Saturday 29 December 2012

A quick Gamma Game

This actually happened before the last post. Have been working on tables for various dungeon zones for long stair but i realize they would work in my normal DnD so ill continue working them for future. My parents ended up sick so xmas was cancelled and I hung with friends clan instead so all good. Friends coming out of the woodwork starting to happen. Happy new year if you dont see me post again before then.

Impromptu gamma world game

Caught up with John and Richard who I used to game with weekly plus for over 10 years. Had a quick gamma game with both playing unstable mutants and went through GW2 famine in fargo. As usual the bizarre powers and happenings managed to surprise all. GW2 is one of my fave modules and is a nice start for a game. The automated chicken factory AI and its out of control experimental mutant chickens are classic gamma. Firstly it subverts the real world and takes everything up a few notches.  My players felt sorry for the chickens and were happy to drive them off with fear and kill all the eggs and infants with life leech. Chicken bandits will thrive in the woods for decades. Putting chicken and GM combat troop DNA together probably was not going to make great workers who wouldn’t mind their kin being farmed. I can imagine Cyclops chickens and apes getting along in the anti human war.

Richard played Ritz Hilton, a gentleman steam punk biker on  a crusade to spread eco friendly steam tech to backward folk on his steam traction velocipede cycle. He was unstable with mostly mental powers and a poor dual brain. Fear generation and beguiling (foe uses weakest weapon) were other notable powers. He had electrical generation as his temporary power. He managed to look human, getting pretty tight skin when he was afflicted with a minor cosmetic power. His mustache is all natural. Specialized motorbike cavalry fighting expert starting with a rapier and a derringer pistol.

John played Miyo, a caveman humanoid with a multi-coloured fur body with a bullet head, barrel chest and short legs. He had been an ape slave and tracker for years and had since escaped and joined the local constabulary. A bit scared by tech he has a bunch of Stone Age kit and an Axe made from a I beam. He managed to develop loose wrinkly skin at one point. His idea for improvised shelter building came in handy every day so I’ll make it a regular skill. Being able to make rad-rain proof shelters in a hurry, camouflage to hide Richards bike, etc all proved handy. He has lots of hp and several defensive powers like force field, regeneration and mental control of body. He began with water dependency as his random mutation for the day.

The unstable mutant type is a bit inspired by the current edition of gamma world. Basically they have one mutation rerolled every session/game day and may physically change even may revert to human appearance. Babies kept together need id tags. Other mutants don’t trust them as tainting their bloodlines. The law is suspicious they may be criminals wanted for some face they wore months ago. But if you need a scapegoat unstable mutants are very handy. They usually get more survival skills and have slightly crappier tech and home tables.

The bike made life pretty easy and the avoided encounters and move swiftly for the most part. A damaged bridge took them half a day to repair costing them all the time saved so far. But less encounters over all. While camping under a bridge, a robot cop came to question them. Managed to convince robot they were minors and it failed to contact their parents, social workers or back up so it let them go with a warning and a moral lecture.

The biggest threat was 6 racial supremist knight of genetic purity. Two were knights with riding dogs and lances and scale mail. Four were footmen one with a needler pistol. Richards fear power messed up most of the mounts and broke up the Knights before they got into melee. John shrugged off the needler poison but Richard went down while driving away. John pushed the bike away and hid in the woods. John's TK hand was quite nifty too, chasing knights with spears and snatching their weapons.

The guys managed to scare away most foes – both have high mental scores. Mostly cyclops chickens who are very hostile to humans. While most got away with weapons, a few dropped some guns and ammo. They rid the factory of anomalous chicken men and killed a tree while recovering fuel for AI and bringing frozen chicken patties to peoples of Far Go. Managed to change powers and got some new powers from the berries in the forest of knowledge. Richard got life leech and john got carapace and anti-life leech. Now they have to live with the other vampires and outcasts. They scored a laser pistol, Thermal IR Laser rifle, some .45 magnum pistol ammo, a fusion rifle – no atomic cells thought). Not a bad grab bag of stuff.

The party using stealth, speed and fear managed to avoid most encounters quickly and painlessly. Im quite enjoying so many battle in this game are not fatal. 80% of battles end with both parties retreating. Grenades seem to contribute to the most total kills of groups and players usually try and horde these weapons and fear destroying loot. Typically whoever holds the tech gets the most attacks. Leaders and weapon holders going down is demoralizing for teams plus nabbing high tech is its own reward.

May play again but would like to get a Long Stair game started too. May get 2 more sessions done here.

I will need to get my mutation tables done because I do want to stop characters mutating themselves too crazily. One poor player started a flammable albino insanely afraid of robots. While there are risks in being mutated the odds of getting awesome are better. My main goal will be if you get 10 mutations to roll on more horrible cosmetic mutation. Human looking mutants might not be noticeable, but eventually too many mutations ads up. Something like this:

Minor – for those hidden mutants and basic humanoids
Webbed toes, foreshortened thumbs, pointy ears, lumpy forehead, coloured hair, buck teeth, coloured skin, hairy, hairless, sharp nails, coloured eyes, big nose, forked toungue. Minor psychological aversions and preferences like nocturnal are common

Major – for hideous hybrid monster 10+ mutations
Horns, fins, plastron, claws, hooves, backward knees, no neck, pincers, tentacle hands, squid face, prehensile feet, flippers, trunk, tail. Various mental compulsions of greater severity like bloodlust, violent, carnivorous, constantly aroused, polymorphous sexuality, fear or dark, fear of robots, fear of sky.

Horror – for those devolved into shambling  protoplasm 20+mutations

Tentacle, eye clusters, transparent flesh, tentacle growths, mouth clusters, eye stalks, bag of flesh, feeding tube, fold out jaws, extra limbs, extra face, brain growths, enlarges sexual characteristics, glowing organs, plastic flesh, huge membrane, mute, shed skin, slug foot, slime covered, dribble slime constantly, plague carrier, urge to produce offspring, urge to contaminate others, reproduce with anything. Mental problems include moronic, constant need to eat, constant need for sex, homicidal, unreasonable pacifism, multiple personalities.

A fairly big project but I’m still working on it. One suggestion was to break into body parts like hit locations. Im visualizing the mutations more and more as being connected with man made mutagens designed to destroy morale, cause internal dissent in enemies and turn people into living weapons. Others allow interspecies hybridism, reanimation after death, psionic powers, behavioural mods and worse. There are no natural cells in the 25th century, gamma world is too deadly for 20th century life. Radiation tends to reactivate mutagenic nanites and bioengineered cell fauna and makes them interact in strange new ways.

Friday 28 December 2012

The Long Stairs – tools and weapons

sorry not getting up but no net where Im staying
have written descriptions of dungeon zones for next few posts in a day or two

uploading this one for players in game now

More Long Stairs – Underneath Down Under. Went quite well 3 of my longest gaming companions Richard, John and Michael. Each made a specialist and a soldier for the first game. 0 level DnD with automatic weapons, grenades and gun Drones.

After training party went through various landings before reaching 3rd landing and their first cakewalk. Sent to repair some cables and see an operational forward guard post they camped with 2 other squads at a Junction near a cyclopean zone and a redbrick dungeon complex. They watched a squad enter the red brick and relaxed to clean equipment and talk to the dungeon vets. Orcs attacked and killed their guards, and grenaides killed 3 men and injured 2 more in the machine gun nest. While 20 orcs charged with melee weapons, a hundred and twenty bullets cleaned them up. The re secured the perimeter with claymores and cleaned up the wounded - one just saved needing evac and another battered but walking. Michael's Iman and medic patched them up. A drone detected a growing band of 40 more orcs chanting and calling more of their foul kind.

A bomb heli drone killed many orc working themselves into a frenzy and 30 more charged the camp. Mostly mowed down in 2 rounds of heavy fire. Zulu dawn came to mind.

The redbrick dungeon door bell sounded and a battered lone trooper came out. Men questioned him and the Iman-medic was suspicious of the wounds. Chandra the drone pilot started asking the man personal questions. He flipped and turned to his true doppelganger form and attacked to be shot unconscious and locked in a trunk. Support was coming in but the two sergeants agreed a search for the missing squad was needed.

They found the remains of a Russian gangster treasure hunter booby-trapped with a grenade and hand spun hair string trip-line. They took his papers and a few kilos of loot, then began looking for the missing men. They met 4 hobbit who traded sandwiches for gold coins but couldn't really speak English. Every door was feindishly trapped and they found two more bodies, one hanging from ceiling in a bear trap. They recovered what they could and had a rush of kobolds. The tracker tried to drop a grenade ahead of them and got knocked out by a club as he pulled the pin. The blast killed him and most of the kobolds and the others were met by shotgun blasts.

They found some gold, and a magic salt and pepper shaker and a magic paint set. The tracker found what he thought was a pendant from a long lost auntie but he only lived five minutes after. Three troops were found in a room with an idol and a building up supply of flamable gas. As they carried out the men the last was singed by a trap activated singe but survived. They made it back with the three unconscious men and were praised for surviving, rescuing men and quick thinking. Aproval from the sarge got them friendlier treatment at the base.

So the Iman-medic became a Cleric, the drone operator a sorcerer, the trap finding soldier became a rogue and the rest were warriors. Next they went exploring a Cyclopean zone, prehistoric ruins with forest, various reptilians and alien ruins. They encountered various ruin and avoided crocodiles, piranha, some kobolds. A great white carnivorous ape tried to grab Chandra and got sliced in half buy gun fire but it was pretty close. They awoke a hibernating yithian who advised the to leave the basalt plugs in the earth alone and requested he get back to his nap with another 2 million years to go. They found a mummified sleestack, some purple worm eggs, a deranged senile Nazi in the wreck of a flying saucer, saw a raptor and several shambling flesh horrors get eaten by crocodiles. Turns out they were coming through a broken teleporter. They avoided a shambling horror and saved two stupid mute eloi from some morlocks and found some broken technology and took some gold polyhedrons from a sleestack ruined lab. Overburdened with additional persons they returned to base. Th nazi didn't exist on any paper no surprise but the eloi were basically slightly modified humans and have been housed at second landing and now help the menagerie staff. Care is taken to protect them from exploitation which they seem vulnerable too.

Basicly a fun new start to a DnD game with outrageous fire power. I look forward to them taking a longer trek and possibly running out of ammo and drones. There was a good sense that the orcs and kobolds only were just stopped so it remained exiting. Once they reached 1st level they chilled a bit and were a little more confidant. One specialized in machete. The rogue under my version of the class benefited with abilities the most which worked well. Another game next saturday.

Operation Rainbow Serpent
The entire “downstairs” theatre of operations and it’s control apparatus and military and administrative personnel are included in this project. Including Lucas Heights (Back up entry and labs), Maralinga (the Botany Bay gate), Woomera (Quarantine, R&D and Labs) with some links to the US Pine Gap Bases (personnel will travel through here to US gate operations).

Opened in the 50s with Maralinga Tests, there is a long history of cooperating with UK and USA. The surface is a secluded military airbase. The subterranean hanger enters into a first stage base which includes fake downstairs simulation arena for training and testing. Many personal here never go deeper. A train line connects all stations. Each is fortified with remote activated minefields, electric razor wire and drone weapons. There are two lines for personal and one heavy freight line. Up to 400 personnel are based here.

Second stage is technically down stairs and is a site for storage and study of xeno fauna, xeno artifacts and xeno methodology. It includes what is basically a motel complex with swimming pool, gymnasium, and recreational facilities for personal needing R&R from the third stage. There is also a hospital with facilities for front line combat injury, mental health treatment and a long term recovery section for classified ailments. Up to 600 personnel are based here.
The third stage is front line and combat ready. It has a secure vault style door with a secure kill zone surrounding it. From here troops are stationed on rotation and go on missions into the zones. An armoury, field hospital, basic labs and xenofauna containment building are the main feature. Up to 300 personnel are based here.

Teams From 3rd Stage
Recon Teams – Explore new territories and perimeter or downstairs territory
Forward Patrols – Patrol territories, especially near mining and survey zones
Survey Teams – Make accurate maps, document interesting locations
Science Teams – Teams of scientists study biological and geological sites
Contact Teams – Study and contact non-human species

Combat Team

Lieutenant, Sergeant, Corporal
6 infantrymen
one specialist (sniper, demolitions, hand to hand, medic)
Exploration Team
Sergeant, 4 infantrymen
4 mission specialists (biologist, archaeologist)
1 Lead Mission Specialist

4kg 4 days food
4kg 2 weeks preserved rations
4kg Water canteen, plus filter and water purity tabs
8kg Sleeping bag, groundsheet and tent
1kg First Aid Kit
1kg Long life flash light/lamp – can be used as baton
.5 Long life flash light weapon mount
10 glow sticks
4 Flares
Hand cuffs and 10 cable ties
1kg 3m Rope
.5kg Survival knife with compass, saw, fish line and hook
.5 Maps and signals book
1kg Machete
.5kg PDA – personal data accessory – military iphone
1.5 Helmet, radio Headset, helmet cam
9mm 20 shot automatic pistol
2kg Combat Helm with camera and headset jacks +1AC
Holy water and silver dagger often issued)

Other Stuff often supplied
12kg 18m rope, grappling hook, pitons, hammer, loops, climbing stuff in bag
5kg Grappling line gun
4kg Camp Stove
4kg Trade kit – beads, razors, candy, shiny things
1kg Low light goggles
6kg Field Surgeon Bag
1kg Gas mask
12kg Inflatable raft, 4 man tight fit with 2 paddles
1kg Digital SLR optional _1kg lens kit
12kg Battering ram for 2 or 3 users
4kg Breaching tool or fire axe
1kg Hatchet
2kg Crash suit
4kg Armoured Vest (arrow and knife resistant) AC+2
6kg Chain Shirt AC+3
8kg Breaching Armour +4 - bullet resistant Move -25%
12kg Chain Suit AC+5 Move -25%
14kg Polycarbonate partial plate +6 Move -25%
17kg Reinforced Breaching armour AC+7 Move -50%
20kg Polycarbonate plate armour AC+8 Move -50%

Weapons (most fire 2 per round or 2 bursts of 3 pistol 10 Rifle or 20 SMG)
most fire 2 per round or 2 bursts of 3 or 10 or 20
Many pistols have 3 shot bursts
Most combat rifles and shotguns can fire 3 or 10 shot bursts
All SMGs and some pistols may select 3 or 20 shot bursts

Flamers can effect most targets in range in a cone of effect, more than 4 or more points of damage you are on fire in one location for 1d4 damage for 1d6 rounds (one limb or body part), 10 or more damage 1d6 extra fire damage for 1d10 rounds (whole body). Hand or personnel flamers have a 20 degree cone, flame thrower has 30 degree cone, one shot lasts one round. Flammables in area of effect combust and its possible to consume oxygen in a bunker. Once on target on fire you can shoot gel without igniting into fire for +2 if just a limb zize fire and +4 if whole body on fire.  Smoke will reduce visibility. Enemies recognizing a flamer will target the user.
Short range – hit one target, standard hit
Medium range – hit 1d3 targets, +1 to hit one target, +2 if on fire
Long range – hit 1d6 targets, +2 to hit one target, +4 if on fire

2kg 9mm Pistol 20 shots 2d4 20Y (3 shot burst and non-burst models)
2kg .45 Magnum 6 shots revolver 7 shots automatic 3d4 20Y no burst
4kg 5.56 SMG 100 shot drum 1d6 40Y (uses rifle round)
3kg 9mm SMG 40 shots 2d4 30Y
3kg .45 SMG SMG 40 shots 3d4 20Y
4kg 5.56 Assault Rifle 40 shots 1d6 100Y
4kg 7.62mm Assault Rifle 40 shots 2d6 120Y
8kg 5.56mm Light Machine Gun 120 round drum 1d6 100Y
12kg 7.62 Machine gun 120 round drum or belt fed 2d6 150Y
20kg 5.56mm Minigun backpack 6 bursts of 10 per round 1000 shot drum 1d6 75Y
4kg 12 Gauge pump action shotgun 5 shots 3d6/2d6/1d6 10Y
5kg 12 Gauge assault shotgun 20 shots 3d6/2d6/1d6 10Y
1kg Grenade Launcher rifle Accessory 50Y
6kg Grenade Launcher 6 shots, lowlite scope, airburst 100Y
4kg 4.5mm caseless Sniper Rifle, lowlite scope, 50 shots, burst mode, 1d6, 150Y
4kg 303 Sniper Rifle, lowlite scope, 10 shots, no burst, 2d6, 200Y
12kg .50 Sniper Rifle, lowlite scope, 6 shots, no burst 3d6, 500Y
4kg X-Bow – with sight and 10 shot magazine and , lowlite scope 1d8+1 60Y
2kg 30mm Flare Pistol one shot, some use shotgun ammo 10Y
.5kg Dagger 1d4
1kg Machete 1d6
1kg Baton 1d6
2kg Hand Flamer 2d6 I shot or 5 shot 5kg belt pack  10Y
6kg Personal Flamer 2d6 6 shots or +5 shots with 5kg belt pack or +20 shot 20kg backpack 20Y
20kg Flame Thrower 3d6 cone fx, 7 shots backpack, 30Y

Ammo (issued and explained on need to know basis)
Silver – harm were beast, some undead, devils, also in daggers, knives and knuckle dusters
Cold Iron – harm some undead, demons, elves, also in daggers, knives and knuckle dusters
AP armour Piercing - +4 vs armour, ½ damage
API – armour piercing incendiary +4 vs armour, ½ damage and ignite flammables
Hollow point - +1 damage -1 hit vs armour
Explosive - +2 damage -2 hit vs armour
HEAP - +2 hit vs armour
Blessed Rounds – xeno methodology enhanced
Holy Water gel rounds
Wooden rounds – harm some beings like vampires, rowan or oak
Orichalcum – Double max damage, ruins gun with one shot, 1 round per recon patrol

.5kg Fragmentation Grenade - 5d6, 3m radius
.5kg Silver Fragmentation Grenade
.5kg Smoke Grenade 5m radius
.5kg Holy Water Gel Grenade 3m radius
.5kg Incendiary Grenade - 3d6 +1d6 for next 1d6 rounds, 3m radius
.5kg Stun Grenades 3m radius Con Save, success within 2 pts makes you deaf 1d6hrs
.5kg UV Flash Grenades 3m radius Dex Save or blinded, success within 2 pts -2 to hit 1d6hrs
.5kg Tear Gas 5m radius Con save or wretching in area +1 round, blinded and need to escape radius
2kg Claymore charges (Directional blast, trip line) 5d6
1kg Door Breach Charges 3d6
4kg Satchel Pack A (Small stone bridge or shack) 6d6
12kg Satchel Pack B (Small tower, castle wall) 12d6
40kg Satchel Pack C (Medium building, small keep) 20d6
2kg Thermite Charge 4d6 burn damages armour + 1d6 for 1d6 rounds
4kg LAW 6d6 one shot rocket or 12kg for a 4 shot or 6kg for reloadable shoulder version
8kg High Explosive Rocket 12d6 shoulder fired, laser guided electronic thermal targeting +4

4kg Remote Control Kit with repair kit
6kg Remote spy blimp can remain aloft 24 hours or longer
2 or 4kg Drone plane kit small good for big caverns 1hr, larger can fly 2 hours
1kg Remote spy copter
1kg Remote Spy car
.2kg Remote sensor, programmable, thermal detection, alarm setting, recorder
4kg Remote wheeled mine drone 6d6
2kg Remote copter grenadier drone 5d6
16kg Remote Gun drone – Light MG  120 round drum and 6shot grenade launcher
30kg Remote Minigun drone – 6 bursts or 10 per round 1000 shot drum light rifle round

Unauthorized goods
Personal ID or effects like photographs of loved ones
Computer games, mobile phones, personal camera
Unauthorized weapons
Tobacco products, recreational drugs, alcohol, pornography or sexual devices
Making personal caches of xeno relics or items of value will be charged
Personnel are provided birth control implants while in service
Some personal property is acceptable in camp

Monday 17 December 2012

Perilous Crossings

(Reflecting on this was wondering if i was experimenting with multi genre tables with shifts from one to another. Like from humanized rural to mythic wilderness). Crossings in many adventures make good climactic scenes and cliff hangers for adventure. Here are some lazy tools to make hex crawling a bit more fun. Not as solid as some other ones but here we go - transmissions intermittent for next 3 weeks:

d12 Savage Setting Crossing Types
1 Log crossing
2 Jump from one rock to the other
3 Waterfall crossing
4 Swing across vines
5 Use backs of huge creatures
6 Single rope crossing
7 Double rope crossing
8 Rope bridge
9 Flimsy bridge of bamboo or sticks
10 Climb across huge trees
11 Can cross rapids with rope and teamwork
12 Cave under waterfall

d20 Savage Setting Obstacles
1 Ferocious man sized creature blocks path
2 Hostile cannibal tribesmen camp
3 Hive of bugs or parasite filled corpse on path
4 Single warrior challenges newcomers to challenge to cross
5 Pack of dangerous animals
6 Huge predators lair
7 Starving traveler half mad and sick
8 Swarm attack while crossing - bugs, fish, frogs, bats
9 Witch doctor offers quest for right to cross
10 Witch doctor asks 3 questions for right to cross
11 Cursed crossing - spirit totem or tabu item
12 Horribly tortured bodies strung up everywhere
13 Sacrifice or torture in progress
14 Ritual battle in progress
15 Ceremony taking place come back tomorrow
16 Crossing collapses
17 Aerial creature attacks
18 Missile attacks from hidden clan
19 Assassin with poison missiles
20 Swarming with savage beasts below

d12 Archaic Setting Crossing Types
1 Wooden bridge
2 Stone bridge
3 Fortified bridge
4 Ruined bridge
5 Ferry boat
6 Tunnel underneath
7 Fulcrum crane
8 Elevator system
9 Cable carriage
10 Collapsed Bridge
11 Swinging moat bridge
12 Single chain or metal cable

d20 Archaic Setting Obstacles
1 Toll bridge - official with guards
2 Toll bridge - unofficial with thugs
3  Bandits favorite ambush point
4 Highway man
5 Warrior challenges for right to cross
6 Beggars ask for money, healing, help
7 Crossing is a local vice den with drugs, gambling and prostitutes
8 Execution in progress
9 Gang torture in progress
10 Slave traders making deal
11 Priests converting and extorting donations
12 Crazy sniper shoots at who crosses
13 Tax collector and guards know party coming this way
14 Cultists looking for victims
15 Dangerous beast
16 Settlement on crossing
17 Broken crossing extra risky
18 Gangs meeting for deal - party sets off melee
19 Bad omens and cursed insignia mark crossing
20 Orphans needing help

1d20 Magical setting Crossing Types
1 Gateway
2 Teleporter
3 Floating squares
4 Floating Disc
5 Carried by fabulous monster
6 Passage through another world
7 Wizard telekinesis you over on a raft
8 Underground Train
9 Ice bridge
10 Invisible Force bridge
11 Magical burning bridge
12 Razor blade or giant sword for bridge
13 Living beings form bridge - may assemble and dissemble
14 A magical dungeon
15 A great tree with passages and walkways
16 A corpse of an ancient gargantuan monster
17 Titanic humanoid carries across
18 Magical vehicle ferries across
19 Magical being uses strange powers
20 Necromancer bridge - built with animate bones, corpses and rubble

d20 Magical Setting Obstacles
1 Undead block passage
2 Other planar being blocks passage
3 Magician blocks passage
4 Bizarre Monster blocks passage
5 Spirit demands quest to let past
6 God in disguise tests or tricks characters
7 Magical curse effects all who pass
8 Sends those crossing to another world
9 Faerie, gremlins or imps rob party
10 Disguised monster is part of crossing
11 Old person demands toll - actually a shape shifter
12 Non humans force charges humans toll for a laugh
13 Magical Fire Arrows shoot at any who cross
14 Evil cultists engaged in rituals
15 Monster toll keeper
16 Plague of small annoying creatures - snakes, kobolds, spiders
17 Magical prison which traps those passing
18 A sourland around a monster lair
19 Monks or priests test with challenges for right of passage
20 Spirits attempt possession of all who pass

1d12 Weird Science Setting Crossing Types
1 Monorail
2 Air ferry
3 Elevator
4 Escalator bridge
5 Shuttle
6 Specialty vehicle
7 Teleporter circuit
8 Wormhole gateway
9 Awesome spectacle designer bridge
10 Road just crosses, minimal support or structure
11 Telekinetic force bridge
12 Specialized robot transportation

d20 Weird Science Obstacles
1 Robot guardian
2 Argumentative AI
3 Android demands Fee
5 Cyborg gang taunt anyone crossing
6 Tech system failure
7 Mutants demand toll
8 Cult demand donation, offer membership
9 Sentient xenoform demands service fee
10 Virus nanobots or mutagenic contamination
11 Fortified barricade blocks passage
12 Guards want to know more about you and whatever your doing
13 High tech trap
14 Hostile lab made creature lair
15 Youth gang jerk you around
16 Crooks offer criminal services
17 Suicidal person here to die - perhaps party will help
18 Recycling or cleaning machines get extreme
19 Horde of hungry and needy want stuff
20 Dangerous collision

Sunday 16 December 2012

Useless Magic Loot

My artist says he has some goodies for me for EMO so i can get poster - t-shirt and book cover ready early next year. I'm tempted to make a Cloth map too. I can get one screen to do all made. So all good on next years publishing project. Pack hard drive, bags and stuff for my trip to Adelaide for xmas. Probably running Long Stairs Game as everyone seems interested. Will be writing, editing and laying out while I'm away. A few posters to do and my colouring in book(s).

Gammaworld players grab piles of weird crap for barter or later identification. Surely FRP heroes need the same - piles of semi useful items worth something but not necessarily what adventurers would like. I think there was a Dragon article about issue 71-ish. Anyway uncanny xmas 2 u all. Hopefully your DMs give you better loot than this. I might do some more of these. They are a mix of useless, tasteless and childish. Just blame me if something embarrassing or awkward pops up.

1  Everlasting Dye - permanently changes colour of hair, skin or items but mostly for hair - 1d6 doses
2 Everlasting Dye - as above but is a highlight kit with 12 colours
3 Music box - plays same tune again and again, hand size
4 Orchestra in a box - a chest with miniature musician golems know 1d20 tunes
5 Hair removal potion - meant to be applied, permanent if drunk
6 Hair growth potion - meant to be aplied, if drunk grow 1 inch per hour for ever
7 Hat of many styles - can change to any hat for job at hand, helmet, hunting hat, courtly hat etc
8 Landscape Paint Set - anyone can use to paint one scene with photographic accuracy
9 Portrait Paint Set - anyone can use to paint one detailed flattering portrait
10 Character Paint Set - anyone can use to paint one unflattering mocking picture outrages subject
11 Wig of many Styles - Change colour and style, comes in facial hair and mirkin style
12 Gender Change Girdle - like the normal one but not cursed
13 Undying lantern - everburning lamp also comes in torch or candle styles
14 Heroes Tankard - get no hangovers from booze drunk from this
15 Spectacles of the Sage - make you look profoundly wise and knowing
16 Everflowing Paint Brush - paint brush that never needs to be dipped in paint - one colour
17 Singing Doll - knows 1d20 nursery rhymes and 1d10 scary fairy tales
18 Hat of the Dunce - hat lets wearer sit drooling quietly for hours
19 Sleeping Potion - lets drinker have pleasent sleep
20 Sleeping Cap - lets drinker have pleasant sleep
21 Milk jug of Keeping - preserves milk or cream till used up
22 Hat of protection from bees - bees will not initiate combat with wearer
23 Spoon of Stirring - stirs itself till stopped once started
24 Spoon of Tastiness - any stirred food or drink becomes yummier
25 Wand of pointing - a beam of laser light that is handy for lectures and pointing stuff out
26 Scroll of Dictation - blank scroll when unfurled records everything said for 1d6x100 words
27 Knife of Easy Carving - chef knife that always makes neat slices
28 Rock of Holding -  placed on paper, this protects from being blown away even in gaol (jail)
29 Boots of many trails - randomly changes foot prints to different creature every 100 yards
30 Boots of ever shininess - always clean enough to eat off
31 Trunk of Junk - whenever opened find a useless item of junk - boot, pot with hole, broken mug
32 Cards of fairness - Cards scream if any cheating attempted by players (card counting ok)
33 Coin of flipping - always lands on flippers choice
34 Wand of Penguin Summoning - once a day calls a tasty penguin from icy realms
35 Collar of location - put on pet or person, always know their location
36 Girdle of Chastity - magically locked until legally married on wedding night
37 Girdle or Manhood - Protects your genitalia from harm in battle
38 Shirt of cleanliness - Shirt is always pressed and clean
39 Cape of protection from Weather -keeps elements at bay - stay dry and warm
40 Mechanical Beaver - Wind up and once per day fells one tree
41 Pan of Cooking - self heating pot or frypan
42 Pan or Recipies - sentient pan gives sneering advice on cooking to any cretin using it
43 Salt Sellar of Plenty - 10 doses of salt per day
44 Pepper Grinder of Plenty - 10 doses of pepper per day
45 Ever lasting Candy - piece of candy you can suck forever - who knows who used it before
46 Nurses Ring - makes lactate as long as worn, also wanted by farmers
47 Ring of the Rake - make infertile but still vulnerable to STD
48 Dancing Shoes - give the wearer basic dancing skills or improves professionals abilities
49 Thimble of defence - 1pt resistance to impaling damage
50 Mothers Necklace - whispers motherly advice and commentary about everything you do
51 Flattering Mirror - improves comeliness in mirror view
52 Mirror that Flatters Not - makes viewer look aged, ill, bald, toothless horror
53 Pillow of Sloth - allows you to lay about for years without harm
54 Idol of Depravity - on command attractive idol dances erotically
55 Spectacles of the Letcher - makes clothing invisible when looked through
56 Pipe of smoke rings - pipe let you blow awesome smoke rings to entertain others
57 Pipe of black lung - pipe never runs out - one type of smoke weed per pipe
58 Pipe of Ignition - pipe lights self and never blows out
59 Flint of Sparks - flint starts fires easily - dont let kids play
60 Eyepiece of the Immoral - Can see depraved scenes of otherworldly orgies
61 Statue of Prayer - If placed in church statue prays for your well being
62 Goat Leggings of frenzied dance - allows wearer to dance lustily all night
63 Pole of pokery - pole regrows back end if damage under 20% damaged up to 3 times a day
64 Wizards Beard - a strap on beard that bonds with wearer as real growing beard forever
65 Waterbowl of Wizards - 3 times a day fills with water, animals can learn to use
66 Foodbowl of Wizards - 3 times a day fills with horrid gruel that animals seem to like
67 Gilded Birdcage of Capture - leave the door open and birds are attracted and trapped
68 Saddle of Comfort - saddle is always pleasant for rider and horse
69 Horn of Alarm - anyone can blow a loud trumpet heard up to a mile away
70 Instrument of the minstrel - plays self for up to 12 hours a day
71 Knitting Needles of the Elves - knit for 2 hours a day if wool plenty
72 Butter churn of the Cowlords - turns cream to butter in one hour, various sizes
73 Fish hook of plenty - magical lure catches 3 fish per day quickly
74 Oil of shininess - any metal polished stays shiny forever
75 Necklace of Purity - if given as a gift the giver knows if lover cheats
76 Hat of truth - changes colour if wearer lies
77 Hen of Eggs - Ceramic hen container has a fresh egg each day
78 Unsoiled Girdle - Wearer never needs to go to toilet
79 Blanket of Bravery - when wrapped in blanket with both hands immune to fear - pink or blue
80 Ratters Hat - attracts rats who come from curiosity
81 Vermin bane Cube - this cube keeps rats, bugs and critters out of one room
82 Sealed Jar of Ancients - preserves contents fresh if lid sealed - 50% chance already full
83 Tankard of Booze - Fills once a day with one type of ale or bear
84 Goonbox of Plenty - wooden box with a tap produces 4 litres of cheap wine a day
85 Paddle of Spanking - wielder never tired or strained using this to spank
86 Animated spanking paddle - once a day will spank a victim up to 10 times
87 Broom of sweeping - once a day sweeps one room
88 Egg cup of Breakingfast - cooks an egg placed in cup
89 Quill of Ink - self inking quill
90 Quill of infamy - any written text filled with abuse, swearing and insults
91 Ledger of Seeking - book turns to page requested by subject
92 Book of Secrets - cannot open without spells unless you have written in book
93 Unburning Book - resilient book cannot burn, be harmed by acid, water except by muscle power
94 Books of the Messengers - what is written by one appears on both copies
95 Mechanical Rooster - alarm which sounds dawn every day if wound up
96 Kings Wrist Sundial - tells the time night or day
97 Hourglass of wizards - flow slows or speeds or reverses on command
98 Notebook of sorting - everything written is re arranged alphabetized
99 Shells of talking - each shell in set can hear through the other one like a radio
100 Book of the critic - sentient book complains about your work quality, heals if damaged

1 Dice of deceit - always roll best outcome, pretty obvious after a few rolls, bone or jewels
2 Shears of trimming - cut wool, trim hedges, vines, 2 hours a day
3 Tent of Assembly - tent pitches self and rain proof - various styles and sizes
4 Mechanical Dog - if wound daily will bark if intruders come near
5 Little Snitch - figurine repeats conversations it has heard last 24 hours
6 Mechanical Parrot - wound daily will repeat novelty phrazes
7 Mechanical Nightingale - Sings beautiful haunting melody
8 Wizards Umbrella - Unfolds in rain or sun automatically
9 Fan of the Ancients - this hand fan once started keeps fanning for an hour
10 Toothpick of the Titans - this can be used to remove teeth from mortals
11 Everfull makeup container - usually rougue or lead based whitener or kohl
12 Scrolls of the fiend - pornographic prints which are blank if seen by women (or opposite)
13 Dark Elf Goblet - anyone drinking from this becomes aroused if fail a save
14 Goblins Cup - anyone drinking from this becomes a goblin for one hour
15 Hammer of the Gnomes - blacksmith hammer which animates itself for 1 hour a day
16 Mechanical rabbit, if wound runs away never to be seen again
17 Spectacles of fearlessness - turn black if see anything scary or offencive
18 Spectacles of the otherworldly - view horrible beings in other dimensional void
19 Magical Fruit - preserved forever tasty fruit, also makes nice ornament
20 Ointment of youth - look 2d years younger for 2 hours, 1d6 uses
21 Dentures of the Magi - replaces real teeth with magnificent gold ones, removable on death
22 Ice bucket of the Giants - A small barrel with a lid and full of ice cubes once per day
23 Glass of the Magi - turns any drink inside to any other drink of same value or less
24 Goblins Tankard - turns pee into beer
25 Mechanical Kitten - wind up plays for 10 minutes goes to sleep till re wound
26 Ever Frozen Icecube - good for one drink, cold but cant get water from it
27 Codpiece of the Titans - offensive novelty fashion item sings if anyone touches it
28 Singing Carp - magical stuffed fish sings song if touched - only one song
29 Abacus of counting - aids in counting fabulously high numbers
30 Ever full Sponge - remains clean and absorbs 40 litres of fluid same weight
31 Spade of Digging - digs by self for op to 2 hours, handy for graves
32 Sandbag of plenty - a one lb bag can be emptied daily up to 100 lb comes out
33 Ever lasting sausage - regrows one lb per day as long as some left
34 Everlasting cheese - regrows one lb per day as long as some left
35 Ever bulging nut sack - refills with 1 lb of nuts per day
36 Tiara of sparkling - makes wearer sparkle and glisten
37 Undead monkey servant obeys whoever holds his rod
38 Sink of the old ones - this steel kitchen sink has a garbage eating horror in drain wormhole
39 Spectacles of attractiveness - makes lover seem more appealing if you wear the hat
40 Pie Tin of Bounty - as long as one slice left - fresh yummy pie every evening
41 Meat grinder of plenty - any meat in grinder turned to yummy hamburger mince
42 Goggles of red rage - sees bloodstains even if cleaned up long ago
43 Azagors angry ants - box of ants will clean any organic matter from a room or corridor once
44 Mechanical Carpentry Crab - makes basic wooden items 2hrs a day from wood and spittle
45 Ever edible pig - small 20lb pig can have 6 lb of meat cut out every day, regrows by dawn
46 Chastity belt of true love - only one true love can open the belt
47 Wand of Housework - each charge cleans one room or person 1d100+30 charges
48 Wand of Sausage Frenzy - makes a tasty sausage appear in victims mouth 1d100+30 charges
49 Wand of grilling - cooks toast or other meals or inflicts 1pt damage 1d100+30 charges
50 Wand of wands - each charge makes a non magical wand 1d100+30 charges
51 Rainbow Staff - shoots pretty rainbows 1d100+30 charges
52 Hair Ribbon of Majesty - pretty ribbon attracts everyone's attention if they fail a save
53 Candy Wand - each use creates one lb of candy 1d100+30 charges
54 Endless soap - always suds up 
55 Flaming Coat - Illusionary fire surrounds wearer when mad
56 Deck of infinite cards - if you lose cards they are replaced daily if you have at least 27
57 Wand of fruit - creates a piece of health fruit 1d100+30 charges
58 Bag of bottomless turnips - all the delicious turnips you can eat (or 100 lb per day)
59 Soul gem medalion - has a trapped princess soul can talk to wearer princessy stuff
60 Skull of necromancer - has a trapped wizards soul and talks non stop
61 Wand of glitter - shoots cone covering all in sparkly glitter, 1d100+30 charges
62 Staff of Flowers - shoots cone of flowers1d100+30 charges or cover 100y radius if broken
63 Mushroom Sickle - when cuts a mushroom grows back instantly (non magic mushies only)
64 Feedbag of the Horselords - feeds a horse grain, chaff and molasses once per day
65 Ring of Sanctity - protects from normal fleas, bedbugs, leeches, mosquitoes and flies
66 Boots of warning - get a twinge if ground unstable or monsters burrowing underfoot
67 Liquid Flesh - used to repair cosmetic damage from missing flesh, scars, burns - one dose
68 Lover potion - if smashed on ground a prostitute appears, she/he melts one hour later
69 Magical Mattress - handkerchief turns into sweet smelling goose feather double mattress
70 Sack of infinite rags - a one lb bag you can pull out 100 lb of dirty rags per day
71 Ring of Hygiene - keeps skin and clothes clean, no toilet paper needed
72 Oracle of love - box prints tiny scroll with random romantic euphemism
73 Dentures of Dazzlement - bond with user for life, glimmer impressively
74 Dentures of Destruction - bond with user for life,1d3 bite, can eat anything organic
75 Moms Meatball Bowl- bowl creates a delicious steaming meatball once per day
76 Blanket of Picnicking - keeps away bugs, vermin and pets from food
77 Basket of Hybrids - put in 2 animals under 10 lb and create a hybrid beast 1d100+30 charges
78 Bell of children summoning - when rung children in 300 yards come running 1d100+30 charges
79 Razor of shaving - never blunts or cuts, needs no lather
80 Wand of unvandalism - removes unauthorized marks on walls 1d100+30 charges
81 Mechanical monkey - wind him up runs crazily around, snatches something, escapes forever
82 Ball of returning - child's ball always returns on command
83 Duck of Quacking - toy, follows owner and quacks constantly
84 Stove of Evil - if fire started from human fat burns for one year, 20lb
85 Wooden Wife - life size wood mannequin, 2 hours a day animates and cooks and cleans, 65lb
86 Chamber Pot of old ones - this chamber pot empties into a universe of imprisoned evil gods
87 Wand of flaming balls - inflicts itchy VD on victim who fails save 1d100+30 charges
88 Wand of vandalism - sprays paint onto any surface, one colour one minute1d100+30 charges
89  Wand of Bubbles- fills air with bubbles 1d100+30 charges
90 Canteen of Effervescence - Any beverage in canteen becomes fizzy like soda and chilled
91 Gruel pot of gods - makes up to 100lb of prison quality gruel
92 Wooden Lover - mannequin prostitute lasts 1 hour per day, may cause injuries if using at end
93 Bag of Gremlins - once per day can pull a screaming newborn gremlin out of this bag
94 Headband of Dreams - has particularly vivid crazy dreams you remember clearly
95 Wand of Flatulence - makes victim let loose foully if fail save 1d100+30 charges
96 Magical Tail - bonds to target permanently, usually donkey but lizard or  others found
97 Ring of chastity - removes all sexual desire and capability also in priest robe form
98 Ring of the Egg - wearer lays one chicken egg a day
99 Hatchet of chopping - will animate 2 hours a day and cut fire wood
100 Knife Ring - ring turns into small knife 1d3 damage and back

1 Hobos boots - can be used to cook meal for 4 after days march in boots
2 Wand of hair styling - point and changes hair style, save if unwilling, 1d100+30 charges
3 Hobbit boots - made from hobbit feet these leave false trails and annoy hobbits
4 Hanky of snuffles - when used unblocks sinuses, ears, nose and airways of mucous
5 Defiling kit - unholy water, innocents blood and pack of hog dung in separate bottles
6 Jeweled bird of command - can orders other animated devices in room at set time per day
7 Rat Idol of modest wealth - makes 1 copper piece per day (some stop at 2000)
8 Rod of the frog god - creates 1 bucket of frogs per charge 1d100+30 charges
9 Chum Bucket of glory - refills daily with yummy shark bait
10 Soup stone - boil in water to make tasty soup one pot per day
11 Mood Ring of the gods - changes colour to indicate wearers mood
12 Sphere of the Sage - when shaken generates a random answer from yes no or maybe
13 Hat of useless crap - 3 times a day pull random not useful mad made item
14 Rubix cube of mystery - puzzle box takes new users days to open, contains random thing
15 Glory Hole of Thrills - simular to portable hole - comes in male and female
16 Robe of tastelessness - changes patterns and colours every 10 minutes but all hideous
17 Clothes of invisibility - clothes turn invisible at will
18 Clogs of cleanliness - mess proof clogs never soiled and bug free
19 Girdle of slimming - makes you look 10lb lighter
20 Wand of animal singing - 1d100+30 charges makes animal sing for 10 minutes
21 Students Hat - improves odds of guessing multiple choice questions by 25%
22 Bottle of spinning - owner wills who bottle spins at
23 Stones of skimming - 3d6 stones in box skim 2d10 times if thrown at water
24 Box of Birds - once per week 3d6 white doves fly from box -  very tasty
25 Monster seeds - 1d6 in bag - random monster appears if touch ground
26 Hat of rabbits - once a day a rabbit can be pulled out of hat
27 Hat of horror - once a day pull monster from hat which attacks you
28 Cloak of Drama - looks impressive as if gentle breeze blowing
29 Shoes of flying - when activated, fly off your feet and into space
30 Deck of dodgy things - each card drawn turns into a shameless object of vice
31 Chiken Wand - fires a live chicken 100 y 1d100+30 charges
32 Book of knowing - once a day you may open book to a random factabout the world
33 Book of Planar Facts - as above but random fact about a different plane each use
34 Idol of Esoteric Evil - once per month may commune with elder god, answer in lost language
35 Jar of Enchanted Ovum - makes one lb of pickled eggs per day
35 Plate of clean living - makes a meal of broccoli, brussel sprouts and lentils
36 Wand of polymorph fruit - turn one normal fruit into another of same mass 1d100+30 charges
37 Gauntlets of the old ones - turn hands into tentacles 10 min later - some are cursed
38 Wand of the deep - shoots fish 100 yards 1d100+30 charges
39 Arcadian Meadows Towel - ever clean and dry towel, makes a good nappy
40 Gloves of the Masseuse - gives nice massage every day, oiled and non oil version
41 Gloves of the Lover - as above but happy ending
42 Rock of rock detection - as named 100y
43 Ring of molten fire - warns you if you touch boiling lava or metal
44 Ring of afterthought - ring tells you what you should have done after each wound taken
45 Ring of the nose goblin - detect nose picking 100 yards
46 Ring of silence - says Shhhhhhh! loudly if any in 15ft of wearer make a sound
47 Girdle of the centaur - 2 extra legs appear, not handy but can wear 2 more boots
48 Sword of the bard - this sword causes no harm but the victim looks wounded as if the were
49 Dish of Fish - once a day an edible grilled carp appears on plate
50 Sauce of the Fool - 1d10 doses of sauce that makes one meal worth of anything safe food
51 Sauce of the gods - 1d10 doses of sauce that makes one meal addictably  delicious
52 Fools Crown - wearer sees as crown fit for a king, everyone else sees a steaming coil of poop
53 Hat of Invulnerability - hat cannot be damaged while not on persons head
54 Wizard Eye - works as human eye if put in eye socket
55 Wizard Hand - works as human hand if put on stump
56 Eunachs reward - works as human members if attatched to damaged area
57 Adamant Nails - remove fingernails then attatch - 1d3 edged attack, cut rope etc 2d10
58 Lance of the Unicorn - A horn which atatches to your head, +1 extra Attack, 1d10 damage
59 Gills of the fish - fleshy lumps with gill slits, attatch then you breathe water not air, permanant
60 Breast of venus - 1d6 fleshy lumps, attatch as pleased to add to size or have extra breast
61 Mask of flesh - a malable living mask of varied colours, can be moulded if skilled
62 Gliding Cape - takes 20 foot off fall
63 Uranium Golem battery - glows nicley, makes everyone feel warm 20ft if outside lead box 
64 Bagpipes of wonder - play bagpipes for 12 hours, next roll gets a +1
65 Stockings of splendour - never tear, self repairing, always clean, various styles
66 Amazing viewer scope - wind handle, bend over and peek in large box slot see 160 second film
67 Gremlin Scope - microscopic viewer see beholders battle miro terrasque and other stuff
68 Vulcanic Suit - fragile glass suit allows you to walk into volcanoes (but bot lava) unharmed
69 Divers Suit - 80lb technomagical heap allows you to walk under water slowly for 30 minutes
70 Bag of air - turns into 3 yard across giant pillow -30 feet fall, pillow remains permanant, comphy
71 Khessemers Tiny Sled - Toy sled enlages tightly fits one adult mail, lasts one hour
72 Mechanical spider - spins web 200 foot per month
73 Salamander Horde - burn seal calls 3d100+50 various coloured luminous garden salamanders 
74 Iron Heart Ring - this ring take away romantic pains, feelings and memories 
75 Armband of grief - prevents uncotrolled public displays of grief
76 Mechanical finch - guards one child or group thereof, fkies and reports to parent
77 Octopi sentinel - slimy octopus hat warns you if threat in 360 degrees, needs daily drink and snack
77 Tentacle Mask - 1d12 facial tentacles, 3rd use permanant flesh bonding
78 Fishy Idol - gives owner increasing bad dreams, if thrown in water calls evil fish men party
79 Flippers of the Frog god - +50% aquatic movement, 3rd use permanant flesh bonding
80 Goggles of the chameleon - seperate moving eyes with 290 degree vision
81 Fangs of the Bat Race - replace fangs with these permanantly, become hemovorous 
82 Goggles of Truth - detects magical bodily alterations and gender changes
83 Octo-Epaulettes - 2 shoulder mounted octopi whisper different advice to each ear about the sea
84 Amphibian lungs - 2 fleshy lumps stuffed in gills of at least dog size beast lets breathe air
85 Helm of ghost rider - head appears as burning or glowing skull, spookifies voice too
86 Candle Spike - sticks into any rock or stone or brick, holds candle
87 Helm of mining - 30 foot 90 degree cone light from top of helm at will
88 Healers Ring - can donate 1hp to the patient when using skill based healing, first aid, etc
89 Mask of shadow - once/day can renew one 1st lv sorceror/wizard spell by killing small beast
90 Eye of UnessZee - Magic eye pendant reports telepathicly any spell it sees on wearer
91 Hydrobolt Wand - squirt water up to 100 yards 1d100+30 charges
92 Prehensile beard/hair - bonds to head, can streach 3 yards and crudely grab anything
93 Shock beard/hair - bonds to head, electric zap 1d4 shock to nearest foe in melee
94 Ice beard/hair - bonds to head, immune to environmentak cold, blue or white, icy touch
95 Blood beard/hair -  bonds to head, drinks 1hp blood from foe after each battle turns red
96 Flame beard/hair - bonds to head, burns in battle 1d4 lash to nearest foe in melee
97 Death beard/hair - bonds to head, if killed raised as zombie and walks to home or temple
98 Rat Statuette - turn to 3HD riding rat i hr a day
99 Couldron of The Hag -  monthly gate calls idiot son of Earth goddess, impregnates all in 30ft
100 Fishermens Friends - tin pail with lid, once day fills with earthworms or maggots or grasshoppers

ill update this as i please

EMO DnD Classes pt 7: Monk

I'm keeping classes in batches of 4 for some reason
Primary Classes
Warrior - Priest - Wizard - Rogue
Sorcerer - Druid - Monk - Bard
Elves, Dwarves, Halflings and Tako (tako done but might be revamped)

Possibly will add Paladins, Rangers though other than spells they could be built from warriors. Thinking of a class to act as a shaman/psionicist with own spell list mostly priest and druid spells but spells chosen as a sorcerer with some astral powers. Barbarians and knights can be made from the kits under my warrior and just dont need separate classes. Assassin, acrobats fit under Rogue. Would consider some monster humanoids classes later.  Did enjoy Orcs of Thar supplement based Bugbear PC in a game. I have plenty of stuff for players now so ill sit on this for a while. My bard is a bit troubled too so ill wait a bit but basically like 2nd edition.

On with the Monks:

Monks in ADnD or Mystics in Basic Cyclopedia always seemed like an after thought. I was impressed in Castles and Crusades they had been beefed up to be more like fighters. Like the Rogue the Monk is a skill specialist who makes more sense as part of a Skill based system. I wanted a monk that could cover martial  experts, temple guards and cultists. I also wanted a bit of Sohei and possibility of being a Kensai from Oriental adventures too but no spells. Unlike a fighter a Monk is designed to min max skills to become more powerful. Also light maneuverability for tactical action is one of their strengths. Id usually recommend maxing out in a weapon, unarmed combat and martial arts. Acrobatics, running, other skills handy too.  Monks may learn ancient lore or rogue tricks and stunts too if they choose. Traditional monk skills like dodge, enhanced saves, move, landing are all WP or NWP so they get the best choices of both and keep getting more every lv. Bards are a bit more magical and rogues have better NWPs and less fighting prowess. I might add some other schools. Lotsa marvel heroes like Iron Fist even ninja could fit here. I picked the Moonknight pic for its Egyptian look  just to say you dont have to be a western or oriental monk. Many cultures may have monks of sorts.

some other notes
My unskilled fighters inflict 1d2 damage
Brawling skill 1d3 - any body part, confined space ok

Martial Punch 1d4
Martial kick 1d6 (need punch first)
Martial Smash 1d8 - only one attack, break wood, bricks hand or foot or head
specialize in unarmed for up to +1/+2/+3 hit and damagelots of other weird combat feats


Scholar warrior martial arts masters
HD: 1d8 Prime Stat: Wis
WP: 4 (+1/ Lv)
NWP: 4 (+1/ Lv) 

No-WP mod: -3
Languages: 2d4 (+1/2nd lv) S=spoken and W=written

Spells: None
NWP: Any
Shield: None
Armour: Light
Weapon: Staff, Club, Hand Axe, Hatchet, Any Spear, Chain, Any Flail, Dagger, Shuriken, Bolo, Sabre, Lasso, Rock, Sling, Glaive Fight as: Priest

Save as: Priest

Monks study the arts and sciences and the physical arts of battle and the mental arts scholars. They don’t have worldly ambition, only dedication to skill mastery and advancing in monastic ranks. Different orders use different skills but all use rare physical and martial combos rather than obvious force. A monk typically uses a weapon and uses extra unarmed attacks to kick, punch and headbutt in melee. A weapon, boots and gloves can help protect the monk from unarmed attacks vs foes on fire or with touch based powers. Monks spend time training, in study and in meditation. They learn any class skills. A monk Int bonus may take a weapon normally outside their class like a halberd or sword.  Some monks dont bother with weapons at all relying on unarmed proficiencies. Monks may duel each other or have contests of skill. All monks have a Lawful alignment component.
-Can use proficiencies restricted to warriors like weapon mastery +2 or weapon Specialist +3
and can make base critical hits (which they may improve) as a warrior (other classes can have a +1 Weapon expertise once and no basic critical ability without WP)
-Add Wis bonus to AC and all saving throws
without amour only 
-Combat abilities - extra attacks always fist or kick or may use brawl for any body part

1-3th +1AC & Initiative, Ki Strike hit +1 magic creatures with bare hands or weapon
4-6th +2AC & Initiative, +1 extra unarmed Attack, Ki Strike hit +2 magic creatures 
7-9th  +3AC & Initiative, +2 extra unarmed Attacks, Ki Strike hit +3 magic creatures, dice for unarmed attacks or on single chosen weapon use next highest eg d4 becomes d6
10-12 +4AC & Initiative, +3 extra unarmed Attacks, Ki Strike hit +4 magic creatures
+5AC & Initiative, +4 extra unarmed Attacks, Ki Strike hit +5 magic creatures17-20 +6AC & Initiative, +5 extra unarmed attacks
-Death touch - save vs Death (Con), deliver death with bare handed touch, first aid might save life, only works on humanoids but study of anatomy manuals might expand this
16th once a day death touch, 18th and 20th get extra uses per day, can have delayed effect of up to hour if wished
6th get one 1st lv monk follower and one more per lv after
10th can establish a monastery and attract 3d4 more 1st lv monks
20th can build a great school and attract 6d6 1st lv monks 

Specialist Monk Schools

Name - Alignment  



Scarlet Talon Order LE
Sinister agents of evil
Aid and assist diabolic despots and powermongers
Staff, Chain, Martial Punch, Strike to Entangle
Tumbling, Pole Vault, Sneak, Hide
Empire SW, Common SW, Ancient SW

Night Fangs - LN

Assassin brotherhood
Famed for seizing gates, winning sieges, overcoming guards and only killing target
Sabre, Chain, Brawling, Shuriken
Acrobatics, Jumping, Sneak, Hide
Empire SW, Common SW, Ancient SW
Dragon Fist Order - LN

Invisible wanderers
Secret agents gathering information for their libraries
Martial Punch, Double Strike, Dodge, Arrow Block
Sneak, Hide, Disguise, Infiltration
Empire SW, Common SW, Ancient SW

Spider Claw Order - LE
Sword wielding master kidnappers
Cult of kidnappers practicing blackmail and human sacrifice
Sabre, 2 weapon, 2 weapon master, Ambidextrous
Climb, Night Vision, Rope Use, Escapology
Empire SW, Common SW, Ancient SW

Moon Sons Order - LG 

Vigilante cult of the moon god
Vigilante travelers of the night often establish secret identities
Martial Punch, Martial Kick, Shuriken, Grain Flail
Sneak, Hide, Wall Running, Acrobatics
Empire SW, Common SW, Ancient SW

Sword Sisters Order - LN 

Queens of the sword cult
Defenders of women children and elderly
Sabre, Sabre Expert +1, Dodge, Fast Draw Sabre
Weapon Smith, Balance, Wall Running, Tumbling
Empire SW, Common SW, Ancient SW

Drunken Frog Order - LN 

Wanderer sect who feign uselessness
Horrible drunks who secretly train and help the common folk
Staff, Brawling, Instant Stand, Strike to Sweep
Brewing, Begging, Tumbling, Gambling
Empire SW, Common SW, Ancient SW

Holy Sages Order - LN  

Scholar scribes who serve temples and courts
Many empire sages are eunuchs with false jeweled beards and makeup
Ones serving cults vary – Enki Sages dress as fish, Ishtar nuns wear white robes and are virgins
Staff, Hafted Weapon Style, Strike to trip, Dodge
Ancient Lore, First Aid, Healing, Scribe
Empire SW, Common SW, Ancient SW

Holy Guardian - Any L 

Fighting monks who guard temples
Many dedicate their lives to defending monasteries or holy places from harm
Glaive, Strike to Sweep, Medium Armour, Dodge

Holy Lore, First Aid, Alertness, Run Faster
Empire SW, Common SW, Ancient SW

Iron Hand - Any L
Barehand fighting masters
Persue arts of bare handed battle

Martial Punch, Martial Kick, Double Strike, Martial Smash
Dodge, Run Faster, Iron Skin, Tumble 
Empire SW, Common SW, Ancient SW

+1 per 1gp spent on monasteries, hermits, relics, holy teachers, scrolls, pilgrimages, scriptures, order donations, exotic weapons, fighting style manuals, building schools, training orphans, translate and transcribe books
+100 per proficiency success that helps victory
Double for winning unarmed or choice weapon duel

Saturday 15 December 2012

EMO DnD Classes pt 6: Druid

Druids have a fun spell list and I probably changed them more than any list. I allow evil druids and have mentioned I have some funny alignments. Probably a fairly heavy alterations the class. Possibly add a sea druid and a cave druid but need to think more about them.

Priests of nature, elemental powers and the cosmic balance

HD: 1d8
Prime Stat: Wis
WP: 2 (+1/3rd Lv)
NWP: 4 (+1/Lv)
No-WP mod: -3
Languages: 2d6 (+1/lv) S=spoken and W=written

Spells: Druid
NWP: Warrior, Priest
Shield: Buckler or small or medium wooden
Armour: Light
Staff, Sling, Dart, Dagger, Club, Knife, Hatchet, Hand axe, Any Spear, Short Sword, Javelin, Bolo, Net, Trident, Khopesh, Sabre, Whip, Sabre, Rock, Sickle, Scythe, Lasso, Blowpipe
Fight as: Priest
Save as: Priest

Druids are related to priests but have their own spells and some differences with amour and weapons. Druids deal with nature and the common folk who follow the old religion of megalith builders and beast cults. most follow the middle way and serving the balance or are just neutral. Druids use warrior and priest proficiencies, often specializing in a terrain type or beast species. Druids frequently have maximum animal followers with charisma or spells. Druids of separate sects or with disputes often battle ritual duels. Druids have different weapons and their spells are more useful for attacking.
 -Spell casting from druid spells, must prey for 8 hrs to recover, learn prayers from knotted cords, marks on bones, tree bark books
-Many druid spells reversible* but you must learn separately, tend to be more for evil and invent an evil name for them.
-At 4th a 1st lv warrior, druid or bard or animal is sent to serve you, animals may have HD up to Druids
-Build a shrine at 5th +1d6 followers, a temple at 10th +2d6 followers and a monument at 20th +4d6 followers
-At 6th lv you attract another follower and each lv after

 Specialist Druid Schools

The Old Way Druids (Priests of nature) Green Robes any balanced or nuetral
Preservers of nature and the balance of living harmony between alignments and the elements in peace
Follow gods of nature, elementals, spirits and sylvan entities
Short Spear, Sickle
Plant Lore, Animal lore, Nature Lore, Herbalist
3rd Lv no terrain penalties
6th Lv Tree form one change per lv per day
9th Lv Treant form one change per lv per day
14th Lv may hibernate at will for years in form of an ancient oak tree
18th Lv may plane shift per lv per day to the wood between worlds

The servants of the balance (Priests of the balance) Piebald Robes BM BN
Actively intervene with natural powers in any swerving of alignment forces, all must be kept in the balance or else
Wear patchwork, shabby robes and clothing, prefer piebald and brindle beasts as friends
Staff, Sling
Balance Lore, Chaos Lore, Law Lore, Legal Lore
3rd Lv Immune to curses
6th Lv Alignment detection always detects as own kind or detect nothing - druids choice
9th Lv calm 1d6 HD/Lv as priest power vs angry or violent people
14th Lv may call a hero from another world of equal Lv
18th Lv may plane shift per lv per day to parallel universe

Blood Druids (frenzied killers) Red Robes CE, BE, NE, NN, NM
These Druids practice blood magic, collect severed heads, ritualize cannibalism and bring slaughter to outsiders
The earth needs blood, blood is power, avenge nature – use blood as holy symbol
Sickle, Dart
Sacrifice, Ritual, Torture, First Aid
3rd Lv drink blood to heal self 1d3+1/lv once per battle
6th Lv Blood charm - can track anyone whose blood you have tasted across the world
9th Lv Sacrificial HD in ritual to call a blood elemental 1HD/lv daily, lasts 1T/lv
14th Lv may become living pool of animated blood
18th Lv may cast a Slay spell which explodes a foes heart and causes fear in all who see

Black Druids (Chthonic Necromancers) Black Robes BN BE, NN, NM, NE Serve Crom Cruach the twisted lord of death
These cultists dwell in sour lands and grave sites surrounding themselves with trappings of the underworld. They proliferate undead monsters and tend black haunted forests. They guard the underworlds from mortals and breed monsters.
Scythe, sling
Monster Lore, Undead Lore, Trap Lore,
3rd Lv Immune to leval drain powers
6th Lv Immune to death and paralysis
9th Lv undead command 1d6 HD/Lv as evil priest holy power
14th Lv may feign death at will
18th Lv may plane shift to underworld per Lv per day

White Druids (Sylvan) White Robes BN NG NN NM BG CG CN
These druids aid the faerie world and the good spirits of nature to develop harmony and serve the principles of life. Keeping humans and fey at a proper distance they interact with non human intelligent beings.
Staff, sickle
Herbalist, Sylvan Lore, Healing, First Aid
3rd Lv Immune to Sylvan charm powers
6th Lv Faerie food - elven life span gained
9th Lv Sylvan turning 1d6 HD/Lv as priest power vs elves, unicorns, treeants, etc
14th Lv Sylvan summoning 1 HD/Lv elves, unicorns, treeants, etc
18th Lv may plane shift per lv per day to faerie worlds

Elemental Druid Any (Air-Yellow, Earth-brown, Fire-orange or Water-Blue) NN BN NM BN NG NE LN CN LN
Serve elemental lords either singly or dedicate yourself to keeping the elemental balance
Keep elemental beings and humans in their place.
Staff, Sling
Elemental lore, (earth, air, fire or water) Lore,
3rd Lv +1 all saves
6th Lv +2 all saves
9th Lv elemental turning 1d6 HD/Lv as priest power
14th Lv elemental summoning 1HD/Lv
18th Lv may plane shift per lv per day to elemental planes

Plague Lords (Famine and disease spreaders) Grey Robes BN BE, NN, NM, NE, CE, CN Balor

Man must be punished and culled by disease and pestilence, priests develop mutations
Suffering is natures punishment for resisting natural way, teach the world this truth.
Flail, Sling
Herbalist, Torture, Intimidate, Plague Lore
3rd Lv Immune to disease
6th Lv Carry disease - one touch per day per Lv
9th Lv plague lord - gain 1d4 mutations and 1d4 cosmetic mutations
14th Lv release a great contagion 100 people per Lv
18th Lv may plane shift per lv per day to demiplanes of slime and disease

Beast Cults (Various species) Beast Mask Cults NN BN NM BN NG NE LN CN LN
Choose a sacred beast to emulate, often use un armed combat
Each beast ancestor has different skills to teach
Brawling, Sabre
Animal Lore, Animal Training, Animal Mimic, Hunting
3rd Lv beast head, +1 1d6 bite att, one change per lv per day
6th Lv beast form one change per lv per day 1d8/1d6/1d6 attack
9th Lv beast form change also heals as cure light wounds.
14th Lv call beast lord 1HD/Lv
18th Lv may plane shift per lv per day to beast realms

+1 per 1gp spent on cult enhancing symbols, monuments, natural relics, attracting new species, ritual implements, restoring wild areas, huge ritual processions, sacrifices to elements, defending common and wild folk, feasts
+100/lv casting spells to win
+100 XP for visiting Places of holy to the faith.
Double XP for destroying enemies of nature or principle foes of the cult or another Druid

Friday 14 December 2012

EMO DnD Classes pt 5: Sorcerer

The best thing about DnD 3.5 is the sorcerer, a slightly dumber, better fighting wizard who doesn't use vancian magic. No books, no mucking about. Makes sense and fits in with cults, humanoids or creepy folk magicians. Tend to use combat and summoning powers. By reducing choices the sorcerer is a easier play for noobs who wanna zap stuff and get to do a bit more. Also can give the wizard less competition for spells to split loot with. 

Some later classes i have may choose sorcery or wizardry or druidry or priest spell casting. So elves or bards for example might use any spell casting types - letting some benefit from wizard studies or pick others lazier systems. Sorcerers may look similar but they have some things in common with priests. They often form their own cult where members serve their sorcerers increasingly bad whims in hopes of being illuminated. Having truck with otherworldly forces can make sorcerers unpopular. Wizards think them lazy, spoiled and waste of power.  Priests and druids may also be suspicious. Most peasants dont really get the difference. 

A sorcerer may be illiterate and save his limited languages for esoteric other worldly and cult tongues. It is a very small change to even a basic game to add these guys. Some say Wizards systematized and studied sorcery to develop their craft. A wizard might translate ancient texts and study how to do something systematically. A sorcerer will mess around with some relics on a historical site and call otherworldly beings till something happens. In between they enjoy vices like drug abuse and sex and, while silly old wizards are reading dusty old books.

Blood tainted mages who channel other worldly power

HD: 1d6
Prime Stat: Cha
WP: 2 (+1/3rd Lv)
NWP: 4 (+1/2nd Lv)
No-WP mod: -3
Languages: 1d6 (+1/3rd lv) S=spoken and W=written

Spells: Wizard
NWP: Wizard, Priest
Shield: Buckler
Armour: None
Club, Staff, Dart, Dagger, any Crossbow, Sling, Hatchet, Club, Sickle, Scythe, any Gun, Hand Axe, Short Sword, Short bow, Javelin, Shuriken, Chain, Lasso, Blowpipe, Trident, Net, Bolo, Sabre
Fight as: Wizard
Save as: Wizard

Sorcerers are made and born, you cant just decide to become one. Either a being of power imbues the power onto your blood or you have a extra planar bloodline already. Borne or chosen they are natural magicians who cast spells without study and can fight a bit better. Some are descended from otherworldly beings and divine bloodlines or others have made a blood pact and been bonded to a otherworldly life force. Others have been touched by divine visitors. They often are more folk magician than the haughty schooled wizard.  They may know cult or other worldly tongues or dead language which like their spells they learn in dreams. They do not require teaching or study and tend to be a bit lazy being so gifted. They are more willing to fight however out of self-preservation at least. Sorcerers assemble, more like cults than respectable wizards.
-Merely rest 8hrs to regain spell levels and can spend spell levels on any known spells of appropriate lv
. Can spend spell energy levels as you please – no need to memorize specific spells during rest period, but limited choices of spells or abilityto gain new spells.
 -Get 4 x 0 and 4 x 1st lv spells you may cast when your blood is woken +1 spell per new lv, cant
-Spells materials require 1gp/lv squared in gold 1st = 1x1=1gp, 2nd = 2x2=4, etclearn from other casters, books or scrolls only dreams
-Can use wands, scrolls, wizard devices
-Various supernatural bloodlines types to choose from or can be unaligned
-first spells: 4 x 0lv spells and 1 x 1st lv spell at first then one new spell per lv
-At 5th, 10th, 15th and 20th you get to swap one spell already in list if you wish
-At 6th lv and each lv after the sorcerer can have 1d4 cultist of  zero lv or one 1st lv of any class
10th he may establish a folly and attract 6x the normal followers as next lv up
-Non allied sorcerers of no bloodline get these abilities instead:
3rd Don't need material components
6th Dont need
gestural components
12th Dont need verbal components

Specialist Sorcerer Bloodlines
brief description
3rd, 6th,12th special abilities
Beginners spell list

Draconic – Any alignment but may affect colourations fx
Treasure hoarders and dragon searchers
3rd Sense Dragon – can sense pure dragon at one mile rough direction, or recognize part dragon on sight
6th  Dragon Sight – can sense invisible by concentrating for 1 round, eyes begin looking draconic
9th  Dragon Claws – can inflict 1d6 claw damage, with 2 attacks, clawed discoloured fingernails
12th Dragon 1d6/Lv breath attack, extra at 15th & 18th
Short Sword, Short Bow
Dragon Lore, Elder Lore, Treasure Lore, Etiquette
Burning Hands, Fiery Eyes, Comprehend Languages, Cause Fear
Common SW, Draconic SW, Empire SW

Modronic LN
Hunters of chaos
3rd Sense Modron – can sense Modron at one mile rough direction, or recognize otherworldly Law on sight
6th  Modronic Sight – can sense Chaos by concentrating for 1 round, a third alien eye of law opens in use
9th  Law Strike – Automatically hit in combat once per day, hand covered in glowing runes in use
12th - Maximum damage one attack  extra at 15th & 18th
Short Spear, short bow
Modronic Lore, Elder Lore, Civil Lore, Etiquette
Magic Missile, Fiery Eyes, Light, Floating Disc
Common SW, Modronic SW, Empire SW

Angelic LG
Foes of chaos and evil
3rd Sense Angelic – can sense angelic at one mile rough direction, or recognize otherworldly LG on sight
6th  Angelic Sight – can sense Evil by concentrating for 1 round, a glowing halo forms while in use
9th  Angel Touch – Lay Hands 2HPxLv per day, angelic tattoos on body glow in use
12th Heal amount = own HP once per day  extra at 15th & 18th
Short Sword, Short Bow
Angelic Lore, First Aid, Civil Lore, Etiquette
Magic Missile, Light, Shield, Feather Fall
Common SW, Angelic SW, Empire SW

Demonic CE
Destoyers of order and decency
3rd Sense Evil – can sense evil at one mile rough direction, or recognize absence of good on sight
6th  Demon Gaze – can demons by concentrating for 1 round, eyes develops demonic gleam
9th  Demon Claw – can inflict 1d6 claw damage, with 2 attacks, clawed discoloured fingernails
12th Call a demon of HD = 1/2 Lv once per day extra at 15th & 18th
Short Sword, Chain
Demonic Lore, Necromantic Lore, Butchery, Monster Lore
Burning Hands, Cause Fear, Spider Climb, Fiery Eyes
Common SW, Empire SW, Demonic SW

Cthonic NE
Serve the hidden elder gods 
3rd Sense Evil – can sense evil at one mile rough direction, or recognize absence of good on sight
6th  Cthonic Gaze – can see in the dark, odd bulgy eyes
9th  Cthonic Change – can breathe water, scaly blubbery fishy smelling appearance
12th eldrich beam 1d6/Lv once per day extra at 15th & 18th
Trident, dart
Cthonic Lore, Necromantic Lore, Elder Lore, Swim
Corpse Link, Swim, Feign Death, Cause Fear
Common SW, Empire SW, Cthonic SW

Slaanish CN
Ward primordial non sentient chaos from control of law
3rd Sense Slaan – can sense Slaan at one mile rough direction, or recognize otherworldly chaos on sight
6th  Slaanish Sight – can sense Law by concentrating for 1 round, a third alien eye of chaos opens in use
9th  Chaos Strike – One hit has 2xLv in poison once per day, develop a devolved, balding, bug eyed look
12th eldrich beam 1d6/Lv once per day extra at 15th & 18th
Short Spear, short bow
Modronic Lore, Elder Lore, Civil Lore, Etiquette
Jump, Elemental Burst, Fog Cloud, Chromatic Orb
Common SW, Slaanish SW, Empire SW

Fey – Any alignment
Deal with the worlds of faerie and elves
3rd Sense Life – can sense un-life at one mile rough direction, or recognize absence of life on sight
6th  Natures Sight – can sense spirits by concentrating for 1 round, skin develops green tint
9th  Natures Muse – Ignore charm fx from nature beings, hair and skin appear vegetable matter
12th teleport via elfland once per day extra at 15th & 18th
Hand Axe, Staff
Nature Lore, Herbalist, Plant Lore, Animal Lore
Charm Person, Monster Summoning 1, Spider climb, Mount
Common SW, Empire SW, Sylvan SW

Arcadian CG
Protect nature form order and evil
3rd Sense Animal – can sense an animal one mile rough direction, or recognize species on sight
6th  Natures Sight – Can see life by concentrating for 1 round, hair grows incredibly fast
9th  Natures Feast – Can summon otherworldly feast for 1 person/lv, increasingly impulsively hedonistic
12th conjure 1HD of animals once per day extra at 15th & 18th
Short bow, Staff
Nature Lore, Animal Handling, Arcadian Lore, Carousing
Charm Person, Monster Summoning 1, Spider climb, Mount
Common SW, Empire SW, Arcadian SW

Diabolic LE
Spread influence of the netherhells
3rd Sense Diabolic – can sense devils one mile rough direction, or recognize devil tainted on sight
6th  Devil Sight – Can see good by concentrating for 1 round, diabolic laughter
9th  Devils Grace – Automatically hit in combat once per day, start growing horns, eyes gleam like cats
12th Call a demon of HD = 1/2 Lv once per day extra at 15th & 18th
Short sword, whip or trident
Kingdom Lore, Legal Lore, Diabolic Lore, Etiquette
Charm Person, Monster Summoning 1, Mount, Burning Hands
Common SW, Empire SW, Diabolic SW

Death - Any
Kin to beings of the underworld
3rd Sense Undead – can sense un-life at one mile rough direction, or recognize absence of life on sight
6th  Deaths Gaze – can sense undead by concentrating for 1 round, skin develops pale tint
9th  Deaths Claw – Drain 2hp/lv from someone else to heal yourself/daily, emaciated lean pale appearance
12th become undead one hour per day, full day at 15th & become a lich forever at 18th
Scythe, Sickle
Undead Lore, Necromantic Lore, Anatomy, Mortician
Corpse Link, Ghost Light, Feign Death, Cause Fear
Common SW, Empire SW, Death Lord SW

Fire Elemental – Any
Kin of the fire plane
3rd Sense Fire – can sense elemental flame at one mile rough direction, or recognize elemental taint on sight
6th  Fires Gaze – can sense any elemental by concentrating for 1 round, skin develops red tint
9th  Fires Cloak – 1pt/Lv reduce fire damage, scaled skin red black or orange skin, hair like fire, lizard eyes
12th Call a elemental of HD Lv once per day extra at 15th & 18th
Short Sword, Short Bow
Fire Lore, Blacksmith, Alchemy Lore, Etiquette
Elemental Burst, Taunt, Burning Hands, Monster Summoning 1
Common SW, Empire SW, Fire Elemental SW

Air Elemental – Any
Kin of the Air plane
3rd Sense Air – can sense elemental air at one mile rough direction, or recognize elemental taint on sight
6th  Air Gaze – can sense any elemental by concentrating for 1 round, skin develops white tint
9th  Air Cloak – 1pt/Lv reduce cold or lightning damage, feathered hair, white skin, bird eyes
12th Call a elemental of HD Lv once per day extra at 15th & 18th
Short Spear, Short Bow
Air Lore, Sing, Rope Use, Etiquette
Monster Summoning 1, Whispering Wind, Elemental Burst, Featherfall
Common SW, Empire SW, Air Elemental SW

Earth Elemental – Any
Kin of the earth plane
3rd Sense Earth – can sense elemental Earth at one mile rough direction, or recognize elemental taint on sight
6th  Earth Gaze – can sense any elemental by concentrating for 1 round, skin develops stony tint
9th  Earth Cloak – +2AC, mineralized skin and hair
12th Call a elemental of HD Lv once per day extra at 15th & 18th
Staff, sling
Earth Lore, Miner, Mineral Lore, Etiquette
Shield,  Elemental Burst Monster, Summoning 1, Mount
Common SW, Empire SW, Earth Elemental SW

Water Elemental – Any
Kin of the water plane
3rd Sense Water – can sense elemental Water at one mile rough direction, or recognize elemental taint on sight
6th  Water Gaze – can sense any elemental by concentrating for 1 round, skin develops blue tint
9th  Earth Cloak – breathe water – scaled, blue green shiny skin with gill slits, green hair
12th Call a elemental of HD Lv once per day extra at 15th & 18th
trident, net
Water Lore, Boating, Swim, Etiquette
Fog Cloud,  Elemental Burst, Monster Summoning 1, Swim
Common SW, Empire SW, Water Elemental SW

+1 per 1gp spent on ritual paraphernalia pleasing to your bloodline, collecting relics of past ages, restore lost monuments, seeking esoteric lore, supporting your cult, ceremonies, magical implements, artifacts, ritual orgies, taking drugs, ritualized waste and sacrifice
+100/lv casting spells to win
+100 xp for indulging in ritual sacrifice pleasing to your bloodline
Double XP for dueling another spell caster