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Wars of Exilon

Exilon of the central region of my Eldritch Aeon and Elder Waste Setting, a previous epoch long before Shadel Port and Exile Island, just after several ages of tyrant monster kings and necromancers. To go with my city state and town and village generators here are defences for the typical settlements of the area and a table of mercenary and troops used in various wars.

In ancient Exilon 
The land of seven rivers
A score plus one great cities dwelled
Seven served the ancient outer darkness
Seven served the old gods of the sky and earth
Seven served the young gods
This was the dawn of the rule of human kind
Yet there were many perils true
Threatening to Snuff Them all

There were seven great enemies of human kind
Giants and dragons and trolls still lived hoarding all the wealth and magic
Faerie Kind in their strange ways spread deep dark woods across the wastes
Dour deep dwelling dwarves greedily took all metal for themselves
The monster kings of the empire of darkness still remained in hiding
Necromancers and their armies of the dead still ruled in places fouled
Beastmen wild and savage roamed the wastes raging in fury
Goblin folk and wizard born orcs swarmed like a plague afflicting all

There were seven gods of darkness
The Lord of the abyss, master of death and war and plague and famine
The Witch queen of the dead who sat on the vampire throne
The great demon bird who swallowed cities and set fates of mortals
The great dragon Mother at war with all who spurned her
The great giant king who ruled the mountain forests
The great troll father who made the earth itself revolt against humankind
The great hag of the depths, the ogre mother who hid the good things from the world

There were seven great gods of old
The lord of the heavens, the distant pole star who watched the universe
The father of  the sky, earth and underworld who rules the world
The great mother goddess who rules the beasts and wild places
The lord of the sea and its mysteries, the cunning one
The great healer, mother of dogs, protector of the hearth
The great conqueror of heaven, lord of cosmic law, destroyer of chaos
The lord of underworld wisdom, the serpent god of the world tree

Seven Gods of the Dawn
The moon god lord of commerce and travellers
The sun god, king of kings, lord of law
The evening star, goddess of love and war
The lord of the storm, great herdsman of the sky
The lord of the wilds, fertility and plants
The lord of the hunt, slayer of monsters
The sage of heaven, overseer of dreams

Eldritch Age Setting so Far....
Strange Wizard Missions
Remnants of Lost Empires
Races of the Monster Empire

Wizard Wars 1 Causes and forces
Wizard Wars 2 Encounters and links
Wizard Wars 3 Rumours and treasure

Barbarian clans & decor + races and men of the wastes

d12 Tribal Defence d4 each
1 Thorn Bush Walls 3+d6 foot high
2 Alarm Animals (d4 1=geese 2=dogs 3=bee hives 4=bird houses)
3 Natural Terrain (d4 1=water 2=mesa 3=cliffs 4=canyon)
4 Exotic Terrain (d4 1=tar pit 2=lava 3=burning gas 4=toxic bog)
5 Crude Fence 2+d6 foot high
6 Drystone Wall 2+d6 foot high
7 Defencive Ditch (1in6 has hostile monsters in ditch) 6+d6 deep
8 Ancient Crumbling Prehuman Ruined Walls 10xd4 foot high 10 foot thick
9 Ancient Mounds of Ruined Rubble 6+3d6 foot high and wide
 Wooden Watch Towers 6+2d6 high
11 Snares and traps
12 Guardian Spirits in Totems or Idols

d12 Tribal Defenders d4 each
1 Tribal hunters expert skirmishers with spear and bow
2 Trained beasts or monsters directed by handlers
3 All population are combatants with shields and hand weapons
4 Elite Beserker fanatics with no fear and heavy weapon
5 Non human allies mostly abhumans or demihumans
6 Mounted warriors with javelin or shortbow
7 Mounted Warriors with 
lances and axe, sword or maces
8 Elite composite bow archers
9 Light two man chariot with lance, javelin or bow

10 Medium three man chariot with accompanying and skirmishers
11 Heavy war waggon with 4 man crew
12 Mighty shaman and apprentices and pets and spirits

d12 Tribal Heroes*
1 Clever hunter
2 Heroic monster slayer
3 Brave warrior
4 Mighty leader
5 Great healer
6 Fearsome witch
7 Cunning Shaman
8 Holy leader
9 Cunning youth
10 Old druid
11 Wise woman
12 Fierce Berserker
*d3-2 small tribe d3-1 medium tribe d3 large tribe or horde

d12 Village Defence d4 each
1 Thornbush Hedge 3+d6 foot high
Alarm Animals (d4 1=geese 2=dogs 3=bee hives 4=bird houses)
3 Wooden wall d10+10 foot high foot thick with gate
4 Brick wall d10+10 foot high two foot thick heavy with gate
5 Stone wall d10+10 foot high with bronze clad gate
6 Defencive Ditch 10 foot wide and deep
7 Defencive moat and canal 10 foot wide and deep
8 Message beacon tower 10+4d6 foot tall with fire or heliograph
9 Watch tower of d3 1=wood 2=Stone 3=brick 10+4d6 foot tall
10 Wizard tower or protective temple 
11 Warded border stones with magic defences and spirits
12 Guardian spirit or monster

d12 Village or Town Defenders d4 each
1 Non combatants form slinger units
2 Village militia with spears
3 Holy templars connected to temple
4 Hunters form skirmisher unit
5 Allied city will send troops
6 Mercenary spearmen troops
7 Barbarian warrior mercenaries
8 Mounted scouts and messengers
9 Warrior cult of defenders 
10 Quiet rural wizard
11 Noble in chariot leading spearmen
12 Local witch or cult who try to act from secret

d12 Village Heroes*
1 Wise hunter
2 Retired war veteran
3 Strong warrior
4 Cunning leader
5 Great healer
6 Fearsome witch
7 Holy Priest or druid or templar
8 Sneaky youth
9 Retired hedge wizard
10 Wise elder
11 Tricky village idiot
12 Crafty merchant or craftsman
*d3-2 small village d3-1 medium village d3 large village or town

d20 City Defence d4+2 each
1 Moat 20 foot wide an deep connected to canal
2 Mud brick Wall 10+2d6 foot tall 10 foot thick with wooden gate
3 Cyclopean stone wall 20 foot tall and wide with wooden gate
4 Stone wall 30 foot high with battlements, 20 foot high, bronze banded gate *
5 Plain brick wall with battlements 20 foot high, 15 foot wide  with battlements*

5 Colourful glazed brick wall 30 foot high with battlements, 20 foot wide, ornate bronze gate*
6 Fortified keep with massive gatehouse with bronze portcullis 60 foot high
7 Castle fortress with garrison of troops 60 foot high
8 Trenches surround city with underground bunkers and guard posts
9 Secret tunnel network for spies and escapes, heavily trapped
10 Fortified inner wards protect palaces and holy districts
11 Garrison of permanent trained soldiers on duty or able to attack with parade ground
12 Granaries with d4+1 years of food
13 Armoury can distribute weapons and armour to most of the population
14 Covered pits with sharpened stakes and trapped areas
15 Alarm Animals (d4 1=geese 2=dogs 3=bee hives 4=bird houses)
16 Weirs and locks control river and canal frow for defence
17 Message beacon tower around city and to distant allies with fire or heliograph
18 Watchtowers and guard posts around city walls and countryside
19 Cyclopean and drystone walls around countryside
20 Ziggurat calls on help of the gods, shrines and border stones with spirits
*chariots can drive on these wilder city walls

d20 City Defenders d4+2 each

1 Non combatants form slinger units
2 Commoner militia with spears 
3 Spear phalanx units of freemen
4 Skirmishers often hunters
5 Archer units highly disciplined
6 Warriors with shield and axe or swords or mace
7 Light chariots for scouting and skirmishing
8 Medium chariot corp and skirmishers able to 
9 Heavy battle donkey wagons move fighting elite around battlefield
10 Beast handlers usually d4 1=war dogs 2=lions 3=giant animals 4=monster
11 Heavy infantry wear the best possible made armour
12 Navy of boatmen and marines dominate waterways and canals

13 Holy templars connected to temple
14 Barbarian warrior mercenaries
15 Barbarian berserker mercenaries
16 Mounted scouts and messengers
18 Wizards and sorcerers in service to city and cults
19 Cult of elite trained assassins
20 Trained famous monster or several directed by ruler or temple or wizard

d12 City Heroes d3

1 Wise Ruler
2 Holy leader of great temple
3 Mighty wizard or sorcerer
4 Monster slaying hero
5 Wise general
6 Peerless warrior
7 Wise seer, astrologer or prophet
8 Cunning trickster
9 Crafty merchant or craftsman
10 Famous harlot
11 Chosen of the gods
12 Templar leader of holy order
13 Wise elder
14 Famous athlete
15 Wildman tamed by city
16 Beastmaster with famous monster
17 Holy paladin
18 Master of a famous fighting school or cult
19 Non human warrior 1=elf 2=dwarf 3=beastman 4=elemental abhuman
 Child of a god or a petty god
*d3-2 small village d3-1 medium village d3 large village or town


  1. Love the heroes tables. One suggestion: d3-2, d3-1, d3 are the number of cultural heroes that come from that village, while the other 3-d3 are endemic to the whole culture.
    e.g. we have beowulf, arthur, and john's great-grampa who killed the evil king.
    or we have conan, this guy from our tribe who learned how to weave super good, and this other guy who killed the giant boar.
    That is, assuming the table is referring to cultural heroes, rather than living ones.

  2. mostly for living ones
    id envisage a past cultural hero as a lesser cult


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