Friday, 15 January 2021

Silver Highway Encounters


More for my Broken Hill post apoc adventure trail as im running it next after current game melts down. Of course, running stuff in play makes new demands. A brief road trip with stops to Adelaide as an adventure and another one to go east. 

d10 Quick Travellers Types
01 Merchant Caravan

02 Wandering Trader
03 Local Farmers
04 Local Law
05 Wanderers
06 Animals
07 Gangs
08 Tribals
09 Faction Agent
10 Strangers

d100 Silver City Road Travellers
01 Travelling water merchant caravan also sells beer and refined alcohol from a bullock cart with four guards and a caravaneer with a shotgun and drovers whip

02 Scrap merchants with camel train of ladened beasts 2d6 camels, each with a handler guard carrying a musket, 1in6 a clan of desert nomads or even abuman beast folk
03 Armageddon coach service in a scrap built bus with a biofuel plant, takes 12-24 passengers to stops along the highway with crew of five, several drivers, mechanics and two gunners one operating a small black powder swivel gun each end of the bus firing 2 inch steel balls. The crew are a motley lot of wasteland freaks and veterans of outback travel
04 Merchants with biofueled traction engine pulling several wagons with six armed merchant kinsmen in stockmen coats and hats with long muskets and several flintlock pistols each
05 Desert Trukkin Co a large truck with canvas covered trailer full of goods and a d6 passengers carrying post, medical supplies and essential supplies. Driven by ornery old person with a d4 offspring as armed crew with a shotgun and .22 rifles  
06 Koala wagon crew with a giant koala pulling a wagon often operated by a pair of abhumans trading agricultural goods, one will have a blunderbus and the other a flintlock pistol 
07 Tribal persons with bundles of goods hired labourers of a merchant carrying low-value goods like bales of wool, 1in6 the tribals are in chains and are slaves with a d6 extra armed guards with muskets and trader leading them with a small pistol and a whip
08 Ferals with an old ground car pulled by some mutant creature, they will sell curry and drugs to other travellers and by night play loud dance music and get high, they use eco friendly spears and clubs and slings
09 Wagon with cage of 3d4 prisoners with a driver with a shotgun and a d4 guards with muskets d4 1=nasty criminals sold as mine labour 2=to be sold to cannibals 3=to be sold as slaves at market 4=gladiators for fighting pits
10 Ox wagon with loads of cheap goods like lumber, wool, hemp or scrap. Family of six work the wagon and guard it with muskets, chains, machetes, axes, mallets 
11 Wombat wagon with a diprotodon wombat pulling a small scrap caravan where an old swagman tinkerer sleeps and does his repairs. Lots of work fixing fences and farm machines and sharpening tools
12 Huge scabby dog pulled wagon of traders selling salvage pots, pans, and ancient packaged food they salvage from ruins. Often knows where local ruins are that were too dangerous for them to search
13 Tricycle with solar powered freezer selling ice treats and collecting road kill to sell, old person peddling it carries a police pistol and shock baton
14 Old person with trolley of scraps and salvage often has a d6 scruffy pets and a double-barrelled sawn off shotgun. Likes selling shiny trinkets and fashion accessories
15 Traveling carny caravan pulled by sad mutant animal, d4 clowns live in it with 2d6 pets and they put on shows for entertainment. They are ex gang members and all carry machetes, axes and daggers and they often carry d d6 pipe bombs and a d6 molotovs
16 Sad swagman with carpet bag and bindle selling interesting scraps, odd ammo, shell casings, electronics, a few robot brains and cyber limbs, knows a few treasure troves guarded by monsters, carries blunderbus and a big dagger
17 Loner with d4 camels carrying loads of d4 1=food 2=fuel 3=wool 4=water, has a .22 bolt action scrap built gun and machete
18 Bicycle pulling trailer loaded with scrap and trade goods and 1in6 with a passenger
19 Ultralight solar ground car with trailer of electrical parts, driver with a laser and service bot
20 Wagon pulled by large dogs, carries lots of ancient and recycled clothing and has sewing machine and scraps for custom jobs, has a pet and a musket and 1in6 also an armourer with a sawn off shotgun
21 Scrap built car with respectable farmer, wife and d4 children going to a religious or civic event in best clothes
22 Scrap built pick up truck with d4 good ol boys with .22 rifles in back and a d4 hunting hogs 
23 Scrap built truck ladened with hay and sacks of grain, farmer with shotgun drives with child with a air rifle assisting them and a farm dog
24 Donkey wagon ladened with chickens in cages to market with d3 farmers with blunderbuss
25 Farmer pushcart selling fruit and vegetables on side of the road or looking for good crossroad
26 Tractor towing a bizarre farm machine with a shotgun
27 Farmer with a shotgun riding industrial ag mech
28 Jackaroos on motorbikes d4+2 herding triffids to market, followed by chuckwagon
29 Cowboys on horseback d4+2 herding cattle to market, followed by chuckwagon
30 Farmers herding sheep d4 and a sheepdog on foot moving them to a new pasture
31 A scrap pick up truck and a small mob are looking for someone d4 1=mutant 2=child 3=outlaw 4=cantoad abhuman
32 Ranger on horseback with scope and rifle and radio reporting on outlaws and gangs in area
33 Police interceptor patroling highway looking for gangs to eliminate, armoured with machine guns and veteran cops
34 Police motorbike patrol of two armed cops reporting on gangs in the area
35 Police roadblock where local constabulary search travellers for contraband or unwelcome factions or plague carriers
36 Posse on horseback d4+4 riders with muskets looking for an outlaw
37 Bounty hunter cyborg on a motorbike asks everyone if they have seen targets
38 Local militia in scrap built armoured pick up with six musket armed volunteers in back looking for gangs
39 Lone marshal from the distant city on advanced bike, looking for a wanted criminal fugitive
40 Sherif and d4+1 henchmen in a truck with revolvers, will hold up undesirables they don't like
41 Wagon drawn by giant bug with poor 2d6+6 settlers and only a d4 days food and water to find a new home
42 Swaggy with bindle d4 1=looking for work 2=serial killer 3=fugitive living on quiet 4=deranged and deluded fool
43 Feral kids with meagre belongings struggling on road, recent orphans
44 Refugees on foot 3d6 with bags, several are children and old need food and water
45 Elderly mutants d6 struggling to get to a safe new home with a trolley of scrap
46 Mutant with trolley pushing hideous sibling a human eating mutant horror covered under garbage
47 Starving feral travellers with bare feet armed with sticks cooking road kill or picking at a wreck
48 Cyclist with pack and 30L of water and a musket
49 Feral kid eating road kill and collecting scrap
50 Old person with trolley of scrap and d6 large pets d4 1=cats 2=dogs 3=feral kids 4=lizards 5=snakes 6=giant rats
51 Giant lizard waits in ambush d4 1=giant thorny devil 2=giant frill neck lizard 3=giant gonna 4=giant bearded dragon

52 Pack of dingos 2d4+4 in area often wait near some abandoned goods they know humans sop to investigate
53 Giant venomous snake
54 Giant trapdoor spider or scorpion
55 Herd of emus, dislike dogs, protective if have babies 1in6
56 Herd of kangaroos, dislike dogs, mostly they flee
57 Huge crazed giant mutant red kangaroo enraged at humanoids
58 Dropbear trees where a d6 of the hairy arboreal horrors lurk over road
59 Lots of rabbits in the area, d100 around in sight until scared
60 Wild herd beast d4 1=camel 2=cattle 3=horse 4=pig
61 Battered gang on foot 24d+4 driven from home, most with improvised weapons and a few with scrap firearms
62 Gang of feral gang riders d6+3 with muskets on beast d4 1=horse 2=giant dogs 3=giant bugs 4=kangaroos
63 Road gang with d6 vehicles, half are bikes others are small buggies, armed with brutal clubs and crossbows
64 Biker gang d6+3 bikes with d2 passengers each, use muskets and crossbows
65 Scrap ground car with driver and four gang members with muskets and a crossbow, driver has sawn off shotgun
66 Lone biker with a sword on a quest to driveby slay as many pedestrians as possible
67 War rig truck with driver and dozen armed goons with muskets and crossbows, followed by a d6 lighter vehicles from d4 1=bike 2=buggy 3=groundcar 4=ultralight aircraft
68 Ultralight aircraft, spotter for a gang will signal allies to attack good target
69 War party with a groundcar with a war leader and 3 goons, plus a d6 other scrap vehicles with crew on way to fight d6 lighter vehicles from d4 1=sedan 2=compact 3=van 4=bus
70 Concealed ambush with caltrops and chains on road, ditches and 2d4+4 bandits with mostly clubs and half with muskets or crossbows 
71 Lone tribal hunter with dog and carrying a kangaroo home

72 Group of women tribals gathering grubs and berries and snakes
73 Group of male tribal hunters 2d4 instructing youths in traditions
74 Tribal mechanics d4+1 working on fixing a car with scrap and strange materials
75 Angry tribal hunters in body paint 3d4 looking for a murderer
76 Tribal men tracking a wanted fugitive always happy to have help d4 1=kidnapper 2=murderer 3=arsonist 4=cannibal
77 Tribal wise elder with an entourage of 2d4 assistants on way to a spiritual location
78 Tribal children dragging a huge dead animal they somehow caught d4 1=bug 2=lizard 3=bird 4=canetoad
79 Tribal nomads on the move, 2d6+12 with goods and children looking for improved seasonal home
80 Tribal who hates outsiders on land lays in wait throwing sticks of dynamite at travellers
81 Traveller with pack beast with goggles and hood with long range musket, secretly reports to d4 1=bunker 2=AI 3=local gang 4=secretive cult
82 Sniper nest watching the road d4 1=law officer picking off scum 2=lone bandit 3=spotter for bunker 4=android
83 Robot traveller d4 1=selling soda cans 2=one armed bandit on way to casino 3=freight truck moving goods mysteriously  4=spy drone
84 Synthetic agent d4 wants to join humans for info 1=bio replicant pretends to be from bunker 2=cyborg assassin 3=friendly sex android 4=human with tracking and brain implant that someone can use as a spy 
85 Loner limping with bag of scrap, contaminated d4 1=by plague 2=by radiation 3=with parasites 4=fungal spores
86 Non-humans use a fake as bait for ambush, seems to be wounded or confused d4 1=plant creature wearing human clothes 2=bug resembles person in trenchcoat from distance 3=fungus abhuman horror in clothing 4=exterminator with metallic skeleton encased in living flesh 
87 Wasteland gang demand toll and have set up a tollbooth and roadblock
88 Vigilante outfit with three 4wd scrap jeeps and a dozen men with muskets searching for anyone looking like a gang member or synthetic or mutant
89 Mutant travellers with wagon of scrap, will buy contaminants and will proselytise to any mutants they meet to join the mutant church
90 Pilgrims marching mostly look peaceful d4 1=robed cannibals 2=demon culti 3=ancient religion 4=AI worshipers seeking a new god 
91 Seemingly dead travellers on road d12 but actually fast undead pretending to be dead
92 Slowly lumbering undead zombie d4 1=more sleeping near 2=explodes when close spreading necrovirus 3=cyborg being animated by technology remotely on some mission 4=fungal zombie waiting to burst into spore cloud 

93 Wrecked vehicles with scattered goods and loot, really a ghoul ambush
94 Light military vehicles d4 1=hummer 2=hover car 3=buggy 4=bike 5=Armoured Car with 6 crew 6=Armoured Personel Carrier with squad belongs to d4 1=androids 2=
95 Flying craft seen in distance 1=Orung abhuman piloted U2 spyplane from far north 2=cantoad henly-page 4-toad biplane from Queensland 3=Road gang scout ultralight 4=android helicopter gunship with squad

96 See a distant spacecraft d4 1=primative rocket into orbit 1in4 explode 2=returning capsule from wrecked orbital crashlands 3=ancient aircar landing or leaving to orbit 4=automated launch from surface installation AI to deliver goods to an orbital AI
97 Airship seen d4 1=balloon cluster habitat with d4x10 pop 2=lone scrap balloon with basket and d4 crew 3=cargo airship of some advanced dome people 4=cargo scrap airship 1in6 are also spies
98 Hooded and robed mutant cultists on a pilgrimage, prefer being shunned and often fake having plague
99 Robot merchant trailer truck, parks and truck open into a storefront with the animatronic clerk d4 1=fast food grown in lab micro lab and organics recycler 2=conveniance store 3=muskets and 3d printed plastic firearms and ammo (all guns reduce quality every magazine spent) 4=selling booze and cigarettes and meds
100 Hostile robot d4 1=police robot on abusive rampage 2=infantry robot operating on dated orders just woke up with laser attacking travellers 3=flying spy drone operated by a bunker or AI 4=rogue scrap repaired ag or industrial mech gone rogue attacking travellers for spare parts and for biofuel 

Thursday, 14 January 2021

Cinder, burning souls of the damned


Have some shopping im reading through as my xmas stuff for me arrives. Lotsa cthulhu, tiny konami diecast heavy star wars toys including walkers that pose amusingly. If only you could breed starwars figures, think of the money. Got monster books for Umerica and Mutant Epoch. Still reading DnD5 learning how cockatrices got nerfed.

Cinder Minor corporeal undead infused with hellfire LE
AC +3 HD2 Att 2xTouch Damage d4 Mov 12
Glowing coal flesh - touching, unarmed or natural weapon attackers take d4 fire damage
Explosive death - blast over 1 area circle of sparks at 0HP for d4 fire or save for no damage
Vulnerable to water - imersion is fatal, cup 1 damage, waterskin d3, bucket d4
Immune to fire - or heat natural or magical

These are a form of tormented damned soul from hell. They mostly dwell in great fire pits but are sometimes made manifest or summoned by evil. When left as guards they sleep by cooling to a black carbonised corpse in a pose of agony that begins to glow like charcoal then move. In carbon state their spirit is in hell being tormented. When alert and glowing they are animated, impatient and in pain. They hate the living out of jealously and think killing others diminishes their pain for a moment. They resent being summoned or used and will turn on masters. They are called to earth through dark rituals including burninga a victim to death but a victim of a witch hunt will do. They form from ash and burned remains. When earthly form is 
is destroyed the body explodes and breaks down to carbonised fragments and the animating damned soul returns to the pits of torment

1in6 have a ranged d4 attack range 3 of shooting sparks
1in6 are cold burning frost burned version from a cold hell that are not vulnerable to water
1in12 are green glowing acidic creatures from one of the hellbogs  
1in6 have a ranged d4 attack range 3

There are exceptional 4HD powerful versions with d6 damage instead of d4
1in6 can teleport into a fire in sight range once per round 
1in6 can fly with great tattered cloaks
1in6 can create smoke cloud once day 3m radius all -2 to visibility (frost type make fog)
inside breathing victims save or choke helpless and can only move out of the cloud to recover
1in12 can regenerate 1hp/round imersed in flame (or alternate element)
1in12 can kill a human and they become a cinder, their soul damned to hell

d12 Encounters
1 An evil cult cound the remains of burned heretics and have created two cinders they trap in a well bottom. When the cult is investigated they give clues leading investigators to the wells with stories of human remains
2 An ancient storage vault in a tomb has a Cinder guardian protecting funeray urns and semiprescious stone grave goods
3 A party of evil adventurers serving hell were all killed by a fireball accident and a school of pyromancers used their ashes to make cinders they send out to burn down homes of bailifs and magistrates and inquisition records
4 A fuming vent opened an entrance to a hidden shrine to a volcano god guarded by four cinders protecting obsidian and platinum relics
5 A gate opened and flame abhumans from the plane of fire came with gifts to trade and were killed by adventurers, cinders arise and begin attacks on villagers searching for their killers. Killing them or helping them find justice will end the problem
6 A house fire of a miser has resulted in an angry cinder arising from the ashes nightly to start fires. Fire marshals are ready and some guards but experience fighting undead always appreciated
7 A witch has mad a magical oven that can turn a screaming victim into an cinder she commands. She puts some on guard at her door and in her hearth but when she has enough she sends them to attack human outposts for burning her sister
8 Locals burned some old women to rob their property and an imp made a bargain with the women for revenge. Three cinders arise a month after the burning and kill those responsible and set fire to civic buildings and the church
9 The local fire wizard school really is a front for forbidden necromancy and they have developed a ritual to use a fire elemental in a funeral pyre to turn burned sacrifices into cinders the wizards store in sealed urns and sell to local dungeon bosses
10 A local bandit raising funds for his anti elf crusade was mixing alchemical explosives at home when the lab exploded killing him and his family. Now several cinders arise and fight in the burned rubble reigniting the remains nightly. Eventualy the winner will go on a rampage burning and killing the neighbourhood and possibly to the local elf interests to start fires
11 Woman killed by fire mephits while relaxing at a hot spring now haunts the spring attacking those who try to use it or the bath house or sauna
12 A century ago there was a fire that burned the street down killing many residents in houses and sweatshops. A cultist whose ancestors died has decided to burn it all again and raises several cinders from buries remains they have dug up in secret in a cellar 

Wednesday, 13 January 2021

DnD Cinema Appendix N

Catching up with what I call Appendix N Cinema that helped form the 80s fantasy look D&D

Silent stuff like Nosferatu, der golem and some of those Russian dragon fighting films or killing german sword order are worth a mention.

Older Harryhausen films like original Sinbad, king kong and gave us some monsters

70s & 80s was the shiz though we had
1 Beastmaster
2 Sword & the Sorcerer
3 Dragonslayer
4 Legend
5 Sinbad Golden VOyage
6 Sinbad Eye of the tiger
7 Lady Hawke
8 Excalibre
9 Conan
10 Conan the Destroyer
11 Red Sonja
12 Krull
13 Hawk the Slayer
14 Willow
15 Labyrinthe
16 Dark Crystal

There are some terrible barbarian ones im not including or have never seen outside a video case in a rural vhs vcr rental in 80s

Im not touching anything from post 80s here cept...

Id Add some good Psuedo History Films
Flesh & Blood
The Last Valley
The Seventh Seal
Seven Samura
Kingdom of Heaven
Red Cliff
master & Commander: Far Side of the World
All the Sharpe's Rifle series/films
Baahubali the beginning and the conclusion films
Throne of Blood

Sure I will think of more

300 is nasty trash and slander on democracy so nope
Oddly I like the Noah Film - weird gnostic post apocalypse
Lots of giant bug and lizard movies and b sf helped too

Suggestions welcome

Monday, 11 January 2021

d100 Calls to Adventure

d10 Quicki Calls to Adventure Types
01 Animal Omens
02 Mysterious prophets
03 Strangers
04 Law commands
05 Desperate peasants
06 Non humans
 Tavern Talk
08 Interesting find
09 Total drama
10 Supernatural

d100 Calls to Adventure
01 A smart parrot lands on heroes shoulder and says "whaddah ya doing?" talks about pirate treasure and very friendly
02 A goat gets close to a human and whispers in common. "Psssst human, there is a dangerous chaos cult in this area beware" then it gallops off to do goat stuff
03 Messenger bird falls from sky attacked by another bird, carries a tiny secret message
04 Find a horse with wounded wealthy knight who was injured by a villain or beast
05 Find a friendly dog with leather armour and adventurers pack with map will lead you to dingeon where old party vanished
06 Catch a fish, inside is a golden scroll with burning letters that reads itself when opened offering a magical benefit if a quest is resolved from heavens 
07 A bird spirit flies down in beast form and transforms into a human, they know of a threat needed to stop a haunted tree or rock spirit
08 Ants form writing with a warning about an evil arrived in the area offending some spirit
09 Many small dead animals found, it seems they were fighting some monster
10 Witness an exotic coloured possibly unnatural beast known by local hunters d4 1=belongs to god kill=ancient curse 2=needed for evil apparatus to work 3=will lead you to a magical door or gateway
11 An old blind woman nobody has seen before spits out a threat to adventurers they are to face a monster challenge shortly and probably doomed after that
12 A travelling fortune teller offers you reading in her tent, after telling of adventure ahead she laughs, vanishes then her tent does too
13 A local soothsayer points and declares these are the heroes I was talking abount
14 A merchant declares you are just like in a dream and an oracle said you must come to the temple
15 A priest offers the use of magical divination sticks and experts to interpret the meaning 
16 Initiates from the temple come to take you to the priestess to hear a prophecy about you
17 A wizard had need of your services and only you can pass through to the otherworld and claim a prize
18 A commoner claims an angel told them to give you a golden scroll, they have attracted a small cult of followers possibly useful in a quest
19 An village idiot comes over strange in a fit, then declares the party by name will destroy local demon cult, that night assassin who heard the prophecy too come
20 An old hermit rarely seen comes into public and declares thaey have seen these heroes who will aid the king in an important kingdom saving quest under the watch of a god
21 An attractive stranger smiles and slips a note with a map and riddle then vanishes into crowd
22  A child shows a ancient stone carving with characteratures of the adventurers fighting a beast on it, the child thinks its funny but characters depictions hold their favorite weapons and pets 
23 Shopkeeper has a box and a message for you to collect ready with some forms
24 Street sweeper returning this map you dropped
25 Guild rogue invites you to meet gang leader who has an interesting heist against a criminal cult and you can get bounty gold and the glory and we get all the books and letters
26 A complaining stranger in a fit complains about a god or demon cursing everyone in area with the gaze of the named entity
27 Child has found hole with cave with paint on walls near a field
28 Local mentions fragments of statue underwater near here from some ancient ruins
29 Black robed man gives you gold to deliver a letter to a castle on frontier woodland mountains
30 Man fell out of a mirror who talks strangeley and local experts need some one to investigate the mirror universe
31 Page from noble demands party follow to the lords manour
32 Servant has lost their noble person, kidnapped by a wicked robber knight
33 Crier announces job at manour for adventurers only, the house has a sinister reputation and the noble is a recluse
34 Wealthy person signals or cries from an upper window for help
35 A love letter from a noble is delivered to an adventurer offering them gifts and patronage if they visit
36 A noble father has a child taken by a cult
37 A noble has an enemy who needs to be killed but not in public
38 A merchant family need a family heirloom that made them rich once recovered
39 Locals mutter a local official or noble has been acting very strange and doing bad things
40 A noble family require a curse to be lifted by heroes [performing a quest and a magical shrine
41 Farmers need hero to stop the wolves near village
42 Peasant child fell down a well and some creatures and tunnels are down below
43 Peasant youths have a treasure map and want to hire some veteran fighters 
44 Some creature in a stream has stopped a crossing and villagers scared
45 Sewer cleaner saw a horrible thing and afraid to go back
46 Commoner says he saw a shapeshifter but nobody believes them and they know they are being followed
47 Meet a cool local who offers drinks and while in company receives cursed idol in a box and is d4 1=possessed by an evil spirit 2=hunted by cult 3=turned into beast folk 4=killed by asssassin
48 Peasants tell that a thing haunts the bath house and they may stay in the building for free and will get a slap up feast and accommodation as reward
49 Poor child offers clans pig if someone helps their father
50 Blind goose girl and her 7 geese (each a gold dragon) gives party a note someone with a nice voice gave her for you
51 Local demihumans need help and offer gifts or a few years service to help their comunity

52 Goblin tells sad story of humans enslaving their harmless screaming mushroom 
53 A bugbear has been scaring children in area 
54 Dwarf has been robbed by racist gang and sad will get dwarf kind to give up on this place based on human unwillingness to help dwarf visitors
55 An elf needs a unicorn hunting noble stopped
56 Halflings tell of an evil breakaway clan of cannibal halfling clowns who have been getting jobs as harmless fools and village idiots
57 Gnomes need help, meanies have eaten some kinsfolk and offer fine crafted artworks and clothes
58 Orcs tribe of lizard herders have had problems with human prejudice, after meeting one and learning of their camp hear a human gathering a mob to kill the orcs
59 Lizard folk warn that a snake wizard hides among area but locals think lizards just monsters to be killed
60 A fishy looking hooded stalker follows the party, under the hood they have fish folk hybrid mutations
61 Inn keeper has vermin needs killing in brewery d4 1=bugs giant rats 3=wasp swarm nest 4=giant burrowing toad
62 Drunk has been seeing fairy folk on walks home and some even spoke to them last night
63 Aggressive local bully wants a pub brawl after will get the gang to hunt party with a lie
64 Local wants mob to gather to d4 1=hunt a witch 2=drive out homeless stranger camping near town 3=burn a ruin where a monster camping 4=burn down the druid tree 
65 Overhear gang discuss a heist plan for the near future, it would be easy to blackmail them or beat them or catch them in act for a reward 
66 Man selling dodgy goods he found in travellers pockets and has unusual items sold cheap 1=occult book 
67 Painting on pub wall or a local song detailing local myth and scenery in the background and other features can be found in local area and on buildings, details a hero wounding a monster that hid in a dank place
68 Hear an old-timer mention forgotten tunnels locked behind doors to keep critters inside being pests in several local basements
69 Man stabbed has a pirate map tattooed on chest
70 Overhear cultists making cryptic phrazes to communicate in secret about a meeting
71 Find a corpse with magic item and a note in code

72 Find a hidden treasure behind a brick with note and some ancient coins
73 Find a boat with the unconscious prisoner in a sack, quickly abandoned by shifty stranger who sees you
74 Find a fancy noble basket and blanket with a baby
75 A corpse has a strange cult dagger in their back
76 FInd a donkey with dungeon supplies and a treasure map, wants food looks for adventurers who look like own lost party sort of
77 A stone falls from the sky, who ouches the cooling metal gets a vision of a weapon made from it can harm a demon noble and end a curse
78 Grave of an unknown possible ancestor some locals associate with a ruined house
79 Found ancestors name on a memorial to some famous event in area mentioning some people rescued from a secret underground temple
80 Find old timer remembers where a treasure hidden but a monster adopted the place as a lair
81 Meet a lovely youth who seems to like you, spirited away by some grubby monster or magician before your very eyes
82 Men fight a duel and the dying man wants someone to take armour and signet ring to the family and body to the clan crypt
83 Meet friendly attractive person and their insane lover plots revenge with d4 1=poison animal 2=get drunk and stab 3=tricks gang with lies 4=uses poison
84 Drunken secret policeman bumps into party and swears they will apologise or their lives will be hell if they do not 
85 Taxman visits party with bailiffs but will spare you an audit of your books and licences if you do this one job for the taxman's clan
86 Famous person dies under mysterious circumstances and when killer description released adventurers realise they saw this person what must have been a few hours before
87 A relative comes (or pretends to be) but really they are being hunted by a creature
88 Meet a kindly local offers wine and beds in villa but really d4 1=cultist 2=serial killer 3=shape shifter 4=press gang for a ship crew or gladiator pits
89 Meet an old friend or mentor now a slave or in prison needs help and food and blankets and help to get out and possibly a home then
90 Outbreak of an illness causes lockdown, witness a plague cultist with an imp carrying an evil looking bucket
91 Come across inscription implying a monument is a gate and possibly how to open it
92 Hear a sad story from urchins how parents were taken by local cult

93 Cult treasure hunters from rival sects in robes have been seen digging up ruins and graves in the area searching for something
94 An angel with a flaming sword appears instructing you where a local evil-doer dwells and to want the party of tricks and deceit
95 A devil appears offering to released a relatives soul if the hero recovers a diabolic text

96 A local witch-cult practice nice rites have detected a rival tradition moving into the area and want them driven off not killed d4 1=spider witch 2=snake witch 3=slug witch 4=owl witch
97 A strange magic doorway opens to take players to a dungeon far away, seemingly a common door will instead leave to an underground slaughter house full of monsters
98 Door is really a hell gate, a devil at door will try to trick you in d4 1=threaten soul of a person party have met 2=crying voices from within illusionary gate 3-devil offer ultimate power and magic if you choose gate
99 Travelling freakshow and monster circus has accident releasing strange dungeon beast
100 A flying chariot lands and a divine messenger has a mission for you on another plane or kingdom for a rich reward

Stonage Sorcery 2021

Stonage Sorcery 2021
Prepping now as cleaning floors bins putting crap in shed and clearing up after a mostly guest free holiday season. Pre covid weekly games had me tidier. Hope you survived your holidays and/or your recent political shenanigans. 

Why didnt hannah barbarah ever combine cave show properties of 60s and 70s. 
-captain caveman
-valley of the dinosaurs
-dinosaur boy
-korg 70000bc live action show
-herculoid guests

This genre was huge most of 20th c. I guess lunatic fringe human evolutionists and psuedo historians fictions are pretty prolific.

Turned out only a few so we updated characters and made lots of campaign domain stuff and talked and had beers. One hilarious idea came up when a dog follower that has been with a 14th lv pc has been made Clydesdale horse-sized and intelligent and asked if it could become a priest which I said yes to. Elf joked they could wet it with holy water and then run into undead army and shake all the water out. While hilarious probably nope but we debated how dog had a holy symbol on collar and blessed stuff with dog slobber. The dog already had a mutation it could ask its sky dog god a question daily (commune). The giant has been doing all kinds of weird stuff with dog familiars and basically created a breed of giant intelligent dogs. Those not his followers live in Red Ape valley cave and worship at the Sky hero ziggurat affiliated with the tribes sky cult.

Dallas the barbarian runs ziggurat in red ape valley and rules valley north establishing himself as a holy hero-king

Richard the elf guy with secret elf hill fort and title Hugh Coates the cave wizard and school. Has been running alchemy lab and making a ring and a wand and potions. Has developed a work around to expand sorcery knowledge through magic items 

JB the Giant + Dogs - tower and dog cave in red ape valley he rules the south of red ape valley

Matt the halfling - growing secret halfling town

Doug Pteradactyl folk barbarian now can fly on own and rides dinosaurs in dino valley lost world in mountains, the hero of dino valley (one of my 3folds)

The party have:
A flying giant castle they stole and now rule the tundra from
-with a griffon colony, elf colony, halfling colony, big orc village
-druids and sky cult of law have shrines and wizard school
Sunder Hill Cave a gateway to Underland an Ogress darkness spirit  guardian and more
Allied to Mammoth Clan
Killed most centaurs and snake tribe
Party have introduced shields, bows and agriculture to the land
Have been drilling fighting force into a army
Mountain tribe heroes more like just early copper age and becoming urban now

Characters had a big tribal council and discussed the ongoing issue of how could the diverse tribe hold land and skycastle if away and if clans snake, spider and darkness cultists in the clans cave trading with the underland. Dwarf visitors came and offered to help in the war because both sides had technology dwarves disapproved of in human hands like metal weapons and armour. The swarf scouts had uniform stone wood and perfectly sewn hides and all goods were identical  These dwarf surface scouts used what they called stone technology to avoid benefiting humans. As the mountain clan was full of wizards and halflings and elves with a giant and mostly orcs they were off the hook for now.

Looked at basic scouts reports and discussed who to fight first. The dragon cult were chosen and the elf had his elves go spy on the dragon and popped to elfland briefly. There his coat of arms and title as a elf patriarch were made and he declared after some debate and finding all the cool elf tribal names were taken settled on twilight elf clan as he was just learning to become a living shadow with a new 7th Lv spell. He also recruited a sky elf as he thought a lawful holy elf about might help cement the tribal sky cults and the giants cults better. The elf happy to discuss the next thousand years of helping the tribe and planning their evolution. 

I had cleaned up all my higher level spells in my homebrew. Players said they wanna sell to carry stuff so that spell that makes items into cloth patches might make a comeback. 

Did wonder if a simpler alt turning system might work as a parallel tradition
cause a d12/Lv vs undead or planar beings of opposite position alignment 
Roll damage and share vs targets you can sense within 2 range per Lv+
A use per day per level 

Its easy to write in a book/learn than other systems

though i like turning and alt alignment turning too
Law or good = turn/destroy
evil or chaos = command/enthrall
neutral balance = calm/return to grave

Saturday, 2 January 2021

Cyblock One Encounter & Decor

Cyblock One Encounter & Decor
Dystopian public housing block usable for my murder highway, dark future, cyberpunk stuff, judge Dredd, superheroes etc. These are for areas between blocks, stairwells, near elevators in run down blocks. I recommend drwho paradise towers story too.

Its a good idea to think about how many floors a building has 10-100 fine

d12 Basics
Use for building, floors or individual floors or resident types
1 Welfare block of pensioners - most encounters mostly 60+ years old 
2 Welfare block of young - lots of youth gangs
3 Welfare block mental health outpatients - residents often medicated
4 Welfare block of war veterans - many armed and trigger happy
5 Welfare block refugees - mostly foreign without many languages
6 Welfare block ex-convict rehab - former prison inmates
7 Project block for workers - run down as jobs lost
8 Project block for the middle class - run down as status and work lost
9 Project block utopian development - formerly idealistic retro future decay
10 Project block mixed retail - lower floors are shops and a mall now partially closed
11 Apartment block arcade - lower floors are shops and mall still functioning 
12 Apartment block high fashion - highly decorated, privileged and secure

d12 Roof
1 Garden
2 Antenna
3 Windmill
4 Solar farm
5 Landing pad
6 Satelite dish
7 Sport area
8 Piles of garbage
9 Swimming pool
10 Bird nests
11 Drone hanger
12 Transport tube connector

d12 Sub Level
1 Car park
2 Plant room 
3 Storage area
4 Link to the underground mall
5 Maintenance office
6 Fighting pit 
7 Tube station
8 Cult shrine
9 Gang hangout
10 Security station
11 Flooded or ruined area
12 Recycling and garbage 

d12 Entry Floor
1 Door person desk
2 Security station
3 Cafe bar
4 Micromart store
5 Bar or pub
6 Takeaway
7 Supermarket
8 Clinic suites 
9 Office suites
10 Charity store
11 Gymnasium
12 Closed off vacant area

d12 Grounds
1 Ball sport area
2 Children's playground 
3 Green area
4 Construction site 
5 Garbage heaps
6 Carpark with some wrecks
7 Statue or monument
8 Mural or graffiti
9 Police or security checkpoint
10 Community centre
11 Courtyard area with seating
12 Kiosk or food caravan

d12 Decor
01 Burn damage 
02 Rubble heaps and cracks
03 Firearm damage
04 Garbage
05 Graffitti
06 Propeganda posters
07 Advertising signage
08 Repaired with scrap
09 Cheap reconditioning 
10 Meaningless decorative art
11 Dual colour scheme
12 Surprisingly good contition

d12 Extra Features
01 Robot cleaners 
02 Robot security
03 Police patrol daily
04 Slumb landlord
05 Corp landlord
06 Powerful gang or syndicate
07 Powerful cult
08 Unique Fashion
09 Local Pride
10 Influentual leader
11 Drugged air and water
12 Drug abuse

d10 Quick Encounter Types
01 Children
02 Residents
03 Staff
04 Juve gang
05 Eldery
06 Vagrant
07 Hustler
08 Criminal
09 Security
10 Tech

d100 Cyblock One Encounters
01 Crying child with toy lost
02 Children follow from afar spying
03 Children playing game
04 Child in superhero costume confronts strangers 
05 Abandoned baby in box
06 Child reports interesting stuff to gang
07 Child with dangerous remote control toy
08 Children escaped guardians up to meddling into schemes
09 Creepy child sits watching silently
10 Children singing creepy rymes
11 Family with groceries or baggage
12 Family with boxes evicted
13 Office worker 
14 Blue collar worker
15 Young couple
16 Person walking pet
17 Parent struggling with children
18 Resident looking for drug dealer
19 Resident gang informant loitering
20 Custodian with tools
21 Cleaners with trolley
22 Elevator repair tech with tools
23 Building manager making inspection with assistant
24 Cleaning robot
25 Maintinance bot
26 Builders reconditioning area
27 Painters 
28 Agent showing prospective tenants
29 Custodian telling off juves or kids
30 Building superintendent discussing problem with resident
31 Students with books and laptops
32 Juve gang bother adults for money
33 Juve gang vandalising building
34 Juve gang reassuring resident for cash
35 Jube needs to kill stranger to join gang
36 Juves high on drugs
37 Juves having breakdance battle
38 Juves playing annoying ballgames
39 Juve gangs fighting
40 Juve gang graffiting walls
41 Old people drinking
42 Old person falls over 
43 Old persons playing chess
44 Old person watching children
45 Old alone person sits smoking
46 Old person looking for pet "have you seen my pussy?"
47 Old person with oxygen cylinder begging for ciggies
48 Old person in wheelchair slowly moving
49 Old people swapping meds
50 Saucy elderly people make lewd offers and double entendres 
51 Dead vagrant 

52 High vagrant with trolley collecting recycling
53 Vagrant making building repairs
54 Homless person searching bins for food or ciggarettes
55 Begger with sign, bowl, blanket 1in6 has a pet
56 Cyborg war vet selling magazines and old campaign medals
57 Feral child dives into an air vent
58 Homeless people cooking a human corpse on burning garbage
59 Homelss person, former celebrity who ruined career, begs for drugs
60 Youth gang threatening a homeless person
61 Hustler selling stolen goods from tresstle table
62 Hustler offers top quality home made meds and party drugs top quality
63 Hustler offers fake name brand goods, you get all the sex with this
64 Hustler wants to rent your apartment or room for a few weeks, professional squatter
65 Hustler offering cash loans even if your credit bad, local gang happy to help
66 Hustler recruiting expendibles for a heist vs a rival crime syndicate
67 Hustler selling cheap gun rego listed as destroyed by police
68 Hustler cant access royal accounts do to a coup offers fake VIP item for loan
69 Grifter running dice or other gambling games with residents
70 Elderly fortune teller offers occult services 
71 Serial killer looking for interesting challenging victim to stalk and kill

72 Gang fight d4 1=brawl 2=knives 3=pisols 4=automatic weapons
73 Gang collecting tax from residents
74 Slaver and human trafficking gang renting out services of prisoners
75 Crooks paying off local cops
76 Gang beating up resident who owes drug money
77 Drug boss giving free samples to kids anf juves
78 Gang running fight auditions
79 Armed gang with ram attacking door
80 Man hunted by armed gang thug
81 Old security guard on patrol with torch, almost retired
82 Security sweep for vagrants, gangs or loitering
83 Private detective working for property agency for breaches of resident code
84 Police hunting a warrant
85 Bounty hunters persuing gang member
86 Security beating elderly person or juve
87 Police detective seeking witness of a major crime
88 Assault cops executing residents who witnessed crime
89 Police in firefight with gang need reinforcement
90 Police guarding a horrible crime scene 
91 Cleaning robot looked like it put body in trash
92 Quarentine seals and security restrict access to area

93 Gang member offers meeting with building crime boss nobody refuses
94 Resident protest d4 1=crime 2=conditions 3=new tenants 4=
 Residents are riotiting over conditions
96 Homeless shuffling about is a mutant or cyborg
97 Cyborg or mutant gang massacre local gang
98 Mysterious killer in hiding d4 1=mutant 2=cyborg 3=mutant 4=robot
99 See replicant dispose of original body it is a copy of
100 Well armed gang cult on murder spree

Wednesday, 30 December 2020

Final Patreon PDF 2020 Good Riddance

This is my current Patreon book a 128 table compilation
-has an index of every table and page numbers!
-unedited and ethically dated words i try to use less often now
-will be doing bunch of revisions/updates for various comps

Also, i thought id done my emo links page but somehow a window somewhere undid 2 years of links so probably my bad and will try to fix.

Seeing a few tonal changes in my work over years and reminded of some forgotten projects.

Have caught up with some old friends this holiday which has been nice.
One friends dad gave me pick at boxes of broken toys i can model with

Sea Tables Id Still Like To Do in next edition possibly

a-z undersea ruins
seafloor encounters
ocean sea encounters
trade route ship encounters
frozen sea ship encounters
monster sea encounters
sea hazards
sea mutations
sea wonders
more island generators
things in a Seamans sack
sea chests
older list
sunken city dungeon zone
d100 Captains
d100 weird odd and nonhuman sailors
d100 sea undead
weird ships
d100 pirate captains of shadelport
d100 Pirates
d100 booty chests
d100 Maritime Criminals - smugglers, pirates, wreckers
treasure islands island kingdoms 
octopus adventure trail
Fist of the octopus god 
Gauntlet of the octopus god 
The octopus god's daughter 
wrath of the octopus god 
wrath of the octopus god 

Thursday, 24 December 2020

Farewell 2020 & Uncanny Xmas 2 u All

Big writing session on my homebrew ready for a proof round. When it is looking better I can base my mostly system-neutral stuff around it. Trying to finish rebuilding my lost links page for this blog 6/8th way through. Found plenty I had forgotten. Also trying to write stuff that has been left in a draft pile. Here is what's left and half done:

d100 Second Hand Sex Androids and Robots  
a-z desert ruin
d100 minor mythos mystery museum pieces
d100 global villains for mod era 

have finished mostly - repaired my blog links page

Not having this has been a pain 
Will put to work for end of year patron item

put some reviews and game theory things in place

a few fixes but at least I can use it in-game and for new books in works
Hoping a few prezzies for the new year coming too

Good links on Sumerian mythology
is the season for ancient middle eastern religion so...
first has some typos in  my print version of this from OCR unedited
the second one is a must-have

My Hombrew book about 90% done of 108 pages so far
gets updated a bit so worth checking
needs contents, druid spells updated, index, and a few bits
its bare bones so will probably make a users/designers companion to go with it
It's still being tweaked a bit but plans to ready before I get onto next big projects

Stuff in Works
I'm waiting for 2 works of art to finish some books
-psychon players book - rules stuff, guns, psionics, mutants, robots, cyborgs
-new edition of planet psychon - to be more system-neutral than my player's book

Hoping to put up some stuff on drive-through and lulu in the start of the new year
Some kind of other media stuff as I need for other projects

Possible stuff to do
Try to do some of my dungeon book series again
Magic book with more elemental and necromantic spells

Sunday, 20 December 2020

Clown Mutations

So I'm in the treatment plan for terrible hayfever. Yay most illnesses don't affect my creativity as much. Watching lots superhero cartoons and tv catchups and rewatching some classic film series as wholes. Knock zine is freaking amazing stuff im loving it. 

Obviously, this post has a clown warning and if you play with any optional clown rules in your game you should warn people who might not be able to enjoy imagining or thinking or clown-related talk.

Well if clowns are a mutation and so are martial arts are there pirate mutations.....
I did get some help and encouragement from osr rpg group on FB 

Other Mutations Posts
Xor Bio Mutations
Necro Mutations
Reptilian Mutations
Diabolic Mutations
Plant Mutations

Faerie Mutations
Mental Mutations
Subterranean Mutations
Angelic Paladin Mutations
Law Mutations
Giant Mutations
Surgical Mutation
Psychon Mutations
Cyber Mutations

Failed mutation system
Outside Mutations
Apotheosis Mutations - too many mutations
Mutant Class

as ever
minor mutations are common, mostly cosmetic
major are strange powers 
apotheosis is too many mutations
= more minor mutations than half CON score
=more major mutations than Lv or HD
Mutantclass exempt from apotheosis

d12 Sources of mutation

1 Bitten by a mad clown in the street
2 Saw the great chaos jester in a vision
3 In your sleep you visited dream lands and nightmare realms
4 Chaos clown demon tainted you by contact
5 Drank water from a clowns bed visited by night
8 Clown gave you the evil eye
9 Groped by giggling pack of filthy clowns on a fair day
10 Ancestor was cursed by clowns
11 A cursed clown object d4 1=nose 2-hat 3=jester sceptre 4=pie
12 Made love with a clown

d10 basic types

1 Facial/sensory
2 Skin
3 Torso/body
4 Abdomen
5 Arms/manipulation
6 Legs/locomotion
7 Mouth
8 Cranium/skull
9 Organs
10 Brain

d100 Lesser Clown Mutations

01 Huge red nose
02 Huge facial hair
03 Huge floppy ears
04 Huge eyebrows
05 Facepaint
06 Jiggly jowls
07 Googly eyes
08 Colourful painted face
09 Always sad or always manic face
10 Speech impediment
11 Made up all over with tattoos
12 Clothing becomes ridiculous
13 Greasy slippery paint-covered skin
14 Hairy skinned 
15 Rubbery skinned +1AC
16 Glittery makeup skin
17 Metallic makeup skin
18 Sweat smells sweet then sour as they get old
19 Sweat dyes clothes in strange colours and patterns
20 Exotic piercings
21 Bright pompoms down front
22 Scrawny body frame
23 Very ticklish
24 Hump stores 3 days food and water
25 Barrel like chest
26 Vermin live on body
27 Crooked spine
28 Strange posture
29 Clothing rapidly falls apart and ruined
30 Clothing always goes baggy and puffy
31 Hilarious but functional genitalia
32 Fat belly or butt sags out
33 Flatulent
34 Pee pants when scared or funniest
35 Nausea on boats or wagons
36 Animal noises come out of belly
37 Very loud in toilet
38 Bizare genitalia resembling common object
39 Go to the bathroom once every 3 days for a long time
40 Swallow and regurgitate small items like an egg
41 Ambidextrous
42 Puffy huge hands
43 Clawed fingers d3 damage
44 Long hands
45 Long arms
46 Puffy sleeves
47 Floppy muppet arms
48 Joints in hands and arms squeak and creak 
49 Skin on hands hardy like gloves
50 Double jointed arms
51 Honk or jingle as walk
52 Prehensile feet
53 Thick calloused souls
54 Trip over own feet easily
55 Joints squeak and creak in legs and feet
56 Funny awkward walk
57 Long legs
58 Long floppy feet
59 Hideous worn feet with terrible toenails
60 Double-jointed legs
61 Huge mouth d3 bite attack
62 Messy eater
63 Terrible breath
64 Funny grotesque teeth
65 Elongated tongue 30cm
66 Teeth keep falling out and growing back
67 Silly voice
68 Can honk like a horn
69 Brilliant whistler
70 Compulsive laughter
71 Huge round head
72 Cone shaped head
73 Huge coloured mass of hair
74 Pompoms on head
75 Thick skull +2HP
76 Funny shaped skull
77 Long neck
78 Neck makes clicking sounds when turning head
79 Ruff around neck 
80 Colourful huge bow around neck
81 Liver tolerates heavy drinking
82 Can drink polluted water
83 Can digest rotting food
84 Can graze on plants to live
85 Can hold breath ten minutes
86 Can gorge self on food for three people
87 Can eat sewerage without harm
88 Has worms eats double
89 Vomit up acid inflicts 1hp once/Lv/day
90 Cough up revolting green bile
91 Compulsive jokes and puns
92 Cries easily with huge tears
93 Insults strangers
94 Always sleepy
95 Giggles in sleep
96 Snores loudly
97 Sleepwalks
98 Giggles during awkward moments
99 Brain occasionally sticks out nose or ears
100 Top of the skull can open up showing brain inside

d10 basic mutation types

1 Facial/sensory
2 Skin
3 Torso/body
4 Abdomen
5 Arms/manipulation
6 Legs/locomotion
7 Mouth
8 Cranium/skull
9 Organs
10 Brain

d100  Major Clown Mutations
01 Eyes shootout on 2m long tentacles at will
02 Eyes can be removed as spies for an hour per level, regrow in a month if lost
03 Huge red nose can detach and throw it range 4 for 3d6 damage 2 area save for half, regrows next day
04 Huge ears provide batlike echolocation
05 Charming huge smile +1CHA
06 Blank face can change for an hour per level per day to mimic a known person
07 Laughter all in 3 range save or laugh along also
08 Face can twist into a hideous mask, under 1HD creatures save or flee d4 rounds
09 Twitching nose sniffs 3 range d4 1=gold 2=blood 3=sweets 4=alcohol
10 Eyes shed huge tears at slightest distress, carry powerful pheromones, all in 3 range save or tear up also
11 Chameleon skin can change various colours
12 Clothing can change once per level per day
13 Feel no pain skin +3AC 
14 Durable skin +1HP/Lv
15 Rubbery skin, blunt and falling damage -1 on all damage dice
16 Repairing skin heal one HP per hour
17 Fire resistant skin, resist normal fire and only half magic fire damage 
18 Acid resistant skin, resist normal acid and only half magic acid damage 
19 Cold resistant skin, resist normal cold and only half magic frost damage 
20 Electric resistant skin, resist normal electricity and only half magic lightning  damage 
21 Body floats like wood move full Mov in water
22 Flower on chest shoots 2d4 acid 3 range once per hour, save or take 1HP/round for 2d4 rounds 
23 Loud Beating clown heat +1d4 HP plus 1/Lv
24 Elongate torso 1m/Lv at will
25 Rotate upper body half to face any direction in the fight
26 Detach limbs for turn per level, if not return lose %10 of HP and limb lost
27 Body inflates like a balloon can fly Mov 3, stronger winds can blow you away
28 Door in chest opens releasing a midget clown clone 1HD AC+3 d6 club obeys your wishes but only honks, if dies new one grows in day
29 Hive in torso has a hive of ferocious clown bugs that can make a swarm attack as spell level per round per hour
30 Absorb limbs at will and become a clown snake with Mov9 Smim12 Climb6 can crawl in tight spaces and use unarmed attacks for bite or constricting
31 Digest inorganic matter or almost anything instead of regular food
32 Horror flatulence, release stinking cloud once per hour no range 
33 Controlled flatulence at will, can even speak words like the second mouth
34 Once a day pull common equipment 
from pocket worth 5gp/Lv per day
35 Pull rat, frog, bug or dove from your pocket per round once per level per day
36 Your excrement is brightly coloured and tastes like candy that can feed a person for a day
37 Urinate alcohol equivalent of a bottle of spirits per day as body living distillery
38 Second face and baby arms in the belly, has own mental attributes, if character unconscious or asleep the lesser face can run the body, it can heal host a d4+1 HP once a day of host. The main body will get a save per hour to reassume control if unwilling
39 If clown dies smaller clown 
clone bursts from corpse next day, half HD/LV but recovers some size and a HD/Lv per day
40 Pull a bottle of beer from your pocket once per hour
41 Summon a cream pie once per level/day throw range 3 to the blind victim for a round if fail to save or is for a day
42 Arms inflate into muscles +1 STR 
43 Elongate arms +1m/Lv at will can flex like tentacles making an escape and manipulating tight places easily
44 By miming your unarmed attacks they become range 6 attacks  
45 Shocking grasp d8 dam +1/Lv once per hour
46 Can produce common hand size objects at will such as dice, deck of cards, balloons, ball, cup, flowers, water balloon per hour
47 Unseen servant hands at will within 6 range
48 Once a day create an invisible panel of force 3m wide and high that lasts a turn
49 Squirt water like a hose from your finger range 3 one litre a squirt once/Lv per day blind victim for a round if fail to save
50 Glider wings can fly across equal to starting height at normal Mov rate
51 Taps on feet produce litre/Lv per day
52 Bouncy feet+3m to standing leap
53 Huge floppy feet actually increase Move by 50%
54 When knocked over feet remain flat on ground and clown stand instantly with no loss of clowns actions
55 Legs replaced with a spring or bouncy rubbery sphere, all movement is bouncing with a twang sound can jump +6m to standing leap and double move
56 Immune to falling damage but temporarily look harmed for one round
57 Spiderclimb at will
58 Water walking at will
59 Silent movement while on tiptoes or closest you can manage
60 Extra unarmed kick attack action per round
61 Perfect sound mimic
62 Make loud band music or fog horn sounds from mouth
63 Teeth can bite metal bars or chains or wood like a chisel 
64 Extra unarmed bite attack in melee
65 Vomit up scarves, or paper streamers and confetti at will
66 Have a beautiful voice and gain singing skill
67 Vomit up usable rope 6m/Lv per day
68 Sneeze blinding mucous 3 range save or blind d4 rounds use per hour
69 Terrible puns and abuse cause unarmed damage at 3m range to a target once per round to living intelligent foe that can understand your words
70 Can  throw voice 6m range
71 Head can rotate 360 degrees rapidly making a ratchet-like clacking sound
72 Neck elongates 1m/Lv at will and bends like a snake
73 Pull rabbit out of your hat per Lv per day
74 Clock around the neck can manipulate to haste round/Lv per day
75 Can mould own face like putty and change colour for amazing disguises takes a turn to be specific person, clown or humanoid species but artistry and skill still help 
76 Extra unarmed headbutt attack action
77 Wonderous Hat can pull out an animal once per day 1HD/Lv, the creature has no desire to server you though, animals are strange coloured and odd (d4 minor mutations)
78 Prehensile hair 1 range/Lv can mak an extra unarmed attack to grapple, hair can change styles, grab things, used to swing on or catch a bird
79 Extra head with own mental attributes takes turns to sleep and control body
80 Head can separate and direct body by sight but a bit clumsy -2 most actions -4 if blind
81 Spray cloud of balloon spores over 1m area/Lv surface per day, will grow a patch of colourful floating fungus balloons in a week which are released and fly away, clowns often use this on their kills or territory or fill areas with balloons over time. Balloons once free last a week unless burst 
82 Can enlarge as the spell at will
83 Can shrink as spell at will
84 Gaseous form one ten minute turm per day Fly 3 but beware win
85 Melt into liquid form one ten minute turm per day but only Mov 3
86 If clown hit to minus HP strange coloured paint like clown blood flows back into body and stops leaking, healing them 2d8 HP +1/Lv once per day
87 Anything tasting clown blood must save or has clown poisononing, save or gain a minor mutation and laughs crazily d3 rounds where it cant attack (but can do anything defensive or move), all agree clown tastes funny
88 Clown lactates clown milk a mildly adictive euphitoc, one dose/Lv per day save or -d4 all mental atats for rest of day. Make save have vision qusts in the dream lands or nightmare world for an hour. A group can share the same trip. Milk only keeps for same day 
89 The clown is immune to fire but highly flamible, all in 1 area of clown take d6 per round, takes one round of rolling or water to douse flames
90 Clown adapts to local natural conditions like underwater, space or elemental planes, confers no resistance to native creatures attacks even if similar element to environment
91 Can open gate to world of dreams or nightmares once a week that lasts hour
92 Can imagine scenes that appear as a small cloud all can see, useful for exposition montages to tell stories
93 Summon gaggles of chaos clowns 1HD AC+3 d6 club one per level per day
94 Any one enemy in 6m concentrated on -2 on all saves
95 Can see dreams of others sleeping within 3m
96 Comunicate basic ideas with any intelligent being through miming
97 Imune to Poison
98 Invisibiliyspell once per hour
99 Create an illusionary duplicate like spell per level, each lasts for a turn, they can be set moving in routines of activity like a simple animation cycle to run or dance or distract
100 Swap a d3 attribute points into any mental attribute

d12 Apotheosis
01 Inflate to huge size float away into the sun
02 Swell up and burst to release smaller clowns that scuttle to safety from predictors
03 Swell to huge size burst to leave streamers and confetti
04 Laugh loudly rolling on the ground then burst apart in a gory mess
05 Sits giggling then melts into icecream like a mess
06 Tiny midget evil clowns cut their way out of the skin and go on murder sprees
07 Chaos jester transforms clown into horrific but brightly coloured demon clown
08 Body inflates into a circus tent full of carny folk, clowns and animals ready for the show
09 Starts to inflate but bursts leaving deflated loose mass of skin
10 Sit down sadly, turns into a painting on velvet in a gilded frame 
11 Choke on a joke, tiny clown funeral appears to bury the body 
12 Laugh at a joke, brain melts can do nothing but laugh while rocking 

d12 Strange Clown Encounters
1 Clown farm with clown animals
2 Carnival or circus
3 Clown house in village or city hated by locals
4 Feral clown cult in sewers
5 Clown graveyard was only one necromancer could find in a hurry
6 Clown chaos cultist puts on a show to recruit local losers
7 Rich man has clown menagerie and favourite breeding clown escaped
8 Clown Guild has a disturbing account of non guild clown outbreak and wants investigators and evidence to have them outlawed
9 A strange coloured tower appeared and giggling cowns sometimes emerge encouraging people to enter 
10 A clown has been snatching children and is hiding an area, locals mob want all clowns and bards rounded up
11 A nightmare clown demon has been taking victims to the nightmare realm
12  A were clown in among the village and is biting people in bed at night and scaring children

Any boring dungeon is better with clowns
Boring old snake cult become clown snake cult of the trickster serpant with killer sock puppet snakes and weird chaos clown snakes of oll colours 
There are probably anti clown spells and swords +4 vs clowns and cursed clown weapons like a club that mutates wielder when special powers used but is really cool. Temporary clown mutations in traps or potions might be cool