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Curses! d1000 curses

Caster of a curse can roll using extra rolls from WIS bous in my game to select better outcome  for god or to help punishment fit the crime. Zak S did this helpful table

Please let me know if anything duplicated, confusing or needs a rewrite
Ill note updates at bottom but Ive made about 12% revision  since first posted

Saves vs Madness are DM decided but when they push curse to point where player wailing then character gets a WIS save and develops a mental illness over the anguish. More gothic lit madness than real madness. Could offer alignment shift.

Note: Zak S on g+ Mentioned some ppl would be displeased that some of these things possibly are problems to be described as curses. I did consider this - i could probably get same flack for all the disabilities and deformities here really for just the same reason - i even have vegetarians and racism here as curses. Such problems are worth noting. Its a curse because it is inflicted contrary to characters normal wishes. If you like it in the first place it isn't a curse. Taken to extreme many of these "curses" would be problem mostly from society in all its big dumb prejudiced mob glory. Race and assigning points for disabilities has always had problems in RPG games. When I refer to curse it is part of an ancient ugly mindset of the past and for the matter I would have a few curses by this table. Orlando one of best fantasy hero/heroines ever. Apparently a gender change belt has been around for years in DnD and is considered cursed. I would have thought they would sell well. I think

I probably missed the point here a bit and will continue to clarify this table more. Please continue finding my flaws here - is much harder than writing 10xd100 tables...

d1000 Curses!
Curses can include compulsive behavior, enemies, perceptions from others and society, increased hazards or risks, penalties on attributes, increased bad luck, allergies, deformities, mental illnesses, and medical problems. Suffering and facing consequences of curse makes a hero more human and more heroic.

1 Change alignment
2 Impotent, cannot enjoy sex
3 Change gender
4 Change sexual preference
5 Transvestism compulsion that starts small and grows more flamboyant
6 Change to Hermaphrodite or change gender randomly constantly
7 Constantly accused of espionage
8 Sterilised
9 Only Female offspring (or male for Amazons)
10 Malformed offspring
11 Bizarre tragedy kills offspring – Wis or struck by madness
12 You kill your own children – Wis or struck by madness
13 Children taken by monsters – Wis or struck by madness
14 Attracts Monsters – increased encounters
15 Overlook Danger – harder to find traps or ambush
16 Lose any game of chance
17 Cannot sleep –2 all rolls, -2 till sleep
18 Always sickly and weak –2 all rolls, kind of disgusting, -2 Cha
19 Cannot eat, mostly throws up –2 all rolls, Weak -2Con
20 Cannot stop eating constantly and carrying snacks, often not alert and will start fires, cook etc if left alone
21 Fumble – any natural 1 roll has worst possible outcome
22 Lose Any Business Venture
23 Cannot start a fire, hard to keep one going
24 Food all tastes bland
25 Blind one eye -1 hit, spot
26 Animals hate you
27 Monsters hate you
27 People you meet hate you
28 Black thumb – you cannot grow food, plant creatures hate you
28 You cannot find food for yourself in wild ever
29 Other worldly beings glimpse you and send minions to keep you down
30 Loved ones and friends all look undead to cursed 
31 Weapons break on any natural 1 roll
32 Knot helpful – Ropes nap, knots come undone, stuff falls off lots
32 Animals all grow sick near you
33 Fires start when your around
34 Battle confusion1in6 chance during one of first d4 rounds. Hit friend instead.
35 Re roll any athletic rolls you succeed in
36 Bad Crossings - any chasm, river, or natural obstacle crossing needs one extra roll
37 Bad Crossings - any cross road gets gets extra encounter roll
38 Imp torture –Imp follows you causing misfortune and tragedy while invisible
39 Lycanthropes hate You
40 Undead hate you
41 Sea Monsters hate you
42 Demons/ Modrons/ Slaadi or aa specific alignment planar type being hates you
43 Buildings Hate You – roofs need fixing, beds and chairs and balconies break, masonry falls
44 Rake addicted to vice including, sex, drug addiction, alcoholic, prone to lewdness and running with crazy gangs of like minded often privileged hooligans
45 Dreams under attack by sexual demons – Wis or struck by madness
46 Ghosts of those you slay whisper constantly – Wis or struck by madness
47 Weapon blunt and rusty -1 damage and to hit after you’ve touched them
48 Foul smell – creatures smell you coming, -4 Cha
49 Delicious smell – you smell yummy, everyone wants a bit
50 Parasitic infestation – worm, fleas, protozoa, fungi makes you hideous –4Cha
51 Must be the leader! You know best – ignore advice or even your own better judgement -2Cha
52 Obsessed with riding animals, must have best, always talk about livestock and ask every beast owner how animal performs
53 Desperately try to mate as often a possible, increasingly desperate and weird
54 Weeping wound -1d4HP different each day open smelly wound leaking gross stuff, -1 Cha
55 Lame -3 Move
56 Always lose initiative as if a zombie
57 Hair constantly growing – 1d6 inches per hour
58 Animals love you – people accuse you of theft, swarms of hungry beast follow you
59 Monsters love you (Dryads, selkies or hideous undead or worse)
60 Demons/ Modrons/ Slaadi or other otherworldy being love you too much
61 Rune Marked – gods brand of shame on your face, lets all know you are scorned
62 1d4 Demons arrive every midnight to beat you 1d6HP if you just let them – can attack in dreams
63 1d4 Modrons come every dawn to make you say prayers or beat you – can attack dreams
64 Any meat you try to eat becomes animated and crawls around like slugs
65 Any plant matter you try and eat turns rotten
66 You always get sexual diseases and spread it to every lover
67 Possessed – an hour a night you get up to no good and don’t remember
68 Possessed – in battle become berserk +2 Hit and damage, cant tell friend from foe
69 Lycanthrope infects you, starts as bad dreams
68 Horrible crimes and accidents keep happening near you by coincidence
69 Mistaken ID – always getting accused of being somebody else – constant trouble
70 -4 If ever attacking curse maker or his same type
71 Attacked when in privy chamber a bit too often can it please stop now
72 Only eat exotic expensive food stuff – always difficult or amoral to obtain
73 Treachery – a henchman turn on you, then another, etc
74 Nobody may teach or train you because they are not worthy too
75 The public will hear a horrible possibly untrue stories about the adventurer ruining their reputation
76 True Love – will be found and lost - Wis or struck by madness
77 Love Is Blind – embracing love object like goat, elderly prostitute, virgin priestess
78 Lovers always betray you – could even be false evidence planted by imps to ruin loves
79 Love will destroy all – inappropriate love object involved in dispute – slaughter ensues
80 Nobody loves me – constantly moan about lack of love annoying everybody -2Cha
81 Boats always leak when you are in them
82 Stylus and pen always leak and break ruining your penmanship, making your writing worthless
83 Cannot read or write
84 Cannot Speak
85 Deaf
86 Diseased – if cured get a new one
87 Your feces turn into gremlins at night 1d3 per day
88 Lose control of your bladder when talking to opposite sex
89 Uncontrollable diarrhoea and vomiting when meeting new people -4 Cha
90 Constipated, after 4 days -1 all actions, 7 days Con save or die if not treated by healer
91 Tiny faces  grows on your body 1d4 – you hear them abusing you and recommending awful things constantly
92 Devolution +1Str -1 Int – look increasingly sub human
93 Albino and hates light -2 to fight in sunlight
94 Pollute water – you contaminate local water supplies at touch
95 Forgetful – Extra Int roll to remember important facts or mind goes cloudy
96 Untouchable – everyone repulsed and keeps away -4 Cha
97 Holy or unholy water burns you like acid
98 Holy symbols repulse you if wielded by believer
99 Enemy clan start to eliminate your family and hunt you
100 High Lord of land hates you and uses your friends and kin to harm you first
101 Split into two opposite alignment selves who battle to survive and be true person
102 You and companions taken by fate to a lost world 
103 Entrapped with companions in haunted hell house cant escape till cursed killed or curse broken
104 You and peers drawn into pocket dimensional hell or abyss filled with horrors  
105 Children attack you on sight
106 Birds attack you in swarms daily
107 Rats attack you in swarms daily
108 Cursed unlucky omens surround you, most folk and humanoids shun you in fear
109 A god thinks you are arrogant and will spare you if pass a test your skill and if you humbly apologise
110 A demon believes you are a worthy trophy and will aid you and make you dependent on it's power
111 A modron wishes to judge your role in the cosmos, it observes you for a few days then decrees if you serve law (follow you about offering advice) or chaos (enemy to cosmic law and modron kind) more
112 A supernatural dream lover is a dryad or dragon or ghost of elf and produces a hybrid child with otherworldly kin and conflict 
113 A devil thinks you a good sort and sends an imp to advise you in business and ethics
114 A ghost baby attaches itself to you, crying, weeping and haunting you and your fellow inhabitants with illusions and nightmares
115 An angel visits you at night to evaluate your conduct punishing you with a blazing rod for transgressions1d6 per night damage but will leave you alone if near death and will not kill you
116 A deva showers you in sweets and flowers when you do good deeds in public, cults form and fight over your every word to the death
117 A deva showers you in sweets and flowers when you do good deeds in public, your popularity soars but church and state out to get you for heresy
118 Giant spiders creep from dark dank hidden places to menace you every night 
119 Alchemists want at any cost to use you in a experiment to create perfect human, they fuse you with chosen of opposite gender making you a 2 headed hermaphrodite
120 Flesh around skeleton and organs replaced by maggots or earthworms or snakes - Wis save or madness
121 Ancestors totem beast  restores some bestial features to your bloodline
122 Ancestors send visions of suffering in underworld, need cash to be sacrificed to save them! help!!!
123 Bury all your treasure so awaits you in afterlife, use traps and curses and mazes to defend if can afford it
124 Sacrifice all your treasure for the gods cheerfully
125 Spirits take you to underworld, alignment shift and altered behaviour
126 A god or demon sets you on a murder spree striking your loved ones first
127 Fall in love with dangerous or inaccessible person, possibly married already or sworn to chastity with powerful family and followers to stop your advances
128 Fall in love with dangerous magical, supernatural or divine being who believes you common, unworthy and beneath them
129 Flies swarm all over your food you must race them to get anything
130 You believe the lice on your body are a tiny civilisation and you are their god, you tell people about this often
131Your livestock, pets and mounts turn evil and look sinister
132 Your clothes animate, dramatically when talking, scaring people with your magic power
133 Only eat insects
134 Only eat worms or grubs
135 Quadrupeds like to kick or bite you if close, some like to spit on you or eat your stuff
136 Wear nothing but sack and ashes
137 Offencive and prejudiced towards outsiders of own clan or tribe, spends time pointing out lesser peoples imaginary and fanciful flaws, badmouth anyone anytime 
138 Wake up with slaver brands in house of influential master who declares you criminal if you escape
139 Only eat grass and bark
140 Constantly writing everything down in big journal every tedious detail, mostly badly written, if illiterate then just crazy squiggles you claim to be writing
141 Cant stand thought of animal cruelty, keep releasing imprisoned farm animals to wilderness
142 Crazy urge to cross breed monsters results in wasting your time and money and upsetting lynch mobs
143 Cry out for punishment of accursed, mutants, and anyone different at hands of rough mob justice
144 Try to start orgies whenever possible as if life a nonstop penthouse forum for playboys
145 Zealous puritanical streak, wear black and white simple clothing, berate sinners and preach strict values to masses no matter how unpopular, seek out a sect strict as you or start one
146 Enjoy beating people including other peoples children and servants preferably with a stick every day
147 All you want to do is settle down and live a ordinary life, pay your mortgage and have children with a normal job. Adventure and wealth are not for you. That just attracts trouble
148 Only one type of seasonal food like a nut, fruit or vegetable or leaf can feed you
149 Mad hoarder, buy property to horde your stuff, live like pauper and surround self with trash and crap you find but wont sell. Always willing to take share of loot in dungeon crap.
150 Obsessed with mating habits of others and monsters and feel need to tell everybody they are doing it wrong
151 Will not do anything without astrology reading or divination by some roadside hustler
152 Obsessed with phrenology and likes to measure heads and explain why scientifically uglier people more poor and stupid and amoral, like to collect cruel specimens that prove your theories
153 Convinced you are a powerful master of mesmerism and try to control others minds with your uncanny but imagined powers
153 Violently opposed to dancing, will do anything to stop inappropriate happy music and bodily movements, not invited to parties 
154 Madly anti drinking and vice will preach in public and worst places to convince criminal classes of errors, will ruin parties and try to destroy demon drink and brothels
155 Imagined spirits possessing people explains all problems, so kidnapping and amateur and potentially deadly exorcisms in order, victim needs a Con save to survive
156 Wizards need to be crucified then burned if they dont renounce their evil
157 Sorcerers are the root of all vice, drugs and immoral pleasure, need to be beheaded and burned
158 Priests are all deceivers and devil worshippers, try to convince everyone that gods are just big demons
159 Bards are spreaders of terrible music, inappropriate sex and violence and must be silenced, burn their instruments, writings and tar and feather them before they corrupt youth
160 Monks are evil fiends who kidnap, scrawl prayers to demons and can kill with a touch, somebody ought to wake people up to the problem and that person is you
161 Druids are horrible pagans that talk to beast and monsters and slow progress of human kind. Wherever druids roam, civilisation is stunted. They also practise human sacrifice and hoard gold, its time to hunt these fiends down and take their ill gotten gold
162 Warriors are mercenary blood suckers and bandits holding all to ransom. There will never be peace with them in charge and you have been inspired to save everyone from so called military aristocrats and their thug minions
163 Paladins are evil fiends killing children and worshipping demons in secret, the church has been duped and its up to ordinary people to stop them with arson and lynching, the king can still be  convinced to stamp them out and seize their land
164 Rangers are shifty spies serving foreign and inhuman masters, they serve the lords of nature waging a never ending war on progress and civilised people. They must be stopped before its too late
165 Rogues are the source of all societies problems, they are just thieves and crooks and killers with delusions of being gentlemen. They control vice so therefore stopping them would stop vice. If you could stamp them out everyone would be safer
166 Time for a witch hunt! Uppity women are in league with evil and must be stopped. Any that have cats, look ugly, live alone or complain are evil witches and must be stopped.
167 Warlocks are up to no good and have infected menfolk with devilry and evil, time to incite the mob to stop these wicked men once and for all. They tend to own everything, have positions of power and treat others as beneath them, time to turn their cruelty back on them
168 Poor people are diseased, criminals and a breeding ground for evil who must be purged, sterilised and euthanased 
169 Become obsessed with evil of another race, after a week you turn into one
170 Cannot be trusted near a drop or window, must resist urge to jump from heights, Wis save
171 If able to hold anything sharp must roll Wis save daily or cut self for 1d3 hp
172 You try to change your class if possible or just do best to act like a new class
173 Your eyesight stops you reading without glasses
174 You become a left handed if right currently and the reverse case also
175 Will not talk to or acknowledge lesser beings not of at least noble status
176 Fanatic masturbation fan
177 Collect depraved erotic and forbidden art, decor, furniture and books
178 Collect ideological pamphlets and political cartoons, considered treason and blasphemy
179 Secret police everywhere intrigued by you and your success
180 An Imp plants forged documents about you wherever you go
181 Lawmen think you look like your up to no good
182 Criminals and gangs always see you as a rival force to be dealt with
183 Popular bards spread lampoons about your cruelty and intolerance
184 Popular bards spread lampoons about your bizarre sex scandals
185 Popular bards spread lampoons about your bloodthirsty murder and robbing
186 Popular bards spread lampoons about your grave robbing of the ancients
187 Popular bards spread lampoons about your mean spirited selfishness and miserliness
188 Popular bards spread lampoons about your ancestry or just make stuff up
189 Popular bards spread lampoons about your stupidity, gullibility and ineptness 
190 Popular bards spread lampoons about your personal apearance
191 Teenagers hero worship you, want to do anything for you, parents hate you 
192 Children try to follow and copy you and grow up to be just like you
193 Collectors and keepsakes of you fetch such high prices that the collectable guild has put a price on your head to raise your merchandise worth. Idols, jewelery, rugs, fabric the works.
194 Statuettes and jewelry with your likeness appear in markets, friends call you a sell out, strangers call you a wanna be.When you change your look it becomes the next season look. Everyone but you makes money from your look.
195 Unstable fans follow you about and you become associated with their crazy actions
196 Criticize everyone's fighting style, schools, martial style, weapon choices as often as possible
197 Criticize everyone's clothing, personal style, haircut and grooming choices as often as possible
198 Never polite or humble before betters or acknowledge equity in anyone
199 Fight to the death is your true desire
200 Never surrender or back down or retreat from conflict
201 Containers break
202 Armour rusts loses one AC/month
203 Clothes keep falling off daily
204 Thieves love you
205 5% of your wealth diminishes every day
206 Bandits Love You
207 Awful suitors flock to you
208 Children cry within 20 feet – nanny's and moms hate you
209 Milk dries up within 20 feet – midwives and dairy farmers hate you
210 Termites love you and your property
211 A single bizarre magic being torments you every full moon
212 Your own kind and friends die around you due to ill fortune
213 Mysterious rotting flesh illness -4 Cha, everyone fears contagion, mobs want to burn you
214 Compelled to hunt a dangerous species of creature like giant. dragon or gorgon
215 Cannot stay in same bed twice
216 Compelled to exterminate a species
217 Doom Omen – all fortune tellers indicate to mob you are the great problem
218 Constantly hallucinate false encounters and lose friends trust
219 Bleeding constantly attracts animals, monsters and trackers
220 Runic Penance – magical face mark, tattoo or brand all who can see you and read see what crime you are accused of
221 You grow a hideous hump, people mock you, children are scared, -4 Cha
222 Giant Nose, people mock you, children are scared, -2 Cha
223 Scarified all over -2 Cha
224 Plant or fungal matter growing on you - 4 Cha
225 Elves love you and want you to stay in their menagerie, I mean great elf feasting hall with free gold
225 A common race hate you on sight as if some racial crime was perpetrated by you
226 Bugs and creepy crawlies love you and live on you
227 Bugs and creepy crawlies hate you, swarms attack daily
228 Horror flatulence makes -4 sneak and etiquette, -2 Cha
229 Irrational fear of outdoors, everything out to get you, can’t stand the sky or open areas -2 outdoors everything
230 Irrational fear of indoors, can’t stand the ceiling or being enclosed -2 everything indoors, walls are closing in
231 Paranoid delusions, sees evidence everyone all in on plot against you
232 Freakish Hair – changes to whatever you don’t want - outrageous beards, weird colours, bald, tangled, spider ridden
233 Horrible digestive emissions – you stink up the place, ruin toilets and everyone hates you
234 Ancestor spirits nag you incessantly about your deeds – Wis or struck by madness
235 Gaze of the frog god – you cannot jump
236 Gaze of the Fish Lord – you always sink and cannot swim
237 Gaze of the cat god – you find nighttime as bad as pitch black, your eyes never adjust you need light to see at night
238 Short sighted – don’t see anything in distance
239 Beggars love you – they hear your eccentrically rich and might give them a gold mansion if they beg enough
240 Tax man cometh – revenue follow you everywhere dreaming up fees and licenses for the lords of the land
241 Monsters sometimes are in your bed
242 All the suitors that like you are really monsters – nobody believes you
243 Gambling Bug! – you spend all your money and carouse constantly out of control
244 Alcohol makes you ill and stupid (more so)
245 Compulsive smoker – constantly using pipe and smoking at all times – must smoke something constantly or goes into coma
246 Wolves love you and follow your trails
247 Snakes Hate You
248 Evil Familiar – an Imp appears and declares your souls is his but in the meantime he will serve you and advise you
249 Pregnant with horrible monster – it doesn’t care if you’re a dude
250 Vinegar thumb – all wine and beer go off within 20ft – villagers hate you
251 Mildew – foodstuff within 20 F get spores from you – commoners hate you
252 Shoe Trouble – boots and footwear come apart daily needing lots of spares or a cobbler on hand
253 Horses lose shoes – any horse you ride on or in a waggon drawn by one make Dex check every round
254 Doldrums – Sailing ships won’t move with you aboard
255 Barge Arse – world acts as if your weigh quadruple, bothering horses, sinking boats, breaking floors
256 Rain Rain! – Constantly drizzles whenever you are near, seems impossible to get dry
257 Duelists Mark – everyone thinks you’re the guy to fight with to prove something
258 Horrible crime evidence in your bed often
259 Dead rotten animal appears in bed every night
260 Your true love is turned into an animal
261 Someone just like you came and killed some locals – perhaps the mob will solve this problem
262 Constantly mistaken for criminal – you look like trouble
263 Dungeon hates you – masonry falls on you, stairs collapse, doors jam
264 Your pets go mad and need to be killed – Wis or struck by madness
264 Bad back, carry only half
265 Succubi/Incubi steals your essence and creates a monster child to be your nemesis – grow fast
266 Witches Hate You and curse you again and again till this one removed
267 God Loves You, really loves you, mortal lovers don’t last long, scorning them gets you killed too
268 Flies love you and probably frogs too
269 You cannot sing, carouse, dance or any form of entertainment or sport or game -4
270 An evil clone is born to hunt and kill you
271 Assassins keep thinking you’re their target
272 The stars are wrong! – you always get lost if alone and even confuse other navigators by -4
273 An undead arises and seeks you every night
274 A bored god uses you for target practice, near misses upset locals
275 Gods bet on humans using you to test their moral quandary – horrible bizarre coincidences haunt you – Wis or struck by madness
276 Spirits hate you – anywhere you stay seems haunted as local spirits want you gone
277 Possession attempts by spirits and ghosts think you are a great medium
278 Screaming fits – break into screaming yells if fail Wis in stress situation
279 Leave Trail – cannot help but leave obvious trail outdoors
280 Bleeder - take 1d4 rounds bleeding for 1pt every first wound per battle
281 Brittle Bones at 25% damage -1 all rolls, 50% damage -2 all rolls, -75% -3 all rolls
282 A cult decide you are the enemy and devote themselves to your public destruction
283 Attacked in the dream lands, slowly lose 1hp/day
284 Obsessed with cursed Artifact, well known a disaster waiting to happen, but you don’t care
285 Foaming at the mouth – everyone thinks you are horrible and mad – Wis or struck by madness
286 Other worldly beings try to trick you through gates
287 Other worldly being tempts you whenever you’re in peril, want you to release them into this world
288 A ancestor tries to slay you to free them from own curse
289 Someone else has curse to hunt and kill you
290 Monsters always hear you coming and are prepared.
291 False Turn - confused and misdirected in dungeon during fight or chase
292 Dungeon re-stocks faster, may even meet the new shift on way in
293 Cowards Name – everyone has heard you are a shameful base coward who leaves friends to die
294 Liar Liar! – people don’t believe any of your stories, friends stories mentioning you sound bad, merchants fear you are a con man or robber
295 Death Dealer – Death follows you in battle and waits for you to fall into negative HP
296 Offend Everybody – People misinterpret your words and explode into violence
297 Dungeon Leaders mark you for death – if they kill you the hunamz will go!
298 Underworld God blesses you for killing so many, humanoids you kill come back as un controlled zombies
299 All metal you touch becomes tarnished and dull
300 Alcohol is poison to you
301 You drip water constantly driving you crazy – Wis or struck by madness
302 Unborn babies go blind within 10ft
303 Birds shit on you constantly -1d4 Cha just before any interaction rolls
304 Wheels break when you come near
305 Plants die under your feet
306 Dreams of underworld horrors – Wis or struck by madness
307 Potions turn to poisons in your mouth
308 Your treasury is infected by gold bugs who eat your coins 1-10% missing each inspection
309 Wanted poster with your name appear across the trade roads
310 Horrible prostitutes greet you at every turn
311 Rot grubs keep coming after you
312 Son of Kyuss grubs keep coming after you
313 Slimes and Jellies and Oozes love you and come out of drains to find you
314 Shrink gender characteristics – just make your parts embarrassingly small and weird and earn you laughter
315 An Imp or goblin or gremlins taunts you with horrible dilemmas – which baby will you save? Think the joker and batman
316 Mental hospital come looking for you and offer emergency trepanning’s – convince the state you are dangerous
317 Your acidic blood doesn’t hurt you but your armour loses 1AC every battle you are hurt
318 A deed seeking to give you an inheritance – really enemies of your house trying to kill you
319 Gremlins bug you often, blunting your tools, wrecking your equipment and other pranks
320 Your passage disturbs evils of the elder times who comes for your doom
321 Blood taint – have inhuman bloodline – enough to get you into trouble and be detected by certain spells and beings
322 Blood Gods Gaze – Impressed by your slaughter, you are given a cursed blood drinking blade (addictive) with an evil intellect or made a berserk
323 Cannot remove your hat – mysteriously situations arise constantly demanding you take it off – threats of decapitation and hilarity ensue
324 A magic item develops an appalling personality or other item like a frying pan might start up. Always find way back to you if you lose.
326 Enemies are compelled to attack anywhere you make camp or rest.
327 A parent or loved one comes and abuses you, possibly just a doppelganger.
328 A parent or loved ones ghost comes and abuse your dreams – Wis or struck by madness,
329 Kobolds follow you wherever you go, serving some god they devote their tribe to killing you
330 Knights have heard of your prowess and demand to battle you
331 A gremlin is inside you! – You see him under your kin swimming about causing trouble
332 Garrote curse – your neck is constantly assailed be enemies, traps, unlucky accidents, vines
333 You always drop what you are holding when surprised
334 you must make morale rolls like an NPC
335 At night an imp or gremlin comes to feed off your familiar blood nipple you have developed under your arm pit or other place
336 Lonely ghosts and spirits bug you out of boredom and for something to do
337 Whatever object you quest for tries to escape – ie jumps in river or teleports
338 Others get glimpse of you as a vampire from time to time
339 An evil villain of great fame announces you a his new champion
340 Cannot hit in unarmed combat, totally inept fighting style, bullied by wizards -4
341 Cannot use missiles, cross eyed and clumsy -4 missiles
342 Cannot wear armor or erupt in boils 1pt damage per hour
342 Shield always sags – no bonus as if unskilled
343 Forget favourite weapon proficiency
344 Forget random spell every day if no spells then martial style or proficiency
345 Every noise you make is worst possible, your shoes squeak, gravel crunches, -4 sneak
346 Guard beast always detect you
347 Important tool breaks daily
348 mind Parasites -2 Int
348 Intellect devourer -4 Int, – Wis or struck by madness
349 Yaun Ti Bloodline curse – you have taint awakened and the cult seek to make you one of them
350 Dragons hate you
351 Giants Hate You
352 Moles hate you – they undermine you and make potholes that kill your horse
353 Followed by vultures – they look pleased every morning to see you
354 Instruments break on touch, others become out of tune in 10 foot
355 Voice of the frog god – croak horribly when talking -2Ch except to Bactrian’s +2
356 Touch of the frog god – your skin is gross and slimy and secretes mild hallucinogens when sad
357 Spawn of the frog god – every body of fresh water you find you vomit up a gallon of frog spawn
358 Forget Legs, urge to crawl like a snake waste down, increasingly develop scales
359 Bread within 20ft of you goes bad, bakers hate you
360 Meat within 20ft of you spoils, butchers hate you
361 Gremlin in your pack, eats stuff
362 Haunted by toilet lobsters who somehow find you again with their nippers
363 Haunted by evil serpent – eat your kids, pets, potions, stings your animals, ruins your life, keeps returning
364 Crazy wandering wizards take an interest in you making life hell
365 Followed by losers everywhere wants to be a follower, needy, easily replaced by next one
366 Spiders hate you
367 Lizards hate you
368 Healers hate you - 1pt less healing from all sources
369 Pursued by fathers seeking marriage deals for their spawn and seeking legal proceedings against hero
370 Any land or place you occupy is contested by someone – even to thugs in taverns wanting a chair
371 Evil relative finds you to make life hell, they are a monster or cultist or some kind of crazy villain
372 Fuel burns 10x faster when you are within 20ft
373 Dogs love your leg, they talk about how hot it is to other dogs
374 Every missile weapon ammo you fire is lost
375 Village Idiots love you and come from miles around to find you, even extra-dumb monsters like you
376 Giant vermin hate you
377 Dinosaur hate you – everyone says there extinct right! – how come they come after you?
378 Every night ghosts come to rattle chains moan and disturb your rest, Wis to resist and get proper rest
379 Ancestor from underworld need cash and sacrifices pronto or perhaps loan your body
380 Demon, devil or Deva wish to procreate with you – send heralds to announce good news!
381 Keep falling in, stepping on and getting pelted by shit in as many forms as possible
382 When you start a fire other worldly creature look through and cause chaos occasionally
383 Everyone you kill has your face appear before their kinfolk
384 Diseased flagellants believe your touch will heal them, zealots follow you everywhere try to touch you with their diseased bandaged limbs
385 Fish hate bait - you’ll never catch a fish, even cooked ones jump off plate to floor
386 Embrace of the frog god – at night you almost suffocate from dreams of the frog god
387 Kiss of the frog god – covered in hideous warts, -2 Cha – will spread to your lovers and everyone knows it
388 Demon kidnaps some child relatives and threatens you to do his bidding or else! The kids are in a magic cage on another plane
389 Dance of the frog god, you hop instead of walk now due to your new skeleton changes – looks very odd
390 Everyone you kiss finds you repulsive and wants to be sick after
391 A god toys with you sending pests when life gets too relaxed like stirges, bugs, wolves, etc
392 When you fall into negative hits you burst into fire, burning you and anyone touching you for 1d4 damage
393 The mushroom god invades your dreams with some bad ergot infected bread – Wis or struck by madness
394 you become a Cyclops -2Cha, everyone hates you
395 Orcus likes your skull, additional 20% undead attack every encounter, he wants for his collection
396 Demons follow you and threaten to castrate you
397 Whenever you come close to dying imps appear ready to take your soul
398 Maggots keep falling out of you at bad moments
399 You can only drink alcoholic drinks
400 Monsters keep hitting you in head +2 to be hit
401 Old friend or family member or lover now hates you, convinced you are a vile traitor
402 Cant stop moving walking pace at least while awake, keep thrashing in sleep or sleep walking
403 Lightning rod – beware in storms outdoors, best keep friends away
404 Plague carrier - anyone inside 20 feet for an hour gets plague that carrier immune too
405 Soft flesh +1 damage every wound taken
406 Legs useless without crutches and prosthetics, need to use one hand with stick to stand
407 Synesthesia – swap two senses randomly – Wis or struck by madness
408 Reverse digestive tract – Wis or struck by madness
409 Cannot drink water – juice, milk, blood, urine, alcohol OK
410 Find everything hilariously funny laughs loudly at wrong times
411 Must kill every day – Wis or struck by madness
412 New personality takes over in your sleep of different alignment every day
413 Self-mutilation, Cha slowly drops over time
414 Every dawn eyes, mouth or some body part magically sewn up for day
416 No butt hole – have days to live, need healer to operate every time you go to bathroom
417 Dream or prophet or omen announces your coming death and several signs it is near
418 Talk to Invisible friend or lover – embarrassing crazy
419 Invisible childhood friend is a real being who causes mischief
420 Gremlin climbs out your body each night to cause mischief in your sleep
421 Convinced you are undead
422 Convinced you are lycanthrope and prone to mouth foaming and attacking others
423 Doppelgangers causes you problems everywhere you go
424 Extra Head
425 Extra Leg
426 Extra fingers
427 Tail
428 Horrible stench of the grave, carrion Eaters attracted
429 Tentacle polyps grow on you
430 Fungal blooms slowly turn you into fungus
431 Slowly turn into a tree, green flesh, need not eat seems ok till you take root one morning
432 Unholy – You cant enter holy ground and holy symbols make you repulsed. Holy water harms you
433 Flammable - +1 Fire damage per dice, sparks and open flame may ignite you
434 Undead awaken and sense you in area
435 Old friends and loved ones forget you like you never existed
436 Quest compulsion – always questing can never rest
437 Lice on you occasionally grow into giant insect vermin over night
438 Groin Itches constantly, -1 fight and proficiencies and Dex saves
439 Arrow Magnet - +2 to be hit by missiles
439 Nose swells and leaks phlegm constantly -4 Cha
440 Everyone else looks dead or demonic or otherwise tainted but you
441 Monsters seem as harmless as farm animals
442 Gore Hound – Deathblows explode victims corpses giving you rep as horrifying monster
443 Nocturnal – cant face the sun -2 daylight
444 Afraid of the dark and shadows
445 Fairy fire – you always glow with magical sparkles, +2 to be hit
446 Become more bestial turning slowly into a mismatched beast body part mongrel man
447 At night a body part detaches and has its own adventures
448 Shrink a class smaller
449 Glow larger but no stronger +2 to be hit
450 Supernatural parasites drain you 1d4 HP a day or 1d4 Lv of spells if a caster
451 Grow Horns
452 Hideous finger nails 1d3 claw
453 Hideous teeth, 1d3 bite
454 Spell Parasites -1Lv spell effects cast on you or by you
455 Skeletal – slowly turn into an emaciated skeleton horror
456 Slough off Skin – your skin sheds, leaving you a horror of flesh and sinew, can wear old skin like clothes and may need to keep hide for cure to ever work
457 Half your Int, forgetful giggling moron
458 Cannot Lie
459 Cant stop reading unless fighting
460 Clothes always turn shabby and even fall off
461 Smoker, constantly smoking wizard weed, stopping to light pipe, coughing, making a stink, offending people, always sharing and converting others to habit indiscriminately
462 You believe everyone
463 Indecisive, need others to help or will sit at cross roads till you die
464 Mute or speech impediment
465 Bastard – evidence of false and ignoble ancestry, earning scorn and hatred from prior kin
466 Join every bizarre cult you discover seeking truth in bad places
467 Change your race
468 The dead talk to you but you wish they would just shut up – Wis or struck by madness
469 Important personages family member claims you are parent of their child causing non stop troubles
470 Must ask to marry all women, say yes to first woman you meet who says yes
471 You believe you have special powers to detect evil – you attempt to torture and kill the innocent
472 You are compelled to be a slave to some humiliating purpose or group
473 You have crazy notions of freedom and justice making you rant your views in public and attracting the law
474 You discover you are chosen of a heretical outlawed sect
475 Amnesia
476 Spitting image of wanted criminal who is hated by commoners
477 Debt collectors claiming you must pay ancestors debt
478 Scandal revealing your family have dark secret ruining you all – cannibalism, incest, regicide, cult members
479 Suicidal – careless in battle and facing danger – will try anything
480 Narcolepsy – prone to falling asleep any moment not moving and quiet
481 Cackling witches taunt you, even in your dream – Wis or struck by madness, bad weather and ill omens follow you
482 Supernatural lover – bears your offspring and raises to hate you on another plane where they reach adulthood faster and hate you
483 Salt and battery – salty food and water damages you 1pt/rnd, even crossing a line of salt on ground takes a Wis save roll
484 Slowly petrify, lose 1Mv/week till ) then living immobile stone – Wis or struck by madness
485 You never spot traps and they all hit you
486 Age faster – lose -1 Str, Con, Dex per week
487 Swarm of insects constantly following you, upsetting horses, eating food, ruining wood, repulsing others
488 Reject Wealth – no interest in money, happy to be living in poverty
489 Enemies hunting you appear at awkward moments
490 Immune to healing spells and potions
491 Immune to first aid (but can be stabilised in negative hits)
492 Strange erotic fixation roll 1d6 1=Undead, 2=Common object, 3=Animals, 4=Clergy, 5=Other planar beings, 6=Dangerous places
493 Accept all duels and challenges
494 Extreme Alignment – You push your alignment on everybody and are always making justifications for your extreme actions
495 Blasphemy – You curse and befoul the names of gods and lords of power – more curses rain down on you
496 Heroic Destiny – you believe you are chosen and everything in world revolves around you and your epic life, you want to tell everyone lots
497 Brand of Hate – Your banners, shields and coat of arms keep changing, your heraldry humiliates you and cause endless feuds
498 Every day you vomit up tiny creatures which if left grow to monsters like slimes, puddings, oozes, usually only 1hp at first (some 1d4)
499 Transvestite - like to dress flamboyantly as opposite sex and have carny type fun
500 Madmen love you and do unspeakable things in your name
501 Sweet Tooth - only eat candy or cake
502 Mold Friend – monster type mound spoors spread from you leaving horrors behind your travels
503 Night Fiend – At night you grow bestial features -4 Cha, claws and fangs
504 Pregnant – where it comes out is your problem - normal child if can be removed
505 Pregnant – where it comes out is your problem, horrible monster bursts out of you leaving you only 1d4 HP. It escapes to haunt you
506 Hooves – your feet become hooves, cloven or split your choice
507 Monsters interrupt you eating and pollute your food
508 Unnatural weird coloured blood – others fear you and spread rumours
509 Jewels grows on your body – they make the greedy want to cut them loose
510 Diseased and dying flock to you for healing
511 Your goods become more tempting to thieves, bandits and monsters
512 Others see you as weak and defenceless
513 You can never find your way home
514 You cannot find building, cavern, room or dungeon exits alone
516 Something always warns your enemies when you try ambush or sneak attacks
517 Potions, drugs and herbs lose potency when you carry them
518 When you sneeze a nearby item like a wand or gateway is activated
519 Small chance of turning any nearby corpse into zombie
520 Nobody wants to pay you
521 Thinks ugly people are beautiful and vice versa
522 Fits of drunken hooliganism when you drink or left alone or with other hooligans
523 You wake up in strange bed every morning
524 Your followers turn on you
525 Your followers scatter, nobody will serve you
526 Cattle of the gods – anyone into human sacrifice believes you are extra special
527 Babble incoherently
528 Only fools and children believe you
529 Obsessed with item or collecting a type of item
530 Life is a game, nothing really matters
531 Cannibalistic urge, Wis to resist a snack
532 Believes is dead or undead
533 Barks like a dog, can hear self speech unchanged, everyone else thinks you barking mad
534 Fungal infestation -1 charisma per month, eventually become mushroom man
535 Hideously wizened and old looking x1/2 CHA
536 Drug addict, spends all spare cash and time, victimised by mysterious (possibly a devil) pusher
537 Only attracted by own family members or self lookalikes
538 Cant stop playing instrument
539 Only vagrant wanderers like you, everyone else thinks you suck
540 Obsessed with occult and forbidden lore, will be tempted to do evil to get more Wis
541 Albino, -2 in sunlight or get sunglasses
542 Turn into a adorable child version of yourself with cute equipment
543 When you sleep you walk about and prostitute yourself every night
544 Everyone thinks you’re a monster or elf in disguise
545 Everyone thinks you’re a spy
546 Believe cults are among us hunt and burn the evil ones in hiding everywhere
547 You see invisible imps make rude gestures to those around you constantly
548 You join heretical illegal cult
549 You cry lots, every fight or if any one mean or hurt around you
550 Night terrors, awake screaming at night
551 Eunuchs curse – keep getting groin injuries daily
552 Enemies always try to castrate or mutilate your body
553 Whole family cursed – roll again
554 Curse passed to your heir, roll again
555 Insist on paying damages to kin of all you harm
556 Become Ghost or spectre on death bed
557 Viva la revolution – help the peasants revolt even if they seem happy
558 Vain, always fall for flattery, stop to look in mirrors
559 Obsessed with playing games or gambling
560 Can only talk in riddles and questions
561 Monster loves you and wants to make babies
562 Must follow some bizarre custom, fight those who don’t follow custom
563 Plague Carrier
564 Must only eat stolen food
565 Keep waking up married to different people
566 Become follower of first person you meet
567 Horses and their kin hate you
568 Every boat you get on gets lost in a storm
569 Torture animals every chance you get
570 Foul all water sources on touch
571 Only eat one type of food, compelled to preach about it to others
572 Compelled to make and watch animals battle
573 An imp follows you and ads extras to your food and drink
574 A gremlin steals things and plant on you
575 Play cruel jokes on children, make them cry and hate you
576 abjure colour - cant bear sight of one colour of the rainbow or any shade
577 Every spell calls an otherworldly beings attention
578 Trip - roll Dex every round running or fall
579 Only eat inorganic item or thing - normal food makes you helpless and weak
580 Humanoid - turn into a humanoid like a goblin, orc, bugbear or other breed with bad reputation
581 Beast man - gain an animals head, difficulty speaking,
582 Surrender yourself to a great enemy
583 Slowly change into animal
584 Lay monster eggs daily
585 grow flippers, normal move rate in water, 1/2 normal on land
586 An outsider or undead recognises you as a reincarnated lover
587 An evil ancestor spirit tries to possess you, only when asleep at first, becomes increasingly blatant
588 An older/younger version of you hunts you - who knows what will happen if you kill them
589 A horror kills someone near by every night
590 Your ancestral plot is befouled awakening all your kin as undead
591 On death your soul is trapped in your rotting corpse, if lucky may become mad undead
592 You are turned into a small animal, only communicate with own kind
593 Sewerage is delicious candy to you, you have no shame in pursuit of this yummy treat
594 Your teeth all fall out
595 Your you develop compulsive shaving and remove all hair daily
596 Your arms and legs fuse into a snake like body with a human head
597 Your sexual characteristics become huge and uncontrollably move
598 You grow 1d4 extra faces and they are your best friends, each has a different alignment
599 You are covered with burning green fire or glow with golden aurora
600 You have a flaming skull head which does not harm you 1d4 to others
601 Drugs and alcohol and food bring you no joy
602 Lovers and their charms bring you no joy
603 Cursed weapon left for you by demons
604 Fingernails and toenails fall out
605 Your genitals have teeth and snap hungrily
606 Princess syndrome - you are overcome with need to wear latest fashions, eat the best, be seen at best places, outraged at every indignity inflicted n you
607 Pointed teeth and nails
608 Attention grabber - always tries to attract attention from others
609 You change bodies with your next lover
610 You change bodies with next being you slay, killing your own body instead
611 Monsters from your dreams take form attacking monthly
612 Demon amulet you cannot loose, always appears when troubled by peril, tempts you to release the demon into the world
613 Sleep for 1d100 years
614 Silver always harms you for double weapon damage
615 Stories and etchings of your supposed sexual perversions spread like wildfire making priests and lords condemn you
616 You crave being tortured and abused and imprisoned so you admit to crimes you didn't commit or commit crimes yourself
617 Tools and items you need are never where meant to be
618 Every music instrument you touch breaks
619 Every bed you try to sleep in breaks
620 Discover you were born with a tail, mother sends it to you in a jar
621 Will try any strange new food
622 Must try on any interesting clothes found and collect most fabulous
623 Insects talk to you and say horrible things to you
624 A cult announce you were a member, nobody believes your denial
625 You see hidden signs - everybody is being replaces or controlled by some imaginary species
626 Androgyny - people uncertain of your gender, invited to wrong parties
627 Monster thinks your its baby
628 Stink like a troglodyte when you feel danger - make yourself sick too
629 Chain attached 1/2 movement cant be removed or keeps coming back
630 Evil monkey lives on your back. Keeps returning and gives you fleas
631 Heavy Stone or headstone on your back 50lb weight, cannot drop
632 Demon inhabits your weapon feeds souls of slain to evil power, one day will turn on you
633 Your stools are volatile explosive pellets, your urine is mild acid
634 Whatever you wear looks filthy, ragged and food encrusted but you dont notice
635 Children scream at you on sight - they all dreamed of you killing them last night
636 Corrosive touch - weapons and armour rapidly age and fail on you
637 Iron harms you as if you were an otherworldly being +1 damage
638 Hear animals all make personal comments about you, starts to drive you crazy
640 Walk strangely all remember you
641 Inhuman eyes that blaze with horror
642 Cannot clean blood off armour and weapons
643 Always cold and chill to touch
644 Always hot and sweat to touch
645 Monstrous voice scares animals, children and most good people
646 See evil spirit in mirrors and reflections
647 Glass you touch breaks
648 Cups you touch shatter
649 Garments change to particular colour by curse slowly
650 Weapons talk to you and tell you to kill – Wis or struck by madness
651 Hands, clothes and face always filthy
652 Sleepwalk to deadly locations like graveyard or cliff
653 Sleep-murder innocents
654 The reaper appears near death and offers bad suggestions – Wis or struck by madness
655 Smile looks horrible and cruel and scares people
656 Crops and plants near your residence grow deformed and sinister
657 Sleep when others talking
658 Sleep one week every month
659 Forked tongue
660 Sleep in moments of stress (save vs Wis)
661 Mind swap with other person
662 Develop third eye
663 Turn into common animal by day hours
664 Stored food and drink goes off in 12 hours
665 Face becomes blank with mouth only, yet can still see
666 Turn into common animal by night hours
667 Other worldly being tempts you whenever you’re in peril, just want your soul
668 Blades blunt in your hands -1 damage, cutting food harder and messy
669 Offspring turns to a monster – Wis or struck by madness
670 Opposite sex hate you
671 lamps, candles near you go out if left alone with you
672 Always meet extra undead at night
673 Any boss monsters you slay are raised as undead by a demon 
674 Wood hates you - wood hafted tools break if you use them
675 You crack mirrors on sight
676 Urge to adopt all orphans
677 Urge to kidnap children
678 Stray cats follow you about, sometimes in hundreds
679 Stray dogs follow you everywhere
680 Increasingly skeletal features till look like bones
681 Everything you kill appears as tattoo on your body
682 No reflection
682 No shadow
683 Turn into ass
684 Turn into goat
685 Turn into toad
685 Turn into snake
686 Turn into horse
687 Turn into bird
688 Turn into child - no visible signs of ageing
689 Goblinoids think you are awesome, want to have your children, touch you, get some of your hair, etc
690 Demonic glowing sigil covers chest or on forehead, detects as evil (reverse if person evil)
691 Grow a beak like a chicken or duck
692 Always freezing cold and sneezing
693 Always feel hot and sweating
694 Fall in love with most awful persons again and again
695 Your children all betray you
696 Every drink you attempt turns solid, can only eat frozen chunks or drink pure alcohol
697 Always dirty, smelly and look shabby
698 Crawling in fleas and sores -1 Con and Cha
699 Clothes rot off you in four hours
700 Arsonist loves to start fires for fun every day
701 Only feel pleasure from torturing others
702 Eat everything you kill or at least have a bite if pressured for time
703 Birds tell everyone your personal business
704 An imp tells every monster lair you are coming
705 Your bodily excretions and waste are living pathetic creatures with little eyes
706 Devils advise your enemies on how to deal with you
707 Constantly accused of espionage
708 Change to Sexless, bits drop off – Wis or struck by madness
709 Ugly people believe having sex with you will cure them
710 Sing instead of talk
711 Only talk if rhyme
712 Covered in hideous boils -4 CHA
713 No sense of pain, DM hides HP tally
714 Priests of every faith want to convert you
715 Commoners and bards talk and gossip constantly about you
716 Everyone hears you are no 1 avatar of evil on world with terrible mission
717 Two tiny opposed planar beings offer contradictory moral advice, only you see them
718 A hellcat has come to be your new pal and damn your soul to evil
719 A hell hound follows you howling and killing innocents
720 Animals howl in your presence
721 Normal weapons break daily
722 Every day bugs fly in you're mouth or nose at odd moments
723 Soap, baths, hygiene or beauty products inflict 1hp damage on you
724 Vomit up blood at awkward moments several times a day
725 Wet pants every time surprised
726 Toads form in you underpants  hourly
727 Vomit up a gallon of pure green bile when worried or in argument 
727 You devolve into a gelatinous amorphous killer slime
728 Teeth in agony with tooth worms, -2 everything, pull out teeth to relieve
729 Head pain, -2 everything, want to chisel hole in skull to relieve pain briefly
730 Your lovers grow uglier every time you meet
731 Grow a beard of tentacles
732 Snakes grow from your shoulders demand brains to eat
733 Turn into a plump chicken
734 Turn into a pig
735 Turn into a dog
736 Your breath is nauseating to others, anyone close or kissing you make a Con save or throw up, -2 Cha
737 You believe you are a mythical or magical monster most think you a total nut job
738 Covered in thick curly hair739 Webbed feet and toes, +1 swim speed
740 Float on water like a witch!
741 Become addicted to illegal vice, make no effort to hide your problem
742 Constantly hungry and eating, add a pound every day
743 Turn into a fish
744 Dribble constantly, funny speech slur -3 CHA
745 Afraid of bugs, mice, rats, snakes - if see any get high as possible and scream
746 Poop pants if surprised
747 Always trip and hurt ankle if chased 1d4 dam, -1 Move till fully healed
748 Convinced one of your items is magical and gives you special advice
749 Nosebleed whenever meet someone attractive or exert effort
750 Fishy stench smell - animals notice 100 yards away, stray cats follow you
751 All doors lock themselves when you approach
752 All your slaves or servants or pets die or run away
753 Clothes fall off at least once a day
754 Highly flammable, hair and clothes ignite easily even lighting stove or lamp
755 Believe you are a tree, animals want to eat you and cut you down
756 Believe you are hilarious and try to brighten up dungeon murder sprees and diplomatic missions with inappropriate jokes
757 See the spirits of those you slay - eventually weighs on your soul WIS save or madness
758 Arms grow longer till knuckles drag on ground
759 Enjoy wearing freakish clown makeup at all times
760 Refuse aid from any religious person or divine power
761 Refuse magical healing
762 Thumbs disappear
763 Hands turn to jelly cant hold anything
764 Masochist, require daily thrashing, will offer to pay strangers if needed at any cost
765 Glowing brain increasingly visible through skull
766 Cannot talk
767 Cannot hear without a huge ear trumpet
768 Cannot see clearly, cant tell individuals apart unless within 10 feet
769 Black and white vision
770 No taste or smell
771 Blind
772 Everyone thinks you are an idiot
773 Everyone thinks you are cute and adorable like a child
774 Everyone thinks you babble incoherently
775 Everyone thinks you are making sexual advances to them
776 Your skin changes to a bright primary colour
777 You must make WIS save when you see blood or feint for a d4 rounds
778 Others blood is acid to you - take 1pt dam every wound you inflict on others
779 Develop massive cow or goat udders, provide party with dairy products
780 Will only keep coins and jewels if passed through your digestive tract
781 Spirits of disproving ancestors remind you of every failure
782 Fall in love with and marry horrible person, you only see best in them
783 Gold coins you touch turn to lead
784 On death you become a zombie
785 On death you become a ghoul
786 On death you become a wight
787 On death you become a shadow
788 On death you become a phantom
789 On death you become a spectre
790 On death you become a moaning spirit (banshee)
791 Infected by wererat
792 Infected by were hare
793 Infected by devil swine
794 Infected by were badger
795 Infected by were bat
796 Infected by were snake
797 Infected by were raven
798 Infected by were weasel
799 Infected by were boar
800 Elves try to take you to fairy land as a slave by tempting with food, magic or sex
801 Wherever you stay ghosts awaken
802 Goblinoids seek you constantly
803 A orcish twin of you senses your location and seeks to kill you
804 Hunted by a monster of equal HD
805 Horrible plant pod person copy of you seeks to supplant you
806 A doppelganger of you causes trouble across land yet keeps distance from you
807 Poltergeist attacks and haunts anywhere you stay
808 When your enemies meet each other they become friends and allies
809 A crime syndicate or gang cause you or kin trouble constantly
810 A monster raises your dead kin as undead slaves to taunt you
811 You can only communicate by whistling
812 Everyone around you look like they are beast men to you
813 Hit friend if roll natural 1 on hit
814 Drop weapon if roll natural 1 on hit
815 Shatter weapon if roll natural 1 on hit
816 Hit self if roll natural 1 on hit
817 Old and crippled x1/2 STR CON DEX and move
818 Your body turning into living gate for otherworldly invasion 
819 Elder god places evil artifacts for you to find
820 Elder god reveals you are descended from a otherworldly horror WIS save or madness
821 Elder god reveals you are descended from a dark sorcerer who needs you to live again
822 Only you can stop a apocalypse nobody else believes in but you
823 Attract interest from witch hunters, inquisitors and zealous fans of persecutions
824 Elder god sends you visions of his busy minions working on destroying your race
825 An evil despot looks just like you
826 Always see monster instead of true reflection
827 Imp leaves evidence of fictional betrayals near your allies
828 Hole in your body, part of your body and soul imprisoned by demon
829 Demon holds loved one or kin hostage, gives you list of dozens of people to murder
830 Demon holds loved one or kin hostage, provides instructions for you to ruin a kingdom or leader
831 Demon holds loved one or kin hostage, makes you perform atrocities
832 Always end up covered in dung
833 Ex lover becomes a witch and seeks your ruin
834 Every night dream demons torture and kill you - WIS save or madness monthly
835 Every night dream demons force you into attending a monster orgy - WIS save or madness monthly
836 Fights and squabbles break out around you all the time
837 One leg cloven hoofed
838 Grow tentacles or crab claws for hands
839 Quest for a relic or item that stirs up powers of the world
840 Quest for secret of eternal youth
841 Hunt for the questing beast (can teleport), leads you to places needing help
842 Quest for personal property of a god
843 Unnatural attraction to animals rather than humanoids
843 Not attracted to own species or race
844 Urge to burn any paper or books on site
845 Urge to write name on walls in town or dungeon in big letters
846 Cant help but abuse an insult bards, minstrels, messengers and storytellers
847 Old people all think you are uncouth, rude, insulting and horrible
848 Children hate you, draw cartoons of you on walls, sing songs and play games about you
849 Babies born in area look more and more like you, angry husbands conspire to kill you
850 Your alignment becomes opposite of last stranger you spoke to
851 Wear a ridiculous hat like paper crown or dunce hat, cry aloud till put back on
852 Followed by a graffiti poltergeist that writes obscenities and threats everywhere
853 Try any substance you find to see if it makes you high
854 Rumours you are a witch, heretic, baby eater, devil worshipper spread like wildfire
855 Accidentally kill your loved ones or kinfolk
856 Reincarnated on death - spirit will never rest
867 Shed your skin like a snake once a week, freaks people out
868 Need water on skin every 6 hours or lose a hp
869 Adorable bunny ears and tail
870 Ass or donkey ears and tail
871 Evil self steps from first reflection every day to cause trouble
872 Huge weird pointy teeth and overbite
873 Smell delicious blood in everyone you meet, WIS save to resist feeding on bleeding dead or wounded
874 Pets hate you and become aggressive
875 Animal attack every day
876 Invisible Imp steals and pollutes food and fowls your bed at night
877 Gremlin colonies sense you from miles away and are attracted
878 Addicted to elf or faerie food, waste away every day lose a HP if fail CON Save
879 Only eat food cooked by orcs or goblinoids
880 Irrational fear of poisoning, everyone out to get you
881 Irrational fear of monsters, they are hiding everywhere and in disguise
882 Witch hunting mania, obsessed with finding and killing witches
883 Obsessed with magic trivia, curious enough to harass every spell caster, strange looking being or monster about magical powers, secret, private or members only means nothing to you
884 Every vehicle excites you, you catalogue your observations, tell everyone about them and harass anyone with a vehicle about performance, torque and other tedious trivia that drives everyone away from you
885 Irrational fear of birds or reptiles or rodents or herd beast or other group
886 Irrational fear of invisible demons and devils behind everything
887 Irrational fear of spirits up to no good troubling everyone
888 Irrational fear of darkness makes you terrified
889 Irrational fear of wealth, everyone wants you for your money
890 Irrational fear of of magic and spellcasters
891 Irrational fear of violence, must avoid combat and flee if possible
892 Irrational fear of blood, cant stand sight or touch
893 Irrational fear of weather
894 Irrational fear of plants and fungus
895 Irrational fear of animals - they are out to get us
896 Irrational fear of priests and the gods
897 Irrational fear of undead monsters
898 Irrational fear of disease and contagion
899 Irrational fear of goblinoids or beastmen
900 Irrational fear of species of demihuman
901 Believes can speak any language
902 Believes can speak to and befriend animals
903 Believes immune to poison
904 Believes cannot die in battle
905 Believes can jump safely any drop
906 Believes in quack healers and prophets, they recognise a sucker
907 Cant refuse a bet
908 Cant refuse request for help
909 Likes to scarify loved ones
910 Boasts outrageously about everything and believes own hype
911 Shows no respect for superiors or rulers
912 Shows no respect for sanctified holy ground
913 Shows no respect for gods
914 Cant keep secret, blab about everything to everyone
915 Offend all teachers and trainers of exotic skills or spells
916 Expose yourself indecently and increasingly often, work up to streaking in city or dungeon
917 Sit around eating as much as possible getting obese
918 Attract flies or moths or mosquitoes or fleas or ticks or bedbugs
919 Constantly get splashed by horses and carts, potty dumped from windows, puddles always deeper for you 
920 Priests single you out as needing to be saved from life of sin and depravity, they just know by looking at you
921 Vegetarian, you have urge to lecture others about it every chance, even enemies in battle
922 Menaced by thieving squirrels, occasionally one has plague
923 Believe smearing feces and dung all over self makes you mighty
924 Believe monsters just need understanding and a chance to be friendly
925 Believe monsters deserve charity and try to collect money to give them
25 Like to pull beards on anyone you meet, makes you laugh out loud
926 Adopt all monster babies and give them loving home, they are adorable
927 Must have more cats - you can never own enough
928 Bathe twice a day, wash hands after every battle and before every meal
929 Strange sexual compulsion costs money and ruins any current romantic relations
930 Monsters mutter your name in prayers, shaman teach your tactics and techniques 
931 Believe that beavers up to no good causing floods and dropping trees on people, warn everyone
932 Visited by sky spirits in bed at night, now you want to tell everybody about them and the humiliation they heaped on you
933 Collect string, twine or cord or bits of wool to add to your ball, when gets bigger than you, can still roll it about, it is your precious
934 Cover self in lewd tattoos and spend as much as possible on compulsion
935 Every sunset and dawn you must crow like rooster
936 Obsessed with collecting ordinary everyday objects like a type of tool and gather as many different types, must hoard and protect from other jealous collectors at any cost
937 Kleptomaniac pick up stuff and try to pick pockets constantly
938 Outrageous fashion victim must wear best, be brightest most stand out in any group or event
939 Give everyone unwanted untrue medical advice in patronising manner till lose all your friends, obsessed and always talk about health, crazy diets and strange exercises
940 Drink your own pee daily, start to get called "piss breath", nobody will kiss you
941 Must collect trophies, at least a stuffed head or ear of every monster or enemy you kill, use to decorate your home and self
942 Decorate yourself with gold, silver and jewellery as much as you can afford
943 Always borrow and lose money on stupid schemes, gambling, whatever. You end up owing money to nobles, banks, gangs, mad wizards, temples and debt gets worse
944 Lose inch in height a day till bug sized, stuff does not shrink
945 Declare you are ruler of made up land, wear a crown and talk about your wondrous home  constantly
946 Dress in bizarre identity concealing costume and at night fight crime and injustice
947 Everyone should be equal, encourage peasants to rise up against the kingdom publicly
948 Refuse to pay tax, tithes, loans or anybody, hoard your cash whatever it takes
949 Everyday bathe in your wealth, rolling around in your material goods, but gold coins best
950 You require 1d6 gold pieces to eat a day
951 You require a written document to eat every day or a book a week
952 Keep all your currency into gems and swallow again and again to keep safe
953 Poltergeist gropes members of opposite sex near you all the time causing trouble
953 Never wear same clothes more than a day
954 Spend all money on religious monuments, probably to offended god or own god
955 Seek out most decadent, corrupt and depraved companions for horrible parties
956 Mast have as many virgins as possible, daily if possible
957 Only find extreme elderly attractive
958 Only have sex if you and partner dressed as beast men, become increasingly public in behaviour
959 Become a dirty pervert, spending hours spying on opposite sex in secret, become more blatant and hated
960 Decide you are an artist in a field you have no talent for, spend all your money making unwanted art and dressing outrageously, real artists might hang about you for cash but really hate you
961 Every time you sleep you awake with a bed with a d100 rodents under the covers
962 Remain horribly drunk or high all the time, -2 everything and CHA
963 Masochist who seeks pain and injury, pay for it if not getting enough
964 Sadist who seeks to inflict pain and injury, pay for it if not getting enough
965 Only eat raw meat, enjoy covering face in blood every meal
966 Cannibalism must eat member of own race once a week
967 Will bet on anything
968 Only eat dairy products, preferably straight from mammal
969 Insult every barbarian you meet
970 Threaten everyone you meet with terrible powers that only you believe exists
971 Make public claims to every throne and hereditary title
972 Publicly declare self enemy of crime, take on every gang or mob
973 Constantly writing your mediocre and embarrassing memoirs that others always amused by despite your serious intent
974 Challenge anyone to duels at slightest offence
975 Eat as many monster genitals and testicles as possible for imaginary heroic powers they grant you
976 Hideous parasites pops out of you at inappropriate moments
977 Self proclaimed legal expert, explain and argue rules constantly, inform monsters and enemies of their rights and yours
978 Convinced you are a great poet, tell everyone you meet, write terrible poems, try to talk in bad rhymes with made up words if needed
979 Boast you are greatest fighter in world and tell others at every opportunity they are weak and cowardly by comparison
980 Sacrifice your level in HD of animals every week if possible
981 Smoke comes out your mouth constantly, belch out fire occasionally
982 Only find deformed, crippled or mutants attractive
983 Use your imaginary curse powers on everyone who crosses or slights you, publicly declaring what foul thing you wish for them
984 You don't want to be seen using magic items so give them away or bury them or sell them all
985 Spend all your time and money on a single obscure charity, preach about it constantly
986 Everyone assumes you are a prostitute, law hassles you, strangers and monsters proposition you
987 Everyone gets your gender wrong or thinks you a eunuch
988 Animals love to crap on you and your property
989 Word gets out you swallow gems every day, bad people and monsters keen to find out by dissection
990 Don't eat using hands, bowl or feedbag fine for you, messy and offencive to polite customers
991 You collect dolls and make custom ones of your friends, you spend all your money on collectibles and storage and want to show everyone your latest item
992 Enjoy wallowing in and eating rancid liquid meat slurry, would keep a pit for this purpose if possible
993 Anywhere you sleep becomes damp and is increasingly rendered uninhabitable
994 Can only eat liquid food like soup, gravy or custards
995 You keep leaving bloody hand prints everywhere you have been, some take 24 hours to appear
996 All music, poetry, art and natural beauty does nothing for you
997 Every time you pee it bursts into flame and burns out as if bottle of oil
998 Everywhere you go you are accused of having stolen property
999 Roll twice above
1000 Roll 1d4+1 times above


I will put some extra ones here in future as some above may disappear if duplication occurs
ive spotted a few needing amendment but this a good start

have altered on 26thAug
229 and 230, 399, 404, 406, 533, 673 727, 737, 883 and 884
have altered a few things and made some dupes more divergent
Discovered 100 missing curses??? fixed


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  2. What happened to 101-200?

    Also, damn that's a long list! I'm really impressed!

    1. I noted a few typos and repeats.

      #30 - Them?
      #288 - Oddly worded
      #456 - Typo?
      #427/#838 - Tail
      #214/#841 - Questing Beast
      #900 - Mast?

    2. thank you - id seen those dupes but lost them
      unsure of 900 mast but reworded anyhow

  3. crikey something not copied over - looking for the lost curses now, where could they have gone?


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