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Faerie War Zone Part 1 Forces of Fey

So i put up a poll on which war zone next and got 50+ replies with faerie winning by a shrinking margin to necromancers. So my format to the war zones is niceley established with a bunch of d10 and d100 tables. Some of these deserve mutation tables.

So Far
-Dragon Gossip

Future Warzone Current Order
2 Necromancer Invasion - undead and return of the unholy wizards of the eldar age
3 Siege War - stuff to happen during sieges and modern army and merc types
4 Goblinoid invasion - humanoid hordes
Barbarian invasion
Insectoid Invasion - from comments
Chaos - you know the drill
Hell - also handy for my hells project
Old Ones - now your world is screwed
Giants - for when that wall players built in the mountains comes down...
Amphibians -sea monster invasion
Holy Crusade - angels sick of your shit come to punish you all with zealous paladins helping
Dark Eves/Underland - people you didnt even know under your feet
recommendations welcome... should keep me into next year
Xor Invasion

Current Projects into 2018
Currently editing shadel port to be bigger with a hardback book possibly by xmas
Xor mostly needs lots of spells written up (overly ambitious of me) then can get into edit
Shadelport hopefully will fund me art for Xor
Hells will continue to be worked on for my spiral path project at least a year off
Planet Psychon revisions - would be nice to licence some art
More mutations
Lots of elfland and adventures in the world tree stuff - yggdrasil meets magic faraway with dungeons
A revision of my EMO house rules - simplified slightly nasty oldschool clone BX+NWP
Mostly playing cthulhu and possibly a player in some dnd5 but slowly getting some more friends
If there is anything I should be doing let me know cause  recommendations often inspire me lots and can make me pump out stuff for days

Long term potboilers
Ive long dreamed of a babylonian historic BRP or DND game
-lease look and learn archives and historic clip art
A SF setting and a superhero vs cthulhu espionage setting
-id like BRP or someone pay me or a licence free version
-chaosium have stopped being embarsing even though i dont love all new decisions
Patreon with a monthly compilation PDF or adventure zine

War Zone Typical Descriptors
d10 What Started war?
d10 Objectives of invaders?
d10 What ends war?
d10 Factions/Goals/Events
Forces of the war
d100 Encounters - Combat encounters on the road or countryside during the war
d100 Wonders - spectacles, events and encounters but not necessarily combat
d100 Gossip - to cover wild stories of atrocities, failure and propaganda among the common folk
d100 Loot - particular goods flooding the market during the invasion

Faerie War Zone Part 1
All wars are a mess but faerie wars are the worst. Faeries are not nice, weap, puny or rare. They are spiteful, boil up hordes from nowhere, use magic and leave the land cursed and dangerous. When the faerie war ends the landscape is changed and unrecognisable. The human survivors are changed forever. You can't retaliate against infinity and it can vanish without a trace when it chooses taking all your children.

d10 What Started war?
1 Humans cut down sacred trees
2 A human hero stole a elfmaid
3 Humans killed too many unicorns
4 Humans settled on land belonging to elves withou knowing
5 Humans raided a elf farm killing and looting
6 Humans started a forest fire
7 Humans refused to return a elf relic
8 Humans attacked a elf castle out of ignorance
9 Human villagers killed changeling babies left in their care
10 Humans attacked a dryad grove and burned it down

d10 Objectives of invaders?
1 To punish humanity for greed and development
2 To make sure humans never cause trouble again
3 T0 restore the natural balance
4 To heal humans of their many maladies
5 To cull human numbers for they are a pestilence on nature
6 To restore ancient forests for sylvan beings
7 To relieve boredom
8 To take slaves away to fairyland forever
9 To conquer humanity and control their rampant overbreeding
10 To teach humans respect

d10 What ends war?
1 Faerie just vanish with no explanation 
2 Planted enough fast growing forests for now
3 Satisfactory amount of death and mayhem
4 Bored and end war on a whim
5 Left thousands of changeling babies among human kind
6 Their honour is satisfied 
7 A treaty is sworn by leaders
8 A great wasteland is left and faerie lose interest
9 Seasonal change and faerie moods change at a whim
10 Faeries have change of heart and sick of war

d10 Faction events1 Human commoners aid the faerie who treat them better than nobility
2 Human slaves escape elfland to aid and advise humans
3 Faerie use of werewolves spread out of control lycanthropes
4 Faerie factions help humans escape wrath of faerieland
5 Dark elves raise huge horde of undead that rampage mindlessly
6 Centaurs rampage from the forests and mountains to take advantage of chaos
7 Satyrs run amok stealing women and booze from both sides
8 Elven tribal differences fracture a major force over rivalries
9 A evil faerie lord tries to usurp power sending faerie into chaos
10 Local nature spirits revolt against faerie to support human commoners

Forces of the war

New Human Forces (see Peasant Revolt)
Humans forces are similar as to others in this series but humans have come to rely on rangers scout groups made up of hunters, games keepers, trappers and men of the forest. While not as good as elven warriors such scouts could give early warnings and performed well against beastmen and centaurs preying on the rural humans. In many cases rural humans, scouts and yeomen were reluctant to fight faerie the most as their ancestors had worshipped them and even had some common blood. Most urban humans fear the wilds and their disrespectful attitude to nature antagonises faerie. While human forces try to behave as disciplined modern armies these tactics fail against most faerie.

Human Rangers - elite scouts with bows and experts at tracking and foraging but can act as regulars

Faerieland Forces
Elves will have armies that fight humans slightly more traditionally. Many faerie are skirmishers, raiders and don't differentiate human soldiers from civilians. They will accept human surrender or worship or even let humans ignore them. Fighting or resisting faerie doing as they please can make trouble. Faeries will take strongest, prettiest and the young and often leave the old, the sick, the mad and the infertile. Faerie use humans as labour, wet nurses, servants, soldiers and even change humans to suit their whims. Humans are able to be turned into beastmen, plantmen, lycanthropes and other uses. Humans are also good for breeding. Faerie mothers often die of find giving birth distasteful or dangerous.  Faerie may give birth to non faerie children some produce goblins instead which have uses but makes the elf mother ashamed. some birth animals and other creatures. Faerie children are weak and many never mature. Human mothers are more resilient and their children stronger. It takes a few generations to breed out the human but these part elves help to bolster the faerie races.

Faerie with log term plans over human lands will plant rapidly growing trees, stelae, crystal fountains, hills and other objects that allow faerie reality to overlap and overtake human reality. Faerie rings and stone circles and strange mists act as gateways for faerie to come and go as they please. Intelligent talking animals increase. Tree and other spirits awaken. Spirit folk come out of hiding in their secret places. Many beings can spy on humans and walk among them. Humans have little hope of gaining any comprehensible intelligence but a few pro human elves, hybrids and former slaves might talk. The highly addictive food of fairy land is a big threat and is used to entrap and enslave human, attuning them to faerie land. Faerie forts might just appear and while small might hold thousands of fey warriors. A seeming easy victory might be a deathtrap. Faerie magic makes them unpredictable. Nothing is certain and everything is turned on it's head.

As war progresses more and more evil creatures are used as faerie grow more angry or desperate or committed. They dislike death and will often retreat when injured to fight another day, preferring to use non immortal troops to suicidal actions.

Faerie armies are often swarms mixing all their troop types mixed and irregular or chaotically swarming around a core of disciplined regular elves in the middle. Magical leader types often support the elves also. Faerie leaders are more willing to fight than human leaders.

Wee Folk
Halfling Slingers - light sneaky woodland folk irregulars
Halfling Warriors - chain, javelins, clubs or shortswords, regulars
Brownies - near invisible, able crafters and use magic, skirmishers
Leprechauns - guards and scouts not good fighters but good saboteurs and spies
Nixies - aquatic highly magical, charm humans and sabotage water transport
Pixies - skirmishers with magic drugged arrows, invisible and polymorph selves to spy
Sprites - scouts and skirmishers with dugged arrows
Buckawn - drugged dart hurling scout type irregulars, more willing to fight and kill
Korred - humanoid bestial folk, elite irregulars with magic and boulder throwing
Dwarf Mercenaries - elite regular sappers and siege troops, elite regulars with chain, axe, crossbows
Gnome Mercenaries - often with animal friends and magical, but otherwise like smaller dwarves
Quicklings - scouts and messengers, fastest moving beings known
Redcap - bloodthirsty killers change from gnomes to ogre size
Spriggan - small gnome size with thief and magic abilities or giant size hate humans and gnomes
Flower Faeries - coin sized can be invisible and steal coins or grain, linked to a type of flower
Gremlins - tiny prankster goblins who spread bad luck, steal goods and breed into plagues

Nature Divinities (dislike moving from home or war, often act as leaders)
Dryads - often awakened in forest as obstacles highly revered by fey as goddesses
Nymphs - often dominate waterways and prevent crossings, with powerful magic
Sirene - aquatic or on land, able leaders and fighters, often lead charmed forces
Swanmay - were swan women rangers skilled in woods and waterway actions
Neried - water faerie with magic power can hold water ways
Sylph - powerful magicians often with pet or air elemental
Hags - various types and power, witch like mostly malicious with magic and shape shifting
Lanah Shee - vampiric beauty atracted to bards mostly but inspire them to great short lives
Banshee - undead elf maid who's scream kills

Elves (most common and disciplined and most human like)
Elven Archers - longbow, leather and spell wielding elite regulars
Elven Rangers - composite bow, sword, leather, elite irregular skirmishers
Elven Warriors - with chainmail, spell, spear and sword elite regulars
Elven Halberdiers - with plate, halberds and pikes for anti cavalry in huge phalanxes
Elven Mounted Archers - with composite bows mostly irregular skirmishers, ride elk or horses
Elven Knights - with plate, lance and sword on faerie horses elite regulars
Elven Griffon Riders - often elite scouts and skirmishers who target heroes or horse cavalry
Elven Pegasus Riders - mounted rangers used for scouting and skirmishing
Elven Unicorn Riders - elite cavalry and healers
Dark Elf Assassins - with poison arrows from shortbows and sabres, elite regular skirmishers
Dark Elf Fungi Herders - drive basiron before them in battle and plant shriekers and dangerous fungi
Dark Elf Driders - spider centaur dark elves use bows and magic
Sea Elf Marines - use advanced ships and attack coastal areas, can breathe water
Sea Elf Mounted Marines - ride dolphins, giant sea horses, lobsters, sea serpents and other creatures

Goblins Irregulars - bred by elves to guard borderlands, irregulars with slings and spears
Goblin Regulars - more trained regulars with shields, maces, swords and axes or some with spear Goblin Phalanxes - regulars with spear and shield in phalanxes
Goblin Archers - irregular or regular elites with shortbows
Goblin Wolf riders - elite skirmishers and scouts use shortbows and swords
Goblin Bat riders - skirmishers with shortbows especially by night

Other Races
Orc Mercenaries - used when desperate by elves, spear and shield regulars
Orc Archers - regular shortbow troops but fight with swords up close and good morale
Wildmen Berserkers - irregular scouts but fearsome and fight to death for faerie gods
Wildmen Druids - magical priests often guarded by berserkers
Beastmen - strong fierce warriors, irregular mostly goat, wolf, lion, rabbit, elk, deer, bear, panther
Centaur Cavalry - use shortbow, lance and clubs, might transport halflings or others, irregular
Hybsil - deer centaur small but use sleep poison and mostly skirmishers in large mobs
Faun Warriors - regularor irregular scouts with bows, spears, javelins and clubs
Satyr Warriors - brave but drunken lechers, morale high discipline poor, irregular , mostly with clubs
Charmed Human Soldiers - many faerie beings can charm humans,* any human troop type
Animal Spirit Folk - shapeshifting animal to human forms, magical, often fox, cat, hawk, lynx
Nature Spirit Folk - shapeshifting to human forms, magical often tree, river, rock types
Faerie Spirit Folk - change from palm size tiny faeirie to human size, with insect wings
Kobolds - small mine goblins who drive miners away, others are drunken lecherous and friendly
*or that's what they said after the war

Giant Animals (often ridden by naked feral elves, wildmen or wee folk)
Beavers - might dam water or flood regions or build wooden forts or walls
Bears - heroic berserker warriors, bear cavalry is frightening
Boars - heroic berserker mounts
Eagles - aerial troops who often carry smaller races and spies or archers
Frogs - in wetlands like swamps or waterways
Lynx - possibly ridden by small fey folk
Owl - night scouts and transport spies and assassins
Dog (cooshee) - faerie dogs will transport smaller folk or accompanied by elven ranger
Porcupine - fire quills making good missile troops
Ram - mountainous areas often ridden by gnomes
Goat - popular mounts with wee folk in mountains or forests
Elk - or Irish deer giant deer often used as cavalry
Crow - ridden by dark elves mostly scouts
Swan or Geese - ridden by elven female archer fly and aquatic
Lion - fierce huge roaring king of beasts, will lead animals and roar causes fear
Fox - sneaky thieving cunning, experts at luring pursuers to danger

Magical Beings
Werewolf Pack - sometimes led by elf huntmaster  but increasingly wild and out of control
Other Lycanthropes - bear, boar, panther, lion, weasel, elk, shark, crab, horse, owl, raven
Elementals - often summoned by druids and wizards and priests of fey folk
Faerie Dragons - are very powerful magicians who lead and advise leaders
Treant - often used as siege artillery because of size
Will-o-the-wisp - powerful dangerous magic scouts and often obstruct roads by night
Firbolg Giants - magical elites often act as independant heroes
Formarian Giant - mutated hideous giants who claim human land, act as elite heroes
Troll Mercenaries - horrible chaos trolls devour everything and hard to kill
Merrow - aquatic troll race that might be unleashed on coastal areas
Selkie - aquatic will hold coastal and waterways
Fachan - one legged one armed hopping fiend usually with a mace
Dragon - rare flying mounts for heroes, often coloured to suit terrain or metallic types
Phooka - shape shifting faerie beast often black goat, pony, eagle or beastman form, like cruel jokes
Nuckelavee - hideous aquatic rotting horse like beast with glowing eyes live in stagnant pools
Waterleaper - like a tadpole almost on frog from with a tail and glider wings that eat a person whole
Mermaids - aquatic race which may aid faerie war against coasts and shipping

Wednesday 29 November 2017

Patreon Launch

I've finally done it

Basicly to motivate me to do more compilations of stuff from here and make some money so i can buy art for future projects - Psychon and Xor need art to really shine

Im also minimise my use of modern living creators art on this blog now im becoming commercial so mostly wierd historic work stolen from poor museums and collections rather than living artists and possibly more of my terrible illos of octopus kids.

Will be adding buttons and updating links here too...

Next kids will have me twittering and instagramming...

Ive never read a tweet i cared for and seems mostly for propagating hatred and celeb gossip but i could be convinced. Instagram and deviant might be worth using i just don't wanna re upload my 32000 flickr pix. I could do a whole patreon on my non gaming stuff too but im still on holiday from art world.

Currently starting faerie war posts based on my 50 odd votes on G+

d100 Fairy Maidens

Plan to do a bunch of faerieland stuff 2018. Will doe faerieland war zone as it won my recent g+ poll although necromancers almost caught up - siege the goblins will follow.

Fairy maidens are found in woodlands on the borderlands to elfland. Some are worshipped as minor divinities. Some are charged with a purpose. Heroes might fall in love with them or be charmed by their superhuman beauty. Man and faerie are not meant to mingle. Faerie beings even the mostly bright ones can have monstrous forms and can be spiteful or cruel. Some faeries might flux between bright and dark between seasons or even night and day.

Faeries have family and kin and If you harm then you might bring about great danger and curses on you. Most love affairs turn out bad or with the mortal enthralled or discarded after time. Faerie dwellers experience strange flow of time that might be continuity incongruous or distorted.

Heroes often lust after them and seek them as mates but this mostly leads to disaster and ruination. It is also a disruption of natural forces and many beings will not be pleased if a maiden neglects her duties. Most have semi divine kinfolk. At best being with a mortal might last a few decades if the husband lives or can cope.

Maidens in fact might be a obstacle in a mountain pass or forest trail that stops civilization passing.

You can use the d10 tables on own or just the d100 or a mix to fill out details.

d10 Bright Fairy Maiden's Companions d10x10HD Worth
01 Local commoners enthralled
02 Local commoners worship for generations
03 Animal companions d6 1=chariot team 2=mount 3=familiar 4=guard 5=farm 6=wild
04 Munder hobo adventurers of the worst sort in love
05 Charmed lovers d6 1=bards 2=bandits 3=knights 4=hunters 5=revelers 6=servants
06 Monster friends d4 1=hybrid animal 2=sphynx 3=lycanthropes 4=draconic
07 Demi Humanoids including halfling d4 1=gnome 2=dwarf 3=elf 4=orc
08 Humanoid including kobolds d4 1=goblinoids 2=ogres 3=trolls 4=giants 
09 Sylvan folk d4 1=faerie folk 2=beastmen 3=animal spirit folk 4=nature spirit folk
10 A slumbering kaiju monster can be awoken if maiden very cross

d100 Fairy Maidens Magic Accessories
01 Instrument 1=lute 2=flute 3=horn 4=harpsicord
02 Water d4 1=pool 2=fountain 3=water jar 4=well
03 Weapon d4 1=sword 2=bow 3=spear 4=dagger
04 Grooming item d4 1=mirror 2=brush 3=perfume bottle 4=makeup tin 
05 Food d4 1=dinner set 2=stove 3=basket 4=mill 
06 Hiding place d4 1=cave 2=hollow tree 3=buried chest 4=hollow stone
07 Clothing d4 1=dress 2=cloak 3=girdle 4=gloves
08 Jewelry d4 1=ring 2=medallion 3=crown 4=broach
09 Craft Items d4 1=loom 2=spinning wheel 3=painting set 4=sewing box
10 Location d4 1=summoning circle 2=shrine 3=monolith 4=portal

d100 Fairy Maidens Duty
01 Guardian of region of nature
02 Watching area for great evil to return
03 To test heroes on a quest
04 Ruler of local sylvan beings
05 Guardian of a holy place
06 Guardian of a great secret
07 Defender vs encroaching humans
08 Serves a divinity or lords of faerieland
09 Cursed or banished
10 Watches a dungeon or ruins

d100 Fairy Maiden Enjoys
01 Singing, dancing, poetry or playing music
02 Frolicking with animal friends
03 Working on exquisite art or craft works
04 Helping woodland beings
05 Playing pranks on naughty humans
06 Caring for human or animal orphans
07 Worshiping the faerie king or queen or the gods 
08 Educating young forest folk in faerie lore
09 Punishing the wicked
10 Grooming and bathing often with friends or followers

d20 How to gain a Fairy Maidens hand
01 Assist her purpose or save her from enemies
02 Perform quest or acts of unselfish kindness and heroism
03 Helping the natural world resist exploitation
04 Aid forces of the faerie kingdom
05 Encouraging her interests with gifts or help
06 Gifts of fantastic works of artisans or craftsmen
07 Gifts of exquisite food and drink
08 Gifts of jewelry and magic items or fabulous clothing
09 Share discusions and documents of scholarship
 Stealing her prize possessions and holding them hostage
11 Defeat her in a contest of her choice
12 Steal her magic item and hold it to ransom (jerk move bro)
13 Entrap her and force her to marry you (jerk move bro)
14 Steal and threaten her pets (jerk move bro)
15 Make a deal with faerie nobility
16 Prove your devotion for years attempting to please her
17 Slay her current husband who forced her into bondage
18 rescue her from  a dragon or hag or demon or wicked knight
19 Succeed at near impossible faerie challenge
20 Convince her of your lifelong devotion and unquestioning obedience

d10 Fairy Maiden Love Gone Wrong
For anyone having relationship with them
01 Children with mortals will be cruel ugly mutants or goblins
02 Eventually will flee with children to fairy land
03 Child grows rapidly in fairy land returns as knight hating father
04 Child grows rapidly in fairy land returns as vengeful troll
05 Mother flees and children turn into horrible monsters
06 Takes lover to fairyland to meet family, returned 1d0 centuries later
07 Family and possibly divinities offended send monsters and assassins 
08 Children and mother sickly must return to fairy land or die
09 Sickly children and/or mother dies in childbirth or in grief from childrens deaths
10 Feeds addictive fairy food to lover, move to faerie land or die

d10 Friends

1 Has a favorite animal companion
2 Friendly with a local nature spirit
3 Friends with local elven people
4 Kin with spirit folk d4 1=tree 2=animal 3=water 4=earth
5 Friends with treeants
6 Raised by a local hag of great power
7 Related to Elf court who watch out for her
8 Favoured by a god
9 Worshipped by druids and rangers
10 Sylvan friends d4 1=satyrs 2=dryads 3=centaurs 4=gnomes

d100 Fairy Maidens
01 Shalara the dawn mist maiden entices intruders to dangerous mist shrouded waterfalls
02 Caerranna lady in green turns men who spy on her into trees
03 Farneras the white lady warps flow of time so dallying whith her takes d100 years
04 Cragyana the weeping widow sobs and washes clothes in river, hearing her steals all joy
05 Cibrana the innocent one frolics in the woods and is guarded by disgusting harpies
06 Korana the wild hunts mortal men for sport with her bow and will never submit to man
07 Erradora the woman in red skins and flays men to make leather for the elf king
08 Sashaldra the air maiden frolics on mountain tops and those who chase her fall to death
09 Karmndela the battle maiden is lusty and loves sex almost as she loves decapitation
10 Voornadala the cavern maiden guards cave entrances to the underland, warning visitors 

11 Bellahabi the wild girl runs with wild dogs and wolves and deer and shepherds hate her
12 Karrana the dancer frolics with her animal friends and will talk only to good dancer

13 Cyrella the harpist sings beautiful music and is surrounded by jealous charmed bards
14 Vorana the sleek lives with her mountain lion friends who dislike her mortal admirers
15 Pandra the celestial really really loves dragons and will shapeshift lovers into dragons
16 Korranna the sweet is protected and cared for by tiny faeries who dislike mortals
17 Virridia the mad dances with her swords and loves to see body parts and blood fly
18 Seeranna the frost queen is surrounded by snow and ice troll guardians
19 Kola the rabbit queen is surrounded by large thuggish rabbitmen who love maiming man
20 Herroda the golden sits spinning gold with elf handmaidens for the elf court who love her
21 Virrida the skymaiden walks naked in the woods and her beauty can kill
22 Godvirja the divine has great wisdom and sylval beings come to her for advice
23 Sunmaak the radiant glows with light and the plants sway around her
24 Khieric the healer cares for sick and wounded and woodland folk will never let her leave
25 Bezzora the wailing lost her lover in the dawn age and cries ever since
26 Sirranna the sweet frolics in the woods but will do anything for honey and sweets
27 Kirranis the delight sings and dances with her chorus of elmaids that please the gods
28 Zarifiah the sword maiden likes to adventure with her tako wizard companion
29 Tesorah the glib likes to read meloncholic books and poems and is hungry for more
30 Hannirah the exquisite sits in her crystal cave contemplating mysteries of the ages
31 Voadora the silver wears silver armour and weapons, enjoys duel practice with anyone
32 Belomas the contrarian always acts the opposite to the intentions of strangers
33 Sironis the river maid lives on the shore raising nixies and sprite children 
34 Veragorana the mountain maid lives with wild boars and carries a titan war maul
35 Kalenara the night maid is a dark elf princess who delights in torture and poison
36 Tetyanavorana the grim is daughter of a night had and a elf prince she rides a nightmare
37 Elorra the wood maid only talks to human rangers who she trains in secret
38 Voranid the radiant is surrounded by prismatic auroras in her gem encrusted cave 
39 Derasa the Swan Queen leads her sisterhood of swanmay rangers protecting the woods
40 Korlandra the inscuteable sits motionless contemplating secrets of illumination 
41 Janmalla the guardian lives in her misty dinosaur filled valley with her pet sabretooth cat
42 Jubnubblar the earth maid sleeps with any mortal and sends them any bastard children
43 Korindra the flower maid lives in a garden with her sprites and flower spirit changelings
44 Zorranna the dark lady runs with her wolf and giant bat friends and hates human men
45 Koriola the runner is seen ever running with deer through the woods with her bow
46 Lyshea the stalker invisibly follows intruders and judges conduct to see if they live or die
47 Corinda the shining one is a happy maid who plays with animals and is kin of the elf king
48 Zoranna the seer is a expert on divination and mostly interested in learning new methods
49 Viradja the redeemer is consulted by fallen holy folk to find the means of redemption
50 Sidri the historian remembers great events since the start of time 
51 Koorindala the panther maid lives with several great cats and they hunt together
52 Loradama the peacemaker used to be a diplomat for the faerie folk but is over it
53 Korindala the shrine maiden attends hundreds of scattered shrines to her divine kin
54 Sarinntor the bather spends days bating in springs with elfmaids, dislike spies
55 Marradansoor the provider puts on a splended feast for her sylvan friends each day
56 Terrania the gatekeeper watches a mysterious gateway in a cliff bound with chains
57 Karisama the singer is always performing for animal friends and loves to hear new songs
58 Ellianya the delightful spends days listening to pleas of human and non human admirers
59 Sarinara the vine maiden makes wine from wild grapes with her drunken satyr friends 
60 Jasseeran the enabler sits with elf friends smoking hookahs of exotic and inhuman drugs
61 Torilindar the maker spends her days making art and is aided by her faerie friends
62 Seemaris the freamer spends most of her time sleeping and guarded by trolls
63 Gorgora the strong enjoys wrestling with bears and ogres or anyone really
64 Violetta the serene sits in meditation guarded by seven giant serpents
65 Zorrana the delectable lies about seductively for lovers then turns them into animals
66 Corrinda the archmage dwells in a cottage guarded by elementals researching spells
67 Sorrindel the summoner dwells in a cave researching the of summoning planar beings
68 Pessarind the adoring one gives her love freely and stores her best lovers in crystals
69 Vorinda the reveler is always partying with centaurs and satyrs and anyone really
70 Zeeranon the fornicator mates with all kinds of creatures spawning hybrid creatures
71 Pathelas the all seeing dwells in a cave and watches the world from her crystal ball
72 Morandor the witch queen leads a coven of witches dedicated to keeping humans away
73 Corlia the collector has a cave full of her treasures and will trade wisdom for more
74 Korrianna the dice maiden likes games of chance and staking lives, she has divine luck
75 Hortence the apostate believes humans are equal and rejects elvish philosophy
76 Palentia the waterfall maiden bathes in the misty falls watching a hidden sleeping dragon
77 Zimmarra the maid of plenty has a magic cornicopia and lays on a fantastic feast daily
78 Tsammarra the corn maiden visits human fields to bless them and makes corn golems
79 Vharjezra the watcher of the stones guards a prehuman black monolith of the old ones
80 Phenltralia the rubble runner frolics in the ruins of a lost prehuman civilization
81 Khemnara the voluptuous is guarded by bronze golems sent by this milleniums lover 
82 Torrian the slayer enjoys hunting monsters who's corpses she mummifies as trophies
83 Ferranial the smith works metal in her cave with dwarf, gnome and troll lovers
84 Beerinda the bee keeper grows flowers, keeps bees and makes mead for sylvan friends
85 Velenteena the spearmaiden likes to fight and drink with barbarians and vikings
86 Sirrella the maid of a hundred wands carries a different one each day from her collection
87 Cormandeera the blessed virgin bathes with goddesses daily to restore her virginity
88 Hanamelta the perfumer brews perfume and makes incense in her laboratory cave
89 Lidiratta the axe maiden daily beheads a criminal delivered to her by faeries
90 Vilidaxa the drowned maiden lures handsome heroes into her underwater prison
91 Midrella the night hunter patrols her woods with her owl friend scouts and guardians
92 Zardella the friend of the furry forest folk spends her time with intelligent forest rodents
93 Assurkalan has 100 gnome husbands who toil in her underground pleasure palace
94 Varrassa the tree conqueror lives in a giant tree fort guarding elf relics  
95 Ramina the hero dwells with her elf and sylvan friends who adventure together
96 Sarrella the god slayer works to repair a relic that fragments each time a god is killed
97 Oorlana the bell ringer has a collection of magic bells she rings daily to effect weather
98 Zaphia the solemn cares for a ancient forgotten elf war memorial and preys for it's dead
99 Kola the ape mother dwells with her friendly family of flesh eating giant apes
100 Zemijya the walking bird maid lives with her flock of terrorbirds and elf amazon riders

Sunday 26 November 2017

d100 Mysterious Enemy Hooks

Some art for my next publication. Will do some original art and redo all my murder hobo posts in one spot. Meet Rarg the barbarian, Father Happy, Stabby and Zippo. Once they were typical nice adventurers but years of drinking, sleeping in dungeons and mass murder have changed them.

Also have a vote on G+ for next war zone and faeries winning so far....

So Mysterious patrons got some kind comments from readers so this is the inverse. A secret jerk is doing stuff to cause the party trouble. Blatantly and deliberately.

d10 Means of secrecy and delivery

01 Urchin messenger throws items through window or at head
02 Thrown off passing vehichle so almost hits character
03 Wrapped like gift delivered by cheerful courier
04 Theives guild agents deliver by sneaking into bedroom
05 Delivered by plague carrying beggar
06 Dagger with note stuck in bedhead or house in morning
07 Dropped through room with a crash
08 Found with a corpse in lodgings
09 Robe wearing fanatic agent fights to death if stopped
10 Clerk from a law firm who knows nothing

d10 Enemy Goals

01 To ruin adventurers lives
02 To slander adventurers and publicly shame them
03 To stp party interfering in schemes of plotting villains
04 To stop upstarts with sudden wealth disrupting social order
05 To protect secretive cults from interference
06 To prevent humankind from discovering long lost secrets
07 To prevent the economy becoming enriched with treasure
08 To get revenge for stoping some villains past scheme
09 To prevent part becoming successful or wealthy
10 To please other planar force of wickedness

d10 Enemy is...
01 A scheming cult leader
02 A shapeshifting creature in disguise
03 A noble scheming against upstarts
04 A wealthy sadistic merchant
05 A corrupt government official
06 A pre human monster boss
07 A former adventurer hoping to toughen party up
08 A powerful evil high priest
09 A criminal mastermind
10 A wizard who hates everything that party does

d100 Mysterious Enemy Hooks
01 Dead animal in bed
02 Headless chicken and blood nailed to door
03 Dead stray dog or cat you were friiendly to
04 Corpse of some commoner you talked to earlier
05 Picture of a loved one stuck with dagger on wall
06 Poison fruit basket
07 Pickled human head in jar
08 Gallons of blood in bed
09 Childs corpse, mother nearby calling
10 Youth noble corpse in bed, baillff knocking at door

11 Spirit trapped in bottle released in lodgings
12 Invisible creature bites character in home

13 Stirge nest in attic
14 Rats swarm through floor attacking in home
15 Monster bursts through floor
16 Hit by poison needle in public place
17 Shot with arrow by sniper
18 Targeted with destructive spell
19 Succubi or incubi sent to seduce character
20 Giant spider enters house at night
21 Someone releases giant snake into house
22 Gang of hired thugs attack party in public
23 Tax man investigates party for fraud or evasion
24 Militia investigate party for murder
25 Tribe of monsters swear to kill party
26 Assassins try to kill in house at night
27 Someone leaves a seige mine on party residence at night
28 Someone releases green slime inty privy chamber
29 Some one slips adictive drugs into characters food and drink
30 Noble house given evidence party murdered a kinsman
31 Evil cult given information party out to get them
32 Dark elf treehouse destroyed in fire, party blamed by fake evidence
33 Party accused of drug trafficking
34 Church investigate party for heresey
35 Witchunter had anonymous tip party up to no good
36 Party reported to espionage, papers hidden in party acomidation
37 Witness tells secret police party plotting treason
38 Lodgings set on fire
39 Assassins await party outside next dungeon
40 Bandit group give parties name during heists
41 Wanted cultist robes, masks and bloody daggers left in party house
42 Someone puts plague tainted goods in party house
43 Characters horse or pe attacked
44 Characters follower beaten
45 Party recieve death threats
46 Someone writing slander about party on city walls
47 Terrible gossip spread about party
48 Bard composing lampoon about characters adventures
49 Duelist provokes fight with party in public with abuse
50 Play being performed about party scandalous cowardice and incompetence 
51 Comedic puppet show popular about characters being awful people
52 Someone in neighborhood spreading gossip party killing missing people
53 Knight told character acused him of being coward
54 Popular comedy song about party is a hit
55 Spellbook delivered with contact poison on pages
56 Treasure Map delivered directing party to trap
57 Treasure Map to lair of impoverished vampire lair
58 Witches hired to curse party
59 Someone murdering elves or dwarves leaving fake hateful note from party
60 Someone tries to trick party into kidnapping someones family member
61 Sewer workers bribed to flood party hangout with human waste
62 Someone told a dragon party killed it's son
63 Dangerous traps placed in party residence
64 Dangerous spores put in roof and basement of residence
65 Horse and cart try to run character down
66 idol wanted by cult hidden on characters possetions
67 Family member of character threatened
68 family member of party assaulted
69 Rabid dog attacks in street
70 Theives guild robbed, party blamed
71 Assasin guild members murdered party blamed
72 Cursed magic items sent as gifts
73 Given deed of haunted house
74 Hobbit village raided and burned left clues naming party
75 Someone burned orphanage and blamed party
76 Seduced by diseased prostitute sent by enemy
77 Investigation into kidnapping cult party blamed by victim
78 Shadows sent by witch attack party in sleep
79 Water weird released in characters privy
80 Elemental attacks and destroys lodging
81 Devil in disguise tries to trich character into selling soul
82 Devil tempts character with desires
83 Gremlins set loose in character lodgings who follow party
84 Imp invisibly harrasses party with pranks
85 Demon attacks party while at home
86 Party find treasure island map, ship abandons them 
87 Party of doppelgangers copy party and behave badly
88 Mimic let into party house
89 Evicted from house, landlord threatened with death
90 Exile from city or kingdom because ruler told lies
91 Next place travelled to have heard party trouble
92 Find wanted posters with outrageous reward for party
93 Friend polymorphed into a medusa
94 Next dungeon entered has entry collapsed by workers
95 Next place characters attack is prewarned
96 Next place character attack has extra mercenaries
97 Suicide bomber charges party shouting "death to evil ones"
98 Church burned down anf priests killed, party investigated
99 Party cloned in secret, clones awake to hunt and kill originals
100 Golem attacks party home from sewers

Saturday 25 November 2017

Women for Call Cthulhu

Two of my players playing old women reminded me I had been distracted by Bright Young Things and needed to do some more senior women. What a mysteriously prejudiced old grog I am.

Apologies for this delay, I had partly done but thought Id better finish...

Maybe a sheet of hobos...?

Possibly a 1890s set with cowboy stuff could be good

Friday 24 November 2017

Mysterious Patron Hooks

Patrons often employ adventurers and send them on quests. Many have their own secrets. Many hire adventurers or sponsor murder hobos for all kinds of reasons. patrons are handy to motivate adventurers and can eventually lead to more adventures and revelations. I'm not a huge fan of the heist+betrayal trope which is especially played out in SF games. In FRPG the patron mostly wants the party to enter a dungeon and rob monsters which isn't so awful. Many gifts are in fact adventure seeds. Many of these are quick adventure seeds. In shadelport many magicians like to spy on adventurers and broadcast as illusions to audiences. The Baron's Dungeon Games are the most popular and best knows with a viewing chamber designed for elites in the palace and other more common ones throughout the city. The common man gets to see puppet show and actors versions only.

Im working through my old request lists and finding them less ambitious to my own stuff.

d10 Means of secrecy and delivery
01 Urchin messengers who know nothing
02 Animal messenger like a pigeon or dog possibly a familiar
03 Messages just appear in adventurers room by magic
04 Has a agent sworn to secrecy
05 Uses a merchant or tavern keeper or shop owner
06 Thief slips note into pocket where to collect goods
07 Courier service with no return address
08 Strongbox in bank vault
09 Strange cowled figure who does not speak
10 Clerk from a lawfirm who knows nothing

d10 Patron Goals
01 To destroy minions and plans of a rival schemer
02 To mould adventurers into a force for good deeds
03 To recover relics and documents for some scheme
04 To disturb the order and shake up long stagnant forces
05 To undermine the economy and social order with cashed up murder hobos
06 To recover goods and knowledge for scholarly interest
07 To recover artworks and treasures desired for a collection
08 To clear our haunted places to occupy with own minions 
09 To have some entertainment
10 To gain favours from important people

d10 Patron is really...

01 A horrid cult leader
02 A shapeshifting creature in disguise
03 A noble scheming against rivals
04 A wealthy status hungry merchant
05 A charitable wealthy noble
06 A rich scholar
07 A former adventurer
08 A powerful priest
09 A publisher seeking lurid tales to print and sell
10 A wizard seeking arcane secrets

d100 Hooks from a Patron
01 Map to a cave system location
02 Map to a dungeon complex location
03 Map of a dungeon level
04 Map of a secret temple
05 Map of a ruined castle
06 Map to a haunted house location
07 Map to pirate treasure
08 Map to a secret cult shrine
09 Map to a hidden crypt
10 Map to a secret gang headquaters

11 Deed to a haunted townhouse
12 Chest belonging to missing adventurers

13 Book belonging to ancient wizard
14 Sea chest belonging to missing sea captain
15 Deed to a seaside cottage
16 Deed to a forgotten farm house
17 Deed to a family crypt
18 Puzzlebox belonging to sorceror unopened
19 Box of unopened old potion bottles and papers
20 Box of old posters with maps scrawled on back in charcoal
21 Box with a magic mouth delivers riddle
22 Strange glowing crystal
23 Scroll with a history spell and a rusty dagger
24 Scroll with s Speak to dead spell and a human hand
25 Scroll with invisible writing
26 Scroll with coded message
27 Scroll with prehuman writing
28 Stone tablet with ancient script
29 Talking skull in a box
30 Box with a chicken brooding a monster egg
31 Kobold in a sack who knows dungeon location
32 Address of a old murder hobo who knows secret dungeon entrance
33 Address of a former slave who spent years lost in the underland
34 Address of a sea captain in sailors home who visited a strange island
35 Deed to a mine where miners all disapeared
36 Spirit in a bottle seeks resolution to murder and betrayal 
37 Painting an night spirit maid enters dreams seeking aid against injustice
38 Talking goat knows location of evil cult but nobody believes him
39 Pair of doves, once young lovers betrayed by evil uncle
40 Orc slave who knows where local orc tribes live and a dungeon
41 Scrawled map with passwords for cultist meetingplace in sewers
42 Squat green demon idol with recognisable coastline and sat on bottom
43 Diary of subterranean explorer
44 Wooden board with orc treasure map carved on surface
45 Map showing local monoliths and several marked with evil symbols 
46 A pamphlet telling wild exageration of party recent adventure
47 Contract tender notice from assassins guild mentioning party
48 Erotic caricature of party member from lurid underground press
49 Defamatory cartoon print of party being sold in market from famous character artist
50 Directions to satirical puppet show about adventurers
51 Strange black seal that fits into slot in prehuman sculpture in ruined wall nearby
52 Report from secret police spy indiating party being watched
53 List of guild master names with crosses through them and dates
54 Location of a thieves guild on back of wanted poster for gang
55 Tickets to see a monster vivisection in wizard school
56 Tickets to front seat of a execution
57 Tickets to a stage show
58 Two for one meal voucher at posh reseraunt
59 Crate of wine bottles of exotic foreign wine
60 Address of drug house where lotus eaters lay about in smokey haze
61 Lease for tiny shop or alehouse for d4+1 years 
62 Key that opens locked sewer entries near city walls
63 Family tree with note on back indicating sole survivor to be sold at an auction
64 Note indicating previously unknown sibling of character lives
65 Will naming character in old sealed letter written 20 years ago
66 Dark elf map showing several tree forts in the dark forest
67 Potion that reveals past life and location of treasure to drinker
68 Painting of the party with gilded frame
69 Lease for 4 years of large loft of warehouse/apartment building on harbour
70 Deed for a small 16 man sailing boat in drydock with one month paid fees
71 Location of sinkhole and notes on local disapearances
72 Token to see a particular prostitute in a noble whorehouse
73 Bottle with old island map inside
74 Turtle plastron with native carvings of islands
75 Huge gilded key that looks like from a palace
76 Map of known world with unknown islands marked on by later person
77 Map of known world showing a huge landmass and larger coastlines
78 Map showing unknown buried tombs in known location 
79 Tattooed mummified severed hand of a wizard
80 Portrait of noble from long ago spitting image of a character
81 Portrait of handsome youth character finds alluring, lover from a past life
82 Arrow that always points same direction and vibrates as draw closer to target
83 Crate of delicious popular beer and ket to brewery back door 
84 Mummy in a crate of serpent man that a cult wants badly
85 Ivory Idol in box that cult need back to call demon master
86 Relic of a church will be very grateful for return and offer healing magic
87 Crate with monster statue that a cult is trying to awaken to life
88 Crate with cocoon of catfishman wizard hibernating for thousands of years
89 Crate with statue of ancient woman actually petrified with stone to flesh scroll
90 An old book of seamonster and fishmen sightings on the coast
91 An old book mentioning dungeons that might still be found
92 An old book with family trees that disprove title of a current noble
93 Suicide note of youth naming horrible villain who ruined many lives
94 Collection of prehuman coins and map of a building site in city
95 Letter describing someone finding a brick mine near a village
96 Notice of a ship on treasure expedition needing senior crew
97 Notice of men needed for expedition into mountains
98 Note of praise from secret admirer with 1000gp
99 Key and address for storage locker in warehouse
100 Mummified shaman curled up in box with tattooed map of wasteland location

Thursday 23 November 2017

d100 Gossip During the Revolution

Sequel to
This is stuff people discuss in taverns during the revolt. Different sympathies, spies, raconteurs,  conservatives and radicals. This does not need treasure table like the dragon series. A follow up of a siege war zone for towns and cities under siege would work well.

Obviously some of these rumours are lies and propaganda spread by bards and spies. Some of these rumours could start the next riot. Everyday people are killed for spreading such gossip. Not picking a side makes you the enemy of both sides eventually. Just when you pick a side you hear of some awful act committed by your faction. The dungeon is looking safer every day and many flee to the wilderness to hide till the war ends. On the southern continent of the Empire perpetual revolt and civil war have shattered the empire for a decade now. The petulant sadist boy emperor has become more restrained but it is too late for peace now.

Gossip During the Revolution
01 The ruler has more sympathy for lords and foreign interests than common people
02 The nobility will say anything to maintain their privilege and cannot be trusted
03 The rich are in league with devils and have sold soul of the nation to hell
04 The rich enjoy finest food and clothes while the commoners live in filth and squalor
05 The tyrants and the rich seek to keep the poor slaves 
06 The rich have brought foreign religious ideas and keep the poor out of their churches
07 The lords of the land feasted on fine food while shooting the poor dressed as animals
08 The nobility have no idea how the poor live and believe the gods favour them
09 The rich will never learn and so we need to execute them all, long live the revolt!
10 The rich are really witches who eat babies and summon demons to keep them in power

11 The poor are ignorant filthy beasts and need the guidance of their betters
12 The mob commit awful ungodly acts of cruelty and depravity and deserve death

13 The poor are scruffy godless heathens and in the name of god need to be yoked
14 Commoners have been killing and eating bankers and merchants alive
15 The poor only act like the faithful but really worship dark pagan powers and demons
16 The poor brought their dreadful condition on themselves if only they worked harder
17 The poor dream above their god ordained station and deserve their suffering
18 If only the poor would accept their lot in life and not torment themselves with fantasy
19 All the wretched poor from servants to household cant be trusted, all plot treason
20 Filthy peasants have called for the head of our ruler may the gods smite them all
21 Witches have been seen swarming in the skies by night spreading chaos
22 A noble general has a pet clearly a devilish familiar spirit advising his cruel acts
23 Churches serving rich and poor are on fire and priests have been murdered  
24 Whole villages have been burned and the land is scattered with refugees
25 The river is choked with massacred corpses of both sides
26 Only the axe makers have benefited from all the executions on both sides
27 Foreign powers have been watching with envious eyes and waiting to invade
28 Foreign powers are terrified the revolt will spread to their lands
29 Foreign powers caused this war with agents and troublemakers
30 The mob stormed the prisons freeing cutthroats and murderers to roam the land
31 Criminals and zealots have seized power over the mob leading them to greater atrocities
32 Whole noble families have been murdered, ancient lines now gone forever
33 A great peasant leader tried to talk terms of peace but the nobles just murdered him
34 The mob have been burning rich homes full of art and fine things
35 The countryside is in ruins and will never be the same again
36 The common man is armed and nobody is safe from the mob
37 New leaders keep appearing and being replaced in coup after bloody coup
38 The ruler has invited foreign troops into the country, a gross act of treason 
39 Bandits and criminals have risen to prominence in the mob
40 Soon the mob will crown a murderer in mockery of the nobility  
41 Everyone is hungry and noble and peasant has turned to canibalism
42 The rulers are bankrupt and forcing nobles to lend money to the war effort
43 Noble armies desperate for food have been looting the countryside and the farm folk
44 Peace, land and bread has become the chant of the mob marching on the empty palaces
45 Foreign nations have promised the mob gold for their war efforts to undermine the rulers
46 Many records have been burned by the mob damaging the nobles tax revenue
47 Each day brings fresh stories of atrocities on both sides
48 The war is no longer about right and wrong, now it is just a matter of survival
49 Signs and omens of evil are being reported daily 
50 The whole court are engaged in demonic orgies and need to be killed
51 Everyone is being accused of espionage, best just lay low and don't stand out
52 Both sides have been sending adventurers to loot tombs and dungeons for war funds
53 A faction have begun issuing paper money they claim will be worth silver after the war
54 Torture and murder have become so commonplace nobody will be unscarred by the war
55 The war has turned every side utterly evil all claiming necessity for their atrocities
56 The ruler has had men steal from the church for war funds but promises he will repay
57 Common men starve and give their all, nobles still dress like fops and expect the best
58 Velvet, lace, silk and finery are signs of noble scum and will be banned by new order
59 Only strict service to the gods will save us now, stern morals not grog will win
60 Just the other day our ruler enjoyed roast swan, pheasant and the finest wine
61 The price of just one of our rulers outlandish outfits could feed a town for a year
62 In this new war weapons are changing, gunpowder is becoming more common
63 A prison for noble families has been set up in a ruined castle where they await death
64 Plague has broken out in places under seige, it must be the end of the world
65 A witch hunter has himself been accused of witchcraft after burning dozens of women
66 Common country priests allied with the poor demand the church share its wealth
67 A bishop imploring the common folk be patient was torn apart by the mob
68 Our just ruler has decreed anyone in revolt will be damned to hell and executed
69 Some villages have been depopulated leaving them in ruins 
70 The ruler's hunt for traitors has left so few able men they cannot manage the war effort
71 Eveyday the ruler sees traitors everywhere and sends several allies to be executed
72 A assassin injured the ruler while dining on lampreys, just a commoner with a gun
73 A general enraged the mob by roping peasants to the mouths of cannons as a threat
74 A mob leader has declared all nobles everywhere must die and a new order begin
75 A noble woman was thrown to the mob and killed, enraging the noble armies
76 Printing presses have proliferated and both sides print lurid pamphlets or enemy crimes
77 Commoners parading in looted noble fashion were attacked by a rival mob of zealots
78 The ruler was saddened after discovery he had executed his advisors due to enemy lies 
79 A woman has has led a mob to victory over a royalist army, surely the world is ending
80 A stench of death covers the land, wild dogs roam feeding off the dead, woe to our land
81 Alchemists have made the secrets of black powder commonplace changing everything
82 Humanoid monsters from the wasteland have been massing and raiding daily
83 Cultists have infiltrated both sides in secrets, the rich versus the poor is just a sham
84 The factions of demon worshipers controlling both sides seek to trigger the apocalypse
85 Enemy armies have been crossing our borders killing and looting as the will
86 The king has allied with our nations enemies promising them who knows what
87 A noble scholar has suggested the poor all be killed and replaced with humanoid slaves
88 I have seen the leaders of the mob drinking and dining like nobles the hypocrites!
89 The river is so choked with corpses that the water is fouled with plague
90 Rat swarms have grown so bold they enter houses and eat whole families alive
91 The ruler has contracted wizards to make him orcs and zombies to win the war
92 Werewolves and vampires have been more open, easily feeding and killing in the chaos
93 A witch hunter confessed under torture to be in it for the money and to rob old widows
94 Cats are the minions of evil, these devil familiars have been the cause of the whole war
95 Recently a mob burned a family of nobles and imps fled their burning bodies
96 Our ruler has been bewitched by his mistress, a succubus sent to ruin the kingdom 
97 One of the royal children has fallen ill and another was captured by the mob
98 In these dark days only the church can save us, demons walk our land in the open
99 One faction of the mob propose all property and children be held in common property
100 Noblemen have been renting out their wives to raise war funds the dirty bastards