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The War Against the Amphibians Part 3 Rumours and Treasures

The War Against the Amphibians Part 3 Rumours and Treasures
As the war wages and winds down you might want to deal with what happens after. Possibly after frogwar ends and they go back to frogland and to their secret prehistoric caves, many amphibians will remain. Some people might hate them, some might have a few working on farm and appreciate them. Water traders will value them as employees and for their marine engineering and irrigation knowledge. Possibly water wheels and other amphibian technology might catch on like mushroom houses. Frogtowns might spring up and also trade with halflings, sprites and faeriefolk and the underland. The amphibians who live to 5 years old start to regret their youthful rampaging and gullibility in the war. 

Let me know if any numbers or entries messed up as written over several weeks

Generally in my campaign  populations of the average kingdom/city are:
Human 60%
Demihuman 10%
Goblinoids & Orcs 10%
Beastfolk 20%
01-35 Abhuman (hulking beastfolk warriors)
36-70 Beastling (adorable halfling size)
71-90 Changeling (magical animal spirit folk)
91-100 Lycanthropes (cursed, mostly dangerous, eventually get control)

Other monsters and ogres and giants and trolls don't make the population list

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d10 Amphibian Superior Technology
1 Irrigation using covered tunnels to keep soil luscious and full of bugs
2 Aquaculture can grow crops on floating rafts and have fish, eels and bugs underneath
3 Mycoculture can grow fungus for magic, building, medicine and fungus creatures 
4 Domestic bugs giant and small as domestic animals for food or freight
5 Domestic worms often farmed in huge pits for food and recycling waste
6 Moving water with plumbing (bamboo) for fountains, gardens and taps
7 Water purification using biofilters and desalination programs or waterways (sell salt)
8 Amphibian domestication to breed smaller ones for food or giant ones for war or transport
9 Dam building which they share secrets often with beavers who are no1 mammals
10 Waterwheels for bullrush mills and other mechanical power needs like pumps

Other Significant Allies and Enemies
Amphibians actually like beavers who are the best mammals along with the platypus
will war with rats and enslave and eat them
Bugs and worms are mostly food and pets but they keep shrines for their gods to say thanks to their food. In ancient times amphibians conquered the earlier worm and bug and fish. Those creatures are more wary of amphibians than vice versa knowing their past loss and failure but they also know amphibians keep shrines of the worm and bug gods and they help spread them across the world and so amphibians are their least worse oppressors and enemies 
Amphibians are always superior to bug and worm and fish
Reptiles can be friend or foe, tending to think they are better. In recent aeons now reptilians weakened have been better friends and allies against the mammals
Elves and amphibians have no beef and avoid conflict, this goes back to the beginning
Dwarves and gnomes mingle with toads and olm but mostly get along
Halflings could be food for bigger amphibians or friends for smaller ones of same stature
Goblinoids can be friend or foe and have mutual interest in bugs and fungus and worms and may work or share communities together. Some goblins even become amphibian like
Orcs are bullies and don't respect amphibians if they can beat them, orcs are a new race and nasty and cruel and not to be trusted. Orcs dont get goblinoid and amphibian mingling

Humans are newcomer upstarts who have ruined the world and dominated nature. Humans are the start of a whole range of complaints like reptiles, flowers, bees, fire and other bad things. Humans as it turns out are subject to lycanthropy and other magical transformations into amphibians so can be good or friends. Humans are good at working growing slime, harvesting bugs and even tadpole care. After the war humans might just get jobs working for frog farmers. Swamp folk who hate civilised folk come to prefer frog rule and readily adopt amphibian cults.

After the war as things settle down, you will get to play out the impact. By the next war many people might be over amphibians (i recommend a yearly war that leads to the next etc forever). After the war some amphibians with useful skills at terrible jobs might thrive. Farmers trapping big bugs to sell to frogland traders might start breeding them. Farmers and fishers will rapidly adopt frog farming secrets like water management and may employ amphibian experts. Poor homeless frog folk might end up cheap labour, recruited by bandits and exploited. Especially when people discover how impressionable they are when they leave the water as adults at four. Amphibian shanty towns might form and some might even co-mingle with bugtown. 

d12 Amphibian Tech
In early war use d4 and increase as time goes on to a d10, at apocalyptic scale d12 means law and chaos have stepped in to escalate the end times
1 Wild - as tadpoles and communicate in emotive croaks, crawl out of water as adults aged four, mostly unarmed but will throw rocks or unarmed attacks 1in6 use a club or pick up a dropped weapon
2 Feral - use clubs and will carry simple human weapons and tools, start copying words in amphibian or human
3 Tribal - hunting weapons, javelin, spear, shortbow, atlatl, dart, lasso, shield, 2-h club, mace, bola, net, shields, mostly made from skin, sinew, woven, teeth, tusks. Often wear masks and nomadic, often have a pet
4 Barbarian - hunting weapons but 1in6 with copper axes and tools and daggers and shortswords, farm bugs and bug food and fungus, massive earthworks, trenches, fish traps, megalithic rocks and tombs, dams and warriors with leather armour, have domestic bug and amphibian monster pets
5 Settlers - armored in bronze scale and equiptment, more disciplined professionals, often a phalanx of spear and shield with elites with axes and maces who jump over shield walls and attack enemy lines from behind. Build walls, mudbrick, bronze and ancient technology, specialists use monstrous prehistoric giant amphibians with handlers in war, wheeled vehicles, walls and siege weapons
6 Warlords - iron and some steel, old fashioned kingdoms who often produce raiders or fight each other, often control d4 slave species including humans or weaker amphibians. Cavalry and war beasts. Late iron age catching up to humans in leaps and bounds 
7 Imperial - professional modern-ish military caste of a frog urbanised civilisation far away or hidden, often include specialist colonial vassal troops of earlier types. Literate and contemporary technology and scholarship. Regard selves as superior nation helping lesser evolved species
8 High - advanced often decadent renasciance dandies, who use gunpowder, incendiaries, alchemy, wear lace and wild rapiers and flintlocks and muskets. Advanced ships and fortifications. Often raid less civilised species
9 Fey - amphibian folk from faerie land, many more are magical using wizardry or druidry and more magical creatures and weapons. Styles more like faerie and elven courts
10 Elemental - plane hopping amphibians worshipping elemental lords, use various kinds of magic and strange creatures
11 Chaos - use all kinds of random and improvised weapons, armour and tools. Worship and summon tentacled amphibian chaos creatures from primordial chaos. Some lean into demonic cults or cults of the old ones or things of the outer void. Many are mutated and use magic
12 Law - advanced amphibian time travellers sent by the archons to destroy chaos 1=
steam tech wizards, mechanised land leviathans for war or mobile towns, balloons, steam half-track with gatling gun or artillery 2=deco tech tanks, conscripts with rifles, cars, biplanes 3=cyborg special forces with automatic weapons and dropship or APC or gunship or mech 4=ray guns, AI saucer craft and hover platforms

Cheap Frogwar Food, Vice and Music
During the war cheap amphibian mystery meat is available at 4 pounds per cp. Toadskin leather armour and items appear on market. Frogburgers become common everywhere. A few humans learn to eat bugs or resort to them in the poorest times and revert when things are better. Music and songs appear as amphibians use bards for the military like no other species. Despite war going on cross-cultural influences on both sides increase. Frog Grog and Frog weed become very popular among troops until lords of the kingdom ban them realising addiction is a key amphibian weapon. These bans do little and help spread amphibian crime, culture and vice more. 

After war, lots of peasants get jobs in frogland as bug herders and tadpole carers, and lots of amphibians get farm work as they are good with managing water and plantations. Occasionally after the war some human will get the idea of breeding up a bunch of amphibian slaves for a farm or even banditry or other schemes.

d100 Gossip
01 All that croaking I can't sleep at night it's driving me buggy!
02 Those croaks are secret messages from frog spies
03 My grandpa said the next frog war would be the worst and had a special hidden shelter to wait it out
04 All these filthy huge bugs everywhere thankfully I've seen more toads around eating them
05 Old mick was catching swamp frogs for stew and never came back
06 I saw this frog just watching me, I tell you its always spying on me, especially at dinnertime
07 My grandma had a huge toad living under a step she used to talk to I wonder if she was a witch?
08 Lots of rain around the house, had to shoo lots of big frogs and toads out from the house
09 Lots of pet cats and dogs have vanished lately, and mice and the rats
10 I heard a voice among the croaks lask night telling me to leave this place or kill myself
11 I've never seen the streams and wells so full and teaming with tadpoles
12 Fisher folk have been disappearing and river trade has been held up 
13 Had some of those swamp folk come out poking around our area, disgusting thieving freaks
14 Had some weirdos from city asking for where the loudest croaking was in the area and they gave a silver coin and marched off that way. They seemed rich and in funny robes
15 After the rains of the last full moon almost everyone in the Dead Donkey tavern was murdered by some kind of loner who got mad and turned green, killing all in the tavern and was immune to harm!
16 Some bard came around and shared lots of strange drinks and tobacco and now all the kids are singing their songs. Seems strange they sing about the good king of frogland and how the frogs will spare you from work and tax
17 Some guy came round and convinced a mob to go hunt these mutant frog lovers and they never came back. Except for the guy who led them, I reckon I saw them again in the fog one night
18 I heard even after the damn amphibians go we will be finding monsters everywhere they left in every well and spring. I guess well have to pay to have them taken away
19 I knew an old toad in the river and he was really old and helpful and loved for generations, Maybe they ain't all bad
20 I saw a giant toad gobble up a cat! All our pets and familiars are in danger
21 The poor priest had to chase huge frogs out of the church for hours, hopping all over the altars, knocking over candles, those damn dirty godless beasts
22 We had a nest of giant bugs once and the local newt elder got tribe to clear them all out for nuthin and nobody got hurt. I guess them frawgs had a good feast
23 I used to torture frogs as a child, i know they will get me, always watching
24 In a distant village a hopping madness has broken out. The village build a deck in the square for them and played music to help but it has only spread
25 A stranger staying with seasonal workers was some king of were-newt monster, before the full moon, it was talking about how the workers should rise up against the king for days
26 The frog king has declared a holiday and we should all stop working this bard was singing right out in the open
27 Be careful I heard amphibians in a septic tank snatched several people in a few towns, check your cistern before your ablutions my friend or an amphibian will snatch you up
28 Some boats at nigh turned our to be full of amphibians
29 The big ones will beat a man but the small ones are kind of pathetic like beating up a kid and make good slaves or pets
30 Say what you want about amphibians they make the best grog, its probably made from bugs of worms but it makes you feel tough
31 A local farmer had his work pony eaten by frogs but now he got one of them giant pack bugs the frogs use and it eats less and fears nothing
32 I met a man who was liberated from a frogger slave camp and he had to carry tadpoles on his back and grow it lettuce, it was terrible
33 Some people have started eating bugs but mark my word they will start with the frog taint soon
34 A village caught a toad magistrate and discovered he has a genius for detecting lies and fair judgment and now he is the local village magistrate of the farmers court
35 Best keep away from water by night, amphibians can see better and pounce on you before you see them
36 I saw a frog talk to a beaver and now the area is flooded I tell you
37 Making frogs have a wedding makes the old rail gods happy and send a shower so lots of frogs is getting married now
38 My idiot son ran home last night yelling "The frogs are coming! The frogs are coming!" but it was only the fog
39 I heard croaking in the city sewers I tell you and if you looked down with a light you see tiny eyes looking back
40 I've been eating frogs for years, just poison the waterhole then make frog stew
41 If a frog talks to you don't believe its lies about restoring your virginity
42 See when your wrestling a giant toad they can just swallow your face while holding your arms which is unfair I say and frogs and newts is too slimy and flexible to wrestle
43 Those fire toads are the worst like little hopping hell hounds, they put em around camps as guards
44 An ice toad is deadly but worth a fortune, can keep in an underground cold store to for preserving food or making ice 
45 A wizard explained it to me once the basic fire salamander is a fiery creature from the realm of fire or deep in the fire beneath the earth that borders with hell. Those more demonic half human-looking ones are the worst, I heard they are some kind of efreeti or demon hybrids. Frost salamanders are the cold version of fire ones. And a firenewt is a race of fire loving newts that walk and fight like humans
46 I went down to the creek to see some local hooligan lads drinking with frogs down by the river, they was laughing and drinking and having a wonderful time probably planning the annihilation of humanity
47 Lots of strange rich travellers heading towards the frogs, I don't get It If I had money Id go far away to keep filthy newt hands off me
48 I heard a were frog bard seduced the townswomen and now there are werefrogs everywhere in the area taking over and acting like crooks
49 I heard the frogs and the thieves guilds have made a deal and there are nobles in on it too
50 Frogs will treat us better than goblins would if you think about it and the commoner's lives might not be much different than currently. The poor are already hopping mad
51 I heard a town hired a frog finder to root out local spies and mutants and amphibian sympathisers perhaps we need that in these parts
52 I heard some guy agitated local drunks to beat up the riverboat folk and now we got frog merchants and troops arrived instead to replace them
53 I say we should go up to the hills and call the old snake folk down who ruled these lands once I bet they would sort out a bunch of stupid amphibians!, What we need is snake wizards!
54 I saw some giant insect folk camped by the river with all their belongings and now the amphibians swept through the bug folk had all gone
55 Typically a frogling grows from a three year old tadpole to a small frogling humanoid for a year then about a third grow into hulking abhuman fighting brute beast folk
56 Frog folk are obvious but the smaller climbing frogling ones with the colours are poison and use their venom in dart and arrow tips striking while hidden in vegetation. They might be hiding anywhere, worse than halflings
57 Frog folk don't like most dragons but will deal with the celestial ones assigned by heaven to operate weather, wells and other landmarks. Their titanic prehistoric ancestors are considered true and original dragons and the scaly lizards are just imitations
58 Amphibians are toxic secreting poisons that kill or blind or cause visions or pain, some are sticky nasty glues that impedes bite attacks against them. Most taste bad but some are edible but require skinning
59 I heard poor innocent loggers floating logs downstream were forced to run cruel gauntlets by frog folk making them balance on huge logs or survive swiming between the logs in the river
60 I heard frogs talking about eating a babies legs to try them out before letting us all pass, it was terrifying incident
61 I heard frogs had guns, who gave them guns, surely they are not smart enough 
62 Worked with a toadman miner once, stout fellow moved lots of earth. Seemed alright. Eventually, he retired and bought a cottage
63 I saw a giant frog eat horse on a bridge and dragged the wagon over as well, two people died, a tragedy
64 I saw these huge newts in the river and one made a rude gesture and they swam away, I was shocked I thought they were just dumb and thoughtless
65 I heard local goblins have helped the amphibians which surprised me, won't frawgs just eat em?
66 There are lots of weird frog cults so beware, some are alright others like sacrifices or worse, each cult has different magic and methodology but generally, they are chaotic but not all evil
67 Frogs broke into the tanner's house by the stream and burned his it and his business down, warning that polluters will pay or something
68 Back in my town folks would antagonise fishfolk and frogfolk to fight each other so neither could threaten the locals after their losses. Just kill some with enemies weapons and dump them in the right place and let monsters do the rest
69 My water tank is full of spawn I feel so dirty
70 I met a man who wanted to buy amphibian books or inscriptions, seemed od may be a wizard
71 My cousins got carried off to frogland and sent me a letter saying they love it and have made lots of gold and inviting me to join them
72 Those newts seem much bossier and disciplined with better arms and armour. Salamanders seem the flashiest. Toads are grumps who want resources, frogs are the most erratic and most are young and gullible
73 A frog warrior can fight at four and a couple can lay 10 000 eggs, I think we better learn to live with big frog and the amphibian overlords
74 I heard in the north an amphibian elder wizard on a glass machine laid waste to an army
75 The river has giant newts and salamanders everywhere and you have to be careful, they hide well and snap off a limb if they can
76 I saw a bunch of singing tadpoles, some bard was coming up to water and getting them to sing, darndest thing I ever saw
77 I heard a washerwoman was seduced by a frog by the river, best we keep an eye on each other in these troubled times
78 Ive got past frog roadblocks a couple of times, give them some food like some fish and some grog and stay chill and they will let you pass for sure
79 I was camping in ruin once and heard some cultists fighting over who was using the ruin that night for a black mass when a third cult came with a bunch of frogs and killed them all
80 I heard frogs catapulted spore bombs into a stockade and the men inside choked to death or surrendered
81 I've seen some huge fungus lately, some up to my waist
82 I heard of a peoples frog crusade recruiting youths to march for peace into frogland, sounds kinda dangerous to me but they wouldn't listen
83 Free party tonight for everyone fleeing amphibians, gonna be music, dancing and free beer, sounds just like what people need
84 I've seen amphibians naked with clubs who barely taught and others that wore fish leather and bone shields but these wore uniforms and had crossbows and swords
85 I saw a man commanding giant toads he was given them orders and they hopped away, but I couldn't see his face
86 As soon as winter comes those amphibians will brumate and will be gone no problems, it all be over by the first snow
87 I've seen frogs play this game like football it looks really good we should give it a go
88 There was a village that had newtling slaves and when the big war newts came in armour they slaughtered the people and fed to giant salamander mounts
89 I heard the frogs have been making floods, putting up moats and streams and thornbush hedges slowly choking the land from humans
90 I saw some elves and frogs talking and go their separate ways like they was friends
91 I met a gnome who bought a ring to survive being swallowed by a toad but he had not tried it out yet
92 I heard of a farmer that raised a bunch of frogs from tadpoles and he got years of work from him before they escaped and he said it was still worth doing again
93 I saw newt knights saving some commoners from a troll once, those newts seem pretty seem disciplined and civilised
94 I knew a farmer who gave the frog boss money to leave his farm alone and it seemed to work
95 All those stories about kissing magic frogs, they are wicked lies spread by witches in service of amphibians
96 I heard the frog king eats puppies and kittens the monster!
97 In the court of the amphibian monarch are dozens of cult idols, and hundreds of dancers and soldiers and the royal champion, and various magical advisors. There are fountains and fabulous decorations everywhere and sights unseen by humans
98 The amphibian ruler keeps a harem of lovers, many prisoners from wars, living in their heathen palace of luxury would be a fate worse than death
99 When amphibians mention their reverend ancestors they really mean it. Their ancient elders from the aeons can awake in subterranean vaults and speak to their young descendants in person then return to sleep
100 Amphibians have lots of weird cults and not all are so bad. But amphibians reach for calling their gods quickly as an option in every war, they have so many lesser divinities, spirits and elemental lords

d10 Quick Frog Item Types
01 Amphibian Vice
02 Amphibian Utility
03 Amphibian Weapons
04 Amphibian Jewellery
05 Amphibian tools
06 Amphibian Instruments
07 Amphibians artworks
08 Amphibians lore
09 Amphibians Clothes 
10 Amphibians relics

d100 Amphibian War Items
1 Magic Bug Jar - once a day can pull out a delicious 500g delicious live bug, a different one each day worths a meal. Humans prefer to cook bugs generally but they can be used for pranks, distractions and more 800gp
2 Shroom Staff - 50+d100 charges, touch surface with staff and say the magic word and a 30cm mushroom sprouts. If used on a living being as struck the fungus is rooted into the victim and causes d4 damage. Can be decorative, fashion, food (not ones grown on living people) or to feed your giant bugs 300gp
Pipe of the Frog - allows you to smoke all kinds of herbs, minerals or drugs without addiction or bad side effects 1500gp
 Frog Wax - a jar of d4 doses of sticky goop can rub on skin or clothes all over. Anything biting user save or mouth attack useless for d4+1 rounds as the mouth is glued shut and painful. Many animals require a morale check to avoid fleeing. Good for only one giant bite, or 2d4 human size or smaller bites 50gp per dose
5 Frog Pill - causes you to shed skin over one hour and if you eat it you gain +d4HP and a point of Charisma that lasts a d4 days 100gp if used for a year save or turn into a frog folk
Frog Weed - smokable euphoric, if smoked daily for a week jump increases by 3m, each week of use save vs addiction, once hooked -1CHA from warts and crave wallowing in a bath daily (can do in sleep). Frog weed comes in a pressed block good for 20 pipes to half that in cigarettes worth 1gp. Smokers use clay or wood pipes with frog faces on them, some collect and price caries from 1cp to 10gp or more for a noble or king  
Frog Grog - alcoholic drink tainted with frog weed, drink a pint -d3 DEX but drink six pints gain d4 HP for a d4 hours. Addiction save every six pints, fail and skin becomes green and sweaty and eyes bulge and voice becomes croaky and the effects last for a day instead of d4 hours. Drinkers consider these effects a game and bandits like to get "hopped up, 1sp a pint
8 Paternity Toad - can tell if female is pregnant, must be fed bugs, lives for 15 years 45gp some 1in6 in final years can determine if more than one child
9 Marsh Lotus Seeds - the poor version of black lotus, smoked or injected or dust is snuffed, improves low light vision for an hour, save for addiction each use or crave daily. Once addicted gain lowlight vision as long as using daily. A save every full moon using or dream of the great and terrible toad god who offers you power and forbidden lore if you just open some gates. Comes in a pod with d4+2 for 60gp or 12gp a single seed 
10 Newt Wine - this black fortified strong aniseed drink, save or fall over for d6 turns of spasms and nightmares on success pupils change and become serene, can detect magic for an hour 6 shots in a 60gp bottle or 14 gp a shot, its recipe is a secret of underground newt folk   
11 Frogskin Bottle - actually made of animal hide can store 8L of water but folds into palm of your hand when empty 30gp 
12 Wand of insect detection - d50+50 charges each lasts a ten minute turn and detects bugs by size in 100m even through soil or 3m stone useful for snack or monster hunting 800g
13 Rod of Fungus - three powers use one per day 1) make a bracket fungus ladder or staircase grow on a surface 3m/Lv 2) cushion a fall with puffballs that cover a 3m circle, save or sneeze d4 rounds, huge fungus will grow in the spot for years 3) cure fungus related poison useful for for tasting mystery fungus or your pet bugs or worms who ate wrong type 1200gp
14 Frog Sack - looks like it holds 10L or ENC but holds 4 times that without showing 400gp
15 Sack of spores - an instant fungus garden just sprinkle spores at dusk and by morning is done, thrives best in dark damp place but fills a 9m circle with giant fungus, including a hut size toadstool, edible mushrooms, a d4 shrieking fungus and a 1% chance of  d4 1= violet fungus 2=gas spore 3=yellow mould 4=fighting fungus (as a treant) 400gp 
16 Spawn Bottle - car with some amphibian spawn in it d4 1=amphibian abhuman beastfolk 2= giant frogs 3=prehistoric giant salamander 4=newtling. Jar keeps alive until they can climb out 400gp makes parenting easier or used tp plant monstrous amphibians in human land   
17 Frog Rattle - sound keeps amphibians quiet with a single rattle for a d4 rounds within 300m, adult amphibian folk and giant amphibians get a saving throw, used by amphibian parents to quieten kids 120gp 
19 Baby Icetoad - keeps everything cool in a chest for long-life food, one day it will escape, grow and eat people. Eats a rat a month or grows gigantic. Comes in a 30L food stocked chest 3000gp 
20 Baby alarm toad - by keeping this toad in a treasure heap or chest it will croak excitedly when opened or exposed to light expecting to be fed worms, live 15 years 80gp
21 Frog Club - d6 damage frog-headed iron root tree wooden club, if roll natural 1 to hit gain extra unarmed attack from a clumsy accident 600gp
Frog Javelin - causes d6 damage but on a natural 20 roll the target must save or be changed into a bullfrog, once this feature has been used the item loses all abilities 600gp 
23 Newt Trident - magic +1 trident wielder can squirt a litre from his trident 12m once per level a day or can be in a refreshing mist form 1200gp
24 Fire Toad Breath Pill - once eaten save or take d6 damage, after 3 saves immune to this effect, can spit a range 40m d6 firebolt per round for a d4+1 rounds 200gp 
25 Amphibian Blade - +1 +3 vs aquatic creatures, wielder get no penalties fighting in water or on a boat or due to weather in water 1600gp
26 Amphibian Throwing Stick d4 thrown stick returns to hand if it doesn't hit anything, mostly used to scare birds for hunting in marsh 20gp
27 Amphibian Sling - makes a dozen pieces of ammo a day appear as needed if ammo out and +1 +3 vs snakes 1200gp
28 Newt Net - Hooked war net inflicts d4 damage on netted victims and each round they struggle to escape, spend an action to get an escape save, a skilled newt will initially entangle a limb then next successful attack entangle their body 60gp
29 Salamander Blade - +1 and on command bursts into flame for extra d4 damage, has an angry bound elemental spirit within 2500gp
30 Sheild Glue - smeared on a shield helps waterproof it but within a d3 hours anyone missing the target by the number of the target's shields AC benefit will have their weapon trapped and require a save to break free, a skilled user can use an action to disarm the weapon with a STR roll 30gp  
31 Amphibian Torc - talk to any amphibian for a ten minute turn a day, allows a were amphibian to control their transformations to at will, 600gp or 2000gp to a lycanthrope
32  Ring of Spawning - worn by one parent during amplexus or lovemaking to double the amount of children or eggs produced, has a frog face on it 1500gp a cursed kind 1in6 makes human children become frog folk at adolescence
33 Frog Ring - hold breath underwater a turn per level and can drink through your skin especially your belly 750gp
34 Cricket Crank Broach - a gold cricket shaped broach, squeeze once and it chirps making crickets in 100m to chirp for 3d6 rounds helping you find snacks or obfuscation efforts or if squeezed twice silence them useful on giant cave crickets 150gp
35 Newt Armband lets wearer sprout gills at will and able to breathe freshwater 2000gp 
36 Toad RIng - an extra 3m on any jumps and may burrow backwards with bottom at Mov 3, user is quite happy buried in soil like a toad 1200gp  
37 Poison Frog Broach - pretty gem frog produce venom, ten arrows for one use or one melee weapon for a fight per day, poisons strength may vary but often save or 2d4 damage 1200gp
38 Newt Eye Necklace - of gens that look like string of eyes, wearer has 360 degree vision and nightvision 1000gp
39 Salamander Ring - can ignore effects of smoke and see-through flame and gain infravision 1200gp
40 Tiara of the Toad Queen, protects wearer from charm spell effects 2000gp
41 Hypnotic Bejewelled Amphibian Goggles - glare at victim eye to eye 3three times a day, fascinate the victim who fails a save for d4 rounds staring at the goggles 1500gp
42 Bucket of Bugs - bucket full of bugs, once a day feed d4 human size amphibians 800gp
43 Crozier of the Frog - d6 staff +3 to hit or catch giant insects, gold leaf-covered water worn long stick, end can glow at night like a lamp attracting bugs 2000gp
44 Frog Lantern - green jade idol holds a candle inside if lit produces fumes of incense and eerie green light all in 10m save or in relaxing in a mild trance for an hour, then strange visions from the lantern of the primordial age where amphibians ruled over bugs and worms in the darkness of the primordial swamp. The illusion lasts a turn and all-seeing it save or become strangely interested in amphibian cosmology paving the road for cult conversion. 2000gp were frog bards were caught putting on shows with this at a party in the swamp
45 Frog Brazier - frog-shaped bronze incense burner used by the cult for burning frogweed, a normal score burned here effects all in 30m if not windy or indoors 400gp also used by cult to bbq meat on sticks
46 Wizard Fog Frog Bong - once a month this can call by night a cloud of fog covering 1km a circle if smoked and the frog wizards belly rubbed 800gp the fog is mysterious and smells manky 
47 Butterfly Net - +4 to catch small insects, butterflies or tiny fairies or gnomes, once a day catches a sparkling glittery bug that heals a d4HP and squirms deliciously 1500gp 
48 Frog Knife - cannibal amphibian cult made this +1 +3 vs amphibians, can heal 1HP a day by using gagger to prepare meal and butcher an amphibian over one hour, some humans want these as amphibians don't like them 1200gp
49 Salamander Bane - sword +2 +3 vs amphibian +4 vs flaming or elemental fire creatures, sword is intelligent and hates enemies, goading weilder into fight as it speaks 3000gp 
50 Crown of the Amphibian Elder, + reactions bonus with amphibians and associated cults, once per day can cure parasites by touch, once per day summon a feast of delicious bugs and worms for a dozen that heals a d6HP, can speak with all amphibian creatures 6000gp
Frog Flute - a brass pipe once a day can cause all in 6m to dance if they fail a saving throw for 2d4 rounds, -2 to attack and AC while dancing unless a skilled dancer who can ignore penalties 2000gp
52 Frog Drums - if played near frogs at night they will croak along to your tune 1200gp
53 Frog Horn - three times a day form fog in 30m circle around user 1000gp
54 Toad Banjo - once per day can fascinate 2d4 HD of victims for d4+4 rounds 1000gp
55 Newt Lute - can cast charm person 3 times a day, while playing have +1 CHA as long as is half in water, used for newt Romeos in spawning season then sold off 2000gp
56 Salamander Harpsicord - ornate and bulky and fragile but worth 12000gp for a tiny one only 30 ENC. Humans are fascinated by salamander music devices
57 Salamanders Lute - fireproof, hides a +1 shortsword, tinderbox, box of 12 matches, a hipflask of brandy and all dice fo fire damage has -1 per dice reduced. Has carvings of fire salamanders swimming in the firesea 3000gp 
58  Frog Bagpipes - screeching horrible instrument played by frogs for battle signals and to make scary noises by night before battle 30gp
59 Frog Mouth Organ - wind instrument that makes organ-like sounds, some have keys to produce different sounds. Tiny 20gp Large 30gp Keyed 65gp
60 Frog Squeezebox - all the rage with youth for dances, a sure way to be popular 40gp for a common one 120gp for a fancy mother of pearl key one, has caught on from ones taken from frogs
61 Froglords Banner - all amphibians fighting under this banner are +3 Morale and +1 hit and damage, the flagbearer usually stays close to the leader within 9m for the effect to work and is usually held by a bard 10000gp
62 Cup of the Froglords - fit for a king gold cup with gems, purifies all drinks placed inside (or put in a well to help purify water over time), improves and makes louder your singing voice 10000
63 The Ancestral Book - holy text with gold and jewels on cover, illustrated with scenes of festive celebrations with frog gods attending, others ones fighting rat gods or offering worshipers licks of their poison glands to reach ecstatic communion with the amphibian ancestors, once a week using power in book can call 3d6 hours of rain with a hour-long frog wedding ceremony 3000gp
64 The Amphibian Genesis Tapestry - a 40m long tapestry showing the elder amphibian ruling in the swamp before the first dawn and later battles with reptilians then humans, a deal with elves and dwarves over wetland territories and showing ancestors of current amphibian rulers from centuries ago 10000gp an incomplete section depicts some threat to the universe then stops
65 The Toad Kings Cannon - a bronze monstrosity that if broken is still a good battering ram requiring 2 oxen or giant toads to pull, can fire once an hour a stone cannonball as long as has a qualified crew with gunpowder. 10d6 damage should weaken any contemporary castle 10000gp is covered in relief art of toad demons   
66 The Holy Log of Truth - made from a beloved treant corpse, ruling frog judges sit on it in court cases, kings are crowned on it and any sitting on it can only speak the truth. The log is hollow and prisoners are often stuffed in it to be interrogated. The log also is a drum that can be heard 6km away with four drummers 6000gp Humans will want this item too
67 Chariot of the Frogs - a golden chariot can summon four giant frogs to pull it, works on land or water and will jump objects as well as its frogs in harness. A charioteer must operate it but three others can ride inside all are at least AC+5, once summoned a team may be tamed and trained. Only one team a month can be called 6000gp ancient amphibian ancestors came to spawn a civilisation long ago in this long ago
68 Sceptre of the Frog Gods - +3 mace but in royal amphibian hands +5 in amphibian hands, and once per day cast fog cloud, summon insect swarm or shoot 6d6 lightning bolt. gold rod with frog-shaped bronze head 5000gp or 10000gp for amphibian rulers 
69 Golden Lilly Pad - this relic floats on command of who sits on it and can fly 24 or just hover at a walking pace which is the main use. Frog wizards and kings like this 8000 gp can carry up to 4 people or one very fat frog folk
70 Palanquin of the Amphibian Emperor - a 6m luxurious platform of silk pillows, with a eventful hooka and a gold bucket of everful delicious snack bugs and worms, it floats 1-3m above the ground at normal foot speed, It can carry one ton of cargo and has an option for a fine silk tent to keep off rain and the sun. With a clap summons an Imp with a fan or an imp with umbrella or an imp with a bucket of crispy cooked spiced locusts for an hour each per day. It has a bronze chain for favourite prisoners at the feet of the sitter and plays exotic amphibian music. It follows the commands of the principal sitters thoughts. If not flying can be carried by sixteen slaves worth 20000gp sometimes the carriers are really disguised warriors pretending to be lifting the palenquin
Songs of the Amphibian translated into the Common Speech a six-volume set of books that the amphibians have been copying to learn common. Each volume is worth 60gp (d6 ENC)  but a full set of six the same edition is worth 400gp, the illustrated print edition with 12 coloured plates per volume is worth double
72 Wisdom of the Elder Amphibians - collected wisdom of ancestors thoughts at random and often contradictory as different writers take over in an amphibian script. Illuminated with illustrations gives reader basics of great ages of pre-human supremacy 200gp
73 The Erotic Adventures of Johnny Hopps translated into human and spread around battlefield, humans find the rascally frog antics amusing which church frown on frog smut, but still common and in print 40gp
74 Treasures of the Amphibians - a guidebook from a mercenary in the frogwars who examined lots of amphibian goods in war booty but some wrong or misleading 120gp
75 Seeing Otherworlds Through Toads and Salamanders - a guide to licking amphibians to see visions of other worlds, the writer travelled world illustrated and licked amphibians, includes some antidotes and poison and drug formula 450gp
76 I Toad, popular biography of an existential philosophical toad and her dor thoughts and poems. Parts deal with his foolish youth as a privileged rural noble. Translated and spread around the battlefield and literary tea houses 200gp 
77 Dynasties of the Elder Amphibians - written in amphibian detailing thousands of generations of rulers and their battles suppressing bugs and worms then lizards and snakes and dinosaurs 600gp
78 The Hoptown Dispatches - a collection of documents in various amphibian dialects and common with notes on translating and a dictionary. The premier scholar account of amphibian literacy. More recent editions have more essays and some improvements as errors fixed 120gp
79 Croaks of Wisdom - book of amphibian cults and religions, various versions in amphibian script most favour one sect. Includes common prayers and customs for impressing amphibian religious visitors 300gp for common version, older ones in amphibian are prised by amphibian priests as these books might be aeons old d4+4 x100gp
80 Geneology of Amphibian Peoples - describes all the breeds of beastfolk huge and small and how they interrelate. Includes detail of Frogland and other amphibian kingdoms and the various tribes of folk there. Has some illustrations of amphibian waterwheels and irrigation methods and water-based farming 180gp
81 Salamander Capes - made for noble friends of fire newts or salamander fire cults. Resistant to fire attacks +2 saves and -1 point of damage per dice, from finest salamander skin and asbestos with intricate designs from rockworm silk 1400gp some keep them on a wall 
82 Frog Mask - can ignore poor visibility in the water and hold breath for one ten minute turn
18 Sacred Frog Knife - small concealable d3 damage knife but vs any snake creature does d4+2 800gp
83 Frog Hat - floppy leather hat with googly eyes increases visual range to 360 degrees making surprise harder 800gp
84 Salamander Stockings shiny and always moist and slippery green, amphibians find they provide all moisture needed to live but some humans like them because they are long-lasting and easy to clean and good for walking in filth 200gp
85 Frog Boots - increases wearers jump +9m 1500gp
86 Frog Gloves - makes makes swim speed as good as land speed 800gp
87 Newtscrest - smaller newts buy fancy and elaborate crest enhancers useless and inexplicable to humans but worth 3d6gp in silver and gold and shiny bits
88 Amphibian Cloak - wearer may become a were frog at will, able to become a vicious giant frog (or other amphibian type preset in the ring) or a hybrid, each use wearer must save or they become a true lycanthrope. If a lycanthrope of another type uses it 1000gp
89 Newt Tail - an artificial limb for newts and salamanders who lose tails, Place on base of your spine and it attaches and becomes living, adds +3 to swim speed 600gp
90 Axalotl Collar - allows wearer to regrow lost or damaged organ or body parts, fingers take a week, hand or foot in a month, whole limb 3 months, usually used to heal someone then passed on but 3000gp
91 Toad Idol - if these palm-sized statuettes are planted a giant toad grows and erupts from it a day later, the toad favours amphibians over humans but will contently guard treasure as long as has bugs and moisture 400gp
 Frog God Idol - can store a 1st Lv spell cast into it, weighs 8kg. Each night your spell is stored have increasingly weird dreams of the frog god whispering to you sweet deals and offers 1500gp
93 Toad Skin Scrolls - clerical create food spells but they make giant juicy grubs humans are less thrilled by 80gp
94 Staff of the Toad - summon three times a day a swarm of hopping angry toothed toads 2200gp
Staff of the Amphibian, once a week summons an 8HD water elemental, once per day can summon rain or fog for one hour, once per day can summon insect swarm (can be a non-stinging swarm of tasty bugs for friends). The staff is +2 +4 vs water elementals devils or demons 4000gp 
96 Insect god idol if placed in a good bug feeding place like a midden heap increases size of insects to at least fist-sized in area, takes months to a year to see effects on area 1000gp
97 Sacrificial Salamander Dagger - used on victim stabbed to death in the heart and left in the body will release a salamander spirit from the realm of fire to animate, inhabit and transform the body forming a flaming elemental salamander 1in6 are of the cold type 2000gp dagger is consumed in the process, the entity may require bargaining and owes its creator nothing
98 Amphibian Incense - if inhaled for hour, usually at a ceremony in a temple, mammal worshippers feel their inner amphibian brains and instincts, save or become easily impressed by strong amphibian leaders and find amphibians as pleasing as your own kind, 100gp a brick once banned in human areas
99 Toad Stone - gem worth at least 1000gp bonds to the forehead of the user for life, +1d4HP, shatters on death. Tends to attract trouble but looks cool 3000gp
100  Idol of the Amphibian Elder if preyed to or contemplated for at least a turn user will receive dreams from the primal amphibian elder. If it is served it will reward the user with visions of where to find rare, prehistoric, monstrous or mutant amphibians, bugs and worms. Amphibians will be enriched by this. Those meddling with the amphibian one's schemes will instead attract all amphibian priests as long as they possess the idol 6000gp

I wrote some extra wonders and here they are as sort of leftovers:
00 Amphibians erecting a 7m tall statue of a frog god then hop off
00 Amphibian hillfort has been established and moat with giant salamanders in it and a palisade log wall surround the hill with limited entrances, hundreds are camped inside ready for war
00 Human troop filling a pit with dead amphibians killed in the war, a priest and some locals sob curses over them
00 Thousands of amphibians are mating and spawning in waters, 
00 A gigantic ant nest is surrounded by amphibian troops, digging into the mound, fighting and gobbling up baby ant eggs, grubs and larvae

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Some Questions in my next Homebrew...

So I will ask my players these but floating about to my readers...
My Cave game 15th level how long can it keep going.
Running a bit of post apoc on the side and hope to more over the year.

1 Alignment
As I have made a system of oaths and obligations and a score for your alignment in my game and they can get any alignment holy fanatic powers, magic or mutations. But I have implied there was a earlier alignment based on elements. This was a bit crazy and collapsed and demons and devils and other horrors have broken the tablets of destiny. So a fire aligned person might oaths insisting or forbidding cremation, rules about putting out fires, cooking and other stuff that are scattered among oaths of more modern alignments. These elemental alignments were more arbitrary, weird, encouraged factions to conflict over differences (we must kill those who pollute holy fire with flesh!). I might detail it and could create some other weirdness. Could make a random d12 benefit table but I'm not sure if law guys would do this. So weird new esoteric and elemental alignments.

 2 Skill Names
My non weapons proficiency skill system is doing fine but if I was to use in a post apos setting would be fine but id need robot lore, computer lore, atomic lore, chem lore, bio lore which kinda works. But I wanted to run as say a star trek space colonisers it would be off (unless 40k like dark age of space). So I could do a list of alt names and skills for more modern of future stuff. I could distinguish between science fantasy and science fiction. I feel some special gun-fu skills are needed to help you hose down victims with burst weapons. Chaosium hawkmoon RPG of 80s had really good forbidden science lores that let you make monsters, nerve gas, plague bombs, ray guns and sonic artillery with high science lore skills. 

3 Stat Names 
I have used alt stat names. Some I found were used in games I actively dislike I found later. Partly I wanted to make it clear my idea of wisdom is not a travesty it has been ever-changing in editions. Im ok with it being will and piety and not sensory also. I have a luck point derived as a benefit all can possibly use with high Wis and magic resistance. I changed names to help try and break away from the stat expectations and how stats are used in my homebrew rules (lots). So do I stay weird to change again or go back classic which as I said makes Wis less a dump stat. Wisdom=luck? its foresight and divine favour and fanaticism. Gods love fanatics.

4 Multiclassing
I decided a while ago that a fix for my issues with BX included letting people change classes. I use INT bonus for how many times you can change. Wanna be a dwarf and become a cleric fine. And maybe its tricky to go from a human thief to a elf but I cant actually object to the weird possibility of class changing with a species=class systems. Some of the weird combos proposed for my home brew classes and species based classes are hilarious. A giant dwarf no problem. So your weird species can adopt a basic fighter-theif-cleric-wizard class and none are barred and Im ok with it. I will try to use species as a term vs race. At present, you get your INT bonus +1 changes (low INT zero changes). So a Dwarf INT16 could start a dwarf at 1st then be a wizard at 4th then a priest at 7th and be stuck or perhaps changed back to dwarf after a few years as a wizard for some more HP. Some class race combos work well. My current I idea is once you get a second class you can decide level by level which goes up when (you could roleplay and say "I was more wizardry this session so I pick more wizard"). So the dwarf could change after 1st to a wizard and then a priest and increase any class they pick when they gain a level and could still get a whole new class in old age like a mutant or robot or giant. There are benefits for changing and benefits for not. So far several giant players changed class to fighter so they would stop growing per level and found they gained more finesse.

5 More reskin options
These started as like subclass varients and example characters to help new or quick builds for late people. Ive been making some of these more varied for species classes to help players make their own weird races with reskins. Some include modern professions for core classes like astronaut or species like halflings reskinned as small beastling races like beaverlings. Will be doing ones for post apoc and modern era. Androids as a sf type for abhumans too. Sadly Id like to do a reskin of my robot class but as a golem class with various magic and technological gadgets built in. Like instead of a robot turning into a car turns into a cart with chariot with a golem horse. I made a psuedo undead type of abhuman born again from human copses.

Its all helped make my game weirder and these are options I'm considering and getting player feedback for. I'm liking that the problems people cite for species as race DnD are partly dealt with. I considered making a default human class or a generic class for extra HD and some various skills or mutations or spells to apply to npcs and monsters. It could have various builds outlined for boss monsters or extra cunning beasts so you could slap some skills on a npc or monster or alien. 

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d100 Problem Intelligent Magic Items

Feel free to alter the plusses and magical stuff appropriate for your levels. An item may have mental attributes INT WIS CHA and alignments. Intelligent items can withhold their abilities, even If the basic plusses work for a particular wielder they deem unworthy. Some can be demanding. As my alignment has an oath system possibly weapons may have oath requirements. I have considered an elemental oath system predating alignment which will explain why the elemental religion failed. 

Item Name + (any magic plusses)
INT WIS CHA Alignment 
Communication Type
Common Abilities
Rare Abilities

+0 partly silvered or black iron based, d6 communication one common ability
 bronze or steel or dragon blooded, d8 communication two common abilities
+2 Orichalcum or
 uses dragon parts d12 communication three common abilities
+3 Meteoric Steel, star stone metal, 
d12 communication 3 common 1 rare abilities
+4 Mithril
d12 communication 3 common 2 rare abilities
+5 Adamant or god parts
d12 communication 3 common 3 rare abilities

d12 Communication Type
1 Dreams - enters dreams of the wielder
2 Empathic - sense and send feelings (d4+1 emotions like pleased or angry)
3 Simple telepathic phrases (d4+1 words) 
4 Magical sound 1=whistle 2=thereman 3=chimes 4=bells
Simple spoken phrases (d4+1 words) 
6 Vibrates and twitches in hand, the user learns to read the item
7 Flashing lights
8 Plays d4 musical instrument sounds
Writing appears in a specific language (possibly alignment) 
10 Sings words and knows lots of musical lore
 Telepathic link to its chosen wielder by touch
12 Able to speak like any intelligent being

d12 Common Abilities 
1 +2 vs one species or alignment
2 Leaps to owners hand within 10m
3 Detect one species within 10m
4 Detect secret doors 10m
5 Detect gold 10m
6 Detect one alignment by touch
7 Emits light at-will 10m
8 +1 all saving throws
9 Harms d3 to unworthy wielder per round
10 Makes 12 shots of ammo day or can be throw melee weapon as a spear 
11 Cast a zero level cantrip d3 times per day 
12 Cast a 1st Lv spell once per day

d12 Rare Abilities
1 Can animate and attack enemies on own d4 round/day moves and hits as the wielder
2 Cast a 1st Lv spell three times per day
3 Curses unworthy wielder, makes them pass to a worthy host for release
4 Detect alignment by touch
5 Resist fear magic or effects
 Resist one element +2 save and -1 damage per dice 
7 Resist unwilling teleportation
Cast a 2nd Lv spell twice per day
9 Protection from one alignment +2 save +2 AC 
10 d3 extra damage from one element
11 Cast a 3rd Lv spell once per day
12 Berserker effect, the item can use to manipulate an unworthy host

d12 Style
1 Primitive material like bone, flint, sinew, granite, tooth, tusk
2 Ancient bronze age often foreign 
3 Ancient iron age empire
4 Contemporary - crafted for common use
5 Dwarvish - art deco
6 Elvish - art nouveau
7 Cultists - occult symbols of a weird sect
8 Noble quality - rich and fancy
9 Humanoid - goblinoids or orcs 
 Prehuman - elder monsters and abhuman things
11 Abhuman - beastfolk or elemental folk
12 Temple - style of some church

d12 Common Items
1 dagger or cestus plus adds to hit and damage 
2 rod or mace - 
plus adds to hit and damage
3 staff 
plus adds to hit and damage
4 sword 
plus adds to hit and damage
5 spear or polearm 
plus adds to hit and damage
6 axe 
plus adds to hit and damage
7 ring - protection plus ads to AC & saving throws 
8 crown or helmet - 
 protection plus ads to AC & saving throws
9 shield - plus adds to AC
10 mill - makes a day of food per lv per day d4 1=gruel 2=cake 3=bread 4=fruit&grain
11 craft tools - bonus to craft skills
12 item of clothing - d4 1=elf cape 2=elf boots 3=+1 STR belt 4=+d6 Move boots

d100 Problem Intelligent Magic Items
01 Item is devoted to exterminating an enemy alignment 
02 Item seeks the destruction of its creator's enemies
03 Item obsessed with killing a type of monster
04 Item seeks to exterminate a species
05 Item hates a particular character class 
06 Item craves battle and is aroused by possible violence
07 Item thirsts for blood and is delighted by war
08 Item is restless and craves conflict and struggle
09 Item seeks glory and fame for wielder and offers lots of advice
10 Item seeks to take part in the cosmic struggle of alignment
11 Item brings up anecdotes about the past wielders and their gloomy deaths
12 Item brings up clan it was made to serve constantly
13 Item gives health and medical advice
14 Item gives relationship advice to ensure you have descendants to wield it
15 Item wakes you up every morning for exercise and a healthy breakfast
16 Item insists on hygiene and is repulsed by blood
17 Item follows a knightly code of fair play and noble conduct
18 Item warns of unseen perils and possible rare monster varients
19 Item has lots of stories about previous epoch was better
20 Item constantly plots against your enemies
21 Item is obsessed with evil witches and illegal spell casting
22 Item prefers the truth at all times
23 Item encourages you to ignore pain and suffering
24 Item promises you rewards in the next life for your heroic martyrdom
25 Item talks about dungeons and ruins it has been in before
26 Item talks about all the deaths it has seen over the years
27 Item talks about life in a dark age of black magic
28 Item talks about things it has seen on other worlds
29 Item tells stories of horror and hauntings
30 Item preaches the will of a deity or planar being it is allied to
31 Item talks of the ancient lost city it fondly remembers
32 Item talks about its creator and their deeds
33 Item warns of a planar being it blames for all problems 
34 Item complains it would rather have been another type of item
35 Item complains about how it was once a mortal person 
36 Item interested in food and cooking and complains it cannot eat
37 Item tells bawdy sexual and carousing stories of previous hosts 
38 Item gets excited if it sees someone it fancies and talks about them lots
39 Item despises arts and culture and thinks books and magic best burned
40 Item wants to help commoners and help them versus tyranny
41 Item recants past history in vice and crime 
42 Item enjoys being around drunken feasts and merrymaking
43 Item encourages the user to have as many lovers as possible even a harem
44 Item is obsessed with a lost treasure it was created to find
45 Item obsessed with sad love stories that end in mass murder
46 Item obsessed with finance, trade prices and banking rates
47 Item loves to be near owner who prefers  books and learning
48 Item warns that wielders friends are secret enemies, prefers life alone with the host
49 Item prefers wielder to be married with children or working at it
50 Item recommends corruption and to succumb to temptation
51 Item recommends selling soul to hell to get a free wish

52 Item offers brutal efficient advice that does not worry about loss of life 
53 Item recommends enslaving enemies you don't execute
54 Item encourages wielder to execute enemy prisoners and dedicate them to some being
55 Item recommends human sacrifice before any challenge to appease the gods
56 Item encourages wielder to act as judge jury and executioner
57 Item gives praise to some planar being nobody knows anything about
58 Item was an elemental spirit trapped in item and prefers its native element
59 Item was a spirit of a fallen person and it has lived as an item for generations
60 Item was outer planar lesser entity like a demon, devil or cherubim, now it is trapped
61 Item betrayed and killed a past owner it claims failed to be worthy
62 Item killed a famous monster and this creatures kin hunt it ever since
63 Item was present when a famous ruler was killed and knows the real story
64 Item speculates wildly on historical issues offering alternatively unprovable ideas
65 Item is superstitious and warns of signs everywhere about evil
66 Item believes the body is a temple and advises the host to be pure and fit
67 Item does not want wielder to have any lovers or family who might get in the way of a quest one day
68 Item treats wielder like its child and offers lots of advice and criticism 
69 Item advises to work with nobility and gain status in court
70 Item advises wielder to study magic constantly
71 Item advises gaining more followers and minions

72 Item is sure it can help you win big in the gambling pits of city crime lords
73 Item names the litany of past heroes and adventurers it has seen die
74 Item rambles on about exotic foreign and ancient cities it has seen 
75 Item talks about extraordinary things it has seen in other dimensions
76 Item dislikes posh things and material comfort and will tell wielder often
77 Item tells puns and terrible jokes
78 Item tells its cringy sexual fantasies to anyone it can
79 Item likes fine art and insists owner start a collection
80 Item recommends torture for all kinds of situations
81 Item wants wielder to dress in a particular style it knows is best
82 Item is a snob and sneers at poor and working people
83 Item is a punk that hates authoritarians and bullies
84 Item believes humility is best and is critical of luxury and pride
85 Item wants wielder to be better read and practice literacy and read the great books
86 Item wants wielder to be stylish and well-groomed in courtly fashion and conspicuous wealth
87 Item wants the wielder to enjoy the best of everything and have extravagant feasts for glory and status
88 Item pushes wielder to self-promotion and glorification
89 Item likes to listen to bards and is particular about what styles it prefers
90 Item wants handcrafted accessories and care regime and kept on display and seen by as many as possible
91 Item advises on how to seize power over the nation and start a war just like the last few wielders with reputations as short-lived tyrants
92 Item wants wielder to drink as much alcohol as possible sampling different varieties

93 Item tries to convince host to experiment with illegal street drugs, recommending them as awesome and the best 
94 Item is obsessed with orgies, how to get invited, how to host them
95 Item gives instruction for ritual and human sacrifice to summon or banish a specific planar creature, can be used once a month

96 Item knows locations of gates to faerie world on certain nights and places and longs for the fey worlds
97 Item knows where locations of elemental nodes that intrude into this world can be found and are obsessed with finding them all and destroying their guardians
98 Item knows how to travel to the wood between worlds via secret doors in trees
99 Item complains about other magic items on wielder muttering about them being inferior or lacking loyalty 
100 Item questions the ethics of using abilities requires convincing lives are at stake

POD Spot Reviews

So I'm filling some of the gaps in my TSR collection for reading. I have said a few times later TSR stuff like 2nd ed was wasting more space per page with fonts and page borders, writing in a more long-winded style, and changing the basic method of setting up modules. Have been getting Al-Quadim setting adventure reprints as perfect bound booklets rather than the original booklets and cards in a thin box set. I found it readable and there are some good adventure ideas but the layout is just blocks of columns and meant to be used with maps on cards. In some ways, the maps in different style are props and quite nice but the booklet parts seem like relentless blocks of text. Some spaces and bold headers would have separated sections better. It just seems that era layouts were slapped out fast and steered away from the older styles of adventure layout. I will be able to fit these into a game I'm sure and will write better comments on their content. In some ways, I'm happy to have these in drive-through POD.

X6 Quagmire
An adventure I had seen but never looked at and was a print option so I got it as the more post 84+ stuff I got less of. So this is a sprawling wilderness crawl through a tropical jungle and swamp I could fit into a few campaigns and I think would work while on the way to the Isle of Dread. SO you find a message (and more copies all over the place) to save a sinking city. It's barely a city but getting there and to all locations and exploration uses detailed peninsula maps. There are lots of wilderness events of interest so wilderness is one of the key elements of adventure here. Quagmire the city needing help is a citadel in a giant brick shell one of three. Visiting Quagmire is tough as a few critters have moved into flooded sections. So the citadel shell map is described with variants of design for two other similar shells. One you lead the People of Quagmire and clear out getting the chance to be local cultural heroes. Another submerged citadel offers a nasty merman colony that players infer from maps in the other two. I'm liking the idea of adventures that have reusable functions and reskinning possibilities. Giant shells remind me of Corum's home in Moorcock book. The idea some marine civilisation built them is interesting and can be a basis for a campaign. You could put some similar ones you stock yourself in other locations and lore of the ancient builders. Adding extra ruins and detail to the native people so you might be able to befriend them. Easy to add something like the Tomb of The Lizard King in the area. Speaking of which the POD of Tomb of The Lizard King is pretty nice but the cover a bit dark.

The World Of Greyhawk Fantasy Setting 1980 version POD
This reads like a tour guide of the setting with notes on seasons, calenders, heraldy and in the POD booklet version the maps are split into pages and not so usable. There are some pencil notes from the scan which is amazing. Id like later version to come out and the much later Greyhawk box sets all be released but this is a barebones rather dry book in the setting. I do like it has some naught kingdoms, mention of imprisoned demigods and other trinkets of info. It feels like medieval European nations over huge depopulate wilderness with plenty of frontier for non humans. Possibly not best intro to this setting, the version after this was better, The maps are lovely shame they dot have fullsize POD maps from TSR box sets.

AC11 The Book Of Wondrous Inventions
I don't normally like magical tech but in my old age I have come to tolerate it as an occasional appearance preferring ray guns and robots to steam stuff and airships. I did like the deep gnomes in the UK module when a star falls so I quite liked them with weird tech. Dragonlance had wacky gnome tech. Things in strange ruins or a dungeon so players wonder what it is might be amusing. Anomalous Sub Surface Environment could have lots of this stuff. Some of my settings are weirder than others. I could imaging a magically destroyed gnome city with these items detecting as magic in the ruins might attract adventurers. Basicly this book is not for every setting but perfect for some specific settings of uses. It is partly silly with Jim Holloway interior art adds to the impish spirit of failing adventurers. But it is very well done and does give me ideas on how to use in my games. With artificer in dnd5 this might be of interest for ideas. Has rules and discussion on how each item is made and a system that looks pretty easy to make items. 96 pages and a solid POD product.

AC10 Bestiary of Dragons & Giants
Really it is a book of lairs for basic dD&D. Does have a nice size chart and minimal notes on giants and dragons with a nice bit on hiring giants to make stuff including magic. Dragons hoard wealth to become immortals and has lots on dragon spell lists. Then most of the book is dragon and giant lairs by various writers. There are some fun set ups to change how players interact with dragons which would fit in my setting. The scenarios have snippets of lore and mention of a Dragon Council poor dragons have to attend if summoned. One adventurer has poor dragon who was subdued and sold to an evil wizard. So these are good springboards for ideas. Now I'm thinking I should subdue dragons and ransom them to their kin or the dragon council. Some of these might be slipped into G123 the giant modules. They could even replace sections as they are shorter and to be fair the original is tedious. Some have rule notes like flying combat, there is a cloud castle, some islands, using dragon bits in item crafting, and lots of titbits. This could have been terrible as the lair books are hit and miss  

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Southern Highway Travels For Broken Hill


Players of late went south where you find several trade stops per day and everything is green longer and there is scrub and farmland mostly. Bigger towns with more fancy trade goods and more rural gangs. Basically anytime players move from desert wasteland towards coast and the mega citity ruins there are vast rural areas like this. You do get raiders and mutants and monsters but you also get redneck farmers sick of wasteland freaks, survivalist enclaves, cult colonies, inbred mutant farmer trash and roaming bands of angry abhuman beastfolk. You tend to get less military hardware, androids and mutagenic zones. You do get lots of work vehicles and farm robots and huge agrimechs scattered about in ruins and sometimes.

My players got first vehicle and suddenly they crossed half the state in hours with the famously intact route. Players desperate for loot to cover fuel and ammo costs while wanting to hoard everything. One fun of post apoc sandbox is gamers trying to find uses for everything. Players modified buggy to put an enclosed back with gunports and a roof hatch on what was an open platform for a spotlight and rifle team to stand and duck if under fire. About to hit the great Adelaide Sprawl ruins to reach the best market. Slayersbury and Liarsbreath are two major gangland and mutant combat zones to reach in the semi-sunken city. 

Southern Highway Scenery For Broken Hill
01 Vast fields of yellow sunflower fields can reflect light vs animal intruders
02 Vast fields of toxic flowers d4 1=purple salvation jane 2=yellow south African daisies 3=red stuarts desert peas and kangaroo paws 4=red weed

03 Colourful waterfilled lake or crater with chemical slime and crystal deposits
04 Saltbush and grassland, grazing kangaroos and emus and lizards common, chalky limestone soil and rocks
05 Area riddled with huge burrows a small wagon could fit in dug by giant wombat diprotodons or reptiles
06 Hilly windy grasslands with rocks scattered, sometimes heaped into old boundry fences or piles
07 Grass and reed choked waterway barley accessible, full of giant turtles and frogs
08 Eroded red soil with carved out cliffs riddles with streams, grass growing well in places
09 Scrubland with thick mutant malee and ironwood trees, small animals thrive
10 Marsh swampland with streams and pools with tree and reed and open boggy areas
11 Fenced of field with mutant sheep or cattle grazing, shepherd with a sniper rifle watches them
12 Fenced of pristine fields with vegetable, grain and legume crops managed by robots 
13 Fenced off scrapbuilt fences and farm shacks with ad-hoc gardens and trees and terraced garden beds in mandala patterns
14 Fenced off struggling farm with poor inbred mutant family in a shack, people leave them alone fearing they have plague or are cannibals
15 Farmhouse fortified compound with riders patrolling property
16 Concrete bunker entrance in hill surrounded by struggling fields behind fences
17 Several farm houses with spiked hedgemaze, gates and a watch tower
18 Compound of buildings with workers in fields in cult robes
19 Small geodesic dome surrounded by gardens and walls with animals grazing outside the compound, looks luscious and well defended
19 Wooden fences and large sheds visible with some large farm animals
20 Dry stone wall surrounding fields, with barbed wire and trenches of some well dug in looking farm that looks dangerous to enter
21 Ruined burned-out old farm with remains still being picked at by crows
22 Abandoned struggling farm, wild crops and animals for possible foraging and ruined farmhouse with last residents bodies and some sad diaries
23 Colonial stone ruin with rusted old farm machinery and victorian trash heap with some nice old intact bottles of blue glass
24 Semi intact farmhouse almost smothered by sand but possible shelter
25 Remains of old fences and ramp for loading animals onto trucks
26 Old grain silo
27 Old metal sheds with burned out farmhouse
28 Old farmhouse covered in graffiti and former campsites of gangs
29 Windmill and water trough or bore shed with old rusted pump
30 Water tanks often rusted
31 Solar farm with dozens of large panels
32 Salt pan from water reclamation project with multiple brine pools and sheds, sometimes have fish
33 Wind turbine towers
34 Colonial shearing shed ruin
35 Shack with old hen house
36 Dam with water and some reeds
37 Small dirt airstrip 1in6 with an aircraft wreck
38 Old billboard d4 1=Pete's icecream 2=chiko rolls 3=king cigarettes 4=join the off-world colonies
39 A dozen wrecked cars from 1940s to the apocalypse models
40 Rocks in the area covered in graffiti for centuries
41 Small stone circle
42 Some ancient tribal rock art, usually a figure on a rock
43 Cliff rock art galley sacred to tribal folk
44 Campfires and skin tents of a camping tribe
45 Small native shacks working food and seed crops, some work grinding seed and making cakes
46 Natives fishing. with nets or traps or ancient stone fish traps built-in water, a prehistoric midden heap
47 Native carvings in trees with secret significance to locals
48 Lone hide tent with scarified old tribal wizard shunned by own people for dealings with death
49 Tribal rock art detailing some post-apocalyptic scene or creature
50 Tribal warning signs to keep out strangers
51 Giant termite or insect nests like buildings

52 Crashed satellite in carter
53 Crashed light aircraft
54 Crashed airliner
55 Crashed military aircraft or drone
56 Crashed orbital shuttle
57 Rows of train carriages, on line if any or dumped in a farmers field 
58 Rows of old wooden powerlines poles, some early 20th century
59 Remains of an old sealed mine, 1in6 has been forced opened 
60 Quarry with cut stone and tunnels and sheds, some with wrecked machinery
61 Huge strange mutant gumtree seems very ancient
62 Millions of flying creatures swarm in sky d4 1=parrots 2=bats 3=locusts 4=flies 
63 Storm blowing up dust devils 40m high like some malicious invisible giants
64 A mob of at least a hundred zombies seemingly following scents in the wind of people to eat, some locals might need help or a warning
65 Herd of dinosaur sauropods grazing escaped long ago from theme park
66 Giant ants have built huge mounds and strange towers, dominating area with coordinated intelligence, usually just see mounds at first, later ants will have a ambush with a solar reflector weapon tower and various attacks use different chemical, biological weapons d6 1=napalm 2=tear gas 3=acid 3=sleep gas 4=plague 5=explosive 6=venom
67 See colossal lizard basking on rock in distance after snacking on some water buffalo
68 Huge hoard of animals migrating d4 1=trifrond plants 2=emus 3=kangaroos 4=giant bugs
69 Travellers being attacked by monsters
70 Area overgrown with giant fungus and strange creatures
71 Collapsed old roadhouse with burned out fuel station

72 Farmer selling goods from roadside wagon
73 Strange artwork made with farm refuse and scrap d6 1=blue police box 2=dalek 3=ufo 4=rocketship 5=giant fruit 6=patriotic pro war sign "nuke em slowly now"
74 Parking bay rest area with lookout and working water fountain, often used by travellers to camp 1in6 a caravan present
75 Mechanical bunyip comes out of pond and breathes smoke if token inserted in control panel all donations to river ecology
76 Wrecked paddle steamer carried here in flood years ago
77 Car wreck in a tree (did it grow and lift tree or some bad accident)
78 Ancient monument d6 1=ned kelly 2=pioneer farmer or miner 3=dog on tuckerbox 4=tribal person 5=fast food mascot
79 War memorial park 1=obelisk with names 2=cannon 3=archway 4=
80 Childrens park with d4 1=steam engine 2=huge climbing tower with slides shaped like rocket 3=wooden pirate ship 4=water park with solar pumps still working attracting slime and creatures 
81 Small drive-in or cinema or hall used as one with posters for films, snack bar, wrecked vehicles and wrecked 3d projector
82 Ruined takeaway restaurant or a temple of some kind, locals unsure
83 Truck stop with wrecked trucks and roadhouse and burned remains of fuel cells and power plants with radiation zones
84 Small factory for local produce often with several vehicles d4 1=mill with silos 2=cheese factory with huge vats 3=dairy with area for cattle to enter and pasteurisation vats and packaging plant 4=fully automated meat plant awaiting creatures to slaughter and huge freezers with centuries of boxed long life for space meals
85 Blasted area with ruins of huge military mech, some areas inside are sealed and intact since war
86 Farm supply store with lots of sheds, burned remains of power plant, wrecked agrimech and robots
87 Huge pit full of emergency waste guarded by robots d4 1=bodybags of necrovirus victims 2=barells of mutagenic waste 3=deactivated androids 4=deactivated robots
88 Area with unnatural microclimate zone 
89 Huge dump with at least a hundred vehicles from several centuries many work vehicles for farms or industry
90 Huge open cut mine pit with fence and wrecked huge geomech half buried
91 Wrecked land leviathan, enormous war machine like battleship on tracks was destroyed here on edge of a crater
92 Remains of huge fenced camp with remains of tents to control some troubled segment of the population. All
 died in here due to security robots not letting them out and just waiting for food to arrived4 1=necrivirus survivors 2=psychotronic war victims indoctrinated with mind control weapons 3=mutagen victims 4=refugee re-education camp
93 Classified zone with robot defenders d4 1=contaminated 2=weapon test side 3=classified military 4=orbital dropship landing site, wrecked ship with abhuman troop skeletons from the last war here was downed by a orbital killsat on landing 
94 Huge garbage dump with raised mounds surrounding vast mine pit of garbage
95 Huge sealed industrial complex 

96 Military base with visible dishes, tanks and windowless buildings and underground airport, 12m concrete and electrified razorwire fence  
97 Fenced off area with signage for reality entertainment zones, constantly being terraformed by AI for recreational scenarios with android and hologram actors often with a theme like a genre, franchise or history. Once inside trapped by deluded AI
98 Quarantine zone with medical security robots with fences and sterilisation centres at the entrance. d4 1=colony descend from plague victims trapped inside 2=rehab colony treats all who enter for drug abuse before releasing 3=
99 Distant industrial megastructure, some still emit fumes and controlled by AI otherwise a ruin
100 Strange lights in the sky, electronic equipment erratic, locals mention lights make people disappear sometimes

d10 Southern Highway Quick Encounter Types
01 Farming Folk
02 Backwoods Strange Folk

03 Merchants
04 Animals
05 Law & Militias 
06 Tribals
07 Road Gang
08 Cultists
09 Mutants
10 Freaks

d100 Southern Highway Encounters For Broken Hill
01 Kids gang exploring, one as binoculars, one has a .22 hunting rifle
02 Farmers herding livestock d4 1=sheep 2=kangaroos 3=cattle 4=
trifrond plants
03 Farmers rounded up a herd for drenching and delousing treatments
04 Farmers slaughtering livestock while having a bbq and a smoko and some beers
05 Farmers working in fields on some crop 
06 Farmers picking or pruning or planting fruit and nut trees and some strange new trees
07 Farmers burning off an outbreak of red-weed a wartime bioweapon
08 Farmers in ABC suits spraying toxins to kill of some pest plant or critter
09 Farmers hunting from horseback looking for pests like foxes and wild mutant dogs
10 Farmer militia in a pickup half-track fueled with ethanol and a heavy weapon 
11 Hunters from an inbred hillbilly family, one is a huge mutant freak, armed with blunderbuss and wood axes mostly. Looking for strangers to eat or marry
12 Gang of ogrish inbred mutant rednecks led by eldest Ma or Pa alive, hunting for human flesh
13 Zombie redneck farmers with farm tools roaming for people to spread their undead plague
14 Redneck hunter with bolt action hunting rifle and four giant mutant hounds the size of bears 
15 Attractive scantily clad hillbilly youth offers to go skinny dipping with strangers, their family are in hiding to rob and ambush strangers for meat or marrying 
16 Aggressive militia in utility trucks demand the right to search travellers for signs of blasphemy or mutants
17 Two hunters act as a sniper team to harass travellers from afar at a good ambush spot. Usually, fire three times then flee possibly more if targets seem clueless about how to respond 
18 Farmer militia squad with abhuman slave support troops raised to fight d4 1=dingo or dog 2=cat 3=kangaroo 4=apes
19 Hillbillies from wetland clan cult with giant tentacled cane toad they worship and feed
20 Horrible fleshy shoggoth formed from inbred rustics, faces, heads and limbs of its former bodies appear and are reabsorbed, the heads cry out for help or nasty abuse
21 Wagon train with giant wombat or koalas as a beast of burden, merchants carrying farm goods
22 Drovers on horseback with muskets herding livestock to market d4 1=sheep 2=kangaroos 3=cattle 4=trifrond plants
23 Cameltrain heading for far off places beyond the wasteland carry lost tech scrap from city ruins to isolated communities, often carry specialist manufactured goods back like guns and ammo
24 Several mechanised trucks with armed warriors and at least one heavy anti-vehicle gun, 
require food try to trade technology like tech spec manuals they print out d4 1=from a bunker complex looking to trade 2=dome survivors on a quest for sanctuary 3=survivors of doomed colony seek new home 4=high tech warlord moving the whole gang to capture city ruin colony
25 Huge land rig off-road trailer truck pulling two trailer containers, well-armed uniformed soldiers of a bunker or dome colony obtaining goods from some far off ruin. Will trade local knowledge or cheap printed plastic guns and bullets d4 1=human purists from bunker 2=millitant survivalists 3=capitalists from a domed colony 4=replicant androids seem human, moving an android production microfactory and master brain to start a new base
26 Group of old scrap trucks and busses moving a colony of farmers to better land after own swallowed by sand
27 Slavers with wagons pulled by mutant lizards wary of rivals and willing to pick up extra slaves, some slaves in wagons while others carry bundles of goods in a line
28 Traders with giant bearded dragons pulling wagons and carrying packs (all female)
29 Donkey or goat train of merchants carrying farm produce and seeking scrap parts to fix machinery, animals with packs following handlers
30 Wagons made from old car bodies pulled by giant mutant d4 1=lizard 2=rats 3=bugs 4=dogs
31 Giant spiders concealed in trees or underground trapdoors
32 Gigantic lizards hunting d4 1=blue tongue 2=frilled neck 3=thorny devil 4=komodo dragon
33 Pack of dingos 1in6 are horrible mutant pack d6 1=zombies 2=plague carriers 3=tentacles 4=mutant ranged attack
34 Giant mutant insects d4 1=carniverous beetle 2=mosquitoes 3=flies 4=preying mantis
35 Migrating animals d4 1=emu 2=kangaroo 3=wild camels 3=wild horses
36 Swarm d4 of mutant animals desperate enough for meat1=flies 2=budgies 3=rodents 4=rabbits
37 Birds d4 1=giant eagle or owl 2=giant parrots address travellers by name and want to confirm rumours and chatter 3=pack of terror birds on the hunt 4=wetland birds resting by water 
38 Gigantic animal grazing d4 1=sauropd dinosaur 2=giant lizards eating cacti 3=giant rhino beetles 4=giant water buffalo covered in vegetation 
39 New aggressive giant insect hive d4 1=bees 2=wasps 3=ants 4=termites
40 Animals grazing, possibly aggressive d4 1=huge boar 2=stag deer 3=kangaroo 4=giant rabbit
41 Sherrif and posse of farmers hunting a criminals
42 Interceptor patrol car funded by merchants to hunt, exterminate and loot bandits
43 Militia in off road scrap utility truck with shotguns looking fer trouble
44 Marshal and deputy hunting a criminal over vast area
45 Bounty hunters looking for wanted criminals
46 Violent mob of locals with burning torches, farm tools and blunderbuss hunting d4 1=monster 2=criminal 3=mutie 4=android replicant
47 Local milita on horseback with sniper rifles and binoculars shooting trouble makers
48 Militia scout buggy with 2man crew looking for raider camp activity
49 A large warband of soldiers and farmers with guns, with mutant beast pulled wagons and a mechanised light truch with a light artilery gun on way to destroy some kind of outpost d4 1=androids 2=mutants 3=cult 4=inbered cannibal clan
50 Sherrif and deputies checking roads
 Tribal farmers with luscious root fields and sweet grasses 
52 Tribal hut foundations of stone rings and fire pits from a seasonal camp
53 Tribal hunting party cooking some small game before a big hunt
54 Tribal people digging up d4 1=rabbit warren 2=giant termites 3=giant grubs 4=beetles 
55 Tribal people leading a camel train of ochre, herbs and smoked meat
56 Tribal musical event with performers playing traditional instruments and dancing
57 Tribal musical gathering playing heavy metal with several scrap vehicles and a generator
58 Tribal ceremony with guards to warn outsiders away
59 Tribal warriors hunting a monster 
60 Tribal abhuman beast folk clan d4 1=dingo 2=lizard 3=possum 4=kangaroo
61 Gang without vehicle ambushing travellers, using car wrecks to block the road
62 Gang of cyclists raiding region have a secret fuel depot
63 Scouts of a gang a 2-crew buggy and 2 motorbikes roaming areas looking for targets for gang
64 Utilty truck with two bikes and a buggy belonging to a local major raiding gang
65 Two offroad gang scrap built 4wd vehicles, crew of four each armed with d4 1=light machineguns 2=sniper platforms 3=siege crossbow 4=flamer
66 Gang in large truck or bus armoured with scrap and a ram for blockade running
67 Gang renegade offroad 4wd cars, each with three crew, armed with d4 1=4x rockets 2=light machinegun 3=seige crossbow 4=blackpowder naval cannon 
68 Gang transporting bus or truck of prisoners, with two bikes and a scout buggy escort
69 Offroad buggy with 4 canetoad abhuman comandoes, one with a disposable one-shot rocket launcher, one a rifle with scope and two with sub machine guns. All in cammo with a cammo net waiting to ambush a target
70 Solar ancient sean car with advanced sensors and light construction driven by two uniformed  androids and a passenger. Often sense an encounter, dump the passenger and head back same direction d4 1=replicant 2=mutant 3=cyborg 4=robot
71 Robed cultists gather dwith light arms attempting to spook travellers towards minefield

72 Robed cultists using a truck as a troop transport with six motorbikes, robed killers adept at boarding and hopping on and off bikes in a battle
73 Robed cultist with a flamer attempts ambush with other lighter armed robed cultists ready nearby to attack any crashed vehichles
74 Cultists have captured travellers camping and are readying a bloody ritual of human sacrifice
75 Remains of cultists camp including bloody corpses, idols, goat skulls, candles and wine bottles
76 Cultists of pacacifist sect marching holding floral wreathes to find a new home, already starving but have some rations left
77 Remains of a canibalistic feast with half eaten human remains around a fire pit
78 Area covered in occult graffiti and several mutilated human corpses suspended above
79 Can hear distant cult chanting, famous for killing witnesses or exposing they are known locals
80 Cultists have bound prisoner as bait in ambush to get live sacrifices
81 Mutant camp with hungry homeless mutants shunned by all
82 Mutant bandits on the warpath against they uncontaminated
83 Mutant anti technology cultists send waves of poorly equipped fanatics after travellers
84 A hideous mutant with its worshippers helping it travel to a prosperous mutant town they have heard of
85 Mutant psychopaths infected by parasites, berserker cannibals
86 Lone huge hideous mutant thing eventually realise it has remnants of a human face
87 Protoplamic horror shoggoth oozing fluids and forming eyes and mouths screaming
88 Unfamiliar mutant life form possibly a shy lone preditory human eating type
89 Stranger wants to travel as companions died, by night a horrible parasite leaves his sleeping body, feeds on blood and returns to the host
90 Mutant trifrong ambulant plant creatures, a local mutation has turned carniverous
91 Cyborgs troops demand certain food supplies that can process, 1in6 require some human body fluids and organs as well 
92 Undead plague survivors fleeing community need some help and directions, any killed become ghouls, they will be easy targets next encounter

93 Stranger in a bunker jumpsuit who escaped some underground complex, confused by outside world and hungry
94 A battered scrap robot on a long journey looking for d6 1=family 2=doll or toy 3=meds 4=ammo 5=data on rare technology 6=home bunker
95 Ultrlight scout aircraft follows a while d4 1=calls a gang 2=call local law 3= 4=drops advertising for outpost just off normal trade route

96 Holgrams from concealed projectors d4 1=pre war advertising 2=war era faction propaganda 3=postwar faction reprogrammed 4=hacked and used as part of an ambush, bandits have tent over a pit into holographic projector control panel with their nerdiest member operating the panel
97 Abhuman mercenaries seeking employment, only have muskets and swords but ferocious
98 Contrail of high altitude spy jet taking photographs (post war equivalent of U2 aircraft)
99 Undead arise swarming over road and blocking path then moving towards detected intruders while spreading out, some will swarm any vehicles to disable or board them 
100 Spy drone with stealth field, occasionally detected or seen side effects from them over time, some advanced faction spying on travellers d4 1=seek to trade 2=need package delivered 3=seek mercenaries for mission 4=test an experimental weapon or creature in prepared zone