckstop complex
8 Mass plague graves
9 Specialty store
10 Park with rangers
11 Crumbling old mansion
12 Pawn shop and second hand goods
13 Corporate black lab
14 Colonial ruins
15 Cult ritual site
16 Old quarry
17 Mutant reservation
18 Hobo camp
19 Prison
20 Homeless cyborg veteran camp

d10 Small town Defence
1 Part time sheriff
2 Sheriff plus deputies
3 Amateur militia
3 Bad arsed militia vets
4 Ranger patrol zone
5 Vigilante with vehicle
6 Vigilante gang
7 Lynch mob of easily confused with torches and nooses
8 Sanctioned op lives near town
9 Gang who charge protection
10 Local sniper survivalist

d10 Medium Town Defence
1 Sheriff dept
2 Sheriff bunker with vehicles
3 Police Department with detectives
4 Police bunker with chopper and STAR force
5 Mercenaries guard key facilities
6 Sanctioned op team
7 Corporate security team
8 Gang bunker
9 Militia bunker
10 Large wall with gate

d10 Large Town Defence
1 Drones and ultralights on patrol
2 Auto gun sentries
3 Robots mostly ex military
4 Large Police fort with chopper and STAR force
5 Large police fort with armed Hummers and heavy weapons
6 Veteran militia with fox holes and trenches all over town
7 Militia Fort or Gang fort
8 Satellite warning system
9 Security cameras and alarms all over town
10 Sanctioned op agency

d100 Other Defences
01 Trenches
02 Camera System
03 Motion Detectors
04 Thermal Cameras
05 Lowlight goggles and gun sights
06 Flying recon drone
07 Gun drones
08 Flying armed drone
09 Drawbridge
10 Moat
11 Foxholes
12 Sandbags
13 Trenches
14 Earthworks
15 Bunkers
16 Tunnels
17 Minefields
18 Car traps
19 Recon high alt blimp drone
20 Safe rooms
21 Demolition packs
22 Claymore mine traps with triplines
23 Anti tank mines
24 Burning oil
25 Oil slicks
26 Dog patrols
27 Pet mutant
28 Robots
29 Auto gun sentry
30 Armed civilians
31 Duress alarms on citizens
32 Security check points
33 Wire Fence
34 Razor wire
35 Wall
36 Watch towers
37 Spotlights
38 Ground Radar
39 Electronic warfare suite
40 Snipers
41 Machine gun nest
42 Mortar post
43 Concrete bunkers
44 Anti tank rocket post
45 Flame thrower crew
46 EMP bomb
47 Pits with deadly critters
48 Crude snares
49 Dead falls of rubble
50 Pit traps with hidden openings
51 Crude alarms (tins on wire)
52 Hi tech alarms
53 Heavy locks and doors
54 Hidden pits of flammable oil
55 Explosives activated by remote or wire
56 Concrete barriers
57 Fake trapped buildings
58 Trip line activated guns
59 Trip line activated claymores
60 Simple electric fence
61 high voltage electric fence
62 Bullet proof glass
63 Napalm trap
64 Smoke bombs
65 Anti personnel grenades
66 Fox traps
67 Bear traps
68 Pipe bombs with tripline
69 Grenade with trip line
70 Flammable gas trap with ignition system
71 Tear gas grenades
72 Poison gas grenades
73 Knock out grenades
74 Remote machine gun
75 Remote mortar
76 Severed heads on poles
77 Rows of enemy corpses hanging up
78 Radio jammers
79 Junkyard electro magnet and crusher
80 Remote bulldozers
81 Paint bomb
82 Pop up bollards
83 Pop up anti car spikes
84 Pop up barriers
85 Flaming gas jets
86 Iron beams or rubble dropped by remote
87 Remote control pit traps
88 Pit full of zombies
89 Pit of flammable liquid
90 Concrete anti tank traps
91 Pits with spikes
92 Rolls of barbed wire
93 Mud filled depressions
94 Accoustic stunner
95 Suspended logs on chains
96 Automated gates
97 Bomb vest pedestrians
98 Pedestrians with sticky bombs
99 Burning tires in heaps or rolled down streets
100 Molotovs ready everywhere

Saturday 11 April 2015

d100 New Road Hazards

Did one table like this but it went a bit off track. This will be standard one for a while.

d10 Road Hazards
1 Road surface

2 Amospheric
4 Pedestrians
5 Battleground
6 Ambush
7 Personal Vehicle
8 Heavy Vehicles
9 Creatures
10 Strange

d100 Road Hazards

01 Wet roads
02 Pot holes
03 Creatures
04 Craters
05 Tires
06 Garbage
07 Pit
08 Roadworks
09 Corpses of animals or persons
10 Empty drums
11 Smoke
12 Fog
13 Bushfire
14 Rain
15 Storm
16 Hail and sleet
17 Acid rain
18 Dust storm
19 Strange auroras
20 Meteor shower
21 Quake
22 Crumbling cliff
23 Flash flood
24 Rubble
25 Fallen tree
26 Animal crossing
27 Geothermal vent
28 Sinkhole
29 Mudslide
30 Contamination d4 1=radiation 2=plague 3=mutagen 4=poison
31 Women with prams
32 Children off to school, church or on a field trip
33 Old people, some with wheelchairs and canes
34 Militia group ready with heavy weapons
35 Scavenger gang out looting
36 Workers on the way to or from work
37 Legal authorities like police, tax, council inspectors, parking inspectors
38 Delivery person usually couriers or postal service
39 Accident scene with emergency vehicles
40 Refugees with belongings seeking to escape a crisis
41 Oil slick
42 Paint slick
43 Mines
44 Burning pools of napalm and wreckage and bodies
45 Caltrops
46 Broken glass
47 Deployed car trap destroys tires
48 Wreckage of vehicles
49 Sandbags and barricades
50 Armed wounded hidden and paranoid
51 Neck high mono wire for decapitating cyclists
52 Auto gun emplacement in high position
53 Sniper team watching road
54 Machine gun nest with sandbags
55 Heavy weapon team in bunker d4 1=grenade launcher 2=mortar 3=anti tank rockets 4=
56 Vehicle with gang on ground
57 Militia in trenches
58 Biker gang
59 Police speed trap or checkpoint, concealed with car traps
60 Military with tank traps and mined road
61 Broken sedan with stranded driver on road
62 Camping vehicles of refugees or nomads or hippies
63 Gang having a break by road
64 Gang blocked road with support vehicles for toll
65 Fugitive crazies in broken vehicle try too stop you
66 Wreck on road now air of a creature
67 Wreck on road with dormant zombies
68 Mutants living in wreck on road
69 Upright family in stranded car, well armed and trained, on way to church
70 Car lef on road with bomb as booby trap
71 Train wreck blocks road
72 Truck wreck on road, popular gang ambush point
73 Burning truck on road, attackers still nearby
74 Airship wreck partially on road, attracts looters, some survivors
75 Plane wreck near road, survivors and looters near
76 Construction vehicle on road abandoned and no fuel
77 Ag vehicle blocks road, dead farmer near, possible killers near
78 Nomad town camped on road, wary of strangers with guns
79 Remains of road train of semi trailers possible looters nearby
80 Fuel or water transport on road, dead crew nearby
81 Pet animal with owners nearby
82 Stray dog pack eating roadkill
83 Farm animals and protective herders d4 1=sheep 2=cattle 3=triffids, 4=horses
84 Native animal herd crossing possibly being hunted 1=giant goanna 2=bunyip 3=kangaroos 4=emus
85 Mutants blocking road 1=fighting 2=eating roadkill 3=attacking travelers 4=camping
86 Swarm covers road and sky d4 1=locusts 2=flies 3=moths 4=birds
87 Swarm covers road d4 1=mice 2=cane toads 3=rabbits 4=scorpions
88 A genetically reconstructed dinosaur or ice age megafauna blocks road or ambushes
89 A black lab made monster loose adopted this road as home
90 Lone native animal crosses road in front of vehicle d4 1=wombat 2=emu 3=kangaroo 4=goanna
91 Weird lights chase travellers
92 UFO fly over, power and memory loss
93 Ghost hitch hiker, keeps appearing till picked up or reach destination
94 Cultists on road awaiting sacrifices
95 Undead in cars with smartest ones driving seats, await dormant near road
96 Dreamtime spirit haunts road cursing travellers who dont appease
97 Bodies on road and car wrecks actually zombies
98 Lone lost grey alien on road tries to flag down human help he expects
99 Evil child waves for help d4 1=psionic brat 2=demonic offspring 3=mutant dominator 4=serial killer
100 Ghost car blocks road and hunts down those who drive through them

Monday 6 April 2015

Otherworldy Relics pt 1

Ive last 2 years gone from being bedridden 16 hours a day to currently having 3 jobs for 36 hours a week. A temporary promotion and nice words from boss ay moment.  Have 3 art gigs this fortnight and scrounging a deposit a studio. Next weekend is a con im running 3 games - space Cthulhu (need to make character sheets), road war game (characters and car sheets and vehicle hit locations) and tsr marvel fall of the mutants (Print out lots of character sheets and this time bring several copies of the one table needed in game). So some entries on that after the weekend art gigs over.

I wrote a catalog-zine essay for Anything goes sticker and paste up exhibit. Was in show and helped out show a bit. Was good fun show with great new and old talent. Good rehearsal for huge PASTE MODERNISM no.4 show this year.

I have 2 week holiday season work coming up instead of term programs I teach. I will try to do a magic item and treasure compilation from this blog during that time.

So his is another type of magic thingy.

I'm kinda mean with magic items in my Exiles settings and all the weird curses has players wary to test stuff in the field with one identify per property not enough info to test on the fly. But I do like items that can grow with a character.This is another type.

Basically the items have two power settings one mundane and other unearthly. When you find most items they are in mundane state with one roll on the d100 Mundane Effects and d100 Mundane powers. They have remained hidden, depowered and lost to their origin plane. When mundane property used or in the presence of cross planar activity like a monster or gate or portal or god the items mundane effect may activate.

When origin plane crossed, or in a gate and a period after or in presence of certain planar beings the weapon will reveal it's d100 Unearthly Effect and Unearthly Powers when in use and possibly when gates, planes or certain beings near. When a character reaches name level noble status of the objects unearthly and mundane abilities are usable while the name rank character wields it.

Some affects might suit a certain alignment so feel free to re roll. Possibly a negative effect could be removed by some deed or feat. Negative effect could be a taint from mortal world or a divine being. Instead of rolling on unearthly effects you could increase a mundane effect to a greater extent.

Part of the point is you get items that grow with you and are intriguing enough to generate plot.

the Items should have some personality, a name and a striking appearance.

The Items history should be unveiled level by level and as new abilities are exposed. (Why not play magic items dependent on living pawns and their level for Item to fulfill destiny).

Instead of getting new items, these items will get new abilities and effect and triggers as wielder grows in power. By name level at least one greater powers should be always on.

These items are jealous so only one each.

Typical Lv Features
(This is a yardstick, DM could introduce a one off power, or add due to in play events like uncovering item history. This might even be a guide for character as item game. Work your mortal to near god status then reveal you true status as the puppet master and you are claimed by the gods). Make you own version or improvise on fly for your campaign.
0 +1 Mundane Effect & 1 Trigger
1 +1 Mundane Effect & 1 Mundane Power & 1 Trigger
2 +2 Mundane Powers & 1 Mundane Effects & 1 Triggers
3 +2 Mundane Powers & 2 Mundane Effects & 2 Triggers
4 +3 Mundane Powers & 3 Mundane Effects & 3 Triggers
5 +3 Mundane Powers & 3 Mundane Effects & 4 Triggers & 1 Unearthly Effect
6 +4 Mundane Powers & 4 Mundane Effects & 5 Triggers & 1 Unearthly Effect
7 +4 Mundane Powers & 4 Mundane Effects & 6 Triggers & 1 Unearthly Effect
8 +5 Mundane Powers & 5 Mundane Effects & 7 Triggers & 1 Unearthly Effect
9 +5 Mundane Powers & 5 Mundane Effects & 8 Triggers & 2 Unearthly Effect
10 +6 Mundane Powers & 6 Mundane Effects & 9 Triggers & 2 Unearthly Effect
11 +6 Mundane Powers & 6 Mundane Effects & 10 Triggers & 2 Unearthly Effect
12 +7 Mundane Powers & 7 Mundane Effects & 11 Triggers & 2 Unearthly Effect
13 +7 Mundane Powers & 7 Mundane Effects & 12 Triggers & 3 Unearthly Effect
14 +8 Mundane Powers & 8 Mundane Effects & 12 Triggers & 3 Unearthly Effect
15 +8 Mundane Powers & 8 Mundane Effects & 12 Triggers & 3 Unearthly Effect
16 +9 Mundane Powers & 9 Mundane Effects & 12 Triggers & 3 Unearthly Effect
17 +9 Mundane Powers & 9 Mundane Effects & 12 Triggers & 4 Unearthly Effect
18 +10 Mundane Powers & 10 Mundane Effects & 12 Triggers & 4 Unearthly Effect
19 +10 Mundane Powers & 10 Mundane Effects & 12 Triggers & 4 Unearthly Effect
20 +10 Mundane Powers & 10 Mundane Effects & 12 Triggers & 5 Unearthly Effect

You may not need to be so mechanistic about it but might help with some players. Give item to everyone in a starting party and use to lead them about your sandbox.

D12 Things that might trigger effects

(oh just use them all when you want)

1 Approached by race or planar beings akin to home plane
2 Approach a gateway to other plane
3 Approached by deity or powerful being akin to home plane
4 Touched by magic akin to home plane
5 Contact with certain natural things like moonlight, fire or blood
6 Used in battle with enemy of creators
7 When close to a planar traveler
8 If contacts something from unfulfilled quest or tragic dilemma of past
9 If covered in wielders blood
10 If approached by relic of home plane
11 In presence of certain being or beings like spirits, faeries, gremlins, elves, goblins, demons, etc
12 When wielder gains levels and temporary power ups of affected by magic of home powers

d100 Mundane Effects
1 Shimmer in air
2 Faerie fire around object
3 No shadow
4 No reflection
5 Musical score accompanies action
6 Glass like
7 Sings
8 Bleeds
9 Coins vanish d10% per day carried
10 Trumpet sounds
11 Cymbal clashes
12 Whip crack
13 Item Glows
14 Puff of smoke
15 Sprout a flower by daylight or shroom by dark
16 Hair grows 1d6 inches
17 Flash of pyrotechnics
18 Sweet harp or savage drum music
19 Horrible scream from hell or sweet laughter
20 Attracts flies by day and mosquitoes at night
21 Paper, cloth, leather, paper goods age by 10% if carried
22 Releases delightful or foul odour
23 Hair grows longer and more luxurious when in use
24 Aurora of sparkling light
25 Attract butterflies or moths
26 Eyes become metallic coloured
27 Eyes glow in dark
28 Protected from rain
29 Dry instantly after being wet
30 Sparkles
31 Children shun or are attracted to
32 Wild animals are curious
33 Wielder exhales sparks
34 Wielder exhales smoke
35 Wielder exhales chilly fog
36 Hair stands up when in use
37 Hear voices offering alignment advice
38 Metal items of wielder sparkle
39 Eyes and teeth sparkle
40 Glass nearby vibrates
41 Wood nearby creaks
42 Item becomes chilly and frost covered
43 Item glows with heat that does not harm
44 Item sparks in use
45 Breeze starts when used
46 Distant animals howl when used
47 Veins inside users body glow briefly when used
48 Glowing sigils appear in air when used
49 Item seems to drink light
50 Item seems to drink darkness
51 Other worldly voice shouts
52 Skin changes colour while used
53 Bestial features emphasised when in use
54 Birds or bats attracted when used
55 Skin becomes pale when used
56 Voice changes in use
57 Attract gentle bees or vile flies
58 Wielder sings while in use
59 Sexual characteristics look more impressive
60 Bathed in shadow
61 Seeds and leaves sprout when in use
62 Worms sprout from earth or dead nearby when used
63 Astrological star sign in glowing light appears when used
64 Seem several inches taller when in use
65 Seem more musclebound when in use
66 Wielder becomes more androgynous from using
67 Vapour comes from body of wielder
68 Wielder grows more or loses body hair
69 A bird of prey cries when readied for action
70 Clothing becomes clean and crisper when used
71 Nosebleed whenever item used
72 Feels pain when used
73 Feel destined for greatness if wielded
74 Vapour rises from object when used
75 A small pet creature attracted to user
76 Noticeable pressure wave emanates from user if used
77 High pitched sound comes from wielder when used
78 Halo or crescent horn aura appears above users head in use
79 Candle flame ignites on item or wielders body when in use
80 Fingernails and eyebrows lengthen while in use
81 Wielder appears to be incredibly light
82 Wielder fades away for a moment when used
83 Tattoos appear when used
84 For a moment seems 2D when activated
85 Small objects in area rattle when item used
86 Wielder appears plant or fungi like when used
87 Wielder tears up when item used
88 Wielder laughs heartily when used
89 Item appears bejewelled wen actively used
90 Hear whisper sounds of spirits or faeries or gremlins
91 A glowing symbol of a god or planar being appears on item or wielder
92 Use attracts spirits or faeries or gremlins
93 Use attracts undead
94 When in use user perceives screaming phantoms of the void
95 When in use a being of great power notices wielder
96 When in use wielders non magic metal goods rust and tarnish on surface
97 Sounds of swarm of flapping wings when in use
98 Skin gains metallic hue when used
99 Insects and worms crawl from users clothing
100 Small creatures and plants die near wielder when in use

d100 Mundane powers
1 +1AC
2 +1Save
3 +1d4 MOV
4 +1STR
5 +1CON
6 +1DEX
7 +1INT
8 +1WIS
9 +1CHA
10 +1 HP per HD/Level
11 +1d4 HP
12 Re-roll one failed dice roll per day
13 -1 per die DAM from fire
14 -1 per die DAM from cold
15 -1 per die DAM from lightning
16 Resist Sleep
17 Resist Charm
18 Resist Hold Person
19 Resist Magic Missile
20 Protection from evil/good/law/chaos spell (one) once per day
21 Half damage from cold one hit per day
22 Half damage from fire one hit per day
23 Half damage from electricity one hit per day
24 Half damage from darkness one hit per day
25  Half damage from acid one hit per day
26  Half damage from fire one hit per day
27  Half damage from poison one hit per day
28  Half damage from edged wound one hit per day
29  Half damage from blunt impact one hit per day
30  Half damage from unarmed or animal attack one hit per day
31 Identify spell once per day
32 Spiderclimb spell once per day
33 Web spell once per day
34 Mirror Image spell once per day
35 Monster Summoning 1 spell once per day
36 Magic Missile spell once per day
37 Knock spell once per day
38 Purify food and Water spell once per day
39 Detect Trap spell once per day
40 Feather fall once per day
41 Slow Poison spell once per day
42 Darkness spell once per day
43 Light spell once per day
44 Create food and water spell once per day
45 Cure light wounds once per day
46 Bless once per day
47 Levitate spell once per day
48 Sleep spell once per day
49 Magic Missile spell once per day
50 Charm Person spell once per day
51 Animal friendship spell once per day
52 Silence spell once per day
53 Comprehend Languages spell once per day
54 Animal speech spell once per day
55 Feign dead spell once per day
56 Charm Animal spell once per day
57Item makes 20 shots for a sling or bow or musket a day
58 Item makes a copper piece per day or something of that value
59 Resistant to natural hot weather
60 Resistant to natural cold weather
61 Visions of relics mysteries fill wielders dreams
62 See spirits and non corporeal dead normally invisible on border to normal world
63 Night vision or Infra vision or other odd sense
64 Repair damaged mundane item up to 4 square inches once per day
65 Alerts if attacked in sleep
66 Every kill of certain beings heals you one HP
67 Preserves your corpse perfectly helping revival process
68 Empathic link to spirit of item, get sense of emotion from it when in use or activated
69 Item twitches and moves of own accord at times and tries to communicate and aid you
70 See lay lines, faerie circles and invisible gateways
71 Speak or read one human language past or present
72 Speak one planar (or alignment) language
73 Speak one monster language
74 Speak one animal language
75 Speak one monster language
76 Knowledge of one type lore non weapon proficiency
77 Knowledge of one type craft non weapon proficiency
78 Knowledge of wilderness or exploration non weapon proficiency
79 Knowledge of one type lore non weapon proficiency
80 Knowledge of one type lore non weapon proficiency
81 Detect Magic 1" per level
82 Detect secret doors 1" per level
83 Detect Poison 1" per level
84 Detect Enemy 1" per level
85 Detect Life 1" per level
86 Detect Corpse 1" per level
87 Detect other worldly beings 1" per level
88 Detect water 3" per level
89 Detect copper 1" per level
90 Detect invisible 1" per level
91 Detect silver 1" per level
92 Detect gate 1" per level
93 Detect Draconic beings 1" per level
94 Detect elemental beings 1" per level
95 Detect chaos 1" per level
96 Detect law 1" per level
97 Detect evil 1" per level
98 Detect good 1" per level
99 Detect Lycanthropes 1" per level
100 Detect Undead 1" per level

unearthly powers for otherworldly relics later