Wednesday 31 July 2013

Art Update

Note Blogger published this before the last post i wrote which sucks - rying to post daily again.When i updated it it moved it chronologically where i wanted it. Sigh.

Finished Elfmaids & Octopi art and some sketches for space versions. This one very optimistic makes me think of space propeganda and humanx books.

 Revised the tentacle detail so finished this wonderful piece that was worth the wait. 8 months to do but got a piece worth a thousand over a few hundred. Now i must publish something.

Hopefully we are both over funks for a bit and will have a new (financial) year of better times.

Ill get one of these done in more detail and a more hybrid science fantasy pulpy one

Tuesday 30 July 2013

Dwarvern Dungeon Dressings

Many of these to just add dwarft flavour to dungeon and i combine with my other tables like gothic ones. Many based on dwarf art and culture so that a dwarf or expert in dwarves could evade traps and select safest option.

D100 Dwarvern Dungeon Dressings
1 Ornate metal door with secret lock depicting dwarf god of hidden treasure
2 Metal door with scythe trap set to hit races above dwarf height and weight
3 Ornate portcullis with dwarf poem engraved, knowing poem lets you find mechanism
4 Secret hatch in floor containing axe, canned food, bolts and barrel of grog
5 Metal door with dozen locks in serpent mouths only one real rest destroy lockpicks
6 Magic runes carved on door bar explode if touched without praising dwarf god or king
7 A ladder down a pit which collapses if used by big folk into trap
8 Intelligent door only opens for dwarf or if you can answer 3 questions of dwarf lore
9 Metal doors self welding shut if goblinoids or trolls or orcs touch
10 Door with a tap which issues dwarf ale possibly long gone bad
11 Swinging stone pendulum trap crushes those over 4 foot high
12 Ceiling Drops suddenly to 4 foot two inches high striking big uns heads
13 Poison needle with +2 save if dwarf
14 Clockwork puzzle - place dwarf kings in order in minute or room floods with gas
15 Secret door but needs expertise in symbology of dwarf beard braids to open
16 Great hammer swings from ceiling if door touched by tall un
17 Six powder kegs with fuses start, carved with dwarf gods, if good one defused all defuse
18 Barrel leaking flammable fuel rolls down tunnel, secret trapdoor has safe hole
19 Buzz saw slices hand if fake normal looking doornob touched, hidden lock lower down
20 Dwarf automaton of golem on plinth attacks non dwarfs
21 Oil painted mural depicting huge dwarf race war, may see ancestors individually painted
22 Carved column of huge dwarf god 
23 Row of statues of old dwarf kings and queens
24 Ceiling painted with scenes of elemental plane of earth
25 Vandalized portraits of traitors and shamed heroes who started un-winnable wars
25 Huge ornamental carved beast horn on display stand with scene of dwarf epic
26 Tapestry depicting coronation of dwarf king
27 Collection of ornamental tankards of heroes on display
28 Gallery of dwarf armour through the ages
29 Gallery of dwarf weapons through the ages
30 Scale model of dwarf dungeon or fort with tint soldier miniatures
31 Floor tiles are map of known world in ancient times
32 Mounted goblinoid heads on plaques like hunting trophies
33 Huge painted urn with mummified dwarf inside
34 Chamber with cases of minerals with alchemical symbols marked
35 Lists of hundreds of dwarf clans chiseled in walls
36 Painting of great dwarf treasure horde with famous relics among gold
37 Family tree showing dwarf clans and subtypes diverging
37 Collection of goblinoid skulls with measurements and phrenology diagrams in cases
38 Columns in room carved into famous dwarf weapons
39 Fresco scenes of gods drinking and inventing grog (or discovering grog gods)
40 Scenes depicting ancient dwarf alliances and imagined betrayals from other races
41 Still and brewery equipment possibly infested by slime or ooze monster
42 Huge forge with mechanized hammer and furnace now cold and silent
43 Dwarf engravers studio with tools and various items in stages of completion
44 Dwarf canning machine with food hopper one end and cans come out other
45 Armoury with racks of old weapons some still soiled with goblin blood
46 Acid bath for cleaning and disposal of rubbish
47 Huge machine with unknown power source seized up long ago
48 Barrels of grog, possibly long spoiled 
49 Running wheel powered sharpening stone
50 Huge organ possibly seized up with secret chamber inside
51 Throne chamber of official with guard niches and great chair
52 Walls covered in shields of great clans
53 Scribe chamber with scroll cases of records and some blueprints
53 Huge clock with possibly seized up or wound down mechanism
54 Dwarf beard grooming salon for nobles
55 Shrine with dwarf hymns carved in giant runes on wall
56 Executioners head chopping blocks with baskets of orc skulls
57 Dwarf council chamber with seating, ceremonial hammer and scribe desk
58 Dwarf barracks with quadruple bunks
59 Dwarf bedchamber for nobles with huge bed and paintings of ancestors
60 Dwarf art studio with half finished paintings and statues
61 Dwarf jewelers studio probably looted long ago
62 Dwarf library with volume in dwarf runes and some others items
63 A gallery of dwarf friends and allies on non dwarf heritage
64 Huge kitchen with great ovens oxen could fit in
65 Animal pens for cave boars, giant badgers or other beasts
66 Shooting range with preserved orc head targets
67 Great war monument with ever burning flame
68 Dwarf tavern/commissary/lounge for troops to relax in
69 Tunnel with mushroom farm, possibly overgrown
70 Guild hall with examples of crafts, meeting/dining table and members names on walls 
71 Music room with great horns, kettle drums and bagpipes arranged in orchestra
72 Anatomy hall with hundreds of bottles and skeletons of other races and monsters
73 Collection of other races weapons and armour on display
74 Scriptorium and classroom with huge rune alphabet carved in wall
75 Collection of fired clay and carved stone tablets from before paper era
76 Stuffed collection of subterranean animals many long extinct or rare
77 Collection of dried or pickled fungus and draws with many spores catalogued
78 Quartermasters stores of common dungeoneering and cave exploring tools
79 Dwarf nursery with wooden soldier dolls, blocks with runes and plush monsters 
80 Machine shop with metal lathe, stone saw and steam drill
81 Oil refinery where quality lubricants and incendiaries were made
82 Mining analysts laboratory with exotic compounds in cases and mine maps
83 Alchemist laboratory with bottles, burners mortars and pestles
84 Hospital with dwarf skeleton and surgical tools and medical diagrams
85 Dwarf noble crypt
86 Dwarf commoners mausoleum
87 Dwarf sport arena with seating for hundreds
88 Pottery studio with kiln and thousands of urns
89 Glassblowers studio with forge and hundreds of bottles and jars 
90 Well with flowing water, ladders and coracles that go somewhere else
91 Sealed tunnels going deep into earth overun with evil
92 Airshaft goes to surface but blocked with bars and stone grill
93 Elevator going deep into depths
94 Small rail car tunnels with tracks mechanical or muscle powered
95 Emergency escape slide for dwarf sized beings
96 Dwarf sliding pole shaft into the deep
97 Dwarf ladies craft hall with looms, spinning wheels and half finished tapestries
98 Dwarf carny hall with gay murals, tents, rides and freakshow
99 Dwarf asylums for elderly, deformed, mad and crippled
100 Non dwarf embassy or foreign trade post

Gamelog: Elemental Crackdown

Running an old module has injected fortune into party coffers which is good as Im kinda stingy. By name level should all be able to build domain.

Most of party resting while Linden the Bard and Bloodnock the druid with bear back up scout dungeon. Befriended eels with talk to animals and gorged whole colony on formarian and turtle meat.

Bloodknock turned into a river dolphin and he caste water breathing on Linden to explore waterways.
Found sleeping Marid and awoke him and he made the pair able to breathe water as reward and offered to fight Igliwiv or Dao if any met.

Met greedy for gold Xorn and saw gem loot and decided to wait for later. Likewise marine undead guarding pile of coins. Killed some mobats while Bloodknock in bat form and he just got away to flame strike them all. A few rounds battling with help of summoned giant eels.

Discovered harem chamber illusion of Dao who were unhappy when both claimed to love their gnome girls more than harem girls. Dao were offended and players ran away using magic and avoided being stone walled inside.

Bloodnock as a bat found Gorgimera lair and tried to steal bag of holding but dropped when it chased him. Hopes to summon batlord one day.

Went back to camp prepared spells and got the Marid to help. Bears and BaBa the dwarf come too. Maxed out party with barkskin, flameblade, str and con booster spells, dire beast spells on bears and got a few eels ready and attacked Dao. Was a fierce fight but Do fell hard, turning into lose earth when spirits returned to home plane. Marid bid goodby and left. While hopped up on performance enhancing spells hit gorgimera lair. He turned a bear to stone and hurt a few guys but had 3 heads decapitated. Found dungeon entrance to deep level and went to check earlier stairs they passed before.

Met some pech who had been carving stairs and making monsters from stone for decades. Linden got them to restore his bear buddy and all helped kill mad clay golem. Found magic dagger for Gnomes Bloodknock wants for his kids.

Xorn, baslisks and undead room only things on level left.

Bloodnock as an eagle flew to city with bag of holding with all gems. Got potions of stone to flesh and some better + weapons for party and returned in 3days. Wagons of crap to haul out now.

Ready for next session in the lower level. Heard of the artifact.

d100 Shore Leave

What happens ashore stays ashore

d100 Shore Leave
Feel free to alter for female sailors if needed
1 Press ganged by other ship
2 Horribly drunk, sick for days
3 Food poisoning, sick for days
4 Love gone wrong, painful VD
5 Robbed blind while drunk
6 Bitten by possibly rabid or diseased rat
7 Bad case of fleas
8 Parasitic worm infestation
9 Gang chasing you for money owed
10 Found funny fishman idol
11 Crazy old man gave you map for a drink
12 Addicted to drugs need a few days cold turkey
13 Ate exotic foreign food stuff
14 Accidentally married while drunk
15 Found exotic foreign coin from hoard
16 New tattoos
17 Lost your knife
18 Clothing shredded by misadventure
19 Accused of piracy
20 Offered cheap goods
21 Got bottle of exotic grog
22 Developed horrible weeping sores
23 Found tiny pornographic pictures
24 Hair stolen while drunk, shaved or cut off
25 Monkey or parrot or cat or dog followed you home
25 Vendetta from pirates against you
26 Duel results in vindictive friends and family
27 Drunken brawl results in wound and battered face
28 Saw shipmate kidnapped
29 Got a lucky charm from a bet
30 Flogged for public drunkenness
31 Horrible fever causes weird dreams
32 Fight with rival ship crew
33 Projectile vomited on officer, locked in brig
34 Take in exotic local sights
35 Follower by sermonizing preachers
36 Con men almost robbed you
37 Beaten and stripped while trying to procure prostitutes
37 Saw fellow sailor procure scandalous sexual service
38 Found amorous companions for pleased shipmates
39 Found ornate key
40 Heard news of friends of family
41 Awake in bed with orangutang?
42 Awake with tentacle sucker or stinger wounds
43 Temporarily blind from bad grog
44 Some one in crew comes back with artificial limb
45 learn how to eat unusual sea creature most are afraid of
46 learn a folk remedy for a type of marine venom
47 learn of a type of superior bait recipe
48 Found medal dedicated to maritime saint or god
49 Found quality hat suitable to your station
50 Ate bad meal dreamed of being enslaved by seahag
51 Gourd with juice claimed sea monster repellant 
52 Encountered fish man dragging victim beneath the docks
53 Encounter rat man dragging body into drain
53 Dreamed of dead shipmates spirit haunting you
54 Heard horrible tale of ghost ship
55 Heard story of brutal mutiny
56 Heard of explorers on a magical island
57 Heard of lost starving crew turned cannibal
58 Heard of horrible sea monster with memorable name
59 Horrible hand grasped you but you cut it of, now a curious memento
60 Deluded do-gooder wants to marry you
61 Found wanted poster seeking a friend or shipmate
62 Got some loaded dice or marked cards
63 White porcelain jar with blue art holds a sweet spicy perfume that ladies love
64 Wake up with a new piercing
65 Priest offers to help you escape life on the sea
66 Found dead sailor your size with a second set of clothes for you
67 Won scrimshawed whale tooth
68 Won strange scrimshaw tooth of unknown beast
69 Attacked by cultist and got his knife and a strange medallion
70 Refused shore leave - singled out as bad influence
71 Sold box or bottle with preserved tiny fairy corpse
72 Survived horrible disease now immune to it
73 Obtained a small instrument while gambling
74 Gained a colourful local nickname that may stick
75 Given a sturdy old sea chest with blankets and a oilskin coat
76  Given a sturdy old sea chest with secret panel with map inside
77 Found bottle with help message in it
78 Scholar or bard pays you in grog to tell stories
79 Learn catchy new sea shanty that proves popular on ship
80 Shipmate spreading rumours about you
81 Found map tattooed on corpse
82 Found poem on scroll in tube
83 Found coded message on scroll in tube
84 Found dead carrier pigeon with message
85 Found really nice dagger in someones back
86 Locked up for sleeping on the street
87 Vomited up worms in the street
88 Spent most of leave on toilet
89 Lost a tooth in a fight 
90 Temporary limp
91 Earned a few extra coins helping some grave robbers
92 Angry parent insists you marry their child
93 Won a ornate compass that does not point north
94 Won a creepy dancing hand carved puppet
95 Found sheet of old parchment with woodblock of naked witches
96 Spent time with merry old widow
97 Spent time with church mission
98 Had a great time roaring and gorging
99 Found key inside a fish
100 Found a coin purse

Monday 29 July 2013

D100 Towers part two

Some awesome finds while moving: 3 campaign worlds from 80s and 90s each used for many years of play and a bunch of city maps. Found my microprose games Darklands book. A pc game from early 1992 using chaosium mechanics and by Sandy Paterson. 1500s Germany overrun by witches and demons. Tonight i used it and its many maps and tables for Cthulhu. Dark ages + runequest+darklands. Went very well and explaining every mythos critter and history through christian myth goggles was lots of fun. Serpent men are serpents from before the fall when they had legs. Monsters are from before the flood. Unbaptised heathens dont go to heaven so don't worry about murdering them. - game $6 here - fan page with much of the data mined from the game

51 Masons tower - refurbished older tower, restored and improved with blocks of stone laying about tower, broken waggon wheels, tools and often labourers at work. Some working on statuary, headstones, stelae and monoliths. A few guards and traders might be about but the doughy workers are high strength and armed with hammers or mauls. May replace with dwarves or gnomes. Usually willing to trade and take commissions. A quarry nearby with workers is pretty common and a good marble deposit might attract such a tower so masons can access materials and protect them if needed. Masons often guild members and well connected to churches and nobility. Some might be working on a exiting new style or project. Some towers might be abandoned when marble gone and will quickly be squatted bu monsters or bandits or such.

52 Nobles tower - a well maintained tower with banners of a noble clan to mark territory. While well equipped and armed such a tower may have other purposes for  rather than just a military outpost. Nobles may keep towers for secret projects, privacy, banished family members or even hostages. Often some levels have deluxe decor, furniture, art and other goods. d6 1=noble here to work on his art like painting, family history or some masterwork 2= as previous but a work of depravity, demonology or forbidden horror that most would kill them for 3=a base for secret plots, maps and plans to gain more power over the land and rivals 4=prisoners kept for a ransom or torture 5=noble is of a great family but banished due to crimes or failed adventures 6=deformed, cursed or mutant noble kept alive by kin but far away

53 Silver tower - an elegant tower of silver, seemingly new but without signs of construction as if it appeared suddenly. The silver tower is a marvel of magic and an implement of the gods. It is inhabited by their chosen who test heroes and kill unworthy intruders. d6 1=moon or star elves come to explore surface world of men 2=a servant of a god tests worthy with a challenge and rewards with a gift 3=a holy relic or virgin guarded by a dragon or hydra 4=the tower is a gate to another world or distant place 5=dwarf or gnome traders selling silver weapons and armour as hard as steel for 20 times normal price may also have expensive enchanted silver items or relics at extreme prices, tower disappears if threatened 6=silver skinned men from beyond the sky dwell here with strange ray weapons and language to gather local minerals they lack int heir strange home

54 Lead tower - a black, crude malshaped tower, barren of local plant life, with odour of toxic smoke at times. The ground is often muddy, and drums may be heard at times. Popular with underworld, goblinoid and evil powers, such towers are gifts from evil gods. Some long term residence and those born here may have signs of brain damage d6 1=trolls dwell here and spread mayhem in local area 2=orcs here in lead armour, maces and mauls up to no good 3=ogre lord with huge lead club and his hobgoblin guard 4=particularly stupid and deformed goblins who like to lick walls and use lead sling bullets 5=evil cyclops men here to kill or enslave creatures for their diabolic master 6=evil men well armed with guns and even several small cannons and heavy guns

55 Glass tower - a mysterious tower that comes and goes according to legend. Sometimes inhabitants within are visible from a distance. No evidence of construction can be seen and the tower may even be invisible at times. d10 1=elves have dwelled here since dawn time 2=sorcerer or sorceress with plans for area - not evil plot but may shake up peoples of land greatly, seems charming and offers forbidden pleasures 3=servant of a god who may offer heroes their wisdom and direct them to greatest menaces of the land 4=multiple time zones inside tower let you interact with different eras of towers history 5=chronomancer here has imprisoned a time elemental and has made tower from force walls and stasis fields to be a great time space travelling machine 6=demons with imprisoned youths of great beauty and virtue kept here, demons will challenge to single combat to free one youth - each youth has exotic lore and knowledge from dawn time when they were imprisoned 7=phantoms enacting ancient events of doomed civilization again and again, a gate takes heroes to the past and might change history 8=clockwork glass automatons like warriors or spiders guard an artifact 9=imprisoned warriors from many times and places entrapped and tormented by illusionist 10=inside powerful beings of alignment play chess using mortals as pieces in their eternal struggle

56 Balance tower - a great tower with a symbol of the balance inscribed in front. Its residents including warriors, magicians and plane travelers and sometimes refugees from cosmic struggles between law and chaos. The tower plane shifts often. Opposed to inhuman cosmic struggle, balance agents use either or both to serve human interest. Heroes will be greeted and questioned while tested for alignment. Extremists may be turned away while some will be tolerated or offered quests in their cause. Some will be welcomed in and converted to the balance or sent to a plane where their alignment is needed to help the balance. May use personal appeal of agents of the cosmic balance and their planar secrets to seduce heroes to their cause.

57 Bronze tower - a great bronze tower has grown from the earth and rests on broken ground. The area is warm and their is an earthy smell like a fresh plowed field. Supernatural beings have made this intrusion point to show mortals their place. 1d8 1=dwarf invasion, basement connects to whole citadel of angry dwarves mad at humans stealing their secrets 2=a great minotaur shaped bronze golem guards this tower while an evil alchemist within makes love potions to use on a captive 3=a great mechanical bronze bull with a knight of chaos riding him guards this entry to the planes of chaos 4=bronze clad warriors grown from hydra teeth serve a mighty wizard 5=blood druids have called this abomination to earth to raze the earth - inside a hoard of blood crazed minor demons or devils 6=fire newts riding salamanders pour out to conquer 7=a fire giant with his pet fire drake 8=a fire devil with hell hounds rides out every night to hunt souls to drag to hell

58 Blood tower - a stinking blood red tower with rotten pools of blood around it. Vultures, bats and rats may swarm around it. In most cases it is merely a tower covered in blood but sometimes it is much worse. 1d8 1=mad lord likes t shoot victims at tower with catapult for fun 2=cursed red knight must kill travelers and paint tower with blood 3=tower quivering mass of congealed blood, dripping constantly, inside mad demons gorge themselves 4=tower of stone that weeps blood, cursed by some past crime the noble resident asks heroes to resolve with a quest 5=shrine of the vampire god where cultist come on pilgrimages to visit vampire priest to gain immortality 6=a hemomancer has built from enchanted blood clot bricks and is guarded by blood elementals 7=blood druids have taken this tower and killed almost everybody, then poured blood down the walls, party catch them almost done 8=crazed wizards have activated a blood powered monster generator to sell caged beasts - giant leeches, weasels, vampire bats, ochre jellies roam around while wizards hide upstairs

59 Griffin tower - a great ancient tower has upper levels built for griffin nests and landings. Built by highly magical military or even divine beings. Such areas tend to be impassable to horses. Griffins make fierce guardians. Lower levels usually uninhabited. 1d6 1=guard gold stash of supreme god 2=as previous but under attack from cyclopses 3=built by elves or dwarves or non human race as part of aerial network to dominate region 4=druids used magic to make griffons and build tower to keep civilization at bay 5=visited by a god often to select his personal riding or chariot beasts and give them a pat 6=king built it as a tomb, his remains are inside guarded by the griffons

60 Owl tower - a silent white tower with a parliament of owls, watching intruders and hooting to each other or sometimes giant ones. Usually ruined and haunted looking, a place feared by most, surrounded by ancient trees and often crawling with vines. 1=ghost or spectre or non copreal undead haunts the tower where the being lived as a mortal 2=eyekiller demon with black wizard magic - part snake owl and bear with death ray eyes 3=giant intelligent owls act as magical messengers - aiding heroes and planning fate of the area  4=gargantuan owl and wizard journey to moon and back together every month 5=evil owl curses those who try to rob tower of its treasures or even come close 6=owls flock about party calling members names, inside undead await

61 Dragon tower - highly ornamental carved tower with draconic relief art. Metal doors depicting dragon battles of ancient times. Smells of sulpher, chlorine or ozone depending on which dragon types the tower is akin to. Such structures are often built by ancient draconic empires, cults or gods. Some house a dragon or draconic beings. 1d8 1=a dragon lair with a single specimen 2=dragon lair with eggs or offspring 3=dragon lair with servitor race 4=dragon with a human familiar or form 5=dragonmen warriors using tower as a shrine and center of a raiding territory 6=a dragon cult trying to attract or raise a young dragon 7=draconic blood sorcerer seeks to restore the dragon age, here to uncover secrets in the towers artwork 8=cult with a fake dragon used to scare intruders 

62 Skull tower - a tower with a huge skull motif built in and visible some distance. Eyes may be windows with lit lamps inside and the mouth could be a portcullis door. Bones lay scattered about. Some might be built from a giant monster skull. Such places are built by evil to scare away intruders and show their power over death. 1d6 1=Skull helmed robber knights use images of death to terrify victims 2=skull masked cultists serve a death god and underworld powers 3=gate to the underworld sealed inside, supernatural gate keeper bars the way 4=skill masked necromancer plans his evil schemes from here and amasses a mighty skeleton army 5=lich lord here guards fabulous ancient treasures 6=bone golems guard lair of skeleton men, a race of emaciated angry killers who look undead

63 Haunted tower - a spooky ruined tower in a desolate grove of dead trees surrounded by ruins and graves. Long deserted and only visited by bandits, grave robbers and lost children, most who flee in terror. 1d6 1=non corporeal evil spirit that hates the living 2=spirits which seek bodies to occupy for some unfinished quest 3=spirits visit party and curse them to complete a quest 4=spirit visits party and implores they bring killer to justice 5=scary ghost cant communicate its desire to have proper burial 6=headless or misremembered spirits cannot rest without missing body parts or blessed bodies or vengeance

64 Grey tower - a fog shrouded plain tower, seemingly lifeless and uninhibited from afar. No adornment, markings or evidence of who built it visible. The area is silent, the air chill. 1d6 1=a wizard dwells here hiding under illusionary terrain 2=spirits are seen but they never confront party, inside is evidence of a great tragedy 3=undead dwell here, once a warrior band now cursed for atrocities 4=everything is formed from living fog which dissolves at dawn 5=nightmare ridden by a shadow knight 6=entropic fields from here weaken reality, slaad chaos lords have opened a gate to raise worlds devolution and decline

65 Immortal tower - huge ornamental tower with relief statues and art depicting a god or they're symbols. A recent human built one probably inhabited by clergy and cult members but an ancient one possibly with supernatural inhabitants. Often with other structures like tombs of builders and priests, shrines, landscaping, a fountain or statues. 1d10 1=a thriving mainstream cult welcomes visitors 2=a heretical lost or evil cult performing acts of wickedness 3=a crumbling ruin with a sphynx who eats pilgrims who fail riddle 4=eye of a god gazes on intruders, sends a monster and appropriate weather if holy place defiled by party 5=a god disguised as a pilgrim or hermit questions mortals about the god, will reward if likes answer 6=shepherd and flock resting here tells of horror sealed inside 7=cursed traitor holy person now a hideous monster and mockery of life, if killed restores temple to holy place 8=tower has various tests and traps but when heart reached it comes to life and starts to walk 9=a clerical lich dwells inside - a corrupted parody of faith if was good or serves underworld lord 10=An immortal hermit inside wishes to be left undisturbed, he summons creatures to drive heroes away

66 Gnome tower - A quality tower, squat and highly secure. Different gnomes build in different styles. Many nature loving ones prefer to hide towers as natural objects like giant mushrooms or trees. While more materialist ones like functional grey stone towers. 1d8 1=shroom tower with a red cap with red hatted friendly gnomes 2=resembles a huge tree with forest gnomes and animal friends 3=resembles natural rock out crop some with earth elemental creatures as guards 4=illusion hidden by magical gnomes 5=granite tower with metal shutters and smoking forges, steam works and gun wielding automatons 6=dark gnomes with evil shadow magic 7=actually redcaps - bloodthirsty gnomes who can turn into ogres and dip hats in blood 8=degenerate naked cannibal gnomes reverted to morlocks

67 Yog-Sothoths tower - a wizards tower built to summon and commune with the great elder god of time and space and in between space. Built from stone age to modern times by cults and wizard orders to gain power. Sometimes a cult perish from getting too close to the lord of starry wisdom. Roll 1d4 for type 1=ancient and crude stone tower with open air top level ritual space 2=very old crumbling mystery tower often with lower level sealed 3=old ruined tower with bad rep and history of blasphemy  4=new tower built in secret location in modern style for active cult. Then roll 1d6 for hazard 1d3 times 1= human hybrid immortal horror dwells in tower eating intruders and growing a little bigger 2=cult of magicians operate here to study astronomy and their god, may try to pass as just a wizard school 3=degenerate redneck clan led by senior wizard, seek brides for their god 4=invisible shoggoth locked in tower, if loosed ransacks countryside 5=Freak boy mutant wizard seeks to learn party spells and will pay with strange gold 6=Once inside tower trapped in tesseract or time loop, need to solve riddle and kill wizard to escape

68 Tsathogua's tower - a worn spire of stone so warn as to seem natural rock formation. Some may have been buried for aeons and only recently exposed by landslide or just isolated. Magical relics and servants of the great hairy frog beast may dwell within. 1d6 1=hybrid human cannibal cultists 2=mutant cultists 3=in a well in the ritual basement is a formless black spawn who kills non cult members guarding a tunnel to secret subterranean lands 4=son of Tsathogua a great hairy toothed toad demon 5=dream inducing monolith drives men mad or inspires haunted artworks 6=Wizard with guards and servants will flee through one way gate to alien dream land if needs to escape

69 Ranger tower - a hidden tower with great view acting as a secret ranger tower guarding the frontier. Rangers watch passes and send secret messages and watch distant perils and sites of ancient evil. Excellent arrow fire arcs with very good cover. Elite archers snipe intruders before they get close. 1d6 1=base of local kingdom, wary of intruders 2=enemy nation secret base hostile and leave no survivors, will hunt witnesses for days 3=ranger sect dedicated to fighting one foe like bandits, giants, orcs etc 4=sect dedicated to watching a ancient evil long forgotten by most men 5=elven trained allies act as a buffer between elf and man 6=fallen black ranger sect has turned to darkness

70 Maiden tower - a semi ruined tower with a woman apparently imprisoned by a dastard or monster and needs rescuing, will to signal help. May have family, wealth of exotic skills and some actually evil enchantresses feigning victim hood. 1d10 1=evil knight holds woman hostage and plans to ravage and sell her if family dont pay 2=wicked lord or mad wizard is tempting to woo against her will 3=an evil coven of witches or a magical hag keep maiden for evil ritual 4=cultists aim to sacrifice her for magical bloodline and purity 5=maiden enslaved legally by mean miser who makes her use her master craft skills work for him 6=a monster chieftain and his band keep her prisoner and prepare for a marriage 7=maiden lies to escape family marriage plans, if helped party hunted by her future husband and her families 8=a fabulous monster holds her prisoner possibly as punishment from a god on her clan 9=evil magician maid has enhanced and charmed guardians she sets on heroes then cries innocent if players defeat them 10=maiden is a succubus or vampire or other malicious monster in disguise

71  Ladies tower - a tower with an order of women folk who welcome travelers. They inhabit any available defensible tower and may move from time to time. Often aid adventurers and others in need but some are really evil in disguise. 1d12 1=nuns order heal and even train well behaved gentlemen 2=lady magicians school 3=radical order of noble women who aid female adventurers and lend influence to their chosen champions 4=amazon warrior maids skilled at arms and not trusting of men 5=followers of love goddess tempt heroes to tarry as long as possible 6=witches in disguise separate party with carnal offers then kill one at a time 7=cult of killer women possibly cannibals, seek men to give children and eat eat boy children or turn into monsters) 8=all were-beasts who transform under full moon, here to be far from civilization by embarrassed families 9=actually undead non corporeal spirits or disguised corporeal undead hidden by powerful illusions 10=female knight order who serve some cause good or evil or other 11=actually elves 12=order of women assassins in disguise

72 Beacon Tower - has a great lamp or fire and is used as a signal for shipping or crisis or signalling. Often in a tall or high spot or on coastline. Some are very ancient and operating towers aid trade and help navigation. Many are intact but some sunk or isolated or badly damaged by disaster. If disused for a long time lamp may be ready to activate. 1d6 1=outpost of civilized kingdom and operated regularly 2=abandoned for original purpose, now used by wreckers, bandits, smugglers or slavers 3=fish men or other hybrid cult or goblinoids occupy 4=haunted by spirits but actually a sham by magicians and or monster 5=sunken in sea or river or lake, bottom layers attract aquatic monsters 6=guarded by undead

73 Prison tower - this brutal gothic tower is a place of suffering with moans issuing from within and leering gargoyle faces on stone work. Such places are dread to most and a grim reminder of the dark side of law. Usually well defended. Some even run by cults or with religions staff. Even abandoned such towers are like small dungeons. 1d10 1=political prisoners being tortured from citizens or area or rulers rivals 2=ransom tower where lords keep captured enemies till money is raised 3=debtors prison to those late with tax or avoiding government tariffs 4=mad house for insane or disabled prisoners 5=prison for witches and unlawful magicians 6=women's prison for storing women with rich dowries, women with children out of wedlock and other embarrassing problems only treatable by imprisonment 7=plague colony for diseased or mutated specimens whose family pay for them to be kept hidden and alive 8=children's prison for wayward orphans, doubles as a workhouse and sweatshop or thieves school for talented 9=prison for dangerous artists or writers or bards or prophets whose ideas are a threat to the state and religion 10=prisoners held by blackest espionage agents and also used for interrogation, training, infiltration and assassination

74 Swan tower - a beautiful and graceful tower in a small lake, swans and other waterfowl abound and beautiful maidens are seen from afar. The birds usually warn the tower inhabitants of intruders and the women disappear if approached. Women are most often swanmay women, daughters of the gods 1d6 women are hostile towards men as many come here to enslave them - if heroes rescue any lost sisters they will have friends here 2=a near invulnerable swan knight guards them while they support him with arrows 3=a band of grubby ducksmen have women under siege from tiny coracles 4=a foreign gooseman villain tries to play music terribly and when that fails he tries bullying and crude jokes and women gloomily stay inside, he hopes one will eventually surrender 5=swanmays and birds too busy dancing and swimming to notice party who get very close - could steal their magic cloaks or just embarrass them with your grubby gazes 6=Most swanmay are of the bright realm but these black feathered ones with blood red beaks ark sadistic killers who lure men to their dooms 7=these women are all bards of great quality whose sound is far away 8=crumbling swan tower is home to a banshee or a hag - was once a swanmay turned evil and bitter from tragedy

75  Stag's tower - a great moss covered tower hidden in the woods, decorated by stag heads with antlers in stone or wood or even stag skulls. A campsite for hunters and an ancient bone pile dating thousands of years is nearby. Entry to a cave or grotto through the cellar is a common feature. They are used by hunters and ancient woodland religions for rituals and as temples. 1d8 1=Savage hunters and shamen meet here to tell secrets and for initiations, intruders unwelcome 2=rich hunters use this romantic old place for a hunting lodge 3=haunted by stag headed undead 4=druids perform hidden rituals that would upset civilized types 5=a great hunter waits here sworn to kill first group of creatures that come his way 6=stag beast men meet here for secret rituals not privy to humans 7=goblin horde has come here to praise lord of the beasts and underworld 8=primitive wizard hostile to moderns and keen to rob and enslave spell casters

76  Astronomers tower - a structure with a dome and telescope on top, inside the dome are star charts and instruments to adjust the telescopes view.  Astrolabes and other astronomer apparatus as well as a great astrology library make this a place of scholars and magicians. 1d6 1=school for astromancer wizardry 2=cult of doomsayers looking for apocalyptic dangers and meteors for a secret purpose 3=priestly sect of god of the sky dome 4=diabolic cult of the outer gods seeking where the veil imprisoning the old gods is at its weakest 5=astrologers guild built this as great project long ago, sages from many lands gather 6=ruined from its great past, now a crumpled tower with torn metal  mechanism, undead stargazers of old are trapped and cursed till stars signal they may rest 7=a prehistoric stone circle used by druidic and shaman stargazers of old, cults and wild beastmen come here for rituals 8=living trees or carved wood poles and earthworks make this ancient site attracting savages, faeries and undead at different seasons

77 Bell tower - a bell tower here in a beacon made as warning device or to drive away evil. Some bells are magical or holy and are supernatural deterrents. Maintained by village folk, clergy, monks or militia but some long abandoned. Some bell ringers are highly trained and respected community members. In war time bells might be stolen and melted down. Some towers have many bells, many with names and ornate art. 1d8 1=Warning tower with militia watchmen who signal danger 2=order of monks 3=clergy ring holy bell drives away evil forces 4=local priest and villagers maintain for local religious use 5=maintained by demented hunchback 6=witches have captured tower to silence it 6=ruined and battered with bandits, bells intact 7=ruined with bells long gone undead inside 8= maintained by order of magicians watching for a great ancient evil, bell not been used in many hundreds of years and means great supernatural evil afoot

78 Bird tower - a tower with bird houses built in often with religious or symbolic meaning or in some cases something more practical. Top floors a dedicated aviary. Tower residents care for birds but some towers long disused. Often ornate with bird motifs ans art. 1d6 Messenger pidgeon tower part of communication network usually with military or espionage agents among staff 2=dove tower sacred to love goddess who uses for divination and food, priestesses operate and only they may harm birds 3=hawk lords tower where hunters come to engage in trading for prize hunting birds, some quasi religious or secret society with other purposes 4=vulture tower where funerary priests feed dead to holy birds 5=tower of bird wizards who teach bird versions of common spells ans some of their own, many wear bird masks and the aviary keeps many breeds 6=ruined tower now inhabited by bird monsters from breeding program gone wrong or mutations

79 Harpy Tower - a stinking foul dung covered tower, swarming with flies usually harpies adopt some old tower or have been sent by gods as a curse to punish some crime. 1d6 1=a starving noble is imprisoned here, tormented by harpies 2=disease cultists and plague flagellants come here to receive harpies foul blessings 3=evil plague druids breed harpies to punish humans in area and to preserve wilderness 4=a wizard in his lab breeds new strains of disease who his harpy brides spread across the land 5=harpies are cursed women who if curse broken turn into maidens with no memories of harpy lives  6=harpies also infected by parasitic worms like rot grubs or kyuss grubs but remain unharmed themselves, tower crawls with worms in the filth they heap on their treasure

80 Unicorn Tower - a pure white marble tower (though other versions exist for other unicorn types) in a glade, built often by fey or to admire beautiful unicorns. Pleasant trees, rocks and lush grass surround, often with a pond the unicorns purify every day with touch from their holy horns. 1d10 1=elves live here to guard unicorns 2=druids here protect unicorns 3=dryand, swanmay or other supernatural maiden lives here with unicorn friends 4=amazons here guard and ride unicorns 5=knights hunting unicorn with a fair virgin as bait, need horn to heal king or other magic purpose  6=decadant rich unicorn hunters here for prophet and glory 7=black evil unicorns, with everything opposite basic description 8=yellow tower in boggy sulfurous swamp with yellow plague unicorns 9=red tower with blood red vampire unicorns, who hungrily defend forest from unnatural intruders 10=muticoloured tower home of chromatic unicorns with prismatic ray horns, guarded by lady wizards

81 Assassins Tower - a black isolated tower with no markings surrounded by rockery, bushes and tree cover. Traps are common and assassins here may be in hiding and may operate hidden tunnels for ambush or escape. Inside the assassins operate a training room, barracks, disguise or costume library, a library, alchemy lab, map and planning room and grand masters chamber. A garden for relaxing and growing herbs as well as keeping pet poison snakes and spiders. Secret tunnels and a basement for ritual tests and torture are beneath. Intrudes are not welcome and re usually hunted, questioned and killed. Some cults actually use magic while others fake it with exotic skills and tools. 1d6 1=a mystical sect of killers for hire who are employed in secret by any bidder 2=a murderous cult of killers who seek to manipulate regional power through murder 3=a criminal brotherhood specializing in killing 4=secret order of killers operated in secret by local rulers to deal with enemies 5=a cult using drugs for mind control who enslave members and local leaders with exotic narcotics, often recruit decadent nobles and urbanites 6=followers of a death cult who murder to earn gods favour, spread terror and silence enemies

82  Snake tower - a great snake shaped tower built by a cult or pre human race. Ritual pits and camp sites surround the tower for pilgrims to visit. Inside smells of reptile house, incense and sweat. Locals fearful ans suspicious of the place. Many towers have a giant snake and venemous snakes inside. 1d6 1=snake cult ruled by magician often with some bloodline to old serpent heretics 2=snake cult ruled by hybrid snake men 3=snakeman in human disguise leads cult 4=lizard men have occupied tower looking for elder secrets 5=evil naga or other snake monster some with a cult but many alone in a bone heaped nest 6=undead snake cultists in various states of hybrid condition

83 Mill tower - A rustic farmers mill such as a water wheel, windmill or muscle powered mill, often with farmers, families, children, animals and wagons about it. Many abandoned and haunted ones are found in forests and depopulated areas. 1d4 for power type 1=Windmill 2=Waterwheel 3=animal powered 4 slave powered 1d6 1=jolly farmers work here, friendly to strangers and keen to trade 2=stingy mean miller is cruel to his labourers and animals, rude to farmers and traders 3=operated by a trade cartel or guild as a business often uses indentured or slave labour 4=abandoned old ruin home to bandits, criminals or cultists 5=haunted by undead like ghouls, spirits or worse 6=animals have revolted and chased away farmers, many animals have awakened - been made sentient by Nanny Binks the animal lib goat wizard and now run the show for benefit of animals

84 Hobgoblin tower - a craggy blasted tower well worn, surrounded by thorn bushes, ash heaps and garbage. Smoke from with and sounds of metal boots, hammers, drums and martial chanting. 1d6 1=hobgoblin warrior band with scavenged weapons and armour acting as bandits led by a cheif 2=hobgoblin soldiers, highly disciplined brutes in good armour with halberds and crossbows led by professional war-master 3=shaman leader with followers and families, equipped with primitive weapons like spears and bows and usually a pet of some kind like a bear, troll or ogre 4=an evil magician with hobgoblin soldiers who procure exotic ingredients and sacrifices for blasphemous rituals 5=a hobgoblin chief with war band, with goblins and bugbears acting as specialist troops 6=a mighty tribe with high proportion of heroic leaders and champions and magic workers due to decent from hobgoblin god generations ago. Their tribal banner fills common hobgoblins with dredd. Thouls, trolls, undead also serve the great cheif. Highly individual fighting styles among elites.

85 Bugbear tower - a squat great tower of great age, surrounded by menhirs, its and rubble that provide great ambushes for inhabitants. Seemingly abandoned long ago, but occasional lights, drums and chants from within say otherwise. Some are decorated with heads of many species special shelves in walls for this purpose. Inside bugbears will defend with ambush and surprise till no longer fun then savage charge en mass. 1d6 1=primitive tribe with clubs, spears and animal hides, with great ear necklaces on best warriors, a few bears or sabre-tooth cat pets 2=a tribe with scavenged weapons and armour from many sources with lots of experience as bandits and using missile fire with composite or long bows 3=professional militarized bugbears who march under banner of a bugbear king, most well equipped and heroes with interesting weapons, very disciplined will use messages to call allies, king always has escape route  4=these professional military bugbears serve a well known possibly evil invader kingdom with a bad reputation, well armed and armoured they dont want any nosy bodies getting away blabbing about their location 5=bugbears with goblin and hobgoblin slaves who do all the dirty work allowing bugbears to act as elites, often goblins have some species such as wargs, giant bats or weasels or spiders as mounts as well as fungi gardens. Hobgoblins usually guards and archers doing bulk of heavy labour 6=bugbear slavers with hobgoblin guards and human slaves for sale. Willing to trade and unwilling to give up any prisoners. Will add any weak or stupid looking humans to stock. Often paid to kidnap persons by unscrupulous rivals

86 Chimera tower - a bleak and battered tower on a blasted heath, small mutant animals scuttle about dead bushes. Cursed by the gods or made by crazed wizards, hybrid monsters lair here. Many are mutated or rejects but a mighty chimera (various types) is the greatest. 1=gibbering mutants scuttle about attacking intruders and food for the great chimera 2=winged beasts such as apes or wolves live in lower levels 3=tentacled two headed bear lives in lower level with a hook horror and owl bear, while chimera dwells on roof 4=beast men live hear worshiping chimera as a god ad granting him sacrifices  5=chimera is guarding a great treasure of the gods kept from mortals 6=a mad magician is still here experimenting in the basement and  letting horrors roam the surface. Also to find chimera type 1d6 1=lion goat with snake tail (eutruscan) 2=as before but with red dragon head and wings 3=as 1 but with a gorgon head 4=as one but displacer beast instead of lion has tentacles and displacement power 5=part lion, goat and rust monster with club tail and rust touch tentacles 6=part lion, goat and salamander constantly on fire and immune to all heat and flame (1in6 a cold version)

87 Sea tower - a tower built of fossilized seal life limestone blocks and encrusted with ancient coral, shells and salt. May be coastal but proof of ancient sea here in prehistory. A salty well in the basement if possible leads to salty water deposit or the sea. If landlocked inhabitants pine for sea. 1d6 1=sea elves with animal friends 2=selkie clan willing to trade but wary of outsiders desiring them too much 3=sea troll family bitter and enraged at everybody 4=lizard men (like sea iguanas) adapted for life in sea or land reflect on glorious past, possible led by king with trident 5=crab men hostile and hungry 6=squid or fish men cultists practicing obscene rites of sacrifice

88 Beggars tower - a dilapidated old tower squatted by a gang of beggars and homeless, surrounded by campsites of wretched persons. The best rooms are seized by the strongest or leaders. 1d6 1=refugees from distant land in need of charity 2=colony of diseased plague victims 3=mutant scum outcasts often hostile to normies 4=holy pilgrims with vows of poverty starving for gods 5=beggers guild members affiliated with city guild occupied tower for leaders secret plans 6=sent here by prophecy to await heroes who they will follow till they drop even if unwanted

89 Hanging tower - executioners tower is a grim building with gargoyles and possible heads on pikes. Unmarked unblessed graveyard surrounds the tower and tiny stone one man cells and rocks with manacles surround the tower, many have a small wall. Built as a place of terror in the past most avoid it. 1d6 1=militia guards and prisoners 2=black hooded order of executioners and torturers run in cruel and sadistic fashion 3=a cruel noble and his men here mistreat and abuse prisoners 4=prisoners have revolted and seized tower, bloodthirsty desperate killers all 5=political prisoners kept in secret to avoid popular uprisings or remains used for saints relics - once killed their ashes are scattered in river 6=goblinoids have taken over but still operate prison. Local humans pay them to kill and abuse prisoners as they are too soft and keeps goblinoids in line, everyone but prisoners happy

90 Grain tower - a tower for storing grain for a farm or as emergency supply of state or church. Tall mostly windowless and featureless. Wagon trails abound and local farmers come here to add to the stores. Some have a pulley system or use animal power to add grain to top. A sealed hole at bottom dumps grain into wagons at bottom. 1d6 1=farmers are here topping up the silo or taking old grain away for seed 2=a  brewery or bakehouse here produces goods for trade 3=shrine and priest here collect tithes from farmers in form of grain and animals, records document this for generations 4=military guard this and are very serious, a tax collector here may investigate party 5=abandoned ruin now home to a hermit or bard 6=abandoned and haunted by undead

91 Insect tower - a tower either built to house insects or infested with insects or totally built by insects. May be protected by cultists or warrior insects. Could be giants or forms of insect beastmen or were insects. Possible peaceful but often unwelcome to strangers. Attracts insect eaters and infiltrators. 1d12 1= bees with tower covered in wax honeycomb, possibly dripping with magical honey 2=wasps with clay structures take prisoners for feeding young 3=termites built huge clay mound surrounded by wood pulp 4=wasp women witches kidnap human children to seed her own 5=ants build a fort tower to battle nearby rival tower, different breeds eat different food 6=flies feed young maggots on corpses brought to tower by adults and have added structures with spittle 7=praying mantises chanting for the insect god 8=giant crickets dwell in tower covered in fungus 9=mobile tower built of insects locked together in mobile swarm 10=insect cultists commune with droning hive wisdom 11=tower is an organism in symbiotic relation with insects as protector 12=cult use bees to make magic home and use swarms to act as alarm and weapon

92 Dinosaur tower - a crude stone tower built by ancient wizards often with fossilized skeletons in stonework. Ancient shaman cults and prehuman races built such towers to commune with dinosaur spirits. Mysterious lights and time warps abound. 1d10 1=reptile men come to commune with superior ancestors and magical ancestral databank and time gates that bring dino eggs from past 2=serpent men here plot to alter climate and breed dinosaurs for new ascension of reptilian age 3=telepathic pterodactyl men with army of cavemen who capture slaves for evil rites 4=reptilian lich or mummy raises dinosaur skeleton army 5=advanced reptile men in jump suits with lasers here to seek mysteries of their races future decline 6=cultists gathering crystals to power ancient altar one is a serpent man in disguise 7=a t-rex guards this tower of age old mystery 8=triceratops men with halberds dwell here since dawn age 9=firenewts with riding lizards occupy tower looking for lost relics 10=lone dinoman in battlesuit being hunted by greys who have chased her through time, she wants revenge and will detonate her powercell to destroy grey saucer

93 Wolf tower - great grey stone tower surrounded by woods in rough condition. Wolves are heard at night especially during full moon. Approach of tower strewn in chewed sometimes frozen corpses with surprised looks in winter. Wolf beings may have just occupied but some towers purpose built with stone wolf decor. 1d8 1=wolf pack inside 2=dire wolfpack 3=winter wolf pack 4=werewolf pack 5=wolfwere pack 6=beserkers with wolf symbols and coats serving savage god 7=wolf cult with chosen becoming werewolves 8=hunter cult with pet wolves

94 Giants tower - huge tower with floors over 20ft high. Various styles depending on breed of giant and technology. Crude stone boulder ones, black basalt towers with bronze shutters, grey even bricks even wooden ones. 1d12 1=Hill giants couple with extended family and per bears 2=fire giants in armour here to guard territory with pet salamanders or hellhounds 3=stonegiant clan arranging great megaliths with pet oxen 4=frost giant warband with pet winter wolves or polar bears 5=deformed formarians with mutant hybrid pets like chimera 6=mountain giant hermit and gathering of lesser races here to question the great giant about distant past 7=cyclops with sheep 8=cloud giants tower acts as a dock with occasional cloud lands 9=storm giant outcast fallen from heavens, puts on spectacular show and kills other local monsters for sport 10=giant troll couple with normal trolls as adorable pets 11=fog giants engaged in sacrificing and blood drinking of small people to maintain the cosmic machine 12=civilized giants who mimic humans and capture little people as doll for children and snacks. Find humans charming to keep for a few days of fattening and conversation

95 Ivory Tower - a fine tower of great beauty and home to vain or decadent nobles. 1d6 1=feasting knights invite guests then demand pretty things in return or die 2=sorcerer and cult members high on drugs laugh while someone eaten by monster in front of everyone 3=brothel for super rich with otherworldly pimp (devil or something), guests become addicted to vices here and lose levels 4=gambling rich bet on various outcomes often staging cruel gladiator battles for sport 5=lords here debase slaves with strange sexual requests and always in need of fresh victims 6=club for rich youths like to party and hunt humans like interesting adventurers

96 Githyanki tower - a blue stone tower impervious to psionics, astral or ethereal intrusion. This outpost houses garrison watching this plane for role in cosmic struggle. Not that hostile but do grow bored and toy with strangers for a time. 1d8 1=warband here to monitor this plane 2=looking for Ilthiliad base in subterranean kingdom may hire scouts or guides with silver ingots 3=Githzari tower of monks on monitor duty 4=now inhabited by a psionics school possible influenced by Githyanki in secret 5=inhabited by Ithiliad and monster servants 6=inhabited by psionic community partly descended from Githyanki warband from long ago

97 Black tower - a brooding black tower of evil surrounded by broken rubble and trees full of gibbets. 1d6 1=Evil sorceress and anti paladin son dwell here torturing victims like good knights 2=evil knight who loves torture cant get enough victims, only orcs will work for him 3=evil high priest or necromancer building undead army needs more corpses 4=cult with hellhounds serve devil knight 5=shadows from evil knights lurk here hungry for strength of living 6=black dragon and knight keep a maiden prisoner here, her child destined to be great holy knight by gods

98 White tower - a peaceful elegant white tower of good surrounded by pleasant gardens and a holy spring. 1d6 1=paladin and his noble horse use as a base 2=order of monks dwell here who hunt evil doers 3=holy women order heals sick commoners and heroes are defended by supernatural giant lion 4=good wizard communes with angels 5=silver dragon in human form lives here with magical animals, she loves courting good heroes 6=a treasure here awaiting right time is guarded by 2 shedu who question prospective wielders and slay liars

99 Red tower - a fearsome red tower visible for miles surrounded by hacked maimed fresh corpses and vultures. 1d6 1=red knight challenges all to death but he is half troll 2=blood druids conjuring blood elementals which they send to slay commoners 3=flaming knight with salamanders challenges all comers to fair fight otherwise he is busy burning people at stake 4=vampire knight and servants invite strangers as guests by day then kill by night 5=devilswine merchant trades illicit drugs, stolen or cursed items and slaves. Dead bodies are debtors 6=hook horror pets of evil sorceress kill all who refuse her love

100 Curse tower - a blasted horror tower, battered and surrounded by rubble and ruined houses and graves. Owls hoot at intruders and bones scattered about. 1d6 1=evil witches try to trick heroes into replacing them in cursed tower - those cursed cannot leave without volunteer and do not age 2=a bell in tower summons a knight who must challenge intruders - if intruder wins queen of a hidden cursed kingdom offers to marry new cursed champion 3=tower traps all within and resumes random journey through time and space 4=glowing tower infects those who enter with mutations, existing mutants hate  new ones 5=lord and entourage and hideous scarred wife invite for dinner and to stay night - if nobody asks about her condition one of the party trapped and scarified here by curse


accidentally did 2x no53 - thanks for comments - im a bit number blind

101 Eagles tower - a tall tower with a great nest and a family of huge or possibly giant eagles. They may tolerate some animals or the right persons living in lower levels. Such towers usually high and difficult to reach. Can replace with other birds of prey. d6 1=Druids dwell here and are friendly with eagles, possibly enhancing and enlarging them or making them sentient 2=wizard on good terms with eagles and uses for secluded research 3=nobles have trained eagles as messengers or hunting bird for kings, a garrison protect the eagles 4=black eagles are evil and huge, grabbing and dropping victims off cliffs, often tolerate goblins or orcs 5=Eagle men dwell inside and consider eagles holy 6=eagles beloved by a god, some with superior abilities and powers (metal feathers that shoot) but slaying them brings curses from their patron

could probably do some more later

Sunday 28 July 2013

Gamelog: Dragons, Dungeons and Gnome Love

Gaming on club night decided to work on table for shore leave for pirate game at club. Part 2 of towers almost done. Real possibility of characters returning from this module ready for domains.

The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth

Bloodknock the blood druid, ever plotting the ascendance of nature
Humblezorg the modronic sorcerer, treading fine line between indifference and uncaring
Linden the bard who is returning to his highland roots as their ambassador
Emy the wizard from the tower of birds, necromancer and air elementalist bird mage

The followers:
two bears, a wolf, a kobold (reincarnated barbarian), hellcat
Fighting men: BaBa the dwarf, Douglas the bodyguard
Magician women: Hel the wizard, Clarissa the sorceress

So the heroes found the hidden gnome valley and got a good reaction from the king at a feast. Some party members tried impressing 3 foot gnome maids and failed. Humblezorg introduced gnomes to black lotus resin and charged them exorbitantly. Bloodknock asked about other mountain monsters and the king mentioned giants, hipogriffs, wyverns and a blue dragon.

Next day party marched to dragonlair and avoided another landslide but lost new pony. As clibed 45 degree slope blue dragon was gliding from the sunward slope and trying to ambush. Party lightningbolted, fireballed then hid in a fog cloud. Dragon blew back fog down hill with powerful wings blasting clarrissa and bloodknock. He resisted hurt but Carrissa's heart stopped. Party pummeled with spells and crossbow bolts and dragons breath became weaker and weaker till party downed him. Bears tore dragon apart and Bloodknock used his master butchery skills while Clarissa was healed. Party found a good horde in cave including a scroll and went back to gnomes.

Gnomes impressed and made a new feast. Gnome more amorous and all but Humblezorg spent night with a gnome. In morning Bloodnock at gnome maids dads recommendation got married. He only hates humans so worked out fine. Emy swapped some spells with  a illusionist wizard gnome. King offered them availability of raise dead magic if party need. Party all 8th level now.

Next day party found the dungeon secret pass with druid magic. Entered and found chamber of magic mouthed heads by doors. Began exploring and had some awesome battles with impressive loot. A lurker above dropped on them and Emy managed to hit it with richochet lightning almost killing it. BaBa and linden burst out with daggers pleased to find gems inside. Another pile of coins and gems found. Found fungi garden and trolls attacked but druidic magic froze several and party went to town on them in a 14 round battle. Linden tried to put poison cloak on several while paralyzed. More loot. Greenslime and more loot. Found bat filled tunnels and subtereanean lake. Bloodkock turned into a river dolphin and explored till a 4 ton snapping turtle chased him ashore. Switching back to human he flamestruck it (short rule fued over damage) and other destroyed it with spellfire. Left a rope to cross and explored till found smell of chicken shit and broken statues. Joked about dungeon chickens till BaBa (guest player) mentioned cocatrice. Not funny now go back. Found corridoor of holes with giant eels waiting. Bloodknock explored ahead as bat and found formarians lounging around in loot. Emy on hearing of loot ahead ferried party over with wings and floating disc. Formarians managed to get in melee but slowed by trip and entagle effects. BarBa hit twice and bear hurt but monsters down.

Among loot, a second poison cloak, boot of dancing, elf boots and boots of levitation and loads of cash.

Tuesday 23 July 2013

Gamelog: Into the hidden mountain kingdoms

A highland bard came to party city manour and inited them to the kings hillfort to receive their just rewards. Hesitated as last time he gave them to elves who turned them into unicorns. As the druid and bard are his subjects with kin under his care they went.

Into the mountains via  a new route through elf land (have passports) and found rickety bridge. Bloodknock the druid (formerly Meh) turned into and orangutan and swung across. A chimera came at them and charged across the bridge. Druid orung swung behind and hit backside and its snake tail bit him (its a proper Etruscan one). Emy and her school chum Hel blasted it with lightning and the party beat it to near death. Bound it and dragged to Kingsfort as gift for barbarian king.

Fort was suspicious but warmed up and were impressed by monster and threw it in a pit with a cage lid for who knows what purpose. Taken to guest shack with guards (for your protection). King called in morning and still was a bit cool. Emy told him about the unicorn adventure and the dreamy elf king (a god). They were invited to a feast that night and were given a 2-h sword, shield, hand axe and a hickory wand. King told of ancient wizard kingdom and ruins in distant mountains and party keen to check out. Party went to get ready and hired 6 ponies and a handler.

Linden spoke to bard school and old druids and bards scolded him for being civilised. Young ones and kids loved him. Heard of the lost kingdom and treasure that had come from there. How the wizard came from empire and as exile and commanded demon princes. Eventually something went wrong, demons rebelled and the kingdom fell. Some of her captains who fled started distant mountain villages and tribes.

Bloodknock spoke to druids and learned of the mountain species and monsters which was a handy warning.

Emy visited two wizard towers who serve the king. One has a crude primitive sorcery from when man revolted from the prehuman wizards of elder Shadelport. The other from the empire - an exile in hiding. The first was decorated in barbarian finery and creepy White-Eye the old wizard was interested in girl wizard and her bird magic. They swapped a spell each and she got one that read last minutes of a corpses life. Keen to outdo her priestess cousin she snapped it up. He told her to beware the civilised wizard who came here for a relic in the dungeon.

The civilised wizard tried to esp her and was less creepy more menacing. Shalezzar was keen to offer party a map, an item and a potion each in exchange for first choice of parties loot. He wast too helpful but revealed the lady wizard of the dungeon had a daughter. Emy backed off hastily.

Linden tried to find some ladies but could find any attractive and willing so he settled for two plain ones. They scrubbed him up for the feast and braided his hair.

At the feast they were seated on a table of beserkers who abused them except Bloodknock who they respected. Emy was avoided by women who considered her a evil witch and barbarians tried to chat her up but she only cares for the dreamy elf king. Linden Sung a song to get everybody together then sung of kings glory. The king finally warmed up and made him ambassador to the Barron and Empire. He was to demand gifts from both as they had done for the elves of late. Everyone got a bit messy and by dawn the party was ready to leave without a vomiting session among them (a lucky sign).

The wizard Shalezzar tried to offer party better deal but they abused him. Bloodnock offered to feed him fish from his arse. Shalezzar was outraged, yet another enemy.

The party met hill tribe slavers and almost got into battle but Emy charmed their chief. Now the whole band was additional guards. The slaves were freed with promises of better loot ahead. Next day they bumped into a gnoll warband. A wind wall spell made archers ineffective and others enhanced Bloodknock's guard who drew the +2 beserker blade. With boosted strength and barkskin he was a menace. Shame about now a cursed beserker. A few hill tribes men fell and the gnolls were driven back when lightning bolts and a staff snake of Blolodknocks crushed and ate their cheif. Linden fascinated a few while rest ran. Beserker chased them alone then Bloodknock chased him.

In a cave the beserker was cut into three parts and chewed by gnolls before Bloodknock surrounded by a thorny hedge in bearform menaced them. A few gnolls climbed the hedge and were mauled before three escaped. Bloodknock gathered the body and sword in a sack and returned to the gang. Most were healed and one spearman of hill tribe could not be saved. Bloodknock reincarnated his beserker guard into a kobold. 

The party were recovering spells that night one hour from recovering them when wyverns swooped down and snatched a spearman and flew away with him. Party managed to recover spells.

Caught in a landslide that killed all ponies and a few spearmen. Trapped in a valley but Emy with fly and floating disc ferried all over blockage. Saw giant eagles and Bloodknock called them. The eagles ferried party a great distance and found a family of bears. After spending days looking for bears to befriend Linden got soppy and didn't want to break family but Druid assured him dad wanted son out of valley.

Met a dwarf army which Linden and his dwarf Baba greeted. Travelled together and saw a stone giant run away before killing a hoard of hobgoblins. Dwarves mission complete they warned party that humans fraternising with orcs was making the dwarves resurface. Linden assured them the highland king anti-orc.

Found eagles net and were flown a great distance. Parted ways after bloodknock gave them sausages. Assured party not human meat.

Found gnoll village mostly depopulated, razed to ground. Emy upset but bloodknock preached about how they would grow to be evil eco unfriendly demon worshipers who would kill innocents. Linden kept one baby in a sack.

Met wild elves and Linden befriended them. Shown on map two secret valleys - the gnome town and the wizard dungeon.

Finally party back on track and living off druid created food and water.

Monday 22 July 2013

Art Progress

This is a progress report from my artist Michal Dutkiewicz - im pretty amazed as i wanted line art but the wait has made the rendered look a bonus. Im pleased with the armour as its good to see a sensible elfmaid who wouldn't put up with drooling idiots. Michal was pleased to be able to not do Boris style nudity many customers like. Ill play with a new t-shirt, colourized and header for this blog when finished. Now i have to get off my butt and publish something.

Saturday 20 July 2013

D100 Towers part one

Desert hexcrawl - i did about a dozen here
Temporate hexcrawl
Frozen fun hexcrawl
In progress now - a few of mine

found an unfinished gammaworld one i might try to revive - just as good for weird fantasy worlds - dead since april

Been sick and working and moving. Teaching job cancelled due too lack of enrollments (paid my rent and restaurants for over 6 years). Move over and new home is awesome as i have friends, good food, a gaming club downstairs and my books on shelves after 3 years in boxes. Will be blogging now this overblown post mostly done. Some difficulties ahead but im optimistic. Trying to walk to bank and chemist today - was invited to paint wall today but doubt i can move enough.

This is dedicated to two towers of dads homeland Estonia - the fat margaret and kiek in der koch (above) in Tallinn. Named because you could peek in the kitchens of houses.

If results contradictory pick best result or go crazy trying to justify it

Tower Age or Style d10
1 Ancient 400+
2-3 Antique 100-400 years
4-6 Vintage 50-100 years
7-10 Modern last 50 years

Tower Height and width
1d6+2 - exploding d6 so roll extra d6 on a 6 result till your over it
many towers have very high ceilings so feel free to halve floors per story
1d4 sub levels possible
1d6+1 x10 wide, explode dice once or or more if desired

Shape 1d20
1-10 Round
10 Triangle
11-15 Square
16-17 Rectangle
18 Pentagon
19 Hexagon
20 Octagon

Tower Condition d20
cover is a measure of weatherproofing, rooms with ceilings and how sheltered the structure is. Optional.

1 Crumbled ruins 10% under cover
2-3 Intact ruins 50% under cover
4 Shambling mess of garbage 30% cover
5-6 Decayed over time 90% cover
7-8 Flooded and water damaged 75% cover
9-12 Burned out 50% cover
13-14 Vandalism and graffiti 96% cover
15 Rotten, bug ridden, collapsing 75% cover
16 Partially Collapsed 30% cover
17-19 Abandoned, dusty and mostly intact 100% cover
20 Immaculate and well cared for 100% cover

Interesting tower features d20
1 Attached to building like a church, store house or barracks
2 On remains of ancient ruins
3 Heavily fortified vs siege with oil, balistia, molten lead, spikes, etc
4 Charmingly decorated with gargoyles, paintings, relief art and ornamental features
5 Decorated to be grim and frightening with gibbets, heads on pikes, demon faces, etc
6 No doors, possibly some windows on upper levels for those who like privacy
7 Drawbridge and moat
8 Animal nest like ravens, beehives, pigeons, giant eagles or griffon nests
9 Covered in vegetation like vines or tower is a tree, or a greenhouse on top
10 Surrounded by graves
11 Has a lamp, bell or other signal device
12 Twin towers near by, possibly joined
13 Gatehouse possibly a toll house or controls local passage
14 Actually a windmill or waterwheel mill or converted from one
15 Cracked and damaged from age, war or poor building, possibly ruined
16 Execution and prison facilities
17 Secret exits and tunnels beneath
18 Covered in banners, flags,sheids and other heraldic doodads
19 Observatory or airship/baloon/ornithopter dock on top
20 Tower has a lean or can rotate or a elevator or some bizarre building feature

D100 Towers

1 Necromancers tower - reeks of death and surrounded by graves and funerary ornaments. A death wizard and his followers dwell here to work forbidden arts in privacy. Also has undead aplenty as servants and guards and commands terrible death magics.

2 Fire elementalist tower - reeks of sulpher and smoke with hint of spices and oil. Walls burnt and sulpher coated with burned patches of ground around. A fire wizard and his followers live here, researching pyromancer battle magic and planing future campaigns. Some fire monsters as vassals.

3 Air elementalist tower - surrounded by playful zephyzs, strange music and birds. Strange vapours and clouds in area. A wind wizard and his followers live here, contemplating the weather and wonders of the sky. Some may have airship, balloon or creature nest for air transport. Windmills, flags or a weather vane possible. Air creatures as vassal also.

4 Water elementalist tower - surrounded by a mote or lake or with a stream or well or coast nearby. Area is damp and possibly drizzling or shrouded in fog. A water wizard dwells here with followers researching hydromancy and and mysteries of seas and water ways. Some may have a boat or subterranean waterway sub pen or exit. Water wheel, flowing water fountains and other features possible. Water and amphibious creatures are guardians.

5 Earth  elementalist tower - surrounded by wall or boulders or monoliths, often near cliffs or on hilltop. Possibly area has sculpted earth works and cut turf art. An earth wizard dwells here with his followers researchin geomancy and the secrets of minerals. Some may have caves or mines beneath them. Blacksmithy, smelter and refinery all possible too. Earth and subterranean creatures are guardians.

6 Summoner tower - caller and binder of otherworldly beings from the outer planes. Often covered in runes with sigils in various metals and semiprecious stones. Strange scents of other worlds from sulpher to cinnamon or incense to fresh bread. The summoner may limit himself to own alignment or opposite alignment. A Diabilist calls devils and demonologist calls demons. A Balance-Middle one manipulates any freely. An evil or good men may summon an angel but with different approaches. Summoners have many strange followers. The greatest call the lords of hell or beasts and might even try the gods.

7 Lich tower - a fearsome cold place often lacking a door or long sealed. Local life tries but dies off leaving dead plants and bones everywhere in area. The tower is of a long lost era a d4 thousand years earlier. He studies and kepps up with scrying the outside world. May even have agents living or dead. Mostly everyone who deals with them passes on eventually. A lich will easily drive of a party and may want to terrorize a victim but they never last long enough. If a party gives cause o be remembered he will send spectral assassins or demons or elementals  after them.

8 Elf tower - often a tree fort but many elves build elegant slender towers of great beauty. Such places are ancient and often prehuman with +1d6 floors (possibly in branches). The elves light or dark will have all the living creatures of the tree domesticated. Birds, squirrels, wasp nests all may serve the elves. The entrances are hidden and inside are beautiful and grown by skilled tree tamers. The elves are usually lightly undermanned and sections become inhabited by other critters like giant beetles, spiders, weasels or some such beasts.

9 Dwarf tower- a solid tower +1d6x10ft wider than normal, and twice as resilient to harm, including from arial and subterranean attack. Clanging of forges are sometimes heard and the sounds of dwarves training, but sometimes these are sounds of ghosts.  Goblins and undead sometimes infest such structures. Traps, secret doors and various guardian creatures inside.

10 Kingdoms watchtower - a tower of the kingdoms of humans, past or present. A solid practical building in good condition. Attended by soldiers, alert and possibly isolated from home. Often such towers are ruined and occupied by d8 1=bandits 2=beserkers 3=hermits 4=runaway children 5=orcs 6=cultists 7=degenerate or crazy old dwarves 8=dwarf soldiers

11 Basalt tower of serpent men - a prehuman ruin made from a single piece of black volcanic stone by unknown means. Usually unadorned and worn by elements into an irregular shape over time. A smell of reptile house and aura of ancestral memory dread fills air. It may be hard to tell long abandoned from used to humans. Serpent men of different epochs vary greatly. d6 1=Advance science with crystalline ray guns 2=science and sorcery 3=degenerate albinos with a single true blood 4=hybrid human cult 5=undead lizards 6=lone shape shifter.

12 Hell tower - a red hued tower with a huge face of horror with a portcullis gate for a mouth. Cruel spikes, tattered red banners and cries and moans from within. Area burned and smells of sulpher. Inside ornaments depicting torture of humans by devils. Some towers actually are linked to hell or plane shift back and forth. Inhabitants vary. 1=anti paladin and war band with devil familiar 2=medium devil with squad of lesser devils on maneuvers 3=cult with some devilish familiars 4=some devils busy torturing 5=hellhound or devilcat 6=a evil wizard with devil companions and charmed mistreated slaves

13 Ravens tower - a black tower surrounded by ravens, nearby trees decorated with gibbets with raven pecked rotten corpses. Area stinks of death with a palpable aura of fear in the air.  A place of evil and foul magics. Such places are sacred to underworld gods. 1d6 1=harpy nest 2=witches coven 3=cultist sects 4=black knight and bandis 5=necromancer and undead followers 6=an avian demon dwels here

14 Ghost tower - a pale tower, shrouded by mist, broken bones litter the area. Long abandoned and undisturbed, foul spirits lurk here often guarding lost treasure and secrets. Living shun this evil silent place. 1d6 1=ghost cursed for evil deeds 2=phantoms living as they did in past 3=poltergiest hurl objects at intruders and scare them 4=skeleton soldiers led by skeleton warrior 5=spectre with undead servants 6=shadows await living to feed from

15 Flesh tower - a grotesque quivering living flesh tower growing from the earth. The door is the mouth and inside is mucous covered wet flesh. Left by a chaos god or crazed biomancer this place is disturbing to behold. An ecology of creatures live inside its wet interior including parasites, worms, and others. 1d6 1=kobolds nest 2=goblin clan 3=a minor demon 4=crazed magician 5=blood druid caring for this living wonder 6=sentient flesh golem

16 Tree tower - a huge tree grown over millennium and with a complete ecology of fauna and interior chambers. Glowing with life and crawling with critters. Some might mistake for just a big tree. Inside riddled with chambers from roots to the crown. 1d6 1=dark elves 2=bright elves 3=intelligent animals 4=druids keep some secret here 5=beast men 6=goblins

17 Cyclopean tower - built from massive irregular stones sandwiched together somehow. A wonder of ancient engineering, possibly built by pre-humans. Seems long abandoned and unoccupied on first glance. 1=Beast men with magician 2=cave men with shaman 3=hideous demonic tentacled toad, forgotten spawn of elder god 4=undead of some ancient empire or prehuman civilization 5=ogre clan have adopted as home 6=cyclops shepherd and his flock, possibly some captives

18 Stone age tower - moulded from stone by prehistoric magicians, survived several ice ages. Black crudely wrought stone, surrounded by bare stone and gravel, with possibly wells, pits and stone foundations of prehistoric village. Cold and foreboding, possibly sealed for millennium. 1d8 1=lich, possible insane or even no longer able to cast spells 2=cavemen weights hungry for living 3=Hibernating Ice trolls awaken when door opened 4=mammoth skeleton with cavemen zombies 5=stone golem guardian 6=stone giant guardian 7=Undead ogres 8=dracolich

19 Crystal tower - elegant crystal minaret with high windows and fine crystal lace structures. A beautiful wonder like never seen before. Quartz gravel and crystal shards and growths cover ground around it. Some have colored hues, smell sweet and even sing. Made by prehuman magic as a place of seclusion. Chambers are crystal grottos, often with running water. 1d6 1=Slowly dwindling kindly Elves with at least one unicorn 2=crystal men from elemental plane of earth, hostile to meat beings 3=Winged elves from dawn time make beautiful music here 4=Wizard with his students, generally not interested in visitors 5=A goddess comes here to bathe and relax in peace 6=A crystal golem guards the entrance

20 Bone tower - a tower built from moulded bones by some god or necromancer cult. Stinks like a abattoir house, reeks of decay and fear. Ground is chalky, crumbled bones, Most know to keep away on sight. 1d6 1=Black druid sect making undead to protect the wild places 2=necromancer school 3=lich studying in seclusion since ancient times 4=minor demon or devil 5=bone golem guardian 6=army of skeletons led by skeleton warrior or death knight

21 Ice tower - a tower made of ice or encrusted in frost, surrounded by a zone of unearthly cold. Grounds covered in slippery frost or snow. Doors often sealed by ice or buried in snow drift. Often linked to the paraplane of Ice or both plane of water and air. Cryomancers of great power often build such a towers. 1d6 1=Cyromancer and minions 2=Frost lich 3=Ice toads 4=Ice Trolls 5=Ice Golem 6=White Dragon or Frost Drake

22 Ogre tower - a crude stone tower, often misshapen and seemingly about to topple. Some have vegetation growing from in between the stones. Often decorated with bones and flayed corpses and crude signs ogre optimistically call writing. A band of ogres or a single specimen lives here often with pets such a bears, wolves, sabre tooth cats or other menacing creatures

23 Goblin tower - a grey crumbling structure that looks almost like it is toppling. Loose stones sometimes fall off and stones from the tower litter the base. Moss, lichen, fungi grow in the cracks making climbing difficult. Puffballs and magic fungi traps are often employed. Rats, bats, lizards and bugs crawl through the cracks. An ancient clan of demented goblins live here often with some strange purpose. 1d10 1=fungus farm with a specialist potion brewing shaman 2=a goblin warlock seeks recognition from higher planes keeps sacrifices in cages 3=a goblin experimental aviation centre with airship, gliders, rockets and other dangerous devices 4=goblin brood mother who is constantly pregnant produces huge litters and is served by fertility shaman 5= school of goblin magicians uniting to teach next generation enhanced magic 6=servants of an underworld power training, preparing and spying on locals, often with a non goblin leader 7=goblin death cult preparing an army, robbing local graves 8=goblin merchants here to trade strange goblin market goods 9=weird local breed can breathe water, fire resistant or some other mutation 10=goblin animal trainers with bats, wolves, giant weasels, ravens, riding snakes or other specialty breed

24 Kobold tower - a skillfully built tower with a tiny door and windows, smooth and seamless, from solid stone. Doorways often concealed and trapped. Sounds of tiny hammers and voices from within can be heard if they dont see you coming. Smoke often bellows out. Interesting goods like cart wheels, old barrels and trunks scattered about the tower are all trapped. Hundreds of empty grog bottles are in a heap nearby. d6 1=lascivious koboldi care only for drinking and frisky antics if lest undisturbed 2=trappers clan leaving traps everywhere for miles around 3=this clan love using burning oil and possibly gunpowder grenades and suicide bombers 4=mechanically skilled clan armed with balistia and repeating crossbows 5=operate a mine beneath the tower 6=have dangerous monster pets they raise from birth

25 Orc tower - a simple but menacing black tower belching smoke, the land around it is sour and polluted. Clanging of weapons and forges sound out. Fearsome drums are common. Cries of pain and hate are frequent from within. Gibbets, stocks, prison pits are common adornments. Always working towards waging war and brutally murdering locals. 1d8 1=orc breeding pit where orc shamen use rituals to create new orcs from foul mud pits 2=orcs with imprisoned elves or men preparing to convert them to orcs led by a orc sorcerer 3=keep human and half orc slaves who serve orcs to the death 4=led by a human magician and obedient to the masters schemes 5=a minor other planar being advises the orc leader 6=keep pet trolls or ogres or wolves

25 Beastmen tower - Different beastmen have different tastes in towers but most just inhabit ruined ones. Local terrain often dictates what types dwell inside. 1in10 have mixed beastmen colonies which might be more friendly. Savage beastmen towers are ill kept and strewn with food scraps and dung. While Swan and cat people might be more refined. A few examples here 1d10 1=goat men demon coven with sacrificial altar or monolith 2=pig men gorging themselves on food being served by slave humans or halflings 3=raven witches acting as messengers for evil in the region 4=ape men plotting destruction of human kind 5=ibis men scholars and wizards solving riddle of a book or artifact 6=mole men with complex of subterranean tunnels 7=chaos cult rat men spreading disease and evil 8=lion men dueling to see who will be their king 9=wolf men with prison full if girls and grandmas 10=fish men cultists use this as a base for their plots against surface world and unwilling breeding stock of prisoners

26 Lycanthrope tower - pretend to be rough and isolated rangers or bandits or freedom fighters, actually hideous man eating were beasts. Looking human important but signs of their pets and smell may pervade area. A few examples here 1d10 1=werewolf viking brothers 2=wereboar hunters 3=were rat gang of thieves 4=werecat sisters seek playthings and lovers 5=wereraven hags curse intruders 6=weresnake family of snake charmers seem very friendly 7=werespider folk offer strangers dinner invitation 8=werebat clan of explorers seek treasure in underland and surface worlds 9=werefox family welcome party and try to divide with intrigue and mindgames, try to rob party 10=wereweasel serial killer family of degenerate inbred cannibals

27 Demon tower - a horrendous evil looking blight on the land with features depending on demon types present. Often highly ornamental, ancient and foreboding. Smoke, sulpher and other smells abound. A few examples here 1d6 1=fly demons home, crawling with maggots, decayed filth and diseased pools of ichor 2=blood demons lair with savage torture equipment and stinking pools of old blood 3=fire demons with pools of burning oil or magma and smell of burned flesh 4=slime demons in a gelatinous stinking tower 5=ice demons in a frost covered tower with frozen corpses arrayed like a statue garden 6=incubus or succubus pleasure palace offers party food, drugs and vice

28 Chaos tower - a hideous deformed blight in this world that appears unstable and almost about to topple. Its texture varies to the touch some are slimy or fleshy others feel like loose sand or semi insubstantial. Such towers may travel in time or to other planes, carrying doomed travelers devolving into beings of raw chaos. 1d8 1=Shoggoth or gibbering mouther screaming madness 2=Slaad cotrol towers travels by rolling dice, keep raw chaos safe from law 3=Mutant Chaos wizard like Zeberdee who has a spring instead of legs with a gang of mutant warriors 4=Demons attempting to subvert raw pure chaos to serve evil with own cult 5=Degenerate mutant scum and shoggoths battle for supremacy of tower 6=Champion of chaos with war band seeks to spread mayhem 7=Ochre jellies, devolved former adventurer party 8=Other planar being from parallel world

29 Law tower - a straight featureless tower with rigid geometry and uniform stone work. Some towers contain stasis zones, with frozen beings from other times or worlds. Magical wards often bar undesirables from entry or certain alignments from entering. 1d6 1=champion of law with mechanical companions and a ornithopter 2=wizard of law with his modron servants 3=modron expeditionary force monitoring chaos loose in this world 4=crystalline men singing in harmony, outraged by imperfect outsiders sullying their tower 5=war band of law, many with cyborg parts and advanced weapons 6=A lawful sect (like Marduk) has an outpost here where clergy divine what is best for the local peoples (possibly includes conquering them or culling local chaos)

30 Elder wizard tower - a strange stone tower, often freshly exposed from a mountainside or glacier or even burried so only top most level above ground. From an elder age of forbidden black magic. Beware of relics found here for many allow communion with best forgotten horrors of old. Spartan and long abandoned, some contain remnants of the wizards works. 1d10 1=bound demon trapped in circle 2=gateway to other world where black wizards dwell 3=guardian golem 4=spirit of dead wizard awaiting a host body - will embark on world shaking plot 5=lich 6=mummies 7=shoggoth or formless spawn 8=devolved race of albino cannibals descended from wizard who they worship as a god 9=crawling with worms who if intruders have magic assemble into a humanoid with ancient wizards will 10=pre human race wizards in cocoons, awaken if air pressure or temperature changes

31 Hedge wizard tower - a lonely abandoned moss covered ruined tower has been adopted by a local hedge wizard with some pets. Smoke from a kitchen smells of good things and a tiny house garden surrounds the tower with possibly some farm animals. Locals come here for healing, love advice and astrology readings. Hedge wizards are usually friendly and often are protected by local folk, animals and even spirits of the woods and countryside.

32 Sage tower - an ancient tower adopted by a sage as a quiet place to study. The sage will have servants and guards and is available for consultation for a price. Some may even know some quests or provide adventurers with interesting information on their items or ancestors. Sages have various specialties and vary greatly.

33 Alchemist tower - a solid tower built or refurbished in the last generation. Often with visible signs of boilers, scents of strange chemicals and weird patches of strange warped vegetation. Many alchemists dwell in secluded towers as their pollution makes them unwelcome in built up areas. Alchemists often have guards and some have golems, homunculi and other servants. Servants often well supplied with potions, flaming oil and gunpowder. Most are willing to trade but some are paranoid about spies and thieves. Some supply locals with their creations to gain support from nobles and villagers. Occasionally mutants dwell down stream from the towers effluent.

34 Beastlord tower - often overgrown with vegetation but more from camouflage than neglect. Beastlords have many pets and provide homes for many local animals which act as messengers, guards and spies. Inside they maintain a surgery, cages and pits. Some are cruel and aid hunters, trappers and other human intruders into the natural world while others are opposite. Some live with nature but still may catch and sell monsters, mutants or other aberrations.When abandoned such places are often inhabited as lairs by many creatures.

35 Angel tower - a tall, narrow fluted tower of great elegance and hewn from white stone. Some glow or are bathed in magical holy auroras. Some towers are only here briefly in the world as tests for heroes. Evil beings may shun such places and if mighty enough will assault them. Often highly visible beacons by night.  The gods may curse those who defile such places. 1d6 1=group of pilgrims here to behold the wonder 2=knights on a quest seek healing and knowledge of their quest 3=occupied by maidens, mostly virgins but led by virtuous nuns and widowed noble women, will provide healing and food for good persons 4=priest and acolytes here to prey and defend the monument 5=peaceful angels reward the good with gifts and exhort others to become good 6=wrathful angel slays non good with fire and sends souls to hell

36 Monk tower - an order of monks (feel free to replace with nuns) dwell here often with a walled area with garden and craft workshops and shrines. Floors include a scriptorium, libraries, training halls and abbots chamber. Many tiny monk cells fill several floors and a crypt below contains remains of monks and their founding saints. Some monasteries have peculiar decor tastes such as decorating every surface with polished bones of long dead monks.  Wicked monks may practice torture, keep prostitutes and prisoners. Some monk towers are abandoned to ruin and often become filled with other inhabitants. 1d10 1-4=Monastic order 5=cult of killers pretending to be monks 6=undead monks from the catacombs 7=bandits 8=a demon 9-10=wicked monks engaging in depravity

37 Hermit tower - a crumbling old tower seemingly abandoned but home to an aged hermit. Most seek isolation but with coaxing may provide wisdom, healing or knowledge. Usually have very little goods and some dont even have a fireplace. Many are aged from exposure. Some rich may employ a hermit to show off and will hunt them down if they escape. Such hired hermits are held by contract. Occasional hermits are deranged maniacs. 1d6 1=holy hermit at one with nature and has many pets 2=holy hermit with priest powers 3=holy hermit who communes with higher powers 4=hermit was someone very important believed dead 5=contract hermit paid to amuse rich 6=crazed killer cultist or cannibal

37 Warriors tower - a fully functional warriors tower, guarding the region from some threat past, present or imagined. Some posts are actually punishments to keep victims far from civilization. Well armed and equipped mostly, many include a blacksmith, surgeon and decorative banners. Some towers and men are run down and undisciplined from long isolation. Some towers include signal fires or heliographs. Some towers may actually be maintained by hostile forces from other lands. Some men may act as bandits or exploit locals for food, sex or labour.

38 Rogues tower - a long abandoned tower has been seized by a gang of thieves. Often seem abandoned from afar, thieves use for storage, training and for a place where wanted men can lay low. Many have a few levels dedicated to elaborate training halls, trapped chests and other mechanisms to test thief skills. Some keep many orphans as students with some unwilling captives. Ransomed hostages, secret ledgers and gang secret rituals are all possible too.

39 Wizards tower - a wizard has built this tower to study, train students, enchant items and other secret wizard business. Usually not a specialist, such wizards have a variety of magic from many schools. Some have guards, pets and constructs as apprentices not usually good for defence. Magical traps, wards and failed experiments are common. Often willing to trade but others value privacy and even kill witnesses from paranoia.

40 Sorcerers tower - a sorcerer has converted or built this tower to be a pleasure dome for his cult. Often decorated with art and gardens and smell of incense and other exotic smells (like narcotics). Where a wizard keeps a lab and a library, a sorcerer keeps a harem or a lounge filled with pillows, veils and hookahs. Sorcerers often maintain a cult to keep them in cash and the forbidden pleasures which they indulge in. Some give lip service to their otherworldly masters or ancestors. Guards keep out unwanted visitors and riffraff. More powerful sorcerers on speaking terms with otherworldly masters may have a private chamber with maps and documents detailing plans for region.

41 Bards tower - usually a converted tower, now home to a bardic school led by a master. Sounds of sweet music abound and usually some farm animals, a garden and a pile of empty drink containers. Some even have a small amphitheater (or a shallow depression) for performances. One floor usually main practice room with many instruments. Many bards also keep a library and a art collection. 1d6 1=druidic bards work with nature religions and may be barbarians 2=arcane bards work more with wizards or sorcerers usually from civilized lands 3=priestly bards serve as musicians for priest ceremonies 4=evil bards serve wicked cult or master with secret agenda 5=spies for a foreign power to aid in destabilizing area with gossip and lampooning leaders 6=revolutionaries attempting to spread dissent in service of some ideal or cause, well intended but would be executed if discovered by nobility

42 Druids tower - often a crumbling over grown refitted tower but sometimes created by shaping stone from a natural outcrop or great tree. Druids use it for meetings, ceremonies or keeping some treasure hidden. Ofter inhabited by many animals, students and guards. A few bards may be present. Some may have more magical fey beings, elementals or  other mosters as guards. Many have a monolith or stone circle or grotto nearby. 1d8 1=green robes who commune with nature, often with treemen or plant guards 2=brown robes caring for animals 3=white robes preserve the balance and officiate ceremonies of the locals 4=red robe blood druids sacrifice blood to natural powers and slay those who defile nature 5=black robes who use undead to guard the wilderness from mankind 6=all of the above druid types meet here for druidic council meetings and all contribute own defenses

43 Science tower - a strange seamless metal tower with antenna and a low droning hum sound from within. Access can be difficult needing magic or electronic bypass or wait till opens. Such towers are often alien or from other worlds or even a manifestation of law. Inside are strange labs, machines and possibly strange living specimens. Some are long ruined or have fallen from space. 1d8 1=guarded by robots 2=inhabited by androids hostile to living 3=cyborgs with advanced weapons seek more bodies to convert 4=grey aliens studying local life 5=rocket men tower is actually a space rocket 6=alien monster loose inside killed builders 7=scientists from alternate plane or lost civilization 8=AI with combat drones

44 Cannibals tower - a run down tower often littered with bones, trash and fragments of clothes and armour about. Stench of rotten meat may abound. A degenerate clan of cannibals calls this home. Some start out trying to hide it but grow increasingly insane. Often outcasts driven from old home. 1d6 1=pretend to be normal and invite visitors inside for ambush 2=insane constant laughing from brain eating make this clan creepy as hell 3=albino nocturnals evolving into morlocks 4=gourmets keep cookbooks and keep prisoners to fatten up, often pretend to be jolly chefs 5=seek to marry outsider, get pregnant then eat when no longer needed, try to deceive but kidnapping fine if need be 6=all possessed by wendigo and turn to monsters when victims try to flee

45 Bandits tower - a gang of bandits from many lands inhabit this forgotten old military watch tower. Some are all male others are communities with families and livestock. Bandit chieftains rule by strict code and kill or banish trouble makers.  Different gangs have different reasons some even honourable like robin hood. 1d6 1=former landholders turned outcast possibly over succession 2=oppressed peasants have gone wild due to injustice 3=supported by noble of foreign power 4=led by dishonest evil knight 5=common thugs looking for cash 6=de-commisioned military unable to find other work

46 Wights tower - a bleak crumbling tower, sometimes long sealed up, surrounded by ancient black trees and gravestones. Cold and fearsome surrounded by dead grass. No birds or bugs make any sound. Sometimes enraged screams are heard from within. Cursed inhabitants long ago became undead.

47 Vampires tower - various conditions depending on the type of vampire. More degenerate the more decayed, while some vampires maintain the illusion of normality. 1d6 1=ruined tower where insane nosferatu dwells and brutishly dismembers and feeds from intruders, barely human with only rats and wolves and bats for servants 2=noble vampire with living servants, invites guests inside for dinner, antiquated decor but charming and seductive 3=elder vampire in tower from earliest human civilization, has evolved into demonic horror and barley able to appear human briefly, reguarded as a great ancestor of vampires, often has ghouls for servants 4=beautiful vampire enthralls victims and drains lovers slowly by mere presence, often has lovers already enthralled 5=vampire knight a corruption of all knightly virtues riding a nightmare with zombie squires 6=vampire werewolf with vampire animal servants, bestial and finds difficult to  (other were beasts possible)

48 Golden tower - a glistening golden tower seemingly new and unheard of. No effects on surrounding terrain but sometimes music heard from within. 1d6 1=test from the gods for the adventurers with mythical dilemas and challenges inside, possibly even a god appears before victorious 2=a demonic or diabolic trap to tempt the greedy and wicked, golden demons within torture victims by force feeding gold and using gold torture implements 3=a plane shifting tower often with trapped victims from many worlds 4=an illusion covering a ruin, a wizard enslaves victims who believe they are wealthy nobles but actually wretched slaves 5=everything fools gold and actually full of kobold traps, part of a plan to rob adventurers 6=giant bees inside make delicious magic honey for a god

49 Clockwork tower - a clock tower with a ornate weather vane and possibly a windmill. Sound of gears and possibly music box sounds. Outbuilding workshops and piles of scrap and old cogs lay about the yard. 1d6 1=gnomes working on cognitive engine to solve a great riddle dont like visitors who might touch something 2=champion of law with ornithopter and firelance uses this as her base 3=clockwork wizard building automatons like clockwork soldiers 4=human DaVinci like mad genius working on world changing tech, perhaps the gods will destroy him for hubris 5=astronomers using giant astrolabe for astrology calculus about upcoming great doom 6=a clockwork intelect killed its creator and is building clockwork insects or spiders to conquer the world

50 Gun tower - a large tower new or recently refurbished has a cannon on top. Inside a shaft drops to bottom and is used to make shot by dropping lead from top into water at bottom. Gunsmiths maintain the great gun and build smaller cannons and firearms within. The are friendly to any with gold. Well armed soldiers guard the tower which is often built somewhere strategic. Guns often tested and sounds of explosions and clouds of smoke not uncommon. Some also use incendiaries, rockets and poison gas.