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d100 Forgotten Strangers

The Sleeper Awakes!Occasionally you in game have characters resurrect some ancient corpse or undead, or un-petrify some ancient statue or find someone in some magic container sealed for ages. This is a lazy table made to smash this and crate some npc's of past eras of my setting. Populating a whole basilisk lair with statues can b don fast with this.

d12 What Happened
01 Cursed to sleep
02 Trapped in crystal
03 Trapped in artwork
04 Petrified as statue
05 Frozen in time
06 Lost in other dimension
07 Escaped from fairy land
08 Resurrected from ancient corpse 
09 Changed into a long lived or undead creature
10 Enthralled serving other planar being
11 Lost in time by magic
12 A god finished using for some purpose in another world

Here are some more What Happened's suggested by Humabout:
13. Frozen in ice
14. Ghost of NPC bound to a specific object
15. NPC's mind trapped in a monster's body; presumably his body has the monster's mind trapped in it
16. Stuck in magical trap
17. Trapped in a bottle/lamp/container
18. Wandering with magical amnesia
19. Driven a bit mad and obsessive by isolation/magic/That-Which-Man-Was-Not-Meant-to-Know
20. Stranded by a one-way gate

Quick Types
01 Prehuman era
02 Golden Age
03 Monster Empire
04 Necromancer Age
05 Eldritch Aeon
06 Winter Age
07 First Empire
08 Second Empire
09 Third Empire
10 Non human

d100 Forgotten Strangers Found
01 Serpant folk wizard, d6 1-3=disguised as human, 4=prefers humans to worship them, 5-6=pretend to be friendly or useful but will seek slaves, magical power and to revive their kin in a evil plot 
02 Worm folk wizard, d6 1-3=can change to crude humanoid 2-3 assume humanoid form of thousands of worms in humanoid shape 6=hatch from a chrysalis in human form and can turn back, mostly vile wizards who hate non worm life
03 Insect folk com in many types but th most common found are d4 1=mantis warrior 2=blowfly wizard 3=scarab beetle sun priest 4=mothman necromancer
04 Catfish folk wizard, a dynasty of wizard king fish folk who hibernate in muddy cocoons sometimes for aeons, disgusted by inferior humans
05 Fish person, d6 1-2=shapeshift to human 3=illusion of being human, 4-6 expects othr races to obey, thinks worm people (humans) look delicious
06 Dragon folk expect to be undisputed rulers of the universe, will seek dragons or own kind or to revive sleeping dragons
07 Lizard folk d6 1-2=savage primitive hunter, 3-4=fierce barbarian 5-6=knights. Surprised humans are in charge will seek reptilians to live with 
08 Dinosaur folk many breeds d6 1=raptor 2=tyrannosaur 3=triceratops 4=pterodactyl 5=tyrannosaur 6=iguanadon, will b disgusted by new world and think humans look delicious 
09 Sea spirit folk from sea kingdom, unimpressed by new world, seeks to return to long lost civilization under the sea
10 Tako octopus fairy, d6 1-2=friendly octopus knight 3-4=terrified but greedy scallywag 5-6=chaos wizard
11 Elf various tribes 1-2=bright elves 3=4=dark elves 5=chaos blood elves 6=savage wild elf, mostly aloof and ignorant of crude human ways  
12 Forest spirit folk descended from trees and able to turn back, may sleep in tree form for long periods years, naive and surprised by slumbering woodlands of present time 
13 Star spirit folk, having fallen to earth and has no memory since, charming but aware of human customs mostly by observing them from the sky
14 Lion beast folk, haughty king of beasts, never met a human, roars lots
15 Elemental abhumans, humanoid with elemental blood, once common on earth, now rare, puzzled by what humans are 
16 Angelic spirit folk, divine servant of gods may assume winged angelic form, world was paradise before long sleep, disappointed by present age and distance of the gods
17 Halfling, jolly commoner worked on estate of a god and had dealings with many faerie and mythic beings. Chummy, hungry and mad sad by current age
18 Gnome, on of the first and kin to many hill gnome kings, wishes to help world and vr optimistic the word can be fixed 
19 High Troll ancient shaman of civilized trolls long extinct and frightening to humans, seeks to find own kin, will heal people to make friends
20 1st gen orc, one of thee first remembers being a living elf and has the abilities of a high level elf rather than a orc. Hideous and violent but far more clever. Will try to rule a orc tribe
21 Spider folk hungry and power mad, thinks of humans as slave apes d4 1=witch 2=priestess 3=assassin 4=slav herder
22 Amphibian frog prince from decadent sophisticated frog court, not used to work or risk, promises rescuers a kings ransom but palace long ago sunk in a swamp 
23 Squid folk demands humans prepare to be eaten on your knees, stupid may serve as servants and carry the squid to nearest monster empire stronghold 
24 Vulture wizard, hungry for corpses, more magic the better, will seek means to turn back time to when monsters ruled 
25 Human slave, cowers and expects monsters to be masters and scolds humans for wearing clothes or using weapons
26 Bat folk priestess demands blood and servants to take hr to a blood goddess temple
27 Hyena folk, hungry and expect humans to cower in fear, demand humans hand over weapons and treasure
28 Fire Newt, complains about cold, demands hot coals and fresh riding birds as on urgent mission for long lost empire
29 Dark Elf, demands slaves inform it of current situation and whips any insolent whelps who challenge them  
30 Halfling servant in black leather suit with tattoos and caries a rod of senior slave, ill prepared for new order but willing to change when realises old masters long gone
31 Barbarian hero hates wizards, priests, magic and literate people, does not care about changed world or compromise
32 Necromancer apprentice on mission for master who should b long dad but might be a lich, will quickly hide nature when realises kind no longer rules
33 Lycanthrope, human servant d4 1=werewolf hunter 2=weresnake wizard 3=werebat priest 4=wererat assassin, will be friendly when human
34 Lich often disguised as human by illusions, utterly dangerous will attempt to locate artifact to conquer world, ignores petty humans
35 Mutant experiment test subject, afraid anyone could be torturer or part of some cruel test
36 Orc woman, one of the first, keen to escape and breed 
37 Darkling (darkstalker or darkcreeper), horrified by humans, secretive and keen to scrap and find kin underground
38 Evil priest worships demon ruler god of monster faction, demands all serve them
39 Mummy, once a necromancer now undead, hostile to living, poor memory of past events unless certain triggers restore memory and makes them re evaluate situation 
40 Evil templar of a forgotten evil order, expert at infiltration, corruption and insidious antics
41 Barbarian beserker, will join others to get out of here, in combat goes into homicidal rage till nobody standing
42 Wizard punished by master for disobeying him, imprisoned and forgotten, a bit of a jerk 
43 City priest of ancient lost civilisation who's religion forgotten, will be keen to rebuild
44 Thief caught in a magical trap, keen to run away with as much loot as possible
45 Princess of long lost kingdom, now undead wizard has dreamed of marrying her for millennium
46 Prince of of long lost kingdom, complete jerk, thinks every commoner should shelp him because he is inatley superior. Clan long ago burned as heretics
47 Monster hunter got unlucky, keen to get back to work and learn about these new fangled monsters of present era
48 Paladin on a mission but too late and his order perished aeons ago, determined to sacrifice himself for a good cause fighting evil to atone
49 Cultist imprisoned for sins, keen to join any group and return to old work of secret proselytising for demon lord
50 Scholar on research field trip for sage master had accident. Keen to catch up on advances since absence
51 Cave folk hunter trying to get back to family in glacier cave, frightened and angry wants to go home

52 White ape folk trapped by device of the old ones before humans existed, furious and andry at strange surroundings
53 Ice nomad  from previous glaciation freaks out about strangers trying to steal his precious dried blubber
54 Bear folk tribal hero on quest to kill wizards horrified by modern world and lack of bear worship
55 Mammoth hunter wounded in battle and placed in stasis while friends went for help 10 000 years ago
56 Shaman on quest to save tribe. Sad at utter failure, gloomily searches for descendants
57 Witch trapped when spell back fired by potential victim with magic pendant. Will be helpful and manipulate rescuers to find her stone tower and winged monkey minions
58 Lycanthrope in human hunter form, grateful and helpful till full moon when hungry for human flesh
59 Cave wizard in skins with spells on bones in bundle of furs  for a book, impressed by modern innovation, keen to travel back in time with things learned about modern world
60 Druid, upset that mission to save tribe failed long ago and his faith and race are all dead
61 Charioteer put on freeze for future race by owner and forgotten, happy to be free and exited to get back into chariot racing scene
62 Hoplite from long gone legendary city state destroyed in ancient disaster, overcome by tragic loss of homeland and long gone gods, melodramaticly weeps for loss of purpose
63 Priestess working to save long gone city. She becomes convinced this is part of divine plan and instead seeks to restore her long gone faith
64 Sailor exploring world thousands of years ago stumbled across monster and now awake is keen to explore new world
65 Soothsayer perplexed by dilemma keen to divine what to do by ritually dismembering dozens of animals, shocked his methodology no longer respected
66 Sorceress was embroiled in plot of conquest and was foiled by heroes is keen to learn about current world and how to conquer it
67 Hero on a mission to save world from disaster that destroyed his age, saddened by failure and pointlessness of life and past sacrifices
68 Nymph from age when gods walked the earth, disappointed by current age and lack of supernatural lovers and lack of acceptance of her willingness to fornicate with almost any living thing
69 Philosopher who was punished for corrupting youth chose this over silence. Questions everything and everyone
70 Prophet concerned everything that matters has already happened, nobody today recognises them and no more being showered in gifts by nobles
71 Emperor from ancient empire, betrayed be friends for power, horrified at being erased from history demands rescuers serve them to take control back

72 Senator of ancient empire silenced by enemies. Accepts lot but keen to get political and manipulate the mob for power
73 Legionary soldier from long gone empire willing to give it a go in new world and well versed in long lost military skills
74 Merchant prince keen to trade new goods and get down to hustling for the love of haggling
75 Gladiator put in storage for future games to save on food money, happy to not be a slave and keen to fight for himself, loves a audience and flashy killing techniques
76 Doctor keen to learn modern advances in trepanning and leechcraft and astrology in modern medicine
77 Scribe keen to document every experience in brave new world of the future
78 Diabolic changeling pretends to be charming and helpful, cant wait to contact masters in hell and contact devil cults, suggests selling souls to hell as solution to all kinds of problems
79 Doppelganger grateful for help, offer to keep guard or carry stuff or other chores to say thanks while picking someone to murder and replace
80 Vampire grateful as revivication will be charming and polite with old world manners. Will try to enthrall rescuers and eat the most useless ones
81 Knight on a quest now long redundant will seek a new lord or cause, preaches chivalry and honour
82 Viking adapts rapidly, keen to kill and plunder and get a job permitting it
83 Saint accepts situation as part of divine plan to restore long lost sect and destroy corrupt church that has grown in absence
84 Nun from long gone order will help anyone until contact sisterhood. Will find a new order if she cannot find original one
85 Mon
k from martial brotherhood, if cant find order will try to create a new one
86 Peasant relieved no longer obligated to lord or in debt, keen to start new life
87 Hermit with vow of silence, keen to get back to being a hermit in wilderness
88 Crusader with grudges from long ago war, order has been dissolved seeks to join another one
89 Templar warrior monk, ancient protector of pilgrims, will try to recover order if lost and knows where treasure buried when order shut down by hierophant and king
90 Witch hunter was disposed of by a cult and keen to get back to business. Accuses all kinds of modern practices and technology as evil
91 Elf suspended since before humans or orcs existed, unimpressed by everything
92 Halfling punished for thieving, Wakes up hungry. keen to eat new foods and start nicking stuff to make up for lost time

93 Gnome wary of humans who caused problems for them in past. Keen to go home which still exists and a few kin still alive
94 Dwarf angry at humans for thieving secrets of metal and black powder, gruff but will team up to leave area, might be convinced humans not worthless vermin
95 0rc from earliest generation, evil servant of dark god with cleric and wizard spells and long lived, extra hideous with human finger necklace

96 Hag wants rescuer to be her lover for night or she will eat rescuers, the offspring will return fully grown and resentful with various powers out for revenge for being abandoned
97 Goblin prince, surprisingly civilized well dressed goblin with good manners, keen to get to goblin lands and become a king
98 High hobgoblin hero in full plate with a +2 sword, keen to lead hobgoblin kind to war, somewhat grateful to those who help it
99 Human general from old war, keen to kill all non humans especially demi humans, boasts about killing them all and keen to get new king to serve and kill in their name, Reminisces about massacres
100 Petty god, could be trouble or a powerful but annoying new best friend

Sunday 30 December 2018

Exilon Game Session & EMO Rule test

Ran emo house rules game as a playtest of new rules and setting which went well. Oddly ppl turned up early and 6 players made which is good result. Got given a goat mini and a player shouted me turkey bits and tater tots and soda.

System wise the game runs smoother and simpler which is good. Im doing basics in a 32 page a5 booklet at the moment and trying to look pretty with a more info design look/ A bit harder to min max and stack abilities than older versions.

Made a change to my alignment track but players interested in the system of number scores on alignment by taking oaths to bet bonus cantrips and later on spells. Basically start rating two alignment elements as zero and cross out others initially with chance of increasing zeroes as levels go up.

Character rolling system worked well with weaker stats more like old dnd with most players having a single +1. Basically 3d6 in order with only one stat below 9 possible raise others to 9. Then can change prime requisite to a 12 in less than that score which had 3 players choose class to raise terrible stats. A bard had a dex of 4 which became feature of back ground (sent out of temple on the road as had broken some relics).

Skill selection and spells went quickly. Need to get my shopping lists sorted as ive changed money quite a bit 1 gp = 36 sp = 360 cp. Linked to living expenses to the castes. So 1gp will feed and house a commoner for a year. A silver will support a comfortable merchant and a noble will spend a gp per day. I need to jig my price lists accordingly. It did encourage players to live within means and to blow cash. Most chose barbarians but spell casters were civilized which kept up one of key game themes.

Fighter came off as more martially skilled. Beastmen were tough, Rogue was sneaky. Bards were singing inspiring songs and reciting obscure lore.

So using my mostly new Exilon setting which I realised has become quite detailed in the last three months. My bronze-stone age monument building civilizations vs barbarians post a thousand years of necromancers post four thousand years of monsters ruling an age of nightmares went well. Ruins and remnants of wicked empires everywhere. Plenty of evil threats and ambiguously tainted peoples to provide threats. Players got to choose starting city territory and the chose the Snake city countryside near some ruins. Adderville had two local ruins and a tradition of treasure hunters. Local kids and adults were used to hiring onto adventurers. Some adventurers

Blackhorn the GoatmanChaotic beastman abhuman barbarian from south whose clan long ago was abandoned by evil masters and now looked for mercenary work, over clans anti technology above stone age stance. Had a nanny goat follower and was an expert at climbing and leaping. Culturally like most barbarians of the great wastes.

Jag the SharkmanChaotic nuetral beastman abhuman pirate who served a monster overlord on the inner sea islands and was familiar with the city formerly ruled by fish people. Was mostly barbaric but could read and speak the ancient script of the monster empire. Fled masters as disliked paperwork and orders. Actually very smart an very strong willed. Might become a priest later.

Jericho the the RogueNuetral wandering rogue who wandered land giving lip service to the five cities of the Free City League. Stole mostly for pleasure and thrills. Liked to sneak up on enemies ambush then crack jokes while next to them distracting them while party over ran failed ambushes instead of back stabbing.

Nepsu the BardGood arcanist bard, expert in occultism and summoning. Had a scarab familiar, a cattle dog and liked to summon giant ants. Liked to party and investigate forbidden lore and spend money. Tradition used spell books and wizardry in service to the Ishtar Ziggurat of the Amazon city. An expert archer and did best to avoid melee. Played the lute and happy to entertain common folk to make friends and gain information. Is sickly and unhealthy.

Tatiana the BardChaotic nuetral temple bard of Geshtianna Ziggurat of Snake city and wanderer. Played cistrum in various rituals and as was very clumsy asked to go on pilgrimage across land, healing, learning and making influence. Had healing skills and spells, a numerate scribe, a canny judge of value and manners. Good at dealing with officials and nobility and merchants. Used a spear and expert with unarmed attacks even though fairly weak. Has a eunuch groom servant to pamper her. Carries incense, drugs and beer on donkey across land trading.

John the WarriorBalanced nuetral barbarian of the wastes looking for work. Expert axe man and quick shot with composite bow. Expert tracker and swimmer happy to explore civilization and find work. Arrived with stone and bone and sinew weapons and keen to loot metal and learn new fighting skills. Arrived with black horn from wastes curious about civilisation and their arts of war.

From Adderton they stayed at inn and Tatiana hired 3 boys while locals told of the necromancer hill tombs and the wasteland desert fish folk ruins seasonally exposed from sand by winds. Set off to desert and John identified tracks as a party of bipedal camels and a party of leather moccasin wearing humans. Explored a ruined stable and dug into a fish cult monster breeding menagerie ruin. Fought the front half of a desiccated lion-snake beast sacred to old snake cults. Found some old weapons and a magic copper headband. Went home for night to heal and recover,

Next day saw a stone fish man colossus fifty foot aver sand burred waste deep and a large fishman traders guild temple. Chose the colossus and as got closer saw shift robed figures retreat inside ans something look out the statue eye windows. Jericho sneaked ahead and saw 4 diseased and scarred camel men awaiting party inside  doorway (once a balcony where fish priests looked down on bloody sacrifices of humans formed in the monuments hands).

Jerico warned others with hand signals and crawled among camels undetected. As party almost entered he popped up and joked with camels distracting them and ruined their attack as Nepsu made all inside fall asleep with a spell. Tied and interrogated camel folk demon cultists and heard about their master on the top floor before executing them. While most party went up five flights of stairs, Jericho and Blackhorn leapt and bounded up the statue making it seem effortless.

Jerrico went through the window and surprised the wizard reading a tablet in a ritual making him drop it. As the wizard and his four demon camel men attacked Blackhorn lept in, Nepsu summoned giant ants an a crimson cinnamon scented cloud. During the tense fight the wizard took out three wounded heroes with magical missiles. Tatiana turned tide reviving Jag and the wizard and camels fell. Killed the camels and bound wizard for return trip. Took his demon conjuring brazier of his patron  home. Found a chest with a snake in it so the dis a shake n bake on the snake killing it. Chest worth more than silver inside. Went back to Adderton for feast.

Next day tracked path to great guild house and killed a bunch of lesser cultists and robbed camp but obviously missed their leader. Returned to village where nepsu hired a militia man. Next day returned to collosus and went into the legs burred deep under the area. Motivated by missing leaders notes got workers to clear way through blockage. Found underground canal way where John dived in to explore passages and search silt and water and blackened bones. Found a sacrificial well where a giant albino fish tried to swollow him. Whole party struggled and barley won. Carried fish away for later and left note and priests robes with a taunting note from Jericho. Took two backpack loads of tablets and smashed rest when they heard the missing priest with cultists clearing tunnel to get in.

Back to Adderton to sell weapons and party the greater loot they took to city and handed wizard to magistrate. Had criminal casters face locked in a cruel iron casket and listened to party testimonies. Sentenced wizard to burning and party trained up. Tatiana befriended magistrate and went to a dinner party. Several learned to speak fish folk. John improved his axe skill. Tatiana learned holy lore of the gods from ziggurat, Nepsu studied techniques of quick corpse looting. Jericho learned terrible taunts to enrage enemies and start fights better as not that into fighting or back stabbing. Blackhorn and Jag had wandered off by this stage and will see what they learned later.

Went well and set up campaign themes and antagonists worked well. The fish fight was challenging and funny as everyone struggled to save unconcious John who only just was saved. Should get a few more games in while I'm in sydney for month. New year will see if i can get extra work (booked 14th-25th) or go busk with art in Newtown and do legal shit. 

Working on mutant book NYE, need to update bard class song abilities and get basick rule booklet ready. Have bulk of text done and some graphics.

Friday 28 December 2018

d100 Fishy Fantasy Folk

As I have a fishy city in my setting i might need this. I might make some more stuff too like fish mutations and sea monster invasion tables....

I would change names for my current setting but will do all my marine stuff for shadel port one day which is where these names would be usable.

d20 Fishy Traits
01 Bulging eyes
02 Big lips
03 Slimy skin
04 Scaly rash patches
05 Gill slits
06 Webbed digits
07 Long clawed fingernails
08 White eyes
09 Night vision
10 Croaking fits
11 Limpy gait
12 Hunchback
13 Smells of fish
14 Hair loss
15 No belly button
16 No nipples
17 Squashed nose with slitted nostrils
18 Long sharp fingernails
19 Green-grey tinted skin
20 Sharp teeth with several rows

d20 Secret Fish Cult Paraphernalia

1 Strange gold nugget shaped like coral
2 Green stone squid god idol
3 Stone fish medallion
4 Wavy sacrificial knife
5 Wax tablet with strange writing
6 Coded map to cult meeting place 

7 Whale tooth with sea demon scrimshaw
8 Several small pearl
9 Strange green sea metal knife for not quite human hands
10 Packet of deep sea weed narcotics
11 Item from missing ship
12 Trilobite or amonite fossil pendant
13 Gold tentacle pendant
14 Tattoos of octopus demon god
15 Tribal tattoos of distant islanders
16 Tattoos of fish cultists trading with humans 
17 Fish cult mask
18 Fish cult robes
19 Magic fish hook catches a fish once per day
20 Barnacles and seaweed rooted in skin 

d12 Fish Cult Plots
1 Breed with humans
2 Kidnap sacrifices
3 Kidnap humans to eat
4 Ruin local economy with fishy gold
5 Peddle fish folk drugs
6 Sabotage sailing vessels 
7 Spread false sea charts
8 Recruit for the fish cult
9 Maintain fish cult holy places
10 Spread murder and vice
11 Spy on humans
12 Make people think the fishman empire was not so bad

d10 Quick Types
01 Vagrants
02 Dock folk
03 Shop keepers
04 Entertainers
05 Old timers  
06 Tavern Characters
07 Sailors
08 Professionals
09 Upper Crust Toffs
10 Cultists

 Fishy Fantasy Folk
01 Stinky Fishgristle a stinking homeless drunk who mutters about bad weather before it starts and eats fish heads discarded at markets
02 Mavis Swamp Weasel lives in a shack of garbage, local say she is a witch and yells at local children
03 Old Man Tucker, sits in alleyways drinking and muttering about terrible things he has seen and how "they wont let me talk"
04 Alfie Chumbucket begs for scraps from fishermen and does odd jobs, children say they have seen him eating raw fish guts
05 Puggle Tacklebox fixes fishing lures and nets for scraps and beer, he has missing teeth and terrible fish breath 
06 Old Willy the Whale, bloated huge pale man who somehow gets enough food to maintain his size, some say he eats other vagrants
07 Old Mother Fishlegs wanders around shore like collecting driftwood and scraps she sell or collects in her shack. She has a collection of strange things from the sea
08 Granny Musselchops wanders the docks muttering with bags of rags and scraps and cages with rats, cats and birds she traps and sells for bait 
09 Orla Canklegrim sits on docks drinking and laughing and cackling and smoking, some say she has a secret fortune and she pays her tabs at the grog shop with gold nuggets 
10 Sally Plum like to sing with her hideous croaking voice until people throw fish heads and tails at her to shut up
11 Big Willy is a dock hand who lives in a tint shack on the docks. He is notoriously idiotic and strong but so far has not killed anybody who taunts him
12 Old Man Bracken sits on docks whittling ivory and driftwood telling stories of horrors of the sea. He knows many strange legends and forgotten lore of the sea 
13 Jimmy Barnacles rents small boats and lends money and goods to other fishermen, many on the docks owe him 
14 Jenny Kelptoungue sells mussels, clams and oysters on the docks she gets from somewhere, and is often heard hawking her wares. Some say she trades pearls to strange outsiders 
15 Fanny McGinty fixes nets and sits by the docks singing strange songs she claims to have learnt from islander slaves from far away
16 Mack Hatchet buys the best catches and ships them off to the rich every day and always has plenty of gold to pay
17 Molly Shrimp sits on the docks selling pipe weed of all kinds, many from exotic distant lands. Especially dragon weed from the sea depths which increases your life span but makes user an addict if not prepared properly which she does not. Most of the dock folk deal with her daily 
18 Gatland Pike hangs around docks unloading goods that come in for small change to buy more grog, he sees all the comings and goings on the docks
19 Greg Bass, a popular leader of dock workers who negotiates pay and has become unpopular with business leaders. He has been meeting workers in a local tavern and increasingly adding ritual elements to his docker brotherhood 
20 Barnacle bill a old peg-legged, hook handed retired sailor sits on docks giving unwanted advice and telling tall tales of treasure which often lead to a fishman temple ambush
21 Salty Pete runs a fishing supply store where he sells strange worms and creatures from the bottom of the deeps 
22 Marek Tule runs a boat yard and mends local boats. He has uncanny knowledge of the sea and boat building methods of many lands beyond a humble local tradesman
23 Muriel Tattersail, repairs sails, sells used cloth and quality all weather coats and cloaks. She occasionally sells goods from lost ships she claims to have found ashore  
24 Elon Clamneck is a fish monger who always has good prices and has extra cheap strange deep sea fish most people think too nightmarish to eat. He eats all kinds of strange fish dishes like pickled eyeballs and sea urchins and jelly fish
25 Teresa Slurm runs a sly grog shop under a tarp by the docks where she sells rotgut grog to the worst kinds of dockland folk. All kinds of strange unseemly creeps gather for her company and awful drinks
26 Marigold Drake sells odd junk and strange things brought by sailors from around the world. Odd creepy idols and mummified mermaids in display cases attract strange clients from far away  
27 Manny Sorecrust taxidermist stuffs and mounts creatures from the sea as trophies and curios. Some poorer samples seem extra horrid and the glassy stares from his stock make children cry. He is always after monkeys to make fake mermaids
28 Lorris Clark sells old maps, charts and books from far and wide. He especially has a good collection of old log books and always keen to by written travellers accounts
29 Borris Lengman runs a small smith repairing mariners tools, harpoons, nails, and other petty items, occasionally he has strange samples of sea-metal
30 Kalis Seageld sells cheap fish meals from her tiny hut including fish head stew, fishtail porridge and eel pie. She also offers other mystery stew items from her cauldron
31 Bordrin Klag is a hunchbacked musician who plays lascivious flute tunes to drunken dock workers. He knows all kinds of gossip and sleeps somewhere on the docks.
32 Old Bill Gull plays popular sea shanties in taverns and knows many old tales of the sea and it's mysteries. He knows of many forbidden elder ruins on the coast
33 Matilda Hollyhock keeps several dancing monkeys she uses to entertain others for coins, she has shows for public, children and bachelor parties 
34 Coral Rockland, a dockland prostitute who sees all the comings and goings on the docks and sells contraception, abortion medicine and herbal treatments on the side
35 Corbyn Ray a bard who travels the coast singing sea songs and also spreading messages (also for fish cultists), he is popular and leaves many lovers
36 Gumpy Talon bites off fish heads for copper coins and various odd jobs and humiliating chores until he can get a job in a big fancy carnival
37 Sammy Crumpkin runs shell and dice games in a shack and preys on freshly paid dock workers and sailors. Carries a huge knife for arguments
38 Gilbert Salt runs carny games like ring toss and coconut stalls and gets into fights often
39 Pearl Shanty a popular tattooed prostitute and singer carrying at least a dozen diseases and parasites she is immune to 
40 Mungo Shank runs a small dockside freakshow in a series of old shacks and tents including a fish boy, a mermaid, a talking octopus, siamese twins, the gill boy, the snake woman and a foreign idiot you can pay to throw coconuts at
41 Drake Dogfish is a ex freebooter scallywag who tells jokes and is a popular barfly who knows all the locals when in town
42 Captain Saltbeard an old trader who tells stories of life with the cannibals of the misty islands
43 Madame Clorakka a mystic elder who tells fortunes using a strange piece of glass she found in the sea
44 Lady Fang a snaggle toothed old woman who sells medicinal herbs and drugs (which she includes in herherbal remedies)
45 Old Betty Butterfish, runs a boarding house and makes famous stews from unwanted fishermen's catches, her house is decorated with all kinds of oddities from her travels
46 Tattoo Lilly, an old toothless woman with strange tattoos from her travels across the seas, some say she can cast spells
47 Old Man Smothers, limps around the docks shambling about ignored by everyone. He is hideous and can barley speak. Most assume he survived diseases and is very old
48 Ginny Jellyfish gathers seaweed and barnacles to eat and is hideous and senile. She often thinks she recognises people and gives wrong information to outsiders
49 Ragmund Knorr a elderly barbarian sea raider who's people modernised when he never did. He tells of all his raids and savage heathen rites of youth but gives lip service to modern faiths
50 Elly Banrnacle a hideous crone people visit for advice and magical advice. Apparently she can remove curses and the evil eye or can inflict them
51 Rolf Stienmann a hideous drunk who seemingly can throw up his body weight in rotten fish

52 Cally Boots is a terrible drunk who begs for free drinks with terrible attempts at using her long gone sex appeal, if she gets drunk she sometimes says too much about local secrets
53 Villi Morgan begs for free drinks and if anyone is kind he will warn them about local cults 
54 Misty Cavern a popular barmaid who leads patrons in song and dance, some say men she leaves with never return, she says they just sailed away
55 Victor Lamprey offer strangers free drinks which he drugs so his gang can press gang his victims and sell as crew to local ships 
56 Captain Stinkeye has a horrible missing eye hole that still leaks puss, he claims to know where a lost treasure is but needs gullible dupes brave young adventurers to help
57 Zebidiah Smilax tells of a horrid cult filled island with titanic giant beasts and strange elder ruins and his narrow escape that cost him a arm and a leg
58 Gor Runkin a musclebound barbarian who harasses any new women who enter his local tavern and is willing to start fights to "impress" his desire, he complains his ungrateful female slaves ran away or died 
59 Karbar Urgan a twisted old yellow toothed man who smokes and coughs up bile, complains about modern people and praises when the fishmen empire ruled the surface in peace and harmony
60 Vazzle Demonblood, talks like he is a edgy demonic cultist and boasts of sexual escapades, really he lives with his mother and his seven bastard children, complains demon worshippers are unfairly treated
61 Nick the Knife, out of work surly sailor who throws knives at anyone he thinks disrespects him
62 Fernando the Handsome, a vain and sleazy liar who will say anything to crack onto any woman even of average appearance, he keeps moving from port to port
63 Old Vinny a ageing sailor who keeps surviving and has not a penny to his name, when not at sea he relies of fish brotherhood for charity
64 Saul Pikeman a gambling addicted sailor constantly chased be money lenders and gamblers and desperate for cash, tries to sell fake treasure maps
65 Loris Gregor is a sailor who was stranded for decades with head hunters and carries a bag of shrunken heads and fetishes he tries to sell
66 Caban Whaler was on a crew of sea monster hunters and has many tales of his travels. He claims to know the lairs of several local creatures
67 Van Gorman a smuggler always looking for gossip and victims who will help him ship untaxed contraband in locked sea chests he claims needs to reach his mother
68 Oola Gonwaa huge native lady with tattoos who works on whaling and sealer crews, on shore she mostly drinks and looks for lovers  and enjoys arm wrestling where the loser submits to her as is the custom of her people
69 Shanky Scrimshore is always carving the teeth of great sea monsters and is keen to stab anyone who spoils his concentration
70 Lonre Seagreene is a old sailor who is very popular with crews so much so many superiors find him a threat. Several ships he sailed on disappeared or turned into cultist pirate crews
71 Doctor Loran is a surgeon always keen to help with amputations (his favourite), treppaning and black lotus based medicine

72 Laura Fingal has come to find outwhere the strange sea gold comes from that props up the local economy. She has been seduced by the gold of the fish cult and instead has joined them
73 Philangas Coram a scholar studying medical abnormalities and always ready with his skull callipers and wild theories, has been seeking to learn local fish cult secrets 
74 Pornas Clag has come to investigate why local fishermen get such fantastic catches on behalf or a fish merchant guild and has become seduced by a fish cult
75 Doctor Lars Brunner has been sent by the nobility to find why so many locals are unfit for military service. While investigating the cult got him hooked on dragon weed from the deep sea and he will do anything to get more 
76 Briana of Tharn has come to make deals for her fish merchant guild and has become enthralled by the embrace of fish men, now she aids them and helps cultists spread 
77 Gordon Feran has come seeking samples of the strange green sea metal people have reported coming from the area. Having asked the wrong people he has become seduced into the cult  promising to show the metals secret origin
78 Lloyd Cutler a clerk from another city came looking for his lost brother and got a  job in a local guild to investigate. He has spent months trying to blend in and join a fish cult. Finally he has been initiated but is still wary and has not had many answers yet
79 Ambrose Voight came to map the local reefs and tides in hope of reducing ship wrecks but came across fish cults on the reef and was inducted into them. Now he is influential in financial circles
80 Christina Demoro came to investigate smugglers, bandits and wreckers on the coast and has been hiring herself as a sellsword to gangs to find out what is going on. She only has an inkling about the cult involvement
81 Madam Bovadore is a wealthy widow who is staying by the sea on her doctors recomendation and has been discovering remnants of the fish people civilisation all along the coast. After some enticing dreams she is obsessed
82 Percy Longilas a effete dandy and noble bastard, expert duelist, came to investigate tax irregularities stayed for cult depravity, has one of best rooms in area with servants and footpad thugs
83 Lorian Carmichael local land owner who allows villagers to perform certain festivals on his lands by the old monoliths, claims to have scholarly interest in cults and history and local law
84 Lady Toffington a widow with limited means teaches numerous local ladies in manners, etiquette, the harp and singing. She is aging but has remarkable looks for her years. She runs a pooirhouse for girls as a charity
85 Lord Cornford a scholar in old customs and stories came here for research and stayed for the cults, vice and carnal fish folk rites
86 Lady Corrington is engaged to a lord busy on a military campaign, so while waiting with her servants she studies natural history. She loves to dissect strange sea creatures and draw them. She has come to know some locals quite well and always has armed guards. Her notes and drawings of a sea serpent found on the shoreline have earned her notoriety in scholarly circles. She has veteran guards and is well liked by local seaside folk
87 Master Holbien is a guild administrator frequently seen in the docklands inspecting papers, tax documents and stamp duties on goods.He is strict and officious working with government, banks, merchants and regulators. He frequently deals with religious leaders of all creeds also in public and private
88 Lord Alderwood a eccentric noble with interests in shipping who's fortunes have made him rich. His business seems immune to bad weather, piracy, wreckers and sea monsters plaguing the coasts. He attributes this to his true faith and charitable deeds
89 Lord Poncenby is a terrible rake from court of the run from debt, scandal, abuse and gang violence. He came to lay low but found kindred spirits able to channel his ogrish behavior in a less public manner
90 Baron Luburich a forign nobleman who has taken an abandoned merchantman manour. Reclusive and rarely seen by day mostly his servants act for him. Locals gossip about him and the coffins he brought in by ship to inter at his new estate crypt. He has had acording to rumour had dealings with various nefarious local characters 
91 Brother Fishbach a a robed pilgrim who tells of the kindly fish mother goddess and her bounty
92 Master Ithcan teaches how to sacrifice to the sea peoples with food and treasure for a lucky sea voyage

93 Gamrock Taarg teaches how the lord of the deep craves human sacrifices or monsters of the briny deep will destroy the colony
94 Mother Tang takes the curious to secret fish cult ruins from long ago to teach the glories of the fish folk civilization that humans are a mere mockery of
95 Sister Thulvia invites strangers to embrace the erotic mysteries of the sea gods and invites strangers to perform rituals with her on a secret reef outcrop shrine

96 Sister Hydra a huge bloated woman in stained rich robes who stuffs her face with food offerings she insists please the sea gods. She craves food, gold and carnal followers
97 Sorlac Grim is always recruiting travellers with promises of wealth and love in the embrace of the sea. Those who learn to much and reject him become targets of cult kidnappers for the next sacrifice
98 Julan Mnar is a sorceress seeking helpers to open a ancient sea cave guarded by minions of the worm god, she offers relics items of elemental water
99 Klorak the Wizard seeks helpers to loot a forbidden temple of the serpent folk with plundered fish cult relics he requires for research
100 Father Krakengeld appears a respectable preacher but his sect incorporates many hidden fishy metaphors, artworks and 

Tuesday 25 December 2018

Mesopotaimia Image Dump 10

Long time since i did one but lotsa new stuff online now. Once again i cant really source this stuff or credit anyone sorry. Its a resource for students of history and gamers. RQ fans might enjoy too but i kinda preferred Lunars as Romans and the more Glorantha lazily rips from history the more id rather just do a historical setting. I could probably do another one some time. For some reason formatting this stuff is kinda painful on blogger.

Mostly Assyrian military then some court/urban stuff.
A few things from Urartu and Minoans and sea people here too.

Image Dumps