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d100 Empty Houses In Shadelport

Shadeloport has many empty buildings. Not just the pre human haunted ruined areas where only desperate or adventurers go, but throughout the city. The wealthier areas are hard for adventurers to enter and wealthy houses abandoned are often guarded and and the militia will protect then more and listen to complaints from locals. In the poorer areas abandoned houses are common and many are inhabited by squatters.

Slum lords often pay adventurers to clean out houses. Such houses are cheaper and a good investment if you can repair them and chase out squatters. Many have worse things than squatters however and some are very long abandoned.

I had whole campaigns revolve around real estate empires.

Also see this

Properties are seldom empty when purchased. Some have tenants with leases (some for life and cheap). The rest have squatters or worse.

d12 Quick Squatters
01 Homeless old drunks camping here
02 Drug addict youth gang use as base
03 Refugee family desperate for accommodation
04 Gang of thieves hiding from bigger gangs
05 Cultist using as a makeshift shrine and flophouse
06 Gang renting out as a flophouse for poor
07 Crazy homeless spell caster
08 Plague carriers
09 Humanoids d4 1= goblins 2=orcs 3=kobolds 4=beast men
 Demihumans d4 1=dwarf 2=elf 3=halfling 4=gnome
11 Viscous murder hobo adventurer party
12 Clan of mutants sick of normals telling them what to do

d12 Quick Property Damage
01 Crumbling rotting wood with leaking roof
02 Termite infested crumbling with termite mound in middle of main room
03 Roof missing with canvas tied for some cover
04 Fire damaged, blackened, holes in walls and leaking
05 Interior walls and furniture smashed everywhere
06 Gang graffiti and vandalism everywhere
07 Broken and empty bottles everywhere
08 Piles of discarded rotting camping supplies and stolen bags
09 Huge rat nests with rats under floors and under walls
10 Occult graffiti and ritual paraphernalia from cults like goat skulls and candles
11 Flooded lower floors and water damaged
12 Floors collapsed into basement and possibly into sewer 

d12 Quick odd features
01 Stables with lane way entry
02 Small plot of garden d3x10 square feet
03 Barred and locked
04 Attic room
05 Sub basement below normal one
06 Strong room
07 Courtyard
08 Water feature (1in6 working fountain or pool) 
09 Hidden cache
10 Secret room
11 Entrance to sewer system
12 Small plot of land with graves or crypt

d12 Types of Building
01 Cramped one room shack
02 Single floor with basement03 Town house with two floors and basement
04 Shopfront with apartment on top and basement
05 Three story town house with basement
06 Shopfront with two apartments on top and basement
07 Four apartments including one in basement
08 Three story inn with basement
09 Tavern with apartment on top and basement
10 Four story inn and basement
11 Four story townhouse and basement
12 Court with inn, townhouse and d3 shops in one complex

d100 Empty Houses In Shadelport
01 Former murder house with blood spattered about and hidden corpses
02 Spiderwebs with hundreds of large spiders and a giant mother, web bound corpses
03 Phantom haunts house until body in wall crawlspace buried
04 Escaped apes and monkeys from sailors and zoo have taken over
05 Fishmen spawning in flooded basement and kidnapping locals
06 Goatman coven use to sacrifice street urchins
07 Drug dealers have made crude lab for refining narcotics and growing mushrooms
08 Yellow musk creeper and guardian zombies live here 
09 Former alchemist house tainted with potions causes hallucinations
10 Gang of thieves actually were rats with loot, prisoners and pile of chewed bones
11 Robed cultists mostly laying about high on drugs led by a sorcerer
12 Cultists left ritual paraphernalia of crude altars, candles and blood, they might return

13 A evil wizard left his imp familiar behind which plays deadly pranks on intruders
14 Gremlins live in house with pet rats and horribly torment homeless squatters
15 Three witches squat in the house and scare away attempts to evict them
16 Cannibal clan from country squat here and use their young to lure in victims to eat
17 Ghouls come from the basement and rest here in between graveyard raids
18 A thieves guild has set up a sweatshop making bootleg merchandise
19 A young ogre came to city and has fattened up eating landlords and homeless 
20 Frogmen came to this flooded house as tadpoles and now they perform vile rites
21 Drunken ork beserker brotherhood squatted here with goblin slaves
22 Filthy dwarves squat here brewing narcotics and drinking chase away human pests
23 Elvish squatters have planted vines, trees, flowers and beehives and removed the ceiling
24 Halfling squatters operate a dining house preparing fine food and beer in the house
25 A elder race catfishman warlock in flooded basement turns other squatters into thralls
26 Devil swine charms homeless squatters and has them acting as a savage gang
27 Lizard men left a bonebreaker egg here and the small angry dinosaur eats squatters
28 An evil intelligent swamp squid crawled into the flooded basement as a baby
29 A necromancer squats herewith his zombie sweatshop workers and skeleton guards
30 A wraith haunts here, remains of a evil high priest who was killed and dumped here
31 Basement crypt is home to a crusader wight with a magic sword and lesser wight guards
32 A mummy sarcophagi left here by an alchemist, now the mummy guards the house
33 A lesser demon summoned by a cult years ago uses as a base for nocturnal murders
34 A witch and about a hundred cats live here, any cats harmed enrage her
35 Flooded basement is home to a giant toad who eats giant rats and homeless squatters
36 A spectre of a evil merchant lives here with piles of corpses of intruders
37 A clan of shadows dwell here growing slowly, by night they hunt the streets
38 Doppelgangers pretending to be squatting adventurers welcome newcomers to dinner
39 Crabmen came in through sewers and have clusters of eggs in flooded basement
40 A mad wizard believes this is his palace and is served by junk golems
41 Waggon nomad family squatting here working as thieves gang and fortune tellers
42 Local arsonist with incendiaries in bottles and shrine to evil fire elemental lord
43 Full of rotting leaves and garbage with roof missing, home to shambling mound
44 Full of sewerage bubbling from sewer home to a neo otyugh
45 Flooded basement home to several water weirds and a dozen rotting drowned corpses
46 Horde of gibberlings from sewer nest here and swarm maniacally if disturbed
47 Several dark stalkers from Underland living in building with boarded up windows
48 Troll grew from blood on murder hobo boots and ate sleeping squatters
49 Collection of elder relics including broken stone urn guarded by dark spawn of Tsathogua
50 Pool of slime mold in basement surrounded by grey oozes and gelatinous cubes
51 Building caked in yellow mould colonies, shriekers and crumbling human skeletons
52 Green slime colony in ceiling grew from hobo who crawled here to die
53 Pack of stray rabid berserk dogs furious at any who invade lair
54 Grell from sewer resting from sewer journey snaking on some homeless squatters
55 Dark elf spies with zombies and spiders using house as base of operations
56 Goblins have spread a giant fungi garden here and tend crops of magic mushrooms
57 Goblins running a sly piggery and recycling local garbage, enjoy wallowing with pigs 
58 Homeless war vets not going anywhere against will as long as they live
59 Secret police station with cells and torture chamber, always manned and unwelcoming
60 Thieves using as a warehouse for stolen merchant goods in crates
61 Merchant with hired thugs running discount warehouse with free rent
62 Beggar runs orphanage for street urchins teaching them pocket picking skills
63 Flagellants drinking, seducing local youths and whipping selves amid empty bottles
64 Giant rat nest mounds with many dozens of fat happy rats with king size of a black bear
65 Ratmen warlocks brewing plague potions and communing with netherspace rat demons 
66 Phantom family haunt building until corpses hidden by murderer are buried
67 Sheet phantoms and zombies among dusty rooms with sheets over old furniture
68 Spirit adopts human form to try and persuade adventurers to avenge their murder
69 Drunken bards if bullied out will lampoon and mock party ruining reps around city 
70 Thieves run as vice den for bucks nights with dancers, drugs and donkeys
71 Religious pilgrims sworn to poverty sheltering with makeshift shrine
72 Nuns operating soup kitchen for the poor with grizzled old homeless war vet recipiants 
73 Wizened corpses with crazed looking old man possessed by a ghost
74 Sly butchers shop with bloated butcher selling mystery and dungeon meats to locals
75 Sly grog shop where cheap grog sold from bucket by alewife technically a crime
76 Second hand shop run by retired old thief couple, charming and loved by locals
77 Halfling selling buttered stewed sewer lobsters, lampreys and eels with big grin
78 Hundreds of pigeons dwell here fed by homeless old man, actually a wizard
79 Hook horror has wandered up from basement to feed off homeless squaters
80 Owlbear escaped from wizard menagerie and found lair, pining for a mate
81 Dwarf sly brewery and distillery with copper pipes, barrels and clay bottles
82 Semiconscious pale homeless dwell here selling blood by night to vampires
83 Gang have set up a slave pen to store slaves bound for market, unwelcoming to guests
84 Low class brothel here run by local street gang, some workers polymorphed stray dogs
85 Gang of werewolf cultists in hiding from law pretending to be common squatters
86 Clan of mole men digging for pre human cult relics to restore their ancient glory
87 Hundreds of bats live here, floors about to collapse into flooded basement from guano
88 This building used for illicit sexual acts and orgies by a sex cult, full of mattresses
89 Grinning cannibal hobos cooking city land inspector on a spit roast 
90 Bugbear with goblin servants in fancy clothes have kept house in good contition
91 Artist colony with painters, actors, poets and others living bohemian lifestyle
92 Colony of street urchin kids suspicious of adult exploiters, will burn house if evicted
93 Old druid with pet giant lizards helping colony boom, local pets vanishing
94 Student squatters from noble backgrounds will call on families if harmed
95 Gang running sly casino with enforcers, card sharks, rigged games and bad booze
96 Giant scorpions nesting in heaps of rubble that crawled out of city sewers
97 A golem left by former ocupant scares everyone away, furnishings intact
98 Gang running coin clipping and counterfeit agressivly murder anyone nosing around
99 Crackling portal to plane of chaos guarded by a shoggoth and used by cults and mutants
100 Nest of stirges in attic  and pale corpses of homeless squatters on lower floors

Sunday 28 August 2016

d100 Strange little shops I had never seen before....

d12 Strange location
01 In a wall
02 In a waggon
03 In or under a bridge
04 In street accessible basement
05 Up tiny stairs o cramped upper floor or attic 
06 Inside another shop
07 Inside a Inn or pub in rented room 
08 In a rented warehouse corner or stables
09 In a boat, houseboat or rotting hulk in harbour
10 In crumbling upper floor of tower

11 In a gatehouse spare room
12 In shadows of filthy alley way well hidden from street

d12 Strange Features
01 Strange guardian
02 Strange guards d3+1
03 Spell caster owner
04 Feature in room is a gateway d4 1=mirror 2=door 3=rug 5=painting
05 Something in the shop d4 1=gremlins 2=spirit 3=poltergeist 4=giant rats
06 Shop is alive
07 Shop moves front around city
08 Shop has a teleporter pad
09 Important customers only d10 for minimal level to be served
10 Everything covered in webs and dirt yet always new stuff every visit

11 Shop has many cursed and difficult to use magic items
12 Shop has antique items with ancient scripts and nothing new

d12 Strange Shop Keepers (If not specified)
01 Is a arcane caster like a wizard or sorceror
02 Is a divine caster like a cleric or druid
03 Is a spirit handler like a shaman, medium or 
04 Is a necromancer or evil high priest or summoner
05 Is a sage, bard, monk, mystic or psionic
06 Is a non human race member like a demi human or humanoid
07 Is a beastman or abhuman or automaton
08 Is hideously deformed like a hunchback or even a mutant
09 Is a shape shifter like a lycanthrope, doppelganger or changeling
Is a cultist of an elder god or planar being

11 Is a planar race from other world in disguise as a human
12 Secret police spy op 
to keep eye on murder hobo magic stockpiles

Gender d2
Age d100+d10+10

d10 Quick strange shop subtypes
01 Healing - often have d4 number of d6 healing potions 100gp each
02 Holy - various spiritual magical services like exorcisms, curses cast or cures
03 Arcane - wizards and sorcerers creations d4 minor magic items
04 Alchemy - chemical potion specialists d6 potions
05 Sage - various specialties and books d6 interesting documents or rumours
06 Bard - songs, instruments, poems d6 interesting documents or rumours
07 Cult - d6 interesting idols, drugs, rumours, cursed items or documents
08 Adventurer - d6 interesting supplies, weapons or armour, possibly firearms
09 Divination - d6 interesting goods and services including fortunes told, documents, drugs
10 Planar - d6
 interesting goods and services including fortunes 

d100 Strange little shops I had never seen before....

01 Strange little shrine with healing for profit cult
02 Strange decorated shrine with cultists and 2d6 local cultist attending healing guru
03 A old shaman with snakes in baskets sucks wounds out of victims
04 A old person mixing healing potions and herbs in dirty pots on floor
05 Filthy local people who offer healing milk of sacred d4 1=goat 2=rat 3=dog 4=Caterpillar
06 Shifty man with pushcart offers healing dust at cheap prices (1in6 illusion or poison)
07 Strange foreigner with exotic healing treatment with needles, incense and herbs
08 Person with strange creature that eats wounds away leaving victim healed
09 Robed cultists mixing strange substances sell healing brews and addictive drugs
10 Selling high quality exotic beer and healing brews from imported and found barrels

11 A shaman exorcist from far away wrestles spirits, surrounded by fetishes
12 A modern occultist ghost hunter and exorcist sells spirits and ghosts in bottles

13 A naked priest with shrine specializing in curse removal
14 Curse dealer sells curse items and prepared scrolls to punish your enemies
15 Mud caked mystic who cures poison and diseases via unusual ritual spells
16 A cleric who specializes in breaking spells, enchantment and curses with lots of shouting
17 A lizard man shaman who can restore memories and help you remember past lives
18 A goblin witch doctor using mushrooms to treat all kind of ailments or boredom
19 Cheap holy stuff pop up shop by church in need of quick cash, trying to avoid scandal
20 Holy relics going cheap, saint knuckles or hair, old statuary from ruins, headstones 
21 Dealer in magic weapons and armour from a single exotic ancient source
22 Magical armourer (1in6 Dwarf) makes custom objects over months
23 Wand dealer with many cantrip wands or a few almost burnt out old ones
24 Magical jewelry and gem dealer some with specific saving throw bonuses or better
25 Fetish making witch makes items with +1 one use saving throw or other bonuses
26 Old person with familiars brewing mostly herbal and exotic ingredient potions 
27 Scroll shop selling custom magical scrolls and occasional low level spell book
28 Sorcerer selling drugs, hookas, pillows, scarves, candles, incense and luck charms
29 Wizard selling books some occasional magic scrolls or badly damaged spell books
30 Wizard specialising in one use or limited use magic items
31 Poison maker with foul creatures, potions evil herbs and drugs with creepy customers
32 Golem maker specializes in type but might sell others, mostly household worker models
33 Apparatus brewing strange creatures, alchemist will rent or create custom life forms
34 Potion making lab with apprentices working away with lab equipment for master
35 Potion tester, former apprentice gives pretty good estimates for low price with his test kit 
36 Automaton maker building magic and clockwork devices and creatures, most are toys
37 War alchemist makes gun powder, fireworks, rockets, incendiaries, mines, smokebombs
38 Metallurgist identifies metal, traces in soil samples, makes acid and can refine metal
39 Researching transformation on side will convert currency and change coins cheap
40 Clone master can grow a hostile clone in a vat that hates original, very expensive
41 Sage specializing in dungeon maps and lore who really gets into research
42 Sage interested in dead monster body parts for research and dissection pays well
43 Sage historian interested in lost relics to prove bloodline claims and cause trouble
44 Sage is a expert on languages old new and exotic will translate anything eventually
45 Sage is scholar of identifying magic items and researching histories
46 Sage is historian on ruins and old houses especially in city or area around it
47 Sage is authority on undead and graveyards, collects rubbings of graves and family trees
48 Sage is expert on other planes and life forms, collects interesting left over creatures
49 Sage is keen on other races and collects relics and objects made by non humans
50 Sage collects heroic tales and stories of adventurers, has lots of old dungeon maps
51 Bard sells musical instruments of many exotic types and sometimes a magic one
52 Bard sells gossip, rumours and will spread propaganda about town for money
53 Bard sells sheet music and many include snippets of history, legends and dungeon lore
54 Bard identifies magic and researches history for a discount if he hears good stories
55 Bard sells love poems and inspirational speeches which prove to be very good
56 Bard sells magic stuff he has trades, some very petty, some cursed some good
57 Bard sells clothing for dashing swashbucklers and performers, some is magic
58 Bard shop is front for a brothel but has some very exotic workers and tricks
59 Bard lawyer with documents including deeds for property, dungeons and goods 
60 Bard play writer with stage props and costumes from old productions on sale
61 Squat robed cultist with idols and incense selling exotic tea and drugs
62 Cultist with lots of familiars d4 1=rats 2=frogs 3=cats 4=newts selling as pets or snacks 
63 Cultist selling grave goods like old jewelry, slabs or marble, headstones, sealed urns
64 Cultist butcher selling preserved human body parts for magical reasons and for cannibals
65 Cultist selling adventurers maps he gets sent by boss monsters on weekly basis
66 Cultist goods from converts at low prices for fast quiet transactions
67 Cultist vil books and fragments or forbidden lore, like rumours too
68 Cultist cursed goods and potions for quick sales no questions asked
69 Cultist selling slaves especialy children and useless old people, always buy virgins
70 Cultist assassination contracts for a side business
71 Exotic shields some magical some with mechanical tricks
72 Exotic armour some made unusually or from other races, some magic
73 Adventurer supplies especially ropes, rations and some magic
74 Thieves equipment store including quality tools. hidden things and exotic tech
75 Map shop of world, ancients, ruins, dungeons, sewers, towns
76 Gunsmith selling muskets, handguns, blunderbusses, grenades and a small cannon
77 Adventurer selling exotic animals and monsters in cages
78 Exotic horse dealer has some weird foreign breeds and mounts used by non humans
79 Exotic dog dealer has some weird foreign breeds and animals used by non humans
80 Trap and lock dealer buys olf trap mechanisms and damaged locks and fittings
81 Soothsayer sacrifices animals and studies entrails to warn customers of fate
82 Nomad seer has magical scrying device and esp, can locate people and things far away
83 Shifty diviner with magic cards will tell your future, most are fake but this one is uncanny
84 Tattoo master can give you tatoos with warnings of fate, he is in trance while working
85 Priest specializes in divination magic and astrology skills, has astrolabe and sky charts 
86 Priest or wizard specializing speaking to dead spirits charging loved ones substantially
87 Crazed wizard has spoken to planar beings too much, has great insight but confusing
88 Shaman communes with local or ancestor spirits and questions them for advice
89 Trance prophet inhales fumes through crack in floor to speak prophetic riddles 
90 Dealer in prophetic books, scrolls and books on divination techniques and omens
91 Acupuncturist can change alignment short or long term (takes a year)
92 Has maps and documents and items from other planes and bits of creatures
93 Wizard teleports or plane shifts people for cash, not very exact if he has not been there
94 Weather witch can create weather in locations or give bottles which release fog or storms
95 Wizard sells beings trapped in stasis as statues, not sure when wears off
96 Bumbling mechanomancer builds stupid gadgets that mostly disappoint, some work once
97 Crystalmancer selling possibly magical pretty crystals, some work some alive
98 Beastmaster selling trained tame exotic creatures only one to a customer ever
99 Man selling gremlins in cages, claims some trained specialist who obey one command
100 Crazed mutant selling strange relics and weapons from another reality (lasers?)

Thursday 25 August 2016

d100 Boulders

Obviously I'm now scraping the bottom of the barrel and have used up all my ideas. This will be a terrible useless table you can use indoors or outdoors when you need to roll large rocks. You should roll on this table as many times as possible every game.

I would use for landmarks in hex crawls and caves or when landscape getting boring.
d100 Boulders01 Porphyry boulder of volcanic ash surprisingly light

02 Boulder has rune carvings covering a grave pinning down a wight 
03 Worn ancient boulder used in ancient times for humanoid king coronations
04 Squat toad shaped boulder, ancient altar of frog god
05 Boulder a fertility shrine attended by attractive youths
06 Boulder pins a spider demon trapped but unharmed by non magic rock
07 Boulder has crude dungeon map carved on it
08 Boulder has hearts and goblin names carved on it
09 Boulder covering a pit full of starved ghouls
Boulder covers a treasure pit with guardian skeletons
11 Boulder has long worn footprints of a devil on it
Boulder holds a trapdoor down, inside is a furious mummy
13 Boulder has rock faeries living inside who offer food and drink and sex
14 Boulder is a living monster which animates and attacks any who get close
15 Boulder is a xorn egg almost ready to hatch fully grown intelligent being
16 Boulder is actually a mimic, likes to look like has gold or gem seam inside as lure
17 Boulder is a favorite basking rock of a giant chameleon
18 Boulder has a hollow with fresh water inside
19 Boulder has a thin crack with gold ring wedged deep inside just visible
20 Boulder has sparkling fools gold deposit 
21 Boulder has fossilised dinosaur bones visible on surface
22 Boulder has arrow and initials A.S. carved on surface
23 Boulder has colony of thieving rock rats living underneath
24 Boulder has crude prehistoric carvings of dancing goat men
25 Boulder has bearded madman chained to it
26 Boulder has ferocious flesh eating ape chained to it
27 Boulder has several savage dogs chained to it
28 Boulder is warm to touch and has a heartbeat
29 Boulder is strangely cold with frost on surface
30 Boulder has carvings and text of ancient religion on surface
31 Boulder has crudely drawn dicks drawn all over it
32 Boulder has a huge nest on top
33 Boulder covered in piles of animal feces
34 Boulder has a mysterious torch like jet of flaming gas on top
35 Boulder has carving of ancients depicting grusome human sacrifice
36 Boulder carved into likeness of large earth goddess on throne
37 Boulder has gate sigils if read opens gate to tiny elf colony pocket universe
38 Boulder is fake and covers entrance to kobold hole
39 Boulder is lost favorite rock of a local giant who misses it
40 Boulder has crushed adventurer and kit sticking out from underneath
41 Boulder is actually a giant petrified monster turd full of animal remains
42 Boulder is a curled up hibernating rust monster will awake if metal nearby
43 Boulder is a fossilized giant brain 
44 Boulder is a titans dream and only a phantom
45 Boulder has semiprecious crystals on surface
46 Boulder spattered in blood from years of sacrifices
47 Boulder has a hole where a flock of stirges nest
48 Boulder is a giant lump of candy spat out by some primordial being
49 Boulder is a mass of fused skulls
50 Boulder is actually a huge tooth
51 Boulder is a mimic having a nap
52 Boulder covered in adventurer graffiti
53 A ship anchor is fused inside boulder
54 Anchor was a ancient anchor stone carved with antediluvian script about a ship
55 Boulder slightly levitates above ground and was in past visited by pilgrims
56 Boulder is carved with face of giant angry baby
57 Boulder is carved with serene nymphs reclining and vandalized
58 Boulder is carved with scene from mytholgy
59 Boulder is carved with ancient gigantic king smiting enemies with three languages
60 Boulder is a ancient borderstone with inscription from a lost city with patron god
61 Boulder has crudely carved holy symbols over prehistoric rock art
62 Boulder  has dinosaur footprint fossils
63 Boulder is naturally shaped like a giant skull
64 Boulder has remains of quarry marks from shaping in prehistoric times
65 Boulder of a type of rock from far away and signs of being dragged here long ago
66 Boulder is overgrown with tree roots
67 Boulder has a tint cottage where brownies live
68 Boulder carved with funeral memorial
69 Boulder is a trap which rolls towards anyone aproaching or passing
70 Boulder precariously balanced and easily rolled from position
71 Boulder is a petrified giants head worn from age
72 Boulder has a hole inside sealed with clay, a ancient mummy is inside
73 Boulder is a former holy place and carvings of pilgrims on surface
74 Boulder is a favorite spot for goatmen to frolic with young
75 Boulder coated in magical moss with potion like quality
76 Boulder is carved perfectly spherical by ancients
77 Boulder is carved perfectly spherical by ancients but broken open by treasure hunters
78 Boulder is actually a blinded burn scarred helpless beholder but can still bite
79 Boulder has a trickle of water from inside where a saint touched their staff aeons ago
80 Boulder home to cluster of rock worms
81 Boulder has a clean hole cut through somehow for some unknown reason
82 Boulder is actually a huge snail shell left in past
83 Boulder has a crude shack built into it where a crotchety old retired murder hobo lives
84 Boulder is worn carved tip of structure buried long ago
85 Boulder glows in the dark
86 Boulder has trail of destruction behind it from when it rolled here years ago
87 Boulder is sacred place where goblin women come to give birth
88 Boulder is haunted by phantom of person crushed by it
89 Boulder is haunted by shadows of evil men sacrificed here in prehistory
90 Boulder has a patch of yellow musk creepers and guardian zombies and treasure 
91 Boulder is a giant dice used by giants long ago
92 Boulder is a family of bowlers, living rocks that dislike adventurers who killed their mom
93 Boulder is a coiled giant rock serpent hibernating
94 Boulder is a giant ball of dried snot from a titanic formarian in the dawn age
95 Boulder is a imprisoned demon trapped by a druid long ago
96 Boulder is a evil elemental in stasis trapped by a wizard long ago
97 Boulder is remains of a petrified cave troll exposed to sunlight spell by cleric
98 Boulder is hollow and home to a family of harmless goblins
99 Boulder is a coiled up stone drake in disguise having a nap
100 Boulder is a giant petrified eyeball of a titan

Wednesday 24 August 2016

d100 Strange Dreams in the Witch House

Exile Island has hundreds of forgotten creepy houses. Many remain uninhabited because of the dreams one has in these houses. Feel free to ad a cackling witch to any of these horrible visions.

d100 Strange Dreams in the Witch House
01 A witches familiar suckles off your blood then flees when you see it
02 Rats rumbling in the walls, squeaking curses in tiny whispers 
03 A phantom kissing you in bed
04 Walls closing in chanting and laughing
05 Leathery grasping hands groping you from under the sheets
06 Stomach pains then give birth to horrid homonculi
07 Demon prince calls from the mists and whispers sweet words of love
08 A fair lover smiles sweetly then their skin crumbles into dust as they scream
09 A torrid session of love making ruined when lover turns into rancid corpse
10 Reduced to a small child discover parents in act of cannibalism

11 Innocent is chased and brutally stabbed by masked killer revealed to the dreamer
12 Blood pours from above flooding room as dreamer sucked under

13 Creepy old person abuses dreamer who is paralyzed and afraid
14 Creepy child's toy or puppet with a knife stalking dreamer in house
15 Dreamer is tiny rodent size and stalked by evil witch cat
16 Find a horribly murdered corpse in bed with you
17 Taken to village square, limbs broken and beheaded
18 Feel sick but hundreds of live d4 1=rats 2=spiders 3=worms 4=flies pour out
19 The room is on fire the dreamer cannot move and is burned to death
20 The dreamer is tried as a witch and burned at the steak
21 The dreamer eats a delicious feast which is revealed to be a roasted comrade
22 Flying skulls with lolling tongues slobber over dreamer and suck their eyeballs
23 Undead soldiers attack dreamers home killing and eating everyone
24 A giant snake swallowing dreamer who notices when hands trapped
25 Devils torment dreamer with boiling oil and l cruel hooks to hack flesh
26 Dreamer held still with mouth open by two witches while a third forces live toads in 
27 Witches slowly carve up and eat dreamer, saving eyeballs in skull for last
28 Kiss a lover but choke on tentacle in their mouth while they turn into demon
29 Dreamer sitting on chamber pot in pain, shits angry live poison toads
30 Gremlins have dreamer gagged and tied and pack starts to feast on prisoner
31 Angry naked ghost beats dreamer with chair, cursing them and intrusions here
32 Dreamer with attractive lover kiss naked in stream, then lover pulls beneath to drown
33 Bed turns into coffin and sinks into ground screaming undead grope through walls
34 Wake up to be stabbed repeatably in bed by lover
35 Lost in catacombs being chased by vampires and ghouls
36 With friends laughing over wine, realize it is blood and friends are vampires
37 Grimly led to field of impaled corpses and made to join them
38 Awaken to find mostly fleshy skeleton being eaten by vultures
39 Laughing doppelganger has dreamer tied, promises to kill family with dreamers face 
40 A incubus or succubus lover drains dreamers life away but they cannot resist
41 An invisible horror stalks the dreamer through the house horribly killing rest of party
42 House is alive with monsters forming from wood and bricks to attack 
43 Having dinner, gums start bleeding then teeth and hair fall out
44 Mother is an undead chasing dreamer around house, wanting to kiss them all better
45  Everything runs backwards faster and faster till dreamer is absorbed by mother
46 Stomach bursts out and strangles dreamer with intestines
47 Witch has dreamer paralyzed on a workbench and proceeds to flay them alive
48 Dreamer is bound neck deep in swamp being gnawed by worms and bugs 
49 Dreamer running through forest being chased by witch and giant familiar beast
50 Dreamer feels itchy patch under shirt, a witch face in flesh laughing and growing 
51 Dreamer is lost in foggy void witches and familiars are seem occasionally watching
52 Witches cast dreamer into colossal maw of a great beast, dreamer is digested alive
53 Dreamer is shat out by a giant demon into hell where imps torment and molest them
54 Dreamer is bound upside down with spigot in neck, vampires use to fill cups
55 Witch cackles over restrained dreamer presenting a line of aroused demon lovers
56 Dreamer perused by squealing hungry devil swine through tunnel complex
57 Hungry fire salamanders pursue dreamer through volcanic maze
58 Dreamer panics as worm eaten body begins to fall apart, rotting at a accelerated rate
59 Wolves peruse dreamer through misty woods, occasionally nipping off a chunk of flesh
60 Dreamer is in overcrowded prison with barley any room kept with dangerous madmen
61 Dreamer wakes on beach spends decades alone, growing mad, facing dangers
62 Dreamer married in a hovel with a dozen children, in poverty filled slum for decades
63 Dreamer living happily with lover but discovers lover a witch, ends in fight both die  
64 Dreamer unarmed surrounded by every person or monster they ever killed
65 Dreamer making love, sun rises and devil swine partner in pig form snoring in bed  
66 Dreamer at home with family sun turns black and old ones awake and destroy world
67 Dreamer is floating beneath the sea and feels the mind of en elder god probing them
68 On a strange alien world, glimpse colossal unspeakable thing arising from under lake
69 Soaring through stars to planet of black elder ruins, to be embraced by crawling chaos
70 Dreamer in high witches Sabbath with demons and familiars cavorting and celebrating
71 Squat toad god on a monolith surrounded by cultists preparing the dreamer for sacrifice
72 Cultists in cliff shine by sea hurl bound dreamer to their giant squid god
73 Cult in cave with bound dreamer perform cesarean and pull demon baby from stomach
74 Dreamer hurled in pit by cult with glowing stone, mutates into unrecognisable horror
75 Squishy fungoid star demons take dreamer to moon lab and remove brain into a jar
76 Rats with human faces stalk dreamer through house, their numbers ever growing 
77 Witch splashes green slime on dreamer. body dissolves in agony
78 A lumpy humanoid with a palid face stalks the dreamer through fog shrouded streets 
79 In fog covered cemetery stalked by robed figure, actually composed of maggots 
80 Grubby hobbits have dreamer bound and force feed till stomach bursts
81 Dreamer awakes in frozen wood where masked axeman shatters dreamer with axe
82 Dreamer awakens with cackling witches knitting intestines into a jumper
83 Dreamer with family turns into werewolf and devours them all
84 Dreamer battles kobolds killing them but their corpses turn into dreamers family
85 Dreamer pursued by lynch mob who don't tolerate your kind of filth here parts"\
86 Dreamer falls through floor down deep shaft tumbling till finally splattered on surface
87 Dreamer locked in horrible mental asylums surrounded by madmen 
88 Dreamer a prisoner of dancing goatmen who finaly sacrifice guest sadistically
89 Dreamer wades through waist deep water, corpses of loved ones float past
90 Dreamer is armed in dungeon, witches claim they are reason adventurer lived so far
91 Dreamer is armed in misty woods, witches boast dreamers children belong to them now 
92 Dreamer awakes decades in future with everything different and all friends long dead
93 Dreamer caught up in mad dance with dryads, satyrs and faeries till heart bursts
94 Horrible demon vultures tear flesh from dreamer chained to rock
95 Dreamer awakes a baby suckling on flappy witchy tit till fat enough to be eaten
96 Dreamer a child being fed candy and gingerbread by witches growing fatter to be eaten
97 Dreamer turned into working farm animal by witch, made to work hard for years
98 Dreamer turned into edible farm animal by witch, force fed then killed, cooked and eaten
99 Dreamer in dungeon armed with witches warning to quit or be doomed by adventurer life
100 Dreamer is married with kids until partner and kids sprout wings and tails and fly away