Tuesday 27 January 2015

Psychon Log: Strange Seas

So our heroes finally escaped the starship orbiting the moon, a generation ship that never left earth like the Warden did in ancient times. The escape pod came towards Psychon (or earth as ancients called it), they saw the orbital arrays of the gods and the multi chromatic hexes covering the planets surface. Some god guided them down with a ray sending the escape pod into a glacial wall between two hexes.

The crew disembarked back home at last, aware some god had dragged them here. None had cold weather gear so fled down glacier into a new land.

A unicorn headed beast woman
A copper skinned monk with  goblin archer and ferret familiar and a riding centisteed insectoid horse
A food  robot able to become a moped, wetbike or dual gendered humanoid with a cleaning drone
Dr Greed A time travelling rogue with his girlfriend and riding scissor beetle

As they fled the ice and snow they saw the strange new land. Under the ice was yellow soil with red rocks. Great creamy seas littered with emerald and red islands. Around the coast were more red and magenta forests with a dimly glowing yellow wastelands deeper inland. The sky was dim and grey, lit by auroras and occasional flashes of lightning. As they climbed down to the treeline there was a small quake collapsing the glacier behind them absolutely preventing backtracking. The gods of Psychon no doubt.

Reached the creamy seas shore and looked at distant island covered in emerald slime and red rocks. They went to build a raft from the trunks of magenta wood and while they dragged it to the beach saw a mass of seaweed with eyes arise and crawl towards them hungrily. Hit with missiles then leaped into melee. Monk with hands, rogue with two swords and robot with a buzz saw. Once it was inanimate the goblin began picking out the tasty eyeballs. The robot analysed it and determined it was nutricious so he consumed some he could process into food with his flavour banks. Tiny crabs scuttling about which goblin licked - "ew eucalyptus crabs".

Got raft in water and used robot as an outboard to move to island. Once landed killed another seaweed beast and went inland. Saw a horrid mass of sewerage which bubbled on approach. Mystic symbols formed on it's oily reflective surface as it formed a disgusting oozing humanoid. A sewerage golem, 12 feet tall lumbered at them. Hurt it a bit but party fled. Hoped to stalk with arrows but it hid somehow.

Found red rocky ruins with a gaping doorway into dark cave. Crabs, barnacles and weed covered walls. Robot put on his lights and party went down. Possibly tidal movements flooded the tunnel so they moved fast. First chamber had two bull headed statues a altar and a pile of tablets the robot recognized as cthonic rituals. Art on mosaics depicted bull men fighting bat people. Rogue went down a passage to find three blue skinned people with green eyes. They wore jumpsuits, had holstered weapons (marine frequency light lasers). The ate kelp foodbars from plastic boxes. Rogue sneaked back and others willing to be friendly.

Turned out they were snooty and a bit rude but ok. They were atlanteans and refused to tell secrets of their kind or help party. Finished their food and left/ Party explored a bit more and found eels in a pool. Gobin caught one and offered to robot to analyse and synthesize the flavour and protien but the eel shocked the bot stunning him. Rougue skillfully ran around room walls while others took other route. Found stone chest with blue metal plate designed for ox man. Took it anyhow and left.

The sewerage golem awaited and they had a fierce battle covering themselves in feces. Robot used cleaning drone to freshen everyone up. Smell of bleach and ammonia was an improvement. Got back to raft to see atlanteans walk into sea. Set sail but tidal waves forced them to beach. Ox men with cubs came to inspect them but seemed to be not hostile. Bull men boasted they had discovered party and they should follow them to village. Party agreed and followed them. Glowing mutants spied them but feared the seven ox men. Anotherr band of seven ox men apeared and the first group seemed anoyed.

Both groups began boasting and formed lines to face each other bellowing. They told humans to stand back during battle to see who would claim their discovery. After a good abusing each other they began headbutting each other, locking horns and shoving each other. Occasionally one would fall and other would stand over them beating their chests. After fifteen minutes the original band had a close victory. So they continued march with the subordinate band in tow. Saw large island with some buildings on way. Out of sea came a band of Tako octopi folk concerned for party. Explained how bat and bull men were foes in ancient times and both served cthonic gods. When almost extinct they banded together to survive newer threats and abandoned vile gods to adopt human ones. Now both dwelled in village but both breeds resolved all conflict with boasting and ritual bouts of harmless battle. Also the atlanteans were a small colony living in a undersea lab. The oxmen were a bit restless so octopi bid farewell and invited them to visit their island.

Took party to wharf and trade camp where met the magenta bat folk and dark blue skinned men. Sailed over to island and landed. The ox men boasted to all who gathered (most of islands 200 beings). Once they had glory they lost all interest in party and wandered off to get drunk on fermented ox milk. Dock folk pointed them to buildings in middle of town used by both factions and foreign folk. A mostly empty shrine to Kernu and a mixed species pub. Inside ox men and bat men and blue men all mixed. Explained to party many horrors of the realm.

Ghouls were on land and under water. Blue skinned pirates stalked the seas. Mutants from the wastelands. Sea wolves (were shark-wolf men, former pirates). Undersea folk. Tako.

Strangest of all was the supposed hidden race. Party keen to hunt pirates and see if story of underground city true. In the night Dr Greed saw a periscope rise from floor and he pretended to remain asleep.

In morning party went to ox king and sold him armour suit for gold and rent his ship and crew. Party keen to explore some islands. Dr Greed got bat men priest to heal him and bat folk all strutted about claiming they're healers must be the greatest. Monk recruited a promising youth as a monk and initiated him. A stranger joined them, a sorcerer who party were suspicious of but decided to keep near. Impressed Dr Greed with identifying magic item he had carried for ages. Party set sail with ox men oarsmen.

Almost near pirate islands when saw dolphins. Only were not dolphins. Shark-woloves leaped from water and onto the deck then transformed into were wolves. Many could not harm them. Ox men though huge were powerless and panicked. Goblin normally a deadly archer could not harm them. Doc Greed had magic blades, the robot had a magic buzzsaw and the monks could harm magic beasts with bare hands. Sorcerer helped with spells too. Greed killed one wityh a laser pistol. A close battle with many almost killed. All feared Lycanthropy infection, the boat was off course and ran aground while most ox men unconscious. Sea wolves returned to human form dead. Two escaped.

Many mysteries to solve....

Monday 26 January 2015

Babylon BRP: Into the Wasteland

So the heroes arrived in Ur with the prince who summoned them and arrived in the court of the King. The awaiting the was their sister Iltani. They had left her in Knossos several years ago. She demanded her share of treasures and her magic tiara back. After calming her down and explaining how they fled palace in the night after killing minotaur was no time to find her. Iltani explained how she was forced to serve Poseidon to atone for her sins against the god and that the god expected them all to surrender to his temple. She spent years questing around Mediterranean.  Party agreed they would wait till Empire got to the northern sea by conquest and they had a need to cross waters. Ariana was most saddened her family would probably not see her for a long time. Still after the squabbling they were glad to be united.

The king of Ur had a daughter kidnapped by arabs from the gardens of Ishtar. They were abhorrent cultists of some sort of daemon sultan. He begged them to find the girl and avenge the Ishtarian priestesshood. There was a great oasis they were to find where they worshiped the moon god Sin as did the men of Ur. They would help the party find the heathens.

Divination revealed struggles and hardship. Packed chariots with water and food and set off. Through the western wastelands they saw gazelle and ostriches and was mostly peaceful by day. By night heard some animal growling in darkness creeping near. Dawn saw huge footprints of a unrecognisable beast. It was like a lion or a hyena they saw in Africa but neither. In the distance later that day saw four lions. Big ones with manes like ones they saw in Africa. As got closer saw they had huge spiky tails and flesh faces of me. The sun glinted from their rows of shark like teeth. Manticores!

They charged at high speed and circled them shooting them with arrows and javelins. The beasts swore at them but they were too slow and dumb so died easily. Sobek skinned them now everyone could have a manticore cloak. That night the mystery beast of darkness came snuffling around them. Sobek who could cast a shaman spell to speak with beasts called to it. It complimented her how delicious and sweet she sounded. In morning she suggested they try and pretend to sleep next time and lure it in close. All agreed this was wise.

Next day saw a hermit wandering alone. As got closer saw was a arab with a turban who had a mad gleam in his eye. That was enough for Kull who charged his chariot and ran the man down as he chanted something. His impossibly broken shattered body twitched and kept chanting for a time then shuddered to a stop. In distance a beast was spotted from a great height. Some kind of hideous dragon but Kull saw it was not a true dragon his cult could command. As it swept in they were struck by horror. It tor head off a donkey on Kull's chariot and he jumped off. Sobek rode along side to calm the screaming donkeys fleeing out of control. She hit its wing with a javelin too. Ariana got two good shots in belly and as flew at Toth he leaped up and cut it's belly open killing the beast. It's stinking black blood left stains on Toth and the donkeys, but fair Ariana dodged the dragging entrails of the beast as it crashed. As usual they went to claim trophies but the beast was putrefying in the sun and smoking.

They saw a oasis in distance that was fair with topless maidens, date palms and inviting tents. Sobek sent a dove who said everything looked great with tast grain scattered everywhere. Iltani and Ariana agreed was in wrong direction and not to be trusted.

That night the black beast of darkness came closer. All hid in ambush. As it pounced they leaped to they're feet and struck at it. Seeing the demon of darkness properly for first time they wailed in fear. Sobek could merely copy her friends, her own will shrunk in despair. It was a black lightlss sillouette with a lion like body but huge crocodilian jaws. It's eyes were white slits and it's breath was fowl. Mortal weapons could not harm it but the heroes armed with magic treasure weapons from across the world slew it. Thoth knew it was a avatar of Nyalathotep. Sobek grabbed a juar of palm wine and began a lifetime habit of drinking to forget. he had spoken with the god and seen his otherworldly palace and been offered power.

Next morning arrived at true oasis. Welcomed by curious locals who offered to buy their goods and women. Ariana managed to offend local men and Sobek joined in til Sheiks man calmed situation. Tensions grew at suggestion women be put in stable, with Iltani outraged at ignobility of locals. Ariana bought a local dress and covered herself which satisfied the locals a bit. Met the Sheik who was more open minded and had a large harem from many lands. He served the moon god and was willing to aid in killing the outcast cult and to aid the men of mighty Ur. Ariana got a bit drunk and while in bathroom, Sobek accepted offer of Sheik to spend night with him. She told Sheik Ariana was married and he thought Sobek the warrior woman charioteer was a exotic delight. Ariana was grumpy that Sobek told everyone she was married. Some discussion about her virtue and how many she had slept with out of wedlock.

In morning Sheik gave them rations and a shepherd boy who had escaped cult. Boy had parents killed and would help them find the cult lair. So a few days into the worst wastelands till they came to rocky plain that Toth had dreamed of huffing temple incense in Ur. Chariots had to go slow but Illtani assured them her sorcery could mend broken wheels if they needed to risk moving faster.

Saw cut stone rubble and a ruined temple with square pillars. Kull saw boy in chariot whisper into his hands and release a moth. Kull kicked him from the car and set his huge fierce warhound on the screaming boy. The savage brute tore off his arm and tore out the boys throat. Others wondered about the justice of this when they saw turbaned heads pop up in ruins. More men were seen running for cover so heroes began shooting and hurling javelins back.

Dozen began casting missiled at the heroes and the chariots were very effective defenses. Kull pulled up and jumped over a wall hacking into them with his huge holy axe. Thoth and Illtany went for a flank using wall as cover to attack several men. Ariana with her bow was picking off many but she was caught in rain of arrows from topmost part of ruin. Sobek jumbed on her terrorbird and they charged into the centre to break up the kopesh wielding warriors charging from the temple gates. The bird was hardy and deflected many attacks and dodged others, easliy killing men with kicks and nips from its axe beak.

More warriors poured from behind front of temple ruins and two camels each with two archers riding came from other side. Iltani injured the camels panicking them and Sobek told camels who had knocked off some riders that the cultists were planning in eating them. Illtani with her mace and dagger killed many while Toth cleaned his way to rear of the temple which was really just a facade of the front and rubble. He saw ladders going to upper tiers where javelin casters and archers were so he began to climb up.

Kull with his armour and protective spells felt invulnerable and took on five men. Ariana shot a few in rear and was missed by dozens of missiles from her covered position. Sobek and her bird took a few scratches and went through the doors. Commanded her bird to kill men trying to remount camels and she tried to climb other side of temple. Iltani ran about behind temple killing more stary men. Camels were doing best to get away. Toth ran along battlements knocking men to the ground. He hen went up to the top tower to get archers on top. They stood on the trapdoor but he was so strong he lifted them off, one falling to death. Sobek tried to jump off wall onto her bird and missed but she landed unharmed on her feet. Last archers jumped to deaths to avoid Toth while Kull killed the wounded and dying. Terrorbird managed to get a few bloody gobbets of flesh to eat.

Found a trapdoor into underground lair their prophecies predicted and made camp to rest. All pleased with battle, over 42 dead men and two camels captured.

Next: Into the darkness

This was the battle, heroes on chariots and cultists in their ruined temple. The yellow dino is actually Sobek's terror bird. Was a very exiting battle with lots of Peter Jackson-esque comedic fumbles and falls to the death. Thats Ariana behind chariot parasol. Kull with big axe by curved wall.

Babylon BRP: Into the Underworld

So have my mini collection growing - have Hittite, Sumerian, Sea People. Assyrian, Arabs, Assyrian allies (i will use for Babylonians). Getting Indian and archean greek and egyptian next. Fantasy sets by Caesar are awesome and getting 6 boxes or orcs, elves, skeletons, dwarves. Have at some other gamers interested in 1/72 ancients and am getting 1/72 fantasy box sets next at a good price (less post than from USA). No clubs in NSW doing this scale so im going to have to make my own scene much like i do with oldschool rpg's. Will be getting 1920s and modern special forces and insurgents too. No good sf this scale i can find.


The party arrived in Lagash as King has sent them to work in south where Babylonian control isn't what it could be. The heroes got in their chariots and donkey battlewagon and set off.

Toth the half egyptian hero of Nergal with his snake goddess wife
Ariana the half minoan beauty, former pirate and hero of Adad the storm god
Kull the Gutuian now a hero of Marduk serving Babylon by taming barbarians
Sobek the barbarian charioteer with her pet terror bird, a apprentice shaman of lion cult

Admired the acres of fruit trees and vines surrounding city but could tell was not as lush as it ought to be. Presented passports at Lagash and overjoyed guards sent for priests. All seemed very happy and invited party to the Temple of Ningizzida. Heroes wary but taken to meet priests and the king. Apparently they had forfilled a prophecy by arival and priests asked them to enter the entrance to the underworld and restore the flow of life from the depths of the earth. Heroes accepted. Toth knew locals had different idea of underworld to his own adopted people in the city of Cutha, sacred of Nergal. His wife urged him to go. She was kin of many of the snake divinities on display in the temples. Cadeceus intertwining snake motifs, snake headed women, horned adders in fruit trees, jeweled beaded men with snake bodies and many more.

Night before Ariana got horribly drunk flirting with snake priests and the others practiced divination to learn of perils ahead.

Under the temple a crowd of city notables gathered to see them off. In a great chamber they saw gates, covered in copper with designs of the underworld powers: Ningizzida, Tammuz and Geshtianna. The great bolt was opened and music priests rattled cistrums, blew horns and plucked harps. Holy singers chanted as doors opened. Eerie mist wafted out and heroes entered the depths.

In a great fog shrouded chamber they marched across dusty floor into the unknown. Found a stream with a old man with a jeweled beard fishing. He smiled at them. They spoke in Sumerian and he was a minor divinity of fishing and wisdom allied to the serpentine powers. He told them the stream source was blocked by a evil hydra and if they killed it he would give them a magic cave fish each.

Marched on and saw a village of snake headed folk. Tried to speak to them but they were hostile and kin of the hydra. A fight broke out and many snake men injured before they fell back. Toth was poisoned and could not go on but Kull called on Marduk at some personal cost  to heal him which impressed all. Wounded party fell back to the old man and rested. Returned to the path next day and avoided snake village. Saw a great golden goat grazing on sleeping vines. Sobek who loved all animals spoke to it and it offered some fleece if vital forces released. Later saw a bejewelled maned giant lion which Sobek spoke to learning secrets of her own lion cult.

Finally they arrived at a great Zigguratt with dry creek beds heading in the four sacred directions. Climbed to top and entered shrine cautiously to see a great well inside. They called out and the hydra arose with six heads dripping venom. It would not move or be taunted from its position no matter the insults hurled at them so they attacked. It was a long battle as they well healed the Hydra. Eventualy they hacked off its heads and dragged it out, hurling it down the stairs. Collected it's teeth, skulls and hide and witnessed the sweet holy waters begin to flow.

Sobek met the goat and received some gold fleece. Each got a magic fish from the old man which made them healthier and spent night with him. Ariana seduced the man as rest slept. Morning they returned to the geat where the crowd had awaited them for three days. Already the orchards were bearing fruit.

The grateful lords of Lagash gave them silver and promised to send priests to bless their crops and beasts. They knew secrets to grow fruit trees overnight and would plant a orchard on Toth's Estate. A great feast was called and heroes got to be paraded through city. Became evident this happened every thirty years for thousands of years.

As party subsided a prince of Ur came, calling them to help the king on a urgent manner.

Roadwar2001: Dinobusters

So the team awaiting call from their corporate masters had a possibly rogue suit from Gentech ask them to help rob dino embryos from a closed dinosaur theme park. Karumi the ninja on her bike, the good christian mutie in his now living hotrod built for ramming, the ex Sherri in his interceptor and the veteran cyber psycho in his light truck kitted out for em warfare.

Were to be paid $150 000 plus four star insurance (incuding air extraction) and ammo costs while on mission.

Team trundling along in outback saw lone biker on road waving them down. Warily stopped and gave him water. His gang ditched him and he would die out here. Was a member of a mutie motor gang. Guys gave him a job and put him in the back of interceptor where he could be watched. Guy seemed really happy with his turn in luck. Name was Sludge, never said wha his mutation was but everything but his mouth covered..

Later came across locus swarm and all pulled over to wait it out. Mutie glad he had enclosed his cabin finally. After the grass was all gone and six inch locusts too weak too fly were crawling everywhere. Mutie and sluge grabbed lots for food. Hmmmm sky prawns.

Almost at target when saw road half collapsed. Closer still saw cliff bend was reinforced with concrete bunkers making collapse very unlikely. Some men spotted hiding near by and a 4wd hidden of road in trees. Mutie floored accelerator intending to ram through then spotted mines so he jumped pile of rubble and killed two hiding men.

Sherrif fired RPG blowing up mines and killing more men and drove through rubble fine. Men left fled for 4wd. Karumi went off road, waited till the men got near then fired a large high explosive rocket killing them all and setting 4wd alight. All stopped to search the dead. Found uncut gems and gold flakes. Were a prospector gang who also used explosives in ambushes. Mutie opened his boot to feed unconscious men into his bio fuel plant grinders. Horrible screams ensued. Put a few corpses in back seat for later. Had a few bites and offered some to Sludge who said he only ate humans from necessity. Another funny little test.

Finally arrived at perimeter of DinoWorld, a subsidiary of Global Theme Parks Ink. The wall started with 3 meters of concrete then 9 meters of metal beams, bars and electric razor wire. Some other tracks nearby. Mutie went scouting while others camped. Found a tree had damaged wall at one point so a risky climb and leap could possibly get through. Found campsite of multiple bikes, 4wd and a 4wd truck.

Back at camp Sheriff on crime data base found a gang obsessed with dinosaurs. Used cybernetics, biomods, tattoos to modify selves and had been caught trying to smuggle raptor embryos into Australia from Singapore.

In night a sneaky pterodactyl crept up on all fours to steal food but Karumi meditating on the EM warfare trick among satelite dishes and antena saw it. A few shots drove it off.

In morning the suit opened gates with a former employees card. Inside was overgrown hotel theme park rides and museum. Beyond was hectares of jungle and dinosaurs. Grazing peacefully inside gates were three Anklosaurs. Karumi wheeled in her bike and sludge and suit came in too. When Cyborg started his truck the Anklosaurs flipped and assumed aggressive stances. Karumi read the mind of lead male who felt his ladies threatened by noise. Shut off van and eventually calmed down. Hid all the vehicles outside except bite hidden in door in gate house.

Went into admin as they could only get perimeter cam feed from gatehouse terminal. Opened lock of admin and cyborg jacked in his deck to the security station computer. Got maps of service tunnels and some cam feed but some one else in here had been in system and left traps. The system computer refused to talk to that deck. Suit had his deck but wanted to await for an emergency or nearer precious embryos.

Sheriff looking around found a head sized dino poop. Warned all to look out. As headed to elevators saw 4 huge raptors coming. Suit and and sludge puled back others opened fire. Two killed and two wounded tried to flee but sheriff magnum finished them off.

Went into sub levels and fixed a electric transport and all headed into the depths. Some patches partly flooded and roots coming through ceiling. Came to red zone on map where roof collapsed. As Cyborg and mutie went to clean up rubble so car could get through, Karumi saw a curious raptor peer through hole. he screamed as raptors dived in. Bullets everywhere and screaming. In confusion Sludge got arm torn off and raptor grabbed him and jumped out of hole to surface. Most of others killed.

Past block almost at dino nursery lab and passage caved in. Climbed out hole and approached base to see a ceratasaur hungrily looking at cyborg. Rest all hid and ambushed beast killing it. Got into lab and found it was being ransacked by gang. Karumi sneaked in close with her katana killing their techie. Others killed gang while they were confused about their boss. Nabbed all the lab embryos and some extra samples for the eski (what Australians put things they wanna keep cool in like beer or goon bags).

Fled bunker and gang members riding raptors came and they managed to kill them. Sheriff tried to jump on a raptor but it ran too far so he quit trying. As almost escaped park when t-rex came. It too killed in hail of lead. Landed and almost killed berserk cyborg. Let out when calmed down.

Escaped park, got payment. Happy trails.

Sunday 25 January 2015

Long Stairs Mission Log

So ran a session with a player from earlier group with several newbs. The vet I made a corporal and 1st lv wizard (secret) and rest had 4 zero level soldiers and civilian experts recruited to explore the dungeon dimension as part of operation Alice and the experimental operations group.

The recruits were taken to the surface base in Emu Flats for training. The corporal had lost his whole squad and returned tainted by magical texts and was now a apprentice wizard with training to hide his magical effects. His squad had no idea.

After basic training they went through the nuclear blast doors and the apature into the dimension to the forward base. Of course vets ignored them as most would probably die. After settling in a few saw signs of the base mission. Medics saw some wounds in hospital they couldn't comprehend. Others got to clean monster cages and dissect some dead orcs. A few saw documents seized from the alien species including elves, dwarves and goblins.

As one player had done basic scenarios and I knew another was coming late, the squad was to look up a old abandoned forward camp. Went with a sarge to the distant deep cavern. On way found a unmapped small cramped tunnel. Sent in a green recruit who crawled with a pistol and a torch into a chamber with a huge chest with four locks. Seemed it couldn't fit through only exit. Kid tapped chest and lost radio contact.

Squad ordered to turn backs while magician corporal summoned three halflings to explore the hole. One returned complaining of gas before he vanished back to where summoned beings come from. A trooper climbed in with two gasmasks, found unconscious kid and dragged him out with a mask. He recovered promptly. Sarge marked on tablet map and got squad moving.

Found huge cave with a crumbled structure of stone on rock outcrop connected to entrance with a raised path. Most of floor level 20 feet lower. Was a lake and three other passage ways. One passage was up high on a cliff overlooking cave. As approached the ruin saw Australian army rubbish dated from 60s and evidence others had camped here more recently. Found a toilet pit buried of something not human. Some fish and elf bones chewed near fire place.

Set up camp and sarge got six squaddies and corporal to check out perimeter. On way hears voices no like any recording they had heard. So sneakiest men went ahead to get better angle to see in cave saw 5 short white haired bearded humanoids with white eyes. Two had hooked glaives, two including boss had hammers and one with a crossbow. They seemed aware someone else in cavern. Two crept out and rest of squad saw secondary boss with hammer sneak out but not  crossbow user.

Squad opened fire obliterating visible hammer man. Snipers shot leader and surprised leader took so many bullets and still standing. One foolish squaddie charged with a bayonet into cave and stabbed a creature but crosbowman shot him down. Rest of squad moved up and blasted rest till all down but one with glaive who reached snipers. Two men pulled back the over zealous kid and stabilized wound but he was also poisoned by crossbow. The radioed sarge and requested doc move in. The glaive man took out two troopers before one sniper grappled him allowing three other men to bayonet him. Guy went down dropping glaive but broke free before a hail of boot brought him down.

Poisoned man was kept alive with constant cpr and adrenaline shots before doc managed to find antidote on a creature and risked it. Other men regained consciousness and four of five creatures stripped and cable tied. One squad member badly hurt unconscious still and poisoned guy was saved. Sarge ordered cave quickly scouted then all returned.

Back to base where two in hospital and other participated in base life. Playing volleyball, brawling in bar, spending time in brig, studying monster tech and getting familiar with base tech. Heard of doppelgangers and mimics in base. Also how sterilised dogs had become fertile and were impregnated by blink dogs.

In hospital late one night a man awoke to find a ghoul infantryman sucking on his bandages. He screamed and flailed and got a claw but awoke another wounded man who called out and punched ghoul. When ghoul turned on him, the first trooper ran for guards who came and killed creature. Doc came to see fuss and treated mens scratches.

"Lucky only a proto ghoul" he remarked.
Then noted on medical records men might be susceptible to ghoulism on death.

Creatures captured identified as Derro. In cells they lied and threatened and tried to turn interogators on each other. Strange mentality and brain structures intrigued base scientists.

Next did a quick return to the cave. With some new team members including a drone operator. In the cave the Derro were guarding before they went till they found a mini keep gate house with portcullis operated by derro. A side passagehad a well with bald grey skinned gnome fishing. Best sneakers tried to grab him and gnome got to slap one in face with rod before being pu in a sack and carried back to camp. Turned out corporal knew elvish and gnome knew a dialect so communications were established. Creature was friendly and offered to establish trade if humans were here to kill derro. Gnome was keen to get help but sarge said we can take this gate now.

Stealthiest in dungeon cam gillies suits got close with demolitions troops and pulled back. As guards spotted them the demo crew pulled back under cover from kill drone and rest of squad. Corporal summoned several dwarves inside gates causing derro to swarm around gates to get them when demo charges set off. Destroyed walls and injured most of the derro. Squadies threw 3 grenades which finished them off. Looted some silver and more poison antidote and said fare well to gnome. Set some booby traps on derro base remains and went back to base.

All went well and several new players keen to do again. No regular time proposed yet but will run if i can get at least 3 more players.

Saturday 24 January 2015

The Blood Wizard Harvest

(I started this a month ago on holidays) So got to Adelaide and ate a ham and drank beer and hid from world at old friends house till dad turned up in a panic thinking I was dead because I didn't phone him. Anyway all plans I heard were concerning xmas eve so I was carried away to Goolwa with short notice. Have gotten a long way through my EMO dnd house rules book and Red Brick Book.

For now here is a school of necromancy: Blood magic
(thanks to Miss E, age 9 for help)
I mention other elemental-necromancer lists here and will do them later

Spell Format:

Spell Name
Range: Duration: Target: Save:

Blood magic
This is a school of Necromancy predating humanity that consistently re-appears on Exile Island. Probably due to the many remnants of prehuman and necromancer ruins. Partly due to blood necromancy one of several attempts by the elementals to re interest humanity in the elemental magic. When the Necromancer kings began to fragment after their thousand year reign many heresies developed. The elemental heresies led to the return of full blown elementalism that supported the barbarian hordes destroying the Necromancer kingdoms.

Blood magic is a hybrid of water elementalism and necromancy
Breath magic is a hybrid of air elementalism and necromancy
Body magic is a hybrid of earth elementalism and necromancy
Spirit magic is a hybrid of fire elementalism and necromancy

When calling or creating any water elemental being they may replace water with blood to make blood elementals for example. Another note is there are other spells from common wizard lists blood wizards use, especially making or summoning undead, ghoul touch and vampire touch spells. Generally prefer flesh and blood and gore to dessicated or bony undead. A version of a standard spell used by a blood wizard might have a more blood themed rational like a death spell variant called Congeal Blood or Boil Blood

These spells are found in the great book of blood the Hemonomicon. Rare to find a fully intact volume but fragments turn up. The complete book also includes recipe to create homonculi.

Spell Level zero (cantrips)

Range: 3" Target: one person Duration: one round  Save: CON Negates
Causes a blood nose on a foe or other petty bleeding messy wound. Some wizards use to fake mortal wounds, soil clothes, humiliate foes or make their own eyes bleed for dramatic effect. Causes no damage and results automatic if subject willing.

Range: touch, Duration: Target: Save:na
Stops a bleeding wound instantly stabilising any one below zero HP bleeding to death

Bloody Stain*
Range: 3" one target or 1" cone Save: DEX Negates
Squirts a cup of blood 3" or a cone fx spray over 1" staining the target with revolting warm blood, a DEX save can avoid getting hit. The reverse of the spell (remove bloody stain) removes a bloody stain from a outfit or small room or murder scene

Blood Knife
Range: own hand Duration:one round per level, Target: creates one knife Save:na
Sacrifice one HP and form a sharp functional knife that turns to useless blood spatter at end

Range: 3" Duration: 1 round Target: 1 medium creature Save: Negates
A stab of sharp pain makes target save or drop a weapon if cast on hand or if cast on foot of running person who fails a save will make them fall. Reverse makes a nasty cramp go away.

Slippery Clots
Range: 3" Duration: one turn Makes 1" radius circle per level
Anything passing through area or trying to grip slips in sticky thick congealed clots. Some animals may stop to eat it and forget chasing people

Detect Blood
Range: 6" Duration: Round Target: blood Save: None
Detects living beings with flowing blood or spilled blood, blocked by any wall over six inches

First Level

Thirsting blade
Range: Touch Duration: round/lv Target:one weapon Save:CON Negates
Cast on a weapon and anything it hits capable of bleeding will bleed one hit point per round until the spell duration ends. Example a 10th lv caster puts spell on a sword, on the next round it hits a victim who for the next 10 rounds loses a HP.

Vomit Blood*
Range: 10"/lv Duration: one round Target: one person Save: CON Negates
Cast on a target who loses next action while violently spewing up a gallon of vile blood and taking 1HP/lv. The reverse version lets you liquefy a corpse and devour it to gain the equivalent HP called Absorb Blood.

Reduce Wound*
Range: Touch Duration: round/lv Target: one being Save: CON negates if unwilling
Target takes one less point of damage per dice during the duration. The reverse is increase wound and victim takes one extra point damage per dice.  

Regenerate Wound*
Range: Touch Duration: round/lv Target one person: Save: CON negate if unwilling
Heals one point of damage per round. Reverse makes foe bleed from miraculous wound.

Second Level

Vampire Mist
Range:3 " per lv Duration: round/lv Target: 2" radius Save:na
Caster places the mist in a desired location, it appears as a cloud of red mist but it leeches one HP per round per living being who touches the mist in a round

Blood Charm
Range: 3" per lv Touch: Duration: 1 turn/lv Target: 1HD/lv Save: WIS negates
Caster can temporarily charm multiple HD of equal or lesser creatures as long as they are wounded or bleeding or have blood on them. The charmed victims each get a save to resist. Charmed victims will keenly obey most suggestions but if abused and mistreated may get extra saving throws. If controller treats them well they will charge to defend their master.

Blood Font
Range: Touch or 1"/lv Duration: round/ lv Target: One place on ground Save: None
Makes a pint of blood every round pump from a point on solid rock or earth. Can attract predators or defile a location or cook to produce one meal per pint. Some cook with rice or make blood sausage.

Blood Trace
Range: Duration: Target: one living being Save: None
If you have tasted blood of a living being can track that beings location, can follow a direct line to the targets location when spell cast. 

Open Wound
Range: 3" /lv Duration: round/lv Target: one living being Save: WIS negates
By pointing a great gob of flesh on a target explodes for a d6 damage then they take one point damage per round.

Blood Shield
Range: Touch Duration: turn/lv Target:one being Save:na
Coats the recipient in a clotted coating of pulsing clotted blood that absorbs damage by giving the target a buffer of 2HP per level. Act as extra HP buffer. Often use to create enhanced undead or bodyguards or self.

Red Corpse Dust*
Range: 10"/lv Target: one corpse/lv Duration: one turn per level Save:na
Converts one corpse per level into a pound of red dust so as to make easy to carry or to turn into a preserved food stuff. The reverse of the spell rehydrates corpse into normal. If incomplete or mixed or contaminated the corpse becomes a hideous monster. This is used to create instant corpses to make undead. Possibly use to transport sides of beef.

Third Level

Bloody Bones
Range: Touch Duration: Permanent Target: One skeleton Save:na
Upgrade skeletons with +1HD +3"Move +1AC DAM1d8, also gives them a red fleshy coating, the ability to scream and known to jump or climb skillfully to attack targets. A Necromancer may only enhance one skeleton per level max at any one time, if creator dies the skeletons run free and wild.

Blood Goblins
Range: Touch Duration: Permanent Target:Ground
Sacrifice one HP to create a goblin per level that obeys for a turn per level before running free if you don't make a deal with them.The scarlet goblins feel some bond with their creator which can be exploited.

Blood Feast
Range: Touch Duration: Permanent Target: one HD of corpses per level Save:na
Corpses collapse into a mass of semi liquid gelatin that can be eaten easily. Extracts liquefied flesh from a corpse per level, each batch if eaten either acts as a days food or heals 1d3 HP. The marvellous magical meat slurry can be kept only three hours without refrigeration, after that it causes violent retching.

Reverse Zombies
Range: Touch Duration: Permanent Target: One Zombie Save:na
Upgrade zombies with +1HD 12"Move +1AC DAMd6 with 2 attacks, also gives them inside out wet red skin and enhanced mobility. Can jump or climb normally as if living and is far more alert. A Necromancer may only enhance one zombie per level max at any one time, if creator dies the zombies run free and wild.

Blood Rage*
Range: Touch Duration: Recipients CON in rounds Target: one living creature Save: WIS if unwilling
Enters a fury where recipient can remain conscious in negative HP and receives +2 to hit and damage. Will hunt and kill foes but without a target of hate will attack any near target. After CON in rounds spell the victim is exhausted and must make a CON save or pass out a d10 rounds. The reverse Cool Blood sedates victim -2 to hit and damage, half speed and will not pursue anyone out of sight, preferring to stand still if no threats.

Liquefy Form
Range: Touch Duration: turn/lv Target: one living being Save: WIS if used against will
Flesh melts into red liquid slime that can squeeze through gaps, climb like a slug, swim underwater or cling to ceilings. Only moves at 6" and cannot speak. Used for escapes and surveillance.

Fourth Level

Wall of meat
Range: 3"/lv Duration: Permanent Target: create a wall Save:na
Creates a section of wall of meat 10 foot high one foot wide 20 foot long per level. To pass the disgusting fleshy wall you must get over it or hack through 10HP per level to create a hole that a normal person can pass. The wall dies a turn/lv after creation and begins to decay as normal meat. The wall can be used to feed 100 people per level if it is cooked before it goes off. 

Seize Gaze
Range: 3"/lv Duration Permanent Target:One being with eyes Save:WIS negates
Victim in range makes a saving throw or one of their eyes flies into the hand of the caster inflicting 1HP damage a round and damaging the victim eye sight until restored with magical healing.

Blood Beast
Range: Touch Duration: turn/lv Target: makes a monster Save:na
Creates a 1HD per level monster with AC+14 MOV 15" ATT 3 DAM d8bite/d6claw/d6claw. The beast is made from blood and gore from corpses requiring 1HD of corpse per HD of blood beast.

Flesh Tentacle
Range: 1" /lv Duration: turn/lv Target: self Save:na
A horrid red fleshy tentacle erupts from your body inflicting a d8 (+STR bonus) or grappling any target in range. Can also be used to swing, open doors or hold tools. Rolls to hit as normal, replacing a standard combat action.

Blood Monolith
Range: 3" /lv Duration: round/lv Target: within 3" of monolith Sav:na
A scab coated giant blood clot arises from the earth a foot high per level and 1/2 a foot wide per level. Moves towards enemies at MOV 3". Living beings within 3" of the monolith take 1d4 a round and must save vs WIS or suffer fear for duration of spell. The monolith can be destroyed by attacking it as unarmoured person with 1HD per caster levels.Can block doors ways and passages.

Range: none Target: self Duration: one turn per level Save:na
Heal 1 HP per round. 1% per use develop a pound of your flesh into horrible tumours per use. Long term users become a hideous mass of lumpy flesh growths

Fifth Level

Purify Blood*
Range: 3"/lv Duration: Instant Target: One living thing Save: CON die if fail
Removes traces of disease, parasites and poison in the blood. Reverse version, Foul Blood acts as poison killing targets who fail a CON save.

Wall of blood
Range: 3"/lv Duration: turn per level & permanent Target: create a wall Save: STR
Creates a wall of swirling liquid blood which after one turn per level congeals into a sticky chumpy solid mass of clot which will attract animals and peasant cooks. Starts 10 foot high, one foot thick and 3" long section per level but the height halves when liquid form expires. While liquid requires a break doors roll (1/2 STR save) to pass through, stops missiles and most spells. If STR roll fails the victim is dragged around the perimeter until they escape with a STR save at a speed of 9".

Blood Warrior
Range: touch Target: self Duration: permanent  Save:na
By cutting self for 1d3 HP a blood being erupts from the wound with one HD per level of the caster with AC+6 and a move of 12". It inflicts 1d6+ 1 per caster level. Obeys the bidding of it's creator but may be ignorant things having limited worldly knowledge. Only one blood warrior at a time can be made. They heal 1HP/lv/day.

Blood Ward
Range: touch Target: surface like wall, floor, box lid Duration: one week per level Save: CON Halves
Cut finger for 1HP and trace bloody sigil on surface that glows with scarlet light. If touched by a living being it arises, a hungry thing, biting and draining the intruders life force for 1d3 per level.

Hungry  Blade
Range: touch Target: one weapon Duration: one turn per level Save: CON Negates
Cast on a weapon, wounds will bleed for 1 HP a round on living beings the round after being hit. Equal to the casters level. If the victim saves they do not bleed. Only effects living things.


Taint Bloodline*
Range: touch Target: one person Duration: permanent level Save: CON Negates
Victims offspring and every generation thereafter has taint d6 1=part fishman 2=lycanthropy 3=mutant 4=part reptilian 5=idiot 6=hideous cripple. Reverse removes a taint or family defect and is used by inbred dynasties to remove degenerate taints. A remove curse or reversed spell removes taint.

Flail Skin*
Range: 6"/lv Target: one weapon Duration: permanent Save: CON Negates
Shreds and removes persons or corpses skin leaving it in a single sheet and the body in a horrible disfigured state. The victim takes 1d6 damage per lv and is hideous to behold requiring serious healing magic to replace the epidermal organ. Reduces victims life span by half unless restored by reverse or other healing magic. If used on a leader will give followers a morale check.

Seize Heart
Range: 6"/lv Target: one person Duration: one round Save: WIS Negates
Tears out living victims heart which flies into casters hand killing the target

Mass Vampirism
Range: 6"lv Target:  Duration: instant Save: CON Negates
Drains up to one HP/lv from any living thing in range of life in the form of liquid blood that pours from victim into the caster. Works on friend or foe. Once fully healed can have up to double normal HP but lose one per round over normal HP.


Vampire Curse*
Range: 3"/lv Target: one person Duration: permanent Save: WIS Negates
Victim can now only live by feeding off blood and no other food or liquid ingested. They have a constant craving and feel tempted to kill others possibly requiring a WIS save to resist urges to drink others blood. A willing person could produce a small amount of blood to relax them for a while but would be unhealthy to do more than once a week. The reverse or Remove Greater Curse cures the condition.

Blood Storm
Range: mile radius Target: sky Duration: round/lv Save:na
Red clouds form over a d10 rounds then a downpour of blood pours from the sky covering everything in range in foul blood. Most beings in area freak out requiring a morale check or will flee area. Many intelligent beings will see as an omen of the end of the world.

Troll Regeneration*
Range: touch Target: one person Duration: turn/lvl Save: CON Negates if unwilling
Target regenerates 3 HP per round while under effect. If reversed as Troll Degeneration target bursts into horrible hemorrhages and tumours all over and if they survive resemble a hideous troll like freak. If they are "killed" they arise as a troll, totally taken over by chaotic maddening tumours and no longer a normal being.


Blood Golem
Range: touch Target: one pile or pit of corpses Duration: one turn per level Save:na
Can create a colossus of gore using 1000gp ingredients per HD up to 2HD percaster level. Each corpes used gives the thing 1HP to a maximum allowed by HD. Each HD is one foot tall. The horror has AC16 MV12" and has a 3d12 punch or stomp attack. The creature id psychotic and angry but mostly obey while in wizards sight. If left out of control it wanders off to kill and eat anything it can find while gibbering and screaming. Some wizards keep the being in a well or tower and seal in when they are asleep.

Tower of flesh
Range: touch Target: creates a tower Duration: permanent Save:na
Creates a living tower of flesh 2 foot high per level and one foot wide. It has passages, windows, rooms and 1d4 sub basements. The living tower twitches when harmed. Tends to attract vermin and parasites, possibly developing a internal ecosystem in time. It has 40 HP per level AC10 and may be killed by death magic and other means. It has a CON equal to casters level to resist disease or poison of death magic. If killed takes month to rot away attracting vermin and animals. May be burned and will feed a army of 200 men per level with roast wizard flesh.


Clone Flesh
Range: touch Target: one inch cube of flesh Duration: permanent Save:na
With a cube of flesh and a lab with great bell jars worth 1000GP per creature HD, can grow a identical copy in one month/HD. It hates the original, can sense it's location and sees to destroy it. After it totally assumes normal manner of original. Some wizards manipulate the growing being using non weapon skills to give beings minor cosmetic changes like swapping it's attributes or adding features of other species. Clones often feel ungrateful to creators and will quickly wish to avoid them in most cases. May be possible to store flesh cubes or clones with cold or stasis or in jar in lab with alchemical apparatus.

Blood Throne
Range: none Target: self Duration: 3 rounds/lv Save:na
A great geyser of blood erupts under the wizard supporting them several feet off the ground in a standing or walking position and moves with them. While drenched in the unholy fountain the caster cannot lose HP's or be killed by death magic. The caster feels elated and is drenched in gore after.

Let me know if ive made any major mess ups or feel welcome to make suggestions

Tuesday 20 January 2015

Exile Log: Dungeons and Divorces and Domesticity

So the party of Acula the now LE Orc Archer, Nahme the Angel and The Tako kid have finally escaped the underland after several months. Acula had divinations from orc Shamen warning there was trouble with his wives and the evil sorcerer Chondaru. The party have about 19 flunkies now, plus three riding beetles and a pack lizard.

So they had got out of the pit and viited the Black orc king's court then departed for home. The mountains were slow and dangerous travel but two of the orcs were expert scouts who could move faster. Floods had wiped out way party came.

Saw a kobold ambush on cliff above road but Nahme flew overhead and scared them away. She no longer bothers to hide her wings (now 7th level). Found a crumbling fortified bridge where two bandit gangs were discussing turf (about 40 men in all). One savage cannibals in turbans, the other mountain brigands. Nahme carried the Tako over head and he lobbed a fire ball inside vapourising most of them Leaders managed to flee, Two cannibals and a brigand luteneant dragging charred leader. Accula killed the bosses with arrows. Surviving bandit jumped over the bridge into rapids and Nahme tried to grab him but he was dashed against rocks and his innards drifted down the river and became entangled in rocks. Other party flunkies shot the last cannibal.

At night some kobolds were scuttling around the camp but Acula heard them and snatched two. The rest fled and managed to convince kobolds to come to party dungeon to join kobold tribe there. Olga the orc told them it was a kobold paradise with food and pay and retirement benefits.

Found a flimsy rope and board bridge over chasm and 5 hermits, cast out from civilization and cooking rats in a birch bark pot. Gave them some money and invited to join party. Thy were too lame so they wee given rides on beetles. Found a small tribe of rare Indigo orcs creating new warriors from mud pit. Acula watched the enchanted moment then recruited 4 to join him promising to help Indigo orc population (they had no females and dont breed true without magic).

 Found a crumbling stone elevator that once carried travellers to lower road but party climbed and flew down easily. Found great river fork and a crossing where giant turtles swam surrounded by crocodiles. Party unconvinced was safe so Nahme scouted by air and saw a giant tree crossing canyon about six miles back. So got to tree and Nahme and her young brother flew over. Acula began to cross and a demon appeared from sulpher cloud to block him demanding souls of who crossed. Acula sprung to attack and Angels flew at him and demon fled unused to opposition. Met some druids who were friendly and pointed way to Highland kingdom where they could travel faster. Advised to meet border guards and ask permission to pass.

Arrived at borderlands and Nahme being the nicest part member went ahead to speak to border watch. They thought party of orcs, crab men, eel men, octopi and bugbears were a formarian plot so fetched chief. He demanded 200gp to enter kingdom and escort "for protection". Even though the three heroes had 20 000gp each they all complained. Acula was outraged about being ripped off and insulted their king. The beserkers began chewing their shields a nd howling but Nahme calmed them. She made a deal for some of her aphrodisiac drugs and some cash which the chief enthusiastically accepted when hid bard recognised the drugs. So in a single day they traveled by highland road further than the last few days and by night were at the great road overlooking the horror swamp. Saw distant black dragon, one of lands two most famous.

Morning they came down road and saw the Bloodsand whaling town which like the last three yeasr of adventurers avoided. Nahme knew  town of degenerates 99% male and feared for her chastity. By lunch came to Marshtown and had lunch at druid school. Didn't see Linden the bard who owned it as he was abroad. Acula uncharacteristically bought everyone a beer in the pub.

Avoided Grogtown and met traveling priests who praised Nahme and told her how the good churches had had a religious reformation since a hierophant from the Empire came with new scriptures. Apparently her sun god was now a celestial emperor. Some were refusing to modernise.

So party tired but forced marched to the renamed Silverthorn village where most of party based. It was basicly a pub and a mansion with a underground dungeon (stolen from Chondaru) full of kobolds and reformed beggers from city working a clothing and brick factory population 120 humans and 300 kobolds.

Tako with his aquatic beast men (including a marine iguana beast woman from Marshtown) jumped into his well and showed them his grotto.

Nahme found the lady he left in charge (rescued from powdered form from a necromancers loot) was sleepin in her bed and acting like she owned the completed mansion. She had been flirting with Nahme's merchant husband. Nahme was furious and called Thomas the priest to cast detect lie. Thomas still had hots for Nahme and blushed and all were awkward for a moment. Having cleared her husband of blame and the girl grovelled for forgiveness, Nahme demanded she and Thomas got married. Worked out ok. She had done a good job of running estate but wasn't allowed to live in manour house any more. Thomas had been running shrine in manour and the dungeon well so Nahme commissioned a 6000gp temple to be built next to manour. Thomas set off to recruit acolytes and ordained his new bride.

Acula had lots of wives to check on. Spent night with his Kobold brides. Had four human/kobold hybrid babies thanks to druid magic. His two kobold brides didn't mind him a orc at all. He felt bad for the idiot one and considered if he could get her "healed". Morning he rushed of to his hidden forest tower (taken from assassin cult and now full of orc budies). His most attractive bride was horrified and demanded a divorce and a house. Acula now lawful evil agreed to divorce her and give her 700gp if she gave him their daughter and one last shag. She grumblingly agreed if lights were out. Orc buddies and the new orcs from travels all mingled: black, green and indigo. His Devil worshiping priest built a shrine in the basement. The eveil shrine under tower was consecrated to good by Nahme and the evil powers rejected it. 

Next morning party went to city to check up on properties. Nahme had her poor house and ladies boarding house and shopped for a warehouse to build a bigger sweatshop to convert poor to lawful good. Accula asked her to speak to his city wife.

Tako came along for a laugh with Nahme. Servants let them in and gave condolences for Acula's death and explained kindly friend Chondaru had looked after everything. Wife (a hideous unpleasant hag now a well to do city woman) explained how kindly Chondaru took her to soothsayer and asked "how fares the man Acula" but the soothsayer said there was no such man. Acula arrived a bit angry and she was surprised to see him a living orc. They had second marriage annulled by deed and Acula tried to convince her to become a orc. Nahme said his children must wait till of age and choose to be turned into orcs and Acula agreed. Acula was surely vexed and wanted t kill Chondaru (who had fled that morning) and wanted to kill Chondaru's family. Nahme said he could not harm innocents and his wife said she had become good friends with Chodaru's mother (party had met her claiming to be his friends earlier). Acula muttered he should marry or at least have sex with her. Apparently Chondaru had got a PHD and had fled back to the Hobgoblin halls to serve the hobgoblin king.

Tako went and bought a large prison hulk in the harbour and had repaired. Got his own wharf to save on moorage fees and started making zombie crew men.

Party all keen to get Chondaru once and for all. Acula was inlaw with kobold king and the party kobold tribe and hobgoblin hall tribe had some communication which party used to establish spies in enemy dungeon.  Acula had his tower torture dungeon cleaned up and had burt the Bugbear offer to help make ready for Chodaru. Secret police amended Acula's citizenship papers race section and he was promoted to lieutenant. Hinted they might offer him some wetwork. Helped him swap the magic long bow for a composite bow. Having got his dream bow at last he now wanted life extending abilities. Olga finally convinced Acula's city wife to become a orc. Better a typical orc than a hideous human.

Sunday 18 January 2015

Exile Log: Serving the lesser evil

So Acula, Nahme and the Tako youth finished training and all were getting tired of life in orc citadel. Acula had terrible pangs about his wives on the surface and some divinations warned him Chondaru the Sorcerer was up to no good back home. He wondered if his wives would care he was now a orc. Olga had given up being good, a trait gained when she was Nahme the angel's follower, to keep in line with her now devilish husband.

The orc king wanted heroes to breach the chaotic cannibal albino orc defenses on level 16 of the citadel, offering them titles and a palace in the tower of their own with the top nobby orcs on level 3. Keen to finish with their growing band of followers they crept up the stairs. Acula and his orc wife Olga crept into the bottleneck chamber past several orc barricades.

With a slight noise he was spotted so he stepped in front of a pillar for cover from several orc positions and slew many orcs at one post near him. The Tako simply stepped out and fireballed a barricade and it's guards to ash. Nahme cast a protective prayer and blessing then just flew over a barricade. As the Tako blasted more barricades and drew fire, mostly ineffective the enemy was struck by terror. All the party poured in and split into two teams one going for the temple and other for the boss halls. While they were battered they stopped to heal and allied orcs poured through after party. Allied goblins poured from the air vents at the citadel core and some had climbed up the outside and through windows. The bosses and priests were tough but defeated. Acula was paralyzed by the curse of a priest and also blinded. He since being killed by a cateoplas gaze had learned secrets of blind fighting and kept up his hail of deadly arrows. Nahme battled a boss but her group were badly hurt and the boss fled upstairs. Reinforcements saved both groups an ugly mess. Ass hundreds of allied greenskins poured into upper three levels our heroes went beyond to the great dome chamber at the peak of the citadel. Tako made a horde of skeletons to help.

There the chaos orc king, his priests and a great vrok vulture demon with elite body guards awaited in the great vaulted wonder chamber. While orcs with skeletons clashed, the heroes went around the orc lines and began killing the elites and their acolyte servants. Acula had his bow shattered by the demons telekinesis and he furiously drew his dagger from his wrist sheathe and charged the demon. Nahme's theif boy crept behind the action and tried to backstab the demon but Acula downed it first. The boy took the chance and stabbed the demon in the throat cutting it's head off. It was a good massacre, over four hundred of the degenerate demon cultist bone orcs were dead, their corpses hurled from twenty stories below.

The king gave them all gifts including a relic for Nahme, a +1 longbow for Acula (he uses a composite bow but might help him trade for what he needed) and a wand of missiles for the Tako. While the king loved Acula, other orc nobles didnt so it was time to go. A small army escorted them across the ashen wastes of the great cavern and to where the dwarves lowered them into the depths via elevator. Nahme flew to the vaul and got dwarves to lower the elevator. In days they managed to reach the surface.

Back to the local orc village they found the party donkeys eaten but the orcs gave them a pack lizard. They never thought they would see the party again. To the court of the Black orc king where they prepared to return to the civilized south and Shadel port, quite tougher than when the entered with many weird followers.

Next - While the cats away...

Saturday 17 January 2015

Roadwar2001: New Era

Season 2 for this year will take the death racers to strange new places. Handily got a pack of 100 zombies for $20. Not great variety or scale but good value. Got myself Dark Conspiracy game from early 90s which has great aliens for this game. Also miking in my Necrotech storyline from unpublished comic treatment I wrote when I was a slave in comic mines in early 90's.

So the mutie, ninja girl and former professor got prepped to enter the zombie infestation zone. Mutie finally welded a canopy on his open top buggy to be more zombi proof. The Proff installed three plastic anti personnel flechette grenades on each side of his van.

Drove into zombi territory outside of Bathurst intending to find more information about the new sentient car driving undead they had discovered. Also they were among few on earth that new some alien presence was the real director of zombies. So looking for more evidence and clues. On borderland saw a school bus on side with bodies on road. Parked a hundred meters away and all but proff walked in. As they got close of course the zombies awoke and the road warriors ran for their lives. Prof drove forward and fired machine guns. Finally he drove up close and set off a flechette grenades destroying several. everyone else got in vehicles and drove away. Came across another small group and evaded. Wisely thought of conserving bullets.

As they approached town in centre old cyborg vet buddy called on radio to join in. Hundreds of zombies surrounded town in a wall. Possible due to the plague burial site from early 90s when quarter of the earths population died. The mutant in his improved buggy rammed through the main street, plowing down dozens. Proff drove in and used his flechette grenades. Karumi went around fringes hacking down with her sword. The vet fired phosphorous grenades killing many and starting fires but the flashes and bangs set off his flash backs and he braked. Dropping his gun he ran into zombies with his deadly metal arm jack hammer punch.

After killing 40-50 of the undead Proff heard a motor start and a undead interceptor burst from the garage. Necro car couldn't fire rockets among zombi minions. Mutie and he chased each other in circles till the mutie already high speed gave him the edge. A few mg bursts and rams and the dead racer escaped.

After several hundred zombies killed, team pleased they had control and looted the garage. Found necrobiologiocal machines and car parts and some other valuable loot. Drove back to Bathurst to car wash and dinner.

Sold parts to Gentech and got a few thousand bucks for trouble.

Had heard of new mega corp Necrotech. Combined medical, mercenary and funeral company. Apparently the mass plague graves from 8 years ago world wide were reviving en mass. Kemelkon a fuel company was cashing in mining the dead for bio fuel. Cremations were becoming mandatory.

The team got an offer to be Necrotech Search and Destroy team. Went to Sydney for Psyche evaluations and got a nice contract. Karumi was briefed by Gentech to spy on Necrotech even though the older company owned 20% shares. Apparently they were on call to hunt exotic undead and other missions but otherwise could carry on as usual.

Necrotech was building huge freezer buildings to cold store corpses and those partially infected with alien necrovirus. All the plague victims who lived apparently could become zombies on death. Necrotech also were freezing other terminal patients offering them to be healed at some future date. After some were completed several were swarmed by hoards of zombis that seemed attracted. Corp security and gov military were busy fighting zombies and guarding zombie hotspots. New plague outbreaks were occurring. Everything is on the brink again.

Sunday 11 January 2015

Babylon BRP: To Serve The King

So having fled the City or Kartulu, half sunken and degenerate worshipers of forbidden sea gods and dragons, the heroes returned to the city of Umma.

They told their friend the king how the residents of Kartulu were evil cultists who were best destroyed and scattered to the winds. The kindest of the party, the Amorite Charioteer Sobek suggested they be rounded up and sold into slavery for their own good with the active cultists beheaded and burned.

Toth warned of their black magic and witchcraft.

The king considered their words and considered casting out the street of merchants and fishermen of Kartulu in his own city. He would speak in secret with other kings and asked them to tell the king Samsu-iluna of Babylon about the matter.

So back to Babylon where the heroes returned to their homes and loved ones. Many now had church obligations. The noble born half siblings were put to work with managing family affairs for months.

Ariana the half Minoan pirate maid worked with her church and fathers trade houses and learned many new languages. Spent time with her Assyrian husband. She was pregnant again.

Toth the half Egyptian was not ordained and was happy to be an initiate of Nergal. When not working with father he spent time social climbing in Nergal's holy city of Cutha. He was well reguarded by the church and finally got to befriend the king of that city.  Performed various rituals with priestesses of Erishkigal and spent time with his new serpent spirit wife and managing his estates. He became familiar with noble funeral rights his city was famed for. His bride bore him a healthy child.

Kull worked mostly with the temple of Marduk, leading and converting barbarians like the Gutians into the service of the empire. He set up a war dog breeding farm in his former shack on his property. He was very assimilated now and Gutians no longer recognised him. His brother was in Umma with his beautiful young wife serving the king there.

Sobek spent time with her pets, children and shaman-lover. She was very pregnant. Her pets got into a fight. Her terror bird and lion cub ate her monkey. She had warned it a few times. With her husband she re-learned all her magic to perform better in combat. Her sister and house maid learned a spell to create temporary perfume. Her follower was sent to fighting school to learn to be a better bodyguard and shield bearer. She had been training the bird to be a mount and ride on her chariot.

All become more familiar with chariot to in hope each could have a chariot for themselves and servants.

After four months during the wet season when the city streets were flooded, they were presented to the king of Babylon by their father/patron. The king was fearsome and silent but he warmed during a feast they were invited to. The king spoke to each hero and was obviously well informed of their actions. Notably the party had been to the four corners of the earth and had killed many witches and monsters. Most had brought their wives and were wearing best clothes and heaped with exotic jewellery from the heroes travels. Ariana especially had a fortune in gold jewellery and made a point of showing her boobs. She hoped the king wouldn't fall in love with her.

Kull was asked to recount his encounters with Dragons in Kartulu and the Mediteranean. Sobek was talked to about lion hunting and Chariots and the king was interested in going on a hunt some time. Toth spoke of the ancient funeral rites of his city and mothers homeland of Egypt. Also of his encounters with the underworld. Ariana spoke of her youth as a pirate and the king was especially interested in what Mediterranean cities he should conquer or trade with.

In the morning after a late night as the kings guests, they were summoned to a garden courtyard where the king spoke to them. He explained their father/patron had given them to him to be his agents. He wished them to eliminate cultists and witches who served wicked gods. Pretty much what they were already doing but now with status. Kull was made seal bearer of the party with documents from the king insisting all assist and aid the party which should intimidate most city state kings.

They were instructed to head south as the north was frozen and windy right now and boat should get them speedily to the south to the city of Lagash. Toth was pleased as his wife had mentioned going to the city. In the meantime they were to enjoy the extra holy holiday month that adjusted the lunar and solar calenders every so many years and participate in the Yearly ceremony on the great Ziggarutt of Babylon. There they would view the high champion of Marduk in his dragon armour  execute and dismember a captured Elamite prince representing Tiamat. They were also introduced to court officials that might aid their quest against Asag the stone giant, the Anzu bird, Tiamat the chaos dragon and Humbaba the wind demon.

As they had a week before the ritual they joined the biggest party they had ever seen, all across the city was dancing, singing, drinking, processions and holy folk in ritual dress.

On the fourth day the head of the secret police called them in. He was wary of them but he had a problem in that the sacrifice had escaped using his Elamite witchcraft. The guards who failed were tortured and executed just before heroes arrival and they were called on the find and capture him withing hours. Every city gate would be watching for the man so he would be looking for something different. Kull brought in his trusty war mastiff. A slobbering brute of a dog worthy of a Marduk champion.

Sobek used her shamanic magic to speak to the dog and also sent some doves to look for the man. Arian consulted her weather divination, sensing the villain would escape by the wall where there were few witnesses on the outside. Toth called on the vapours of the underworld huffing on incense determining that the man had much magic and his body was covered in tatoos. Kull cast dragon and manticore teeth determining that the man would seek countrymen for aid. All followed the fresh trail through the rope makers district as it was fresh and the dog tracked it easily. Found a tavern full of Gutians with two suspicious Elamites. They saw the men react to them and try to leave. Sobek told the dog to guard the rear exit of the tavern as the heroes all entered the courtyard. The Elamites spoke in Gutian that the newcomers were enemies of all Gutians and had spoken of them as cowardly wet nurses. The Guti arose angily but Toth in his original Guti dialect barked out that the Elamites were liars and cowards using them. The men fled out the back and were bailed up by the dog.

The men were thretened and confessed the escaped Elamite prince was afraid of water and planned to cross a wall. Kull and Toth set off with te dog. Sobek ran to the wall section to cut off the sacrifice and Arian grabbed some troopers to help and watch the men and headed to the wall.

Sobek waited among the reveling crowd and missed the robed man climbing the guards stairs on the wall, large enough for chariots to drive around. Toth shouted to her and Kull set his dog and cast a disrupt hex on the man. The public would normally be outraged by public magic but when they saw the dragon warrior of Marduk the crowd parted. Sobek still very pregnant ran behind the Elamite prince and punched him in the head. Meanwhile Ariana seeing this shot the man in the leg. The prisoners from the pub became unruly and began fighting the troopers but Ariana ignored them. The prince overwhelmed by damage fell down the stairs unconcious. Sobek first aided him and Toth ran up and bound him completely, blindfolded and gagged. Kull ran to help Ariana and the guards killing one prisoner and the llast one surrended. He earned a less horrible death for his surrender.

They returned the prince to his scell and the Kings spymaster was pleased, eve impressed.

The ceremony was a success and Marduk accepted the Elamite sacrifice. They watched him be dismembered on the ziggarut and his chunks of body raised to the crouds as the creation story was sung by priests. This was how Marduk made the world from the corpse of Tiamat.

One day rest and then a peaceful trip to Lagash by boat.

A little bit on Humarabi the kings father and his awesome code of law
"Anu and Bel called by name me, Hammurabi, the exalted prince, who feared God, to bring about the rule of righteousness in the land, to destroy the wicked and the evil-doers; so that the strong should not harm the weak; so that I should rule over the black-headed people like Shamash, and enlighten the land, to further the well-being of mankind"

"Anu and Bel called by name me, Hammurabi, the exalted prince, who feared God, to bring about the rule of righteousness in the land, to destroy the wicked and the evil-doers; so that the strong should not harm the weak; so that I should rule over the black-headed people like Shamash, and enlighten the land, to further the well-being of mankind"
- See more at: http://badassoftheweek.com/index.cgi?id=454889922613#sthash.hyqEZpI6.dpuf

"Anu and Bel called by name me, Hammurabi, the exalted prince, who feared God, to bring about the rule of righteousness in the land, to destroy the wicked and the evil-doers; so that the strong should not harm the weak; so that I should rule over the black-headed people like Shamash, and enlighten the land, to further the well-being of mankind"
- See more at: http://badassoftheweek.com/index.cgi?id=454889922613#sthash.hyqEZpI6.dpuf

"Anu and Bel called by name me, Hammurabi, the exalted prince, who feared God, to bring about the rule of righteousness in the land, to destroy the wicked and the evil-doers; so that the strong should not harm the weak; so that I should rule over the black-headed people like Shamash, and enlighten the land, to further the well-being of mankind"
- See more at: http://badassoftheweek.com/index.cgi?id=454889922613#sthash.z4BytV4F.dpuf

"Anu and Bel called by name me, Hammurabi, the exalted prince, who feared God, to bring about the rule of righteousness in the land, to destroy the wicked and the evil-doers; so that the strong should not harm the weak; so that I should rule over the black-headed people like Shamash, and enlighten the land, to further the well-being of mankind"
- See more at: http://badassoftheweek.com/index.cgi?id=454889922613#sthash.hyqEZpI6.dpuf

Friday 9 January 2015

1/72nd Mini Madness

So my 1/72(ish) scale collection coming along nicely. This scale loosens up by necessity and budget and genre.

Mostly started with toy cars matchbox and hotwheels. For some reason i tolerate scale aberrations in marvel superheroes where i use hero clicks for heroes and other scales for cars, civilians and dinosaurs. My BRP im more of a scale snob. When i get a 1920s cthulhu set of stuff going will have to change vehicle scale as slightly bigger scale has more 1920s stuff. There is a model of armoured car used in chaosiums Fearful Passages. Cool but too much moola.

Hotwheels are cool. Some strange and sexy others unfathomable. Weird hotrods of the gods suitable for death racers.

Matchbox is techy nerdery and adventure. They have lots of offroad and rescue vehicles and riot trucks. Also have some tanks, copters, predator drones, some fighters that looked like 80s concept jets (one seems to be like firefox). A half track monster with a panther in a cage in the back. A airport fire truck. A huge mobile armoured police command bus with a ram, huge hook and fold out armour screens for crew cover (easily fit a dozen to twenty inside).

Used tarmac section came with plane provided template for my home made highway tiles.

Got some train HO motorbikes we cant find where we got them from and get more. Id get 30-40 more happily. Mix of police and others too. was under $20 for 16. More police might be handy. Got some cheap HO civilians which running down with tiny cars I enjoy possibly too much.

About 130 toy cars later i split set (possibly not very objectively) between myself and the club. Had lots of donations from club and building up a collection of old stuff suited for customizing. Other gamers use for shadow run and cyberpunk.

Got a shonky scale bag of 100 zombies which i will paint as i cant really go to wrong. Will eventually paint but want to get collection up first and practice. Handy for zombie highway games.

I have found a few toys and put bases on them. A restaurant 2 Inch Thor toy I cut clip off and made a base with flocking now i enjoy how he menaces my 1/72nd sheriff of noting ham posse all too often.

Toy bugs, dinosaurs, other critters have been fun and im happy to abuse scale. A tylosaur for a boat war scenario im writing will be a cool addition. Bugs I also use for for Mars attacks instead of bug token. This game has more expansions I will get this year and i realized army men + club dnd minis good for long stairs dnd games.

My ancient set has been booming too with a few divergences. Found a few hours concentrating and fiddling with prepping them good for my insomnia. Ive been getting a few things i wanted and nabbing anything cheap. Adeaide went to my old store and found a few things at very old prices a dream come true. Newer stuff comparable with net prices. Seeing cars scale in real life convinced e to nab 1920s cars and planes some time. My current era of gaming is pre horse.

So I have built mostly Ceaser and Hat mini collection of:

Sumerian infantry and three chariots. 92men in Hat brand box.
I might try to customize some ox wagons, lil dinosaurs look good pulling chariots too

Assyrian "sampler box" with a sprue of Hat chariot, cavalry, infantry and auxilery cavalry & infantry. Its a good beginer set some recomend etting three of. Got extra three chariots and recently got auxiliary army infantry box set. Auxileries a bit more poorly equipped but i use as Babylonians. As the Hat set had no swordsmen I got a caeser set of Assyrians to diversify poses. This will make two armies eventually. Can get Assyrian siege set too and a diferent brand of chariots i could use as Babylonians.

A box of Caeser brand Sea people make good barbarians in game.

I had a set of Airfix Romans who were lonely so got two sets of ancient germaniacs many fighting nude, one of each brand.

Just got Airfix Sherrif of Nottingham set and will later get robin hood set - has a monk, staff fighters and a woman.

Also a ebay buy of a chariot and infantry Hittite sets. Will get Mittani and Egyptian ones later. Got a sale indian chariot which has a time scale off (4thC BC) but a indian models with elephant too exiting too miss.

Early Mycenae possible too.

Will get some 1920s cops and gangsters (with armed civilians). Some modern special forces and terrorists possible to for modern and my roadwar game. There are several fantasy lines too with orcs, zombie pirates (including a squid face), elves, dwarves, skeletons and wargs you could  use for LOTR or warhammer or warcraft stuff.

Mars Attcks has wrong scale minis but broken wall sections are genius so I got extra one for super heroes and post apoc games. Mantic promise an undamaged kit and make some sf scenery I might try.

Sadly i had been into this scale since 5 and i gave away my lifetime collection of ww2 1/72 men including 400 8th army and same amount of africa corp. Ive hear guys say they gamed wiith them which was nice as I had mostly hoarded them and ever got used in gaming properly.

As my collection grows I occasionally find ones to suit characters in my RPG which is handy. Will get some dark age vikings and anglo saxons, some more romans and enemies and some more medieval armies like templars. I guess cheap bargains will pop up too.

I sadly found a awesome 1/72 plastic kit vehicle specialist selling vintage kits incredibly cheap. WW1Cthulhu with flying aces has been a long term dream....

Pleistocene mammals and terror birds are possibilities too.

I have considered running a whole time travel campaign based partly on the Dr Who story from the 60s The War Games (where dr2 morphs into dr3). Rituals of infinity by Moorcock handy source too im sure influenced the Luther Arkright comic and game (rpg coming too to BRP/RQ) that i could do any psuedo history or parallel time stories I want. Will definatly run a bit of Vikings and Rome this year. My Rome BRP has been on order now for about 3 months and getting time to hassle  them again.

Nice to see my fave models as a kid still being made under different brands. Some of the Caeser brand modern terror/militia/special forces sets have a few items that look like action movies too.

Alas there are no martians with set of tripods like these but Mars attacks and that war of worlds miniture game are just for that. Some more animals and dungeon monsters would be awesome. A set of Uniformed security, armed suits, yakuza boss with swords and other corp theme could be nice for spy films. Heck boiler suit lair mooks, hippie protesters and riot cops could be cool. Mad Max this scale would be awesome. Games featuring those things could be interesting. Battle suit infantry and super heroes too but sounds unlikely to happen.


Im after copies of these RPG products at non dickhead prices

TSR DnD Cyclopedia 1991
Chaosium Escape from Innsmouth
Chaosium Adventures in Arkham Country (Lovecraft Country)
Chaosium Tales of the Miskatonic Valley

Two of these I ordered from Amazon in november and no show yet. I keep missing out on auctions and ive been wanting these for years to run my Arkham county sandbox game again. I have some as legal pdf's but real thing nice too.

Wednesday 7 January 2015

Generic Lairs

So the 1/2 page version of my simple style dungeon sheet will be good for lairs. Now I have these set up I can make more easily.

These are small enough to clear a few a session or as part of a wilderness hexcrawl or a beginners adventure.

Generic locations:
tree house
militia lock up
tree fort
witch house
boarding house
old mill
farm house

i welcome suggestions