Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Silver City Uncommon Trade Goods

d100 Silver City Uncommon Trade Goods
01 Surly slave, ex gang member fit for labour
02 Duralloy knife, cuts most weaker metals
03 Hotplate powered by chem cells
04 Ghettoblaster
05 Tattoo gun (scrap built), needles and ink
06 Rad detector
07 Molotov cocktails 2d4
08 Space blanket
09 Bottle of good whiskey or wine
10 Laser range finder
11 Camping fridge
12 Water heater 
13 Hookah and block of hash
14 Guitar (1in6 require power cell)
15 Synth keyboard 
16 Robot childs pet toy
17 Food analyser
18 Bomb sniffer
19 Gas detector
20 Ruin maps
21 Basic ID Card
22 Medical diagnostic scanner
23 Magic mushrooms
24 Sonic stunner pistol
25 Robotics diagnostic scanner
26 Vibro dagger
27 Fresh fruit
28 Cyborg dog
29 Small electronics repair kit
30 Automobile tool kit
31 Slaver pacifier collar
32 Attractive slave
33 Bounty contracts
34 Copper ingots
35 Comic books
36 Tracker implants and scanner (used by slavers)
37 Personal assistant robot (battered but works)
38 Labourer android (guaranteed not virused or mad)
39 Power gauntlet
40 First aid automed (mostly depleted)
41 Expert slave (often older 1in6 disabled
42 Personal servant android (probably safe)
43 Flare pistol and d6 flares
44 Box of cable ties
45 Box of glowsticks
46 Emergency services ID card
47 Vibro dagger fitted on spear shaft
48 Duralloy sword or axe
49 Mono filament garrotte
50 Sex android (probably not a killer)
51 Spinarette wand with 3d100m of web fluid in cartridge left
52 Match with 2d6 filaments (used to light fires or melt through lock needs microcell)
53 Box of 2d4 micropower cells and battery tester
54 Military binoculars or gun sight (low light and range finder)
55 Video camera with broadcast and recording capacity with d6 datacubes
56 Butler robot can dispense cocktails
57 Addictive gamer console and vr headset
58 Goggles with heads up display and wireless link
59 Robot guard dog
60 Jetpack and d3 fuel pods
61 Civilian laser pistol
62 Bioscanner
63 Energy scanner
64 Pilot flight suit
65 Military ID card
66 Portable ground radar scanner (good for guarding camps)
67 Flamethrower with full fuel pack
68 Stun grenades d6
69 Chem grenades d4
70 Incendiary grenaides d4
71 Military laser pistol d10 shots in hydrogen cell left
72 Filtration canteen
73 Psychotronic shield helmet with goggles (possibly works)
74 Holographic Chamo cloak uses hydrogen fuel cell
75 Android child companion
76 Security robot
77 Disposable one shot rocket launcher
78 Scrap built power armour
79 Medical robot
80 Classified ID Card
81 Landmines in a box d6
82 Demolitions charge
83 Functioning motorbike (battery or biofuel models)
84 Functional ground car (battery or biofuel models)
85 Ultra light aircraft (battery or biofuel models)
86 ABC Hazard Suit (atomic biological chemical)
87 Web riot gun d6 shots
88 Sonic riot cannon no powercells
89 Food analyser
90 Portable radar oven
91 Intact cryonics pod with someone (something) inside
92 Space suit
93 Satelite uplink com system in carry case with folding dish
94 Fancy looking toy rayun with no power cells (often sold by con men)
95 Cloud seeding disposable rocket makes clouds rain
96 Electronic lockpick tools
97 Hackers combat computer deck in bulletproof case
98 Holographic projector on tripod with 3d4 data cubes
99 Laser tattoo gun
100 Psychotronic hypnosis ray, no power cells, possibly works, d3 data cubes of conditioning (d4 1=interrogation 2=slave 3=memory edit 4=propaganda) 

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Silver City Common Trade Goods

So running my recent gamma oz as planet psychon worked well so here is bunch of goods for sale in a market. Higher the number the more valuable and rare. Will do some more....

d100 Silver City Trade Goods
01 Filthy or contaminated water
02 Past its time food stuff
03 Filthy bandages
04 Flints and steel for igniting fire
05 Candles and torches
06 Rope woven from hair 12+d12m
07 Battered knife or short club
08 Tattered clothing 
09 Crude scrap shield
10 Semiprecious stone or coral
11 Clean water
12 Hot bath
13 Dried food (grain or meat)
14 Lantern
15 Prybar
16 Bucket
17 Carry bag
18 Bag of salt
19 Hardhat
20 Soap
21 Honey or sugar
22 Beer or milk
23 Tinned food 
24 Alcohol spirits (first aid, fuel or drinking)
25 Marijuana or tobbacco cigarettes
26 Silver trade bars
27 Goggles
28 Torch
29 Megaphone
30 Binoculars
31 Good knife
32 Hatchet
33 Meat
34 Cheese
35 Car parts
36 Basic hand tool (non powered)
37 Scrap built chem batteries
38 Cooking pot
39 Large water drum
40 Small live animals in cage
41 Scrap built or leather light armour
42 Machete
43 Bow and arrows
44 Firecrackers
45 Watch
46 Cooked meals
47 Compass
48 Boots
49 Heavy clothing
50 Attractive clothing
51 Flintlock musket or pistol
52 Straps and belts
53 Polymer cord 30+d100m
54 Pulley
55 Length of chain 10m
56 Elaborate mask
57 Uniform in good condition
58 Fancy hat
59 Gasmask
60 Addictive pocket videogame
61 Opium or cocaine
62 Anti radiation drugs
63 Anti zombie virus drugs
64 Robot parts
65 Headphones and music player
66 Mixed ammo for black powder and cartridge guns
67 Chem cells in good condition
68 Microcell batteries for hand tools
69 Handcuffs
70 Power tool
71 Bicycle
72 Hydrogen fuel cell
73 Medium scrap armour or chain
74 Basic first aid kit
75 Wrist communicator (1km range without network)
76 Tablet with basic software
77 Broken camera drone 
78 Low light goggles
79 Cutting torch plus d4 fuel packs
80 Radioactives in sealed container
81 Riding animals
82 Large farm animals
83 Trolley
84 Powered scooter
85 Heavy scrap or plate armour
86 Broken motorcycle
87 Laptop computer
88 Solar batteries and folding panels 
89 Jerry can of alcohol or bio fuel 
90 Riot armour with gasmask and comunicator 
91 Broken dune buggy
92 Atomic fuel cell, depleted
93 Atomic fuel cell replacement core
94 Powercell recharger (hydrogen, micro or chem cells)
95 Revolver and 2d6 bullets
96 Sawn off shotgun and 2d4 shells
97 Advanced wonder drug, one dose
98 Shock truncheon no batteries
99 Long life survival nutrient paste
100 Cast iron grenades with fuse

Sunday, 13 October 2019

Psychon vs Broken Hill 3

So last session this trip
running 2 sessions a day for 3 sundays was fun
most players used my system quickly
accidentally made initiative system work well with up to 7 players
a few had kind words for effort ive put into setting and maps
found new typos and stuff to fix
decided to rejig Broken hill as first adventure pack for Psychon

So early session artist friend Cameron turned up to play - had not played dnd since highschool and new lots of tropes as they came up in a doodle recall drawing games over years for some reason.

Cyclops thief with big lips, jet skin and sour flavour with a spherical drone pet
Mutant hungry hero so bizzarre now nobody quite can imagine what he looks like
Horned pink thief with icecream flavour on mission from god of betrayal
Armoured warrior with a halberd and sonic riot cannon

While waiting for comrades in the party's shop in settled town met a prospector who offered a lead to a locked building to pay off his armour repair bill. So they marched down to the ruins, chased off some dingos and faced a giant tangerine and cyan striped winged bearded dragon (australian lizard not the dnd kind). It had a spicy chilli flavour and the party butchered it to make kitchen spices and leather as they did most life they met.

Found duralloy shutters and could read sighn of a tube station. The prospector went back to shop to tell any other party members who arrived what gang up to.

As descended heard some music and found video games and found vending machines they opened for coins. Found intact power room but left it and looted some shops for food and went down to the train level where music increased. Drone scouted ahead to see undead techno hippies raving on trains as they had for possibly hundreds of years powering their lights and ghetto blaster. 

Horned thief Jericho went out to get their attention and the undead screamed and charged. He acrobaticly jumped on top of train drawing half to try and scrabble up while he danced about. Rest of party backed into stairs and began the fight as they identified the 15 dead as juju zombies which made them panic.

The tunnel stairs proved to be a meat grinder and the guys eventually pushed through back to the platform where Jericho was still dancing about till a zombie got up and chased him then a second. The cyclops jumped up and slipped drawing one of the zombies to attack him. Eventually they won with thanks to the increadibly good armour of the mutant and the warrior but even he was down to 3HP. So they looted lots of baggage for food, drugs, clothes then restored power. Used a toy printing vending machine to make a cool looking ray gun to intimidate people but had no batteries of course. Left music on as it had obviously kept people away for a long time and played with some addictive videogames and set up a electric fence. Over a few weeks got rest of party in to set up as a forward base in ruins and could drive their tracked car from town and into the shutters. Repurposed and fixed a florist shop robot and a "sarge" recruitment bot and a policeman desk sarge bot from a previous adventure as Jericho had become quite the robo hacker.

So rest of players arrived.

A priest of the god of betrayal
A green furry gnome who comes accross as a druid but more into arcane magic
A gun toting wizards specializing in summoning with his mini clone and snake companion 
A new black and yellow skinned eldren with backward knees and huge feet, a member of the silver city rangers, a much loved vigelante group with his laser and machine interface spherical drone

The cyclops rogue went home to look after his kids

Full party agreed the rail tunnels were more interesting than some pleasure bunker and hoped to find a tunnel entrance to their base in town so wanted to clear out tunnels. Began the march with the sneaking gnome and Jericho up front with the com drone.

Found a a machine head workers depot where gang was searching for scerap to fix vehicles and party mostly massacred all but one then sealed the manhole entry and cut off the ladder. Found lots of tools, scrap and a biodiesel generator the prisoner explained they turned corpses into fuel.

Moved south and found a junction. West way had a train wreck the gnome scouted and looted, the east had a metal high tech barricade and gate with gun ports which they were wary of. South the drone spotted glowing ghouls and the party found a ruined station haunted by ghouls which the evil priest controlled and sent to the barricade. Found a second bunch of rail worker ghouls the party evil priest turned on each other for fun and the wizards grumbled about the morality. Mostly full of scrap and some medical vending machines they hoped to claim later.

Back to the metal barrier the gnome turned into a bat and scouted the area and saw millitary androids with ray guns guarding the barrier and beyond that worker androids supervised by a thinker at a pristine station.Jericho aproached hands up despite nobody had heard of friendly wild androids. They lasered him badly and he realised he could die and fled while the wizard summoned albino wallabies to provide cover. Several wallabies exploded or turned to ash and the party decided to come back later.

Finally down south they found a mutant colony in the station closest to their town home. The warrior declared the mutants yield in the name of the warlord and mutants fled for their lives. Found a green translucent baby and fed it some mutagen babyfood parents were preparing and it grew a reptilian tail. Several tried to charm the crying baby but the jolly evil priest did the best job which upset the good wizard who didn't trust the priest of a betrayer god.

Found mutant art and idols and glowing rocks and Jericho was exposed when checking out the plant room full of glowing molten fuel cells. The party made it to the surface and saw last few mutants flee. The station entrance was well hidden but as several party members got new mutations the locations didn't really seem worth it

Went back to town of the warlord and went through the gate mutant beggars hung around and gave the baby to a frog headed antlered shaman who know the family and accepted party peace offering. Sold some loot and rested then back to their own ruin station base to plan assault on the androids.

Gnome invisibly planted a bomb by the gate and then cast invisibility again to flee. After the blast the gnome and the wizard summoned waves of poor mutant Australian animals who were exploded by lasers till the androids ray batteries dead. Heroes poured in and killed them but it was a slog and the androids were very good martial artists. They were joined by their fabulous dress wearing mutant priest friend who helped out with some healing.

Scouting ahead the workers were welding themselves inside the station and two military androids were in train cabin with hard cover. Wizard summoned animals into the cabin with them and the party charged in using the captured lasers with batteries from their stun guns they had captured earlier. Jericho got on train roof and when the front of train and cover mostly destroyed and one android dead, he jumped in and grabbed it's laser. Halberdier warrior got a few laser hits too and magic missiles helped.

Cut open station doors and killed through workers with crowbars to find the brain and warrior committing suicide (game time out). All celebrated the hard won battle and now they were running about with lasers and a vehicle they felt like big deals in the warlords domain. 

Im back to Adelaide in few days. Spending few days with a new friend before i go and one last day of work. Started buying clothes and records as have most of my gaming want list killed. Also got all the oriental adventures box set and modules and gaslands coming soon.

Hopefully back in boring Adelaide my blogging and new game work will be forthcoming.

Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Second Psychon Session

So second game of my planet Psychon meets Gamma Oz Broken Hill. Was a con on so less players and things went faster easier (went from 3 early session to 7 by end last week).

So the original pair from Manna Hill, the mutant and the wizard got ready to head towards broken hill. The wizard had learned some new spells and the poor putant developed fly eyes and feeding parts to go with his transparent skull, insect wings, turtle shell, spurs, elongated arms and spiked club fist. He was keen to find new mutagens. Marched accross desert to Mingary a halfway campsite after a long tiring march. Mutants heart was glowing from exhaustion when in distance they saw a camp of tents and wagons. A camp of ferals, many mutants greeted them all had names like Sunshine, Kale, Greenleaf and Sunflower. As they were vegetarians and treated mutants well the lads relaxed and shared their marijuana ciggarettes from a ancient vending machine in the Olowry police station ruins. The mutant even had company for the night. A awkward mutant lass who liked grazing on saltbush. They all travelled next day to Cockburn (Coburn to more prissy locals). A larger town, more unfriendly with two pubs! The ferals let the mutant ride in their wagon as he looked tired while wizard on his flightless riding bat was fine.

The chatted to some kids about ruins their parents said to avoid and heard of a warehouse and a odd industrial building. Mutant stayed night with settlers hoping to get farmland in broken hill. During the night rednecks and police came to search the settlers and the mutant calmed the hotheads and the police a bit and the elders were grateful and invited him to visit when they had a farm. The wizard had a bath and got a private room in the merchant inn as the other in was for biker gangs prolific in the area. Next morning they visited the industrial ruin and saw it very lifeless. Inside they found sacks of human clothes from farmers, children, gang colours obviously collected over a long time, over a hundred outfits. Found  ag robot scraps, looted offices, robot junk and another room of clothing. A drone was spotted watching them and the mutant shot it with his crossbow.

The mutant went about turning a robot head into a helmet when a battered old worker android tried to catch the wizard by surprise. Both beat the robot up and its slimy fluids and ropy goop was splattered everywhere. Took stars down and found a machine that made a fresh tougher android they battled and the wizard summoned mutant wallabies to help. As the rested they blocked the door with a duralloy cyborg femur found in earlier adventure. While the mutant snacked on food his wizard friend "loaned" him  again something pounded on the door. The mutant set up a deadfall and a crossbow trap and the wizard pulled out the cyborg bone door bar with a string. The android staggered in and while distracted by the deadfall was ambushed and did not last long. Found a secret door into a pristine white corridoor with a security door. Left it and explored a webbed section and battled a cyborg spider with a grenaide launcher which in fight accidently blasted itself while wizard summoned giant funnelweb spiders. The spider lair had a good cache of tech including a box of explosives and a detonator. So they blew the security door open.

Here they battled a war android and took its sonic blaster which liquified poor summoned lizards. Then they destroyed a door with the gun and battled a egotistical brain bork with delusions of godhood. The brought a merchant in to loot the place who filled a wagonload. Wizard bought a talking snake with a beard and a pointy hat. The mutant bought a wagon pulled by a giant koala and a sex android. Both felt rich and travelled with the merchants to broken hill. 

Here they sold lots of treasures and made enough to buy a 2 story shack in merchant street and opened a shop selling gunpowder and armour and drugs. They were invited to see the warlord which is always a warlord but turned out her gave them a charter to supply his armoury and to  supply their business with enough raw materials they could sell the leftovers. After a week they found guards hung around their store and locals were slightly fearful of the party status.

So we had a break and more players dropped in. I was happy with attendance as their was a con on same day.

So a pink gnome gunsmith asked for a job. He was a jerk who tasted of exhaust fumes but he was welcome. One of mercenaries who was in the raid on the Olowry cop shop joined them keen to loot greater city ruins. He was a pinkskinned freak with a face on his chest in scrap plate armour and a halberd. Mutant had found a journal detailing a black lab and had found a ID card of a scientist previously for the same lab. So all were keen to go loot the joint. 

Marched from the barricaded warlord township of Silver City through the ruins being settled and the mutant chased and ate a stray dog. Met the settlers he stayed with in Cockburn and chatted a bit. Eventually crossed into the feral ruins outside the Warlords domain. Spotted a bandit gang ambush led by a Ned Kelly like bucket headed boss. As three bandits shot muskets the boss and his second charged with bayonets. The party shot the charging men dead then chased and caught the two remaining ones who cried for mercy claiming the boss forced them. After a debate over selling as slaves, handing in for bounties or setting free (while the mutant ate the dead leader), the party decided to keep two as pack animals. The warrior even gave them sticks for defence and tied their wrists and necks and attached both to his belt. The mutant skinned and butchered the corpses for snacks later as he was always hungry.

Shortly after they spied a giant redback spider as big as a compact car but it could not bite through the mutants armour and plastron shell. The party chopped it to bits and found two egg sacks and a webbed corpse with some bullets and silver coins. Mutant dipped icecream flavoured bandit flesh into the mushroom spider gut goop. Could use some fermenting but good. A chimera attacked from the air and was quite a menace. Wizard summoned eagles to fight it which slowed the killing machine down but then it chased the wizard into a hole where he hid while others finished the beast. The corpse was too badly damaged to sell intact so mutant butchered it and ate some and noticed it was a surgical construct with different flavoured bits. The gnome offered his healing suppositorie which was a awkward moment. They found the biotech corp building the lab was under and found a mine field. Salvaged several mines and marked a safe route inside.

It was mostly burned out but in basement found secret elevator. Down they went into the deep deep sub level. Invited into a bright chamber with four twin machinegun turrets and a vault door. A voice requester ID and they showed the doctor pass. The were directed into a concrete bay and told to strip and place all belongings in provided biohazzard drums.

Adventurers surrender! Unlikley. 
The mutant rubbed on his strength ointment and injected another strength drug and punched down the secure doors. There was a room with four cells. So they jerked about arguing til a door opened and a dozen ancient infantry in nbc suits with light auto rifles came in to kill them but a sleep spell nobbled most of them. And the warrior and mutant destroyed the last few. Ancients sure were mostly weak. They grabbed guns and sidearms and the wizard and gnome argued over if they should kill or capture the sleeping men. The gnome kept throat slitting throats all through the debate but good wizard saved 2 out of 8. Party put on nbc suits as best they could as they had been threatened with radiation and gas when asked to strip earlier. 

My alignment system of oaths and rewards has been great for in play fights and im hoping for a dramatic tpk next game from these fueds. Actually some players ended up sharing with kin as oaths and decided party were closest they had so not all bad.

The mutant lifted the tech savvy gnome to the cell window shutters to inspect the occupants. The first two were base soldiers on discipline charges in handcuffs so they put surviving prisoners inside with them. The next cell had a pretty man in a white body suit who awoke when addressed and explained he was a service android. The party seemed sure that such a android in a cell was probably a killer virused one. The androids plea it could not harm a human was ignored. The next one was a scientist from a rival black lab who offered to show his home base and help them kill this lab and steal it's treasures. He was kinda creepy but party freed him and gave him a rifle and a pistol.

Another door punched down into a artificial habitat with boring ancient small critters. A door int the hab opened and a metal scaled bull entered paralysing the mutant and warrior and his two bandit slaves. Wizard summoned wombat lizards and the gnome blasted magic missiles finishing it but it was scary. Mutant recovered and butchered it and found it was a surgical construct again. Went through three labs with creatures in tubes including a dropbear cyborg lab. Tried to turn off a pod to kill the most developed one but it awoke and burst free requiring a killing. Last lab had psychotronic lab that bombarded them with communist propaganda. Most of the party was effected but only the wizard understood the dogma in ancient but the affected followed his lead as obvious commissar. A brief fight broke out and wizard summoned monsters which ate the scientist while the gnome wrecked the machinery and party snapped out of control over a few rounds.  The wizard decided he liked this communism stuff and as he was good found it compatible with his urges to help and share with the common folk.

Finally they burst into the control room and while the warrior and mutant faught the surprisingly tough commander the wizard and gnome shot the console technicians. The gnome hacked the system which resisted but he gassed and irradiated the remaining base scientists, techs and soldiers barricading themselves in the cafeteria. The computer did activate the self destruct that the gnome delayed a bit so party went on quick looting spree and got a groundcar out of the motor pool and to the surface before the base was destroyed.

Drove home in style and Warlord thanked them for the shiny new car and guns but gave them a older battered gun carrier.

During the level up the mutant developed croc jaws and learned martial arts to get a extra unarmed attack. The chaotic evil warrior gained a oath to give enemies slow painful deaths sure to create a fight in the future.

One more session next week with probably more players.

Tuesday, 1 October 2019


Crap published a unfinished thing sorry

Life treating me well. Just passed a assessment for NSW work permit and working, actually gaming and having a social life so blogging a bit slow. Thankfully monsters are easy.

Patreon has 4 zine items a month at present for a buck.
Gaming was only income last 2 months about 1/4 of welfare benefit i used to received

Im thinking these dragon hybrids make good warm up to real dragons which in my game will be beefed up quite a bit as I have mostly been reluctant to ever use dragons. As players will use one shot items and every spell and dirty trick when they see a dragon, they rarely lasted more than a few rounds. Longest monster fight in one of my games was a invisible stalker.


Supernatural animal N Morale 11
AC +7
HD 9
Mov 15 ground 12 fly
Bite 2d6 Clawx2 2d4 or Wing Buffet d6

Gamelyon is a lion dragon hybrid famed for ferocity and violence. How these creatures breed is a subject of strange bestiary stories but many descend from times when many creatures hybridised and vocationally a throwback to ancient times is born to a lioness. The area they live in often has scratch marks on walls, find remains of kills and you can hear them raging in the distance. If one is near a human settlement they will embark on a killing spree until humans leave or someone kills the beast. Under their fur are scales with the colour of their draconic bloodline. They often live in caves or dig a burrow. Evil champions have been know to use them as mounts. Some can be tamed if beaten, captured and treated well.

Often attack by ambush especially flying attack in a location of their choice. While their presence is obvious they easily sense armoured opponents stalking them and will prepare a fight on their terms. While mostly not able to speak they are very cunning in battle. They ambush on a 3in6 and are surprised on a 1in6.

Many possess various draconic abilities but the breath weapon is the most feared. They vary in effect depending on the dragon type but most have a 3 range 30 degree cone inflicting damage equal to their current HP three times a day. 

1in6 90 degree breath weapon
1in6 range 6 breath weapon
1in6 have stunted wings and can only hop 3 range once a round
1in6 can go beserk
1in6 have alignment of dragon type they are kin to
1in6 half damage of same type breath weapon on them
1in6 sense invisibility 6 range
1in6 heal 1hp per hour
1in6 have a "hoard" mostly consisting of animal corpses but with some treasure
1in6 have a breath weapon that does 4d6 but can only be used every three rounds
1in12 can polymorph self often into a human form or a lion or a dragon
1in12 can speak crudely and 1in6 of those may cast spells as a d3+2 lv caster

1in12 have blood of more than one dragon type with resistances and breath accordingly
1in12 require a magical or +1 or better weapon to hit

Gamelyon Adventures
1 A lion has been menacing lone travellers and cattle and a village needs help, they have not seen beast just the remains it leaves behind and roars
2 A evil wizard and his pet gamelyon have kidnapped the most attractive youths of the area and imprisoned them in their tower
3 A druid has declared forest out of bounds for locals and has bred a gamelyon to protect it but the beast is killing everything and starting fire
4 A intelligent gamelyon lives under a bridge and demands all precious metal and gems to be sacrificed to it's treasure heap to cross. Sometimes it gets hungry too
5 A gamelyon has been killing wizards and robbing their books so local wizards offer a reward of magic items to stop it. The beast can speak and is learning magic
6 A dragon in human form offers adventurers a reward to kill several gamelyons in area, actually it's own spawn. The dragon knows will cause unwanted attention to it's own lair area
7 A gamelyon has driven goblins from the hills into civilised lands and locals are sick of goblins begging and stealing crops. The goblins will go home if nothing is eating them but possibly they could be helped by other means
8 Hunters report some beast has scared all the game away and as stories spread the local noble offers a reward to kill whatever beast is responsible
9 A red and white  dragon blooded gamelyon are fighting in the hills every night and nobody can sleep
10 A gamelyon guards a holy spring and only those who defeat it are worthy to sip it's waters which will after fade to fairyland forever

Sunday, 29 September 2019

Planet Psychon vs Gamma Oz

So back in sydney for work and cat sitting and having a great time. Played a great horror sf one shot with friend Conan and people accused me of good roleplaying as duplicitous dr who turned out to be a cultist who was saboteur and a cultist. Good thing I chose the right character. Conan sets up very good player vs player games that work well. Players chatted for hour and a half after about session which was interesting. I might interview him about it.

Anyway so ran my Gamma Oz: Broken Hill setting as a large region of Planet Psychon. Started in Manna Hill a town of 60 populated by lots of animal abhumans kinda inspired by Norman Lindsay's "the Magic Pudding" and another Australian Classic Blinky Bill). Started with Two players. One was a scarlet mutant with transperant flesh on his skull and long droopy rabbit ears and one arm was a huge spiked fist. Hishear glowed through his chest. He was a good armourer so he could modify as mutations set in.

The other was a feminine looking turquoise skinned wizard with a child that was actually a budded clone that was possessed by a familiar spirit and a pet flightless riding bat. She also had several flintlocks and a talking AI pistol that could fire any cased ammo. She was studying wizardry from old books left by her real family. She made her own gunpowder and had a loyd heartbeat when she was stressed. They grown up as orphans in town and lived in Mrs Magpies shed. She was a moralistic grump but fed the kids who were appreciative. She was school teacher and they lived in school shed.

As they grew ambitious they asked an old timer where to adventure and they heard of a small fallout shelter under a abandoned homestead. Met some merchants selling jerky which was handy as the ever hungry mutant at all his rations on the first day. Later found stray sheep and drove them homeward with firecrackers as Mrs Magpie said local farmers were creeps.

Found the ruins with a windsock and a tower and strange roads that went nowhere in some arcane pattern. Was before it was a farm was a country airport for post and Royal Flying Doctor Service. Searched area and wrecked small 2 seat plane wrecks. Found a AI brain for a house, some kind of flight pack and few other trinket Including a black lab medical ID. Also found note left by a poisoned adventurer commenting on hatch buried under junk. Spent hours clearing building of junk and found duralloy hatch had lock cut out years ago and tons of rubbish were used instead. Climbed down the shaft and found was water logged ans mould and battled several disgusting mutants. The mutant hero crushed them with his fist and the wizard summoned dwarf cassowaries in a flash of light from the space gods to help. Found some strength boosting drugs, interesting trash and found a crionic sleep pod. Apparently ten years ago the mutants had put the person on stasis for food then grown so degenerate the couldn't remember. The revived person was a rogue with perlescant skin and scarlet hair. Like all Psychonians they tasted each other and deemed the icecream flavoured stranger was ok. The mutant hero was honey flavoured and the wizard was candy. The new friends headed home and on the way battled four mutant gang members. Captured three and the mutant killed and ate the two headed one.

Arrived back with prisoners and locals declared the adults and welcomed their new friend. Turns out the friend was created by a space god of treachery to travel to Earth to activate a industrial teleporter to call his god to earth. He had horns, bat ears a mission from god. The kids decided to go to broken hill were they heard radio broadcasts from and rumours of treasure filled ruins and opportunity.

They arived in Olowry after a long hike past the giant concrete dice of the ancients (real place). Visited local diner and kindly old couple fed the gang best meal they ever had and filled them in with local troubles. So they went after dark to pub for their first beers and rogue shouted everyone enough to get town drunk. After town jolly, convinced some to join to help them evict gang from the post office. Also some beast lived in the shed. Rogue sneaked on roof and opened a board to close up a hole and dropped in a wizards cast iron grenade with a lit fuse. As they were staggered by the blast the mutant on a cocktail of two strength drugs kicked in the door (23 STR) and the door crushed a wounded gang member. Rogue jumped in stabbing and the wizard with flintlocks shot more while pub drunks with clubs charged in and the surviving gangers surrended. To follow up decided to get the beast in the dhed that stalked the town at night. Rogue crept in to find a giant bearded dragon lizard in a wrecked post van sleeping. The gang and their small mob attacked and managed to kill it but one mook was swallowed whole and the wizard summoned dingoes to help. 

The town celebrated and next morning a huge lizard BBQ took place. Various passing through to Broken Hill mercs joined them and they planned to break in and raid a pristine police station with unbreakable duralloy shutter and rumours of moving lights inside. The rogue visited tho local kids as he had heard the kids gang had tried random numbers for a hundred years and recorded them. As his god had given him decryption skills he used thousands of numbers on gang walls to calculate the door code.

Four new party members joined. A green furry gnome sorcerer, with tentacles and smelled of skunk, a metalic skinned priest of the same cult and the rogue sent to aid him (also icecreamed flavoured). He had betrayed the god of betrayal and was returned to life as a priest. A warrior with plate and a halberd and a extra face in his chest. Then finally a moronic priest in a fabulous dress, huge muscles and a wig concealing his exposed brain who was raised by octopi under the sea. The motley band got to the door of the station and cracked the door. Battled a number of robots and found lots of interesting drugs, police evidence, a vending machine of marijuana cigarettes in 10 flavours and strange rayguns. The rayguns turned out to be stunners but some had defective batteries that melted when the cells depleted. Wasted a huge amount of ammo testing on walls and skeletons with no effect. The gnome summoned kangaroos as target practice but the party were so inept wasted more ammo. Wasted lots of drugs also but that's pretty common on Psychon.

Next the party head to Broken Hill looking for riches.
More strangeness in a week.

My efforts to streamline with the Psychon random generators online and default character builds helped get late new players working faster. Initiative worked well and impressed with 7 players remained domiciled and focused and all worked well.

Wednesday, 25 September 2019


There are versions depicted as just a cow with yellow spots so im going with this more fabulous one but the boring one might sneak into a herd and lead cows away from farmers or cause other trouble. Sadly this heraldry project is fill in till my life less busy and my commercial game design stuff done.... Sadly game writing my only income the last 8 weeks. Previous post I will update as didn't do variations and adventures as rest in my series.

Supernatural animal N Morale 9
AC +5
HD 8
Mov 15 ground
Trample 3d6 (trample multiple targets in line with 30 foot charge)
or Buttx2 d8 (on a 20 to hit, target save or knockback 2d4 yards)
or Bite 3d4 (on a 18+ to hit, does double damage)
or 90 degree cone of fire 10 foot range d3+8 from mouth and ears as burning hands

A caretyne has a bull like body, with a snout, fangs, and horns. It has yellow spots and breathes fire. The beast is a wild animal often living alone or in a pair (1in4 with a d3 calves). The beasts are protective of their young and cattle and can be aggressive. Their habit of adopting herds of cows sometimes causes trouble with farmers who don't want a overprotective monster guarding their herds.  Some farmers manage to convince the beast they are friends of the herd and then the farmer has a protector but this can be hard to manage when taking away calves and milk cows cry for their missing young. In the wild these beasts can be very protective of their territory and viciously hunt and destroy threats or predators. Other herdbeast taking their food they dislike but they are satisfied with driving them off. Some druids and cults make use of them. Sometimes they breed with normal cattle producing a large healthy calf with yellow spots.

1in6 180 degree fire breath
1in6 has fire breath 20 foot range
1in6 4d4 fire breath save for half
1in6 has tougher armour
1in6 can do a extra kick two d8 attacks in addition to any other non charge attack
1in6 can cast charm cow once per round
1in6 are able to go beserk
1in6 are highly magic resistant and always succeed in saving throws vs magic
1in6 are immune to all fire
1in6 cannot be surprised
1in6 wear a holy symbol of a religion usually a earth or solar or sky cult
1in12 can bellow calling all cows within a mile to gather
1in12 are intelligent as a human and 1in6 of those can talk
1in12 breath icy cold instead of fire and have shaggy coats
1in12 are huge with a 12HD 4d6 trample d12 butt attacks
1in12 part bonacon and can fire a extra 90 degree cone fire from their butts

Caretyne Adventures
1 A farmer is upset that a caratyne has stolen his herd and taken them into a mountain valley. He wants them back and cares not for the beast but he offers a cow and the next 4 bull calves born as a reward
2 A mountain pass has been taken over by a Caretyne that is stopping trade and travel, local noble wants it gone
3 A druid riding a caretyne has been menacing cattle farmers and acusing the farmers of overgrazing, land clearing and driving away natural her beast. He has been using the caretyne to help him steal the cows so he can revert them to wild ones in a few generations
4 A priestess caring for her temples caretyne is upset as the beast has run away and has been mating with cows and fighting bulls. She needs it returned for the next festival for a ritual
5 A caretyne has come to the village and everyone has hidden indoors to keep away from it but it wont leave
6 A island with a caretyne has been avoided for generations but some say the beast guards a prehistoric ruin
7 A blasphemous farmer ignored and mocked all the rituals to the local cow spirit revered for centuries and a Caretyne came and killed him. Other farmers have made extra offerings and local wise woman invites heroes to slay the beast
8 A hairy wildman from the woods driving a chariot drawn by a caretyne has been menacing the roads. Some say he must be killed, others insist someone should speak to him to ask what has offended him enough to cause this trouble
9 Local cows have all wandered off by night and farmers are afraid of what could have taken the cows and burned all the fences
10 Local prize bulls have been killed by some beast and the local calves have been born with yellow spots and behave aggressively, what could the culprit be?
11 Something has been breaking into the granaries and food stores. A volunteer watchman was found trampled to death and now all live in fear of the mystery culprit and for their food supply
12 A odd yellow spotted calf was bought at a auction and it has caused nothing but trouble.  As it grew the owner tried to sell it but nobody wanted the uppity beast. It wont even leave and the other cattle seem to love it and follow it into other farmers crops. He wants the beast gone by any means. Possibly might try and sell it cheap to someone gullible  

Monday, 23 September 2019



Supernatural animal N Morale 7 or 10 with calves
AC +3
HD 10
Mov 12 ground
Trample 3d6 (trample multiple targets in line with 30 foot charge)
or Buttx2 d8 (on a 20 to hit, target save or knockback 2d4 yards)

The beast also called Tarandrus can change its colour, so that it can conceal itself by taking on the appearance of its surroundings. It is normally dun like a bear but is the size of an ox and has long hair. It has the head of a stag with branching horns, and has cloven hoofs. Mostly they live in far away lands but you might find some any distant wilderness. The creature is very shy and is surprised on a 1in6 and surprises on 4in6 chance due to camouflage. It's scent and trail are harder to hide but it will use water or rocky outcrops like a cunning animal to throw off hunters.

The creature is mostly a peaceful herbivore but if spooked it will hide and possible ambush anything that comes close. A mated pair with calves are more aggressive and babies will hide if left by parents. Most are loners most of the time. When the animal feels safe it will communicate with others of it's kind with wild colour displays especially when mating or driving off rivals. Once they have given up hiding they will use spectacular colours to scare opponents. Elves keep them as cattle and Their pelts can be used to make elven cloaks and long fur used by elves and somehow they train them to change colour as being shorn. Elves and gods might keep herds of them in sacred wilderness reserves. These unnaturally large herds are often guarded by supernatural beings and curses.

1in6 reflect any chromatic or prismatic or colour spray spells
1in6 has huge horns that inflict d12 each with a butt
1in6 have horns that cut off a limb on a natural 20 to hit instead of knockback
1in6 smell wonderful thanks to a musk gland worth 100gp to a perfumer
1in6 can go beserk
1in6 can displace selves as a displace cat
1in6 have a more extreme alignment, 1in6 alignment changes daily
1in12 protected by local druids as a sacred beast
1in12 are intelligent and can talk but seldom do
1in12 guarded by a dozen elves and has brand of local elf ruler
1in12 are invisible when concealed amongst vegetation or rocks
1in12 can project a illusion image of itself in another location
1in12 are chaos demon tainted with a d4+1 minor mutations and a d3 major mutations

Parandrus Adventures

1 Elves need a parandrus pelt and require some brave (expendable) humans to slay one
2 Village children say a beast is in the woods and no adult will listen

3 Hunters have trapped a Parandrus in village and hope to sell it but elves or druids try to free
4 Some creature or someone has been carving alignment sigils in the grass visible for mile
5 Someone has been stealing root vegetables from the store house and guards saw nothing
6 Farmers say their is a ghost beast that appears and vanishes in the area
7 Rainbow colour shifting cloaks are all the rage right now and hunters are keen to claim such a item making them harder to find. 
8 Some strange creature has been shitting in the temple and eating baskets of harvest produce left for idols of the gods (thought the priests eat them for the gods after gods eat the magic essence)
9 Hunters caught a small strange colour shifting horned herd beast. Now it's parents are attacking the caravan trying to get it to the city and they need to take on extra guards
10 Elves riding parandus arrive one morning demanding tribute like the old times

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Nice pic but the monster described here not as big only about 8 foot at shoulders.

Supernatural animal LN Morale 10
AC +7
HD 12
Mov 15 ground 18 fly
Trample 4d6 (trample multiple targets in line with charge)
or Butt 2d12 (+ save vs knockback 2d6 yards)

Related to other sphynx types this beast is a heavenly majestic winged bull. Aggressive and hot headed but usually sent by the gods to guard and protect locations or punish those who transgress or offend the gods. Each time anyone strikes them they must save or be cursed as per the spell with a different effect each time. Killing one is likely to get the attention of gods which is usually bad. They can talk but seldom bother to speak to mortals. They speak any language and to any animals. Sometimes they protect holy places or relics and may question adventurers to see if they are worthy to pass. They have detect lie, detect traps, detect invisibility and detect alignment at will. They are immune to mind effecting magic including charm or illusions or ESP.

Some bear symbol of a god or law on them and many have other abilities. They may act as a mount or several might pull a chariot for a divine being. Some are decorated with gold jewellery or painted. Some roam the foothills of the heavens and realms of cosmic Law where they breed. They are above the petty squabbles, vanity and greed of other sphinxes. In ancient times people summoned them to aid in a judgement but they are mostly too harsh and might attack non intended victims. Occasionally cults worship them bringing them beer, grain and virgin attendants to groom them. Their bodies are used to make holy relics and eating them is sacrilege. They will mostly spare children and innocent virgins.

1in6 are Lawful Good and will consider circumstances of individuals
1in6 have bronze hide +10AC
1in6 breath fire 3 times per day in a 90 degree cone 6d6 save for half
1in6 fear aura, all within 3 yards save vs fear each round or flee for a round 

1in6 have plane shift at will to a lawful or heavenly world and back once a week
1in6 bronze wings can shoot two metal feathers a round 2d8 damage each 12 range
1in6 resist normal missiles
1in6 require +2 or better magic weapons to hit
1in6 can cast spells and turn undead as a 8th level priest
1in6 has a cult of worshippers offering it food and grooming
1in6 when angered leaves burning hoof prints and exhales smoke

1in6 explode on death as a 12d6 fireball
1in12 aided by a d4 cherubim lesser angels

1in12 if killed leaves a drought for 7 years over the region
1in12 if killed turns to stone
1in12 its feces heals a d4 if applied to wounds, usually 2d4 are near its lair
1in12 is related to a divinity and can commune with them weekly

Taurosphinx Adventures
1 Stories tell of them being summoned to a court case where it crushed the guilty then turned on corrupt officials and impure spectators. Rruined temple still remains guarded by the beast thousands of years later
2 Heroes plundered a sacred place or killed a monster serving the gods, so a Taurosphynx is sent to punish them
3 A mountain trail to a long abandoned temple is guarded by a taurosphynx that asks questions to those seeking to visit
4 A city offended the gods and a taurosphynx stands by the gates keeping merchants and travellers away until the gods deem the city punished. The city try to hire idiots to fight it
5 Plundering humans have robbed a sacred grove for holy cedar wood trees used for building temples. Now a Taurosphynx guards it and a king wants it stopped
6 Lawlessness and wickedness rage across the land. A Taurosphynx with a lesser angel appears to smite evil doers from the land and is not forgiving of any adults who touch vice, drink, dance or look in mirrors and  other petty crimes
7 A cult have been summoning a Taurosphynx and are grooming it to purge the region in the fiery wrath of the gods. Before the beast is fully tamed by them stop the cult
8 A intact ancient ruin is pristine and evil free because of a Taurosphynx. A evil cult led by a anti hero seek to slay it and breed monsters in the ruins
9 A priest found a scroll which will awaken a Taurosphinx statue in a city temple. The priest fears a evil doer will awaken it and as humans now weaker and more corrupt will send beast into a killer frenzy
10 A great holy relic has been stolen by evil. A Taurosphynx arrived and declared if the relic is not returned it will kill one in ten persons and destroy one in ten buildings


Supernatural animal LE Morale 9
AC +5
HD 6
Mov 12 ground 9 climb 3 water 2 leap
Att Clawsx2 d6 Butt 2d6 & Bite 2d4

-if both claws hit can rake for extra 2d4 damage
This intelligent brutish beast kills for pleasure far more than it can eat. Capable of ferocious roars that three times a day case fear in a 9 range cone. These creatures also speak cruelly and are judgemental, able to recognise heraldry and a character origin so it can mock and insult enemies all the better. They will eat your loved ones and blame it on you for not being home. They spread terror and isolate people depending on roads in the wilderness.

They are not just random monsters they are usually agents of a curse such as a defiled grave, a great injustice resulting in deaths or some taint has polluted a sacred place. Sometimes they may aid a devil or evil hero acting as a pet or mount. They hate hellhounds and dislike demons and their dumber cousins manticores. They see themselves as obeying a higher power and exempt from morality. Some have been known to whisper lies through shack walls at night to irritate and corrupt inhabitants.

1in6 have ESP they use to pry out victims dark secrets
1in6 have dragon claws for 2d4 claw attacks
1in6 have dragon scales for AC+7
1in6 half damage from fire including magical

1in6 have detect alignment
1in6 detect invisible 3 range
1in6 resist normal missiles
1in6 break non magical weapons on impact
1in6 can be turned by a priest and avoids sacred ground
1in6 in contact with local diabolic cult or witches
1in6 is a 5th level wizard or priest or druid

1in6 require magic or silver weapon to hit
1in12 open a gate to hell or from hell to earth once a week

1in12 regenerate 1HP per round unless holy or acid
1in12 have a pet imp familiar who acts as scout and hands
1in12 can call a lesser devil once a week with a turn long blood sacrifice ritual
1in12 reports to a major demon weekly about work in mortal world

Mantygre Adventures
1 A village is plagued by a beast as the unsolved strangulation of local youths remains unsolved
2 Villages visit a whispering cave for advice but of late all the advice has been selfish, greedy and evil
3 A invisible Imp has been leaving threatening letters on doors in the village, starting at midnight they will all be killed
4 A local diabolic cult have allied with a mantyger planning on cutting off the area and corrupting all to the cult control
5 A ruined manour has been left since a mantyger ate the old lord and drove away the people. The beast is still heard roaring day and night
6 A diabolic wizard riding a mantyger has taken residence in a ruined tower on a hill
7 Pilgrims were murdered and as long as the bandits escape justice a Mantyger guards the bridge preventing passage. Several knights have been eaten by it, more fled it's roar
8 Voices from the well are scaring people. "just jump in! Your life is worthless!"
9 Villagers have been attacking each other, each say a voice told them by night what a neighbour said to provoke the violence
10 A robber knight based in a ruin has taken the mantyger as his flag and now he rides one and wears weird black armour. Locals say he sold his souls and seeks sacrifices and plunder