Monday 27 February 2023

Adventure Time Reviews

So I have been writing and reading more adventures than rules sets over the last few years. I have been a player more and mostly running my homebrew game. Possibly I think I will get less stuff as I feel a long way ahead and get a few indy things a year. Feeling like model-making again. About 2 years ago I got a tenant and hoping to have the studio back. Urges to build lots of apocalyptic terrains. 

Advanced Adventure Compendium Vol 1-2 💗💗💗💗💩
S0 these are for Osric and obviously easily adapted to any early editions. Available on LULU as hardbacks they are very solid reading. Mostly the maps are almost all good, art varies from fine to good. Wide variety of adventure styles and tropes explored. Some traps I even enjoyed. Literally a bunch of modules slapped into a book, each section with own numbering scheme and no titlepage for book contents just straight into adventure one. Possibly those little stick on tabs or some bookmarks would help use. Each has monsters and other goodies also. Some have overly long stories but mostly dungeons and puzzles and monsters oldschools stuff easy to get your head around for quick prep. I wish the older DCC modules would be bundled like this. All have B&W versions of previous covers. Im still reading these so vol 3 and 4 soon. I got them all in a panic that OTC would be killing all publications under OGL. They have all been enjoyable.

Compendium One
Turns out I already had The Pod Caverns of the Sinister Shroom but yes I like fungus caves and this one has clues to some weird magic processes. It almost verges into gonzo fantasy and you might slip it into Anomalous Subsurface Anomolly (also at LuLu).

The Red Mausoleum is a undead-filled hellhole for high-level clerics.

The Curse of the Witch Head has a good story and a cool evil relic.

The Prison of Meneptah is a desert theme planar trek with some wilderness and several small ruins and a larger final one. Lots of traps and chapters and good for my current game as for 8-10th Lv.

The Flaming Footprints of Jilath has a cool backstory and mystery and a search in a ruined pirate base on an Island. The Island has a few interesting locations and a mad wizard with wax creepy golems that I think of as looking like Vincent Price.

The Chasm of the Damned is a magic monster-filled location that comes and goes and adventurers have possibly limited time to explore and hostile rivals.  Good setup with multiple mini-dungeons. 

The Sarcophagus Legion is another desert adventure to find a woman missing but it turns out employers are wicked and they turn on party. There is a plot to arise an undead army players might want to stop. 

The Seven Shrines of Nav'k-Qar is a nice straightforward puzzle dungeon with some nice scenes. 

The Lost Pyramid of Imhotep, an upside-down pyramid in a huge cave. Multiple small levels and interesting rooms. 

The Lost Keys of Solitude has a wilderness treck and a ruined monastery. Under that is a sprawling dungeon. Has lots of monsters including magic mice people.  

Compendium Two
The conquered Worm. Literally based on a Clark Ashton Smith story and was going to be in my world. So this was a treat. Includes some wilderness and giant ruins before going to the glacier wich is a nice dungeon. A nice ice treat to start the compilation.

The Barrow Mound of Gravemoor features a highland bandit turned undead overlord from a barrowmound. 

White Dragon Run a low level rural sandbox with a sequel in one of the other volumes and a good start adventure - exploration or wilderness with a ruined temple and an outpost to explore - more if used with sequel.

Verdant Vault of Malakum is a short tomb of traps and slime you could stick anywhere

Stonesky Delve is a cave crawl but more realistic with lots of climbs and squeezes and things you might miss due to shapes of caves. Paid by busy dwarfs and full of dwarf heretige items and wonders. There is a lower level dungeon also and intended to be a 2 part con game. I didn't know ppl still scored contests like this. Most con games here just awarded best by DM and for fun vs winning. A very scary magic item here also which would be a menace in player hands and Id probably curse it more.

Under Shattered Mountain is an underground hexcrawl with a dozen detailed cave lairs. Some remnants of wickedness remain and must be stopped so evil ppl don't awaked old evil power here. Its quite high level and might fit in with D1-3. There is a small dungeon also and a bunch of devils.

The Frozen Wave Satsuma seems to be a magic cursed ship from Oriental Adventures raiding an area and could be used in various settings as an alien menace. Map here seemed a bit less awesome of the ship but functional. 

The Forsaken Sephulcher is a high level mausoleum on another plane and two tombs are detailed with probably every room full of magic traps. One has a vampire and another a slime-lich. Id possibly alter some of the background stories and room to add your own tombs and possibly have people return to their home plane for clues in between the dugeons to  break up the trap chamber crawl. Lots of nasty powerful traps for high level. 

The Secret of Callair Hills a low level wilderness hex crawl with lots of small ruins and extra adventure ideas. The Barrow Lord is quite a menace for this level but without long dungeons to deplete HP and spells should be achievable

The Riddle of Anadi is a elf sage tomb full of high level magic traps and I feel a lil bit bad robbing this place just cos a sage wants to know stuff. Has some new spells too of interest

Overall this book has lots more linear one way trap chamber dungeons than vol1

Dungeon Delve Fantasy Game Adventures
These two are part of another KS campaign and I have quite a few. They also have good prices, bundles and international shipping that I found better than many as I bought stuff from previous books directly. Basically "for the first edition game" so mix with Oric or AD&D1 but for me, that is easy to fudge as BX. Also, have loose cover modules with cyan insides so good retro feels too. The ink is a bit shiny is the only modern thing about it. Fantastic stuff. Like adventures of 1981 a minimal story is quick to get into and run. Most offer multiple ways for a party to get involved. Actually probably better than the originals in some ways for info design and lack of wasted space. Art is always good.

Mystery of The Wood of Dark Boughs 
A forestcrawl wilderness with a bullywug dungeon and other classic stuff for level 2-4. Id run this after TSR Eye of the Serpent happily. Im also a bit reminded of Fighting Fantasy Forest of Doom which you should steal encounters from. This is a chase for a relic with other interested parties. Plus beautiful bullywug art. I am pretty much in love with this because of frog related reasons.

Labyrinth of the Dweller 💗💗💗💩
A dungeon with giants for level 6-8. Starts as a giant lair with vassal troglodytes and a few monsters who hunt here. The next level is a demon hellhole with a few new types of demons with illustrations. Also ogre giant hybrids for a new twist. Plus rules detailing strength and size and scaling weapons for big humanoids rules that i would have put on a DM screen in the 80s. Handouts for puzzles too. Its a good dungeon

Sunday 26 February 2023

d100 Frontier Town News

These are events for that frontier town near the dungeon you stay in every time your spells and HP run low. Just to give some variety and more hooks. It assumes a typical adventurer village beset by monster, humanoid species and worse.

d10 Quick Types
1 Local problem - peety common problems
2 Marketplace - market variations
3 Crime - someone local is dishonest!
4 Workers wanted
5 Fueds & Fights
6 New arrival
7 Gossip
8 Scandal
9 Raiders
10 Supernatural

d100 Frontier Town News
01 Farmer has lost an important animal
02 Well is blocked or needs a dead animal removed
03 Moles ruining the common and eating gardens
04 Rats in cellars increasingly aggressive
05 Someone stole a farmers dragon shaped weather vane
06 Scarecrows have been stolen
07 Someone stealing apples from the orchard
08 Some creature living an attic
09 Wolves have been heard howling 
10 Nasty crows attacking baby animals and blinding them
11 Shortage or surplus of food affecting prices
12 Shortage or surplus of weapons and armour
13 Shortage or surplus of tools and equipment
14 Shortage or surplus of building supplies
15 Merchant late for several days and shortage of many goods
16 Travelling salesman buys and sells junk and trinkets
17 Alchemist here to buy exotic ingredients needed in the city
18 Shifty man offers to buy poor-quality weapons, armour and scrap
19 Animal trader willing to buy monsters for city fighting pits
20 Special market day with many out-of-town traders
21 Notorious horse thieves in the area
22 Rustlers steal livestock from goats to sheep to cattle
23 Somone is stealing chicken and their camps and remains have been found
24 A pickpocket is in town
25 Sherrif announces a hanging of bandits (sometimes the gang attempts a rescue)
26 Famour highway robber with the gang and famous horse in the area
27 Someone beat up and robbed drunk farmers on the way home from a pub
28 Someone has been stealing tools from farms and workshops
29 Someone is stealing pies, biscuits, scones and pancakes left out to cool
30 Someone stole a key of an important location
31 Workers needed to improve local defences
32 Tavernkeeper needs some help bottling beer and cleaning brew vats
33 Farmer needs muckraking for the seasons crops
34 Workers needed to collect building stone from a ruin
35 Extra temporary servants needed for posh visitors to richest local
36 Sherrif needs deputies to help hunt a criminal
37 Shearers needed for a few days, good food and accommodation included
38 Help hunters herd wild goats into a pen to combine with village herd
39 Farmer needs help butchering livestock for a few days
40 Farmer wants some help moving standing stones from field
41 Several farming family heads had a brawl and now both clans vindictive
42 A youth ran away to avoid arranged marriage and families feuding
43 Farmers fight over the line between fields
44 Farmers have a fistfight in front of a judge to decide who is guilty
45 Women demand a creepy labourer to be banished
46 Divorce case has split the village and all have an opinion
47 Farmer accuses neighbor of d4 1=witchcraft 2=lycanthropy 3=cult member 4=crime guild member and demands a proper investigation is called in
48 Children fighting over inheritance
49 Local faiths develop a conflict stiring up everyone 
50 Villagers play violent ball game with a rival village taking a d4+1 days or until someone dies
51 Priests of a new religion arrived and looking for accommodation
52 Knight and servants has come to stay in town
53 Secretive stranger always on lookout staying locally and seldom goes out
54 Charismatic scholar interested in local ruins and history
55 Pilgrims on a trek (are they legit or a cult)
56 Wounded stranger found and being cared for until lucid
57 Lost youth claims family perished 
58 Artist arrived for peace and inspiration 
59 Cook arrives seeking exotic meat and ingredients and rustic recipies
60 Moody stranger rents a shack and keeps to themselves. Village children very curious and speculate wildly
61 Wild rumours that humanoids are about to attack
62 Wild stories of a secret cult at work stealing clogs and cursing chickens
63 Locals convinced a sinister shapeshifter is among them 
64 Farmer saw a strange creature he thinks and villagers add to details each telling
65 Wild speculation of a food or water shortage coming
66 Everyone in the village putting up hex signs to ward away witches
67 Villagers convinced animals are up to something and assemble a court to interrogate animals accused of crimes against nature
68 Wild stories of the plague panic everyone
69 Wild ghost stories claim a spirit stalks the street but it's just someone local up to something 
70 Locals are convinced the area is cursed and all miserable
71 Someone has had an embarrassing affair
72 A surprise heir turned up to claim their inheritance
73 Priest passed out drunk giving a sermon
74 Local lovers have feuding families
75 Trader accused of having a fraudulent scale or clipping coins
76 Rude traveller was tarred and feathered and chased out of town by an angry mob
77 Local guard drunk on duty awaiting trial for possible execution
78 Criminal in prison claimed they had high connections and then found murdered
79 Outbreak of sexually transmitted goblin pox has embarrassed a few locals 
80 Important locals accused of murder and awaiting trial
81 Some humanoids from a dungeon have killed some farmers
82 A monster followed adventurers from a dungeon and killed some livestock
83 Regular monster patrols in the area and everyone in the village ready for an attack
84 A dungeon faction declares the village enemies and makes attacking it their primary purpose
85 The dungeon unifies and steps up its attacks and raids on villagers
86 The local dungeon boss hires same famous monster warriors to menace the village
87 Monster warband approaching the village surely to attack
88 Famous weird beast seen in the area by several locals
89 Huge creatures are seen in the area by hunters who warn everyone
90 Monster flew over and snatched an animal from the village scaring everyone
91 Locals find a hideous slime trail all over the countryside leading into a cave
92 An empty house or ruin has had strange lights seen from it
93 Undead seen walking in the area and the priest wants help to destroy
94 Several incidents of faerie mischief have been happening and people are unsure if fair or naughty faeries of the village offended them
95 New magician has settled in the region and many have heard rumours about this spell user and how will affect the area
96 Several lycanthropes have been reported and people want them rooted out
97 Shapeshifter has moved into town and has got themself into a high position of trust quickly. Are they a spy or in it for themselves?
98 Several people report having seen cackling witches flying by the full moon
99 Magician and minions attacked the village with spells then fled cackling 
100 Cultist were caught holding a ritual by the militia and scattered and now everyone is suspicious about secrets cults

Friday 24 February 2023

Lonely Inn Encounters

Some stuff fo those daily rural inn visits to live up travel.

 d10 Quick Types
1 Unfriendly Locals
2 Petty Crime
3 Major Crime
4 Job Opportunity
5 Friendly Strangers
6 Entertainment
7 Local Rumour
8 Local Mystery
9 Mysterious Strangers
10 Sinister Strangers

d100 Lonely Inn Encounters
01 Locals silent and surly, talk as soon as you leave
02 Local drunkenly comes up to  abuse strangers for out-of-area looks and customs
03 Locals like to prank adventurers with tails of treasure in a septic tank that needs emptying
04 Locals like to fight jumped up strangers and start a fight
05 Locals challenge you to a contest of darts or arm wrestling, if they don't like the outcome start a fight
06 Locals demand your best drinker challenges their best town drunk
07 Locals challenge their best versus your best in a fistfight
08 Locals offer a few copper coins to sleep with the prettiest party members
09 Locals offer to pimp you their barnyard animals because you look like perverts
10 Locals warn you your type not welcome here and innkeeper looks scared
11 Animal thief tries to steal party livestock or pets
12 Someone tries to steal adventurers' clothing or boots
13 Pickpocket makes several attempts to rob strangers
14 Gambler offers a friendly honest game to pass the time and swears is a beginner
15 Thief tries to rob the room
16 Crook selling fake treasure maps to adventurers
17 Flirtacios youth offers drinks at their place and has a gang waiting to rob the mark
18 Friendly youth offers dance and is a pickpocket
19 Con artist offers a fancy object and swaps it for an inferior one at the last second then leaves
20 CHarletan selling fake potions
21 Someone tries drugging a stranger to rob them
22 Charming outsider offers to go for a walk and is d4 1=serial killer 2=cultist seeking sacrifice 3=offers marriage 4=warns of local spying on party for villainous reasons
23 Bandit spy watches the party and sends messages to the gang about party wealth and movements for an ambush
24 Cuththroat tries to stab and rob a stranger possibly while asleep
25 Corrupt sheriff wants to throw visitors in cells unless they pay a fine for their behaviour and leave
26 An angry mob are forming for some reason possibly to pursue someone
27 Gang demand protection money and if not paid off arrange bandits to attack
28 Scout for a highway robber earmarks adventurers as targets for the gang of mounted robbers
29 Scout for a robber-knight watching for targets for master's warband to rob. Based in neighbouring lord's land and out of reach of the law. Possibly protected by the lord even though outlaws
30 Rival adventuring party on hard times and jealous decide to kill and rob the party
31 Sherrif has some bounties on local criminals for a party to see
32 Local lord or village head requests audience in the house about a local problem needing to be fixed
33 Local merchant wants a gang or goblinoid band removed from the area and their business
34 Locals warn of trouble with local non-human people and need some diplomats to make peace
35 Priest wants some undead cleared out of old graveyard so he can sanctify it from evil
36 Hunter invites adventurers to join in the hunt for a fabulous monster in the area
37 Local smith wants someone to look for a fallen star stone in the wilderness nearby to make fine weapons and armour and car reward party with a crafted metal item
38 Local magician has not been seeing a local trader will pay you to check up on them
39 Someone stole an animal or valuable of great value to a poor commoner taken by a criminal or humanoid monster
40 A beloved pet is missing and needs to be returned quickly
41 Meet friendly adventurers and swap rumours
42 Meet a friendly wizard who asks for help recovering a valuable item or lore
43 Meet a friendly merchant caravan team who offer to travel with you for a day at least
44 A friendly hunter warns you of local wilderness hazards and encounters
45 Friendly sheriff requests help to capture a felon
46 Local druid offers healing berries for help with an unnatural monster
47 Priest offers healing in return for cleaning out the crypt of undead
48 Local wealthy trader has the scheme to plunder an ancient tomb and needs help
49 Villagers all want to hear adventurer's stories and buy them beers and cider 
50 Noble offers adventurers to stay in the house for a few days to rest
51 Bard looking to follow some adventurers to write songs about
52 Poor bard with lame skills and bad songs 
53 Observational humour bard comments on patrons and starts a brawl
54 Bard sewing sedition and rebellious songs, criticises nobility
55 Bard mocks cowardly adventurers singing about past failures and scandals, often they feel vindictive from this burn
56 Cringingly rustic yokel folk performers possibly with animals 
57 Contest on tonight in some physical challenge like darts, dancing, dunking for eels, etc
58 Big dance with a band and local eligible youths and chaperones
59 Crazy old person tells wild spooky stories to a silent crowd possibly relate to a local horror, mystery or dungeon
60 Local magician makes a humourous performance giving the impression they are bumbling and harmless. Someone will foolishly try to attack or rob them
61 Rumours of a creature disturbing a nearby farm
62 Disappearance recently of some vulnerable person
63 Strange footprints were seen around houses recently like some creatures spying
64 An old abandoned house has had strange lights probably ghosts
65 A famous bandit, murderer or traitor is in hiding in the area with a good reward
66 Someone lost a piece of jewellery visiting the village and a reward is offered for helping recover it
67 Strange hooded-robed or masked people have been seen around at night possibly for a secret meeting
68 A crime guild has agents locally aiding bandits and informing crooked merchants of incoming goods to market
69 A ruin used to be nearby with underground chambers but it is long lost
70 Villagers found a sinkhole to a cave system with ancient paintings of monsters and boarded up the hole
71 Long ago a robber drowned with a relic near here trying to cross while being shot at. The relic was lost
72 A witch cultist was caught red-handed and burned. They refused to say who in the village was buying their devil dolls, witch charms and potions made without guild memberships!
73 Recently an old miser died and nobody found any treasure.They searched the house but nothing was found and most considered the house haunted now
74 Every few years several young men vanish swimming in the area, especially on hot evenings
75 Someone in the area is secretly stealing horses and livestock and possibly part of a gang
76 Granny's prize big black prize cock was stolen and now the other roosters are silent each night
77 A caravan disappeared and a merchant guild offer a reward for any signs of where it went
78 Several young deserters with a stolen payroll hid here for a while and were ambushed and killed at a brothel. The payroll was never found
79 Some invisible creature at night dances on rooftops, poops down chimneys and urinates on people's clogs
80 Recently a billygoat attacked a stranger killing them and they were carrying forbidden chaos mutagen potions and some documents written in code. The goat is now a local hero
81 A mysterious robbed traveller has rented a cottage and has demanded privacy. SOme say they are spell casters of some kind
82 Foreigner from over the border spends lots of time here just watching alone
83 A young labourer has gained popularity with youth with their modern songs from the city. Are they bard in disguise or using witchcraft?
84 Strange shift seasonal visitor comes here to meet hooded traveller and exchange sacks
85 Group or nervous youths d4 1=medical students requiring corpses for anatomy class 2=cultists looking to hook up with local sect 3=aprentices looking for missing wizard 4=runaway youths looking to become adventurers 
86 Mysterious stranger has been buying some people drinks and whispering some secret to them. Some say these people have had more money of late
87 Battered tired stranger comes in to eat and drink and patch up recent claw wounds. Tries to stay awake and then gets a private room
88 Sickly stranger comes in coughing. Has a drink and dies. Under robes are horrible bandaged bloody buboes indicating the worse sort of plague
89 Scruffy traveller brings in fleas to inn and stable
90 Locals blame the arrival of a stranger on a creature that has been hunting and killing local farms and hunting dogs by night. They seem to be very angry and hateful of dogs and very strong and sneaky
91 Robed diabolic wizard students escaped the dimensional black school to get drunk and keen to get back to secret portal by dawn
92 Attractive stranger arrives with several fawning admirers or servants d6 1=lycanthrope 2=undead in disguise 3=changeling spirit folk in human form 4=doppelgangers seeking victims to lure away and kill 5=shapeshifting demon (succubi/incubi) 6=dragon
93 Visiting holy person and servants. Mostly avoid people but the master had a dream they would meet adventurers here that might help
94 Witch Hunter and thugs arrive making everyone nervous. They drink and glare at everybody and size up who in the village will be best to blackmail for treasure and sex. Often threatening to take people's families away if they don't get paid
95 Shabby stranger in filthy robes gets a cheap drink and some bully pulls off their cloak to reveal strange freakish mutations. The mutie jumped out a window and fled to the wetlands
96 A posh cruel sadist visits with servants and a private duelist to defend their honour. They will provoke attacks, especially from filthy adventurer scum. The master will bet on the outcome of hundreds of gp
97 Bleeding caravan guard stumbles in begging for help on the road at night nearby. Its a trap set up by d4 1=bandits 2=cult 3=monsters using charmed dupe or traitor 4=shapeshifter
98 Nervous stranger comes in and shortly after two cult or foreign assassins arrive to kill them
99 Famous bandit gang come for the beer and don't want a fight. Actually, quite a few are prone to psychotic violence and aggressively drool over pretty people and talk like nobody can hear them
100 Obvious noble in common clothes drinks alone. Several bounty hunters come in seeking to claim the noble as a traitor with forged papers. Really evil step-parent wants them dead and out of the way

Wednesday 22 February 2023

Human Encounters for Exilon

So working on my Exilon special and so trying to write fill-in content needed here so expect a few more days of this. Hoping to have it out reasonably soon and have most of the art sort.  All inspired by the ancient near east. Oddly enough some of the Osric branded hardback adventure compilations have middle Eastern Egyptian-themed stuff so I might get to run such a campaign soon. My current game region focuses on several united city-states in an isolated pocket surrounded by wasteland barbarians, undead templars, dragon cults, and Sythron nomads and beyond that, there are several expansive empires. As a famous evil undead templar kingdom has fallen to a new alliance and word is they will move closer to the players city-states. As the characters are 10th level they have estates and work on various projects for their new kingdom of Ikithon the fish city. Players will be called on to help the diplomatic cause of their kingdom forging alliances to shape the region. Players consider talking to faeries and dragons as they have connections. Every time players go have a quick dungeon run they are possibly missing diplomatic work. Thankfully they can teleport where they have been before. 

Players considering getting followers and making them specialise in magic item making so I better have those rules working or I will regret it.   

Usually, for these groups, I take 20% of the HD of a group and allocate that number of HD to additional leaders, heroes, pet mascots, etc. Bosses for most of these include warriors but hunters who steal animals' fur and meat are probably rogues. A priest is a fairly common choice for a squad or a bard for marching music.

As my party, all have chariots now and a few have followers as drivers this will all be used soon in some big battle coming up. Am thinking of making alt thieves to be craftsmen who use multipliers to reduce the time required or increase HP repaired or sabotaged. A healer whos multiplier boosts all the hp various skills heals. Possibly a pilot might have extra turns or a multiplier increases vehichle weapon damage. More useful for modern settings but worth a mention here. Part of my campaign includes improving the technology of the player's factions and one has built a chariot research centre and preparing to start making more and recruiting people for training. I am looking forward to an undead war and a wizard war shortly in my game. 

Local Hunters 
1cp per day Morale 6 +2 defending home
AC+3 HD d6 Mov 12 Att d6 bow, spear or club
leather armour, possibly some traps and pelts

Hunting Dog
1cp per day 4sp to buy Morale 7 +2 defending a beloved master or home)
AC+3 HD d6 Mov 18 Att d4 bite
Can track, guard camp and return or harass game 

Local Militia 
1cp per day Morale 7 +2 defending home
AC+4 HD d6 Mov 12 Att d6 axe or club or javelin
leather armour, wicker shield cloak, shield, knife
Common defenders of villagers and small cities sometimes used in war

Local Slingers 
1cp per day
1cp per day Morale 5 +2 defending home
AC+0 HD d4 Mov 12 Att d4 sling or d4 club or d3 knife
loincloth, spare sling, a bag of stones
Common defenders of villagers and small cities but also may be in armies

Local Javliner 
2cp per day
2cp per day Morale 7 +2 defending home
AC+4 HDd6 Mov12 Att d6 javelin or shortsword or axe or club
Carry 2-4 javelins, shield, cloak, and leathers (some may lack any armour)
Common defenders of villagers and small cities but also may be in armies

Local Archer 2cp per day
2cp per day Morale 7 +2 defending home
AC+3 HD d6 Mov 12 Att d6 bow or d4 dagger
with several quivers of arrows and also useful as scouts
Common defenders of villagers and small cities but also may be in armies

2cp per day Morale 6 +1 if desperate
AC+4 HD d6 Mov 12 Att d6 short sword or bow or javelin or club
leather armour and shield
Sometimes are army deserters so treat as millitary troops

1cp per day Morale 6 +6 if defending the cause of fanaticism
AC+1 HD d4 Mov 12 Att d6 javelin or club or d4 dagger or stick
may use exotic weapons, poison, nets, lassos, mancatchers, pole lassos
Many have petty cantrip spells and leaders will be priests
May have exotic pets also or magic items or knowledge of hidden places
Many try to take captives for their unholy rights, cannibalism or indoctrination

4gp per day Morale 8+2
 if defending territory or temple
AC+5 HD d8 Mov 9 Att d8 Mace or d4 sling
Fighting cult priests well-equipped and trained with priest spells
-Death Templars use powers to commend undead as evil priests
-Dragon Templars use powers to breathe fire instead d12 range=Lv and keep reptilian pets and may even have reptilian abhuman troops
-Other temples may provide other powers or even just Turn Undead

100gp per day Morale 6+2 if defending own property or interesting magic treasure
AC+1 HD 5d5 Mov 12 Att d6 Staff or d4 sling or dagger of d3knife
A 5th-level wizard good enough to have d4 1st-level d4 HP students and a d3 magic items
There can be more powerful ones but they tend to own a tower or a dungeon and don't get out as much as a recent graduate finding their footing in the world

Imperial Infantry 
1sp per day Morale 8 +1 defending home
AC+5  HD d8 Mov 9 Att d8 spear or sword or axe
scale, helmet and shield and a complete field pack if not in city

War Hounds
1sp per day 
5gp to buy Morale 8+1 defending master
AC+3 HD2d8 Mov 15 Att d6 bite
may have armour +2 AC but slows to Mov 12
Often four will have a trained infantryman to manage them
Used to chase and terrorise fleeing enemies, require lots of meat
Elite Imperial Infantry 
1gp per day Morale 10 +1 defending home
AC+6 HD 2d8+2 Mov 9 
d8 spear or sword or axe or d10 lance +1 all damage
Improved equipment quality and ornamentation to regular types
Can use for sergeant or commander of regular infantry

Imperial Archer  
1sp per day Morale 8 +1 defending home
AC+4 HD d8 Mov 9 Att d8 bow or d6 short sword or club or axe
with several quivers of arrows and also useful as scouts

10sp per day Morale 8  +1 if in a chariot
AC+3 HD d8 Mov12 Att d6 Javelin or shortsword or d3 whip or knife
The driver of a chariot who also may throw a javelin if skilled

Noble Officer
15gp per day Morale 9 +1 if defending homeland +1 if in a chariot
AC+6 HD4d8 Mov 9 Att d8 Composite Bow or Khopesh or mace or d10 lance
Often with fine scale, shields and weapons, some jewellery
Feel free to make weaker or stronger officers as this can vary lots

Konga battle donkey
2sp per day or 40gp to buy Morale 8 (9 for Superior)
Typical AC +3 HD 2d8 Mov 24 Att d4 bite or kick or one 2d4 trample
Superior AC +4 HD 2d8+4 Mov 24 Att 2 attacks from d6 bite or kick or one 2d4 trample
Cross of a mild donkey and aggressive wild ass the superior chariot beast
A konga can be ridden but harder than a horse and not much weight can be carried
most preferred for messengers. Better ones trained for war and tougher 

Battle oxen 
4sp per day or 300gp to buy Morale 7 
AC +4 HD 4d8 Mov 15 Att 3d4 butt or one 4d4 trample
Useful to pull a plough, sled, felled tree or a wagon
Battle Wagon 
20gp per day or 400gp to buy Morale 8 
AC+5 HD 8d8 Mov 12 Att bow, lance or javelin
with up to four crew with 4 konga battle donkeys +3 Mov or two oxen 
Old fashioned slower 4 wheeled heavy wooden vehichle also for goods transport
Such vehicles will have scouts or lancers on foot as escorts
Make 2x 30-degree turns per round +1 with drive roll

Light Chariot
30gp per day or 500gp to buy Morale 8 
AC+3 HD 4d8 Mov 24 Att one archer passenger and driver with javelins
Light wicker frame speedy two konga chariot often for a noble leader or even for sport
Make 3x 45 degree turns per round +1 with drive roll
Medium Charit 
50gp per day or 1000gp to buy Morale 8 
AC+4 HD 6d8 Mov 18 Att usually a driver with javelins and two crew
More solid chariot bulled by 3 or 4 Konga
Such vehicles will have scouts or lancers on foot as escorts
Usually has two archers or possibly an elite infantry lancer
Make 2x 45 degree turns per round +1 with drive roll

Heavy Chariot 
100gp per day or 2000gp to buy Morale 9
AC+5 HD 8d8 Mov 15 Att driver with javelins and three passengers
The heaviest chariot with 4 konga
Such vehicles will have an escort with archers and infantry
Often has two archers and
 an elite infantry lancer
Make 3x 30-degree turns per round +1 with the drive roll

d12 Unusual Chariots
1 Pulled by terror birds, elk. lions or other exotic beasts
2 One fighter stands on the yoke to attack people while moving
3 Extra turns per round from superior construction
5 Superior armour +2 AC 
6 Superior team +3 Mov
Wheel scythes 2d4 damage to any near miss with a driving roll if the chariot can touch
8 Has umbrella +2AC vs missiles hitting crew and keeps off the sun
9 Inlaid with gold, lapis, mother of pearl and fine carving 
10 Can be broken down to transport in mountains or rough terrain
11 Crewed by a wizard or a priest possibly car is a portable sanctified shrine
12 roll below

d12 Magic Chariots
1 Chariot, crew and animals immune to non-magical missiles
2 Aura of heroism gives all crew and mounts +1 save hit and AC
3 Aura repulses undead as 4th Lv priest within 3 range
Immune to one from fire or lightning or cold or fear or charm or petrification
5 Aura of fear causes enemies in 3 ranges to flee for a d4 rounds
6 Chariot can drive on the water surface like water walking
7 Chariot allows mounts to share HP in a pool to keep alive and healing spells can be added directly to these points by casting on the yoke
8 Car, wheels and yoke cannot be harmed by non-magic damage or weapons
9 Each dawn any damage is restored
10 Everyone in the chariot recovers 1hp per round in sunlight
11 Pulled by huge prehistoric megafauna, dinosaur or monstrous creatures
12 Animals have summoned creatures or magical constructs or undead

Flying, aquatic and dragon-pulled chariots are all possible but rare
If the chariot loses 20% of HP roll on the light damage table
If the chariot loses 100% of its HP roll on the catastrophic damage table
Aiming penalties might cause specific damage to the light table
A repair skill roll can fix a d3 hp damage on a vehichle (repair spell heals 2d6 hp)
One worker can do repairs on a vehichle per total crew
Chariots rental prices include a crew drawn from the above lists usually including a charioteer to drive, a noble officer and some archers or lancers

Light damage
1 Wheel damage roll each turn or take d6 more damage 
until repaired
2 Wheel damage lose 3 points Mov until repaired
3 Wheel damage lose 15 degrees off each turn until repaired
4 Someone better lash damage or take 2d6 next round
5 Passengers must save or fall out
6 Damaged structure lose 2AC until repaired
7 Lost half ammunition or goods carried in car
8 Lose one turn per round until repaired
9 Drive roll or animal falls and all of them take d6
10 Someone lash harnesses or lose an animal next round
11 Specific passenger or animal takes the same damage as a chariot
12 Animals make morale checks or panic taking the chariot out of control, the driver makes a roll on one animal per round to stop 

Catastrophic Damage
1 Wheel falls and can be repaired. If the charioteer fails a drive roll wheel shatters and requires a replacement
2 Both wheels lost and the chariot slides to a halt
3 Harness breaks separating the car from beasts who flee in panic unless calmed
4 Animals take 2d4 damage each while stopping to halt
5 Driver roll skill or all passengers take 2d6 damage and fall off
6 All crew make a save of fall off for 2d6 damage
Animals become uncooperative and require recovery time or healing
Axle breaks losing both wheels, drive roll or all crew and animals take 2d6
9 Animals are badly spooked and require time to be coaxed back into service by the handler
10 Drive roll or vehichle flips causing 3d6 to crew and animals, otherwise slides to halt
11 Vehichle flips throwing crew for 2d6 damage each and d4 to animals if they fail a save
12 Vehichle shattered wreck, crew and animals take 3d6 each from the violent wreck

Friday 17 February 2023

d100 Shopping in Sewertown

Don't mind the sun it's just being eclipsed by a god of the outer void and will be normal again soon. So Shadelport has many districts and it is possible to be trapped in them especially if your poor. Usually, this means you can be arrested for being in a non-permitted suburb if you have no money or job. So you could get stuck in Scum Cove where the city's jobless live awaiting new work. Some get stuck on the bridges for years or life. If you don't want to get a job to leave you could try the sewers. The city sewers are vast and ancient and some say overlap with the sewers of Hell. Under each of the western half the city is underground settlements of people and humanoids. Knotswarren the thieves district is very gang controlled. Under the ruins of the city prehuman things stir. From giant vermin to huge reptiles to strange dungeon animals and cultists. Beings like trolls, beastfolk, goblinoids and demihumans thrive there. There are numerous underground markets and even stores in the undercity and these are some.   

I won't rest until the depravity and vice of Shadelport is exposed to the gentle public.

d10 Shopping in Sewertown Quick Types
1 Food
2 Used
4 Inn
5 Livestock
6 Craft
7 Vice
8 Crime
10 Magic

d100 Shops in Sewertown
01 Poached beetles and pickled worms, some are seasoned in foreign flavours and spice
02 Ratmeat on a stick, a classic and popular street meat 
03 Rat Roast Royal, rat roast  sold in half or quarter with roast parsnips
04 Sewerfish Stew, assorted critters from the sewer waters trapped that day
05 Underland Diner, selling food and drink preferred by Underland folk from the deep
06 Mushroom stall, where goblins in pushcarts sell mushrooms and fungus and vegetarian dishes. Sometimes they have special magical mushrooms and good underland maps  
07 Orc Meats, where orcs eat fermented and cured spicy meats and sausages that most humans and demihumans find nauseating. Orcs love it goblinoids think its ok
08 Lotus Diner a mysterious eatery of the drug-sotted western empire beyond the sea. Popular with wizards but the city and the Lotus guild are not getting a cut so occasionally hired killers attack. A VIP area takes customers to abuse drugs in small pillow-filled rooms full of narcotic vapours that barely affect regulars
09 Sewer muscles served in a bucket with butter and a fill-up of your standard tankard wit beer
10 Piercer & Stirge meats serving these delicious dungeon pests with flat bread and garlic
11 Rag and bone dealer selling and trading scraps found in the sewer and mudlarking on the river 
12 Used bottles cleaners and collectors are usually run by gang of urchins aphiliated with a gang. Occasionally find a funny bottle 
13 Trinket dealer sells shiny petty things found in pipes and the mudflats down river, lots of imperfect items of jewellery, glass and decorated ceramic
14 Lucky charm dealer selling ugly idols, certain herbs, holy water and various charms
15 Stall selling urine of rich drunks as it still is full of alcohol and other stuff
16 Knickknacks and oddments, stall with odd tools, figurines, bottles, pots, old coins and wooden furniture`
17 Medicinals, soaps, perfumes and cleanish water to help make sewer life less horrible
18 Second-hand clothing especially things have fallen in rivers or drains like hats, scarves and odd gloves and shoes
19 Second-hand bits of unmatching armour and old rusty weapons
20 Scrap collectors selling bits of tin, lead, iron, dented pewterware and broken locks
21 Hole in a wall where a goblin sells alcohol brewed in ancient toilets
22 Lean to tent against wall where old crone sells bootleg grog and rat meat on a bun
23 Pile of old crates where dwarf serves beer and food made from dungeon monsters crawling into the area from a field stove. Also sells rare mushrooms 
24 Orcs sell orc beer from barrels here with old crates for tables and give free drinks to city watch patrols and gongfarmers
25 Old basement turned into a tavern full of mutants from the mutie ghetto district, some drink strange alchemical potions and waste to gain more mutations and join their gangs
26 WItches with a cauldron selling brews to undercity humanoids and abhumans
27 Tavern where sewer workers come operated in secret from officials and superiors. Have brewing set up from sewer pipes and plumbing
28 Tavern built into an opulent tomb where rich occultists come by several secret entrances. This VIP club are wizards and sorcerers of mostly evil persuasion or criminals
29 Old sewer junction station where various criminals hang and drink to deal in goods, information and services
30 Grog shop run by off duty city watch where they tolerate no nonsense in old workers 
31 Gnome runs a flophouse where you sleep on a bench held in a sitting position with rope, cheap and lice-ridden 2cp a week!
32 Goblins have a nice cave full of fungus and a well with mushroom breakfast included mostly inhabited by goblinoids
33 Dwarf barracks build in old palace basement, with dwarf feasts, beer and singing every night till late
34 Orc inn with lots of brawling and fighting over the best bunks just like home with a serving of black pudding and olives for breakfast
35 Inn run by a crime gang full of bandits and awful scum in hiding
36 Inn run by beggars guild full of urchin pickpockets and disabled 
37 Inn full of all kinds of abhumans and monsters operated by a sinister hidden master
38 Mercenaries inn for the wickedest meanest veterans
39 Inn full of assassins, spies and bounty hunters looking for work
40 Inn full of evil cultists, demonic pilgrims, witches and agents of hell
41 Live rats in cages and sacks for sale
42 Giant ant or termite larvae possibly edible
43 Giant rats in cages and also rat milk products
44 Bats in cages, if human for food, goblins use as messengers and mounts and milk
45 Giant Beatles tied or chained some in cages for meat or pack animals 
46 Guild auction house selling indentured workers for underground sweatshops
47 Crime guild holds hostages in a safe house and sells debtors who owe gang money 
48 Kobold dealership selling kobolds from eggs to labourers to experts with accessories
49 Mutant animal emporium where a mutant trader sells all kinds of odd fish, frogs and bugs and rats mutated by alchemical waste or chaos contamination
50 Freakshow of weird mutant sewer creatures pay 1cp to enter no children
51 Sweatshop making clay and wooden pipes and processing narcotics
52 Sweatshop making luck charms, idols and fake relics for tourists
53 Mushroom farm stinks of compost, hot and humid from decomposing mess
54 Textile weavers, cloth dyers and garment makers in squalid conditions 
55 Tanners workshop using brewed urine, tannin and other horrible fluids
56 Brewery making grog from fermented garbage gathered by urchins
57 Builder with stacks of bricks and pipes, repairs walls, makes secret doors and rooms
58 Outlawed alchemist selling cheap potions with new less addictive furniture 
59 Underground books selling forbidden works or pornography, blasphemy, slander and politics. Many are prints or pamphlets that are shared around rather than kept like books
60 Wanted outlaw magician making petty magic objects items and cursed goods
61 Gambling den run by a gang as a club, range from filthy to luxurious
62 Drug den run by a gang who process and package here and run rooms full of customers in a drugged daze. Urchins act as runners and deliverers and help semi-conscious customers smoke more
63 Fighting pit where fighters brawl in a pit or cage watched by screaming crowds
64 Redlight passage with niches each occupied by a courtesan but some specialise in other tastes
65 Brother is protected by a gang for well-off customers wanting a thrill some specialise in strange tastes
66 Club for decadent aristocrats who employ a gang for security and securing unlawful entertainment. Some on the inner circle are cults with extra secret chambers
67 Restaurant for cannibals who have own crime guild to snatch victims and sell their belongings
68 Mutant sex club for unusual tastes and bizarre floor shows
69 Degenerate music hall with filthy and slanderous songs deemed treasonous, audiences are drunks who brawl and throw things at performers and sing along
70 Small clubs for professional criminals and mob bosses who use as neutral ground. Non-criminals are unwelcome. Strippers, gambling tables and some gang-affiliated bards play here too
71 Youth gang clubhouse in an old tomb or cellar chamber. Most just hang out in squalor drinking grog brewed from food found in drains and rats with a crude fire. Some of the better ones 1in6 are cleaner with a bar and performances that attract some sophisticated surface fops and dandies. These gangs are better off and better dressed and often related by blood to other larger syndicate bosses. Some might appear on the surface as rich youths
72 Beggers guildhall full of urchins and unfortunates, paying their dues and sharing news and gossip and reporting people they surveil for crim guilds. One area sorts the vast amount of pickpocketed treasures
73 Burglars guild for housebreaking specialists often has a front like a pawnshop or an artisan
74 Headquarters of a violent sewer youth gang with bar and fortified gate and fighting cage 
75 Clothing store selling surprisingly good second-hand clothes. In reality the skinners guild work with bandits, burglars and kidnappers in return for a chance to steal any victim's clothing. They employ some of the children they kidnap to help break and enter or act as distractions 
76 Slovenly bar of degenerate thugs, a guild of cutthroats, bandits and awful scum. Any fight here involves daggers and is cheered on by the club. If you kill anyone you must buy everyone a beer
77 Brothel is really a guild of kidnappers who deal with international slavers who use this to work captives. Buy and sell slaves and supply other crime guilds with slaves for gang businesses. Have an area of cells some who are prestige hostages
78 Money lender behind a caged window with a fortified door and heavily armed guards. Convert, buy and sell currency and jewellery and is also in front of a guild involved in financial and trade scams and large heists like payrolls. Employ an army of bookkeepers and loan info and lots of thugs to reclaim loans. Unfortunately, lots of the treasury is IOU notes in boxes that nobody will honour unless they think you are the gang
79 Second-hand weapon dealer with lots of shifty black-clad guys with knives hanging around. It is really a place to fence stolen weapons but also a meeting place for assassins to get contracts and train with guild masters. Hidden complex with a training hall. Will buy the poorest condition weapons as scrap or to sell to youth gangs or goblins 
80 Ratter supply store sells dead rats, rat fur clothes, rat poison, rat traps and lots of filthy rat trappers hanging about drinking. Realy is a guild that gathers information from rich people's garbage and listens through drains all over the city. They also buy and sell poison and traps supplies
81 Hideous man selling fish passed to him alive through a hole. Inside the hole, his fishfolk hybrid brethren operate a secret shrine of dark fish gods or their servants the lamprey, the shark and the crab. They spy on surface folk and occasionally kidnap people to sell as slaves to undersea folk or eat or sacrifice and eat. Several are priests and possibly monks. They have gold coins and cursed magic items
82 Alchemist apprentice selling cheap potions through a hatch with magical guardians hidden close by and a wizard-locked door. This connects to a basement of an alchemist's house on the surface
83 Wizard supplies selling components and alchemy supplies, also buy cursed items and certain blasphemous books unpopular with the surface church and authorities. Wizard is ex-teacher now forbidden from having students by the guild
84 Old crypt entrance where a creepy old man sells grave trinkets. He is a necromancer and buys corpses to feed his ghoul friends who give him treasure 
85 Druid selling sewer pets with her students. She will question any pets customers have to assess if they are worthy to adopt a tame giant rat or giant frog tadpole. They might murder anyone cruel to sewer animals and many rat catchers are wary of them
86 Cultists selling soup and bread at low prices if you listen to a sermon inside the shrine out back. A magician leads the service and may cast some spells to impress people
87 Diabalistic wizard offering wishes for souls and free tutorials at an exclusive secret black school of magic. Watched by invisible imps who aid them and whisper secrets to them
88 Witch apothecary selling potions and brews and creepy dolls and candles. Witch has a few assistants and or magical pets. Driven down here as a witch for doing magic without a guild license
89 Shop selling creepy idols, drugs, weird bones, incense, prehuman books and cursed relics dug out under the city or in the old ruins. The seller deals with many wizards and sorcerers
90 Creepy shop overgrown by fungus and crawling with critters. A dark gnome or elf trades drugs, magic mushrooms, poison and scrolls of spells from the underland realms
91 Exotic chamber of sensual delights really operated by magical shapeshifters to kill and eat humans
92 A magic idol with a poem engraved, a magical test made by a magician long ago. Any who read the poem while touching it are judged. Some cursed instead and some will be blessed. A vicious gang control the line and charge for a go
93 Exited sewer dwellers have dug into a prehuman tomb and excitedly selling objects straight from the tomb. An alien looking locked sarcophagi is just being exposed now
94 A magical sex club full of abhumans, witches and cultists. The owner has a lab to make new abhuman beastfolk from merged slaves and animals. All staff are drug addicted also
95 Wizard offering inhuman delights beyond the curtains, just wear this magic ring to survive, 100gp for 10 minutes. The wizard's succubi girlfriend came up with the scheme and sometimes they kill and rob people and sell the corpse to zombie makers
96 Necromancer shrine where they sell zombie people, beastfolk and animals. The front looks like a mortician shop and has many secret passages and several zombie sweatshops
97 Magical gateway to a land of milk and honey, hand over your loot as you won't need it and the gatekeeper and their gang let you enter paradise. Paradise isn't as nice as they say and nobody has come back to complain
98 Fountain of blood that heals undead where zombie keepers bring their old and tired zombies for a dip. A cult control entry and process the zombies. Wild undead also try and get in and the blood is sold for at-home use
99 Granny an old woman runs a tiny store selling trinkets of rat bones and sticks and some divination. Occasionally she whispers some fateful words and she raises urchins for some purpose that she sells to guild masters. All these children are chosen by fate to be special and in high demand. She is actually a river nymph though now more a hag as the river is so foul and polluted. She has plotted against the city for thousands of years
100 A great door guarded by sinister knights. They will let any who accept the consequences to pass. If you can see past the illusion the gate is a Hellmouth of a giant devil that opens to admit victims to hell one way and the guard knights are barbed devils with muskets (poisoned ammo one volley then attack by other means).

Sunday 12 February 2023

Magic Stuff Notes Post OGL Era

So one IP issue some are discussing as essential to the old-game-sphere is the names of spells. So in distancing yourself from official D&D is name schemes. Apparently, some are generic and OK and some in computer games also. Others might be too specific. Like those Greyhawk wizard spells are an issue. Apparently, even ones ripped from Jack Vance might be an issue. After the monster basic statblock AC HD Mov Att spell name are one of most recognisable features of these clones. Changing lots can be fun and flavoursome but makes life harder to use for higher levels when lists of npc spellcasters quickly gets more vital. So uniformity among the various games has its uses. How important are trad spell names for your old-school games?

So plenty of clone games have stripped wizard names in part and changed some spells. I did see a game where DM renamed all spells into long-winded Sumerian-sounding names that were cool and added campaign flavour. There are good reasons to have uniformity and conventions and to try new things.

As I'm just finishing my campaign spell lists now the timing of this talk was interesting. I had one player argue my games would work with no dedicated spell-casting classes but use my oath system to maybe get some spells. Interesting idea for a campaign or region.  

My ideal revision would be all my spells a-z with then spell list variations of subclasses could be made so various elves or cleric gods would have different lists. Id probably have lots more specific elemental and death spells. 

Some spells could have simpler names. I prefer spells with a brief explanation or use effects and conditions shared with other monster abilities described together. Also not having new strangulation rules in about 8 monsters because the game rules were obscure. Later editions described affects like poisoned and diseased quite well. 

High level spells do tend to be more complex and I'm happy for my high level characters to affect the setting with powerful spells. An archdruid can change terrain and seal off valleys and plant forests. I disliked lots of Ed Greenwoods spells in Dragon that had a page of various weird specific uses and long winded effects. They were interesting perhaps as a weird treasure more than as campaign norms which i guess they were. Forgotten realms books in 2nd ed introduced various spells and then said they required some local alternate school or magical language and were inaccessible. Which is a shame. Priests getting spells from a specific cult seems ok to me and I like RuneQuest cults had subcults you could join often for one rare skill and added to your magical options while accessing the same shrines and temples. The idea of wizards for me is they are greedy for new spells and lore and so keen to discover more of the known spells. There are rare and unique and lost spells and wizards in my game can make new spells. It seems cool to be a priest and change out those spells but its taken for granted you have them. Most of my other spell casters have much less choices. One player made items to expand a limited spell list and never abused it and it cost money and time and I was fine with it.

I like sorcerers with point spells as a contrast to wizards. My sorcerers don't study they get smashed, have slightly more HP and fighting choices slightly fewer other skills and languages and slightly more spell juice but less spell variability. They are my recommendations for new people because they are lazier. I also allow lots of spell caster types to swap spell lists and I've no problem with having a sorcerer vase with druid or psionics or divine spells instead but they would probably be weaker than the spell lists native classes and would limit them at high levels. It does build lots of NPCs well though rather than players. Wizards of course hate lazy talented sorcerors who make stuff look easy and are in it for the kink and cults or don't even care..

I guess wizard spells going higher to 8 and 9 level vs druid and cleric spells which is a big difference. I assume wizard spells are messing with the code and structure of the universe with gestures, magic words and thought disciplines. Other classes the spells are sort of borrowed from a higher being on the assumption you serve them. Sorcerers have the knowledge somehow coded into them and they just unconsciously make the moves and thoughts and words required and release their power they internally renew. I let wizards study sorcerers as a research tool. Maybe this is how wizardry keeps getting rediscovered its a feature of the universe. Sorcery is probably more similar to the magic-like abilities of various magical beings. Wizards need to carry a big book while sorcerers have a sack of drug paraphernalia and probably more friends. Sorcerers find talented youths and recruit them so they can claim responsibility for their students powers which draws in more cult members to your pleasure dome. Their homes are noisy, bustling and full of vice. Meanwhile, wizards are working in towers studying the magical properties of material, reading, writing and engaged in mental exercises in silence. Wizards get assistants which unfortunately are idiots and need training to work but in long run help the wizards research and operate a school so the wizard can focus on non administrative tasks. Sorceres have 8 hours of ritualised getting loaded while the poor wizard must relearn his spells that blasted free of his brain when cast before.

As sorcerors use power their appearance can change depending on type.
The first on has mechanical notes you could ignore or you could make similar mods for other types for colour.

d12 Sorcery Signs of Power
1 Muscle magic - huge muscle and rippling tone when fully charged and grow scrawny and weak as spells decline +2 STR before cast any spells +1 STR while you have spells -2 when you have sero magic energy left. Spells are cast with body builder like poses and flexes
2 Hair magic - while full charged hair and or beard reaches ground and sways as if in the wind +1 CHA, shrinks as spells cast and all hair falls out if cast all your spells. You can collect and sell your hair as it drops off
3 Lotus magic - When fully charged hallucinate and have trouble knowing whats going on and standing. As spells are cast they become more lucid and sensible. When spells out they feel terrible with nausea and headaches and a craving for more magic power or drugs
4 Drunken magic - when fully charged is a staggering drunk who sobers up as they cast spells and when spells are all out they get terrible hangovers with nausea, headaches and vomiting and a craving for greasy food or more drink
5 Ecstatic magic - while charged egocentric and feel unstoppable. As powers depleted become more sensible and aware of others. When all depleted feel melancholy, shy and cautious and crave next recharge of magical power juice
5 Minion magic - feel envigorated and well fed when at full power, as spells cast bugs, rats, salamanders, toads, spiders or some type of vermin exit the body. When magic is depleted they seem skeletal and scrawny and very hungry. If they die the critters evacuate the body quite rapidly if the body is on fire. Higher level spells ma
6 Spirit magic - engorged with spell spirits absorbed in preparation. As cast power spirits are released as tiny phantoms. Magical sight sees a full caster crawling with spirits. When the power is used up they are free of petty spirits and can relax their minds and bodies finally 
7 Minion magic - as spell levels are consumed gremlins escape the caster's body some may be of a type akin to the sorcerer's power source. At peak power seem bloated and critters seen moving under the skin. As used-up skin grows more flaccid and wrinkly. Minions are not helpful or obedient especially when your patron wants them spread around. Possible to tame some or adopt some as followers
8 Feast magic - corpulent and glowing after hours of feasting as spells cast body shrinks until at now spell energy seems skeletal with loose folds of skin
9 Chaos magic - while at full power have a major mutation and d4 minor mutations, when cast a spell major mutation is absorbed and gone. When all spells cast all mutations gone. Each time power is restored roll new mutations
10 Law magic - when charged skin is metallic, and voice is booming and eyes like gems and emit light as a candle. Light and vocal effects ends when a spell is cast, skin and eyes become more normal as spells are depleted. Often feel empty and unsure without power 
11 Beuaty magic - when charged skin and hair looks fabulous and remain dirt free with +1 CHA. Once a spell is cast the stat bonus and dirt resistance end and when all spells are depleted they look tired, scruffy and wrinkled with greyed hair -1CHA. They are keen to restore their power 
12 Death magic - body blackened and skeletal and horrific when fully charged and undead will treat you as one of them. When a spell is cast lose this benefit and look more human but pale with eyes black as spells cast. Look normal as spells depleted 

d12 Mundane Wizard Books
1 Manual of history or geography
2 Manual on plant or beast lore 
3 Manual on creating one type of abhuman with surgery
4 Journal of herbal or poison formula
6 Manual of lore useful to learn a skill
7 Folio of journal fragments and treasure maps
8 Biography of famous wizard and their famous feats 
Manual about other planes and otherworldly beings
10 History of a cult or wizard school 
11 Occult diagrams and calculations 
12 Astrology charts plotting lives and fates of kingdoms

d12 Magic Wizard Books
1 Journal from the research of a d3 spells
2 Journals of d3 alchemical recipes
3 Journals of d3 formula to create exotic magical items
4 Book with a scroll inside d3 levels of spells
6 Book with a scroll inside d4+1 
levels of spells
Spellbook of an apprentice with a d4 levels
8 Manual of d3 names of elemental beings to summon
9 Manual of a d3 names of outer planar beings to summon 
Spellbook with a single spell (made as a trade item)
11 Spellbook of a teacher level d4+4
12 Manual of construction and operation of a monumental ancient artefact