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Hex 0036 Copper Town & Bat Ruins

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Hex 0036 Copper Town & Bat Ruins

Actually a good starting adventure region with the sprawling ruins.
Ruins used to be a walking city but broken by rebelling humans and got stuck in marsh.
Marshy reeds and forests grow over region which seasonally floods.
Because of ruins most travel on west side of river.

made up of marsh nomad folk who worship Dagon
-subordinate to copper town and lower caste
-thorn and reed wall for defence with goats inside
-lots of village is floating rafts with woven reed huts
-ruled by assembly of elders
-famous for breed of swimming marsh goats
-fish shrine with priest from Ikathon the fish city
-mostly fishing, hunting and grow plants on rafts
-rebels of copper town authority over area often come from here

Copper town

Civilized town with scribes, potters and redsmiths making trade goods
-Govenor rules town for noble clan who built it
-Enki temple to water god
-Ningizzida temple to fruit trees, healing and wisdom with a holy hydra inside
-Ezuli temple to local river nymph who visits temple on festivals
-Crocodile cult kidnap and eat people

Marsh Bat Ruins

Condition: Badly damaged walls, no ceiling
Built by: horrible Bat Folk during monster empire era

Hang out for: Wizard here to loot knowledge with students and guards
Ruin Size: sprawling city over 2 hexes wide

Notable Structures:

Housing lots of 2 story bat houses and single story slave houses
Ruined Colosseum haunted by monsters still
The city could once move on it's own but was destroyed here
The local bat population keeps the area mosquito free

d12 Day ruins

1 Wizard and followers expedition 2d6
2 Adventurers party 2d6
3 Grave robbers looking for loot 2d6
4 Crocodile cultists 2d6
5 Cyclops orcs warriors 2d6
6 Jackals following
7 Vultures circling - a bad omen
8 Man eating lion
9 Dryad or satyr
10 Giant river snake
11 Giant lobster or scorpion
12 Beast Folk d4 1=lamprey folk 2=slug folk 3=worm folk 4=scorpion folk

d12 Night ruins
1 Bat folk cultists 2d6
2 Witch conjuring evil in lonely ruins
3 Marsh reed doll golems 2d6 AC+1 2HD Dam d4
4 Were jackal
5 Giant owl
Cyclops orcs warriors 2d6
Man eating lion
8 Zombies d6
Kelpie in horse or maiden form
10 Giant lobster or scorpion
11 Living stone statue of bat folk
12 Bat folk mummy with d6 skeleton human slaves

Improved version a day later

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