Thursday 30 December 2021

Elemental Heretics of the Arcane Empire 4 Air


d12 Common Air Oaths
1 Study the weather omens and sky prophets an hour per day
2 Expose impurity to the open sky
3 Scatter your enemies like dust in the wind
4 Sing to the sky on holy days
5 Wear colours of the sky
6 Observe the movements of birds
7 Sacrifice daily to the sky
8 Shun clothing and go skyclad on weekly holy days
9 Sing a sad lament after a death or battle 
10 Keep the air shrines in high places
11 Worthy dead must be mummified or exposed  to air
12 Sing a song before eating

d12 Rare Air Oaths
1 Expose the dead of the wicked for the birds 
2 Strangle the life from unlawful spell casters 
3 Hurl the wicked from heights according to their guilt
4 Dedicate souls of the slain to the sky powers
5 Sleep in the open spaces 
6 Make constant screams in battle
7 Explore the highest secret places
8 Anoint yourself with rare unguents and perfumes
9 Aid beings of air with shelter and comfort if they need it 
10 Dedicate 10% of your wealth to the air temples and shrines
11 Only harm air beings of in self-defence 
12 Open the way for elemental air into this world   

Gifts per Level
1 Zero Lv Open spell
2 Potions of levitation 4+d4
Always know direction or north 
4 +1 Weapon usually a spear or bow 
5 1st Lv WIndblast spell
6 Potions of levitation per month d4
7 Gain one skill from: Acrobatics, Air Lore, Weather Lore or Sing
8 +2 Weapon (if applied to +1 weapon gains returns to your hand each round)
9 2nd Lv Invisibility spell 
10 Featherfall at will 
11 Air Ally d4 1=giant eagle 2=pegasi 3=4HD elemental 4=air drake
12 +3 Weapon (if applied to +2 weapon may turn invisible +2 hit the first attack in combat)
13 3rd Lv Wall of Wind spell
14 No longer require breathing cannot be asphyxiated or choked
15 Air Ally d4 1=griffon 2=8HD elemental 3=giant pteranadon 4=invisible servant
16 +4 Weapon (if applied to +3 weapon "dances" can attack as wielder, Mov12 round/Lv per day)
17 4th Lv Dimension Door spell
18 +1 Reason
19 12 HD air elemental called per day for one hour
20 +5 Weapon (if applied to +4 weapon sentient may turn invisible to hide from thieves or attack them as a dancing blade)

Wednesday 29 December 2021

Elemental Heretics of the Arcane Empire 3 Water

d12 Common Water Oaths
1 Shun the pollution of pure water
2 Wash daily with water
3 Shun the touch of others blood
4 Travel by water as often as possible
5 Prey to water an hour per day
6 Always carry a flask of water
7 Sacrifice daily to a well
8 Anoint yourself at water shrines
9 Study the marine omens and the water seers words
10 Dress in the colours of the waters
11 Water must carry away the remains of the dead
12 Food must be washed or boiled

d12 Rare Water Oaths
1 Drown unlawful spell casters beneath the waters
2 Throw 10% of your wealth into a well or the sea
3 Sacrifice an animal to the waters monthly 
4 Improve the communities cleanliness
5 Dig wells and irrigation ditches on monthly holy days 
6 Punish those who defile the waters
7 Explore the mysteries of the deep
8 Comune with beings of the underwater world
9 Aid beings of the water with shelter and comfort if they need it 
10 Dedicate 10% of your wealth to the water temples and shrines
11 Only harm water beings of in self-defence 
12 Open the way for elemental water into this world

Gifts per Level
1 Zero Lv Purify spell
2 Potions of water breath 4+d4
3 Waterskin holds 10x volume for same weight and volume as one
4 +1 Weapon usually a spear, trident, net or axe
5 1st Lv Fog Cloud spell
6 Potions of water breathing per month d4
7 Amphibious - use highest Move or Swim speed always, hold breath 10 minutes (or vice versa)
8 +2 Weapon (if applied to +1 weapon gains extra +2 vs aquatic beings)
9 2nd Lv Water Walk spell 
10 +d3 Mov
11 Water Ally d4 1=giant frog 2=dolphin 3= 4HD elemental 4=water drake
12 +3 Weapon (if applied to +2 weapon gains +1AC while in water)
13 3rd Lv Wall of Water spell
14 Breath Water or vice versa
15 Water Ally d4 1=sea serpent 2=8HD elemental 3=giant turtle pt4=killer whale
16 +4 Weapon (if applied to +3 weapon gains +1 Attack)
17 4th Lv Raise Water* spell
18 +1 Will
19 12 HD water elemental called per day for one hour
20 +5 Weapon (if applied to +4 weapon sentient and thieves save or drown)

Tuesday 28 December 2021

Elemental Heretics of the Arcane Empire 2 Earth

d12 Common Earth Oaths
1 Devote an hour a day to craft 
Cast stones at your enemies  
3 Cast the impure into a pit 
4 Erect sacred stones on monthly holy days
5 Prey to stones an hour per day
6 Explore the secret caverns within the earth
7 Leave a stone at each crossroad
8 Study the omens of the soil and the earth prophets

9 Always wear the colours of earth, plants and beasts
10 Keep the earth shrines standing
11 Bones of the dead must be entombed in the earth
12 Store food under earth or stone 

d12 Rare Earth Oaths
1 Bury 10% of your treasure under the earth as a sacrifice
Bury unlawful spell casters alive beneath earth or stone
3 Protect wild places, plants and animals from civilisation
4 Shun leaving holes or tunnels in the earth
5 Pour the blood of the living into the earth in a monthly sacrifice
6 Break the bones of criminals as punishment
7 Build earthworks and walls to defend your home 
8 Maintain the ancient stone seals, monoliths and vaults imprisoning the old ones
9 Aid beings of earth with shelter and comfort if they need it 
10 Dedicate 10% of your wealth to the earth temples and shrines
11 Only harm earth beings of in self-defence 
12 Open the way for elemental earth into this world

Gifts per Level
1 Zero Lv Stone spell
2 Potions of healing 2d4hp 4+d4
3 Rock for throwing or slinging returns to hand each round
4 +1 Weapon usually a mace, club or axe
5 1st Lv Bless Stone spell
6 Potions of healing 2d4 per month d4
7 Protection from earth +2 saves and -1 dam/dice from all blunt damage
8 +2 Weapon (if applied to +1 weapon gains quickdraw if within 1 range)
9 2nd Lv Stinking Cloud spell 
10 +1 AC
11 Earth Ally d4 1=bear 2=lion 3=4HD elemental 4=earth drake
12 +3 Weapon (if applied to +2 weapon gains resist knockback ability)
13 3rd Lv Magnetism spell
14 Petrification or paralysis or poison resistance
15 Earth Ally d4 1=ceratosaurus 2=8HD elemental 3=sabretooth tiger 4=hill giant
16 +4 Weapon (if applied to +3 weapon gains stun effect vigour save or stun for 1 round)
17 4th Lv Burrow spell
18 +1 Vigour
19 12 HD earth elemental called per day for one hour
20 +5 Weapon (if applied to +4 weapon sentient and thieves are stunned )

Elemental Heretics of the Arcane Empire 1 Fire

This is a more in-depth look at what was originally here:

I will after current projects make a book of this because I need it for my current game so hope to start next month. Also have old unfinished dungeon zone key for desert ruins of bronze age themed ancients. For playing an ancient game or just looting the ancients in a later setting.

Some of this is influenced by my current campaign projection which the Arcane Empire of the West is dominated by Elemental wizards and cults. There is also a dragon temple cult to the east that often uses elemental magic. There is the necromantic death templars too. So ideally when I finish my revised spellbook I will then work on a bunch of elemental and death spells. 

My oath system has been fun and we have playtested some more stuff like having oaths based on gods and philosophies other than alignment ones. Players did like that the oath points from these oaths still worked with alignment but you could if a pyromaniac cultist is good or evil and follow the abnormal edicts or elemental tyrants. Specific gifts for cults has worked ok too. So I'm expanding these to longer versions as they are very flexible and can be used by clerics or wizards or anyone who wants to be a fanatic weirdo.

After the age of eldritch darkness humans lived in ignorance in caves and wild places but some maintained the dread lore of wizardry from their masters. The elementalism, the dragon cult and the death temple used these ancient arts to dominate other folk. The barbarians of the wastes and their beast folk kin had kept the world in a state of ignorance by killing wizards and the literate city folk. Over the last thousand years, the cities built great walls and rediscovered lost arts of warfare. Elementalism, the death cults and the dragon lords are much diminished now and their influence has thinned. But large pockets remain and still are a threat to civilisation. Civilisation sometimes has used the old cults to draw the barbarians away from themselves. The old cults have used this to influence cities that offer wizard advisors to nobility because you know they are so charitable. These arcane advisors and their security details work to undermine and corrupt their hosts but they have to compete with rival sects.

When you stop some wizards scheme you will be noted by their enemies and they might try and use you again with paid missions, patronage and magic gifts with catches.

So basically each oath you roll you can get a gift from the list.
For each oath, add a point to your score for one alignment.
If you reroll an oath you may choose another.
After ten oaths you may choose to roll on the rare oaths table instead. 
Breaking oaths results in the powers punishing you and may be fatal.

Gifts are in groups of four and can be swapped within the same set and some can be taken several times and be stacked. When you stack a +1 magic item effect gift on an existing item of the lower type you gain a bonus magical effect. For example, upgrade a +1 item to +2 you would gain an extra ability like a sword extra +2vs an alignment or enemy type or a bow that creates ammunition. 

d12 Common Fire Oaths
1 Test for truth with ordeals of fire 
2 Cleanse impurity with fire 
3 Always wear colours of flame
4 Burn bonfires on the weekly holy day
5 Prey to flames an hour per day
6 Light a fire twice daily in prayer
7 Sacrifice daily to fire to feed the ancestors
8 Study the fire omens and scriptures daily 

9 Scourge the wicked with fire
10 Keep the fire shrines burning
11 The dead must be cremated
12 Food must be cooked

d12 Rare Fire Oaths
1 Burn 10% of your wealth as incense and artworks
Burn unlawful spell casters alive
3 Burn a sacrificial beast once a month
Burn the homes and crops of enemies 
Don't extinguish a fires hunger
6 Brand criminals with the mark of fire
7 Burn the false scriptures and idols of your enemies
8 Keep a fire burning nightly to ward off the dark
9 Aid beings of fire with shelter and comfort if they need it 
10 Dedicate 10% of your wealth to the fire temples and shrines
11 Only harm fire beings in self-defence 
12 Open the way for elemental fire into this world

Gifts per Level
1 Zero Lv Ignite spell
2 Potions of fire resistance 4+d4
3 Magic ever-burning torch or lantern or candle
4 +1 Weapon usually a spear, dagger or sword
5 1st Lv Burning hands spell
6 Potions of fire resistance per month d4
7 Protection from fire +2 saves and -1 dam/dice from all fire
8 +2 Weapon (if applied to +1 weapon gains +d3 fire damage)
9 2nd Lv Flaming Sphere spell 
10 +d4 HP
11 Fire Ally d4 1=fire toad 2=fire newt on strider 3=4HD elemental 4=fire drake
12 +3 Weapon (if applied to +2 weapon gains +d6 fire damage)
13 3rd Lv Fireball spell
14 Fire resistance
15 Fire Ally d4 1=salamander 2=8HD elemental 3=fire giant 4=fire lizard
16 +4 Weapon (if applied to +3 weapon gains +2d6 fire damage)
17 4th Lv Wall of Flame spell
18 +1 Agility
19 12 HD fire elemental called per day for one hour
20 +5 Weapon (if applied to +4 weapon sentient and burns thieves)

Thursday 23 December 2021


Have as good a holiday as possible everyone or else.
New start village for the current campaign. 

So the previous map was a 30-mile wide hex, this is a close up of the village area and creeps into the western hex which is boggier with lots of creeks and water. A few things might beg the question and attract interest from players. Also worth noting is the border between kingdoms which is pretty loose. Bandits, nomads and shepherds cross it regularly and the border is a looser notion to villagers than the nobility would like. 

d12 Local Occasional Events
1 Herders report a sneaky lone wolf stalking goats
2 Some scruffy bandits have been camping in the area watching a road
3 Vermin menace d6 1=locusts 2=rabbits 3=flies 4=mosquitoes 5=seed eating bird 6=slugs
4 An illness sweeps the village brought by a trader
5 Large merchant caravan stays, offering deals and keeping locals busy
6 A travelling entertainer comes to visit for a d4 days, someone local falls in love
7 Priest warns all about d6 1=naughty spirits 2=declining morality 3=witchcraft 4=undead seen wandering from the old Forgotten City graveyard 5=saw ominous cloud 6=beware of dragons
8 Adventurer party arrives and stays a d4 weeks to explore the lost city
9 Chariot of a noble passes d4 1=messenger 2=hunting trip 3=millitary patrol 4=mysterious foreigner on urgent business 5=mysterious noble hunting someone 6=rich wizard seeking lore
10 Some have seen strange lights in distance by night
11 Village assembly meets d4 1=resolve local dispute 2=anounce a feast 3=planning on local improvements 4=reallocating garden plots
12 Someone local reports having funny dreams then starts acting secretive 

Village Detail
Pop 40-60

Buildings all mud-brick and some fired bricks with bitumen roofs often with plants and a pleasant rest area on the roof with a shade cloth. When hot people often sleep up here and with a breeze in mosquito-free. Local wood ok for fire but terrible for craft. Woven reeds and palm leaves are common for all kinds of uses from mats, dors, fishnets, huts

The village headman 
Ansudad is appointed by the assembly of all adults over 50 and a few honorary invited locals like the smith, priest, trader, druid, innkeeper and schoolmaster. Ansudad is bossy and disliked but nobody else really wants the job. He and the redsmith run the militia. The assembly is typically a dozen. They meet in the hall which is also used for community events, occasional work and goats in bad weather or attack.  

The Trader Abu-Sin friendly supplying farm goods but most money from passing traders, adventurers and occasionally visiting soldiers. There are some second-hand weapons, ropes, sacks, lamps and other handy adventurer needs. He lives with his young nephew Anu-Sin who wants a wife but his uncle is holding out for a rich older widow. Abu-Sin was a thief long ago 3rd Lv and his nephew has learned the basics at 1st Lv. He lends money which has made him unpopular with locals. He won't rip off locals but may traders he may never see again.

The Redsmth Adan and his two sons, daughter and wife work here helping the forge, gathering fuel and also making clay goods and direct communal brick making days. Spears, daggers, javelins, knives, shields and a few helmets are on display. Swords and other weapons are made to order and take a week. Adan's wife Sundi is quite influential with local women folk and knows all the best gossip. She occasionally makes religious devotional figurines of clay to commemorate lost families. They have an abhuman Bull man Kloris who helps with bellows and hard labour they found as a child. Adan is a 2nd Lv fighter.

Grain Silos are mud-brick beehive-shaped and one has a dove house on top. Collective owned by the village. There are great ancient milling stones used a day a week. Barley, chickpeas and lentils are mostly kept. Beehives and date drying racks are nearby.

Half Moon In is a circular tall building with gates and a courtyard. Most smaller caravans park inside with one VIP room 1sp, 12 smaller 10cp rooms for one or two and stables for animals and basic workers 1cp. Shugmog the innkeeper, his wife Shuri, his two daughters and his youngest son work here with two servants. The in has an old one-eyed cat people like. 

School House
has a dozen boarders living here to learn scribal and literacy skills. Once a week there is a class for older locals who have taken up reading. The classes are taught by four apprentices who in turn learn wizardry from Master Zuul a 5th Lv wizard. The apprentices all avoid drinking and mingling with locals mostly studying and teaching.

Adad Shrine
is maintained by a priest 3rd Lv Mushu who blesses the herds and preys for good weather. He is always warning everybody and has a full suit of scale armour and a bronze goat-headed mace. He helps the militia and provides healing and advice. Mushu was sent here for some error in the city but is happier here.

Buzzard Creek was modified to drain into the millpond and herders bring animals here several times a day in summer. It's quite pleasant with grass, gardens and some palm trees. There are fish in the pond.

Family homes
are buildings with 6-12 inhabitants and 2-3 rooms and roof gardens.
1 Mountain clan are goat herders and hunters and have six large guardian dogs
2 Mountain Clan and is the home of the smiths extended family who mostly work in gardens
3 Storm Clan are the poorer extended family of the trader and mostly are gardeners
4 Hydra Clan are from a tribe over the border and are gardeners and care for the water supply, their family includes Granny Hydra a 4th Lv druid cultist of Ningizzida who heals, blesses crops and helps treat livestock. Her daughter Arasni is the local Midwife and skilled non-magical healer. They have lots of small pet snakes and a 4m long python to keep down rodents. This clan also have some dealing with kin over the border and the dragon cults to the east. They have improved the village gardens and are well-liked  
5 Sky Clan and Ansudad the village heads family home. A bit fancier and he has a healthy large family but no sons to take his place yet but has six daughters he watches like hawks. His wife and daughters brew local beer and supply the inn and are the best bakers in town. Despite being a grump the women folk constantly work around him.

The various clans are from different settling migrants and this polyglot village is mixed and open-minded, their common mixes in lots of tribal and foreign words. The mountain clan are older and more traditional herding former nomad clan (they have stories of own city long ago destroyed by dragons). They moved here 40 years ago. The Storm clan are from the city merchant classes and came here for country life away from an inter-clan vendetta only five years ago. Selling goods to adventurers and traders has worked well. The Hydra clan came from over the border a score years ago and have helped the village thrive. The druidic cult of Ningizzida and Adad have different holy days and no conflicts but think they are the best. The Sky clan have come from a larger town and are bakers and brewers who arrived ten years ago and got the assembly started and built the hall. They have an idol of Anu in their home with urns of their ancestors ashes buried under it, 

d12 Local jobs need doing for petty cash
1 Fetch some good wood from over far meadow and creek
2 Catch and possibly cook vermin d4 1=birds 2=rats 3=huge locusts 4=rabbits
3 Help prune trees and bushes and vines
4 Gather grass in bundles for the inn stable
5 Carry water to the Adad shrine for a ritual
6 Dig several new latrine pits
7 Gather goat dung and spread on garden beds
8 Picking fruit and vegetables
9 Gather firewood
10 Gather clay from the local pit and make bricks with moulds
11 Help muster goat heard for seasonal blessings and inspection
12 Help slaughter goat and some birds

Militia drills are commonplace and a 4-hour stint weekly for all able-bodied but the elders still come and watch

d12 What can you do for fun around here?
1 Music and dancing common in village and more often in the inn
2 Fishing is popular especially for old men, women prefer bird trapping
3 Hear elders tell stories
4 Adad shrine or the Druid conduct daily rituals
5 Go to school and learn the basics of literacy or read or chat with scholars
6 Hunting d4 1=rabbits 2=deer 3=boar 4=angry wild bull
7 Militia drills and training, target practice, wrestling, weekly training and beers
8 Make something to practice crafts or to sell to travellers
9 Go for a ramble  in the wilds looking for trouble or opportunities
10 Visit another village or nomads camp
11 Explore a cave or ruin
12 Explore the Forgotten City

Wednesday 22 December 2021

Exilon Game Set Up Hex 0101

So im gonna be working and playing my exilon setting loosely based on the ancient near east and mesopotaimia.

This hex form for the campaign start for my players to see.
I should do the hex over where there are proper rivers and not just seasonal streams and bogs

I have revised this link page and will do more updates on it - will try to add some historic tests and stuff. There are updates on reviews of other Mesopotaimina games here as well and of course, the image dumps with hundreds of daily life pics to help players get their mind juices flowing.

also this was an adventure ran 2-3 years ago and was start of this whole campain
dungeon zine 007

If anyone wants to play and roll up/make a hex put it on a form and submit it I would most likely share it here on the blog. The links page has lots of random tables and past submissions.

I will put all in a book as is shortly so I can use in play and find mistakes and probably put on patreon.

I will try and fit my 10 threefold flyers and my dungeon zine 007 into this area and exploring a ruined city will be the main theme of the game for a while.

Hex 101 - 30 mile hex
Broken into seven zub hexes
Hopefully players are tempted

The forgotten Ruins are vol19 of my threefolds
-vol 12, 13, 18 could be in the city

The Lion Temple is featured in vol16 (in the future, right now its ok)

The western hex will feature more marsh and river so will use vol 14, 15 and zine 001

There are a few product adventures I will slp in and I'm very tempted to run the lost city but its a bit hard to adapt properly but one day. Contents from the Peridot #1 will be used too - features a Babylonian themed hex crawl setting. Lots of atmospheric bits I can use.

Sunday 19 December 2021

Out with old Campaign in with the New

So my 2 year cave theme game which started from that book I did finished.

Concluded the Talons of the Night campaign. Was a great send-off with great high-level threat variety and epic locations and also affected a Peace Summit.

Lanos the Giant, Sourberry the Elf and Boron the sky hero with wife Radon the priestess prepared to enter the gate after the Night Spider. Checked up on the peace conference and found the Emperor and Empress missing taken by possibly the same plane shifting Nightwing daemon they finally defeated days ago. Arrived at the conference site this time in flying castle and landed on clity Agora and disembarked all glowing and buffed IP by as many spells as the castle population of hundreds could manage. Explained they represented Hyperborea of the north and offered to save the leaders when all sides put facts together.

Flew back to the gateway held by their lemur, elf and treeant allies and passed through to the world of Thorn. Battled a touch bunch of planar wizard spiders then defeated the would-be spider goddess, her vampire Pharoah and spider queen daughter. Onehundred and 150 lemur folk zombies were destroyed by a holy force field. Through the next gate f
ound kidnapped peoples descendants and got the royal remains and fought the final form of the spider and a great apartment block size monolith Baalom from the outer darkness sent by Neutral Evil gods of the outer void. Lanos especially had fun with his titan maul gauging out tons of rubble with each blow and used the holy McGuffin to finish nightspider forever on her home plane. Some other being of darkness glared at them and uttered some alien incomprehensible threat.

Returned home to restore the emperor and empress who were resurrected and married and this was the first of three great empires in my setting. Hyperborea (the player's homeland) was recognised by all and civilisations were warned to keep away (they claimed the whole world above the equator to the southern civilisations). The castle now had some treants and spider riding lemur folk join the population. The old spider darkness cult among the parties home villagers was reformed by the arrival of non evil spider folk and all agreed it was a good thing they didn't purge them when they were all more Law obsessed.

Many ewok-muppet parties were held across the world and on the plane of Thorn now free of the influence of outre entropy.  

On return to his Ziggurat home, Boron and Radon with their griffons and favorite followers went through a gateway to the mountain home of the sky gods. They were embarrassingly more advanced than their gods and would help them redecorate with a palace instead of a big cave. Lanos was taken to the relics of his people and joined the gods and recovering lost giants to the cause of Law (though he had become much more interested in good as he grew in levels and made more oaths).

Sourberry was pleased he had tricked the gods from apotheosis but he did become more friendly with the queen and became the leader of the Twilight clan of elf spies and after a few thousand years retired to fairieland to an estate and became a regular faerie court celebrity.

So we had a chat about what to run next and we went for my Exilon Setting and we had time for a session zero. Made zero level characters (with goal classes considered).

So are youths in a trade stop herding town between two city states in Exilon.
This is set about 2000 years after the last campagn.

One is a herder with a short bow and a hatchet who has a pet bird that sometimes warns him of stuff

One is a weird found child who makes a healing berry each day and has a pet lizard and a tougher friend. As dragon land is close locals don't mind and they even trade with dragon cults a bit but on the quiet.

A student scholar enrolled at beginner wizard school with a bodyguard going to learn magic and had an acid cantrip. (both had 1hp). Literate and middle class

Heard a few rumours of fish people by river a day away or a vast ruin where passing adventures go. Arrived at walls of ruin and decided to go with stream entrance and battled a seven-foot tall fish person and almost dies.

Followed river inside and saw a few buildings. Closest a snake temple had weird footprints the shepherd could tell were closer to the fish person than human but something else using path and creek daily. Possibly nocturnal. So went to next closest ruin what looked like a granary house surrounded by beehive-shaped silos. On way could smell pleasant scents from a courtyard enclosed garden. Over a vast rubble plaza they found a corpse of a cultist and his heart was removed. Further on saw two flying things around target building. Scribe identified as Perytons and all crawled back towards the perfumed garden via the shelter of the marshy creek. A small pleaseosaur had a nip at themand they fled.

Found the garden and had a guardian statue and a shrine so they gave it some money from the fishman and cultist they found. An old hunchbacked man appeared to welcome them immediately telling them they were wise. He said they could rest here just don't leave the path only use the fountains surrounded by paths. All went in and looked around. The scribe went to a forbidden fountain and some bushes moved and he backed off. Spoke with caretaker, noticing his royal quality jewellery and robe and he explained you can try and leave but only the worthy will reach the other fountains.

Impressed by all this the party fled.

Near home were persued by 5 bandits. The sheperd drew fire while the rest fled. He shot the archer and the slinger stopped to help his comrade escape. Three men attacked him and fleeing party stopped. There was some rock throwing and a few participants fell and the party won. WIth weapons and prisoners they returned home and were rewarded by militia and headman. 

Some time passed and everyone made 1st Lv
Shepherd is a Fighter (worships obscure ancient sky giant hero)
Weird magic fellow is a draconic changeling (descendant of Sourberry)
Scribe is a wizard who made apprentice rank under a 5th level enchanter

yes so some links to previous characters

My Exilon campaign adventures are being re-edited and this playtest will help me get 10xtheeefolds out there. My long untouched game prep being used at long last Yay.

Still have an occasional dnd and post apoc game going sometimes and I'm playing Trouble Boy in a superhero RPG. He is a flying 15-year-old ex-sidekick who is a bit naive and creepy. Secretly he is a telepath.

Hoping to get a few extra holiday season game or two happening

d100 Tube Line Discoveries

To compliment the last post geomorphs and tables here is a bunch of strange stuff you can use to fill out your tube crawl. You could also have tubes on pylons at various pylons through and over a ruined city. Might have more flying mutants, plants and gangs than below and possibly more settlements using structures to fortify. This table and last one should provide a few sessions of shenanigans. Let me know if you had any luck with them.

Quick discovery types
01 Living
02 Synthetics
03 Machinery
04 Lairs
05 Ecology
06 Structure
07 Colony
08 Bunker
09 Battlefield
10 Strange

d100 Tube Line Discoveries
01 Giant colony insect nest d4 1=active 2=hibernating 3=abandoned 4=decimated by mutant predators specialised in defeating them  
 Thick with fungus or plants, several flowing water sources, lizards and bugs common
03 Crawling with millions of crickets or cockroaches on huge mutant creature corpse
04 Millions of huge maggots or worms writhing everywhere
05 A huge bat colony, some giant bats and bat eating predators, dung everywhere, 1in6 are vampire bats who leave pools of stinking blood like faeces in pools
06 Mounds of spilt garbage and cargo pods, amongst the attractive trash is a rat colony
A large dripping cave with a pool and stalagmites and stalactites is a breeding colony of giant frogs or cane toads 
08 Hundreds of large scorpions and some giant ones close by hidden
Bubbling weird coloured slimy pools, giant slimes, jellies and oozes live here
Pools with blind fish and occasional tentacled mutant horror or giant crayfish
11 Damaged humanoid robot with mild damage east to revive, operating one of these protocols d4 1=maintinance 2=security 3=erergency rescue 4=destroy all humans
12 Industrial mining borg with shattered brain module, could be repaired and needs a new brain, giant drill with caterpillar tracks but the brain chamber only sealed part could only fit one person with limited air
13 Construction mech repairing tunnel section, warns pedestrians to stick to allocated paths
14 Android kill squad camp with limited supplies on an encrypted mission
15 Tank borg waiting on guard of a d4 1=bunker 2=black lab 3=millitary cache 4=cryonic sleeper combat squad 
16 Scrappy wasteland robots gathered here and built a robotown where they live work and trade away from trouble and human masters. They are neutral to well-behaved guests with trade goods
17 Robot child with depleted battery in ancient clothing with a suitcase of clothes, looking for their owner and unaware of the apocalypse
18 Spy drone d4 1=fly 2=cyborg rat 3=modular centipede 4=bug with drug injector
19 Robot gang camp who's raider human builders long gone still obsessed with raiding
Lone cyborg soldier from a failed pocket empire decades ago who's AI god was slain
21 Hover pod for inspection with engineer diagnostic scanner 
22 One man maintenance hovercar crashed with a skeleton in the cockpit
23 Quad bike with tool kit and welder torch
24 Mole carrier, a burrowing APC with dead military crew inside killed by plague
25 Cricket Light mech walker - benefits of scissor lift and ATV
26 Articulated ATV tube bus used to transport work crews and robots to work sites, workers and robots died here fighting each other and ATV has crashed
27 Tube train carriages d3 have crashed with skeletons of passengers and baggage, 1in6 are full of hibernating zombies awakened by the breath of living beings and sound
28 Tube train carriages d3 with industrial cargo containers with tunnel construction goods or raw materials 1in6 has a hostile robot guardian
29 Tube train locomotive crashed with remains of human and robot crew in cockpit buried under rubble. Train AI is alive still and will request help
30 Huge tracked vehichle for replacing tube cladding. An enormous seized up construction engine with multiple interior chambers limited space to pass it 
31 Hideous mutant arthropod in hidden ceiling burrow drops down tentacles to grab victims and pull to feeding pincers 
32 Dust filled sand mounds, a very large sand squid lives among this laying under the obvious trail
 Boggy section full of muddy pools a monster hides under d4 1=shoggoth 2=tentacled mutant 3=undead 4=giant leeches
34 Water expanded area into underground placid lake populated by giant cave lobsters and short race of angry albino fish people
35 Masses of webs fill the area, many huge spiders scuttle about and a giant mother is at the centre of the web
36 Calcified area with stalagmites, stalactites and other formations, a side cave is the lair of a giant lizard d4 1=bearded dragon 2=blue tongue 3=thorny devil 4=goanna

37 Rubblestrewn area with mutant hopping mice and family of giant feral cats who live in caves and have tunnels to the surface world
39 Foggy strange bog with growing squishy mucous life forms, some luminous
40 Smoke from a volcanic gas vent and a fissure with lava at the bottom, strange fiery mutant things live in this toxic area 
 Strange warm springs have made weird coloured minerals and crystals and the area is misty and damp
42 Sinkhole from the surface with a pool at bottom and trees, small critters life here 
Macroscopic versions of microscopic life in a strange ecology more akin to inside a living body, many strange hostile organisms living around coloured pools
44 Den of giant slugs and snails, some gigantic and carniverous

Giant mushrooms and a colony of fungus folk and their ambulant fungoid guardians
 Mutant fleshy growths everywhere all from a single mutant trapped in a coma  
47 Salty water with strange blind marine creatures and some giant crayfish

48 Strange living crystaline growths evolved from synthetic life in bioweapons
49 Warm water filled with floating algae and mutant jellies, coloured protoplasm and primordial slime. Strong emotions here react with the psycho sensitive slime, fear and anger produce monsters or possibly things from visitors dreams, all guided by some alien mutant intelegence
50 Thriving thick fern forest area where mutant plants have adapted to tunnel lighting, mist and pools of water and simple life forms like a primordial forest 
Emergency console with coms, first aid kit 
52 Industrial power junctions connected to wind or solar farm on the surface or nuclear plant
53 Pressure seal airlock to small service depot with possibly lift, ladder or elevator
54 Emergency tube lock to control air pressure and possible seal tube vs flood or disaster, either a single or two sliding doors or iris valve depot with control roll, activates lots of alarms and flashing lights and warning messages. d4 1=closed and operated as a faction toll booth 2=gate down but repair to open 3=open but with repair can be closed 4=vacuum sealed section 
55 Security sealed robot storage bay and console, mission d4 1=emergency rescue 2=medical 3=security 4=ABC decontamination
56 Pumphouse in a flood prone section possibly working
57 Plant room for preassurising tunnel with air vents on the surface
58 Depot for vehicles and maintenance supplies in locked garage
59 Depot for a industrial power suit and industrial tool kit with welder
60 Maintinance control hub, sealed workshops and accommodation for six workers with a diagnostic terminal 
61 Scrap built shacks with electric lighting occupied by humans d4 1=cultists 2=fugitives 3=gang 4=cannibal butchers

 Humid mildy radioactive springs flooded area srewn with machine wreckage. Fleshy semi aquatic naked mutants dwell here eating fish and each generation grows stranger
63 Tunnels and walkways everywhere and a village of underground abhuman animorphic tribes d6 1=rabbit 2=wombat 3=rat 4=numbats 5=goat 6=wallaby with burrows to the surface
64 Family of predatory abhuman animals live in scrap cottage and hunt in area d4 1=cat 2=fox 3=lizard 4=canetoads with access to a service tube with a ladder to a hidden hatch 
65 Secret market and gladiator fighting pit operated by a gang who operates everything. There were several surface routes from here some private and hidden now. Full of surly maniacs
66 Mutant hidden shanty town where strange mutants dwell in the darkness safe from human purists
67 Colony of marine abhumans in semi flooded area with fish and a flooded tunnel to the surface d4 1=fish folk 2=crab folk 3=crayfish folk 4=turtle folk
68 Cantoad abhuman secret commando base where they await orders from home, often drinking beer in a pool
69 Secret faction hidden temple where cultists and elders meet in secret to praise some evil AI or network demon. Garbage filled temple is full of artefacts
70 Refugees fleeing a disaster found a way down here and have camped unsure about future and limited supplies  
71 Small emergency VIP bunker for several families d4 1=sealed but empty 2=looted 3=undead occupants 4=hostile security robot awakens
72 Depo repurposed as a shelter for years by someone after the war, dusty but fair condition
73 Bunker for 30 survivors d4 1=corporate VIP 2=government 3=science 4=DNA vault
74 Bunker complex for a dozen families d4 1=degenerate inbred cannibals 2=looted 3=ghoul clan 4= mutant gang members
75 Military bunker where squad was frozen and had an APC d4 1=abandoned empty 2=torn apart by high energy weapons combat 3=undead soldiers 4=sealed but trapped with robot soldiers inside
76 Utopian bunker complex with android and replicant guardians d4 1=humans died off 2=lazy idiot hedonists who can't even walk 3=morlocks took over to farm eloi 4=hedonists cared for by AI
77 Private VIP bunker quite luxurious for a former Trillionaire and their chosen ones d4 1=undead 2=owners brain in a control borg manages and watches all in shelter 3=Replicants of original occupants 4=AI copy of owner manages staff or robots and androids
78 ARK Bunker protecting important relics and data guarded by robots and AI d4 1=artworks 2=animal and plant DNA 3=historic relics 4=technology museum
79 Secret black science bunker with an AI and android defenders d4 1=cloning VIPs 2=psychotronic weapons 3=bioweapons 4=killer cyborgs
80 Cryonics Vault d4 1=frozen undead families hoped to save in future 2=minor celebrities stored for reality TV show 3=local politicians and business VIPs 4=apocalyptic cult who plan to dominate the post-apocalypse world
Battle damages area with wrecked enemy mech and various robots and borg wrecks, some attractive parts but some damaged machines might awaken if touched and have some power and ammo left
82 Rubble with barbed wire and mines from some former inhabitants defences
83 Automated machinegun nest built by scavengers to protect their claim
84 Fortified wall built of trash d4 1=morlocks 2=insect abhumans 3=scrap robot gang 4=gang of outlaws found the way here after persued by the law
85 Are covered in traps with pits, nets, spring-loaded jaws, envenomed spikes, deadfalls and swinging spiked logs. Left by defenders or hunters
86 Supply depot but heavily damaged by gunfire, some quality scrap and human remains of gangs
87 Battlefield where zombies and subterranean mutant troglodytes battles leaving torn apart corpse parts and darts
88 Several recycling bots moving over a battlefield, some sucking up corpses into grinders to make fuel and others collecting cloth and fabric and metal and plastic they take to a recycling centre depot when their hoppers are full
89 Battlefield were two factions of androids fighting, both hate humans. One ok with working them to death other thinks humans are just for biofuel vats
90 A party of scavengers exploring locked in a battle with d6 1=morlocks 2=mutant gang 3=mutant horror 4=undead 5=walking fungus creatures 6=giant bugs
91 Tunnel with crashed train transporting plague deaths, will awaken from hibernation if noises or breathing detected, hundreds of bodies will tear open bags and awaken if disturbed, they don't all awake and become active or hostile at once, some take a d4 rounds to arise ready to attack
92 Military VIP train intended to remain moving potential nuclear target. Rear armoured guard car, a sealed vault car with gold and documents and VIP car with conference room, tv studio and small sleeping berths. Lots of secure locks, all appear to have torn each other apart from a psychotronic attack while the forcefield was hacked. Its a good place to put an important ancient public official remains handcuffed to a suitcase or details of a secret bunker
93 Black lab train transporting illegal weapons d4 1=nerve gas 2=necrovirus strain create new undead strain 3=psychotronic mind control weapon taken to space launch facility 4=new type of android troops with power armour and flight packs in pods but al virused and anti-human
94 A gigantic cavern with a kaiju size god monster sleeping d4 1=some people are climbing on it 2=someone has built a community on top 3=creature is pionic and happy to communicate briefly 4=cultists are chanting to it and mixing it gigantic vats of mutant berry juice
95 Special bunker with android security and a VIP shuttle bay with a preprogrammed route to a moon station
96 Cavern where hundreds of cultists chant and dance in front of their idol, an ancient damaged mecha. A henge of wrecked cars form a circle around it
97 Home of hairy subterearnean abhuman ape folk live here hunting mutant creatures, fishing and nocturnal visits to the surface. Their cave art covers the tunnel section including paintings, clay statues, bone carvings and ritual assemblages around altars. They worship a tactical nuclear weapon they found "the egg of the sky god"
98 A superior breed of psionic mutants live here in secret. They have one faction fighting for peace and another who seek conquest, meeting adventurers may influence the population. They have lots of ancient tech and seem quite utopian having assembled emergency shelter kits and brought goods from a bunker here. Patronising to non psychics
99 Robot crab tank from war belonging to enemy power, currently powered down but if disturbed will awaken and hunt theinterlopers intermitantly for years if need be, mostly energy weapons remainingand has a self destruct tac nuke setting with a loud count down
100 Space colonists returned to earth have a secret base here d4 1=Cyborgs returned from the void, hoping to terraform planet and only allow life useful for industrial purposes 2=Eldren space explorers returned after a near FTL trip and some time dilation 3=Martian spies investigating area for a secret colony and conquest 4=Lunar survivors have built a transmit pad to their moon colony and use this location and drugs to aclimitise their spies seeking certain goods they need to keep their home intact 

if I messed up any numbers let me know

Thursday 16 December 2021

Tube Train Tunnels For Apocalypse Travel

So in my post apoc games I like lots of tunnels especially where the surface is blasted bare. So these are geomorphs for building subterranean tunnels. You could print a few sheets and assemble on the fly or pregenerate a map. In a fantasy world, these could be the ancient dwarf sub tunnels of a previous age of wonders and is used as a sort of underground highway with ruined apparatus and machines. So you can cut them out and assemble at random from bits you want or roll d12 for the next section as you go. You could print A3 or laminate or something if you're snowed in. The left page is basic forms and the right is rarer. I will try to do some larger stations or a large station in some form somewhere to work with these. Possibly some industrial stations for agro or mining products. Maybe a small line that has had a steam train built from ancient ones but powered differently. Maybe some people have operating sections linking a bunker with only one car. You might be able to use these for a highly automated mine,

These were all dug by giant mole machines and an industrial line or new line might have a construction site. A model of hovercar with a 4 person or two-person pickup that can follow the train lines quite fast for emergency crews and police. Criminals used them also and had their own drones and vehicles to move through lines occasionally.

I would have smaller systems with more bends in even large towns and common in cities.

The cross-continental lines are mostly straight with variations perhaps every hundred or thousand km and originally were vacuum sealed for hypersonic transit linking all the major capitals and a few inland hubs and airports and harbours. Major solar farms or windfarms might be located near junctions or depots. 

d12 Basic Tunnel Sections
Fork splits left, right and centre
2 Left Branch
3 Right Branch
4 Right Bend
5 Left Bend
6 Fork splits into left or right
7 Crossing possibly connected by vents or conduits
8 Crossing with lines connected by walkways and elevators
9 Crossing with lines connected by post-apocalypse era diggings
10 Straight section
11 Double lengths of straight sections
12 Tripple lengths of straight sections

1in6 section has some lighting and power
d4 1=emergency luminescant 2=flickering 3=dim emergency 4=fully functioning

d12 Special Tunnel Sections
1 Station - for passengers or goods to be loaded with elevators and walkways
2 Bunker - many small shelters with surface entrances, 1in12 chance of larger complex
3 Depot - for tunnel servicing, emergency rescue and construction 
4 Flooded - section flooded often water salty or home of mutant life
5 Train - left in tunnel intact with several cars, possibly dead, baggage or goods
6 Blockage - section collapsed but could be breached
7 Blockage - collapsed rubble but some large creature burrowed through
Blockage - collapsed rubble but train provides a tunnel through it
Blockage - collapsed rubble but someone mined a passage through
10 Passage - natural sinkhole or cave formed, flora and fauna thriving but weird
11 Passage - scavengers or creatures have been digging and living here
12 Passage - crude tunnel from surfaces

d12 Tunnel Dwellers
1 Undead hibernating awoken by exhaling C02 d4 1=zombies 2=ghouls 3=vampire 4=cyborg
2 Androids have a base here for their war on humans
3 Mutant freaks shunned on surface
4 Robot security and construction units protect and repair tunnels, keep unauthorised out
5 Gang have secret entrance and live here as a secret hideout
6 Morlocks, cannibalistic dwarves have a secret colony and some slave Eloi
7 Thriving giant fungus and insects, the occasional giant lizard or frog
8 Cave troglodytes, abhuman mutated into savage white subterranean killers
9 Species of insectoid abhumans or mutant animals living as a colony
10 Beast abhuman colony d4 1=mole 2=rat 3=lizard 4=toads
11 Colony of dangerous burrowing monsters nesting and sleeping
12 Gang of scavengers exploring for loot or secret trade routes

d12 Who dug this hole?
1 Giant mutant carnivorous golden mole
2 Giant toad or frog
3 Giant arthropod 
4 Giant worm
5 Sand Squid
6 Land Shark
7 Giant Lizard
8 Human scavengers
9 Trapped refugees or fugitives
10 Gang looting and exploring
11 Morlock mutant dwarfs
12 subterranean mutants

d12 Hazards
1 Weakened superstructure
2 Water hazard
3 Loose rubble 
4 Electrical danger
5 Primitive traps
6 Explosives like mines, grenades, pipebomb or molotov
7 Monster lair
8 Hostile plants, fungus or slime
9 Dangerous contamination
10 Scattered corpses are hibernating undead
11 Security or construction robots at work try to detain intruders
12 Mutant vermin

d12 Tunnel Trash
1 Wrecked tunnel hover 1in6 repairable with fuel cell
2 Abandoned baggage from before the apocalypse
3 Cache left by some past explorers usually with a book trap
4 Damaged android or robot or repair drone with dead battery
5 Toolbox, hard hat with lamp, lunchbox and skeleton
6 Human bones and shredded clothing scraps
7 Remains of the campsite and some scrapped goods
8 Huge creatures corpse or shed skin or carapace or faeces
9 Remains of some sad abandoned settlement from long ago
10 Evidence of a battle in the area and some unlooted remains left
11 Evidence of someone stripping metal and materials methodically 
12 Construction supply and machines, ferrocrete sleepers and duralinium rails 

d12 Pesky Vermin?
1 Mutant rats
2 Mutant Bats
3 Maggots leaving green luminous slime trails 
4 Giant slugs and snails
5 Huge cockroaches or crickets
6 Huge ants
7 Spy drone often a flying robot insect
8 Floating luminous gasbag jellyfish
9 Toads or frogs
10 Small venomous snake 
11 Huge spiders or scorpions
12 Slime, ooze or jelly

d12 Tube Condition
1 Damage, partially blocked and rubble strewn
2 Decayed metal tube cladding
3 Walls decayed and some rubble 
4 Dripping water and collected pools
5 Choked by dust, very dry
6 Stalegtites and mineral cave formations
7 Plates and panels of walls fallen off
8 Fungus and bugs everywhere
9 Tunnels from some recent digging animal or miner
10 In good condition, dim emergency lighting
11 Excellent condition with lighting and live power
12 Auto repair has kept intact vacuum-sealed section, nanites keep in new condition and blocked be emergency foamcrete or force field

Tuesday 14 December 2021

Top 12 Anuran Wizards up to no good Near You!

d12 Amphibian Wizards
1 Barglock Stonegland - a grumpy toad angry about dwarves supplanting his people from their ancient home of Toad Mountain. Used earth and water elemental magic and has strip-mined a few dungeons killing everything inside for the gold. Has at least 3 8HD elementals at any time as gifts of the Anuran gods elemental pacts at the beginning of the world. Often rides a giant toad and has loyal toad folk warrior guards. Prefers hit and run devastation like collapsing underground chambers and letting his giant toad eat whatever digs through somehow
2 Primbok Widemouth - a frog folk wise woman with pleasant golden stripes from a clan of highly aquatic and climbing frogfolk who prefer marsh lands. She is a famed music lover who knows many prehuman songs. She also developed the method of turning human bards into werefrog agents of frogland. She is considered very wise and in her marsh cave she has ancient stone and clay tablets and magic lore. She is pottering away on new experiments to reduce the human menace as several of her thousands of descendants have been killed by humans. She keeps a pack of savage wolf-like guard frogs and the king of frogland provides her with some of his own honour guards to reward her efforts. Currently, she wants a spell that can turn a foe into an equal mass of edible bugs
Gimlon White Eye - a grey and white-eyed strangely scrawny ancient frog folk who gained immortality long ago but has become more subterranean over aeons. He is quite insane and a master of escapes and has a bad habit of working with all kinds of Underland bosses who want a wizard to support raids on the surface. He can't remember why the surface world of dayfarers must suffer but he is very sure humans as the latest are the worst. While a might ally who can put on an impressive show a few times is hopelessly chaotic and unreliable as he imagines there are plots against him and traitors saying rude things about his sanity. He keeps no regular allies and little property but his titanskin spellbook in elder Anuran script 
4 Klorak Nightcroak - with his elder cult robe and tall hat and snakestaff he is much feared. He dabbles in communing with outer planar horrors and has received several gifts from these allies. From his eldrich haunted swamp castle he and his minion's aid local human frog cultists telling them whatever they want and supplying them with booze and drugs. The human cultist sabotage efforts to drain the swamp, ford a river or modify ancient frogfolk hydroengineering projects. Has also recruited a clan of evil giant beavers who also hate humans who castrated their great grandfather to obtain the musk. Kloracks dark blue and black kin have poisonous flesh and they use it on their arrows and spears
5 Mojo Gobblegut - a bloated corrupt crimelord and cult leader in the frog folk drug and grog trade. He is a green frog folk wizard who worships Tsathoggua and administers a human frog wizard cult from afar. From his secret smuggler fort, he welcomes outcasts and bandits to use his facilities for a fee.  Or free for frog cultists. Many don't realise Mojog is a wizard or serves his elder frog wizard god. Undead and giant frog filled moats and thorn hedges surround him forcing enemies come to the front gate. Some of his followers are torn between true believers and those who think Boss Frog is up to something not quite right worse than crime
6 Bufina Marina - This pirate toad queen has again and again escaped had a crew then a fleet then lost it all several times over. She has occupied swamps, islands, river systems, ports and bridges and has transported armies if paid for invasions. Most of her preferred hideouts are ancient amphibian ruins in hidden wet places. She is a famous duelist too but even better at timely escapes. Her water elementalism is a secret most don't know about
7 Klartathon Regis - Firenewt wizard in service to the elemental lord of evil fire elementals who revel in destruction. Mostly with his fire newts and pet firetoads and riding lizards the amphibian heretics have been in their crater citadel where they hope to bring a swarm of fiery salamanders from the fire world. Their other scheme is to break the crater lip causing lava to flow through channels into a dry creekbed above a human town. Klarathon seems to be dawdling on these schemes and his cohorts wonder why. He does constantly adopt new robes and bronze bejewelled hats a lot though and teaches other firenewts in their pyromancy wizard school. One day lava and salamanders will be ready and an army of firenewts and minions will take lands around their hidden volcanic crater
8 Bingus Bug Gut - a huge frog folk wizard too big to move apparently as is carried around in his palanquin made from a giant egg he sits in with his favourite concubine of the week. Carried by regular frogfolk but he really wants human slaves to toil in his bug farms and carry him around. His clan of frog folk minions are not so into it but do like not doing awful jobs and getting to being bosses. He is a merchant trading bog-iron, herbs, crocodile skins and fish for quality weapons and luxuries and slaves. Greedy lazy and a lover of luxury but he is also willing to adapt if he can be given a prophet motive. Gifting him exotic bugs guarantees a good reception and attention
9 Gulbuk Bonk - mysterious underground frog wizard who occupies mines, caves and digs new tunnels for his underground empire. Her minions burrow into city sewers and waterways giving them the means to travel in secret and move troops or goods in secret. One sign her organisation is present is the disappearance of smaller goblinoids, gnomes and giant rats. She has even taken territory in underground lakes and rivers making her sideline in smuggling more untouchable. Her whole horde of burrowing frog folk have hibernated during dry decades and a good rain might wake them up
10 Glorpblob Treehand - a tree frog wizard who mostly sits in his hollow giant tree stump house offering fetch quests for young adventurers for lore, frog relic fragments and exotic delicious bugs. When he has all the elder frog relics assembled they combine into the crown of the frog king and will allow Glorpblob to unite various frog folk species for some glorious purpose once a generation.  
11 Vargan Moreanus - a frog necromancer disliked by amphibian kind. Once living now a vampire who follows frog folk defeats to seize their corpses for his great army of undead buried in a peat bog awaiting the right time. He has contempt for all life but considers only his own species worthy as attractive possible companions (especially after he kills and raises them). He keeps some living and thrall lesser vampires around of various species and has many ghoul minions serving them in turn. Vargan has had a few try to use him but it always backfires and everything turns to shit. Frog vampires turn into frogs, bats or their original species or any combination and all will pause if confronted with a held live snake. When they die they explode into slime and bugs.
12 Zlobback Gobblebug - a philosophical frog wizard interested in vivisecting humans and trying to make them into second rate frog folk. His prison castle is full of alchemical apparatus making giant amphibian and mutant horrors. He has even tried breeding a giant cave toad with a black dragon. Eventually, these horrors reach human areas and heroes are called to investigate. Zlobback welcomes new surgical test subjects and offers his gifts of biological improvements freely for the strong and brave. Claims he escaped dissection in a human wizard school and was inspired by what humans taught him to become a wizard too