Sunday 31 July 2016

Bezerka Con2 Day 2

 So today was a bit busier and one of my events got shelved so I played TANK a simple wargame with guy I played a saxon vs dane game last year. He likes simple wargames and nice minis and My germans were winning a bit but my bad dice rolls got me killed with 5 tanks each. I died with last tank vs one of those sneaky fast russians and a huge stalin tank. It was several hours of battering and nice and tense. Sat in on discussion on gaming with three very different but overlapping GMs. Sal has been running same mega dungeon for 26 years out doing my best 20 year marvel game.

Did some demo drawing games as I thought I would try to over lap my drawing gamers with my other gamers. Might try again but have more watchable so ppl can join in on fly. Also talked about using exquisite corpse game to create characters.

Probably could do with more players but org was very good and possibly will do some one day events later. Still wondering if I will do any more con events myself as my taste a bit arthouse/oldschool/noncommercial but not indy or mainstream. Possibly I could do RQ2 or LTFP as I want more people to play them.

I guess besides enjoying carrying heavy objects and enjoying working behind scenes without much responsibility the con got me doing a few things I wouldn't normally do and saw some stuff and bought some minis (fire, a cargo container i can copy and a chimera) and met some people and saw some friends i hadn't seen for a while. So basically good. I have a big art exhibit in 3 weeks to prep for next.

Id be interested in hearing from anyone working cons or who bring kids or youths to kids or youth events as to how to market to those age groups. Was thinking of contacting police youth orgs, scouts, council youth workers or even convening a game day in holidays. Anyone with any thoughts or experience on this or kids I welcome to comment.

Saturday 30 July 2016

d100 flotsam and jetsam Post #900

So I will be making a PDF of my roadwar content and as some Illustrators have offered to contribute I will delay it a bit and instead you get flotsam and jetsam for now. Also some great post apoc rock here (has done several good things in genre of late).

Past Maritime Stuff Here
Sea horrors
Shore Leave for seamen
Salty Seamen
Sunken City Dungeon Zone

This was for Alasdair Cunningham - best wishes with skeleton coast project
If your project needs some d100 let me know

A few years ago everyone did this. Crap on the beach.

d100 flotsam and jetsam 
01 Mountains of sea weed
02 Spectacular driftwood with barnacles
03 Hundreds of jellyfish
04 Hundreds of sea urchin
05 Hundreds of dead fish
06 Hundreds of dead starfish
07 Hundreds of dead cuttlefish
08 Dead dolphin with shark bites
09 Dried rotting dead mermaid horror from the deep
10 Several giant slimy tentacles

11 A dead rotting whale covered in crabs and gulls
12 A rotting sea serpent

13 A unconscious sailor from far off land
14 Dozens of shipwreck victims (possibly some live) and several sea chests
15 Dozens of murdered bodies and empty sea chests left by wreckers
16 A huge sand castle built by crab men as temporary base
17 Remains of a jollyboat smashed up
18 Intact small fishing boat with fishing nets and rods and rope
19 A wooden pulley with a short length of rope
20 Barnacle covered float with small section or torn net
21 A bottle with a letter requesting help d100 years old
22 A bottle with a treasure map
23 A bottle with a will for property far away
24 A bottle half full of rum
25 A tiny chest with some small jewelry with semi precious stones
26 Carved wooden prow of ship with mythical creature
27 A fancy captains hat
28 A ship flag on length of rope
29 Long length of hemp rope
30 Man o war jellyfish with stinging tendrils
31 A gasping turtle tangled in a net
32 Hundreds of tiny crabs eating a huge strange unrecognizable creature
33 A piece of amber
34 A battered tree
35 Gigantic eyeball of some marine creature
36 Dead albatross (possibly alive helping it brings good luck)
37 Huge crab claw
38 Dead trilobite or sea scorpion
39 Beautiful badly hurt mermaid
40 Huge shark tooth
41 Cluster of sea sponges tangled in weed
42 Rusty key
43 Gigantic bones possibly from whale
44 Unhappy lost seal pup 
45 Wooden pegleg
46 Wooden box with d6 bottles of rum
47 Large block of seasalt
48 Rotting baby shark
49 Huge giant squid carcass
50 Huge shell
51 Strange symbol made from arranged stones, weed or sand
52 Baby of marine race d4 1=crabman 2=mermaid 3=squidman 4=mantaman
53 Dried puffer fish
54 Human skull with barnacles
55 Rusty old breast plate
56 Dead marine crocodile
57 Angry sea snake with deadly venom
58 Block of melting ice
59 Biological sacks of fluid some kinds of egg 
60 White cuttlefish bones useful crafting material or good for birds
61 Remains of wrecked ship long buried on beach exposed by moving sand 
62 A small anchor covered in barnacles
63 A wooden barrel with d4 1=grog 2=water 3=body 4=sea biscuits
64 A battered locked book, mostly illegible but tantalizing hints
65 A strange creepy wooden idol of squat spirit
66 A strange green stone idol of a squat sea demon 
67 A elegant noble looking native idol
68 A whale or elephant tusk
69 A blob of ambergris
70 A narwhale horn
71 A leathery corpse in shredded clothes actually a marine zombie
72 Intact skeleton with bandanna and seaman's clothes holding cutlass leaps up to attack
73 Monkeys playing on beach
74 Wax tablet dedicated to ancient evil sea demon by a cult, causes dreams if kept
75 Strange chunk of gold resembling drift wood, cult treasure of vindictive fish folk 
76 Crude wooden raft recently arrived
77 Clay pot decorated and sealed with wine or oil
78 Corroded copper coins scattered in sand all over beach
79 Lump of copper or silver coins fused into mass covered in barnacles
80 Human finger with ring
81 Single gold or silver coin in good condition
82 Pretty smooth worn glass pebbles once bottles
83 Interesting looking semiprecious stone
84 Large crystal
85 A bone dice
86 Ring shaped stone reputed to offend elves
87 Huge shell actually hermit crab looking for snacks
88 Carved wooden figurine like a duck
89 Cowrie shells strung together a form of currency in some places
90 Leather boot with crabs inside
91 Stray dog with collar
92 Ship's steering wheel or wagon wheel
93 Ships rudder or mast
94 Chunks of burned boat scattered along beach
95 Ships canvas sail, tattered but repairable
96 Green sealed bottle with occult symbols, contains soul of evil sea captain
97 Green eyed stone idol, whoever finds it becomes possessive and paranoid
98 Disgusting mass of twitching slime with eyes trying to ooze back into sea
99 A wax coated wheel of cheese possible edible
100 Erotic idol carved from tusk of marine creature in unrecognisable style

Bezerka CON Day 1

So I did con mascots on all the art (also recently did business card/logo design for boardgame online show). Got my new dungeon colouring book out but i suspect better off selling in groovy newtown. I have bee staying with smith family who have been organizing whole thing when in New South Wales (where Sydney is in Australia not in wales) most of year so im happy to help. Helped set up, hung with friend spoke to young guy who was interested in my talk of old dnd and rq and he joined in my kids game later as his intro to warhammer was a no show.

I sat at a table with other con volunteer and some lovely manga artist/writer girls included us in their creativity brainstorming workshop. I don't like to mention my years in comic biz and commercial credits or my nerd psuedo celeb status and played it humble. A guy butted n to advise them on brainstorming (more on him later). I wrote about a Island where explorers marooned and suffered then were rescued but were later hired by colonists and they returned to face new awful challenges. one guy died and other guys wife and kids died. When old he hung out in graveyard reflecting on failures of colonialism and resourcism. I did a map and some drawings.

After I did kids session joined by mom and young friendly bloke i mentioned didn't run warhammer and made kid the star. Two elves and a halfling investigated forest animal murders in one of my random dungeons beat up some kobolds, a goblin, a pig, some snakes. She had to drag others out of dungeon once back to hobbit hole to rest. Another boy joined in and the girls mum gave him her character  and helped him out. He went from "is this a computer game" to making thoughtful decisions in about three minutes. Hobbit found a gem that made them greedy and paranoid in bat poop which kids though funny. Rescued some hedgehogs and helped a gnome recover a magic pot that made army rations which he offered to pay them in for months. Hobbit found a plate of delicious sausages and mashed potatoes in locked trunk guarded by carrion crawler which made him free from aging. Was pretty fun. Mom was a gamer and boys dad was ex gamer looking for games. Gave them handout of free osr and openquest links. Yes I can occasionally be nice.

Later played a card game which i normally loath but was ok. Joined in a Iron Chef game design contest with guy who butted in the writing workshop. Took a while to agree but my first idea of gods making a world was repeated by other team so gladly went with idea of game about giant catapillars who mon-fri eat world and moon represented by booster cards then on sat go into crysalys and rearrange cards from best to useless and then turn over to hide. finally on Sun catapillars eat each other in battle phaze by rolling a dice per segment till segments whittled down. My graphics and cardboard props were praised and our complexity was cheered by all. Judge called it battlepillars which was nice. The winner was a fast simple game where office workers try to do the least work and sabotage each other. Made me think my idea about first day at new school might have been a good idea too. Cooperating with another person and us both trying to not steamroller each other was interesting. Went from paying him out a bit to getting along and I want to finish the game and make some varients. Personally id dump the blind card memory stuff and peeking elements but I admit he had card game maths better than me. We got good feedback.

A pretty good day and got to do more interesting stuff than most cons. Could do with more punters but I appreciate them for doing stuff most Sydney cons gave up on years ago. Mascot merch not really moving but i will use in my art exhibit in about 3 weeks.

I offended several fans by saying now marvel, dc, dr who and trek have no consistant cannon I dont care about universes because will just change in a few years anyhow. I really am middle aged now. Im off home to beat my dinosaur slave and listen to gramaphones.

More tomorrow.

Friday 29 July 2016

Some of my adventures this week

So ive designed these guys for con mascots for Bezerka con 2. It is a bit of a struggle but I support it because it does the things other cons cant be bothered. More punters probably all it needs. Im running 2 intro games for kids and two sessions of drawing games (Exquisit corpse and doodle recall).

Most of my red tape for work sorted, rest over hopefully on monday. My blogging should be regular. I have at least three weeks in NSW for work and gaming. So planet Psychon and possibly brp road war or LTFP which I want to use for shorter irregular campaigns and I want to support more.

Hoping to get in some more paste up sessions, zine printing, pdf making and prep for a art exhibit of my 28 years of graffiti projects. But blogging full steam ahead again shortly after a slow week for me. Last year my blogging slowed juggling work, health and too much quality tv and computer games.

This week my Psychon ASE party returned to Mt Rendon to hunt and kill giggles and tried to find the necromantic midgets (no luck). Met Dr Giggles, some thugs and the fully healed allosaurus and had one of tougher fights ever. Friends with troglogytes and motkar made life easier. Found tower with sub levels and had a tough fight with a wizard and the burgandy men. Ready to go deeper and get to lower sewer like level they were trapped in earlier.

The Druid Beebeard used a custom spell that temporarily petrifies victims with gorgon breath then used shape stone to pull apat and assemble a monstrosity. Spell expired and a screaming spurting abomination died in a few rounds before party. Druids in my games are utter bastards.

Playing BX with some guys my age with two characters each and me as a (shock) player. Im kinda relatively being well behaved to the other players for me. Playing B1 in search of unknown. On way in we saw stirges fight wolves and helped kill stirges. Skinned dead wolves and stirges and hung bodies in trees for later then got sucked through magic pool in cave lair of wolves. Ended up in B1 pool room. My wizard and fighter have assumed identities of dungeon builders and threatened every sentient with our wrath. The chaotic wizard keeps conning lawful fighter his horrible schemes vs evil for the best. Other player with neutral thief and a cleric. Wizard tried every magic pool cept green slime and and filth pools and was rendered speechless, drunk and groggy then restored speech. Beat up goblins and managed to enslave four survivors. One died testing a trap. Another tried to steal a ring so was stripped and tied to rope and given pole and put in front. Other two put in front of party as meat shield. They did a good job and enjoyed the bullying hierarchy i put them in, the silver coins i rewarded them with and the food and grog I gave them. Killed some spiders, some rats and avoided traps skillfully.

Met some troglodytes and put them to sleep as they easily could have killed us. Found lots of unidentified magic items (BX doesn't have identify spell though?). Surprised some thieves eating and explained we were dungeon lords returned and convinced them to join us. We showed them treasure illusion we found and promised them a cut if they showed us how they came in and introduced us to their gang leader. On way out passed magic mouthed guardian statues we attacked them as soon as we saw light killing them all (they were wanted criminals right?). Then got goblins to stick thieves heads on statues weapons and string intestines in between statues. Now that's a unwelcome dungeon.

Got about 1/3 through all up and leveling up and shopping hopefully before we return to collect tapestries, furniture and anything salable. Mentioned my open cut dungeon mine technique or plan to attract monsters with bell into gauntlet of archer hirelings. Anyway we are having fun being horrible murder hobos and my crazy chaotic wizard making everyone a bit worse.

Thursday 28 July 2016

d100 Non Fatal Torments


I sucked down 3&1/2 pints and had funny dreams. This is best one:
Was some apocalyptic rotating framework sphere with unsafe edges had ppl strapped to it including me. Within sphere was more sphere layers like onion. As sphere moved it processed prisoners torturing them, impaling them shredding flesh leaving them skeletons that were unceremoniously dumped. I escaped and was chased by mad max extras who were really devils. Went on for a bit through wasteland trash heaps.

Anyway i've been busy this week working, printing a book that printer ruined and used twice as much paper, having to apply for my own now yearly police check with Justice of the Peace signing, attend a course so i can keep my job, deal with payroll, being hassled by my disability support workers interstate requesting info and meetings with them when I told them i cant attend and more bullshit. So has cost my blogging time a bit and habit a bit shattered. Not even enough time to daydream. Have a con this weekend im helping run too. Next week a bit better then i have art exhibit to set up in my other state im supposed to live in. Then back to Sydney to work for two weeks and a bit. Phew. At least i can afford some comics now.

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So these are mostly intentional non lethal torments for punishment from urban authorities, cruel nobles or dungeon monsters. Sometimes mobs get carried away and go too far. The DM should decide how long punishment lasts - quick for minor crimes, longer for serious crimes. Some might result in scarification and crippling wounds. You could roll on this several times. Last ones are weird magical most are historical.

d100 Non Fatal Torments
01 Whipped on A-frame with 1 yard long bundle of birch or "birching"
02 Whipped on A-frame with bullock drovers whip 
03 Whipped on A-frame with horse riders crop 
04 Whipped on A-frame with cat-o-nine tails 
05 Beaten with clubs by group of bailiffs and beadles
06 Beaten and kicked by group of bailiffs and beadles
07 Whipped with a flexible cane
08 Whipped with chains
09 Bound and hands smashed with clubs
10 Feet beaten with sticks

11 Locked in stocks in public to be abused by common folk
12 Locked in a gibbet or cage and left to elements

13 Chained by leg manacle to large rock and left to elements
14 Locked in a wooden box with possibly some body parts exposed
15 Locked in a pit or well with a lid
16 Locked in a dark cell alone
17 Manacled to wall and left in dungeon
18 Hung by foot manacles upside down
19 Put in cage on waggon and paraded about town with garbage hurling mobs
20 Tied to wooden cross and exposed to elements
21 Strapped in a wrack and stretched
22 Locked in a iron maiden 
23 Feet locked in spiked iron boots
24 Thumb screws applied
25 Chained up and suspended with weights hanging from feet
26 Tied to a wheel and rotated or rolled
27 Spiked collar on neck makes impossible to rest
28 Locked in a metal chair with spikes
29 Locked in a metal mask forces mouth open
30 Locked in metal mask with eyes blocked
31 Wrapped in thorny vines
32 Wrapped in stinging nettles
33 Rats in cage attached to stomach or face
34 Bound and mauled by savage dogs
35 Locked in box or pit then wasp nest thrown in
36 Tied to ant nest
37 Tied to rotten maggot filled meat or corpse
38 Bitten by venomous snakes
39 Hurled into leech pit
40 Dragged by horses
41 Branded with hot iron
42 Forced to dip hands in boiling oil or water
43 Burned with flaming torches
44 Teeth removed
45 Fingernails removed
46 Sexually abused and humiliated
47 Crush body parts with tongs
48 Objects inserted in body
49 Tattooed with name of crime, possibly on hand or face
50 Tongue cut into split
51 Restrained or locked up till starve or near death by thirst
52 Bound and swung through bonfire
53 Forcibly dunked underwater on apparatus till almost drowned
54 Objects inserted under finger nails
55 Nails hammered into body parts
56 Force fed vile fluids like piss, rotten blood, mild poison
57 Force fed painful or nightmare inducing poison
58 Burial with head exposed
59 Tarred and feathered
60 Crushed with large rocks
61 Labour in mine or quarry
62 Labour in dye pits
63 Labour processing sewerage for crop fertilizer
64 Labour building wall or road
65 Labour working with plague victims and lepers
66 Labour stoking furnace
67 Labour turning a wheel 
68 Labour cleaning out sewers and cesspits
69 Labour processing human corpses
70 Sold into temporary slavery
71 Thrown from tower
72 Thrown into rapid river
73 Exposed to sun or kept in hotbox
74 Catapulted
75 Bled till near death
76 Stabbed
77 Splashed with acid 
78 Mob throw rocks till elders satisfied
79 Drive spear through thigh, tormentors make clear they can kill you
80 Struck in head with wooden mallets
81 Locked with dangerous criminals keen to abuse new inmates
82 Locked with madmen who,s ceaseless gibbering drive anyone crazy
83 Locked up with disease carriers
84 Locked in tiny dark cell alone
85 Locked in large courtyard with common criminals
86 Locked in cruel workhouse
87 Locked in ship galley manning oars
88 Locked or sealed in tower or wall or bridge with food and air hole
89 Locked below deck on a prison hulk floating on water
90 Banished or sent to colonies
91 Wizards allowed to experiment leaving victim a mutant
92 Wizards allowed to experiment leaving victim a beastman
93 Wizards allowed to experiment leaving victim a orc
94 Victim cursed to labour for public in a zombie like state
95 Victim cursed with terrible affliction or condition
96 Ears or nose or finger cut off
97 Left in haunted graveyard with horrible undead and maddening spirits
98 A hostile mad spirit allowed to posses victim for a time
99 Turned into a animal for a time
100 Tortured by a summoned monster from beyond

Sunday 24 July 2016

Mysteries of the Meandering Metropolis in the Hexcrawl Royale

The thing live about gaming most is setting design. My rule mods are a way of shaping games for my settings. My tables are portraits of my landscapes. So the mobile city thing which I started has more submissions.

A sample hexcrawl royale setting for all of walking cities and kaiju
Im envisaging a setting where most of world is wasteland with wild animals and monsters. Some primitive survivors live in the  wastes. Others hide in the dungeons and caves while the surface was purged. Then there are the great mobile cities remnants of wars between gods that wrecked the world. These cities battle each other and gigantic monsters.

Players could even represent a city if name level or party could be defenders of city or even rulers. A city or kaiju should die every session or a dungeon destroyed. Wiping out last representatives of a race or finishing off a god possible too.

While seeking resources for cities and dungeons to explore the city lords keep an eye out for kaiju or other cities. A defeated kaiju could be turned into a colony with a building and control device added. Looting a city would help to improve your cities stats but if you lose then you might need to resume life on a new city or take over from within of find a new home. You could also trade if city non hostile or related to your own or both too wary to engage. Some large powerful cities could enthrall smaller ones and run them ahead or use to scout or act as guards or decoys. When cities clash they colide and the populace take arms like ship crew and board each other looting, killing and enslaving.

Citadel Track Sheets for campagn
I could envisage keeping track of campaign area with hex map to record. It could double as a simple wargame and record any local kaiju, cities, ruins or dungeons or resources

City or Kaiju Stats d6
Strength - roll under score to inflict a hit
Defense - roll under score to resist a hit
Sight - range in hexes can see and chance with d6 roll of detecting
Visibility - range in hexes can be detected from
Move - how many hexes per day can move
Size - population capacity and volume (in hectares?)

STR/DEF related for combat
SIG/VIS can also be used for communications range
MOV/SIZ how fast how big

Invulnerable foes battle then get bored and wander off if they fight each other
You can attack any stat and victim gets to make a defence roll to resist losing 1 point
Cities in same hex always see each other
Stat up kaiju same way

d12 City Quest
Thing citizens most want outside resources
1 Statue or monument recovered from enemy
2 Conquest and glory over subject peoples
3 Crusade for a god or some cause
4 Magical secrets of magic or power
5 Special knowledge of some mythic event
6 Slave workers
7 Kidnap new mates
8 Sacrifices of blood and souls, preferably someone else
9 Find a lost thing in a forgotten ruin or dungeon
10 Capture or get revenge on a hated fugitive
11 Seeking to rescue person or group
12 A important item to maintain the city

d12 Encounters 1in6 per hex crossed
1-2 Nothing
3-4 Ground dwellers
5-6 Terrain obstacle
7-8 Resources
9 Possible Kaiju sighting
10 Possible city sighting
11 Kaiju or city trail or former resting place
12 A stranger on the ground spotted

Once a kaiju or city on map the DM tracks them till it leaves local hexcrawl map. They may detect each other and will usualy close. Most Kaiju start with a melee attack only using ranged if city does first or have already battled. They might use ranged on a faster or fleeing foe.

d12 Ground Dwellers
1 Human tribesmen
2 Human barbarians
3 Human kingdom
4 Human cultists
5 Demihumans
6 Humanoids
7 Beastmen
8 Giants, trolls and ogres
9 Undead
10 Mixed dungeon dwellers
11 Elemental beings
12 Outer planar beings like demons, devils angels

d12  Terrain obstacle
1 Pit or pressure or buoyancy drop
2 Terrain collision
3 Volcanic vents or smoke
4 Weather
5 Mountain range
6 Thing falls from sky
7  Awaken a hidden kaiju
8 Debri of wrecked city colision
9 Illusion
10 Force feild
11 Dimensional vortex
12 Collision with divine being

d12 Resource Types
What resources you find in a hex
What resources are required most
What resources most heavily stockpiled
Or roll a resource and a d6 units per size atribute

1 Food resource - edible stuff for city, populace or livestock
2 Fuel resource - for city or for light and heat for residents
3 Slave resource - labourers mostly kidnapped or commercial
4 Mineral resource - metal and other buried goods
5 Building resource - raw materials for building city or structures
6 Ruin resources - crumbled settlements or possibly dungeons
7 Luxury resources - desirable goods that keep people happy or can be traded
8 Knowledge resources - books, scrolls, maps, knowledge of other cities or kaiju
9 Religious resources - holy relics, artworks, sacred scriptures, saint bodies
10 Medicinal resources - medicine to help population grow or trade
11 Alchemical resources - potions, gunpowder and even means to make life forms
12 Magic resource - spells, components, ingredients, magic items

d12 Kaiju
1 Land Type
2 Burrowing type
3 Flying Type
4 Aquatic type
5 Amphibious type
6 Triphibious type
7 Technological construct type
8 Magical construct type
9 Undead type
10 Elemental type
11 Outer planar type
12 Dead kaiju remains with d4-1 points of resources

Kaiju Special
1 Drone or scout pet with better mobility 1in6 inteligent and speaks
2 Ranged attack like fire breath, laser eyes, shooting shuriken, acid spit
3 Regeneration - recovers lost stat point in a day instead of week
4 Chemical cloud d4 1=smoke 2=hallucinagen 3=narcotic 4=poison
5 Alternate form d4 1=gas 2=transformable 3=mimic 4=stone
6 Teleport once a day
7 Plane Shift once a week
8 Has a d4 resource points stockpiled or in body
9 Ability to capture foe with web, pincers, ray
10 Speed burst with leap, hop, rockets +1d3 Move for d6 times a day
11  Party of adventurers aids kaiju d4 1=magicians 2=cultists 3=murder hobos 4=meddling kids
12  Allies d4 1=d6 smaller allies 2=d3 kaiju 3=Kaiju has best buddy or pet 4= city follows it

d12 Cities
1 A old rival for resources
2 Long lost friendly city unseen for decades
3 A trading partner
4 A mystrious city making friendly signals
5 An old enemy city
6 A strange city hanging back warily
7 A city of pirates and scum
8 A city of insane murder cultists
9 A regular partner and military ally
10 City overrun with madness on fire
11 City brandishing troops and weapons
12 City is out of control with population in panic

City Special
1 A mighty vehichle used by populace to scout
2 Ranged attack like fire breath, laser eyes, shooting shuriken, acid spit
3 Regeneration - recovers lost stat point in a day instead of week
4 Chemical cloud d4 1=smoke 2=hallucinogen 3=narcotic 4=poison
5 Illusion feild can be invisible or seem to have fire wall or be a phantom
6 City can teleport to far away if theratened
7 Has a gateway inside to somewhere far away population can use
8 Has a d4 extra resource points in storage
9 Specialist elite troops for boarding cities or raiding surface
10 Can increase defence by +1 if does not move
11  City led by a mighty hero or magician with d4-1 friends
12  Has a d3 smaller cities as companions and scouts

d12 Stranger
1 Fool
2 Spy
3 Herald
4 Merchant
5 Assassin
6 Wizard or sorcerer
7 Priest of Druid
8 Cult preacher or leader
9 Dungeon boss
10 Monster in disguise
11 Adventurer
12 Escapee from enemy

d12 Stranger Special
1 Famously attractive
2 Serves other planar patron d4 1=Law 2=Chaos 3=Elemental 4=Balance
3 Has a famous magic item
4 Has a weird curse or fate
5 Famous expert on a field of knowledge
6 Knows location of resources
7 Knows a enemy cities weakness and location
8 Knows how to add a point to a city stat
9 Can sabotage a city stat point
10 Knows about a dungeon complex
11 Stranger is an Immortal
12 Deity in disguise

You could wander about some off the shelf setting and destroy it for fun like Krynn or Greyhawk or Mystara and stomp everything you dislike. Let local villains make or find a mobbile city. Lead your city on missions from the gods. Each player over a camppagn of a new city a week game. Eventualy each player develops bond to a favorite city. Players unite for a battle each with a mobile city and do some millennial event on a setting. A flying or spacefaring or plane shifting city could be nifty campaign

Such a game could be short or long but controlling a mobile city sounds like a high level adventure which I need more of.

Or use one of these classic hex crawls

or try Carcosa or Red and pleasant land or Mars or Dark Sun or Psychon

Saturday 23 July 2016

d100 Wonders of Xor

At work all kids dream of being pro youtubers they were advising me on how to monetize my online adventures. I might do a Utube rantspace one day. I like the book review type blogs and i have lots of stuff i could review and include non gamer stuff like comics and art books. I could greenscreen a panel for me to use but probably wait for my next computer and i would have to edit video blah bah. I still need to play with googlehangout gaming but i can be slow to start new tech alone. Sniff.

A donor box might appear here as occasional someone offers to give me cash. A Paetron is possible. One issue I have with this page being monetized is i rip off art without credit mostly. I have over 30 000 images of my art online and I dont care as long as nobody making income from my stuff like on tshirts - I welcome people to use for non profit blogs. I prefer attribution especially in print or publishing like pdfs. So I might do something like make paetron content use my art which would be collage (real or digital) or pictures of toon octopi mostly or art past its use by date or licence free clip art.

I got offered three jobs in two states today. I was going to quit several jobs and stop commuting interstate but im currently working in Sydney as relief of permanent staff and also helping out a con while creator is a bit ill. Sydney warmer than Canberra and i missed a blizzard. I kinda prefer cold to sweating like a pig but my joints seize up and affects my mood. Also Syd I have a few hundred friends and hard to be bored. I guess I will save and decide where to live next year when I have cash to make choice.

Anyway Xor wonders are things you can witness as part of awe inspiring scenery, monuments and possible adventure hooks. I kinda avoid set hex and point crawl as I hate content not being used and tables give more freedom. If you want a detailed local map you can generate some hexes or ponits using the tables. Will run Xor after ASE but it has been going for most of the year and only problem is heroes now as tough or better than most NPCs around Dethenix. Will start my hellbog setting soon too - with earthy horror swamp and a hell plane of swamps. My players know I prefer low level play and wary of getting better while wanting to improve for own sake. So I have done more mid to high level stuff. My main problem with high level is it slows and complicates game - more time to do things, more spells that break your stories, more dice to be rolled, more record keeping etc,

d100 Wonders of Xor
01 Great bone citadel reaching into heavens 
02 Huge blood geyser shoots up and rains down
03 An alien rusted metallic structure attempting to tap bio electricity
04 Gibbering giant face on a flesh mountain
05 Gigantic breast spraying milk into air that forms into a stream
06 Gigantic crater with huge sphincter pooping
07 Gigantic crater with spiked toothed mouth like a sea urchin
08 Huge eyeball that moves and looks at intruders
09 Area covered in eyes everywhere
10 Gibbering mouth in thousands

11 Sea of pink writhing tentacles or worms
12 Great flesh trees with clans of humans connected by umbilical cords

13 Pink coral reef with ecology of strange human like beings filling ecological niches
14 Huge crater with face in bottom, locals hurl strangers into it's mouth
15 A crashed star ship with weird automated defense puzzles and illusions
16 A rusted ocean liner turned into a town 
17 Forest of gigantic hair follicles with roaming creatures
18 A gigantic arm blindly reaching and trying to grab and crush anything it can reach
19 A titanic ear with a waxy bristly pit into the subdermal realm
20 Thickly carpeted with hair region, creatures curled up asleep, pleasant droning sounds
21 Great bubbling lake or well of of acid, a structure built on floating foam and scum
22 Great cut bleeding swollen canyon, partly filled with blood, puke, piss or remen
23 Some civilization made great tattoo patterns for the gods too look down on
24 Huge bone and flesh aqueduct carrying veins and open flowing fluids
25 Bone henge frequented by blood druids
26 Huge waterfall of blood emptying into a scarlet mist shrouded lake
27 Huge sprawling bone ruins
28 Rotting kaiju carcass crawling with giant flies and beings battling over best bits
29 A mountain of flesh with a face budding from xor trying to break free
30 A huge crater with thousands of tentacled mutants fornicating and eating each other
31 Scarlet flesh tower citadel of eldren, mostly empty
32 A huge sphincter releasing fart gas, goblin kids with torches trying to set alight 
33 Huge arms growing from Xor thumb wrestling or playing rock paper scissors
34 Huge mouth gate in mountain under siege from orcs trying to batter teeth down
35 Tempting but empty town with food growing from walls, actually a trap that eats citizens 
36 Two mountains with faces spitting at each other with a saliva lake in between
37 Giant mouth choking in lake of it's own vomit
38 Gigantic forest of cocks get aroused as creatures walk near them
39 A great fleshy bridge reaching into a huge dimensional portal
40 Colosseum of meat and bone where death matches of monsters are cheered by crowds
41 A huge pit lined with shattered ribs and muscle opens into subdermal kingdom
42 A titanic nose where cyclops giants mine green and yellow nuggets to trade as food
43 Weird fleshy citadel outpost of migo who mostly abandoned it leaving monsters
44 Huge ruin of biological vehicle being built by lost race to escape Xor
45 Forest of antlers, horns and tusks growing with tufts of hair for brush 
46 Forest of fleshy trees growing transplant organs, orchards with eyes, ears, noses
47 Forest of giant bronchi swaying with Xor's breaths
48 Forest of anemone with massive trunks and tentacles catching airborne spores  
49 Mountain of star fish or sea urchins or gelatinous blobs
50 Clouds with millions of sky jellyfish some enormous some with deadly stings
51 Millions of crabs on migration cover landscape for miles
52 Millions of fleshy pink bats swarm blocking out sky and screaming
53 Valley of train size worms eating calcium deposit growths
54 Sprawling maze with walls made up of fused naked humanoids who spent too long inside
55 Valley with lost race of titans semi fused with surface of Xor but idiotic and babbling
56 Canyon with living creature bridge creatures entering mouth to cross
57 A massive flesh pyramid with a great judging scowling eye that twitches and stares
58 A titanic mind numbing shoggoth twitching and pulsing and sucking, growing slowly
59 Titanic humanoid made from thousands of fused people seated on mountain
60 A titanic baby suckling on a giant breast of Xor in sleep
61 Two colossal shoggoths groping and kissing each other
62 Lake of pink floating cells and tears, any approaching are bombarded with hallucinations
63 City built on skin membrane over a mighty living lake that feeds off evil dreams of people
64 A flesh city grown by race of pink lizard men and their pink dinosaurs herds
65 A distant mountain explodes and sky rains pus and infected globs of diseased matter
66 A lake of bile where demons relax, bathe, splash each other laughing and towel slapping
67 Giants jumping in valley to make boob and buttock like hills wobble and jiggle for a laugh
68 Titanic eggs with something squirming inside, one is under attack from something
69 A valley where giants are being born from the surface of Xor fully formed
70 A great egg in distance starts to hatch, a newborn hungry baby kaiju roams area for days
71 Kaiju trapped in giant amber like resin polygons with shocked expressions
72 Valley where skeletons are growing meat and some start to stand and come to life
73 Gaping flesh smoking pit to the abyssal realms of demonkind, flying demons in distance
74 Haunted bone sky scraper swarming with bats and flesh hounds, home to vampire king
75 Infested scarred hills, tainted green purple and pimply with bone dome of ghoul king
76 Giant fleshy snail with houses carved into shell slowly moves, a friendly trade town
77 Giant praying mantises are rearranging sacks of giant brains from behind a force field
78 Great sea shore with floating brain cities in distance
79 Giant star nautilus has crashed and it's internal species assimilating into Xorian ecology
80 Titanic tentacled anemone where colourful fish men civilizations battle for supremacy 
81 Skeleton graveyard where millions of animals have come to die
82 Dead lake of nitrates and mummified crystallized creatures that tried to drink it
83 Valley of fantastic crystals some with creatures frozen within
84 A pair of kaiju snuggling asleep against a mountain looking content
85 A god like being crashes from sky, starts to attack Xor then is swallowed up
86 Mountain with a ring of monster heads at base, atop it is a mighty flesh castle
87 Citadel of ceratin has grown into the sky and a murderous band of monsters dwell within
88 Tribe of giant cyclops with harpoons chasing land whales or purple worms
89 Great alien crystal fortress grows like infection in Xor, evil space eldren within
90 Titan lounging on a bone throne being served meat from quarry by morlock serfs
91 Titan covered in warts strangling a dragon and forcing it to burn them off
92 Colossal tentacle faced eyeless flesh toad being worshiped by faceless naked savages
93 Titans kids playing with knucklebones willing to play with interesting creatures they find
94 Pink salty water begins to rise flooding land full of pink crocodiles and giant squid
95 Kaiku whale and squid battling in a salty lake bellowing and screeching
96 A titanic open mouth has a city built inside for shelter, a friendly fearless trade town 
97 Savages set fire to hairlike grassland then snack on delicious burned skin of Xor
98 A great citadel shaped like a skull on a square plinth grown from the flesh of Xor
99 Polyp hills leaking secretions where chaos worshiping cancerous trolls are spawned 
100 Citadel and citizens growing rapidly from flesh of Xor by time you get close they believe they have been dwelling here for eons complete with ancient customs and traditions

Friday 22 July 2016

d100 Mobile Citidels

So I had a request for mecha cities from Luka Rejec on G+. Others contributed more entries (thanx 2  Michael RastonSherief Gaber,  Christopher PaulDallas MGoblins Henchman). I could do as a straight fantasy one with walking cities in hell or as a gonzo one with tech and magic and aliens and psionics on planet Psychon or wandering about on Xor. I could do as straight SF like Robotech SDF1. Psychon and Xor best candidates also will work there.

Another possibility would to use my citadel generators and just add mobility. So tables here you could do that. Also tables to make other kinds then a d100 for types you could find on Psychon. Look at some kids toys like skylanders and stick a citadel on the back.

I'm liking idea that cities representing their race on some blasted world battle each other, trade and hunt kaiju. I could do some strange things with this like a setting on a mostly desolate word of god monster cities. My underland setting stuff might be good for the wastelands. Perhaps each character comes from one. Might make a good wargame. Xor stuff good for interiors of living ones.

These old posts might be handy

These artifacts could be in a citadel or tables could be mixed with these

These monsters might battle a city or be good to build a city on

Citadel generators - psychon version and fantasy versions

The small tables for filling out details short in big table or use them to create new entries. 

d12 Why is city mobile
01 To battle enemy cities
02 To battle kaiju
03 Escape disaster
04 Seasonal mobility
05 To spread influence
06 Cursed
07 Serving a god 
08 Boredom 
09 Self aware
10 Secret known only to few
11 Forgotten or unknown
12 Roll d10 twice

d12 Mobility Type
01 Legs
02 Floats
03 Flies
04 Burrows
05 Swims
06 Teleports
07 Plane Shifts 
08 Carried
09 Wheels
10 Tracks
11 Roll d10 twice
12 Roll d10 three times

d12 Primary Construction
 Titanic Animal
02 Invertebrate Kaiju 
03 Hybrid Monster Kaiju
04 Machine
05 Living Stone
06 Living Metal
07 Animated Bricks
08 Mobile Crystal
09 Ambulatory Fungus
 Walking Plant

11 Bound God
12 Roll d10 twice for hybrid, fusion or other combination

d12 Surface Structures
01 Mansion
02 Keep
03 Village
04 Town
05 Castle
06 Citadel
07 Fortress
08 University
09 Necropolis

11 Monument (Pyramid, cathedral, ziggarut)
12 City

d12 Inhabitants and operators
1 Witless humans ride like parasites
2 Human magicians control and enslave rest of population
3 Undead
4 Faerie kind
5 Humanoids ride and use to raid new territory
6 Goblinoids crawl all over without any control
7 Demihumans operate it
8 Abhumans are frmer slaves of long gone operators
9 Insane cult operate and worship planar beings
10 Dwarves built or enslaved
11 Creators long gone now occupied by dozens of feuding races in ruins
12 Race of monsters control it

d100 Mobile Citidels
A clockwork trundling great wheel golem with a suburban fairymancer block inside its gleaming spyridian gyres. Luka Rejec02 A crippled Tarrasque with wheels in rear and castle on back, inhabitants shoot elephants or auroch into desired path as titbits from trebuchet
03 A Titanic hermit crab with a glass citadel on the back with a lost race of eldren dimensional travellers
04 A colossal steam powered Iron Golem with a population living in houses among cogs who maintain the golem but don't know why, the richest live in head with poor stoking furnaces 
05 A titanic swan ship with sails populated by aloof swanmays and elves with werewolf soldiers who raid for supplies in long ships
06 A great crystal disc with a city on the back which flies seasonally from crystal plinth to plinth across the world. Civilizations rise and fall in between plinth usa and locals dont realize what plinths for till the cities come 
07 A great obsidian, jet and basalt monolith filled of the serpent men that marches on adamant legs, destroying and enslaving all on it's path 
08 A colossal bronze bull with a Ziggarat temple to chaos on its back laying waste to all. chaos pilgrims and demons occupy it and guard it's treasure and dimensional gates
09 A giant tarantula with a dark elf fungal cathedral on back, clouds of spores and irritating spider hairs like javelins follow in the cities wake
10 A mechanical bronze scorpion damaged and wandering madly while on back a city of men enslaved by efreeti waste lives with intrigue

11 A great stone sphinx with a gold and quartz clad pyramid on back houses undead hordes of the mummy pharaoh, mad for gold in the service of Set
12 A slimy octopoid headed toad bodied elder god with a multi spired iron citadel chained to its back and manacled with mystic signs, mad cultists within goad creature with magic signs and use it to travel across world seeking prehuman ruins and loot relics 

13 Sentient bio engineering factories in the shape of worms, churning out untold humanoid offspring as it chews through. Michael Raston
14 Giant gold boar with brazen city and two huge cannons on back run by dwarves. Firing guns can be heard a continent away but has not been don for a millennium
15 Titan snail with mindflayer city in shell, awakens every ten thousand years to feed, then sleeps till world recovered for another feast
16 Gargantuan Chimera with Acropolis on back, populated by hostile myrmidons, relic of ancient god wars
17 A crystal tripod with citadel on back, has a great magnifying crystal it uses as a heat ray, populated by ant men determined to wipe out human kind
18 A crazed anchorite wanders the wastes. A city thrives in his imagination. The combination of ESP and Teleport permits entry. Dallas M
19 An ever growing and dying mass of weeds and vines, moving along the landscape like a heaving, shuddering tumbleweed. Houses a commune of feral druids. Michael Raston
20 A megacacti with ecology of races living inside for protection. Cacti can fire thousands of arrow like quils. On feet level beetlemen guard feet and collect refuse for cacti.. Inside hidden occult worm men store and grow food inside and run the show. Top giant talking sparrow folk scout and occasional carry bug men
21 A plodding steambutt behemoth with cute wooden shacks growing out and among it's stacks. Houses a radical neo-collectivist hippy dwarf commune. Luka Rejec
22 A cubist nightmare of inverted cathedrals of the cube demons suspended from gleaming crystal skyhooks, dragging furrows in the ground as it follows the movement of the cube-star. Inhabited by sentient molluscs, ratmen and the pygmy elves of Fur-rie. Luka Rejec
23 A great green mold-cube with a the town-houses of the eunuch mindflayers suspended in force-sacs within the roiling mold-cube, connected by prismatic Gates held in coordination by the distributed mindgasm of the groping reality extension that is Muth the Danzikkert, mother of squids. Luka Rejec
24 A floating monolith with a city of light darting through its para-crystalline quantum-computation structures, it constantly shifts. Luka Rejec
25 The reanimated skin of an undead greater titan's cow, it walks around on the limbs of dead warriors denied entry to the shores of the Rainbow Isles for their sins. Atop it's leathery surface grow the gorgeous, engorged, gloaming mushroom towers of the vegan egg-slaying elven paladins of Patanapatanupantatantan. Luka Rejec
26 A great stone mule, upon its head a crown of gold, in the crown a palace of malachite, in the palace of malachite a lapis maze. Luka Rejec
27 A great mecha of steel and whining antigrav modules, with great fang-like towers and obscure geometric monstrous sculptures, it houses a graveyard of radioactive waste safe from the lesser ones that came after the ascension of the greater ones. Luka Rejec
28 A undead titan driven by lich living in brain pan land who direct lesser undead and necromancers to operate and steer the great godling corpse
29 Twin cities, each atop a giant green scarab beetle, in a perpetual cat-and-mouse pursuit of one another across the land. This could be for amorous reasons or animosity. The inhabitants will express their city's sentiment's towards their counterparts, loving or loathing accordingly. Sherief Gaber they might steal each others dungballs - cities crushed under poop - chase kaiju for poop (me)
30 A great clockwork brass cathedral on metal legs, it's gongs and bells awaken everyone for miles. On the hour every hour it shoots out a clockwork horror that rampages across the land. Modrons built it and abandoned it but misguided cult of law inhabit it trying to understand how to operate it and the understand the patterns behind it's rambling path.
31 A great jade pyramid with a single all-seeing mad eye bobbling along atop a swirling gyre of rubbery grey-purple tentacles. Luka Rejec
32a rusting cylinder of an ancient alloy, pocked by the craters and blood-stains of crazed dive-bombing elven paragliders, it slides along the ground leaving glassy furrows when nobody is looking. Some say it is the entrance to the tubular bell of creation. Luka Rejec
33the great munificent turtle mummy of leather and horn shambles along, moaning as it seeks the long-destroyed Beach of Desire. The order of the Kogalogas rides it, whispering that the beach is just over the next hill to keep it moving, the turtle and their keep of rags and bones. Luka Rejec
34a slug grown monstrous, sloughing off fleshy little sluglets as it goes, fueling itself with the life energies of the foolish little folk, host to a tent-city of parasitic meat-hobbits who live off the little sluglets and farm it's cyst-riddled flesh for slug-pearls to trade with the bird people of the Cone Mountain. Luka Rejec
35a tower with stick insect legs home to a dreaming old woman with a heart of gold and a mind of steel. Luka Rejec
36 A great metal and rubber kangaroo with a small gnome city in its pouch. Luka Rejec
37 An amalgamation of brick golems, glazed and dazed and confused, that nearly achieved lift-off in the anti-gravitic wars against the sky-demons, now in thrall to the siren song of the nymph Emphatica the Blue-Green, they tumble and gyre in ballet-like-half-floating dance as they keep aloft her great crystal goblet-swimming pool in which her villa floats on an isle of kelp Luka Rejec
38 a great pine tree, gnarled with age, it travels along moonbeams on deathly still nights, bearing it's squirrelfolk masters and mistresses on their heathen ley-line squirreling missions. Luka Rejec
39 a giant fleshy peach encircling a kernel of steel, home to the artificial metal mind Jojo, it bobs along in rivers and seas, and floats under a levitating disk of purefloatonium when it is above land. Luka Rejec
40A tavern in a mirror that reflects itself from point to point, always suspended just above the horizon, like a rainbow perennially about to descend. Luka Rejec
41 A titanic brain in a jar on the back of a dinosaur kaiju, the brain is inhabited by horrible alien beings who engineered it as a computational device but they and the brain have gone mad and forgotten the great secret they once saught
42 Two separate threads of destiny woven into great balls of destinal yarn, they float and orbit each other, creating a tornado. Luka Rejec
43 A great bowl, empty, save for a pseudo-intellectual pea avatar of the pseudo-god Ashlar Five, it wobbles along on one shaky wheel. Luka Rejec
44 A colossal brewery on stilt legs that harvests grain with huge sucking funnels and produces thousands of litres of beer for the mysterious inhabitants within. The are short robed humanoids who communicate by belching. Peasants fear it stealing their crops but occasionally it dumps thousands of gallons of yeast slops when cleaning the great vats
45 A great floating gold sphere that drifts about randomly until it comes near a grave yard when it speeds towards it and sucks up residual souls. Dead kaiju attract it too and a huge mouth opens to eat them
46 A great fat unicorn of pearl on legs of obsidian with a horn of gold, a gaggle of laughing, never-aging children live within its mouth, a posse of grim wizened nomads live in its bowels hunting white blood cell-dogs and eating cat-sized-bacterial fruit-urchins, a clutch of grasping half-dead-but-undying wizened wretched live in the feathers of its rainbow tail. Luka Rejec
47 A tank titanic on treads of titanium, so large its peaks are lost in the clouds, crushing mountains beneath its waste, devouring soil and rock and spewing out finely made kitchen appliances that all cry out piteously for the "electric city" before choking into death. It is home to mute servitors of the machine cult than no men have worshipped in a hundred hundred years. Come to think of it, not many men are left, it's all accreta and detreta and mountains of dead kitchen appliances. Luka Rejec
48 A great steam calliope operated by gnomes on the back of a mighty hairless guinea pig. It's terrible music drives people mad after a few days and keeps babies awake. The great beast moves on when had fill with trees
49 A huge shambling pile of logs the size of a mountain, crewed by intelligent beavers. They pause to gather tasty new wood and drink lakes dry. Their main contact with humans is to taunt them and display their intact testicles which humans used to hunt for musk
50 A gigantic levitating pyramid of feces that drips thousands of gallons of effluent as it passes overhead. It seems to be occupied by a civilization of otyughs and ropers. They believe they are saviors and helpers by depositing dung heaps and monsters behind
51 A great glittering moth that blocks out the sun and carries a mighty walled city of moth men on it's back. Parasites have enraged the moth sending it out of control. The moth men used to battle ant men in dawn age but both sides have bigger problems now

52 A giant rolling clod of earth and roots, with a city inside. A civilization of various mineral based abhumans, dwarves and gnomes and talking animals like moles. The cosmopolitan races within want to roll the sphere off the end of the world and become seperate by falling for eternity, perhaps growing into a new plane
53 A titanic Amber Lion with a ruined temple on it's back occupied with cavemen descendants of fallen civilization. Made from the sap of the world tree as a plaything for gods and titans. The shamans order death to any who steal amber and can track any from the construct
54 A living glacier fragment of the Ymir (his tooth) from before the world was made. It walks on it's roots and brings it;s own frigid weather system. Has four great hills each with a cavern settlement with a different race. Include inteligent penguins and polar bears, vikings and undead. These factions fight and raid outside. Deeper caverns are filled with dark elves, dwarves trolls and purple ice worms
55 A levitating chunk of fenced-off real-estate with empty warehouses and subterranean bunkers and tunnels, some with remains. Luka Rejec
56 The Great Boat City of Black Gate; bourne aloft on a host of enslaved water elementals, aqueous sprites, and gelatinous beings. The primate inhabitants (the former servant class of the deposed Elementalists), in pursuit of landward pillage to the greater torment of their means of locomotion. Goblins Henchman

57 A colossal Russian carved wooden doll levitates across land, when threatened it opens and another half size version comes out, this process continues till a human size wood golem is the last one. The structure and it's smaller versions are operated by female druids who use the wanderings of the doll to plant female druid cults across the world. They are notorious for being angry and topless. Wood golems act as servants and soldiers
58 The spirit of an entire city that was destroyed by a volcano. It is usually incorporeal, floating across the land, except in the light of the full moon it becomes solid again. Here, one can trade for strange and ancient items, secrets lost to time, and make alliances with the spirit world. Christopher Paul
59 Manbar the Moon Lens city, a great disk that amplified moonlight into projective pulses. Goblins Henchman
60 City of Fires is situated on triangular plinth, the plinth superheated, melting the land underneath into a pliable molten mass, whence it travels an obsidian track is left behind. Goblins Henchman
61 Khank is mouthed on the back of a great grasping hand. Goblins Henchman
62 Slaver city of Pum II is pulled forward on chains attached to huge land anchors. Goblins Henchman
63 The ball-like city of Fume moves on a single great caterpillar-track, the track an infinite Möbius strip loop. Goblins Henchman
64 Nimbeara travels by chewing the land before it as if the loam were water using an Archimedes' screw mechanism. Goblins Henchman
65 A bubble-like tesseract of fluid moves by performing a double rotation about two orthogonal planes, within it's confines live an aquatic trading race. Goblins Henchman
66 An inter-dimensional city, within its confines its people are born live and die normally, in OUR dimension their lives exist for mere fractions of seconds, in OUR dimension, looking down from near by mountains, the city pulses flexes, and moves like a writhing beast as if watching a great city in fast forward. Goblins Henchman
67 The jungle inhabitants know the city as the Owl City, seen by them aloft on great wings, fearing the soundless hunters at night. Goblins Henchman Full of haunted libraries and owl men (me)

68 A titanic stone dwarf hollowed out with dwarf and troll civilizations battling within. Occasional refugees escape the age old war and cause trouble to those people displaced by the statues passage 
69 A titanic white bouncy puppy goaded by scholar eldren in a marble spire citadel who patiently tolerate their cities steed having erratic behavior. It especially chases spherical things and digs up kaiju bones, and leaves worm filled poops as big as hills behind
70 A ginormous spinning top generates a storm system and can skip over obstacles or water. The city within remains stable and a race of arrogant wizards within care little for the outside world, engrossed in their magical research
71 A mighty iron pangolin with a stupa temple on back carries imortal monks in trances across the surface of the world and sometimes beneath it 
72 A collosal crimson demon with a city for a hat and a giant spring from the waiste down bounds across the world causing chaos and destruction to all in his wake. The demon being known as Zeberdee is unaware of the race of men who dwell in his hat and study his chaotic ululation and gyrations. They believe this understanding can be used to understand the secrets of the multiverse. Only time will tell if they are mad
73 A titanic boot stomps across the world crushing villages and common folk. It is ruled by a witch who adopts all the orphans left behind. Her army of flying monkeys pillage food and abandoned children. Once inside they never age and some estimate several thousand children live inside feeding off porridge, bread and candy
74 A towering bronze tyrannosaur with a exotic serpant man palace on it's back struts across the world looking for herds of animals to eat and kaiju to fight. The serpent man cult of sorcerers are shapeshifters who might try to appear human to deceive humans. They crave magic items and books and care for their pet. Tick and worm men in the beasts body are a constant anoyance
75 A mighty hungry centipede with a road on it's back and a stupa on each segment roams the land eating all it can find. Each stupa shrine has different occupants including ghosts, animal spirits and monks and shamen of various alignments. Pilgrims travel the three hundred and sixty five shrines and prey earn merit in heaven. Getting on or off is a problem 
76 A tremendous serpent biting its own tail savagely undulates and spasms in it's battle throws across the land. Trolls, elves, men and dwarves have tiny kingdoms within and many get trapped inside trying to escape being crushed by the thrashing serpent. Parts of the serpent are exradimensional and it'd digestive tract takes years to travel
77 A gargantuan scarlet angry land whale swims through the soil occasionally swallows a town. Many races inside dwell  with towns adapting and blending populations. A race of praying mantis bio wizards have struggled for aeons to control it so they can conquer the multiverse. They abandon weird hybrid creatures and experiments through the great world inside the whale
78 A might insectoid tripod with a living pyramid stomps across the world. Inhabited by octopoid aliens who crave conquest and lock human slaves in magic control shackles and drink their blood. They use smaller tripods with tentacles they drive to capture more slaves. The great pyramid is a city with a inhospitable gas environment. Slaves live in special breathable habitats and wear living gas masks when serving the masters 
79 A mountainous flying undead head soars through the skies with a city of liches in its rotting brain. The former slain god invades lands by raining undead fromm the sky on victims lands
80 A mighty sloth fell from the trees supporting the skies long ago and crawls inexorably slow trying to fing the mythic trees lost long ago. Among it's fur grow forests with villages of savages among the folicles. If the mighty sloth is bothered the savages swarm like beserk ants to aid the sloth god
81 A enormous ginger bread house with duck legs stride across the world settling occasional luring curious locals inside. The witch who rules it with her army of gingerbread men eats some and enslaves the rest in her kitchen with addictive baked goods. Sometimes the onion domed ginger palace is found near a disaster site offering hospice to survivors then it runs away when victims are trapped inside
82 A titanic carved ornamental table with elephant head and trunks for legs roams across the world. On the table top is a small sea with islands, kingdoms, towns oblivious to the fate of people below
83 A huge wooden box walking on stubby legs roams the world with a handle on the side which turns. Inside the box churns cream of the celestial cow goddess making delicious butter for the gods. Inside the box walls and the great wheel inside holy monks and priests prey and keep evil demons away so the holy butter will be untainted. Modrons aid the priests and keep the wooden cogs moving smoothly
84 A great fiery bird crosses the skies on it's back is a city of holy people who worship the bird. The bird battles it's enemy a great vampire bat demon.  
85 A great vampire shadowy bat demon with a city of undead, cultists and demons on it's back. It battles it's enemy a great fiery holy bird but the two mostly on oposite sides of the world in pursuit of each other eternally  
86 A immense wooded X with a crucified titan writhing in pain flies across the world dripping blood. The blood forms monsters and on the cross cities of cultists and enemies fight to free or destroy the titan
87 A titanic hive of demon wasps flies across the world, the wasps scour the surface for food and kidnap humans to impregnate with wasp-men offspring who eat the "mother"
88 A sprawling cathedral on the back of a titanic stone wolf walks the world, leaving trails of undead and demons
89 A humongous hydra with a zigguratt on it's back walks the world breathing fire and laying waste to nature and civilization. In the ziggurat a race of giant harlots engage in a ceasless ritual orgy to operate the beast. Mortals are raided and kidnapped to participate but most don't last long 
90 A titanic black 4 yorned billy goat with demon sigils on fur and a iron bell of hell around his nech strides across the world. On his back a citadel of witches with a army of goatmen wage war on the mortal realm
91 A mountain scale turtle slowly drags himself across the world surface and even under it. In the shell many races have taken shelter and live obliviously to the outside world. Most of them outside is a myth but some occasionally escape and colonize the outland
92 A great shaggy cad tital struts across the world occasionaly pausing to drink a lake or play with a screaming village. On her back a citadel of catfolk live a paradise with milk, treats and comphy pillows and servants. When the great cat pauses the catfolk explore and steal anything they take a fancy too especially clothing
93 A great bell hovers over the ground shaking the earth with vibrations beneath it. When the bell tolls devastation wracks the surface. In the bell dwell a race of men with a large percentage of monks. There are several bells of different alignment that battle on sight causing havoc to the people bellow
94 A great statue of a multi headed and armed godess floats across the sky, occasionally dropping fireballs and mountainous slabs of rock and rubble. Inside are colossal seemingly endless ruins where factions of good and evil fight, decendants of builders of long ago who cannot remember why they fight
95 A great painted red with blood wooden egg rolls across the land inside rabbit men and human beserkers who control it pause to launch a bloodthirsty crusade on the poor locals. Their blood goddess is served by red robe blood druids who demand sacrifices to keep the egg working 
96 A great step pyramid shell of a mighty hermit crab strides the land. A city of cultists within sacrifice blood and hearts to their chaos god and raid lands the crab passes
97 A great pair of boobs oozes across the land crushing everything. In the cleavage valley between them a amazon citadel preys to keep them moving and safe. Invaders are enslaved, used up till ruined then thrown in front of the titanic tits  
98 A great demon mother swine with a blood drenched citadel full of angry hungry devil swines roams the world destroying all in her path with her tusks and plow like nose. Occasional she stops to give birth to a litter of giant demon pigs but thankfully she chases them and tries to eat them. The devil swine accumulate piles of treasure visible from a distance
99 A great shambling fleshy blob rolls across the surface, possibly part of the flesh of Xor or it's offspring. A great bone castle atop is home to a race of mad skinless savages
100 A great smouldering space rock crashes leaving devastation. From the crater it makes, hoard of space orcs pour forth eating and killing. When they have their fill and all the slaves and treasure they can carry they return and the rock flies into the heavens to return again one day