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d100 Outward System Outposts

Still working on my meat mages post will be 4x size of my necromancy spells. Might be easier to just work on my EMO spell book. Doing a thing on puppet ppl for toytown. I got copy of b4 and have been reading extra expanded content for it. like and the B4_campagn_sourcebook PDF. Running masks of Nyarlathotep with expanded content which feels a bit like a uni course. Sadly finding flaws in the book. Chaosium is in a new golden age but Im finding lots of rushed and repeated content in writing and lack of consistency. Australian chapter has detailed gun law notes, Peru has none. Im running a bit of Marvel and playing in a RQ game and a DnD5 game. I am keeping my current house so homelessness averted again.

Have ideas for dungeon based on Popeye cartoon....

Also Space Hobos - vague ideas on this at this stage for something

Planetary Outposts
These are locations you can roll to put minimal signs of civilization on a planet. You could add several. Not all outposts are inhabited. Many are automated or crew dead. Not all assume atmosphere and could be used on even exo planets or any kind of planet. Could do a d100 space hab table.

d10 Quick Planetary Outposts Types
01 Exploratory - detailed planetary survey or some feature of planet
02 Mining - resource based typically private prospectors or megacorp
03 Colonist - a small experimental colony 
04 Military - often remains from war or friendly or enemy forces
05 Mega Corp - commercial interests
06 Criminal - pirates or criminal hideouts
07 Research - hidden research centre 
08 Private - getaway for wealthy 
09 Exile - someone banished or on run from civilization
10 Alien - non human

d100 Planetary Outposts
01 Automated scout base with marked out landing strip, fuel, food and parts depot, wrecked shuttle, possibly defended by robots, most often uninhabited
02 System Survey team stranded with several shuttles and a fabricated hab, desperate for supplies and rescue after star ship accident
03 System Survey Outpost, where drones scouring system report to mission control, personnel live in comfortable hab complex allowing automation to do work while they relax
04 Archaeological mission located near possible alien ruins with science team seeking what destroyed original inhabitants which might be bad
05 Planetary survey team compound, serviced by infrequent star ship visits. Personnel cataloguing planet with multiple satellite bases in various climates conducting research 06 Colonial survey team compound cataloguing possible settlement locations
07 Contact team lab investigating local life for signs of primitive intelligence, serviced by occasional star ship visits
08 Survey team base near a crashed alien vessel they have been studying, personnel have begun to vanish
09 Huge mobile base exploring surface while crew live in luxury, robot crew have been preparing to turn on crew just as visitors arrive making handy scapegoats
10 Crashed primitive descendants of survey team now worship deranged AI in ruins of ship buried in mountain, hostile to outsiders
11 Geological survey team compound investigating exploitable resources for a megacorp
12 Prospectors operating wildcat mining operations, not concerned by pollution or law but hostile to claim jumpers or corporate agents
13 Mining operation using illegal slaves possibly modified humans from some obscure colony. Miners will silence any intruders
14 Drilling operation damaging crust and environment seeking rare earth deposits, left huge areas of radioactive mud visible from space
15 Mining operation have rounded up workers from a lost colony fallen to primitive long ago, miners pretend to be gods and offer trinkets to workers who often die
16 Robotic mining instillation building more robots with raw materials, will create armed robots if it detects intruders, manufacturers unknown
17 Stranded miners star ship core had accident leaving ship uninhabitable in orbit. Miners will plot to steal ship of visitors and return home with minerals rather than make a loss
18 Mining megacorp operation has arrived and trying to drive away colony with a old ship not safe to use, mining corp using twisted legal system to justify actions 
19 Mining instillation and huge refinery. Something in tunnels is killing personnel
20 Huge stockpiles of materials mined by robots awaiting collection by a megacorp long gone, legal minefield for anyone touching, automated defenses
21 Small colony working on atmospheric processor for terraforming hoping to bring more colonists when finished in a hundred years, faction modified for atmosphere have become terrorists and don't want any more change or newcomers 
22 Small independent colony arrived on one way ship, struggling to build farming community as equipment in decline, leaders believe much of their advanced tech systems will fail
23 Small penal colony of important VIPs kept alive in case needed by distant larger colony. Governor will accept visitors but is suspicious. Some VIPs offer fortunes for release 
24 Small penal colony of viscous killers overcame the guards and regressed to barbarism and cults, new prisoners arrive every six months and gaolers don't mind what has happened
25 Small religious cult colony hostile to visitors trying to take their land, unfortunately the planet has interesting xeno artifacts or minerals or life other explorers are interested in
26 Small colony is secretly a data haven, all colonists are black ops as well retired for knowing too much. Will allow guests but us as a exercise drill in security protocol
27 Small colony of rednecks in decline from inbreeding and cloning, keen to keep strangers around as mates. They shun science and medicine but like booze, guns and explosives
28 Small colony is a cult, will lie to keep visitors away and only begrudgingly allow guests, they have own local genetic mods and non standard human features, if secrets exposed they will have to kill all outsiders in blood orgy
29 Small colony needs help, something is picking them off one by one, archaeologist believes something from alien ruins responsible
30 Small colony in civil war as two or more factions fight to control the most landing points and tech caches from a failed colony ship. Orbital parts of ship intact some with dna banks and cryopods sealed away
31 Marine forward base for strategic reasons in arse end of the universe. Several drop ships from a destroyer in orbit have erected a camp where they mostly train and build underground fortifications
32 Missile base with 4 system capable hunter type nuclear missiles, defencive batteries protect surface from planetary bombers. Will often go silent running when detect anything in system. Will threaten anyone who gets too nosy
33 Hidden asteroid base with drones and fighters protects a fuel and weapon depot. Sometimes they visit planet for drills or recreation. Will go silent if intruders in system and launch stealth fighters or a fighter led drone swarm seeking to arrest or destroy 
34 Asteroid is actually a frigate with a experimental stealth hull mods to resemble a asteroid, ignores most ships looking for enemies like more like itself
35 Naval base on the planet supported by a orbital defense station and defense boats, willing to allow traders and visitors for commerce in DMZ, some civilians here visiting and working also
36 Destroyed base from war with survivors in bunker below afraid war still raging and very wary of anyone pillaging base remains
37 Abandoned base still littered with equipment and scrap, some booby traps and 
38 Battle damaged ruins with mad automated mech units remaining
39 Naval fuel depot station with fighters and defence boats will warn not to approach will send out a tug and gunboat  to meet you if mayday, rarely touch local planets
40 Secret factory here making weapons of war with stealth fighter and stealth frigates for defense, will arrest strangers and send to penal colony for people who see to much
41 Corporate research station assessing development of planet with extreme controversial terraforming project
42 Company researching medicine and possibility of developing into a corp ag world, a saboteur from withing seems to be causing accidents and trying to release info to media
43 Company operated safari park for super rich to hunt cloned animals from dozens of planets, biotech firms have been attempting a hostile takeover
44 Rival corporations at a colonial embassy are competing for trade talks with leaders of this exotic long lost colony recently contacted. Warrior barbarians hate the star people for pretending to be gods early on. A corporate privateer limits visitors from this early contact civilisation but may allow visitors to the embassy for worthy purposes like scholars or media but not just wandering space hobos with rayguns
45 Trading post operated by several companies. Has tradition of neutrality and welcoming shifty space scum and crime. Lots of hotels ans bars and conference area and docks. Lone wolf traders, wildcat prospectors and bounty hunters rub shoulders with corporate criminal class. It is not features on any legitimate charts
46 Company established colony outpost and used as basis to claim whole system. Have a corporate frigate and occasional a destroyer visits. The colony develops commercial projects in secret. Rival corp spies and unwelcome visitors under false pretext have been trouble before but they appear top be welcoming but watching
47 Corporate secure cloning outpost with armed corporate elite marines. You must have mega credits or be a client to be permitted to land 
48 Corporate mining project and von Neumann machines stripping a system directed by AI while company workers just get high and play video games
49 Early  corp clone colony arrived in one way asteroid hull ship. It is still in obit where paranoid AI watches the people embodying the company ethos. Screens everywhere inspire fanatical corporate loyalty among population who lost contact with long gone company
50 Company has several megahaulers and construction rig stations building something and privateer security keeps onlookers at bay arresting or destroying the curious
 Graveyard lunar complex where old ships and materials are scrapped from, many are illegal and pirates get supplied here. Occasional visit other planets looking for stray scraps or anything that could be of value 
52 Colony producing drugs from fungi infected brains of giant beetles in greenhouses and labs refine into cool new drug of the corporate and criminal elite. The pretend to be doing ag research
53 Colony where mobsters are retired to live out their days operated by a megasyndicate. Welcome trade but short tempered violent maniacs and onlookers and law don't care about offworlders 
54 Smugglers colony for rest and repairs, now they have families and continued trade for generations. Allow traders but they are shifty and willing to murder easily but have amazing rare one off items
55 Casino colony uncharted but doing well with casinos from multiple gangs founded united rivals fleeing the law, visitors welcome just don't cause trouble
56 Colony where locals all criminal tech and arms specialists, visitors come for guns, black market goods and forbidden tech.
57 Mob have come to enslave local primitives to grow drugs, labour in mines and make sweatshop bootleg fashion. They pretend to be gods with local people and act horribly 
58 Pirate asteroid with frigate, two corvettes and two scouts on board, clan is ancient
59 Megasyndicate lab growing clones, androids and training spies, operate fake colony and welcome guests down for training exercises and to copy them
60 Megasyndicate space hab where dodgy traders, pirates and space scum visit to stay off books with own secret trade routes  
61 Lone mad scientist research lab with handful of assistants, working on something important and has war satellite to shoot incoming ships
62 Cybernetics research colony, population all cyborged and keen to help others join the machine mind too. Local AI in 
lab has taken over everything and welcomes guests with computers or systems to host on 
63 Test planet for weapon systems, large scared areas and wastelands from past tests, limited use bunkers on surface most crew on orbital with marine fighter squadron visited by a destroyer often. Visitors are arrested and tested and sent to a prison for life
64 Colony of immortal replicants acting out lives of long dead lab personnel who worked here
65 Aggressive mobile plants here being studied as a weapon system delivered from spoor to killer beast in days, lab pretend to be scientists studying food potential of mobile plants
66 Scientist has private lab with automated weapon and a few assistants. Regressed primitives from lost colony hate him as the evil one for vivisection research he used them in. Now natives hate space people
67 Scientists studying planet and flooded ruins of long lost civilisation, unaware some modified descendants still exist in the deep
68 Scientists studying alien desert ruins. Civilisation collapsed suddenly from atmospheric changes. Some convinced something hostile still out in the sands
69 A spatial anomaly being studied by station by astronomers, they prefer to be left alone
70 A asteroid hab was hollowed out so a wrecked alien vessel could be hidden with to study. Reluctant to host visitors and even then keep in restricted areas
71 Billionaire private pleasure resort with android lovers and guards and own space yacht with minimal crew

72 Billionaire built colony to justify legal ownership of system but a continent away. Has private megapalace and terraformed a whole region as a private fantasy
73 Billionaire came here for hunting. Has lodge ans space yacht with professional hunters as bodyguards. Likes to hunt people to so welcomes guests
74 Two billionaires wage robotic war with each other for fun using resources of huge forge mechs that are off limits to destroy. Local savages of lost colony dont approve but they have been catalogued as wildlife not people by control AI
75 Billionaire with robot guards and servants hates people, oversees personal immortality and legacy projects far from megacorp they own
76 Billionaires pleasure complex now run by crazed AI populated with pleasure androids while owner in stasis pod awaiting medical treatment to be developed to make live longer, now just awakens every thirty years
77 Billionaire has own fake colony of replicants a cover for building private army to begin a pirate clan and destabilise the regions defences for conquest
78 Billionaire ex-king who sold home planet and took treasury leaving people destitute slaves. Lives in pleasure palace with family and lives like a god but paranoid about assassins
79 Billionare owns a feral planet of lost barbarian colonists who he likes to appear a god to. Every so often he awakens from stasis anf gives new orders then sleeps to see what will happen. Guarded war sat orbital is his base where he watches the peons beneath
80 Billionares pleasure planet welcomes visitors, taken over by android slaves who seek to spread their virused rebellion
81 Ex president exiled for corruption with elite guards and servants on palace, visitors seldom welcome
82 Cult leader with colony of crazy hippies, all drugged and fanatic, kicked offworld so took over a colony ship with followers and came here
83 Fugitive band of rebels who aid lost causes versus authorities and criminals across region
84 Ex billionare who destroyed planetary economy now hated and hunted, will pay visitors  to go away. Homeworld will be very generous if captured
85 Ex dictator saved by creditor banks, mega corps and governments given this planet. Has cloned thousands of fallen comrades the dictator betrayed after having their minds recorded. Does not want visitors meddling in god fantasy or old enemies assassinating them
86 Ex shamed celebrity caught going too far over the edge now hunted by ex fans, just wants to be alone in palace with pleasure androids guarded by killbots
87 Genius inventor discovered how to turn orbital observatories into massive orbital death rays. Self exiled as all kinds of bad people wanted the tech, would rather die than be captured by them. Trying to not develop new weapons with attractive android assistants in luxury pad
88 Android liberation front leader and brilliant cybernetics tech in hiding due to politics and terrorism. Now is a faux colony populated by androids, replicants and machines. Allied machines get inoculated against the killer virus that turns tech hostile against humans, they prefer to choose to kill humans
89 War criminal scientist of exiled here after war, lives in bunker surrounded by trenches. Surrounding that is a zone of warborgs fighting mutated locals who have regressed to autofactories making WW1 technology. Locals may try to use lost tech of colony ship but have trouble accessing. Caves underneath war zone can gain entry to bunkers but full of reject mutants and surgical freaks. Scientist sells deadly chem, gene, fusion, germ, mutant spore and nueral warheads for black market
90 Dr Langstrom, cybernetics crusader became wealthy robotics corp head and pioneered new generations of service and humanoids robots to replace humans. Fled with money, engineering ships and mega hauler loads of robots. Now building a robot colony of free willed robots, he is now a cyborg working on specialist robots and AI. Humanoid robots are most ready to rake over human roles
91 Anomalous scan reading in ultra dangerous location such as corona of sun or in volcano, some kind of ancient structure resistant to harm and dangerous to enter
92 Unidentified object moving in asteroid belt with stealth abilities not conform to any known type of ship

93 Asteroid hides a alien automaton forward observation station. Guarded by sentient psuedobiological servitor race left by aliens long ago that slumbers until sensors triggered
94 Alien signal from surface, crashed space craft, possible dangerous something remaining
95 Alien ruins studied by legitimate archaeologists hoping to learn of ancients

96 Looters or xeno culture criminals digging for alien civilization relics and enslaving their tribal descendants, possibly awaken dormant automatons
97 Wreckers send ships to crash here with bad star charts their agents sell to traders
98 Fortified bunker with marines and science corp here to study alien wreck. Operated by mega corp or powerful government. Visitors unwelcome
99 Colony of archaeologists, increasingly adopting material culture of ancient aliens who's ruins they live among
100 Alien pyramids in jungle, protected by lost colony of  hunters who hate and eat 
explorers from space. A pirate corvette has landed and crew are looting treasure and shooting locals

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