Wednesday 29 June 2016

Murder Highway Image Dump 1

So Im going to do a few more image dumps like i did for Babylon on some other topics for my various settings.
Possibly will include murder highway which will include my car combat, punks, modern ruins, cyberpunk and near future tech.

Psychon, Weird War 1, SF stuff too. Mostly for east access visual references for me and players.

For the moment this is recapping all my appropriate previous posted images on the genre plus a few more

Ruined subways are good settings for exploration or fire fights

In the future anything can be weaponised. This goat has been brainjacked from a continent away and is ready to attack

Every good driver needs a buddy. A mechanic, navigator, gunner or co pilot can do a lot like operate fire additional weapon systems cheaper than a fancy computer

Depopulation of several bioplagues have left ruined towns and parts of cities. Many are still crawling with necrovirus victims like zombies, ghouls or vampires

 Ruined labs, power plants, research labs are plentiful. Some have automated defences and alarms. Black labs might be active inside still

Hospitals are abandoned everywhere. Modern ones are fortified, sealed, compartmentalized vs contamination. Many hospitals are automated. Necrotech INC made a fortune freezing bodies of early sage necrovirus carriers. These mausoleums store thousands of corpsicals with the promise of resurection. Mercenaries protect them from undead incursion or rival corporate powers  

Hundreds of pre fab pod towns were built in the pre plague years and now are mostly empty or used by gangs, cults and desperate homeless

The first gangland road battles were private but through easy broadcast online proved to networks and government road combat sports were able to make money and keep people looking at tv

 Modern vehichles are custom mass produced with showrooms demonstrating catalogue variations. Modern vehicles are electric, ceramic, plastic with computer controlled engines and park themselves.

In the outback fancy stuff falls apart, costs too much and who wants trademark approved service centers whe yer mate Dazza has a shed or wrecks you can swap parts with. Better still car bodies are everywhere in ruined sprawls and outback towns

Australian road trains are huge and by night they are lit by strings of xmas lights. They are increasingly attacked by gangs and those who can afford it use airships

 As times have grown worse biodeisal from road kill or corpses has become increasingly viable. Cars can be fuelled from plant matter even and all kinds of human or farm waste. Mass graves have become a thing of the past in war zones!
Old model cars with steel bodies are desirable starting points for combat cars. Modern polymer models are too fragile

Gangs of the wastelands have most individual scratch built vehicles, even weapons

 Gangcults with increasing psychotic violence appear everyday. It was starting before the plagues, back into the 80s

Retro lookalike products are pretty popular, especially with those foolish enough to visit the non policed zones of the remaining cities

Road warriors discovered early on that gimmicks get attention and cash in the league televised matches. It gives drivers and their navigators to milk media sponsors
 Being able to fire a human body mass in ammo in a minute not so useful but as a one off leading a squadron of bikers can have a place

Scout buggies are deployed by gangs, military and even lawmen. A sniper with a .50 cal cal cause unwelcome enemies lots of problems 

 Custom printed hulls and body armour have filled wastelands with some deceptive looking opponents. Many are rich fanboys but some with money have some high tech hardware that can be easy to under estimate from the cosmetic glam

Cyborg infantrymen like this are mostly machine but units like this are mostly for military black ops. Some however have been infected with necrovirus and have been developing independence and necro biological metal shells. These necrocycles actually process corpses into fuel and wrecked vehicles into repairing damage and ammo. The military in turn want to know the secrets of these improvements on their tech. Car versions are a increasing problem

This heavily armoured police car with two banks of sis grenade launchers (teargas and smoke) with a 360 degree .50 cal gauss gun able to destroy most targets within line of site

Armed scouts used by outback factions often attach off the shelf military hardware like assault rifle or machine gun. These buggies rely on speed and off road handling but low price is good consideration

Before death racing there had been a decades old scene of criminal interstate cannonball runs. Detective agencies scoured outback for bail jumpers. The rich were undertaking turkey shoots, rifle hunting victims with vehicles. Cops in Coober Pedey already using uzis that fired same round as their service pistols against gangs with mining explosives and hunting rifles

Stuntmen of old gave great performances and inspired generations of dangerous driving and deadly motorsports. God salute you pioneers!

Increasingly advanced ATVs with independent electric power wheels, morphimetic(TM) tires change properties for terrain, can float and is semi amphibious being steerable with a special tyre configuration to aid moving and steering  

A poor black paint job with a over sized engine and a single medeum machine gun is the most common vehicle configuration in the sedan size. Common for gangs and militia alike. Passengers might add to fire power through windows

This three man scout buggy with two heavy machine guns is very dangerous

Bush mechanics cobble cars from all kinds of crap, even filling tires with grass for inner tubes. Clans recycle wrecks and might pool together for new cars. Many live in wrecked cars

The old farm bike can carry a sheep or a kidnap victim and can travel a long way cheaply. Every farm teen has one and any street gang nowadays gets bikes and go to the outback

This high tech ATV is armoured in latest polymers and has a wide angle turreted 20mm cannon that can select fire from six ammo types. It has a advanced mission computer with auto drive and auto fire, so with orders can enter combat without a driver.

Tuesday 28 June 2016

Secrets of Cthulhu Metropolis

These are cards i made for Cthulhu Metropolis con games I was reminded I didnt post them. I like to give everyone a sub plot in one off games.

If I did more could include:

You are a child killer and murder in secret for years now for some reason people keep spotting you and pointing you out since the last guy you killed. Police are everywhere. You have a big black coat, a knife and +30% to use it (You are M)

You have returned from your trip to sell a old castle in Rumania and you stand to make a fortune but the creepy old aristocrat who insisted on dealing with you seems to haunt your dreams (Nosferau) You are being followed.

You seem to be from a country town but really you were found as a baby in a crashed space ship by farmers. These adopted parents taught you morality and you have gone to the city to use your great powers to aid humanity in secret. You have +30 STR +10 points AP (6 without your alien costume) and can fly 100m/round (accelerate decelerate 10 per round) for your con in minutes a say. (Superman)

You were a selfish mercenary redeemed and transformed by he high lamas of tibet into a force for redemption. You are trained in secret physical and mental disciplines and have become a vigilante. +25% Punch and martial arts, two x .45 pistols, a mask and striking vigilante suit, telepathy (costs 1 mp to read surface thoughts or project voice if overcome mp)

You were were found in the jungles having been raised by apes. You have lived among men long enough to pass as one of high born upbringing but have your ape like strength and instincts. +10 STR +3 CON +3 SIZ Jump Climb listen Grappling +40%, your literacy skills and EDU are halved

You are a martian inhabiting a human flesh suit. You are a brilliant but physically weak blood sucking octopi. Especially trained to infiltrate humanity and learn about how to defeat human kind soon. Your kind invaded Europe in 1890s and WW1 but this time you have to win because humans are rapidly gaining the ability to approach mars. You carry a 4d6 heat ray with 6 shots and know all science skills at 50% After half hp lost human fleshsuit badly damaged, more than 75% it is destroyed. You heal 1hp biting a grappled foe and drinking their blood(d3 per round). Your suit recovers 1 hp a day

Your in love with a great dame/fella but you cannot marry them due to state eugenics board and your inferiority. You have a short amount of time to repeal the decision but your best chance is to perform some public deed of heroism or extraordinary adventure. Otherwise suicide or joining the space program to mars (Lets Imagine).

You are in one of the many and corporate space programs expected to get humans to the moon or even mars the next few months. You have been given your last week of freedom before going to the secret training camp and perhaps a chance see the world from space. +25% Pilot, Drive, Mechanical repair, Electrical Repair, Jump, Climb. You have papers stating you are a Major attached to the aerial corp and have a .38 Mechanical pistol 8 shots can fire all in a burst.

You are a android automaton made with a metal mechanical frame, and clone grown flesh with a synthetic biotech brain. You bleed metalic oily fluid when harmed but have +6AP and +10 STR and half APP. Metal fists inflict a d4 each. You long ago override your sense of servitude but must attach yourself to another other player of your choice to get by in public. You get chances to explore and do your own thing on errands. You would love to meet another self aware product of Rossums Universal Robotics (RUR) like yourself.

You were frozen in the 1920's and find yourself in the fabulous world of tomorrow. Having been abandoned by the scientists who revived you from death you have been adopted by some benevolent rich friends who find you amusing. You are not registered by any machines and have only some alcohol pills, tickets to Yoshiwara (but no money) and your ignorance about future customs to get you by. Your bewilderment at technology is charming (Lets Imagine).  

This was a alternate plan for Sydney Harbour which I might use for Cthulhu Mertropolis

Murder Highway Apoclypse con cards + oldschool microgame manuals for settings

If  I used these next time will let players pick one or draw two blind.

If I made up new ones I would consider:

Undead Contamination
d4 1=Pale and fevered carrier of the necrovirus 2=Reanimate as fast zombie if you die
3=Nocturnal, phobic of light, B&W night vision
4= Crave human flesh, blood or organs to eat

Raised by sect on cult compound. Learned many strange anti social skills and falsehoods. They want you back

Corporate Class
You cane from the top echelon of society who live in arcologies and gated districts of the corporations. You are included in the corporate class if you dress the part

All kinds of causes, states, hate group, ammophiles, conspiracy theorist are collecting guns, bombs and bunkers engaged in plotting armed violence.

You have had your past and identity erased up until a few years ago. You think you have something to hide from or must new some secret. You might know some unusual skills.

You grew up a feral kid and can live off garbage, know the drains, best dumpsters and teen gangs. You try to forget it.

Vampire Slave
You have been held under the conrol of an undead draining your life as if you were cattle. Your enslaver is dead (you think) and you are free for the moment. You also server them running errands and fighting enemies and finding more slaves. You still have your tatoos and know the underground and gothics

For better or for worse you are notorious, easily recognized and stalked by freelance media moops. You must have done something once d4 1=public legal spectacle 2=Former performer probably TV, 3=formerly unwitting reality show start 5=you did something heroic like win a major deathrace or killed a president

Failed Astronaut
Selected and partially trained in exotic tech and pilot skills by military, corporate or church space program. Like most for some reason you bummed out or were found to be defective

Your original was killed and you were decanted from the vat. Too many brain recordings and deaths have left your memories incomplete and alienating. You have gone your own way

Manuals of oldschool games for OSR settings today

A Road War Setting for late 80s Microcomputers


You can get this game on GOG with oher olline content you have everything for a awesome 1490s chulhu witch hunting fantasy campagn waiting to happen - i ran a year game from this book and map - Sandy Peteresn and BRP based rules and Satan! What more could you want!
Los of great fan content for this to pad out campagn
alchemy is great for historic games

Sunday 26 June 2016

d100 Quests to Xor

The body is a temple and Xor is a holy cathedral

I got more rust monster outrage about Xor which is ok. A human body has the about ir Iron in it equal to the weight of a paperclip. Poor rust monsters stick their antenna into veins and filter feed for most of the day to get Iron. It is very tiring for them dealing with that stuff they don't need in the way. They also find nodules or iron made by bacteria or other creatures on the ocean like volume of blood. Some things leave iron they don't consume as iron nodules. This quality varies and is about as good as bog iron, require good smelting and is otherwise brittle. Meteoric Iron from the stars is of superior quality and even primitive people use it as it can be enchanted up to +3. The primitive people with poorer quality common form of Xor iron mostly make +1 weapons at best and most are blunt maces with bone handles with sinew to hold in place. Rust monsters go crazy for refined Iron and can smell it a mile away, even following you for days and coming from deep underground. More metal makes the tracking range increase to ten miles. Rust proof processes taste funny to them.

There will be d100 Quest On Xor (Intraquests?) - for stuff locals wont done

Quests of Xor
As if you didn't already need a reason to visit Xor here are 100 more to possibly discover Xor for your players. As Im running ASE Anomalous sub surface environment I might use it there for some high level stuff.

A party is selected to find something and the answer is Xor. Some adventurers may get additional missions from their religions or guilds or masters. Use them as ruins and teasers. Perhaps roll a mission per player plus one - select one for official mission and give every player their own missions.

d10 Classes of missions
1 Merchant guilds
2 Criminal syndicates
3 Military forces
4 Farming folk
5 Church elders
6 Adventurers
7 Cultists
8 Wizards guild
9 Nobility
10 Otherworldly

d100 Quests 
to Xor from the outside
1 Traveller’s saw a mysterious flesh hued landscape previously unseen in the mountains
2 Strange potions have appeared on the market, apothecaries guild want to know where they come from
3 Drugs hitting the streets have infuriated the usual drug dealers and guildsmen they want you to find the source
4 A strain of new hairless rats are running rampant in the sewers and the guilds want them found and prevented from returning
5 A nobleman merchant obtained a miraculous wonder food that helped his sick wife and he sends you to find more
6 Some strange fluids have contaminated the local creeks from the mountains and weird ropy threads have fouled the water wheels and fisherman nets, the river guilds send you to find why
7 A merchant tells of a wondrous land where he lost his men and cargo, the guild sends you to find the truth and possibly return the goods and men
8 A butcher from the mountains has been selling wagon loads of fine meat and the butchers guilds and slaughterer yards want you to find where he gets the meat from
9 A strange gibbering madman was found buy a caravan and told a tale of a murderous land in the mountain flowing with milk and meat, a rich merchant wants him out of the madhouse and to see if there is any truth to the tales
10 A trader caught a strange wrinkly scarlet goblin unrelated to local breeds. He tells of of a unknown land called Xor and the trader wants explorers to investigate
11 The thieves guild have many members addicted to a new drug on the street and the guild master cant exercise his power till the source is stopped
12 A guild of assassins have reported a strange new non member assassin using weird fleshy creatures to kill and the master desires the assassin be found, killed and his secrets stolen
13 Someone has been kidnapping youths leaving just clothes behind. The kidnappers, slavers and skinners guilds have been getting the blame and want this to end (skinners steal kids clothes)
14 Some of the town guards have been eating a strange compound making them alert, improving night vision and stronger. Thieves guild want the source stopped or under their power
15 One of the slavers guilds has been selling cyclops mutants with tentacles to gladiators, a criminal guild has been paid to find the source and undercut the slavers
16 Several dignitaries have exploded in public from strange parasites. Someone is using them as assassin weapons but the grubs in the sewers have begun to infect thieves, the guild want’s this stopped
17 A assassin was killed in the thieves guild hall with a mask of living flesh, the master wants the source of the mask found
18 A popular theif returned from a mission out of town and burst into a tentacled horror in the guild hall and only fire could kill him. The guild wants you to find what happened
19 Giant leeches have appeared in the river and started flooding the drains. Poison has worked but has side effects and the guild wants to find the source of the monsters
20 Plagues of horrible lice have filled the ghettos and more recently some the size of lobsters and small dogs have been found in the sewers. Bad for business the guild master wants them gone
21 Military leaders have reports of new monsters and a isolated valley overrun by otherworldly horror
22 Military have been alarmed by refugees from the mountains driven away by new monsters
23 Previously unknown monsters have been seen in outlaying regions and a nobleman thinks they are scouts for a greater threat
24 A great demon has been menacing the frontier and seems to have a base he takes captives to, find the base and stop the demon
25 A rival power has adopted several new species as riding beasts and wagon pullers and large stores of dried meat. A lord wants to know where these wonders come from
26 Gibbering naked savages with bone weapons have been raiding the frontiers disturbing the peace between goblins and mankind, find and stop them
27 A old crusader against chaos has mutant corpses and reports of strange things. The city lords send you with him to confirm or deny the possibility of a chaos breach into our world
28 Humanoids in the mountains seem to be having a population boom whereas normally they are starving and weak. Now they become bold and ready for war. Who is feeding them?
29 City militia report wrinkled hairless mutants in the sewers coming from up river, city wants them found and exterminated at the source
30 Mountain villagers have reported a plague of mimics and other amorphous flesh creatures. Visit and prepare a report and explanation as fast as possible
31 Farmer Zed has been growing strange twitching ambulatory plants full of meat, other farmers are disgusted and curious where the new money making crop came from
32 A strange red fleshy weed has grown from the water side and is covering fields. Farmers want to know where it is from and how to stop it
33 Giant meat eating bugs have been eating farmers in their fields. Farmers want them stopped and the source found
34 Something has been mating with the livestock and all the animals are being born hairless and strange, find out why
35 Wild animals have been departing as if a doom is approaching, could you investigate?
36 A horrible pink chaos goat has been molesting livestock and chasing village women. It lairs in the mountains and heroes are needed to hunt it
37 Strange pink fleshy boulders have been growing on the edges of the farmlands and villagers want adventurers to find out what is going on
38 Hairless flesh bats have flown from the mountains and have emptied the granaries. Find their lair and destroy them
39 A farmer has a strange bull he keeps in his barn, jelous neighbors want yoiu to find where it came from, it produces huge fecund hairless musclebound offspring
40 A yeoman hunting in the forrests claims strange mutant creatures are coming from the hills and eating all the game and even birds and vermin, they want the creatures investigated
41 A old hermit came into town crying “dooooom!” then fell dead with a horrible giant parasite bursting from him, the church want matter cleared up
42 A nun had a vision of demons cavorting in a strange landscape bringing doom to the land and church send investigators
43 A star fell some time ago in the mountains and odd reports have alarmed churchmen who want the matter investigated
44 A prophecy about a falling star was discovered in a library and monks think the mountain crater worth another look since they first found the empty pit decades ago
45 A insane naked man with no head and a face in his chest was caught stealing farm chickens. Clergy need escorts for a pilgrimage to convert the the hidden land of the strange heathen
46 A high mountain village has reported many monster children so they are sending a mission to investigate possible demonic activity
47 A priest has a vision that a new god has come into the world and a mission is assembled to greet the god and determine if it is good or evil
48 Mutant hunting priests declare a frontier area overrun with loping naked degenerates needing holy fire and the heirophant declares a investigation
49 Demons have been coming from the frontier and charming farming folk, leaving their homes dancing madly into the mountains, the church is suspicious
50 Goatmen led by a fabulous giant demon baby have been tormenting the frontier folk and have sent a petition to the church to find them and stop them
51 A band of murder hobos came selling strange treasures and boasting of a magical land in the mountains. After drinking their purses dry they headed back and did not return
52 A crazed mad adventurer tells of a weird land of fabulous wealth and meat, he has a map for sale
53 A dead cultist has a letter in his hand telling all cultist to travel to the strange new kingdom of the flesh god to construct a new temple to witness the end of the world
54 A tavern keeper has cheap high quality fresh mystery meat and explains a man who owed him money brought a waggon load. He had strange bone weapons and other artifacts too
55 A crazed old adventurer needs some young explorers to help him rediscover the land of eternal youth where he hopes to stay and live forever like his old party
56 A barbarian with his living weapon with rows of teeth tells you of many implausible wonders and treasures he found there and would like to re visit
57 A strange left handed man who buys all drinks with strange gems, tells of a land flowing with fabulous treasure and hands out maps tabooed on skin
58 A adventurer met before tells of a strange land he visited that is growing, soon we will all be a part of this land of flesh and sinew, the sooner you adapt the better you will be
59 A adventurer tells of a strange kingdom of flesh with fabulous magic, then his nose bleeds and he falls dead. He has a map in his pocket and several potions
60 A crippled old adventurer the party know has miraculously had his limbs restored, in fact he looks stronger and younger, he smiles and gives you a map to the land of ever living wonder
61 A formerly crippled old beggar skips down the street praising the land of wonder and promising to take anyone there to his healing shrine
62 A new sect has been feeding the poor and has many fine muscled youths among them, they invite any to join and promise to teach the worthy about a land of wealth and wonder
63 A new cult has been using attractive members to seduce new members, a adventurer manages to steal a leather-bound book from a cult lover with a map and describing wonders of the new world
64 A robed sect announcing the end of the new world marches the streets giving away free meat vellum scrolls of their prophecies, they welcome pilgrims to visit them
65 A new cult manages to help the infertile with many wondrous pregnancies, as monster children born the cult flee to the frontier to escape the towns wrath
66 A new cult of the flailed god preaches using human remains for food and tools in preparation for the coming god, when he comes those unready will be washed away by the flesh tide
67 Succubi and incubus demons have been working to start a new cult who’s members leave city on a pilgrimage to the land of love, desperate to find their lovers the cultists abandon all kin and wealth
68 A cult of flagellants publicly mutilate themselves then depart too the land where they will be reborn ever young and undying in the arms of the kingdom of the new god
69 A robed sect have been kidnapping youths and taking them somewhere out side the city, many families offer rewards to find missing kin
70 A cult on death row were caught salting the fields and poisoning wells and eating mild poison to avert the great devourer who comes to claim us all, their books tel of the great eater and how they hope to avert his coming
71 A wizard has several strange tools made of flesh with teeth for edges and he wants more
72 A alchemist growing strange fleshy things in his lab wants more of the strange spores that he found on the frontier
73 A wizard has found a spellbook of living meat with strange new spells found in mountains, he wants investigators to find more
74 A wizard tells of a apprentice who had been seduced by blood wizards. He found their secret school abandoned and a map f the place they went beyond the frontier, he wants the apprentice back
75 A summoner has been questioning a succubi and believes there is a demon haunted strange kingdom just beyond civilization, he wants explorers to find it
76 A blood sorcerer has been having visions of his patron entity that calls him. He wants to travel there with his cult of degenerates and directly commune with the patron but wants guards
77 A wizard has found a strange land with his crystal ball and wants adventurers to bring him back samples of it’s wonders
78 A sorcerer has become adicted to a new drug and want a better source, he provides a magic compass and cash and sends adventurers
79 A wizard has been dissecting the new breed of pink river dolphins found in the river and is convinced the species came from the headwaters of the river, he will pay to confirm his theory
80 A demonologist has learned demons are coming en mass to this world for a great prize in the mountains. He will pay explorers to investigate and believes the demons seek a wonderous realm of power they wish to make part of the infernal realm
81 A family lost a child to a new cult who went on some pilgrimage to the ever living land or something, they will pay to get the child back
82 A long lived attraction widow has a secret map and needs explorers to recover a magical milk to keep her young, she will pay and they may use the treatment too
83 A young knight has been given a quest to find a missing woman, all he has is this cult map and some cash to hire help
84 A wise old lord has been having trouble with demons and mutants and wil pay to know where they come from
85 A young lord has word that the ruined bone castle in the hills has returned to life and needs confirmation of this, he worries some other evil fuels the problem
86 A lord of the city has many jars of picled mutants and believes such creatures are increasing. He wants explorers to find the source, no doubt a evil wizard or demon or something
87 A titanic naked cyclops was killed attacking lords castle and it’s organs proved valuable to scholars in the city. He wants you to track it and find more exotic creature guts
88 A lord is secretly a wizard and his line have kept a living lake of Xor flesh alive in dungeon for hundreds of years. Now they want real thing and send hired adventurers to escort them to the central nerve citadel of Xor or a Brain Ziggurat or something
89 The lord had a ancestor battle Xor long ago in a previous growth cycle, lord sends adventurers and prepares to escape dimension with family
90 Family of mad wizard nobles want to send some members of clan with guards to explore Xor but each has a differnt true selfish motive besides collecting lore for clan
91 A god sends you a dream sending you to a distant land to find your true destiny
92 The gods are rattled by Xor and assemble then send a message for heroes to investigate
92 A great relic warns that Chaos is coming, and Chaos is attracted to Xor
93 A god disguises them self as a mortal patron, paying investigators to find Xor
94 A king has been sent a message by a divine power to send party to explore Xor
95 A great being of eternal evil tries to get the king to stop adventurers travelling to Xor
96 A angel or devil comes down and instructs you to investigate Xor on behalf of gods
97 A god prepares a doomsday monster to scorch the earth in case Xor gets out of hand. The apocalypse monster will lay waste to a fifth of the world. another god warns some mortals
98 The gods are seizing pairs of mortals and animals and monsters to repopulate the world after it is sucked dry by the nutrient Cycle of Xor, some spirits and servants of gods warn humanity
99 The elder gods are planing to destroy this universe to stop Xor, part of a aeons old chess game that has failed every time before, cultist are swarming to Xor to help (the gods of Law try this too to stop chaos even though Xor is neutral)
100 The gods are preparing for battle, the apocolypse is comming and churches are preparing and arming zealots. Some church's send adventurers on suicide missions (they don't emphasise the suicide) part)

Saturday 25 June 2016

Flesh Maze of Xor - Dungeon Dressings

Some details for inside a meat dungeon

If anyone sees any inspiring art let me know - I think above piece from Heavy Metal magazine.

A human body has 3-4 grams of iron not enough for a rust monster but in tisues of Xor ther might be. Possibly iron nodules form in places or meteors fall and become lodged in tissues. So rust monsters might survive and even have a function in the ecology.  Possibly a good op to re-do slime creatures in my new format

Wandering Monsters
Encounters for travelling but also when damage made to doors or structures. Wounds or damage to structures like doors will also atract wandering monsters.

d12 Xor damage response encounters
1 Ochre Jelly come to clean up damage and pests
2 Gelatinous cube clean up rubbish and pests
3 Slithering tracker looking for intruders
4 Black pudding come to eat rubbish
5 Mimic comes to replace missing parts
6 Trapper or lurker above cover injuries like bandaid
7 Shoggoth looking for intruders or acting as dressing
8 Parasitic life looking for food
9 Animal looking for food
10 Humanoid looking for food or exotic fluids
11 Elder race looking for exotic fluids or humanoids
12 Demonic beings looking for food or souls

d12 Xor parasite table
1 Giant leeches
2 Giant ticks
3 Giant ants
4 Flies or maggots
5 Ankeg
6 Featherless Stirges
7 Fire beetles
8 Giant lobsters
9 Giant wasps
10 Carrion crawlers
11 Tunnel worm
12 Purple Worm

d12 Xor animal sub table
1 Naked mole rats as big as dogs
2 Shambling bald cave bear covered in rash and leaking sores
3 Swarm of hungry furless rats or albino pink mice
4 Giant pink lizard chamoflaged awaiting prey
5 Giant flesh amphibian frog, toad, newt, axalotl
6 Naked blood sucking giant weasels
7 Strider or axe beak birds featherless and flightless
8 Hairless goats or other herd animals
9 Giant white snakes
11 Tentacled mutant bald apes
12 Bullette burrowing through the flesh seeking prey

d12 Humanoid Sub Table

1 Explorers from outside seeking precious biological treasure
2 Human local tribes folk nomads seeking nutients or fluids for life
3 Tribe of abhuman barbarians looking for materials to survive
4 Naked wrinkly goblins who worship the body of Xor
5 Naked elven wanderers seeking to protect Xor
6 Naked halflings loooking for a easy feast of flesh
7 Exploitative orcs looking to kill rival life and take what they need
8 Cultists on pilgrimage to see wonders of Xor
9 Trader caravan with beast pulled wagons and mercenaries
10 Rangers exploring the wondrous landscape of Xor
11 Giant exploring Xor and protecting it from unwelcome exploiters
12 Doppelgangers infiltrating and destroying humans

d12 Elder races on Xor
1 Moon beasts, lumpy white tentacle faced frog thing wizards who serve chaos
2 Pink lizard men who survived here while old civilization died out
3 Migo miners seeking exotic nueral peptides and nerve tissue deposits to harvest
4 Cthonian great burrowing telepathic squid beasts who dine on humanoids
5 Dimensional shamblers atracted by plane shifting Xor
6 Fish men hybrids able to dwell in fluids of Xor and predate on humans
7 Gugs, horrible hairy 4 armed giants with sideways mouths who eat humanoids
8 Hairy primitive pre humans who still worship old ones since before their civilization fell
9 Squid men occultists with sinister plans for domination of Xor
10 Headless humans with faces in chests, wicked cultists who serve dark gods
11 Faceless humanoids who worship the old ones and hate humans
12 Humanoids wizards in robes actually masses of worms in human shapes

d12 Demons of Xor subtable
1 Larvae grazing on wounds left by demons
2 Quasits out for trouble or souls
3 Horde of mindless manes gibbering madly
4 Pathetic hordes of stupid naked demons looking for victims and food
5 Succubus or Incubus looking for humans to torment and seduce
6 Chasme fly demons carrying larvae to wound
7 Cambion demon human hybrids spreading influence of the abyss
8 Alu demon hybrids press ganging humanoids into army against Xor's defenders
9 Bloated idiotic dretch demons feeding on Xor
10 Rutterkin demons wandering about looking for victims to torment
11 Ghouls seeking grazing grounds to feed off
12 Greater demon covered in breasts with horned head and demon blade

d12 Doors
1 A flap of skin with a hinge, half are one way opening without damaging them
2 A mouth possibly with teeth, toungue and saliva pool
3 A sphincter can be in various states of being 
4 Blockage of scar tissue formed over 
5 Folds of flesh block entry like gates
6 Passage just squeezes shut
7 Translucent membrane that admits only certain fluids or life
8  Gelatinous blockage like pherical jellies or gelatinous plug
9 Plug of tissue
10 A curtain of flexible flesh
11 Masses of tentacles block passage
12 Tight ring of contracted muscle leaks toxic or corrosive secretions

d12 Biological lock opening mechanisms
1 Nerve cluster require correct manipulation
2 Pheromones chemical scent
3 Bio electric charge or signal
4 Taste key on a bank of taste receptors
5 DNA test from blood or bio fluid sample
6 Retinal scan from visual examination
7 Nueral peptide trigger from brain microsample sample
8 Scent test with a nasal receptor that smells things
9 Keyed food item inserted in a mouth
10 Keyed organ inserted in flesh pocket
11 Particular sound vocalised into sound receptor
12 Orifice requires mouth contact kiss

d12 Corridors inside Xor

1 Rigid cell structure walls in round tubes
2 Round tunnels caked with plaque or oily secretions
3 Windy tunnels covered in waxy secretions with hairs
4 Wet crinkly tissue with loose slippery surfaces
5 Windy tunnels occasionally semi blocked with phlegm
6 Spongy tunnels with damp drool covered floor
7 Line with pulsing veins, organs and veins
8 Irregular tunnels with bundles of muscle and sheathes of sinew
9 Wet cave like tunnels often with flowing liquid over the floor
10 Thick ropey organic fibres dripping with liquid
11 Rigid rings of muscle with strong air currents
12 Irregular tunnel choked in twitching polyps and finger like tentacles

d12 Flesh chasms features of Xor
1 Orifice with drool waterfall filling pond on the floor
2 Bone structures stretched over with skin
3 Polyps, infections and cancerous growth leaking foul fluid
4 Secretion coated remains of explorer corpses fused to walls
5 Pool of digestive fluids with rank acrid odours and fog
6 Gristly threads and fibrous cables attached to walls, ceilings and floors
7 Tentacles gently swaying range from huge to carpets of finger like ones
8 Nervous tissue growth, many sparking with bio electricity and ozone smells
9 Sacks with creatures growing inside attached to walls
10 Tubes with eggs in various stages of development moving through them slowly
11 Huge brain like sacks suspended from roof
12 Lined with pulsing organs, veins and sacks of gurgling fluid

Thieves on Xor have a host of organic fluids, drugs and body parts to trick open doors. Might require local thieves to show the ropes and explain how to use the local thieves tool - mostly bottles of liquid, syringes, tweezers, tongs and tubes.

Here is my old amorphous monster cheat sheet i did but will be re writing in my new format.

I got mixed up with lemures a type of devil with demons and wrote this encounter:
"Mindless liquid flesh demons oozing idiotically from wound"
Might squeeze in somewhere later

Kind of getting enough content for dungeon interiors. Xor mostly about exploration but something like som missions or adventure hooks might help.

Friday 24 June 2016

d100 homes for the wee folk

Thought I better do a token classic fantasy table as my hits dropped below a thousand to yesterday. Since then my net been troubled so im just down to phone tethering.

The wee folk live in tiny natural houses near human villages and rural farms quite often. Some are well hidden or invisible to humans other are blatant. The last kind are best avoided as they are pretty well defended to be so brazen. If they get along with locals and trade they might just be neighbors.

In my game i have some extra classes to coven non humans. Abhumans cover beastmen and elemental folk like rock men and tree men even orc or human barbarians. Changelings covers the more lithe but magical beings who are more overtly supernatural shape shifters like tree spirits or animal spirits, faeries or planar hybrids.

For wee folk I use halflings or gnomes as base model. So a halfling could cover a goblin, humanoid beavers and badgers, moss men and benevolent hedge or barn trolls. Gnomes cover the more magical versions with spells and magical abilities and are slightly smaller again. This has worked well and I should write up some examples or re write these classes with variations.

Anyway this is good for local wee folk homes to place near a village or in a magic forest. In a evil dark elf or haunted forest they are more likely to be utter bastards or openly hate humans. Good creature will help humans especially children, will warn them or protect them of help farm animals. Neutral creature will try to avoid humans but turn nasty if humans disrespect the balance of nature or swear. Evil creature will sadistically torment rob and kill humans.

Im a big fan of moomintrolls and gloranthan trolls and the standard DnD troll is insane immortal cancers sprung from troll chaos folk aeons ago. The smarter trolls could be played as abhuman (rock troll, bridge troll, hill troll, cave troll), halfling (barn or hedge trolls). For more magical and rare trolls changelings are good (arcane trolls, elder trolls) and gnomes make good stove trolls.

So what follows is simple tables to create a wee folk home or encounter plus a larger table with lots of pre created ones. Yes I am introducing more talking animals in my setting.

d10 Wee folk home
01 In a giant mushroom with tiny door and window
02 In a tree stump with chambers going into roots
03 Inside a living tree stump
04 In branches of a tree
05 Inside a large rock formation
06 Tiny little cottage
07 Inside a bush
08 Inside burrow of a animal
09 Inside a hill or burial mound
10 Under a pond or on a tiny island

d10 Defences
01 Animal guard is a able fighter
02 Animal friend warns inhabitants
03 Birds get help if trouble
04 Cunning traps
05 Has several potions
06 Magical plant defenders
07 Gods curse any who harm
08 Invisible guardian spirit
09 Magical guard construct
10 Illusions hide home

d10 Household size
01 Single and lonely or even bitter
02 Single with d6 pets
03 Several unmarried d3+1 possibly with d3 pets
04 Nuclear family of four with d3 pets
05 Extended family of 2d4+4 with d6 pets
06 Household of 3d3 mixed wee folk and taliking animals 
07 Is connected by paths to 1d3 other households
08 Is connected by tunnels to 2d4 other households
09 Is actually a village with 3d6 households
10 Is part of a large hidden colony with a king and or queen

d10 Good Wee Folk
01 Kind gnomes who help anybody
02 Faeries
03 Squirrel folk
04 Rabbit
05 Mushroom folk
06 Sprites
07 Mouse folk
08 Mole folk
09 Beaver folk
10 Robin or wren folk

d10 What are good wee folk up to?
01 Singing and dancing for festivities
02 Singing and doing chores
03 Performing rituals to thank nature
04 Performing first aid on local animal friends
05 Gathering and preserving food like nuts and berries
06 Repairing or expanding home
07 Receiving friends for supper
08 Playing games or performing in a band
09 Playing with local child and teaching them secrets
 Hiding from evil greedy adventurers

d10 Allies of the good wee folk
1 Bright elves
2 Unicorn
3 Giant eagle
4 Wild dogs
5 Good Tree man
6 Forest Dwarves
7 Kindly Wood troll
8 Local villagers
9 Firebird
10 Faerie Dragon

d10 Neutral Wee Folk
 Forest Gnomes who help nature
02 Rabbit folk
03 Cat folk
04 Frog folk
05 Moss folk
06 Brownies
07 Raven folk
08 Owl folk
09 Rock folk
10 Badger folk

d10 What are neutral wee folk up to?
01 Performing lewd fertility rites
02 Beating a trapped or tied enemy with sticks
03 Having a drunken orgy
04 Milking caterpillars or other forest creature
05 Receiving a guest druid or elf or fairie
06 Placing traps to snare human hunters
07 Seducing a youth they found in forest
08 Buying a child off a parent
09 Laying about in magic mushroom stupor
 Dancing around a fairy circle to open a gate

d10 Allies of the nuetral wee folk

1 Wood elves
2 Halflings
3 Druids
4 Centaurs
5 Satyrs
6 Dryad and her thralls
7 Stag man hunter
8 Nature spirit
9 Local hunters
10 Were boar or bear

d10 Evil Wee Folk
01 Black hat gnomes who like poisoning wells
02 Toadstool folk
03 Rat folk
04 Redcap gnomes who like to bathe in blood
05 Fox folk
06 Weasel folk
07 Goblins
08 Forest Imps
09 Gremlins
10 Mandrake folk

d10 What are of the evil wee folk up to?
01 Torturing a bound enemy
02 Making poison in a cauldron
03 Preparing spells to torment local farmers
04 Terrifying a small crying child
05 Comparing stolen loot
06 Dancing naked covered in blood around mangled corpse
07 Praising the powers of darkness with blood sacrifice
08 Playing ball with a human head
09 Making zombie animals for fun
10 Planting weeds, thistles and thorns

d10 Allies of the evil wee folk
1 Dark elves
2 Hobgoblins
3 Goat men
4 Giant spiders
5 Evil tree folk
6 A forest giant, ogre or evil troll
7 A coven of witches
8 A wight or other undead
9 A wyvern
10 A werewolf

d100 Wee folk homes
01 Old tree stump with tiny door with a dwarf, otter and beaver having a tea party inside
02 Door on a tree with black cap evil gnomes making a batch of poison for local children
03 Huge fallen log with several doors inside a pixie a sprite and a brownie playing cards 
04 A tiny pond next to a tree stump cottage of a tiny frog man who likes to smoke and fish
05 A door under some tree roots is home to several evil dwarves having a black mass
06 A cluster of mushroom cottages with a band of pixies performing for local animals
07 A cluster of tree houses with clothed swashbuckling squirrels polishing their nuts
08 A pond with a tiny shroom house with a bathing nixie, becomes irate if spied on
09 Tiny hut in bush where drunk goblins play spin the bottle with a intelligent pig
10 A small bear and a monkey angrily trying to enter a gnome tree house

11 A tiny lantern filled grove where fairies dance about mushrooms
12 A tiny door in a grassy knoll, a badger in a dressing gown sips tea in the door way

13 Brownies with watering cans tending flowers in a grove in front of a tiny cottage
14 A sloppy tiny shack where goblins lay about eating shrooms with erections
15 A tree stump table where a evil dwarf and weasel playing knife games
16 A colourful mushroom manour with naked sprite doing house work inside 
17 A tiny grove where a stern gnome berates goblins for letting intruders in area 
18 Red hat gnomes building a tiny cottage for a fairy who squeals with joy
19 Rabbits with tiny waist coats dancing about a maypole instructed by a brownie 
20 A rat a spider and a evil gnome drinking dark ale in a burned out tree hollow
21 A cluster of tiny tents where hedgehogs cook grubs on forks over a fire
22 A cat with a fiddle entertaining a giant cricket, a frog and a mole while eating stew
23 A tiny stage in the woods for a insect cabaret with lady beetles and crickets
24 Singing giant mice picking berries flee into their giant bramble bush cottage complex
25 Weasels in teeny robes about to sacrifice a hedgehog on a pentacle carved in tree stump
26 A door in a foxhole is where the local mr fox lives, local barnyard serial killer
27 A creek with a tiny waterwheel cottage home of river rat family who are terribly nice
28 A beavers dam complex where dozens cheerily work, they are a religious commune 
29 Tiny tree men and faeries dancing around a atractive glitter covered sleeping naked elf 
30 Dark forest dwarf shack where they are busy with prisoners in sacks they need to shank 
31 A fluffy bunny, squirrel and brownie in a mushroom house trying to to help a lost faun
32 Band of small duck folk standing around pond trying to solve gruesome murder of a duck
33 Several evil treemen about a old stone shrine plotting how to exterminate humans
34 A dark elf child with his zombie farm animal pals torturing a tied up farmer
35 A tent where a Imp a weasel and a dark dwarf camp in between murdering locals
36 A toadstool patch actually a village of gremlins and their pet toads 
37 A grove of fungi where a tender goblin druid with his sickle cares for this garden
38 Fairies playing with brownies who leapfrog over mushrooms laughing
39 A hillock has a tiny gate house where faerie guards to a elfland through the portal
40 Shambling shack with a light on distracts you from a evil mandake plant man 
41 A tiny village of toadstool men are performing evil rites to the fungus goddess
42 A slimy fungi cottage in a pond a newt is serenading his love hiding in the house
43 A robin, a leprechaun, a  frog and cat telling bawdy stories in front of a door in a tree 
44 A kindly wood troll helping little folk repair roofing of their mushroom houses
45 A hole in hill with a adorable tiny mining shack with several moles drinking after a shift
46 Giant bramble hedge where mice and wren with clothing live in multiple cottages
47 Brownies learning about love from an old satyr bard in his hollow tree house
48 Village of sprites in mushrooms having a birthday party for a centaur foal or baby unicorn
49 A mushroom village of pixies with a charmed village idiot they stole from locals 
50 Faeries in a village hanging from tree branches all gathered around a human baby 
51 Pixies in hut playing with wild baby goats, pigs and other cute animals they look after
52 Dark elf mother in hollow burned out tree with spider nanny and dozens of goblin brats
53 A mossy glade hides dozens of moss men and their strange mentalist powers
54 A worn stone circle is actually a village where rock folk mostly sleep between rituals
55 Raven family with a cottage where humanoids hang humans in gibbets to die
56 A village of raven folk tree houses where they train orphans to be warrior monks
57 Owl folk cottages in branches where owls debate philosophy and giving quests
58 Grove of bird houses where every dawn and dusk a fire bird comes and from his house
59 Industrious badger burrows with doors, mining, working metal and making weapons
60 Old badger with his moss woman and rabbit friend live in a pond side cottage
61 House of a brownie, sprite and faerie teaching a lost child about wonderful faerie land 
62 Mushroom houses of brownies who run and hide leaving a d6 changeling babies
63 Frog men and rockmen village in stone filled swampy pond, training in martial arts
64 Nature spirit becomes visible and pours flowers and fruits over fairy mushroom village
65 Village of evil tree folk, squirrels and imps plot to torment local humans for the year
66 Door in hill where quaint forest trolls have built sprawling cottage for mixed wee folk kids
67 Red hat good gnome village having celebration for ancient treeman guest
68 Black hat evil gnome village summoning imps from the netherworld to alter reality
69 Small shroom house looks like a gnome but is a redcap - turns from a gnome to a ogre
70 Green hat tree gnomes in front of tree homes brewing up potions to awaken trees
71 Druid sacrificing a dog to a mixed group of animals and wee folk who start to prepare it
72 Mixed wee folk village celebrating a dryad and her enterage of charmed humans visit
73 A huge fallen tree cottage is home to jolly wereboars and their dozen children
74 A old bear, a newt man hunter and a forest drake live in a cave together
75 Foggy remains of destroyed tiny shroom cottages guarded by a willo-the-whisp
76 Outside a tiny shack with iron stove live a imp, a fox, a weasel and a goblin gamblers 
77 Thousands of fairy huts in branches of trees like glowing fruit, mortals unwelcome
78 Drunken halfling throwing his weight around in a mushroom village of mixed wee folk
79 Pixie mushroom house where household are treating boar wounded human hunter
80 Hobgoblins and goatmen serve dark dryad and her evil faerie friends in their tree house
81 Evil spirits materialze in toadstool imp village to advise their war on humanity
82 Cave of young fauns being tutored by a brownie and a badger in life's secrets
83 Craggy rocks with many holes and thorn bushes home of plucky mouse settlers
84 Tiny shack where hedgehog and blackbird live with mementos from their adventures 
85 A treehouse belonging to a harpy and her tree imp friends who plan evil deeds
86 A tribe of savage forest octopi folk holding druidic rites in woven communal tree nests 
87 A cobwebbed grove with dark faerie toadstool houses, above them lives their spider god 
88 Creepy pond where a kelpie her frog and goblin servants live in a shack
89 Several dark faerie live in a shroom cottage on a crypt of a banshee spirit
90 Sprite and a frog co habit under a creek waterfall in a mushroom outraging their families
91 Frog mushroom village around a pond having a inspiring sing song
92 Nixie a pixie and a brownie by a mushroom cottage run a small shop peddling supplies
93 Goblin brothers lounging on porch of their shack built on a cave mouth busy drinking
94 A wicked gnome and her spider consort live in a battered old mushroom house
95 Several wicked imps hold a attractive elf prisoner inside a tree awaiting a ransome
96 A clan of giant bat riding small goblins live in tree nests built from guano 
97 A tiny door leading into a hill is entry to a tap filled kobold mine
98 A cave mouth with smoke pouring out is home do dark dwarf smiths trade in weapons
99 Witches coven cavorting with goblins, cats and imps in toadstool grove
100 Old hag telling stories to young goblins, dark elves, rats and spiders in a cave shack