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d100 Crap in a Necromancers Lair

d100 Crap in a Necromancers Lair
01 Mummy case with mummy inside
02 Crocodile suspended from ceiling
03 Mummified cats in boxes
04 Ancient canoptic jars of mummified organs
05 Funeral urns each with cremated remains and burned skulls of deceased
06 Ancient ornate headstone
07 Old chest of diseased mummy wrappings 
08 Pile of rotting coffins with cracked wood with rotten corpses inside
09 Crypt with 2d6 wall niches where dead are stored
10 Cages with mummified bodies hang from the ceiling
11 Big black chair with skull motif
12 Fountain of skulls and demons but with with blood instead of water
13 Statue of a demon prince of underworld on throne
14 Ancient rock with with hieroglyphs telling of magical history
15 Statue of ancient death god
16 Prehuman cult idol worn smooth from aeons of worship
17 Mural of skeletons in underworld parodying some aspect of human life
18 Skeletal relief carvings over every surface
19 Bones worked with mortar covering all walls ans ceilings with human bones
20 Statue of winged skeleton with scythe
21 Goat head on wooden pentagram candelabra wall hanging
22 Blackened skull with inlaid silver pentacle
23 Coat hangers with multiple robes and box of ritual paraphernalia
24 Black prehistoric obelisk with evil designs
25 Ornate four poster bed with cage underneath and manacles
26 Wooden frame for flogging victims on 1in4 occupied by unconscious near dead victim
27 Iron maiden 1in4 occupied by near dead victim 
28 Oubliette caged pit with hostage inside
29 Black altar with scenes of sacrifice
30 Statue of a demon being worshipped
31 Vivisection journal
32 Dissected zombie on slab twitching
33 Heart beating in jar of fluid
34 Rack of saws and blades for dissections and surgery
35 Jars of brains and organs in fluid
36 Collection of skulls of the world and elaborate callipers and phrenology bust
37 Eyeballs and brain in jar of bubbling fluid
38 Corpse suspended on wire frame in glass tank of chemicals
39 Dissected human hand with drawings of veins and sinew
40 Dissected dog with beating heart, digestive tract and head in apparatus working
41 Cauldron full of human body fat being rendered on fire
42 Tables of bones being assembled into skeletons from crates of parts
43 Hulking corpse stitched together from monster scrap parts
44 Shelves stacked with human body parts and bones
45 Flensing tools, stretched human skin on a frame being made into a spell scroll
46 Huge mortar and pestle grinding boxes of bones into sacks of bone dust
47 Candle making stove, moulds and pots of human tallow
48 Barrels of salted human flesh packed as military rations
49 Collection of decorative objects all made from skulls, bones and sinew
50 Framed human skins with tattoos of demons and evil sigils
51 Books of anatomy and vivisection

52 Books of soothsaying and divination with body parts
53 Books of burial customs of many lands
54 Books of underworld devils and demons and gods
55 Books on esoteric planar lore
56 Books of famous necromancer histories
57 Books of family trees, births and deaths
58 Books of immortality research and lichdom
59 Books of depravity and sadism with printed plates
60 Scrolls of forbidden lore in unknown language
61 Potion that animates up to d12 skeletons who serve for 24 hours
62 Potion that animates up to d6 zombies who serve for 12 hours
63 Potion that animates up to d3 ghouls
64 Drug that grants visions of the ancient past when world ruled by monsters
65 Drug that lets you see spirits of the dead lingering around where they died or bodies for a hour
66 Jar with burned bones if shatters skeleton appears top aid user for an hour
67 Fleshy sack of organs if you can eat and keep down with save add d4 HP
68 Brain in a jar if eaten gain skill for one hour, labels 1in4 on jar 
69 Brain in a jar if eaten gain fragment of esoteric evil lore
70 Brain in a jar if eaten gain insanity if fail save from an ancient madmad
71 Talking skull in a box, a chatty old noble sage of past 

72 Cat mummy case with animated cat mummy inside will serve owner hour a day
73 Demon skull with name engraved can be used to call lesser demon once
74 Skull and bone instrument that can play for a turn a day 
75 Box with swarm of carnivorous insects for stripping meat off bones one use
76 Soul orb with trapped spirit of someone who wronged a wizard millennia ago
77 Animated severed hand servitor will attack
78 Box with permanent darkness spell centred inside, if opened releases darkness
79 Horrible puppet, actually construct made with evil spirit
80 Skull with ancient spirit will speak once a month about olden days for a turn
81 Skull helm grants +1 protection and can see in the dark
82 Black iron dagger +1 +2 vs living
83 Deaths Darts d3 vs living d6 vs undead, come in bundles of d4+2
84 Hand of Glory, human fat hand candle with five one use sleep spells 
and a knock spell 
85 Sheet ghouls draped over old furniture
86 Sealed coffin, undead stored inside it awakes
87 Cursed berserk sword holding soul of ancient mass murderer and evil hero
88 Chained casket with dangerous non corporeal undead has been trapped in for aeons
89 Sealed bronze chest, contains fragment of a long dead god which the cult want back and necromancers want to study or use it
90 Staff bone breaker 2d4 damage, magical to hit but no pluses
91 Corpse dust form a 20m line that can form a circle a bit over 3 radius, zombies and skeletons cannot cross it
92 Golem servant expecting master to come home

93 Mirror allows contact with planar being who offers advice for service
94 Black Sphere used like a crystal ball but exposes user to spiritual assault from evil each turn of use, requires a HD of blood sacrifice per minute of use and 800gp of 
black lotus incense per use 
95 Iron Crown can communicate with other crown wearers over the world but most are liches who dominate the living scrounging for lore, necromancers use it for hours a day
96 Black Brew of Orcus, is used on dead person brings them back as a zombie inhabited by fragment of their spirit. Will seem to be alive but over a d4 days become increasingly just a ferocious zombie inhabited by a evil spirit and normal movement and initiative, often bottle has a label with label claiming to be a raise dead potion
97 Sacrificial obsidian dagger, once a day slitting a throat of a sacrifice will cause them to arise a a zombie servant
98 Silver torc, allows a mindlink with sight to a single undead servant for a turn per day
99 Glowing green worm in crystal if released crawls in a corpse and creates horrible outbreak of hostile infectious undead
100 Skull of necromancer, can commune with spirit by touch once a day for a question about necromancy

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