Tuesday 25 April 2023

T1 Smartsuit Mods

SF thing needed for reasons - mysteriously had some ideas i needed out of my head

Smartsuits are advanced clothing options mostly printable from standard universal printers with basic materials. The basic full-body suit and cap or hood are standard for exploration, ship crews, uniformed roles and even as a fashion status symbol. Available on any colony with basic universal 
first template technology level. Some mods may be restricted to law or millitary. They have +3AC or +2 without a cap or hood - any AC benefits are one less without headgear and you could be targeted in the head ignoring all benefits of AC. The basic model of suit is 1 ENC and modules and mods can easily be attached to upgrade it as needed.

Cheap suit 1 mod
Standard suit 3 mods
Elite suit mods 6 mods
Heavy Suit has 12 mods and +2 ENC

d100 T1 Smartsuit Mods
01 Ballistic cloth resists 
 +3 AC vs bullets and fragmentation +0 ENC or +5 AC +2 ENC
02 Rigid Impact Armour +3  vs melee +1 ENC or +5 AC vs melee +2 ENC
03 Reflec +3 AC vs lasers +0 ENC or +5 +1 ENC
04 First Aid module +1 ENC
05 Ablative Armour +10 HP vs fire, lasers, plasma +1AC or +20 HP for +2 ENC
06 Thermal Barrier +3 AC and save vs heat, fire, lasers, plasma +1 AC or +5 for +2 ENC
07 Polar Barrier +3 AC and save vs cold +1 ENC or +5 for +2 ENC
08 Space Suit + 30-minute emergency life support in space +2 ENC or 2 hours with +4 ENC
09 Tool Belt +1 ENC standard micro tool kit and a hand scanner for extra +1 ENC 
10 Webbing +0 ENC allows 10 ENC of quick reach tools or +1 ENC carries 20 ENC
11 Filter mask - makes many atmospheric conditions and gas tolerable 
12 Hydro mask + 10 min air +1 ENC or 3 hours with +3 ENC
13 Rebreather Module doubles air supply +2 ENC
14 Tech Spex - lowlight, thermal, laser range finder, telescopic vision +1 ENC
15 Helmet - rigid memory helmet plastic +1 all AC types +1 ENC or metal +2 AC for +2 ENC
16 Targeting - laser designator and range finder +1 to hit or +2 with smart weapon +0 ENC
17 Sonic Suite - muffles dangerous sounds -1/dice damage +3 save, 30m sonar +1 ENC
18 HUD - access data visually as overlay or screen, enhances other systems +0 ENC
19 Neural Link - allows the mental interface to tech, brain diagnostics & recording +1 ENC
20 Computer - automated Smart System +0 ENC Basic AI System +1 ENC
21 Comlink - basic wrist-com phone +0 ENC keyboard and screen on wrist +1 ENC 
22 Holoprojector - holographic projector on the wrist to show data or holo keyboard +1 ENC
23 Tool Kit - one basic wrist mini tool kit +1 ENC
24 Scanner - arm-mounted mini scanner +0 multi-scanner (three types) +1 ENC
25 Quickdraw - wrist device puts a 1 ENC compact firearm or knife in hand instantly +1 ENC
26 Wristgun - wrist-mounted handgun +2 ENC
27 Smartlink - links suit to modified weapon +1 Initiative (neural link or HUD) +0 ENC
28 Cable Line - 30m launchable cable for climbing or entangling +1 ENC with winch +1 ENC
29 Datalink - universal adaptor hardwire link to technology +0 ENC
30 Smartgun - carbine or rifle assembles in one round in hands +4 ENC
31 Mine Resistant - explosive resistant halves damage from mines or ground traps +0 ENC 
32 Rocket Boots - leap +12m +1 ENC gain extra 3 leaps fuel with an extra +1 ENC dangerous
33 Holster - armoured bay holds a handgun or small melee weapon or 3 grenades +2ENC
34 Ground Sensor - detects unstable surfaces, quakes or movement in 15m +1 ENC
35 Grip Tread - superior non slip grip makes climbing near any surface easier +0 ENC
36 Skates - usually wheeled or ice skates +50% speed +1 ENC Skis or tracks for +2 ENC
37 Walkers - suit can walk for you if unconscious or asleep +2 ENC
38 Hydrofin - double speed in water with memory plastic flippers and hydrojets +1 ENC
39 Magma Boots - can walk on hot surfaces like crust on lava +1 ENC
40 Sneakers - silent in most cases, muffle sound and vibrations +0 ENC
41 Radshield - light radiation resistance +0 ENC high threat resistance +2 ENC
42 Power Sync - keeps basic suit functions powered by movement and heat +0 ENC
43 Power Plant - belt pack power cell +2 ENC backpack power cell or plant +10 ENC
44 Backpack - memory plastic fold-out pack 10 ENC for +0 ENC or 30 ENC for +1 ENC
45 Drone Bay - control suite and launcher for a single small drone or missile +6 ENC
46 Swarm Bay - control suite and launcher for a swarm of drones +3 ENC 
47 Ammo Mill - manufactures ammo and loads clips 400 standard rounds, special rounds based on software usually use 10x materials +6 ENC
48 Launcher - 10-shot launcher for flares or mini grenaides +4 ENC
49 Jet Pack - Mov 30 for ten minutes +8 ENC or 30 minutes for 16 ENC
50 Sense-Com Pack - planetary range communicator, sat uplink and 15 km radar +4 ENC  bonus with a optional +2 ENC EM warfare pack can jam radar and radio coms in 100m and can interfere with radar or radio-guided missiles
51 Morph Suit - memory plastic morphing suit with ten costume presets +1 ENC
52 Viz Suit - the surface of the suit is a monitor with changeable patterns and colours even chamo +1 ENC 
53 Stealth Suit - suit blends into the environment for superior camouflage and reduces heat signature and sound +2 ENC
54 Auto Medic - self-diagnostic medical scanner with 3 auto drug injectors (stabiliser, antitox, rapid healing, antirad, antiplague are common) +1 ENC for an extra 10 auto-injectors +1 ENC often used for illegal narcotics
55 Cryonic - drugs occupant and lowers temps and keeps alive on minimal life support for one week often with an SOS message broadcast +2 ENC
56 Light - suit produces light for fashionable effects, light area or just your hand +0 ENC
57 Glider - memory plastic glider wings allow you to glide +2 ENC you can get a one-use parachute for +3 ENC or a reusable for +4 ENC or a one-use inflatable balloon mod for +6 ENC
58 Inflatable - detaches and inflates into a survival shack or raft +1 ENC
59 Compact - suit is memory material and can form a piece of jewellery or a bag +0 ENC
60 Interface Suit - like a helmet neural interface but a whole bodysuit for immersive games or jacking into or controlling walkers or power suits or mecha +2 ENC
61 Water Recycler - purifies water, retains user fluids, produces water from air +1 ENC
62 Food Analyser - detects edible foodstuff +1 ENC and/or one week of food for +1 ENC +3 ENC for a food recycler to refine some foods to be safe or process waste or tainted food
63 Air Analyser - alerts user or other systems if air dangerous +0 ENC
64 Biochem - suit resists biological and chemical agents and reduces acid damage by -1 per dice +3 Save +1 ENC usually used with an air filter or air supply, a heavy version is +2 ENC and is -2 acid damage per dice and +5 saves
65 Mapbox - inertial compass and computer nav assistance with sat uplink +1 ENC
66 Survival Pack - with a large survival knife, salt pills, fishing line and hooks, needles, plastic sheet and several bags, med spray pack, 2 flares, whistle, memory plastic one-person tent, microreader and survival manual +1 ENC
67 Life Vest - inflates around the body to float with a whistle, 2 flares and a dye pack +0 ENC
68 Coag Suit - stops damage from blood loss after one round of loss +1 ENC
69 Re-entry pack - one way enter atmosphere and land from orbit +6ENC disposable after one use
70 Projector - larger image projection system for cinematic displays or a smaller holographic image usually for a luminous human figure for coms or an AI +2 ENC
71 Power Gauntlet - +3 Might one arm and can cause d6 damage punch or crush +4 ENC
72 Media Suite - cameras on suit record around the user with high res cam usually in a headset or hand with microphones. Footage can be used for immersive VR or holograms +2 ENC 
73 Data Pack - expanded data pack with encyclopedias and other databases and storage +1 ENC 
74 Lastorch - industrial laser cutter lasts 10 minutes without a larger power supply +1 ENC for a small cutter good enough for most doors and locks or +4 ENC for an industrial model
75 Servo Arm - small ar to assist tasks and hold items or for AI to operate and ready equipment or even reload a gun. Fine Motor +1 ENC Heave Motor +3 which can hold a pistol. Some have dedicated tools like a Lastorch or cutter or scanner
76 Translator Pack - for standard language variants +0 ENC
77 Sheild - memory material clear plastic round shield +1 AC +0 ENC +2 AC riot shield +1 ENC or +4 AC for memory metal blast shield requiring 2 hands and can cover several people or block a doorway, all have an optional gun port, can be opaque or clear or with a window  
78 Ladder - fold-out memory plastic 1.5m step ladder +0 ENC a 4m ladder or mini scaffold
79 Tool Kit - Pack of 10 memory plastic basic non-powered hand tools like saws, wrenches or hammers once expanded from magazine need replacing +0 ENC or 100 tools for 1 ENC
80 Cycle - a fold-out memory plastic bicycle that can be opened or stored in one round 1 ENC. For +1 ENC you can have a small battery motor and for an extra +1 ENC has solar cells and can recharge from peddling and from ambient heat 
81 Codebreaker - specialised for hacking or deciphering languages +2 ENC
82 Mask - illegal mod to give off fake biosignals of another person or suppress your own for hiding from basic energy and bio scanners +0 ENC
83 Hackbox - automated electronic security hacker specialist computer +1 ENC for basic or Elite version +2 ENC - can be enhanced by various computer and AI packs
84 Micro Drone Bay - one small drone bay and control suite designed to be concealed +0 ENC
85 Lock Gun - specialised lock opening device, the basic model only opens most civilian locks in a d6 rounds +0 ENC elite variety opens civil locks instantly, more sophisticated locks can take a d6 turns +1 ENC
86 Decoy Drone - distracts security systems by detecting as intruder or enemy, MOV of 30, lasts 3d4 rounds vs most smart systems +1 ENC may make enemy make evasive manoeuvres as detects as a bigger threat than it is 
87 Bug Suite - bay for 10 micro drones to track or surveil a market within 1km, can fly up to Mov 6 from the user in one round +1 ENC
88 Mask Pack - concealed one-use mask able to fool most sensors and can be made to duplicate a person's face +0 ENC of for a +3 ENC elite version prints up to three masks from a provided date
89 Caltrop Pack + 1 ENC generates up to 10 sets of anti-personnel spiked caltrops that pierce and damage most footwear, tires and robot tracks. Each pack covers a 3m area
90 Mine Pack + 1 ENC can deploy up to 10 micro-mines singly or all at once to scatter over an area evenly apart as directed by the user or suit. Usually activated by proximity or the suit
91 Coldpack + 2 ENC has a 1 ENC fridge/freezer box and spare power for one month, handy for drugs or samples or perishable goods of to cool the suit in extreme heat. For +12 ENC you can have a 20 ENC capacity backpack
92 Chair - makes a chair for when you want to sit +0 ENC for a basic one, +1 ENC for a large comfortable chair with a music player and vibration settings
93 Printer +0 for small ticker tape printout 2cmx100m or + 2 ENC can print photos or A4 documents on memory plastic paper 1000 sheets or business cards or 100 glossy colour art prints or holo pix  
94 Media Player +0 ENC speakers and a small screen and data reader and link to play entertainment mostly. +1 ENC version has loudspeakers and a fold-out 1x2m monitor
95 Biolink +0  basic medical diagnostic link and a line into the bloodstream for quick removal of blood or direct drug or nutrients +1 ENC  a reservoir, some use for illegal narcotics. Hospitals often use these when patients are admitted to the system or for specific therapies
96 Narcojet - 1 ENC injects a dose of the drug pneumatically and holds 30 doses in a clip for medics, for an extra +1 ENC drug clip holds 100 uses. A criminal stealth version is 0 ENC but holds 3 doses that must be individually loaded and don't come in clips
97 Blade - memory plastic knife or machete +0 ENC activates in one round +2 ENC version has memory metal and can configure in various forms like a sword, axe, spear, glaive or others that can change in one action
98 Star Cip +0 ENC holds 10 memory plastic shuriken or darts or throwing knives usually concealable and illegal. +1 ENC version holds 100 memory metal versions instead
99 Survival Bubble - memory plastic sphere expands around the user that can float or roll down a hill and is +3 AC vs ballistic or non-powered melee weapons +1 ENC. A person hugging the user can be englobed while activating and takes one round. The sphere allows breathable air but stops water or filth to get in, folds up when opened
100 Compact - lighter systems -1 ENC off subsystems for every 10 ENC

I might come up with some common example setups for civilians, colonist, explorers, astronauts, millitary

T2 mods include maglev, energy screens, and energy weapons and require a nanite assembler not just a basic robot assembler or printer

T3 mods include anti-gravity flight, teleporters, storing items in subspace and stasis fields. options require molecular assembly and possibly subspace-made components. The most advanced powers can take note of devices like this being operated at all.

Money is mostly obsolete in most civilised places and goods are requisitioned from personal AI or workplace admins on a need-to-use basis. Fashion stuff is no problem. Some are criminal only and illegal or for professional spies. If your going into space more options become available. If you are a colonist or explorer different choices become available for wilderness survival. Millitary have their own versions which are limited or bootlegged by crime or outlaw colonies.

Sunday 23 April 2023

Carry on Local Weirdos & Creeps

I'm probably slowing all my production doing other stuff. Will write again when I feel like it. I'm hoping to do a 3fold adventure at least a month on Patreon to keep it going without any charges this year. Possibly just watching 36 carry-on movies might have influenced this.

Every city has some colourful weirdo helping to make the city unique. Not professional or sacred like village idiots. These people are more interested in attending. Locals are familiar with these creeps and roll their eyes and look away mostly. Still as awful as they are locals and anyone harming them might anger a mob.

d12 Weirdo Secrets
1 Condition is curable with magic and they will dial down their antics if treated
2 Is a spy for some faction and in fact, is quite lucid playing the fool to be ignored
3 Actually an heir that the family are looking for - maybe they prefer to not be found
4 Is actually a cultist and this behaviour is part of some oath or pact
5 Performed some sin against the gods and this is their penance for redemption
6 They are actually a magician of some kind in secret
7 Actually a fairy creature or changeling in disguise
8 Has a family looking for them who want to take care of them
9 Escaped from a cruel dungeon for mentally ill patients run by someone awful
10 Is protected by spirits or a familiar or faeries
11 Was kidnapped by fairies as a slave and returned like this
12 Is from another plane or village where everyone like them

d12 Local reactions to Weirdo
1 Fondly thought of as a unique feature of the area
2 People ignore them like they are not even visible
3 Locals feed them and give them coins and old clothes
4 Children throw mud and cow poo at them and sing mocking songs
5 Bailifs will put in stocks or a cage occasionally if too annoying
6 Locals are ready to form an angry mob if any more trouble
7 Locals yell abuse at them and tell to go away
8 Locals debate if weirdo is good enough to be the official local idiot
9 Everyone thinks they are a harmless duffer to ignore
10 People buy them beer and like the looks visitors have when meeting a weirdo
11 Locals believe the character struck by faeries and not to blame for antics
12 Locals considering making a statue or memorial for the weirdo for the fame they bring

Urban Local Weirdos & Creeps
01 Quilf Reefa - sings the anthem of city horse racing team with team colour clothes while grumpily pacing forwards with great determination
02 Jonny Hoopla - dances in the street in tight colourful attitude cos they love to dance. Often uses a hoop as part of act and performs in front of monuments to the bewilderment of locals
03 Mila Jabelspur - with her hoard of merry cats with knitted hats and clothes like to loiter near the fish shop and the ratter's house
04 Plorga Bjan - offers strangers pickles and dresses as a pickle
05 Nanny Klag - keeps a cage of pigeons she cares for and they always come back 
06 Plorga Bunns - convinced goats can talk in secret and are up to something
07 Rocko Jibbit - annoys fishermen by wanting to kiss their fish to see if one is their true love cursed by a druid
08 Bean Mackee - makes mud and trash idols and figurines and leaves all around the area 
09 Plorga Bogtroll - talks to rats and claims they tell them local's secrets
10 Mika Flogbun has long hair and fingernails and asks people to help them eat food people give them as they cant hold anything properly
11 Granny Sticks - scrawny old woman who sells bundles of sticks and claims she has special magic sticks at outrageous prices
12 Vork Cumlot - sits in ponds and puddles and makes frog noises and eats bugs and rats whole and alive. Sometimes extra noisy at night
13 Plonker Gilbutt - warns everyone a flood is coming and often seen with belongings on a rooftop preaching 
14 Colber Flange - sits on poles and warns the ground is poisonous and is scrawny and wearing rags
15 Pulger Lumply - preaches nudism and tells people to abandon clothes as the gods wish to see the truth. Occasionally arrested for disturbing locals but mostly they ignore them
16 Blorg Fungler - demands horses are set free and annoys anyone riding a horse because they are people too
17 Masaba Plumbert - invisible unicorns are roaming the streets what do you mean you cant see them? Runs around shouting for people to look at unicorns
18 Basil Mungler - tries to get people to sample homemade insect wine and is convinced it will make them rich. Offers free samples from wagon and most people vomit when he tells people what is in it. Does have some nutritional value and lots of non-humans like it
19 Pembolt Chumbler - trying to warn people about the borrowers below who are to blame for all disappearance of locals and livestock
20 Limrom Porker - rolls in the street wrestling invisible moon people who come down each night to cause mischief
21 Mangeld Forbgum - religious fanatic who follows strangers preaching loudly and aggressively while looking for signs of wickedness they can tell the priests about. Covered in holy symbols and often carries a sign or banner 
22 Pugnut Boible - convinced they are a haughty wizard and offers to cast spells and make potions using water from puddles
23 Filbert Shankweasel - will put a ferret in their pants for 1cp and will nag visitors about how great this offer is and how vicious his ferret is
24 Gawglum Dwarftosser - like to hurl dwarves, halflings or short people to beat own personal record 
25 Norko Tharv - has mushrooms growing on clothes and sleeps in a hole by the roadside
26 Bingo Snax - claims to be a bottom inspector and has a badly scrawled homemade licence they present as proof of their authority. Carries tape measure and journal for records
27 Kimbor Plorg - seeks adventurers to find the singing sausages of the gods and is sure the dungeon entrance is under their house
28 Nobby Piles - likes to spy on people especially young couples courting so he can mutter "phwoooar" and "cor blimey" and chuckle loudly. He imagines all sort of people are doing it and wants to see
29 Digby Thrillcock - complains about worker conditions and the ruling classes. Complains about adventurers exploiting the working people and provoking war with humanoids 
30 Mimsy Queefer - is likes to gossip and has a shrill laugh especially if anyone in hearing distance makes and accidental double entendres. She likes to gossip and lie about visitors to the area to make life more exciting
31 Margerie Thudge - a dour matron convinced adventurers are up to no good and out to corrupt youth with vice and sex. If she hears any suspicious noises she gets her rolling pin and vicious dog, Samuel to investigate
32 Bumpy Clag - has an uncanny habit (or a curse) of their trousers falling off in all sorts of moments often catching it on people's swordbelts, pets, horses, shoes resulting in awkward moments for everyone concerned
33 Porgo Glum - has a bad habit of making false identifications and riling up locals and the law. Often mistakes adventurers for bandits, cultists, assassins or sheep buggerers and sets off outraged mobs and the law
34 Panathasia Blarb - convinced adventurers have been sent to spy on her by her ex-bandit chief lover. Tries to put on spectacles to make her ex jealous by kissing strangers and dressing provocatively and strutting around adventurers 
35 Fantasia Scrumpet - wants to join a cult and tries to seduce strangers in hopes they are secretly in a cult. Her family are very suspicious and will berate or even assault anyone taking advantage of her charms
36 Alphonse Creeper - likes to steal underwear from travellers and may try a ruse like pretending to be a laundry man or may resort to breaking and entering 
37 Plondark Muckrake - claims to be an artist and wants to paint a portrait of a visiting stranger, Does best to suggest they remove as much clothing as possible and is a terrible artist
38 Gordon Preen - officious stuffy prude who is convinced adventurers explore dungeons just for sex. Tries to subtly ask them creepy questions about the creatures they "battle" and nods appropriately assuming answers are coded. Then tells everyone about the adventurer's unspeakable sex acts with monsters to everyone claiming they heard it straight from the source
39 Groper Philpot - keeps bumping into strangers in the streets and confined spaces like stairwells in inns, doorways or shops. Apologies profusely and professes innocence
40 Snarfle Bargle - likes to sniff people's unwashed armour, and offers to clean it or oil it for adventurers for free "for their noble service to the community". Has a secret stash of stolen armour pieces in a sack under his bed
41 Bungo Bellend - a sleazy drunken halfling who makes rude remarks and saucily winks at anyone young and pretty "they all look the same touching their toes" he mutters as he is a compulsive bottom pincher and always asks wizards if they can make him invisible for a pint of beer in return
42 Ogillvy Peeper - spies on strangers and looks very suspicious. Takes notes he records in his journals detailing the comings and goings of everyone for years
43 Mini Carver - petite squeaky voiced barmaid looking for wealthy adventurers to marry, if any cross her or make her jealous she pulls a knife with rage
44 Reginald Foulham - elderly posh gent, if sees adventurers in area, likes to boast loudly how weak and inferior and perverted modern adventurers are compared to his age of chivalric mobile murder hobos
45 Penny Crusher - a huge lass who likes to hug heroic strangers for all the good they do in the world. She has gorilla-like strength and can break ribs and even make some people pass out. She is sorry if her attention causes any harm and offers to carry victims to a healer
46 Peebles Cumberbitch - follows adventurers around especially if selling goods and claims they were stolen from them and demands law brought in unless bribed to go away
47 Pubert Glowbeard - a shy dwarf who surprises people in the privy and offers use of his toolkit for use including funnels, syringes, laxative tonics and tongs. Hopes one day some noble will appreciate his aid and make him a privy councillor like royalty have
48 Mumbles Hammerhands - a large thug will whisper to adventurers he knows their dark secrets and demand money for a few beers to keep quiet. When finished drinks looks for new victims
49 Eggbert Thrustle - large young scholar likes to interrupt conversations with his insightful superior unwelcome knowledge "Actually sages agree its a lot more complex than that common ignorant viewpoint". Convinced they are helping the world with advice
50 Kiron Plugg - complains loudly about how adventurers today all perverts, foreigners, non-humans and furry creatures that shouldn't be let indoors. Anyone replying makes Kiron feint from outrage and claim a spell was cast on them 
51 Goody Shrewbreast - obsessed with witches and watches suspicious people for days if required before reporting them to a witchfinder or priest
52 Thrilby Squallcock - pesters visitors with his homemade special secret sauce sold in bottles. Food vendors throw slop at him and tell him to bugger off and won't let him in their shops. In his shack are all kinds of ingredients and a bubbling pot and some cat skins they use to make the sauce   
53 Calliope Pilgrim - old woman constantly and loudly worried about her imaginary cat. She is always going on about some latest adventure of her pussy like getting wet in a well or stealing sausages. Asks strangers if anyone has seen her big black wet pussy. Her brother Vilgrom has a similar imaginary large black rooster
54 Old One-Eyed Willy - a crusty old seaman who likes to pester young people with unlikely adventures on the high seas. Most involve monsters and grateful attractive natives 
55 Madam Clover - local matchmaker offers to find adventurers perfect local mates so they can settle down properly like real people do. Won't take no for an answer and keeps bringing prospective mates
56 Plonker Gimble - short man with fake beard pretends to be a dwarf and wants to talk with adventurers about dungeon stuff, avoids real dwarves as they might out him as fake from his basic ignorance
57 Sidney Crumb - wizened old lecher who likes to seduce any new women he meets with. Tasteless double entendres while avoiding his various other lovers, his furious wife and various men whose wives he harassed. Often stops what he is doing, holds his hat and flees when sees some enemy
58 Morty Bonedale - local phrenologist likes to measure people's skulls with callipers and then explains why they are ugly and inferior due to science. He has books with charts explaining how beings with skulls of adventuring races prove why they are deplorable
59 Balorina Pognor - convinced adventurers are insane murder hobos waiting to go off. Tries to convince locals and authorities any party is up to no good
60 Miriam Stuffweather - class climber who snubbed adventurers who became nobles. Now she befriends and showboat adventurers using them as props for her attempts to impress everybody. She offers adventurers accommodation and the use of her home and will do anything to increase her relations with the party
61 Nogger Pringle - looking for a healer to examine a huge boils on his bum. Locals are sick of him and his constantly infected smell bottom. An examination of his home reveals pigs poop in his chair and he wont clean up 
62 Badbert Nosher - welcomes adventurers and invites them to his home. He is a cannibal and will surprise guests after dinner with the revelation he fed them human meat and offers an invitation to his cannibal cult
63 Nilbert Slophammer - notorious sexist who makes indecent offers to visiting women and if this fails follows them about complaining about them. Will eventually insult anyone accompanying the targets of his crude longings and will gladly start a fight, then complain anyone beat him is a cheat
64 Leon Poncetingle - is a dandy wearing fancy crushed velvet, ridiculous curtly-toed shoes, a wig and a codpiece with a bell on the end that tinkles as he walks. Will follow adventurers around making witty criticisms of their clothes and hygiene to his fawning sycophantic followers
65 Coella Cloaca - believes she is a witch loves adventurers. Will follow adventurers collecting any dropped hair, nail clippings or bodily waste she takes home to make dolls in a shrine dedicated to her dream lovers. She desperately wants magic to do more 
66 Buzby Oozalem - follows adventurers around and will be inspired to turn their gestures into a popular new dance mocking a party member and named after them. The poor target of this attention will be recognised in local towns and villagers for a few months
67 Parkella Flangerake - looking for her long lost parent and is convinced a party member may be a relative and follow them with questions
68 Portia Widdleclop - hates adventurers and delights in throwing her chamber pot on them and pretend it was an accident
69 Mearle Quimstick - claims to serve the god of love and wine and offers adventurers drinks in his shack where he will administer a blessing, locals overhearing this grimace unpleasantly
70 Bluto DInglesnatch - craves a wife and believes kidnapping is acceptable and will fight anyone to seize his love interest. If he can't snatch them he will try and impress them with his muscles and luxurious thick body hair
71 Gaylord Longwhistle - local artist wants to paint some adventurers in his cottage. Will stoke up the fireplace to vet hot and suggest they take off some clothes and rub oil on their bodies to improve the light
72 Ginger Cumwallace - an attractive oversexed lady who lusts after adventurers. The only problem is many locals feel possessive of her and will increasingly try and get strangers away from her. Despite locals being rivals for the attention they all cooperate in being jerks to newcomers
73 Garry Farquar - nosy prude posh man believes adventurers are always talking in double entendres and everything they say is coded sex talk. Farquar will be outraged and complain about the imagined indecent sleight. "Ooh er sounds a bit rude" 
74 Maude Poncington - a posh toff convinced adventurers to bring vile diseases from dungeons into her community and insists adventurers go to her bathhouse. If they don't she works to form a mob to force the party to wash in the street with cold water and soap that burns skin and hurts the eyes
75 Felicity Scrubpocks - believes attractive well dressed strangers might be secret elves in disguise up to no good like stealing babies or drying cow udders and putting off hens from laying eggs. Will watch characters 
76 Balling Farpetpanz - likes to beat on a pot with a spoon and make weird screams while following strangers until they pay him to go away or give him booze
77 Panzo Sandchub - wants a job as a porter with strangers so follows them and offers to carry and hold stuff until they get a job. They are very good at being a toady and agreeing with everything their master says or whatever Panzo thinks will make them happy. Has been on adventures with previous insane masters
78 Blorca Savage - convinced adventurers have been stirring up trouble with innocent frontier humanoids and abuses party for being genocidal warmongers and demands they pay donations to their monster orphanage
79 Peter Dinglesong - claims they have a wonderful magic item and will show it only in a secure isolated place. Once hidden from view of others will drop his trousers and perform a lewd hip-swivelling dance 
80 Sandra Glormspundle -  convinced adventurers are a source of vice and corruption and will convince a mob of angry housewives to pelt adventurers with dung
81 Borris Longpecker - convinced all local attractive youths are throwing themselves at adventurers and following them. Tries to keep attracting people away and get in between them at every chance
82 Fanny Belcher - thinks an adventurer is awfully saucy and followers them around offering to do their laundry, brings them homemade food and offers them a place to say. Will wink lots and slap their love interest on the buttocks every chance
83 Virginia Porker - saucy oversexed maid related to local militia heads, priesthood and local violent moralists who all watch out for them
84 Pogbert Juicepig - local drunk offers to show newcomers where to get drunk cheaply or offers his own bottle strewn shack to stay and drink. Has a huge capacity for grog and has given up solid food. If goes without grog for a few days will die
85 Spotty Dickwad - eccentric scruffy beggar asks strangers for money claiming he can bestow good luck with wasps. If ignored will follow them and hurl wasp nests at them or into any buildings adventurers might enter
86 Biggy Wadknob - follows strangers and offers to have a urinating contest with them for money or who has the biggest genitalia contest. Due to a misused wish he has a donkey member which has scared off all prospective lovers since gaining his enormous tool
87 Greggory Limpspittle - hates adventurers and likes to pretend to be concerned and want travellers the village are murderous cultists and warns them to keep moving and not stay
88 Phineas Bongobbler - tries to sell adventurers drugs and offers samples. Has an array of drugs and paraphernalia and addictive healing potions to sell
89 Morgan Glopper - scruffy vagrant crawling with fleas and parasites, begs for work from visitors so can by food, no matter how much eats still starving. Often will try to carry baggage or help people out of enthusiasm which spreads vermin
90 Billy Clapper - persistently offers to sell ponies and dogs at low low prices but all animals are trained to run away and return to him. Only sells to outsiders
91 Nigel Wobbler - convinced adventurers are inciting a popular peasant uprising and encouraging youth to run away to become adventurers instead of working for free on parents' farms and sweatshops
92 Plonker Bogsplitter - fisherman convinced wizards up to no good and scaring away local fish as part of some plan. Has not considered they caught them all and convinced no good wizards to have an anti-fish agenda
93 Sylvia Thrushwimple - concerned that some secret witch hunters or inquisitors are in the area before the more obvious ones come. She is very curious about any suspicious newcomers and tries to start a discussion of religion or magic and the law to see how they react. It is unclear if she is concerned about injustice motivated by greed or if she is pro cultist
94 Malcombe Gropefinger - has a stash of invisibility potions and uses them to go on groping and voyeurism sprees when new attractive people come to town
95 Gilbert Crumpeton - takes it upon themself to educate adventurers in good manners to help the poor degenerate brain-damaged hooligan adventurers while mixing with common society
96 Earnest Copraphague - concerned adventurers infested with parasites and demands a stool sample to prove they cont carry dungeon threadworms, rotgrubs or worse. If unwilling they try to rally an angry mob or inform the local law or noble
97 Chumwad Snurdgurgler - convinced something sinister was afoot since several octogenarians died. Suspicious adventurers are part of some sinister plot and keep an eye on them 
98 Seymore Butts - likes to introduce themself to newcomers and is offended if anyone laughs and will demand a duel
99 Booger Phlegmwad - constantly dribbling nose and can sneeze a handful of mucus at anyone in the area
100 Muffy Clamhatch - wants to try a seance using adventurer's weapons as a focus to call spirits of the slain. Mostly she is curious and a little bit insane but she might contact more than she bargains for or some spirit seeking to slander adventurers with lies. She might offer to read adventurers palms or horoscopes also before trying a seance with her followers possibly in a room next to where adventurers staying

Wednesday 19 April 2023

Mail Call


A new lot of stuff arrived and I'm kind of buying less and reading what I have more. Ive been doing other creative stuff more of late like music and I'm in a band and probably blowing money on synthesizers and music gear for a while. I am reading what I have already more and lots of comics I'm behind on and hopefully, i get my new glasses and can read novels again. My retro collecting is almost done. A few more Dungeon Magazines Id like but mostly my collection is done. I almost had every cthulhu product ever but seem to have lost interest after playing since 1984. A few recent things I find repetitive and long-winded. Most of the fan-made items have poorish design and art and layouts though some do better.  RQ and glorantha feels quite dated and I'm less into the cultural plunder from the real-world approach and would rather play history or weirder games. The fandom of RQ and Cthulhu is also a factor in my increasing disinterest and both plunder indigenous beliefs quite a bit which I seem to be over. This might change either way. 

Ive been writing less and only doing a three-fold adventure a month without charging on Patreon this year. I did use quite a bit of AI on my last project and the RPG scene has turned on this kind of art and helped push me to write non-gaming stuff and other projects. I struggled to get up a book on LuLu and gave up. I've had more interest in my other non-gaming art projects from people which has had an effect. I think I did occasionally do spit the dummy posts about my lack of interaction in the past - this is more of a fizzle in my interest now.

But I have had a few new items arrive (and I still have a few KS things Im hoping for). Also Im reading new editions of Trigan Empire and finished a DC showcase of The Phantom Stranger - back when he was more enigmatic.

Warlock Traitors Edition 💓💓💓💥
This game gives me a fighting fantasy and early Warhammer/White Dwarf vibe but is simpler to play than either. Though simple has a few good roleplaying features to vary your character backgrounds. It has a good UK 80s grit vibe I like. If I was into a simple system this might be it. Illustrations have a good retro vibe and a few are inspired by the old monster manual. Sometimes art is flawed and crude but it does set up a good vibe. I will keep an eye out for this but unsure If I would get to play outside some one-offs. Might be good for playing with kids.

Update: its a good players' book and the backgrounds are an interesting way to vary characters with only 2 stats. There are races but they don't really give you benefits. For a simple game you could play more than a few sessions before advancement broke the game - you could totally run warhammer or DnD type scenarios with this and mure streamlined and simple than the Fighting Fantasy rpg.

Dungeons & Dragons Behold a search and find adventure 💓💓💥💥
A Where is Wally-type book is on sale at a good price for a hardback. Has some nice busy spreads of crowded fantasy locations and characters to find. I find the heads a bit big and dominating but a fun book to look at and good value. 

Completely Unfathomable 💓💓💓💓
I had Operation Unfathomable and hoped to run one day but this hardback colour cover book contains the contents of that book plus many more. Sitting with my favourite dnd hardbacks and an utter delight. This is a more complete setting and surface world as weird as the underground dungeons of worm and bug people. I was surprised by the size when I received it which is always good. Lots of great and inspiring gonzo G+ style weirdness everybody should have. I somehow got the DCC version but mostly it's pretty system neutral or usable with older-style games. I will sell of my older version now I have this.

Starship Geomorphs 💓💓💓💓
Sourcebook for travellers from Far Future Enterprises based on Robert Pearce's blog of SF maps its a wonderful fantastic must-have for any sf RPG. What metamorphosis ALpha should have done decades ago. Over 700 maps here are great as a hardback and from the PDF you could cut and paste your own deck area. Previously only some online deck plan generators and FASA's Star Riders trilogy had this many useful SF maps. I'd rank this one of the most must-have SF gaming books of all time.

Bottomless PIt of Zorth 💓💓💓💓
An amazing module of high weirdness. At a guess, I would say inspired by Erol Otus Cthulhu Mythos art from the original Deities & Demigods book. In a vast swamp strange mists, slimes and oozes have been coming from a vast alien hole. Within this orifice is a rotating cylindrical staircase leading to multiple dungeon levels and an amazing array of magic slimes, several disgusting ooze gods and lots of magical boons and perils aplenty. I look forward to running this, especially in a more deadly-style old-school game where players like to experiment with strange stuff. Im going to look for more works in the setting as this is an amazing taste product. I could even put it in my Xor setting. Great array of slimy horrors and a chance to be eaten by gods and of causing untold damage to the setting you run it in. A setting with Cthulhu Mythos monsters would work very well with this. I almost considered slipping it into a straight Cthulhu campaign.

Update: I don't quite know how I got this book or where but is on Drive-through RPG

Sunday 16 April 2023

Game Log

In my cursed bronze age game we had an absentee due to scheduling and I had JB playing his warrior with cleric sidekick and bard charioteer plus Dallas with his amazon wizard and her paladin wife and bodyguard warrior. The team managed to make a non-aggression pact with the Reptilians and the Tyraneans allowing the Tyranean armies to come to the front with the Death Templars of the Grey wastes.

The heroes on chariots crossed the lands and arrived at the united war camp to meet all the factional generals. They were updated on the 4 millitary allied camps and a number of fortified towns in the area. The party decided to visit some towns to check up on the possibility of spies after some divination.

Went to first town to find 100 skeleton archers led by two skeleton warriors. Was a few tense moments until the got close enough for clerics to turn skeletons into dust. A few heroes were wounded and the konga pulling the chariots were injured but remained obedient. Skeleton warriors jumped on chariots and got closed but one turned then killed and another was repelled by an anti-undead shell spell. It climbed on the chariot yoke to attack the konga and was destroyed by magic missiles.

Arrived at the first town and saw it had skeleton guards they turned to dust. Met the lord in his palace and he explained the locals felt unsupported by the distant crown and felt they had to be prepared to get along with the death templars. Then there was a poisoning incident. They also detected some evil people. So the warrior who was poisoned at the dinner table was outraged and shouted about the wicked enemies in the town. A fight broke out and the poisoner fled while the party killed the Nergal priest and captured the lord and made the town surrender. The dead priest was questioned by clerics and they rounded up various evil cultists for a warning to not side with the death templars over the border. The priest apparently was responsible for the skeleton army. The local ruler returned to his position and apologised for the problem with his cultist relatives.  The poisoner spy was caught executed and questioned. Isn't magic wonderful? They also found texts in the Nergal temple on treating the plague menacing an allied camp and so thought that would be the next place to visit.

On way to the next town and millitary camp was attacked by a wraith and wights which were eliminated easily. Divination on remains revealed they were sent to ambush party. They visited the camp and the commander was a bit unimpressed by these adventurers with fancy diplomatic credentials and cheap fame. They reported local illness problemsThe local town was apparently miserable and in decline so they visited. The guards seemed depressed and not alert and didn't escort them through the semi-abandoned town to the lord's manor. The windows were boarded up and servants took them to the lord explaining he was sick and couldn't stand the light. He looked unhealthy and was detected as evil so they turned him. Horribly melted before all into a staggering skeleton that fell smoking to the ground and had fangs. So the palace staff were all aghast and they questioned the dead vampire thrall to learn there was one vampire and 16 thralls in the palace. The spirit was pleased its evil body was destroyed freeing all of its soul. They found a vizier in the library and fireballed it clean (lucky everybody writes on clay tablets in this setting). They went onto a shrine and killed some more thralls and entered the catacombs. Ten thralls were a bit of a problem with a girl child vamp who tried to trick the party but a cleric had detected alignment up. Most of the party was shielded by an anti-undead shell and one poor warrior lost three levels and got scared before luck turned and fireballs and spells and turning eliminated most of the vamps. The locals were grateful and given hope and a lord from the camp came and assumed command. The camp general was impressed and apologised for doubting them.

Now Lv 14 and ready to secure the borders with the Death Templars. Tyranean arrivals reported reptilians had moved troops to their part of the border and forests of the elven border in the mountains had grown closer. Soon the invasion of the death temple would begin.

Saturday 15 April 2023

Group Backgrounds

This is an option I might implement as an alternative to level zero starts for my homebrew. Basically, the party have a shared background and don't need to meet in a tavern as they have some past in common growing up. Party could roll or pick one. Possibly could be rolled or selected for an individual character also.

d20 Group Backgrounds
1 Urchins
In the big city, scrounging for food, dealing with gangs and orphan catchers
Bonus Skill: Streetwise or Begging or Flee
2 Barbarians
Tribal frontier folk living a harsh life and struggle against other tribes and civilisation
Bonus Skill: Survival or Scouting or Tracking
3 Farmers
Rural life planting crops and raising animals in service of some lord or city
Bonus Skill: Beast-Handling or Farming or Drive
4 Servants
Serving the nobility in a rural or urban household or manor
Bonus Skill: Etiquette or Grooming or Porter 
5 Students
Learning various arts to work as scholars or scribes
Bonus Skill: Scribe or Numeracy or Bureaucracy
6 Musicians
Performing in taverns or houses or busking in the city streets
Bonus Skill: Music Lore or Voice or Poetry
7 Merchants
Working with traders in a shop or a merchant caravan or warehouse
Bonus Skill: 
Appraise or Bargain or Merchant
8 Religious
Raised in a cloistered church or temple estate surrounded by monks and priests
Bonus Skill: Holy Lore or First Aid or Judgement
9 Mercenaries
War urchins taken as servants of a mercenary or millitary company or guards
Bonus Skill: Looting or Marching or Intimidate
10 Brothel Brats
Offspring of prostitutes or adopted as servants in a whorehouse
Bonus Skill: Carousing or Gossip or Seduce
11 Labourers
Started to work young in some awful unskilled labour
Bonus Skill: Muscle or Endurance or Mining
12 Foresters
Served hunters, game wardens, foresters or poachers in the wild or private woodlands
Bonus Skill: Forestry or Hunting or Nature Lore
13 Mariners
Worked on a ship or a boat with sailors or fishers
Bonus Skill: Swimming or Fishing or Sailing
14 Crafters
Worked as an apprentice in a skilled occupation
Bonus Skill: Carpenter or Builder or Smithing 
15 Sweatshop Workers
Inner city workers in warehouses and basements
Bonus Skill: Weaver or Skinner or Tailor
16 Entertainers
Apprentices to busking street performers or carnival folks
Bonus Skill: Juggling or Tumbling or Performing

17 Tavern Brats 
Served in a tavern waiting on tables and serving guests
Bonus Skills: Hospitality or Drinking or Dancing 
18 Kitchen Worker
Worked in a kitchen in a tavern or a manor house
Bonus Skill: Butcher or Baker or Cooking
Served a secret forbidden cult hidden in a community
Bonus Skill: Forbidden Lore or Cryptography or Night-Sight
20 Faerie Thralls
Enslaved by fairy folk in elfland and when you got back everyone you know had died
Bonus Skills: Faerie Lore or Herbalism or Cantrip

Monday 3 April 2023

Going to the Moon Tomorrow & We Can Stay all Day Part 2

So you want to go to the Moon?

d12 Reasons to visit the moon
1 Scholar sending a skyship to collect samples for research 
2 A wizard with a balloon seeks marvellous treasures and resources but needs some help
3 Royal expedition needs adventurers for the crew on a captured cloud giants castle. The mission is to contact moon people for possible trade or diplomacy
4 A wizard via magic has been observing moon life and can teleport an expedition and he can watch them send help and bring them back. Wizard seeks long-lost moon magic spells lost aeons ago
5 Despot sends on an expedition to plunder and conquers any moon peoples on a machine built by slave gnomes in an underground bunker. Good neighbouring peoples want to fund a rival expedition for peace and
6 Deep gnomes plan to build a fantastic transport machine and look for their long-lost lunar clans but they need some hired muscle in case of giant moon caterpillars they greatly fear. They believe their kin were stranded aeons ago when the moon ladder withdrew from the mortal world for the last time
7 A wizard has been building a craft from instructions from his new friend an alien wizard on the moon who needs help. The wizard wants some powerful heroes to help
8 A wizard of the west claims they know where to find giant mountain moths you can ride to the moon in their mysterious homeland. He claims it is for scholarly reasons but really they plan to build drug plantations 
9 A moon god or star spirit seeks mortals to come to the moon to save a kingdom and offers them a crystal swan ornithopter powered by pure law that can reach the moon and some star charts
10 A wizard caused havoc with moon crystals they brought back from an expedition and now crystal creatures are establishing territory and ecology which will alter the air over time. A city close to the event seeks to send an expedition to locate a solution on the moon. The crew will be sent via a stasis pod to the moon from a gigantic telekinetic-powered canon. With a portable gate to return with the secret of where crystal life comes from 
11 A priest of a moon god has the church build a flying stone monument so they can go to the moon and seek to lower the celestial ladder that once allowed trade with lunar kingdoms. They need experienced adventures as they are bound to encounter alien life 
12 A wizard has filled their basement with alchemical compounds so his tower can travel to the moon. With his air elementals to help land he intends to conquer their own moon kingdom

d12 Reasons to accidentally go to the moon
1 A fallen star spirits crystal castle has a teleporter chamber in shattered remains
2 A menacing strange foe by moonlight teleports heroes to the moon to get rid of them
3 Enter a strange glowing tower but the doors seal in the treasure vault. It begins to vibrate and launches to the moon with an eruption of magical green flame
4 Strange wizard offers some magic herbs to try to expand your mind and users wake up on the moon
5 On a rare evening a cave or pool becomes a moon portal and someone lures in adventurers to get rid of them
6 Swarms of willow-the-whisps drive travellers into strange mists under a full moon sending people to the moon
7 A moon wizard in control of the celestial ladder uses it to scoop up some adventurers from the world for some quest on the moon. They insist on doing them a favour to return them to the world
8 An ancient evil plotting against the region has many adventurers sent to the moon out of the way with teleporting staves of the evils witch cult
9 A strange starry bridge or ladder or rainbow descends from the heavens and a minor deity invites you to a divine feast and rewards from the gods. Once on the moon, the petty god demands cash to send them home. In reality, they only have occasional control of the transportation magic 
10 Escaping cultists open a secret passage while escaping adventurers so they use a secret one-way hidden gate-passage to the moon. On the other side the return passage is broken
11 A flight of silver dragons serving the celestial court are sent to capture some mortal heroes and send them to do the gods bidding on the moon. The dragons might try some swindling via shapeshifting or magic to trick the party or offer a ride to a new adventure if adventurers seem bored and resistant to tricks
12 Powerful witches capture adventures and fly them to the moon to stop a despotic conqueror from the mortal world and their awful stranded murder hobo crew. Witches will try charming or paralysis at first and might offer heroes a reward if that fails

d12 Gnome Machinery For Lunar Exploration
1 Simple balloon with furnace and fuel supply or a bound fire elemental and hope for good winds d4+3 day trip. An air elemental can recycle your air if you can get one otherwise you will die
2 Bell balloon with a pressurised metal sphere gondola with an air elemental in a balloon and cabin d4+1 day trip
3 Airships with a metal frame with a large gondola for crew and passengers over several decks, powered by multiple types of bound elementals d3+1 day trip
4 Rocket car, a metal chariot car in front of an alchemical rocket booster for several crew, with a parachute to land or a skid and glider wings. Requires an alchemical solid fuel cell to fly so usually one-way trips only. Some might carry a spell caster for aerial combat 
12+d12 hour trip if the pilot can reach the moon and survive landing. An air elemental can help provide air and a fire elemental can control the burn better and more evenly for a safer more controllable flight. Larger models have been tried but losses are quite high on various attempts
5 Radience Flyer is a pressurised metal cylinder with various elementals bound and complex control apparatus for a pilot and an engineer and a navigator. In the rear chamber is a furious radiance elemental that burns like the sun for the ability to visit other worlds and return. One day trip 
6 Moth sledge pulled by a single moon moth controlled with magic and addictive food. The obedient moth can get to the moon or back but requires a week of feeding for the d4 days trip.  They generate their own air-fields and have acute smell antennae that sense enemies from far away. Mostly used by merchants as moths a bit skittish and sometimes distracted by pretty lights
Bat gondola attached to the body of a giant moon bat and controlled with magic and food. The monster bats can get to the moon or back in a d4 days gliding on cosmic winds but require their own weight in meat or blood or bugs to prepare for the d4 days trip.  They generate their own air-fields and many are wild in the heavens. Soldiers tend to like these for aggression but if you don't feed them they turn on you
8 Wyrmfly are gigantic dragonflies with a saddle and harnesses of baggage controlled with magic and addictive food. The titanic bug can get to the moon or back but requires a week of feeding for the d4 days trip. They generate their own air-fields and are voracious eaters. Their larvae are aquatic horrors
9 A great cannon using telekinesis to fire a pressurised capsule through a cannon. The capsule is contained in a stasis bubble to survive the velocity and impact on the moon. d6 Hours to reach one way requires a gunnery crew of powerful wizards                                      
10 Ornithopter built of steel strong crystaline cogs and parts in the shape of a flying winged creature. Powered by a spark of Law and sometimes intelligent d3 days to reach the moon or return, Sometimes glides in cosmic winds to feed the law spirit contained within the mechanism. Some can be quite large with large crew
11 Sky Ship a magical sailing ship that flies the cosmic night sky and even into the void beyond on golden metallic sales and can get a large crew to the moon in a d3 days 
12 Sky Castle possibly stolen from giants a portion of a mountain with a castle on it flies from world to world in a d3 days

you'll have to deal with the wrath of the moon's strange and unpredictable inhabitants!
this was assisted by a chatbot using some of my 2000+ tables on this blog. Editing and making meaner took most of the time. 

d100 Moon Encounters
01 Moon Wasp, a large, iridescent wasp with a stinger that can cause paralysis. They are known for their aggressive behaviour and territorial nature.
02 Lunar Moth, a massive moth with wings that span several feet. They are attracted to light and are known to swarm around lunar colonies, causing havoc with their large wings and erratic flight patterns.
03 Star Beetle, a beetle that glows with a soft blue light. They are prized for their bioluminescence and are often captured for study.
04 Shadow Spider, a spider that blends seamlessly into the lunar regolith. They are known for their stealth and are often used as assassins by lunar criminal organizations.
05 Cosmic Flea, a small insect that feeds on the blood of lunar creatures. They are carriers of various diseases and are considered a nuisance by lunar colonists.
06 Space Locust, a massive insect that can strip entire fields of crops in a matter of hours. They are a threat to lunar agriculture and are often hunted by farmers.
07 Crater Beetle, a beetle that can survive in the harsh vacuum of space. They are often found in lunar craters and are known for their tough exoskeletons.
08 Moon Mantis, a large, predatory insect with razor-sharp claws. They are often found in the darker regions of the moon, where they hunt other insectoid creatures.
09 Celestial Butterfly, a butterfly that glows with a soft golden light. They are considered a symbol of good luck by lunar colonists and are often used in religious ceremonies.
10 Lunar Scarab, A beetle that burrows deep into the lunar regolith. They are prized for their ability to extract valuable minerals and are often used in mining operations.
11 Selenite priest who serves as a spiritual leader of the community. Lunar Priests are known for their deep connection to the lunar environment and their ability to communicate with the spirits of the moon. Sometimes on pilgrimages or living as hermit
12 Common selenite drone workers are responsible for building and maintaining a hive structure. They are typically smaller and less intelligent than other Selenites.
13 Selenite warriors trained in the art of combat. Lunar Warriors are fierce and skilled fighters, often wielding exotic halberds
14 Selenite diplomat who represents the interests of their hive to other lunar communities. Moon Ambassadors are skilled negotiators and are often sent on important diplomatic missions or even to meet travellers
15 Selenite who specializes in constructing and maintaining lunar technology. Lunar Engineers are responsible for the development of advanced machinery and infrastructure and often command workers and equipment sledges pulled by giant moon caterpillars
16 Sensitive travellers feel the selenite hive mind, a collective consciousness that binds together all members of a Selenite hive. The Hive Mind is responsible for coordinating the actions of the hive and ensuring its survival and may make contact directly to travellers
17 Selenite scientists who studies the lunar environment and its inhabitants. Lunar Scientists are responsible for advancing the knowledge of the Selenite community. Often with workers and some crystalline technological apparatus or weapon
18 Selenite Healer specializes in the use of lunar magic to heal injuries and illnesses. Moon Healers are revered for their abilities and are often sought out by other lunar communities.
19 Selenite Sage is responsible for passing down knowledge and wisdom to future generations. They are considered the keepers of Selenite culture and history and record all knowledge
20 Young selenite queen with warriors and workers dragging her palanquin. Leader of a young selenite hive or subordinate to her mother. Hive Queens are massive insectoid creatures with powerful mandibles and psychic abilities. She is revered by her subjects and feared by her enemies
21 A sleek and agile grey gnome airship hovering over the lunar surface. Its streamlined design and advanced propulsion system powered by elementals
22 Grey Gnomes tunnelling through the lunar regolith using their advanced mole machines. They are on a mission to excavate rare minerals and ores from deep within the moon
23 Strange automatons standing guard at the entrance of a Grey Gnome ruin. Its gleaming metal body and glowing red eyes suggest it was built for combat
24 Caravan of tracked land leviathans in formation across the lunar landscape. The Grey Gnomes appear to be transporting valuable goods and resources to other lunar settlements.
25 Unmanned mining automatons based in a bunker built into the side of a lunar crater
26 Hidden workshop filled with all manner of mechanical contraptions and gadgets. The Grey Gnomes appear to be tinkering with various designs and prototypes, constantly seeking to improve their technology
27 Strange facility staffed by repair automatons. The Grey Gnomes appear to be using this station to repair and maintain their various machines and automatons
28 Massive, hangar-like structure built into the side of a lunar mountain. Dozens of airships are docked here, and you can see Grey Gnomes working to load and unload cargo from the vessels.
29 Two combat automatons battle each other in an arena. A crowd of Grey Gnomes looks on, cheering and placing bets on the outcome of the match
30 Sprawling mining colony built by the Grey Gnomes. The colony is a hive of activity, with more machines and automatons working around the clock to extract valuable resources from the moon.
31 Bioluminescent Glow, in dark cave on a distant crater, you notice a faint bioluminescent glow coming from a patch of strange-looking fungus growing on the cave wall
32 While examining samples of an alien fungus, you notice that the spores seem to be moving independently of any wind or disturbance. As you continue to watch, the spores coalesce into a small, humanoid shape and begin to move towards you
33 Accidentally disturb a patch of fungus while exploring an alien planet, releasing a cloud of toxic spores into the air
34 Find a vast fungal forest with towering mushrooms and bizarre-looking fungi creatures.  An otherworldly ecology of mobile fungus creatures
 The colony is alive with strange activity, as millions of individual fungal organisms work together in a complex symbiotic ecology
35 Massive fungal bloom spreading across the landscape. The air is thick with the pungent scent of rotting organic matter
36 Abandoned observation tower has been overrun by a fast-spreading fungal infestation
37 Mushroom house village of small moon folk villagers
38 Strange hive-minded fungus humanoids that seem to have a rudimentary consciousness. Communicates with you in a language of spore chemical signals and pheromones, giving you a unique glimpse into the alien world
39 Strange and macabre sight as a group of insect-like creatures feast on a massive, decomposing fungal fruit. The creatures seem to be drawn to the fungus by some mysterious chemical attraction
40 Humanoid creatures harvesting a rare and valuable fungus from the forests of an alien world. The creatures are guarded and suspicious, but you might manage to strike up a trade deal with them for some of their valuable fungi
41 A massive burrowing moon hulk hides in the shadows of a lunar crater. Its scaly hide, huge size and razor-sharp claws suggest it is a formidable opponent.
42 Massive moon spider weaving its web across the lunar surface. Its multiple eyes and twitchy movements suggest it is extremely dangerous.
43 Lunar Kraken writhing in the depths of a lunar chasm. Its massive size and powerful limbs suggest it is the ruler of the area
44 Massive clouds of iridescent moths flutter through the lunar sky. Their delicate wings and graceful movements suggest it is harmless, but they crave flesh
45 Awestruck by a  Lunar Leviathan a, whale-like creature swimming through a vast lunar ocean or sands. Its sleek form and massive tail suggest it is capable of immense speed and power.
46 Spot a massive, serpentine moon wyrm winding its way through the lunar tunnels. Its gleaming scales and glowing eyes suggest it is a formidable foe.
47 Lunar Behemoth, a massive, four-legged creature towering over the lunar landscape. Its massive size and bellowing roar suggest it is a true giant among the moon's creatures.
48 Moon Jellyfish glowing, translucent creatures floating through the lunar atmosphere
49 Moon chimaera with the body of a moon lion, the wings of a solar eagle, and the tail of a celestial serpent. Its bizarre appearance suggests it is the experiment of a god
50 Massive 
moon golem made entirely of lunar rock and dust (not cheese). Its glowing eyes and massive fists suggest it is a formidable guardian of the lunar landscape
51 Furry carnivorous golden 
moon moles burrow through the lunar soil in search of insects and small crustaceans or flesh. They vary from dog size young in packs to lone bear size specimen
52 Regolith rats are quick and nimble hopping rodents well-adapted to the harsh lunar environment. They have long, powerful hind legs that allow them to jump great distances and they are covered in thick white or blue fur. They can be domesticated and come in dwarf and giant varieties
53 Scaly 
lunar lizards about the size of a large dog are known for their keen senses and sharp claws. They burrow deep into the lunar soil in search of prey or for ambush and are highly territorial over their nests
54 Swirling masses of lunar dust and debris can take on a life of their own, forming into twisting, snake-like twisters or air serpents that slither through the soil. They are highly unpredictable and can be extremely dangerous to encounter by creating choking dust clouds
55 Long, slimy 
Moon Worms burrow deep into the lunar soil and feed on small rocks and minerals. They are highly adaptable and can survive in almost any environment. 3-6 yards long but the eggs appear gem-like and might be taken home by fools
56 Large, flying 
lunar Locusts are attracted to the abundant fungus life on the lunar surface. They burrow deep into the soil to lay their eggs and can be quite aggressive if disturbed. Small ones travel in swarms but as they die off hyper cannibal ones become gigantic 
57 Moon serpents, snake-like creatures can grow up to 20 feet in length and are covered in tough, scaly skin. They hunt by sensing the vibrations of other creatures moving through the lunar soil. Footsteps attract them
58 Burrowing r
ock rippers have powerful jaws and teeth that can chew through even the toughest lunar rock. They are highly aggressive and will attack anything that enters their territory. with metal or gems
59 Moon Myrmidons giant breed of ants and are known for their powerful mandibles, which they use to burrow through the lunar soil. They are highly social creatures and live in large colonies with various specialised variants. Notably, the slave collar ant morphs with a puny body, large brain and mandibles that go around the neck to decapitate naughty slave humanoids. Domesticate other species like beetles and worms and dream of reaching the earth below
60 Spider-like 
crater crawler creatures have long, spindly legs and are covered in a thick exoskeleton. They hunt by stalking their prey through the lunar craters and can move incredibly quickly.
61 Silver Sprites, tiny, silver-winged faeries flit about the lunar landscape, leaving trails of glittering stardust in their wake. They are known for their mischievous and playful nature
62 Mischievous and unpredictable 
lunatic leprechauns, often playing pranks on unsuspecting travellers.  These lunar faeries are fond of hoarding shiny objects and are said to guard hidden treasures throughout the moon's surface
63 Ethereal moon muses, and faeries are known for their beautiful singing voices and are said to inspire poets, artists, and musicians who journey to the moon. They are often elusive, appearing only to those they deem worthy of their attention. Sometimes they seek lovers but abandoned them if they start to show age usually in a d4 years
64 Mysterious dark moon elves are often associated with the dark side of the moon. They are rumoured to have powerful magic and can be dangerous if provoked. They often have strange magical vehicles and wear carnivalesque costumes
65 Graceful and delicate lunar nymphs are often found dancing in the light of the moon. They are said to bring luck and good fortune to those who encounter them with good manners. Acting rude earns their wrath
66 Celestial Sylphs, elegant faeries have feathered wings and shimmering, iridescent skin. They are known for their wisdom and often act as guides to lost travellers on the moon. They act as messengers between the various heavenly courts and star spirit crystal sky citadels
67 Playful and mischievous 
moonstone pixies are often found near the moon's abundant mineral deposits. They are said to be able to transform into different types of stones at will
68 Astral Elves are magical withered and sacrificed faeries who travel the void with the power to manipulate the very fabric of space-time. They are often associated with the moon's mysterious and unpredictable gravitational forces and live in orbital monasteries with dimensional portals within the astral plane and the void
69 Starlight Faeries radiating a soft, gentle light that illuminates the lunar landscape. They are often associated with healing and are said to have the power to cure ailments and injuries
70 Celestial elves in the service of a deity hunting some enemy or relic in a sailing ship with three great blades it skates over the lunar landscape
71 Lunarchitects a swarm of small, insect-like creatures are the master builders of the moon. They construct intricate and beautiful structures using lunar dust and rocks and are highly skilled at manipulating the materials around them
72 Shimmering, 
crystalline pixies are rarely seen, but when they do make an appearance, they can be quite breathtaking. They flit about the lunar surface, leaving trails of sparkling dust in their wake which some collect as a stimulant and is craved by kings and wizards and astronomers
73 Playful and mischievous 
lunar sprites love to dance and sing and are known for their beautiful voices. They are often found in the lunar craters, where they gather to perform impromptu musical shows
74 Ethereal 
starlight nymphs are almost invisible to the naked eye but can be seen as shimmering streaks of light on the lunar surface. They are said to bring good luck and fortune to those who are lucky enough to catch a glimpse of them. Those who see invisible beings can be dazzled by their beauty. They may be curious and follow handsome strangers
75  Small, squat moonstone gnomes are the guardians of the moon's precious moonstones. They are fiercely protective of their treasures and will go to great lengths to keep them safe from thieves
76 Crone-like lunar hags are said to have lived on the moon for millennia. They are often feared by lunar travellers, as they are known to be unpredictable and dangerous. They might in return for favours offer you a potion or remove a curse or identify an item. Often they crave a kiss or more
77 Ghostly silver shadows can be seen flitting about the lunar surface at night, leaving trails of shimmering silver auroras behind them. They are said to be the spirits of long-dead lunar explorers
78 Beautiful star spirit muses are enchanting creatures are patrons of the lunar arts. They inspire creativity and imagination in those who are lucky enough to encounter them. They will aid poets and artists and performers
79 Eclipse Sirens try to lure victims into portals to the nightmare dimension they leave in the shadows. They often try to seduce people with songs or their looks to enter a portal to be stranded and likely devoured by millions of nightmare spirits
80 Moon harpies swoop from the sky on hideous flapping batwings seeking men to be their mates or dinner if they cannot satisfy or please their captors
81 Stymphasion birds with iron feathers and beaks that may shoot iron feathers like arrows
82 Huge battered golem made to fight titans long ago often with creatures living inside the chambers within
83 Lunar wraiths are lonely remnants of those who died exploring the moon and now hate new living explorers for being alive. Often they are in the battered uniforms and suits of their expedition
84 Moon doppelgangers pretend to be attractive castaways to get close
85 Moon amazons riding unicorns on a quest
86  Plasmoid tentacled gelatinous horrors servants created by some power of the outer void. Interested in buying slaves to feed their hungry wicked gods 
87 Moon giants building monoliths and enigmatic structures to make future people wonder about their failed and doomed civilisation
88 Dragon of the moon flies overhead seeking its ancient enemy 
89 Dragon of darkness from the outer void has conquered the area and dwells in a cave. Local humanoids fear it and serve it
90 Mobile forest of mushroom folk giants followed by smaller ambulant fungi and moon goblins who worship them
91 Flying moon gorillas with colourful parrot wings wearing waistcoats and tiny hats fly overhead seeking people to kidnap for their master a wizard with a scrying device like a mirror or an orb. Some of the apes are wizards and all are very grumpy
92 Warrior elemental abhumans descended from humans and elementals intermarrying millenniums ago. Each element or subtype is a different tribe that often feuds. If they meet humanoids they will ask what element are kindred with to see if friend or foe
93 Band of spectres banished to the moon for eating the souls of innocents as killing them didn't take. Now they are a problem for moon peoples 
94 Vast moon caterpillar with selenite soldiers on the back operating a crystal cannon that fires stored spells and weighs several tons. Seeking an enemy to their colony
95 Army of mushroom people looking for places to colonise and in need of food and moisture
96 Crystalline abhumans battling magma abhumans over the entrance to a cave, each side has an elemental wizard for support
97 An ancient wheeled stone juggernaut from some ancient war trundling about wrecking buildings and attacking people. It is sentient but following orders of long-dead creators and its command words are buried in a tomb
98 Bronze golem sent to the moon to explore for a wizard. Mostly harmless but may stop to study samples of new life found with a quick dissection 
99 Gibbering shoggoth crawls from an ancient stone pit once inhabited by selenites
100 A brilliant crystalline ornithopter of a star spirit flies overhead (bird or bug or mythical creature with wings form). The spirit fires a bow at fleeing targets for practices and eventually gives up and flies away