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Beyond Exilon

These places are distant trading partners slightly too far away to war with but influential. They might be visited or mentioned. Assuran is at war with bloody aztec like jungle empires to the east. Also it is possible players could come from these lands or went to a war there.

Serpent Isle
a former central hub of the monster Empire and a important sea trade city for their occupation of the world when sea levels were higher and the north less frozen.  Now only a small island remains as it was since humans, humanoids and demihumans destroyed the monster empire. Shadelport a great ruined city has attracted pirates to re settle it and who knows if anything will come of this mostly ruined city. Sea Travel away from the coast is risky limiting contact with this land. Monster Island off the coast is a magically preserved remnant of the Monster Empire where humans would never voluntarily go. Many colony ships have gone there but little contact returns due to poor sea navigation for humnans.

In a future age it is renamed Exile Island and the city Shadelport is a world famous haven for pirates and adventurers. Under the rule of a mysterious masked immortal Barron.

1 Pirates out exploring
2 Escaped slaves from monster territories 3d6
3 Elven warriors 2d6
4 Dwarvern warband 2d6
5 One eyed cyclops orc tribal hunters 2d6
6 Giant  hunting for snacks
7 Troll band 
hunting d4 
8 Serpent man wizard with lizard man minions
9 Settlers searching for new home to colonise
10 Barbarian tribe hunting wizards and monsters
11 Adventurer band looking to loot something
12 Tribal natives looking for colonists to drive away

Hex Content d4+2 per hex

1 Dungeon entrance
2 Ruined temple
3 Ruined tower
 Ruined manour house
 Ancient grave yard
6 Huts with tribal villagers 12-25 pop
 Colony of villagers 26-50 pop
8 Barbarian Tribal village 26-50 pop
9 Demihuman village
 12-25 pop
10 Humanoid village 26-50 pop  
11 Huge cave entrance
12 Monster lair d4 1=chimera 2=dragon 3=demon 4=giant

Lizard Kings
Civilized lizard folk  with many kingdoms and great cities. They split from the serpents and dragons and survived the end of the monster age. They are a proud civilized people. They have domestic dinosaurs and worship a few naga and dragons still in the country areas still. Most worship a reptilian dynasty of gods similar to the human ones. Tribal varieties vary much in skin colour and skull shape. Some have dorsal crests and horns or frill necks. These features speak volumes to lizard folk about ancestry and homeland. They often war with humans   

d12 Encounters
1 Lizard folk farmers
Lizard folk herders with dinosaurs
3 Lizard folk warband with dinosaur pulled chariot
4 Lizard fork priests carrying statue to another temple

5 Wild dinosaurs on the prowl
6 Human thralls working on a road or monument

7 Merchants from other kingdom
8 Giant snake
9 Giant lizards
10 Serpent folk wizard on palanquin with lizard folk slaves
11 Dragon flies past
12 Hungry wyverns attack d3

Hex Content d4+2 per hex
1 Ancient stone monolith
2 Ancient ruins
3 Sinkhole into underground world
4 Huge cavern entrance

5 Reptile folk village 26-50 pop
6 Reptile folk town 150-500 pop

7 Reptile folk city pop 1-2 thousand with own king
8 Great holy monument complex 500-1000 pop 
9 Huge remains of gargantuan creature 
10 Vast swamp teeming with dinosaurs
11 Serpant folk wizard tower
12 Monster lair 
 d4 1=Naga 2=Dragon 3=reptilian demon 4=gargantua reptile sleeping

Assuran Empire 
A conquering empire that has reached its limits. Famously cruel and many say it's common gods are actually devils in disguise pretending to be the common gods. Their state deity might well be a form of Asmodeus. They war with several jungle empires of bloody chaos cults to the east and wasteland barbarians. Highly efficient war machine and engineering of their empire have kept them strong. Their legendary cruelty has them surrounded by enemies.

d12 Encounters
1 Marching infantry off to war
2 Marching infantry leading slaves, cattle and treasure to the king

3 Chariot of noble with skirmishers and guards
4 Chariot of noble hunters chasing wolves or lions or auroch

5 Devil cultist out on the prowl in hooded robes
6 Witch looking to create trouble

7 Priests performing sacrifice with war prisoners
8 Slaves on public works whipped by soldiers
9 Peasants hard at work
10 Merchants off to market
11 Imp causing mischief
12 Devil causing mischief

Hex Content d4+2 per hex
1 Crossroads small village population 12-25
2 Medeum village population 26-50
Large village population 51-150
Shrine 1in4 with attendant
Military outpost like tower or stockade 1in4 abandoned
6 Nobles estate population 100 1in4 abandoned
7 Temple estate population 100 1in4 abandoned
8 Ancient ruins exposed
9 Ancient stone monuments
10 Huge stone monument to the empire  

11 Famous monster lair such as d4 1=Sphynx 2=shedu 3=dragon 4=demon
12 Tribal seasonal camp site 1in6 occupied currently

Faerie Wilds
Elfland full of magical beings, humanoids and demihumans and forbidden to humans. The faerie king and queen of the region are gods who's personas and ambitions vary with the seasons. Humans mostly keep away and the forest has been expanding for generations. Smaller isolated pockets exist and faerie folk have magical roads connecting them as if their land was contingent.

d12 Encounters
1 Werewolves
2 Goblinoid tribe 1=kobold 2=goblin 3=hobgoblin 4=bugbear

3 Satyrs
4 Centaurs

5 Demihuman merchant 1=gnome 2=dwarf 3=halfling 4=elf
6 Elven warriors

7 Giant Animals
8 Tree folk
9 Tree or animal spirit folk
10 Dryad or nymph
11  Faerie party
12 Woodland petty deity

Hex Content d4+2 per hex
1 Colossal tree with houses inside
2 Dryad grove with multiple dryads, their pets and enthralled lovers
3 Tree fortress
4 Monoliths

5 Ancient haunted tombs
6 Faerie village

7 Elf Village
8 Faerie rings able to be used as gates to faerie land
9  Small sylvan humanoids in quaint cottages 25pop
10 Cavern entrance to the underland
11 Place of natural beauty
Powerful fairy home

The Arcane Empire
First great empire that developed the common language, weights and measures. Wizards thrive here and serve in the army for part of their lives to pay for their state schooling. They are great merchants scholars and archers. They are great merchants with slaves from across the world speaking their common tongue. Their greatest city scrapes the heavens and some gods are displeased by mortal arrogance.

d12 Encounters
1 Wizard with apprentices
2 Chariot pulled by magical being or summoned creature

3 Army on the march to fight barbarians
4 Merchants with exotic slaves for sail

5 Merchant with strange animals or monsters for sale
6 Demi human traders visiting

7 Villagers bringing food to city
8 Lions or auroch 
9  Giant scorpion
10 Sphynx asks riddles and eats losers
11 Manticore eating travellers
12 Elemental

Hex Content d4+2 per hex
1 Crossroads small village population 12-25
2 Medeum village population 26-50
Large village population 51-150
Shrine 1in4 with attendant
Military outpost like tower or stockade  
6 Nobles estate population 100  
7 Temple estate population 100 
8 Ancient ruins exposed
9 Ancient stone monuments
10 Huge stone monument to the empire
11 Wizards tower
12 Alchhemical refinery

The Belloron Empire
Their great cities are full of temples and ziggurats are famous for piety and holy festivals. Their priest kings are holy people and the descendants of the gods. They were founded by a hero king monster slayer who gained divinity from the gods for destroying a cosmic monster. To this day they use many exotic breed monsters subserviant to the gods as beast cults.

d12 Encounters
1 Priests marching on processional route with statue of a god
2 Pilgrims touring the empires holy places
3 Templar warriors of various religions on the march with pet monsters
4 Priests collecting tithes of the gods with escort troops

5 Crusaders off to fight a holy war
6 Monks or nuns 
with holy relic 
7 Returning hero being praised by commoners
8 Commoners off to visit the temple
9  Beast folk cultists serving the empire
10 Griffons, Sphynx or lamia block road hungry for flesh
11 Cherubim or good minor spirit make apearance
12 Archon or Shedu or angel or djinn come to reward the good with gifts (gifts only work for lawful good beings)

Hex Content d4+2 per hex
1 Crossroads small village population 12-25 pop
2 Medeum village population 26-50 pop
Large village population 51-150 pop
Shrine 1in4 with attendant
Military outpost like tower or stockade  
6 Nobles estate population 100 pop 
7 Temple estate population 100 pop
8 Ancient ruins exposed
9 Ancient stone monuments
10 Huge stone monument to the empire  

11 Huge temple or ziggurat estate with 1000 pop
12 Pilgrim attraction where holy miracle took place and left a sign 

Necromancer Kings
Kingdoms ruled by ancient liches and immortal necromancers in the north. Villages are a parody human ones with undead farmers working with their undead animals. Many living serve too dreaming of being made into superior undead. While to the south a new heretical school of flesh carnomancy magic has taken hold from the world of Xor. Now necromancers fight each other. The flesh wizards seek to use living matter as tools. The Death templars nearby as comparison were more theocratic while the necromancer kings were wizards.

1 Zombies wandering in dust storm 

Skeletons burst from ancient rubble
Wight knight or bone golem with 2d4 zombie soldiers
Fast zombies
5 Ghouls
Spectral Minions or shadow from ancient battle
7 Undead templar warriors
Templar warrior cultists led by priest
9 Mounted undead templars on zombie horses

10 Skeleton Wizard with 2d6 skeleton soldiers
11 Necromancer, d4 students and 2d6 bodyguards
12 Jackal men mercenaries

Hex Content d3 per hex

Ancient stone monument
Ruined city
3 Ruined temple
Ruined keep
5 Ruined manour house
Ancient grave yard
Wizard tower
Ghoul infested graveyard
9 Ancient barrow mound tomb

10 Village of undead 
11 Mousoleum complex
12 Pit of bones

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