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Mutant Character Class

Past Mutant Posts
Xor Bio Mutations
Necro Mutations
Reptilian Mutations
Diabolic Mutations
Plant Mutations

Faerie Mutations
Mental Mutations
Subterranean Mutations
Angelic Paladin Mutations
Cyborg Mutations

Failed mutation system
Apotheosis Mutations - too many mutations

Also gotta be consistent with d12 and d10s for source and apotheosis but will fix when i revise or do a mutant book.

Mutant Types So Far

1 Xorian fleshy bio mutants
2 Undead necro mutants
3 Serpent spawn reptilian mutants4 Hellspawn are tainted by devilish diabolic mutations
5 Botanical tainted plant mutants
6 Faerie beings tainted by faerie blood
7 Mental mutants with psionic abilities
8 Underground subterranean mutants
9 Sainly angelic mutants 

Cyborgs evolving into machines using cyber mutations
11 Psychon mutants exotic bio chem war survivors
More new mutations coming
12-Martial arts, weird martial training creates inhuman fighters
13-surgical, patchwork frankenstein medical experiments
14-alchemical, slimy gross toxic cancerous mutants
15-geo mutations, earth element, mammalian
16-hydro mutations, water element, aquatic maritime mutants 
17-pyro mutations, fire elements, draconic, reptilian,
18-aero mutations, air mutations, birds, flying creatures
19-zoomorphic, patchwork animalhybrids
20-insectoid, bug mutants

Part of three classes for Psychon
Robot (cyborg android replicant variants)
Psychic (Mystic) 1 2 3
Mutant (less mutated more secretive variant or change every day varient)

A mutant gets
HD: 1d8
Prime Stat: Con
WP: 3 (+1/2nd Lv)
NWP: 3 (+1/2nd Lv)
Non-WP mod: -3
Languages: d4 (+1/3rd Lv) S=spoken and W=written
(machine coded beeps for speech (often by radio) and punchcards or tapes for read)

Spells: Mutations
NWP: Any Warrior and Rogue
Shield: Yes
Armour: Light +3 (as bodies change most don't bother)
Weapon: Any weapon may select modern firearms
Fight as: Priest
Save as: Priest

Mutants get each level a new random minor and major mutation
Mutants get a extra mutation if:
-minor mutation for every +1 CON bonus and
-major mutation if they get +3 CON bonus
Starts with one mutogenetic taint type and can choose one more each level and may use any others they are exposed to during play
A mutant can choose to be a unstable mutant  and reroll mutations every day using whatever mutation tables they have been tainted by

Mutants can be exposed to new taints and new tables for new mutations rolled
Mutants never worry about too many mutations or apotheosis risks
Each new level can reroll one previous mutation and risk something new
If exposed to a new mutation not from increasing a level as a mutant, you can roll the new mutation and choose to replace a existing mutation or just keep the old one or
You may keep any new minor mutations you recieve in play
Major mutations are limited to one per level plus any bonus one from high starting prime requisite but the mutant may change them unlike non mutants
Initial mutants have one type of mutation but can be exposed to more in play and then use any tables they have been tainted by, non mutants don't get this choice. A mutant should list what mutagenic types they carry (one per level+any exposed to during play)

A Lurker mutant mostly can pass for normal, they lose this status if the cannot hide among humans anymore. Such mutants are hated by humans for living among them and by mutants for shunning their heritage and deformed kin.

Non mutants and MutationsNo more minor mutations than half CON
No More major mutations than Level
Any new mutations beyond this make a save or roll on apotheosis mutation table and gain no new mutations
Non mutants do not ever get to reroll existing mutations or choose which taint effects them using the type from the current exposure

Psychon Bonus Mutations for all charactersOn Psychon all players even mutants can start with up to four bonus mutations from the psychon minor mutations table.

Starting Mutations for Psychon Mutants
A starting mutant class character can choose which type of mutagenic taint they carry instead of the default psychon table most non mutant class characters use
All starting characters on psychon will get a bonus 4 minor mutations
Mutants get extra mutations for a CON bonus
-each + is a extra lesser mutation and +3 is a extra major mutation
plus one starting minor mutation and major mutation for  being a first level character

SamplesSo 12 CON 1st Lv Psychon Mutant 4+1 Minor mutation and one major mutation
So 18 CON 1st Lv Psychon Mutant 4+3+1 Minor mutations and two major mutations
Non Psychon Mutants don't usually get the bonus 4, everyone weird on Psychon

Mutie 1 CON12Cyber mutant, contaminated by Replicant AI agent of a god
Lesser Mutations 5
-Gasmask respirator in chest plate
-Gas analyser detects harmful gas and type in chest unit
Head is square or cube
-Laser targeter +1 hit ranged weapons
Major Mutation 1
-Satellite laser uplink, can contact orbitals, know codes for one/Lv, 10% chance/Lv
So gas resistant, direction sensing, square head and a satellite uplink. Has various obvious cyborg features. Has some useful abilities, possibly should use gas bombs and missiles.

Mutie 2 
CON 17
Mental Mutant, haunted by spirits 
Lesser Mutations 7-Control a small hand sized rodent or bird one round per level per day
-Directional sense always feel magnetic north
-Glow aura makes mutant glow at will 1" radius light
-Perfect sense of time to the second with clock precision
-Probability control gain a +1 on any dice roll once per level per day
-Plant empathy can sense well being of a plant by touch
-Highly sensitive to pain and paranoid about threats of injury
-Sense evil intent towards you within 1"
Major Mutation 1-51 Fanaticism can add +1 once per level per day day on any roll, can use any or all at once
So looks normal. Mostly likes small animals and plants, phobic of pain, sense evil intent and to start with can add +1 two times or +2 once a day to a roll. Some useful senses and carry some birds and rodents for scouts. Glowing has uses.

Mutie 3 CON 18Subterranean Mutations, activated by malnutrition and darkness
Lesser Mutations 8
-Richer hemoglobin reduces need for air 25%, more resistant to bad air
-Insect like tube for sucking fluids and food
-Short stunted legs with flat feet for shoveling dirt
-Able to hibernate once a year for up to 3 months if well fed with fat stores
-Hold breath extra ten minutes if prepared
-Hook claws on feet designed for climbing and hanging upside down even while asleep
-Arms are flattened with large flat hands for burrowing and swiming
-Can feed offspring by shedding skin for them to eat
Major Mutations 2
-Vomit acid d4+1dam/lv three times a day 1" range/lv
-Skin highly lubricated by mucous +1AC and can easily escape bonds and wrestling

Revolting moleman with weird limbs, feeding tube, can survive on scarce air and hibernate. Slimy sheddable edible skin and a acid attack. I kinda feel sorry for making this guy but he might be handy in Veins of the earth or operational unfathomable

Mutie 3 Con 13Psychon Mutant activated by chems
Lesser Mutations 6-Huge ropy grotesque veins-Can eat cellulose in grass, bark, paper, leaves or reeds-Huge luscious puffy lips-Cat tail-Huge coloured hair style-Self cloning reproduction by budding
Major Mutation 1
Vacuum sealed, hold breath 3 min/Lv or survive space for round/Lv
Mostly cosmetic and a bit of a freak, can get food easily and handy in space. This dude will leave a trail of tiny children and will parent a race of clones. Id be hoping for more interesting mutations in the future. 

Take away first 4 lesser mutations for a non psychon mutant makes them less weird. Up to Game master if they let psychon bonus be standard or have say 4 starting lesser mutations instead of one. Certainly not too unbalanced and they will be all the weirder.

Taken a long time to be happy with my range of mutations. I considered a mutant spell list once and several other systems. I could possibly run gammaworld with abhumans beastmen, these mutants, psionics and robot classes or basicly psychon without magic.

Comments on this welcome.

Any interesting mutants made or should the starting minor mutations for non psychon be higher? Any thoughts on balance? etc...

Tuesday 27 February 2018

d100 Psychon Mutations

Mutagens on Psychon are based on nanobots that infest every living organism. Originally weapons that modified life for combat and post nuclear survival they also carried dna across species. Most adventurers have some basic mutations of at least skin colour. The gods decided long ago that to exterminate racism they made everyone skin colour unrelated to any natural colour and even some persons change colour or have patters like piebald or stripes or spots or chamo patterns. The minor cosmetic mutation table could replace the character mutation table and is possibly faster with results on a single table.

The major mutations are frequently freakish and often offensive. Possibly a bit more inspired by John Carter style "Planet Fiction"weird 70s anime and cartoons, masters of the universe and Jack Kirby Comics and heavy Metal magazine. Some new wave 60s and 70s sf like Moorcock, Aldiss, Sladek, Spinrad. 70s Fantasy genre films like lost worlds (At The Earths Core), steampunk () post apocalypse films like Zardoz. While the Xor tables are more biological and devolve people into shoggoths. Will do the cyber mutation table shortly too.

Xor Bio Mutations
Necro Mutations
Reptilian Mutations
Diabolic Mutations
Plant Mutations

Faerie Mutations
Mental Mutations
Subterranean Mutations
Angelic Paladin Mutations
Cyborg Mutations

Failed mutation system
Apotheosis Mutations - too many mutations

Considering Martial arts table no 12 will be martial arts mutations...whaaaaat!

The mutant class coming soon too. Basicly a d8 hd with a minor and major mutation per level and can reroll any previous defective mutations if you want to take the risk. You can roll on any table you have a chance of being exposed to or justify or have more of what you already have. Mutagenic nanites can be stimulated by radiation, chemicals or near death experiences or exposure to other mutants.

d10 Sources of Mutation

1 Blessed by capricious AI god
2 Mutant ancestor in tainted bloodline
3 Exposed to mutagenic remnants of ancient weapons
4 Latent mutagens activated by radiation
 Latent mutagens activated by chems
6 Exposure to mutant body fluids in a fight
7 Exposed to mysterious cloud of mutagens
8 Ate a mutated animal or plant
9 Handled objects exposed to mutants fluids
Exposure to mutant body fluids from romantic contact
11 Caught in strange auroras one night
12 Aliens probed you with a strange beam

d10 basic types
1 Facial/sensory
2 Skin
3 Torso/body
4 Abdomen
5 Arms/manipulation
6 Legs/locomotion
7 Mouth
8 Cranium/skull
9 Organs
10 Brain

d100 Minor Mutations
01 Cat eyes, night vision
02 Strange coloured eyes
03 Elongated nose, enhanced smell for tracking
04 Slit nose, self sealing nostrils
05 Pointed or shell ears
06 Huge ears like bat, enhanced listening ability
07 Snake eyes, thermal vision 
08 Compound eyes, 360 degree vision
09 Cyclops  with wide angle pupils
10 Eyes glow if angry or using powers
11 Piebald patches with a second colour skin
12 Stripes like a tiger or zebra or of colour like a cheetah with a second colour
13 Hairless all over or furry all over
14 Chamo pattern with second colour
15 Feathers or fur or scales all over
16 Metallic chrome or holographic prismatic colour 
17 Slimy skin, lose HP a day without immersion in water or dehydrated
18 Tattooed all over with designs or text
19 Skin glows in the dark
20 Electronic circuit like patterns on skin
21 Enlarged vertebrae down spine +1HP
22 Spikes down spine can be used to inflict a d3 in some cases
23 Barrel chest -6" height +6"wide
24 Extra d4 sets breasts or nipples
25 Face on chest d4 bite
26 Extreme musculature
27 Huge ropy grotesque veins
28 Siamese twin fused into chest
29 Transparent chest can see heart and organs and fluids
30 Exposed ribs can be broken off and used as knives, d4 per month 
31 Tail with fork
32 Cat tail
33 Spectacular genitals
34 Flatulant
35 Face on stomach d3 bite
36 Lizard tail
37 Hermaphrodite
38 Egg layer
39 Self cloning reproduction by budding
40 Sterile and non functioning genitals
41 Membranes under arms
42 Tentacle arms, highly flexible
43 Spike hand or hook on one hand d4 damage 
44 Less digits d3+1 on hands and feet
45 More digits d6+5 on hands and feet
46 Retractable cat claws d3
47 Webbed fingers and toes +2 Move when swimming
48 Crab Claws d4 damage instead of hands
49 Elongated arms like a ape
50 Glowing hands at will, can read by or light a few yards up close d3
51 Hooves on feet +1Mov

52 Clawed scaly feet like bird or lizard
53 Huge feet are two foot long
54 Backward bending knees
55 Can taste with feet
56 Springy tendons +1 yard jump
57 Backwards feet
58 Can hang upside down from feet
59 Flippers +2 Move when swimming
60 Spurs d3 unarmed attack
61 Forked toungue
62 Footlong toungue
63 Sharp teeth d3 bite
64 Huge luscious puffy lips
65 Fangs with overbite d3
66 Regurgitate at will, can hide small objects
67 Strange voice or speech impediment
68 Hold breath ten minutes with save
69 Tusks d3 damage
70 Teeth constantly fall out and regrow like shark
71 Transperant flesh on skull

72 See through upper skull brain visible
73 Pointy skull
74 Horns like a goat, sheep or cow or single horn d4 headbutt
75 Gemlike stones studded in skull
76 Helmet like skull +1AC
77 Swollen forehead
78 Hammerhead d4 +1 dam unarmed headbutt
79 Huge coloured hair style
80 Antenna can taste or smell
81 Lung filters, keep our dust and contamination
82 Extra heart chamber +d3 HP
83 Seasonal adaptations, skin changes colour and hair in a d3+1 seasons
84 Sneezes and wheezy when exerted or stressed
85 Heart glows like a furnace through chest
86 Heartbeat is audible in 3 yards when stressed
87 Coughs up bile, blood or coloured fluid daily
88 Antitoxin gland +2 save vs poison
89 Secret pocket in flesh for palm size object
90 Can eat cellulose in grass, bark, paper, leaves or reeds
91 Brain glows when in thought or stressed or using a power
92 Can read and write backwards
93 Ambidextrous

94 Enlarged brain distorts skull with brain texture
95 Hear voices from past lives
96 Hear chatter or static of gods com systems occasionally
97 Flashbacks to past life
98 Terrible dreams by night
99 Hallucinate when hungry or thirsty
 Mental block against harming the goods or minions or temples of a god

d100 Major Mutations
01 Nostrils in top of head like a snorkle
02 Trunk can hold objects or a half a gallon of water and squirt 3 yards
03 Xray eyes 1 foot/Lv round/Lv/day
04 Laser eyes 2d4 12" yards range
05 Energy sense within 1"/Lv
06 Sonar hearing 1"/Lv
07 Track as a blood hound
08 Hypnotism, 1"/Lv one round/Lv/day, save or distracted
09 Spotlight eyes 2" cone of light/Lv
10 Plastic face, mallable for hour/Lv
11 Skin colour change at will
12 Scaled armour as if wearing chainmail including encumbrance and Mov
13 Spikes all over d3 damage to incoming unarmed attacks
14 Odourless, makes harder for animals to notice you
15 Delicious flavour and scent +1CHA
16 Transparent flesh or skin with visible with flesh or bones underneath
17 Terrible flavour, most living creatures avoid biting you twice without a save
18 Ablative skin +2HP/Lv
19 Puncture proof skin -1 damage from edged or cutting attacks
20 Strobe Pulse, flash of light stun all in 1"/Lv for one round if fail save, Once/Lv/day  
21 Plastron shell as if wearing platemail including encumbrance and Mov
22 Enhanced skeletal structure +1STR
23 Hump or gut stores 3 days food and water/Lv
24 Chest guns, fire two biological bone bolt projectiles/round 6" range, d6 dam 
25 Wings can fly round per level, once/Lv per day
26 Huge mouth in chest +d6 bite attack on grappled or prone victims
27 Swarm hive,  3" across area Move 6" of stinging bugs, 2 damage a round, one Lv/day
28 Smog chest vents, create 3" wide fog cloud once per/Lv/day, lasts round/Lv
29 Water breathing amphibian
30 Vacuum sealed, hold breath 3 min/Lv or survive space for round/Lv
31 Prehensile tail as extra hand
32 Spiked tail +d6 extra attack
33 Blaster tail, fires 2d6 explosive shell 1" across blast, 1 shot/Lv/day
34 Scorpion stinger, d6 plus save or weakness -4STR for d4 hours, non cumulative
35 Urinate acid eat metal bars, locks, 1hp per round lasts round/Lv, use per Lv per day
36 Grow gems in belly button, d10x10gp per month
37 Eat anything organic to survive
38 Change gender over 24 hours, can have babies in female form
39 Toothed vagina or Lamprey penis d4 dam, then hangs on sucks d3/round blood 
40 Excrament super fertile growing plants or fungus within hours 1 yard patch in a day
41 Snake hands two d4 bites unarmed, victim saves or take +1 damage/Lv  once a fight
42 Shoot off fist  that returns to wrist each round d6 range 8"
43 Energy blade 2d4 melee weapon can start fires, round/Lv
44 Extra two tentacles under arms 3 yards long, grapple ot hold stuff
45 Huge spiked fist d8 damage
46 Flail hand, spiked ball and chain or flagellum, 3 yards long, 2d4 weapon or entangling 
47 Extra two arms +1 attack
48 Glider membrane, glide across as far as above ground safely
49 Eyes on hands helps you see what your doing or around corners
50 Hands can ignite at will +d4 unarmed damage
 Prehensile feet can use as well as hands if bare
52 Centaur configuration body +6 Mov, harder to trip
53 Huge leap 1"/Lv, possibly both legs fused into one configeration
54 Fast Legs +4 Mov
55 Mermaid legs, legs at will change to fish tail in water, full land speed in water
56 Power kick +d6 unarmed attack, once per Lv per day
57 Flammable foot prints, round/Lv/day, leaves d4 burning trail that starts fires
58 Spidercimb feet, feet cling to anything not frictionless or non stick
59 Feet do extra d6 unarmed attack with kick or toe claws or spurs, 
60 Axefeet can cut down trees like axe, d8 damage kick
61 Sonic Lance d4/Lv 3" cone once a day, shatters glass, victims deaf on failed save
62 Prehensile tongue yard long/Lv
63 Huge Jaws d8 bite
64 Rasp tongue foot longue/Lv, d4 damage extra attack
65 Ovipositor tongue, lay parasite egg through tongue, causes 1HP per round for round/Lv
66 Sweet Voice +1CHA
67 Spit fire 3" range d4 damage extra attack
68 Vomit acid attack, 1" range, 1hp per round lasts round/Lv, use per Lv per day
69 Folding jaw can swallow objects as big as your head even living animals
70 Tooth spitter, fire a stream of teeth 4" range, 2d4 damage
71 Jackhammer skull extra d6 headbutt attack

72 Prehensile Hair, can elongate foot/Lv
73 Flaming head +d4 head butt light as a torch at will
74 Power Beam Eye d4/Lv, once day 18" range from strange eye in forehead
75 Antenna detect life within 1"/Lv 
76 Huge forehead or elongated skull +1INT
77 Magnetic sense, feel metal or energy within 1"/Lv
78 Glowing halo or aura of power, light as a torch at will or when using powers
79 Pineal gland tendril foot/Lv, can see from tip and attack d4 unarmed, likes to eat brains 
80 Head can be used like a steel battering ram, good for doors, walls, d6 unarmed attack
81 Enlarged Heart +1CON
 Enhanced nervous system +1DEX
83 Shielded nerves resistant to all death rays or pain based attacks or torture
84 Rad proof, resistant to radiation, sparkle when exposed to strong amounts
85 Immune syndrome enhancement, resistant to all disease
86 Resistant to all poison
87 Resistant to all acid
88 Healing Crystals, once a day, eners ten minute trance in cocoon, heals 2HP/Lv
89 Blood regulator stops any bleeding in one round, stops dying if not killed
90 Regeneration heals HP every ten minutes
91 Enhanced brain +1WIS
92 Pain field 1"across per Lv, one round/Lv, save or -2 all rolls to living
93 Telepathy 1"/Lv range talk to one mind via link, sight range to initiate 

94 Empathy 1"/Lv range read and send emotions, quite good with animals
95 ESP round per Lv/day, victim save to not reveal surface thoughts
96 Telekinesis, acts as arm with STR=WIS 1" range/Lv, round use/Lv per day
97 Force Screen Absorbs 2HP/Lv, latest round/Lv once a day
98 Shock screen, d3 damage electrical to anyone touching or unarmed attackers
99 Can speak in tongues round/Lv/day
100 Mental bolt d3/Lv use per/Lv per day, victim saves to resist, 1"range/Lv

d12 Apotheosis Mutations

1 Devolve into a mindless slime creature
2 Devolve into a shoggoth
3 Devolve into a hideous ever hungry chimera of mixed up creatures
4 Spontaneously combust into a inferno leaving fine ash
5 Explode violently as a fireball with a d6/Lv
6 Evolve into a demon, devil, deva or archon depending on alignment and leave dimension
7 Break down into a elemental and go on a rampage
8 AI god atomises you but saves your imprint to use later
9 AI god takes you to their celestial house to live as a divine servant
10 AI god reincarnates you as a new person with no mutations or memories
11 Turn into protoplasmic primal ooze
12 Carbinised into a crumbling statue of ash

Monday 26 February 2018

Cyber Mutations

Huh? Robot mutations? What are they for?
Can use for machines especially customised or modified ones. Also some AI and synthetics experiment on victims and perform partial cyborging operations on victims. Oldschool Dr who Cybermen might do stuff like this. There are nano tech mecha viruses that turn victims into combat machines also surviving from the apocalypse war.

11 mutation tables so far including next post so will do poll for which to do next...
Insectoid? Amphibian? Arachnid? Draconic? Fish?

Basic mutation here are powered by the body possibly from body heat but more powerful sub systems recharged daily or microfactories renew ammo or other components. Most cyborgs use food but major cyborgs have atomic fuel cells the same as ancient automobiles and houses. At this stage the cyborg oly needs food for remaining organic systems.

Xor Bio Mutations
Necro Mutations
Reptilian Mutations
Diabolic Mutations
Plant Mutations

Faerie Mutations
Mental Mutations
Subterranean Mutations
Angelic Paladin Mutations
Next Psychon Mutations

Failed mutation system
Apotheosis Mutations - too many mutations

d10 Sources of Mutation
1 Contact by android or machine nanites
2 Operated on in a black lab
3 Operated on by robot medic
4 Piece of tech fused to body
5 Shot by munition carrying machine nanites

6 Synthetic life form deliberatly contaminated you
7 Dormant in body possibly from parents
8 Stung by robot insect drone
9 Romantic contact with synthetic life form
10 Touched fluid leaked by synthetic life form  

d10 basic types
1 Facial/sensory
2 Skin
3 Torso/body
4 Abdomen
5 Arms/manipulation
6 Legs/locomotion
7 Mouth
8 Cranium/skull
9 Organs
10 Brain

d100 Minor Mutations
01 Never blink
02 No nose or smell
03 Filter mask resists dust, pollution, spores
04 No ears just small holes, -1 per dice sonic damage
05 Faceplate comes off revealing electronics
06 Nightvision
07 Eyes light up red when angry
08 Heads up display points out obvious facts
09 Laser range finder in eyes 
10 Laser targeter +1 hit ranged weapons
11 Skin is metallic flexible mesh +1AC
12 Cables run along limbs and body with junction boxes on joints
13 Plastic skin peels off when damaged revealing metal
14 Anti radar coating, don't detect as metallic
15 EMP shielding, resist anti electronic pulses
16 Reflective skin -1 damage per dice from energy beam weapons
17 Articulated mechanisms on joints
18 Fire proof skin, -1 damage per dice from flame
19 Shock proof skin, -1 damage per dice from electricity
20 Thermal regulated skin, -1 damage per dice from cold
21 Condition readout display panel on chest
22 Gasmask respirator in chest plate
23 Metal plates over chest +1AC 
24 Duress alarm sounds if activated or unconscious or dying
25 Gas analyser detects harmful gas and type in chest unit
26 Radiation detector in chest unit
27 Radar scanner detects in chest unit detects radar in use
28 Built in fire extinguisher in chest, charge/Lv/day
29 Spotlight in chest
30 Printer in chest unit, print out ticker tape or punch cards
31 Folding grappling hook with 20 yards cable
32 Built in utility belt with various pouches
33 No genitalia
34 Impressive synthetic genitalia
35 Storage space 1/2 cubic foot
36 Immune to poison food or drink
37 Humidity extractor collects water from air no longer needs to drink 
38 Can only digest predigested food in paste form
39 Food analyser detects quality and properties of food
40 Only needs to eat one day a week
41 Claw hand less agile but stronger d3 pinch
42 Tools in fingers (screwdriver, file, pliers, drill, clippers)
43 Lighter in finger can light fires
44 Keypad on arm
45 Built in calculator watch
46 Wrist monitor screen
47 Wrist radio
48 Pop out blade d4
49 Arms or hands detachable
50 Arms elongate one longer foot at will
51 Legs detatchable

52 Metal detectors in feet sense mines or loot
53 Storage space in legs for dagger or pistol or ammo
54 Spikes pop out feet +1 kick damage
55 Legs elongate two feet longer at will
56 Pneumatic jumping jacks +2 yards
57 Wheels instead of feet +1 Mov
58 Magnetic boots, can cling to metal surfaces such as space ships
59 Climbing spikes easier to grip wood or cracks for climbing
60 Impact sensors detect heavy things moving on ground 1"/Lv
61 Megaphone speakers
62 Synthetic voice
63 Mimic voice
64 Metallic pointy teeth d3 bite
65 Mouth a thin unmoving slot
66 G
rinding tool in mouth chews steel like a power tool
67 Elongating tongue two foot long
68 Regurgitate waste products in pellet form
69 Smoke comes out when exerting effort
70 Skull opens to access brain
71 Lamp on forehead

72 Head is square or cube
73 Neck extend two foot
74 Head detatchable
75 Head is metalic skull
76 Cyclops, single wide angle eye
77 Antenna detect radia signals
78 Transparent dome upper head
79 LED display in forehead or over eyes
80 Horns or spike d4 headbutt
81 Reflex booster +1 initiative, once/Lv/day
82 Compass
83 Self sealing system -1 damage from cutting or stab (not a axe or bite)
84 Self repair centre +1 HP per day
85 Access ports to reach and repair insides easier
86 Blood filter +2 save vs disease or poison
87 Requires only half air of normal person
88 Atomic fuel cell lasts five years
89 Deep sleep can shut down most systems week/lv
90 Denser bones +1AC
91 Separated brain lobes take turns to rest, no sleep
92 Input output jacks and disc drive
93 Sealed brain can be removed and replaced

94 No pleasure centres
95 No emotions +2 resist fear or charm
96 Pain suppressor, prevents shock or incapacitating pain
97 Rerouted nerves, gets a second save to resist paralysis
98 Disdain for organic life and "meatbags"
99 Photographic memory
100 Save to awaken from unconsciousness in in negative HP

d100 Major Mutations
01 X-ray vision, one round/Lv/day 1 foot per level
02 Sonar as a bat 10"/Lv, sense invisible and see in dark
03 Explosive sniffer (sense bullets or bombs within 1")
04 Laser eyes d4/Lv singly or all dice at once in a day, 10" range, roll to hit 
05 Holographic face, change face at will for disguises
06 Face gun 2d4 10" range, shot/Lv/day kinetic bullet projectile, loud
07 Voice stress analyzers detect lies on INT roll
08 Thermographic vision, see heat trails and temperature extremes
09 Optical shield amours eyes and provide flash defence and polarising filter
10 Detachable eyeballs can be left as spies to record or broadcast to owner
11 Molecular mesh as chainmail
12 Shock touch +d3 unarmed attack or vs any foe making contact
13 Holographic cloak skin invisible round/Lv/day
14 Resilient skin -1 to any incoming damage 
15 Ablative skin +2HP/Lv
16 Fire Resistant, 1/2 damage from fire
17 LCD skin whole skin surface is a monitor, camo or graphics standard
18 Sensory domes all over 1"/Lv motion detector
19 Radar skin 1"Lv detect metal objects, weapons, vehicles, machines
20 Chaff cloud skin fogs radar and energy sensors 1" radius cloud/Lv, use/Lv/day
21 Monitor in chest to display thoughts or images from other inputs
22 Rocket launcher, shot/3Lv/day, 6" range, 3d6 damage 1" radius, roll to hit 
23 Satellite laser uplink, can contact orbitals, know codes for one/Lv, 10% chance/Lv
24 Energy scanner, sense power or energy sources within 1"/Lv
25 Chest Beamer 3d6 cone fx 1"/Lv, shot per 3Lv, shot/Lv/day
26 Drone bay with scout drone with remote camera, 10"/Lv, 10min/Lv
27 Cryptography computer, comprehend one language or code Lv/day
28 Support AI, secondary personality offers advice or lakes over if main brain injured
29 Synthesizer can play music or pre programmed tracks or smples 100 tracks/Lv 
30 Toolbox suitable for all kinds of repairs, ten tools/Lv
31 Furnace can feed off any organic matter for power
32 Seperate body at waist splitting HP between them, steer legs by remote
33 Medical diagnostic scanner, detects if victim poisoned, diseased or injured
34 Technological diagnostic scanner, detects faults and how to operate machines
35 Spinnerette can spin 3" thin rope/Lv/day
36 Food replicator, produce 3 meals a day/Lv
37 Acid sprayer 2d4+1 per round/Lv 3" range, one use per 2Lv/day
38 Spiked Tail extra d6 melee attack
39 Hand grenade dispenser, 3d6 1" radius, one every 3 Lv, throw STR in yards
40 Tail prehensile, can swing from or hold objects 2 yards long
41 Drill hand or chainsaw hand d8 weapon
42 Mecha Claw d6 extra unarmed attack
43 Hand blaster 2d6 energy beam range 6"
44 Fold out shield can choose small, medium or large at will
45 Bolt caster arm 2d4 range 20" fold out gauss crossbow
46 Cutting torch finger, cuts bars, doors, through metal walls round/Lv/day
47 Tentacle arms can become flexible and 1 yard extra length/Lv
48 Hammer punch +1d6 unarmed attack once/Lv/day
49 Lockpick finger opens common mechanical or electronic locks not safe or vault
50 Cable launcher 1" range/Lv, can swing or entangle as a whip or d4 damage
 Rocket Legs fly 1 round/lv normal Mov rate
52 Bionic leap +1" jump/Lv
53 Bionic legs +1" Mov/Lv
54 Hammer kick +d6 unarmed 1/Lv/day
55 Storage compartments, handgun + 2 clips or similar items in each leg
56 Legs fuse into a tail at will allowing full speed in water
57 Legs elongate into stilts 1 yard/Level at will
58 Centaur configuration or transformation mode, cant trip, +50% speed
59 Oil droppers leave a oily slick that pursuers can slip on with failed DEX  
60 Two medium size melee weapons can detach from legs
61 Sonic screamer 2d6 in 1" cone, save or deaf for ten minutes, 1 use/Lv/day
62 Mecha Jaw d6 bite damage
63 Monofilament tongue 1" range 2d6, extra attack, one use per/Lv/day
64 Mouth flamer, 2d6 1" range cone, one use per/Lv/day
65 Fog cloud breathe 1" radius/Lv one use/Lv/day
66 Taste analysis determines if food edible, poisonous or nutritious
67 Shuriken launcher d4 3" range 3 per round
68 Translator box 10 minutes of speech overheard to start learning basic language
69 White noise generator neutralizes sonic attacks or speech in 1"/Lv
70 Stun gun, shot/Lv/day 6" range roll to hit, save or paralysed round/Lv
71 Stroboscopic stunner 1" 
range cone shot/Lv/day save or paralysed round/Lv
72 Sensor antenna extend senses 360 degrees up to a yard from head, 
73 Neck extends yard/Lv
74 Spectral analyser determine composition of materials in 1" range
75 Groscope +1 DEX
76 Power jack can recharge batteries in a hour, hydrogen cell -1month chem cell -1day
77 Hologram projector can project store images or image of self 1"Lv Round/Lv/day
78 Buzzsaw in forehead d8 headbutt
79 Extra face on back of head, head can rotate
80 Flying spy drone detaches from head with recording camera bird size
81 Artificial gills can respirate under water, if not needed can provide others with air
82 Repair nanites 1HP/hour
83 Radiation resistance
84 Self destruct charge d6/Level 2" radius on death
85 Internal air supply 10 minutes per hour
86 Poison resistant
87 Disease resistant
88 Artificial heart +1 CON
89 Adrenal booster +1 STR
90 Four atomic fuel cells last 5 years each, replacable
91 Brain removable can be jacked into terminals or robot bodies
92 Black box, back up holographic recording of personality
Brain casing will survive for a month independent of body or death 
94 Brain can crawl on own, 10% HP, Mov or Jump 1", d4 crush attack
95 Data base encyclopedia, possibly biased or ancient +1 INT
96 Brain pod can fly off on own in detachable winged drone
97 Mental shield +2 resist mind control and half psionic damage
98 AI brain, second brain can advise, provide warnings, monitor sub systems
99 Dual brain can perform extra action in combat or perform multiple tasks better
100 Back up recording of memories uploaded daily to satellite

revised Apotheosis third stage mutations

Every petty mutation more than half your CON score requires a save roll or apotheosis
Every major mutation more than your level requires a save roll or apotheosis
Mutant class ignore these risks and get one of each type per level and can reroll any old mutations if they wish

d12 Apotheosis Mutations

1 All organic remains replaced with plastic and metal
2 Upload consciousness into orbital AI colony and shut down
3 Reproduce self on mission to replace organic life
4 Merge with AI consciousness, body becomes a drone
5 Merge with collective machine network, body becomes a drone
6 Join virused synthetics in exterminating all organic life
7 Serve humanoid masters and protect them from all harm
8 Leave the earth to spread machine kind to the stars
9 Encounter your back up duplicate and both fight to destruction
10 Fuel cells ignite leaving body just radioactive scrap and ash
11 Fuel cells eject irradiating area and explodes d6/Lv 2"radius
12 AI god uses your body as a vessel and deletes your memory core

Sunday 25 February 2018

d100 Wonders of Psychon

Art by Michal Dutkiewicz from lost in space comic (with a bit of dan dare inspiration)

So these are ancient wonders and monuments that you might find in a hex ans possibly has a opportunity to adventure and explore. Such wonders might have been built by an ancient civilization then fell into ruins or a AI god might have built a ruin. Some might copy an ancient monument so you might see a few statues of liberty or one with a insect or ape head. Certainly this is a good way of making a hex more interesting and mostly they are in the centre or on a high point.

Wonders of Psychon
01 Huge satellite dish complex with a AI in the control complex and a strange cult
02 Ruined sprawling airport with aircraft, airships and a shuttlecraft
03 Geodesic dome overgrown with dinosaurs inside
04 Statue of one of the great gods with complex inside full of cultists
05 Gigantic golden stupa surrounded by ancient trees and smaller stone statues
06 Huge statue of multi headed dragon standing on temple complex
07 Floating castle hovering in the air, occationaly moves
08 Walking citadel migrates around region leaving trail of destruction 
09 Two walking cities at war devastated region leaving a scarred wasteland
10 Huge citadel tower almost a mile high, many upper inhabitants have never left
11 Huge rusted pile of wrecked cargo ships, liners and tankers fused into a mass
12 Huge sprawling steam train station with sheds, tracks and hundreds of ruined carraiges
13 Stack of hundreds of ancient cargo containers, some scattered over region
14 Citadel in pristine condition surrounded by forcefield and maintained by robots
15 Ancient pyramid covered in polished marble with a gold cap
16 Huge silver and glass pyramid citadel where inhabitants shun the mutated world outside
17 Black glass ecology overrun with gangs but still semi serviced by robots and androids 
18 Huge circular stone wall that keeps out most with a ruined giants castle within
19 Ornate stone mousoleum, crawling with undead guarding a emperors tomb
20 Mighty ziggurat with temple on top where priests comune with a god 
21 Bloody step pyramid used for gory sacrifices for centuries by cruel priests
22 Colosseum where gladiators fight dinosaurs for the pleasure of the crowds
23 Gigantic earth mound with rings of monoliths and huge trees
24 Great stone cube ruined citadel  overgrown with fungus jungle
25 Huge shed where a colossus of flesh is approaching reanimation stage
26 Titanic tree who's branches reach the sky and nobles visit often
27 Field of solar reflectors surrounding a tower that once was a solar boiler array
28 Huge cooling towers and sphere structures of ancient reactor complex
29 Aquatic maze of monsters surrounding a isolated ancient city
30 Almost invisible crystal citadel out of phase with reality
31 Huge mass of ice with some creature frozen inside maintaining the cold
32 Volcano with weird smoke and occasional eruptions, explosions and lava flows
33 Huge necropolis with hundreds of tombs and headstones full of cults and undead
34 Statue of standing war goddess with tribe of amazons living in the base
35 Statue of liberty with insect head, mad insect man king preparing army to conquer
36 Colossal mall complex maintained by androids and AI open for shopping and adventure
37 Glowing crater bubbling with thick strange fluid, a island with a tower is in the middle
38 Crashed mobile citadel precariously balanced, residents fight off barbarian invaders
39 Great statue of the founder of the apemen faith Konga Khan, inside is a ape temple
40 The great pineapple, former tourist attraction home to cult of cane toad men
41 Giant rocking horse where benevolent gnomes make children's toys and fend off attacks
42 Giant toilet where cultists throw victims in and send via swirlies to the underworld
43 Great stone head crashed here long ago from sky and cult of gun worshippers guard it
44 Huge bubbling geysers and lakes of colourful chem deposits with a ancient temple
45 Huge canyon with stone city built in cliffs inhabited by mutants, with lake in bottom
46 Round lake mile across in the bottom is a sunken city with many breathable ruins
47 Huge terrace garden complex with peaceful agrarian people in stone city
48 Huge earthen hillfort mound with stone circle on top, ancient tunnels go deep inside
49 Scarred pockmarked strange rock inhabited by naked mole rat men serving a queen
50 Ruined ziggurat with swampy patches and rubble mounds, tunnels inside unexplored
51 Great plaza with multiple colourful step pyramids and occupied by bloodthirsty cult

52 Huge shallow lake with artificial island temples and causeways linking
53 Colourful block of ice melting off surrounded by coloured pools with tunnels inside
54 Eerie eroded rocks with carved buildings and underground ruined city
55 Huge stone sphynx with temple in the base and a sealed trap filled tomb underneath
56 Great stone maze filled with minotaurs and goblins rumoured to be guarding treasure
57 Sprawling semi collapsed ancient library guarded by spirits and undead librarians
58 Mass of giant crystals dripping with water from geysers with caves inside
59 Giant stone cube, occasionally glows by night, has a secret enterance
60 Crashed spacecraft with angry AI who tests intruders with traps to guard treasure
61 Wrecked aircraft carrier with scattered aircraft and degenerate tribe of former crew
62 Huge open cut mine with titanic excavator machines, refinery and coloured lakes
63 Great dried lake bed with strange colours, some say the salts are narcotic
64 Strange city of mud bricks of strange organic design, crumbling and abandoned
65 Garden covered ziggurat and wall enclosing ancient overgrown pleasure garden
66 Titanic stone dome, so big has weather inside, anti mutant uniformed cult inside
67 Collapsed statue with exposed metal structure mome to mutant cult or fanatics
68 Reclining serene statue of sleeping woman surrounded by water gardens
69 A great rift canyon exposing buried skyscrapers of the ancients underneath area
70 Huge statue of a robot king of the 500th robot dynasty surrounded by ruined city
71 Huge ruined dam with lake pouring through huge gap into sinkhole into the deeps

72 Colossal cave complex some areas open to sky, with forests and ruins inside, 
73 Hundreds of stone statues litter plains with entrances to underground temple complex
74 Dragonspawn pits a huge canyon with cliff caves where dragons come to breed
75 Ruined stone city with golems, some open doors or pump water from wells by request 
76 Enormous tree almost a mile high with towns and ruins of eldren in branches
77 Huge maze of giant thorn hedges in middle is a black castle guarded by a dragon
78 Great stone egg worshipped by cult who pray it will hatch and transform the world
79 Sleeping kaiju with settlement on top who mine it's flesh and valuable organs
80 Mountain with carved heads of ancient kings, there are temples to them inside
81 Colossal 
imobile war mecha , AI wants help to purge vermin mutants living inside
82 Giant stone hamburger with restaurant and cult serving mad fast food chain AI god
83 Happyworld, huge sprawling theme park flooded and ruined with cannibal mutant cult
84 Mountain floats above plain with wizard cult inside trying to make it move for a invasion
85 Giant termite mound like structure now inhabited by crazed cultists
86 Giant statue of a demon prince with a great temple dedicated to him in base
87 Giant stone cow statue, minotaurs have come to worship it and built a maze inside
88 Crater lake with huge temple on shore who hurl treasure to their god under the water
89 Glistening city of gold with step pyramids and temples, a ruined casino complex
90 Hundreds of working neon signs from a mostly buried city surrounded by sand
91 Tops of ancient skyscrapers worn and exposed erupt from plain covering lost city
92 Huge mountain carved into fortress surrounded by nud, trenchworks and barbed wire
93 Ruins of deco city where mutant witches wage war against androids

94 Great clusters of spheres from ancient apartment complex roaming with youth gangs
95 Sprawling complex of gothic cathedral ruins inhabited by cults, gargoyles and undead
96 Futuristic pristine city where robots serve AI to exterminate life who dare sully purity
97 Mountain of skeletons and bones where behemoths and kaiju come to die
98 Statue of dinosaur kaiju worshipped by lizard men as proof they ruled the world
99 Clusters of giant silver spheres surrounded by forcefield, correct ID is needed to enter
100 Carved stone temple complex with fantastic relief art inhabited by degenerate mutants