Xor the living land of Meat and Wonder

The Quivering Flesh Pits of Xor
Basics of Xor setting
Set up for campagn using LOTFP

Growing up on Xor
Settlements of Xor
Wanderers of Xor and links to Aeons and Augeries Xor lore
Bad guys and locations on Xor
Mystery Meat Cube of Xor Dungeon lv1
Ideas for meat mages
Dungeon Dressings

Quests to Xor 
Holes and coridoors
Missions on Xor
Xor Recap and notes
Xor Mutations
Xor Class & Race

Wonders of Xor
Children of Xor - ecology
Builders of Xor - materials and buildings
Annoying Xor - Biological Trap
Markets of Xor
Carousing on Xor
Dodgy Deals of Xor
Natives of Xor
Xor vs Hell
More natives of Xor
Second Expedition
Third Expedition
Gardens of Xor
Terrain on Xor
A-Z Subdermal Dungeon Key
Monsters from the manuals 1 and 2
Xor communities revised

Xor Religions for comunities
Animus of Xor
Xor Parasites

Expanded Gods
Xor MapsXor Doodles one two three
Xor Character Sheet

Belly Buttons of Xor
Invaders of Xor (Gates and infections)

Relics of Meat
Relics of Xor (Magic items)
Backgrounds on Xor
Books of Xor

Literacy on Xor
Idioms of Xor

Not quite Xor but handy

Flesh structures for bioships
Inhabitants of flesh zone


  1. saw these and thought of xor: https://www.thisiscolossal.com/2018/10/iceland-by-al-mefer/

  2. Looks interesting, but "Basics of Xor setting" link is broken


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