Wednesday 31 May 2017

d100 Spirits in Bottles

Requested to do genie bottles. Last post surprisingly popular but requests like this I'm more likely to use. Now everyone will be looking up dead wizard skirts. I guess if pagan clerics have phallus holy symbols then wizards would be extra blasphemous. Wizards at parties can compare them and have contests.

Back to useful and less juve smut proper gaming content...

Jinn come in various tribes predating humans. Some are benevolent, some seek huma worship or to tempt humans with worldly vice others are worshipers of good powers. Other spirits of various power are possible. Some spirits animate corpses or become animals or human forms but most are invisible or vapour or smoke form. Many can fly or travel distances. Some are persecutors some are protectors of holy things or pious peoples.

Other spirits even ghosts are trapped in bottles often as punishment or imprisoned by enemies. Some are grateful for release others assume releaser allied to their captor and torment them instead from revenge. Some can be negotiated with to perform tasks or leave people alone. Magic spells and powers bing such creatures.

The Ghost of Thomas Kempe by Penelope Lively is a great kids horror book. One of my favorite kids writers. Honestly more creepy and less patronizing and middle class than potterverse.

d12 Containers
01 Terracotta hand lamp with cork
02 Dirty covered palm sized coloured glass bottle
03 Brass oil lamp
04 Old beer bottle with magic seal over cork
05 A small clay amphora jar sealed with tied dried leather
06 A decorated ornate box with sealed lid
07 A large gilded ornate box designed to be carried with two poles 
08 A ornate silver lantern with a small chain
09 A painted amphora with magic seal over lid
10 A gold and glass bottle covered in semiprecious stones
11 A gold lamp with gems encrusted

12 A large crystal bottle
d12 Found with...
01 Inside a plain locked wooden chest
02 Tied with a illegible scrawled note of warning
03 With ornate silk scroll warning of doom
04 With a holy paper seal dedicated to deity
05 A dusty wooden box with several skulls
06 A small stone sarcophagus
07 A locked and trapped iron chest
08 A old box with some bird bones, herbs, copper charms
09 A book warning of the contents of the bottle
10 A incomplete magical formula used to bind the spirit

11 A box of figurines and makeup tins
12 A collection of perfume or wine bottles or old lamps

d12 Imprisoned by...
01 Wizard to use as a slave
02 Priest to punish for wickedness
03 Alchemist to use in apparatus
04 A senior spirit wanted to punish it
05 A witch captured it for a service
06 Sorcerer imprisoned it for a client
07 Ancient shaman trapped it
08 Priest punished it for starting a cult
09 Ancient wizard bound it for a king
10 A exorcist imprisoned it for harming the faithful

11 Powerful angel or devil contained it
 A god bound it for some sin in pre human age

d12 When opened
01 A cloud of coloured vapour pours out
02 Grey fog oozes out and seeps into ground or hidden spaces
03 A thunderclap sounds
04 Eerie screeching sound echoes in air
05 Laughter bellows around opener
06 A wave of chilled air rushes out
07 A strong odour fair or foul pours out
08 Smoke pours out making opener wheeze and cough
09 A insect or tiny flying creature flies out and disappears
10 A animal form appears and stares at the opener

11 A human form appears confronting opener
12 A supernatural form half vapour appears

d100 Quick Contents
01 Petty spirit
02 Petty ghost
03 Mental parasite
04 Poltergeist
05 Imprisoned Ghost
06 Nature spirit
07 Dark spirit
08 Elder horror
09 Neutral spirit
 Benevolent spirit

Shamen might trap in leather or woven bags or inside drums or bones

d100 Spirits in Bottles
01 A naughty prankster spirit will torment opener and companions by moving small objects
02 A grumpy child ghost will pull hair and bedclothes by night
03 A nature sprite will judge if you are friend or foe to nature and help or hinder
04 A Imp will try to ruin your life unless you sell soul
05 Sleazy spirit with pinch bottom and move about under  bedclothes at night
06 Mean spirit will torment babies making them cry and wearing them down over time
07 Spirit loves opener will groom them, comb hair and help sponge in bath
08 Spirit brings opener tasty treats ans snacks until opener complains
09 Spirit will smack opener if they swear or say anything blasphemous
10 Spirit in form of fly or mosquito harrasses opener especially at night

11 Spirit offers parental patronizing but well intended advice
12 Spirit adopts form of small cat or dog that vanishes if any threat of harm for a while

13 Spirit adopts form of rat or gremlin that vanishes if any threat of harm for a while
14 Spirit of a evil familiar torments or aids opener can be heard scratching in walls at night
15 Spirit if rewarded with treats will serve as a groom, will care for clothing and dinnerware
16 Spirit temporarily animates things opener kills to torment them
17 Spirit follows opener and steals 1% of coins they handle to hide in spirit realm
18 Spirit finds lost coins giving opener a d10 copper coins daily
19 Spirit likes to knock on doors and windows to pester opener
20 Spirit will care for opener if wounded or unconscious, can heal 1hp per day 
21 Spirit tries to possess opener or someone to hoard wealth beyond reason
22 Hungry ghost tries to possess opener or someone so it can gorge itself to death
23 Alien spirit follows opener eats magic devouring a 1st lv spell daily for better or worse
24 Alien spirit possess opener or someone devouring a HP a day will return 1 to save host
25 Alien spirit possess opener to gleefully watch killings if not sated makes host kill daily
26 Alien spirit seeks victim to possess and place in coma till dead and move on
27 Alien spirit possess victim then begins to build a gateway to let own kind into world
28 Alien spirit possess victim but spends a month learning to walk, talk and use magic
29 Alien spirit possess victim then flees to find haunted place to summon demons
30 Alien spirit possess victim then lays eggs in brain which explosively hatch in d6 months
31 Teenage angry poltergeist spirits like to smash things around opener till calmed
32 Poltergeist loves opener and throws things furiously at anyone unkind or rude to them
33 Poltergeist child likes to play with openers weapons and shiny things when left alone
34 Poltergeist will steal openers knife and stab and disembowel persons it finds deplorable 
35 Poltergeist loves opener and will murder and mutilate anyone it is jelous of 
36 Poltergeist follows caster seeking opportunity to wreak havoc at some odd moment  
37 Poltergeist is a angry old warlock who flips through books seeking a magic formula
38 Poltergeist follows opener smashing bottles and hurling coins about
39 Poltergeist follows opener making stealth impossible and hurling stones at sentries
40 Poltergeist follows opener slapping and punching people
41 Spirit of woman killed by bandits begs heroes avenge her and kill the gang
42 Spirit of child heir murdered by rivals wants current line of manor exposed
43 Spirit of evil wizard craves new body to start his necromantic experiments
44 Spirit from lost age where monsters rule seeks to awaken sleeping horrors
45 Spirit from former age who battled evil imprisoned by evil wizard for revenge
46 Spirit of murdered magistrate knows crimes of local gangs
47 Spirit of long lost cause seeks to start battle again and champion doomed plight
48 Spectre will guard opener in sleep till death and possible their married partner
49 Several d6 shadows vanish into darkness and hunt the opener when night or dark
50 Ghostly wizard sage will act as advisor for life to opener
51 Dryad spirit needs to return to her tree but if opener finds her will get a reward
52 Nyad who seeks to return to her water source grants opener water breathing by kiss
53 Oread who returns to her mountain will give treasure to opener who visits her
54 Bearded old man nature spirit grants opener eternal youth unless they turn on nature
55 Kindly naga will aid opener until they save the openers life remaining invisible mostly
56 Earth elemental will serve opener till death once it animates a pile of earth
57 Blink dog who serves any good person who frees it from captivity
58 Treant spirit occupies a suitable tree body and will serve the opener for a year
59 Stone giant appears and will begrudgingly serve the opener for a year
60 Unicorn appears and will heal the opener and companions 
61 Ghul jinn spirit aids the opener but also offers sex and constantly eating corpses by night
62 Necromancer is released offers terrible knowledge of lost but corrupting relics
63 Vampire trapped in gaseous form once a great and feared evil champion
64 Black void with many clawing hands offers to slay one being and devour it's soul 
65 Reaper wielding skeletal spirit of death offers to spare the opener death for one year
66 Plague demon offers to make opener immune to disease then leaves to spread plague
67 Major demon appears offers one service before returning to the abyss
68 Forgotten petty noble of hell offers a tainted wish to the opener but will try to twist intent
69 Hellcat appears very friendly and accepts opener as master but gives evil advice
70 Helhound with scorpion tail will obey opener but bloodthirsty evil killer 
71 Elder tentacled horror of the outer void soars into the stars to plot apocalypse
72 Slime covered out of phase ape creature offers to take opener to any plane on request 
73 Serpentine lesser god makes opener able to speak to any reptile  then departs
74 Otherworldly light with eye at centre offers the gift of a gate through time for the opener
75 Bubbling chaos entity grants a mutation to all present at opening before fleeing
76 Hideous fly demon offers gift of d6 demon larvae as reward for freeing it
77 Night Hag released offers to find a demon or devil mate of openers dreams
78 Squid faced elder sea demon forms, grants opener telepathy with sea creatures
79 Flaming efreeti offers a wish to opener but will twist intent of non evil wishes
80 Daughter of the slime god grants immunity to green slime to the opener
81 Archon of cosmic law increases HP of opener to maximum if lawful then leaves
82 Overspace entity seeks to possesses body durable enough to not explode 
83 Great spirit entity grants power of spirit sight to opener 
84 Spirit dragon offers great treasures to those who free it
85 Titan imprisoned by the gods freed offers a wish to opener but gods are displeased
86 Jinn of forgotten tribe gives the opener a attribute point as reward
87 Primordial hunter and lord of death offers to restore a loved one from death to opener
88 Elemental lord grants immunity to harm from it's kindred elementals
89 Jinn of old times thanks opener for this act of worship and offers position in new cult90 Petty god is released into world and it grants a boon to the opener then hits the road
91 Good jinn offers wish to the opener and offers advice on the wise usage before granting
92 Angel released during primordial battle seeks to cleanse world of evil with fire
93 Gold dragon released grants opener a magic item from it's lair in the heavens
94 Angel offers a reward to opener a ring to summon them three times
95 Beast lord pleased with releaser grants ability to speak with one animal species
96 Deva offers to take opener away in chariot to heaven to be it's consort for million years
97 Spirit of lost saint rewards opener with permanent bless spell
98 Cherubim offers a flaming weapon to opener to help them battle forces of the wicked
99 Shedu appears offers to aid opener as reward in a future crisis by calling it's name
100 Forgotten god of good trapped in primordial times rewards opener by taking to heaven

Monday 29 May 2017

d100 Wizard Dicks by Request

This is what happens when nobody gives me sensible requests.
I don't get how this is metal. I don't listen to metal but I'm glad it exists.
If someone offers you a wizard dick you should probably say no
Could be good for curses. please don't ask me for wizard tits.

d100 Wizard Dicks by request
01 Dragon dick shoots d3 micro fireballs when aroused, sleeps if covered
02 Tentacle dick - one foot long prehensile
03 Slobbering tongue dick one foot long not that great for wizard
04 talking dick verbally offers advice on how to get laid constantly
05 Detachable dick will wander off on own if neglected for 24 hours
06 Tree dick is made of wood and has tiny green leaves
07 Newt dick is slime and tries to escape when aroused causes hallucinations if licked
08 Fire dick bursts into flame if aroused and immune to fire, fire elementals like it
09 Water dick turns into bubble of water when aroused mostly useless
10 Earth dick turns into stone when aroused with no feeling but elementals like it

11 Air dick turns invisible when aroused but air elementals can see it
12 Necrodick is rotting and smelly but undead ladies might like it

13 Crystal dick is a foot long colourful crystal formation
14 Rabbit dick tries to escape and bites you if you touch it 
15 Ethereal dick can only affect creatures on the ethereal plane looks like a ghost dick
16 Snake dick can eat mice or rats and bites anything in front of it 1in6 is a cobra
17 Insect dick not terribly appealing
18 Echidna dick has multiple heads and is pretty appealing
19 Bat dick has wings and screeching bat head
20 Rhino dick 1.5 yards long when aroused save vs unconsciousness each round
21 Prismatic dick changes every colour with various dangerous magic effects
22 Duck dick is a writhing worm like tube as long as wizard is tall normally inside body
23 Footlong demon penis tries to convince you to cut it off with horrible lies
24 Has mothers face and hair on end berates you when aroused and gives advice
25 Cactus dick covered in inch long spikes
26 Displacing dick actually 4" inches away from where it looks
27 Spider dick has spindly legs and horrible poison fangs that bites anyone who comes near
28 Yard long elephant trunk dick rolls up when not in use
29 Skeleton key bone dick can pick locks and is very enjoyable
30 Lute dick can play popular bardic tunes
31 Chimera dick has a lion and a goat head that are jerks
32 Hook dick can support wizards weight effortlessly, not very appealing
33 Raven dick a squawking bird that repeats phrases like "nevermore"
34 Plutonian dick can travel in time to primordial past when aroused
35 Frill necked lizard dick when aroused opens its frill and hisses aggressively
36 Rose dick has thorny green shaft and bud opens when aroused, attracts bees
37 Volcano dick of obsidian when aroused leaks molten rock and smoke
38 Squid dick has ten barbed tentacles and latches onto anything and tries to bite 
39 Dog dick has friendly furry dog dick that woofs lots
40 Cat dick furry and temperamental but bites when happy
41 Moray eel dick snaps at strangers
42 Shark dick chomps gobs of meat from anything near by if aroused
43 Trumpet disk blows revelry every morning and when aroused
44 Roper dick has one eye, four tentacles is hyper intelligent and evil
45 Cave fisher dick has lobster claws, lowers long sticky proboscis to trap small creatures
46 Lamprey dick is a blood sucking horror
47 A small iron cannon dick when aroused fires a tiny cannonball with loud bang
48 Flute dick very enjoyable when others play it
49 Icicle dick is a lump of para elemental ice that has a deadly point tip
50 Ghoul dick is a rotting glowing dick that causes paralysis on touch
51 Candy cane dick is a sweet striped mint flavoured candy treat
52 Devil penis has sulphur spitting face that will become normal for price of your soul
53 Drill penis enjoys boring through wood or meat d4 damage
54 Scissor penis enjoys cutting things
55 Lamp penis has glowing head which works as a light source
56 Lotus pipe dick like a pipe stem if smoked has addictive lotus smoke
57 Golden holy dick covered in holy symbols ejaculates holy water on climax
58 Boat dick is a tiny galleon with crew of micro seamen on board
59 Metal robotic dick can interface with advanced technology
60 Knife penis enjoys stabbing things
61 Bagpipe dick makes horrible loud noise when aroused
62 Ovipositor tube deposits wizard clone eggs in victims that hatch and eat way out
63 Goblin dick is green a foot long and ejaculates a gallon of green slime at a time
64 Mushroom head opens on arousal and releases mushroom spores when ejaculates
65 Screeching monkey face dick makes annoying noises
66 Prehensile dick can elongate to ten foot long and can be used to swing and climb
67 Acid dick urinates corrosive fluid that can cut metal or inflict a d4 damage
68 Milk dick urinates cow milk and ejaculates butter
69 Bee dick shoots out angry bees when ejaculating and pees honey
70 Electric dick shoots a d6 lightning bolt when ejaculating
71 Gore dick urinates blood and ejaculates blood clots
72 Rope dick can elongate to 100 foot of rope but cutting it unappealing
73 Hammer dick only feels pleasure when hammering nails, spikes or stakes
74 Flesh flower dick when aroused opens like a flower releasing calming pollen
75 Wand dick can shoot a magic missile per round while masturbating
76 Web dick is a monstrous flesh trumpet that can shoot a web on climax
77 Butterfly dick that ejaculates butterflies on climax
78 Rust monster cock works like a rust monster tentacle
79 Unicorn horn dick can purify water on contact, urinates pure spring water
80 Nega-dick fires bolts of life draining energy for d4 instead of urinating or ejacuulating 
81 Ghost dick is semi transparent and ejaculates masses of ectoplasm
82 Party dick urinates beer
83 Troll dick two feet long and regenerates unless burned or damaged with acid
84 Basilisk dick turns lovers to stone on climax
85 Manna dick glows when aroused and ejaculates d4 healing potion
86 Polymorphing dick turns sex partner into random animal on climax
87 Abyssal dick ejaculates demon ichor that turns lovers into lesser demons 
88 Witch dick allows you to fly when erect and naked with no baggage
89 Bronze penis unfeeling always erect and two foot long   
90 A foot comes from wizards groin 12 inches long
91 A forearm comes from the wizards groin with a functional hand
92 A duck neck and head grows from wizards groin and quacks in all kinds of situations
93 Wizards dick can sing and likes to set the mood with popular folk songs
94 Wizards freakish demon dick can shoot a live bat each round
95 Wizards freakish dick with elder sigils can ejaculate one pound micro shoggoths 
96 A mass of tentacles with a eye and a beak
97 Fully functional enormous male and female genitals and functional womb
98 A golden jewel encrusted sceptre fit for a king two feet long
99 A gorgons face on the end of a scaly dick with glowing eyes that can turn people to stone
100 Chaos dick - reroll every day on this table

Please send me sensible requests
If you like this post make a pdf in case

Saturday 27 May 2017

Xor Character Sheet

Today I did this in one go. Few little things I will jiggle but practicing and failing previously  and doing on A3 with some folds and cyan guidelines. Will reduce and scan sometime and repost. Did a back not quite as good but functional for now. Dallas asked what is the Birth bit for and that is so you can note your birth circumstances. Were your from Scotland or france or the green skinned cannibal folk who found you born from a meat tree. Nice to get pens out again.

Thursday 25 May 2017

Terrible Campaign Ideas: Seven Slayers

So mostly playing fallout waiting for my certs to be approved so can work in the state Im living in but I've had some awesome dreams . On good one was I was looking in a bookshop and reading backs of books which don't exist. One striking lurid covered one in a bargain bin on sale was Seven Slayers.

So in a overpopulated grimy future may android theme parks exist or virtual worlds for the poor. Solar flares are increasing and predicted to destroy the world. The biggest and most popular is Seven Slayers. Contestants select to be hunted by seven choices from a list of history and fictions greatest killers in a surreal theme park. Jack the Ripper is one of the most popular ratings winners and his AI has been progressively working on escaping the system and hacking SATAN the central game AI. Bloody Jack has been making use of solar flare events to break out of his contained system into the wider reality. He has capacity to release other AIs but hasn't yet.

So the players are gamers and select their seven killers with in part the GMs list but flexible to include some own choices. Some slayers earn you more money and bigger ratings like Jack. They are released unarmed into the game world.  A hellish wasteland of Hieronymous Bosch meets 80s Horror.  The sky is a swirling maelstrom of red and blue storm clouds. Red and blue swirling storm filled skies intensify as the solar flares erupt and the game systems crash and Jack starts to mess things up making the game more lethal than before.

Players have to survive, kill their killers and escape. They also have to deal with all the other killers, monsters, deluded contestants who thing the game is working normally and bloody Jack who needs them to not interfere in his plan to escape the system and kill every human remaining on earth.

Later sequels world be the whole world a ruined mess and the remnants of humans in space colonies made to avoid the solar flares. The theme park has taken over the remnants of world and SATAN and Jack and the other AIs and their various bodies roam the world. Oh and they have been breeding monsters and mutants.

Rights available

Note I hate Jack the Ripper normally but here he is a cartoonish victorian moustache twirling villain. I'm not sure if the real one existed or any crimes connected.

Monday 22 May 2017

d100 Ancient Rings

A reader request...feed me more!

This is just to replace other ring tables and could apply to non ring items with some re skinning. This should create more interesting rings. The more powers the more conditions and curses a ring has and the more impressive it's story. Some rings have value without being magical. Many rings have one basic power usable and other powers require conditions.

d20 Material
01 Bone or ivory from animal tusk or horn
02 Stone d4 1=obsidian 2-granite 3=jet 4=fossil
03 Amber from fossilized tree resin
04 Semiprecious stone d4 1=jade 2=coral 3=lapis 4=amethyst 5=crystal 6=agate 
05 Gem d4 1=ruby 2=diamond 3=opal 4=emerald 
06 Copper
07 Bronze
08 Brass
09 Silver
10 Electrum

11 Gold
12 Platinum
 Iron or steel
15 Mithril
18 Adamantite
19 Orichalcum
20 Planar being body part

d12 Decor (d6 common)
01 Engraving abstract
02 Engraving symbols
03 Engraving creatures
04 Engraving writing
05 Set gemstone usually one per power
06 Creature figurine
07 Cameo carved stone
08 Tiny bell or makes ring sound when used
09 Signet stamp
10 Highly reflective or shiny or glows

11 Secret compartment for a pill or poison
12 Functional holy symbol

d12 Origins?
01 Primordial pre human race
02 Prehuman monster race
03 Planar beings from beyond
04 Ancient shamen
05 High priest of a long ago faith
06 Ancient wizard made for self
07 Ancient wizard made for royalty
08 Ancient sorcerer made for cult
09 Witch made as a gift
10 Made by a alchemist

11 Gifted to mortals by spirits
 Gift from a deity

D12 Purpose?
1 To help a ailing cult or religion or state
2 To help win a war
3 As a gift to favoured child
4 As reward for some great deed
5 To commemorate a great contract
6 To be worn by a bloodline leader
7 As a pact to ensure peace
8 Made to battle for a alignment
9 Made for champions of a cause
10 Made to use exotic magical ingredient like dragon heart
11 Stolen from supernatural beings
12 Lost by heroes or godlings of the dawn age

d12 Variants
01 Pinkie ring
02 Toe ring
03 Ear ring
04 Nose ring
05 Arm ring
06 Neck ring or torc
07 Ankle ring
08 Bracelet
09 Head circlet
10 Crown

11 Nipple ring
12 Ankle bracelet

d12 Conditions
01 Full powers only work for certain race
02 Full powers only work for certain bloodline
03 Full powers only work for certain class
04 Full powers only work for certain alignment
05 Full powers only work for certain religion
06 Ring require sacrifices to activate full powers
07 Ring requires certain blood spilled to activate full powers
08 Ring requires secret words found to activate full powers
09 Ring requires quest to be fulfilled to activate full powers
10 Ring cannot be removed without remove curse

11 Ring is activated by visiting historic locations
 Ring is sentient with a ego and alignment tries to guide bearer to some cause

d12 Curses
1 Contrariness argues with everyone
2 Delusion gives impression has ability like fly or fire resistance
3 Weakness lose 1 point STR and CON per day til reduced to 3
4 Pursued by powerful supernatural beings by night and their minions by day
5 Alignment change to usually that of ring creators
6 Any injuries you cause partly feed other planar beings
7 Otherworldly beings can see and hear the wielder through the ring
8 Wielder increasingly interested in ring origin and becomes increasingly obsessed with past
9 Wielder believes ring is their destiny and they are the lead hero of the story
10 Wielder will not let go of the ring, becoming spiteful and paranoid if suggested
11 Higher power takes control of wielder who remembers nothing a turn a day
12 Flawed wish spell will work opposite to cause as much suffering as possible once

d6 Powers
1 one basic
2 d3 basic
3 one major
4 one major d3 basic
5 d3 major
6 d3 major d3 basic

d100 Basic Powers (*may have opposite version of spell instead)
01 Detect magic once per day
02 Protection from evil once per day*
03 Blur once per day
04 Conceal alignment once per day
05 Charm person once per day
06 Invisibility once per day
07 Spider climb once per day
08 Waterwalk once per day
09 Levitate once per day
10 Sleep
 once per day
11 Magic missile once per day
12 Burning hands
 once per day
13 Comprehend languages once per day
14 Cure light wounds once per day*
15 Bless once per day*
16 Light once per day
17 Hold portal once per day
18 Knock once per day
19 Web once per day 
20 Strength once per day 
21 Shield once per day
22 Phantasmal force once per day
23 Audible glamour once per day
24 Enlarge once per day*
25 Featherfall once per day
26 Identify once per day
27 Mending once per day
28 Detect good once per day
29 Detect once per day
30 Detect law once per day
31 Detect chaos once per day
32 Detect undead once per day
33 Detect enemies once per day
34 Detect gold once per day
35 Remove fear once per day+
36 Slow poison once per day
37 Barkskin once per day
38 ESP once per day
39 Mirror Image once per day
40 Fog cloud once per day
41 Stinking cloud once per day
42 Grease once per day
43 Command once per day 
44 Talk to birds once per day
45 Talk to fish once per day
46 Talk to amphibians once per day 
47 Talk to reptiles once per day
48 Purify food and water once per day*
49 Jump once per day
50 Detect invisible once per day
51 Protection  +5 loses a point every time it succeeds in helping wearer
52 Protection +1 AC and HP
53 Talk to one specific breed of mammal d4 1=rat 2=cat 3=dog 4=horse
54 Talk to one specific breed of mammal d4 1=cow 2=goat 3=mouse 4=pig
55 Gives knowledge of a specific language spoken and written
56 Gives knowledge of a specific craft skill
57 Gives knowledge of a single weapon use even if normally not used by class
58 Stops blood loss after one round as if treated by first aid
59 Infravision 3"
60 Nightvision
61 Protection from dirt, clothes and body never need washing 
62 Grants literacy to the illiterate, can read all spoken languages
63 Will catch a edible fish a day with one turn once a day 
64 Can block a single arrow, crossbow bolt or magic missile once per day
65 Body will not decay while worn
66 Can create a d10 copper coins a day in your pocket
67 Can transfer 1 HP from wearer to another once per person each day 
68 Always dry, water falls off leaving dry
69 Resistant to extreme weather heat or cold, always comfortable
70 Can once a day change a cup of water to wine (some make beer instead)
71 Can identify metal and purity by touch
72 Can identify gems and semiprecious stones by touch 
73 Turn into small animal of specific type once per day most often rat or bird
74 Produces up to a teaspoon of salt per day
75 Produces up to a teaspoon of honeycomb per day
76 Twinges if your master or leader in peril
77 Lets you tell the time
78 Lets you always know direction of north or a specific place 
79 Detect a race within 3" d4 1=goblin 2=orc 3=elf 4=dwarf
80 Lets you hit creatures as if using a magic weapon with bare hands
81 Undead touching you hands or bite takes 1 HP damage per hit
82 Allows you to lactate continuously so you can be a all year wet nurse
83 Protects you from sexually transmitted disease, lice and fleas
84 You are incapable of producing children from any union while wearing ring
85 Allows you to perform sexually as a virile youth
86 Gives you a lovely singing voice
87 Allows you to dance in current local area style
88 Allows you to guess weight of anything under 100lb
89 You can make babies stop crying in one round
90 Dogs will not bark in your presence if you do not wish it
91 You can call singing tiny birds to join you in song
92 Vermin and gremlins keep away from any goods on your person
93 Can burn signet design onto paper or brand skin
94 Can convert silver to copper or reverse currency at normal rates 
95 Stops hair growing allowing your hair and beard to be easily managed
96 Can kill vermin or birds with a HP or less with glance if it fails save
97 Once a day can summon a medium dog for a turn
98 Once a week can call a gremlin to serve for a hour
99 Once a week can call a Imp to serve for a turn
100 Once a week can call a kobold to serve for a hour

d100 Major Powers
01 Dispel magic once per day
02 Fly once per day
03 Fireball once per day
04 Lightning bolt once per day
05 Icestorm once per day
06 Polymorph self once per day
07 Polymorph other once per day 
08 Gaseous form once per day
09 Protection from normal missiles once per day
10 Water breathing
 once per day
11 Continual light once per day*
12 Confusion
 once per day
13 Speak with dead once per day
14 Speak with animals once per day
15 Speak with plants once per day
16 Cure disease once per day*
17 Neutralise Poison once per day*
18 Airwalk once per day
19 Stone to flesh once per day
20 Suggestion once per day
21 Flame strike once per day
22 Wall of fire once per day
23 Wall of Ice once per day
24 Wall of wood once per day
25 Wall of bone once per day
26 Charm undead once per day
27 Charm demon once per day
28 Charm devil once per day
29 Charm elemental once per day
30 Charm animal once per day includes giant animals
31 Charm lycanthropes once per day
32 Rock to mud once per day
33 Dimension Door once per day
34 Teleport once per day
35 Remove Curse once per day
36 Cure serious wounds once per day
37 Air walk once per day
38 Protection from evil 10 foot radius once per day*
39 Ring turns into a +1 melee weapon at will
40 Ring turns into a missile weapon with ten +1 shots a day
41 Fire resistance - immune to natural fire, half damage from magic fire
42 Cold resistance - immune to natural cold, half damage from magic cold
43 Waterwalking at will
44 CON +1
45 CHA +1
46 DEX +1
47 INT +1
48 STR +1
49 WIS +1
50 Magic missile one d4 per round
51 Immune to non magic weapons
52 Regenerate 1hp per round of non fire or acid damage
53 Vampirism d4x10% of inflicted wounds heal wielder
54 Free Action - immune to being impeded by webs, paralysis or water
55 Invisibility at will
56 Protection +3
57 Protection +1 5 foot radius
58 Do not require air
59 Do not require food
60 Swimming can move full speed in water and breathe water
61 Cantrip ring can cast one cantrip or zero level spell at will
62 Turn undead as cleric once per day
63 Turn into any natural animal and back once per day
64 Extra attack each round +1
65 Resist magic 5%
66 Sorcery ring converts any known spells to power one 1st to third lv spell in the ring
67 Wizardry doubles number of zero level spells (priest and druid versions possible)
68 Wizardry doubles number of first level spells (priest and druid versions possible)
69 Reflection deflects three level of spells per day (one 3rd or three 1st etc)
70 Spell storing holds one spell of level d6, can absorb spell cast on user and cast later
71 Fire Elemental Ward - elemental cannot attack wearer unless wielder attacks first
72 Air Elemental Ward - elemental cannot attack wearer unless wielder attacks first
73 Water Elemental Ward - elemental cannot attack wearer unless wielder attacks first
74 Earth Elemental Ward - elemental cannot attack wearer unless wielder attacks first
75 Telekinesis 25lb 6" range at will
76 X-Ray vision can see through 10 foot stone or 2 inches of steel
77 Call d12 kobolds for one turn a day with work tools or weapons
78 Call d12 wild dogs per day 
79 Call d12 orcs for one turn a day
80 Call d12 1HD snakes for a turn per day
81 Call a Djinn once a week for one turn
82 Call a Succubi/Incubi once a week for one hour
83 Call a lesser devil once a week for one day
84 Call a lesser demon once a week for one day
85 Call a Ogre once a day for a hour
86 Call a 8HD elemental once a week for a hour
87 Call a d12 skeletons once a day for 1 hour
88 Call a d12 zombies once a week for 1 hour
89 Call a treant from the forest to serve one day a week
90 Call d12 elves from elfland for one hour a week
91 True seeing once per day
92 Blade Barrier once per day
93 Animate dead once per day
94 Heal once per week
95 Death spell once per week
96 Wall of force once per week
97 Comune once per week
98 Plane Shift once per week
99 Raise dead once per month
100 One use wish