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Local Festivals or why you need Frog Weddings

Finished my mega-dungeon on Patreon - will do a table comp next month
will put up a bundle of 3fold adventures on drive-through soon

These are for when your in the countryside and come across some villagers. Don't kill them for being weird cultists, It's just a local tradition. Some city clergy might not approve. Locals might not remember why they perform this festivity but also could be clues to some local monster. Feasts, dancing, traders all get involved with enthusiasm. Puppet shows, bards, and other in theme performances are common parts of such event. It can be a problem getting a room in these events.

These are additional to solstices and common holy holidays
Medieval Europeans had far more holidays that modern meeples
- 20% year religious holidays and churches brewed beer

The first 10 are common and most boring

d100 Local Festivals
01 Birthday party of a local, d4 1=young mans adulthood 2=young woman adulthood 3=important elder 4=local hero
02 Wedding feast and ceremony all the locals involved, possibly related to elites 
03 Building completion feast after months of work d4 1=church improvement 2=bridge 3=well 4=barn 
04 Victory party after locals won against trouble makers d6 1=bandits 2=robber knights 3=wild folk 4=monster 5=humanoid 6=abhuman
05 Saints Day where locals spend the morning at special church service dedicated to a saint then feast and drink
06 Hanging party where locals have a victim and are preparing to execute them by noose or axe or burning. They seem pretty sure the victim did some dreadful deed
07 Sporting event as a rival village team visits to competing at some strange ritual game then drink and feast 1=hitting ball with club 2=fight over a pigskin full of peas across a field 3=race 4=boxing 5=wrestling 6=animal fight
08 Militia Day where locals spend day battle-ready and training then have a competitive display like a shield wall or target shooting then slaughter a beast and feast. Honours and awards are given to the most
09 Witch Trial where an inquisitor and local magistrate hold a public trial of an elderly person with no family left but valuable goods and property. Nobles find this gets rid of trouble makers
10 Lords feast where the noble puts on a spread and a bard for the village
11 Frog wedding, locals marry two frogs and have a feast to bring rain
12 Flower festival with song and dance and feast and everyone wears flowers. Many come seeking to meet a lover
13 Dwarf festival where locals praise a dwarf hero of long ago. Any dwarfs visiting will be placed on a throne and proclaimed king of the festival
14 Wild Women festival where men hide indoors while women perform naked rights among a copse of trees. Any men who see this evoke the group to homicidal berserk rage for interrupting the event
15 Vegetable Festival where locals admire each other's huge vegetables and give a prize followed by vegetable stew for all
16 Burn the Traitor day - where locals burn an effigy of an enemy of a past king on a huge bonfire, but some whisper the locals used to burn people as sacrifices. Sometimes a wizard brings fireworks. Children especially love it
17  Tarrasque festival with a wooden tarrasque with eight people inside snaps at locals chasing them until a hero figure slays the beast with a sword and a ring of wishes to finish it. Tomb of the hero has a monstrous skull on display
18  Hobby Horse festival where a pantomime horse-like creature (with two locals inside) go door to door with a gang of fools collecting coins for the church and beating those who will not pay. The "Obbyoss" is quite creepy and not really horse like
19 A coffin of a priest is dug up paraded around town and returned in a parade to keep away evil from town. The body might be displayed and may be decorated and mummified
20 Turnip festival with a parade led by villager dressed as the Turnip King 
21 Apple festival with various apple games and frolics and cider drinking by night. Shooting at apples when drunk is frowned on based on bast accidents
22  Blessing of the animals, local holy person blesses all the animals and villagers bring out prize beasts and children bring pets
23 Wizard Burning where a wooden wizard is put on a bonfire to celebrate a local evil wizard punished by village law long ago
24 Hunters festival with a feast for the village with secret sauna ritual for hunters later after which they enter a secret cave and see ancient hunter paintings
25 Locals drag a stone monolith a few kilometres then get drunk and feast, sometimes they place one in an upright position and sacrifice goats or an ox for a feast
26 Drumming festival where locals after a humble meal all play the drums till dawn
27 Soothsayer reading where all gather as elders study the innards of an animal to tell the future. If the news is good they celebrate, if the news is bad they discuss plans
28 Beer festival, created to bring in travellers and money, singing and dancing and drinking, anyone causing trouble gets locked in the sheriff's cell till the next day
29 Great Oak festival where the villages gather to sing and dance under a great oak tree then eat and drink by firelight
30 Rat festival where a flute playing bard leads a mob in rat masks who take what they want and pester people. There are no visible cats here
31 Plague party, people are rutting in street, drinking, fighting. They all have the plague and spending the last possible chance to do as they most desire with nothing to live for
32 Purge day, where sweet locals once every few years go on a violent murder spree living their most vile urges. The nobles fortify themselves and feast like kings. Many just hide
33 Fools day where rival village idiots come to battle the local champ and the crowds watch to laugh then drink and feast and crown the winner
34 Snake day when locals catch snakes and carry them into every home for good luck then have a dance and feast
35 King pig day when a pig is crowned and carried around the village then spitroast for feast
36 Roof bird day when locals put glue on roof knowing migration of roofbirds will land for a rest get trapped and rests cut them off by the legs with a saw then butcher and feast on them and collect feathers
37 Madman day when locals dress as idiots to remember when they made the king not visit by spreading rumours of madness outbreak to avoid village being incorporated into the king's highway and more tax
38 Goat day when locals treat their goats and dress them in ribbons and flowers.
39 Gifts of the waters day when villagers dine on fish then at night put on robes and a lantern and march into a normally flooded cave to sacrifice to a cave kraken, guests are always invited and promised sex and gifts to join in (but as food)
40 Tree test day when locals sing and dance and squeeze between a split tree with laughter from all then feast. Some of the children bring elf dolls and locals will try and sell them to visitors
41 Noisy pot day when locals bang pots and make terrible noises to drive away faeries from their houses, iron is especially valued and said to scare elves the most, after everyone eats and drinks and dances 
42 Bath day when locals are dunked in water by holy person and inspected for signs of witchcraft or lycanthropy. Strangers will be ordered to get in line. After the holy fplk put on beer and bread for all
43 Family game day where locals compete in sports, poor performers are mocked for a year. The village is notoriously prejudiced to high standards. They welcome guests spending money and betting but are a bit mean to outsiders. Anyone flirting with a local will get tarred and feathered
44 Flower day where locals scatter flower seeds in the belief vampires will be delayed counting them. After the dance, they have a meal. Not a good day to arrive by night if you look mysterious
45 Victory over the deep day where locals feast celebrating when they beat back a horde of humanoid monsters from a cave one night. The cave is still sealed up and everyone drops a rock on the pile every victory feast day. Some wonder if the monsters remember
46 Light day when all dress best and act serene, solemnly eating a ceremonial meal in silence remembering when the age of darkness ended and tell tales of the dark lords of the outer void
47 Tree day where locals water trees, cleaning away branches then mourning over a tree stump where a magic tree was cut down by an evil overlord in the time of troubles
48 Mans day where local men meet for a great feast where they eat and drink till they vomit and beat their chests howling at the full moon. Womenfolk gather in various homes and keep away
49 Gnome day when visiting gnomes are treated to a feast and various goods are traded symbolically commemorating some ancient alliance
50 Witch day is a feast where locals burn effigies of witches and children get sugar plums and nuts. They tell the story of how they trapped and killed a witch generation ago. The locals seem to still fear her return despite the celebration 
51 Saints day when church rings bells all day and acolytes sprinkle holy water on the doorsteps of locals. Everyone stays indoor in prayer and shun meat and grog
52 All fools day where the local fool is king for the day and people cross-dress and act lewd and gamble in church. All get drunk and play games
53 Hags day where old women are given sticks and allowed to beat who they please which often gathers crowds as certain persons get more extreme beatings. If they strike a woman they lose a hand. Anyone taking revenge on an old woman risks being torn apart while alive by a mob 
54 Shepherds day where sheepherders and sheep jump over a fire for a blessing then all ear lamb roast and drink wine
55 Maidens day where beasts are set free for the day and girls dance around throwing flowers. Prostitutes from a bigger town come for business and are treated as honoured gu
56 All dead day where graves are left with bread and locals mourn in solemn silence. They feat if the dead angry will arise
57 Drunken feast day where all get hideously drunk till they pass out around the church. The next morning all are awakened by drums and a big salty greasy breakfast is served
58 Kings day when locals remember the first civilized ruler in these parts who drove away the wild people and goblins here long ago. Sometimes they execute any kobolds or goblins they catch for the event
59 Blessed child day where a child is crowned as bishop and they are carried around and visit houses and distribute treats
60 Scarecrow day where locals bring scarecrows for a blessing and a feast is held for them with a table setting in the village and they are treated as guests. Everyone else eats and drinks and dances
61 Bleak feast all dine together in solemn feast representing the old days of starving in winter. Guests are invited to the miserly feast of hearing the water and leftover horse chaff bread. Scary stories of the long winter are told including warnings of cannibalism
62 Goblin day where a captive goblin or child in costume runs around the village stealing treats. The children hunt and beat the goblin and divide up the treats
63 Goblin feast when locals lock up children and meet goblin merchants for trade to gain all kinds of strange goods. Leaders of both eat each others food grimacing and gaging then shake hands to begin
64 Day of the Phallus where all eat phallus-shaped cakes on sticks blessed by the clergy and later a parade with giant phallus floats and phallus costumes feature
65 Day of darkness when a local event is commemorated when a crack in an ancient rock opened and out came strange demons that local adventurers stopped and drove away sealing the rift. Locals eat and sing the tale and will show guests the eldrich sign scribed rock with a holy symbol over the crack. A few relics of the adventurers are displayed and their graves of the dead heroes have treats left on them
66 Water festival where they commemorate the well and tell of the thing that came from the well and had to be killed. Children splash water on everyone and the priest blesses the 
67 Death day commemorates the end of the golden age, locals let slaves and servants play together as equals and execute a criminal who they allow to get drunk first to represent chaos. Prefer to select a person notorious for trouble and violence
68 Idols feast when statue from church taken outside to join villagers in a meal where they are all on best behavior and priests bless all
69 Song festival where villages sing ancient songs of heroism of some older social order now frowned on. Its the only way locals maintain their old ways and they get a bit touchy during festival. Feast and drinking follows
70 Donkey day where a maid with a baby on a bejeweled donkey with a procession with a fake church ceremony where peasants bray like donkeys, eat grass and sing about the brave and beautiful Sir Ass
71 Solace night feast, a night of prayer, blessing doors and windows, hanging wreaths of garlic, checking graves for vampires and church service warning all of vampires. Once was a vampire outbreak and people still wary especially by night

72 Redoubt feast where locals with torches go to a hidden place through a tunnel a drill for when attacked. They refresh supplies there and eat the old ones when back in the village. They sing on the way back a song of gratitude to a past hero
73  Plague night feast where the locals commemorate plague victims who died includes singing in the graveyard and a sombre meal of bread and water, not much fun really
74 White rock day where priest leads the village to deface old scrawls and carvings found on cliffs and rocks in the region. WIzards and others recognise prehistoric wizard signs that could offer spell research. After the priest puts on beer and a roast sheep
75 Fishwife festival where locals scrawl strange signs on wax tablets and hurl into the water with food for fish leftover from a lunch feast of mostly bread. Locals have no idea where custom came from but say if they don't bad luck will follow for fisherfolk and the fish brides will kidnap men with magic to be there under the sea lovers forever
76 Judgement day when a criminal is chosen and placed in a gibbet hung near the village to warn away criminals. The previous few years of victim's remains are close. After the criminal locked in gibbet, everyone gets drunk. Often they will keep a criminal for months for this festivel 
77  Folk festival where peasants revel in contests with farm produce and animals and sports and wear strange folk costumes and hats of a long-gone age. Some tell stories of the first settlers and the strange things they found in this land 
78 Giants day where locals meet by some giant footprints in stone to eat and tell stories of giants versus the gods
79 Dragons feast where locals celebrate when a hero killed a dragon menacing area and demanding sacrifices of food and highborn virgins. Some of the bones are brought out from hiding in church or lords crypt along with a statue of the hero who is an ancestor of the local lord 
80 Hope day where locals celebrate driving a snake cult in the hills away forever with a feast and they kill a snake cook it and share its meat to the whole village. A snake folk wizard once was caught visiting the festival and it has been extra tense the last few years so strangers require a test not knowing serpent folk can easily duplicate a local
81 Faith day where locals reject old ways in favour of the current church teachings. Locals bring some trinket of the old faith, certain herbs or a live snake which they burn in a fire. AFter the priest offers beer and bread for all and blessings
82 Light feast where all celebrate the faith of light overcoming a curse on the land long ago and paying tribute to a heroic priest who banished a demon. The local priest has a collection of the priest's relics and a journal detailing where they found a secret cult temple under the village which everyone assumes is long gone
83 Bounty of the earth festival where locals throw food and other goods into a sinkhole and find quality items left by unknown beings from the deep. Often include coal, ore, semi-precious stones, flint and ochre. Locals celebrate with a feast displaying the items for all to see 
84 Honey festival where all drink mead and eat honey cakes and sell honey. Good times had by all except that time bears attacked or giant bees came
85 Fire night festival where all men in militia arms and armour hold burning torches and chant while burning effigies, dates back to before people settled here. Beer and a meat feast after
86 Donkey cart race day where local peasants race donkeys then get drunk. Many donkeys are bought and sold and those in need of work beast visit here
87 Masquerade festival were all wearing strange costumes and masks and refuse to give real names which confuse visitors. Song and dance is enjoyed and bards visit
88 Wrestling festival where visitors come for about to earn a fancy belt. Most wear only a loincloth and are lathered in oil
89 Ogre night where locals scare children with ogre costumes to keep them obedient. Wicked children are carried away by faux ogres then rescued by parents
90 Cow fight festival where locals bet on cows asserting dominance over each other which sometimes is brief or uneventful or may last hours
91 Fish festival where contestants try and catch fish by hand in a muddy bog and other fishing related contests. The winners are said to have good luck finding love
92 Cheese festival where experts judged the best cheeses of the region and hold various cheese-related games like chasing a cheese wheel downhill or cheese lifting

93 Blood feast where locals slaughter animals, make blood sausage, and throw cups full of blood at each other. Later there everyone gets cleaned up then feast   
94 Greenlight festival where locals have a solemn meal and sing hymns awaiting the green dancing lights to appear as they do in the distance. Stories say any who get too close vanish
95 Ghost Festival where locals dress as ghosts and march around the village demanding sugar beet candy. Some say there are more ghosts than villagers which is a bit odd

96 Hells bells day where locals ring bells and search the area for gateways to hell which was a problem once apparently. After they meet for a blessing and then a feast
97 Goat throwing festival where a boy on verge of manhood throws the biggest goat he can carry off a roof and the villagers catch the goat. The goats don't approve but rarely do they get hurt as it is bad luck for the goats to be injured. In recent years the goats have staged an escape before the festival which was upsetting to the locals
98 Bleak night where village all go to bed for early curfew leaving out food (meat) for some mysterious creature nobody has ever seen. The custom is very old and locals "have always done this" and dare not question it. Seeing the beast is certain death so all cover their windows and secure curious children
99 Scapegoat feast where a goat is crowned and paraded like a king then left out on the edge of the common and some creature snatches it. All hear the goat cries for help and hide under their beds (if possible) in fear of the thing in the night
100 Spirit night where all seal windows and priest blesses homes and all cook garlic and affix holy symbols and chalk anti witching signs. All doors are locked and all prey till dawn. Strange howls and winds and mists lash the village and none dare go outside. Apparently, the night began when villagers drowned a witch. Some say she hides somewhere close still

Sunday 18 October 2020

Stoneage Slaughter

Got four-players to my stoneage dnd clone day. All onto 11 levels now.

Boron the warrior the hero of the tundra heads a sky god cult and has taken a ziggurat base for the sect and has a pet griffon and speaks their language has ride and an animal husbandry skill. His wife in a priestess of the cult.

A stag hat human wizard, the greatest wizard of the tundra and his own school among the elk tribe.

An elf with his own hidden hill spy bunker base dedicated to chaos heresy. Also has a pet griffon

A giant who first learned the language of griffons, currently living as a human warrior a while.

The party clan of the mountain have satellite clans now from their cave stronghold including red ape valley and monster valley. Had heard for a while about centaur problems with kidnappings and now they were at home when the griffons got exited. Elf flew off to see centaur raiders almost 24 so party set up an ambush in a tight canyon with entangling spells then fireballs and the warrior and the giant battled those that got through. Centaurs were ready with archers intending to hit spell casters but they were among first to be targeted. One archer hurt the elf the other wizard was arrow proof. 

With most of the centaurs trapped those who got close died heroically. Then griffons grabbed some centaurs and tore off their human parts showering the battlefield in blood. The elf let a teen boy centaur leave the battlefield and invisibly followed it home to see the secret master's dragon Templars. 

Invited griffons in wild to eat the horse bits and Boron buried all the human bits sure the best he could do would be was to separate the chaos bits. Decided that a raid on the giant cloud castle with intent to take it over was the best action. So they spied on it and saw orcs inside courtyards working. So Elf and wizard went invisible and the elf sent sprite to take out guards in the gatehouse mechanism room to lower the fog stairs to the mountain top they parked on. Rest of party rushed in to be welcomed by orcs because the elf in orc form speaking elf spread sorry of guests of the giants.

Went to huge feast hall and orc servants brought them food and backed off when mistress came. Tabitha was a four-legged part brontotherium part fish formation and was hideous, She yelled at them and threatened to eat the giant's many pet dogs so the party attacked and struggled to defeat her. They had determined one giant was in the central control apparatus tower and one snoring in a tower. So they fireballed one in bed and all attacked as it scrambled to stand. Outside a bigger and a smaller teen formation lumbered out and the party ice stormed them blocking the central tower entrance. With a fierce struggle, they defeated the large giant and chased the small one who fled to mummy in the hub control centre. The baby went down butt everyone was hurt badly and mamma managed to trample lots of dogs and stomp the warrior and the giant to death and was finally killed by survivors. They had won the castle and flew the castle home where they debated letting druids reincarnate the dead but they got some of the sky cult priests to bring the dead heroes back.  

Did a castle fly over the Dragon Templar and identified the Death Templars. Both were survivors of decadent cults that had wizards and priests and ruled over slaves in the south before the flood. Took the tower to the frost giants valley in the north for future murder and mayhem. Discussed flying to other continents or dimensions. Repurposed towers of the keep to sky cult and griffon nest, an orc tower (orc cult is armourer of sky god ), elf hall and alchemy lab, giant tower, halfling tower and a druid cult one.

Probably the most OP kill power sessions I've had in a long time. 


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Will be putting some stuff on drive-through shortly
56 Page mega-dungeon mostly done now on Patreon
-will add some more like stat blocks later

This is some notes on it

Running The Thrice Cursed CIty
The adventure is a sandbox ruin though some areas are suited to beginning adventurers and some parts far more dangerous. The party could meet as adventurers, travellers or escaped slaves in the city. They could have travelled here together from civilisation. The group could have a mission or every player could have a custom mission. Players could mostly deal with the dungeon but could use factions and saving the city as goals.

d12 Why come to the city? 
1 Captive of slave traders but escaped and stole some equipment
2 Travelled with a gang of thieves and band, came here for treasure
3 Worked as a caravan merchant then heard of this loot-filled rubble
4 Merchant paid you to investigate if a trade caravan should visit
5 A lord paid you to investigate the ruins and rumours from there
6 Found a map to the current location of explorers guild mistook for treasure
7 Cultist murdered a loved one, the fled to the ruin to escape you
8 Church sent you to report on cultist activity in the area 
9 Wizard scholar seeks occult lore and historical documents and wants a report
10 Serve a city magistrate and have heard many wanted criminals might be here
11 Accused of crime and had to flea to avoid execution (d4 1=witchcraft 2=treason 3=murder 4=kinslayer)
12 Ancestor came from here and have often dreamed of seeing the place

Adventurers will hopefully meet up with the explorers guild or might be allies of the thieves guild for a safe camp. Players might explore the surface first before finding a good underground entry.  It is easy to get extra adventurer NPCs through the thieves or explorers guilds. 

Appendix A gives you options to design your own demon cult and a form to record your design. The central part of the dungeon has a demon cult and the demon cult you generate will inform cult behaviours and decor. If any faction dies early in your game roll up a new cult and let them move in.

Many adventurers come to the city to find arcane documents to sell, others seek gold and murder, others are idealists who hope to fight evil cults or help the city. 

d12 Events around faction camp
1 Fight broke out still grudges
2 Shortage of basic supplies, makes people mean
3 Someone has a contagious illness and medicine uncommon
4 New preacher arrives exiting everyone
5 Merchant comes with much in demand goods
6 Someone murdered (1in6 times a shapeshifter infiltrated)
7 Cultist among faction betray all and kidnaps several people
8 A popular band of heroes have failed to return from a place of exploration
9 A newcomer looking to kill members of a certain cult
10 Monsters attack, possibly skirmish or kill a loner
11 Tribe of chaos nomads or orcs pass-through area raiding some camps
12 New monster moves into a ruin to hunt humans

Once the players know and work with factions they might find new goals. Protect the camp from cults, rescue someone from monsters, kill a monster bothering everyone, recover some goods from a faction.

As they almost cleanse the city and various curses are relieved the long lost citizens will return and settle. Escaped slaves, wasteland nomads and barbarian clans all descendants of the original city return. This could introduce new factions. Mostly these people will be grateful to adventurers. There could be a move to repopulate the area as a new kingdom while others prefer to be linked to a local kingdom. Local lords will take a new city seriously. Adventurers could end up being rewarded with titles and land and good marriages by the new city or the local kingdom.

Some of the cults might come from other places and have headquarters full of loot. Bringing the lost peoples back to the city might mean attacking a foreign land or international slavers. Demonic cults don't forgive or forget and players will have enemies for life. A visit to the demons home might be required for a campaign climax.

d12 Deeds to Liberate the CIty Curses
1 Restore nature cult and druid shrine
2 Destroy the demon cults
3 Destroy slavery in the area
4 Help free enslaved heirs of the city in another land 
5 Find and convince the horse tribe nomads to return
6 Find heir to the city royal bloodline (or something close) 
7 Defend a settlement
8 Find descendants in other cities poorest districts
9 Invite other people who were allied once
10 Help establish a new city god for the region
11 Find rebel army in distant forest descended from this city
12 Find the lost crown of the king to help unite the people

Obviously, players could become the new state using this at name level to be their own. Those bad things destroyed or sealed and all those dungeons can be storage places. Players could locate a village and build defences. 

Players could become involved in national politics and even attacks on other planes.

Wednesday 14 October 2020

d100 Crisis for Stone Age Sorcery Tribes

So as my game on name level and players have own satellite settlements I need bigger thrill power. 

Current player jobs:
-Frost giant citadel
-Glacial city of the old ones
-Centaur invasion
-Dragon Templars & Darkness templars from flooded kingdoms

d10 Quick Crisis Types for Stone Age Sorcery
01 Hunting and gathering
02 Scarce Resources
03 Enemy tribe needs stopping
04 Ally tribe needs help
05 Hearthside crisis
06 Strange sighting
07 Great beasts
08 Spirits of nature
09 Eldrich wizardry
10 WIll of the gods

d100 Crisis for Stone Age Sorcery Tribes
01 Tribe members not returned d4 encountered 1=rival tribe 2=trapped 3=injured 4=monster
02 Discovered a new tribe near fringes of the clan territory
03 Discovered cave of strange giant mushrooms
04 Vanished tribe member d4 1=snatched by water monster 2=captured 3=fell down a sinkhole 4=snatched by a flying monster
05 Found lair of dangerous animals in the territory
06 Herd of strange megafauna moved in the area highly aggressive
07 Supernatural being murdered a tribe member and left remains as warning
08 Hunters saw a rare possibly magical creature and many hunters seek it
09 Evil tribe threaten a whole species all depend on so stop them
10 Rare migration of food animal has all kinds of peoples and beasts waiting to feast
11 Certain kind of animal not common in this area needed by holy person
12 Certain herb needed to make a potion of medicine
13 Some other tribes have learned the use of new materials or tools or weapon
14 Hear of a certain magic cave art location that provides needed information about a threat
15 Someone discovers a resource like ochre or bitumen 
16 Someone discovers an entrance to a long-buried building under a hill
17 Something falls from the sky, an unusual object many crave
18 A traveller seeks something found in your land and seeks an audience for a deal
19 A holy person seeks to improve a shrine and needs special ochre not found locally
20 Monster in the area requires a certain metal to harm it or scare it away
21 Strange tribe of savages come from the wastes to hunt and eat your tribe
22 Survivor of an old enemy has made a pact with some evil force in the mountains
23 Enemy found a not quite human tribe of allies and tricked them to menace your tribe 
24 Hidden tribe have revealed their advanced magic and intention of ruling area
25 Enemy tribe with new mysterious allies start a tribal war 
26 An enemy champion has a new weapon or pet emboldening them to a raid
27 Several tribes meet to discuss a tribal matter, faction murders delegates to start fights
28 An enemy has been giving gifts to those who speak against your tribal heroes
29 A tribe tries to convince other tribes to join them in alliance versus your tribe
30 An enemy tribe kidnap some people and some resources 
31 An allied tribe has found a new enemy and need your expertise
32 An ally has discovered a strange artefact in a discovered cave
33 A number of allies have vanished and all are tense with worry
34 Allies have had a problem with a gigantic elder beast roaming the land
35 Allies would like your magical experts to meet their experts 
36 Someone has been knocking over some allied monoliths and border stones
37 Allies have a blood feud with an enemy and they seek your aid in finishing it
38 Allies invite you to regional trade opportunity with a new people attending
39 Allies claim tribe should intermarry and swap some members
40 Ally has had sacred totems stolen by a new enemy seek your help
41 Tribe has gender imbalance wise ones recommend inter-tribal marriages
42 Someone in the tribe has been having an affair outside the tribe causing conflict, possibly the lover's tribe are unusual
43 Elders decide unmarried tribal champions need to marry a land or water spirit
44 Someone in the tribe has been accused of a crime, exile or execution demanded
45 Tribe member broke a taboo and angered a spirit that needs to be placated 
46 An elder becomes bedridden and lesser tribe members are competing for the job
47 Troublesome marriage and tribe sick of fighting and want leaders to finish
49 Split forms in the tribe over some custom or event and people look to leadership
50 A young person feels competitive and criticises elders causing problems
51 someone seen a spirit creature in woods watching tribe

52 Strange lights seen in evening mists alar people
53 Some huge flying beast snatched a tribe member and people have seen where it carries its prey
54 Someone found a strange stone and has weird dreams of old gods and monstrous ancients
55 Someone saw a person in distance and when they got closer they turned into animal and fled
56 Someone offended a spirit and a creature has been lurking near the village for them
57 Someone saw strange naked old people roaming the woods at night
58 Someone saw some kind of creature but didnt get a good look but they can show strange tracks of the creature
59 Someone found a cave but strange noises from it have made local people all afraid
60 Distant unknown tribe have built huge fires and been chanting daily 
61 Gigantic divine beast strides the land leading a huge herd of its lesser kin
62 Shaggy giant from the mountains or some chasm has been hunting humans to eat
63 Giant predator divine beast roams gobbling up beast or people it finds
64 A great herbivore has come to hate humans and leads herd into war until stopped
65 Locals fear some strange beast that kills with a gaze 
66 Rumours say another tribe has seen a dragon in the region
67 Shamans wish to seek an alliance with a beast totem and need a mighty hunter for ritual treaty with the beast and their kind
68 A beast totem sends dreams about a problem the allied animal totem has
69 Someone found some strange stones in s weird cave and released some strange gibbering horror like no other creature from a sealed pit in the rock
70 Magical creature infiltrates the tribe for a few seasons until caught
 An enemy hero went on a quest and returned with a magical beast or companion
72 Area becomes known as taboo as some dangerous creature lurks there 
73 Hidden colony of demihumans makes contact through trade
74 Local spirit offers a treaty and aid if humans perform a task for it
75 Strange humanoid tribe are rounding up a family of demihuman for slaves
76 A clan of beast abhumans move into the area and they may claim local kin species as their exclusive kin. This will upset tribes and cause conflict
77 A local tomb has a spirit animal guardian that is shy but might know ancient local lore
78 A villager met a talking animal some kind of spirit folk and it might be worth investigating
79 Someone followed a strange animal and it led them to a hidden wonderous valley
80 Several camps have been attacked by giant creatures and only a few survived, nobody knows where they hide but every attack there is a great cloud in the high country
81 Someone disturbed some of the forbidden ruins and undead have come forth
82 A band of strange barbarian warriors sweep into the region bent on killing all wizards and destroying their cave writing and rock carvings
83 A cave wizard visits the area and seeks a quiet cave and certain ingredients for a few seasons. d4 1=necromancer making undead 2=dracologist calls a dragon to cave 3=summons demons or elementals 4=seeks to free an elder god
84 A skeleton wizard leading 30 skeletons marches across the land exploring for some evil cult of darkness and death seeking to build an outpost here
85 A burial place is visited by an evil priest who breaks the sanctity of the place and makes undead slaves, plans to gain as many dead as can and move on without losses
86 A wizard leading a squad of orc archers with pet wolves is searching the area for elves to loot of elder lore or any other interesting sources of evil lore
87 Robed cultists seek to knock over some old monoliths and erect their own strange green stones that aid the spread of their gods will. The older stones inhibit them
88 Strange tribal cult move in using unfamiliar magic or religion and offended by local customs
89 Strange omens reveal an evil cult tribe in mountains is trying to command a being from beyond and making many sacrifices
90 Trader speaks of new civilised strange people who have built an outpost on the coast
91 Trader speaks of a new religion and building style a people have adopted
92 A minor religion has a new leader and have grown as the chosen one relates their dreams

93 A god sends a dream explaining where to find a cult relic 
94 Spirit of the gods comes down, warns all an object is forbidden d4 1=magic tree 2=spooki cave 3=prehuman magical ruins 4=a magic weapon 5=sacred beast 6=a stone monolith
95 God is seen in the distance on way somewhere striding over land sea or sky

96 Constellations move indicating gods are battling, a d6 stars fall that night
97 Huge storm and during flashes some see titanic god battle a monster god
98 Mountain explodes sending a plume into the sky for a d4 years, severe storms and fire are occasionally seen from the distance. On closer inspection see fire giants are building a gateway for invasion
99 God crosses sky on a vehicle or mount seen by lucky few
100 Strange beings from the stars come down to trade, the star spirits trade wonders like shiny star stones and wool from the clouds in return for slaves they take away in their chariots 

Tuesday 13 October 2020

d100 Ancient Urns

So for my ancient city ruins stuff instead of funerary urns in gothic dungeons or barrels in redbrick dungeons, I present ancient urns to smash for loot.

d10 Urn Condition
01 Broken and cracked
02 Worn and chipped
03 Repaired cracks
04 Cracked and caked in dirt
05 Smeared in dirt
06 Blood spattered
07 Covered in dust
08 Covered in ash
09 Covered in other broken pots and mud
10 Mostly buried under sand

d10 Urn Decor
01 Sundried clay 1cp
02 Fired unglazed clay 2cp
03 Plain glaze 3cp
04 Decorative shape 10cp
05 Decorative shape with two colours 2sp
06 Painted colour 5sp
07 Painted several colours 10sp
08 Painted with patterns 1gp
09 Painted with a scene with beasts and people 10gp
10 Painted and decorative shape with a scene from mythology 100

d10 Quick Urn Contents
01 Food
02 Minerals
03 Animal
04 Luxuries
05 Artisan
06 Scrolls
07 Cursed
08 Blessings
09 Cursed
10 Magic

d100 Ancient Urns
01 Barley (mostly turning to dust 1in6 usable)
02 Wheat 
(mostly turning to dust 1in6 usable)
03 Olive oil 
(mostly turning to dust 1in6 usable)
04 Beer 
(mostly turning to dust 1in6 usable)
05 Wine 
(mostly turning to vinegar 1in6 usable)
06 Flour 
(mostly turning to dust 1in6 usable)
07 Dried garlic 
(mostly turning to dust 1in6 usable)
08 Dates 
(mostly turning to dust 1in6 usable)
09 Palm wine or palm sugar 
(mostly turning to dust 1in6 usable)
10 Bread 
(mostly turning to dust 1in6 usable)
11 Lead for makeup, medicine or plumbing 
12 Salt 
13 Coal (d10 cp)

14 Copper 
15 Iron ore 
16 Tin ore 
17 Silver (100+d100sp)
18 Ochre or pigment 
19 Glass beads (
20 Sulphur 
21 Dried dead snake (1in6 undead as a skeleton +entangle)
22 Dried dead baby dear
23 Mummified cat (1in6 has 3d6gp jewellery)
24 Dried old eggs (chicken, duck or crocodile)
25 Desiccated human head preserved in chemicals
26 Cremated human remains
 (1in6 has 3d6gp jewellery)
27 Human hands dried and painted in symbols
28 Dried frogs used in medicine
29 Dried beetles used in medicine
30 Dried dead rats
Aromatic oil (100+d100sp)
Honey (100+d100sp)
33 Khol eye make up 
 Incense (100+d100sp)
35 Camphor 
36 Spices 
37 Silkworm cocoons 
38 Saffron 
Coloured sand (100+d100cp)
40 Cedar wood for burning in ceremonies
41 Bitumen 
42 Fabric Dye Common
Fabric Dye Purple (100+d100sp)
44 Spun sheep wool
45 Goat Hide (d10cp)
46 Amber pellets 
47 Chalk 
48 Acacia Gum 
49 Medicinal flowers 
50 Medicinal roots 
51 Scroll of funerary prayers
Scrolls of merchant contract
Scroll of property sales
Scroll of legal will
Scroll of letter to a family member
Scroll of religious devotional prayers
57 Scroll lamenting fall of civilisation
58 Scroll with a map
59 Scroll describing the ancient journey
60 Scroll of magic spell Lv d3
61 Desiccated undead hand AC+3 d8HD d4 claw 
62 Colony of stinging sandfly swarm 
63 Green slime
64 Sealed rot grub or stingworm
65 Vapour forms an undead skeleton
Vapour forms an undead zombie
Vapour forms an undead ghoul
Vapour forms an undead ghast
69 Undead mummified cat 
AC+3 d8HD d4 claw 
70 Unholy water
71 Holy water
72 Ancient holy symbols d4 (30gp each)
73 Cestrum or rattle for ceremonies 
(30gp each)
74 Jade carved scarab 
(65gp each)
75 Silver mask possibly for a cult 
76 Copper rod a +1 follower morale +1 club
77 Ancient crude meteoric Iron +1 dagger
78 Lead curse tablets (curse reader who fails save)
79 Lucky charms d6 each gives a +1 dice roll once
80 Incense of divination d4 uses (each is one cast of augury)
81 Corrosive vapour over d4 range area d4 rounds d4 damage +1/round
82 Diseased miasma 
over d4 range save or suffer mummy rot
83 Contains an undead shadow bound inside
84 Venemus snakes d4 inside
85 Venomous scorpions d4 inside
86 Swarm of aggressive bats inside
87 Swarm of flesh-eating locusts inside

 Bronze cobra inside AC+4 2d8HD d4bite and d4 remaining poison bites
89 Deadly spores 
over d4 range area save or 2d6 rounds choking 1HP/round
90 Poison gas 
over d4 range area save or lose 1HP per round for 3d6 rounds
91 Black lotus resin 2d4 doses save or d6 hours of melancholic underworld visions
 Black lotus resin 2d4 doses save or d6 hours of heavenly blissful visions
93 Corpse powder d4 doses each does 2d4 damage to an undead
94 Curse save or magical healing won't work until removed
95 Trapped spectral minion d4 1=thankful servant 2=warrior 3=hooded Assasin 4=mad hermit 
96 Healing potion d3 doses heals 2d4
97 Magical potion 
d3 doses d4 1=haste 2=invisibility 3=strength 4=gaseous form
98 Flesh to stone oil for one humanoid, use on petrified or a statue
99 Ancient trapped as a gaseous form within d4 1=beserker dervish 2=grateful servant 3=petty noble who expects respect 4=eunach guard
100 Spirit is released d4 1=screaming wraith 2=grateful being cast a spell then departs 3=curses then departs 4=sorms a furious regenerating wight warrior 
(1HP/round not in sunlight)

Saturday 10 October 2020

d100 Signs of the Presence of Things From Beyond

Whether hunting a preternatural horror in a haunted house or approaching the place of worship of a forbidden cult, signs of their dread influence may be detected. Sometimes after the first is notes, more emerge. Beware forbidden horrors unseen!

Signs of the Presence of Things From Beyond
01 Flies buzz noisily gaining tempo and volume
02 Worms come from the earth in thick ropey squirming masses
03 Birds or vermin minding their own business scream and fall dead
04 Birds or vermin flee the area in a swarm
05 Bugs crawl from cracks and cover walls in swarms
06 Squeaking and scuttling rats heard, some screaming in distress
07 Moths swarm attracted to lights or any carrying one
08 Chirping birds, friends or insects all suddenly become silent
09 Distant animals howling then sounds of fear then stop     
10 Strange buzzing insect sounds almost like chanting in unison 
11 Smell of decay and rotting flesh and garbage
12 Smell of sewerage, sulphur and methane
13 Smells of cinnamon and spices
14 smell of strange incense
15 Smell of spores and damp mildew
16 Smell of ozone like after a storm
17 Smell fear as if hundreds of panicked humans
18 Smell of sickly sweet heady odour partly pleasant but sickening
19 Smell of smoke and brimstone
20 Smell of dry metallic organic goes from sweet to rank (blood)
21 Air pressure increases, eyes hurt and noses bleed
22 Ears ringing leading to headache
23 Eyes bleeding in scarlet tears 
24 Teeth hurting, strange chills and sensations
25 Surface of skin tingling then feels burning yet no heat
26 Sweat profusely for no reason
27 Unpleasany itch, on back of the neck at first, then increasing
28 Vision becomes blurry and balancing gets worse
29 Bones hurt with sudden chill
30 Body hair often on arms stands and feel strange unfamiliar chill
31 Strange bell like tone sounds, vibrates some glass and hard items
32 Strange melancholic trumpet sounds then fades
33 Strange electrical crackling sound
34 Thunderclap then odd silence 
35 Wave of air passes
36 Feel vibrations through walls and in ground
37 Screetching sounds like metal on metal, squeaky chalk or marker pen
38 Hear echoes or own voices and any noises they make
39 Hear strangely muffled distant sounds of possible voices
40 Humming sound from walls or floor crumble into dust leaving holes and divots

41 Stones or objects or leaves vibrate
Tiny stones or dust or objects temporarily levitate a foreams height
43 Wind carrying dust and strange whispers
44 Objects rattling on own build in intensity, finally some break
45 Objects levitate and float around room then fall
Objects levitate and float around then are hurled at intruders
47 Hear distant sounds almost like a child voice laughing or sobbing
48 Invisible force slaps and strikes intruders or breaks objects
49 A weapon or large object becomes animated and hostile  
50 Some invisible force grasps and holds victims then beats or squeezes them 
51 Strange distant strange light like a fire but odd colour

52 Dancing strange lights in distance like fireflies
53 Animated armour, elemental matter or statue moves
54 Strange translucent figure like light or shadow in distance
55 Strange shapes in darkness like shadows moving and writhing
56 Multiple slowly moving unaware spectral persons spreading
57 See attractive luminous or shadow being floating and gesturing to come to them
58 Neon magical symbols, sigils, glyphs and hieroglyphs 
59 Several lights or shadows become visible and approach seemingly aware
60 light or shadow object, rarge flying in distance then pass to observe intruders
61 Walking between two points slower than it should be by several times
62 Walking between two points seems instantanious 
63 Environment seems to grow
 Environment seems to grow
65 Everything seems to be liquifying then returns to normal
66 Strange bulges and depressions in surfaces from spacial distortions
67 Randomly find in different direction or corridoor
68 Door or threshold opens to other area briefly 1in6 chance it can return
69 Somehow end up going back the way you came without noticing
70 Moving seems to blink in and out hopping through area
Strange damp areas or condensation forms from sudden chill
72 Strange web like ectoplasmic threads cover area thickly 

73 Strange ectoplasmic fog forms and sudden chill spreads
74 Ground damp with cool slime trails 
75 Thick ropey ectoplasmic webs like fishing nets strewn about
76 A being forms from ectoplasm then breaks done into slime
77 A phantom bodypart or several twitching or crawling, turn to ectoplasm slime if touched
78 Ectoplasmic liquid forms and some kind of humanoid tries to form then all collapses
79 Ectoplasmic pool forms and shapes of freakish animal like slimy horrors break into slime if touched
80 Ectoplamis beings form to attack or capture intruders and draw them in
Time flies visibly faster for brief spurts 
Time flies visibly slower for brief spurts 
83 Everyone freezes for brief spurt

 Time flows backwards for brief spells
85 Time loop repeats a cycle of action several times
86 Everyones hair and fingernails grow
87 Everyone seems to age and effect eventually reverses
 Everyone seems to become younger and effect eventually reverses
89 Area briefly transposed with long ago when area was new or long ago
 Area briefly transposed with overgrown and ruined future
A door or threshold (forests, fairy ring, water,  stone) opens into another universe
92 Angles become strange and warped

93 Something near falls out of the universe
94 Rift in universe allowing some curious entity from beyond
95 See glimpses into another world alien and bizzarre

96 Brains of intruders seel aflame making everyone brilliant then exhausted when over
97 Swap universe with other selves and leave universes linked in danger of destruction if balance not restored
98 Devolve into lower lifeform hybrids and reduce intellect, usually temporarily
99 E
volve into puny but genius higher lifeform hybrids, usually temporarily
100 Conjuction feel oness with other incarnations in the multiverse

Friday 9 October 2020

Blood for the Craft God!

Here I am with my moon surface that people seem to like and its my first properly finished thing. Carved from foam then spakfilla crater rims then grey paint with sand and glue (which was old and had weird lumps that probably helped) then spray paint grey and a spatter of silver and final ink wash and drybrush. I have to fill a room with this over next week possibly might get some child slaves to help paint. For a nightclub space theme. Building a lunar lander after that with a smoke machine inside.

My lounge and house needs a bit of sorting. I made a first card staircase which I got the size of the steps a bit small but the method is sound. Building some post apoc terrain that can pass as 1/72 or normal gamer mini size. Black coat is done but I'm wary of painting the rest as I have never done this stuff before. Part of the point of making scenery is to get a technique that will prep me for mini painting. Used my offcut foam and a glue gun to make some rocks for scatter terrain. Not sure if they need trees or If I should make a flatter base for bunches of trees. I have lots of plastic toy army terrain, bridges and trees that might be repurposed too. I can see some stuff I'm working on seem better than some pre-bought bits.

Players seem to appreciate. The use and I have a mass of grey painted baby blocks. I'm not doing full tactical square movement mostly just an aid for where people are and who to attack with a ruler to attack. Im enjoying minitures as an aid for drama and occasionally it inpires stuff I wouldnt have thought of otherwise. Like by putting my hotwheels cars into thematic teams it forms basis of a bunch of road gangs.

I was an artist and an art teacher for 20 years and have had a break for a while this has been a good way to renew my interest. I have more patience now for letting coats dry and lots of steps. Even though I have years of experience as a photographer, designer and street artist doing this has changed the ways I look at structures of real things very differently. Collecting historic minis and animal figures have improved my drawing and detail too so Im enjoying looking at building structures and factories near me more. So Im learning a lot. Lots of art is just tricks and Im picking up from youtube and developing my own or applying fine art I used to teach or street art methods to this. I found two nori seaweed trays fit in a takeaway container so i have my wash and highlight paint sealed and ready to use.

Got some Hirst moulds and some crooked dice retro computers for future scenery. I wish I got straight brick mould because air-dry clay for the bricks I could do 3-5 batches a day then build stuff. Im not sure the clay Im using right for the stuff I'm doing. I got cave, gothic dungeon and modern clutter moulds. I might need to look into resin next and possibly a foam cutter table.

So odd direction for me after 38 years of gaming to start this kind of stuff. Room and money and COVID all helped. The online communities and crafter videos are amazingly helpful in a way I would never have accessed years ago. I would of had to of learned face to face but we live in an autodidactic paradise.