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Wednesday 30 March 2022

d12 Weird Magic Swords

Arlac the Smith made various weapons to arm those who arose from the darkness but as he ran out of bronze and iron he resorted to stranger materials and each blade was used by one of the great heroes in the great war against the minions of the void. They are all intelligent and judgemental. They seek to find and slay monsters serving evil and darkness. Against foes that are not both they rarely show any interest and their powers may be muted. Once a hero has shown some worth they will be spoken to by the sword

At zero level wielder can use blades as a magical weapons but not +1

At level 1-4 each blade has these powers
+1 magical blade 
+2 vs evil beings (always one extra + above weapons plus)
+3 evil & darkness beings 
(always one extra + above weapons current plus)
Detect evil & darkness within 10 range from feelings of danger from the sword
Users get funny feelings from the weapon 
5-8th Lv user may speak telepathicly directly to user advising them, glow as lantern at will
9-12th Lv weapon speaks as any character and knows d4+1 languages
13-16th Lv weapon leap range 3, into users hand or as it wills, Dance round/Lv once per day 
17-20th Lv weapon teleports into users hand at will

The blades have been known to change type in different ages as if they like to keep up but others like the more ancient styles by default (change style once per month)

The elder lore of each item is some serious personality interest the sword won't shut up about once they think you are worthy to speak to.

d12 Swords of the second Dawn
1 Koronryn the stone sword
2 Aregnor the obsidian sword
3 Mikka the copper sword
4 Vagfenroc the brazen sword
5 Ollus the iron sword
6 Cyrion the silver sword
7 Bloraddon the blood sword
8 Ouranos the wooden sword
9 Elkragon the ice sword
10 Vilra the bone sword
11 Silmanus the crystal sword
12 Valetan the gold sword

1 Koronryn the stone sword the blade of the bastion
Killed the last evil titan in the mortal world then fell into a crack from dead heroes hand
At level 5-8 the sword is +2  add d8 extra HP reroll each day, immune to slow spells 
At level 8-12 the sword is +3 the weilder is immune to petrification
At level 13-16 the sword is +4 the weilder is immune to poison & paralasys
At level 17-20 the sword is +5 summon a 16HD elemental ten minutes once a day
Secret Lore: encourages user to care for land and natural resources 

2 Aregnor the obsidian sword the blade of the void
Severed the dark lords link to the void beyond causing his cult from magic
At level 5-8 the sword is +2 +d3 bleeding damage from any wound (one per round)
At level 8-12 the sword is +3 first mortal enemy killed per day raises as obedient shadow
At level 13-16 the sword is +4 teleport through any shadow to another within 3 range
At level 17-20 the sword is +5 summon a 16HD vacuum elemental (as an air type) ten minutes once a day
Secret Lore: enjoys killing and violence and massacres

3 Mikka the copper sword the blade of storms
Wielded by the lord of the air when he sealed the dragon spawn pits
At level 5-8 the sword is +2 and causes an extra d3 electrical damage
At level 8-12 the sword is +3 can levitate at will
At level 13-16 the sword is +4 shoot a 6d6 lightning bolt once every six hours
At level 17-20 the sword is +5  summon a 16HD shock elemental (as fire but electrical damage) ten minutes once a day
Secret Lore: wielder is watched by sky gods who weapon reports to secretly at first

4 Vagfenroc the brazen sword blade of the burning eye
Pierced the eye of the glaring one from beyond and drove back a chaos incursion
At level 5-8 the sword is +2 
and causes an extra d3 flame damage and lights as torch
At level 8-12 the sword is +3 can speak to any fire planar or mortal creatures
At level 13-16 the sword is +4 Imune to fire & heat
At level 17-20 the sword is +5 summon a 16HD fire elemental ten minutes once a day
Secret Lore: pyromaniac loves to spread terror and disorder in enemy area

5 Ollus the iron sword the blade of the deathbringer
Used by crusaders against the elder lich lords and their living minions 
At level 5-8 the sword is +2 
and causes an extra d3 necrotic damage
At level 8-12 the sword is +3 can cast invisibility to undead 3 times a day
At level 13-16 the sword is +4 wielder immune to death spells
At level 17-20 the sword is +5 summon four Xeg-Yi imprisoned by the lords of light ten minutes once a day
Secret Lore: wants to find and kill undead and those who make them

6 Cyrion the silver sword the blade of the dawn star
Used by star spirits to drive off evil stars that allowed the void entry to the world
At level 5-8 the sword is +2 and can make light as lantern and heal extra d6HP a day
At level 8-12 the sword is +3 any struck shapeshifter save or revert to original form
At level 13-16 the sword is +4 can cast invisibility once per ten minute turn
At level 17-20 the sword is +5 summon four Xeg-Ya servants of the lords of light ten minutes once a day
Secret Lore: The spirit of the sword is a star princess who pines for her family

7 Bloraddon the blood sword the thing that should not be
This crimson moving blood sword is a horrific living thing that hungers to kill
At level 5-8 the sword is +2 and +d3 damage from viscious sword bite
At level 8-12 the sword is +3 screams with hunger cast cloak of fear 3 times a day 
At level 13-16 the sword is +4 once per round you injure a living creature heal 1HP
At level 17-20 the sword is +5 summon a 20HD meat collosus from the world of Xor for one task, after it wanders off to find own destiny and food
Secret Lore: the blade was taken from the flesh of Xor the living world of flesh and it is always hungry for flesh to bite

8 Ouranos the wooden sword the heart of the forest
Used by the elves first then the druid lords on their rampage of reforestation
At level 5-8 the sword is +2 ignores non magical metal armour
At level 8-12 the sword is +3 gain +1 attack via a d6 arrow as a shortbow per round
At level 13-16 the sword is +4 heal d3 after each fight by sprouting magic herbs
At level 17-20 the sword is +5 turn a large tree into a treeant once per day
Secret Lore: Spirit of the blade is a nature elemental sprinkles seeds as you travel

9 Elkragon the ice sword the blade of the sleeping hero
This great ice splinter was used by the champions of the north vs fire demons
At level 5-8 the sword is +2 plus d3 cold damage
At level 8-12 the sword is +3 immune to cold damage and freezing
At level 13-16 the sword is +4 can sleep frozen for any amount of time desired
At level 17-20 the sword is +5 summon a 16HD ice elemental ten minutes once a day
Secret Lore: without a crisis to fight the sword implores user to sleep until the next one

10 Vilra the bone sword the blade of vengance
This sword was infused with underworld energy seeking revenge on evil
At level 5-8 the sword is +2 
-1 damage per dice from blunt or crush attacks
At level 8-12 the sword is +3 half damage from blunt or crush attacks
At level 13-16 the sword is +4 Undead struck save or disintergrated if less HD than user
At level 17-20 the sword is +5 Summon 2 10HD skeleton warriors for ten minutes once a day and each has a +3 sword (all traces vanish after duration)
Secret Lore: The blade has twin spirits of skeleton warriors within forced to serve the sword for eternity. Sometimes the main sword spirit will let you speak with the skeleton warriors instead for dark secret lore 

11 Silmanus the crystal sword the singing sword of victory
This most famous sword cut the astral cord of the thing from beyond banishing it
At level 5-8 the sword is +2 
plus d3 sonic damage and can produce light as a lantern
At level 8-12 the sword is +3 sonic blast 3d6 to all in 1 range once per hour (save halves) and user immune to sonic damage
At level 13-16 the sword is +4 cast disintergrate spell once per day
At level 17-20 the sword is +5 summon a 16HD sonic (as air) elemental ten minutes once a day
Secret Lore: Once the sword deems a weilder worthy for it to speak it wont shut up but often sings

12 Valetan the gold sword the destroyer of death
Created to destroy the powers of the death templars a fearsome necromantic cult
At level 5-8 the sword is +2 
plus d6 holy damage vs undead or evil other planar foes 
At level 8-12 the sword is +3 circle of protection from undead for ten minute turn once an hour which manifests as a glow, produce light as a lantern at will
At level 13-16 the sword is +4 weilder does not age, breathe or eat and resists poison and disease
At level 17-20 the sword is +5 summon a light elemental (as fire) ten minutes once a day
Secret Lore: The sword is pretty sure the biggest problems in the world it has thwarted but once convinced some new target is a worthy foe they become fanatic. Very lawful it does not like lies, cheating or tricks much

Friday 25 March 2022

Post Apoc Chase Tables

This is based on the ones I did for fantasy a few posts ago.
In a chase, you could use a map or an abstract approach. Draw a line. Divide the line into segments before the person being chased reaches a target or safe place. You could keep it open based on how successful they are vs obstacles versus pursuing enemies. If the person being chased passes two-ish obstacles ahead they get away. Players might attack a fragile wall blocking a path behind them which might get them away or a hunter could set off the fragile structure with a ranged attack to trap their quarry. 

The descriptions are just keywords to inspire you. These should be resolved with a skill or save or stat roll. Some may involve an attack. This doesn't mean the chase ends while they fight. The attacker may or may not pursue the runner or might get into conflict with the hunter.   

d12 Apocalypse Chase Table Zones
1 Wasteland 
Zone - deserts, barren lands
2 Toxic Swamp - polluted toxic wetlands
3 Coastal Debris 
- garbage-strewn shorelines
 Slime Jungle - mutated jungles and dangerous creatures 
5 Rubble 
Zone - urban ruins of the ancients
6 Market Street 
- in busy settlements
 Ag Zone - ancient farmlands
 Ancient Ruin - old ruined bunkers and structures
9 Intact Complex 
- functional ancient facilities
 Forbidden Zone - shunned areas of war damage
Battlefield Zone - live active combat area
12 Tunnels - ancient subterranean passages

d12 Desert Wastes
1 Soft sandy dunes
2 Strong wind 
3 Quicksand
4 Pile of bones
5 Dust devil
6 Dust storm
7 Spiky vegetation
8 Animal burrows
9 Wrecked vehicles
10 Sinkhole into ruin
11 Semi exposed ruin
12 Predatory mutant plant or animal, the borrower or a trap

d12 Toxic Swamp
1 Water obstacle
2 Toxic pool
3 Swarm of vermin
4 Garbage
5 Thick vegetation
6 Carnivorous plants
7 Huge grazing mutants
8 Predatory mutant
9 Cannibal swamp folk, horny and hungry
10 Diseased miasma or foetid pool
11 Diseases corpses (1in4 some undead)
12 Semi exposed ruins

d12 Coastal Debris
1 Soft sandy hills
2 Dead sea animals
3 Washed up wood
4 Vehichle wreck
Semi exposed ruins
6 Mutant creature colony
7 Channel of water
8 Toxic waste
9 Hungry beast (solo or pack)
10 Strong winds  
11 Gaping hole (1in4 burrow)
12 Cliff or chasm

d12 Slime Jungle 
1 Thick vegetation
2 Hostile vegetation
3 Water obstacle
4 Ambush predators (like snakes)
5 Colony of hostile slime
6 Angry humanoid hunters
7 Swarm of vermin 
8 Quicksand
9 Gaping pit
10 Muddy slopes
11 Hunter traps
12 Diseased miasma or foetid pool

d12 Rubble Zone
1 Blockage
2 Gaping-hole
3 Fragile structure
4 Narrow walkway
5 Traps
6 Hostile mutant
7 Campsite (occupied)
8 Fortified (1in4 with defenders)
9 Ambush point
10 Loose rubble slopes
11 Dangerous technology
12 Firefight! (combat in progress)

d12 Market Streets
1 Militia
2 Pickpocket
3 Pushcart seller
4 Boxes of goods
5 Livestock
6 Angry humanoid
7 Gang of hoodlums
8 Crowd blocked
9 VIP coming through
10 Wagon or vehichle
11 Pushy salesman
12 Caughing plague carrier

d12 Ag Zone
1 Maze of crop fields
2 Irrigation ditches or pipes
3 Polydome structures
4 Wrecked farm machine
5 Collapsing sheds
6 Grazing animals
7 Vermin control robot
8 Moving farm machines
9 Spray cloud of chems or water
10 Hostile mutant creature
11 Drone swarm
12 Angry farmers or ag robots or androids

d12 Ancient Ruin
1 Locked or seized door
2 Collapsed passage
3 Flooded section
4 Shaft or pit (1in4 has rope, ladder or elevator) 
5 Technology hazard (electricity)
6 Bad air
7 Tight squeeze
8 Mounds of garbage
9 Hostile mutant or undead
10 Hostile humanoids
11 Booby trap
12 Automated defence system (guns or robots)

d12 Secure Complex  
1 Locked door
2 Barrier or fence
3 Alarm system
4 Automated defence
5 Robot security
6 AI communication
7 Forcefield
8 Moving machines 
9 Dead-end
10 Elevator  
11 Stairs
12 AI controlled door

d12 Forbidden Zone
1 Radioactive waste
2 Pools of chemical sludge
3 Crack or pit in the earth
4 Semi exposed ruin
5 Piles of bones
6 Ground collapses into ruin
7 Minefield or booby traps
8 Wrecked war machines
9 Craters and rubble
10 Hostile mutant or undead or robot
11 Dangerous cult or gang
12 Violent humanoids

d12 Battlefield  
1 Clouds of smoke
2 Wounded combatant
3 Foxhole or trenches (1in4 with live combatants)
4 Wreckage (1in4 with wounded combatant)
5 Crossfire (two sides shooting or sniper)
6 Explosions (smoke, dust. rubble)
7 Mines or trap or automated weapon
8 Tight squeeze or crawl required
9 Damaged ruins
10 Lone combatant
11 Squad of combatants on the move
12 Hostile mutant creature rampaging

d12 Ancient Tunnels
1 Flooded section or water crossing
2 Collapsed ceiling
3 Fragile section
4 Floor drops to another passage system
5 Stairs or ladder
6 Elevator Shaft (1in6 working)
7 Locked or jammed door
8 Robot security
9 Mutant creature
10 Gang of morlocks or abhumans
11 Pile of rubble or garbage
12 Tight squeeze or hole


bonus table

d12 Automated Defences
1 Minefield
2 Mine or grenade with tripwire
3 Gas released by motion sensor
4 Light machinegun static senty 
5 Light machinegun tracked drone 
6 Armoured light machinegun turret
7 Automated grenade launcher or mortar
8 Sonic screamer or Electric Arc Gun
9 Rotary light mg turret
10 Pop up laser defence turret (5d6)
11 Force Field
12 Laser Battery (10d6)

Mines and grenades can be stun, arc, napalm, gas whatever

The point of these is to scare players, keep them moving and stage an exciting cinematic chase scene to blow them to pieces.  

Tuesday 22 March 2022

Post 2000 Revised EMO Space Book

Celebrating Post 2000
A revised version of the book with 30 more pages and the cover I commissioned over 5 years ago is finally on it. You are welcome to share a link to this page (it gives me a better idea of anyone trying to view it than sharing the direct link).

It is a comp of most of my space opera setting projects. 
System wise it's a mix of BRP (space cthulhu), D&D Clone (or buck rogers) and Star Frontiers. If I chose a system it would depend on players and time frame. Mothership fans might also enjoy this.

Link Here

I do have some ready to post stuff but my output on this page is probably going to drop off. So ten years ago when I started here I was very excited by the G+ community and the Blogger scene and I got a lot of feedback and contact with creators. It was all very encouraging and I got lots of people sharing my stuff and even incorporated into some crowdsource projects. That climate is dead and gone. I get very little feedback, I have little contact with anyone in the scene and my own games have become harder to launch. Ive release lots of free books and many got zero feedback yet were bootlegged by pay per view sites. There were times the Patreon was only way I could afford any game stuff and I was nomadic and homeless on-off for several years. Currently, I am buying a house and well. Feedback and attention are pretty much the main reason I have been creating besides public work instead of just my own use. I do struggle with motivation a bit so comments and conversation are very much of value and keep this blog and my work going. I'm increasingly spending time looking after animals and interacting with other carers more.

Like lots of scenes I have been in what starts as a community diminishes as people all become professional. People start keeping their cards closer to their chest and keeping their work secrets for future publication and the sharing spirit declines. Once I could read all day and not keep up with blog posts now not so much. I did once hope by giving away freebies people would notice me more or offer me work but I think that has failed. I fully aware editing is my biggest weakness and I have had some great help but it has not been sustainable. 2021 writing was my main income.

My Patreon will continue with at least a zine or two a month and regular compilation books. I don't promise deadlines on books now as it's too stressful and they always have time blowouts. I just keep making zines and books as long as my Patreon subscribers support it. I have immediate plans to put Planet Psychon, Shadelport and the Space book on LuLu shortly as hardbacks. I hope to publish some old revised work monthly as of new financial year and see how that goes. I will send some review copies out too which will be easier with international POD.

Gaming has been sparse and after a fight with one of my oldest players, It might be sparser. I might try playing some dnd5 as I'm enjoying the newer content more and need new friends and practice being a less horrible player. We almost got an online game going during a covid attack but it didn't last. At least it's stuck in my memory better. For some crazy reason, I keep thinking I would like to run star frontiers online. Hopefully next try It sticks better. Ideally, the space book will be revised as a companion for my homebrew system one day but these projects keep going further back all the time.

A big thanks to all my readers, commenters and financial supporters.
It helps lots that I'm not just screaming into the void pointlessly.
It's been a wild ride. Let's see what I get up to next.

Added later: was told this post is such a bummer someone didn't want to share it

Saturday 12 March 2022

Fantasy Chase Obstacle Tables (Post 1999)

Karl the Viking Comics in print again

This is post 1999
I will try to do something for no 2000

But For now this

When chasing someone or running away you often come across some obstacles on the run. These are for various situations you might find in a game. I will focus on fantasy for now then sf/horror later. 

I break chases into segments and have both sides roll vs obstacles to work out who catches who. One of these per segment is good. If they go too long make fatigue saves. I have a flee skill in my game that wizards love.

d12 Fantasy Chase Table Zones
1 Busy Streets
2 Rooftops
3 Docks
4 Sewer
5 Forest
6 Beach
7 Mountains
8 Desert
9 Cave 
10 Volcano
11 River
12 Jungle

Busy Streets
1 Pushcart 
2 Livestock
3 Beggars or drunks 
4 Sewer workers
5 Pushy salesperson
6 Boxes, Barrels & sacks
7 Fragile old people
8 Exited children
9 Priest with followers
10 Militia patrol
11 Criminal gang
12 Grumpy spellcaster

1 Weak roof pitfall
2 Slip-on broken roofing save or fall off
3 Attacked by d4 1=angry birds 2=wasps 3=rats 4=cat 
4 Criminals who don't want witnesses 
5 Jump to another roof
6 Climb to another roof
7 Balance on a wall or roof
8 Swing on a structure
9 Angry workers
10 Militia chasing criminals
11 Child chimney sweeps having a rest smoking pipe
12 Witches or cultists having ceremony

1 Crates, barrels and fish nets everywhere
2 Slimy wooden decking save or fall
3 Angry drunken workers
4 Harbour patrol 
5 Walkway raised for boat to pass
6 Ship sailors on shore leave
7 Pirate crew
8 Rotting woodwork
9 Goods from cart to crane to boat
10 Criminal gang
11 Armed sex workers
12 Maritime cultists (its probably fish hybrids)

1 Balance on a slippery walkway
2 Weakened walkway
3 Climb a ladder
4 Climb scaffolding
5 Climb through a hole or drain
6 Swim across cistern
8 Flmable stinking gas
9 Pit hidden under sewerage
10 Swarm of rats or giant maggots
11 Criminal gang
Bear size mutant rat or worm 

1 Sudden depression or chasm
2 Avoid branches
3 Climb a slope or tree
4 Cross a stream or pond
5 Startle deer or boar
6 Startle wolf or wild dogs
7 Cross a bog or river
8 Guarded bridge
9 Pass maze of thorn bushes
10 Hunters trap 
11 Lone hunter on path
12 A forest spirit in the unusual form in the path

1 Sharp coral reef or sargassum
2 Wooden wreckage blocks way
3 Hidden current or undertow
4 Stinging jellyfish in water and on beach
5 Stonefish or pufferfish or stingray hidden under sand
6 Shark or seasnake near the shoreline
7 Plesiosaurus or pterodactyl attack
8 Fishermen with boats and net
9 Smuggler cut throats on the beach
10 Angry marine abhumans
11 Giant hell crabs!
12 Kelpie or nymph or selkie seeks lover

1 Climb to a ledge
2 Leap a gap
3 Swing across a ledge
4 Slide down a slope
5 Rockfall
6 Trail crumbles
7 Balance narrow walkway
8 Cross crude rope or wood bridge
9 Steep slippery stairway slope
10 Severe weather
11 Mountain ram or goat
12 Hungry troll or ogre

1 Sinkhole
2 Blinding winds
3 Snake or scorpion
4 Loose water supply
5 Crippling heat
6 Blindings sun
7 Confusing mirage
8 Followed by hyena or wolves or baboons
9 Thorny desert vegetation
10 Sandstorm
11 tribal cultists
12 Ancient wandering hungry undead

1 Flowing water
2 Flooded chamber or tunnel
3 Bat caves deep in guano
4 Chasm to leap
5 Cliff to climb
6 Squeeze through hole
7 Break mineral barrier
8 Pass hidden pit
9 Climb down a sinkhole
10 Gigantic worm or bug
11 Pool of a dangerous creature
12 Underground humanoids

1 Cloud of smoke
2 Rain of hot ash
3 Fire snake
4 Leap over lava vent
5 Poisonous gas
6 Climb slope of hot rubble
7 Avoid a lava flow
8 Angry giant fire lizard
9 Earthquake
10 Exploding hot lava bomb
11 Firenewts
12 Salamanders or firenewts

1 Surprise current
2 Rapids
3 Strike rocks
4 Run aground
5 Hit by boat or log
6 Avoid flipping over
7 Giant river beast (turtle or frog or fish)
8 Ambush from trees or shore
9 Temporary obstacles blocking water ahead
10 Boat hull or steering or power damaged 
11 Waterfall drop in waterway
12 Nixie clan decide you look fun

1 Snakes or bugs
2 Pool quicksand
3 Swing over chasm or in trees or over water
4 Slippery stream
5 Climb a muddy slope or wade through bog
6 Sinkhole drops into flooded cave 1in6 with ruins
7 Disturb wild deer or pigs or cassowaries
8 Giant constrictor snake in pool or trees
9 Crocodile or dinosaur infested pool
10 Balance over a log across the river
11 Large river with strong current surrounded by cliffs
12 Angry tribal cultists

Sunday 6 March 2022

Sad death of Ratty, Gamelog

Post apoc game as a player absents so we played out 6th lv Broken hill campaign characters unused in a while. Basically did lots of consolidating their bases and working on the problem of a rival snack food cult and some saline swamp controlled by a dark force. Loyal follower for some time Ratty was a rat abhuman who had met the adventurers when they arrived in the city and has helped them trade, find scrap and settle in/ He also showed them secret drail and mine tunnels of the broken hill. He would drive their half track in the rubble and mind their camps. Today he died sadly.

So the party followed Rattys advice into the mysterious salt zone (Im running DCC Umerica Damn Tasty and Burger Wars) via underground tunnels. 

Early on they found a door cut out and rewelded and as approached an Hisser crock attacked Janx with paralysing tentacles and others rushed in. Ratty scuttled over rubble mounds and tried to backstab the croc and failed. Dozy Galahas android bodyguard got into point blank range with two 9mm SMG and splattered everyone in gore. Lucky it was only a young one.

Giant rats screeched in the distance so the party cut through soor and hid as giant rats ate the crock. Inside was a repair bay with an elevator to the old vacuum continental train line. The door opened as the party rested and a black shiny space suited person with a ray gun came out. They spoke in ancient and offered to let the party through their section. 

Passed the strangers after a chat and they disliked the salt present in the area so were happy to help. Exploring a sunken section a hideous fleshy shoggoth mutant horror attacked. It was badly hurt and fled and the party searched. It got inside walls as a liquid flesh mess and followed them awaiting till it healed. Party found way up via a sinkhole into a drain and then as went to surface Ratty was snatched when last in the party. Dozy and his rooster-priest pal jumped down the hole safely and gave chase and fired. When Janx got down his fired two laser pistols cowboy-style killing the horror and Ratty inside it.

Party went on to burn down the rival food car factory and destroyed the body of its diabolic manager sending it back to digital hell. Lots lots of good snappy dialogue and abuse and at one stage there were two devils and most of the party affected by fear. Dozy spent most of the fight in a room holding a doorknob to keep a skeleton away. When the original devil died the other split. Started a grease fire and burned the place down and took a half cleaned truck home.

Levelled up and Dozy called up his AI god at the chicken clone factory and had a backup clone of Ratty grown and his memory from his last download session. So all was well and Ratty only missed a level of experience.

Tuesday 1 March 2022

Level Title Tiers

So a feature of old dnd is level titles. At a certain level your fighter was a veteran or a hero. In modules and on tables you would meet six myrmidons and everyone know what level fighters they were.

In some senses, this is ok and good flavour but a bit overdone. Titles that change culture seem not so great. Titles granted by inheritance or class seem useless or misleading so I want that to be separated form these titles because I want experience-based titles rather than nepotism gained but both systems need to overlap at times. This did not always work so we have some different versions to at least give a choice between earned and given credit. 

Tiers of Power Levels
Tier 0 is for zero level characters starting out as greenhorn noobs
Tier 1 is for 1st to 4th level characters seasoned by conflict and adventure 
Tier 2 is for 5th to 8th level 
Tier 3 is for 9th to 12th level characters are
Tier 4 is for 13th to 16th level
Tier 5 is for 17th to 20h level

Some titles are from the hierarchical organisations may or not be competence-based. I found it hard to remove some of the ideas so tried to offer choices between say official crime guild vs gangs and bandits. Leadership is often expanded with level but I want room for incompetent zero level nobles leading a 4th lv sergeant and other foolish but plausible situations. But frequently titles imply someone is competent. I wanted these characters to have a variety of alignments too.

Possibly declaring you are emperor or king too early might upset the supernatural world and an angel might come to kill. I'm my game at 20th level supernatural beings and demigods facilitate a painful and tragic martyrdom and apotheosis for you if they can.

Professional competency-based titles granted peers within an occupational hierarchy
Giving someone a title before their time causes group schisms, mutinies, coups and worse
It can be done as an acting title and everyone knows it is temporary until a qualified applicant is found or the ruler grows into the roll. 

These are not really rules (but sometimes the public act on them anyway).

They are mostly lists of adjectives to describe levels of people through synonyms and for ranks in various hierarchies. Have fun with this don't bludgeon people with it.

Titles could be misleadingly applied to some people inappropriately for all kinds of reasons some of which are outright for deception.

0 includes zero level characters
-the vast majority of common humans
-common person-of-arts d4 HP or person-at-arms has d6 HP
-players might choose to start this low for extra low thrill factor
includes 1st to 4th Level characters
-character going from risk-taking beginners to competent plunderers
2 includes 5th to 8th Level characters
-character infamously dangerous fighter of monsters or armies
includes 9th to 12th Level characters
-character obtains land and title to buy their loyalty from the crown
4 includes 13th to 16th Level characters
-character renowned for supernatural enemies and travel to other worlds
5 includes 17th to 20th  Level characters
-character may plunder other worlds and face divine beings on the way to deification

Tiers I am using for some other reasons in gameplay so using them here like this kind of fits with other leveling benefits I have.

Partly from this at first, an upstart adventurer who has become rich and notorious and popular is offered land and title or job to settle them down and make them loyal and take oaths. Not accepting that land or using it makes the giver suspicious and insulted. After a while some adventurer has his plot grow like a goldrush town and more elites and the rulers may grow jealous or fearful of uppity adventurers. So factions against your character form and other factions think you would be a superior king and offer the help out because your 17th level and that guy who inherited the crown is only 7th level. So players have to play good nobles or risk becoming pariahs of those in power which can be tough. So maybe don't build a world wonder and outdo the current ruler too well. When they turn on you in fear you can smash their stuff and take it in retaliation.  

Assassins Guild
0 Butcher - cheap enthusiastic killer
1 Cut Throat - cold-blooded murderer
2 Killer - hunt enemies and kill in secret
3 Executioner - slay enemies of the crown
4 Death Lord - legendary slaughterers
5 Grandmaster Assassin - leader of the assassins guild                     

Bandit Gang
Desperado - people desperate enough to break law and risk their life
1 Ravager - professional plunderer
2 Marauder - roam the land and take what you please 
3 Outlaw - enemy of the crown or hero of the underdog
4 Highway Robber - flamboyant robber lord with grip on royal highways
5 Robber Prince - live like royalty and take what you want

Barbarian Horde
0 Thrall - servile workers who may become free
Warrior - wild independent  irregular
 Berserker - fanatic enraged elite maniacs
 Vanquisher - drives away enemies 
4 Destroyer - destroys enemies 
5 Conquerer - try and conquer the world

Beggers Guild
0 Pauper - someone lost home and family members desperate for charity
1 Scrounger - somehow eke out an existence according to guild rules
2 Vagabond - wander around and make people give you stuff
3 Master Begger - control the beggars of a trade town 
4 Beggar Lord - control the beggars of a city or region
5 Beggar King - control the beggers of the kingdom and press crown for charity

Craft Guild
0 Aspirant - underskilled labourer seeking training
1 Apprentice - student under a master to learn a trade
2 Journeyman - graduate who wanders and works trading their skills
3 Artisan - can operate own famous studio or workshop making royal goods  
4 Guildmaster - rules the local guild of a city or region
5 Grandmaster - rules over all the allied and united guilds of a kingdom

0 Initiate - new recruits keen for thrills and excitement and power
1 Devotee - ready to spread the faith in secret and do as commanded 
 Zealot - ruthless unquestioning follower of higher ranks commands
Occultist - expert in supernatural affairs by close proximity
4 Oracle - consults with the unseen cult masters beyond
Prophet  - bring the word of patron power at the head of your own cult

Diabolic Order
0 Hellion - has desperation , greed or desire to do anything
1 Vexator - rank and file of the cults elite robed kidnappers and guards 
2 Damned Fiend - leads a cult chapter and often has an imp
3 Diabolic Master - leads several cults over region may have hell hound or a hellcat
4 Adversary - unites cults to persecute and manipulate society, has incubus/succubus lover
5 Archfiend - working to establish hell on earth for masters and has guardian devil

Diplomacy Guild
0 Messenger - runner of messages and news
1 Agent - discreet and sometimes secretive and resourceful 
2 Herald - bear standard of a ruler and represent them
3 Ambassador - visitor to foreign rulers
4 Delegate - diplomat with voting powers in multinational asseblies
5 Minister - advisor and representative of the crown

Hunter Lodge
0 Survivor - someone with experience living in the wild, most don't survive alone
1 Scout - knows the land and beasts of local area and explorers 
2 Ranger - knows the land and beasts or a significant wilderness and its secret trails
3 Hunt Master - leads important hunts and rituals, master of a lodge
4 Beast Lord - master of all the beast in a vast domain 
5 Lord of the Wild - drives vast herds through hunting lands to feed the people   

Knight Order
0 Servant - begin early tests and live as a humble servant
1 Squire - assist your master in battle as a trainee knight
2 Knight - knighted by nobility to fight for the kingdom
Knight Errant - wandering knight performing quests and protecting a small fief
4 Knight Lord - manage an important territory for your liege and support them
5 Grandmaster Knight - command a grand order of knights

Mariner Guild
Sailor - basic crew of a ship responsible for many unpleasant dangerous chores
Mate - senior crew member good for beating new sailors into shape
2 Seafarer - experienced mariner for travel and war by sea
3 Master Mariner - worked in trade over a vast area 
4 Old Sea Dog - explored seas and many strange lands
5 Ancient Mariner - sailed to fantastic places and other worlds

Mercenary Guild
0 Recruit - basic training and guard duty
1 Soldier - professional military on the campaign, seen lots of blood 
Veteran - career troops for leading invasions with plenty of experience
Hero - mighty fighting folk who inspire whole units 
Champion - mighty fighting folk who inspire whole armies
5 Warlord - establish your own state where you want because nobody can stop you

Merchant Guild
0 Peddler - common mobile street sellers with a bag or pushcart
1 Shop Keeper - common store owner 
2 Dealer - trader in bulk good and trade caravans over a region
3 Master Trader -  trader in national and international goods
4 Patron - important influencer in a city markets and trade
5 Merchant Prince - so much wealth and influence you can live like royalty

Monastic Orders
0 Novice - new members learning basics
1 Disciple - accepted as student and formally take vows to ser
2 Adept - senior instructor or shrine tender
3 Master - senior teacher and leader of a small temple
4 Abbot - leader of order fortified chapter house size of a town
5 Grandmaster - leader of a whole order with wide influence

Noble Court 
0 Courtier - minor aristocrats mostly living as household and personal servants
1 Squire - 
assist and groom your master in the courts of important nobility
2 Knight/Dame - knighted for your deeds supporting nobility and crown
3 Lord/Lady -  rule a small fief and support your patron nobles
4 Duk/Duchess - rule an important territory and hold a state office
King/Queen/Prince/Princess - gain a royal title

Priest Order
0 Initiate - humble shaved beginner into the holy life
1 Acolyte - manage a small shrine or assist a priest
2 Priest - manage a temple with 
3 Bishop - manage a greater temple or region of small temples
4 Archbishop - manages a large region for the church
5 Hierophant - lead the religion from the holy throne

Public Notoriety
0 Unknown - you're known by the people you have lived with and a few locals
1 Noted - your name has come up with some impressive deeds sometimes
2 Renowned - your fame is growing and bards sing about you
3 Famous - name level and nobility have heard of you and invited you to court
4 Glorious - royalty now your name and seek your support
5 Legendary - people far away and even supernatural beings know of you

0 Student - sworn to celibacy start a course or serve under a master
1 Undergraduate - well progressed in studies 
2 Batchelor of Arts - completed equivalent of 4 years study
3 Master of Arts - completed study and enter a specialisation like law
Doctor - considered an expert, often a famous teacher in university
5 Chancellor - manages a university and deal directly with the crown 

Sea Raider
0 Thrall - servile workers who may become free
1 Viking - raider on sea raiding vessel
 Karl - personal retinue and sevant of Jarl
 Jarl - leader of the local population
4 Thane - king over several territories
5 High Thane - king with distant trade and colonial reach

Street Gang
0 Runner - start off doing chores to impress a gang
1 Hoodlum - gang footsoldiers for enforcing and fighting
2 Mobster - leader of gang chapter over a few blocks
3 Boss - leads your own major city gang
4 Kingpin - control and influence city gangs and crime 
5 Overboss - control network of gangs that influence the nation

Templar Order
Convert - the new member has felt the holy calling
1 Brother/Sister - warrior clerical order soldiers
2 Knight - ranking officer with some responsibility on order
3 Master - command a chapter house of order
4 Marshal - command the battlefield army of the order
5 Grandmaster - command the whole order

Witch Coven
0 Maiden (Jack) - beginer awaiting tests to memberships
1 Sister (Brother) - begin to study orders secrets
2 Beldam (Warlock) - competant witch with own territory and small coven
3 Priestess (Priest) - leader of several covens in area
4 High Priestess (High Priest) - ruler of a circle of regional covens
5 Witch Queen (Horned King) - ruler of witches over a nation or region

Wizard School
0 Student - promising literate student being tested
1 Apprentice - serving a master to learn (some become adventurers instead)
2 Adept - a competant graduate able to take students
3 Sage - a great teacher with own tower or teaching post at university 
Magister - senior teacher and specialist in some feild
Magus - pinacle of power you can do as you please