Thursday 17 April 2014

Lazy Cthulhu Prop Post

A quick sample of yet more pregen and prop stuff for tommorrows EYECON.

Made to slap on Byakee software character sheets.

Just gotta finalize my Long Stairs pc gen stuff and perhaps some maps.

Also doing personal secret cards for Cthulhu Metropolis game. Random pick for terrible personal secret. Actually will help me get characters united otherwise would never be near each other.

4.8mm square - the template I can use again.

Have a good Easter everyone  and blood for the blood goddess!!!


  1. Good stuff. i think I've used a couple of thse myself in Weird Adventures games.

  2. this got fastest hits of anything ever so will do more
    i made no effort to promote but it did very well very fast so must be demand for it


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