Friday 26 October 2018

Simple Treasure Types

You can use multiples if you need more

Small Change (peasants pocket change)

Coin Purse (common townsman)
d6 sp 3d6cp

Coin Box (church donations or commoners savings)
d4gp 3d6sp d100cp
1in10 chance of lesser treasure
1in6 chance of a lesser defence

Small Horde (payroll)
d100gp d10x1000sp, d10x1000cp,
d4 lesser treasure, 1 major treasure
d3 lesser defences

Medeum Horde (fortune)
d10x1000gp d100x1000sp and cp
2d4 lesser treasure, d4 major treasure, legendary treasure
d4 lesser defences and a major one

Large Horde (kings ransom)
1d10x10000 gp and sp and cp,
4d4 lesser treasure, 2d4 major treasure, d3 legendary treasure
2d4 lesser defences and d4 major defences and one legendary defence

d10 lesser Treasure (up to 100 gp)

1 Semi Precious stone
2 Jewellery d4 1=Ring 2=broach 3=arm band 4=neck ring
3 Fancy quality clothing
4 Figurine
5 Holy symbol
6 Healing herbs or medicine d4 doses d4HP
7 Common Scroll
8 Common Magic Potion
9 Broken part off greater treasure
10 Tools or adventurers pack

d10 Lesser Defence
1 Mouse trap
2 Baby potted shrieker
3 Poisonous guardian d4 1=snake 2=spider 3=scorpion 4=centipede
4 Poison needle or dart d3+poison save
5 Threatening letter declaring ownership of goods
6 Lock 1in6 have d3 extra locks
7 Monster d4 1=giant rat 2=stirge 3=undead hand 4=feret
8 Blade Trap 2d4 damage if fail save
9 Smoke bomb
10 Stink bomb

d10 Major Treasure (up to 10000gp)
1 Rare Potions d4 doses
2 Rare Scroll 2d4 Lv worth of spells
3 Gem d6 gems worth 1000gp each
4 Jewellery d6 items worth d6x100gp each
5 Metal Bars d10x1000gp worth of d4 1=gold 2=silver 3=electrum 4=platinum
6 Artwork of great value 1in6 lost from a collection
7 Book d4 1=spellbook 2=prayerbook 3=rare magic recipe 4=rare magical lore
8 Rare magical or holy materials possibly used to make magic
9 Relic belonging to a noble clan lost long ago
10 Magic item d4 1=weapon 2=missile 3=wand 4=miscellaneous

d10 Major Defence
1 Small humanoid locked inside will scream if opened and attack
2 Undead locked inside screams and attacks d4 1=skeleton 2=zombie 3=shadow 4=spectral minion
3 Trap 1=deadfall 3d6 save for half 2=poison gas cloud 3=diseased 4=releases monster
4 Monster d4 1=clockwork cobra 2=yellow mould 3=green slime 4=imp
5 Acid spray 2d4 save or take d4 damage for d4 rounds
6 Magic d4 1=cursed 2=alarm 3=4d4 explosive runes save halves 4=wizard locked
7 Dart Trap shoots d6 2d4 damage darts, save vs each 1in6 are poison tpp
8 Releases spell like effect d4 1=hold person 2=sleep 3=d4 magic missiles 4=web
9 Black powder bomb 2d4 to all in 1", d4 for surrounding inch
10 Incendiary bomb 2d4 to all in 1" area save or burn d4 damage for d4 rounds

d10 Legendary Treasure (up to 100 000gp)
1 Great treasure affiliated with kingdom or people like a crown d4x10000gp
2 Huge Gem worth d6x10000gp associated with long history of tragedy
3 Artifact or part of one part of a legendary prophecy
4 Relic often in bejewelled box d4 1=saint casket 2=statue 3=saint body parts 4=holy scriptures
5 Slumbering person in magical sleep, petrified or in a magic casket
6 Collection of true names and talismans for commanding d6 outer planar beings
7 Weapon or armour of a great hero famous for past deeds
8 Magic item of great power and fame that belonged to a great spell user
9 Means to locate great machine that once threatened the world power balance
10 Planar gate

d10 Legendary Defence
1 Requires a code or puzzle to unlock or access, protected from magic
2 Summons demon or elemental or ghost guards the treasure
3 Dreadful great curse that can infect descendants and any who touch treasure
4 Magical trap d4 1=10d6 fireball 2=Ice storm spell 3=10d6 lightening bolt 4=disintegrate ray
7 A demigod or dragon or great beast vows to torment lives of thieves
8 Monster generator creates monster protectors until destroyed
9 Chamber trap 1=sealed with stone 2=seal then flood 3=seal then flood with sand 4=seal then flood with lava
10 Planar trap d4 1=sends intruders to another plane 2=loot really hidden on other plane 3=opens gate releasing entities 4=surrounded by hostile other plane conditions

Thursday 25 October 2018

Improved Timeline and Mythic Genesis

Time line of my campaign settings:
The "current" Exile Island & Shadelport Setting
The Eldritch Aeon the prehistoric version of the setting
like alignment this helps you start fights

Primordial age was the gods asserting themselves and adventuring in a world ruled my monsters of darkness

Faerie made many races conquering the earth. As gods departed the world faerie took their place administering rivers, winds, forests and other natural features. Elves and spirit folk performed chores for the gods. Many races were made for various tasks. Towards the end more were made to fight each other. Finally a dark dynasty artose mad with power and dragon fire.
 They became a dynasty of evil wizard priest kings serving demons who ended that age.

The Monster kings were mostly beastmen who enslaved humans and made older races hide. Barbarian humans, ex slaves destroyed the monster empire and protected the world from civilization.

Then necromancers arose using remnants of dread magic to conquer what became the wastes, vast areas they created by holding back the seas. Barbarians arose to kill them too.

But new civilizations arose in the Eldritch Aeon on the plains of Exilon seven city states held barbarians at bay and even corrupted tribes with idolatry and baubles. Elder races began to return to claim land. Eventually the plains were flooded when necromancer magic was broken and the city peoples spread across the world.

Then ten thousand years of ice kept humanity struggling and scant.

The first post melt empire of bronze unified city states and was the first empire since the necromancers and monster kings. Civilized arts were rediscovered. Dynasties came and went every few generations. Finally the great empire angered the gods and vast tracts of land and kingdoms were flooded.

The second empire was ruled by a turmoil filled city state with an efficient military machine and amazing siege machines and monsters.

The current empire is having a civil war instigated by the mad emperor versus six rival states. Other powers to the east and west and even exile island are increasing their technology and ignoring the empire's core continent.

Race Tree
In reality stuff like this is mostly bullshit but in my fantasy setting it is a good way to start conflict in game. Faerie and spirit folk serving the gods made most of the other races by hybridisation. Making orcs in emergencies from willing pacifist elves was the intention but all turned out badly. Later they made orcs from dead elves too and other enemies desired dead elves to make more orcs to serve them. Variations in orcs changed over millenia with later ones made from humans instead then finally mud was good enough to make an orc. Nowadays most orcs breed naturally.

d12 Orc Ancestry 

1 One is Immortal first generation elf turned into a orc,
as high level elf with wizardry
2 Descended from orcs made from elf corpses,
small and hate the light HDd6 -2 hit in sunlight, cowardly irregular skirmishers
3 Descended from orcs made from humans,
larger and more bestial but standard orcs
4 Descended from orcs made form dead humans and served necromancers
these do not fear the undead, some learn wizardry
5 Spawned from a mud pit by a wizard of priest using dread alchemical secrets
born ready to fight as soon as given a weapon and someone grunted orders at 
6 Descended from orcs who gained females for serving the earth goddess
use druidic priesthoods and live in forests
Descended from orcs who ravished captive humans and elves and since breed normally
most common bandits in wilderness areas withing human lands
8 Descended from orcs who bred with female demons and since breed normally
these often serve evil high priests and witch cults
9 Descended from orc amazons who kidnap breeding slaves
ride raptor lizards or terrorbirds, use missiles
10 Descended from orcs who breed with pigs in large litters 
ride giant war pigs and are savage berserkers
11 Descended from orcs who bred with a race of cyclops ogres now one eyed orcs
Capable craftsmen and farmers often serve gods or giants
12 Chaos orcs with mutations that breed with anything they possibly can
Usually insane irregular skirmishers in frenzied hordes or mobs

1st gen were made from elves and sexless
2nd gen were made from humans then mud these were all male
3rd gen breed by naturally and biologically with males and females

Questions....Feel free to ask questions
Will update a bit more probably on my flickr

Surprised about where giants are 

Old ones more like titans or jotun who suppress younger gods

Also the distance of "spirits" from "spirit folk"
Proletariat petty godlings made to work for greater powers who retreat from world or never were part of it. Being embodied physically in world is unpleasant and makes you partly mortal. Later races more worldly. Elf food addiction plays on this.

Yes Humans are beastial war halflings

Am amending to make colours of eras more obvious with family tree.
Will add details of monster kings as is handy.

Wednesday 24 October 2018

d100 Dungeon Sex Shop Stock

Items for bad wizards, nobles and other bosses, mostly banned, for adult dungeons only. Some collectors pay more especially depraved ones or artists. Some churches keep them in a vault for study. Guilds deal with them and feud over them. Rich nobles compete for them. As you can tell by prices a imperial carnal opera performance can cost thousands to put on.

The Dungeon Sex Shop tries to keep up to dungeon standards of a pre industrial society. Management apologies to customers for poor language use or
tasteless promotions for merchandise. One mans curse in another blessing.

d12 Item Decor
1 Floral, vegetal or fungus motifs of fertility
2 Rampant beast or looking ferocious
3 Satyrs,nymphs, faeries and sylvan beings
4 Divinities or spirits of love and fertility
5 Nude figures posed artistically
6 Nude figures embracing and kissing
7 Supernatural woodland beings fornicating with animals
8 Genitalia and possibly nipples
9 Orgy scenes 1in6 even remotely "normal"
10 Symbols of love, fertility, joy, etc
11 Golden and gm encrusted
12 Living and biological thing  

d10 Quick Types
01 Potion
02 Other formulas
03 Scroll
04 Fetish Figures
05 Clothing
06 Miscellaneous
07 Oddments
08 Weapon
09 Wand
10 Bound entities

d100 Indecent Magic Items
01 Potion of arousal, based on cantrip, lasts ten minutes, often in pill form 20gp 
02 Love Potion, based on charm person, victim saves or charmed by first person they see 100gp 
03 Energy Pill, +1Con, based on cantrip, lasts ten minutes, often in syringe form 50gp 
04 Fertility Potion, based on cantrip, aids in conception, 20gp 
05 Lubricant, as grease spell on surface one use or longer for minor spot use 100gp
06 Curative Medicine +1 save vs disease (or a second save) 20gp
07 Glamour Form Potion, hour long illusion that drinker belongs to another often supernatural species, mostly used for sex, 100gp
08 Abortion Medicine, save if fail lose baby, save again or lose 2d6hp, 1gp
09 Member Enlarging pill, wizards favorite save or black out for hour 20gp
10 Magical Tatoo Ink, makes animated tattoos, often erotoic, each dose is 4 square inches comes with 2d6 doses in varied colours 400gp a dose
11 Beauty Cream +1CHA for 10 minutes 20gp
12 Contraceptive Ointment, lasts an hour, 1gp
13 Cure Disease Salve 3000gp
14 Wizards Privates Ointment, genitalia becomes enlarged and prehensile like a extra limb, one hour 100gp
15 Wizard Favour Potion, randomly changes drinkers penis for an hour, use this table*, used at parties 200gp a dose
16 Marvelous Mammary Potion, drinker gains a d6 extra breasts for an hour 400gp
17 Hair Growth Potion, grows hair or beard d6 foot extra long, 1in6 changes colour to something exotic, some make last more than one use with tiny doses 100gp
18 Hair Removal Potion, only hair on head untouched all other hair removed 1in6 includes head hair too, dwarves hate this potion but get a save to resist, eleves already this hairless,  50gp
19 Potion of Gratuitous Emissions, drink before sex to produce gallons of sexual fluid during intercourse 100gp
20 Potion of Spell Theft, if drunk before sex with a spell caster, you can steal a random spell from your lover if they fail a save, can be cast once or written in your book 1000gp
21 Erotic Scroll with animated indecent picture 1000gp
22 Scroll that composes a poem for the subject ready to be read aloud to impress lovers or crowds or kings once per day 2500gp 
23 Book of Carnal Delights illustrated sex manual with animations includes how to appease supernatural beings and gods 3000gp
24 Book of Vile Depravity, animated illustrations of sexual torture and sadism 3000gp
25 Salidar's Book of Wenching, describes wizards poor techniques for attracting love interests with lies and manipulation and magic, reading it requires save or you become a evil 800gp
26 Illmar's Book of Demonic Lust, advises on relations with demons, precautions and includes several demon names for summonings. The book was never finished as author vanished, illuminated and illustrated 2000gp
27 The Forbidden Book, describes erotic scandalous true stories of royalty, clergy and important persons, writer is unknown, banned and written to undermine authority 3000gp
28 Manual of Erotic Arts, describes love making technique for royal courtesans and harems 400gp
29 Book of Unrestrained Fornication, famed erotic life of ancient wizard queen, famed but rarely seen, promises erotic animated illustrations but unknown is reader must save or be possessed by the queen as her new body. She will make changes and seek her underground pleasure dungeon 3000gp
30 Secret Rites of Witches, describes witches sabbats and orgies writen by ugly old wizard, witches hate the book and seek to destroy it, woodcut print illustrations, 800gp
31 Aroused satyr statue, once a month will animate on command, play music, charm people and try to start an orgy, he remains for an hour and may follow other instructions 2500gp
32 A great green stone phallus, makes all sexual unions in room have most fertile outcome 2000gp 
33 Erotic figurine once a week animates as a marionette like sex golem for one hour 2000gp
34 Box of porcelain naked figurines, once a day put on a erotic show for 20 minutes 2000gp 
35 Siren statue of whale ivory, sing an hour a week attracting all who hear in 30 foot to come, sit and listen in relaxed state if fail a save, violence snaps everyone out of effect 2000gp
36 Statue of a satyr having sex with a goat becomes animated for a hour a day on command 2000gp
37 Stone phallus is a might beast like stone penis that will attach to a broken statue if it's genitals have been vandalized 400gp
38 Glass Phallus, used by lady wizards and royalty, fragile if dropped, supposed made by a love god 1000gp
39 Dragon Phallus, intimidating jade dragon penis, if used produces dragon hybrid offspring, used by ancient royal dynasty to make elite guards 3000gp
40 Porcelain Golem, beautiful life sized lover with real hair and gem eyes and obeys all commands, skilled lover, awakes on secret command, wizards often hide them from their servants and wives, require occasional cleaning 6000gp, better ones can dance and p[lay harp but cost 10000gp 
41 Wizards chastity belt, wizard locked opens with secret word whispered to it 1500gp
42 Girdle of femininity/masculinity but without a curse to lock it in place, removable at will, reverses wearers gender as long as worn 1000gp
43 Cloak of disguise, changes wearers appearance, height, weight from a halfling to large human size 5000gp
44 Girdle of the Hermaphrodite, removable at will, wearer has both gender characteristics as long as worn 1000gp
45 Ring of Hygiene keeps wearers clean and protected from natural sexualy transmitted diseases 400gp
46 Ring of Contraception prevents reproductive acts from producing offspring 400
47 Girdle of Androgeney, wearers gender is uncertain on glance but does not actually change 1000gp
48 Tentacle Girdle ads 4 tentacle limbs each 2 yards long for an hour a day, they have minds of their own groping and grasping anything in reach but wearer feels them 1000gp
49 Malvafor's Marvelous Knockers, comedy novelty golden breasts wearer wears around chest, become real for an hour a day on command 1000gp
50 Veils of the Houri, +1 CHA while worn over face, only eyes visible 800gp
51 Medallion of the Stallion, provides wearer with horse like genitalia  2000gp

52 Hybrid Ring allows wearer to reproduce with any creature much like a god to create hybrid monsters 5000gp
53 Ring of The Rake/Harlot comes in him and her styles, prevents reproduction and infection from normal sexually transmitted diseases +1CHA  5000gp
54 Thing in a Box is a small chest with gate which slimy tentacled elder horrors reach through and grope anything within 10 feet, popular with cults 5000gp
55 Slave Collar casts charm person once a day on the prisoner in the collar and is enthralled by the collars owner, only works on humanoid persons not animals 4000gp
56 Goat Leggings transform wearer into satyr for an hour a day increasing wearers libido mostly 3000gp
57 Enchanted goggles make everyone look more attractive to viewer 2500gp
58 Love Slug is a foot long creature that eats human skin and hair and will suck and massage for a d6 hours a day, needs at last weekly fedand some daily water, kpt in a laqur box 800gp 
59 Mirkin of Mystery wearer can change their reproductive organs at will while wearing this or evn be a hmaphrodite if they wish 3000gp
60 Alchemists Womb, glass laboratory kit which grows a baby from a drop of blood from a single or several persons. After use the apparatus shatters, comes in box with manual to assemble 5000gp
61 Box of Violet candles,  when burned over one hour, all clothing worn in a 1" radius falls in crumpled heap to the floor rendering everyone naked. d12 to a box 50gp each
62 Brazier of Somnambulism, incense burned in it makes everyone in room feel dreamy and uninhibited, popular at orgies 2000gp
63 Silver hand mirror, makes everyone in it look attractive, 1000gp
64 Tin of sheep gut condoms, new oe every day 1000 gp
65 Goggles of the Voyers, increases magnification and see through 1 foot thick brick walls, mask hides the face and makes wearer breath heavily 1000gp
66 Codpiece of Monsterism, horrendous demon faced codpiece that screams, spits ectoplasm and swears at people, mostly used to be shocking at parties 1000gp
67 Jug of Oil, a standard clay table jug with olive oil, 16 gallons a day can be poured out 1000gp
68 Beer mug, ceramic with relief nudes with articulated breasts, fills with beer six times a day 1500gp
69 Crystal ball that shows visions of strangers having sex an hour a day, 3000gp
70 Magical flute allows one to play a saucy tune on completion it turns into a phallus and ejaculates on the users face. After the user can turn the flute into a phallus at will and back 1000gp
71 Dagger of Thorg +1, curved dagger, on a 19-20 hit roll will castrate any male creature 2500gp

72 Sword of Flesh +1 +2 vs Living beings made of meat, quivering moist fleshy sword that cleaves living flesh, looks obscene, wielder has increased libedo 2000gp
73 Sword of Hearts +1 once a day on command can cast charm person on one struck victim but does no damage 3000gp
74 Cornhole Shank +2 dagger, extra multiple on backstab damage vs creatures with a sphincter or cloaca 4000gp
75 Lesser Charming Blade +1, each HD slain provides wielder with +1CHA for one turn, cumulative HD slain add to duration 2500gp 
76 Greater Charming Blade +2, each 2HD slain provides wielder with +2CHA for one turn, cumulative HD slain add to duration 4000gp 
77 Lustblade +2, wielder becomes aroused each kill, becomes beserk if reduced to zero or less HP 5000gp
78 Kiss of the Goddess, +2 Mace, on natural 19-20 hit victim saves or changes gender to female if not already, all wounds resemble a bloody kiss 5000gp
79 Tentacle Flail +1, prefered weapon of certain cults with grasping living purple or green tentacles. 2d4 damage, on 19-20 human or smaller target is entangled for a turn but the weapon cannot be used until it releases victim 3000gp
80 Cupid Arrows, quiver of d12, charm on contact, save or charmed by first person they see 100gp each
81 Wand of Arousal, d100 charges casts arousal cantrips in 3" range, save to resist, used at parties or as a joke 1000gp
82 Wand of Cleaning, clean cantrip d100 charges removes stains and odours on a bed or clothing 1000gp
83 Wand of Charm Person 3d10 charges, 3000gp
84 Wand of Loveliness 3d10 charges +d4 CHA lasts one hour 3000gp
85 Wand of Exquisite Vision d100 charges can see through clothes for 10 minutes per charge 1000gp
86 Wand of Animate Clothing 3d10 charges, if victim fails save their clothes can be controlled by wand user to disrobe or restrain them 1000gp
87 Wand of The Maestro, d100 charges, if directed at victim they sing beautiful opera for one hour and will harmonise with others affected, used in carnal operas or orgies of the rich 1000gp
88 Wand of Pleasure, 3d10 charges, victims affected as hold person but gripped in spasms of pleasure, can cast on self 3000gp
89 Wand of Appeal, 3d10 charges, subject has illusion of being youthful for one hour, 1000gp
90 Wand of Fertility, d100 charges, makes a female become pregnant, but the child is a clone of the mother 1000gp
91 Dancing Imp, 
silver cage with dancing erotic imp inside, will plead for release offering rewards, will dance on command lewdley, available in various styles 1000gp

92 Ring with bound incubus or succubus, wearer is invulnerable to draining effects, can release for an hour a week to do bidding and command back before duration up, if time exceeded the demon is free of thee binding to do as it pleases 5000gp
93 Urn releases a sensual water elemental once a week in a bath for three hours that assumes attractive human form appealing to the user, creature will bathe and have sex with summoner, if insulted or taken for granted will try drowning the summoner and will never forgive them 3000gp
94 Bracelet with onyx and jet stones, wearer has erotic dreams of ebon skinned demon who gives advice on how to release them into the world. It can change it's gender to suit the wearers tastes, sought by the demons cult 2000gp
95 Ring of Lust promises sexual fulfilment if words spoken, conjures hideous demon with proboscis that injects demon eggs into the summoner if it can overcome them, can only appear once a month 1000gp

96 Tablet of the Sea Lord, if thrown in the sea by night next night summons 2d6 fishmen who will seek to mate with summoner and anyone near them, they don't care about victims gender
97 Incense of the Love Goddess, if used in a hour ritual will summon vision of a naked love goddess, all viewing her save or die, one use 3000gp
98 Scroll of Divine Love, glowing runes if read summon a divinity whos form is too much destroying any who gaze on them, left as a gift for a gods lover who wanted to see their true form, one use 3000gp
99 Seed of the Gods, this potion of divine fluid if drunk causes the user to glow, have a extra level and +1 on all atributes for a d4 days, one use 10000gp
100 Gift of the Gods, potion if drunk before love making allows a god to possess the drinker, their lover must save or be turned to ash but if lives will produce a superior child with a divine bloodline, often craved by royalty, 3000gp

Monday 15 October 2018

Dungeon Zine 6 Arcadia

Here is my last dungeon zine I did
It is a ruined post apocalypse game arcade for Planet Psychon, MCC or Gammaworld
Some extra details here to include

PDF here

Thanks to my Patrons will be a new book and dungeon zine soon

Entry foyer I originally considered more robotic skill testers with descriptions

Lobby Testing Machines (one token each) 

Claw toy machine - Dexterity (win a plush deity doll)
Muscle Tester - Strength
Block Drop 3d Puzzle - Intelligence
Love Tester - Charisma
Pain Tester - Constitution
Target Shooter - Wisdom (dont shoot wrong people)
Whack a Commie! - Dexterity

If all your stats are tested by all machines the Gods can make a holographic duplicate or clone of you.

A token is worth a cheap food item, a days worth of water, domestic currency unit or a bottlecap or some bullets

Prize Ticket Awards
Win a 1 prize tickets if succeed
d4 prize tickets for top score or
Bio Feedback Games might give minimal skills  of some kind

What Are Prize Tickets Good For
1 Slice of pizza or or a hotdog or a choccobar or pack of crispychips
1 Hot meal and a bed for the the night or one days trail rations
1 Day worth of clean water or a can or bottle of soda
1 Five tokens or take a risk and take d10 tokens
1 Helium balloon shaped like a cartoon character
1 Gets you a hot bath or a bed for the night with meal or first aid from a holy healer (1HP )
1 Gets a priest to listen to your problems and offer some snappy maxim
1 Token gets you a novelty holographic photo booth print
1 Dance and flirt with a holy courtesan or eunach
1 Pocket novelty torch or comedy fake photo ID or Magnifying glass or Water Bottle
5 Digital watch or pocket calculator or plastic figure of a god or micro music player
5 T-shirt with Arcadia Sign and a token graphic or a baseball cap
5 Roll of salted dried animal hide or a chicken
5 See nude dance of a holy virgin and perhaps 1in6 chance for a quick kiss on the cheek
10 Feast for friends or family, a young goat or puppy, large iguana, young pig
10 Plush bear, Solar Toaster, Maths Fun Robot Toy, Cure Light Wounds Spell
10 Two pack of chem cells or hydrogen cell recharge
10 Pair of rollerskates or com bracelet or Backpack holds 20lb
10 Perform sex rituals with a holy harlot or eunuch or priest
10 Packet of cigarettes or Bottle of beer or a fun novelty bottle of alcho-pop
100 Android Doll or Digital Tablet with games and movies or
100 Atomic fuel cell core, Functioning charged hydrogen fuel cell
100 Horse or slave or cow
1000 Atomic fuel cell with core

Other Characters

Archie the Pizza Bot
This robot believes it is a fine American teenager working here after school to save for a hot rod for summer break. Will babble about this and listen to your stories and repeat them to all comers. Also preaches how pizza is the best and how all the ancients ate it three times a day. He Runs Archie's Apocalyptic Pizzeria, with a d4 initiates who help him and one day got to start their own dshop. Archie is considered a minor divinity and you can buy figures of him and learn mysteries of the pizza menu. He has a new menu made from wastelands and ruined foods like "Lizard Meatzilla" or "Pineapple Ground Hog" or "Peyote grub and magic mushroom surprise". He looks sorta like the classic late deco 60s robot. He spends 4 hours a day closed to gather food and hunt and prepare some of the food, but somtimes his staff cover for him. The huge mute barbarian chef Momo, butchers the animals and makes sausage and jerky and hide biscuit.

Alphy the Atomic Ass and Kimmy Kola Koala Animatronics
The lobby might have some robot animatronic animal toon characters that offer arcane dialogue or laughing madly offering good times. They ask who is the birthday child is and give the first to say yes a free token! They probably sing about having fun allot. Prhaps thy sing a song after every death.

Sunday 14 October 2018

Elder Aeons Map and some other projects

So I took my Shadelport World Map and shrunk the inner sea, grew the forests and
made the former deserts into light gr
een grasslands, mage the mountains greener,
changed the ice lands and firelands area a bit.

Orange - fire lands, mostly speculation as nobody ever came back
e - ice lands, mostly speculation but whole kingdoms of monsters
Dark Green - mountains with forests
Mid Green - forests, thicker and more humid jungle and rain forest
Light Green - grasslands mostly nomads and non human tribes
Tan - wastelands and deserts inhabited by barbarians and new city states

Outside the waste more remnants of monster empire still rule

Will expand a area a few hundred miles across possibly from centre of the map
between the three inner seas that are fresh water
Describe a dozen odd cities, tribes and monster factions in a hex crawl
I want to have a technological fallen race somewhere too so robots and androids and tech ruins can occasionally be about. Possibly star related elves who will be jerks who want to flood the inner world.

Will do some encounter tables too.
Possibly a monster empire stronghold table set

Have slowed down a fair bit in production of late.
Trid and failed to do the OSR questionnaire thing

Will get my own place in near future and will hopefully set up a studio in a garage hopefully for model making and painting and art. Hope to get some foam cutters and photographic lighting set ups. have a paintbrush but no idea on using yet. I've had a break from art for a while but will get my business up and running again. Plus lots of back taxes to  and my dads post funeral bill paying to do when bank accounts unlocked. Hopefully I will be comfortable and financial next year with flexible paid working hours. At least when I did art as a hobby I made money and spent very little without much deliberate effort.

Studies moving forward. Mostly doing placement work at moment which is leaving me tired. Have been getting involved in culture events a bit more and had some good socializing and free weekends again. I'm tired most week days, busy mostly and not doing a great job of looking after my health.

Still hoping to get some more games going but slow as I don't really play anything current or trendy. Running cthulhu with 4 regular players. My other attempts to get game get on response on average. Most of my peers with kids struggle to get regular games in. I've proven to be lame at getting a online thing happening and cant keep up with who hates each other.

As I'm not playing dnd at all (only a few games in last year mostly in Sydney) making stuff for it is increasingly low priority. Id like to finish a few more books on my patron but will probably wind that up by end of year. I'm not really so happy with any of my products and don't feel closer to being able to sell stuff. I'm going to do several art books next year with very little text so should be easier to be satisfied with finished products. Anyway I'm not really into drastic forever decisions. I'm not really looking for a replacement for G+ as It winding up coincides with other things in life.

Would still like to KS one or two books and commission artists and editors. I kind of hate editing my own writing and it has been the main cause of my dissatisfaction of my own work. When I was a managing editor having staff to manage that stuff was better. I will be commissioning some artwork for some projects too.
 As COC is my main thing game wise I have considered working on some projects for that but thy are more research intensive.

Gaming has been a big part of my creativity the last 6 years but my output will be diminishing for foreseeable future. Possibly might start some video projects. Have urge to do model making, learn drawing realism and play with some film titling.

Current Projects:

Mutant Book
Update Long Stairs Book

Hardcopies of Planet Psychon via LuLu (cant afford hardcopies of my own stuff now)
Not sure If I need to resize doc in letter format/inches from current size which has made me hesitate. Revising stuff again and again was always intention until I'm satisfied of salable quality. For moment I'm not satisfied anything is or effort to fix is questionable.

Several other books Id like to revise like the gothic, murder hobo book and treasure books.

Hoping to get on with my Broken Hill post apoc map and description for a small setting book campaign for gammaworld/psychon.

Thanks for everyone who has read my stuff and helped kept me active through your support.

Tuesday 9 October 2018

Flower Power Forever & Weapon Immunity

Flower Power Forever & Harming Magical Beings
Immune to non magical weapons

Silver weapons hurt devils and lycanthropes and wights and some undead Iron weapons hurt devils fairie beings including elves and changelings born on other world Immune to non magic/silver/iron/blesses weapons isn't just weapons not hurting you

It is wounds gruesomely regrowing instantly

Or a flickr or blur that resets being to unwounded instantly as if reset or a jump cut

Leaves horrible gory wounds that are visual only with no loss of hp

Weapon passes through being as if unreal to it

Weapon breaks if fails save with no effect on target. Quality weapons do better

More gruesome
More awesome to describe
More scary
More supernatural

Just call this tamms law

More alternates to just no damage?

Tom McGrenery
You snap back in time to the moment before your attack. You didn't really strike it, you just imagined that. My bonus the monster smirks knowingly at you

Tito B.A.
I like describing weapons rebounding or bending, like when you hit an anvil with a hammer.

Dallas Mc+1
Bone shards sprout out of the site like Doomsday in The Death of Superman.

Dallas Mc+1
Matrix bullet time limbo dodge

Dallas Mc+1
Lightning crashes overhead when struck

Dallas Mc+1
Dampening field inches away from body which slow and stop weapons like the field generators in Dune, or the reason why Superman's clothes don't get damaged, or reboot Daleks.

Dallas Mc+1
The round plays out then resets exactly like a Doctor Who time loop: the baddie's damage is reset, but not the PCs.

Dallas Mc+1
Hit points wind down like normal but when they hit 0 the opponent spontaneously reincarnated: roll on table for new colour, horns, scales, etc. This happens endlessly

Dallas Mc+1
Angelic/demonic refutation.
Attack was refuted by a higher power (perhaps the monster) and profound sense that the act will be held against the attacker in the afterlife.

Angus Warman
It's exactly like stabbing playdoh. Squish- and then it gets pushed back.
Hydra-style regrowth.
Your weapons seem to be less real compared to the vibrant nature of the target.
Against angelic beings, you hear the clear sound of metal bells being struck instead of the thunk of weapons on flesh.
Demonic wounds split, revealing tiny tortured half-souls trying to claw their way out as the skin seals over.
The treat their flesh being damaged like you would a shirt being torn. Exactly the same tone of voice.
"Spare parts" appear out of nowhere and adhere into place.

Flower PowerStandard EMO dnd equipment from now on

Posies to huff in city or dungeon to protect you from miasmas and disease checks 1cp

Herbal mask covers lower face with days worth of scented herbs to protect you from miasmas 1sp elves and hobbits and herbalists make them

Plague dr mask with goggles and "beak"
Some include personal incense burner face mask 30gp

Plague dr suit complete sealed suit with helmet with valves and replaceable filters. Very advanced ones of dwarves or gnomes have air tank 10 minutes of pressurised canned air 150gp or delux 1000gp

"Quick everyone that monster has a runny nose get your posies" needs to be said in every game

Finally samurai in 1st Ed OA now benefit from flower arranging skill

Holy Rowan Wood Hit anything with silver or iron but no effect on elven or faerie - druids and faeries and elves monopolies it, rowan arrows and staves are most common. Wood tip arrows bump to a lower die for damage expt vs supernatural beings. Detects as magic. Trees keep evil away and form barriers keeping out evils in elf forest. Purity repels certain evils and counts as a blessed weapon
Oak protects vs madness and lightning, acorns for pigs and was grain of druid days before grain arrived, Purity repels certain evils and counts as a blessed weapon
Beach protects against decay. Purity repels certain evils and counts as a blessed weapon
Willow can induce sleep or madness and possibly holds bad spirits
Apple smoke dispel an evil miasma, Purity repels certain evils and counts as a blessed weapon
Bog-Oak Smoke roots make shelaighly that can hurt evil spirits requiring +1 to hit or smoke can also drive away evil spirits but not purity like regular oak
Ash is the foundation of the universe and the cosmic tree, best for making magic items, staves, spear shafts, axe handles, construction if you dont have oak, Purity repels certain evils and counts as a blessed weapon
Pine attract evil spirits and madness, make poisons, hags like them
Birch associated with death and weather magic, can make books from it's bark, make tannin
Mistletoe, make a wreath, berries, powder, juice. Purity repels certain evils and counts as a blessed weapon Wreath +1 save vs evil magic (evil ppl us nightshade)
Mandrake unholy and poisonous, some experts use diluted amounts as drug. Ingredient in many enchantments, conjurings, divination, summoning, bindings, homonculi and other uses. Kills in agony slowly

Look up tree and plant powers reputed easily
A special bless spell might activate the power

Obviously druids and priests and wizards and faeries would use these effects

Monday 8 October 2018

d100 Dodgy Ship Passages

You get on a boat. Stuff goes wrong. Classic stuff.
If you don't get good travel trips or take the cheapst ride

d100 Dodgy Ship Passages
01 You are all to be sold to islanders for slaves in return for pearls and gold 
02 You have been shanghaied into crew of a pirate ship
03 You are have been forcibly taken to a colony and abandoned as labour
04 You are sold on a distant continent as slave labour
05 Your crew are cultists and take you to a secret island to sacrifice
06 Crew try to rob passengers then dump them in the sea
07 Crew take passengers to dungeon complex on island and force them to find something
08 Crew mutiny and defect to another nation
09 Crew mutiny and plan to settle on a island and need people
10 Crew are maniacs who sell you to cannibals for gold
11 The ship is wrecked by false signals of wreckers who try to murder and rob survivors
12 The ship is chased by pirates
13 The ship is fired at by pirates
14 The ship has pirates attempt to board 
15 The ship is taken by pirates who strand anyone who wont join
16 The ship is damaged by pirates and limps to port late with everyone starving
17 The ship is sunk by enemy shipping and you escape in a lifeboat
18 The ship is intercepted by military searching hold for fugitives or contraband
19 Pirates try to board one night by surprise
20 Privateer ship of uncertain oragin follows
21 The ship is a plague ship and crew begin to die once at sea
22 The ship is a ghost ship and takes them to distant island dungeon 
23 The ship is a faerie ship and takes party to undersea faerie land 
24 The ship is damned and takes them to the underwater underworld of King Kraken
25 The ship crashes on a rocky outcrop belonging to a sea hag
26 The ship spirit has a mind of it's own and heads for adventure on the high seas!
27 The ship is on a quest and seeks the right crew for a distant journey
28 The ship is damned and is sucked down to the sea of the underworld
29 The ship is sucked up in a whirlpool into a great underland sea beneath the earth
30 The ship is swallowed by a behemoth and becomes interlocked with past meals
31 The ship stops on a Island in fact the tip of a demon whale 
32 The ship is possessed by a demon and directs the ship to the burning south beyond known seas
33 The ship is possessed by a winter spirit and directs the ship to the frozen north beyond known seas
34 The ship is cursed and runs ashore in a distant kingdom
35 Ship is driven by weather into island of prehistoric monsters and cannibal tribes
36 Monsters in ships hold escape
37 Crew member has some kind of lycanthropy
38 Cultist on board summons some unholy entity to kill the crew
39 Wanted fugitives fleeing law onboard attract attention 
40 Madman incites mutiny to start a colony but mostly wants power and murder
41 Ship stops on island of indolent hedonist drug addicts crew want to stay
42 Ship finds faerie paradise island and crew become addicted to faerie food 
43 Ship finds shipwreck and fight a giant octopus looking for treasure
44 Someone on the ship offends the gods angering them
45 Attacked by cannibal chaos cult canoes
46 Giant sea hurtle with crew of marine iguana lizard men pirates
47 Mermaids seduce several crew into jumping overboard
48 Sea Wolves attacked by night taking several crew 
49 Roc picked up ship and took it to island mountain top nest
50 Kaiju attacks ship to take to lair
 Ship crew drawn by siren drive ship into rocks with few survivors
52 Sea serpent attacks ship
53 Dragon turtle attacks ship for food and treasure
54 Fish men attack the ship seeking captives for breeding or sacrifice
55 Octopus faerie tako climb aboard looking for grog and love and parties 
56 A minor sea god tries to wreck the ship but a good crew can save it
57 A sea ghost haunts the ship and it must be appeased
58 A famous pirate demands a fee for a safe passage
59 A naval vessel approaches with no flags visible d6 1-3=allied 4-6=enemy
60 Find floating wreckage with survivor of a marine disaster
61 Rescue a jolly boat of starving seamen, one has a treasur
e story 
62 Witness a burning ship with pirate victims
63 Find unconscious person floating in the sea with an amazing story
64 Rescue a island castaway with an amazing story
65 Saw a strange island mad of flsh
66 Saw mist shrouded haunted islands with treasure hulks run aground
67 Saw distant sea or storm giant
68 Saw distant giant fighting a leviathan sea monster
69 Saw iceberg steered by pre hyperborean wizards that project great lights by night
70 Saw sea elf city on back of gargantuan hermit crab
71 Saw a great sea spirit or elemental crossing the sea

72 Sail into the dreamlands on night
73 Sail into the nightmare realm
74 See distant ship being attacked by pirates
75 Rescue sinking ship crew 
76 See floating ghost ship following behind
77 See a demon ship sail by 
78 See several twisters during a severe storm
79 A huge ogre war canoe with drumming hungry ogres
80 Encounter a lost primitive outrigger with starved native
81 Conscripted into naval battle
82 Seahag demands sacrifices
83 Sea elves riding dolphins seen in distance
84 Earthquake temporarily raises prediluvian ruined monument of the squid demon
85 Found ref with basalt columns and structures
86 See sunken ruined buildings on the sea floor
87 Saw undersea people riding seahorse mounts
88 Crew abandon ship thy think is cursed (someone kills an albatross)
89 Giant octopus or squid grasps at ship
90 Sea giant waste deep in water attacks
91 Attacked by demon worshiping stingray men
92 Water wizard with elemental attacks ship

93 Underwater ornate metal boat operated by wizards of secret prediluvian civilization
94 Seashell citadel on island with sea elves inside
95 Whale with horn rams the ship hungry for flsh

96 Kelpies, selkies, nyphs or sirnes  lured crew overboard to eat
97 Giant sandcastle of crabmen with guardian pets guarding a treasure
98 Saw a glass faerie citadel on a phantom island
99 Island found with ancient megalithic circle used for opening gateways in elder times
100 Island has long forgotten stone barrows

Sunday 7 October 2018

Mutant Wars Part 3 Gossip and Treasure

Working on mutant book and will just take my time.
Had som good writing done last few days

The gossip here might be good for ant horrible prejudice for horrible people

d100 Gossip - to cover wild stories of atrocities, failure and propaganda
01 Don't let mutant blood get in your mouth or eyes
02 Their blood is good for alchemist potions and for chaos wizards
03 Mutant flesh can be fed to people to contaminate them
04 Witches are spreading mutagens and cavorting with chaos beastmen in the Forrest
05 Mutants need to be rounded up and put to work in camps not just killed
06 Mutants are a sign the gods are mad and cursing us
07 Mutants are disgusting and subvert your family
08 Mutants are lazy complainers worse than slaves or goblins
09 Mutants spread disease and more mutations, only fire cleanses them
10 If a mutant touches a pregnant woman the baby will be a mutant
11 Mutants prefer to live in filthy roadside shanty towns and ghettos
12 Mutants cant look after themselves and need to be administered by the church
13 Mutants cant look after themselves and need the crown to put them in camps where they can receive care and useful work
14 There are some amazing mutant prostitutes out there but the best are not cheap
15 Local boys have been goin mutie hunting and rounding up those no good mutants
16 I saw a mutant mission priest selling favours of mutants and gambling the charity money he received
17 Since mutants were put in camps thy have been dying even faster
18 There are still mutants without travel permits and work papers and those who employ them are traitors to humanity
19 The border forces need boosting to keep them durned mutants out of the kingdom
20 They gotta build a wall to keep mutants out! No matter the cost! Well make mutants build it!
21 Cheap inferior mutant sweatshop goods are flooding the market and taking our jobs!
22 All mutants are souless thralls to demons and deserve to die by fire
23 Mutants don't feel pain or hunger like regular people, don't be fooled by their funny looks they is just lazy
24 I blame the church and the charities who said mutants can live and work, if we had just killed all mutants there wouldn't be any left
25 Good clean wholesome folk don't become mutants only bad people
26 Some mutants you can grind up and make a potent drug from them
27 If mutants could be rounded up and mated according to reason, mutant defects might be bred out
28 Mutants are a sign of the end times. Killing them makes the world last longer
29 Mutations are sexually transmitted and commonly spread through harlots and rakes
30 Mutants are appearing faster than normal people we have got to kill them now
31 Freckled and red haired people have more mutations
32 Left handed people have more mutations
33 Mutations are a sign of inbreeding and decline in moral standards
34 Mutants are a mockery of the gods creation and must be destroyed
35 I heard mutant beggars saying they were gonna be the master race soon
36 Rewards of up to a gold coin per mutant corpse have been offered by the state
37 Someone has a mutant locked in their basement that shits gold coins
38 The royal court and church council has had mutants caught among them
39 These mutants are just pawns in a plot to soften us up
40 The lord of all evil can see through the eyes of any mutant that's why thy must die
41 Mutants are atracted to damp dark places like caves and swamps and sewers 
42 Mutant dwarves and elves and trolls are ever worse than human mutants
43 Mutant waste pollutes water and contaminates animals and plants and whole kingdoms
44 Alchemists created mutants with waste from making potions and gunpowder 
45 A plague carries mutations and you must beware it;s foul miasma or become a vile mutant 
46 Mutants cant all be bad, they get treated so mean and mostly don't cause trouble
47 Mutants like to eat babies and smell them for miles
48 Some of the butchers have been selling mutant animal meat
49 Make sure all your meat is butchered the church approved way and your food is blessed
50 If your child is mutated catch the mutie that done it then beat them to take the mutation back
51 If you cut a mutants arm or head off it will grow back, a useful test for the impure

52 If you examine the colour of a mutants bile you can identify what type of mutant bloodlines they belong to
53 Giving a penny to a mutant gives you good luck from the gods
54 I hear the mutants have some kind of secret meeting place
55 Cities have been building public bath houses so mutants cant hide 
56 Bathing helps prevent mutations so more than once a year bath from now on
57 Other countries are really just mutants, only the pure humans of this land are perfect
58 Crime is higher an areas where mutants live and
59 The other day a awful mutant youth gang attacked some old people
60 I've heard talk of huge mutant leviathans battling in the sea
61 Mutant kids live in the sewers are changing into a new subterranean race
62 Mutants living in caves and underland kingdoms are the creepiest and strangest
63 Some of the most fervent agents of law begin to become metallic or crystalline golems with souls
64 Basilisks, gorgons, manticores are just mutant breeds that stay true to type
65 If you make a mutie scream more will come from miles around
66 Churches have threatened to cut off those who truck with mutantkind
67 There are cults that introduce mutagens to their chosen
68 When a mutant gets too tainted often they die or lose all humanity or devolve into a monster
69 Some stronger mutant survivors seem to improve and grow more strange
70 There is a mutant church that teaches they are the meek who will inherit the earth
71 Devil cults will cure your mutation by trading it for a pact with the lords of hell

72 Some mutants breed with beastmen and monsters and each other producing horrible mongrel spawn
73 One day a great leader will arise and lad us to cleansing all mutant kind forever
74 Mutants prefer to eat garbage, sleep on filthy straw and drink dirty water
75 One day a great mutant leader will emerge and lead their crusade to start the apocalypse
76 We once had a mutant servant and they seemed harmless enough and never complained
77 If mutants were free their simpleton puny brains will make them exploited so best the stay on their mutant missions
78 Many priests have been setting up missions to help the mutants and give them work
79 Some mutants look normal and hide among us, look out!
80 Mutants might look cold but they like it outdoors even in the snow
81 We shouldn't kill all the mutants some could be kept in a zoo or a freak show
82 The university pays good money for mutant body parts and organs preserved in jars
83 The gods made humans to be good and beautiful and mutants to be hideous and evil
84 Mutants are deviants who must be punish lest our nation be destroyed
85 Adultery, murder and theft don't count if a proper person does them to a mutant
86 A surgeon in the city has done wonders with operations for some mutants
87 I saw a public dissection of a mutant and it was foul beyond belief
88 We hung all the mutants in my village years ago and had no problems since
89 Wherever you find mutants you gotta find the physical source of their taint
90 Mutant hunting is just an excuse to be bastards
91 Saw a show with mutant pit fights that was pretty amazing, some of them are scrappers
92 Mutants that are useful should b aloud to live as slaves th
e rest must burn 

93 If we are cruel to mutants it makes us worse people, mutants are just pathetic afflicted freaks  
94 We should b kind to mutants and just banish them from the kingdom not burn them all
95 Without mutants who will clean our sewers? Who will mine our lead and asbestos? Who will tend the cities plague grave pits? Or work with compost or dyers pits or piss brewers
96 Any goods touched by mutants must be smashed or burned any animals they touch must be burned
97 I don"t blame mutants for hating us, i mean they just got sick and everybody treats them like shit 
98 Some mutants in my old church that seemed pious and god faring, one made really nice jam and scones
99 A mutant saved a drowning child and we had to let the mutant keep the child once they touched it the priest said
100 Any offspring of a normal human with a mutant will always be a mutant

d100 Loot - particular goods flooding the market during the invasion
01 Potion of living mutant protoplasm causes a minor bio mutation 20gp
02 Sealed box with d6 chunks of dried mutant ghoul flesh that if eaten cause a necro mutation 50gp
03 Jeweled jar with srpent man eye ointment if used causes a minor reptilian mutation 100gp
04 Packet of faerie food if eaten inflicts faerie minor mutation, save or become addicted to magic faerie food 30gp
05 Potion extracted from psionic brains, can cause a minor mental mutation 200gp
06 Rare mushroom found in the underland inflicts a subterranean minor mutation 50gp
07 Angels tear in tiny bottle dripped in your eyes grants a angelic minor mutation 1000gp
08 Drug of law made for a champions of order inflicts a cyber mutation if injected 400gp
09 Bottle of Pills from a gateway infects consumer with a minor psychon mutation 100gp
10 Surgical instructions and bottle of strange organs if used inflicts a minor surgical mutation 100gp
11 Large potion bottle from giant land kind of like beer, inflicts a giant minor mutation if drunk 25gp 
12 Pill of law used by beings serving,the lords of order to fight chaos, inflicts a minor law mutation 100gp 
13 Drug that opens mind to ultraterrestrial beings inflicts a minor outsider mutation 200gp
14 Potion of Cure Lesser Mutation 300gp
15 Potion of Cure Major Mutation 1000gp
16 Potion of detect mutant ten minutes 10" radius senses mutants 300gp
17 Potion of resist minor Mutation can ignore lesser mutagenic contaminants or taints for 24 hours 300gp
18 Potion of resist major Mutation can ignore all mutagenic contaminants or taints for 24 hours 300gp
19 Mutant Flesh Potion heals d6 HP and inflicts a minor mutation 50gp
20 Mutant Heart Potion heals 3d6 and inflicts a major mutation 1000gp
21 Scroll of Detect mutants 300gp
22 Scroll of  Change Mutation lets roll existing mutation on table 500gp
23 Scroll of Minor Mutation 300gp
24 Scroll of Major Mutation 1000gp
25 Scroll of Protection from mutants
26 Scroll of protection from mutants 10" Radius 1000gp
27 Scroll open Chaos Portal 1000gp
28 Scroll of Cure Lesser Mutation 300gp
29 Scroll of Cure Major Mutation 1000gp
30 Scroll with ritual to call a demon prince
31 Dagger of Mutant Hunting +1, glows if mutant with 1" 1500gp
32 Sword of Mutant Slaying +1 +2 vs mutants, 2d8 damage to mutants on natural 20 3000gp
33 Sheild Against the Deviant +1 +3 vs mutants, +2 sav vs mutations or mutant abilities or magic 2500gp
34 Hammer of the Mutants +2 hammer d4+2 damaged or 2d4 vs mutant 
35 Staff of the Mutant +1 victim saves or revives minor mutation (max of on per day per person) 
36 Club of the mutant +1 +3 vs mutant, a gnarled carved club
37 Axe of the Mutant is a +2 cursed berserk weapon 2000gp
38 Blade of the Damned +2 Sword can call a d8 in HD of suicidal mutants three times a day for ten minutes 3500gp
39 Flail of the Beast +1 +3 vs Mutants 2d4 one hand flail
40 Axe of the Mutant Slayer is a +2 hatchet +d3 electrical damage vs mutants 3000gp 
41 Book of the Deviant Hunter, church guide to mutant hunting and vile rants of hatred. It is cited in court cases as evidence  200gp
42 Plea for Mutant Rights, a pamphlet calling for mutant rights by idealistic priest 20gp
43 Manual of Mutants and Miscreants, details mutant lore such as types of mutations and causes 200gp 
44 I Deviant -The Book of Chaos, book of mutant revolutionary plans to destroy the kingdoms of man and frolic with chaos monsters. 100gp
45 The Book of Vile Corruption advises cultists how and where to find mutagenic sources of corruption to make mutants 300gp
46 Sins of the Flesh a book of surgical treatment of mutation for healers and  surgeons.300gp
47 The Mutant Problem, book considering state options in treatment of mutants and various testimonies. It is cited in court cases as evidence  400gp
48 Beware the Deviant book of paranoid rumours and gossip and lies encouraging hatred of mutants used by mob leaders and people in power 75gp
49 Riddle of the Cosmic Cancer, manual of esoteric anti chaos occultism that gives hints and signs of evil chaos infiltration use by chaos hunters 500gp
50 Crimes of the Witch Cults describes various cults exterminated since ancient times by church heroes, enjoyed by holy witch hunters and the chaos curious. It is cited in court cases as evidence 400gp
51 Mutant warhound, extra frightening 14AC 1HD d8 bite Mov12" 200gp

52 Mutant donkey carries bigger loads fights as a black bear 450gp
53 Mutant Goat 100gp
54 Mutant Cockrel is a cockatrice egg 1000gp
55 Mutant Cow explodes if killed or catapulted as a fireball 500gp
56 Gremlin in a box causs havok and sabotage 30gp
57 Imp in a bottle 500gp
58 Tentacled blob monster in oil jar sealed with wax sigil 500gp
59 Mutant flesh eating plant 300gp
60 Giant mutant animal 500gp
61 Oil jar with liquid primal chaos inside can pour out or keep, small mutant creatures spawn inside and crawl out daily 5000gp
62 Glowing Rock from the Stars, save vs mutation or take a lesser mutation if inside 1" area, 3000gp
63 Brain in a jar, found in possession of certain night demons, can be communicated with 350gp
64 Ever living tentacle from a chaos spawn, used by alchemists and students of the occult for experiments 300gp
65 Swarm Sac of mutant bugs creates a insect swarm if thrown 30 ground only 75gp for flying swarm
66 Angry Mutant Fetus in a jar, casts charm person at will to make people feed and clan his jar 1000gp
67 Mutant Slime popular water based alternative lubricant or fertilizer sold in clay bottles by gallon, used by cultists in rituals often in boxes with a d6 bottles that weigh 10lb each bottle 15gp each
68 Mutant Pod, a strange plant pod found in the wilderness with a sleeping humanoid mutant inside. Once opened the mutated being awakens and is ignorant of their past making them a compliant servants with no past memories 300gp
69 Mutant Gonads people believe eating them can give you a quality lesser mutation 10gp
70 Mutant Necklace from fingers or ears mostly pretty sure are mutants with at least 8 pieces, monsters think they are lucky (d6+7) 5gp
71 Mutant Totem +1 once on a save vs mutation, poison or disease 1lb 30gp

72 Mutant Idol will bless a mutant for 10 rounds once a day if touched often used before a battle 3000gp
73 Mutant Skin Cloak Of The Elders, can reroll any mutation gained while wearing it 1500gp
74 Mutant Skin Drums, can be heard by all mutants within a mile when played 3000gp
75 Mutant Skull Cap, dried scalp of a mutant shaman of old, if worn can learn a 1st Lv cleric spell once per day 5000gp
76 Mutant Skull Harp mage with spine and sinew and yak horns. Mutants can hear it being played within 30" and many will be curious and investigate it 1500gp
77 Mutant Bone Bundle used by mutant shamen to find lost mutants or mutagen sources with a daily divination ritual for one hour, will point to closest 1500gp
78 Mutantskin Gloves can handle mutagens, poisons and disease 750gp
79 Mutant Stomach Sack, stretches from a 10lb sack to a 100 lb sack 75gp
80 Cube of mutant flesh you can eat some each day and use as rations for a meal a day of meat, save or will poison eater who dies and a mutant bursts out 30gp
81 Mutant Healing Plant d4 HP reputed to cause lesser mutation with failed save 50gp
82 Chaos Mushroom inflicts random mutation d6 1=4=minor mutation 5=major mutation 6=apotheosis can save to resist if eaten unwillingly
83 Mutant Root, makes a drug that lets you contact th mutant ancestors to get advice 30gp
84 Mutant Weed, popular drug plant smoked by wizards, makes everything sparkly 15gp a pouch
85 Mutant Tubers make a high quality glue or food 1gp per pound
86 Mutant Spice if inhaled or huffed as smoke will give visions from mutant ancestors in the primordial age aeons ago 40gp
87 Mutant Dye Gland from shellfish makes amazing rainbow colourful dye 30gp per pound often dried in bricks of 2d12
88 Shrieking Fungus in a pot, very useful security device inside chests or safes or treasure rooms or by doorways, 30gp
89 Chaos Spores if huffed save or become infected with mummy rot, if succeed can sense chaos for an hour within a mile, starting with the strongest first 1 target/Lv at a time
90 Chaos Mandrake are kept in lead boxes, their scream kills any within 1" area once a day then the tiny mandrake tries to flee to plant itself. Is usable as regular mandrake but it is a tiny humanoid root with a face 300gp
91 Mutant Blood Chalice once per month if anointed in mutant blood you can summon a greater demon into the world, best have some means of getting it to cooperate 3000gp
92 Great head sized Egg of some mystery chaos beast 500gp

93 Mutant Cauldron, if dead placed within they arise after a night cooking as a mongrel abhuman mutant zombie that follow the creator for one month before going feral 4000gp
94 Eye of Balor, magic chaos gem if implanted in the eye socket of a living being it can fire a single magic missile per round up to one per level per day. Some say Lord balor sees through them. You can also see fairy land gates and lay lines 3500gp
95 Great Ring of Psychon a great three yard metal ring with alien designs if struck by any lightning will open for a round per dice of damage it inflicted. It Opens to Planet Psychon a techno magical reality 3000gp

96 Horn of Xor, great mammoth like tusk horn rumoured to end the world by calling on a invading cosm of living flesh to fed off this world. It might be driven away before fully entering our world or just eat a few hundred people 3000gp
97 A strange metal prism binding a lesser elder god inside. If released it is unleashed into the world since it's imprisonment aeons ago in the dawn age. It can speak to the holder and offer them advice 3000gp
98 Crystal Helmet of Chaos provides telepathy and detect mutants 12" range, glows 3" area when in use 3000gp
99 Crystal Goggles of Chaos can see invisible and other planar beings 12" range, 2000gp
100 Ring of Mutation each day roll for a random new lesser mutation of one blood 1500gp type one in 6 are major mutation rings worth 3000gp These mutations don't count against the mutants mutation limit