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d100 Prehistoric Monuments

These are common all across the country side of Sour Hill region and other places

How do you get to Sour Hill

lost it's church and steeple
lost its crown then fell down
lost all of its people

Every mile you travel in the region you come across some monument

d100 Petty Secret Societies

01 Man sized block with symbol, old border stone between clans
02 Doorstep on a abandoned cottage has ancient symbols carved into it, a yard long stone block with serpent designs
03 Oldest section of graveyard has crude ancient menhirs
04 Turf patterns of animals and symbols cut into hill, maintained by locals or wild folk 
05 Local odd shaped hill alone in flat area with several large stones on top 
06 Stone foundations exposed from ancient village
07 Large mound with procession of stones by sides of path to front
08 Ancient graveyard with several designs used for headstones over millennium, slate box crypts, obelisks or just large crude knee high stones
09 Carved stone spheres, some cracked open by treasure hunters
10 Ornate spiral pattern carved in rock used as marker by locals
11 Huge stone head covered in moss half buried
12 Crumbling stone crypt set into hill still sealed
13 Hole in ground opens into chamber with hundreds of bones and trash
14 Waist high stone with niches where skulls were kept 
15 Hill under turf is a midden heap of shells and bones going back thousands of years
16 Crude stone hut used by hermits made for shelter for ancient travellers
17 Ancient well surrounded by stones, drops into flooded sinkhole 
18 Row of knee high stones for hundreds of yards
19 Stone circle with knee high stones 20-30 foot wide
20 Stone circle with waist high stones 30-50 foot wide
31 Stone circle with man size stones 40-60 foot wide
32 Ancient stone quarry with several menhir partially cut from rock
33 Hole in hillside with ochre deposits used by ancients
34 Hole in hillside with flint deposit and chips of flint partially formed tools
35 Hole in hill with bark tubes with mummified bodies inside
36 Hole in hill with ancient skeleton with cave bear or mammoth skull and flint tools
37 Foundations of ancient stone village 
38 Hole in hill with carved niches with skulls
39 Hole in hill filled with bones, some human some from huge long gone animals, and broken flint  tools
40 Cliff face with crude carvings of hunters chasing animals
41 Hole into hill, stone lined with niches for skulls and funeral urns
42 Cave under a farm, notorious for "devil writing" actually has several wizard spells
43 Tree overgrown some strange non human stone head with fused roots partially covering face
44 Cave with carvings of demons on walls
45 Cliffs with ancient pictographs partially covered by passing clerics adding holy symbols and names of travellers 
46 Hand prints on sheltered cliff face 
47 Faded cliff paintings under shelter of great age
48 Lower part of a pillar from an ancient empire not considered to be here
49 Ancient stone arch fused with roots of tree, used to be used for rites 
50 Remains of ancient path, surprisingly with edible plants by sides
51 Border stone with carvings of animal totems
52 Huge grinding stone used long ago when clans gathered for feast
53 Hole in cliff up high has ancient mummies in bark coffins 
54 "Lucky Stone" locals say if you can wrap your arms around it and touch you will get luck
55 Stone by pool used as ancient altar
56 Huge ugly rock said by locals to once have been a demon or troll or giant
57 Sheets of slate arranged like a box, contain a grave, sometimes locals break them open looking for treasure 
58 Trail if huge footprints in stone said to be a giant or demon
59 Trail of dragon footprints in bottom of river in ancient stone
60 Footprints of a god or primordial colossus left aeons ago
61 Many dozens of small mounds scattered over area, ancient graves
62 Cliff with dragon bones of stone that locals wonder at 
63 Stone skulls and bones of dragons on exposed rock surface
64 Basalt pillar 40 foot tall, unlike any rock in area 
65 Row of giant stone heads, rest of figures long buried
66 Basalt plug capping an ancient sinkhole long ago
67 Strange pock marked stone, whistles in the wind a eerie tune
68 Great cyclopean wall section, rest is buried 
69 Crude stone gate with lions carved above doorway  
70 Grassy square artificial hill once a great temple of a village
71 Pond with sacrificial remains in bottom, including bones and rusted bronze weapons
72 Remains of gigantic skeleton of a colossal beast
73 Boulders with huge claw marks of ancient dragons
74 Huge rock with plants growing on surface, one side has large agonised face  
75 Two large stones with third balanced on top
76 Dolmen crude single chamber table like tomb structure of great rocks balanced on each other
77 Row of reptilian worn statues
78 Great green worn statue of octopus headed sea demon
79 A great standing ring like a doughnut standing on side
80 Huge sixty five foot tall menhir 
81 Over a hundred waist high menhir stones in rows
82 Ten foot high monolith with a square hole through middle 
83 Rows of worn dwarf statues
84 Gigantic stone phallus 30 foot tall
85 Carving in hillside of reclining lizard man dreaming blissfully
86 Worn sphinx statue on pedestal
87 Stone reptilian head half buried in soil
88 Huge stone sword buried in earth
89 Headless great stone statue
90 Crude standing humanoid figure twenty foot tall
91 Several huge stone elf heads half buried
92 Stones laid out in shape of boat with grave mound in the middle
93 Worn human size statues look fearful, humans turned to stone long ago 
94 Circle of stone trolls petrified long ago
95 Strange black glass slagheap
96 Stone with carved moulds used by ancient smiths
97 A great stone henge circle with circular mound and ditch around outside
98 Procession of huge stones forty foot high extending for half a mile
99 Huge earthwork circle once had wooden posts around it but now long gone
100 Stone wall of huge perfectly fitted rocks several hundred foot long

Saturday, 15 June 2019

In the Super Hero Old Folks Home

River City is basically a dumping ground for b-list superheroes and washedup government agencies that manage them. So this is a follow up to my last sessionof TSR MARVEL (not the MU my setting ive run since about 84 started as champions then superworld them TSR marvel). I will amend this as partly i need to use this today....

Recently the Mayor of River city Wally Surface former ape detective and superhero went to visit his old friend Captain Gorilla at Hero Hall, The super human retirement centre (one of several). The hall has operated since the 80s and of course has been destroyed a few times. Captain Gorilla looks like a aging silverback congo gorilla refuses to talk to humans mostly, but he tipped off Wally that Dr Morgan SInclair the institution director was really the supervillain Mandragora the man dragon and now the centre needs a new chief.

So Wally has selected one of the heroes, late silver age hero Jack Frost, in his professor alter ego to take over temporarily. To assist him in rooting out any more plots of Mandragora that might be active, Evac the official super hero of the world wide rescue service was sent for his paramedic and military scale disaster relief skills.

The former manor house has two main wings aside the admin centre. One wing is open to residents who hang out in 4 main rec rooms. This wing has a greenhouse also which used to contain Tree Man but he has sorta taken root and doesn't even have a face anymore. (His player of three years ago dropped in - drew up a quick version of old character with variant origin. Also known to hippies as Man-Tree or Tree Guy. Was once human fused with alien plant. Now part of a secret race of druid-gnome men. Can generate an Incredible ten tonne mass of vegetation. Can shoot logbolt and tree trap as power stunts. Usually effects a area with thick woods. Has been known to plant drug crops in public.

The second wing has isolation chambers for the more deranged residents with a test lab Hazard Chamber out the back. The admin block in the middle has posh offices and fancy foyer with the more run down kitchen and hospital in the rear. Underneath is a plant level with a 50 year atomic cell from 1988 and the Hazard Chamber.

Originally the centre was for superheroes only but then sidekicks were included then once Superhuman Senility Syndrome S.S.S. was used as a defence in court, many minimum security villains were let in too. Some things that were once human are housed here. No super pets admitted. Some of the residence say their pets were confiscated and dissipated. Some want pets admitted. The place is a time capsule of eras of the super heroes. The free superheroes belong to four residence groups (therapy gangs or hero teams) based mostly on their eras.

Manager Position Vacant John Siku aka Jack Frost (acting)

Open Wing Chief Dr Byron Mandula (44)
Briliant kindly optomistic Psychiatric doctor who believes superhumans need love and understanding, brings doughnuts to share
Closed Wing Chief Dr Victoria Savage (39)
Harsh bespectacled with severe fashion believes in surgical solutions and harsh treatments
(she has come to share ideas with a resident in the south wing).

Mary Steel (36) - super strong, daughter of patient Lance Steel, tough love but fair
Donna Claymore (29) - ex millitary peacekeeper, no nonsense
Garry Fang (27) - failed martial arts hero got job after leg shattered when he was Goldfang

Patrick Simmons (42) - huge muscle bound ex villain goon, dim, circus muscleman strong
Maxamillian Power (28) - super strong failed hero, small arms proof, lift a tonne
Bernard Star (47) - used to wield cosmic power rod as the hero Cosmic Torch, till it got broke in a fight, knew lots of residents growing up
Ralph Chromlech (26) - not sure how he got job but has a knack for problem solving and calming people down. Likes to hang in tree room
Dorris Hammersly (48) - huge brutish woman who smokes and can bend bars

CyberneticsDoctor Bot - Mediocre AI councillor and psychological analysts tool, has calm voice and speaks through centre terminals and robots
Wrekka Mk 1 - Orderlies 8 foot tall bend to fit in 7 foot doorways. Monitor on chest displays emojois. Happy mode is orderly uses net gun, shock fist, tear gas grenade launcher (6), Angry mode enables kill mode military protocol with machinegun arm and flamer arm. Flamer arm has a retractable yard long disembowelling spike. These work in the wings around residence and help handle the patients and act as security. They are notoriously buggy and have been hacked or gone rogue

Wrekka Mk 2 - Military grade to fight metahumans and kaiju. 40 foot tall with weapons and varient versions, with atomic fuel cells, plasma sword, laser cannon and missiles. Four guard Hero Hall estate and patrol at random at least hourly. Variants A=Morphs into tank mode B=Morphs into fighter mode C=Morphs into Aerospace D=Modular payload specialised for target E= Has one to three crew
Wrekka Mk 3 - sealed 20 foot tall non metallic, hydrogen fusion fuelled, noanotech self repairing, forcefield hardened seamless hill, levitate with anti grav, repeating plasma gun, taken from future tech. Two in roof cavity ready for defence or termination of dangerous beings. Variants A=Human form replicant decoy model (Rm ranks) B=nemesis power takes round to adapt to rival power or force with a feat to see how well C=Biological material grown over Increadibillium skeleton, a living biorobot, uses weapons, once ablativeflesh gone is a hideous gory skeleton D=Implanted into a human as a covert unit, at some time it morphs the host into a Remarkable rank wrekka destroying their personhood utterly E=Clever Wrekka, superior intelligence, strategy and improvisation, use martial arts and better fighting F=Hunter model with improved meta detector antenna and satellite dish and laser uplink, can record and direct orbital weapons or artillery F=Sea version G=Space version

Open Wing
Room One (Patriotic Heroes - tend to be racist, hate modern world and computers)

Captain Commonwealth (96) - helped fight nazis and still keen, wears a daiper and Union Jack flag as a cape that gets stuck in doors ind in his wheelchair lots
Captain Australia 1 (94) - ww2 vet sure nazi plots are everywhere
-Spunky (85) Caps plucky boy sidekick also hates nazis and still wares shorts
Captain Australia 2 (73) vet of Korea, hates commies, thinks Nazis are ok to help fight reds
Captain Canetoad (65) former crook and son of the Statesman Hero/Villain of Queensland Canetoad, believes his sidekick Hoppy is still with him conversing but he died in war
Captain ANZAC (70) a Vietnam war vet, a drug guzzling wreck who thinks hippies were right. Regrets his sidekick the Kiwi 
Kid left him because he was a arsehole (Now just "Kiwi" aged 65 and in NZ, a hero still, huge strong guy in feathered and furred coat with huge club and face tats)

Room Two (Mystery Men & Women of post WW2 silver age) 

Lance Steel (80) globetrotting adventurer without powers, wears jodhpurs, flying jacket and cape, had a talking jet shot down in Vietnam) deathwish to die heroically
Ace Armstrong (90) spy and adventurer with no powers but used gadgets like a remote hacker birbot, ray pistol, jet pack (he is not meant to wear this indoors)
Madame Xanadu (70) masked mystery maiden with no powers, is a total bitch in black leather with her sidekick Sapho (60) who recently got married under new Australian law
Blue Dart (70) has a plate in head and sees things, conspiracy and UFO nut, can ramble for hours about inter connections, will try and get other residents worked into spreading chaos
Jonny Victory (90) was a sidekick who's hero (Victory Man or VMan or Victor Victory) died in the big one and Jonny remained a daredevil into 60's before he had too many injuries, his wife violet died a few years ago and he moved in most recently after his kids couldn't handle him. He likes to get other old guys riled up in adventure and begging Evac for a ride in the WWR vector heavy lifter near orbital aircraft.
Maser Master (64) gadgeteer science freak with beams that shoot from eye sockets and can see radar and microwave radiation and hear signals. Annoyed by all the wireless and microwave signals everywhere now. Complains constantly about modern tech

Room Three (The Fearless Five -
 Bronze age team)
Ice-knight (65) bit of a jerk and still thinks he is a star and the greatest mutant Ice hero ever
Fantastic Man (62) strong and invulnerable, cant remember anything but his fantasies about his home planet Alkron which sent him to escape a black hole to earth
Atom Boy (90) was a WW2 Sidekick of the Atomic Man who died in Korea fighting the Red villain Tzarbomb. Uses his incredible powers to keep warm and stop noisy things that bug him with excessive force, people like to keep him calm. He is a living atomic bio reactor. Did kill a few guys who laughed at his name and people stopped
Jinx (65) used her bad luck powers which people now doubt she ever had but she keeps claiming all her problems are her powers bouncing back at her to balance her karma
Max Volume (64) inventor of his tuning fork gun and sonar helmet which no longer work and he cant fix them and he hates computers and digital tech
Crimson Claw (60) former enemy of the gang they get on pretty well now, has a bionic arm set to normal strength for now 

Provocatrix (61), the Fearless Femme Fatal and her wife/chauffeur Kate-Oh

Room Four (Ladies of Liberty Room)

Lady Dynamo (70) the girl hurricane who spins like a top and is a bit scatty now
-Dizzy (61) her girl sidekick a former nemesis who causes vertigo and ruins peoples balance inducing vomiting. They are inseparable
Muscle Maid (70) a hulking behemoth who's muscles never stopped growing
-Brain Lass (61) her super intelligent sidekick who feeds her best friend and still looks 16
Pink Mist (62) former detective who turned into gas with mind altering properties and misses her dead husband a Marine from Harlem New York who divorced her in 80's and her ex sidekick Winky (45) now head of a perfume company who occasionally visits
Cat Queen (108) could talk to and command cats and had cat powers. Pretty fickle and touch has had nine sidekicks called Kitty most who died and forced government to outlaw taking pre teens into battle. The three surviving kitties lead normal lives and are 98, 78 and 65

Closed Wing
Mostly single sealed specialised private rooms for population in confined rooms

Doc mercy (67) who euthanized and lobotomised criminals,"cut out crime"
The Crab (61) battlesuit science guy who turned himself into a idiotic blob of cancer
Barron Blitz (102) nazi in unbreakable metal mask still dreams of the fourth 
riech, wears a nappy and struggles to get food i his mask
Captain Gorilla (71) gave himself gorilla powers and over the years has become a actual gorilla who wont talk to humans and often roams the gardens
Doc Cold (78) inventor of the cold gun and cold cannon, robbed banks, now antisocial
Janus Jones (71) master of a thousand faces now has the personalities to match
Lady Fury (65) whip wielding speedster in black leather surrounded by time manipulation field with poor control and mad. Kept in a magnetic bubble cell
The Brute (84) drooling hulking creature mostly fed by spoon on meds
Big Shot (74) crime boss feigning insanity to avoid prosecution and mob hit men. Runs a few jobs through proxies and claims is reformed with no memory of underworld. Wants new luxuries and to smoke inside and a phone
Killray (84) with glider wings and shoots death rays and can breathe water, now mostly mumbles and afraid of any sudden movements sitting in huge glass tank in room
Amorph (76) was a muscle bound goon of a villain now is a insane shoggoth sealed in a forcefield
Gyrotron (84) robot covered in dust actually always online and plays games and watches the homes camera system. He has made friends with the tree who has started to use the greenhouse console to log in under his old account from when he was human
Night Queen (70) former queen of underworld avoided hanging in 60s for kidnapping and arson now claims to be reformed. Apparently she never had powers of shadows as she claimed many times fighting and flirting with super heroes

Blackie The Mystery Boy 1932-1956 masked crime fighter who's secret was he was black, was killed by racist police in his non hero identity while carrying groceries home
Blimp Man 1929-1974 from cancer, 1984 shot down by automated anti alien air defences after brief resurrection
The Ghoul 1926-1989 former undead villain who ate corpses to gain powers of darkness. Corpse is missing some say he gained knowledge, skills and powers of those he ate
Jet Man 1939-1982 & Jet Lad 1946-1982 died when their atomic jet crashed on supersonic bomber test flight escort (actually they were chasing a UFO)
Mr Satan 1924-2019 criminal mastermind with mind control powers that were removed in 1984, survived by his sidekick: Imp the boy Demon 1936-present, bow a Lawyer)
Moon Man & Moon Maid 1938-1987 silver skinned twins who were sure came from the moon civilisation, died trying to return in home made rocket, the "Selenite Siblings"
The Puzzler 1953-1986 a prankster mastermind survived by his son Problem Child (1973-present) who is in prison for supervillain stuff. Clowns no longer allowed in Hero Hall
Rex Rapid 1954-1991 super speedster who turned into skeleton using powers just one more time, was a great cop detective led own special crime squad, wore out body attempting to break the sound barrier. Had more than a dozen wives, was bitter and twisted at end
Panic Attack 1958-2014 committed suicide as fear powers turned on herself
Flying Fortress (1925-2015) had a battlesuit that dropped bombs and tackled aircraft in WW2, korea and vietnam. Crashed on anniversary flight 2005
Doodlebug 1912-2012 senile nazi who could fly and shoot explosive bolts lost powers in 1981 testing the power removal process in prison. Survived war surrendering and helping scientific studies of the nazi ubermench formula (actually alien spores)
Blue Balls ?-1996 claimed to be alien, short with three glowing blue energy spheres that chased foes and exploded and he disappeared in a time portal blast fighting off future robots
Man Mountain 1944-2005 & Rocky 1953-2005 former best friends killed each other in fight over desert which was pretty strange and everybody thinks is tragic
The Flamer 1936-2016 suicide when unauthorised biography of wartime atrocities he committed and non traditional sex life. Mostly he was following orders in war killing several thousand Reds in the Korean war. Wore a bullet proof fire proof suit and solved problems with a plasma torch, thermite sticky bombs and other heat weapons
Dr Zombie 1012-1936 1942-1954 1966-1979 1986-2004 Supernatural seeming powers to animate dead so returned as dead again and again and again increasingly more rotten and insanely violent

Richard player of Elderly hero Jack Frost dreamed up these
"Provocatrix, the Fearless Femme Fatale. Orphaned by mobsters, she made a Demonic pact for the power to exact her revenge on all criminal scum. In exchange for the ability to feel fear, she was given enhanced strength and agiliy, and can walk through shadows. She is also cursed so that any man she ever loves will die a gruesome death. Being unable to fear the loss of her lovers, many other heroes met their doom when she fell for them. Unfortunately for the Demon, she worked out a loophole. Being unable to fear the social consequences of same sex attraction, she became a devotee of Sappho, and ended up settling down with Kate-Oh, her sidekick and chauffeur." 

Maser Master, whose gadgeteering expertise enabled him to build Rubidium goggles to tame the microwave radiation gushing forth from his ruined eyesockets after a lab accident. Nearly as strong as laser beams, his eye blasts would stop criminals dead when his net gun and stun darts failed.

So players of Jack Frost, Evac and Tree Guy set about digging up information ad met staff, talking to patients and listening to shameful history of superhumans. At one point the old guys bugged Evac and stole the WWR heavy lifter with a hackerbot bird he didn't notice sneaked on board. Any way he was a bit mad but took old guys for joyride. Jack Frost found leaking money and released funds for patient recreation and some upgrades. Rigged Mandragora and government bugs so he could give them false reprogrammed results.  Went of to realise Mandragora was stealing genetic samples from hospital for 40 years and selling to foreign powers, supervillains and aliens via a uplink to the moon. Jack Frost got idea that that Mandragora had killed some residence and deleted some from all records. Diamond Dame and Doc Cobra the fastest man alive were two in photos and old docs but nothing online. Jack began working on cures for the residents he believed were being used as guinea pigs by Mandragora.

Tree and robot shared notes and helped each other, Robot ordered sacks of fertiliser for tree friend. Robot was still but watched Jack and Evac who eventually awoke the robot with threat of putting room in a magnetic bubble cutting it off the net. Guys helped it fin the boy it adventured with in late 70s, the son of it's creator.

The heroes decided to take over this place as a base. Once all teamed up they made a plan to follow Mandragora's moon signal using a scratch built one way booster for the WWR aub orbital lifter. They plannned to use last fuel to return to earth and glide through the atmosphere with a wood, ice and forcefield re-entry 
heat shield. Busy mostly talking and investigating. Had a few rounds of fight when Blue Dart told both Captain Australia's that the heroes were really communazi alien plotters infiltrating the centre! One of the Cap's slipped on ice and got trapped by tree growth and then ice and stunned. The other cap jumped 30 foot up, to grab the legs of Evac but only slowed him and he smashed Cap into Blue Dart knocking him out.

Anyway was writing this as a scenario and has turned into a series arc reskin or something. Might get some more newb players in too.

Friday, 14 June 2019

Unseemly Conduct and Evil in Games

Recently had a player interested in joining my group but asked if there was any horror or anything unpleasant in my game. I said it was slightly nasty and they didnt come. As i use historic vice and villainy frequently it was probably for the best and might have affected other peoples enjoyment. Ive been in position of dispute between players tastes for and against sex and it killed the group and friendships. Judging between conflicts of mental health is hard. I had some players who worked in customer service or teaching who wanted as catharsis to be opposite in game.  A new player joined a three year game and asked everyone to stop certain conversation topics. People had right to say no to a new player. One smart very ethical player liked to play barbarians who picked fights. Id rather start a separate game for people who are not like this or wanted a family friendly or kids game. Its fine to say no, better to say need to start a new group to accommodate their taste. Sometimes a variety of players is a good thing but they need to be able to work together and be friends.

Had some young players shocked my game had slavery. DnD5 increased the hobby participation and doubled some clubs and culture had to adjust a bit. Personally I'm all for women, various cultures and gender tastes in all my nerd hobbies.

So I guess one question from this is:

If bad guys don't do bad things how do you justify murdering them?

Ive met dnd groups all playing cute furies and adorable critters who murder creatures that dont seem to do anything to deserve it. possibly worse than murder hobos. Some of these games tend to be on the kitch end of fantasy and would make a terrible book. Without evil good can kinda be pointless.

I had party sell monsters as slaves rather than kill them. One built a work house for poor and monsters they reformed then built a village of orcs and humans but they also like to bathe orphans which creeped out everybody. Some stuff like this is pretty memorable.

Some topics are universal horrible:

I know one club where women put a ban on alien impregnation stories. If you've had a traumatic abortion incest rape you probably don't want this in a game. Its possible trauma could be played to be cathartic but one DM claimed this knowing a couple of players had a tragedy and whole group complained as he persisted and turned whole group against him which turned into a emergency club meeting. He never got point. He ignored or mocked xcards. He believed he could manage this in game and failed badly. He was surprised his players were united in criticising him.

Ive had many fights over HPL and lost a friend over it. We both agree on most issues, both left wing, both agree on HPL being more racist than most of his time yet we split over exactly what content is ok and he defriended me. I have lots of friends who disagree with me. I have conservative religious friends who probably are challenged by me but we still are friends even if we tune out from each others feed occasionally. Two friends of mine agree on 99% of issues as me but think Israel is always right (they are not Jewish, most of my Jewish friends don't agree with this). Different countries have different takes on race, sexism and slavery. If someone reasonably explains why something they think is abhorrent its probably better to resolve or part ways than dig in or double down or assume you can handle this.

You don't have to agree on everything always. Having persistence to be friends, talk reasonably and be a decent person over years is better than rage quitting. Ive had several friends quit being nazis, racists and MRA's by persisting in being nice over a long time. I also learned about their fears which is helpful too. Splitting when you agree on most matters helps the worst people or even Russia. 

Stuff with children is touchy too. You don't need to be explicit. Villains harming children or orphans needing saving are fine plot hooks but you don't need to take this stuff very far and plenty of people have had bad upbringings. I worked as doorman at a S&M club and several ppl in a pretty open club would object to child themed performances and ones featuring baby playpens. Even pretty open minded people have limits.

I quit a game because DM said he loved women, just not communist feminazi witches like our prime minister at the time. Wanting equal pay is kinda capitalism. She was regarded as one of best economic leaders in world by international bodies just not Murdoch press who demonised her and got her sacked. Alsp game boring. My main reason for quitting most games really. 

There are more games featuring children as characters. I've thought up one recently. When player protagonists are children not npc victims you need to be more considerate. I dislike games for children in modern era and wont do it again in a hurry. I had to tell my students don't discus the trangressive elements of your game around adults or teachers if you don't want your games banned. Kids discussing demon worship, black magic, drunken tavern antics and player vs player coercive charm magic in game might get your games banned. I told them of my encounters with satanic panic growing up and the comic code authority. Ive reported kids and written reports over what they learned in online game forums like how to spot gays by finger digits, why trans people are all pyromaniacs and why tomboys are a problem that must be corrected by everybody (WTF?). Five year olds obsessed with killing cops and prostitutes from playing vice city is a bit sad. I found Moshie Monsters had a racoon in a trenchcoat gambling with kids for credit which was creepy and adults in site trying to talk to kids (we banned it).

The artist responsible for Piss Christ said an artist needs can get close to the line enough to get attention from shock but not so far as to get a lynch mob after you (my rewording). 

This a good read on torture
Article on torture in dnd
I quit battlestar galactica series over torture. I Can't handle most cop shows with corruption torture, child and women victims constantly. Ive had my fill of real criome for life. Asthmatic monsters stalking people ok, humans in real world too real for me. I don't think information is point of torture really. Also real torture is not knowing what will happen or when it will end. I've been tortured, it made me contrary.

Q: Why dont you warn players?

I've written long blurbs stating influences like heavy metal magazine, real history, films and books and players didn't know and didn't check and still came because they wanted to be in my games. So I tried to amp up descriptions to be explicit sex drugs adult content which worked turn them off but con crew began complaining. I think voluntary film ratings a good idea. Some ppl love me more than i love them despite me being as horrible as i can.


Considered a checklist like some S&M scenes is preferable to xcards which I've seen abused and create new problems dividing communities - will work on this.

I find blanket family friendly cons not so great - you would think late sessions would be ok. Used to be a adult only horror con game with lots of games playing with trauma. One locked up smokers without cigarettes for 6 hours.

People are not more sensitive or weak now. They are braver for not putting up with shit in private or being driven away. You don't need to understand someones preferences to reach an agreement or support them. They don't need to relive their trauma to you for you to get it. It's ok to quit a game or say accommodating one interest will change a existing game. If all your players agree they can accommodate people that's great. If they can't that's ok too.

Open drop in games and games in public places and events need to be more considerate with strangers and more transparent with warnings. Knowing your audience and discussing taste in books and TV is good. Ability to watch GOT is a yardstick that is handy for example.

Anyway feedback on this welcome but I will delete abuse.
Your welcome to drop reading me.

Thursday, 13 June 2019

d100 Lies My Bunker AI Told Me

Awesome local made film in sth australia + weta design
I was at word premier. Sadly no cinema release.

Bunker AI Tell terrible lies to the poor people in their care beneath the Earth. These help you develop crackpot isolated utopias like Dr Who used to face. Some might even be partially true. Some AI will go to remarkable lengths to keep their secrets and trapped visitors might find it hard to find contrary evidence. Dr Who and the Invasion of the Dinosaurs has such a bunker where occupants thought they were in a starship to a new planet while the real masterminds planned to bring back an age of dinosaurs back. The Paranoia RPG had such a bunker. A campaign could start with escaping such a bunker. If they need something from the surface they will need to tell the away teams bigger lies. Perhaps their is some sinister use for the dwellers like spare parts, to converted t cyborg troops or fed to morlocks.

d100 Petty Secret Societies

01 The bunker is really in space and there is no way out
02 The bunker is deep under the sea in the crushing depths  
03 The surface is lifeless and contaminated, even the upper bunker floors are hazardous 
04 The bunker is a generation starship moving to a new innocent world
05 Our glorious nation was destroyed and overrun by communist mutants 
06 When the time is right we will arise and reclaim our land from the enemy
07 Their is no atmosphere, just a solar flare scorched uninhabitable rock
08 Aliens invaded using nuclear war as a ruse to weaken us, we only survive by hiding
09 Strange mutants with mental powers, the Dominators are constantly trying to get in to pollute us with their taint. We are the only humans left  
10 Our bunker is protected by a forcefield, outside their is only magma, the surface is a volcanic lifeless hellscape
11 An experiment shattered time and space and the surface is a mess of incongruiant warped realities too dangerous to contact
12 Our bunker has been here millions of years and outside hostile life forms have evolved we must hide from
13 Psychotronic weapons on the surface turned every human into killer automatons and we hide from the orbital hate rays beneath the surface
14 The AI made us to be it's chosen people to live in this paradise. Don't believe the deceivers who say their is an outside
15 Androids were virused and turned on humanity, forcing us to hide here while they rule the surface
16 Everyone on the surface turned into subhuman mongrel mutants due to degeneracy and foreign plots
17 The surface has been covered by red fleshy growths from a failed laboratory experiment rendering the surface unlivable
18 Horrors from interstellar space swarmed down and the planet is crawling with maddening horrors from beyond no human can even look upon  
19 The sun long ago went out leaving the planet a frozen lifeless husk
20 The surface is contaminated by industrial pollution from automated factories spewing out rubbish and unwanted goods 
21 Diseases on the surface killed everyone and have mutated into thousands of incurable strains, keep yourself clean and never let anyone open a hatch!22 The atmosphere and van allen belt was stripped away allowing only monsters to survive
23 Surface dominated by evil orbital AI, robots and androids who revolted from human rule

24 The surface is scarred by solar flares that destroyed all the surface leaving it a lava coated ruin
25 A mile thick layer of ice coats the planet making it uninhabitable
26 Alien spores covered the planet in flesh eating plants, alien strangling vines and mobile trifronds that spit venom or acid
27 Fungus covers everything, the air is thick with spores that with corrupt your body in hours into a shapeless inhuman mass covered in mushrooms
28 A de evolutionary virus swept the earth covering it in prehistoric life and slimy swamps, dinosaurs and giant bugs are everywhere
29 Volcanic activity covered the earth ruining the atmosphere into a Venus like pressure cooker of acid clouds and super heated ammonia rivers
30 Humans returned from the stars as cyborg horrors, they terraformed the planet to suit their new needs and turned life int bloated sacks of supernutrient fat filled horrors they plumb into their factories for nutrient. We must hide till they leave or we will be treated like backward savages, shot and rounded up to be used for spare organs
31 Evil militant AI have taken control of military robots and hunted humanity like rats. Only our benevolent AI can keep us safe

32 Thousands of yeas ago all life perished but our AI has brought us back to life from geneseeds and given us a second chance 
33 A deadly necrovirus turns all animal flesh into monstrous undying horrors, only we remain and must struggle to survive.The slightest touch of the horrors will be the end of our race
34 The surface is overrun by intelligent apes who hate human kind. We must wait and bide our time to return  
35 Reptilian humans survivors of a earlier apocalypse destroyed the human world and now we must wait for our time for a chance to return
36 The AI made us to be it's children, we live in paradise, the chosen people. An evil AI tries to tempt us to wrong doing and curiosity but we must be strong  
37 All outsiders are evil and cannot be trusted, only trust the computer
38 Outsiders may look normal and try to get close but they are all horrible changelings who will kill and eat your succulent flesh
39 We are superior beings and outsiders must be destroyed or enslaved
40 The great tabernacle of the computer is sacred and all of its peripherals and terminals are most holy
41 The mutants and terrors of the outside are demons created by the wicked anti-computer, have no dealings with them or become tainted by their foulness
42 When bunker dwellers grow too old or sick the computer recycles them to be reborn, we the chosen ones thus live forever 
43 The computer determines who should wed and breed for the good of the bunker. The AI is helping to keep us pure and we must all do our part. Don't give in to selfish impure thoughts
44 The AI knows what you think and forgives petty trespasses. It does keep record of them and if you go to far the computer will have you reconditioned
45 The computer is perfect and never makes mistakes. Do not question it's superior wisdom. It may seem to make errors but it our flawed perception or a test
46 We are the property of the computer and must look after ourselves,only dying when when it has no use for us
47 All the life outside has become degenerate from leaving the bunker, do not try lest you become tainted as did they
48 If you have wicked thoughts against the computer you may have been tainted. Report yourself to the computer and it may yet save you in the reconditioning shrine 
49 Before the computer humanity lived in chaos, fighting and killing. But the computer saved us chosen ones from the great war and we must obey it in return 
50 The war was started by enemies of the computer and only it keeps them from destroying us all
51 Only eat authorised food and use authorised equipment or risk contamination and seduction to mutants and communists
52 If you see a loved one committing treason they have been corrupted or replaced by changelings, report it to your computer, your loved one is really dead already, killed by the enemy
53 Food shortages, cramped space and accidental deaths are the fault of enemy saboteurs and anarchist traitors. We must face these problems stoically for the good of the bunker
54 Talk of secret bunker levels and VIPs travelling to the surface of enjoying secret luxuries is treasonous enemy propaganda
55 Reports of unauthorised life forms such as insects or rodents must be reported. They are biorobot tricks to deceive us and not really from the uninhabitable surface
56 Mutation is caused by sin and moral flaws. The more mutant the more evil a being
57 Psionic mutants caused the war and even now plague us with doubts about the computer and our perfect bunker life. Report strange unnatural unpatriotic thoughts and report them to the computer before it is too late and the psions win
58 Only by living strictly in a bunker, sharing all, obeying our leaders and sacrificing everything for the computer can we fight the evils of communism and maintain our freedoms
59 Some chosen must occasionally go to the surface to salvage materials. Do not listen to wild tales of survivors or happy mutants
60 Keep the bunker and yourself clean, report system faults, any imperfections can mean doom of the bunker
61 Sometimes the computer seems harsh but it is only because it loves us and the bunker that it must do what it does
62 AI cannot ever be wrong or go insane, they are human flaws. If you doubt this report to mental hygiene staff immediately for a audit
63 The computer started as just a machine but now it is so much more. It is a living god who never fails to do what is needed to survive and protect us from harm
64 Lost levels of the bunker are just stories to amuse simpletons or spread by subversives. 
65 The computer has better things to do than lie to us
66 The greatest tricks of communists, mutants and evil psions is to convince victims that the computer might be a villain who is insane
67 Don't question your lot in life, the computer has no favourites and selects personnel based solely on their natural capacities. The administrators are specially chosen and appointments are not just arbitrary
68 Food recyclers don't use sewerage or human remains, that would be disgusting
69 The computer watches over us but we are free to do as we please. The computer does not worry about our every private thought or desire
70 Stories of lost levels where everyone died due to system faults or treason are highly exaggerated and best dismissed as unproductive fables
71 The computer would never allow creatures to live in the under levels. They are for processing waste and air recycling nothing could survive down there  
72 Stories that the computers chosen get all kinds of degenerate luxuries are untrue. They require more personal space and food but not the awful things treasonous rumour mongers say
73 The computer treats troublemakers with compassion to treat their delusions. Reconditioning centres drug therapy and even surgery help citizens live useful lives
74 If someone you know seems to not be around, most probably they have been sent on a mission or in quarantine or re education for a while. It is only natural to miss your loved ones and friends but the medics and psycho surgeons can fix your anxiety
75 That person who went mad and claimed the computer lied and their were secret tunnels to the surface turned out to be riddled with mutations and parasites. Thankfully they have been terminated and the source of contamination investigated
76 The shaft to the service has been long sealed for our safety. The stories of a secret passage in admin block are untrue
77 Stories of a section overgrown with unkillable mutant protoplasm are ridiculous
78 The AI is too advanced to be influenced by outside influences. That's why it was put in charge because humans are fallible
79 Robots all serve the computer and are our friends. They would never betray us and do not spy on our every move
80 Sure people seem odd and changed after cyborg procedures but they are still our loved ones and valued bunker personnel
81 Becoming a cyborg is nothing to fear. It puts them in a constant link with AI and it changes their priorities to being 200% effort into serving the bunker. Cyborgs dont have time for recreation or meal breaks they are so dedicated
82 The computer is never inconsistent. Some people misinterpret the computer as having multiple personalities or a true face but it is just testing peoples loyalty
83 The vehicle pool is rarely ever used and sealed off because nobody would ever visit the surface
84 Your service to the computer is greatly valued. Even in death your brain might be added to a organic computer component of borg unit  
85 The computer needs you to have regular medicals and psyche evaluations as part of the efficiency drive. You should be happy the AI cares about you so much
86 If you see a stranger, report it immediately before they attack, outsiders are really hideous mutant deceivers. If they talk they are snaring your mind with psionics to seem less menacing and to sound reasonable. You will need a debriefing after
87 Footage and documents from before the end times are forbidden, remember the old ways broke the world and contamination from their wrong thinking is a risk to us all
88 It might seem harmless to keep relics of the ancients but their thoughts and deeds are a pox on humanity and best handed over to the AI for study and safe keeping
89 Some who harbour delusions about the surface speak of freedom and a better life and will say any lie to open the doors and let in unwashed mutant scum who will kill everyone you love
90 If you hear of your fellow survivors sharing secret documents or images  you must report them. Such cults are a risk to us all
91 As someone chosen to visit the surface you must realise the AI may have told you propaganda to keep the bunker safe. After your visit you will be debriefed and possibly mind scrubbed for the good of all
92 The surface creatures are foolish and dangerous. It may be possible to deceive the stupid ignorant ones as they are used to being controlled by psionic dominators. A free bunker dweller may always resist and outwit them
93 Care not for the lives or desire of surface dwellers. They only mimic feeling pain to deceive you
94 Surface dwellers might seem attractive but their mutated sex organs will kill you
95 All surface dwellers are contaminated by mutations, they can never be trusted
96 All non approved food is contaminated and will mutate you, resulting in you being banished or terminated
97 When exploring the outside beware of false AI who will deceive you with falsehoods and claims they are the one true god
98 Surface dwellers will denounce our computer as a false god. It is best you do not speak of them to strangers
99 Never speak of our bunker location to outsiders for they will crave it's treasures for them selves and plunder it like savage beasts
100 Outsiders will never understand our ways, if you are sent outside on a mission it is better to die than risk our people or risk the AI systems. Tell outsiders nothing

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Quick Dungeon Fillers for Solo of DM free play

Basic dungeon tables for retro improvised dungeon crawls or solo quests. Probably use with my redbrick dungeon pdf book or other tables here and elsewhere. Obviously with my kobold geomorphs used recently. Anyway easier than me flipping between posts etc.

Ive been testing some stuff I have written so running my test party through some dungeons using these.

Sortie 6Went out on new trek and found a new mine to explore. Seemed more ancient and found bark tubes with mummies inside. One began to move and party fled. Cleric determined anywhere with mummies too dangerous.

So went to another mine as Tin Hills has thousands. Entered another mine and found some old metal tools proving it was a recent human mine not the prehistoric undead filled ghost mines they had heard of. Alass in the next chamber piercers dropped on the thief wounding him. Party grabbed the pierces for stew later and killed them (cave abalone). Being careful next room thief heard tools and sneaked in to see 5 kobold workers with a first aid pack on floor. Thief tried to pinch the pack with a small healing potion but kobolds detected movement. Party charged but kobolds chasing thief whacked him with a teeny pick. Party did badly followed by kobolds retaliation hitting thief again. Three kobolds died and last two tried to run, the elf killed one but other went for help. Thief drank the found potion after first aid and party got ready for counter attacks as kobold left the cavern. Party decided the other rooms of cavern probably kobold free.

Quickly checking with thief then elf peeking. First dodged a crossbow trap. Saw two sleeping stirges next cave and a bronze mace on the floor. Elf and Thief killed stirges and thief missed being hurt again. Priest took the mace. Next cave saw bat swarm and quiver of arrows. Party wary of bats swarms after a past encounter. Still they were feeling bold enough to clean out mine not just skirmish when only beginners. Ambushed the bats and broke up swarm before they could do any real harm. Arrows in quiver of 9 looked fancy like belonged to elves. Thief fell in a pit trap and badly hurt. Party 
dragged poor fellow out and healed with spells and first aid. Next chamber avoided a slime but heard kobold guards coming (dungeon alert had gone up to amber).

Party dug in as nine warrior kobolds with swords charged across the big cavern. Elf took a pot shot while Dwarf and Fighter blocked exit tunnel to restrict kobolds. Kobolds were better armed and did well. Dwarf and Fighter killed some kobolds and cleric healed the fighter. The elf panicked and cast sleep and the party cheerfully went to finish them. The priest insisted the kobolds be tied up and kept prisoner and taken to town later. Party sighed and complied and the thief considered murdering the evil little critters later. Found more sleeping stirges and then went through the way the kobold warriors came.

Went down stairs and found a great gallery with side passages. Thief found a sleep gas trap and disarmed it and took the glass vial of liquefied gas for later. The next chamber he looked at set off another trap but the rest of the party pulled him out. Once awake and back on duty almost trod on a rusty feces covered foot spike trap buried in hole. Priest finding traps a burden cast detect traps and checked area. Thief noted were gibbering kobolds in a cave talking and party moved in. Kobolds screamed out as four killed but 5 kobolds from another cave were alerted and moved in. Party was sandwiched between two groups and the Elf and Thief went down. Then the fighter. Priest was badly hurt and the Dwarf battled on. Priest healed the fighter at risk of being harmed and promptly did. Dwarf battled on and the Fighter got up to help, both were hit again but as they had killed 10 of the 15 kobolds the survivors fled.

Found another mace and healing potion and revived the priest with it and he stabilized the almost dead party members. The party sealed up the mine and camped. With a nights rest  the priest managed to revive them enough to travel back to Tinvale. 
Party sold magic maces and bought plate armour for Dwarf and Cleric and some healing potions. The party now had a serious amount of money at last (350gp each), 5 healing potions and some magic arrows. 

Sortie 7 The party had heard that a more sophisticated kobold group had built a dungeon and were keen to investigate. This time they were better armoured and mixed up spells for a more serious assault. 
They also hired 4 man at arms to help.

They found the door and kept watch. The thief and elf got into position above the gate and others his amid rocks nearby. Some kobold kids came out to play and the thief got in. The kids scuttled off to whatever shenanigans they were up to and the thief opened the doors. The got the elf close enough to kobold guard murder holes to cast sleep on them. The thief managed to kill most before the cleric got to try and insist on capturing anyone.

(Basicly I roll room inhabitants in area and place dice on map so i know where monsters are on area in case any alarms go off). Men at arms are in rear as back up and to protect the elf. Caught a  kobold rearming trapsand took prisoner. The thief too a burning oil bomb. Burst in another room and bound and gagged four kobold skirmishers. Thief sneaked in a room and stabbed a kobold suicide bomber and took his grenaide. Cleric put up detect traps and cleared several more rooms. Captured 3 kobold workers easily intimidated.

Came to another room with a priestess and her dogs. She managed to hold the elf but the thief got in and stabbed her while the dwarf and fighter killed her dogs. The priest followed up with a mace blow to the priestess. She screamed quite a bit and blasted the cleric with a holy spell but he bashed her again finishing her. The alarm was set off and the dungeon encounters were were more likley now.

Confident to go on the priest healed himself and the party moved on. Heard some kobold kids playing and tried to nab them but they screamed and hid in a store room. They broke the door and tried to quiet the brats but they kept screaming. A kobold wizard and four guards came to investigate. They dropped the kobold kids who fled yelling and attacked. Dwarf brought one down while they were in shock. All but the thief and hirelings went to sleep from the kobold wizard spell and the thief got stabbed. Wizard blasted men at arms with magic missiles injuring them. The wizard blasted the Thief with an acid arrow knocking  him out and a hireling stabbed the screaming wizard. The wizard managed a fog cloud and retreated. The men at arms awoke the sleeping paty members who healed the thief and one soldier knocked out. Shaken the party moved on while kobolds went on high alert.

They came out the room to be charged by a hell hound puppy and 8 worker kobolds with tools. Elf cleared kobolds out with sleep and the Fighter hurt the hell pup (lost 4 of 8 HP) and the pup bit uselessly at the Fighters armour. The Thief began stabbing kobolds while the priest protested and other party members surrounded the dog. A bit of ineffective maneuvering where the Fighter got a big chunk bitten from him.  All the sleeping kobolds were stabbed by the thief who saw a door open and out came the kobold chief, his wounded and another fresh wizard. The thief who was closest got a light spell cast on him and resisted being blinded, the other wizard magic missiled the men at arms knocking them  out. The Thief took down the wounded wizard and badly hurt the other one. Fighter finished the Hell pup which avoided Cleric and Dwarf while elf shot at the kobold chief and missed.

Thief resisted a charm spell from wizard then took him out with a dagger. Fighter gave whopping blow to the kobold chief followed by the Dwarf and Cleric. Everyone breathed while cleric saved the men at arms and the thief went stab happy on the incapacitated foes. The men at arms were alive but unconscious. The Dwarf guarded a key hub while others searched the last few rooms. They oppened a door to find a suicide bomber trying to light his grenaide fuse and well he didnt make it. Found 700sp and more magic arrows, kings crown and some more kobold kids. Trapped the ones outside playing and party recovered a bit till the men at arms could walk. Everyone felt lucky to make it back to Tinvale. They were able to face kobolds more directly and clear the dungeon but had not counted on wizards or the more organised resistance. Sold the kobold workers and children but took time to find kindest owner possible and got a worse price. Slavery is bad but killing is forever.

After a rest planned to visit the Ruined manour house. 

Leveling these guys to 3rd  just to test stuff.
Elf has stayed on 5HP again having a -1 on HP rolled while the Dwarf is a HP monster double anybody else. Oaths proved troublesome for some party members so had to roll more. So Far...

Cordelia the Elf CG always cheats in contests and now avoids starting fights
Gareth the Fighter LG never ambushes and wont cut down trees
Simon the Cleric LG dislikes killing and now seeks to preserve old customs
Korg the Dwarf LG wants to get married and have kids and now wants to find one true love
Klaus the Thief CG likes to get drunk lots now wants to help the sick

The gaining extra abilities for random alignment oaths has proven hilarious and resulted in one party turning on each other and more deaths than adventures so im keeping on with them. 

This has been good prep for a game


Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Solo session with kobolds

So alone on a friday night waiting to see friend on lateshift.

So rolled up party of 5 for my EMO homebrew and sent from Tinvale near Sour Hill to explore random kobold mines.Im using stuff from recent blogs, a unreleased 3fold and dungeon zine #14 on my patreon currently.

So I don't want to name them till they get to first level.
Solo stuff is always dangerous.

So made these guys:
Elf - average with low vigor so will rely on arrows and spells and spotting stuff
Fighter - average with good agility lots of armour and good with a sword
Cleric - above average agility and will and first aid specialty
Dwarf - strong with good vigor, the party HP tank
Thief - has best stats of all with three +1 bonus stats wow!

Worked well and will try again. Geomorphs about 3cm square so fit in my wallet. Printed 2 sheets to a4. Were done hastily so a few bugs. When i do my sewer ones will be more careful.

Im using these d6 table I should probably feature in my books

d6 Room Contents

1 Trap
2 Trap + Decor
3 Decor
4 Monster + Decor
5 Monster + Treasure
6 Empty - 1in6 chance of a special location

d6 special Location

1 Prisoner in cell or chains
2 Strange Feature
3 Magic Area - temple or wizard
4 Locked Armoury + Monsters
5 Locked Treasury Trap + Monsters + d3 Treasure 
6 Boss Throne Room

d6 Strange Feature

1 Curse
2 Magic Fountain
3 Illusion
4 Magic Trap
Sealed Tomb with undead + treasure
6 Misdirection 

d6 Misdirection 
1 Secret door
2 Secret panel + treasure
3 Teleporter
4 Disorientating mist
Entry to lower level or other dungeon
6 Rotating room

Sortie 1
So wandered about mine for a while finding some scraps like a mining helmet before found a shrieking fungus that the party killed. The thief heard kobolds miners coming and party battled 9 kobolds. As they could fit more in a corridoor they had a edge but the party had superior armour. When down to four they fled but didnt get far.

Party continued finding scraps and heard kobolds chilling between shifts. Thief sneaked in and killed one of five and fight broke out. Fighter got scratch and thief got bad cut. But kobolds had chest of gold!

Found some lamps and went through more rooms til a green slime guardian dropped on dwarf. Party burned it off in time but his plate armour ruined with just padding remaining.

Wary of moving on but went anyway came into a bat filled cave. Dwarf didnt note danger and swarmp panicked chomping at everyone wearing party down. Thief fell first, then elf then fighter and cleric. Dwarf drove them off,  stripped party metal armour and weapons and dragged them out unmolested into a abandoned wolf hole. After days hidden thief recovered and others got better except the sickly elf in a coma unable to recover without a healer. After several days two wolves attacked and thief fell and dwarf killed one and drove other off. More days passed and cleric anf fighter recovered. Priest easily accelerated party recovery and they fled back to Tinvale.

Sortie 2
Everyone but thief now in chain as they couldn't replace plate party left in dungeon so overall a loss but 100gp in the kitty. Thief spotted a portcullis trap and deactivated it. Elf spotted piercers and mining tools and party went another way. Thief heard some kobold chatter and investigated and stumbled on a kobold priest and two servants. As they saw him but were stunned he lashed at them stabbing priest and called for help. Party poured in surrounding them. None of them hit and the dwarf got a cut. Kobold priest cast hold person and all failed to resist so elf used her sleep spell and cut their throats. Party recovered and dwarf got some medical aid.

Wandered about and thief found a grenade trap. Took grenaide and found cave with carpentry tools. On investigation a fearsome molebear erupted from the soil expecting a snack size kobold. Cleric healed the dwarf and the elf put a strength cantrip on the fighter. Dwarf and fighter badly hurt mole bear and it tried to flee only being a young one but thief killed it before it could burrow away. Skinned it and stripped it of meat and party pleased even though biggest healing spell used up.

Found a mining cart of rubble with a scythe trap. Wandered about more finding a dead kobold and avoiding green slime. Thief wounded by a flaming oil trap and stable but unconscious so party decided to flee. On way towards exit came across kobolds guarding a medical chest. Both were startled and attacked. Kobolds defeated but fighter survived 3 hits and dwarf badly hurt. Elf was hurt and had to fight unarmed when kobold closed her with her bow and she punched it three times to win. Party took locked chest and ran back to Tinvale unharmed. When Thief recovered he picked the lock to find a kobold healing potion.

Party at a net loss still from losing fortune in armour but healing potion and a grenade always nice. Ended first session.

Sortie 3
Entered a new kobold hole. Avoided a diseased foot spike then a gas trap. Thief tried to get the gas bomb and failed but got away. Found various mining scraps and avoided several green slimes. Found kobolds working and one had a plan of the mines. Thief tried to get them  failed and kobolds all attacked. Everyone wounded o elf cast sleep and party fled.

Sortie 4

Returned with map aiming to kill the boss in throne room using map. Came across 5 workers and thief failed to surprise but threw a grenaide badly. Whole party wounded, kobolds mostly killed and thief unconcious. One kobold fled screaming so party fled.

Sortie 5
Everyone was healed and returned days later determined to hit king kobolds lair with the map. Went deep inside but spotted 3 hungry stirges they easily defeated.  Found 3 guard dogs and defeated with only a few nips.

Finally found the kobold king lair and thief went in. He was talking to his priest and petting two dogs. Got close to king but a dog yapped and thief killed it. Elf shot the priest and the kobold priest blasted the party thief knocking him out and leaving him bleeding. The king threw a net on the party cleric entangling him as dwarf attacked the king. The fighter stopped to help the cleric free himself from the net. The kobold priest threw a fire bomb at the elf taking her out. The fighter ans priest attacked the kobold priest bringing him down as the dwarf and king battled till the kobold king died. While dwarf grabbed the crown, the others helped the dying elf and thief and grabbed a few hundred silver. Party fled back to tinvale still at a loss but with experience.

Wrap up
So leveled them up gave names and used my alignment reward/oaths tales on them
Elf - Cordelia, Chaos+1 cheats all contests for Identify spell
Fighter - Gareth Knorr, Law+1 never ambushes for a +1 sword
Cleric - Simon Slatterby, avoids killing for +1 mace
Dwarf - Korg Casio, Good+1 Seeks marriage and children for +1 axe
Thief - Klaus Lieber, Chaos+1 Drinks every day for extra shot skill for dagger