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Broken Hill Locations for Gamma Oz

So this is a working map of adventure and interesting ruin locations to encounter besides what you could roll up yourself given the tables. Silvertown to the South the trade town will get same treatment map wise.

Local modern tourist pix

This is two reject versions of same project before i took more map oriented approach. Will recycle both of these. Will try again....

d10 Quick Location Types

1 Tourism
2 Shopping
3 Corporate
4 Science
5 Industrial
6 Faction Base
7 Monster Lair
8 Public Buildings
9 Residential
10 War

Broken Hill Locations for Gamma Oz

01 Museum of mining and minerals
02 Small art gallery
03 Sculpture garden
04 Race track
06 Tourist information centre
07 Overgrown garden
08 Football field

09 Ye olde pioneer craft shop
10 Art studios
11 Tourist merchandise and tour company
12 Large 24 hour micro mart
13 Supermarket often with d4 1=gang 2=undead 3=muties 4=robots

14 Takeaway drive through restaurant
15 Nightclub or bar venue
16 Sprawling arcade complex
17 Food court
18 Row of restaurants
19 Garage with recharge station
20 Row of specialty stores
21 Supermarket often with a gang
22 Bank building over several hundred years old
23 Broadcasting station radio or 3DTV
24 Telecom corporate building
25 Blue Steel corporation office

26 Transport company often with motor pool or garage
27 Supermarket corporation building
28 Energy corporation building
29 Chemical corporation building
30 Biotechnology building 

31* Black Lab of corporation or government with automated defenses and possible contamination. Popular with mutants and archivists and criminal gangs
32 Antenna array broadcasting short range power increasing robot population
33 Remains of lunar transmat station with space cult inside in secret seeking a trip to the moon
33* AI stronghold building following some peculiar utopia inside for inmates
34 Cyborging lab of military cult AI hidden under ruined building. Seek to take more bodies and tech scrap
35 Robot Super Store selling a popular brand of robots for house and office. Robots inside in hiding from human slavers, most virused to hate humans
36 Psionics research institute studying induced mutations and implants which eventually made it into nanite components and biotech. Dominator cult meet here to plan conquest, guarded by shoggoths and chimera
37 Android factory and command centre, 1in6 not virused to hate humans
38 Weather control bunker in ruins
39 Clone foundry crawling with strange misshapen cloned life by mad AI
40 Propaganda & Mind Control lab

41 Tool Barn retail outlet with automated warehouse worshipped by morlock staff
42 Tool Store small retail tool store run by old timers also dealing in antiques in very good condition due to robots
43 Mine structures mostly sheds with machinery and vehicles and old robots
44 Construction site semi built with solid lower floor, then with semi complete and up to skeletal condition on upper floors. Gangs have used to fight over for years some parts fortified
45 Train Station with freight and public tourist rail. Gangs occupy yards and buildings changing hands monthly
46 Industrial robotics and androids yard where machines revolted during war
47 Broadcast power array. If reactivated hundreds of robots and vehichles and vaults might awaken. Heavily guarded my robots and gangs keep explorers away
48 Vehicle yard with huge construction machines, vehicles and wrecked trains and even more ruined and rotting heaps. Scavengers look for parts here and gangs come for chance to kill a nerd
49 U
nder a ruined skyscraper under the city was a vac tube train station in the basement arcade

50 Storage cargo shipping pods in hundreds turned into a raider fort with increasing numbered of beast folk who plan to take over for Zoopremacy!
51 Trade town tax haven from Silver Town run by merchants guild
52 Tribal meeting place covered in artwork with colourful patterns and scenes of the gamma age. Shamen come here more often but big party here month
53 Feral Nu Earf Village where techno new age pagan grow food in fortified village with a armoured bus for a gate. If you give up all weapons you can enter, trade and come to their rave parties
54 Settlers Fort where allied settlers store food and hold out in bad times complete with a semi functional bunker underneath
55 Cult of the Atom church of ancients doomsday weapons and the benefits of mutagen exposure. Cathedral shrouded in fog in Rad Pits, many green skinned, hairless, potbellied and wrinkly humanoids in catacombs
56 Scavengers Bar a fortified trade post where scavs, explorers, mercenaries, bounty hunters and gangs visit

57 The Great Library, a stronghold of ancient knowledge and tech guided by a friendly AI, slowly become more of a cult who want top lock relics up. Most don't notice the rot 
58 Sharks Lair, a criminal gang who fight and lend money and muscle. Wear leather, grease and sing numbers during fisghts
59 Plague Temple inhabited by mutant flagellant monks immune to some diseases except for scarification effects. Some under their robes are rat folk spreading disease
60 The Great Council where a part lord united many tribes and cult lraders met long ago in the bad years. Chaos destroyed the band of brotherhood
61 Graveyard or basement where undead lurk by day
62 Huge lair of giant dangerous monster
63 Macrobe Colony covered in macroscopic bacteria and life
64 Green zone with thick vegetation for predators and often hostile plant life
65 Sinkhole, cave or collapsed basement lair of some family of creatures
66 Fortified ruin with beast folk tribals
66 Building overgrown with living protoplasm with tentacles
67 Radioactive and toxic waste dump, contaminated lair
68 Secret bunker full of mutants
69 AI in area assists creature in it's lair
70 Creature has dug a tunnel lair going into the earth

71 Library or museum of local and mining history for tourism battled over by cults as sacred place
72 Regional art gallery sealed by AI
73 Broken Hill Genetic Zoological park, dinosaurs and monsters made here
74 Bob Hawk underground space port, crawling with tech cults and science fans

75 Post office tower, home of major raider gang of the month
76 Police Lock up with desc, cells and detectives upstairs and a motor pool, Many have a evidence locker or cells in basement
77 Fire Department often contaminated from disaster work during war which might keep it unlooted
78 Hospital complex d4 1=undead 2==healers clinic 3=robots 4=cyborgs
79 Town Hall building often late 19th century decorated with columns in some cases. Many end up occupied by a cult or gang. Used by unions, masons, 
80 Church building often occupied by cults
81 Common ruined house
82 Town house complex
83 Apartment complex

84 Motor inn
85 Old fashioned pub hotel
86 Fancy hotel
87 VIP apartment
88 Settlers compound with gardens
89 Private modern house
90 Private vintage stone house 

91 Land mine field
92 Nano swarm weapon
93 Mind control weapon
94 Unexploded war head
95 Radio active bog desirable to mutants
96 Robot awakens reprogrammed for war by virus
97 Gangs fighting, minds replaced with opposing side propaganda mind control weapon, reliving ancient war with mind hack antipathic reflex to a faction of great war

98 Ruined trenches, sandbags and barbed wire
99 War memorial with statues
100 Remains of wrecked military war machines or installation

Broken Hill Locations for Gamma Oz
Older version I did before anything else and long before map done.....

d10 Broken Hill
1 Residential
2 Tourist
3 Mining and industrial
4 Merchant
5 Government
6 Significant ruin
7 Church and schools
8 Gang headquarters
9 Monster lairs
10 Bunkers

d100 Broken Hill
01 Caravan camp where larger traders camp if they have their own guards
02 Nomad tent town where several travelling clans come together to trade
03 Settler shacks where new settles moving in starting mixed business and farming
04 Managers house an upper class fenced house with guards where wealthy company bosses 
05 Station House admin buildings of the railway station has become ocupied by feral gangs
06 Fortified house built up to be reinforced with a watch tower by a gang or several families
07 Wooden stockade simple stockade where a gang or family live
08 Walled compound where some tribe or faction or family live
09 Farmers house where common farmers live
10 Mutant slum where poor degenerate mutants live
11 Visitors centre welcome station for visitors that sells drinks and maps and souvenirs
12 Aquatics centre  once a swimming pool now a fish farm
13 Sculpture park a large outdoor area with large scale artworks often built from vehicles or from rock
14 Regional art gallery  large gallery of regional and national and local art guarded by killer robots
15 Artist studio and gallery where a artisan works and sells are often with a few friends about
16 Motel one of many non gang affiliated motels where visitors stay
17 Palace hotel mostly caters to well of humans visiting town
18 Royal Exchange hotel  one of two biggest hotels with staff and even some robots left
19 Boarding house one of many cheap boarding houses many cater for specific groups and are often run by old women
20 Barracks militia or mercenary run hotel often with armoury and parade ground
21 Albert Kersten Mining and Minerals Museum
22 Solar farm a solar farm that powers most of the farm. Has guards and workers constantly working on
23 Miners memorial a huge public artwork to the mining ancestors
24 Mining company office office of one of many mining companies in the area many that buy slaves
25 Mining company store where goods are sold using the company currency
26 Mining cottages are rows of mining family housing
27 Silver City Mint former silver mint now tourist attraction and town museum
28 Historic rail museum a tourist museum with old time train displays with androids and robots
29 Perilya mine entrance one of several entrances into this mine complex in the town
30 Excavation site one of many areas and buildings dug up by looters 
31 Trade Hall where tradesmen and craftsmen meet to set prices and licences and auspice over apprentice ships
32 Radio Station there are a dozen of these allied to various factions and musical taste
33 TV station which broadcasts official city news
34 Sunday Market Park former park now where markets are set up daily with sunday the biggest day
35 Diner one of many theme restaurants with own favorite clientele
36 Westside plaza shopping complex full of smaller and several large stores. Full of gangs and some remaining synthetics and loot
37 YMCA ruined gymnasium and hotel complex with some automatons and a gang cult left
38 White rock historical sight a popular tourist site, white stone outcrops and model of icream cart of WW1 Era Turkish sympathizers had gun battle with police 
39 RSL Hall where retired servicemen would drink and play bingo
40 Far western health service ruined medical complex with synthetic staff on lock down
41 Court house where various criminals are taken to be lynched
42 Police station mostly sealed and intact with synthetic law offers inside 
43 Townhall  where various not glamorous city jobs based
44 Post office  where freight and courier services are based
45 Bus depot large shed complex with luxury hover coach bus wrecks
46 Airport  former airstrip with hangers and wrecked vehicles contested over by gangs
47 Railway station once ancient train station location now used by merchant caravans as well as vagrants and squatters in run down areas
48 Royal flying doctors emergency flight based medical service with sealed air car bay
49 Base Hospital Largest operating hospital in the region that teachers most of the local healers
50 City Council City mayors office in fortified old building defended by the militia
51 Holographic Adventure Park 
AI theme park where guests battle androids on a reality tv show ongoing since the apocalypse

52 Racecourse where all kinds of animals and creatures race on a weekly schedule that attract travelers 
53 Intercontinental vactube train terminal Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide or Canberra routes by huge once vacuum tunnels for supersonic maglev trains. Now just ruined megastructures but often attracts inhabitants
54 Bob Hawke Spaceport automated on security lockdown but has two shuttle bays and one functional ship that is programmed to reach a orbital 
55 Dinosaur Park resort of the ancients that bred the dinosaurs inhabiting the region
56 Pyramid of the toad men built from rubble by toad folkslaves to show the glory of toad religion. They regard it as holy
57 Queens Park Outdoor Cinema popular camping gathering place that shows films at night
58 Recycling depot where machines are fed raw materials and produce refined materials 
59 Correction Facility one of several micro prisons operated by factions or even the old automated corrections service synthetics
60 Queens Theatre a theater community put on various events and plays, travelling performers rent the location and it is popular with the better offs people
61 Cult Chapter House cult building of one of many secret societies and cryptic alliancs
62 Synagogue of Science cult that praise technology or science
63 Cathedral of the Apocalypse cult that praise the apocalypse and destruction of the old world
64 Tabernacle of the Atom cult that worships radiation and mutation
65 Afghan mosque a very old holy place of the afghan camel trains
66 School of the air which broadcast educational programs over wide region
67 Primary school where younger children went to school
High school where older children once went to school

69 Technical College where crafts and trades taught bu tech cult
70 Broken Hill University Ag Research a place of leaning and farm research
71 Militia post where forces of town hall watch dangerous areas of the ruined city

72 Criminal gang camp mostly d6 1=bandits 2=smugglers 3=drug 4=dealers 5=slaver 6=extortionists
73 Goanna, Kangaroo or Emu gang camp camped for seasonal get togethers with other allied clans
74 Canetoad gang camp pretending to be mercs and laborers and not serving their home nation in secret
75 Cannibal gang camp hated man eating tribes hated by everyone
76 Wasteland bandit gang camp come to town for kicks and killing most don't live long
77 Desert nomad camp where tribe gather while searching area for loot or food or trade
78 Feral gang camp where youthful gang of feral furies scouts and camps
79 Chaos mutant gang looking for victims and holding own terf
80 Purist camp where aniti mutant pro human religious fanatics camp
81 Gammadragon pit where a great kaiju dwells in its contaminated pit
82 Warborg or combat robot patrol area which is mostly hostile to all in it's patrol route
83 Android base where scout patrol of androids are spying on humans
84 Mutant animals lair where clan of beasts will defend as their own area
85 Shoggoth lair mostly a pit or a covered ruin the shambling thing shelters in to eat
86 Undead lair often on site of a graveyard, funeral service or medical centre
87 Beastmen base where animal hybrid tribe lives often in a stockade or ruin
88 Predatory mutant lair where something savage lives alone or in a pack
89 Killer plants or fungus beds where prey must travel through to get water or cross area
90 Burrow complex of mutant life usually in a hollowed out hill riddled with tunnels
91 Exterminator android bunker where anti human synthetics await the order to exterminate humanoids and life
92 Artist colony bunker where artists work in often small and run down but good conditions usually under the dogmatic command and taste of the leader

93 Undead bunker full of treasure where occupants killed by hostile nanite organisms
94 Mutant filled bunker often with contaminated or fouled life support systems
95 Robot and AI bunker with non hostile synthetics d6 1=dark secret 2=human pets in habitat 3=machine ecology 4=ignorant isolated humans 5=mental hospital 6=military

96 Survivalist gang bunker used as a fort by aggressive warlike band, mostly rusted out old hulks with armed clans camped in ancestral ruins
97 Outlaw gang bunker used as a base mostly ruined and crawling with vermin and criminals
98 Supremacist bunker where a gang of purist fanatics have advanced ancient tech
99 Forgotten bunker long hidden and in decline. Inhabitants are run down, degenerate and wary of outsiders
100 Hidden utopia bunker of advanced peoples with AI and synthetics living in secret and in hiding from surface

White Rock memorial to only WW1 deaths on Australian soil

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