Thursday 29 April 2021

Schools for Classes


These can be for quick backgrounds for pc or npc's and might inspire other skill choices or experience. Im thinking of a generic class with d8 HD used for npcs and monsters to beef up anything. Just to slap on experience/status/skills quickly - perhaps skill suggestions for beast or humanoids. Id like more monsters to have flexible had and superhero examples to challenge heroes. Even skeletons should be of any HD. I also like more one-shot monsters and weird variants. For now, just quick places to learn a trade. Possibly I need ones for druids, bards, etc

d6 Common Wizard Schools
1 Loner 4+d4 Lv wizard taught as best they could in their home with d4 total students
d4 1=kindly cottage hedge wizard 2=eccentric scholar 3=magic school drop out 4=relative
2 Professional wizard in rural town or suburb home 4+d4 Lv with four students d4 1=rural sage 2=magic trader 3=outcast scholar 4=agent of secret order
3 Successful wizard with a tower 8+d6 Lv helped by d3 5th Lv teachers and 3d4 students, d4 1=advisor to nobility 2=famous scholar 3=serves a secret power 4=famous wizard hero favoured by crown
4 Small school academy in mansion or estate with d4 
5th Lv teachers and 4+2d4 students with a 8+d6 Lv headmaster d4 1=prestigious prep school for rich 2=former adventurers and sappers teach dungeon construction and destruction 3=teaches wizards for war and espionage to serve rulers 4=allied to a dedicated school of magic
5 Prestigious college in mansion or estate with 4+d4 5th Lv teachers and 4+2d4 students with a 12+d6 Lv headmaster and a d3 8+d6 Lv vice principle d4 1=military school 2=research school 3=alchemy school making cheap potions in sweatshops of master to learn 4=allied to a church produces approved wizards with strong alignments
6 University mostly in or party of a city. 16+d4 Lv chancellor runs it with a dozen board members from senior teachers and librarian Lv9+d6 each. There are d6 sub schools each with 2d4 5th lv tutors with with four students d4 1=famous magic battle arena stressing flashy combat 2=scholar researching new magic and formula 3=many students meddling with blasphemous cult lore and corrupt secrets 4=works to support the crown, graduates get government work and influence nobility 

d12 Temple Clerical School
1 Lone isolated priest with d4 disciples in training d4 1=shack dwelling hermit 2=travelling earthy rural friar who liked to drink 3=attendant of pilgrimage shrines 4=agent of secret church order
2 Small shrine priest Lv5 with 3d4 acolytes being schooled d4 1=rural isolated shrine 2=rustic village shrine 3=city shrine 4=graveyard shrine
3 Small temple priest Lv7 with d4 assistants each Lv d4+1 with 12 acolytes d4 1=rural town 2=city temple 3=isolated sacred place 4=frontier fortified temple fort with tower
4 Medium temple Lv9 
with 4 assistants each Lv d6+1 with 24 acolytes d4 1=important town center 2=famous temple school 3=fortified temple enclave 4=temple is basis of a small town population
5 Large temple 
 Lv12 with 6 assistants each Lv d6+3 with 50 acolytes d4 1=square of a city 2=palatial temple on estate 3=monastic complex of order 4=templar castle
 Monument Lv16 with 6+d6 assistants each Lv d6+3 with 300 acolytes, d4 1=cathedral of great city 2=mighty ziggurat complex in sacred precinct 3=huge palace citadel of church officials 4=mausoleum or tomb complex in vast necropolis

d4 Sorcery Schools
Predatory Creep found you and recognised your talent and exploiting you with lies d4 1=charlatan with no power but recognised yours 2=fake fortune teller and medium who hid real magic 3=outlaw caster branded witch by law and wanted criminal 4=tried to grab wealth and power and killed by angry mob
2 Lone Cult leader 
4+d4 Lv recruited you as chosen one and delegated tedious cult organisation to 2d4 special students d4 1=performed miracles to recruit students 2=dealt with merchants and money and drug cartels 3=groomed wealthy VIP donors to cult 4=loaned to city to keep authorities off cult back
3 Pleasure dome cult, 8+d6 Lv master helped by d3 5th Lv teachers and 3d4 students, plus 4d6 followers often attractive and/or wealthy hedonists d4 1=master serves a demon using vice to entrap victims 2=master is high and in a drug coma mostly 3=important local officials participate in orgies 4=driven away and scattered by an angry mob
4 Cult Colony, a large isolated cult with own farm, 
d4 5th Lv teachers and 4+2d4 students with a 8+d6 Lv master, 8+d4 x10 cultists work fields cheerfully living in communal poverty d4 1=thriving but locals despise and fear 2=built a wall and increasingly isolated 3=burned down by mob with priests and soldiers 4=disease outbreak killed leaders and rest fled

d6 Secret Evil Schools
1 Strange local elder 4+d4 Lv caster teaches from home in secret with d4 students, operates a business in public that students are public apprentices of (mortician, crafter, trader, scribe) d4 1=respected in community 2=killed by angry mob 3=had close brush with law 4=had to kill a bunch of meddlers recently
2 A local cult of 13 including a 
4+d4 Lv leader with a d6 assistants at Lv d4 and the rest zero level beginners. The cult have a secret temple or wilderness shrine for rituals and meet in leaders home. d4 1=secret thriving in community 2=all killed by witch hunters 3=absorbed by bigger cult 4=struggling vs rival cult
3 A national cult with dozens of local branches and a secret central temple with hundreds of members. led by a secret master of 
8+d6 Lv and a d4 lesser masters of 4+d4 Lv. Half the remaining members are d4 Lv and the rest 0Lv students d4 1=cult known and feared for murder 2=whispered of in fear of influence 3=witch hunters and inquisitors investigating 4=extermination order of church who send templars and paladins sent to destroy  
4 Faux respectable church complex operated by secret cult. 
 The master is 8+d6 Lv with d4 5th Lv teachers and 4+2d4 students d4 1=rare monastic order 2=templar lodge 3=shrine dedicated to strange saint 4=missionaries helping the poor, sick or orphan orcs  
5 Large organisation like a trade or craft guild or government administration operates a secret college of forbidden magic. Headed by a secret master d3 8+d6 Lv, d4 5th Lv teachers and 8+3d4 students d4 1=craft guild 2=city hall 3=international bank 4=merchant company
6 The Black School linked to the libraries of hell, all wear hoods and masks, teachers are imps and cultists and damned souls. Each user finds a secret door they use to the forbidden library of hell d4 1=in a graveyard crypt 2=in university library 3=haunted ruined church 4=in a hidden cave

d6 Fighting Schools
1 Athletes training school with 40 inhabitants d4 1=for frontier or ghetto fighting pits 2=gladiator school for city 3=professional duelists 4=wrestling league
2 Military service of ruler, in barracks after basic training then d4 1=frontier infantry patrol 2=pressganged into ship crew 3=policing civilians and roads 4=hunting cult criminals
3 Criminal service in a gang with 40 members d4 1=pirate 2=bandit 3=enforcer 4=slavers
4 Mercenary Company with d4 hundred members with a unit that serve together d4 1=besieging cities 2=foreign civil war 3=frontier war 4=caravan guards
5 Mercenary Guild with international links and branches d4 1=establishing foreign colony (conquest) 2=sacking multiple cities 3=exterminating humanoids 4=terrible foreign war
6 Military School operated by kingdom to train nobility to command and provide elite troop training, often near capitol from a fortress d4 1=military service 2=navy service 3=royal guard 4=siege engineering

d6 Criminal Schools
1 Urchin Home 
4d4 urchins kept as charity in public really to be exploited d4 1=
single adult has a room and teaches crime to urchins they "found" 2=raised by beggars guild 3=sweatshop urchin work house 4=poorhouse ran by a gang to recruit talented thugs
2 Youth Gang 5d4 members all trying to get into a real gang d4 1=school gang 2=street gang 3=wild sewer urchin gang 4=youth gang affiliates of larger crime gang
3 Crime gang with d3+4 x10 members, mostly a dozen run the ring d4 1=affiliated with cult 2=protection and criminal regulation 3=thieves interested in stealing and burglary 4=wanted rural bandits 
4 Crime Guild with d3 x100 local members of a city among leading guilds over kingdom with own dialect of slang
5 Assassin school with at least d4 x10 members in local secret location d4 1=fanatic murder cult 2=secret police death squad 3=specialist crime guild 4=secret society with unknown leaders and goals
6 Espionage school with at least d4 x10 members in local secret location 1=isolated castle 2=disguised as a isolated village or city block with secret underground areas 3=a city fortress 4=government office or merchant guild with boring clerks 

Wednesday 28 April 2021

Planar Emanations & Influences

One feature of my world is at times it is low mana and historically ugly and unpleasant and unheroic. But at times the other planes may overlap with our mortal plane and at such times beings may communicate or cross over. Sometimes certain old magics rely on certain planes influences on our own. Some of these occurrences are common festival days. Multiple planar influences are possible and some planes are connected to multiple other planes such as the nightmare world, the world of shadows, the utter darkness, the underworld, and the dark, fey world. Besides planes, interstitial dimensions are used as transit places like the world tree that connects the human world to the underworld, the hells, the bright and dark faerie world to giant land to the cosmic mountain on the upper world. These interstitial dimensions are whole worlds in their own right. Hell is connected by many of them. Escaping from hell is a heroic quest and these interstitial planes can be used instead of dealing with the gatekeepers of hell

Beings from other worlds manifest a body in this world when they visit often from raw materials for elements, while some beings require a host statue or idol or animal or person. Earthborn elves were colonised deliberately to avoid some of the magical problems of being outsiders (metal aversions, certain spells). When you kill the being the body the spirit returns to its home plane. Bodies may leave remains of some kind.

So when a planar of influence is strong you are more likely to meet supernatural beings, magicians, witness paranormal wonders, experience flashbacks to another plane or age. encounter petty divinities and spirits and encounter gates into the world propper. At times the overlap is increasingly visible. It could be confined to a haunted house or mine. At times certain spaces become accessible including extra rooms and floors hidden in other planes or produced by supernatural beings. This can affect dungeons also as some dungeons have their own malicious spirits linked to hell or demonic planes of the underworld. Such influences allow certain beings to thrive here and attract them.

I do like idea you go through a empty ruin and at some point it becomes haunted and becomes a living environment or echo of the past on the way back. Gothic ghost castles and mythic drama or faerie weirdness  can be possible one day then mundane the next.

Seasonal Emanations
Spring = Earth 
Summer = Fire
 = Air
Winter = Water

New Years Day = evil things increase preceding week then gods bring good things
Mid-Spring Day = fertility festival, faerie world, the world tree, giant land, 
Mid-Summers Day = the bright festival, positive plane, faerie, brightness, heavens
Mid-Autumn Day = ancestors day, spirit world, underworld, heaven, hell 
Mid-Winters Day = the dark festival, negative plane, faerie, darkness, underworld 

Full Moon = faerie, darkness

Great old ones have rare days once a century or millennium or aeon but there are many of them. In a year each season will favour an outer god, in a month there is a day for some old ones that cultists will determine with astrology.

Gods often roll their holy days into these dates most suitable for them or celebrate them all if a major religion. People often come together on these days and fortify their community with rituals activities.

Name - description
Signs of planar emanations that indicate some activity
Signs of major intrusions
(optional influences and links to other worlds)

d12 Inner Planar Emanations
01 Earth - living powers of the earth, its stones, its trees, is hidden treasure
Fertility increases, plants thrive, mines and wilderness become stranger
Trees walk, roaming elemental beasts and hybrids, strange mineral outcrops exposed
(1in6 paraelement d4 1=plant 2=crystal 3=metal 4=dust)
02 Fire - the power of the sun and fire, for war or creation 
Warmer air, fire burns faster and brighter, can bring drought and plague 
Fire elementals and hybrid beasts roam, fires outbreak and choking smoke 
(1in6 paraelement d4 1=lava 2=heat 3=smoke 4=ash)

03 Air - the power of the sky, weather and winds 
Air moves, strange noises, static charges, hair stands on end, strange weather
Air elementals and hybrid beasts flying about, extreme weather
(1in6 paraelement d4 1=lightning 2=vapour 3=sound 4=vacuum)

04 Water - the power of primal waters, for life or destruction
Water vibrates, bubbles, moves, humidity and cold increase, waters seem darker
Water elementals and hybrid creatures come from waters, flash floods and springs
(1in6 paraelement d4 1=ice 2=cold 3=brine 
05 The Spirit World - the ether that cloaks the world where spirits dwell
Glimpses of invisible beings and dramatic events of the past 
Spectral beings appear and attempt to interact, some dangerous some kind 
(ether cloaks mortal world 1in6 a  d4 1=nature 2=dead 3=ancestral 4=divine)
06 Faerie Land - verdant powers that serve the natural life force 
Vegetation sways and animals restless, see strange lights and figures
Elves, faeries, sprites, goblinoids, beastfolk and strange creatures
(1=bright 2=dark 3=mirror world 4=giantland 5=beast land 6=wood between worlds)
07 World Tree - interplanar cosmic tree and its roots and branches
Trees creek in wind, vegetation sways, see tiny doors or dark entrances in trees 
Doors and gates appear in woods and all kinds of strange beings come out
(d10 1=underworld 2=dark elf land 3=hell 4=underland kingdoms 5=bright elf land 6=giant land 7=cosmic mountain 8=
wood between worlds 9=astral plane10=celestial city of the gods)
08 Underland - realms deep beneath our world in eternal caverns
Strange noises underground, find strange caves, strange visitors from underland
Sinkholes open, strange races and beings come from underland for surface home
(d6 1=
subtereanean seas 2=a lost world 3=volcanic kingdom 4=the elder deep 5=underworld land of the dead 6=Inferno the burning hell)
08 Skyland - realm hidden from mortals in the sky in stars and clouds
Winds and strange things seen in distant sky, strange noises like voices or music
Cloud castles and skyships drop soldiers and monsters on surface
(d4 1=palace in the stars 2=cloud kingdom 3=celestial citadel 4=the astral plane)

09 Aqualand - lands hidden beneath waters 
Things glimpsed underwater, strange reflections in water, strangers walk from water
Castles appear from waters, strange creatures come forth to trade or conquer
(d4 1=marine hell 2=aquatic faerieland 3=subtereanean sea 4=the elder depths)

10 Cosmic Mountain - moutain containing the cosmos
Earth shakes, stones move, strange animals and people seen 
Doors and gates appear in rockfaces and trolls, giants and beastfolk come out
(d4 1=underworld 2=citadel of the gods 3=underland 4=giant land)

11 The Wood Between Worlds - land of gates, divine animals and hybrids
Strange animals and birds and figures seen, meet odd strangers, talking animals
Strange sylvan creatures, walking trees and talking animals everywhere
(d6 1=ghostwood 2=stygian wood 3=hellwood bog 4=darkwood 5=faerie forest 6=sylvan forest)

12 Xor the Realm of Flesh - eternal world of meat and life
Strange spasms, sweats & itches, diarrhea, hairless and featherless fleshy creatures, meat growths
Flesh overflows land as Xor groes and possibly tries to smother the world
(d6 1=hair forest 2=abdominal caverns 3=circulatory system 4=digestive tract 5=skin lands 6=bone wastes)

d12 Outer Planes
01 Astral Space - (N) outer spirit plane unfit for material beings connecting outer planes of alignments, gods, devils, demons, spirits and travelling souls of dead or magicians. Astral intrusions into mortal world appear as ghosts or spirits or other strange phenomena
02 The Land of Sleep - (N) great realm of unconsciousness connected to 03 and 04, strange mists, spirits lost in own dreams, strange creatures and sights may sometimes appear in the waling world  
03 Nightmare land - (land of dreams influenced by the negaverse where magicians, evil spirits and wicked dreamers carve out cruel fantasy empires and horrors of nightmares dwell. In the waking world nightmare creatures and terrain sometimes leak into haunted places
04 Dream land - where skilled dreamers, the blessed dead and imaginative magicians visit this fantastic land to find their dreams, perfumed exotic kingdoms and dream creatures live. Dreams sometimes leak into the waking world bringing fantastic wonders and beings 
04 Hell Plane - the hells from the gloomy underworld to increasingly oppressive realms of torment, and their interstitial realms in between like the sewers of hell or the black library. Devils will intrude into the mortal world with care especially using imps seeking souls, spreading corrupt cults of influence and bringing disaster 
05 Demonic Plane - demons occupies fragments of the universe left over from creation, each occupied by demon lord imposing will on the smaller worlds. Demons in the mortal world demand cults to worship them and their taint to spread
06 The outer darkness - the void beyond that contains and predates the universe, dark hungry realm of lifeless nullification, the life source of undead. The outer darkness overlapping with the mortal world allows horrors from beyond to enter, strange phenomena and mental contact with things outside the universe or before creation 
07 The inner light - an explosion of energy into creation, source and wellspring of life, too brilliant for living to face but source of healing and powers against undead. When influences world life grows and thrives and the dead sleep. Too much can cause harm
09 Primal Chaos - protoplasmic matter shifting form, source of many mutants and living primordial building blocks of creation, all part of the blind idiot god of chaos and its tentacled toad daemons and its gibbering chaos spawn children, visitors are torn apart and transformed. When it leaks into the world the pools of chaos pollute area spreading mutagens while the pools grow as things are thrown in by mad cultists. Spells may go wild and things transform or become alive
10 Absolute Law - the singularity, the arrow of time, realm of mathematical and mechanical logic, where superior beings of eternal perfection watch and judge reality, battling primal chaos and disorder and willing to destroy creation or impose eternal stasis to win, archons are daemons of law, enigmatic terrible beings hard to comprehend in mere 3 dimensions, visiting aberrations are corrected, destroyed or studied by alien science or crushed by extreme pressure. When immanent in the mortal plane, the flow of time alters, air pressure increases
11 The Divine Planes - realms shared by pantheons of gods with areas for palaces, citadels, wilderness parklands, estates and gardens. Areas where the chosen of the gods live in peace contemplating and serving their god. Smaller ones are for more private and lesser gods, most great gods with their fellows maintain huge idyllic realms. Each realm in contact with mortal plane varies but mythical species  are a common sign and supernormal beings fanatics to alignment
 The Celestial City - in a great sprawling gardens of arcadia, the bottom levels are semi ruined and over grown, mid levels are sealed for the celestial beurocracy where many good souls and spirits assign fates and destinies and send memos to earthly spirits to maintain seasons and weather and prevent disasters. Upper levels are for the most blessed souls of saints then the apartments of the great gods who meet from across the cosmos in great assembles. 

Daemons were neutral spirits most transformed into devils, demons, angels, archons. Many surviving ones are neutral or neutral evil operating own worlds like demons or building own in the outer void, dreamlands or nightmare land. 

These planes are not final just common.

d12 Hells
first are the main famous seven hells, the later are interconnecting sub planes. There is a race to which of the other five will be declared full planes with a devil ruler, 8 almost was industrial heartland of hell during the cosmic wars now its mostly a dump. The dungeon dimension or the Citadel Zelos are the most likley. Factions supporting various hells and their rulling devils are common 
1 Underworld - gloomy eternal prison city of the dead and the kingdom of death
Influences mortal world causing people will dream of dead and may see spirits by night
2 Apocalypse - war, plague and famine filled endless disaster of tragic waste
Influences mortal world with disaster, with worse reatures, problems and beings
3 Inferno - the burning realm of fire, brutail torment and sadistic punishment
Influences mortal world with arson and violence and sometimes fire creatures like salamanders slip in through a fire
4 Virkan - hellbogs, endless swamp and jungles filled with vermin, poison and madness
Influences mortal world with corrupt growth, humidity, vermin and increased wetlands
5 Kanos - the frozen Hell of eternal despair and frozen damned in sad stasis 
Influences mortal world with cold and despair, cannibalism increases
6 Sluuron - the eternal sargassum - a ferocious ocean with prison hulks of damned and ships of the drowned and damned sail eternally or are fused into a great reef of suffering
Influences mortal world with storms and things from the sea or waterways
7 Avernon - a boiling volcanic wasteland with erupting volcano on certain cities and palaces. Where the chosen devils and damned are kept in filth and mostly empty sprawling ruins. Prison for worst gods, giants, titans, trolls and famous monsters. Evil dragons breed here and enter the mortal world through volcanoes. 
Influences mortal world include releases of great evils or dragons, or volcanic activity from the earth
Hell's Boiler Room - interconnected basements of hell and remains of old glory and forgotten rubbish dwell here. People break in for a shortcut and never escape. Influences mortal world with decrepitude, garbage, broken goods, then strange killers and fugitives appear
9 Black Library - an eternal library where many evil wizards learn their craft tuition free with imp tutors for the price of your soul. Has gates to lots of cities on mortal plane. When the library manifests imps and cult students recruit talented literate to the black school of wizardry. They train anyone for just once only fee of your soul instead of huge tuitions at proper school. These wizards spread hells influence over an area often controlled by imps
10 Hell's Sewers - sewer system connects hells and is full of refuse and effluent. If it influences mortal world deposits of sewer filth and grime are seen first and then foul miasmas and pollution. Eventually things from hells sewer walk freely like devils, cultists, mutants or hellish sewer creatures (like giant leeches with devil properties also)
11 Dungeon Domain - an endless realm of torture, traps and monsters seeking to torment and corrupt the damned into new forms. Many damned here are reborn here as monsters. This world is self aware and sadistic, making traps baited with victims dreams or past. Visitors here are trapped into being participants and remain wandering the infinite dungeon forever. Influences mortal world through turning old mines and ruins into monster homes baited with treasure who act as if lived their whole lives in place. All local dungeons might be influenced and re-stocked by hell
12 Zelos - the diabolic citadel where hells bureaucrats toil, special guests suffer in prison vaults of Zelos and the lord of hells maze like palace. Damned wander the halls trying to progress their  passports and papers. Influences mortal world changing building fittings to occult murder mansion with diabolic style. Spreads into civil administration, courthouses merchants often with red gold with spreads taint more and increases greed

Saturday 24 April 2021

New Character Gen Notes: Dice and some petty starting benefits


My Planet Psychon character gen has been entertaining with various starting stuff tables. Also seen a newish dice roll system that was pretty nice. Oldschool but not as mean.

So firstly for may Hombrew EMO houserules character ability scores:

Starting points could be for the group to meet quick or individually how you met another party member so each has its own link to another player. Could be how you met a follower. Past or current situations can be derived from these stories.

I did test all these methods.
Method one rolling 4 characters all of them came up substandard but one guy made a moleman abhuman nightfighter formerly a blacksmith for a bandit gang and he got a starting follower of the second best character who is clumsy and ugly.  Method 2 I made a dwarf war survivor and he was pretty ordinary but he had fast draw flintlock and gun skills, needed some extra guns but its ok. Method 3 I got an interesting wizard who did arena fights with some nifty background loot. And finally I did a druid orphaned murder hobo who was partly raised by wild animals.  Ill try this again they seemed pretty diverse. The 1st was probably best and interesting weirdo b list fighter designed to ignore magical darkness. Id probably pick no3 the wizard but the druid seemed fun and silly roleplaying opportunity.

Minimum scores 
Only one attribute can be 8 or less, if have more raise them to 9
Prime requisite for character class can be raised to a minimum of 12
May choose your worst rolled score as your class prerequisite for a minimum of 12

Method 1 Grimdark Start
Roll 3d6 per attribute in order and generate up to six zero-level zero character. Run them all but by 1st Level pick a final character (use follower slots from CHA to adopt them)
-fighting folk d6 HP two weapons and one art skills
-crafty folk d4HP one weapon two arts skills
-These are bonuses to 1st level HD and akills for risking the zero level start
When you achieve your first sortie one character becomes the 1st level character and other surviving ones can be used as potential starting followers for who created them first then anybody else. Characters can take CHA bonus for followers plus one as of 1st level.
Start with clothes (shirt and trousers or a dress), old shoes, one tool of your trade, d4cp 
Use this for an unusual grimdark challenge or lesson in suffering and resource horror

d12 Grimdark Starting Points
1 Prison Inmates
2 Workhouse Slaves
3 Garbage scavengers
4 Sewer Workers
5 Cult Fanatics 
6 Homeless Beggars
7 Tavern Drunks
8 Wanted Outlaws
9 Temple Poorhouses
10 Peasant Farmers
11 Vermin Catchers
12 Household servants

d12 Typical Zero Level Characters
1 Brawler - unarmed expert+1, Unarmed strike, first aid
2 Guard - sword, dagger, spot 
3 Labourer - d6 club, endurance
4 Servant - d4HP dagger, etiquette, grooming
5 Outlaw - d4HP dagger, sneak, night sight 
Hunter - d6HP shortbow, dagger, survival
7 Trader - d4HP staff, bargain, fast talk
Pick Pocket - d4HP dagger, sleight, juggling
9 Temple Poorhouse - d4HP staff, holy lore, first aid  
10 Peasant Farmer - d6HP sling, farming, animal handler 
11 Dwarf Youngling - d4HP hammer, blacksmith, mining
12 Elvish Sprite - d4HP bow, sneak, carousing

Method 2 Challenging Start
Roll 3d6 in order
Use sample equipment and money as given under character class 
Use this for a typical challenge adventurer

d12 Challenging Starting Points
1 Tavern Strangers
2 Caravan Journey
3 On Sea Voyage

4 Military Conscripts
5 On Pilgrimage
6 Holy Shrine
7 Serving Nobility
8 Met at Job Board
9 Labourers at Work
10 Marketplace Gate
11 During Festival
12 Middle of War  

Method 3 Heroic Start
Roll 3d6 in order rerolling any result of 1 on a dice
Roll 3d6 x5gp for starting money plus clothes, armour for class and one weapon
Use this for a more daring starting character
Suitable campaigns where characters start as 3rd or better level

d12 Heroic Starting Points
1 Shipwrecked in a strange country
2 Drug plunged your mind into your ancestor's body
3 Survived a fanatic purge against your kind 

4 In a battle on edge of the frontier
5 Hunted by a cult because of some prophets words
6 Participating in a public contest of skill
7 Mysterious inheritance arrives 
8 Trapped with others during a monster attack
9 War survivors barely survived
10 A feast with local important people
11 Attacked on the highway travelling
12 Letter from former patron offering a good job

Method 4 Veteran
Allocate the following 6 numbers in the six ability scores: 15 13 12 11 10 9
50gp starting money plus clothes, armour for class and one weapon (+10 shots ammo)
Use this if you spat the dummy at a character rolled by any method above once 
If your character by another above method gets a total bonus of only +1 to less use this
Or if you like building characters from the ground up

d12 Veteran Starting Points
1 Gladiator and duelling scene
Orphans whose families all murdered must keep their names secret
3 Mercenary guild members in several wars

4 Heists, scams and trouble with underworld figures
5 On the road travellers have wandered for years
6 Agents of a temple on missions for holy cuase
7 Agents of noble securing information and troubleshooting
8 Agents of a wizard seeking strange ingredients and research
 Agent of a guild moving information and keeping eyes open
10 Survived famous massacre, all share the same enemy
Recruited by an esoteric secret society
Orphan whose parents deadbeat murder hobos abandoned as urchins

Starting Extras

These are starting item extras 
Method 1 zero rolls
Method 2 one roll
Method 2 three rolls
Method 4  two rolls

Roll only once per table so 3 rolls get three different tables

d12 Random Inheritances
1 Rustic
2 Nautical
3 Urban
4 Street
5 Potion
6 Magician
7 Murder Hobo
8 Occult
9 Tribal
10 Market
11 Military
12 Noble

d12 Rustic Inheritance
1 Livestock d4 1=goat 2=pig 3=sheep 4=cow
2 Farmdog companion (possible follower)
3 Donkey or goat with saddlebags
4 Packload of normal rations for four weeks and dried rations for 3 months
5 Old person and goat, provide milk and cheese and carries a pack load 
6 Rustic simpleton follower d6 Club, Endurance, Animal Handling
7 Healing herbal poultices 3d4 each adds +1HP to first aid or healing rolls
8 Granny's healing ointment d4+4 doses of d4 healing medicine
9 Antivenom poultices d4+1 gives one extra saving throw vs poisoned bites or blades
10 Dozen +1 elvish arrows
11 +1 elven leather armour
12 +1 weapon belonged to an ancestor

d12 Nautical Inheritance
1 Pet d4 1=parrot 2=monkey 3=seagull 4=cat
2 Fishing net, d4 lobster traps, fishing line, hooks, quality rod, d4 days of food
3 Month of smoked fish, 3 months of dried sea biscuit
4 Tattoos, some from far away lands and possibly secret brotherhoods
5 Jewellery, d4 items of jewellery for 30gp each, rings, armbands most common
6 Scrimshaw whale tooth worth 65gp
7 Dried mummified baby mermaid in a box (not a fish sewn to a monkey) 120gp
8 Pipe, pound of tobacco and d6 doses of black lotus resin 15gp each, flagon of rum
9 Flintlock pistol and 3d6 shot&powder, various tools and cleaning paraphernalia 
10 Grenades d4+1, cast iron with fuse, 2d4 over 2m area save halves, round to light fuse 
11 +1 Ring of protection with a pearl
12  +1 Dagger with mother of pearl handle

d12 Urban Inheritance
1 Fancy extra townsperson outfit from older relative
2 Tokens from a casino worth d6x 10gp in a box
3 Bottles of good wine d6+4 bottles and a bottle of rum
4 Signet ring of family you've always had worth 30gp
5 Piece of fancy jewellery 3d4x 10gp
6 Deed for a creepy old house
7 Share in an urban business with d4 other partners
8 Secret society signet ring worth 15gp or to gain entry to a secret club
9 Suit of chainmail, shield & sword of grandparent with an old coat of arms
10 Ring with pill container neutralises ingested poisons one dose 300pg
11 Suit of plate armour in the older style
12 +1 Dagger with jewelled handle

d12 Street Inheritance
1 Small cage with live rats d6, collection of rat traps 2d4, a sack of thirty rats, ratskin cloak and hat
2 Lucky number tickets 3d6 each with 1in6 chance of earning 1gp from numbers racket
3 Sack with remains of a feast from a palace good for a dozen meals and d4 bottles of beer
4 Relatives map to treasures claims was a murder hobo adventurer in old days
5 Hooded black suit, thieves tools, silenced grappling hook, 30m rope, prybar, sack, mask
6 Boxes of coloured water, fake potions worth a sp or go bottle to right client, 5d6 bottles
7 Fake reference letter proclaiming you would make a good servant from a famous war hero so you can get into a fancy household
8 Map of a section of city sewers and a hidden room under a city
9 Black lotus resin block with gold leaf stamp worth 300gp possibly belongs to a sinister drug mob
10 Bag of 2d6 doses of poison herbs used in cooking, save per dose or lose d6 HP
11 Bottle of blade venom d4 doses for the blade (lasts fight) or ten times that for arrows or darts (one use), each does an extra d3 damage an hour later per blow if save failed 
12 +1 dagger with gang insignia

d12 Potions Inheritance
1 Blue Lotus Powder d6 doses each restores one energy level of spell energy
2 Two doses of 2d4 healing potion
3 Haste pill, doubles Move speed and +1 attack for one ten minute turn
4 Heroism Pill, +1d8HP +1 to hit for one ten minute turn
5 Anti-Venom Pill
6 Ani-Disease Pill
7 Anti Invisibility Dust covers 6m area with glitter
8 Berserker Shrooms d4 doses, +2Hit&Dam, fight up to -10HP, 3d6+4 rounds
9 Breathe Water potion d4+1 doses each lasts hour
10 Ointment of Flight, d3 doses each lasts hour, takes round to rub over body
11 Werewolf Potion, turn you into a wolf for one hour
12 Holy Weapon Oil, +1 on ten arrows or one weapon for a turn 

d12 Magician Inheritance 
1 A strange magical tattoo you don't remember getting
2 Documents describes a sinister cult connected to the family
3 Silver dagger, wolfsbane, hammer steaks, holy water, garlic and mirror in a bag
4 Deck of trick cards and weighted dices, ventriloquist doll
5 Bag of flash pellets like cantrip 4+d4 doses
Bag of smoke pellets like cantrip 4+d4 doses
Pills that heal 1HP 4+d4 doses
8 Magic Scroll d3 Levels (cast 
9 Contact dead potion 
10 +1 shield or magic armour
11 +1 magic weapon
12 +1 ring of protection

d12 Murder Hobo Inheritance
1 Pipe, tobacco, nude painted playing cards, d4 bottles of rum, naughty pamphlet
2 Trunk with 2000cp, a pewter beerstien, a dagger and a fancy hat
3 Backpack with hammer, iron spikes, 3m rope, a bag of caltrops, lantern and lamp oil
4 Treasure map and long letter from distant unpleasant parent explaining regrets
5 Journal detailing how to kill a d6 monsters with illustrations and recipes
6 Jar with an abusive imp trapped inside, magic lead seal on the lid
7 Cursed -1 weapon, the user becomes paranoid and overprotective of it
8 A damaged ancient manual to operate an ancient magical artefact 
9 A guide to demonology with the true names of a d4 lesser demons to call them
10 Ammunition 12 +1 shots for sling, bow or shot&powder
11 Cestus gauntlet d4 damage +1 magic hit and damage 
12 Fireball Potion 6d6 12m area thrown potion save halves

d12 Occult Inheritance
1 Creepy painting of an infamous evil ancestor
 Secret society signet ring worth 15gp or to gain entry to a secret club
3 Minor mutation (use d100 or d4 1=boils 2=polyps 3=oozing wound 4=warts)
4 Occult tattoos of a secret society 
6 Cultist robe, 30gp medallion and initiates book in a locked chest
7 Book of star charts and codes to locate a lost treasure
8 Part of wizard book with a d3 levels of spells recorded  
9 Map of a secret panel in an abandoned haunted house 
10 +1 Wavy dagger with goat head handle, the blade is its toungue
11 Slim Black volume telling you how to sell your soul to the black lodge of magic and how to call an imp to help you sign the contract for a wish (wishes may be abused)
12 Magic Missile wand or healing rod (2d4HP per charge) 3d4 charges 

d12 Tribal Inheritance
1 Carved Medalion 30gp of animal ancestor spirit d4 1=jade 2=amber 3=ivory 4=bone
2 Tribal tattoos and scars
3 Bodypaint d4 uses as Protection from evil spell for an hour 
4 Cloak of prehistoric beast handed down from past
5 Bag of ochre in d4 colours worth 30gp per colour for painting
6 Shrunken heads d6 of enemy +1HP each (one use each)
7 Drum has power to contact local spirits once
8 Medicine Bag +1 on one type of saving throw
9 Medallions 2d4 one use +1 saving throws
10 +1 Leather armour or sheild
11 + tribal weapon of stone and bone and sinew
12 +1 ring of protection

d12 Market Inheritance
1 Token for goods in a warehouse in another city
2 Donkey with saddlebags
3 A youthful servant adopted from a poor customer d4HP
4 Bag of exotic spices and herbs for cooking worth 75gp
5 A merchants outfit fit for guild event
6 A set of common tools d4 1=carpenter 2=mason 3=blacksmith 4=taxidermy
7 Abacus and 
scale set in a lacquered case
8 Fancy scribe set worth 90gp in lacquered case 
9 Human bodyguard d6HP uses a club and dagger
10 Map of kingdoms with trade routes with d4 ruins marked
 +1 staff or dagger
 +1 ring of protection

d12 Military Inheritance
1 Chest of foriegn coins 3d6x 5gp
2 Exotic foreign helmet or war mask worth 65gp
3 Exotic melee weapon and shield
4 Exotic suit of plate armour
5 Gold signet ring 65gp from enemies hand
6 Loyal servant from war d6 HP spear, grooming, first aid
7 One 2d4 healing potion
9 Riding horse and saddle
10 +1 magic weapon in an exotic ancient or foreign style
11 +1 protection helmet
12 Cloak +2 save vs fear +1 morale to commanded group

d12 Noble Inheritance
1 Multiple piece of jewellery d6x 30gp
2 3d6x 5gp gold pieces
3 Outfit suitable for a visit to court or church
4 Cameo of a beloved relative 120gp
5 Gold chain necklace 90gp
6 Inherit a ruined building and abandoned land
7 Coat of arms recognised for generations by experts
8 Riding horse and saddle
9 Young servant d4HP dagger, grooming, animal handling
10 Elderly relative d4 dagger, steward, etiquette
11 Banner +1 Morale to forces under your command
12 +1 shield with ancestors coat of arms

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The War Against the Amphibians Part 2 Encounters & Wonders

The War Against the Amphibians Part 2 (Also Gone To The Frogs 4)
This part deals with encounters during these wars and also assumes frogs are the main antagonist but you could swap for other creatures. 

The encounter table is d100 but use lower dice early on start with a d6 first roll and increase the dice to d8 d10 d12 d20 etc as the invasion goes from just a few forgs to gee that's lots of frogs I can barely sleep to wow a seven-foot tall frog with a club is looking angrily at me how did it get so close. You can do the same for wonder tables as the frogs contrive stranger feats and monuments.

Wonders are for the sights you may gaze upon in the frog war. You can use them anywhere needing memorable scenery on a trip. You could avoid them and keep going or stop for a look or chat. They could be encounters but characters should be able to avoid getting involved. They could be used for quest locations or a few could be rolled for a journey into friends 

Meeting frogs who are naive idiots is common that's because they are an adult in four years and these tend to be more violent and adventurous. Older ones prefer simple life at home. Many individual amphibians are ok and just swept up in the war so some might show mercy, help you escape or let you go. Many will be surprised and confused by fair play from humans.

As the war goes on things should escalate and increasingly weird and dangerous threats and weirder wonders should be seen. Water is a good indicator of danger. Puddles, mud, rain, water crossings all becomes more dangerous and should be signs of danger as the amphibians change the land with their elder magic. Making the frogs wilder in raim is a good practice especially if dark. They begin wild rituals, orgies or violent mobs in such conditions some even are berserker who love storms. Weather and rain and ambient water might affect morale rolls for amphibians. Fire and heat they dislike

Of course, were amphibians go on murderous rampages mostly on human kind. 

Sound can also be an indicator as croaking frogs can be dramatic keeping everyone awake and drowning out voices. Then you might notice a deeper different croak of some other mystery amphibian. Perhaps the frogfolk are croaking out complex plans hidden in the common bullfrog chatter or casting spells!

Amphibians are masters at transforming land and raising the water table and calling rain and weather. So rain and floods might be preludes to an attack. They will sneak eggs and tadpoles of their own kin, giant amphibian monsters for war but also spread common amphibians as food as most amphibians are a bit amphibious and often eat their lame or embarrassing children while small.

Amphibians also seed spores of giant magical fungus and will even live in mushroom buildings and palaces and castles they grow. They also feed bugs and worms who they eat and have shrines to bug and worm gods. Frogs farm worms and bugs and these are often released and huge and disliked by human farmers. Vermin that gnaw wood or swarms of flies, giant mosquitoes and other bugs are used in war and as domestic beasts of labour, transport or war. Their increase is a sign of frog guerilla ecological war in progress. Spiders and amphibians have mixed relations as some eat each other and others get along so it's complicated but basically, amphibians don't farm arachnids and scorpions.

Amphibian cults know how to awaken the "true" spirit nature of the swamp with rituals and specialist cults. These can become part of the nature of the swamp forevermore. Not all areas useful to amphibians but some factions will know secrets of how to best adapt and these occupy the area rapidly. They profoundly affect local amphibians and can be small nodes or huge regions given time.

Some amphibians have come to use rats instead of bugs, especially in cooler places and cities. They also keep ratfolk warriors and ratling servants. Beavers of all types are revered and aided by amphibians who make slaves carry wood for beavers and feed them root vegetables and tasty wood. Most mammals are disliked. Reptiles can be friend or foe but tend to try and dominate amphibians.

d12 Awakened Wetlands
1 Primordial dark swamp fern forest with prehistoric giant salamanders and other amphibians and bugs that predate dinosaurs. Huge dragonflies, centipedes and bugs and giant salamander-like behemoths roam
2 Haunted slimy fog-shrouded bog choked with corpses of thousands of drowned war dead, now slimy and wormy undead roam with ruined villages and semi-submerged burial grounds 
3 Dark Faerieland fungus forest swamp often with goblins and dark elves and pixies that may compete or live with frog amphibian allies. Hags and trolls and other creatures occupy the area
4 Bright Faerieland forest wetlands where talking animals live with with faeriefolk, often with satyrs, elves, dryads, treefolk and other faerie and sylvan folk
Sulpher swamps with strange mineral formations, pools, hot springs, boiling mud, geysers and lava pools. The amphibians here are allied to elemental fire and earth and insensitive to the hostile toxic landscape. FIrenewts, Salamanders and Toads especially practice cults and adaptions and bloodlines to thrive here 
6 Marshy bogs and forests with islands, great rocks and prehistoric monoliths and caves. Rich in vegetation and fungus and bugs and worms and earth elementals. Some caves and huge burrows expose gems and crystals and even secret crystal caves are hidden inside with magical crystal properties and creatures 
Wetland with strange magic pools abound in this strange clear swamp with deep blue pools into subterranean caves, the area is full of sinkholes and underground often flooded caves. Such places make ideal hiding places for amphibian temples and spawning pools. Water weirds and nymphs and other magical wetland beings are attracted to magic pools of healing, divination and gateways. The wetland will flood adjacent areas bringing in water from the elemental plane
8 An area of wild weather often foggy or raining or stormy and a good place for amphibians to hide or defend. Weather spirits and air elementals are found here while most flying creature struggle to fly here. Under the water large bubble spaces exist where amphibians build secret mushroom villages 
Slime swamp with all kinds of oozes, algoids, jellies and disgusting macroscopic creatures as well as shoggoths. Chaos pools act as mutagens or gateways or living shoggoths or spawn from beyond. Esoteric amphibian cults call slime demons from beyond or tentacled frog demon behemoths
10 Fungus Forest of rapid growth wild fungus forest with good hiding places and food for bugs and worms an ideal place for an amphibian settlement. Patches of fungus forest are separated by streams and bogs. Clouds of fog are sometimes choking spores, locals can see the difference in advance and hide
11 Ice swamp with chilled water and frozen patches around the edges with ice and smow in the middle. Ice crystal monoliths and cold spirits and ice elemental monsters roam. Some amphibians cope with cold water here well but some have become allied to frost elemental beings and and can tolerate direct ice and snow and communicate with frost salamanders and ice newts of ice toads
12 Chaos mutant swamp oozing with horrible vermin that spreads from here with a malicious evil spirit lord of the area that spreads curses and disease. It directs infested creatures to obey its will and persecutes strangers. Locals who worship the spirit are protected, aided and warned of danger. Lots of monstrous mutant creatures and animated giant carnivorous plants live here too

Part of series
The War Against the Amphibians Part 1 Amphibian Forces Forces
The War Against the Amphibians Part 2 Amphibian  Encounters & Wonders
The War Against the Amphibians Part 3 Amphibian Rumours & Treasure

d100 Amphibian War Encounters
01 Lots of croaking frogs, at night gets louder
02 Clouds of flying bugs and other big insects
03 Rats running away from something in swarms
04 Carnivorous huge beetles 2d4 looking for food
05 Huge spider or aggressive snake looking for new home
06 Clouds of locust swarm everywhere eating crops then go back where they came from
07 Dozens of toads hopping about, some glare grumpily at travellers knowingly
08 Cloud of disgusting swamp flies 
09 Swarm of crawling huge ants, colony seeking new home
10 Swarm of flying stinging bugs, have a hive nearby 1in6 are bees with honey 
11 Pack of giant toothed frogs charge attacking like wolves, often hidden fo ambush
12 Giant toad hidden in muck makes ambush attack to grab someone then will borrow backwards into a hole, will target small person or livestock
13 Hundreds of frogs or toads hopping everywhere chasing huge bugs, some bigger specimens are eating smaller ones and clearly will grow a frightening size
14 Frogs or toads rain from the sky then hop away for hiding places while others sit about croaking
15 A giant prehistoric salamander crawls from hide to snap hungrily at movement
16 A giant dragonfly attacks, often snatch a pet or gnome
17 A giant axolotl lurks in the water near a crossing or pool, leap out to grab and pull in a victim walking near 
18 Giant flies 2d4 hoping to implant maggots
19 Clutch of giant maggots 3d4
20 Carrion worm in hiding or possibly follow party scent
21 Naked frog folk couple (1in4 carry 2d4 eggs or tadpoles in slime backpack) sent out to spawn in human lands with no tools or clothes
22 Frogling scouts mostly hidden and will flee, these use poison darts and arrows
23 An angry lone frogfolk with a broken branch club, is a beserker
24 Frogling scouts with slings who quickly flee into trees or water
25 Toad or frog sniper with a composite bow in a hide firing extreme range with poison arrows, often will only fire twice depending if victims look responsive or clueless
26 Frogfolk warrior with 2d4 goblins and a pet giant war frog, scrounging for pet food
27 Frogling druid sets entangle spell then insect swarm, may flee or follow up with summoned creatures, has a pet giant salamander
28 Frog folk hooligan gang 3d4 with improvised clubs and rocks starving and idiotic
29 Squad of frog warriors with shields, axes, javelins and string vest uniforms, led by a vet sarge with a great axe who trained the other younger ones he found in swamp
30 Salamander folk knight riding giant prehistoric newt with a lance and sword and shield in scale armour seeks glory versus a worthy foe
31 A clan of human marsh folk, with tattered old clothes with bows, spears and axes and a few blunderbus among elders. The clan are creeps who start following and abusing strangers hoping to rob and eat them or marry the purdy ones without mutations. Their clan hero is a savage were toad who can change at will and is the biggest bully. Food and grog will pacify them mostly but if they like you they will want to join you
32 Robed wizard cult with staffs and daggers, a 5th Lv wizard and his d4 1st Lv apprentices, they are wizards helping the amphibians in return for dark lore 
33 Mob of human frog hunters hunting a frog folk murderer, the mob leader is a were frog and luring them all to a hazardous bog where they can kill the punt humans
34 Terrified human deserters from kingdom army, will claim on mission and demand food and weapons, escaped captivity and not going back to army. Could be recruited but there is a price on their head or their superiors would rather have them back in barracks
35 Child being chased by salamander folk with a clever and spear
36 Frog rabble warriors with captured human clothes and armour 2d4 with 3d4 human prisoners being led to frogland
37 Peasants fleeing frog army coming this way, five squads each with sarge and commander and priest in charge them all
38 Wagonloads of refugees fleeing amphibian hordes and the land that's gone to the frogs
39 Military scout on horse, questions travellers about signs of frog forces
40 Inquisitor hunting for amphibian spies, lycanthropes and those with mutant amphibian taints. Has guards, a rogue spy, an executioner, two guards and a mob of 5d6 furious frog stomping villagers 
41 Frog runners 3d4 warrior scouts who can run a marathon daily and still fight, loincloths, body paint and hatchets and daggers, expert trackers
42 Marching newtfolk infantry in scale with shield and spears and shortbows, disciplined 10+3d4 led by sarge and lieutenant. They are a disciplined force on a quest to capture a vital location or person 
43 Firenewts on striders (3) each with a shortbow, sword and a lance scouting for larger place
44 Salamander folk fire knight riding a burning fire salamander from the plane of fire, the knight has a lance and can shoot burning arrows, these weapons and the rider are fireproof
45 Barbaric gang of frog warriors in furs and horned helmets carrying battle axes and throwing axes and shields, band of 4+2d4 berserk cultists chewing mushrooms to incite their rage  
46 Axalotl warriors in brightly painted turtle shell armour with furs and feathers, shield, obsidian bladed club, obsidian poison darts, prefer to ambush from water and make no effort to comunicate
47 Newtling scouts 8+3d4 with slingers, archers and darts and several giant prehistoric salamanders
48 Frogling totem scouts with wild colours, use poison blowpipes and darts and shortbows preferably from ambush, will attack flee track repeat, more determined and murderous than other small frogling folk
49 Toad noble on chariot car pulled by two giant newts, a driver with a whip steers, the lord uses a lance or bow or sword and two warriors hurl javelins and shiled the driver and lord
50 Newt cavalry with newtfolk riding giant riding newts with scale armour, lance, sword and shortbow. A dozen with a commander are patrolling for fleeing humans they can harry
 Toad alchemist with four toad warriors with muskets (4) and 2d4 goblin suicide bombers with a grenade each. Alchemist carries a siege mine that 2 goblins can carry into position to breach a wall or destroy a small building or ship 
52 Olm Mystic a 5th Lv priest has brought his four acolyte priests and a giant war frog guardian. The blind albino mystic is searching for valuable amphibian relics left in humanland long ago
53 Caecilian 5th Lv wizard with 2d4 fungus folk guardians and d4 tame carrion worms and a d4 charmed humans servants and a cage of 2d4 prisoners pulled by a giant rhino beetle
54 Frog Sorcerer riding a giant charmed snapping turtle with four frog warriors looking to loot drugs and wine and offering to make people rich if they trade frog weed and frog grog
55 A frog folk giant as big as a hill giant with a club and shield, has normal frog folk shaman parent and 2d4 frogling warriors. The giant obeys its shaman parent and if it is killed the other frog god parent will seek revenge. It often snacks on humanoids in battle swallowing them whole

56 A salamander wizard 5th Lv riding d4 apprentices on own flying beast following, they drop incendiaries or noxious swamp gas and fog bombs 
57 Evil frog wizard diabolist with pet Imp, d4 firetoads, six frog warriors and a lesser devil, they catch humans and release them in exchange for souls and offer better deals if join the hellfrog club
58 Chaos Toad wizard with a gem eye that can shoot a magic missile per round and four tentacles with ling reach and two extra d6 attacks or grapples round, has a gaggle of 3d4 mutant frogfolk minions and 2d4 mutant humans transforming into frogfolk, has a d4 giant mutant toads
59 Elder Newt Wizard 
60 Elder Salamander from a long-gone salt-tolerant coastal breed with a strange spade shaped head. Has a shoggoth servant and several were salamander guards, carries a tome of forbidden prehuman lore and outer void beings
61 Band of wetland smugglers and bandits teamed up to fight amphibians, will aid any they can and exchange warnings about amphibians in the area
62 Crier serving the king warns refugees the right way to flee the amphibian menace, 1in6 are charmed and sending commoners to a trap
63 A gang of townsmen have formed a militia and roaming the countryside stomping on frogs, 5d4 of them with commoner and improvised weapons led by a charismatic thug 1in6 led by a were amphibian leading them to slaughter innocents
64 Cavefolk from deep in the earth have come up from the deep to help kill frogs 
65 A violent mob of swampfolk frog cultists with muskets 12+3d4, depraved maniacs looking for the two kinds of prisoners eatin kind and the marryin kind
66 Demon cultists led by a 5th Lv priest with a lesser tentacled frog demon and 12 1st Lv acolyte priests of darkness, also has 2d5 zombies, here to aid chaos and earn respect from future amphibian overlords
67 Human druid with charmed giant frogs has been struggling to decide what the balance is here but hopes to advise local forces of ending frogwar with minimum violence, local humans call the druid a dirty frog lover and want to hang them for treason
68 A gang of wounded soldiers are eating roast frog legs freshly cut off frogfolk prisoners, others tied up or in a cage writhe in terror
69 A posh twit officer is chasing and whipping his squad of grunt troops, corporal warns you of frogling archers coming here, you will never see them coming till its too late
70 A posh person is goading their servants and donkey to carry too much loot and beating them with a stick, d4 1=cowardly priest 2=greedy merchant 3=petty noble 4=slimy crime boss 
71 Human prisoners with Beatles riding backs with mandibles on their throats, led by a dozen toad warriors and a extra large leader riding on a palanquin carried by 12 slaves with his two fire toad pets

72 A bard singing at angry mob benefits of frog rule and low taxes and easy work farming bugs and the bard starts to sway the crowd with his music. He is a werefrog bard and agent of amphibians
73 A wagon of the empire with thirty green soldiers and 6 cavalryriders are taking chests of army payroll the wrong way, commander is a weresalamander and will seize the wagon and flee with gold to the amphibian warlords to fund frog stuff
74 Meet a man on the road asking for help and where army and amphibians are, is a weretoad spy and seeks information, if senses party are agents my try to travel with them and will have some secret messenger toads, after the war if alive will try to rejoin party 
75 Meet a Bishop carrying a relic with thirty cleric templar guards, six with horses, transporting a holy relic and records of the church away from filthy amphibians who will just feed them to worms and bugs. A newt warlock is chasing them and the priests ask for aid
76 Nobility fleeing in carriage with driver, coachgunner with blunderbuss and 4 horse rider escorts d4 1=broken weel or wounded horse need help 2=chased by hopping mad frog berserkers 3=newt ambush can be seen ahead but escorts don't notice 4=giant toads burst from ground startling horses and making the carriage roll and half horses are killed in accident
77 Slavers a dozen working with six toad gangsters with a giant war toad, rounding up refugees. The toadsfolk are profiteers and not officials and do this every frog war for beer money
78 Tax collector in wagon and dozen masked secret police on horses trying to pass swarm of fleeing commoners, a weretoad bard agent starts to stir up the mob against the tax man who needs to pay the kingdoms mercenaries  
79 Soldiers and refugees are drinking beer abandoned in a wagon from barells. Turns out it is frog grog and the mob is getting boisterous instead of fleeing like everyone else. A were toad bard agitator in the crowd passes around huge cigars of frogweed from a sack and all forget about the crisis
80 A battle with a score of frog warriors and a dozen salamander folk cavalry fighting a motley collection of human infantry, archer-scouts and knights, all are covered in mud and blood from the battlefield and past fights
81 Drums and croaks are heard as a dozen giant toads directed by a score of toad warriors are coming, a dozen smaller toadling scouts direct the path of the monsters and try to direct enemies into the mouths of their pets
82 A froghemoth beast crashes through the landscape flailing about haphazardly and is always hungry
83 Rain starts and within minutes giant salamanders crawl from waters or ground looking for food to gobble up all over the area
84 A flood of water begins from trickle to waste high for d4 hours, after waters subside huge giant prehistoric salamanders are left around
85 A great carpet of huge toads or frogs or salamanders smother the area eating everything, commoners trying to flee though them getting nipped at
86 Elder giant amphibian has awoken as big as a hill giant and casts spells as 5th level wizard or priest or druid with with a dozen newt warriors
87 An elder race of amphibians has come forgotten by history, ogre salamnder folk
88 A Firenewt wizard 9th Lv with a dozen warriors on striders with 2d4 fire toads, two fire salamanders and a fire elemental burning human property
89 A Icenewt sorcerer 9th Lv with a dozen warriors riding Ice toads with a white dragon ally 
90 A frog druid priest 9th Lv has two treant guards and a dozen giant frogs and six frog warrior beserk guards, one beast will be enhanced by the druid and they will cast more summoning spells 
91 Giant clouds of huge nasty red eyes flies swarm over the area while the amphibians snack on them, as visibility drops and they crawl in mouths and eyes and noses the sound of giant hungry amphibians can be heard
92 A storm begins darkening the sky, huge croaks begging and then giant amphibians of all kinds swarm over area, even humanoid folk and smaller kin will rage furiously while the storm lasts and ignore the terrible weather that hinders everyone else

93 Distant croaks begin to sound odd and some with knowledge will recognise the sound of a ritual to call some tentacled frog demon from beyond. After a crescendo there will be a scream then lightning and a demon a a coven will chase the party, Led by a 7th Lv wizard with a 5th, 2x4th, 2x3rd, 2x2nd and 2x1st Lv  hoping to obtain a sacrifice for tomorrow night
94 Ancient amphibian mummies, dozens arise from an ancient bog here to serve
95 A swamp hag with her frog folk lovers 2d4 amphibian warriors

96 A force of reptilian mercenaries, four dozen tuatara folk lizard warriors with a  with a carnosaur, a triceratops and an ankylosaur here to aid their amphibian forebears crush humanity
97 A Caecilian Titan crawls from the earth leaving huge trenches, pits and tunnels. A destroyer of cities making way towards nearest human settlement, behind it 120 irregular frog warriors with improvised clubs follow their god 
98 Great chanting of hundreds calls forth one of the elder frog daemons from beyond, releasing it to hop on this world and bringing a storm and a rain of frogs, as it gets stronger lightning strikes the altar until the got slopes into our world and begins to gormlessly eat the cultists like bugs. The cult could be stopped and sacrifices saved, the ritual takes hours. The god can banished if ritual is reversed
99 100 newtfolk infantry with 40 cavalry on prehistoric salamanders, led by a 9th Lv d4 1=newt knight 2=newt wizard 3=newt priest 4=newt druid and four water elementals sent by the gods 
100 A great battle with a thousand a side and many monsters on the amphibian side, some heroes targeting these could turn the tide of battle

d100 Wonders
01 A sudden shower rains frogs from the sky covering the countryside in huge frogs
02 Vast clouds of flying bugs darken the sky flying overhead deeper into the kingdom, huge bugs crawl everywhere making food for some creatures 
03 Vast swarms of crawling bugs and worms crawl from the soil and immediately start eating and crawling everywhere
04 See an amphibian camp with cages of bugs and workers treating them with magic fungus to make them giant and releasing them
05 A huge flying rhinoceros beetle crashes and a d12 amphibian troops come from the mess and get ready to move out once recovered
06 Great sinkholes open up, vast pits filled with millions of worms ready for an amphibian horde or to release as pupated bugs
07 Lakes, ponds and wells are covered in froth from amphibian spawn, water harder to find and also full of amphibians
08 Lakes, ponds and wells are full of amphibian spawn mostly in form of tadpole or tiny young, some seem unusually large bigger than a fist
09 Nobody can hear each other talk over the sound of croaking for d4 days, sleeping is impossible for some and a few people go frog crazy turning to violence
10 Giant earth mounds appear of grassy areas and in gardens, giant burrowing amphibians have dug these and sense any nearby tasy beings who move near them, often they overestimate what fits and many will come out to help from near mounds
11 Frog drums and chanting is heard each night growing in number and this disturbs and breaks the resolve of many people who start to panic
12 Eerie haunting lonely croaks in the night seem to be following and getting closer 
13 Birds one day all wake early and silently and fly away, most say this is a bad omen
14 Fish in fresh waters all missing mysteriously and following days people disapear
15 Giant mushrooms have been growing as big as houses blocking roads and forming barriers
16 A fungus castle has grown over the last few nights and now is occupied by amphibian warriors and storing vital bug supplies
17 Giant termite or ant mounds appearing in area taller than houses and some are merging into towers
18 Giant insect hives have appeared often bees or wasps making areas inhospitable territory
19 Giant flowers and other strange vegetation has sprouted, and these attract giant butterflies and caterpillars and moths
20 Carnivorous plants planted by frog agents months ago have reached maturity and some have become mobile, dangerous plant creatures ignore amphibian folk 
21 See an amphibian prison camp where naked people in pits surrounded by thorn bushes, humans are daily shipped in and out
22 Amphibians have been built a great hall from wood and bones and skins for feasting and every night a hundred amphibian warriors feast and croak here and every night human playthings are tormented in games that kill a few each night
23  A great wall of thorns appears making passage difficult through areas but amphibians and rodents can squeeze through
24 Frogs erect a bamboo tower with a hut on top and many in strategic places that are hard for humans to reach
25 Amphibian marker stones have been appearing and in some cases dug up by amphibians from ones left in past frogwars. Each depicts a frog god and a royal leader and declares this area occupied by amphibia 
26 A statue or stelae dedicated to an amphibian elder, god or ruler
27 See a sneaking frog enter a trapdoor on a grass slope, inside secret amphibian bunker complex and spy outpost
28 Frogs and beavers building a huge dam to redirect a waterway and flood a region
29 Toads building a great earth mound partly using prison labour and earth elementals. Various steppes on the slope have preying toad priests and statues are being erected for an amphibian coronation
30 Great canals are being dug by colossal toads and turtles and flooded helping expand amphibian power, human slaves aid the great beast work with green warrior guards
31 Amphibian priests feed human victims into the mouths of colossal amphibians
32 An arena where toad folk release halfling prisoners into the ring with giant toads 
33 Vast fields of narcotic herbs like frog weed and strange mushrooms that give funny dreams are springing up everywhere making chilling out from the horror of frogwar easier
34 Giant caterpillars grazing in fields and some occasionally eat an animal if hungry
35 A thousand froglings gathering around the pond in acoustic valley or cavern preparing for a charming frog choir, bards will be able to add some tunes to their own repertoire 
36 Hundreds of amphibian warriors relaxing, swimming, playing games and drinking possibly deserters or just relaxing after a battle, some are planning a singalong show for the night
37 A large dam where frogs are relaxing playing sports, boating and fishing having a break from the war awaiting new orders
38 Amphibian army building siege weapons like covered battering rams and catapults, as well as seige shields and mobile barricades and ladders, stripping local woodlands
39 Toads have been excavating an ancient underground highway entrance they plan a surprise attack with, some areas blocked and have monsters but committed toad sappers and tunnel fighters are enthused about re-opening tunnels and trade
40 Toad masons have carved a great amphibian head into mountain, cliff or rock face of a ancient philosopher
41 Waggonloads of grubs are being brought to the front in waggons with escorts, if the grubs get loose many toads failing a morale test will be busy catching grubs instead of stopping anyone
42 Toadsfolk herding a gigantic toad when it gets annoyed and eats a handler
43 A huge earthen mound erupts as a titanic toad arises and gobbles up a herd of goats
44 Gigantic toads pulling stone monuments celebrating the new amphibian empire, with handlers directing the beasts leaving huge trails
45 Titanic Caecilian with handlers digging huge underground tunnel highway, come to surface to rest and feed 
46 Axalotl warriors have erected a sacrificial war altar where they slaughter prisoners for their skinless chaos god. This clan have almost transparent flesh and butcher victims with obsidian war clubs. They are collecting human skins and flesh and skulls to make a flesh colossus for the war effort
47 See a cave pool where amphibian troops march in and out of. It leads to a secret flooded tunnel and the kingdom military have no idea this location. Lets amphibians avoid human blockades
48 Thousands of croaking frog creatures and races are writhing in a fertility ritual in a pond and covered in spawn
49 Chaos cultists release a frog demon thing from a stone vault and the beast eats some of them
50 Rings of croaking and dancing frog wizards training and all learning spells together in rings
51 Frog worshipping human cultists have to build a great wicker frog and have innocent animals and villagers caged inside. They plan to burn it as sun falls

52 Chanting frogs form a circle pattern croaking and a titanic moth lands, from the floor o its back two dozen amphibian troopers disembark from distant frogland
53 Frogs chanting for days is creating strange dreamlike illusions of the ancient primordial swamp, the dreams and illusions take greater hold each day and after a week some features become permanent
54 Toads having a contest to see who will be chief, battling to grab the most bugs in an arena. hundreds watch each bug carefully
55 Hear the distant croak of a huge army marching many miles away
56 A volcano erepts leaking fire down a mountain and a force for fire newts and flaming salamanders come marching out   
57 Newtlings building an outpost while warriors guard and help them. Using scaffolding and teamwork they build faster than most people and incorporate water features and gardens
58 A great sinkhole opens up into a flooded cave and olmfolk blindly march out chanting strange chants. Each is incredibly ancient and older than elves 
59 A structure of the kingdom collapses into a pit and caecilian warriors march out with their pet war beasts and prepare a camp, their leaders make plans to act as sappers. Toad tunnel fighters have been brought in as support
60 An amphibian slave farm has humans tending giant bugs in penned yards and feeding them muck defended by amphibian farmer clan 1in6 use undead slaves
61 A spawning pool where humans tend giant tadpoles of various amphibians in small ponds feeding them bugs and vegetables. Amphibian priests watch over the farm and beat prisoners hurting tadpoles or making them cry
62 Large pools where giant frogs bred for war by amphibian workers
63 Settlement village of amphibians in wooden stockades all freshly built and inhabited
64 An amphibian drama is put on by a sacred theatre show and an audience have dug out an amphitheatre with a pool for the show, by night over 300 amphibians arrive to see the show about tragic amphibian heroes
65 Some bards are holding a huge outdoor concert with crowds dancing merrily, they are drinking frog grog and smoking frog weed and beginning to croak to the music, finally many turn into were frogs and the crowd dont notice
66 Toadfolk performing a ritual at old standing stones summoning faeries, a frog wizard is negotiating with a faerie noble, best not to disturb faeries
67 Frog market where looted goods and strange frog items are for sale and bustling crowd of amphibian peoples of all types and a few goblins and elves. Strange exotic foods and cheap frog drugs are for sale. They assume anyone here is an amphibian agent or lycanthrope
68 A wattle and daub gigantic toad house has been built covered in moss and flowers, here a frog priest facilitates mass frog weddings where young naked frog couples are paired and sent into humanland, they also marry amphibian warriors and their captured naked slaves. If disturbed frogs will be outraged and some elderly ones will cry
69 A great hole appears and out march toads and newt warriors with giant amphibian war beasts, an army lines up in ranks till all out then march to war
70 A large gathering of amphibian bards many are lycanthropes with wagons with barrels of frog grog and dried frog weed leaves. A leader lectures younger ones the magical songs to charm humans, spread pro frog songs and amphibian vice
68 Swamphags, banshee and amphibian folk are engaged in strange sex rites in a clearing, croaking and moaning and writhing in amplexus, these include wizards making pacts with monsters, elderly human cultists arrive, disrobe and join in
69 Amphibians are dancing around a happy green dragon, decorating it with floral wreaths and bringing it prisoners to eat, the dragon seems pleased by this worship and is hearing about their struggle versus the wicked human kingdom
70 Toad warrior camp with over a hundred, some in centre being croaking and summon tamed ankheg burrowing monster bugs, the creatures take treats then burrow away leaving tunnels the toads follow and unpacking the camp
71 A cleared area where newtfolk and newtlings gather around a field awaiting nobles in tents to come out in decorated plate and mount their war salamanders for a housing contest. They are duelling for the right to lead this cavalry to war tommorrow
72 A salamander force have captured human soldiers and are holding a trial for them with toadfolk judge and a jury of frogfolk to try the captives, depending on their conduct they are stripped and branded as slaves or fed to a pair of war toad pets of the judge. At least one prisoner reveals they are a lycanthrope amphibian brother and is freed by joins audience for the fun
72 A beautiful mushroom tower hs sprung up and in the tower an attractive lonely amphibian cries out for rescue from their cruel wizard father, they belong to an important 
73 A force of marching amphibian guard a titan of their kind, the derpy god is led by a steady supply of victims to direct it with wagonloads of cages, the titan has at least a 5 room dungeon inside it and some diminutive halfling size priests bred for job go in and out of its mouth all the time to secret chambers within holding a relic. A hundred amphibian folk care for it and handle prisoners. If unfed and left alone it will burrow into the depths to sleep for an aeon
74 An amphibian necromancer with his human zombie minions is digging up a graveyard and making more undead for the cause, wandering strangers are good raw materials too, the wizard has a dozen warrior guards, a d4 apprentices preparing corpses and a giant salamander
75 Human camp where hundreds of refugees surrounded in thorn bushes and guarded by amphibians, humans are being given lottery tokens and they are being processed and sent off with various amphibian factions coming and going all day, new prisoners arrive brought by a squad of soldiers. Many humans in yokes or tied in chains. Amphibians cook mad humans wont eat bugs
75 Amphibians have called a celestial water dragon and are giving it fine fish and river pearls to eat and imploring it to aid them in war with floods and weather control over the region
76 An amphibian noble is marrying a dryad and mixed wedding of faerie folk and amphibians has gathered with amphibian and elf warriors guarding the rich spectacle
77 Amphibians making ritual at ancient monolith, releasing a demon imprisoned by Druids during the ice age long ago, the lead wizrd command the demon to attack the ruler of the kingdom 
78 Amphibian alchemists are launching a war balloon with apparatus and chemicals to make inflatable gas, they are loading it with incendiary, gas, fog and demolition bombs into the basket where the lead alchemist will operate the vehicle with d4 apprentices or goblin slaves, a squad of troops and a score of labourers with pack toads are helping launch it
79 A flying cloud castle populated by clan of elemental sky toads who long ago stole the cloud off giants. The amphibians use it to rain water on allies which makes most amphibians braver and the toads have a nest of giant bats they ride in their raids around the world
80 A great devil face has opened in a rockface and its mouth opens spewing forth hell newts and some lesser devil allies and fire toads 
82 Four elemental amphibian cults performing a huge ritual calling elementals through a breach, after each faction leaves towards a different human settlement
83 Frogs have built a fabulous greenhouse of bamboo and insect wings, inside dazzling precious bugs for a visiting noble frolic in a beautiful garden with a fountain (operated by teams of froglings living inside fountain who start it when people enter they can tell by cries of tasty spoiled posh bugs. They irrelevant gem and rainbow shiny metallic wonders even humans would collect and if preserved rare worth 40gp settings each. Two squads of amphibian warriors and a squad of toadling garners and frogling irrigation experts. A dashing frog captain awaits the visiting noble and leaders heading here for a secret VIP meeting
84 Amphibians warriors digging flooded trenches, earthworks and a dam using their amphibian fortification tradition. Inside the build a shrine to an amphibian cult or faction, a magician of some kind is helping the construction with an elemental labourer
85 A clan of toads have set up a mine, smelting and smithing operation with 300 toad folk. They have an adorable underground village and giant mushroom huts. Several alarm toads sit of giant mushrooms alert to threats and warning all with croaks. Some areas have firetoads on mushroom pylons out of reach of melee. Toads are making weapons for the war. Sometimes if the area is more wetlands frogs help gather bog-iron from
86 A gathering of chaos cultists, human and amphibian are feasting strange fungi from a nearby deep cavern, a cult leader notes which fungi do what before choosing which to eat. Many participants have strange mutations appear and some die or go mad
87 A gathering of commoner refugees and tired soldiers fleeing the front line. Tired people appreciate any aid or food and soldiers need healing. If helped they will spread praise for the party far and wide. Amphibian scouts and monsters are following them
88 Amphibian druid circle with berserker warrior guards and monster pets and some killer walking tree allies are remaining damage to land, healing trees and animals hurt by fireballs and other damage. Not hostile but helping nature, but could be angered by say loggers or miners or builders at work. WIll speak to human druids
89 Great quarry pit has been flooded and filled with bugs and slime, amphibians are relaxing and a bathing noble of great significance with captains drinking and bathing. Even the guards are chill and drinking and smoking and playing instruments for a big night party
90 A fungus frontier fort of amphibians is a local command centre with important documents (on books of giant dried lillypads). 25 warriors and riders and beast and some pets. Has a watch tower also. These use muskets with bayonets and swords and nice uniforms with hats
91 A great mushroom citadel more than 50 stories tall has grown to rule the land and has floors of amphibians, bugs and fungus beings. These used to be built back when they ruled the earth before the first dawn. A village around the entry trades and deals with goods and visitors.
A huge mushroom wall barrier has blocked off the land for miles, as wide as a house and two stories tall
93 Vegetation has grown thicker, swarming with bugs and giant fungus. Waterways especially with new reed and bullrush growth and thornbush walls. Amphibians have no problems navigating these mazes while most humans can be easily hunted. One such hunt could be seen from a distance as some refugees are rounded up. Quite a few monster bugs and amphibians live in the maze
94 Fog has covered the land with light showers every hour making it constant twilight or dark
A flaming pit opens releasing fire newts, fire salamanders and fire toads from the flaming depths with several elementals and amphibian wizards who all march to burn down nearest human civilisation
96 Human chaos cultists with amphibian folk in cages are being thrown into a chaos portal and they come out the other side as veteran mutant chaos knight amphibians. Having spent years in the demonic abyss. The human cultists which includes demon worshiping lycanthrope amphibians when finished will join the chaos band to raid commoners
97 Lawful newt knights in flamboyant ritual armour have rounded up mutant human and frog chaos cultists and plan to burn them all. Prisoners are being taken from cage wagons pulled by giant salamanders and tied to stakes. Newts gather wood while a newt paladin the leader watches the preparations ordering haste to burn these chaos mutants. The were-frogs have already been beheaded now looking human. The paladin is trying to purge amphibians of chaos cults but will destroy any chaotic evil as eventually all tainted by demons are just demons 
98 A huge pit an opening to the plane of chaos with eratic sounds and air vibrations and colour and shape-shifting entities coming and going from the pit devouring dirt and taking back to the pool. They are tunnelling some kind of dungeon complex to be a base for chaos. These void shoggoths can snatch a victim then phase to the ethereal plane effectively immaterial and invisible except to magic+3. Frog daemons from primordial chaos neither good nor evil just hungry seem to direct the operation. Lawful newt folk knights and hiding observing and will tell humans that this portal must be stopped by breaking a chaos relic inside they offer a +3 newt sword to come in with them
99 A newt paladin with his allies and pets faces a chaos toad wizard and its chaos mutant warband are facing off shouting. One side will call upon a greater demon and the other will summon a glowing archon with a sword of light. Both sides watch the beings battle and smash the area up then fight each other hearing their fanatic alignment cult creeds
100 One of the petty amphibian gods has arrived and a festival has gone wild (see frog gods in the Petty Gods Tome). The mob have the mood appropriate to the god who has come to help the frog cause with their elder knowledge, tricks and magic