Tuesday 20 February 2024

Dungeon Walls, Ceilings & Floors

One track up on Bandcamp - four on youtube 
- my band in Japan without me now maybe next year if i get shit together and prices don't get worse. Two eps and album soonish and art done. Sadly i could crank out audio tapes with my current system.

Playing two marvel games i GM and Ravenloft dnd5 currently
Off to play renegade legion tuesday and ravenloft after 
Have an offer for DnD but i kinda like sunday at home 

Just use a d6 for your less weird dungeons.

d12 Boring Walls
1 Air vent
2 Dripping water and moss
3 Torch bracket with torch
4 Scrawls d4 1=gang faction signs 2=cult praise 3=slander 4=sexully crude
5 Blood splatters
6 Crumbling mortar and salt-damp
7 Manacles possibly with skeleton or corpse
8 Skulls set into wall niches (ancestors or captives)
9 Idol set into walls
10 Target for archery practice or darts, often with r=enemies face depicted
11 Shelves with candles, mugs, bottles and a mushroom
12 Thick fungus and tree roots growing from the wall

d12 Posh Walls
1 Glazed bricks with depictions of creatures and ancient writing
2 Painted mural scenes of d4 1=underworld 2=paradise 3=creation 4=apocalypse 
3 Glazed cones stuck in plastered walls making colourful dot patterns
4 Polished stone such as marble with frieze of relief art where meets ceilings
Fresco paint on plaster with scenes of hunting or fishing and wild creatures
Relief stone carvings of d4 1=depictions of the gods 2=religious orgy 3=extinct creatures 4=ancient treaty in a d4 languages usually lores or declaration or memorial
Mozaic glazed tiles with d4 1=patterns 2=beasts 3=athletic youths 4=gladiators fighting
8 Paintings in frames d4 1=portrait 2=landscape 3=beasts 4=feast scene
9 Text carved in stone walls about d4 1=king 2=religious 3=empire 4=prophecy
10 Water feature such as d4 1=fountain 2=water basin 3=pool 4=bath or toilet, once wooden additions might have made more private. Decorated with shells 
11 Painted relief sculpture in walls depicting with magical lighting d4 1=ancestors 2=gods 3=rulers 4=nymphs and other mythical creatures having an orgy
12 Illusions of past life and the seasons in a loop cycle with music, play a d10 minutes at a time so you might have to watch lots to see every bit (its an educational trick) but maybe just give viewers a massive lore dump rather than play or roll this out 

d12 Weird Walls
1 Wall has a secret door to d6 1=escape passage 2=hiding place (perhaps a monster) 3=small room with spyholes 4=furnished room 5=opens into next room 6=cell 
2 Wall has a secret switch that rotates a section of wall and floor into an adjacent room
3 Doors lock, spikes come out of walls and they close in - stop by d4 1=bracing walls 2=unlock door 3=secret door 4=secret reset switch
4 Unsound and weak enough can easily be smashed through with some labour into another area. Too much damage and the ceiling might collapse. If walls in the area are usually thick, then possibly there is damage from later tunnelling or excavations
5 Trapped and a large area of pressure plates are in front and possibly bait d4 1=shoots swarm of poison darts 2=shoots crossbow bolts 3=releases monster from secret door 4=wall collapses like a deadfall
6 One-way illusion, creatures on the other side see through it
7 Magic metal barrier with the right key vanishes revealing an open area or another room
8 Wall is alive and slimy to the touch possibly a shapechanging monster or covered in an ooze or slime blended in or some other creature hidden flat over the wall
9 Wall has magical artworks that can come to life or be entered into weird looping pocket universes or even a demon prison. Magic items or sometimes spirits may create this effect by entering the artwork and making it a home 
10 The wall is a teleporter pad and touching it sends you elsewhere
11 Wall is different and created by a spell or item later than the room was built and possibly left by a visiting wizard d4 1=wall of stone 2=wall of iron 3=wall of wood or roots 4=wall of force 
12 Wall is a magical barrier to another area and may have a means to bypass it. Created by high-level magic. d10 1=fire 2=blades 2d8 3=ice 4=darkness 5=bones 6=water 7=living vines 8=spirits or shadows 9=insect swarm 10=lightning arc

d12 Boring Ceilings
1 Damp spots, drips in rain and in need of repair
2 Cobwebs and spiders
3 Splattered food or blood
4 Candelabra or lantern hook (might have a pole)
5 Cloth banner covers plain ceiling
6 AIr vent often over fireplace or stove
7 Large crack you could fit an arm in
8 Patch of moss or slime or fungus
9 Sooty patches from torches and fire
10 Lumps of dried faeces were thrown here in a game
11 Bat nesting area with a vent they use
12 Trapdoor to something above
d12 Posh Ceilings
1 Glazed tile mozaic
2 Painted scene of d4 1=afterlife 2=sky 3=gods looking down 4=night sky stars
3 Decorative carved patterns
4 Decorative patterns painted or made with tiles
5 Tiny gargoyles in each corner
6 Vaulted arched ceiling extra 3-6m high
7 Cloth banner hanging covers the ceiling with heraldic beasts depicted
8 Fanciful candelabra and mechanism to lower it with rope to light
9 White lime and plaster surface and a permanent light spell
10 Painted map of the known kingdom or the world at the time it was created
11 Lit with a permanent light spell with the polished reflective metal surface
12 Coloured glass or crystal panels with light spells make colourful lights

d12 Weird Ceilings
1 Has a secret trap door
2 Ceiling is trapped with a mechanical hazard like a deadfall
3 Doors lock and ceiling lowers, may have pop-out spikes
4 Ceiling is really some awful camouflaged monster
5 Ceiling has concealed murder holes and a chamber above used by attackers
6 Painting of gods on the ceiling, their eyes eerily follow you as if watching
False ceiling is an illusion concealing a hiding place for goods or an attack or to spy, it may have a secret entrance in a passage somewhere 
8 Artwork on the ceiling causes paralysis if you look at it and fail a save (or some other spell)
9 Scene of apocalyptic prophecy, maybe explorers recognise places or people
10 Animated scene of d4 1=creation 2=battle 3=constelations in the sky 4=dancing nymphs in paradise
11 Scaffolding up to the ceiling for repairs or artworks, possibly occupied and fortified by creatures who demand a toll 
12 Creatures or warriors depicted in painted ceilings may once a day jump down to attack intruders. If they die they return to the art and are reborn the next day. Some might beg for release
d12 Boring Floors
1 Dirt and dust
2 Filth and garbage
3 Mud and sewerage
4 Dusty cobblestones
5 Sand possibly with footprints
6 Gravel and small stones

7 Planks over mud to prevent slipping
8 Several inches of dirty water
9 Mould and fungus
10 Straw and filth
11 Bricks and mortar
12 Crude stone worn with use 

d12 Posh Floors
1 Fitted wooden floorboards 
 Slate sheets
3 Mozaic tiles with a scene of d4 1=gladiators 2=heroes 3=monsters 4=nature
4 Polished stone floor 
5 Coloured tiles forming geometric patterns like checkers perhaps
6 Carved marble with a decorative ceremonial pool or fountain
7 Shrine to lesser divinity or hero set into a memorial on the floor
8 Stunning red marble floor is pleasantly warm to the touch
9 Secret trapdoor to a staircase in floor worked into a geometric design
10 Carpets with colourful geometric designs and soft and silent to walk on
11 Wood or stone geometric tiles with ornate vegetal and animal motifs
12 Geometric marble tiles play music as walked over such as a trumpet fanfare

d12 Weird Floors
1 Hidden pit trap with d6 1=spikes 2=snakes 3=undead 4=automaticly seals to imprison 5=to lower level 6=slide to cell in lower level
 Spikes stick up to injure feet if the trap is set off or a thin layer is broken through, 1in4 poisoned
3 Floor is covered in some horrible living creature in disguise
Floor pattern is a trigger for a trap d4 1=gas 2=darts 3=release creature 4=spell
5 Secret trapdoor to d4 1=hide 2=ambush 3=store goods 4=escape
6 Electric shock on anyone touching the wrong tiles
7 Illusion floor drops victim into a lower level or sinkhole cave
8 Illusion floor covers hazard pit d6 1=spikes 2=lava 3=acid 4=critter swarm 5=slime 6=water with creature
9 Teleporter pad concealed in ornate floor design
10 Tile floor is a magical puzzle where the wrong tile activates a spell like a magic missile
11 Floor incorporates a binding symbol and releases a summoned creature that attacks the first people it sees
12 Weird magical effect d6 1=nulls magic 2=reverse gravity 3=pocket dimension trapped in loop if door closed 4=corpses left here become undead 5=holy zone repels undead and planar evil (or opposite) 6=Illusions turns everyone back to doorway they came in

Monday 19 February 2024

Gates for settlements and forts

Doing some basic decor and dressing tables again.

This is for gates and walls around cities and towns. Most only have a few like a castle might only have one. A city may have even seven. This is to generate some gates for a community and a city may have a mixture of different gates some smaller ones might be just for elites and harder to find. 

I may have to creat a bunch of castles this year and some towns.

How many wall types in use? 
Can be different districts or multiple defensive layers
Village d3-2 use bottom of size range
Town d4-2 usually average of size range
City d4-1 possibly max size range

D12 Walls Types
1 Vegetal 1-3m high and wide scrub, a hedge of thick brush or even thorn bushes 
2 Fence 1-2m high and under 10cm, more to stop animals than soldiers
3 Earth mound 3-12m high and wide
4 Trench or moat 1-12m deep and wide, might also have spiked stakes
5 Log palisade 2-6m tall and 30cm-50cm wide, often spiked on top
6 Wooden wall 3-9m tall and 30cm-1m wide, possibly with a walkway 
7 Dry stone wall 1-6m tall and wide, unmortared piles of rubble
8 Basic stone wall 2-4m tall 20-50cm thick 
9 Medium stone wall 3-6m tall 50cm-1m thick with walkway
10 Superior stone wall 6-12m tall 3m-6m thick with chariot roadway
11 Magical stone wall 2-5m tall 30cm-50cm thick (includes part underground to stay up)
12 Magical metal wall 2-5m tall 10cm-30cm thick (includes part underground to stay up) or other magical barrier 3m tall 1cm-30cm wide, always on or must be cast or enchantment activate d6 d12 1=invisible 2=fire 3=ice 4=darkness/light 5=lightning 6=bone 7=illusion 8=force 9=undead 10=insect swarm 11=living trees 12=meat with eyes and mouths that moans 

d12 Wall Features
1 Crenelations - battlements on tops of walls to provide cover while defending
2 Wall Walk - so men can patrol and guard the perimeter
3 Arrow slits or loops - to shoot from the castle while defended
4 Watch towers - used for observation and lookout
5 Defence towers - used to defend and support walls and gates
5 Turrets - small towers projecting from walls and overhanging attackers 
6 Machicolations - overhangs with holes to drop stuff on attackers perform like hourdes but permanent and decorative and stone
7 Bossing - helps wall structure resist seige weapon attacks and damage
8 Baters - extra thick sloping bases of towers and walls take more damage 
9 Hourdes - extra wooden structures on walls and towers, improve arc of fire with extra walkways and overhangs from walls, removable in peacetime. Can be covered in wet ides to make fire proof
10 Natural terrain often incorporated ads height to walls d4 1=large sloping hill 2=stone cliffs 3=on hill or mountain top or mesa 4=natural chasm. Can add to effective height to some or all walls even up too +33m. Roll d12 for how many facings out of 12 get this advantage 
11 Murder holes - in arches, gateways, tunnels and overhangs like the brattice have holes in floor over vulnerable points to drop d6 1=rocks 2=missile fire 3=boiling water 4=boiling oil 5=boiling lead= 6=wasp hives
12 Spikes on walls and doors deter siege beasts like elephants or megacerops or dinosaurs

How many gates in use? 
Village d3
Small castle d2
Medeum Castle d3
Large Castle d4
Town d4+1 
City d4+3

d12 Gatehouse Types
1 Simple woven fence to stop livestock or foot traffic between posts with guardpost
Single wooden door with bolt and guard niches
3 Double wooden door with guardpost
Single bronze reinforced wooden door with bar and guard niches
5 Double bronze reinforced doors, decorated door with guardpost
6 Single-door iron bar gate with lock and bar with guardpost
7 Double door iron bar lattice gate with lock and bar with guardpost
8 Single door of solid metal with lock and bar with guardpost 
Double doors of solid metal with lock and bar with guardpost  
10 Barbican fortified gatehouse with two turrets or towers and a double gate with a bar
11 Great barbican fortified gatehouse with four turrets or towers, has double gates with a bar and small easily enclosed courtyard inside 
12 Postern smaller less obvious single reinforced door. Some secret for defenders others go under walls and are not for commoner use or knowledge. If this is the only gate you roll make one extra roll on this table with a d10

d12 Gate Features
1 Spikes that deter siege beasts like elephants from ramming
2 Smaller wicket gate built in a larger door, reinforced, locked and bolted
3 Murder holes above gate with guards
4 Arrow slits in gate to shoot attackers
5 Elevated entrance with stairs or ramps leading to gate, earthworks or slope adds to height
6 Bridge over trench with spikes
7 Reinforced with metal plates
8 Moat with a drawbridge and sometimes creatures
9 Elevated earthworks make gate well above the ground
10 Large lock with only several keys but they are not required to lock only open
11 Portcullis gate with lattice or wood and or iron bars drops from above protects door
12 Door f
lanked by extra pair of towers, turrets with arrow slits

d12 Gate Decor
1 Statues of beasts or monsters by gates like sphynx, lion or dragon
2 Statues of heroic historic characters beloved by city and includes a shrine
3 Gargoyles overlooking the gate, some parts of gutters and rain comes from mouths
4 Severed heads, flayed skins, skulls and other and corpses of traitors and enemies
5 Heraldic banners and shields flapping in the wind
6 Gate is decorated with a mouth motif so the gatehouse seems to be a monster or demon or giant  
7 Triumphant gateway decorated with scenes of heroic battles
8 Glass tiles making patterns and heraldic beasts in bright colours
9 Shrine to a divinity of the gate a lesser spirit who protects the gate
10 Impressive signal fires up high an emergency signal or heliograph for the more sophisticated
11 Alarm signal based on a large impressive drum, gong, horn or bell with own name
12 Vegetation such as vines, fungus, and flowers are grown naturally or with magic but also can be made as decorations such as floral wreaths and decorations for festivals

d12 Gate Magic
1 Spirit of the gate alerts if threats or invisible beings near the gatehouse
2 Gate is occupied by tiny faerie folk who help maintain it and will use magic on enemies
3 Spirit of the gate has a shrine and priests who communicate the gates desires
4 Gate is sanctified and holy with a shrine and religious art, undead cannot pass
5 The gate if shut is wizard locked or guarded by some other spell
6 A great face on the gate blasts a fear ray three times a day operated by the commander
7 Humanoid spectral warriors depicted in art step forth to defend the gate
8 In a crisis long buried gate guards will arise to defend the gate if called on
9 A bound elemental or demon can be released and given one order by the acting commander
10 Statues standing near the gate or even relief carvings become living monsters to defend from invaders
11 Every defender of the gate has defensive magic defending them and the structure d4 1=protection from evil 2=protection from normal missiles 3=protection from fire 4=protection from giants
12 A magical barrier can be summoned once per hour of one of these types d4 1=ice 2=fire 3=force 4=darkness

d12 Gate Security
1 Local citizens watch group with clubs and slings d4+2 is in fact a gang who scout for gang seeking targets for crime
Local citizens watch group with clubs & blades d4+4 of retired veterans who are suspicious of foreigners
3 Militia of locals with pointy farm tools or spears, whicker shields and javelins 2d4 especially looking for criminals bothering markets & picking pockets
4 Militia of locals with spear, sword and crossbow or shortbow 2d4 looking for crime as supported by merchants and crafters
 Local bailiff and two beadles on behalf of a judge operates gate often with tax men
5 Soldiers d4+4 1st Lv with leather, spears, hand axes and shortbows d4+4  led by a 2nd Lv warrior.can be friendly and like to talk and drink but no tolerance for complaints or criticisms
7 Soldiers with chain, pole axe. d4+4 1st Lv  led by a 2nd Lv warrior. Two will be archers or crossbowmen. Haughty and 
8 Soldiers with chain, spear, sword, shield d4+4 1st Lv led by a 2nd Lv warrior. Two will be archers or crossbowmen
9 Soldiers with plate and sword d4+4 2nd Lv led by a 3rd Lv warrior. Two will be archers or crossbowmen
10 Templar priests protecting this gate shrine, d4+4 priests in chain with maces and slings
11 Specialist leader in command of group d4 1=apprentice wizard 2=acolyte priest 3=secret police assassin 4=knight, Roll d8 on this table for base troop type 
12 Guard beasts of equal total HD as guard group (roll d8 on this table for base type) who handle and care for the beast. d6 1=geese 2=dogs 3=wolves 4=lion or dire 5= 6=local monster species

d12 Gate Hangers
1 Youths come here in the best clothes to impress each other and flirt and write on walls
2 Criminals including pickpockets, charlatans and kidnappers
3 Prostitutes of all types meet here in the safety of the guard's gaze. Posters advertise saucy tavern shows and famous performers
4 Traders and crafters come here to sell small goods and snacks, and buskers start performing
5 Desperate beggars some selling their last valuables and looking for work
6 Bosses come here for cheap casual workers no questions asked
7 Mercenaries and killers for hire looking for work or just drinking between jobs
8 Merchant agents come here seeking caravan workers and local labourers. Posters for caravans and shops here 
9 Religious mobs gather here sniffing for miracles and preying to the gate god. Religious graffiti in the area some is old
10 Crime gangs come here to the neutral ground to have meetings and make deals. Gang graffiti here  everywhere
11 Angry mob led by complaining zealots while law just taking names and watching. Protest graffiti here is often hastily removed by secret police 
12 Gossips meet to trade wild stories, saucy slander and lost local treasure. Posters for gossipy salons, tea rooms, smoking clubs, casinos and other places gossips enjoy. Graffiti here is often boasting or slander and names specific people

d12 Petty Gate Spirits
1 Poltergiest of a life long-serving guard
2 Spectral guards seen on walkways on foggy moonlit nights
3 A small hairy house troll lives in the cellar and guards give it beer
4 Gremlins living here are mostly placated by food and shiny gifts but if the building or regulars are harmed gremlins start to ready the onslaught of their drugged darts and pet rats
5 Gate spirit has a shrine and a small cult, often some guards are members,The spirit warns them of trouble and inspects gate users for magic or supernatural evil or wickedness. It adopts a small animal form but usually is an invisible spirit
6 An elemental is bound into the gate and uses its powers to protect the building and make those living inside more comfortable. Most dwell in the structure of the building and adopt various forms like a humanoid or regular elemental
7 Gate spirit attacks siege equipment, siege beasts and any crew or handlers 
8 Several times attackers by night were slain by a screaming spirit while battering the gates
9 Spirit of a warrior or priest who died here defending within and now they support the defenders by possessing enemy bodies and replacing hosts as they destroy them 
10 Guardian devil of torment bound in walls is known to silently strangle spies and criminals trying to bypass the gates unseen. Locals criminals all know and are afraid to even try
Lesser planar spirit like an angel or demon is bound inside and can be released with a secret word and one order like "defend this gate from enemies" 
12 The gate is a petty god with own cult and shrine, it will use its powers to aid the gate defenders and will fight in person if enemies attack. People leave offerings and say they get good luck. Sometimes its possible to even meet the god most likely in a festival

Sunday 18 February 2024

d12 Mysterious Vapours & Miasmas

Dungeon pongs are a fact of life but some special vapours have magical or weird effects

Sometimes locals learn to use them for defence, to guard areas or to help them if sick. Many will restrict access to these locations to keep benefits for themselves or just for the holy ones.

d12 Regular dungeon funk
1 Raw sewerage
2 Rodent odours
3 Reptile smells
4 Bat guano
5 Damp and mildew
6 Earthy soil smell
7 Rotten vegetables
8 Rotting garbage
9 Fungus and compost
10 Rotting meat
11 Monster laundry
12 Alchemical pollutants

d12 Common Pong Sources
1 Drains and sewers
2 Cistern or well
3 Garbage heaps and compost
4 Monsters laundry or barracks
5 Crack in the earth or a wall
6 Hole in the ground
7 Pile of rotting corpses
8 Kitchen or butchers
9 Shrine or temple
10 Creature lair or midden heap
11 Strange idol or urn or chest
12 Cauldron or brazier

d12 Weird Pong Sources
1 Flatulant mutant
2 Strange plants or fungus
3 Strange rotting corpse of an unusual monster
5 Pool of bubbling slime
6 Pool of monster vomit
7 One goblins underpants
8 From a mirror or painting
9 From a strange crypt
10 Pit of rotting corpses and sewerage
11 A wonderous creature like a giant toad secretes odour
12 Oozing from part of the body of a vast living complex of flesh 

d12 Wonderful Pong Sources
1 Crystal grotto with bubbling spring
2 An ancient shrine with a guardian spirit
3 A shrine and creature guardians who protect it
4 Small temple and dedicated cult to controlling it
5 Shimmering otherworldly portals
6 From a wonderous statue protected by magic
7 Wonderful glowing pie on a silver plate on a plinth
8 A bejewelled winged bug or bird flaps its wings
9 From a wonderous grail of gold studded with gems
10 Shaft of golden light from a lens or bejewelled eye 
11 A wonderous cornucopia basket of wonderous food
12 From pores or nipples of a magical divine creature 

d12 Awful Pong Sources
1 Infirmary of sick monsters with festering wounds and plague pustules
2 Vast pit of rotting food and corpses that some monsters like to wallow in
3 Remains of a monstrous feast with rotten food and monster vomit and faeces. None of them want to clean up and are abandoned by intelligent creatures until its cleaned up by something
4 Bubbling pool of alchemical waste and garbage including shattered lab equipment and ruined ingredients
5 Disgusting lair of a giant, in once fine clothes laying in own vomit with food scraps and bodily excretions everywhere. Usually the giant in a drunken stupor after drinking here 
6 A filthy sewerage pit where tentacled sewer beasts fight and mate for hours
Butt of a demon constantly flatulent. Busy eating rotten eggs, beans and sausages 
8 Portal to a demonic plane covered in an evil swamp
9 Portal to the sewers of hell where the damned flee hell's wrath
10 From a bound creature of evil trapped in a binding object
11 Petty god trapped and tormented here by another god
12 A lesser great old one from the outer void imprisoned in a pit

d12 Mysterious Vapours
1 Sweet spicy cinnamon copper coloured vapours if inhaled can see spirits, magic and planar beings while breathing the gas
2 Warm milk and honey-scented white vapour heals a d4 HP first exposure per day but remaining too long can change your alignment to good given time
3 Frankincense-scented sparkling golden vapour makes the areas holy like sanctified ground harmful to undead and otherworldly evil like holy water, it also acts as an exorcism on the possessed
4 Tasty feast-smelling steamy vapours attract victims usually into a trap perhaps built by, some target specific species. Some like faeries use man bait to trap slaves 
5 Honey mead scented lavender vapour makes victims feel aroused at first and if continued will become amorous with themselves or anyone else affected. Nobody feels guilt until they leave
6 Blossom fragrance of sparkling coloured lights inhaler gains a random spell, usually from one list type (Arcane Divine Nature Mentalist) of first level works once per day
7 Spiced wine vapour or dark red mist makes inhalers if they fail to save become drunk, half dexterity and make a save - success feel jolly and optimistic fail feel morose and overly self-reflective with half Mov 
8 Citrus scented green orange or yellow vapour, breathing it gives you +d3 Mov and +d6 temporary HP that last an hour after inhaling, only works once per day per person. Users feel fresh and zippy 
9 Rose and musk-sweet scented pink mist, save or will drop weapons and shun violence and will just walk away from it
10 Damp shroom spores scented brown gas causes anyone inhaling to save or shrink for a d4 days to the size of a mouse, after size is restored you gain immunity to its effects
11 Floral hallucinatory cyan gas causes visions of phantoms, if they don't flee, they will be lost in a dream for a seeming d4 hours but will have teleported to a random far-off place and cannot account for 2d6 months
12 Sweet comforting orange gas causes one to sleep if fail a save, if not removed will sleep for a d4 x100 years and then be immune to it

d12 Mysterious Miasmas
1 Bilious green gas if fail save causes vomiting and helplessness while in area and for one round after, halves Mov while under affect
2 Metalic numbing grey paralysing gas causes victims to freeze and some will starve and die slowly if not rescued
3 Burning scarlet poison gas makes eyes bleed lose 1hp per round, save per round to resist 
4 Flammable invisible metallic scented gas will explode like a 3d6 fireball if a lit flame brought into the area
5 Choking mould spores of black dust clouds, save or take d6 damage choking while in cloud, after escape save or develop a respiratory disease over d4 days resulting in -d4 CON until healed by magic 
6 Yellow vapours stink of the grave and victims must save per round or lose 1 HP and be tainted by the King in Yellow. When they eventually die they arise as a bloated fungal undead serving the cult of Hastur a d4 days later
7 Scintillating weird grey sooty vapour moves uncannily if touches save per round or receive a minor mutation. Too many mutations result in apotheosis into a chaos horror. Born mutants are immune and instead heal 1hp per round they breath 
8 Burning vapour like invisible fire causes d4 damage to anything harmable by non magic fire per round. Also damaged clothes and equipment. Certain materials like salamander wool or rare unguents can protect people and items from it. In some cases it is cold flame instead and both forms are visible to  
9 Corrosive orange brown metallic scented vapour reduces common black iron to powder instantly. Superior steel, magic and bronze is more resilient and gets a save to resist (bronze and copper just get a corroded coating if save but on a fail a rot sets in)
10 Brown dust of dedicated mummies and graves. If inhaled and save the subject must save or is diseased and cannot recover HP by rest until the disease is treated  
11 Black smoky evil vapour smells like stinging nettles in your nose, save or in agony and can do nothing but move away half speed and take 1 HP damage per round, also affects d4 rounds after out of the cloud
12 Raw bubbling chaos everchanging colour, texture and form, sometimes eyes, mouths or even limbs form and occasional small unique spawn form in it and crawl away. Any smelling it must save or embrace the ever-changing power of chaos and gain a d4 minor mutations and a major mutation. Once mutated they instead of gaining more mutations they can roll new ones and pick the best to replace older mutations

Friday 9 February 2024

Marvel 1950 - d100 Weird Investigations & Mysteries

In my Marvel 1949 game we advanced to 1950 - thinking each real-world month would be a game year. As the 50s roll in there are more aliens, monsters, weird creepy killers and fighting communism features than prior eras/ This table includes more occult and storage stuff for heroes to investigate. As im simulating an era of hero comics in decline vs romance, horror and true crime I will probably try to use my romance tables. Possible remaining sidekicks and child gangs might hijack their heroes in the comics as goofy kid gangs and teen romantic comedies. This table should cover more weird non supr hero adventures of 1950s pulp and cinema.

d10 Quick Types
1 Strange signs
2 Strange powers
Weird creatures
4 Mysterious deaths
5 Wild science
6 Mutant horrors
7 Alien visitation
8 Haunted place
9 Secret Cult
10 Ancient mystery

d100 Weird Investigations & Mysteries 
01 People hearing weird sounds along the water ways
02 Dead cattle found with missing brains
03 Man shot by police vanishes before witnesses eyes
04 Weird lights seen in the sky over an area recently
05 Kids report a local ruined mansion has strange lights inside
06 Several coffins have been robbed from the city morgue
07 People have seen a strange figure walking at night
08 People having strange dreams about evil underground derro race
09 Strange person walking at night seen and locals report feeling weak
10 Strange voices more and more reported coming from the sewers
11 Faith healers claim to perform miracles but have a secret cost
12 Visionary has had strange dreams and has retired from performances and readings
13 Children with weird psychic powers born in a village  
14 Invisible person causing havoc in a university
15 Psychic woman has become remarkably wealthy with her predictions
16 Excorcist found dead in own home impaled on sculpture
17 Arrested criminals say they paid a psychic for their heist plan
18 Several people report having seen people with strange powers living among us
19 A new crime boss is said to have supernatural powers
20 Someone has been killing people with a strange death touch say witnesses
21 Locals say a water monster lives in the harbour and it snatches dogs and homeless
22 The marshes near town they say a humanoid think has been seen lurching on misty nights
23 Something strange rumoured to be living in the city sewers and making noises 
24 Laboratory creatures escaped and has grown larger from eating stray pets
25 Mutated dog has been spotted and growing bigger and weirder each sighting
26 Glowing creature seen at night by power lines
27 Strange clouds have been seen moving together and changing directions 
28 After a recent UFO sighting people report some creature in the area scaring people at night
29 People report a slimy thing crawling around city storm drains and docks
30 Polic had a gun battle with a giant insect that escaped
31 Corpse found trampled by something that weighed tons
32 Corpse found glowing in river mysteriously by water police
33 Charred body found in apartment. Spontaneous human combustion?
34 Human silhouettes of fine ash have been found around city
35 Corpse was found of a man with gills floating in the water
36 Scientists recover unusual prehistoric remains of humanoids in a train tunnel
37 Corpses found drained of blood in homes
38 Corpses found torn apart by apparently wild dogs
39 Someone has been stealing body parts and organs from bodies
40 Victims have been found dead alone aged with white hair
41 Scientist develops super evolution ray process and makes an idiot a super genius
42 Laboratory has had a robot escape and is roaming the city 
43 Scientist missing from the lab has been seen glowing strangely and feeding witnesses
44 Gang has been making a crude super serum to make huge monstrous goons
45 Accident at a local lab killed a scientist but people have seen a strange ghost since
46 Unknown company dumping toxic slime-producing mutant creatures
47 Testing of an incredible vehichle threatened by saboteurs
48 World-leading scientists to work on a new energy project 
49 Radio space observation station detects numerous UFOs in the area
50 Government lab studying strange artefacts is under attack
51 Mutant scientist leaves victims a husk of dried skin while eating them
52 Cosmic rays from space struck scientists and turned them into a hideous creature
53 Mad scientist has been accused of testing a formula to create mutant monsters
54 Mutant fish caught in river by locals, fishing now banned 
55 Experimental industrial animal feed creating giant animals
56 Scientist irradiating spiders found dead in lab an emaciated husk
57 Giant mutant ant colonies being searched for by millitary
58 Secret gang of mutant teens living in the sewers and performing petty crimes
59 New research lab for people developing strange new mutant powers 
60 Mutant locusts from the millitary nuclear laboratory hunted by millitary
61 Experimental radio telescope looking for signals from mars 
62 Flights of glowing lights over the area alarming locals and missing persons reported
63 Something landed in a field and left radioactive traces
64 Strange men were in the area asking questions about a UFO sighting
65 Madman screaming in the city about aliens replacing people and now in hospital
66 UFO investigators found dead and house ransacked and police baffled
67 Teens with hotrods report strange creatures in hill roads since a meteor crashed
68 Strange coloured lights have been seen in the foothills and plants and animals seem to be affected by some strange influence
69 People have been disappearing in recent unseasonal heavy mists 
70 Strange radio signals nobody can understand detected recently
71 Old insane asylum had some teenage explorers vanish
72 A run down mansion used as a place to stay for homeless squatters for years has suddenly been shunned
73 Strange noises heard from the old murder house
74 Expert claims ghost sightings are increasing
75 Scientists plan to apply advanced science to solve the mysteries of Hell House
76 Phantoms seen in the old monastery in the hills
77 Blood-curdling screams are heard in the old city graveyard increasingly often
78 Locals immigrants in poor areas are afraid to go out late because of wild rumours about a witch. Some say she lives in the old shunned house
79 Famous mystic vanishes exploring a haunted house known locally as House of the Damned
80 Collection of tribal relics has had items stolen and mysterious noises heard at night
81 Abandoned old mansion of a demon cult has made the news again since a recent disappearance in the area some say that when the cult was active
82 Remains of a cult sacrifice have been found by police
83 Police have put a cult compound under siege
84 Cult leader has taken followers to an old coastal mansion and families are concerned why
85 Renowned cult leader vanishes from cell leaving only some strange slime behind
86 Museum has been robbed by masked robed men
87 Man claims a painting by a famous occultist has somehow trapped victims inside
88 Cult announces doomsday and calls the faithful to their property to prepare. Police and locals wary
89 Police raided a swamp cult near the coast and found strange inexplicable idols that puzzle experts
90 Cultist shot stealing a book from a university. Strange body left police coroner baffled
91 Archeologists digging native sites vanish
92 Mysterious stone door found by miners
93 Strange mummified bodies found baffle scientists
94 Strange writing in stone found on rural property and experts looking for more 
95 Antarctic expedition return with samples which are promptly stolen, scientists tight-lipped about what was taken
96 Someone has been breaking into the Egyptian exhibit moving objects and even injuring a guard
97 Discredited scientist claims to have found a strange ruined city under the desert
98 Meteor crater found with strange artefacts buried, thousands of years old
99 Scientist claims prehistoric life forms might still live in underground lake
100 A second murder has taken place in a museum in front of an ancient idol found in deserts of the Near East during the war

Tuesday 6 February 2024

d100 Village Weirdos

These are for padding out any boring village on a trek. 

d10 Quick Types
1 Criminals
2 Drunks
8 Cultists
9 Witches
10 Non-human

d100 Weird Villagers
01 Danny Fletcher - a compulsive thief who loves the thrill and adventurers are too tempting, squeals if caught and begs mercy. Locals think he is harmless
02 Morgan Seaman - spy for a smuggling guild buying up cheap weapons to sell to frontier monsters. Has other interests and used to be a "sailor" but was a pirate
03 Portia Salt - adventures thief makes a living from the generosity of dumb letters she can rob, some she even likes if they are pretty enough. She thinks adventurers are rich enough
04 Penny Bodlock - and her pet gremlins watch for well-off targets to rob while she keeps people busy. She keeps the gremlins an a bag and they love her dearly as she raised from babies and has a colony in her basement who have domesticated rats as pets in turn
05 Fanny Arbuckle - Likes to get adventurers drunk and intimate so she can beat them up and rob them and leave them tied up. Other than that she is loads of fun as a tavern companion
06 Billy the Knife - got a fever as a kid and now is paranoid and loves knives. Locals say he is harmless but he has stabbed a few strangers who he thought looked funny. The mayor claimed all the treasure and covered it up
07 Goran Bladaghast - spies for local bandits and he keeps messenger pigeons and has extra pigeons belonging to the gang. Will inform them of rich prey like adventurers
08 Stinky Pete - has been secretly robbing drunks at night especially ones who wont remember. Has a pile of purses under porch hidden. A rich outsider might tempt him to kill
09 Vilan Podgeglump - a depressed jealous sod who wants nice things for his cottage so steals from outsiders who clearly don't deserve it. Likes to meet strangers in tavern to case them out
10 Mirram Vordrank - often works in bars but does cheap card readings and crystal orb work. If she has rich clients she tries to draw a map the spirits sent her for you and then tells her monster allies in the dungeon to be ready via her friendly Imp Mr Globbo
11 Argyle Richmond - former noble brat turned adventurer and then murder hobo and now a horrible potentially violent drunk if confused enough. Has some stories that make modern young adventurers cringe
12 Bodunk Goreman - jolly drink who lives in a shack where he brews grog when not in tavern or staggering about on business. Sees lots of odd things and often invites others for his homebrew rotgut. The good stuff he sells for a living
13 Old Meg - pipe-smoking old woman with missing teeth who loves gin and fighting other drunks and abusing the rich by imitating them
14 Polly Lambswool - drinking since her sweetheart left her and drinks to forget. Lots of locals keep an eye out for her and help her home. Some even try to get her to meet new people. Really she knows her lover is living with monsters in a dungeon by choice and is angry at him
15 Old Pat - the charcoal man has started a few fires drunk on the job but everyone thinks he is lovable and knows stories of the faeries he will share for bottles of grog
16 Danny Potter - a bitter old drunk writing plays and poems for bards and city theatres. Lives out here to get away from the public but sometimes likes to overhear people talk and put into his plays. A few found their conversations or even caricatures of them in city plays and had to change their looks and style. He hates fame and bards unless drunk enough to deal with them
17 Marebelle Otterskin - a tanner with stained hands and ailments from handling poisons drinks alcohol to ease her pain. She also knows how to mix various poisons for plants and to put in food. Dreamed of being an alchemist or herbalist once
18 Beevar Knortenborg - former barbarian who likes drinking and fights and can go berserk but will only do this if really drunk. Will hire himself out and if required drinks heavily and constantly to keep his fighting edge. Sure its his right to drink always  like he will in heaven
19 Marigold Porter - likes to drink and play cards and smoke and vile jokes after a hard day of being polite to strangers in her village shop. She is very offensive and likes to shock people and has several violent sons who protect her honour
20 Ainsbury Pickle - a sodden old drunk who drinks to forget the old days when a cult controlled the village by secret tunnels and murder. He knows where the tunnels are and possibly they have new occupants. He is a bailiff for the local judge when sober
21 Karl Gruberhole - loves feet and thinks adventurer feet stepping in foul things is very exciting so he will crave their boots for his unspeakable lusts
22 Tammy Potwrinkle - Keeps a shrine of attractive adventurers in her room and is a skilled artist. Some of her illustrated erotic fan fiction is copied in the bigger towns where pervert adventurer fans salivate over them. These fans will chase adventurers for scraps of hair and memorabilia. Newer fans think her fiction is real 
23 Jarrar Torken - likes to tell people wild tales of local ruins and if people investigate he follows at a distance so he can watch them fight monsters and pleasure himself
24 Rodbar Falcon - friendly dandy and self-proclaimed duelist on vacation who tells duelling stories that are all lies. He is also perpetually horny and lascivious especially to pretty adventurers. If humiliated he will try to murder any who slander him and avoids fighting for free in a backward hovel
25 Tabitha Spugnort - has a thing for demihumans and throws herself at them. She even wears fake pointy ears and locals are sure elves will take her away one day
26 Clapathia Thimblesnort - a mature widow who likes to invite lone men in so she can charm them. She even has cells in her basement with several of her boys already
27 Eric Pontangourd - puppeteer offers adventurers a chance to see his adult-only shows
28 Herngan Bollard - desperately wants various potions for his experimental sexual practices. Invites adventurers to watch while trying to buy them or even join him
29 Palindram Fugnord - Peeping tom and exhibitionist, looks through windows while pleasuring themself and exotic adventurers are more exciting than locals who just throw food scraps at him
30 Marjar Winkle - convicted horse molester will see new livestock at the stables and try and get to them at night. He thinks the horses wink at him as a come-on 
31 Magnard Seaward - an old sea captain who lived with cannibals and found it to his taste. He sometimes has secret hybrid fish folk staying with him in secret 
32 Varlen Banderfolly - likes to snatch lone travellers for his basement laboratory but has been getting bored and more ambitious. Always wanted to work with Demihumans  
33 Emert Gunderfelch - loved a goblin killed by adventurers and now he longs to stab them and keep some of their skin in his diary
34 Peebles Ballangorp - started drilling holes in things to spy on people, moved up to kidnapping people and drilling holes in them while alive
35 Cebellina Jallorp - was in a demon cult and murdered the rest. She now wants to capture and sacrifice more victims to her demon patron of betrayal. She will lie to adventurers to get in her home to cast sleep on them
36 Mackin Dorset - has a collection of occult books and will invite people to see them If they approve of the cannibalism in them will offer them real meat, if they look shocked he attacks them
37 Sablanna Portchuckle - believes an imp who advised her to use human blood to keep herself young. She butchers bodies and fills her basement bath then feeds the rest to pigs
38 Makin Praline - a locally famous cook who offers to cook strange dungeon beasts brought to him. He will also ask for intact humanoid corpses in good condition. People come to his monthly feasts mostly for rich outsiders who can afford it
39 Pablo Klambara - has several underground cold stores full of barrels of fish and pickles. One store is closed as unsafe and he puts the corpses of his victims in barrels of brine and ships them to necromancers. He kills people sometimes by hiring humanoids he gets through an evil cult he pays lip service too
40 Brinora Veldagort - has a collection of erotic dark elf furniture she offers to show lone magic-looking visitors to the town. Her idiot brother Norman who sleeps in the cellar to hide his hideousness will ambush and kill guests together for the loot. If asked where victims went she says "They said something about meeting a cult and a portal when they left"
41 Glinga Grimble - loves to spy on adventures often while walking her pig George. Anything she sees especially expensive or foreign will get her tongue waggling
42 Pa Griddle - silently watches while collecting sticks in his basket. Goes home and spreads to quarter town by dawn who he is related to
43 Barnaby Pecker - Likes to loiter about town with his fancy clean clothes and swagger. He will try and talk to strangers and offers to help guide them. Will tell locals all about his new friends and spreads lies about their backstories for attention 
44 Granna Og - grumpy old matriarch who claims her vast experience lets her read stranger's truths with her wide range of prejudices and bigoted senss. Local law are sick of her wild accusations but she might convince people who don't know her. She has many locals who listen to her even if they don't quite believe in her "readings"
45 Gladstone Vandervaal - offers to read strangers astrology signs and if he can't will wildly speculate by making cranial measurements. Will learn what he can about strangers and then gossip to his regular clients
46 Merri Windsop - is a terribly excitable bored literate girl who likes exciting stories of adventure. If she sees adventurers she will stalk them and get other youths involved. She will be sure adventurers are on a case in secret and need to be watched, Every unmarried youth in town will know by dawn
47 Nora Kettle - loves her sheep and she loves coming to town to sell wool and knitted items. If adventurers come she offers custom woolen ware or sword cosies. She will blab to them every suspicious thing she knows about for this village and the closest ones by the road
48 Vorgan Habbock - the gossipy old farmer has no family so instead he eavesdrops on others and gossips about it wildly with anyone who asks. Knows all kinds of stuff
49 Kirus Blaine - a poetic youth getting into the divination business through religious-based divination. When see someone interesting will learn some facts about them with magic and then try to impress them with their mysterious all-knowing wisdom for cash. they have piles of divination manuals
50 Makkabus Brindlethorn - a gossipy wizard who likes walking around the country and staying in pubs. Will send magical messages to the city magic school and friends about anything interesting he sees. Locals say he is a harmless well paying seasonal regular
51 Varnae Bloodwulf - agent of the secret police who is known by locals as a bounty hunter who spends weeks away on missions. Sees anyone suspicious or strange will put in the report
52 Lucinda Porgbukket - has an elf lover and she spies for him and works with magical animals and pixies to send messages. She reports on certain enemies of the elves or anything they might be interested in. If She meets you expect local elves to know
53 Delan Fargenpickle - mild local scholar and teacher who serves a dark mysterious lord and he aids humanoids and cults but in secret so nobody but he and the master know. He likes to meet adventurers for the dark master
54 Arge Baconridge - local scribe who works for local magistrate keeping an eye out for criminals, armed strangers and trouble makers, Keeps abreast of local bandits and gangs. Might mention some gangs to adventures and hint of rewards
55 Bezan Grumblehog - a local craftsman and secret spy for tax collector who keeps an eye out for travellers in need of an emergency audit. WIll be chummy and friendly praising adventurers then report by pigeon any information they have
56 Burgen Blargeblust - local member of regional crime guild keeping an eye out for rich victims
57 Somatha Crimble - barmaid who reports details of adventurers to local dungeon boss in return for jewellery. She may slip them a map she "found left in a room" locating the dungeon that is really a trap run by monsters
58 Crossilda Battenthwaite - a mature woman often in taverns drinking and smoking her pipe and called "the Dame" by locals for her uppity snooty ways. She was a noble maid but she still serves them tracking the locations of persons of interest to them
59 Pepper Vagenjak - works on a local temple restoration and is actually a spy for the church who spends a few months or even a year in each location working on buildings and reliquaries. Will mingle with locals and watch for cults in the village or on the road 
60 Biram Crimpbek - a spy for the secret police looking for troublemakers like adventurers. Will try and befriend them to file a good report and assess their loyalty to the realm
61 Arple Spigknot - an old man who lives in a old boat and mutters about the weather, once an adventurer who saw a storm giant and still scared of lightning
62 Margo Prunewax - lives in a grotto under a cliff wall and makes potions from local ingredients. Some say she has secret non-human lovers and has unnatural powers
63 King WIlly - sits in rags on a carved wooden throne in a tree by the stream and mutters about the secret undersea fairyland he says enslaved him for decades
64 Morton Polywinkle - Jolly friendly drunk and well-liked, despite sometimes saucy antics with neglected housewives. Used to be an adventurer and knows several small sites good for an afternoon's adventure. Sleeps all over town or on temple porch if cold 
65 Parquin Vanleather - used to be rich now a worthless wretch begging for food, it is forbidden to employ him or pay him money or take it by local judge decree for his fraud. Some say he upset the nobility with his rapid wealth. He has lots of bitter slanderous stories about local nobility possibly some are true. Lives in an abandoned shack
66 Old Meg - lives in an old dolmen of the ancients and some say she is secretly a witch or has a stash of gold. She just wants to be left alone but can speak with dead and other miracles 
67 Poppa Greenshins - wild naked man seen by locals hairy all over and seven feet tall. Sometimes he steals crops and fruit or pig feed. Green skin furry over body, has become a wild man of the forest
68 Panwald Dirgbarg - wildman in rags once a craftsman now with long hair, fingernails and shredded clothes. He acts like a beast and steals garbage and lives in a hole. Nobody knows what happened to him
69 Crapathia Womblewort - former high priestess now lives silently in a stone hermit hut on the moors. She has lived there as long as anyone remembers and knows lots of holy lore if only people could get her to talk 
70 Cynebriya Torthek - once a famous wise woman who fled home to escape witch hunters gone mad. Now lives quietly and helps heal a few people in need and tells little of herself
71 Arnold Bean - local cult killer who longs to sacrifice to his dark demon patron. Other cultists watch him as he threatens to expose hem all
72 Nikkad Florx - barmaid and cultist may invite some people to a private party in the forest in daytime. The cult and aroused satyrs with be waiting with jars of oil
73 Pirian Snide - total merchant and user of inhaled drugs from local alchemists. Members of a cult seeking some adventurers they can deceive into clearing out their old temple of monsters. Pirian offers a map and some stories of treasure  
74 Morgo Queever - is a cult assassin on the lookout for victims for the local cult. Spends time in taverns and seems independently wealthy enough to not work. Reports to masked cult masters daily at secret meeting place
75 Borgan Vinslan - local tavern goer whose whole family are in the cult takes notes of possible witch hunters or inquisitors  or other zealots who might be after them
76 Henghast Pindarsnatch - cultist looking for victims for master a demon. If he decides to risk with adventurers he will call on his fellows to ambush them with a possible ruse at night
77 Abelina Chattlesworth - the maid who likes a drink from time to time hates adventurers and if she sees any will panic her cult into activity assuming the gig is up
78  Glorban Bugwamp - a farmer who worships old ways of human sacrifice and keen to mark some outsiders for the cult spirit to help capture them
79  Meerka Thanderglang - local amateur bard wants to meet adventurers so she can send them to the local old tomb to be ambushed by her murder cult to appease a monster
80 Plumbus Queefla - leads a local cult and is often in the tavern boasting of his farm success. He is easy to anger and use cult for hasty revenge schemes
81 Nonna Clegg - a grumpy old herbalist, healer and midwife some think is a witch. If she hears anyone say that she will curse them to break their limbs like twigs so people keep quiet
82 Portense Bellephron - wealthy widow, still looks young and well-liked by the community for her charity. She operates an outpost for a large sophisticated city cult to hide and store goods at. She has many unusual guests who bring wealth to the village
83 Mastella Proudhorn - respectable village woman and herbalist with her large silent husband John a hunter. She is always looking for a leg up in the cult and may use adventurers to kill some rivals if she can with lies that hide her involvement, perhaps a secret note or forged letter
84 Prunella Pumblejock - has the finest flower garden in the village and makes the best pies. She will ofter adventurers over for tea to assess if they are loaded with magic items and spellbooks and if her coven can take them. Most think well of her except if sho loses a pie contest 
85 Vanya Dritcripol - Works on commissioned embroidery for rich clients and secretly she has evil gnomes followers a reward form her dark god. The gnomes love magic items and might steal some
86 Hordra Malag - Affiliated with large regional coven in service to living hag ancestors in a secret cave. Her spineless drunk husband has no idea why he is successful at finding old coins but it is the coven robbing adventurers and merchants on the road with allied beast folk
87 Lorang Bean - once innocent and driven from town for some petty magic she used on a bully now she lives in woods causing problems for townsfolk who shunned her when orphaned and grabbed her family land. They try and trick adventurers into hunting her for a reward while she wants justice
88 Glorinda Pebbledrake - a famous good witch who has forsaken casting harmful spells and heals locals. All the locals swear by her and protect her for saving so many locals and they don't welcome witch hunters here
89 Breena Klarg - a mean old lady people fear and say she is a witch. She will offer spells and help for money and sells some potions and remove curses. She cast a spell on the mayor once and is not allowed on the main village street anymore 
90 Morgan Zoran - an assassin for a witch cult with some strange magic items and powers, spends lots of his time in tavern and looking for lovemaking opportunities until called on
91 Cinnella Mako - is a were cat who lives as a humble gardener but she likes to lure lone victims to her home. Once in her cat-filled home, she captures them. Then she lets them loose in the wild to hunt them for sport. Sometimes she invites a sister to join her or several
92 Barranbar Bellows - angy grumpy lone hunter who is also a werewolf. Comes to town to look for travellers he might want to ambush and eat later. He likes to meet them as a human first in a friendly manner 
93 Zobek Kastigan - a doppelganger who lives in the village as a merchant who is away often. May use its ESP powers to get the information it can sell and look for threats to itself. May even use powers to pretend to be a friend to get close and eat someone occasionally
94 Minba Klorax - a spirit folk really a tree buy longed to live among humans and sleeps in tree form in a private garden. Knows of other spirit folk in the region including some evil ones
95 Gobbog Kogbar - really a shapeshifting spider spirit whose home is full of webs and spiders and web sacks of bones. She will try and use illusions to trick good people especially priests into her home so she can eat them
96 Plurinda Dorkenward - rabbit spirit whose human form is a potter well-liked in the village.Locals speak of a were-rabbit creature over the years but they don't have a clue. She secretly protects the village from other spirit people and goblins  
97 Voightram Spordenward - a recluse under a curse becomes undead at night and travels to find weekly victims in other villages. Keeps to self as a tailor mostly
98 Bilsby Claghole - found a jar while digging his fields and became possessed. Has driven family away and continues digging for some other treasure the spirit desires
99 Menork Bunerp - secretly a half-demon and a known bully. Picks on strangers to provoke them so he can beat and rob them. More wary of dangerous groups 
100 Bunart Glogenspurt - a jeweller known in taverns and bathhouses but is really a dragon trying to get rid of stolen gems from another dragon's horde. Every century he does this a decade or so to launder his loot into guilt-free gold. Quite enjoys talking to adventurers and is interested in wild treasure schemes

Monday 5 February 2024

Marvel 1950 + More Crime & Problems

Had a game and decided to advance year to 1950

Stetcho a public hero but also a lady agent dealing in the paranormal 
Blackjack a mysterious trenchcoated figure who fights crime like a shadow
Ace of Aces famous war hero and air adventurer with own island airbase
Digger a aussie war hero starting to have some alien flashbacks

While waiting for everyone Ace of Aces and Stretch battled one of city gangs robbing a payroll with a robot in a truck as backup. Once Digger arrived on field and helped finish they went to their mission to a secret nazi clone lab where all the staff were hitler clones and Ace got stunned and shot by a hitler gardener while rest of team destroyed a lab as some scientists had the DrStrong mk1 formula so a few super adolfs to smash also. Digger threw a grenaide at the scientist responsible and ace when he got rid of the hitlers shooting him stopped the scientist's escape, All the hitlers were rounded up and sent to a secret internment camp. None were killed and they were all less old than 2 years.

Later they went after some more gangs and were joined by blackjack. They saw the gang before who use robots raid a rival butcher gang who all were jacked up on DrStrong formula. While heroes busy with temporarily strong muscles. Even boss one who stuck many syringes into themselves and kept growing muscles. Blackjack cleaned up all the normal gangsters easily.  

Was an incident transporting the clone scientist to Europe and a enemy clone of a nazi villain dressed as an American hero tried to intercept them but they got away by going to sonic speeds.

As it's now heading into the 50s more monsters, aliens and communists will feature, Sir Reginald Styles of the Department of Superhuman Affairs is gone. Now they will have Australian Paranormal Intelligence Service which doesn't want to chase nazis to bring them to justice but recruits them to fight Russia. Odds are now industrial or millitary espionage is Russia or aliens or some of the new secret societies emerging.

The superhuman test treaty bans will be signed by the world
The Superhero code of conduct is being prepared
Trials for unheroic activities have destroyed the reputations of many heroes and will probe every hero.
Most heroes are millitary agents and some quit over this.


More encounters with less crime but the possibility to insert contacts, meet people, earn karma or popularity. 

Replace any innocents with a hero's contacts for extra excitement to make it personal.

Yes this is utterly cynical awful pulp city stuff.

d10 Quick Types
1 Drama
2 Traffic
3 Subversive
4 Street crime
5 Local colour
6 Cops & Crimes 
7 Disturbances
8 Corruption
9 Big crime
10 Weird

d100 Petty Crime & Problems
01 Kitten in a tree with weeping children and media 
02 Lost dog and weeping child 
03 Elderly persons trapped on a traffic island
04 Viscious stray dog snapping at children (or replace with billygoat or turkey)
05 Kid being chased by a goon on foot
06 Neighbours are fighting over who stole pies cooling in window
07 People fighting in street and public moving away in fear
08 Students in team colours with rival sport teams mascot
09 Seven-foot-tall scary hobo intimidating money from people but is just an idiot who wants icecream
10 Carny grifter with card table and a card or dice or shell game
Car collision, one injured other flees the scene
12 Car collisions and help cant free person from the wreckage
13 Train about to collide with old lady in car on the track
14 Bridge collapses with a bus precariously hanging from it
15 Car chase in progress with police after a gang car
16 Delinquents racing cars in a dangerous location (find a new sidekick?)
17 Dangerous drunk rich driver damaging cars and property (I was drugged!)
18 Car thieves at work
19 Gang stealing car parts or petrol
20 Stolen car joyrider endangering public, a youth on drugs with switchblade
21 Weirdo with sandwich board sign and leaflets about how superheroes are a menace
22 Workers protesting at a worksite battling d4 1=cops 2=mobsters 3=hired thugs 4=company security in uniforms
23 Patriotic marchers shouting mean-spirited slogans under lead of a zealot
24 Performer doing magic tricks and offering to show real magic at a secret location d4 1-creepy clown 2=mime 3=top hat magician 4=halequin 
25 Man on a soapbox yelling hateful stuff blaming someone for everything, claims to be a member of a secret society
26 Creepy priest offering street kids drugs to come back to his church
27 Robed secret society with banners marching with band and strange hats
28 Creepy guy selling weird comic books with lewd and vulgar content and some with unauthorised slanderous versions of local heroes
29 Weird man with electrical apparatus with headphones walking around in odd patterns
30 Guy selling workers paper full of communism and articles about cities mob links to government and unionist deaths
31 Mugger with pistol holds up old people
32 Teens with knife hold up someone for groceries
33 Punk kids brawling and drinking
34 Punks loitering in alleys with an entrance to a clubhouse
35 Biker runs down someone in a gang hit and flees 
36 Kids picking pockets while crowd is watching a busker
37 Young and mature sex workers loitering and gossiping  
38 Guy selling stolen watches from trenchcoat (or guns from his car)
39 Creepy drug dealer talking to some runaway teens just off a bus 
40  Newstand selling off-the-counter banned goods in brown paper bags
41 Busker without a permit singing pro-worker songs
42 Priests begging people to do better before the world ends
43 Politicians with crowds and press declaring will clean up this city
44 Carnival stalls with fraudulent contests normal people couldn't win
45 Newboy selling paper yelling lurid headlines
46 Artist painting or drawing a picture of street and locals
47 Cultists chanting with droning instruments and cymbals (Hare Hastur)
48 Charismatic psychic villain creepily looking for exploitable sad people 
49 Enormous swarm of pigeons if disturbed fly everywhere shitting on everything
50 Beatnick poets selling poems and possibly weed
51 Police escort arrested a person while angry friends follow yelling abuse
52 Cops with dogs beating up camped homeless shelters for loitering
53 Cops chasing a photographer at a protest turned into a riot
54 Biker gang and police riot squad brawling in street
55 Four cops beating a screaming person in a foetal position begging them to stop
56 Cops grabbing random immigrants for crimes still on the books needing closure
57 Cops in gun battle with gangsters in street
58 RIot squad come to break up protesters 1=workers 2=homeless 3=imigrants 4=poor
59 Police turn up with armoured car and riotsquad to some immigrant festivities on basis of false complaints but ready to start a fight
60 Beatnicks throw caltrops underfoot of police horse patrol
61 Bus of convicts from criminally insane hospital crashes and got loose
62 One of the colourful new theme costumed gangs in several cars has been causing property destruction and harassing locals
63 A drug lab fire starts with fire and police and fleeing criminals
64 Lion or other dangerous animal escapes from a truck and crowds panic
65 SInkhole collapses in road where some gang was digging a tunnel for a crime
66 Gangster trying to hijack orphanage bus and fighting a nun
67 Small plane crashes into a building and nobody knows why as pilot died
68 Riot starts over a sale in a department store when rationing rumours abound
69 Horse and cart runaway from a gunshot or tire bursting
70 Old man sick of local gangs brings out a tommygun and goes on shooting spree
71 See city official with a notorious gangster who might be displeased
72 Dog catchers selling dogs to a butchers shop or factory
73 Man working on phone lines has dated ID and logos
74 Fake phone company worker scoping out houses for burglary
75 Arsonist tries to burn down run-down squatted flats for insurance
76 Politician promises to bring back good old days and replace corrupt officials, then gets an envelope of mobster money for campaign
77 Casino has secret black book accounting records stolen and seng gangsters to get it back as messily as possible to scare people away from future problems
78 Corporate head who said no to working with mob crushed by fallen I beam from a crane in his limousine 
79 Gangsters kidnapping child in school uniform as hostage for d4 1=police prosecutor 2=property owner 3=media boss 4=millionaire
80 Mob attack on a judge "just to scare them a bit"
81 Carjacking gang robbing armoured car which defends itself with a machinegun
82 Scared man drops off bag in a bin, kids grab it and a gangster chases them
83 Man with a van selling guns to gang members, works for a syndicate
84 Hobos cooking and eating burned body on a spit of some guy who came down here to mess with them
85 Beatnik party with art, drugs and nudity out of control and the vice squad raid it
86 Building explodes in a mob effort to destroy rival gang business and staff or possibly to not pay them back the money they owe
87 Huge drug bust with customs and police and well-armed syndicate gangsters ends up worse than anyone thought. Very flammable docklands factory or warehouse
88 Ship on docks raided for smuggling by rival gang or police
89 Cult sacrifice victim in robes flees an old abandoned mansion lodge hall, robed goons follow and some prestigious cars flee the scene  
90 Sailors have been kidnapping victims to sell to a mad scientist and they ship them when they have enough somewhere
91 Kids fled old abandoned manor house screaming, saying they saw something
92 Murder victim discovered by method of a secret society
93 People have seen strange lights at night in a suburb and pets and some homeless have vanished
94 Several boats found all hands missing with no explanation
95 Homeless people reported strange creatures in the sewers and claimed some are missing
96 Giant crustacean humanoid found rotting in sewerage plant
97 Famous magician missing and signs of a struggle in his house and loose rope
98 Ghosts have been seen in old town ghosts, are they real?  
99 Cultists seen in robes in abandoned apartment blocks
100 People report seeing strange creature stalking the streets