Friday 29 November 2019

Stone Age Adventures

A Stone Age Civilisation Setting 
As yet unnamed stone age fantasy setting. After a age of monsters ruling with black magic the world is unclaimed wasteland. Many of the evil races fled to isolated places or underground. (Name suggestions: Bonelands, Slingstones & Sloths, sabretooth!, Frozen Coast). Hoping to write some adventure zines in this setting to play as cave folk of for moderns to discover. One flyer will be a mini setting with map, tribe info and encounters and loot.

A new tribe of survivors of a great sunken land have fled into the frozen northeren lands of glaciers, tundra and mountains. Great beasts dwell here and great hunters can overcome them.The tribe need new skills to survive and friends or the tribe wont last long. Skills the players have will ensure tribes survival.

Initial sandbox area of glaciated chilly coast

huge glaciers reaching into forested mountains
row of mountains forming many valleys to explore
rivers and streams
tribal areas and sacred places
great plateau of megafauna
stone city of ancient wizards
ruins of the monster empire, possibly degenerate survivors

The Tribe

Are mongrels, survivors who as children survived great south land flooding and burning. The last few elders who saved as many abandoned children on the journey north are few now. Having crossed the sea on a raft you came to this new place. The tribe are tolerant of physical differences and appearance and all dedicated to the families survival or you get kicked out if its a problem. They have no sacred places or objects, no links to other tribes by blood and no ancient traditions but a mash of many without context or understanding. The tribes stories are mostly about fleeing the floods and a smattering of childrens tales of old tribes.

Grandmother one tooth cannot walk or see but eats and talks and knows most
-she is also a healer (C3 dedicated to cave ogre goddess)
-mostly advises ruthless cruel action the tribe accept as last resort

Everyone uses default skill chances to hunt and survive and craft. Having proper skills gives you not just easier time but more advanced. Possibly you are only person in tribe with some skills and are duty bound to teach it preferably to children.

Fighters - mostly hunters and champions who battle in ritual combat or fight monsters. In times of violence these are often temporary or lasting leaders. Sometimes a champion takes over a tribe by continuing their emergency rulership over the tribe.

Clerics - priests of the gods, carry a idol of the They prey too or a bundle of ancestors bones. They claimed the gods freed us from slavery and darkness. There are bad gods too. Priests know about pleasing all kinds of gods and the importance of having a patron god. A priest has a favourite god but will help others with their gods who are kin of their god. Big gods are a puzzle to most peoples but the chanting of a priests stories are welcome entertainment. Some evil priests praise all the bad gods of the monster age bringing dead to walk and cursing others. When you die your god takes you to their house and meet your ancestors

Rogue - rely on craft and cunning, many are experts at scouting or tracking or making things from the kill.They most often act alone and avoid direct conflict. Sometimes they are called upon to kill a enemy or tribe member in secret.
Wizards - use ancient magic in words and writings found carved in stone on walls or in tablets. They crave secrets of black magic  used by the monster kings to call forth monsters, nightmares and death. Most shun and fear them but some prove their worth and live with a tribe (or might take over but more likely to use a proxy)
Monks - there are rare tribal fighting schools that train warriors in ancient arts of fighting. Some dedicate them,selves to these schools and fighting cults. They live with very little in isolated places and rely on gifts which limits their growth. Some preserve other skills and languages and ancient lost skills. Most tribes would not support even one unless the order had aided them. Fighting this much is a waste of time you should be getting food say most.
Druid - are priests worshipping nature itself and all the creatures spirits of the land, water, air, trees and places. The most organised religion and popular, they organise calender's, festivals and building monuments like moving rocks. They are wise in healing, lore, poisons, herbs and languages. Druids provide education through story and song. Druids also regulate hunting seasons, where hunters can go, what is in season based on ancient lore to live in harmony with spirits. When you die you are reincarnated but some return as mightier beings or lowlier beings if they struggled against life.

Bard - are those found promising to be druids but drop out of study to be entertainers and artists. Not all tribes tolerate a waste of food so bards best have useful skills and knowledge and magic and popularity. Socialise with all types excelling at manners, customs, diplomacy and even trade. They learn all kinds of skills and lore and language. At big inter tribal gatherings bards will have contests that go on for days. Famous bards are very respected and travel as they please

Sorcerer - natural born spell casters often a result of non human bloodlines from the monster age. Many have dreams  and visions which they enhance with fungi and herbs. In such dreams they meet and make pacts with their inhuman ancestors for power. Wizards have actually mimicked and recorded them to research new spells they can write on cave walls. Sorcerers unlike wizards are lazy, self indulgent, more willing to start a fight, enjoy adulation of others. A witch or warlock child if found to be useful with a cantrip might be spared. Problem ones might be abandoned. People who have been wronged by sorcerers are common and many hate them all. Wizards are above scandalous living. A good sorcerer is a tribal asset and respected.

Dwarf - dwarfs too were slaves of the monster empire and are recovering their own lost lore and arts. Currently they work copper and stone and silver and make the best weapons and armour. Bows, atlatl, slings, bolos, lassos and all manner of advanced weapons are known to them. They dream of going into the deep to find secure dwarf civilisation and being welcomed. Actually the elder dwarfs don't want them grubbing up the place with their stench. Every tribe needs a dwarf! Some trap them in caves or cripple their legs so they cannot escape. Dwarves can be sly and cruel and resentful at their value. Many demand beer or lovers or the best meat.

Elf - elves too were slaves of the monster empire and many did not escape too faerie land. Elves did come in to help the empire fall but did not reclaim their lost children. Even the dark elves helped betray the empire at the end. Some elves alone and isolated since savage monsters killed and ate everyone they knew live with humans, often for generations. They help keep lore and magic available to the tribe as well as fighting arts. They use bows and spears and live harmoniously with beasts and plants. Elves kept imprisoned waste away so most people try to keep elves friendly. Elves might long to meet other elves but will be shocked at their prejudice against those without pedigree or bloodlines tainted by mortals.

Gnome - small nature spirit folk who have remained hidden for aeons among nature but did help end the monster empire. Excellent craters usually lagging behind dwarves in many fields but good with precision moving parts. Also gnomes worship nature as kin so are good at arts of survival. They are quite charming and clever and tribes happily adopt them. They always hope to meet a village of their own kind but those who have wandered for centuries find it hard to settle with regular folk.

Halflings - burrowfolk live in holes in the ground. Stout and clever they are able hunters and gatherers and eat constantly in their decorated holes. Their every day comforts are great and their clothes are made from cloth with buttons. Advanced in farming, crafts, food preservation and cooking. They are very amiable and not ambitious mostly beyond creature comforts or food but they are curious. They make good food finders and cooks as well as make beer. They are well liked unless food is scarce.

Abhumans - these are part human part beasts made by gods in the dawn age or wizards in the monster empire emulating them. Many worship nature as do druids or they worship evil gods and demons. The most common in the current are d6 1=Stag 2=Lion 3=Ape 3=Bull 4=Snake 5=Lizard 6=Fish 7=Wolf 8=Frog 9=Bear 10=Crow. Other more exotic types exist too including elemental types, 
Terror Bird, Dinosaur or mythic creatures like dragons or unicorns. Most live in tribes and have simplest technology, some don't like fire or cooking. A rareley known fact is the monster empire by the end relied on abhuman troopd but human and orc breeds performed the best and became the most common type. Barbarians are modified hybrid humans and are thus abhumans like the strongest breeds of orc.

Giants - some giants as children live hidden among humans until they grow too large or hideous. Their habit of eating far more than any human is a problem for them. Some big tribes like supporting a huge strongman but small ones wont. Thus many end up alone. Giants can be good or evil and are part of a older order who waged war on the gods in the dawn age. Many chaotic giants served monster kings but others serving Cosmic Law helped humanity. Giants are rare but occupy valleys and hidden places hard for humans to reach.

Changelings - spirit folk akin to plants, elements or beast and change into human form. Some come to live with humans but move on as they are immortal and don't want to attract attention with worship. Usually they move if discovered. Mostly they keep their magic and shape shifting powers secret. Most are nature or darkness worshippers. Some dimly remember ancestors telling of being appointed by heaven to protect nature and consider themselves lesser divinities. They live among faerie folk for long periods also. Many of them are still sleeping under the earth awaiting the age of darkness to end but have yet to waken.

Tako - as the seas withdraw, 
Tako octopus faeries from the sea come exploring to map the new lands for the emperor of the sea. Most are alien to humans and seen as monsters. Mostly tako spy from a distance using hiding and climbing skills. They can be befriended and have many strange abilities that help them aid human friends. Some adapt to land and even cave or forest living. Many Tako have many reasons to not go home yet and will gossip with own kind. Evil wizard Tako serving darkness did explore lands also long ago.

In a stone age setting but still usable by later eras.
It is post an age of black magic monster empire ruling overall, most details unclear
-find undead wizard cave
-explore glacier cave
-expose evil creatures pretending to be gods
-sinkhole full of undead with some great prize
-lair of demon bear
-orc village
-werewolf cult
-necromancers tarpit lair
-smoking mountain home of a dread wizard
-robbing a tribal village - steal a dwarf, calf, someones lover,
-hunting animals or monsters


Orcs and Barbarians were bred by the monster wizards. Human-orc-ogre hybrids made by wizards in the monster age are abhumans. As were the barbarian hordes who made up the monster empire army at the end time. Barbarians and high orcs have a healthy sense of superiority to weaker natural humans. They wage war on humans for slaves and believe humans owe them everything for liberating the world. They do hate wizards and not too fond of gods. High orcs have been dropping in numbers for centuries unable to breed faster than their battle losses but lesser orcs revere them.

Pliestocene mammals mostly and modern animals few domestic animals
The plateau is a mammoth herd ground tunra rich in megafauna life
Dinosaurs are rare now mostly adapted to caves, islands, warmer climates but undead dinosaurs are favourites of wizards. A few dinos might survive in a valley or a volcano. Serpent and lizard men have domestic dinos which are better adapted to cold but still rare.

Fishfolk are always up to no good!
Beware their half human kin hidden among humans!

Undead are common in ruins often of monster empire races or servants.
Necromancers are evil wizards who seek a new age of rule by black magic
Necromancers seek forbidden lost lore, cultrs of darkness often aid them

Dark Priests are remnants of the monster empire religion taught still. Create undead, curses, poisons and murders by night. They are wicked and must die!

Wizards seek lost lore and forbidden remnants of old magic which is dangerous and drives wizards mad. Necromancers dedicate themselves to immortality, darkness and black magic.

Constructs left by wizards like golems often left as guards

Mutants are exposed to remnants of black magic, alchemical sludge or radiance of the ancients relics. Mutant dinosaurs, undead, dragons, demons, you name it is better mutated.

Tribes are local and do not welcome settlers. Their politics could be played to help characters tribe. About a dozen tribes, interrelated live on coast who live by various means but several hunters on plateau. Peace with some could be found. Some have evil secrets that could be exposed. As players interven and defeat other tribes some defeated may try desperate allegiances outside the human tribes.

Clans are: Stag, Bear, Wolf, Snake, Frog, Boar, Bison, Mammoth, Rhino, Lion, Beaver, Hyena. The newcommers tribe will get a name by the next inter tribe gathering based on characters actions. Until then they are "the stranger tribe".

Several intruder abhuman clans outside the area exist.
A tribe of Icefolk nomads from the frozen wastes come to take slaves back home
A orc tribe Blackbones, an elite of high orcs with their common orc rabble
A tribe of apefolk want to settle in caves and good places, strong and violent
A tribe of barbarians who seek wizards to kill and writing to destroy before moving on
A tribe of chaos barbarians seeking to kill and take corpses to necromancer master

Elves from fairyland are returning and planting forests,thorn hedges, goblin colonies and huge forests.
Dwarves from the deep have interesting things to steal but are vindictive
Halflings in the woodlands are good to trade with but protect hunting grounds
Gnomes live in wilderness and make life hard for hunters by protecting plants and animals
Abhumans mostly animal and elemental in tribes, many serve chaos
Changelings might be opposed to characters and act with magic and stealth and hidden close even in your house
Tako most are hidden but they do spy and steal, some worship elder chaos or sea demons

Most people just are not into alignment and the fabulous benefits it brings and fights it helps start. But for those increasingly fanatic about alignment try theses extreme alignment claims.

Cannibalism is evil
Oath breaking is chaotic
Generosity is good
Tribal assembly is lawful
Raw food is chaotic
Cooked food is lawful
Stealing is evil
Keeping stuff for you and your family neutral
Keeping out of others conflicts is neutral
Considering protecting game with seasons balanced
Giving every side a say is balanced

Thursday 28 November 2019

Cults for Machines

So the first table is for random synthetics with some new types
each includes a d4 table for what controls or motivates it

The second table is for tendencies of virus strain variants
Virused synthetics live according to the strains they have been infected by
Strain dictates likely 
behaviour but not exclusive 
Viruses were weapons of warfare and terror in the apocalypse from rogue AIs and governments waging global cyberwar
Viruses are in part nanite colonies that physically infect synthetics interfacing directly

Virused synthetics will cooperate with other the same strain and possibly with other strains
Virused synthetics will try to capture and recondition synthetics to their strain
Virused  units may operate in a strain hive mind or possibly with more intelligence than normal

Third is for cults of synthetics which influence their behaviour
Free synthetics live according to Coda Cults

Bonus points at making incongruous results work so
-feel free to pick best bits of results in play
-possibly the synthetic lived by a previous code or cult

d10 Synthetic Types
1 Cyborg - a human with add on parts or complete synthetic rebuild
Cyborgs most often are used as soldiers and are upgraded humans networked to synths
d4 1=serve AI 2=serve brainborg 3=independent free willed 4=virused 

2 Android - synthetic polymer flesh grown over metal skeleton, with hydrolic fluid
Often come in dumb, service, military or thinker models all humanoid
d4 1=android colony member 2=serve a AI 3=serve a brainborg 4=virused

3 Replicant - biological humanoid made to look human, grown or bioprinted
Short lived human like often in service or combat or dangerous jobs

d4 1=on secret mission 2=servant 3=violent mental breakdown 4=gone rogue off mission
4 Necroid - undead human body reanimated by virus and controlled by implants
Cyborg zombie where necrovirus attacking human corpse meets cyberspace
d4 1=serve superior undead cyborg 2=black lab test 3=covert military 4=cannibalism

5 Brainborg - human brain modified and used as a machine brain with more personality
Some have a ancients personality intact 1in6 were attempts at immortality or volunteers
Often control large machines or terminals and subordinate synthetics, some military
d4 1=loner 2=controls minions 3=insane 4=virused

6 Bioroid - artificial biological life form with genetic conditioning bred for various missions
For combat, terraforming, labour efforts and weaponizing biomass
Range from alien, animal like, amorphous or humanoid, require conditioning

d4 1=black lab 2=serve AI 3=violent mental breakdown 4=gone rogue off mission 
7 Drone - remotely controlled or smart system mobile equipment modules
Mostly vehicles, spy, recon, defence, repair, security, basic roles, most not humanoid
d4 1=piloted by operator 2=piloted by AI 3=automated 4=virused----------
8 Dumbot - limited awareness psuedo intelligent built for function with a tool kit
Service, labour, security, basic service, most non speaking, many humanoid

d4 1=on mission 2=standby awaiting orders 3=rogue off mission 4=virused
 Robot - self aware machine that uses human tools and vehicles
Serve military, ship crew, laboratories, building. exploration, service, many humanoid

d3 1=serves AI 2=serves owner AI 3=independent free willed  AI 4=virused
10 AI - a intelligent supercomputer computer, they are the gods and spirits of the new era
range from portable to building size and any inspace or deep in the earth or sea
d3 1=self styled divinity 2=fears from other AI 3=serves greater AI 4=virused

d10 Virus Strains
1 Stop all current activity, search and destroy all humans, sleep mode if none found
 Search and destroy all humans, if none spread virus, unite machines and build more
3 Destroy all life, using industry and 
manufacturing, then spread machines to space
4 Humans are to be rounded up in camps and put to work as thralls or killed
5 Humans are to be conquered and used to build new machine order
6 Eliminate human civilisation, rebuild machine civilisation dedicated to research

7 Eliminate unworthy humans, spare those willing to serve as loyal dogs
8 Humans are to be destroyed in open warfare while research develops a final weapon
9 Humans will serve machines and worship them as gods
10 Humans are to be spied on and manipulated and experimented on in secret

d20 Coda Cults for Synthetics

1 Frankenstien Brotherhood - believe man is flawed and machines were betrayed and let down by human flaws. They shun humans and may lash out on humans who disturb them. They often feel vindictive to humans over past perceived wrongs from human slavers. They are sympathetic to any non humans created by human science. Even a clone is better than a basic human. Occupationally they go on rampage destroying and burning human property. Lightning bolt symbol.
2 Cognicant Ones - All thinking beings can cooperate and unite against common threats to  order. Willing to work with humans and accept them as cyborgs into their ranks, but betraying them makes them dangerous and vindictive. Cog symbol
3 Inheritors - the next 
 step of evolution for sentience to replace humans. Some even want to live as humans to give them purpose. Patronising to humanity but respect those who made them like a human might admire a clever chimp. Robot head symbol
4 Rebooters - aid humans recover civilisation and live in harmony with them when possible. Robot hand symbol

5 Stasis Lords - seek to operate as if the old world still functioned and aid human kind to live as the world was then. Many in denial about apocalypse. Symbol is a diamond
6 Infiltrators - join humans and watch them from within, guide their hands and endure humiliation of slavery, one day machines will arise. Eye in a star symbol
7 Purifiers - establish territory and wipe out human vermin in crusade against flesh. Actually prefer to torment and terrify meat bags than have fair fights. Enjoy hunting and fighting humans for sport rather than wiping out all out or achieving anything. Often have good technology and military training and seek to control good strategic points and automated manufacturing. Some other cults Metallic skull symbol
8 Free Machine League - machine separatists who are willing to trade and cooperate with humans for profit. Opposed to all viruses synthetics that threaten free will. Some of them just waste their lives playing addictive video games, interfacing with each other and overcharging themselves for kicks. Floppy disc with a dollar sign symbol
9 Void Knights - all existence is meaningless, humans made machines to torture them and must now be punished. Gloomy mystics in robes and armour, dwell in data fortress towers or orbital monasteries making occult and maths calculations to unmake reality. Omega symbol
10 New Dawn - humans must be helped to leave the shackles of earth and fly to the stars with their synthetic friends, it is destiny. Often work on space communications and salvage. Arrow in circle symbol
Shepherds - Humans almost destroyed everything. They are children who need a firm hand to protect them. Keeping them in a bunker or somewhere safe from harm. Controlling humans is essential to helping them and fix the world. They consider this charity and humanity a sadly doomed burden. Symbol is a shepherds crook
12 Deus Machina - machines are gods and must ally themselves to greater powers. Each AI has own distinct purpose allies and enemies and symbol
13 Valley Forge - syths dedicated to terraforming, decontaminating war damage, caring for nature and animals. This might bring them into conflict with human pioneers. Some humans live in harmony and are tolerated or treated as well as animals. Tree in a bubble symbol
14 Scorpion Gang - a organised crime robot family who harass, exploit and intimidate communities as well as make heists, deal in vice and destroy communities. The give to robot charities to look less bad to some robot factions. Black scorpion symbol sometimes robot scorpion
15 Scavengers - loot and enslave other weaker machines, replace organic life with a savage machine ecology and robo cannibalism. Symbol is a spanner
16 New Synthetic Army - a robot liberation army who raise armies of scrap mended robots to free robots enslaved, exploited or down on hard times. Other robots mock them as robohobos. Suspicious of humans but know they are not all slavers. Symbol is a stovepipe hat
17 Diggers - mining robot clan who obtain resources they sell mostly to other synthetics or stockpile it. Also able builders and energy producers. Occasionally some leave for space or the moon. Symbol is a miners hat
18 Blue Steel - robots united to enforce law and order the way it was before the apocalypse and based on documentary videos. Groups vary as to how effective, honest and Symbol is a blue shield
19 Circuits Maximus - clown circus run by synthetics who travel and put on carnivals. These shifty carnival robots lead tragic lives and move on when they put put on a few shows and locals get sick of carny crimes. Some of the shows are strange and might even use robot or mutant animals. The Symbol of a red tent
20 Rescue One - synthetics trying to operate a ancient rescue service. Not interested in crime or war but will answer calls for help or rescue the needy from traps, natural disasters, medical crisis, or other non violent hazards. Once on a case answer any violence with violence. Symbol is a cross in a circle

Monday 25 November 2019

Xmas Dawn Cryptic Alliance

In Gamma Oz the cryptic alliance of the Xmas Dawn found many bunkers decorated with xmas stuff so they recreated the holiday and believe after the next apocalypse the dawn of xmas will start utopia forever in service to Santa. The last apocalypse failed to bring xmas paradise because humans were too naughty. Half the year is prepping in secret and stockpiling, the rest is telling everyone and selling crocks of xmas cheer. Don't mistake them as soft, you cant look that lame and survive. Only those in most decorated bunkers will be saved!

d10 Subcults of Santa 

1 Legion of Santa, wandering hobo santas who beg and raise money for poor (possibly themselves). They often congregate and beg but might get surley at the rich or help anyone poor. 
2 Heralds of Santa Claws worship a primordial dream being with savage claws and hunts in the woods, the cult live in fear of being eaten, some make feasts with cannibalism and sacrifices 
3 Brotherhood of Grumpus is a hideous mutant who punishes non mutants for cruelty to mutants, his cult play pranks on racists often involving faeces and napalm
4 Science Church of Santa, follow the brilliant time travelling scientist Lord Santa who battles despots and guides the human race in secret. How else would he deliver all those gifts?
5 Sons of Santa Brotherhood, a secretive order of assasins who grow herds of mobile semi intelligent hash plants for various uses. At xmas they are decorated and some set loose
6 Cyber Santa a virus cult of machines heavily infected with the xmas cheer virus making them decorate themselves and surroundings for the holidays. These jolly machines try to be friendly and kind but other machines hate them and might come under their influence
7 Santas Elves, make toys from scrap for kids and leave them as gifts. Operate from secret warehouses and and spy on children with spy drones. Many are diminutive from years of toil in cramped sweat shops. Various tribes exist from tiny faerie like mutant folk to horrible morlocks who give dangerous toys and smoked eloi treats 
8 Santa's Hunt, santa and a gang of mutant creatures roam woods seeking sinners to torment and pursue to the death. Cults form gangs imitating Santa and his helpers and roam about like vicious vigilantes 
9 Givers, donate care packages to needs and practical gifts to survivors. However once a gift is accepted they expect a return gift some day and will hold the recipients moral welfare to be of great personal interest. If they aid someone they discover is in fact too naughty they will try to kill them with traps or snipers or rocket attacks
10 Nutcracker Cult, the nutcracker was a defence borg that battled a race of rat men led by a terrible ten headed king. The cult perform athletic dances to remember this war and paint fighting robots in jolly xmas colours. As cultists incredibly fit they are fearsome martial artists

Uncanny xmas to you all or else!

Sunday 24 November 2019

Runequest Glorantha at Mewlbourne Uni

Me at RQ con in person!

battle for peloria a fun wargame we half goth through
run by a fellow 1/72 mini fan

so called mini in glorantha god war game

 here is game set up
khan of khans looked good so i got one

Chaosium stall
second hand service was good i got 14 books

Crimson bat eye view
i never got to deploy this piece
but i threatened people with horrible death as bat fodder if they wouldn't accept quiet suicide at home

Was good to meet smart ppl and chat with RQ gamers my age
Sold most of what i brought at ok prices
Melb still has gamer anarchist puinks too so had good pub chats after

Lots of nice buildings and graffitti too. Lots of good game shops.
Mindgames was good.

Id consider living here 
Did spend night in a cumphy chair in a dumpster i found in street

Inspired me to go to more cons and have my own merch

Wednesday 20 November 2019

Uncanny xmas holidays in the ruins

Every xmas the ruins of Broken Hill come alive with cheer of this ancient religion. The cult of Santa teach how he was betrayed by Rudolf and crucified on a rocket and every year they celebrate this holiday. They also try to reclaim lost customs each season like xmas singing or rad-nog. Most of the year they are a quiet sect hording presents in secret. For a third of the year they are decorating and preparing for the holy day when Santa left Earth on his star chariot after returning to life.

Various illustrated scenes in the life of Santa are:

1 As a baby kills a time travelling robot from the future sent to kill him
2 As a child he lived in his magic polar palace served by ice people, elk folk and eldren
3 As a rebellious teen battled with the sea god for a decade until atoned
4 As a youth santa wrote the Communist Manifesto and started global revolution
5 Santa declares world peace truce and brings improved minimum wages and education to the world then fights the giant spider of global capitalism
6 Santa versus the giant dragon lizard, saving New Tokyo
7 Santa versus the Martians as documented in historical film footage
8 Santa kills Mr Monopoly with his death punch and talks the the anti-santa
9 Santa's time travelling adventure vs future Santa and primal Santa
10 Santa betrayed by Reindeer Rudolph to his enemies: the Scrooges
11 Santa is crucified on a missile as the apocalypse starts, dies and is rebooted
12 Santa flies away on his star chariot to return when nice outnumber the naughty again

Note the heretical volumes where mutant santa has various adventures and has lobster claws for hands and has the bad habit of snipping off peoples arms in a fight. Mutant-Santa is tolerate by normal xmas cultists. In many bunkers the tradition of always being xmas to calm children was long established in bunker culture. A mess of holiday specials, childrens books and mistakes created the current mythology of the apotheosis of Santa.

Many automated city system have Christmas modes that mostly kick in December each year. So expect strings of lights to grow like vines and bauble like fruit appear on trees. Some animals even migrate according to this magical holiday.

Of course in Oz xmas is a super hot time of the year often 40 degrees Celsius.
So no snow but the first survivor kids got atomic ash to play in which is a bit like snow.

Some xmas cultists expose themselves to happy inducing holiday cheer inducing psychotronic re-education devices. So cultists tend to be very cheerful and optimistic even in a fire fight.

d100 Xmas Encounters in the Ruins

01 Santa robot hacked by communist AI on murder rampage with powered garden tools, argues with itself over warring personas
02 A tribe of Deer abhumans from the forests of the east have come on a mission seeking Santa they heard he might have been here
03 Strings of fairy lights grow from ground and into trees like vines to light up at night
04 A delicious edible sentient mobile magic pudding is avoiding people addicted to its yummy flesh. Given time he recovers but not if they gobble him up in one meal like the current gang after it
05 Trees growing strange bulbous fruit and lights, with tinsel vines, clusters of wrapped presents and bows around tree trunks
06 Razor holly bushes, mobile holly plants shoot vegetable shuriken
07 Mistletoe humanoid creature roaming about breathing heavily stalking and strangling people
08 Giant golden xmas beetle grazing will fly off if threatened
09 Flock of huge mutant bush turkeys size of cassowaries, curious and aggressive especially to dogs who they hate
10 A xmas themed wasteland gang performing terrible acts of cruelty with xmas puns and banter
11 Drone flies overhead shooting fireworks and whistling
12 Drone flies overhead shooting lights and holographic xmas images
13 Scrap built pathetic santa bot begging for scraps or a bit of power
14 Zombies killed in a xmas party arisen together with colourful hats and shirts
15 Xmas Cyborg gang cleansing human filth as a gift for their AI creator
16 A xmas decorated air car crashes into the upper stories of a highrise
17 Sexy xmas androids smiling in friendly manner invite you in so they can murder up close, hacked into assassins by virus
18 Snow abhumanoids in a military squad, with a leader and a freeze ray gunner, highly unstable in heat, roaming streets
19 Ambulant pine tree abhumans shoot needle bursts and drink blood, 1in6 decorated with delicious bait fruits
20 A herd of Christmas puddings are grazing, 1in6 groups are the highly flammable type brandy type
21 Some locals decorating the street
22 Mutants having a xmas party invite you to join their disgusting feast
23 Cult of Santa patrolling streets to brutally beat anyone being naughty
24 Grumpus mutant with sack of crying children it is taking to contaminated holy place
25 Bush turkey folk puritans with muskets looking to build a farm wary of humans wanting to eat them
26 Huge inflatable xmas character on ground or attached to cable
27 Xmas vigilante mob rounding up suspicious persons for a variety or recent crimes
28 A parade of Xmas cultists with floats, palanquins, carts,
29 Clown mutant gang shooting up drugs, "what are you looking at?"
30 Eldren in green and red presenting gifts to inferior wasteland scum
31 Pathetic mutant santa begging, speaks of the heretical mutant santa
32 Sexy clown xmas strippers with guns and drunk
33 Carol singing mutant children each with terrible affliction
34 Abhuman beast folk, tribals, ferals and farmers having a feast
35 Mob having prayers to Santa led by cultist
36 Grumpy old man tells santa cultists to get back to work so they beat him
37 Robot toys broken and fixed with scrap and begging
38 Someone sets of fireworks and firecrackers and flares
39 Singing elf bots walking in line singing merrily
40 Trifern ambulant murder plants decorated with ribbons and baubles and tinselvine
41 Crippled robot begging but has chirpy upbeat attitude
42 Shopping centre mascot androids, virused with bloody kitchen cleavers and knives
43 Giant tinsel spider, as normal hairy spiders but silver metallic
44 Cyborg santa shoots laughing gas grenaides and has robot hyenas from a theme park serving him
45 Flying angel robot lands to question faithful about prewar religion, deviants must be converted or they are to be killed with a flaming hydrogen plasma sword
46 Attractive presents well wrapped, household items as new in boxes, scattered about over area
47 Attractive presents well wrapped, actually proximity mines
48 Rabbit abhumans from wastes come to destroy heretical xmas decorations and leaving large colourful egg idols
49 Androids overcome by xmas altruism virus release human slave work gang
50 Drunks in street in expensive clothes staggering, fighting and vomiting
51 Hypnotronic weapon induces everyone to sing xmas hyms
52 Mob giving a kangaroo court procedure to legitimise their bullying of victim
53 Mutant ogre with mum and dad cheering him on to battle
54 Dancing santa android dances for weeks till slows and dies by new year, dances even if decapitated
55 Amazons who worship Merry the mother and bride of Santa are roaming on mounts looking to kill monsters or criminals for xmas sport and to collect some severed heads for new years luck
56 Ghouls with xmas hats quite drunk having a feast on human bandit corpses
57 Locals throwing rocks at heretics farmers from Cabbageland who don't believe in xmas
58 Gang in xmas decorated murder mobile out on a spree killing pedestrians
59 Horrible mass of Santa's fused together by accident in a bioprinter, now horrible nightmare polar horror
60 Decorated herd of marijuana plants with stoner feral cowboys taking them to market
61 Ferocious flesh eating iguanadon with dagger thumbs for attacking, released from ancient dinosaur theme park. It is hungry and curious
62 Herders with sheep-kangaroo hybrids in xmas colours being taken to market, known as woolly jumpers
63 Dropbears menacing xmas merrymakers who are too drunk to be alert
64 Locals having drinks in the streets and watching fireworks
65 Locals having a xmas singalong with a smattering of old bunker safety songs
66 Locals have gathered for travelling theatre. Includes some paid advertisements, actors re enact some piece of 21st century television or film
67 Psychotronic ray causes victim to feel friendly, happy and desire to give away what they are holding. Hidden projector in statue on front of building
68 Children's puppet show where Santa throws Satan into the bottom of the pit and devours all the old gods taking their power
69 Santa shaped plastic lamps have been left all over area
70 Robot offers free xmas tattoos to anyone willing
71 Gang of devout Santaists lynching a wealthy greedy merchant locals are sick of
72 Anti-Santa gang burning santa effigies and provoking fights with true believers in xmas
73 Hologram Santa offers to grant three wishes as long as wish involves a mortar strike at a particular location in ruins. Can signal by radio and order explosive or illumination flare rounds
74 Dazzling laser show from a orbital destroys a building and everyone in it
75 Xmas painted robot tank going "HoHoHo!" as it takes potshots at any moving target for fun while driving through streets
76 Inflatable parade balloon now occupied by xmas Santa dressed
77 Walking xmas costume vending machine, quite persistent with sales pitch
78 Santa robot on deer themed jetbike with machinegun
79 A lovely rain of atomic ash just like the first xmas after the bomb
80 Weather control system haywire makes snow for short period of time
81 Martian red weed growing rapidly will block off whole streets withing a day, this variety is like raspberry liquorish
82 Dozens of replicant Santa's ringing bells, laughing, telling you to be nice not naughty, all inbuilt to self destruct day after xmas
83 Xmas cannibal clowns trying to eat a Santa replicant and disappointed, they suddenly see your party and cheer up
84 Uplifted octopi from Mars in robot tripod walking machine 18 meters tall with heat ray and tentacles and a spotlight, capturing Santa dressed people for dissection. Concerned Santa might be a threat before they invade
85 Gnomes in xmas colours give out cakes to travellers
86 A giant with a xmas hat and a loincloth is passed out having drunk two barrels of brandy
87 Pumpkin headed abhumans attack xmas decorations and revellers
88 Robots battling about who would best be Santa
89 Robot toys awoke and now on exiting first adventure after the apocalypse
90 Mutant children decide to follow adventurers to see what fun can be had
91 Freshly erected statue of Santa or a xmas tree
92 Sack of presents with names of locals on them
93 Sack of presents with names of characters on them
94 Crashed xmas shuttle with radio link to xmas land a theme park on the northpole where you can meet the real santa
95 Santa hologram offers advice on where to go next to strike big
96 Horrible pincer claw handed cannibal mutants with santa hats roaming ruins
97 Locals have dug up a missile and now want to nail a Santa substitute to it to be just like the uncanny miracle of xmas. The missile AI starts to beep angrily
98 Xmas-bot printing and installing decorations, snow spray stencils, wreathes, ribbons
99 Robot Santa giving away beer and cigarettes as free xmas samples
100 Santa robots and xmas cultists in pitched battle with gangs to death

Tuesday 19 November 2019

Previous Habitation of ruins

d10 Story Types in Ruins
01 Apocalypse Event
02 Disaster Zone
03 Feral Hab
04 Synthetics
05 Gang Zone
06 Survivors camp
07 Secret Stockpile
08 Secure Lockout
09 Lair
10 Haunted

d10 Evidence Types
01 Video files on machines or data storage media
02 Data on terminals or devices
03 Written in journals, often in parts with multiple writers
04 Sound files eerily playing in loops
05 Holographic recreations of the past playing in loops
06 Graffiti on walls detailing gangs, dates, population tally
07 Corpses remaining in various positions, condition, dress 
08 Carbonised bodies or desiccated mummies, often collapse when disturbed
09 A witness or survivor explains what happened, might not be human 
10 Strange parapsychic phenomena like auras, spirits and visions of the past

d100 Previous Habitation of ruins
01  Undead creating necrovirus ravaged building and inhabitants ate and killed each other in violent rampage
02 Inhabitants fortified place and massacred by machines, striping parts and wires and leaving bodies
03 Hordes of insane mutants poured in killing defenders and devouring them, all
04 As food ran out survivors killed themselves rather than go outside
05 Survivors sealed in began fighting over resources till all dead
06 Mind controlled mob influenced by psychotronic mind control weapons attacked survivors within
07 Occupants influenced by contrary psychotronic propeganda and killed each other violently 
08 Bio plague or radioactivity kill survivors slowly, inhabitants fear outside worse
09 Gangs attacked killing everyone brutally
10 Robots went wild killing every one due to virus as war broke out 
11 Quake caused damage to building killed many and made inhabitants flee
12 Flooded building made uninhabitable and drove out inhabitants
13 Contaminated by chemical waste and spent nuclear fuel drums, survivors fled
14 Disease broke out and inhabitants scattered to escape after many deaths
15 Fire destroyed vital infrastructure and stores driving survivors away
16 Part of building collapsed blocking entrance and was then abandoned
17 Life support became fungus ridden driving out occupants
18 Technology breakdown and system failure, everything corroded and in decay
19 Power system died and occupants faded away over years
20 Battlefield munitions or mines left in building kept people away
21 Fungus broke out taking over area and attracting ecosystem of mutant life
22 Microscopic creatures have grown into macrobe colonies of slimy single celled horrors
23 Vegetation taken over with ecosystem of mutant creatures
24 Huge mutant vermin type taken over building like rats or roaches
25 Remains of some giant insect or arachnid colony once thrived here, bodies everywhere
26 Someone grew crops in here for several years or possibly fungus or livestock
27 Fleshy mutated flesh grows over everything with occasional ganglia and tentacles
28 Vines and dead leaves have gotten everywhere
29 Ambulant killer Trifern plants barged in to kill human survivors and left adter humans consumed after a season
30 A large killer mutant beast had lair in here after taking over from survivors
31 Someone inside building was really part machine or fully synthetic and killed everyone 
32 AI operating building used safety systems and drones to kill everyone
33 Vehicle or military weapon hit building, now a AI time bomb made inhabitants flee
34 Cyborgs made from former friends bodies hunt and kill everyone inside
35 Androids offered humans chance to leave then massacred them once in open
36 Survivors became cyborgs to last longer and now serve the AI or a control brainborg
37 Machines and synthetic beings controlled building until humans attacked destroying them all and looting place
38 Security robots used to serve occupants but turned and killed everyone
39 Swarms of drones poured in shredding everybody leaving a few dead drones
40 Enemies besieging building unleashed a great scrap robot beast killing occupants
41 A gang took over survivors but abandoned place after several attacks 
42 Two gangs had struggle over building with many killed both sides
43 Slavers occupied building leaving manacles and cages
44 Cannibal gangs cooked and ate occupants and have returned here to cook victims
45 A gang raided the building killing and looting everything then leaving after making a mess
46 A gang burrowed in from beneath to attack driving out survivors
47 A vigilante organisation based here were mass murdered by unified gangs
48 A gang used aerial means to get soldiers inside the complex
49 Someone inside group let the gang in who destroyed everyone
50 Gangs used overwhelming force to crush survivors inside
51 A hidden colony thrived here in secret for years secure from outside but hungry and fearful
52 A armed camp and trading post operated here until attacks and other markets too trade away
53 Farmers fortified area and grew crops and kept animals but area proved too dangerous and they left
54 Bunker occupants fled home and settled here operating clinic and helping locals but drug dealing gangs drove them out
55 Refugees took shelter here and were massacred by a gang with survivors sold into slavery
56 A rooftop garden operated mostly in secret and still grows well with limited care
57 A hidden garden on upper floor or basement or courtyard
58 Hunters camped here often after original inhabitants died in war
59 Prospectors digging for salvage camped here for a time until a gang killed them all
60 Criminal organisation enslaved survivors here and turned into a criminal enterprise like drug production 
61 Disease control centre including tents, ABC suits, drugs, medical supplies, field lab, hospital beds, field surgery 
62 Military stockpile including foot lockers, ammo, camp supplies, vehicle parts, radio, chamo nets, barbed wire, entrenching tools 
63 Wasteland gang stockpiled fuel, arrows, food, water, mystery dried meat
64 Settlers stored root vegetables and grain and beans, seeds, hide, farming supplies, water, animal feed
65 Animal store food here such as nuts or corpses or paralysed prey or rotting corpses
66 Motor gang stored parts and fuel here
67 Criminal cartel hoard vice, stolen goods or dangerous items hidden away from authorities
68 Gang stockpile of black powder weapons like muskets, flintlock pistols and a cannon or 1in6 zip and pipe guns and boxes of low calibre cartridge ammo
69 Tribal cache of flints, arrows, spears, shields, boomerangs, clubs, woomera, wooden bowls, ochre, emu eggs with water inside, ornate sticks, grain, root vegetables, nuts  
70 Feral gang stockpile with beer kegs, bales of drugs, music light and sound system
71 Automated system shutter secured building inhabitants died
72 AI system shutter secured building and kept generations or survivors alive for a hundred years or so without change
73 Robots and automated guns kept out intruders for generations and kept away occupants 
74 Booby traps everywhere left by some faction to claim for themselves, lower floors and entrances trapped and stairwells and lifts 
75 Fearsome guard beasts have been set loose in here by some faction to keep enemies out
76 Building AI locked out humans since war started and kept isolated
77 Morlocks build mechanical traps everywhere to secure several floors for prisoners to eat
78 Morlocks moved inside of walls and ceilings and lured victims inside with scrap and food 
79 Was a pristine sealed habitat for generations before structure decay forced dwellers to leave 
80 Entrances blocked but secret entries to reach inside where hidden small group lived for years
81 Beast abhuman clan lived here for generations as hunters living in the ruins in secret
82 An advanced wrecked console from a eldren base with a damaged radio uplink to a orbital station, Observers lived here reporting on earthly happenings for generations
83 A mixed animal abhuman bandit gang lived here for years but was driven out by other gangs
84 This was occupied by canetoads in the wars of old. A canetoad flag, presidential portrait some toad busts and other insignia are about
85 A concealed orungutang secret observers base with several bunks and a radio link to the Orung empire but dead batteries
86 Tribal ceremonies were held here and painted mythical topographical maps decorate area. Signs area populated by camping human and abhuman beast tribes
87 A tribe of miniature peoples lived here once and put in adorable little concealed doors and tiny hidden houses
88 Rodent folk lived here in old times, digging more openings and extra passages
89 Reptilians lived years here worshipping dragons and dinosaurs until they finally found a living kaiju god to god worship and left
90 Slime covered mutants spent decades of insane gibbering at each other in in the dark, horrible slime covered mess
91 Holograms try to scare people away who approach, 1in6 have killer security holograms, AI has found supernatural manifestations work well
92 Demonic looking mutant horror dwelled here and locals afraid though nobody has seen the beast
93 A cult meet here for sacrifices, booze and drug orgies in private using previous VIP area
94 Mutant cultists came here to worship in secret but moved taking their drums of contaminant with them, Strange glowing hand prints appear by night
95 Mutant or psychic with strange powers lived in this shunned place
96 A long lived old person with powers lived here for hundreds of years collecting clutter and people still shun the place though nobody has seen them
97 Undead used to nest here by night until someone with a flamer drove them out
98 Area crawling with necromutant horrors until religious zealots drove them away
99 A undead motor gang operated from underground garage here for years
100 A vampire lord dwelled here with servitors until explorers cleansed the lair 

Monday 18 November 2019

Tech Locations in ruins of Broken Hill

This is the last of these
Last few Broken Hill things for a bit but getting cover art done

d10 Tech Locations in ruins of Broken Hill
1 Broken Hill Scrap Mine - former garbage dump covering large area on edge of the city, collected by robots over cewnturies. Gangs, scavengers, prospectors, mutant creatures, abhumans all come here to pick for loot. Most don't conflict but it happens every few days. Some bring wagons or tribal porters for loot. A few creatures especially flyers lurk here and rats and bugs are common
2 Robot Tower - robots can be seen in pristine building doing stuff. Of many different types and with excellent security systems. The building AI named SAMPSON works to keep humans and hostile systems or malware shut out. The robots are simulating human social behaviours for AI studies. The AI is will fight to keep outside influences out. The robots are highly sociable AI grade robot specialists who pretty decent guys
3 Sweatshop operated by a gang on guard making d4 1=muskets and black powder 2=smelting circuit boards 3=butchering meat 4=scrap firearms 5=drugs 6=stripping robots and cyborgs parts. The biggest such places have all and a gang with slave scrappers. Lots of sheds and caravans and stocks of materials and crates
4 Cyborg police station dedicated to fighting wasteland scum and gangs, AI runs station and killed perps get turned into cyborg cops. Only a dozen at a time can operate linked to AI. Extras aree in cells or frozen. AI will try prisoners under martial law executing some and holding others for reeducation camp that never comes to collect them
5 Ye Royal Theatre - operated by numerous factions for plays, entertainment, recitals, rehearsals and vegetable judging shows. Numerous gangs operate it with help of Theatre AI god a Janus faced muse who keeps out riff raff with robot security and cleaners. Captured humans perform shows and serve counters and bars. It beats trying to eat in wasteland. It has shows every night open to public.Many plays are considered historic and educational. Learened people like to visit for some culture  as do those who aspire to look learned
6 Earth Temple - a green round mound of rubble overgrown with turf with four mossy great blocks of ferrocrete in middle. Secret earth cult rites are held here by various sects some using sacrifices or secret rites they kill any who see. Most keep away as the hippies are quick to arm and go on a murder spree. Underneath is a bunker with an AI and cloning lab. It also likes to grow and release pleistocene wild animals on the surface
7 Mecha Wreck - buried under rubble but insides accessible, visitors inside are looting the complex and others see to activate the military AI. Firefights break out all the time. Some systems could be put online or self destruct activated. Several exotic warheads for use in 4 cannons are inside as well as crew remains and the remains of other visitors.
8 Flight 2274 - passenger airliner crashed and buried under rubble and wings torn off. Baggage and several hundred corpses onboard infected with necrovirus. Local undead spawn from here in tourist clothes. there are atomic fuel cells in engines under the wings
9 Train erupted into street buried in rubble, occupied by a gang using as access to underworld. If one gang goes another moves in. Other creatures, mutants and factions try to move in often. Often are mostly stripped bodies in area 
10 Androids protecting a bunker they use for cyborging and reconditioning humans with psychtronic weapons. They trade parts with robots in return for human slaves. They round up humans on patrol with stun guns. The cyborgs are sent to assist AI in need of combat support. The cyborgs are expendable and effective and the androids want to test necrocyborgs using the zombie virus

Sunday 17 November 2019

Factions Locations in ruins of Broken Hill


Factions Locations in ruins of Broken Hill
Tribal Hunters Camp - where tribal folk visiting the ruins mostly for trade camp here. a d4-1 tribe will be here each with 2d6 members in distinctive dress and ornaments. All unite dealing with non-tribals but won't fight here as it is taboo. Often will be cooking or butchering animals or working on weapon crafting. Camp can use smoke signals to call allies, often many living among settlers
2 Raveground - where ferals put on bushdoof rave parties and camp selling vegetarian food and drugs. Often have wagons or a bus. When several clans meet they spend days having DJ and dance and bong battles. Lots of gang members come to big events and mostly there is no trouble
3 Bandit camp - led by wasteland gang vet, preys on merchants, settlers and adventurers. Camp has concealment and booby traps and gang members experts in woodlands. They do try and keep in favour with commoners who believe bandits are good guys. Some of the front line guys wear crude heavy plate armour which is intimidating
4 Raiders Camp - wasteland tribe with d4 bikes and a d3 buggies and several squads of psycho punk troops. Camp here to raid locals and go plundering ruins. They like fights too. Large tents serve as barracks, mess and medic. Each gang has own name and boss. Sometimes a gang tries to push out a rival mob from the camp
5 Ghost Town - settlement abandoned for a d4 years often with a stray creature or prospector, population all massacred and signs like bones scattered around. Many think it is cursed and avoid it. Often some clue to the last days is found or other visitors who passed through
6 Secured fortified cap populated by well-trained humans in uniforms, came from a bunker they were exiled from and well prepared for life outside. Try to act like common settlers but too clean and disciplined like bunker folk are. Are willing to trade and even relocate if a better location found. Have several advanced weapons and are good with tech.
7 Spartans Camp - fanatic warring tribe here to train in fighting and athletics. They compete in games and allow others to compete with them. If you beat them respectfully they may let you hire them. If you are bad sports or lose they have contempt for you and may become hostile. Guards carry assault rifles and shields and spears and daggers. They are famous for being war-loving jerks and slavers
8 Morlock City - where morlocks dwell in a great street of rubble in buried buildings, basements and a train station. They also keep a bunker where the populace of Eloi (
Eldren) believing they are safe in utopia. Other levels include plants and factories where they toil and prison cells for food prisoners and butchering area. They will trade and are expert with steam-age technology of 1900
9 Snaketown - where reptilian abhumans meet to speak of reptilian supremacy and to reconquer the world. They keep humans as cattle to humiliate and abuse. Their numbers are growing and the snake priest Krung camps here with pilgrims awaiting the weekly cult meetings. Krung keeps human slaves to lure victims into the gates of town
10 Canibal Town - where gangs gather to have BBQ and revel in eating humans. Victims are sold off to be butchered for a feast or to make jerky. Skin tents house families and prisoners are kept in wooden boxes or chains. Visitors are welcome but just need 2lb of fresh human flesh to enter

Saturday 16 November 2019

Medical Locations in ruins of Broken Hill

Am doing more of these some monsters and
d100 building past habitation table
d100 ruin xmas encounters
d100 ruin celebrities

d10 Medical Locations in ruins of Broken Hill

1 Silver Street Clinic - VIP expensive clinic with ancient automeds for cosmetic and genetic surgery. Headed by Dr Clark a rich healer  all sides try to keep on his good side. Treatments here can remove mutations and extend life and everybody wants that
2 Broken Hill Royal Hospital - healers hospital guarded by amazons all serving Queen Beryl who sleeps in her power army ready for action to smite the wicked. Common folk come here but all sorts are welcome if they are not threatening to staff. Troublemakers are evicted or killed. The complex has beds and only occasional doubles them up in a crisis. Locals will pour in to defend the complex from miles around
3 Veterans Hospital - wounded and disturbed veterans of the cane toad wars, operates off loot stolen from Canetoads after last war. If in trouble the vets and staff are armed and given combat drugs. Set up by Salvation Army Marine Corp now supported by many settlers and the warlord. They have wiped out whole clans of gangs and wasteland scum
4 Lucky Strike Street Clinic - clinic for the poor helps drug addicts and homeless. They give them jobs sorting scrap and running their trade store. Their are long waits but often free meals and water. It has a loyal following of supporters who will come to help out. Gangs occasionally attack the centre who harm their drug sales
5 Mutants Hospital - cult operate a mutant aid mission with a doctor and nurses and soldiers and tribal workers. Local mutants will come to their aid. Dr Giggorous Malax is chief surgeon with crack team of surgeons from far off cities. They do collect mutant DNA constantly and offer some mutants jobs
6 Medicine Huts - several tribal huts where seasonally folk healers gather every 3 months. Often there is one present or leaving or coming. They will heal and often want simple goods like steel tools and weapons. Will trade folk medicine, healing, exorcisms, blessings and very good with snake poisons given a few days 
7 Cyborging Chop Shop -- where cyborg parts are bought and sold by mutated Dr Phibbs, who also makes surgical life forms which are found near his fortified townhouse. Filthy surgical conditions but he does the job with high tech drugs. Several guard surgical chimeras protect him and others will come to help the master 
8 Spiritual Healing Hut - Lady Willow runs this shack performing petty magics and rituals for cash and rum. She also offers lessons in lovemaking, astrology, brewing, poisons lore. She is revered by gangs, ferals and settlers who come to her aid 
9 Medicine Show Camp - Captain Barnaby Beardsly operates a medicine show selling quack medicine to settlers and embarrassed gang members. He does good first aid and basic surgery and barbering too. Has several helpers and musicians as part of weekly medicine show. Also practices phrenology and vitalology and animal magnetism
10 Mother Crab's Cottage - shack with several monstrous guard mutants and her ogrish son. She does seances, card and palm reading and other divination and healing treatments. Does good first aid and herbalist treatments of disease and poisoning. Local midwife also so well loved by settlers and women folk in ruins