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Experimental Operations Command vs Gygaxian Ecology

These recently came out and got me interested in my Long Stairs stuff
Basically modern armed forces vs gygaxian monsters
Im gonna remaster my old PDF to be prettier and add some more content
I made some stuff for a con game also which were not in that PDF (see downloads)

These are by Christian for his "Into the Jungle Game\

The Game
Character sheet:

My original PDFAustralian army invading a sentient dungeon dimension through a gateway
Or stargate vs tomb of horrors
My redbrick dungeon was originally designed for this

Has several untrue facts on aboriginal history i will fix even though schools taught this and many Australians believe them. Revising this book shortly. One of my blog link pages devoted to this also.

Possible Extra Stuff to do

Lists of officers and personalities at three bases (about a third to half play time was in base).
Maps of base and local zones
Print out equipment lists and info for players
Need to get my modern era skills sorted...
More stuff to do in bases and more tables on carousing
I have used Earth kill squads as encounters in dungeons

This table could be handy for juniour murder hobos in a shanty town or dungeoneering corp from the empire in my normal setting. Home Base Missions In the various firebases near the wild dungeon all kinds of petty problems emerge especially from dungeon entities infiltrating the humans. In base missions are a good way to get to know base personalities and show the corrupting influence of the dungeon. These adventure seeds are more mysteries than combat oriented than the dungeon exploratory team missions. A table on missions dealing with things leaking onto earth will follow and possibly a black market mission table. It's as if the dungeon wants to contaminate invaders and the outside world. A home base mission and some carousing in between a dungeon crawl are handy.

d100 Home Base Missions & Mysteries

01 Stirges in home base have attacked personnel, search and destroy their nest
02 Outer tunnel patrols with listening equipment checking for burrowing creatures
03 Giant rats have gotten into stores, kill them and find where they got in
04 A mimic is loose on the base and has maimed and killed several personnel
05 Dangerous mould has been growing in the garbage and it has attracted giant crickets
06 Someone on the base is a lycanthrope, find them but avoid causing a panic
07 The morgue has been overrun by undead requiring they be destroyed quickly
08 Someone has taken classified scrolls and might try to use them 
09 A doppelganger was shot performing sabotage, search for more infiltrators 
10 Soldier was found dead covered in slime, was it murder or a monster?
11 Someone on base is a carrier for a dungeon disease find them fast
12 Someone has been selling black market goods on the base
13 A giant scorpion was shot on base, dissection revealed it had just laid eggs somewhere
14 Someone on base stole a cursed dagger, find them before it is too late
15 Someone was caught smuggling eggs out of the base, find their collaborators
16 Someone has tried to steal vampire ashes, possibly someone has been charmed
17 A deceased soldier had a map of an unauthorised cache on the base, find it
18 Rumours persist some soldiers conducting unauthorised interrogations seeking treasure
19 A red glowing gem has been stolen from the arcane science lab
20 Personnel have been approached by a devil offering wish for a soul, stop this
21 A imp has been causing mischief, spying on personnel and
22 Several sterilised guard and sniffer dogs have become pregnant, find out how
23 A captured wizard apprentice had detailed plans of the base, how did he get them
24 Several magic dungeon pies have been found in the cafeteria, how did they get there?
25 interrogation of some personnel in brig revealed they had memory loss of their crimes
26 On several occasions guards have been found asleep on duty
27 Several personnel have somehow been turned into dangerous sheet ghouls
28 Something has been stealing food supplies from storage
29 Tiny footprints in the motor pool possibly linked to missing truck springs and other parts
30 Something has been stealing rail sections between bases freight lines
31 Camp goat mascot has vanished find out where it is
32 A strange tunnel has been found big enough to crawl through, investigate it
33 Several personnel have been sleepwalking around the base at night
34 Someone has been taking landmines from the base perimeter
35 Several soldiers have been caught using addictive healing potions from the dungeon
36 Someone has been stealing uniforms and is up to something, find out who
37 Someone said they saw shadows moving on base, confirm if this is a threat
38 Video footage of a unknown officer has been found, find out who the stranger was 
39 Rumours are circulating about a monster bar in the dungeon, who started them?
40 Someone on the base has been dealing in wizard weed from the dungeon
41 Take flamethrowers and clean up the weird fungus in the garbage dump
42 Something seems to be living in the base septic tanks, investigate
43 Giant ants have been atracted to the base canteen, capture or kill the queen
44 The black market are dealing with a gang of dungeon creatures somehow
45 Some one on base has been making counterfeit items to replace ones in base lock up
46 Someone exchanged meat in the cafeteria kitchen with human flesh from the morgue
47 Cult paraphernalia including books and idols was found hidden in base warehouse
48 Someone helped a unsuccessful monster prison outbreak, find out who and why
50 A wizard has been cooperating with scientists but needs 24 hour guards in shifts
51 Someone tried escaping back to earth unauthorized with an invisibility item, find them

52 A new officer was found eviscerated in his office by something nobody saw, find it
53 Someone said they heard monsters in containment chanting, need close observation
54 Someone has been breaking into the morgue, who and why?
55 Several orcs have been willing to defect, some one needs to train and evaluate them
56 Kobold prisoners become pliable if they get drunk, interrogate several drunk kobolds
57 Black market have been trading possibly dangerous videos of nymphs and dryads
58 Some spiders on base are in fact baby giant spiders, someone needs to clean them up
59 Black market has been dealing in possibly deadly goblin and orc grog, stop them
60 Someone in a hurry left a USB in a officers computer, investigate possible espionage
61 Falsified records indicate men went on a unauthorized sortie into the dungeon, why?
62 Video logs of a dungeon mission have been falsified, find out why
63 Someone in barracks have been spreading rumours alarming troops
64 Some men have been trading wild dungeon food in base, find out who
65 Unauthorised stills and brewing kegs have been found on base, search and destroy
66 An experimental base garden has reported some strange plant growth, investigate
67 Supervise a proposed soldier vs orc prisoner team football match
68 Prison guards have been betting on monsters in unauthorised monster fights, stop them
69 A visiting politician needs supervision while inspecting the base
70 Someone has been adding confusing signs to base facilities, find the comedian/sabotuer
71 Someone is rendezvousing with earth based criminal cartels in the dungeon

72 Someone in the base has been leaving dungeon cult graffiti in bathrooms
73 Personnel have reported strange dreams of late about dungeon, interview them
74 Some items on base have inexplicably become magic, using a item search the base
75 A mimic has got loose in the base warehouse, locate it before it eats anyone else
76 Doppelgangers are infiltrating the base to escape to earth, search everyone on leave
77 Someone on the base has stolen transcripts of spellbooks from the cryptography labs
78 Someone on base is pregnant yet all personnel have birth control implants
79 Someone offering reward for recordings of a siren and troops taking taking bad risks 
80 A general is coming to make a inspection, make sure the base is free of surprises
81 A general is coming to make a inspection, make sure the trip happens without problems
82 Personnel have been gambling with undeclared treasure on base
83 Someone in rec room tried a Ouija board and had strange results, needs more tests
84 Strange feed on base camera system and monitors has been disturbing tech staff
85 Numerous baby monsters require lots of care and love to help scientist studies
86 Guests from another nation gate program are visiting and need subtle security detail

87 Strange lights and signs of haunting have been seen on base morgue
88 Something or someone sabotaged machine gun nests at the base gates
89 Kobold defectors have offered to help trap the base perimeter but need supervision
90 Glowing orbs have been seen floating on the base perimeter and spooking guards
91 Someone has been stealing trade packages used to befriend dungeon inhabitants
92 Base clocks and watches and video logs have had mysterious time gaps

93 Something has been killing camp guard and sniffer dogs in their kennels
94 Mystery packages have been found in base with strange magical effects
95 Several drones in the base have gone awol, find out why and stop it

96 Several veterans have experienced beserker behavior, develop protocol for this
97 Several priests on the base have exhibited miraculous powers and require monitoring
98 Techs needs help testing if monsters can be used as capacitors for energy weapons
99 Techs want to test if captured monsters can be trained like guard dogs or used as traps
100 Someone tampered with the base reactor risking the entire operation

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Ruins In the Wastes of the Eldritch Aeons

Scattered across the great wastes of the Eldritch Aeon are many ruins. Many are in high places from before the seas disappeared which helped destroy the ancient empires of the fish men and the amphibians and the empires that depended on sea travel. As the monster empires shrank and lost their grip on power the human barbarian hordes finished them off. Necromancers had a go for a thousand years but barbarians came and finished them off too. The current age restored the sun fully and released the gods. Many surviving horrors went underground and still lash out at humanity from their dank caverns. Barbarians are suspicious still of the civilised city states and watch them for signs of curruption.

10 000 years ago
The Dawn Age was when the newly formed world was contested by the old races and gods, Giants, dragons, demihumans and trolls
4000 years ago
The Dark age was when the monster empires conquered the world
1000 years ago

The Necromancer Age the first human empire using black magic
400 years Ago
The Eldritch Aeon is the current Age age

d10 Ruin Condition

1 Barley visible and mostly buried and worn
2 Visible foundations and some broken walls
3 Intact outer walls, most ceilings and interior walls gone
4 Badly damaged walls, no ceiling
5 Some ceilings intact 10%
6 Intact roofing and walls 30%, some holes and damage
7 Roofing and walls in serviceable condition 50%
8 Roofing and walls in good condition 75%, some paint still on interior walls
9 Roofing and walls in good condition 90%, intact paint still on interior walls
10 Eerily intact and well preserved with paint intact inside and some outside

d20 Settlement Builders
1 Arachnid ruins of the nefarious Spider folk
2 Amphibian ruins of the croaking Frog folk
3 Ichthyoid ruins of the underwater Fish folk
4 Reptilian ruins of the Serpent and lizard and dinosaur men
5 Cephalapod ruins of the vile Squid folk
6 Carrion ruins of the fiendish Vulture folk
7 Chiroptera ruins of the horrible Bat folk
8 Ruins of the horrible Worm folk
9 Insect folk ruins
10 Demihuman ruins
11 Giant ruins
12 Dragon templar ruins
13 Demon or devil cults ruins
14 Elder god cult ruins
15 Necromancer ruins
16 Wizard tower ruins
 Elementalist ruins
18 Beast Lord ruins
19 Troll Lord ruins
 Recent human ruins

d10 Who is hanging out here?
1 Cultists on a pilgrimage camped for rituals and recovery of relics 

2 Shanty town or camp of adventurers and a traveling merchant
3 Expedition from a civilized kingdom sent to loot relics
4 Wizard here to loot knowledge with students and guards
5 Barbarians here to kill any suspicious evil that might emerge from ruins

6 Beastmen seeking knowledge of their ancient empires
7 Demihumans guarding location from evil cults and races
8 Criminal gang of looters here to rob the dead
9 Goblinoids have moved in ruins out of laziness 
10 Orcs have moved in to set up a war camp using old fortifications

d10 Type of Ruin

1-3 Outpost
4-6 Village
7-9 Town
10 City

d10 Quick Ruin Types
01 Religious
02 Administration
03 Defence
04 Water feature
05 Residential
06 Mercantile
07 Agricultural
08 Industrial
09 Recreation
10 Monuments

d100 Ruins Buildings
01 Ziggurat
02 Great temple
03 Medium temple
04 Small temple
05 Shrine
06 Necropolis
07 Mausoleum
08 Tomb or crypt
09 Sacrificial plaza
10 Pyramid
11 Throne hall 
12 Courthouse
13 Scriptorium
14 Forum
15 Public square
16 Royal court
17 Harem court
18 School
19 University
20 Hospital
21 Fortress
22 Castle
23 Gate house
24 Watchtower
25 Prison
26 Watch house
27 Dungeon enterance
28 Executioners block
29 Wall
30 Barracks
31 Sewer entrance
32 Canal with weir or lock
33 Sacred pool
34 Bathhouse
35 Lighthouse
36 Boat yard
37 Harbour
38 Cistern
39 Huge bridge
67 Sacred pool
40 Aqueduct
41 Palace
42 Apartments
43 Town house
44 Hotel or hostel
45 Poorhouse
46 Orphanage
47 Ghetto
48 Commoners houses
49 Mansion
50 Homestead
51 Caravan house

52 Market place
53 Guild hall
54 Ware house
55 Work house
56 Treasury
57 Mint
58 Tax house
59 Slave market
60 Shopping mall or arcade
61 Granery
62 Brewery
63 Winery
64 Mill house
65 Oil store
66 Slaughterhouse
67 Bakery
68 Apiary
69 Stables
70 Cattle yard
71 Smithy

72 Foundry
73 Lumber yard
74 Pottery workshop
75 Weavers workshop
76 Glassblowers workshop
77 Brick yard
78 Quarry
79 Dyers yard
80 Tannery
81 Mine
82 Garden
83 Zoo
84 Museum
85 Arena
86 Colosseum
87 Hippodrome
88 Theatre
89 Tavern
90 Brothel
91 Circus and carnival grounds
92 Monumental archway

93 Memorial park
94 Public plaza
95 Monumental wall with carvings

96 Colossal statue
97 Sphinx statues
98 Column, needle or obelisk
99 Huge fountain
 Processional road

d20 Bonus Arcane Wonders & Magic Monuments

1 Alchemist Workshop where alchemists make potions and life
2 Wizard Tower where wizards study and live with students
3 Pleasure Dome where sorcerers guzzle drugs and have orgies
4 Hanging Garden where druids manufactured herbs and tended rare plants
5 Oracle where prophets, seers and soothsayers gather at a great temple
6 Gateway where demonic legions and gods were called forth
7 Gateway part of a long range transport system across the continant

8 Gateway to another world or ancient times
9 Floating building 1in6 tethered to ground
10 Colossal statue is actually a golem
11 Settlement was mobile once but mechanisms ruined
12 City is haunted by undead, spirits and any who die here join them
13 A network of underground tunnels, lairs and caverns
14 Entrance to underground kingdom where degenerate survivors or ruins dwell
16 Remains of a collosal magical murder machine
17 Great dungeon complex which reconfigures itself and repairs damage
18 Dungeon complex with intelligent malicious spirit magically repairs the dungeon
19 A sleeping army of ancients is here awaiting the right time to rise up
20 A great crypt containing a slumbering ancient evil god, kaiju or demon lord

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Non Human Villages Beyond the Frontier

d100 Non Human Tribes
01 Worm or Lamprey or Centipede or Squid pop 6d6
02 Fish or Amphibian
 or Serpent, Lizard, Turtle, Dinosaur or Draconic pop 10d6
03 Gorilla or Monkey or Possum or Baboon or Chimp or Orangutan or Lemur 
pop 6d6
04 Wolf or Dog or Fox or Jackal or Bear 
pop 6d6
05 Cat of Lynx or Lion or Panther or Tiger or Leopard 
pop 4d6
06 Elk or Goat or Horse or Zebra or Auroch or Sheep pop 10d6
07 Bat or Rat or Weasel or Badger 4d6
08 Rabbit or Hedgehog or Squirrel or Hare or Beaver pop 3d6
09 Raven or Owl or Eagle or Puffin or Vulture pop 4d6
10 Ant or Mantis or Beetle or Crab or Lobster or Scorpion or Spider or Wasp pop 5d6
11 Earth Folk of the mud, stone, rock and dirt tribes pop 4d6
12 Air folk of the cloud wind or sky tribes pop 4d6
13 Fire folk of the cinder, pyre, hearth or forge tribe pop 4d6
14 Water folk of the sea, river, lake ormarsh tribes pop 4d6
15 Magma folk come from the deep underland kingdoms pop 3d6
16 Metal folk fok come in various metals and mine their metal to eat pop 3d6
17 Crystal folk come from deep underland crystal caverns pop 3d6
18 Plant folk come in tree tribe, grass tribe, tuber tribe pop 4d6
19 Fungi folk of the mushroom or mould or toadstool pop 4d6
20 Mongrel folk made by wizards from reanimarted sewn together hybrid 
pop 4d6
21 Copper 
Dwarf red haired dwarfs often live under tree roots in forests with animals pop 4d6
Iron Dwarf are advanced stern black haired dwarfs live deep under the earth  pop 4d6
Halfling live in pleasant villages with lots of stores pop 4d6
24 Morlock 
Dwarves are cannibalistic machine tendering sadists from dee in the earth pop 4d6
25 Derro are malicious dwarvern manipulators serving chaos pop 4d6
26 Dark 
Elf are elves kin to winter, darkness and nightmares pop 4d6
27 Bright Elf are elves kin to summer, light and dreamlands pop 4d6
28 Eldren and elves who live on other planes or beyond the sky dome pop 4d6
29 Forest 
Gnome live in hills and woodlands with animal friends pop 4d6
30 Deep 
Gnome live deep in the underland and are pasty and grey and hairless pop 4d6Changeling
Diabolic Spirit folk pop 3d6
Angelic Spirit folk pop 3d6
33 Faerie Spirit folk pop 3d6
34 Tree Spirit folk pop 3d6
35 Animal Spirit folk pop 3d6
36 Land Spirit folk pop 3d6
Water Spirit folk pop 3d6
38 Demonic Spirit folk pop 3d6
40 Darkness Spirit 
folk pop 3d6
41 Gremlins pop 6d6
42 Kobolds pop 6d6
43 Goblin pop 6d6
44 Hobgoblin pop 4d6
45 Bugbear pop 4d6
46 Thoul pop 2d6
47 Norker  pop 4d6
48 Nilbog
 pop 2d6
49 Wild Orcs pop 4d6
50 Army Orcs pop 4d6
Arcane Trolls pop 2d6
62 Cave Trolls pop 2d6
63 Hedge Trolls pop 4d6 
64 Ogre pop 2d6
65 Ogre Magi pop d6

66 Cyclops pop d6
67 Hill Giant pop d6
68 Cave Giant pop d6
69 Bronze Giant pop d6
70 Iron Giant pop d6

71 Satyr pop 2d6
72 Faun pop 4d6
 Cave men pop 4d6
74 Wild Men pop 4d6
Centaurs pop 2d6
76 Lamia or Naga  pop d6
77 Medusa pop d4
78 Lycanthropes pop 2d6
79 Sphynx pop d6
80 Mermaids pop 4d6
81 Zombie
 or Skeleton pop 4d6
 Spectral minions pop 4d6
 Ghouls led by Ghast pop 2d6
 Mummy pop d685 Undead Spirits pop 2d6
 Wight pop d6
 Wraith pop d4
88 Spectre or Ghosts pop d4
89 Vampire pop 1 + 4d6 zombies
90 Lich pop 1 + 4d6 skeletons

91 Doppelgangers pop 2d6
92 Golems pop d6
93 Lilliputians pop 6d6
Mutants pop 4d6
95 Moon beast pop 3d6 

96 Mi-Go pop 2d6
97 Great Old Ones pop 2d6
98 Great Race d6
 Shoggoth pop d6
00 Tako pop 3d6

d10 Non human Village Stypes1 Reed shacks
2 Wood and hide shacks
3 Reed and plaster shacks

4 Carved out hollow in cliff or hill
5 Cave complex
6 Abandoned human mudbrick village
7 Ruined stone outpost with brick wall
8 Black basalt prehuman ruins
9 Ruined temple complex
10 Shambling ruined town

 Non human Village Features
1 Large ancient statue
2 Ancient tomb or crypt
3 Ancient graveyard
4 Wall with a gate
5 Deep well
6 Cave entrance to the underworld
7 Volcanic vent
8 Huge ancient tree
9 Forge
10 Market square
11 Monumental arch
12 Ancient pillar monument
13 Ancient mine entrace
14 Temple building
15 Ruined wizard tower
16 Granery
17 Ruined library
18 Huge earthen mound, remains of ancient city
19 Mound of bones
20 Alchemy laboratory ruins

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Wizard Towers and Tainted Settlements

So In my village and city generators there are evil cities and villages and towns. These are tainted by remnants of the various pre human empires when monsters ruled the world and the first human civilization the age of necromancer kings. So there are many settlements tainted by the past ages of evil. Barbarians especially hate them and destroy many, following from how they ended those former empires of black magic. Those that survive are well defended often by magic or natural features.

So firstly a repeat the cult table handy for random settlements from evil.
Then a table of evil features for such settlements,
Then A bunch of stuff for wizard towers.

d4 Main Evil Building Type
1 Wizards Tower - home to a wizard and his students
2 Evil Ziggurat - great ancient temple of a evil god with priests
3-4 Warlords Keep - ruined fortress of the monster empire or necromancer kings

d20 Settlement Cults
1 Arachnid Cult of the nefarious Spider folk
2 Amphibian Cult of the croaking Frog folk
3 Ichthyoid Cult of the underwater Fish folk
4 Reptilian Cult of the cosmic Serpent
5 Cephalapod Cult of the vile Squid folk
6 Carrion Cult of the fiendish Vulture folk
7 Chiroptera Cult of the horrible Bat folk8 Cult of the Worm, the fallen underworld god
9 Cult of the Insect, the million god, the great swarm
10-11 Elemental Cults
12 Giant Cults the enemies of the gods
13-14 Dragon Cults, the Dragon Templars
15 Demons Cults
16 Devil Cults
17 Cult of famous monster lord or necromancer King
18 Wizard cult often feigning religion or a secret society
19 Wizards school occupies the temple
20 Warlord personality cult or prophet fanatic

d20 Features of Evil Settlements
1 Gladiator fighting pits
2 Monster breeding pits
3 Cages of prisoners exposed to the elements
4 Sacrificial altar covered in gore
5 Flailed human skins nailed to walls
6 Ash covered podium for burning victims alive
7 Prisoners chained to walls or stock 
8 Huge symbol on plaza for public summoning
9 Gibbets or nooses with rotting corpses
10 Huge piles of skulls and bones 
11 Vultures, jackals or hyenas on the street
12 Walls painted in blood
13 Dungeon complex with entrances in street
14 Chained slave and auction post
15 Public torture park with stocks and torture machines
16 Harem of rulers lovers and courtesans 
17 Evil relic kept by ruler safe from enemies that grants them powers 
18 Sadistic prison holding captives of the ruler
19 Crumbling ancient monument
20 Ancients ruined citadel from a wicked age of magic

d10 Evil building materials1 Used evil clay tablets from black magic library as bricks
2 Using sections or walls from older structure with engraved art and text
3 Stones recycled from ancient monuments
4 Bricks dug up in a brick mine from ancient city
5 Black basalt blocks
6 Limestone blocks covered in calcium secretions
7 Black and gre or red or green marble
8 Plastered and painted with art over rough stone wall
9 Crudely built from irregular cyclopean stones
10 Volcanic back stones some cast in mould

d20 Evil Natural Features

1 Bubbling sulfurous pools and chemical deposits
2 Bubbling hot spring with mineral formations and steam vents
3 Vent of gas from the underworld d4 1=stinking cloud 2=death 3=visions 4=sleep
4 Lava pool good for sacrifice, execution, smelting and waste disposal
5 Dark well with Whirlpool to some underland or world
6 Dark well lair of some horible aquatic cave thing
7 Access to a underground river and cave network for travel
8 Access to underland realm with lost peoples and strange creatures
9 Mushroom cavern with albino giants and monsters and goblinoids and faeries
11 Mutant garden with bubbling portal to the realms of chaos
16 Sinkhole into gardens and ruined ancient shrine
17 Sinkhole into prehistoric cave temple
18 Tar pit with remains of ancient monsters and bitumin and oil deposits
19 Burning natural gas deposit
20 Salt lake seasonally dries in summer a stinking marsh in winter

d10 Extra Evil Defences

1 Cursed by undead, any killed near by arise as undead
2 Eldritch barrier of magic can be activated by boss
3 Surrounded by terrible weather
4 Enemies cross border all cursed with -4 to d4 1=hit 2=morale 3=HP 4=AC
5 Great unatural Aurora
6 Great Spirit or Demon lives underneath
Great monster lair d4 1=Sphynx 2=dragon 3=elemental 4=undead tomb
Great guardian golem or colossus or juggernaut
9 Ruined statues awaken as golems in times of peril
10 A phantom army of spectral minions can be called to aid by the boss

Inside a Wizard Tower
d3 Cellars
d3 Ground Floor Features
2d4+1 Middle Rooms
1 Crown Feature

d10 Wizard Cellar 

1 Cellar with junk and equipment and posibly some magic junk and valuables
2 Cellar with emergency stores for seigh including ammo and food and water
3 Monster murder maze guarding secret hiding place
4 Monster breeding pits
5 Horrific torture lab used to make d4 1=beastmen 2=chimera 3=shoggoths 4=orcs
6 Summoning pit attuned to another world or single entity
7 Prison & torture chamber
8 Black powder and alchemist supplies vault
Secret passage of hidden realm of the ancient ones
10 Undead crypt where the wizards true master dwells, a necromancer king
11 Boiler room with mutant servants lair
12 Alchemical glss apparatus making a new life form
13 Cells of failed experimental monsters used for new experiments or toys
14 Shrine to a great underworld power of darkness or one of the old monster kings
15 Bound demon entrapped in circle feeding the wizard more power
16 Crystal grotto with magical beings imprisoned inside
17 Bubbling springs cave grotto
18 Pool of protoplasm forming creatures and biomechanical structures
19 Pit of living darkness
20 Magical viewing pool

d10 Ground Floor Features 
1 Stables with pets and livestock, 1in4 with a chariot
2 Kitchen and servant dining area
3 Store room
3 Armoury
4 Smithy
5 Fighting pit
6 Prisoners hanging from cages
7 Guard area
8 Guardian monster on chain
9 Magical trap
10 Magical demon or spirit guardian

d20 Middle Floors

1 Alchemy research and potions lab
2 Apprentice dormitory
3 Wizards bedroom
4 Ornate dining room
5 Library
6 Summoning chamber
7 Vivisection lab with cells
8 Consort's boudoir 
9 Teleportation chamber
10 Magical laboratory
11 Shrine chamber with idold of gods, spirits, wizards and demons
12 Museum with mummy case, stuffed crocodile and other oddities
13 Dimensional gate chamber
14 Scriptorium with copy clerk stands
15 Art gallery and studio with paintings and sculpture, 1in4 with magic painting
16 Music room with many instruments
17 Games room with board games, cards, darts, chess, miniatures 
18 Magic mirror chamber
19 Familiars play room and classroom
20 Lounge with big fire, chair, pipe rack and hyperborean brandy

d10 Top Floor Crowning Feature

1 Observatory
2 Balcony with telescope
3 Ornithopter or balloon bay
4 Terrible burning ray sun crystal
5 Magical rainbow bridge carry you far away one way
6 Sacrificial shrine
7 Nest of horrific flying monster d4
8 Colony of animals d4 1=flying apes 2=bird men 3= 4=
9 Precision archer station
10 Bathing pool and luxury garden

d10 Evil master of Wizard Tower or Ziggurat

1 Master replaced with magical shapeshifter
2 Master enthralled by planar creature
3 Master is vassal of greater wizard
4 Master of a particular school 
5 Master is a lich or other undead
6 Master is mad with power
7 Master lusts after carnal love
8 Master wants power and to be feared
9 Master ihas another character class
10 Master is immortal or long lives

d10 Evil Ziggurat Features
1 Great ever burning fire elemental portal
2 Great fountain water elemental portal
3 Ornate archway air elemental portal
4 Garden and tree elemental earth portal
5 Demonic portal chamber
6 Shrine with sacred bed chamber
7 Sacrificial altar with waterfall of blood
8 Covered in fungus and giant missiles
9 Sunken with bricks turning to mud, flowing water and reeds on steps
10 Nest of flying monsters

d10 Master of the Warlords Fortress
1 Actually boss is shape shiftier
2 Sphynx, lamia, medusa or demon really in command
3 Bandits scum who occupied the ruined fort
4 Evil templar priest or knight serving a cult
5 Has a wizard adviser sent as agent by archmage
6 Has champion that rides some great beast
7 Master is undead servant of ancient necromancer
8 Master has extra character class
9 Has a evil priest adviser from a evil cult
10 Has supernatural pet, mount or guardian

d10 Warlord Fortress Features
1 Sprawling dungeon complex barley explored by occupants
2 Siege artillery weapons such as boiling tar, catapaults and bolt throwers
3 Sprawling cruel prison full of moaning inmates
4 Ancient necropolis haunted by undead
5 Crumbling galleries of ancient tablets of dark lore
6 Dangerous monsters in ruins d4 1=carrion worm 2=striges 3=giant lizard 4=giant rats
7 Evil monolith advises and aid leader with telepathy
8 Colony of beastmen from ancient prehuman empire
9 Ancient statues and monoliths of forgotten evil gods and demons
10 Crack in the earth leading to lost subterranean kingdom

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Village & Town Generators In The Elder Wastes

Eldritch Age Setting Stuff So Far

Strange Wizard Missions
Remnants of Lost Empires
Races of the Monster Empire

Wizard Wars 1 Causes and forces
Wizard Wars 2 Encounters and links
Wizard Wars 3 Rumours and treasure

Barbarian clans & decor + races and men of the wastes
City State Generators
Research Methods of Bad Wizards
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Defences suggested by JD from last post
Obviously the bigger the settlement the more of these they have
Its ok to have all of them in a big settlement

d10 Defences for Small Community
1 Trenches

2 Moat works
3 Wall ten foot high
4 Large Gate
5 Militia of all able bodied men
6 Everyone trained in slings 
7 Guard dogs
8 Guard geese
9 Watch tower
10 Signal fires to call help

d20 Defences for City
1 Trenches

2 Moat works
3 Wall twenty foot high with walkways
4 Mighty gatehouse
5 Militia of all able bodied men
6 Everyone trained in slings 
7 Archery corp
8 Chariot corp
9 Spear and phalanx corp
10 Heavy Infantry in armour
11 War hounds and guard dogs
12 Geese by all entrances
13 Mediated magic wielder
14 Fortified inner ward
15 Secret tunnels
16 Garrison
17 Armoury
18 Parade Ground
19 Watch towers

The further from civilisation the more likely you will find non human villages and camps. Beastmen and cavemen are among the most common plus demi humans. I might need separate tables for them.

d12 Village Culture & Tech Types

Hunters and gatherers in hide tents*
2 Hunters and gatherers in temporary reed and brush shacks*
3 Hunters and gatherers in mud brick huts*
4 Nomads with woven tents and thorn fences for animals
5 Nomads with waggons and herds
6 Barbarians in woven reed shacks
7 Barbarians with wood and hide shacks
8 Barbarians with mud brick buildings
9 Barbarians in carved stone buildings
10 Civilised herders and farmers in mud brick houses and fences
11 Civilised traders outpost with smithy and market with brick defencive walls
12 Civilised military outpost with watch tower and fortifications

d10 Village Population

1 Roll d20 due to some recent tragedy
2 25
3 40
4 55
5 70
6 85
7 100
8 115
9 130
10 150

d10 Village Ruler

1 Assembly of elders
2 Shaman or priest
3 Leader appointed by assembly
4 Leader appointed by holy person
5 Hereditary leader
6 Biggest bully
7 Richest person 
8 Wisest person
9 Chosen by omens
10 Leader appointed by larger settlement

d12 Village Features

1 Good water supply with stream, spring or well
2 Quality granary with years storage
3 Locals have disciplined militia of fighting folk
4 Village has quality herd and a famous breeding beast
5 All locals expert slingers from children to elderly
6 A huge famous tree possibly fruit bearing
7 A quality spell caster lives in village (Lv d4+3)
8 Secret tunnels or caves under village
9 Impressive great hall for feasts and functions
10 Retired famous hero lives here anonymously
11 Attractive person with special skill seeks a mate
12 Famous local food or beverage

d12 Village Problems
1 Livestock going missing

2 A witch or cult operating in area
3 Barbarian raiders taking livestock and people
4 Someone dug up something best forgotten
5 Merchants have had problem getting through
6 Someone is plotting to take over
7 A greater powers is trying to sway the population to join them
8 Bandits in the area causing problems
9 Monster seen in area
10 Important materials are scarce and needed 
11 Important specialist is needed to keep village successful
12 Sickness has recently gripped the village but you should be ok

d12 Town Culture & Tech Types

1 Hunter Gatherers with woven reed shacks and a wooden wall
2 Hunter Gatherers with mud brick, wood and hide huts and brick wall
3 Hunter Gatherers with circular mud brick complex and buildings stacked on top
4 Nomads with wood and hide buildings with walled areas for tents, waggons and beasts
5 Barbarians in reed and wooden shacks with fences
6 Barbarians in mud brick shacks with crude mud and wooden walls
7 Barbarians in mud brick buildings with low brick walls 
8 Barbarians in stone shacks with crude walls
9 Barbarian with huge earth work hill fort, wooden buildings and earthen walls
10 Warlord or wizard fortress with stone walls and intact ancient structures*
11 Civilised outpost with wooden and plaster buildings with wooden walls
12 Civilised  satellite town of a great city with mud brick fortified walls
*These are mostly enemy settlements and dangerous to visit, many are strongholds from the monster empire or the age of necromancer kings. They are avoided by decent folk.

d10 Town Population
1 150
2 200
3 250
4 300
5 350
6 400
7 500
8 600
9 700
10 800

d10 Town Ruler

1 Assembly of elders
2 Important priest or shaman
3 Hereditary ruler
4 Ruler appointed by holy folk
5 Emergency military ruler selected at start of a crisis
6 Assembly of merchants
7 Emergency military leader did not retire
8 Governor placed by a greater power 
9 Crafty elder elected by assembly
10 Usurper despot who seized power

d12 Town Features

1 Great walls and a mighty gate
2 A full granary
3 A famous market place
4 A famous craft workshop
5 In impressive palace 
6 A Impressive temple
7 Well armed and equipped professional soldiers
8 A school headed by a renowned teacher
9 A protective spirit watches over the town
10 A impressive graveyard
11 Carved stone monuments of ancients common in area
12 Bardic school

d12 Town Problems
1 Feuds with another settlement over water rights and irrigation

2 Clan feud is tearing apart community
3 Someone has been moving and vandalising border stones
4 Raiders have been attacking and stealing livestock
5 Recovered from a siege but some damage still
6 Slave workers on a project escaped and have become bandits
7 A new senior priest or shaman or wizard is required 
8 A dangerous cult has emerged as responsible for crimes
9 Many witches were recently burned or drowned and everyone on the edge
10 Someone once important sold everyone out to local enemies out of spite
11 Terrible omens have rulers on edge
12 An evil wizard in region has been threatening peace

d6 Hunter Gatherer & Nomad Cults
1 Ancestor worship
2 Underworld spirits
3 Nature spirits
4 Celestial spirits
5 Beast cults
6 Elemental Cults

d20 Barbarian Cults
1 Ancestor worship
2 Underworld spirits
3 Nature spirits
6 Elemental Cults
7 Giants Cults
8 Dragon Cults
9 Demon Cults
10-19  Beast Cults
20 City Deity

d20 Warlord & Wizard Cults
Remnants of the lost empires of prehuman times and necromancer kings
Mostly hostile and evil trouble makers
1 Arachnid Cult of the nefarious Spider folk
2 Amphibian Cult of the croaking Frog folk
3 Ichthyoid Cult of the underwater Fish folk
4 Reptilian Cult of the cosmic Serpent
5 Cephalapod Cult of the vile Squid folk
6 Carrion Cult of the fiendish Vulture folk
7 Chiroptera Cult of the horrible Bat folk8 Cult of the Worm
9 Cult of the Insect
10-11 Elemental Cults
12 Giant Cults
13-14 Dragon Cults
15 Demons Cults
16 Devil Cults
17 Necromancer Kings
18-20 Wizard Cults

d20 Civilized Cults
1-14 City Deity
15-17 Elemental Cult
18 Demon Cult
19-20 Wizard Cult

Some Notes on technology & magic
Cities are literate, use bronze, have priests and gods who are city patrons
Wizards exist in even stone age culture and are the first literate peoples
Barbarians tend to shun writing, metal and wizards
Shamans are like priests but deal with spirits and are lower technology
Shamans in civilisation are refereed to as exorcist priests or mediums
Druids are uncommon but most common with non civilised peoples
Druids in civilisation might serve in sacred gardens or in rural areas
Thieves are civilised in other cultures they are scouts or unpopular
Most gods are connected to a city state as the patron
There are no pantheons yet but some gods are kin or married or allies
Loose confederations of allied cities may declare their gods are kin
Pantheons are a product of empires and mostly shunned

Gods Bondage and feeding your gods

When a city conquers another city it will take the vanquished idol of the god to their temple dungeon so the followers of that god pay tithes to the conquering cult. Such gods are well cared for and priests will attend them with offerings if the tithes are kept up. Sometimes the god will be set free if a deal is reached or the peoples become allies rather than subjects. Evil gods are kept in deepest dungeons and mistreated. Destroying such idols is considered shocking and extreme and best done with the blessing of a god. Shrine statues are smaller and more portable and have many copies but get lesser versions of this treatment. The rich will keep idols f themselves in prayer in a temple to gain favour of the gods. Many keep trinkets or even bones of their ancestors or families to prey to when away from home or when they need luck. The main gods temples have many shrines around them celebrating various children and kin of the gods and even their servants like gate keepers, lamp bearers and porters because they might put in a good word to their gods for you. Streets and even households have shrines. Most commoners have buried dead under their floors worshipped as ancestors and even consider the hearth a shrine. If you don't sacrifice to your gods and ancestors they get hungry and might seek food themselves or be forced to eat excrement in the gloomy underworld.