Wednesday 31 January 2018

Evolution of a Murder Hobo Shantytown 4

Original Idea
Think DnD meets "Paint your Wagon" but nastier like europe in 1500s or "Bonnie & Clyde" but turning into more "My darling Clementine"

Phase 4 
Town attacked, burned, becomes a ghost town briefly
Current map is after the attack showing ruins and tunel systems
Removed names to make more visible and because townsfolk gone

Into Phase 5
Church, State and Family Folk Move In
Noble takes over and starts to build a stone keep
Cathedral moved from another ruined location

Farmers arrive, many immigrants from many places offered land


So the town has new features, government, history and respectable settlers.. New stone walls rounding off the northern part of the city with construction of a stone keep and a small stone cathedral. These buildings have been shipped in from abandoned ruins and repaired and probably take about 4 years to build.

War on Nature and Outlaws Finally Won

The Valley is fenced off and animals no longer go where they please and water access for animals is harder and tainted. There was a night where humanoids attacked, started fires and the druids helped them. Druids were ignored about the threats to nature and breg badgermen and giant badgers that undermined the town. The Druids brought the humanoid leaders together. Humanoids turned nasty, especially when Hoboskull started to take waggon loads of their corpses to the sprawling rendering plants. Since the big fight those druids have been chased away into the countryside and other less troublesome druid sects have moved back in. The area has gone from frontier to civilized. The town survived the attack and that's when nobility and military came in and Lord Mycroft has been put in charge. Duran runs the "Adventurers Guild" which most of Duran's gang members and businessmen are members of. 

News of a fort and church atracted lots of immigrant arrivals from abroad, the city and other towns to foster their family interests. So common farmers and labourers have been arriving and convicts have been brought in to help clear land and cut stone. Wizards created lots of stone walls to speed the process up. So druids and the badgermen tribe have fled the area but plan revenge. The state control the slave trade selling humanoid slaves or rendering them into fat if they don't comply. Troublesome slaves and prisoners of war go to mines and hardest labour. Others enter household service. It was as if goblins and kobolds were bred to be subservient when living in your above ground dungeon house.

War on the Dungeon

At first there was one big dungeon everyone was attacking. Several more smaller ones were found in the area and several smaller ones have been destroyed and stripped utterly even of bricks and rubble. This contributed to the second  and third growth spurts. When the big fight night happened and the humanoids from three dungeons united and the druids helped them breach walls. Also most don't know that the hills had been hollowed out in prep fro the big fight and a network of tunnels was left underground and the new Church and Keep used them in their designs. Lots of Ex Imperials from the continent area and the church also has Links to the Empire which is unusual for the Barron's territory.

During the night of the big fight it was discovered the hills had been hollowed out and dug under and into the town. It was also found in the big push the local dungeons connected to hill tunnels forming a super dungeon complex 5 square wiles and over ten levels deep.

Under the city now the tunnels are regulated, used for trade or sweatshops. You can get a guide to take you through a pub cellar into the catacombs and get a guide to the start of the dungeon. You can walk between the dungeons all underground now and the monsters do the same. A certain amount of respectable monsters and ex slaves or trusted slaves run businesses suitable for wonderland creatures like a few shops and bars. So welcome humanoids live in the hills and tunnels under the town. Secret police from the city are here regulating this and the barron even has humanoid spies among slaves.

The Barron

The undercity is funded by the Baron who is the first human to employ so many orcs and goblins and kobolds that it has made his economy and army boom. He wants their to be a mingling of peoples and eventually trade and civilize barbarian humanoids. He seems to be leaning on local humanoids and make them join him rather than destroy them. If they resist too hard he does destroy that tribe. Shadelport is almost as advanced as the warring states and use gunpowder far more than the empire do. The masked Barron is over 700 years old so it might be true about his global ambition. He is a devil worshiper who serves Hell and serves in rituals with the arch-dominator at the Cathedral to Asmodeus in Shadelport weekly. There are the Hellions too, a rich gang of devil worshiping nobility who hold secret parties and go on lawless rampages with guns in Shadelport. The Barron has led them for hundreds of years before he was the masked Barron of today. He built the worlds biggest open magic university when he took over to train navigators and make magicians. He did this to make Pirates great.

The scholars also plundered and studied the ruins of the city some sealed for over 5000 years built by pre humans who kept dread forbidden lore. All this has provided more magic items for war and status symbols and helped advance the city state. The island is full of dungeons and lost empire remains waiting to be plundered and in some are great weapons that might win the world one day.
His navy was superior to the empire When Mad Emperor Dorian the 31st thought 400 virgins on a navy ship was more important than wizards with fireball spells. Since the the Pirate Barrony has been bought of and been used as a navy for the Empire. The 30 year long civil war on the Imperial Continent has made the Barron stronger and has the empires boot off the throat off many old enemies. 

Future Stuff
Will do a map of Skullfort phase 5 after all this also the hill and under village tunnel maps, possibly before and after the big fight.

A timeline at end to tie it all up. A post on the attack would be handy after tunnel maps done. Not sure I should specify the local dungeons or let readers use there own or do people happily like reading other peoples ideas and then do there own thing?

Encounter tables on the cavern maps obvious but local dungeons worth considering in that mix. Possibly a revised town encounter table for the post law and order era too.

Tuesday 30 January 2018

d100 Elven Ruins

Elves ruled the world in the dawn age after dragons and giants and trolls. Elves tell man was created at the end of the dawn age so elves no longer had to make sacrifices to the gods.Humans and orcs have thrived and are no longer under the shadow of the elves. Elven ruins are everywhere.

These might be good for Swordfish Islands too

d20 Decorative Motifs for artist decor

1 Rampant porpoises or some sea animal
2 Tree Heraldry
3 Sun images or chariot of the sungod or wheel
4 Heraldic Insect 
5 Depiction of artisans tools
6 Heraldic flowers or leaves
7 Heraldic animals d4 1=fighting 2=
8 Elvish hero fighting monster
9 Elven royalty as divinity
10 Monster looking fierce or eating someone
11 Elf rune or pictogram

12 Eye-sun symbol
13 Moons in various phases or moon-eye symbol
Narcotic mushroom or flower type
15 Elves showing dominion over other races
16 Gardening tools
17 Humans leaving offerings to elves
18 Dancing faeries
19 Nature deities and faeries fornicating
20 Dancing elfmaid around trees

d20 Quick Decor
d4 rolls here 
1 Fused into trees, almost covered with vegetation
2 Covered in vines and creepers all over
3 Covered in flowering vines, showers of petals and perfume in breeze

4 Dead dried vines and vegetation all dead
5 Burned and blackened by fire
6 Fungus covered dripping with slime
7 Lichen and moss covered
8 Thorn bushes 1in6 with tasty berries too
9 Rough cyclopean chiseled stone, fresco long gone
10 Still remains of ancient paint and glaze, colourful
11 Orc and goblin feces and urine stained stonework
12 Goblin graffiti everywhere scrawled with obscenities and racism
13 Someone carryied away stones to repurpose

14 Someone has removed fancy fittings as loot
15 Bones scattered over area
16 Someone living and camping here often
17 Someone removing writing and religious symbols with chisel
18 Treasure hunters have smashed holes in walls searching for loot
19 Someone built shacks using the ruin structures and lived here
20 Thick with thorny rose vines

d100 Elven Ruins
01 Fine fluted fragments of stone wall with worn carvings
02 Row of monoliths up close they were once eroded columns
03 Elegant flying buttresses and wall of a cathedral 
04 Remains of a tower outer shell
05 Piles of strange coloured sand with fragments of written tablets
06 Stone animal statues from some monumental road
07 Giant reclining naked elf with enigmatic smile
08 Thirty foot statue of soldier on guard
09 Sacred well with magical lit chamber and bench
10 Cave crystal grotto with spring and elvish statues inside
11 Broken spiral staircase going up a column to nowhere
12 Spiral staircase going 10-20 foot deep, possibly a lair now
13 Staircase into foundation slab into a basement, often a lair
14 Broken square tower lower floor intact, tree growing on upper floor
15 Circular round structure once a public market area
16 Circular amphitheatre with sculptural plaque of the two faced god 
17 Sacred tree in stone bowl, seasonally blossoms with fruit
18 Stone fountain 1in6 works 20 foot circular stone base
19 Drain entrance under ornate stone slab
20 Remains of old canal now boggy and overgrown
21 Remains of old canal tunnel entrance
22 Old well shaft drops to old tunnels and cistern
23 Huge tree with overgrown tree house
24 Huge dead upright tree carved with elvish runes and figures
25 Monumental stone archway, a ancient war memorial
26 Elven common gravestones semi exposed, some fallen
27 Elven statue grave memorial and stone sarcophagi
28 Stone Sphinx or unicorn
29 Sundial with astrological decorations
30 Bird bath with plants growing inside

31 Horse trough with sludge inside 
32 Fishpond overgrown with slime
33 Outdoor altar with engraved writing
34 Stone floor mosaic of natural scenes on brick floor 
35 Stone floor with oakleaf flagstones
36 Map of the world floor with glazed tiles
37 Mound of rubble with some intact interior walls
38 Lines of rubble where interior walls supposed to 
39 Long marble staircase following slope
40 Row of 30 foot high elven heads
41 Thick roofless walls of a temple with religious carvings
42 Section of defencive wall with decorative patterns
43 Collapsed section of decorated wall on pile of rubble
44 Ancient overgrown gardens with statues and fountains
45 Huge thick thorn wall
46 Garden of ancient fruit trees from a elf orchard
47 Ancient overgrown herb garden for a cook
48 Ancient overgrown herb garden for a healer
49 Remains of apothecary, several ancient potions buried in rubble
50 Crumbling smithy with decorated anvil and some tools and furnace workable
51 Remains of massive state bakery complex to feed the people

52 Semi collapsed bathhouse and water park, swampy and overgrown
53 Small solid stone shelter in a pile of rubble, creature lair 
54 Rows of trees in lines of same age, planted by elves
55 Forest floor reveals huge stone lined garden beds now overgrown with trees
56 Large pool over a hundred foot long filled with slime, creature lair
57 Tomb of stone with statues of occupants and memorial gold plate
58 Stone statue of toad with a pool, frogs here have hallucinatory contact poison
59 Ruined pleasure palace where hundreds used drugs at festivals
60 Temple to narcotic plant with floral motives and a altar used to press juice
61 Remains of a bestiary where rich elves kept animals for novelty or breeding monsters
62 Greenhouse rusting metal frame with steel strong glass panes
63 Workshop where elven crafters made goods fit for kings to last centuries
64 Crumbling coach house with stables and sheds with rotting waggons
65 Ancient stone barn in good condition, popular large lair
66 Observatory tower in ruins with zodiac themed carvings
67 Rows of ruined cottage foundations
68 Rows of collapsed cottages, often d4 lairs
69 Two huge statues overlooking a road
70 Border monolith with worn faerie writing with distances between towns marked
71 Shrine house with broken statue where pilgrims would stay long ago 

72 Ruined building with tons of shattered glass where elven alchemists made monsters
73 Rows of ruined windmill towers, thin and tall, most lost blades and are buried
74 Circle of towers with reflective discs where items on a central altar are dedicated
75 Complex with pits used as acid baths for various purposes
76 Broken mass of rubble and machinery from a mill
77 Ruined library, mostly stripped bare but 1in6 have a secret level full of lost archives
78 Strange tower made of coral like material, once used by order of magicians 
79 Crumbling huge stone tree with statue of a beloved dryad of long ago
80 Great domed assembly hall with some damage and overgrown with vegetation inside
81 Statue of the great elven goddess in her form as a war goddess in armour
82 Statue of the great elven goddess in her form as a love goddess naked
83 Statue of great stag horned hunting god, area seems haunted and menacing
84 Statue of the elf king as a naked youth with stone sprouting plants around him
85 Statue of the moon goddess in form as a elf queen with two animal guardians
86 Statue of a hunting goddess with her werewolf hounds
87 Statue of spring goddess riding a unicorn
88 Amphitheatre of statue shrines to dozens of gods, spirits and heroes
89 A great mausoleum once sealed with traps, curses and secret doors, mostly looted
90 Ossuary with stone fruit and flowers in a great stone vault filled with bones
91 Remains of a archery range now overgrown with vegetation
92 Remains of a horse park where elves raced and rode ponies
93 Volcanic warm mud pools surrounded by huge crystals where elfmaids once bathed

94 Cave mouth into the hill with giant crystal grotto and shrine within
95 Cave mouth into the hill with giant mushroom grotto and shrine within
96 Thorny hedge maze with goblin clan inside
97 Stairs down to huge root filled wine cellar where a goblin clan live
98 Remains of museum covered in rubble with some hidden treasures
99 Stone relic repository of a forgotten with hidden chamber with magic items
100 Remains of ruined manor house with secret level buried beneath

d100 Old Elven Artisanal Rubbish
01 Steel tea samovar with big dent and corrosion but fixable
02 Broken glass fittings on a rusted hookah
03 Broken porcelain long pipe
04 Brocken porcalain tablewear
05 Dented ornamental brass plate
06 Broken mirror made with mercury and glass
07 Dented pewter tankard
08 Broken glass
09 Broken potterey
10 Ceramic bowl or urn
11 Glass bottle
12 Tiny bottle of crumbling pills
13 Tiny tin of seeds
14 Clay bottle of sealed honey
15 Cracked beer pot
16 Wooden bowl with split
17 Ornate carved candlestick
18 Ivory peg
19 Amber bead
20 Seashell
21 Coral fragment
22 Fossil creature in stone
23 Large fist size crystal
24 Tiny carved gem
25 Semi precious stone seal
26 Glass tablet
27 Enamelled metal disc
28 Bracelet with compas
29 Broken barometer
30 Remains of rusted metal articulated body
31 Rusted heaps or semi buried armour
32 Carved bone flute from human leg
33 Broken harp
34 Shred of gold wire
35 Lengths of copper wire buried in floors and walls, semi exposed
36 Elegant metal pole with broken lantern
37 Carved ornate oak and brass bucket
38 Corroded arrow heads
39 Crumbling arrow with intact head
40 Flint arrowheads in soil
41 Broken wooden handle from a tool
42 Carved wooden spoon
43 Smashed chair in pieces
44 Huge chair with stuffing turned into rat nest
45 Remains of four posted bead with mounds of rotting fabric
46 Bones of some mythical creature
47 Giant insect bodies
48 Cobwebbed bundle of bones hanging from wall or tree
49 Desiccated remains of elf in corroded armour mostly hidden
50 Crumbling fragments of rotten carpet
51 Old curly toed elf boot

52 Old dried leather glove 
53 Remains of crumbling tapestry
54 Old metal pot with dent
55 Cover of old book with decorated leather
56 Metal container with missing lid
57 Knife, mostly corroded copper
58 Broken bronze broad sword
59 Fragment of armour
60 Basket woven from reeds
61 Cooked bones
62 Dried up goblin corpse
63 Bar of fancy elf soap
64 Tiny bottle of perfume
65 Tiny bottle of cordial
66 Silver ring worth 30gp
67 Crystal pendant worth 10gp
68 Animal broach worth 10gp
69 Golden head circlet worth 30pg
70 Tablet of alabaster artwork 30gp
71 Jade seal 10gp

72 Tiny glass bottle with lid
73 Earing worth 30gp
74 Attractive wig
75 Exotic hat
76 Broken Shield with heraldic device
77 Exotic helmet
78 Copper coins d10
79 Clay figurines of nature spirits
80 Chess piece made of semiprecious stone
81 Box of elf wafers, cracker a day feeds a person, 3d10 in box
82 Spider Web rope, 1/5 the weight
83 Silver dagger
84 Silver arrowheads
85 Small hand mirror with decorative patterns
86 Walrus ivory snuff box with black lotus dust
87 Elf Bow made from steel can be restrung
88 Cache of d10x10gp in bundle
89 Cache of d10x1000sp in  a chest
90 Cache of carved ivory d6x10gp
91 Human head in box, answers a human question a day
92 Elfmail shirt for small person, no move or sneak penalties
93 Healing cordial bottle d4 HP

94 Magic candles d12 each creates a 3" choking smog cloud a round after lit
95 Elven boot
96 Elven cape with some holes in it
97 Silver sword +1 made on the moon thousands of years ago
98 Magic acorns will grow into a tree in a week, d10 in a tin
99 Magic copper pinecone explodes as 6d6 fireball if thrown
100 Magic flint stone can ignite fire with a touch

Monday 29 January 2018

d100 Goblin Market Stalls

d100 Goblin Market Stalls
01 Magical lamps, many have luminescent bugs, faeries, fungi or fish inside
02 Ropes and chords woven from spider silk and finest hair sold by elf
03 Tiny little farm tools, well made and painted handles sold by a gnome
04 Goblin Milner, selling hats mostly pointed caps of various colours
05 Hobgoglin cobbler makes boots and lots of curly toed fancy shoes
06 Tailor goblin will make shirt and trousers to fit in a hour
07 Herbalist elf selling various herbal potions and treatments
08 Hobgoblin blacksmith selling new and used weapons
09 Elf selling ceramic flagons and bottles and mugs of mead
10 Goblin selling beer, cheap and lots of it flavoured with herbs
11 Goblin selling rat or lizard on a stick with some frogs on the grill
12 Goblin selling eels and lampreys in stew or pies with a little stove
13 Goblin selling odd used socks from piles of laundry baskets
14 Goblin selling pigeons in a wire cage "save them from fate worse than death"
15 Goblin selling a baby and several children
16 Hobgoblin selling bundles of firewood, he is a axe master
17 Goblin spruiker offering "brave lads gaze on a nymph and risk death"
18 Goblin freak show with mix of fakes and mutants and cripples
19 Goblinoid pitfight circle where goblins fight hobgoblins and bugbears
20 Elf selling fancy wine and cordial some are medicinal
21 Elf selling young goblins just the age to enter household service
22 Elf selling huge fluffy intelligent teen bobcats but only to good homes
23 Elf serving faerie food with goblin butlers serving tables
24 Elf selling a miraculous faerie horse
25 Elf selling his elven chain but is ashamed and desperate for drug money
26 Elf propositioning passers by offering sex for money
27 Skanky goblin prostitutes and rent boys hanging around with a seedy bugbear pimp
28 Elf selling drugs and a yurt to crash in where goblin slaves top up your high for days
29 Sorcerer selling some potions and possibly will sell spells for cash if not dangerous
30 Oiled up orc and hobgoblin wrestling with a crowd for ages
31 Ogre selling skulls and a d4 human prisoners and cured human meat
32 Ogre hag selling potions, telling fortunes and getting high in her tiny creepy hut
33 Elf selling trolls with their arm and leg stumps fused forming pretzel like troll chains
34 Fieries exchanging coins give good rates and have "ancient collectable" faerie gold
35 Squirrel woman selling giant acorns, her husband is a loser and forgets his nut caches
36 Fox selling unhappy duck lads in cages wearing sailor suits calling for their mumma 
37 Goblin selling wolf puppies or is going to stew them
38 Giant caterpillar is being milked and beaten by goblins, it begs you for drugs
39 Giant aphids being milked by goblins and then sold to giant ants for gold in tiny buckets
40 Sleeping giant being used by goblinoids to nest in and camp all over
41 Orcs selling their brutish iron weapons offending the elves
42 Dwarf selling pots, pans cooking utensils and labour saving gadgets
43 Dwarf selling canned gruel, most shoppers are suspicious and find it appealing
44 Brownies selling some sleeping mortals an some stuff they had from a wheelbarrow
45 Satyrs selling wine from a barell, drinking more than they sell
46 Sprites selling honey cakes and blackbird pies
47 Goblin shamans selling bottles with imps and strange spirits and potions 
48 Golin alchemist selling cast iron hand greanises and fireworks and flints
49 Goblin tobacconist selling hemp cigars, pipe tobacco and cigarettes for elves
50 Goblin selling erotic looking vegetables with big drooling grin from a box
51 A puppet show but the goblin puppeteers keep breaking into fights

52 Elven bard singing a incredibly long epic poem that takes days to perform
53 Elven bard makes sleazy advances to the party
54 Hobgoblin selling human clothes and tools from a waggon
55 Vultureman astrologer with Hyenamen bodyguards, really is a mind reader 
56 Dark elf selling arcane drugs used by the most depraved sorcerers and wizards
57 Druid selling healing berries good for a day
58 Giant spider being milked by dark elf selling spider silk clothing and rope
59 Elf valkyrie selling silver weapons and holy items to fight evil
60 Unicorn rider selling unicorn poop, heals d4 if applied to wound or eaten
61 Dark elf sadist operating a whipping booth where people bring their naughtiest slaves
62 Bugbear selling shrunken heads, home made garottes and plush monster dolls
63 Executioner hobgoblin with beheading block and axe offering decapitation service
64 Butcher hobgoblin selling mead, giant bugs corpses and a frozen cube of trollmeat
65 Baker hobgoblin selling bread from cart, bone meal bread most popular with goblin kids
66 Hobgoblin selling wooden boxes and chests some with traps and locks
67 Kobolds selling traps, easy to install packed in boxes from a wagon
68 Haughty lizardman shaman with followers selling swampweed, bogweed and locoweed
69 Goblin selling pornographic fertility idols and erotic scrolls
70 Molemen selling potted flowers and baby fruit trees with roots wrapped in bundles
71 Goblin selling gremlins in bottles "just shake and throw to sabotage your enemies"

72 Hobgoblin shaman selling poison for blades and arrows or wells
73 Goblin selling mushrooms that cause minor mutations and 1in4 are permanant
74 Human selling kobolds in sacks with adorable accessories and costumes
75 Elf elder selling pipes, hookahs, pipeweed plus skull and wizard bongs
76 Goblin selling his grandma, "she can do anything and has loads of experience"
77 Elven book seller selling several beautiful illuminated elf books and some human woodblock printed works
78 Bugbear selling catfish and mushroom stew from stove in a barrow
79 Elf selling exotic tea from a samovar on a pushcart steered by an old goblin butler
80 Elf selling addictive magic novelty candy from huge jar carried on fat goblins head
81 Goblin running a bobbing for frogs stall in a half barrel, "winner gets a frawg!"
82 Elfmaid selling magic apples, some poison, some reduce age, some both
83 Nannygoat led by goblin selling magic goat milk
84 Goblin auction for a magic intelligent hen
85 Hobgoblin sailor selling strange idol from the south sea cannibal islands
86 Elf trading sea shells with other collectors very patiently (it was cool 800 years ago)
87 Goblin selling a monkey mr shanky, goes on stabbing rampages if he gets a knife
88 Elf selling hairy wildmen in a cage growling and spitting wearing only leaves
89 Dark elf selling zombie slaves, good for farm work and pickled in brine
90 A large treeman with goblin servants selling treeman sap potions that make goblins into hogblins and who knows what to humans
91 Goblin selling jumpers made from bugbear hair, outback 
bugbear barbers are busy
92 Satyr selling erotic statues of elmaids, dryads and nymphs
93 Centaur selling healing potions and manure in sacks, also tells fortunes

94 Goblin selling "huge melons, wont somebody buy my huge delicious melons!"
95 Goblin shaman selling idols that grant +1 on a save once
96 Goblin wizard apprentice drop out selling cantrips torn from his book
97 Rabbitman selling fox fur capes, hats and gloves
98 Elf selling slaver accessories and costumes for human prisoners
99 Dark elf selling bags of goblin seeds 2d4 viable in a dozen, take a week to grow a pod
100 Goblin teens selling drugs and stolen wine, keep giggling

Sunday 28 January 2018

Art contributors for update of Planet Psychon

Im looking for some art contributors for a pdf update of my Planet Psychon Setting - originally based on my want to not choose between gamma world and dnd
Planet Psychon Revision: Acid Punk Edition

Post apocalyptic weird science fantasy since 2013

Anyone want to contribute images to Planet Psychon?
A free crowd sourced non profit not for profit venture
Id happily feature all kinds of doodles, fanart, outsider art, or images preferably B&W that you own. Old art you have already sitting about is fine you don't need to make new stuff. This edition will be a acid punk theme version made to be more zine like cut and paste. I'm doing some collage for it and will be more "zine" in my design

I would consider other offers of input...
-like maps made with psychon tables
-pull quotes about how awesome Psychon is or what it is

Artists will be welcome to print multiple copies for various purpose

Images only to be used only in this mostly B&W free edition

It will be released on my Patreon and to contributors at least a month before public release

You can just email me image/s preferably as JPG or PSD + 30 word bio and contact info or a business card image to

Contributors info will be on dedicated pages

Stuff looking out for
-anachronistic incongruous tech in use or ruins
-strange or outre landscapes or ruins
-strange monsters and mutants adventurers

Last Version

more on blog here

Hellwood Bog Revisited

Ditto from last time
Revising these forest encounters Original Here
Mere d50 tables from early days on the blog
First 40 are original 41+ are new
Altered the preamble a bit again

The Hellwood Bogs (Primordial evil wood)
A sentient evil swamp full of hostile primitive plants and animals. Magical and sentient beings offend the bog which has been battling local Druids for millenia. Local Druids test themselves here. It keeps civilization away from the mountains. Cultists on the fringes and some evil druids worship the voice of the wood but it despises them. All life has a mean disposition dwell here. Even druids cannot trust the beast of this place because some are demons in disguise or bound to the evil swamp spirit. 1d4-1 ft of water is common with deeper patches with strong flowing river water.

1 Giant Centipedes - paralyze you then give birth to live young in your ear or eat you
2 Giant Spider - spindly legged yellow green orbs the size of dogs, occasionally in groups
3 Giant Scorpion, grey pony size scorpion, females have d100 large babies on their backs in spring 
4 Giant Snake, anaconda and larger snakes lurk in the water logged roots
5 Giant Toad, Vegetation grows on this citter hiding him
6 Giant Monitor Lizard, water loving giant monitors chase on land or water the same
7 Devil Beavers, build pit and steak traps, collapse dams on victims, collapse trees
9 Hyenadon, lone mangy hunters, can smell you from many miles away, old and mean
10 Sabretooth swamp tiger an ambush predator effective in land or water
11 Swarm of insects or leeches bedevil you for 2d10 rounds, inflicting 1pt per round
12 Giant Boars,  yellow skinned prehistoric porkers carry diseased pustules
14 Angry Demon Birds, Axe beak birds hunt for flesh, black with red beaks and legs
15 Strangle Vine, entangling vines entrap and then choke, other predictors may wait for this
16 Yellow musk creepers and zombies grow in many of the best campsites
17 Giant Geckos water walk with their padded toes and move very fast
18 A bubble of toxic swamp gas engulf all, reducing Con buy 1d4 for 24 hrs if fail save
19 Tar Pit, what seems safe is a sucking tar pit, which may contain mega-fauna or human undead
20 Swamp unicorn, scabby, dirty yellow shot unicorn inflicts disease by touch, cast stinking cloud
21 Cannibal cult - inbred swamp folk who dwell on the borderlands out hunting
22 Druid undergoing ritual test, he may join you for a while
24 A petrified log water crossing is really an insane undead treeant who hates humans
25 Dire Possum, try to get your food and run - mama possums can hurl babies at you from her tail
26 Evil Dire Squirrels pelt you with nuts and drive you into natural hazard 1hp/round
27 Giant Horned Chameleon - hides in tree waiting for passing snacks
28 Lost bandits - may be demoralized and surrender if you help them escape or feed them
29 Madman, driven from other people and drawn here, attempt to get close and backstab
30 Lord of the forest spirit animates a tree as evil Treeant with Druid spells
31 Blood Druid looking to feed the swamp with blood to appease it, giant leech followers
32 Intelligent evil animal magus demands the parties magic stuff, it has a familiar to help it
33 Black Druids planting zombies to aid the bog spirit
34 Crazy child the swamp protects, if child harmed or remove roll another encounter
35 Yellow Dragon, lays under mud awaiting prey near tempting patches of dry land
36 Velocer Raptor (real ones) a pack of 1m tall lil raptors menace the party
37 Yellow goblins with cauldrons and buckets of disgusting goop, stinking cloud like FX
38 Pterodactyl swoops down from blind spot silently, has a nest with babies in a nearby tree
39 Harpys fly about shitting and screaming, they also have bows with diseased arrows
40 The forest likes orcs as a perversion of the natural order, orc bands reside here with impunity
41 Reptilian cultists with lizard men guides on there way to their Naga masters shrine

42 Serpent men cultists with a stegosaurus
43 Cobramen cultists meeting their cobra masters for instructions and sacrifices
44 Savage giant frogs with teeth and claws out hunting in a pack
45 Frogmen with trained warfrogs on vine leaches
46 Mongrelmen gang in pathetic rags charge in hopes of being killed
47 Brown goblins live in ooze and mud where, busy burying their treasure and food in peat
48 Swamp hobgoblin skirmishers who rely on missiles and wolves to skirmish
49 Giant mutant swamp crabs size of shacks with vegetation growing on backs
50 Savage hyenamen with pet hyena hunting dogs on patrol for bones or meat to eat
51 Evil vultureman wizard and swamp cultists attack intruders to the death
52 Crab men building a mud castle where their queen and treasure are kept
53 Giant lobsters attack from ambush in the mud
54 Evil chaos ratmen with diseased weapons make a skirmish attack

55 Squidmen cultists have come to release spawn from the sea gods to mature here
56 Shoggoth crawls from a prehistoric well from when the swamp was young

57 Tyranasaurus has been looking for its lover a green dragon and has brought a buffalo
58 Giant black swamp dragon flies overhead, possibly will hurl a spell or acid from above
59 Pit with huge monster eggs guarded by d4 1=crocodiles 2=dinosaur 3=frog 4=dragon
60 Terror birds ridden by newtmen out on patrol and looking for trouble
61 Hideous part green dragon part trex young and hungry on the prowl
62 Ankylosaurus grazing in the swamp
63 Giant snapping turtle, 1in6 has six lizard men on a tiny fort on it's back
64 Ankylosaurus green dragon hybrid stalking a trackadon
65 Stegasaurus grazing stupidly angry at any movement
66 Swamp zombies from secret cult plantation growing drugs, zombies hungry wandered off

67 Swamp wight sleeps in a log or a bog and stalks living when dark enough
68 Evil lesser spirit plays pranks on explorers and ruins food and water
69 Goat cultists once human running wild with a demon their wizard mentor summoned
70 Walrusmen berserkers with big axes looking for love or chance to have a rage out
71 Werewolves out hunting with real wolves
72 Huge pack of wild swamp dogs will swarm against superior foes
73 Swamp kobolds with clubs and blowpipes try to ambush then swarm

74 Filthy swamp bugbears lie await in sludge and bushes for hours to take your head
75 Leechmen with man catchers want captives to become cattle
76 A diminutive race of duckling folk beserker bandits offer to escort you in the swamp
77 Bog Druid Mummy with zombies crawls from slime to attack and sacrifice intruders

78 Brontosaurus wallowing in muck happily but easy for swamp spirit to possess
79 Undead treant stump is a necromancer with undead plant minions he plants about

80 Medium spirit with multiple forms and powers stalks the party, aiding and warning enemies
81 Ghoul pack hungry for fresh flesh howl and charge
82 Giant snake stalks smallest party member

83 Deathknight riding a rotten wooly mammoth zombie with a magic club
84 Zombie dragon attacks from the muck with a necrotic breath attack

86 Revenant crawls from the mud to slay one victim
87 Skeleton sorcerers cultists from centuries ago arise from the muck
88 Mutated chimera thing once leader of a chaos warband now gibbering and idiotic
89 Invisible Stalker roams the swamp killing travellers

90 Witch living in shack, hideous old lady but she has disguise magic
91 Lady ogre magi witch sister trio preparing to cook a druid
92 Evil treant animated by the swamp god to destroy intruders
93 Dimetrodon pack slims out of water and are hungry and fully charged
94 Dozens of slumbering crocodiles
95 Several behemoth chao hippos which attack anything near their wallow
96 Giant yellow and black salamander tries to ambush a humanoid
97 Dracolisk hybrid black dragon and basilisk out looking for enemies
98 Shambling mounds arise from compost heaps
99 Invisible fever spirit spreads plague miasma over area infecting everyone
100 Mutant and mongrelman horde led vrom behind by a were cobra cultist

Saturday 27 January 2018

Back to BX, revising house rules

Writing up my basic rules again, hopefully simpler and more streamlined.
Want to provide 4 example characters of each class and race - exemplars or reskins
Idea is to show basic builds with the system and will do splatbooks with more later on just like real companies did. Should help new players get a character going fast which was a problem of my over the top skill lists.

these used these charts I will update- good for about 5 years of play
started shaving off unused parts of the rules

Some ideas to play with stats and uses for them too

DEX for MOV in Inches? or perhaps 1/2 DEX and STR & CON bonus?
STR adds damage to everything and DEX adds to hit for everything period
INT adds extra proficiency slots and can buy stuff outside your class or race
WIS gives you points you can reroll stuff with - thieves get a extra point per LV
CHA gives you comand radius, Morale Bonus and bonus flunkies, friends, lovers or pets
STR became the dump stat from doing all this in game

So Here Are Ideas for BX clases with sub types and reskins Im thinking of
I stupidly do everything in fours for some brain damaged reason
I can do spreads with one page class description
then one page with 4 sample characters for quick ideas
Mysteriously planet Psychon accommodated by this version...

Fighter (combat skill experts)
-knight, noble cavalrymen of high status
-yeoman, land owning rich farmer longbowmen
-gladiator, former slave or pit fighter has won freedom
-mercenary, soldier for hire belonging to a companyPossibly do marines, vikings, charioteers, scouts, etc

Cleric (divine magic worshippers)
-Inquisitor, hunts werewolves, witches, demons and unlawful spell casters
-Templar, warrior monk order guards pilgrims and holy places
-Hospitalar, military medics, healers and hospital defenders
-Friar, independant wandering rural poor preachers who maintain country shrines
Possibly do seperate cults and religions or evil, good and neutral priests

Theif (commerce skill experts)
-Assassin, specialize in murdering enemies and subterfuge
-Sailor, travellers on the sea who work ships and skills of the sea
-Charlatan, grifters, grubby merchants, schemers
-Bandit, sneaky outdoor scouts who live off the land
Possibly do beggars, bounty hunters, spy, jailer, jester, acrobat, merchant, etc

Wizard (arcane magic scholars)
-Necromancer, call on the powers of life, death and the underworld
-Elementalist, call creatures and powers of the elemental inner planes
-Summoner, call creatures and powers of the outer planar powers
-Enchanter, mostly make magic items and mind control to make money

Possibly do seperate elements and plane specialists etc

So the Secondary Classes I use
im less set on these

Monk (skill specialist artisans)
-Duelist, professional fighter or champion for hire
-Master, expert in a exotic fighting school style
-Executioner, profesional killer for society and state
-Sentinel, specialist guardians and security experts

Druid (Druidic Magic Worshipers)
-Green Robes, specialize if forestry and vegetation
-Brown Robes, specialize in animals and beastmen
-Black Robes, call on powers of death and make monsters to war on man
-Red Robes, specialize in bloody sacrifice and murder to cull man

Bard (Magical Diplomat Performers)
-Skald, barbarian poets and lore keepers
-Harlot (Rake), courtesans specialize in carnal arts
-Troubadour, idealistic mystic poets out to preach new heracies
-Mesmerist, master of confidence scams and mind control tricks for money

Possibly do other schools, sheppard, philosophers, rune masters etc

Sorcerer (Arcane Hedonist Cultists)
-Dracologist, carry taint of the draconic races
-Occultist, hidden worshipers of alien entities, outre gods or the old ones cults
-Somnambulist, dream travelling masters of illusion
-Demonologist, use demon patron granted power

Possibly do diabolists, chaos cults, angel sects, etc

Non Human Classes
Dwarf (greedy, squat, fighting folk)
-Morlock, dark dwarves, evil cannibalistic dwarves
-Mountain Dwarf, warrior dwarf culture
-Forest Dwarf, tree dwelling forest dwarves

-Tunnel Troll, short fighting trolls
Possibly do some other dwarves like the god Bes or Pygmies

Elf (magical kin to the gods) 
-Celestial or high elf mostly use priest magic, star travellers
-Sylvan or wood elf mostly use druid magic, forest wardens
-Magi or grey elves mostly use wizardry, obsessed occultists
-Eldren or planar elves mostly us Mentalism, dreamy hedonists
Possibly do bone elves, cave elves, arkane trolls, tieflings, etc

Halfling (small surprising explorers)
-Shireman, pleasure loving villager, all set for nice adventures
-Scout, sneaky forest patrolmen who protect their sedentary kin
-goblin, slimy repulsive goblins can be built reskining halflings
-Hedge Troll, short mostly harmless sneaky trolls

Possibly do tiny beast folk or mushroom folk

Gnome  (small magical nature folk)
-Black Cap, nasty selfish greedy gnomes, use evil priest spells
-Green Cap, like animals and nature and keep pets and druidry
-Grey Cap, like technology, steam automatons, guns and mechanisms
-Red Cap, nasty bandits who steal and dip hats in bloodPossibly do kobolds, hill trolls, blue caps, etc

My secondary Races

i could just do less here or do all the secondary classes and races later...
Or extra abhumans and changelings and only one giant and octopi type

Abhumans (Magical Human Hybrids)
-goatman, wild forest and mountain dwelling warriors
-mushroomman, fungus fleshed peaceful humanoids
-barbarian, huge primitive humans of the wilds
-great orc, huge orc human ogre hybrids

Possibly do icemen, magmamen, other animals, etc

Changelings (Magical Spirit Folk) 
-diabolic, devilkin shapeshifter
-angelic, angelkin shapeshifter
-cat spirit, animal spirit
-tree spirit, nature spirit 

Possibly do other nature, planar, elemental and animal spirits etc

Giant (gigantic humanoid monsters)
-chaos spawn, mutated monster freaks
-cyclops savage, cave dwelling shepherds
-ogre, brutish bandit monsters
-great troll, huge war beasts

Tako (cowardly magical octopus fairies)
-squid, sneaky skullduggery experts
-ammonite, wise scholarly elders
-nautilus, armoured dueling masters
-octopi, cowardly wizard creatures

One Day Maybe

-Paladin, Ranger, Shaman, Mystic
-Alchemist, Witch, Berserker, Warlock 

- long wanted to do a alchemist class who make living things

My SF Addons would be

-Psionic, Robot, Cyborg, Mutant
-Might be good in Planet Psychon with Robot Spell lists and mutations